1. Peak service operates on 30-minute . Off Peak (times listed in bold) service operates on 60-minute frequency. Get on Board... Wave Transit Schedules 2. Time points indicate the minutes after each hour that a bus will arrive at that location during operating hours. 3. All bus routes return to their starting point (bus stop #1) after leaving bus stop #10. (Route 301 returns to stop #1 after leaving stop #8.) Ride the Wave! 101 Princess Place 103 Oleander East 104 Northeast MONDAY–FRIDAY: Peak 6:00am – 6:00pm MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm Off Peak 6:00pm – 9:00pm SATURDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm SATURDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm SATURDAY: Off Peak, 6:00am – 9:00pm SUNDAY: Off Peak, 9:00am – 6:00pm SUNDAY: 9:00am – 6:00pm SUNDAY: 9:00am – 6:00pm *Monday-Friday first trip leaves both Forden Station and Downtown Station at 6:00am. Schedule Bus Signs & Markers Saturday-Sunday first trip leaves from Forden Station. BUS STOP HOURLY BUS STOP HOURLY BUS STOP PEAK OFF PEAK 1 Forden Station :00 1 Forden Station :00 Q Forden Station = 505 Cando Street, To board a bus at a particular stop, 1 Forden Station* :00 :33 :00 2 New Centre Dr at Colonial Park Apartments :07 2 Randall Pkwy at Bear Hall (UNCW Campus) :09 Wilmington, NC 28405 you should arrive at least five (5) 2 Market St / Kerr Ave :07 :39 :07 3 College Rd at Harris Teeter Shopping Center :11 3 Racine Dr at Racine Commons :13 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival Q Independence Station = Independence Blvd at 3 Princess Pl Dr / Montgomery Dr :10 :42 :10 4 Wrightsville Ave / Kerr Ave :14 4 Eastwood Rd (EB) at Military Cutoff Rd :20 Independence Mall time of the bus. 4 Nixon St at DC Virgo Middle School :21 :53 :21 5 Oleander Dr / Fordham Rd (Whole Foods) :18 5 Wrightsville Ave at Galleria Mall Dr :24 When catching the bus, look for 5 4th St at MedNorth Health Center :24 :56 :24 Q UNCW Station = Teal Terminal/Burney Loop 6 Oleander Dr / Hawthorn Ave (Oleander Rehab) :26 6 Military Cutoff Rd / Drysdale Dr (NHC Library) :29 destination signs above the 6 Downtown Station* :28 :00 :28 Q Downtown Station = 2nd St./Princess St. Oleander Dr / Greenville Loop (Arboretum) :31 Town Center Dr / Main St (Mayfaire) :35 windshield that will give you 7 McRae St / Fanning St :36 :09 :36 7 7 Q Time points listed on this map are only to information on the routes and 8 Rankin St / 13th St :40 :13 :40 8 Wrightsville Ave / Hawthorne Ave (Hospital) :37 8 Gordon Rd / Military Cutoff Rd (Food Lion) :43 assist you in planning your trip. All bus routes destinations. When waiting at a bus 9 Market St / Kerr Ave (Food Lion) :53 :26 :53 9 College Rd at Kmart :44 9 Gordon Rd / White Rd :49 have many other bus stops for which you may stop, look for these bus stop signs 10 Sigmon Rd at Walmart :56 :29 :56 10 Government Center Dr at Government Center :50 10 N College Rd / Kings Dr :55 board. Please see a complete list of all bus that will list the route number and stops at www.wavetransit.com. time (minutes after the hour) the bus Q Time points indicate the minutes after each will stop at that location. Both 105 Medical Center 106 Shipyard Blvd 107 College Road hour that a bus will arrive at a specific timepoints indicate when a bus will arrive during peak location. MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm MONDAY–SATURDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm service. The second timepoint is the arrival time for off SATURDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm SATURDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm SUNDAY: 9:00am – 6:00pm Q Peak service operates on a 30 minute peak and weekend service. Wave Transit buses do not SUNDAY: 9:00am – 6:00pm SUNDAY: 9:00am – 6:00pm Route deviates to 301 Pleasure Island FIVE TIMES-ON &RIANDTHREE TIMESON frequency (Mon-Fri 6:00am-6:00pm) and off 3UNDAY4HISROUTEDEPARTS&ORDEN3TATION-ON 3ATDURINGTHEFOLLOWINGTIMESAM stop for passengers who are not waiting at official Wave 7:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm and 7:00pm peak service operates on a 60 minute Transit bus stop locations. Buses will only drop off BUS STOP HOURLY BUS STOP HOURLY ANDON3UNDAYATAM AM PM PM PMANDPM frequency. passengers at official stops. 1 Forden Station :00 1 Forden Station :00 BUS STOP TIMES Q The last bus operating during peak hours 2 Market St / Kerr Ave :07 2 Market St / Kerr Ave :08 1 Forden Station :00 begins at 5:30pm (Mon-Fri) and ends The Seahawk Shuttle 3 Market Street / 29th St (YMCA) :12 3 Covil Ave / Broad St :13 2 College Rd / University Dr :06 downtown at 6:00pm. 4 16th St / Dock St :16 4 Independence Station :19 3 College Rd / Oleander Dr :10 Students and employees of UNCW are eligible 4 Q The last bus leaves its starting point at 5 New Hanover County Regional Medical Center :24 5 Shipyard Blvd / Carolina Beach Rd :25 College Rd / East Cascade Rd :14 to ride all Wave Transit fixed route buses for 5 College Rd / South 17th St :19 8:00pm and ends at 9:00pm (Brunswick 6 Independence Station :32 6 Shipyard Blvd at 17th St :35 free by simply showing a valid student or 6 Monkey Junction Walmart :25 Connector leaves its starting point at 5:00pm 7 Wilshire Blvd at Emerald Square Plaza :38 7 Independence Blvd / Canterbury Dr :38 employee UNCW ID card. All Wave Transit 7 College Rd / Greenbriar Rd :33 and ends at 6:00pm). Passengers may ride UNCW Shuttles and pay 8 Wilshire Blvd / Kerr Ave :42 8 Independence Blvd / Park Ave :41 8 College Rd / Waltmoor Rd :37 regular fare. 9 Kerr Ave / McClelland Dr :50 9 Darlington Ave / Covil Ave (The Reserve) :44 9 College Rd / East Cascade Rd :41 Holidays For more information about 10 Ringo Dr. at Lennon Dr. (Lennon Woods Apt.) :55 10 Market St / Lullwater Dr (Miller-Motte College) :52 10 College Rd at Kmart :49 Wave Transit does not operate on the following the UNCW shuttle routes, holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. you may pick up a map Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, at the UNCW Auxilliary 108 Market Street 201 Carolina Beach Rd 202 Oleander West Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. Services office or visit MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm (Service may be limited on Christmas Eve.) our website, SATURDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm SATURDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm SATURDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm www.wavetransit.com SUNDAY: 9:00am – 6:00pm SUNDAY: 9:00am – 6:00pm SUNDAY: 9:00am – 6:00pm Rack N Ride Accessible Van Services BUS STOP HOURLY BUS STOP HOURLY BUS STOP HOURLY Bike racks are 1 Forden