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______BY LAUREN JAEGER______Staff Writer

ick M iele Jr., 34, was one of the few people aside from the - N Aberdeen Township Police Department to get a good look at the body found on his company’s property. “It looked like something was wrong,” Miele said, noting that the vic­ tim’s skin was gray. “His head was down, leaning for­ ward,” M iele said, adding that the body was sitting against a trailer in the far end of M iele’s Trucking on Cliffwood Avenue. A fte r the police arrived, the body was taken away. The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office identified the body as Salvatore Nunziato Jr., 49, of Bower Court in the Rossville section of Staten Island. Nun­ ziato was reported to have ties to orga­ _____ nized crime figures, the prosecutor said. At Lillian Drive School in Hazlet, first-graders Richard Krajunus and Megan Coppola add some information to one of L illy the Miele said that a truck driver, whom Bookworm’s body segments. Each circle represents a book read by a first-, second- or third-grader. he knows o nly as W alt, made the g ris ly (Photo by Rich Schultz) d isc o ve ry at about 10:30 a.m. Jan. 25 when he was about to move a trailer. After he discovered the body, Walt ran to the office and alerted M iele and his Reading worms into routine father, Nick M iele Sr., who owns the company. BY MARILYN DUFF already students have read “well over 5,000” — yes, 5,000 — The younger Miele said he went with books, Sherman said Friday. W alt to see the body. As he got closer, he Staff W riter Teachers began preparing the students at the beginning of the noticed that a blood trickle, which had school year, he said. frozen into an icicle, was hanging from hey call her L illy — L illy the Bookworm, that is. And Under the program, each grade level is assigned a color. Each she’s currently encircling Lillia n Drive School in Hazlet, the man’ s rig h t eye. time students read a book or have a book read to them, they are T growing steadily as she makes her way from the school “His chin was touching his chest, and given a colored disc or circle which is filled out with their name library all the way around the interior walls and back again. there was more blood frozen in the ice and the name of the book they read. Principal Austin Sherman came up with the idea of the color­ underneath him,” M ie le said. Each disc represents a body segment of the bookworm. ful bookworm to encourage his 330 students in kindergarten “I thought he had slipped on the ice Instead of body segments, kindergarten students get to add through third grade to read more. and h it his head and froze to death there,” legs for every 25 books they have read to them. he continued. “I thought that he was nib­ “The goal is to increase reading as a recreational activity,” he Already, L illy has traveled halfway around the school, said. bing his head (from the injury) and according to Sherman. In conjunction, students also are being rewarded for not passed out.” watching television or playing video games. The project also has lengthened Sherman’s school day. He The victim was wearing a green jacket spends about an hour after school each day moving the head for­ Students who avoid television and video games for seven with a hood, blue jeans and black work- ward and fillin g in additonal body segment. boots. He was wearing wire-rimmed consecutive days receive a $ 2 certificate to the school store and The response to the first-time program is “just tremendous,” have their picture displayed in the hallway. glasses, with the right lens missing. One he said, adding, “I can’t complain because the kids are reading.” That feature started shortly before the holidays, which glove was on one hand and the other Sherman said was not the best time, but so fa r 16 pupils have fu l­ One kindergarten class has already finished more than 1,000 glove was off. books. filled the requirements, one of them twice, which is permitted. The body was leaning against the The recreational reading program started in November and Before the program started, school art teacher Patricia Reagen tra ile r near the woods, M iele said. It is an Continued on page 6 Continued on page 9

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CENTER OF DISPUTE — Gertrude Neidlinger is shown here in a photo taken last fall outside the historic Spy House Museum in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown. Neidlinger, who was locked out of the museum in October, hopes to resume her volunteer position as curator soon. Bettyann Murray, a teacher at (File photo) River Plaza School in Middletown, recently received the Golden Apple Teacher Award from CTN. Neidlinger m ay return She is featured In the Spotlight.

Page 12 to m useum curator post REGULAR FEATURES poration. If the committee chooses to do The corporation was formed around • Calendar Page 28 Supporters the latter, Neidlinger “w ill be gone,” said 1983, Neidlinger said later when asked Comer, because “too many bridges have about its pre-1991 status. • Classifieds Page 43 been burned.” The township — which acquired the • Editorials Page 26 want her back Comer also said Neidlinger would take Spy House building in 1969 — form ally • Letters Page 26 w ith her many of the museum artifacts leased it to the corporation in 1991 for a • Milestones Page 34 at Spy House which belong to her personally and not to five-year period. the town, and might even create some­ An earlier 1976 ordinance recognized • Obituaries Page 36 ______BY MARILYN DUFF______• Sports Page 39 thing sim ilar to the Spy House at another Neidlinger as curator, originally under the Staff Writer location, which he said would be sad. auspices of the Recreation Department • Police Beat Page 35 After the Jan. 24 meeting, however, and later the Public Works Department, • Property Lines Page 38 MIDDLETOW N — If a compromise some of Neidlinger’s supporters, a ll mem­ Comer told the committee in recounting • Dining Page 32 can be worked out, Gertrude Neidlinger bers of the Friends of the Spy House, an the museum’s history. w ill resume her volunteer position as cu­ unofficial fund-raising group, indicated Dowd disputed that, saying that an rator of the Spy House Museum in Port they might be w illin g to compromise. ordinance would not appoint an individual Phone Numbers: Monm outh. Friends of the Spy House evolved since “any one of us is replaceable.” Neidlinger held the post for approxi­ from the Preservationists, the original Doranne Brown of Leonardo, a Nei­ Editorial 254-7000 Ext, 237 mately 25 years until she was locked out group formed to raise money to preserve dlinger supporter, said the fact that the Circulation 254-1755 o f the museum Oct. 18 as a re s u lt o f a dis­ the building. Comer and Township Township Committee did not appoint the Display Advertising 972-6740 Ext. 220 pute w ith the Spy House Museum Corp. Attorney W illiam Dowd plan to meet in corporation’s board of trustees when the FAX 254-0256 The dispute erupted over ghost tours at about two weeks to pursue the matter, 1991 ordinance and lease were approved Classified 1-800-660-4ADS the house authorized by Neidlinger, but Comer said Thursday. “ was a fatal fla w .” opposed by the corporation’s board of Classified FAX 432-0016 The corporation has about $23,000, The members were picked by N ei­ trustees. which was turned over to it in 1991 by the dlinger and were former Preservationists, But the real issue is control of the museum. The Friends of the Spy House according to Brown. museum and the expenditure of funds, also has an account containing about Tom Largey of Holland Road asked T 1 BAYSHORE 1 . according to Thomas M. Comer, an at­ $8,000. This account was established the committee to resolve the matter then Independent torney with Rudnick, Addonizio & Pappa because Neidlinger could not get money and there, saying “what we have to be of Hazlet, which is representing from the corporation for museum repairs, concerned about is Gertrude, the mu­ Managing Editor N e id lin g e r on a pro bono basis. her attorney and others said. seum’s most valuable asset,” but Mayor Judith McGee Feeney A t last week’s Township Committee The money in both accounts was raised Joseph Oxley said that would not be pos­ meeting, Comer said that the matter needs Sports Editor through various fund-raisers. sible. to be addressed and “ultim ately, has to be “No one has ever suggested any “If you lose Gertrude, you w ill never M ark Rosman a decision of the committee.” wrongdoing,” Dowd said, but he said that replace her,” said Ed Rezetko of Lincroft, He was joined at the meeting by many the second bank account containing a member of the Friends of the Spy A Greater Media Newspaper of Neidlinger’s supporters, who spoke on approximately $8,000 is public money. House, adding that the building itself is her behalf. Neidlinger also was present, As fa r as the lease is concerned, that only carpentry, while Neidlinger repre­ but did not speak. is a matter between the township and the sents “the heart and soul” of the Spy Executive Editor Comer claims a 1991 lease giving the corporation, Dowd said. House. Other supporters echoed Rezetko. Gregory Bean corporation authority over the building is Dowd said he also was disturbed to Oxley and Deputy Mayor Joan Smith Publisher void because the corporation, at least for a hear Comer say that museum artifacts both expressed a need for accountability Kevin Wittman time, did not comply with the condition of were given to Neidlinger personally and and checks and balances w ith regard to maintaining its status as a non-profit cor­ not to the museum. public money. Oxley said the first step The Bayshore Independent circulation is poration by filin g state documents. A resident of the Leonardo section of toward eliminating what Brown termed “a subject to audit by Verified Audit of This, Comer said, leaves the committee the township, Neidlinger, 83, is credited very poisonous atmosphere” has to be for Circulations, Inc. Published Wednesday by with two options: with making the historic bayfront house a Dowd and Comer to sit down together. the Greater Monmouth Publishing Co., 1. return to the pre-lease status in Edgeboro Road, East Brunswick, N.J. significant tourist attraction. The house, “Personally, I ’m tom,” Smith said. The 07724. Third-class postage paid at which “Mrs. Neidlinger serves at the plea­ said to date back to the mid-1660s, is committee has a responsibility to keep the Eatontown, N.J. $32 a year. First-class sure of the committee;” or 2. adopt a new located in Port Monmouth between Pews museum “a good place,” but it also has to mail subscription available at $65 for 26 ordinance leasing the building to the cor­ and Comptons creeks. “look for accountability,” she said. weeks, 25 cents a copy. 4 FEBRUARY 2,1994, THE INDEPENDENT


SHOP: MANALAPAN MALL, SEAVIEW SQ. MALL & , MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 10 A.M. TO 9:30 P.M., SUNDAY 11 A.M. TO 6 P.M RED BANK, 121 BROAD ST., MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 10 A.M. TO 8 P.M., SATURDAY 10 A.M. TO 6 P.M., SUNDAY NOON TO 5 P.M. THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 5 IN BRIEF We Dare You To... ABERDEEN The next Aberdeen Neighborhood Watch meeting w ill take place 7:30 p.m. Feb. 14 at St. Mark AME Zion Church, Delaware Avenue. Temple Beth Ahm, 550 Lloyd Road, Aberdeen, w ill host Rabbi Arnold Resni- coff, one of the highest ranking Jewish chaplains in the Navy. Resnicoff w ill address the congregation COMPARE during Friday night’s services at 8 p.m. and again during Saturday morning ser­ vices. The congregation is invited to stay for lunch at no charge. Following lunch, Resnicoff w ill conclude with his third pre­ sentation at 1:30 p.m. For information, call 583-1700. WALT'S SLEEP SHOP PROMISE HAZLET •G uaranteed Lowest Prices on ALL Nationally Advertised Brands The Hazlet Recreation Department is sponsoring a bus trip to Medieval Times •FREE Im m ediate D elivery on ANY purchase Feb. 27. The bus w ill leave the library •FREE set-up of new bedding & rem oval of old bedding on ANY purchase overflow parking lot, Middle Road, at 2 p.m. fo r the 4 p.m. show. T ic ke t prices are •FREE bedfram e w ith the purchase of ANY mattress set $38.50 for adults and $31.50 for children under age 12. Price includes bus, show and •A t W alt's...K?n don't have to wait all da\ w ith our Express D elivery Service fu ll dinner. Tickets must be purchased . • It's a frie n d ly place to shop & save before Feb. 10 to ensure seating. •NO pressure NO commissioned sales people The Hazlet Recreation Commission w ill sponsor a bus trip to the Radio City •TOTALCUSIQMER SATISFACTION Music H all Easter Show March 27 for the ...Personally G uaranteed by the O w ner noon show. Seating is in the second mez­ zanine. The bus w ill leave the library over­ flow parking lot, Middle Road, at 10 a.m. Tickets can be purchased at the Recreation Office in Veterans Memorial Park for $33. BACK PROPER S e m f i r m . MIDDLETOWN COMFORT®

T w in Ea. Pc. $ 5 9 T w in Ea. Pc. $ 7 9 M ike and Susan C ullis, owners of the Little Professor Book Center in F u ll Ea. Pc. $ 1 0 9 F u ll Ea. Pc. $ 1 2 9 Bradlee’s/Grand Union Center, Middle­ Q u e e n 2 Pc. Set $ 2 6 9 Q u e e n 2 Pc. Set $ 2 9 9 town, are pleased to welcome author and publisher Martha Carr for an in-store au­ K in g 3 Pc. Set $ 3 7 9 K in g 3 Pc. Set $ 3 9 9 tographing from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday. Martha Randolph Carr w ill speak about setting up her own publishing house and ORTHO P & S p o s t u r e w ill read from and sign conies of her new psychological thriller, Wired. R efresh­ ZONE® TECH® ments w ill be served. T w in Ea. Pc. $ 9 9 T w in Ea. Pc. $ 1 2 9 Fund-raisers F u ll Ea Pc. $ 1 4 9 F u ll Ea. Pc. $ 1 7 9 dance fo r dollars Q u e e n 2 Pc. Set $ 3 4 9 Q u e e n 2 Pc. Set $ 4 4 9 The American Heart Association w ill K in g 3 Pc. Set $ 4 4 9 K in g 3 Pc. Set $ 6 4 9 sponsor a benefit dance, “Step For Heart,” Feb. 13 in the Brookdale Community College gym, Lincroft section of PT^POSTUREPEDIC® P0 STUREPEDIC® Middletown. The b en efit w ill be held from 10 a.m. g S FIRM PLUSH to 2 p.m. with registration beginning at 9:30 a.m. T w in Ea. Pc. $ 1 4 9 T w in Ea. Pc. $ 1 9 9 The event w ill include live DJ music, F u ll Ea. Pc. $ 1 9 9 F u ll Ea. Pc. $ 2 6 9 step aerobics, door prizes, giveaways and refreshm ents, as w e ll as free health in fo r­ Q u e e n 2 Pc. Set $ 4 9 9 Q u e e n 2 Pc. Set $ 5 9 9 mation and screenings. K in g 3 Pc. Set $ 6 9 9 K in g 3 Pc. Set $ 7 4 9 Rascals Comedy Club w ill provide free show tickets to each participant and four additional tickets to those who raise $50; six tickets to those who raise $75; and 10 717 H ighw ay 35, 351 Highway 3$, tickets to those who raise $100 or more. Step For Heart raises money for the as­ E stonian, NJ. sociation’s education and research pro­ grams while promoting the benefits of aer­ F a c t o r y D i r e c t obic dance for cardiovascular health. Participants collect pledges and earn 6 7 1 - 1 0 5 5 3 8 9 - 2 0 5 5 prizes for money raised. 1-800*400*2055 Pre-registration is encouraged. Those P hone O r d e r s P h one O r d e r s who walk in on the day of the event w ill be S i f p p q u a P A c c e p t e d asked to make a $10 donation. A c c e p t e d To register or for information, call the American Heart Association at 776-4490. OPEN 7 DAYS ... MON.-FRI. 10 AM-9 PM, SAT. 10 AM-5 PM, SUN. 12-5 PM EB| 6 FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT Reading worms way I'd do AnYihif 19 + o g o c r ijh + o n J . S c h o o l \ into recreation time

" - A V Continued from page 1 Coast. designed four versions of what the head of The day-long visit, sponsored by the / t m \ ^ )' an intelligent bookworm should look like PTO and arranged with assistance from and the pupils picked their favorite. first grade teacher Janis Lebretore, was W hile L illy takes her name from the postponed to Monday. ■ n E H U school, no one is sure whether the ever­ A special highlight of this year’s read­ growing bookworm is a he, she or it, a ing promotion is planned for A pril, ftl Sunday, February 13 2-4 PM matter Sherman overheard being debated Sherman said. The school has already sent by two students Friday morning. invitations to community leaders, includ­ 318 B Morganville Rd. The Parent Teacher Organization also ing area legislators, to participate in a Old Bridge 583-9028 is involved in the program. Last week’s community leaders night, at which they weather canceled plans for a planned visit are invited to read their favorite children’s A private school for the br glit & gifted Ages 5-12 from children’s author Pat Brisson and story to pupils. illustrator Rich Brown who have collabo­ The guest readers also are asked to rated on a series of children’s stories wear a costume or bring a prop appropri­ about Kate, including Kate Heads West, ate to their story, Sherman said. Your Best Friend Kate and Kate on the I c J ei/en do H onei/orli^ Parents’ guide to kid’s books Editor's note: The following list o f read inf; books ha\ been compiled as a guide fo r parents. Although it is not a complete list, the selections are worth considering. 1. Awakening Your Child's Natural Genius: Enhancing Curiosity. Creativity and Learning Ability, by Thomas Armstrong (Jeremy P. Tardier/Pedigree Books). - ' ■ V -:'Y ';; ; ';V Y Y V'.; V:: Y Y .':,..: Y YY'" Y iY 'flY ., (Delacorte Press). 3. Classic Myths to Read Aloud, by W illiam F. Russell (Crown Publishers) 4. Classics to Read Aloud to Young Children: Selections from Shakespeare, DAILY RENTALS SEASON RENTALS Twain, Dickens, O'Henry, and Others), b> W illiam F. Russell (Crown Publishers). 5. Games fo r Reading: Playful Win vs to Help Your Child Read, by Peggy Kaye LEASE SKIS, BOOTS C O M P L E T E SKI 0 0 BINDING & POLES FOR (Pantheon Books). PACKAGE THE ENTIRE SEASON 6. Hey! Usten to This: Stories to Read Aloud, by Jim Trelease (Penguin Books). 10 RETURN NEXT FALL 00 NEWLY TUNED 7. The New Read-Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease (Penguin Books). S N O W B O A R D EQUIPMENT ALL 8. Parent’s Guide to the Best Books fo r Children, by Eden 00 JUNIOR OR ADULTS ' SIZES Ross Lipson (Time Books/Random House). & B O O T S ALL SIZES IN STOCK!I 99»50°° DEPOSIT 25 .'1 9. Teach Your Children Well: Parent’s Guide to Stories, Poems, Fables and ' ■ ' V .Y- . • ■ ICE SKATE RENTALS *10°° 10. What Your Second-Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals o f Second-Grade FREE LIFT TICKETS SKI TUNE-UPS Education, b\ E.D. Hirsch Jr. (Bantam/Doubleday). Sim ilar titles are available for PELICAN IS GIVING AWAY THOUSANDS grades one through six. OF LIFT TICKETS TO OVER ONE DOZEN B A S IC T U N E Special thanks to the staff of The Little Professor Book Center in Middletown fo< SKI AREAS. GIVEN AWAY FREE WITH BOTTON FILE HOT WAX SHARPEN *15 their help in compiling this list. MOST PURCHASES OR SIMPLY TRYING MO U H B E S T ” STONE GRINDING WAXING ON DOLOMITE SKI BOOTS. 23-HOUR SEHVICE *29 - NO PURCHASE NECESSARY - SNOWBOARD TUNE-UP *25 IN BRIEF y ■/ Pelican Ski Shops WE MAKE SKIING AFFORDABLE Program to begin sem ester EAST BRUNSWICK SUPER STORE (908) 254-5115 L_ MOVIE CITY 5 MALL. RT. 18. EAST BRUNSWICK HOURS: M-F 10-9, Sal. 10-8. Sun. 11-5 The Matawan Student Enrichment This semester w ill be the program’s Program (MSEP) is a non-profit commu­ 50th, completing its 25th year of offering nity program offering a fu ll variety of quality courses to the youth of the area. courses on Saturday mornings for boys There is no residency requirement to reg­ C a r r ie r and girls from the entire area. ister. The program holds two 10-week Bulk m ailing of brochures has just semesters a year at the Matawan Avenue gone out, w ith Matawan, Aberdeen, M iddle School. The upcoming semester Holmdel, Marlboro and parts of Hazlet begins Feb. 5. and Old Bridge receiving brochures. Each course meets for one hour for 10 Brochures also are available at a ll local li­ Saturdays. The tuition for most MSEP braries. To request a brochure or for more courses is $52, plus material fees where information, call 566-7900. applicable. We're The Inside * F R E E < ^ B t H U M ID IF IE R Guys AND/OR AIR CLEANER OFFER! cn Eating disorders group starting •ONE FREE OPTION WITH PURCHASE OF EACH FURNACE OR CONDENSING UNIT — Charge for installation only. * 6 MONTH SAME AS CASH FINANCING Those who suffer from anorexia, include a discussion of what eating disor­ bulimia, compulsive overeating, or any ders are and how to cope w ith them. PRE-SEASON COOLING SALE! eating disorder are encouraged to attend In addition, psychotherapy w ill be Call For Details Starting Over, a 10-week, psycho-educa­ used, involving art and w riting techniques CALL FOR FREE IN HOME ESTIMATE 908-862-1203 tional group sponsored by Jersey Shore in an atmosphere where people may talk O ur Engineers aren't com fortable u n til you are. Counseling Services, which is affiliated openly about their problems. with Jersey Shore Medical Center, Male and female adults, age 18 and Neptune. over, are welcome. Those who attend are ENGINEERING CO. Sessions of Starting Over w ill run asked to follow through the 10-week 15 N. W ood Ave.,linden, N.J. (908) 862-1203 every 10 weeks throughout the year, from cycle, which w ill be repeated throughout Serving all of Cenlral Since 1951 5:30-6:30 p.m. on Thursdays. the year. For more information, call 776­ The educational components w ill 7600, Ext. 260. THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 7 Town tallies costs of storms so far