Station :00 1 Downtown Station :00 1 Downtown Station :00 located on the front Wave Transit is responsive to the mobility needs of 2 New Centre Dr at Colonial Park Apartments :07 2 Front St / Castle St :02 2 5th St / Castle St :05 of all Wave Transit citizens of the City of Wilmington and New Hanover 3 Randall Pkwy at Vocational Rehab Building :16 3 Carolina Beach Rd / Northern Blvd :07 3 Dawson St /10th St :09 vehicles, accommo- County. We encourage individuals with disabilities to take 4 Market St at 29th St (YMCA) :22 4 Carolina Beach Rd / Medical Center Dr :11 4 Oleander Dr at Independence Mall :16 advantage of the independence and flexibility that is date up to two 5 Market St / 16th St :24 5 Carolina Beach Rd / Shipyard Blvd :13 5 Lake Ave (Roland-Grise Middle School) :21 provided by our transit system. Both seniors and bicycles, and your 6 Downtown Station :28 6 Monkey Junction Walmart :27 6 Shipyard Blvd / Pickard Rd :25 bike rides free. Use individuals with disabilities can ride for a reduced fare, Market St / 9th St (Cape Fear Museum) :39 17th St / Halyburton Park Dr :34 41st at Brightmore Retirement Community :33 of bike racks is at and please be aware that service animals are allowed on 7 7 7 your own risk. Motorized bikes or scooters are all Wave vehicles. We also have specialized transportation 8 Market St at YMCA :44 8 Carolina Beach Rd / Independence Blvd :39 8 Oleander Dr / Floral Parkway :39 not permitted. Bikes are not permitted to have services for disabled individuals. For more information 9 Market St / Kerr Ave (Food Lion) :47 9 Carolina Beach Rd / Medical Center Dr :44 9 Wrightsville Ave / Dawson St :43 any loose item attached to the bike while riding about these services please visit our website at 10 Lennon Dr / Market St :51 10 Carolina Beach Rd / Burnett Blvd :48 10 5th St / Ann St :53 on one of our vehicles. Bike rack positions are www.wavetransit.com or call one of our service on a first-come, first-served availability. specialists at (910) 202-2053. 204 Brunswick Connector 205 Long Leaf Park 207 North MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 6:00pm MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm Free Downtown Trolley SATURDAY: ./3%26)#% SATURDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm SATURDAY & SUNDAY: ./3%26)#% The scheduled service times for the NHC Jail are: 6:19am, 8:19am, 10:19am, The free Downtown Trolley serves City and County parking decks, SUNDAY: ./3%26)#% SUNDAY: 9:00am – 6:00pm 12:19pm, 2:19pm, 4:19pm, 6:19pm and 8:19pm. Customers must call the Wave City Hall, Thalian Hall, the New Hanover County Library, Cape Fear BUS STOP HOURLY BUS STOP HOURLY 4RANSITOFFICEANDREQUESTSERVICETOTHISBUSSTOPLOCATIONFORHOURSINWHICHSERVICE Community College and many shops and restaurants along Front and is not scheduled as noted above. 1 Downtown Station :00 1 Downtown Station :00 BUS STOP HOURLY Market Streets. Designed trolley stops, as indicated on the schedule 2 Village Rd / Fairview Rd :09 2 Castle St / 10th St :05 1 Downtown Station :00 below, are marked with banners indicating the trolley stop number. 3 Main St / Old Mill Rd :14 3 10th St / Meares St :08 2 N Front St / Red Cross St (CFCC Downtown) :03 Passengers can board the trolley at one of the ten designated trolley 3 Castle Hayne Rd / Division Dr :09 stops marked by a banner or at any intersection by waving to the 4 Old Fayetteville Rd / Lanvale Rd :22 4 Greenfield St / 16th St :12 5 Old Fayetteville Rd (Leland Middle School) :24 5 17th St / Doctors Circle :18 4 N College Rd at CFCC North Campus :22 driver. For safety purposes, Wave Transit encourages passengers to 5 N College Rd / Village Way (Laney HS) :27 6 Old Fayetteville Rd (North Brunswick HS) :26 6 Medical Center / Silver Stream :22 board at intersections and areas with slower moving traffic. Hailing 6 N College Rd / Bavarian Ln :29 7 Village Rd at Food Lion Shopping Plaza :30 7 Wellington / 17th St :33 the trolley is perfectly safe. 7 N Kerr Ave / Grathwol Dr :36 Trolley operators are happy to assist passengers and answer 8 Drager Dr at Harris Teeter :34 8 17th St / Medical Center Dr (NHRMC) :35 8 Airport Blvd at Wilmington Internat’l Airport (ILM) :42 questions, but they are not tour guides. Please remember, their main 9 Brunswick Village Blvd Roundabout :38 9 Greenfield St / 16th St (Social Services) :41 9 Airport Blvd at VA Clinic (Gardener Dr) :46 responsibility is to safely operate the trolley. 10 West Gate Dr at Walmart :42 10 10th St / Wooster St :48 10 N Front St / Harnett St (PPD) :54 203 Free Downtown Trolley 209 Independence 301 Pleasure Island 712 UNCW Teal Route MONDAY–FRIDAY: AMnPMEVERYMINUTES MONDAY–FRIDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm MONDAY–FRIDAY: AMnPMEVERYHOURS MONDAY–FRIDAY: AMnPMEVERYMINUTES SATURDAY: 10:30am – 8:50pm EVERYMINUTES SATURDAY: 6:00am – 9:00pm SATURDAY: AMnPMEVERYHOURS SATURDAY & SUNDAY: ./3%26)#% SUNDAY: 10:30am – 5:30pm EVERYMINUTES SUNDAY: 9:00am – 6:00pm SUNDAY: AMnPMEVERYHOURS Teal Route does not operate when UNCW classes are not in session. &ORA LISTOF5.#7CLOSURES PLEASECONSULTOURWEBSITEWWWWAVETRANSITCOM TROLLEY STOPS TIMES BUS STOP HOURLY Transfers cannot be made to or from Route 301. BUS STOP TIMES 1 Downtown Station :10 :30 :50 1 Downtown Station :00 BUS STOP TIMES 1 Forden Station :00 :20 :40 2 Orange St / Water St :12 :32 :52 2 Dawson St / 10th St (Jervay Housing) :10 1 Monkey Junction Walmart :30 2 NHC Government Offices :04 :24 :44 3 Water St / Ann St :14 :34 :54 3 16th St / Greenfield St (Housing Authority) :15 2 Carolina Beach Rd / Masonboro Commons :37 3 Racine Commons :05 :25 :45 4 Front St at Church’s Alley :15 :35 :55 4 17th St / Medical Center Dr :20 3 Veteran’s Park Visitor Center (Ashley HS) :41 4 Clear Run Apartments :07 :27 :47 5 Front St / Chestnut St (US Post Office) :17 :37 :57 5 17th St / Wellington Ave :22 5 Brookstone Village :08 :28 :48 4 North Lake Park Blvd at Town Hall :51 6 Water St at Hilton Wilmington Riverside :18 :38 :58 6 Independence Station :30 6 Campus Edge Apartments :09 :29 :49 5 Carl Winner / North Lake Park Blvd :57 7 Nutt St at Wilmington Convention Center :19 :39 :59 7 17th St / Delaney Ave :34 7 Leutze Hall (UNCW) :11 :31 :51 6 8 Front St / Harnett St (PPD) :20 :40 :00 8 17th St / NHRMC Inner Loop Rd :38 North Lake Park Blvd / Risley Rd :59 8 Bear Hall (UNCW) :13 :33 :53 9 Front St / Red Cross St (Cape Fear CC) :23 :43 :03 9 Greenfield St / 16th St (Social Services) :42 7 Veteran’s Park Visitor Center (Ashley HS) :13 9 University Landing :15 :35 :55 10 Chestnut St / 2nd St (NHC Public Library) :26 :46 :06 10 5th St / Meares St :46 8 Carolina Beach Rd / Golden Rd :17 10 New Centre Dr / S College Rd :17 :37 :57