ABERDEEN — The township has cost a total of $28,000. spent $19,700 on sand and salt for roads Lauro said in his 27 years of working in January, according to Jim Lauro, su­ for the Public Works Department, this was perintendent of the Public Works De­ the worst winter he can recall. / O u r partment. “ alone is not a problem,” he Special Last year, Aberdeen spent a total of said, “but this is snow, ice and back to f $9,700 on sand and salt — for the entire snow again, rain and back to ice again. w inter. Then everything thaws.” Values for costs also have been high, as On this past rainy, but relatively mild public works employees try to keep the Friday morning, Lauro said there was February roads safe during storms. excessive flooding. : : . . In January, overtime costs, for public “There have been 11 storms in Jan­ Heat Necklace works employees totaled $14,000. uary,” he added. “I wish this winter would Last year, for the months of January, give us a break. This is the worst. It I t.*'...... February, March and December, overtime stinks.” 4 k Gold Ruby & Diamond Pendant 5150“ C ost o f sand, salt p ilin g up 14 K Gold (Hugs & Kisses) Bracelet KEYPORT — The borough has al­ There have been a dozen water pipe ready spent twice as much for sand, salt breaks in the borough since the and calcium chloride this winter than it weather began, according to Wadington. did for the entire season last year. “Some are tough to fix since they’re “We have to account for it in the pre­ underneath a concrete road and you have TWO F IN E STORES TO SERVE YOU Since sent budget,” Borough Clerk John to find the pipe that broke,” he noted. 1885 Since Wadington said. The Borough Council is “The major costs involved are overtime. 1886 in the process of drafting a budget for The repair costs are minor.” 1994. Wadington said that while most people So far, Keyport has spent $6,300 for are discussing the freakish winter, this FREEHOLD RED BANK, N.J. sand, salt and calcium chloride. Wad­ 5 W. M ain St. Member American 36 Broad St. was the type of winters he was ac­ 462-0136 ington maintains calcium chloride is “­ customed to as a boy. Gem Society 741-5800 ter than salt” because it melts ice more “As a kid we’d have wild storms — effectively. not just snow but rain and ice,” he re­ A rt Rooke, superintendent of Keyport called. “We’ve been enjoying extremely R eservations Accepted Public Works, was unavailable for com­ good weather these past few years but ment last week. now the m ild weather has passed.”

Storm dam age closes school

ABERDEEN — The Matawan Re­ Providence, was expected to inspect the gional High School was closed Friday due damage during the weekend. to severe flooding, the result of a brutal “We expect to have a small army w inte r. working in the school,” H all said on The roofs had suffered much damage Friday. from ice during January, Superintendent H all said he expected repairs to be of Schools Kenneth D. H all explained. made during the weekend so that school “The ice has created a lot of prob­ could open again, but he did not know lems,” he said. what it would cost the district. The damage was worst in the cafeteria, Officials were contacted Monday, who the corridor leading to the office and the said that a ll of the repairs have been com­ Spring construction slots are filling up quickly west w ing, he said. pleted. However, costs w ill not be known Greg Arner, an architect from New until next week. New Jersey fam ilies have responded to our state-of-the- art, maintenance-free pools so well that preseason Storm s take to ll in borough demand has reached a three year high. For a lim ited time we can still guarantee that you’ll be swimming by MATAWAN — The borough has al­ For the last couple of seasons, costs May. So if you want a quality pool ready for the swim ready spent more than $14,000 on 600 totalled from $5,000 to $6,000 for salt and season call us today. tons of sand and salt, according to An­ sand for the entire season, Bucco noted. thony Bucco, superintendent of public “I ’ve had to re-order the sand twice,” works. 3 0 8 - 3 0 8 1 Bucco said, “and I ’m s till waiting for the The borough usually uses 350 tons of latest salt order. The company said they’re Design center located on rte. 9 in Freehold salt and sand to melt ice on roads from back ordered for two weeks.” (1 mile north of rte. 33) December to March, he said. It is a never-ending winter, Bucco In addition, the town has spent about lamented. $15,000 in overtime for the public works ANTHONY POOLS “This is constant. Our people are going department in January. NEW JERSEY’S #1 CUSTOM POOL BUILDER around the clock,” he said. “I can’t wait “This is at least double than, or maybe for this to be over and I ’m looking for­ An Anthony Industries Co. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange triple than, last season,” Bucco noted. ward to spring.” 8 FEBRUARY2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT Penning a name in the country

Local m an nears stardom w ith a ro ckab illy style

BY CHRISTINE MENAPACE as he rattles off musicians who have influ­ enced his work, and discusses the evolu­ Staff Writer tion of country and other forms of music. He sees ro c k a b illy as a m ix o f blues and hat happens when you cross a country. boy bom and bred in “A lot of country stuff is just white W Morganville with a 1953 guys doing the blues,” he remarked. Telecaster guitar, a big pompadour and the Both country and blues, he explained, Nashville scene? “come from the porch. They’re both very You get B ill E. Penn’s unique style of deep, American roots oriented.” He rockabilly that’s taking this Jersey boy far­ paused, then added with enthusiasm, ther from home and closer to southern “That’s America.” blues and country roots w ith every note. To an East Coast audience, Penn A resident of Colts Neck, Penn works sounds country; but to a country audience, in the Musician’s Workshop, Englishtown, he said, he sounds a bit bluesy. But as far and maintains a relatively low profile. as he’s concerned, you can have the spirit Meanwhile, as he helps kids pick out their of country without a 10-gallon hat, fiddle first guitar, the first single from his album, and steel guitar. You also don’t have to Pennalized, has h it the Top 20 on the inde­ sing about your dead horse. pendent country music charts, and his sec­ “The most important thing is the spirit,” ond single, ‘Tied to the Tracks,” is ex­ Penn said. pected to h it the scene this month. Recalling a gig at Ernest Tubb’s M id­ But Penn realizes he is still, by no night Jamboree in Nashville, Penn de­ means, a star. Currently, he and his band, scribed how the walls of the club were The Sidewinders, are riding that rough area opened and rain and 30 degree weather between the countless bar bands and the poured in. S till, people were jammed into select few who reach national stardom. It ’s the club and gathered around outside. a precarious spot many young musicians “Oh it’s nuts,” he remarked. “They’re find themselves in before they sign with a that devoted to music. major label. Sometimes it lasts a few “The country music audience,” he months; sometimes it.lasts years. But each added, “is dedicated to the spirit of coun­ new song is crucial, holding the potential try .” to rocket them to stardom or k ill a fledg­ So how do the country music folk take ling career. to a misplaced Easterner among their Penn describes it as “probably one of ranks? the most difficult times for a young a rtist... Penn says they’re great, and treat him it’s so hard. Something’s got to give.” like one of their own. HOT PICKIN’ — B ill E. Penn, of Colts Neck, is awaiting the release of the From the beginning, Penn said his pro­ Before forming The Sidewinders and second single from his album, Pennalized. The first single from the album, ducer, Jack Gale, told him, “It ain’t gonna entering the country scene, Penn played “Texas Teardrops,” reached No. 12 on the independent country charts. be easy, it’s going to take time. You’ll be with a band, the Barnstormers, for about (Photo by Bob Bruce) an overnight success in 10 years perhaps.” two years. Mostly doing local and New second single, Penn is biding time for his Part of it, according to Penn, is playing York C ity gigs, they attracted international “She’s 12 ... no, just kidding, she’s 22.” big break w ith lots going on in preparation. a waiting game, hoping for that perfect mix attention when Dave Sharp of the former Also a musician, Quezada provides her of timing and ability. new-wave band, The Alarm, caught their fiance with tons of support and even sews There’s press releases to be written, cos­ tumes to be sewn, contacts to be made. Penn first picked up a guitar at about act. What followed was an invitation to some of his jackets. Penn doesn’t think getting married w ill affect his career, age 12. A t a tim e when most k id s ’ taste in play on Sharp’s first solo album, Hard- pointing out that many country performers Quezada and Penn’s father, B ill, who music was defined by their peers, Penn dis­ Travelin, ’ and tour Britain and Ireland. covered rockabilly and fell in love with After the tour, The Barnstormers broke are married and family-oriented. Besides, also serves as his manager, are kept busy with a variety of tasks so Penn can reach masters like Chuck Berry, Elvis and Eddie up. But it was during his time with them he said, “my wife’s more important than his bottom line, “amping it up and having Cochran. Then, in the mid-80s, the Stray that Penn did a lot of research into music selling an album.” Cats burst into popularity, bringing back and perfected his own particular style. Anxiously awaiting the release of his a good time.” ' the 50s sound for a few years before falling So is the musician trying to bring back once again into rock obscurity. rockabilly or take it one step further into From the first, Penn was drawn by the 1994? Penn paused, unsure, and recounted Assistance applications available beat, sim plicity and honesty of rockabilly. something his producer told him, “Just al­ Rather than choosing it as a musical taste, ways remember one thing — it’s 1994.” The Monmouth County Public Hous­ household size, are as follows: Penn commented, “I th in k it picked me. Perhaps his biggest fan is his fiancee, ing Agency announced that the waiting lis t 1 - $18,150 I t ’ s ju s t so cool,” he said w ith a grin. Angela Quezada. In the spirit of Jerry Lee for prelim inary applications for the feder­ 2-$20,700 Penn’s enthusiasm for music is evident Lewis, Penn said of his soon-to-be-wife, al Section 8 Rental Assistance program 3 - $23,300 w ill be open for new applications until 4 - $25,900 next Wednesday. 5 - $27,950 This federal rent subsidy program is 6 - $30,050 lif a r a t e p* i( i d s * A d u l t s offered to eligible low-income families, 7 - $32,100 persons 62 and older and the disabled. It is 8 - $34,200 necessary to file a prelim inary application Prelim inary applications should be 3 Weeks for $39 in order to be placed on the waiting lis t for mailed to: Section 8 Rental Assistance a rent subsidy. Program, Monmouth County Public (Includes FR EE Uniform) Applications w ill be available at all Housing Agency, P.O. Box 3000, Free­ ■ Physical Fitness & S elf Defense offices of the Monmouth County Division hold 07728. of Social Services. The Neptune office is Applicants may qualify for any of the Develop Self Esteem & Confidence located at 1900 Corlies Ave.; the Atlantic three federal preferences, as well as the ■ Increase M otor S kills & Concentration Highlands office is located at 95-97 First two local preferences listed on the pre-ap­ ■ Everyone is a W inner Ave.; the Long Branch office is located at plication. Placement on the waiting list 279 Broadway; and the central office in w ill be based on federal, as w ell as local Call for a F R E E Introductory Class Freehold Township is located on Kozloski preferences. Road. The Fair Housing Amendment Act of Completed pre-applications w ill be ac­ 1988 requires that landlords do not dis­ cepted by mail only. Certified mail w ill criminate against any person because of x |ssBEksS * not be accepted. Postmarks on the enve­ race, color, religion, sex, handicap, na­ Jamesway Plaza • Highway 34 & Lloyd Road lope must be between Jan. 31 and Feb. 9. tional origin or fam ilial status. The gross annual income limits, by Aberdeen, N J. 07747 • (908) 583-6123 THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 9 Dead man found in local truck yard

Continued from page 1 known him. What was he doing here?’ ” M iele Sr. said that it was a part of the area of the truck yard that is rarely used, yard that “we normally don’t go to every he noted. day.” “I find it strange that someone would The truck yard usually contains about dump somebody here,” M iele said. “Unless you know this place is here, you seven tractors which haul freight and food, could drive right by it. according to the younger M iele. It has “They had to know this place was been in its present location for four years. here,” he added. The entire property is about 12 acres, He said he had never seen Nunziato but the company uses only 4 or 5 acres of before. it. “We never heard of this guy, and we This is not the first time a murder vic­ don’t know of any people he’s been hang­ tim was found at the truck yard. ing with,” M iele said. On June 25, 1990, M arvin Cross, 26, Nick M iele Sr. said he believed that the of County Road, was shot to death on the man was murdered on his property. lot in a dispute over money. The victim M iele Sr., who received the at the had been shot 26 times, according to same time as his son, said he didn’t go to Detective Sgt. Joseph K elly of the see the body. Instead, he had some chores Aberdeen Police Department. to do. A neighbor, Robert Craft of Gordon “M y son was here; I didn’t have to Street, was convicted of murder in the look. And I had to make errands,” the shooting, and on Feb. 28, 1992, was sen­ elder M iele said. “I told my son to call the tenced to life in prison. BODY DISCOVERED — The body of Salvatore Nunziato jr. of Staten Island police. The truck yard also was in the news was found last week in a remote section of this trucking park. “I had to go uptown on business; I had last year. Six tons of garbage were (Photo by Rich Schultz) to go to the Post Office to pick up the dumped in the yard on Jan. 26, 1993. The mail,” he said, adding that he was already pile of junk measured 15 feet high and 50 inside his vehicle when he heard the news. yards long. GEORGE KILLIAN RED However, some questions entered his McKinley W illiam s Jr. of Middletown MAJORSKA mind after being told about the body. was charged with the dumping on March VODKA $ 0 9 9 6 PACK “I was curious,” he said. “I thought, 16, 1993, according to K elly. He was PLUSTAX ‘Who was the guy?’ We might have fined for a code violation. $ >49 CARLO ROSSI WINES types) 1.75 LITER $ f i5 9 4 LITER PLUSTAX VP PLUSTAX Prosecutor: Tw o bullet WITH COUPON ONLY • EXPIRES 2-8-94 • IND WITH COUPON ONLY • EXPIRES 2-8-94 • IND wounds killed Nunziato PLANAT COGNAC SEGRAMS 7 ABERDEEN — Salvatore Nunziato Jr.. 49, died as the result of two bullet $ 4 4 9 9 750 ML $ 4 0 9 9 wounds in the back of his head, according to Donna Clark of the Monmouth County ■ ■ PLUSTAX 1.75 LITER Prosecutor’ s O ffice. ■ PLUSTAX The prosecutor’s office identified the body found last week at M iele’s Trucking $5.00 REBATE AVAILABLE! WITH COUPON ONLY • EXPIRES 2-8-94 • IND on Cliffwood Avenue as Nunziato, who lived on Bower Court in the Rossville sec­ WITH COUPON ONLY • EXPIRES 2-8-94 • IND tion of Staten Island. . One bullet apparently exited through his right eye, Clark said. She added that the office has received information that Nunziato was associated SPECIALS FROM THE DELE . w ith members of organized crime groups. BOARS HEAD CANADIAN BACON “THE LEANEST”...... 549 LB ( It could not be determined how long the body had been in the truck yard, but BOARS HEAD BOILED HAM OR VIRGINIA HAM...... 469 LB I C lark said it could have been “as long as (since) Jan. 16.” lb | Nunziato was reported missing by a fam ily member on Jan. ] 6. BOARS HEAD MEUNSTER CHEESE...... 269 Clark could not provide further details on Nunziato or the investigation. TRY OUR NEW OVEN BAKED MEATLOAF “HOMEMADE”...... 449 LB ) BETTY SINGS FREE EVERYDAY According to an article in the Jan. 26 Staten Island Advance, Nunziato was a long­ 1/2 LB. MIN. • WITH COUPON ONLY • EXPIRES 2-8-94 • IND time associate of the Bonanno organized . The newspaper also said that Nunziato was known as “Sally Bagels" and was closely affiliated with Frank Coppa, a reputed “soldier” with the crime family and form er bagel-shop owner. COKE SPRINGWATER The newspaper said that his brother-in-law, who was not named, reported him I wii jjtjj ■ . . j §u : ■ mi i All 2 Liter 9 9 for

DISCOUNT LIQUORS & DELI Towns & country Liquors • Buy Hte Plaza • Route 54 So. • Mention • 505-1555 Jamesiray Phza • Highway 34 & Lloyd Road Isn’t it time to give your body some attention? Aberdeen, N. J. • (908)583-6123 UPS & FAX SERVICE AVAILABLE 1 O FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT Finding funding takes ingenuity Local students hit upon many methods for covering costs toward the cost of their personal yearbook. BY MARILYN DUFF The method: picking up litter around the school. Staff W riter The funding: the township’s Clean W hen it comes to raising Communities Program. money, adults might want to A t Keyport High School, students hold take a tip from students. numerous fund-raisers, according to Fund-raisers are common place at most P rin cip a l A nthon y Gaita. In many cases, local schools but methods vary and are he said, the extent of the effort depends on often creative. the group and who is running it. W hile most fund-raisers help finance “It helps to keep organizations afloat,” school organizations or classes, students at said Gaita, and even provides extra fund­ Union Avenue Middle School in Hazlet ing for school teams. were given an opportunity to raise money The basketball team needed some prac-

RAISING MONEY — Members of the school yearbook staff at Union Avenue School, Hazlet, (l-r) Sarah Collier, Sophia Stratis and Scott Nicholl, count CHRISTINE’S ULTRA CLEAN recyclable cans in the school cafeteria. The student staff is raising money Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Service by participating in Hazlet’s Clean Communities Program. (Photo by Rich Schultz) • MINIS • MICROS • VERTICALS • VENETIANS • PLEATED tice equipment, so it sold T-shirts, sweat tunity to earn $10 toward the $22 cost of shirts and bumper stickers to raise money, this year’s yearbook by spending two SAVE 100’S OF DOLLARS G aita said. hours helping clean the wooded area Don’t Buy New Blinds For Your Home O r Office.The One’s You Not all groups raise money for their behind the school. Have Can Be Cleaned For A Fraction O f The Cost To Replace Them. own purposes. People just dump their garbage there, Let Us Clean Them U ltrasonically The Keyport Key Club, a high school said G illen, and without such programs as And Get Rid O f Nicotine, Dust, Grime And Years O f Dirt. organization affiliated with the Kiwanis Clean Communities, “it’s tough to get rid Home O r Office. Usually Gleaned In 24 Hours. Club, raised $1,000 for the needy last year of,” she said. by holding a benefit basketball game. By participating, kids got a sense of CALL • FREE ESTIMATES In March the Key Club is planning “This is our community and it’s our re­ FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY another benefit, a “Mr. Wonderful Con­ sponsibility to keep it clean,” G illen said. (908) 583-6998 • REASONABLE PRICES Ladies don 7 do it like this... test,” which essentially w ill be a spring Parents also were enthusiastic about the boys’ fashion show, with boys modeling project. Plus, the students saved money on tuxedos and spring sportswear. their yearbooks. Find Out W hy Jeanne R. Gillen, the home economics Other Union Avenue students, those teacher and yearbook advisor at Hazlet’s who actually put together the Warrior Union Avenue Middle School, got wind of yearbook, are waiting for the weather to We Have The: the local Clean Communities fundraising improve so they can complete another 200 opportunity last year and decided to take hours of cleanup at Veterans Memorial advantage. Park and raise another $1,000. “Highest Standards... The state Department of Environmental The second thousand dollars w ill be Protection and Energy offers grant money used to buy a computer. Right now stu­ k ...Happiest Children” to towns and counties based on local road dents do the year book layout by hand. mileage. Senior classes and student councils tra­ The funds are earmarked for litter ditionally hold fund-raisers to offset senior cleanup, education and enforcement and prom costs. the programs must be approved by the A t Keyport High School, they raise as DEPE. much as they can to keep the prom bids at O P E N H O U S E Last year the Hazlet program, which is $50, Gaita said , through candy sales, car coordinated by Ron Sansone, offered $8 washes and the homecoming dance. Saturday And Sunday, Feb. 5th & 6th per hour. The amount of funding is lim ited Besides prom costs, senior classes these and available only to non-profit groups. days also are raising money for drug- and 10:30-3:30 This year the amount has been reduced alcohol-free post-prom activities. to $5 at the suggestion of the DEPE, Parents councils at Middletown High Sansone said. The lower amount makes it School North and South are in the process possible for more groups to participate and of raising about $9,000 for this year’s post­ • Beautiful 20*Acre a greater area to be cleaned. prom party, dubbed Project Prom. Wooded Camp Site Sansone, who has coordinated the pro­ A celebrity basketball game pitting pro­ • A g es 3*14 gram since 1989, said other school groups fessional football players against teams of such as the Raritan High School softball teachers, parents, students and other com­ • Heated Swimming Pools team, band and Boosters Club have a ll par­ m unity members was held recently at High •TeenTravel Entering 7th, 8th, ticipated. School South. A second game is scheduled 9th & 10th in Sept. G illen is using the program two ways. for Feb. 6 at High School North. Tickets to •Mini-Day Program for 3,4 & 5 In the fall, 100 students on a first-come- the game are $6 for adults and $4 for chil­ Year Olds, 12-4 p.m. first-served basis were given the oppor­ dren.