Wave Transit has an app Fares Get on Board... Fares subject to change with notice Regular Fares /NE WAY#ASH&ARE $ 2.00 Ride the Wave! 1-Day Pass ...... $ 5.00 7-Day Pass ...... $20.00 Effective March 2018 31-Day Pass ...... $80.00 10-Ride Pass ...... $20.00 Reduced Fares* (see eligibility below) Trip Tips /NE WAY#ASH&ARE $ 1.00 Welcome Aboard! Wave Transit kindly asks that you be courteous to 1-Day Pass ...... $ 2.50 7-Day Pass ...... $10.00 your fellow passengers: The Cape Fear Public Transportation Q If listening to music, please use headphones 31-Day Pass ...... $40.00 and keep the level at a volume that only 10-Ride Pass ...... $10.00 Authority Makes Your Commute Easy! you can hear. *Reduced Fare Eligibility: Wave Transit provides fixed route bus service and Q No animals allowed on Wave Transit buses, s0ASSENGERSAGEYEARSOROLDER2ED WHITE complementary ADA van service to the City of with the exception of service animals. A copy BLUE-EDICARECARDOR)$REQUIRED Wilmington, New Hanover County, Carolina Beach and of Wave Transit’s adopted Service Animal s0ASSENGERSSHOWINGAVALID7AVE4RANSIT Policy is located on the website at: $ISABLED)$ Northern Brunswick County. Most routes operate 7 www.wavetransit.com s6ETERANSWITHA.EW(ANOVER#OUNTY)$#ARD days a week. Q Please don't block the aisle with packages, s3TUDENTSINGRADES  ANDLOCALCOLLEGE Our goal at Wave Transit is to provide you with safe, bags, baby carriages, or your feet. Children STUDENTSWITHVALID)$ convenient, affordable, clean, and on-time service. must be removed from stroller prior to Free Fares We want to hear your complaints, compliments or transport. suggestions. Q No weapons, alcohol, or illegal substances are s5.#73UDENTSAND3TAFFWITHVALID)$ permitted on the bus. s#HILDRENYEARSANDUNDER,IMITFREE Our contact information: children per paying adult. Q Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes s#ALL  FORCUSTOMERSERVICE Find your is prohibited on all Wave Transit vehicles and Transfers in all Wave Transit facilities. s4RANSFERSAREFREE ANDAREUSEDTOPROVIDE s6ISITTHE7AVE4RANSIT-AIN/FFICE &ORDEN3TATION AT nearest bus stop Q In consideration of other passengers, please continuous service between two points not #ANDO3TREET 7ILMINGTON .# refrain from using profanity while on the bus. SERVEDBYASINGLEROUTE4RANSFERSCANNOTBE s"YMAILATWave Transit, P.O. Box 12630, Plan your trip Q For passengers using a cell phone, please MADETOORFROM2OUTE Wilmington, NC 28405 talk on a low voice and move to the back of 10-Ride, 7-Day and 31-Day Passes s/NLINEVIAE MAILATWAVETRANSIT WAVETRANSITCOM the vehicle. s4ENRIDEPASSESAREVALIDFORTENONE WAYTRIPS Wave Transit is committed to providing Download App They have no expiration. Go Safely non-discriminatory service to its customers. for Free s0ASSESAREVALIDFOREITHERORCONSECUTIVE Q When riding the bus, please be seated. If you days. The first day of the pass begins when &ORMOREINFORMATIONABOUT7AVE4RANSITS4ITLE6) must stand, please hold on to the railing. the passenger first uses the pass. Holidays are PROGRAMORTOFILEA4ITLE6)COMPLAINTPLEASECALL Q At the bus stop, please stand clear of the curb considered as consecutive days, although bus   ORVISITWWWWAVETRANSITCOM while the bus is approaching. service may not be provided. Q When boarding or alighting, please watch your step, and do not rush. Purchasing Tickets and Passes Q Please wait for the bus to leave the bus stop Bus tickets and passes may be purchased on the Facebook: Wavetransit ILM Text messaging program no longer offered before crossing the street. bus or at the Wave Transit office between the hours Twitter: @WavetransitILM (910) 343-0106 OFAMTOPM-ONDAYTHRU&RIDAY www.wavetransit.com Lynn Av Holly Shelter Rd

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Noble Military GROVE Arboretum Dr 207 Wilmington Post FORDEN Middle Police Dept. Archie Maides New Centre Dr 2IÀce STATION 101 Princess Place Cardinal Dr DC Virgo Blue Park Columb See inset Park CREEKWOOD Ringo above Market St Nixon St Middle 105 Lennon r Shirley Rd N 30th St Costco DOWNTOWN N 4th St Johnson D N 23rd St Target 103 Oleander East r WILMINGTON N 3rd St Elementary e nt See Downtown Northside PRINCESS Freeman e N 16th St LONG LEAF ACRES C inset above Elementary Resource PLACE Princess P n McRae St l N 2nd St ac e Dr N KerrAv Market St 103 New Hanover w Center Barclay Hills New Centre Dr 104 Northeast BROOKLYN 101 101 County Gov’t. o Main St Blount 104 Eastwood Rd T Cape Fear Walmart Center Community 101 Rankin St EAST WILMINGTON Elementary 107 104 College N Front St Red Cross Annie Snipes 106 Miller-Motte 712 105 Medical Center Park Chestnut St 105 108 Technical MAYFAIRE Food WindemereSt. MarkRd City New Snipes Market St College Colonial Destiny Way Hanover Lion 103 College Acres Catholic Downtown Council Fire Elementary BUS Park Apts. LA High 108 Elementary 104 204 Brunswick Connector route Station HQ 17 Dr Colonial Oriole Dr Princess 108 YMCA 106 Shipyard Blvd continues to Brunswick County Market St 105 105 S 17th St Wallace 104 (See inset above right) Av Covil Greenway Av USS Battleship Park Darlington Town Center Dr Cape Fear Museum S 16th St S 5th Av 103 North Carolina CAROLINA AUTUMN HALL New Hanover P 107 College Road St. Mary THE BOTTOM Cape Fear 104 COLLEGE ACRES e Racine Dr County Catholic PLACE 106 Center for 108 712 S Front St Robert Gregory Elem. FOREST Randall Pkwy Public Library S 3rd St Forest Hills 108 Strange Inquiry S Kerr Av Williston HILLS Military Cutoff Rd Park Castle St Elementary 108 Market Street MEMORIALCAPE FEARBRIDGE Middle McCrary Park Randall Pkwy Castle St 202 University of LANDFALL S 10th Wrightsville Av UNCW Shelter North Carolina Hooker Rd Eastwood Rd EAGLE DEVON PARK at Wilmington 201 Carolina Beach 204 Wooster St 202 rice Dr Wagoner Dr P 104 ISLAND Dawson St 202 Wilshire Blvd Amy Bradley 209 S College Rd Reynolds Rogersville Rd Road S 13th School Hurst Dr Wrightsville Av 205 76 OleanderCOUNTRY Dr CLUB S 5th Av 103