10th in Sept. Daffodil sales benefit charity The American Cancer Society (ACS) Raceway M all for a ll participants and local w ill sponsor the Daffodil Kids contest for childhood cancer patients. The boy and Director children ages 10 and younger. During g irl who sell the most daffodils w ill be Enroll EWW1 Stan Breitner, CCD February and March, children can sell daf­ crowned Little Miss and Little Mister Rates fodils to their families and friends to help Daffodil and receive a $100 savings bond. increase on Dittmar Road support programs in cancer research, edu­ To register, call the Monmouth U nit of Freehold, NJ cation and patient services. the ACS at 280-2323 or write to 1540 A crowning celebration party w ill be Route 138, Suite 303, W all 07719. For Information or Appointment held from 1-2 p.m. March 26 at Freehold C all 308-0405 THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 1 1 Usually, brain-tumor sufferers experience don’t dream; it ’ s blackness.” nausea, frequent headaches, drowsiness Also, he noted, he has to get checkups and seizures, he explained. every three months to see if the tumor is However, there may have been one growing back. So far, the news has been tra it that did stand out — a personality good. change. His w ife and their 11-year-old son, “I was very nasty, and not humorous,” M ike, have suffered along with him, Eagan recalled. However, because he was Eagan said. And because of the brain- an Arm y sergeant at the time, he thought tumor aftereffects, Eagan had to retire his mood changes were caused by the job, from the Army. not because of any physical changes. Today, he fills his days by w riting He has since returned to his regular poetry, studying about brain tumors and personality, which is low-key and pleas­ educating others on the subject. As Eagan ant. reflects, he counts his blessings. He said Even though surgery removed 60 per­ that he could have died the day he suf­ cent of the tumor, he continues to suffer fered his first seizure, since he was behind occasional seizures. Also, he has had a the wheel of his car. d ifficult time computing numbers and has However, the car accident was a minor a short-term memory loss. one, since his vehicle drove into a nearby The seizures are frightening. guardrail. Although Eagan’s life has taken “I don’t know what’s going on,” he a complete turnaround, it could have been said. “It’s a surrealistic feeling and very much worse, he said. If interested in being scary. It lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. You part of his support group, call 739-2657.

E C P 1 1 0 PHONE INCLUDES: ICWHBW# • FREE BATTERY 'A S I • FREE HOME CHARGER • FREE SHORT ANTENNA AND YOUR CHOICE OF FREE ACCESSORY Darren Eagan - BATTERY ELIMINATOR (Photo by Rich Schultz) - LEATHER CASE - REPEATER ANTENNA* M an survives OR MOTOROLA FLIP PHONE brain tum or Model DPC-550 the Monmouth County area Hazlet resident In the meantime, Eagan and his wife, Patricia, have joined the closest brain- wants to start tumor support group they could find, | 0 0 INCLUDES: which is in North Plainfield. There, he • FREE BATTERY said, he has a close network of friends — »«■*SA ' support group including some who survived a benign • FREE HOME CHARGER tumor and others who are suffering a • FREE ACTIVATION** BY LAUREN JAEGER malignancy. The group brings comfort, he said, and Staff Writer GUARRANTEED TO NEW RATE PLANS members share their experiences and w/included minutes hope. He said that some people discuss BEAT ANY up to 6 hours each how they are coping emotionally, others ADVERTISED PRICE month D arren Eagan wasn’t feeling well financially, and how others are coping one morning in August of 1992 w ith experim ental treatment such as when he went out to get the shark-cartilage therapy. Sim ply Cellular, Inc. newspaper and coffee. Eagan added that most of the partici­ We Make Cellular Simple He didn’t know just how seriously ill pants are under 50 years old, and some are he was. children. Southbound Lane of Rt. 18 • Inside Shipping Post On the way back from the store, Eagan More than 20,000 people are diagnosed Village Green Shopping Center heard a funny sound ringing in his ears. with brain tumors each year in the United The next thing he realized, he was in the States, Eagan noted, but the subject gets (next to Compact Disc World) hospital. far less attention than other illnesses such East Brunswick Eagan had suffered a seizure. as breast cancer or AIDS. Diagnosis: a brain tumor. It is an affliction which can strike any­ “I said, ‘There’s no way,’ ” he recalled. one, and there is no known cause. But 3 9 0 - 7 7 8 9 “I was in the best physical condition of according to statistics compiled by the Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6 m y life .” National Cancer Institute, the most com­ * 2 yr. contract on any Comcast Plus Plan w/908 exchange. Phones must be activated by March 31,1994. “ Free Activation on any Annual Comcast Business Plan w/908 exchange. The benign tumor was slightly larger mon brain-tumor victim s are children age COMCAST* than a golf ball. 3 to 12 and adults age 40 to 70. CELLULARONE* After surviving surgery, Eagan, 33, of Eagan’s case was an unusual one, he Authorized Agent Hazlet, wants to start a support group for noted, because he didn’t have any symp­ brain-tumor survivors and their families in toms prior to the day of his seizure.

r N % fe fa k • •‘•VbVfeLVfe * 1 1 2 FEBRUARY 2,1994, THE INDEPENDENT A n educator for all seasons Local teacher wins award Iii (he Sp • tli«ht from CTN and wish she could be my teacher every BY CANDY TRUNZO year. Staff Writer — Margaret Kwasnicki M urray said she wanted to teach fo r as he uses Cheerios and shaving cream long as she can remember. As a child in to teach math, sets up a classroom Congress, N.Y., she loved to teach the S store so her students can learn about neighborhood children games and te ll making change and uses a puppet theater imaginative stories. fo r news reports, plays and puppet shows. “B y the time I was in fifth grade,” she She sends a regular newsletter home to said, “my teacher inspired me even more. parents to keep them posted and involved I was hooked. I had the calling.” in what their children are learning. According to Murray, who has been And each day, one of her students teaching at River Plaza School for five takes a turn as C hild of the Day. When she years, every child has something he or she gives that child ’s hand a double squeeze, excels at or loves. it means, “I love you.” “My job is to tap into that specialty, She is Bettyann Murray, 45, and her hook it up with the way the child learns enthusiasm, creativity and talent as a best and build on that child’s self-esteem,” teacher at River Plaza School in M id­ she explained. dletown recently won her the Golden Murray uses multisensory methods of Apple Teacher Award from the Cable teaching so that she can accommodate d if­ Television Network (CTN) of New Jersey. ferent learning styles, whether it be audi­ What was so special about the award, tory, visual or kinesthetic. M urray said, was that she was nominated by her third-grade students, who sent le t­ Mrs. Murray makes subjects easy be­ ters to the station. cause she helps us remember things by showing us real easy tricks to remember. She makes awesome projects for us to do. She plans fun activities and makes — Laura Hrunka school lots of fun. During spelling tests, she gives us love pats. I really love her M urray believes that each child needs

FRIDAY NIGHT SUPER SPECIAL M id nig ht to 3 A.M. Bettyann Murray EMM (Photo by Rich Schultz) to know how special he or she is. “Each High School South and Tim and Lana in FREE child is special,” she insists. attend Thompson Middle School. She considers her students her family, M urray enlists each member of her and encourages them to th in k o f the class family to help her set up and decorate her as “one big happy fam ily.” classroom at the beginning of each school For every gam e you pay fo r year. She describes her classroom as col­ Mrs. Murray would always listen to o rfu l and cluttered. w e give you a free gam e you if you had something to say. She is the “The kids get such a out of dec­ kind of teacher who you could tell private oration and glitz. If it gets them excited things to and she wouldn ’t tell a soul. She and stimulated, it ’s fine,” she said. SATURDAY told us stories about her life, and we told I like how Mrs. Murray dresses. I like her stories about our life. how Mrs. Murray puts her hair up. / like EARLY FUN *■ — Jacki Logan how Mrs. Murray decorates. — Kim Cassidy For Fam ily o r Friends Murray concentrated in art at college and she uses her training along with her As the recipient of the Golden Apple 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm natural creativity to integrate artistic ac­ award, Murray and her class w ill be fea­ tivities into the curriculum. She has re­ tured in a 60-second public service an­ PIZZA, A PITCHER OF SOFT ceived three grants from the Middletown nouncement on CTN that w ill air DRINKS, FREE SHOES, AND Township Education Foundation to make statewide. She also w ill receive $500 for AS MANY GAMES AS YOU alphabet puppets and purchase puppet the­ classroom activities and equipment. aters. The award, which is presented monthly CAN BOWL She uses puppetry often in her class. by CTN, goes to teachers who make a d if­ Up to six people per lane She believes that dramatization helps lite r­ ference in the lives of their students. ature come alive. The class also uses the According to Holly Culver, a CTN pro­ 0*^$24°° per lane puppet theater as a pretend television to ducer, M urray was a standout, even present newscasts and read journals and among other honorees. requires a reservation & deposit book reports. Perhaps it is Murray’s genuine love of “When children work with puppets — what she does that sets her apart. “I am even the shy children — they forget them­ excited each morning to get into my class­ selves and go a ll out,” she said. room,” she explained. “The children need Murray lives in Lincroft with her hus­ to feel that excitement and enthusiasm. STRATHMORE LANES band, Rick, a vice president at Chase It’s all very contagious.” Route 34, Aberdeen, NJ 07747 Bank in , whom she refers to as “my biggest fan,” and her She’s probably one of the best teachers four children. Rick Jr. is a junior at West I ’ll ever have in my life.— Christine 5 6 6 - 7 5 0 0 Virginia University, Tara is a junior at Iannucci i » t » » t * t f f » * » f r » # t r 9 t * * » r f r ^ « f f » f t v t ■« i t i « » t * » * » t THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 1 3 Town officials pan NJ Transit’s plan

that we and East Brunswick were in dis­ “It gives us another alternative,” he Company accused Bus Route cussions aimed at establishing the same added. “It’s a nice choice to have, but Old Bridge - East Brunswick - route,” he said. it’s not enough. Any type of alternative of trying to "choke Jersey City - Hoboken - Weehawken “It’s definitely a reaction to what we would be good.” off" competition JjjPATH Lincoln were doing.” Korten said NJT’s new route Station Maurice denied the accusations, appeared to be put together quickly with claim ing the new route was being little planning. • v BY DAREN SMITH planned months before the township “To just jump into the market willy- Staff Writer unveiled its proposal. n illy may benefit NJT in the short run, Zarnowski, who commutes daily to but it may hurt them in the long run,” he Lower Manhattan, said the new NJT said. “Suburban knows the Route 18 EAST BRUNSWICK — Township route was “a step in the right direction,” corridor. They are best able to meet the officials are denouncing NJ Transit’s but called the new schedule inadequate. needs of the commuter.” (NJT) decision to offer bus service between the Route 18 corridor and Jersey City. NJT began offering weekday service between East Brunswick and Old Bridge East Brunswick and sites in Jersey City, Hoboken and Rt. 18 & Eggers St. Weehawken Monday. Transportation Center (Park & Ride) J Rt 18 & Racetrack Rd. The company is running three buses Rt. 18 & Hillsdale Rd. each morning and three each afternoon | Old Bridge between the intersection of Route 516 | Browntown Shopping Center and Bushnell Road in Old Bridge and I Rt. 516. & Bushnell Rd. Lincoln Harbor in Weehawken. The buses also make stops at the posed ferry to Lower Manhattan. Browntown Shopping Center on Route 516 and four locations on Route 18, in­ Councilman David Zarnowski and cluding the East Brunswick Matthew Korten, a member of the town­ Transportation Center, before heading ship’s commuter advisory committee, up the New Jersey Turnpike to Hudson suggested that NJT’s move was a “pre­ County. Jersey C ity stops include the emptive strike” aimed at Suburban’s Grove Street PATH station, Exchange plan to offer a remarkably sim ilar bus Place and Newport Center. The buses route. also stop at the Hoboken terminal before L. Mason Neely, East Brunswick fi­ the route concludes at Lincoln Harbor. nance director, said NJT officials told One-way fares range from $4.40 to him as much in a recent telephone $5.50. M onthly passes cost between conversation. I s Your C hild Caught $115-$143. “They want to choke off everybody Linda Maurice, an NJT spokes­ in the state,” he said. “That’s their whole In A Failure Chain? woman, said the state-subsidized agency approach. Your child may need help w ith weak study skills or poor decided to provide the service after sur­ “They can do what they want to do; reading or m ath skills. He or she may be unm otivated or veying riders during the summer. w e’re s till going forw ard,” N e ely added. lack confidence, despite a good IQ. “Those surveys showed that riders Ron Kohn, Suburban Transit vice O ur certified teachers help students overcome frustration clearly wanted the changes and the president, agreed, calling the new NJT and failure. A few hours a week can help gain the result is that they’re saving time and route “an attempt to undermine what the Educational Edge®. money,” she said. township and Suburban were trying to Individual testing and tutoring in Reading, Study Skills, East Brunswick officials, however, do for commuters.” Writing, Phonics, Spelling, Math and SAT Prep. insist NJT’s decision was based on “For many, many years, NJT operat­ 671-0200 341-4700 ongoing discussions between the town­ ed service to Journal Square (in Jersey MIDDLETOWN TOMS RIVER ship, Suburban Transit and a Jersey C ity City) and the very first we heard that 1650 RT. 35 S. Suites 5 & 6 1410 HOOPER AVE. developer. The talks involve bus service they were even considering anything to between East Brunswick and Jersey the Exchange Place area was a week or THE HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER® City, where commuters could ride a pro­ so after the information was released

CONSTRUCTION A r tis a n COMPANY . Siding • Roofing The si9" of ° ualitY H om e • Windows • custom Decks • Soffit & Fascia's • Andersen windows • Steel Doors • concrete Specialists • Kitchens & Baths • Brick Pavers

F r e e E s t im a t e s • F in a n c in g A v a il a b l e Family Owned & Operated Fully insured References Available Upon Request. 888-0958 156 w. Front St. Keyport 1 4 FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT Councilman wants more senior housing

THE QUESTION: BY LAUREN JAEGER gressiveness,” Smith said. “I don’t let loose with it. I stay with it, and stay with How can I earn a living? Staff Writer it u n til I can’t go further.” ABERDEEN — Getting more senior A regular attendee at township meet­ citizen housing in the township is one goal ings, Smith has spoken out about the lack of newly appointed Councilman Wayne of curbing in his neighborhood and the Smith. need to resurface Lake Boulevard — two goals he helped accomplish. Smith, of 2 Third St., was appointed Jan. 15 to the seat previously held by “It was a real mess,” he said. “It was Brian Murphy, who was elected mayor in pothole city.” November. A resident of the township for 25 Smith, a math and computer teacher at years, Smith and his wife, Patricia, have Matawan Regional High School, w ill hold one son, Marc, 27. the post fo r 1994. In November, an elec­ As required by law, Aberdeen Repub­ tion w ill be held to f ill the remaining year lican Chairman R. Sami Rizkalla provided of the term. the Township Council with a list of three Smith said he would like Aberdeen to candidates fo r the seat. A Republican had THE ANSWER: have its own community or senior citizens to be appointed to the seat because some­ center. one from the GOP had been elected to it. W ith a q ua lity education from : “I believe I got appointed because of Also nominated by Rizkalla were Ron my determination, involvement and ag­ Mirante and Pauline Sierra. M onm outh C ounty Vocational Schools 29 different programs leading to successful careers! P artnership sets m eeting

FOR FURTHER INFO RM ATION C ALL ABERDEEN — The next meeting of dent of Neighborhood Watch, the Rev. the Aberdeen Community Relations Douglas Crawley of Providence Baptist THE MONMOUTH COUNTY Panel, which has been renamed the Ab­ Church and the Rev. Kathy Ludwig of VO CATIO NAL SCHOOL D ISTRIC T erdeen Community Partnership, is sched­ Cross of Glory Lutheran Church. uled fo r Feb. 21. The audience, usually filled with res­ The Jan. 17 meeting was canceled due idents, also was sparse. 431-6291 to low attendance. O f 10 panel members, In the audience were Mark Kimel of MCVSD does not discriminate on the basis of Age, Color, Handicap, only three were present. the Bah’ai Faith, township activist Joe National Origin, Race, Religion, Sex, oi Limited English Attending were Julanne Schmitt, presi- M acAleer and Councilman Wayne Smith. The panel, created by Councilman John Mackay, was designed to build unity in the township, share resources and work 20%-50% O FF toward common goals to improve the Every Frame • Every Day quality of life. * * j Mackay, who missed the last meeting Armani • Roy Tower due to a serious illness in his family, said Porsche Carrera • Brooks Brothers the meeting was probably unsuccessful Laura Biagiotti • * Fischerrisei Piicc because it had been canceled several times Bugle Boy • * NikonNiko includes glaucoma test because of inclement weather. No other discounts or insurance The next meeting is scheduled for 5:30 Catherine Deneuve • And benefits apply. Dilation, therapeutic, $?Qoo p.m. Feb. 21 at Aberdeen Town Hall, Christian Dior and contact lens exam additional. Church Street. Cosmopolitan Optometric doctors- M i l Re9- J. Wildman, O.D.; Larry Scharf, O.D. $ 4 8 Geoffrey Beene Expires 2/28/94 with this ad. GM