DRY S 16th St 105 201 105 107 Wrightsville Av Varsity 202 Oleander West S Front St POND Howe 106 Empie Walton Dr Pre-K Park Riegel Rd 202 202 Wrightsville Av 74 Martin St Airlie Rd 209 Harris an 203 Free Downtown Department of Oleander Dr Teeter ill Greenfield St Social Services m 103 c WINTER Floral Pkwy Greenville Av Trolley Wilmington a Cape Fear M PARK Wri 105 AUDUBON Airlie Gardens Housing Authority Independence Wooddale Dr Memorial N Wrightsville Av 0X 205 Mall Rose Av Hospital Wrightsville Av Burnett Blvd Social SEAGATE LAKE FOREST Security 209 Hawthorne Dr Brunswick Independence 103 New Hanover 204 *UHHQÀHOG/DNH 2IÀFH Winter Park Elementary Station Post County Br Connector Park & Gardens New Hanover County 103 Greenville Loop Rd ad Fordham Rd 2IÀFH Oleander Dr 76 Arboretum l S 17th St Oleander Dr e Health Department y C Amphitheatre 105 Pine Grove Dr r 41st St ee LINCOLN Lake Av 103 k New Hanover 106 Hugh 205 Long Leaf Park *UHHQÀHOG FOREST 202 MacRae Sunset Park Lake County Regional 209 Elementary Medical Center Alderman Park Elementary 202 Roland-Grise Friends’ School 201 Middle City of Wilmington 207 North Golf Course SUNSET PARK Legion DelaneyGlen Av Meade Rd Long Leaf Hills Dr Carolina BeachStadium Rd Verizon Hoggard 209 Independence Medical Center Dr Wireless High Wilmington Central Blvd Police Dept. 205 S 17th St Greenville Loop Rd Pleasure Island Substation Bradley Creek GREENVILLE SOUND Independence Blvd 202 Elementary Old Military Rd 301 Pleasure Island Wellington Av Shipyard Blvd Masonboro SUNSET SOUTH 205 209 Commons YWCA Holly Tree Rd Pine Grove Dr Golden Shipyard Blvd106 Rd d Bell St R 105 n o wy e 712 UNCW Teal S College Rd t Goodwin ur Pk v Shipyard Blvd 117 b l o aly ria r St Adams o PORT OF 106 H H m G ew e e Holly Tree let M 301 tl WILMINGTON ts yr Elementary C M e 107 re g Marion HANOVER ek d Jeb Stuart Dr Beasley Rd Veteran’s Rutl e Pine Valley Dr C