Clear single vision plastic tenses with Pastor named select group of frames up to +3sph -2cyl. Bifocals flat top 28 up to 2.50 monsignor add $30 a pair additional. Oversize additional if required. No other discounts or Reg. MATAWAN — The Rev. Edward insurance benefits $ 5 4.9 5 D. Strano of the Church of St. Clement, apply. Expires 2/28/94 Freneau Avenue, has received the title with this ad. COMPLETE GM o f monsignor from Pope John Paul II. The celebration took place Jan. 23 at Proper maintenance requires sterilization, storage & St. Mary Cathedral, Trenton, where cleaning in special containers Bishop John C. Reiss, Bishop of Tren­ & solutions. This cost is not included. Sale price as total ton, designated Strano as “Prelate of package only. May not be A pair appropriate for all patients. No Honor.” other discounts or insurance Reg. $ 4 9 benefits apply. A Mass of thanksgiving w ill take Expires 2/28/94 with this ad. DALY WEAR place 11 a.m. on Feb. 6 at the Church Or deduct $20 OFF any other contact lens. Bausch & Lomb XLT of St. Clement, followed by a parish EYE EXAM FITTING & 30 DAY FOLLOW UP CARE $80 reception. Strano, a native of Asbury Park, re­ MONMOUTH COUNTY OCEAN COUNTY BRICK Drum Pt. Plaza, Brick Blvd...... 920-1330 ceived his theological degree from Im­ EATONTOWN Office Max Plaza RIs. 35 & 36 ..542-3050 LAKEHURST lakehurst Circle Ctr., Rt. 70 .657-1400 maculate Conception Seminary, Mah- FREEHOLD 1T9 South Street...... 431-2290 MANAHAWKIN Hrt>r. Plz. Rt. 72.... (609) 597-0250 wah, and was ordained a priest in May HAZLET Rt. 35, Hazlet Plaza...... 739-4000 TOMS RIVER 28 Main Street...... 240-2021 HOWELL Rt. 9, Candlewood Shop. Ctr— 363-7100 TOMS RIVERRt. 37 E„ Brookside Plaza ...... 270-4080 1956. LINCROFT 644 Newman Springs Rd___ 842-6600 MIDDLESEX/SOMERSET COUNTY In 1986 Bishop John C. Reiss ap­ MATAWAN/0L0 BRIDGE Rt 34, Marketplace 1.583-3600 E. BRUNSWICK Village Green Rt. 18___ 238-7373 pointed Strano vicar o f Catholic educa­ MIDDLETOWN Rt. 35, Pathmark Ctr.... 671-7300 EDISON Oak Tree Center...... 494-8484 RED BANK 60 Broad St...... 530-5151 FRANKLIN PARKRt.27 Franklin Town Cntr ..940-0900 tional services and pastor of St. Priced for Value WALL Rt. 35, Seagirt Mall...... — 223-2800 WOODBRIDGE 675 Rt 1 & Gills Lane ...... 636-7444 Clement Church. D ed ica ted to S erv ice Insurance and Medicare Plans Accepted I l l - I l l ...... 'i , • • • THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 1 5

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SAT 8AM-5PM O # I ‘0 0 4 4 CENTER 1 8 FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT COUNTY LINE A p p a r i t i o n Overhead Door Co. n e w s le t t e r MAINTENANCE FREE mw S T E E L ! fight loom ing Showroom: _ 5995 Hwy. 9 No., H ow ell, NJ • 901-6600 BY CHRIS JUSTICE requests from township officials. In addition to publishing the newsletter, Staff W riter Bove, a graduate of the Pontifical 1 R V 7 ' FULLY INSULATED.... $750 CTfl ™ S'°c^ !S 'N^ eTCM Josephinum in Worthington, Ohio where 10 A / iuuiiciii *t p i\ s c a a STANDARD-SAFEST SYSTEM M A R LB O R O — A Hackensack man UNINSULATED...... *690 ON THE MARKET he earned two masters degrees, one in INSTALLED has accused the township o f in fring ing on divinity and one in theology, said he is his First Amendment rights and colluding spiritual advisor to Jim LePore, Brick, ALL MODELS-14 GAUGE HARDWARE & HEAVY DUTY WELDED TRACK. with the Diocese of Trenton to restrict Januszkiewicz’s attorney. individuals from gathering near the sup­ In a form al statement by John C. Reiss, posed site of Virgin Mary apparitions. Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church 8 ' x 7 ' 8'xT ^ horse power Vincent Bove, 40, publishes a newslet­ $395 $450 *295 Diocese o f Trenton dated Sept. 8 , and enti­ INSTALLED INSTALLED 1 INSTALLED ter M arlboro officials charge causes severe STEEL RAISED PANEL- STEEL RAISED PANEL- GARAGE DOOR tled “Statement on Marlboro Situation,” UNINSULATED FULLY! INSULATED OPENER safety problems for the community. Reiss directed Januszkiewicz to “cooper­ According to township officials, the ate fu lly with the officials of Marlboro.” INCLUDES-.FULL WEATHER STRIPPING & REMOVAL OF OLD DOOR newsletter invites mobs o f people to con­ In compliance with this directive, duct vigils on the streets of Marlboro. Januszkiewicz released an advisory state­ Bove says the newsletter’ s title , “Come ment, “out of respect for the authority and WE RE PROUD TO HONOR THE To This Place: a message from M arlboro,” responsibility of my beloved church,” is not an attempt to endanger Marlboro requesting people not visit his Buckley KEY CLUB OF MATAWAN REGIONAL HIGH. residents, but the title of a song his wife Road property. In the statement wrote. Januszkiewicz agreed to post “No-Tres­ “It invites people to the place in their passing” signs on his property and au­ heart where they can best contribute to thorized the township Police Department society,” said Bove. to take whatever actions necessary in On Dec. 9 township officials obtained enforcing these laws. He also stated he an injunction against Bove preventing him would not appear outside his home on Oct. from publishing the second edition of his 2, 1993 and that comfort stations would newsletter without prior judicial examina­ not be furnished. tion by Superior Court Judge Patrick J. According to Bove, the statement was McGann Jr., the judge who granted the not written by Januszkiewicz but by town­ injunction. ship officials at a meeting attended by Bove, now being represented by Barry monsignor John K. Dermond, head of the I. Slotnick, a New Y o rk law yer whose past commission that investigated clients include Bernhard Goetz, the man Januszkiewicz’s apparition claim, Robert acquitted of attempted murder after shoot­ Albertson, Marlboro business administra­ ing four black youths in a New York City tor, Marlboro Mayor Matthew THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMUNITY SERVICE. subway car in 1984, plans on appealing the Scannapieco and Januszkiewicz, in which injunction. Januszkiewicz was not allowed to have an “We find this request for judicial attorney present. review to be an invasion of Mr. Bove’s “Bishop Reiss has thrown First Amendment rights and we w ill at­ Januszkiewicz into the town’s hands,” said tempt to rectify it,” said Slotnick. Bove. Slotnick w ill be working in conjunction Unlike other documents pertaining to Route 79 & Route 34, M atawan. 908-583-7666 with the American C ivil Liberties Union these incidents, which include written sig­ of New Jersey. natures noting authorship, Januskiewicz’s “We are supporting Bove’s challenge statement contains no sign of his signature. in court because it is our position that Albertson was unable to provide an whenever a court entity requires someone original and signed copy of to submit a publication for prior review Januszkiewicz’s letter although he said he before dissemination, the Constitution has had an extensive file of background infor­ been violated,” said Marsha Wenk, legal mation concerning incidents at i director for the ACLU. Januszkiewicz’s home. Cnuntrti Rnads^ & Bove said that church authorities co­ mmmmmmmmm—mmmrnm—M D A Y C A M erced Joseph Januszkiewicz, who is at the center of the dispute as the man who says Continued on page 19 139 Pine Brook Rd. • Manalapan 446-4100 he has the apparitions, into complying w ith jF=» ■ flf-- BEST SUMMER YOU WILL EVER HAVE! 3 J ohn R . F iorino, J r . Pamper Your Pooch! Attorney I 10% OFF j * 120 FT. WATERSLIDE, 4 POOLS P e rs o n a l I DOG GROOMING t I n ju r y •SPORTS CLINICS* HORSEBACK RIDING j 2 5 % O F F 1 W o rk e r’s I AIL PET SUPPLIES ip (excluding Pet Food) • ROLLERBLADING • THEATER • DANCE C om p. I I Midwest Cages & Kennel Cabs • WITH THIS COUPON • EXP. 2-28-94j M u n ic ip a l •ARCHERY* TENNIS* GO-KARTS C o u rt i lormerlv of Middletown .to n al Hospital) Real Estate and Much More! OPEN For the Finest Dog & Cat Grooming Reasonable Fees TRACEY'S HOUSE 14 Yrs. Experience INCREDIBLE TEEN ADVENTURES . Sat./Sun. F R E E I N I T I A L , Pampered Pets, Inc I TRAVEL CAMP12 Divisions (Ent. 5-7th) (Ent. 8-1 Oth) CONSULTATION SPECTACULAR OVERNIGHTS AND FANTASTIC DAY TRIPS! Feb. 5th & 6th 11 AM-3 PM 300 Hwy. 34 Middletown (!JUo| W l'W u ICIT PROGRAMI Ent. Grades 7th-1 Oth TRAINING, TRIPS & CLUBS jp. Aberdeen 5 6 6 - 1 1 1 0 THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 1 9

N ew sletter fight loom ing Gentle Dentistry” added the bishop used irreleva nt evidence Robert Rorwin, PA Continued from page 18 to support his claim that the apparitions AND ASSOCIATES were inauthentic and that he never actually According to Arthur Goldzweig, the went to Marlboro. attorney representing Marlboro in this That the bishop never went to M arlboro matter, because the stipulations of was confirmed by Donadieu. CONVENIENT HOURS - OPEN 6 D A YS Januszkiewicz’s statement are permanent, Bove also said that Dermond never he must comply with this advisory or he went to the apparition site on the first w ill be violating a restraining order pro­ Sunday of the month when the apparitions EVENINGS TOO! hibiting people from holding vigils. are said to occur. Bove claims that the township inten­ Along with Dermond, who is the * Prevention * Cosmetic * Restorative tionally misinformed the public to distract Diocesan ju d ic ia l vicar and pastor of St. gatherers from holding vigils near the Francis Church, Trenton, the commission Januszkiewicz house. was comprised of monsignor W illiam E. An advisory, written by Capt. Robert Maguire, theologian and pastor of Sacred 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICES Stover of the township Police Department, Heart Church, Bayhead, and two pastors informed the public about a restraining the Rev. Joseph Tedesco, spiritual director order prohibiting people from holding any and parochial vicar at St. Mary of the vigils on roadways surrounding Lakes Church, Medford, and the Rev. Januszkiewicz’s house. The advisory also Vincent dePaul Henry, psychologist and stated that “you may go to Judge 2 1 9 -8 9 0 0 parochial vicar at St. Peter’s Church, McGann’ s court on Dec. 9, 1993 at 1:30 Riverside. p.m. and give your opinion on why the According to Bove, members should 500 Route 35 Middletown restraining order should be vacated.” have been representative of the entire re li­ According to Bove, who was present at gious community including nuns and theo­ Union Square this court session, approximately one hun­ logical pundits. dred people attended yet nobody was per­ Bishop Reiss declared the apparitions Above Ethan Allen mitted to express their opinion. inauthentic based on the commission’s The court stenographer present at this report that “there was no evidence of any­ hearing confirmed that “a lot of people thing truly miraculous happening on the Our Gift To You showed up” but the only speakers were property of the Januszkiewicz family,” attorneys. according to Bove. Teeth C leaning “I don’t know why the court ruled that A miraculous event is never mentioned way,” said Albertson. He suggested that as a requirement for authenticity of an Exam ination, Com plete X-Rays and they may not have been allowed to speak apparition, according to church documents C onsultation w ith the dentist for only because they failed to properly enlist as provided by both the Diocese and Bove. court voices. In addition to the disputes over the Expires 2/28/94 New Patient Bove claimed that the church forced newsletter and the actions of the inves­ Regular Value: Exam *39, Januszkiewicz into a situation that would tigative commission, Bove said the bishop X-Rays *79, Cleaning $62 render the apparitions as inauthentic. ordered local pastors to refuse apparition 31 The church only declares apparitions as gatherers entrance to their churches. authentic when they meet certain criteria. The bishop announced in his formal In a Nov. 3, 1988 theological p ub li­ statement that “I encourage gatherings for cation entitled Origins, provided by Joseph prayer and devotion but they should be Donadieu, spokesman fo r the Diocese of held in places and circumstances that do Trenton, one of these requirements states not jeopardize the good order, safety and that “persons involved must be respectful welfare of our fellow citizens.” towards church authority.” In a public document, Stover has stated According to Bove, Januszkiewicz was that, “Part of the problem arises because I S n W a n o f c forced into obeying the bishop’s requests the groups of people who arrive in |[ R S 1 Y S I I O K I fo r compliance w ith the township because Marlboro on the first Sunday of the month if he refused to, the apparitions would be have no place to go.” declared inauthentic. On Oct. 3, 1993, when M arlboro police According to Bove’s first newsletter discovered gatherers were planning to visit HOME SHOW dated October/November 1993 another St. Gabriel’s Church on Route 79 in requirement, provided by a 1989 publi­ Marlboro in compliance with existing cation o f The R iehle Foundation, states restraining orders, Stover contacted the that “a serious possibility that the ap­ Rev. Eugene Roberts, a priest at St. parition could occur, as supported by a Gabriel’s who advised Stover that the serious investigation” must be demon­ “church would not be open because the FEB. 11-13 strated. groups should follow the bishop’s state­ • • • He disputes the validity of the inves­ ment and go to their own churches.” Hours: Fri. 1-10PM Sat. 11AM-10PM Sun. 11AM-6PM tigation done by the Diocese. “We have no comment on that inci­ Bove said that the bishop deliberately dent,” said a spokeswoman for St. organized an investigative commission of Gabriel’s Church. clergy directly subordinate to himself. He OCEAN PLACE HILTON HOTEL LONG BRANCH TEDDY BEAR All you need to remodel & decorate your home...under one roof! Remodelers, Kitchens, Security, Appliances, Decks, By BAL-LOONAGRAMS EXPRESS Windows, Doors, Tile, Sunrooms, Spas...and much, much more! See the Jersey Shore's quality manufacturers and installers! Arrangements for all occasions WORLDWIDE GORILLA/SINGING DELIVERY FREE Parking! CLOW N DELIVERIES SPECIAL SEMINAR! 1-800-647-8675 SUNDAY ONLY 1PM & 3 PM LOCAL "How the Professional In terio r Designer Solves Problems" & NATIONWIDE By Katherine Stevens DELIVERIES _ _ _ _ _ Prominent New York designer featured in February's H H II Good Housekeeping magazine. 706-0364 7 0 6 -0 6 0 0 For more inform ation call 1-80Q-332-EXPO ^ 1-800-647-8675 2 0 FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT

■ V'" Computers arrive W ITH HEARJV... in bits and pieces are easy to give w ith Valentine’s Day wrap, BY CANDY TRUNZO Marascio and her committee have bags and trim m ings worked for months coordinating the pur­ from Am erican Staff Writer - chase and distribution o f the equipment to M ID D LE T O W N — When it comes to G re e tin g s . the district’s 17 schools. The committee computers, township schools are not in the worked last summer to install more than chips. 1 0 0 computers and set up computer labs 1 Cosmetics Even though the district recently spent in the d istric t’s two high schools and three 1 Cards & Gifts more than $1.2 m illion, Middletown is middle schools. Office & School Supplies still about three years behind other school The 12 elem entary schools w ill each Seasonal Items districts in terms of the number and quali­ receive about 25 computers as w ell as "All Your Family Needs" ty of its computers, according to Pat other equipment. Marascio said that the Park Plaza Pharm acy Marascio, a computer resource teacher committee hopes to install the additional and chairwoman o f the d istric t’s 24-mem­ computers and finish up labs in all the Rt. 34, Matawan - Old Bridge 290-9111 ber computer committee. schools by the end of June. Marascio spoke at a Board of Educa­ Still, she said, the district has a great tion meeting last week. Asked by the deal of outdated equipment and the new board to assess the d is tric t’ s progress in equipment has only made a small dent in ARE YOU computerization, Marascio replied, “We making the schools state-of-the-art in wrote the five-year plan 1 0 years ago and computerization. PREPARED we’re in the second year.” FOR THE The district targeted about a third of a Board members said that the combi­ INEW SAT? nation o f defeated school budgets and the $3 m illion low-interest loan, obtained SAT subsequent cuts by the Township through the Monmouth County Im­ ' 34-hour course featuring the highly acclaimed Huntington SA T Strategy Committee have impeded their efforts to provement Authority last spring, for com­ 1 Certified teachers, small classes, personal attention add more computers to the schools. puters. The committee bought about 500 1 Special course materials plus 7 practice SA T exams and detailed analyses Computer committee members have computers, roughly one for every 2 0 stu­ 1 Unconditional guarantee: If you are not satisfied w ith your score for any visited other school districts such as reason, you can take another scheduled course free of charge! dents in the 1 0 ,0 0 0 -student district, as 1 Scheduled course starts soon. Individual tutoring also available w ell as other computer equipment. Manalapan-Englishtown, Toms R ive r and 1 Build test-taking skills and reduce test anxiety The equipment included Macintosh East Brunswick to look at their facilities and equipment. Marascio concluded that CALL TODAY! computers, IBM clones and graphics soft­ ware as well as Hewlett Packard Laser Jet w hile M iddletown has made a good start, other schools are s till three years ahead. 671-0200 341-4700 printers. M id d le to w n Toms R iv e r 1650 Rt. 35 S, Suites 5 & 6 1410 Hooper Avenue Students make musical waves THE HUNTINGTON EXAM PREP CENTER™ Two Middletown High School North competed. M auer competed against 100 A Division of THE HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER* students performed in the Region II flute players and was one of 18 selected. €) 1993. H untington Learning Centers. Inc. Independently O w ned & Operated Symphonic Band concert at Trenton State The competitions are sponsored by the College on Jan 16. Region II comprises New Jersey Music Educator’s Asso­ part of northern and all of central New ciation. Jersey. The students are James Cotignola, a On Jan. 25 Cotignola was also selected senior, and Carolyn Mauer, a sophomore. to play with the All-Shore Jazz Band. They were selected on the basis of their Both students play in the award-win­ performances at a regional competition at ning Middletown North Orange Wave Marlboro High School in December. school band under the direction of John Cotignola was one of 20 trumpet play­ Furiato w ith the assistance of Joseph ers chosen for out of 1 0 0 who Cotignola. Program to take bite out of crime MIDDLETOWN — McGruff, the are most commonly abused. crime dog, together w ith members o f the The township’s crime prevention pro­ Police Department’s community relations grams include: Neighborhood Crime division, w ill be at Bradlees, Route 35, Watch, M c G ru ff Safe House, Home and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, to pro­ Business Security, KIDS (Kids Instructed vide information and answer questions In Dangerous Substances), GLAD about community crime prevention pro­ (Grown-ups Learning About Drugs) and grams. There also w ill be displays on Child and Senior Safety. For further infor­ crime prevention methods and drugs that mation, call 615-2124.