Vance St Vance HEIGHTS Park



Legend l i River Rd LONG LEAF n 201 a

PARK PINE VALLEY B Roe Carolina Beach Rd Cameron Masonboro Sound Rd e Bus Route Pre-K a 101 Art Museum 132 c h


Parsley d Transit Station Pine Valley Elementary Elementary James E. L. St Vincent Dr Landmark Independence Blvd Halyburton Wade Park MASONBORO SOUND Park Waltmoor Rd S 17th St Public Parking Deck Coastal Christian George AndersonHigh Dr 201 Hospital r e Cape Fear v 421 i Sunnyvale Dr Academy R r 40 Interstate 201 D Masonboro Loop Rd r s w a re e nd A Lansdowne Rd 17 US Highway F ECHO FARMS t Navaho Trl Carolina Beach Rd in e City of Wilmington Coddington a p Operations Center Elementary S 43 State Highway a 301 Masonboro Sound Rd C iver ar R e Fe © 2018, Wave Transit River Rd Cap Design by Smartmaps, Knoxville, TN. 201 Navaho Trl Carolina Lewis Dr Beach

Mohican Trl State Park

Carolina Beach Rd Rd S


Risley J



P p

Silva Terra Dr a h


Town t

S College Rd L Hall a k e

Horn Rd B lv 201 MONKEY 107 d Atlantic JUNCTION Masonboro Loop Rd Silver Lake Rd 301 Ocean Harper Ave Canal Dr Walmart Marvin K Moss Ln Carl WinnerCarolina Beach AveDr N SILVER LAKE New Hanover County PLEASURE Public Library ISLAND River Rd r UNCW Center for D 301 Marine Science tte ne oi Piner Rd 00.25 0.5 0.75 1.0 nt A

Miles 301 Pleasure Island route continues to Pleasure Island and Carolina Beach Atlantic Ocean (See inset bottom right)

Carolina Beach Rd