Is Your Child Caught FAM ILY HAIR CARE CENTER In a Failure Chain? FEBRUARY SPECIALS! Your child may need help w ith weak study skills or poor reading or math skills. He or she may be unm otivated or lack confidence, despite a good IQ. . - . , PERMS ;401 COLOR >18 ■ O ur certified teachers help students overcome frustration and CUT/ST YLE *16 HIGHUGHTS/FROSTINGS *40 failure. A few hours this summer can help gain the Educational Edge® T IP S *30 TIPS & WRAPS ‘60 WAXING FROM *15 Ind ividual testing and tuto ring in Reading, Study Skills, ...... 'IJ f llllf » W riting, Phonics, Spelling, M ath and SAT Prep. OFF Rt. 9 4 3 1 - 5 4 0 0 FREEHOLD 300 ROUTE 35 ABERDEEN PLAZA • CLIFFWOOD 100 Craig Rd. THE HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER.. HOURS: MON CLOSED,5 8 3 TUES-FRI -1 7 9-8, 7 6SAT 9-5, SUN 10-1 THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2, 1994 2 1 L BROOKDALE BRIEFS “SUPPORT CATHOLIC DEADLINE: Feb. 7 SCHOOLS: YOUR CHOICE ISSUE DATE: Feb. 2 Brookdale Community College in goods, eggs and toiletries. For more in­ FOR EDUCATION” Lincroft is offering support groups and as­ formation, call L a rry N ovick at 224-2738 Join us on WIN sertiveness-training classes for women, or Joyce Nelson at 222-3747, Ext. 122. Tuesday, February 1 which w ill begin shortly at the college’s WBJB-FM (90.5), public radio of at our Annual DINNER Bayshore Learning Center in West Keans­ Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, burg. Sessions are funded by the Dis­ serving Central New Jersey w ill begin air­ OPEN HOUSE FOR TW^ placed Homemakers program. Interested ing Senior Focus, a monthly program tar­ 9-11 AM When you fn women should call Robin Vogel, coordi­ geting issues of importance to senior c iti­ at in this week nator, at 224-2731 or 787-0019. zens. The program w ill a ir at 7:30 p.m. the St. Benedict School m a y w in : The Small Business Development th ird Thursday of each month and again at 165 Bethany Rd., Holmdel A Dinner for fwo at Center at Brookdale Community College, 8 p.m. the following Saturday, beginning Redheads Bistro/Bar Lincroft, has provided the Long Branch in February. The program host w ill be Ed REGISTRATION Located on Rt. 35S (at Rascals Comedy Club), Housing Authority with assistance in es­ Gorman of the Senior Citizens Activities For Grades K-8 Ocean, 908-531-1001 tablishing a convenience-type store in the Network (SCAN), who w ill offer listeners Saturday, February 5, 1994 Redheads is at Rascals Comedy housing authority’s Towers se­ information on SCAN programs and of­ 9 AM-2 PM Club, but they do NOT serve ferings, and examine the concerns of comedy dub food. Enjoy the lively nior citizen complex on Rockwell Avenue Children Should Accompany Parent and energetic, often original and in Long Branch. The “pantry” store, lo­ Monmouth and Ocean counties’ senior After School Day-Care Program Available creative dishes featuring wonderful cated in the foyer of the Kennedy Towers citizen population. For more information, accents and taste sensations. There’s tempting appetizers, hand­ building, offers the 150 residents easy ac­ call radio station director Cheryl made pastas and huge portions. cess to basics such as m ilk, bread, canned Cummings at 224-2765. Redheads is a show-stopper! Just fill out the entry blank IN THE SERVICE CELEBRATE THE “YEAR OF THE DOG” and mail it to: ANDY c/o The Independent Marine Lance Cpl. Patrick A. O’­ USS Abraham Lincoln, homeported in MING CHU Edgeboro Rd., East Brunswick, NJ. 08816 Connor, son of J ill Schulz of Manalapan, Alameda, Calif. The winner will be drawn from the recently reported for duty with Marine entry blanks with the correct answer. W ing Support Squadron 171, 1st M arine Army Private Timothy D. Hrevnak, RESTAURANT A ircra ft Wing, Iwakuni, Japan. O’Connor son of Nancy and Harry Schaeffer of Superb Chinese Food was a 1990 graduate of Middletown High Keansburg, has graduated from the signal School North. support systems specialist course at Fort TAKE OUT Navy Airman Apprentice Jimmy W. Gordon, Augusta, Ga. OPEN 7 DAYS Stewart, a 1991 graduate of St. John A ir Force 2nd Lt. Gregory A. Scott, Vianney High School, Holmdel, recently son of Dr. George and Linda Scott of Monday-Thursday 11 am -10:30 pm returned from a six-month deployment to Holmdel, received his Silver Wings upon Friday & Saturday 11 am -11:30 pm the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean and graduation from pilot training at Vance Sunday 12:30 -10:30 pm Persian Gulf,, aboard the aircraft carrier, A ir Force Base, Enid, Okla. EAST POINT SHOPPING CENTER Hwy. 36 MIDDLETOWN Red Cross is accepting 908-291-3882 donations for Foodbank A jo in t effort that proved successful over the holiday season has led to the American Red Cross Jersey Coast Chapter becoming a collection site throughout the year for the Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean counties. Donations of non-perishable foods can be brought to the chapter’s three offices: the Monmouth Division at 830 Broad St., Shrewsbury; Ocean Division at 175 Sunset Ave., ISN'T IT TIME Toms River; or the M ilitary Station, Building 701, Fort Monmouth, Eatontown. People may bring their donations to the Red Cross offices weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. “There are people in the two counties who need food all year long. We’re happy to be able to help them and help another service agency,” explained Barbara Aras, director Y O U H A D A of volunteers for the Jersey Coast Chapter’s Monmouth Division. The Red Cross is often approached w ith offers of food donations. “Now we can accept the items, channel them to the Foodbank and know they’re getting to the people who need them,” Aras said. H EA RT -T O - Over the holidays, Red Cross staff members also donated $130 to the Foodbank. The employees gave money they would otherwise have used to purchase grab-bag gifts for each other. The Foodbank distributes to more than 250 programs, including soup kitchens, emergency food pantries, group homes, day-care centers, shelters for the homeless and abused, senior citizen agencies and other types of social-service agencies HEART TALK? throughout the two-county area. For more information about the American Red Cross, call 741-3443 in Monmouth County and 349-2131 in Ocean County.

Attend Bayshore Community Hospital's FREE Lecture: Tk, THu/uxd A. TUcmkz, V.V.S, W o m e n & Heart Disease in thet h e Q Q 's Cosmetic & Family Dentistry WEDNESDAY, FEB. 9th - at 7:30 pm Sat.-Sun. Day and Evening hours by appointment Bayshore Community Hospital, in conjunction with the American Heart Association, recognizes 'Women & Heart Disease Week' from February 6th - 12th. And as a benefit to the mm. fiflO >1000 1 Bethany Rd. & Hwy. 35 women of the community we're offering a free lecture on Women 0 0 0 * 4 7 7 7 B ld g . 6 Suite 98 • H azlet H & Heart Disease in the 90's - given by cardiologist, Paulino Deocampo, M.D. Don't miss this helpful discussion which deals I--- ! I SPECIAL OFFER with conditions of the heart and its circulation. Admission is free but registration is a must, Dental Check-up & Cleaning please call the Department of B a y s h o r e Consumer Health Education C o m m u n it y ONLY s3 5 00(Reg. $100) at (908) 739-5919. H o s p i t a l includes: Examination, Prophylaxis (cleaning) & 4 Sitewina X-Rays! 727 North Beers St., Holmdel, NJ Hew Patients OnJy * With Iftis Coupon * Expires 3-1 -94 Light refreshments will be served. Lecture will be held in Conference Room A at the hospital. 2 2 FEBRUARY 2,1994, THE INDEPENDENT

K Don’t Rub, Scrub, or Fight \ K That Tub Another M inute! Chess, anyone? K LET US RESURFACE IT FOR YOU I Make your old, rough bathub I shiny, like new and easy-to-clean I Free Estimates NEW IMPROVED I 5 Year Guarantee PROCESS 4 hour dry available NEW 10 YR. WARRANTY ! AMERICAN COATING INC. I Fiberglass & Wall Tile/Refrigerator Refinishing i (908) 892-8093


E xp ert Bookkeeping and/or Accounting Service Send for O ur Brochure or C all for a Free C onsultation ALL THE RIGHT MOVES — Above, David Levin (I) of Aberdeen takes his turn against Russell Mallalieu of Holmdel, one of the 25 chess players who signed up for the opportunity to play against the chess master at the Mnaiapan Library. Levin, who is a former Bellcore engineer, recently CHANCELLOR CONSULTANTS INC. retired to play, write about and teach chess full time. Below, he makes a 1626 Route 130, Lions Plaza move against Ron Stafford of Matawan. North Brunswick, NJ 08902 * (Photos by Bob Bruce) 908-422-4466

“SUPPORT CATHOLIC LAKEWOOD PREP SCHOOLS: YOUR CHOICE (founded 1973) FOR EDUCATION” K-12 Join us on Tuesday, February 1 100% College Acceptance at our Annual OPEN HOUSE COME SEE US IN ACTION 9-11 A M at St. Benedict School OPEN HOUSE 165 Bethany Rd., Holmdel Wednesday, Feb. 9,1994 REGISTRATION For Grades K-8 9:15 am-2:45 pm Saturday, February 5, 1994 9 A M - 2 P M 152 Lanes M ill Rd., Howell Children Should Accompany Parent After School Day-Care Program Available 908-364-2812 2 6 4 - 5 5 7 8 M ichael A. C hernick CONGREGATION B’NAI ISRAEL OPTICIAN A Uniquely Jewish Atmosphere

FRAMES STARTING at W WITH THIS AD »VA l ID THRl UC H - -26-94 “ I M A & M E ” 18-30 m o n th s • Lab On Premises > Same Day Service in Many Cases Crafts • Music • Dramatic Play • Cooking > Large Selection of Brand Name Frames • Sundays & Evening Hours Available Hance& Ridge Roads • Eye Examinations Arranged 908-842-1800 387 Lloyd Rd., Matawan/Aberdeen State licensed 583-3441 THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 2 3 FOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY Imitations land boy ■. ' ' -V-

Prizes • Games • Cake Supplied • Basketball Court • Accommodates up to 25 people on the air at WPLJ ------AMERICA'S FAVORITE HOT DOG----- „ h „ ------Baseball Cards Sports Memorabilia Hamburgers In fact, he was so funny that WPLJ BY LARRY RAMER decided a few weeks ago that they wanted Video Games & Soda • Fries Correspondent James to come to the studio for a longer Great Food Sandwiches on-air demonstration of his scam im ita­ Value Meals • Kids Meals MANALAPAN — At the tender age tions. of 10, James Sagrue Jr. is a budding radio A talent screener at WPLJ, asked on K MART SHOPPING CENTER • 3015 HWY. 35 • HAZLET personality, cartoonist, and comedian. the air if anyone knew the phone number His amazing memory and his great tal­ of the boy James, who does the scam im i­ 908-739-1530 ent for m im icry have allowed him to tations. James’ mother, Laura Sagrue, LARGEST COLLECTION OF SPORTS M EM ORABILIA entertain his family, friends, and several happened to be listening, and contacted IN MONMOUTH COUNTY thousand listeners of a popular morning the radio station. They set Dec. 21 as the f t WITH THIS AD y «««»-«■ * *mmm m m m t WITH THIS aSTT - - - - • radio show. date of James’ appearance. James’ career first got off the ground James had a great time in his second FREE G B :: FREEHMM when he received the “Scott and Todd with any Purchase ot 3 Painter Chicken Sandwich & french Fries ■ on-air performance. I » tutnmMSaumte) / Comedy Album” for Christmas last year. “It was cool,” he said. “I got to meet V i ; «Mk mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m. The album, starring and Scott and Todd, and Naomi (Clemente the Todd “The Scamboy” Pettengill, two news anchor on the morning show), and morning disc jockeys on New York’s A l Roker (a weatherman for WNBC-TV TAX WPLJ FM, contains a series of “phone and a guest on WPLJ). Everybody thought Individual scams,” or prank telephone calls made to that I was really funny.,” said the young­ 1 9 9 3 RETURNS Business unsuspecting people that usually involve a ster. somewhat ridiculous, yet often hysterical, James, who attends Lafayette M ills premise. School in Manalapan, mimics several For example, James’ favorite phone other well-known characters. s&s scam is called “Dead in the Bed.” A fter watching the animated movie According to James, the skit begins “Aladdin”, he was able to an im itation of FINANCIAL SERVICES INC. “when this guy purchased a bed. It is pur­ comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who was the 2 0 Y e a rs chased as a gift, but the bed starts to voice of a wiseguy parrot in the hit Disney smoke. He’s in this bed and he’s trapped production. of Quality Tax Preparation inside the bed.” The man proceeds to call James also does an im itation of M TV ’s Your Tax Return Prepared the manufacturer and a hilarious give-and- controversial duo, Beavis and Butthead. & Completed take ensues.” His Robin W illiam s im itation is top- In One Week “After James got the tape,” said his notch as well. James also has a talent for father, James Sagrue Sr. “it didn’t take drawing cartoons, and according to his When You Need Us long for him to memorize both parts of the father, “They are great. Everybody laughs We're Here... Year Round! entire album. He was able to perform at them.” Park Village Office Condos them w ith voices and sound effects.” James wants to be “a comedic artist” Convenient Hours: 49 Village Court A few months later, James received an when he grows up. Mon.-Fri. 9-9 Sat. 9-5 Hazlet• 739-2632 opportunity to try his talent on the air. W ith what his father describes as a “On July 23, James’ sister called up personality, “a little bit on the weird side.” W PLJ and told them about his imitations,” and an obvious talent for making people said Sagrue. “Then they had him on the laugh, James may w ell become the next phone, doing his im itations on radio.” “Scamboy,” or even the next Robin “The people at 95.5 were very W illia m s. impressed,” James said. “There were “Now that would be really cool,” says some people saying I was really funny.” James. W e re Do you have a new s tip? m oving Call the Independent at as of Feb. 15th to (9 0 8 ) 2 5 4 - 7 0 0 0 Today! Country Square 1874 Highway 35 Middletown ^ to Santa Fe Restaurant! HEATING SEASON IS HERE! 60% O FF INDOOR AIR SPECIALISTS CRYSTAL PLEATED AIR DUCT CLEANING SHADES How Air Duct Cleaning Benefits You:

> Helps relieve allergy suffering 1 Fewer breakdowns, less maintenance > Helps remove pollen, dust and other irritants > Reduces heating & cooling costs FREE > Helps eliminate household dust > Provides a cleaner living environment > Eliminates possible health hazards 15% O FF VERTICAL FREE VALANCE DRAPERY LTHIER DRAPERY 1118 River Ave., RT., 9, Lakewood, NJ. VALANCES LINING 0 908-901-1515 • 1-800-734-8620 g V o u r W i n - , 609-693-7775 iR E A T H E COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL 0. c p Highway 35 - * Q q . Caldor Shopping Center Holmdel, N.J. 2 6 4 - 3 9 0 5 or 7 0 6 - 1 2 1 0 After Feb. 15th 2 4 FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT “UPROARIOUS! M easure yo ur diabetes risk Diabetes is the fourth leading cause of of a ll diabetics are over age 55. NEIL SIMON’S death by disease in the United States. Each 4. “F ’ is for Food: The kind of food you year, about 160,000 Americans die as a eat can increase your risk for diabetes. result of diabetes and its complications. Eating high-fat, high-sugar and low-fiber SHOW OF SHOWS!” An estimated 14 m illion Americans foods increases your chances of being have diabetes, and more than half of these overweight, and overweight people have a —Gene Shalit, ‘Today ’’NBC-TV people don’t even know it. Left untreated, greater risk for diabetes. diabetes affects the body’s blood vessels In addition, Hispanics and Latinos, and nerves, and may lead to heart disease, African Americans and Native American blindness, amputations and kidney disease. Indians are at greater risk of developing There are two types of diabetes. Type I Type II diabetes than the general popula­ or insulin-dependent diabetes requires tion. daily insulin injections. This type of dia­ Diabetes is a disease in which the body betes usually first appears in young people. does not produce or properly use insulin. Type II or insulin-independent diabetes Insulin is a hormone that converts sugar, develops in adulthood, and rarely requires starches and other food into energy that insulin injections. About 90 percent of all your body uses to function. When you diabetics are Type II diabetics. Type II is have diabetes, your body does not produce controlled by diet and weight manage­ enough energy to function. ment. Diabetes can cause the following symp­ Are you at risk for diabetes? To find toms: weakness, increased appetite, weight out, take this short quiz. Give yourself one loss, excessive urination and thirst, blurred point for each “F ’ that applies to you. The vision, slow healing of cuts and bruises more points you score, the greater your and a tingling in the arms and legs. If you risk of developing diabetes. have any of these symptoms and scored 1. “F ’ is for Family, an important indi­ several points on the quiz, get tested for NEIL S IM O N ’S cator of risk for diabetes. A history of dia­ diabetes. NEW BROADW AY COMEDY betes in your fam ily puts you at a greater Diagnosis for diabetes is easy. risk of developing the disease yourself. A Treatment for diabetes involves con­ point for family combined with other trolling blood sugar and weight. A bal­ points below greatly increases your risk anced, nutritious diet, along with regular LAUGHTER fo r diabetes. exercise, helps control diabetes.oping an 2. “F ’ is for Fat: 60-90 percent of peo­ individualized diet plan. ON THE 23BP FLOOR ple with Type II diabetes are overweight (20 percent or more above your ideal body For more information call the DIRECTED BY w eight.) Hazlet/Aberdeen Health Department at 3. “F” is for Forty: The chances of de­ 264-5541 or the American Diabetes JERRY Z A K S veloping diabetes increases with age. Half Association at 1-800-562-2063. Get exact seat locations by phone. Call (212) 307-4100 • Outside NY/NJ/CT (800) 755*4000 Groups: (212) 765-8058 • Richard Rodgers Theatre, 226 W. 46th St.

You D on’t Need a

to M ake Your C arpet Dream s Com e True! ^ East Coast Liquidators 0^752 Poole Ave. Hazlet Store Hours 739-4649 10 AM to 8 PM Mon.-Sat. 2 pc. Spalding Jog Sun. 11 AM-5 PM

Suit for M en-»$2 2 77 If you Snooze 1 5 % o f f you Lose! Every Friday Great O e ^ W e B u v for n Senior All at 5no/S'3ns *f*PGs Store Closings Citizens *5"- ors Bankruptcies 44 prict Mixed Lots nets L°ve it Inventories All *500°°, W e Have Lots of Garm ents Snow-Boots Ladies Jackets 0 7 7 Water Repellent a t G r e a t ONLY-* 1 U Great $ O C 7 7 C learance Prices Buy at-* THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2 ,1994 2 5 WITH THIS AD T First-aid courses offered Three W ays For You To Get To Your choice - The American Red Cross Jersey Coast rescue situations; and use of a resuscita­ Orlando, Bahamas, Las FREE A ir Fare Chapter has scheduled its safety courses tion mask. Students must have already Vegas, Hawaii & More for this month and February. taken the Community CPR course. F o r T w o * Courses in Adult CPR (cardiopul­ Participants in the Standard First Aid Purchase Any monary resuscitation), Infant and Child course receive training and certification in Of The Follow ing: CPR, Community CPR, CPR for the A d u lt CPR, as w e ll as first-aid s k ills to Professional Rescuer, Standard First Aid care for an injured person until medical and Community First Aid and Safety w ill help arrives. MOTOROLA be held at the Monmouth D ivision Chapter A Progression Class is also offered for House, 830 Broad St., Shrewsbury, and those who have current Adult CPR certifi­ FLIP PHONE DP0550 the Dover Brick First A id Squad, Route 35 cation. Community First Aid and Safety and Second Avenue, Normandy Beach. combines the Community CPR course The Adult CPR course teaches partici­ with the Standard First Aid Progression. pants how to handle an emergency situa­ For a complete course schedule, costs tion, recognize the signals of a heart attack and registration, contact the Jersey Coast *29 and help an adult who is having trouble Chapter at 741-3443, Ext. 12. breathing or whose heart has stopped. FREE 911 The Infant and Child CPR course BATTERY & CHARGER teaches the same techniques for helping h . 1INCLUDED' ^ children and infants. Community CPR combines both CPR courses. ( j( ) t COMCAST* In CPR for the Professional Rescuer, show tickets? CELLULARONE* participants learn how to provide emer­ Authorized Agent gency care; how to recognize and respond O r you can: to cardiac and respiratory emergencies; W e ’v e 1401 techniques for two-person CPR; special Sw itch From Your Present C arrier trains tha t’ll To COM CAST C ellular One P oricy Park ^et you there Through A-1 Cellular Paging & Security inc. o n t im e . We will better any competitors ad, just bring it in volunteers A-1 CELLULAR PACING & SECURITY INC. N E W Y O R K P e n n Pine Creek Square • Rt. 9 South, Marlboro, NJ a r e n e e d e d mo® ^ r * h o u RS; 908-536-9666 S n J L , 0: ? * Sat. 10.3 I Poricy Park is looking for volunteers to * Tickets must be used within 1 year of purchase date. Air fare - S S s K f / l Scquest t help with the many activities at the park. promotions offered through a third party redemption agent, not affiliated with A-1. -J The following are some areas where assis­ M inim um hotel stay required at specified properties at standard rates. 625.00 A-1 registration due at tim e of purchase. tance is needed. Collating (their calendar * *24 Month Contract with 908 exchai [e or Plan ~2, ~3 or Plus Plans. of events is issued quarterly); assisting OP ,R EXPIRES 2/28/94 with mailings; data-base entry (maintain­ 1 ing data files for mailing purposes); gar­ dening (weeding, trimming and care of plants around the buildings); tra il mainte­ nance (trimming and surveillance); and animal care (feeding and cleaning the cages of the amphibians and reptiles housed at the nature center.) The park also is seeking interpreters for their nature, fossil and colonial history programs. Training is provided. A basic interest in and love of nature or colonial history is required. Remuneration is avail­ able for interpreters. Poricy Park is a 250-acre Middletown Township park with a restored Colonial farmhouse and bam that was b uilt by a lo­ cal noteworthy member of the Monmouth M ilitia . The management of the park is the responsibility of the Poricy Park Citizens Committee, an independent non-profit or­ ganization that has been offering programs

to the public in all communities for more LONG BRANCH than 15 years. To volunteer or to learn more about the park and its programs, call 842-5966 d urin g reg ula r hours, 9 a.m.-4 ALLENHURST

p.m. Monday through Friday and 12:30­ ASBURY PARK 3:30 p.m. Sunday. BRADLEY BEACH

Shopping day tickets BELMAR We’l l help you transfer SPRING LAKE

available at JF& C S MANASQUAN that weight from your

PT. PLEASANT BC H . Macy’s Benefit Shopping Day w ill be held on March 23, co-sponsored by the garage to your wallet. Monmouth Park Charity Fund. One of the charities to benefit is the CALL CLASSIFIED Jewish Family and Children’s Service of For a N o rth Jersey Greater Monmouth County, with offices in C lo a s t l ine- schedule Asbury Park and Moganville. The cost is 1-800-660-4ADS $5 per ticket, which includes 20 percent eall l(S(X))C i2^vR II)i:. store discounts on clothing and shoes, 10 percent discount on home items and jew el­ Greater Media Newspapers ry, drawings for special prizes, entertain­ y T R A N S IT ment, refreshments. The-Way To Go Independent • News Transcript • Examiner • Sentinel • Suburban For tickets and more information, call JF&CS at 774-6886. 2 6 FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT


Kudos to county officials fo r m eeting

L ast Wednesday, county officials met w ith residents of the Belford section of M iddletown to answer questions about several major projects the county is undertaking in the area. The projects include the capping of the form er Belford land­ fill, now owned by the county; a planned ferry service; a major bridge and road reconstruction project affecting Comptons and Pews creeks; and a leaf-composting area currently used by the to w n sh ip . The meeting, held at Croydon H all, drew about 17 people, including leaders of the Belford Citizens Association, who had a variety of questions. It began at 7:30 p.m. and continued u n til a fte r 10. County officials and consultants — including Adm inistrator Robert C ollins; senior planner Kevin Ganson; Richard Watson of Birdsall Engineering, South Belmar, the county’s consulting engineers; and Henry Nicholson, assistant transportation direc­ tor and project manager for a planned Bayshore Ferry — responded frankly and brought assorted aerial photographs and charts to illustrate the county’s plans. They also guaranteed the Belford residents that they would not invade their residential streets again like they did last sum­ mer, w ith dump trucks heading for the landfill. LETTERS Belford residents were irate about that, and have been fo l­ advocating the mass murder of a and especially for their loyalty. low ing the county’s actions closely ever since. white population by Farrakhan’s My heartfelt thanks to the They have also become a strong voice at township meet­ Stop the spokesman, and the “off (k ill) Republican Municipal ings, always concerned about protecting their community. the (white) man” as urged by Committee representatives who M iddletown Adm inistrator Joseph Leo and Township hatred Sharpton at Kean College, are showed their support and trust in Engineer B ill Farrell also were present and responded to ques­ As the commander of the certainly the equivalent of shout­ me by casting their votes in favor tio n s. Monmouth and Ocean Counties ing fire in a crowded theater. of my nomination over the other The Belford people may not have received a ll the answers Council of the Jewish War W ill Trenton State College candidates. they wanted, but the meeting was open and an excellent exam­ Veterans, a m ilitary veterans become the next “Hate U” in Finally, congratulations and organization founded by the anti­ ple of how democracy should work. February when Muhammad is best of luck to newly appointed slavery C ivil War soldiers, and paid again w ith non-black stu­ Republican Councilman Wayne as one of the great m ajority of dent funds to spread religious Sm ith. Jews who actively supported the and anti-white racist hatred? PAULINE SIERRA Rev. Martin Luther King, I am A berdeen appalled by the failure of almost a ll the elected black leaders and JULIAN “BUD” BATLAN T ’is the season Commander clergymen to publicly admonish Event a success those in the black community Jewish War Veterans We would like to thank actively fostering hatred with Monmouth, Ocean Counties everyone who attended the p ri­ their anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic to be over with vate screening of the movie and anti-white racism, especially T h a n k y o u on Jan. 15. The p ri­ on the college campus. Philadelphia vate screening was an over­ King frequently denounced A m illion thanks to a ll of you whelming success. Thanks to t wasn’t a ll that long ago — last year, perhaps? — that many anti-Semitism. According to I who came out in support of my your support and donations, the him, “segregationists and racists of us complained about the mildness of recent winters. appointment to f ill the vacancy Monmouth County Young make no fine distinction between Surely global warming was to blame for depriving us of that on the Aberdeen Township Democrats were able to donate the Negro and the Jew.” The one great snowfall where we could relax for a day — prefer­ Council left by newly elected $550 to the AIDS Resource ably a weekday — to watch our children frolic in the snow, sip destructive trend in the black Mayor Brian Murphy. community appears to be sepa­ Foundation for Children. hot chocolate and keep ourselves cozy by the fireplace. I am tru ly humbled and won’t rate from its historically proven Donations like this are d iffi­ forget too soon how many cult to raise without the help and But the unfriendliest w inter in years has made the dream a friends and allies in the nightmare, affecting not only our cars, homes and streets, but friends I have in town. support of organizations, busi­ American community. Today, it In particular, I would like to our spirits as w ell. Indeed, the lack of sun on our warmblooded is im portant to remember the nesses and people like you. thank my good friend, Thank you again for taking part souls has made us slig htly crazy. truth of the ancient saying that Councilman John Polito, for his The wrath of M other Nature has been unrelenting. It is bor­ “those who God would destroy in this unprecedented event, and staunch support and unwavering for making a difference in ing to be trapped inside the house, watching the same old re­ are first made mad (or cowardly loyalty throughout the nomina­ Monmouth County. runs. It is unnerving to get a call just as you’re getting dressed or indifferent?)” tion process. A distinguished New York MONMOUTH COUNTY to go to work, telling you your children’s school is closed. Just I believe a true leader has YOUNG DEMOCRATS d riving from here to there is a dangerous mission. newspaper is calling Kean strong beliefs, is w illin g to take a College “Hate U” for using the H a zlet The freeze, snow and weather fluctuations can fuel the stand and doesn’t back down funds of the majority, non-black under pressure. John Polito pos­ smallest arguments into volcanic disputes. student body to foster inflamma­ Everything becomes a struggle, especially driving. We sesses a ll of these qualities, FOR THE RECORD tory, racist, anti-Catholic, anti­ along w ith a strong sense of valiantly try to make our way in spite of a door frozen shut, a white and anti-Jewish hate with commitment and responsibility Ronak Patel, 10, of Keyport windshield covered w ith grim e and roads as slick as, w ell, ice. African-American speakers like and lots of common sense. He is was kidnapped in January 1993. Then there’s the flooded basement after the ice melts. Louis Farrakhan’s spokesman, a man of substance, and His name was misspelled in the W ill this ever stop? A b d u l Muham m ad, as w e ll as Aberdeen is very fortunate to Jan. 26 issue of the Independent. Take heart. Even the devastating N or’easter of last year is hate agitators such as Leonard have him. The Crown Heights riots in now just a faint memory. Jeffries and A l Sharpton. It has Special thanks go to New York C ity occurred in Before we know it, we w ill be lo llin g at the beach and com­ been agreed that freedom of Councilman John Mackay and August 1991. The date was plaining of the heat. speech does not include shouting Republican leader Ed Loud for wrong in the Jan. 26 issue of the fire in an open theater. As report­ their encouragement, guidance Independent. ed in the media, the statements THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2, 1994 2 7 Letters

adage ... “If you’re not part of the solu­ L oo k in to issue Golden a ll ta lk tion, you’re part of the problem.” Letters. . . and no action ROBERT W. SHUEY It would appear that the Middletown M ayor Township Committee should look into and Send letters to the editor care of I guess it’s time to respond, to the closely review the police chiefs operation Editor, weekly “Howard Golden blasts Matawan” Borough of Matawan concerning the internal turm oil which he The Independent, column. has created — the several reports of dis­ Greater Media, First of all, Mr. Golden, Matawan missal and transfer of his personnel. Edgeboro Road. Eo.i-t Brunswick. Township changed its name years ago. I t Sneaky politics We need loyal police officers to the N.J. 08818, or FAX letters to is now known as Aberdeen Township. public, and if these officers are not happy, (908) 254-0256 That’s where you live and pay taxes . . . If you are not aware, the Borough of to say the least we, the public, suffer. I Aberdeen. I am the mayor of Matawan Keyport appears often on these pages, would recommend that the committee in­ Borough and I am responsible to the resi­ with most items surrounding our present struct the chief to conduct training classes dents of Matawan. mayor, John Merla. The latest strife in­ for his men on how to improve his overall S p e a k o u t! It appears that you have a great d iffi­ volves the resignation of Councilman relationship to his men so that they do not culty with the way I attempt to collect Joseph Vecchio at the Borough Council’s become ensnarled in his ways. taxes in Matawan Borough, but you offer Jan. 11 meeting. I do hope the committee responds to Express your opinion on local news. no helpful solutions or advice, only c riti­ The m ayor, it seems, received a resig ­ this letter. cism. nation letter from Mr. Vecchio sometime Look for the stories marked w ith HAROLD CONLY the Speak Out sym bol and c a ll For your information, as it is apparent prior to our Jan. 11 meeting. The letter M iddletow n you do not know the procedures followed stated Mr. Vecchio’s reasons for stepping w ith your comments. by the Matawan Council, for the last six down. Once this letter was read aloud by years as mayor, I have implemented the the mayor, and the council voted to accept G ive y o u r following methods of collection of delin­ with regret, the county Republican Thanks fo r coverage • Full name quent taxes: • T o w n Committee, at this very same meeting, • Phone num ber (to verify or clarify 1. Phone calls. submitted a lis t of three names to consider On behalf of St. M ary’s Theater Group messages. Numbers will not be published) 2. Personal visits. as a replacement for Mr. Vecchio. and our PTA Thrift Shoppe, we would 3. Letters written by me and other Under the mayor’s direction, a motion like to take this opportunity to thank the Speak O ut is available 24 hours a day. Matawan Council members. was put on the floor and seconded to ap­ Independent for your generous help over Push-button phones only. 4. Proposed hanging a banner on the point Mr. W illiam Cerase to f ill the unex­ the past years. To reach Speak Oat - press 3 side of Borough Hall, listing the names of pired term. Despite our arguments that the You have always made your paper To reach the Independent - press 3 the serious delinquents. vote should be delayed for more careful available to us for publicity, and much of again 5. Posted a lis t of delinquents on the consideration, and that it should be re­ our success is due to your excellent cover­ You have one minute to leave a front door of Borough Hall. viewed by a fu ll council, as Democratic age. message; then the line w ill disconnect. 6. W ithheld licenses from delinquent Councilman Robert Bergen was absent, PAT THOMPSON AND RITA businesses. the vote was taken, with Mayor Merla YOUNG SPEAK OUT 7. Refusing to issue Certificates of casting the tie-breaking vote. The entire M iddletow n 1 -800-390-NEWS Occupancy to apartment owners who are incident was over in less than 15 minutes. (6397) delinquent, forcing them to leave those To say that we were shocked would be apartments vacant. an understatement. It seems that everyone The Matawan Borough Council feels in the room, including our new borough that no one should be generating an attorney, was aware of what was to take NTRODUCE HIM TO income on property located in Matawan if place — except us, the tvyo Democratic ANOTHER WOMAN. they are placing their property tax obliga­ councilmen present. tions on the backs of our other taxpayers. W hile we had absolutely no knowledge In all of the above attempts to collect of what was to take place, M r. Cerase, his % the delinquencies, these people were wife and some friends were a ll prepared asked to contact the tax collector about a for his swearing in. It was clear the deci­ payment plan. I fu lly realize the depth of sion had already been made prior to the the economic crunch, and I understand meeting. why people cannot make their tax pay­ During the course of our time on the ments. People in Matawan Borough are council, we have been called by the mayor hurting, just like people throughout the for items so inconsequential that they are state of New Jersey. not worth listing. However, in this case, The Borough of Matawan w ill accept no call was placed to inform either of us whatever reasonable payments one can of Mr. Vecchio’s impending resignation make, if they are delinquent. Many tax­ or the plan to f ill his seat at the Jan. 11 payers are on a payment plan. The delin­ meeting. quents published in the newspaper were It makes us wonder: If we were kept in only those who have ignored a ll our the dark on such an important issue as efforts over the years. No one who has who w ill become a voting member of attempted to rectify their tax problems, Keyport’s Borough Council, how many AND SAVE *20° appeared in that published list. other issues are we not informed about? $ 0 9 5 * Mr. Golden, how would you like your (We later discovered the council had 30 COMPLETE SESSION ONLY $9 local Aberdeen tax b ill to go down by 36 days to f ill this vacancy and that it did not If he’s never seen the sexy, glamorous side of you, surprise him w ith a percent in one year? The taxpayers of have to be done at this meeting.) p o rtrait from Glam our Shots®. Right now you can get a complimentary Matawan Borough would love it. If every­ A t our recent reorganization meeting, makeover, four wardrobe changes and a 16 pose photo session for ju st one paid their tax b ills in a tim ely manner, the Republicans, especially Mayor Merla, $9.95*. R egularly $29.95. So call for an appointment today! that is exactly what the reduction would expounded upon the fact that 1994 would have been. Matawan’s 1993 tax rate was bring an even closer working relationship MAKEOVER/PHOTO SESSION 61.3 cents per $100. O f valuation and 22 between the two parties which make up cents of that 61.3 cents is solely the the Borough Council. If the actions sur­ ^ , $ 0 9 5 * reserve for uncollected taxes, as required rounding the appointment of W illiam I O n ly y Reg.2995 by the state o f N ew Jersey. Cerase to the Borough Council is their If eveiy taxpayer of Matawan Borough idea of a close working relationship, we L With coupon • Exp. 2/16/94 j_cannot Be Com W nedJ^hAny^^^Offer _J reaped this reduction, maybe 69-year-old feel for the borough. Our hope is that in retired citizens, who do pay their taxes, November, the citizens of Keyport re­ would not have to take part-time jobs. member that the Republicans regard the a Are you personally doing anything to good of the party first and the good of the HIGH FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY make your town, Aberdeen, a better town second. place? Do you volunteer to serve on any ♦Portraits additional. Satisfaction guaranteed. Not valid with any other offer. Offer expires 2/16/94. boards, agencies or civic groups? Do you WADE PEDERSEN AND KEVIN attend council meetings or school board GRAHAM Freehold Raceway M all meetings? Are you physically involved, or Democratic Councilmen Gift Certificates do you spend a ll your time critiquing K eyport (908) 409-4700 everyone’s efforts? Remember the old (Upper Level Sears Wing) Available 2 8 FEBRUARY 2,1994, THE INDEPENDENT I Calendar

Home” features a collection of works by in­ Tuesday Facts,” day long symposium, 8 a.m. to 3 ternationally acclaimed artist W ill Barnet at • Pushing Hand, a story about a p.m., Ocean Place Hilton, 1 Ocean Blvd., AUDITIONS Scherer Gallery, 93 School Road West, retired tai-chi master, and winner of top Long Branch. $45 includes continental Marlboro. Also being shown are works by prizes in 1991 screenwriting competitions breakfast, lunch and closing reception. For Calder, Folon and Lindner. Hours: 10 a.m.- in Taiwan, will be shown at 7 p.m. at the information, call 870-5360. Sunday 5 p.m. W ednesday through Sunday. Call Middletown Township Public Library, 55 • The Monmouth Players Inc. will hold 536-9465. New Monmouth Road, Middletown. Saturday open auditions for its spring production of • “Diabetes Update: What You Need A Lesson from Aloes, by South African Today through Feb. 20 to Know,” lecture by Dr. Kenneth W. Or- dram atist Athol Fugard. 2 p.m. at N avesink • The Monmouth County Historical dene, endocrinologist, 1-2 p.m., Health Library Theater, Middletown. Needed are Association presents “200 Years of New FUNDRAISERS Awareness Center, Freehold Raceway two men, one black and one white, in their Jersey Maps” at 70 Court St., Freehold Mall. Free. Registration required; call 294­ 30s-40s, and one white woman, age 30­ Borough. Hours: 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. Tuesday- 0011. 40. Call 938-3169. Saturday: 1-4 p.m. Sunday. Admission: S a tu rd a y • Cholesterol screenings to anyone adults, $2; seniors, $1.50; children ages 6­ o ver age 18, noon-2 p.m., Health Aware­ 18, $1. Association members and children • All-You-Can-Eat Italian Dinner, 5­ ness Center, . Cost under age 6 admitted free. Call 462-1466. 7:30 p.m., C alvary United M ethodist is $8. For information, call 294-0011 or C L l'B S Church, Third and Osborn streets, Key­ 308-0570 Today through Feb. 25 port. Tickets sold at the door. Cost is $7.50 for adults; $6.50 for senior citizens and • Bayshore Bottle Collection on dis­ Saturday and Feb. 12 Today $5.50 for children 10 and younger. • Adult Heartsaver Cardiopulmonary • Q uest fo r sin g le s, 7:45 p.m., F irst play at Red Bank Public Library, 84 W. • Second Annual Karaoke Night, 8 Front St. Resuscitation (CPR) and Adult and Pedi­ Unitarian Church, 1475 W. Front St., Lin­ p.m., Knights of Columbus, East Main atric CPR, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., The Manor croft section of Middletown. Includes pro­ Today through Feb. 28 Street, Freehold. Sponsored by Millstone Nursing Home, West Main Street, grams, music and dancing, weekly. $5. Township Auxiliary, to benefit CentraState Freehold. Cost is $30 per person; $50 a • A rt to Wear, glass sculpture, sculp­ Medical Center’s East Tower Capital ture, paintings and works on paper, pho­ couple. Registration required; call 308­ Thursday Campaign. Cost is $25; includes all bever­ 0570. • Monmouth Legal Secretaries month­ tography and mixed media works, w ill be ages, snacks and door prizes. For ticket ly dinner meeting, Hannah’s, Route 35, on display at Art Forms, 16 Monmouth St., information, call 446-3848 or 446-3978. Red Bank, for its Valentine Invitational. Tuesday and Feb. 15 Eatontown. Cocktails at 6 p.m.; dinner 7 • Celebrity Auction and Dinner, • American Heart Association pediatric p.m. Thomas F.X. Foley, esquire, w ill Hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday; Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh, 1 Oak St., 1-4 p.m. Sunday. Call 530-4330. life support course geared toward parents speak. All persons employed in any legal- Old Bridge. Sponsored by the Friendly of infants and small children, 7-10 p.m., related field are invited to attend. Admis­ Sons, to benefit Deborah Hospital, Browns Conference Room B, Bayshore Com­ sion, $16.50 per person. For reservations, Today through Nay 1 Mills. Cost is $20 per person. Call 679­ • “Lincroft Constance Stuart munity Hospital, Holmdel. $35 includes all call Rachel Blasi at 741 -5000. 5876 or 727-6534. course materials. Certification cards will be • Monmouth County Advisory Com­ Larrabee; World War II Photo Journal,” on • Inform al concert to benefit Brook­ given upon successful completion. To reg­ mission on the Status of Women w ill meet display at the Monmouth Museum, located dale Community College’s Speech Al­ on the campus of Brookdale Community ister, call 888-7300, between 9 a.m. and 5 at 5:30 p.m., firs t floor conference room, liance Team, 8 p.m. at the college, New­ p.m. Human Services Building, Kozloski Road, College, Lincroft. Hours: 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. man Springs Road, Lincroft. Features cof­ Freehold. Tuesday-Saturday; 1-5 p.m. Sunday. fee, pastries and audience participation. Next Wednesday Admission is free to members; $3 for non­ Tickets are $10; call 224-2411. • B lood d rive , 6-9 p.m., East Freehold member adults, $2.50 for children and Monday Fire Co., East Freehold Road. • Monmouth County Chapter of the seniors. Every Saturday • Free blood pressure screenings, 10 Embroiders’ Guild of America w ill meet at Today through Aug. 28 • Deborah Hospital Foundation, Pine a.m. to noon, Health Awareness Center, 7:30 p.m., firs t aid building, W est Main and Brook chapter, presents bingo, Great Freehold Raceway Mall. For information, South streets, Farmingdale. Call Helen • “Chinese Export Porcelain: The call 294-0011 or 308-0570. McCann Collection” on display at the American Flea Market, Route 9, Howell. Schauer, 462-4630. ' Doors open at 6:15 p.m.; games start at 7 • Expectant grandparents program, Monmouth County Historical Association, 7:30-9:30 p.m., O bstetrics Conference Freehold Room, 70 Court St., Freehold p.m. $1,000 in prize money. Proceeds Tuesday benefit Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Room, Health Awareness Center, 65 • Lakewood Piner’s Toastmasters Borough. Hours: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday- Gibson Place, Freehold. Refreshments Saturday and 1-4 p.m. Sunday. For infor­ Browns Mills. Call Jack Tesser at 536­ meeting, 7:30-9:30 p.m., Lakewood M unic­ 3611. served. Cost is $8 per person; $10 a cou­ ipal Building, 2nd floor. Helps you improve mation, call 462-1466. ple. Registration required; call 308-0570. public speaking skills. For information and S unday directions, call Mel Winograd at 493-2868. F rid a y Next Wednesday and Feb. 16 • W ooster Scott, one of the country’s • Dramatic reading of African-Ameri­ • GFWC M olly Pitcher Woman’s Club can poetry to commemorate African-Amer­ • Two-session baby-sitting course for luncheon meeting, 10:30 a.m., O ur House foremost women artists, will have her lat­ boys and g irls ages 11-16, 4-6 p.m., est work displayed. 7 p.m. at the Oyster ican History Month, w ill be held at Brook­ restaurant, Farmingdale. Women of the dale Community College, Lincroft. Pro­ Health Awareness Center, Freehold Race­ Greater Freehold area are welcome. Point Hotel, Red Bank. A select group of way Mall. Certificate awarded upon lithographs w ill be offered for auction at ceeds benefit the college’s Speech Al­ Reservations necessary; call 462-7233. liance. Tickets are $5; call the box office at completion. Fee is $15. For information or the Red Oak School’s Art Auction, coor­ to register, call 294-0011. dinated by Marlin Art Inc. of New York. 224-2411. For information, call Rodney Auction to begin at 8 p.m. Refreshm ents Snell at 224-2528. Next Wednesday and Feb. 16 and DANCE w ill be served. Admission, $7. 23 • Child safety course geared toward Saturday through Feb. 27 HEALTH parents and caretakers, 7-10 p.m., Health N onday • Meeta Dube, an avid collector and Awareness Center, 65 Gibson Place, • A series of dance demonstrations will promoter of Far Eastern art forms, w ill dis­ Freehold. Registration required; call 308­ be held at the Monmouth County Library play her works at the Middletown Weekdays 0570. Headquarters, 125 Symmes Drive, Man­ Township Public Library, 55 New Mon­ • Free, confidential, anonymous HIV alapan. Tap dancing w ill be featured from mouth Road, Middletown. Reception w ill testing and counseling, Monmouth 10 to 11 a.m. The programs are co-spon­ be held 2-4 p.m. Saturday. Regional Screening Center, Jersey Shore m u s ic sored by SCAN (Senior Citizens Activities Medical Center, Route 33, Neptune. Hours Network) and are free. Call 308-3761. This month and Narch are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, by appoint­ • “Collages of Pressed Flowers,” by ment. Walk-in hours are 2-4:30 p.m. Tues­ Tuesday Pearl Kastli, on display at Borough Hall, days and 4-6:30 p.m. Thursdays. For an F rid a y • Folk dancing with the Monmouth L ittle S ilve r. Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday- appointment, call 774-0151. • The New Jersey Symphony Orches­ Folk Dancers, 7-10 p.m. at the United Friday. Public is welcome. tra w ill feature the music of Zdenek Methodist Church, 247 Broad St., Red Today Macal’s homeland in a “Festival of Czech Bank. Instruction begins at 7 p.m. Admis­ • Cholesterol screenings to anyone Music.” 8:30 p.m. at the Count Basie sion, $3.50. Refreshments served. First FILMS o ver age 18, noon-2 p.m., Health Aw are­ Theater, Red Bank. Tickets are $39, $29, class is free. Call 747-4813. ness Center, 65 Gibson Place, Freehold. $26, $17 and $10. Call the NJSO ticket Cost is $8. Screenings performed by a office at 1-8OO-ALLEGRO or 1-201-624­ registered nurse; results in three minutes; 8203. EXHIBITS no fasting, appointments. For information, • Jazz fusion group Fattburger will Today and Thursday call 308-0570. appear in concert at 9 p.m. at Club Bene, Today and Thursday • “Afro-American Song: A Glorious Route 35, Sayreville. Optional dinner at 7 Heritage,” a series of films and recitals, w ill • The Guild of Creative Art, 620 Broad Thursday p.m. $25 for dinner and show; $15 show be held at the Monmouth County Library • B lood d rive , 6-8:30 p.m., Bayshore only. Call 727-3000. St., Shrewsbury, w ill exhibit works by gen­ Headquarters, 125 Symmes Drive, Man­ eral, associate and exhibiting members. Community Hospital, 727 N. Beers St., alapan. Wild Women Don’t Have the Holmdel. S a tu rd a y Public is welcome. Hours: noon-4:30 p.m. 4 and 7 p.m. today; and Tuesdays-Saturdays. Blues, Roberta • Rachelle Ferrell will appear in con­ Flack, Aretha Franklin: Soul Singer and Friday cert at 7:30 and 11:30 p.m. at Club Bene, Paul Robeson: Tribute to an Artist, 4 and 7 • “What Every Women Needs to Know Today through Saturday p.m. Thursday. Free. C all 308-3761. Route 35, Sayreville. Optional dinner at 6 • “W ill Barnet — Scenes From his About Breast Health: Fears, Fiction, and 10 p.m. $30 for dinner and show; $20 THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2, 1994 2 9 show only. ■ information, call 417-1444. S unday Sunday • The Battleground Arts Center will • A ID S Education, 1:30-4:30 p.m., St. present the fabulous Tamburitzans of Thomas the Apostle Pastoral Center, off Duquesne University. 2 p.m. at Freehold Route 18 south, Old Bridge. Free baby-sit­ Township High School, Route 524, Free­ ting. Free admission. Registration hold. Tickets are $12 for adults and $11 for required; call the Religious Education children and senior citizens in advance. Office at 251-1660. Tickets purchased at the door are $1 • Indoor Flea Market sponsored by extra. Call 462-8811. VFW Post 2179 and Ladies Auxiliary, 9 Lifetime Guarantee a.m. to 4 p.m., post home, W ilson Avenue, 16’ X 32’ Grecian Port Monmouth. Tables are $8; set-up at 7 SPECIAL EVENTS a.m. Proceeds benefit needy veterans. Full Financing (No Home E q u ity Required) $ 7 9 9 9 Today Computerized Color Layout showing your • “Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and F r e e house, proposed pool and landscaping. Over 100 shapes and sizes to choose from. Juliet: A Study in Marriage,” non-credit course, 7-9 p.m., Brookdale Community Thursday through Feb. 12 Don’t Chance it. C all New Jersey’s Largest Pool Builders. College, Newman Springs Road, Lincroft • Sabona Productions will present section of Middletown. Cost, $8. To regis­ one-act plays titled Valentine Vignettes. ter or for information, call 224-2880. 8:30 p.m. Feb. 3, 4 ,5 ,1 0 ,1 1 and 12 at IPsxoM W sxism . Amandla Theater, 321 W. Farm Road, Thursday Howell. Each one-act deals with a different • Career Connection for high school insight into Valentine’s Day. Desserts students and their parents to learn about served 8-8:30 p.m. For reservations, call O C E A N career opportunities in the medical labora­ 938-4133. tory, 7-9 p.m., Lance Auditorium , Jersey F IT N E S S Shore Medical Center, Neptune. Call 776­ Thursdays, Fridays and Satur­ CENTER 4242. days through Feb. 27 • Norwegian language classes taught • Crimes of the Heart, a comedy about FOR MEN & WOMEN by Marit Sparrock, educated in Norway three sisters trying to overcome scandal l and England, 5:30 p.m. for beginners; 6:30 and their own passions, w ill be presented p.m. for those who know a few basic at 8:30 p.m. at the F irst Avenue Invites You to words, Sons of Nonway Lodge, 80 Playhouse, 123 First Ave., Atlantic Their Newest Club in Boundary, Marlboro. $20 per student for Highlands. Admission, $18; 8 p.m. dessert. full course of 13 sessions. To register or Call 291-7552. for information, call Doris Jorgensen at MIDDLETOWN 356-0486. Fridays and Saturdays through Feb. 19 500 Highway 35 • Union Square Mall Friday • The Awakening of Angel De Luna, • A rt auction by Marlin Art Inc. of New produced by MeadowLark Productions, will York, Oyster Point Hotel, 145 Bodman be performed at 8 p.m. at the Meadow Place, Red Bank. Preview at 7 p.m.; auc­ Theater, located in the Galleria Atrium, tion at 8 p.m. Sponsored by Red Oak Bridge Avenue and West Front Street, Red O p e n H o u s e School. Admission, $7. Call 671-5996. Bank. Tickets are $12; $10 for students and seniors age 62 and up. Dinner-theater Monday February 7th • 7pm-9pm Saturday tickets are $29 plus tip. $12 for two theater Oldies 107.1 Broadcasting Live! • “Know and Enjoy Your Wine,” 8 tickets or $52 for two dinner-theater tick­ p.m., presented by the Sisterhood of ets. Dinner starts between 5:30 and 6 p.m. Temple Beth Or, Van Zile Road, Brick. Call 758-0099. FREE! M Admission is $9. Open to the public; no • D.J. with a continuous / J K | | K l k one under age 21 admitted. For informa­ Fridays and Saturdays through tion, call the temple at 458-4700, between Feb. 26 wild workout ^ I f f * /J*# ^ 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. • The Boys in Autumn, produced by • Buffet compliments of REDHEADS r • “African-American Women in the MeadowLark Productions, will be pre­ Renaissance,” 10 a.m. to 12:30 sented at the Meadow Theater. 8 p.m. at • Over $5,000 worth of prizes p.m., Brookdale Community College, New­ the Galleria Atrium, Bridge Avenue and • Health Fair man Springs Road, Lincroft. Cost, $8. To West Front Street, Red Bank. $29 for din- • Babysitting register or for information, call 224-2880. ner-theater tickets; $12 for theater only, • “New Testament: 400 Silent Years,” $10 for students and seniors age 62 and For Reservations Call seminar for adults, and “Kids in the Book,” older. Special Valentine’s Day perfor­ seminar for children in grades one-six, 9 mance at 8 p.m. Feb. 14. V alentine’s Day 530-5199 a.m. to 4 p.m., Lincroft Bible Church, 790 only, two tickets are $12, and two dinner- Newman Springs Road, Lincroft. Partici­ theater tickets are $52. Dinner for all pants should bring sack meal; refresh­ shows starts between 5:30 and 6 p.m. ments available. To register, call the Reservations recommended. Call 758­ church office at 747-1231. 0099. W e O ffe r : • Homemade spaghetti dinner, 4:30­ 7:30 p.m., M organville United Methodist Saturday and Sunday • Step/Aerobics • Circuit Classes Church, 215 Conover Road and Route 79, • The Kids Next Door, a comedy for all • Stair Climbers Marlboro. Admission is $6 for adults; $3 for ages, w ill be presented by Sabona •Treadmills • Free Weights children 10 and under. For advance tick­ Productions Children’s Theater. 4 p.m. ets, call 536-1459, or the church at 946­ Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday at Amandla • Personalized Fitness Programs 4247. Theater, 321 West Farm Road, Howell. • Nursery • Annual Masked Ball, sponsored by Admission, $5. For reservations, call 938­ Lakewood Maennerchor, German- 4133. Gift Certificates American Club, 7 p.m. at the clubhouse, • Beauty and the Beast w ill be pre­ Available Lanes M ill Road, Howell. Public invited. sented at 2:30 p.m. at the F irst Avenue Admission, $5. Cash prizes awarded for Playhouse, 123 First Ave., Atlantic best costumes. For information or reserva­ Highlands. Dessert served at 2 p.m. tions, call Ed Friend at 922-9273. Admission, $8, includes refreshments and • MacKenzie Museum and Library, show. Advance reservations are neces­ 427 Lakewood-Farmingdale Road, Howell, sary and can be made by calling 291 - open, free to the public, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 7552. p.m. • A Valentine Special: Who is this Guy OCEAN Cupid, Anywa^ w ill be presented at 1 Saturday and Sunday p.m. at the Meadow Theater, Galleria FITNESS • Great Train, Dollhouse, Toy Show, Atrium, Bridge Avenue and West Front 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Raritan C enter Expo Street, Red Bank. Tickets, $8; group rates CENTER Hall, Edison. Admission is $5 for adults; $2 available. Reservations recommended. FOR MEN & WOMEN for children ages 6-12. Free parking. For Call 758-0099. 3 0 FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT A step in the r i g h t ' * d ir e c t io

Your Bankers Savings’ Freehold office has taken steps to save you steps ... moving our location in the South Freehold Shopping Center to a more convenient spot, right next to Shop Rite and the senior shuttle bus stop. In addition to a better location, you’ll also find better banking hours along with 2 4 -hour MAC ATM sen/ice 3 6 5 days a year. To celebrate our move, we’ll even be open for full-service banking 7 days a week through February 2 8 , 1 9 9 4 . For more information, call 9 0 8 - 4 3 1 - 0 2 0 2 .

The better way FREEHOLD OFFICE: Rt. 9 & South St. (next to ShopRite) Monday to Friday...... 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Saturday & Sunday...... 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Banks Equal Housing, Equal Opportunity Lender • Member FDIC SAVINGS THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2, 1994 3 1


Sanford W. Wohlstadter, M.D., FACOG companies save water Robert P. Penney, M.D., FACOG Michael P. Conley, M.D. Newark, I knew that some day I would like BY DICK METZGAR to do something about water pollution and Marie C. Di Tommaso Certified Nurse Midwife Staff Writer water conservation.” * We Accept Most HMO’s New businesses are sometimes bom out Mesce said he decided to go public of the desperate attempt to save old busi­ w ith the water conservation program in the , • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy nesses. last year w ith Karpf as a partner. The com­ • Laparoscopic Lasar Surgery That’s the way it’s been with pany helps other companies reduce their • A ll C urrent Forms of Contraception Available water and sewage bills. Diversified Conservation Inc.,' which • Total Gynecological &O bstetrical Care In Our Office operates out of an office on South Street in “So far, we’ve lim ited the business to Freehold Borough, specializing in water large-scale operations with a five-family ' 704 N. Beers Street 39 Avenue at the Commons conservation, according to Ralph Mesce, a minimum,” said Mesce. “But we can han­ Holmdel, N.J. 07733 Shrewsbury, N.J. 07702 borough resident, who operates the compa­ dle complexes as big as 300 o r 400 units.” (908) 739-2500 (908) 389-0003 ny, along with Freda Karpf, Neptune. Diversified is billed as a fu ll service Mesce’s main business is operating environmental company. v Immediate Availability Plus Evening & Sat. Appointments Available various rental properties that he owns in “Our specialty, however, is water,” said the borough and other areas of the state, Mesce. “We conserve water usage, stop and, consequently, he is painfully aware of water waste and purify water for consump­ escalating water and sewer rates that have tion,” said Mesce. “Our central focus is an been plaguing homeowners and businesses environmentally sound program with throughout the state in recent years. water and sewage conservation at the heart “The company originated with me out of our work.” Roses are red, of desperation about three years ago w ith a Environmentally sound building and 140-unit complex I operated in apartment operations begin w ith a program Weehawken,” said Mesce. “In 1991, the directed at elim inating unnecessary water Violets are blue, town informed me that an authority would use, Mesce said. be handling sewage disposal and that I “It’s beneficial for the environment to would be paying for it separately from my recycle and reuse products when possible,’ For just six little bucks, water b ill.” he said. “The ideal situation, however, is to “I was paying $60,000 for my water use less energy and resources — water, and sewer b ill in 1989 and with having to electricity, oil and gas — initially. We You can say/Hove you"! pay the authority separately for sewage design programs for residential and com­ disposal, my total b ill for water and sewer mercial properties to conserve energy jumped to $149,000,” he continued. sources as a natural process in their opera­ A nd That was when Mesce realized just how tions.” important water conservation was going to Mesce and Karpf said they hope to W in A Rom antic D inner For 2 be for him. market the program to individual house­ “I knew I had to do something quickly holds in Western Monmouth County in the W hether your sentiments are poetic, cute, or just plain funny, they or get rid of the property,” he said. “I future. A package to conserve water has belong in LoveLines, our special greetings for Valentine's Day, researched like crazy. I checked on all already been offered to Howell Township published on February 9,1994. inventors with various companies to deter­ residents, Karpf said. For o n ly $ 6 , you can te ll that special person how you feel in five mine what were the best methods of water The average cost for installing the pro­ conservation available. W ith what I was gram in a home w ith two bathrooms is less meaningful lines. Additional lines can be yours for $1 each. able to find, I cut my water and sewer bills than $50, Mesce said. to less than $70,000 annually with the “An average fam ily of four w ill save a 2 Weehawken property.” minimum of 30,000 gallons of water a year We Will Select Winning Entries Karpf s entry into the water conserva­ by the simple installation of one low-flow Most Most tio n business was id e a listic as w e ll as prac­ showerhead, two low-flow aerators and a & tical. set of toilet tank dams,” said Kampf. “A Romantic Humorous “Ralph and I joined forces last year consumer pays for water at least three after we had been competitors in the same times, three different ways. They pay for Published: Wed. Feb. 9, 1994 business,” said Karpf. “Obviously, I got the cost of the water and then pay for the Winners Will Be into the business because I have to do elim ination of the water waste or sewage. Deadlines: something to make a living. But even The third time around they pay for the u til­ Notified by Mail Friday Feb. 4 when I was younger, growing up in ity that heats the water. Phone Phone Mon. Feb. 7-Noon MasterCard or Visa accepted Mail or call in your ad: Simply fill in the coupon below and mail it, along with your payment to: H oliday sp irit helps SPC A Greater Media Newspapers 7 Edgeboro Rd. Anim al lovers filled with holiday spirit made the season bright for the Monmouth LoveLines East Brunswick, NJ 08816 County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA.) A number of special events raised much-needed funds for the non-profit or­ Name:______ganization and the homeless animals in its care. A dd ress:______Hard rain and wind didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of more than 200 owners who brought their pets to the SPCA’s animal shelter to be photographed w ith Santa Paws C ity : ___ _State: Dec. 5. Sale of the photos and g ift items netted $1,800. Less than a week later, on Dec. Z ip : ____ -Day Phone. Evening Phone. 11, in spite of snow showers, a crafts fa ir raised $580. The finale was Dec. 20, the Fourth Annual Festival of Trees, presented by the VISA # . Sheraton Eatontown Hotel. The SPCA was one of more than 20 organizations that M C # _ participated by decorating a tree for the hotel’s lobby. Supporters donated around Expiration date ______1 8 0 0 6 6 0 4 $3,000 to the SPCA in conjunction with the event. - - - ADS Individuals and business owners also reached out to the organization this holiday Ads are subject to approval. season. Robin and B ill Burner, owners of Animal Kingdom and Aquarium, 1107 Enter your message in these blocks Route 35, Wanamassa, ran a “Buy a Bone for the SPCA” promotion, in which patrons purchased a decorative bone for a $1 donation to the SPCA. And as part of a community service project to attain his Eagle Scout ranking, Bradley Beach teen-ager Jason Carney collected blankets, towels and around 700 pounds o f pet food. “We are so grateful to a ll the public, our volunteers and the corporations who have been so generous,” said Ursula Goetz, SPCA executive director. “The money they helped us raise and the supplies they provided are an enormous help as we continue to care for animals in need.” The Monmouth County SPCA operates an animal shelter at 260 W all St., Eaton­ town, and a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. For more information, call 542-0040.


a . Pamper Yourself at Covello’s: well-kept body mystique Two Hearts Beat As One secret in Sayreville with our 2 FOR 1 12 Month Membership ovello’s Italian Restaurant, Gift Certificates Available Seafood and Cocktail E x p ir e s Lounge is the type of restau­ _ 2 - 2 8 - 9 4 rant that is always just there, Tanning Beds Swedish Massage but seldom visited. 1 Personal Body Training FREE Child Care This is a shameful error, for behind a • 1 Hour Classes rather quiet face sits a good restaurant. and lots more Covello's The scene is clean w ith glass-topped Route 9 south te For You Now! tables, a pleasant mural and a cheerful welcome from the staff. Sayreville Come See Hazlets' Best Women's Health/Fitness A fu ll bar, which is indeed rare for a (908) 727-6388 body m ystique neighborhood-type setting like Covello’s, provides guests’ favorite cocktails and Hours: 11 a.m. -11 p.m. M onday wine. through Saturday; noon -10 p.m. # 888-1800 fe Our dinner began with an appetizer of Sunday. Accepted Wellington Square Mall fresh mozzarella and tomatoes ($5) w ith a Reservations: good helping of olive o il and fresh Italian Credit cards: MC ($25 minimum) 7 4 5 Poole Ave. (Hwy. 36) Hazlet, New Jersey, 0 7 7 3 0 parsley. Bar: F u ll bar Other Memberships Available______Smoking: Perm itted The homemade cheese was light and Attire: C asual savory, making for a good salad. Handicapped: A ccessible , IS YOUR FURNACE READY Stuffed mushrooms w ith crabmeat ($5.50) would have been better without i&VTO THROW IN THE TOWEL? the tomato topping, which overpowered The nicely fried large shrimp with the crabmeat stuffing and well-prepared melted mozzarella cheese and a more fla­ We In sta ll And Service mushrooms. vorful tomato sauce is a good option in A tossed salad w ith choice of dress­ this restaurant, where seafood is the high­ M ost M ajor M anufacturers of u ing, hot crusty Italian bread, and choice of lig h t. Furnaces, A ir C onditioning & B oilers ziti, spaghetti and linguini are served with O ther items of interest on the dinner each entree. menu include steak Covello (Sicilian style ESTIMATES “Specializing in Gas Conversions” From the evening’s selection of spe­ with mushrooms); linguini with sausage, for DUCT CLEANING • FREE ESTIMATES cials, a lobster and clam combination olives, ham, garlic, onions and tomatoes ALLERGY SEASON IS HER On Central A ir Conditioning ($14.95) seemed a good choice. or linguini with anchovies, green olives, garlic, artichoke and tomatoes; chicken . residential Receive U tility Rebate Money Served over linguini with either mari­ . COMMERCIAL nara or garlic-and-oil sauce, how could we Neopolitan style (w ith prosciutto and in d o o r a ir Sign up before March 1,1994 and we w ill go wrong? mozzarella); veal saltimbocca; and plenty SPECIALISTS lock you in at our Super Low Winter Prices. of seafood the likes of shrimp, scallops, We couldn’t. The whole lobster and file t, lobster tails, mussels, clams, :S B S S S i (Must be installed by six or so fresh clams were very nicely scungilli and calamari. May 1,1994) saut6ed, and presented on a large platter . ODOR f simmering with al dente linguini. For dessert, an outstanding cannoli fille d w ith ricotta cream and chocolate H “Since 1978" The garlic-and-oil sauce was not over­ chips ($2.50) easily surpassed a rather in­ bearing and the whole combo went down stitutional ice cream brownie ($2.25). w e ll. Covello’s takes pride in what it has to Instead of a vegetable, we tried egg­ FREEHOLD HEATIKG * “ *'» COHDITIONING ’ BED BANK offer and how it is served. (908)577-1772 (908)530-5544 plant rollatini ($8.95) stuffed with ricotta cheese, rolled and fried, and laden with The quality of the food consumed was tomato sauce. very good, and although we had some d if­ ferences with a sauce or two, the overall The eggplant and stuffing were just HOW SOON I'LL BE experience was quite satisfying and of CAN YOU RIGHT fine, but the tomato sauce needed a bit GET HERE?. OVER), suitable value. more honing for my taste, Marc Schlossberg has been associated Shrimp parmigiana ($11) was enjoy­ with the food field for more than 20 years. able. 44'I was very pleased w ith the results!" [ 0 0 PER YEAR FOR LESS THAN YOU GET: Says Mike, from The • The Best service plan available...Anywhere! Includes Parts & Labor 1 Complete yearly inspection/tune-up included Racquet Place, hired a • 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE 1 Other o il co. contracts com pletely transferable Receptionist the first time the ad appeared „Plus...$5 0 OF HEATING OIL F R E E in our Classified Power LIMITED Package. . t im e ACME • McCONNELL FUEL ► OFFER YOUR LEADER IN SERVICE” “ Call (908)291-3200 or 1(800)662-3061 s S LET THE POWER PACKAGE WORK FOR YOU! Today! NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY feHa'®'*' CALL 1-800-660-4ADS - — ■ --- — THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2, 1994 3 3 Grape jokes finally SAND BAR INN ON THE BAY 2 6 4 -3 7 3 0 UnionAve., U nion Beach (m inutes away from anywhere in the Bayshore Area) will have their day FEBRUARY SPECIAL Sun.-Thurs. . c Prime Rib & Lobster Tail ±3 ho says wine is stuffy? Clos Pegase, a well- \YI\I Buy 1 dinner Entree and W known winery in Receive Second Dinner Entree D inner Specials Galistoga in the north­ CHARLES B. s5 "°O ff StewtiKfy <*t ern part of California’s Expires 2-18-9 i Napa Valley is doing its part to make sure RUBINSTEIN that laughter and wine go together. The winery is sponsoring the fourth annual Clos Pegase Grapes o f Laughs, an w riter eager to try what was available, “A event created to knock wine off its snob­ little of each” was her reply. bish pedestal. Mark Saturday, March 19 7\V** PESCATORE W on your calendar. A t 2 p.m. on that date, W ith that the stewardess triumphant­ Prepared for ? -*19*95 Prepared for 2 - *25.95 in the w inery cave theater at Clos Pegase, ly proceeded to pour some of the red wine The Sand Bar In n is famous for this spectacular dish. T ry it and you w on't be and some of the white wine into the same disappointed. Fresh lobster, shrimp, scallops, mussels and little neck clams sauted in your the best submitted jokes w ill be an­ choice of a w hite sauce (butter, garlic + w hite wine) o r red sauce (marinara sauce + red glass, producing an instant ros 6 . M y nounced. wine). Served on abed of linguini. i— V — friend gasped slightly but was too polite The day starts at 11 a.m. w ith a presen­ and perhaps too astonished to say any­ We Know It’s Chittyl Succulent Char-grilled tation of the slide lecture “The ABCs of thing. She did admit to me that she took a OPEN 7 DAYS The Countdown Begins Wine Seen Across 4,000 Years of Art,” by For Lunch & Dinner ONLY 68 DAYS Till 16 oz. Boneless sip and it wasn’t too bad. & Sunday Morning Breakfast Our Outdoor Deck Opens! Delm onico Steak $9»95 j proprietor Jan Shrem, followed by an op­ tional luncheon in the Harvest Room. M y favorite humorous wine story con­ cerns an incident that happened to me al­ Napa Valley might be too far away to most 30 years ago. A friend and I were in MONMOUTH MEDICAL CENTER be able to take in the festivities, but that Reading, Pa., on business, and after a very shouldn’t prevent you from sending along long and successful day we went to a Community Health Education your favorite joke. There w ill be valuable restaurant that was inside a reconstructed awards for the top 25 selected to be read castle atop a h ill. The surroundings and DIABETES IN CONTROL LECTURE SERIES by comedian David Feldman in his mor­ decor should have been enough to give me dant satirical vein. pause, but we were in a mood to celebrate. Summary of the Results of the Among the prizes are a luncheon for In that vein, we ordered a prestigious Bor­ Diabetes Control & Complications Trial eight at the winery, a six-bottle vertical deaux chateau to enjoy with our dinner. M onday, February 14, 1994 collection of Clos Pegase Homage Re­ The wine was spectacular, and as 7:30 p.m. • Free of C harge serve blend and Clos Pegase A rtis t’ s Se­ I ’ve done so many times before and since, rie s in a stenciled wooden case. S yndi­ when we finished, I said to the waiter, Presented by: cated wine columnist Dan Berger is mas­ “Would you please remove the label from Dr. Barton Nassberg, Endocrinologist ter of the joke jury, choosing the top 25. the bottle.” We lingered over dessert, I Find out what you need to know about the most important Entries must be submitted by March 10 to asked for the check and my friend and I study in the history of diabetes. This is a repeat of the The Clos Pegase Joke Jury, P. O. Box continued our conversation while we wait­ 305, Calistoga, CA 94515. Fax number is program that was held Saturday, November 6 at the ed for it to arrive. We were deeply Eatontown Sheraton & Conference Center. ^ ;1 wT: (707) 942-4993. engrossed in our conversation when the in the In recognition that wine might not be w aiter returned. For further Greenwall conference Room the funniest subject in the world, the en­ I can still remember turning to receive information and tries do not need to be wine-related, but the b ill set on a s ilv e r tray. at Monmouth Medical Center they must be in reasonably good taste. to preregister call There alongside it was the bottle Long Branch, NJ Hie Diabetes A ll of this reminds me of a true story proudly standing bereft of the label! Registration Required as fteotm ent Center that might bring a smile to your face. A Misjudging my astonishment as a sign of Space is Limited well-known wine w riter friend of mine 870-5696 approval, the waiter proudly proceeded to MONMOUTH MEDICAL CENTER was flying to the west coast about 1 0 tell me how difficult it was to soak the years ago. label off to get the bottle clean. The bare 300 SECOND AVENUE • LONG BRANCH, NJ 07740 As luck would have it, she was upgrad­ bottle now stands amidst my label collec­ ed to first class by happenstance. Seated tion. comfortably, she was enjoying her lunch Charles B. Rubinstein of Colts Neck is during the flig ht when the attendant secretary of the Wine Writers Circle of the __ __ N E W & E X P A N D E D inquired about her choice of wine. “Red Greater New York Area and treasurer of or white?” was the question. Being a wine the Wine Media Guild. S e t t PAINTING & PAPERHANGING •TRAINERS, INC. OUR SPECIALTY FOR 22 YEARS Tfoisch/U £>eit Residential • In te rio r or E xterio r THE LEADER IN Now Better Than Ever!! Power-washing • M ildew rem oval O N E - O N - O N E F IT N E S S E xp ert color m atching • Stucco ceilings •NEW S1 QQ4 NEW Paperhanging only .jjfryt YEAR A erobic Classes $ 10.00 a roll installed •NEW ; C liljT ^ T A T ...... kJl rv V ^ lriij C h i l d C a r e B O B B E A T T Y Introductory Session •NEW PAINTING IL PAPERHANGING Complete Health& N u tritio n a l Program s Fitness Evaluation FOR QUALITY References available • N E W — WORKMANSHIP CALL New C lients O nly FREE Estimates upon request Serving all of E xp ire s 2/28/94 A ffordable Packages Fully Insured Monmouth County Reasonable Rates 4 9 5 - 1 3 9 9 since 1972 1275 Hwy. 35 North, M iddletown • 957-0222 3 4 FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT

F ir e p la c e Q ^ f MILESTONES Equipm ent & r0»*t Thanks Classified! Accessories M ona of Freehold put See our enormous selection of ele­ gant fireplace and hearth acces­ sories. Firetools, glass enclosures, an ad in classified fo r screens andirons, fenders and more are in stock and ready for your the firs t tim e. enjoyment with your next fire. GAS LOGS • MANTELS She sold her D inette DECORATOR ACCESSORIES NON-VENTER FIREPLACES Set rig h t after the ad N ON -V EN T ED G A S LO G S a p p e a r e d . "I was thrilled with the results." LET CLASSIFIED 1400 Highway 35 671-0808 Middletown W ORK FOR YOU! OPEN:Mon. - Sat. 9-5; Sunday 114 GALL 1-800-660-4ADS There’s lots -9-W in e s M 1 o f n e a r b y Mr. & Mrs. Sean Ennis p a r k in g at M id d le t o w n Ennis-Hart Karen Hart, daughter of M r. and Mrs. a n d Thomas Hart of Hazlet, was married Oct. _ Break Free From 9 to Sean Ennis, son of Mr. and Mrs. W inter's Doldrum s And Think M a ta w a n Ronald Ennis of Hazlet. Spring W ith These C heerful Specials! S tatio n s . The ceremony was performed at the Church of St. Clement’s, Matawan. Matron of honor was Sandi Sudyka of NEW YORK Hazlet, sister of the bride. Penn Station Bridesmaids were Michele Pruscino, HOBOKEN Megan Donlon, Gina Creuz and Desiree Florio, sister of the groom, all of Hazlet, NEWARK and Grace DiCapua o f Leonardo. Penn Station Flower girls were Courtney Hart of I N. ELIZABETH Lakewood, niece of the bride, and Jackie Ennis of Louisville, Ky., niece of the W illow Heart Wreath ELIZABETH Beautiful natural white willow. groom. 8" Reg. 2.99 _____ ...... 1 . 9 9 Silk Mini Silk Best man was Scott McCann of 12” Reg. 5.99 ______3 . 9 9 Flower Bush Flower Bush Hazlet. Six styles to c h o o s e fro m . T h e p e rfe ct to u c h fo r s p rin g RAHWAY 17" Reg. 6.99...... 4 . 9 9 Id e a l for craft p ro je c ts . decorating. Great value! ^ Ushers were Ron Ennis of Louisville, ) AVENEL Ky., brother of the groom, Michael Reidy, Ralph Ciambruschini, Mark Creuz and WOODBRIDGE Anthony Ennis, brother of the groom, all a 3 3 % u PERTH AMBOY of Hazlet. 11 m rirr QeleCtiOn Of SWCn W 1| Ring bearers were Michael Florio of SOUTH AMBOY Hazlet, nephew of the groom, and Drew ll “ SS S im ™ * moreyou buy, , Ennis of Louisville, Ky., nephew of the the m ore you I MATAWAN 5 0 % O f f 2 5 % O f f 11■ I Regularly . . previously purchased groom. ta w Snap Pack Eatin Mactnn af Following a reception at St. Clement’s Leather Kits ..... I jl °ther COUP° merchandise. Expires 2-9-94^ ______HAZLET E ac h kit m ake s V a le n tin e ’s g ro u p Banquet Hall, Matawan, the couple left e ig h t item s. a n d m a n y m ore. for a wedding trip on a Caribbean cruise. Reg. 16.99 & 18.99 Reg. 99« to 18.99 ! MIDDLETOWN The bride graduated from Raritan High 8.49 a 9.49 7 4 $ ta 14.24 SEED STARTING RED BANK School, Hazlet. She is a supervisor for ACCESSORIES Prudential Insurance Co., Holmdel. | LITTLE SILVER Her husband graduated from Raritan LONG BRANCH High School, Hazlet, and attended Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, i ELBERON and Kean College, Union. He is a to ll col­ Peat Pots lector employed by the New Jersey 2Vi" a n d 3” ALLENHURST round or square. Turnpike Authority. 'tropical Foliage Reg. 79* each 2 for $ I | ASBURY PARK The couple resides in Hazlet. w w ■ ■ i m m t Hanging Baskets topical Floor Plants In 8 ” Pets 1 „ . BRADLEY BEACH In 1 fl” Pnt» ¥■ 47 Easy to care for. professionals! zM . C B in III mis fr 7 R e g u la r ly 9.99ea. Regularly 2.99 Q f o f v Q I BELMAR M a n y varie ties for s u n o r r I Curreri-Sarci shade. Reg. 14.99 t o 29. Sylvania Gra-Lux SPRING LAKE Lamps & Tubes M r. and Mrs. Joseph C urreri of Hazlet Variety of sizes. | MANASQUAN announce the engagement o f th e ir daugh­ tRo^iy5" 25% off ter, Maria, to Anthony Sarci Jr., son of S3.00 O ff „ PT. PLEASANT BCH. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sarci Sr. of « wlHWMo Bird Feed Save s10 i BAY HEAD , N.Y. Absolute The future bride graduated from Font- Squirrel Proof bonne Hall High School, Brooklyn, and Bird Feeder For a North Jersey currently is attending Brookdale Commu­ sm m .iwsssB nity College, Lincroft section of Middle­ 3 9 . 9 9 ( x>ast Line* sch ed u le R u s t re s is ta n t, 2V4- town. gal. capacity. Reg. 49.99 call l(S< )<>)F She is a regional marketing director NEW STORE! SEAGIRT 2145 Highwny 35. north of Atlantic Ave. (908) 449-3881 with Delta Financial Associates, Red BRICKTOWN 116 Brick Blvd. at Beaverson Blvd. (908) 920-3630 W. LONG BRANCH Monmouth Rd. Route 71 Bank. (908) 229-2587 ’ENGLISHTOWN Rt. 9, four miles north of Freehold Circle. (908) 536-7748 HAZLET 2931 Highway 35, one TRANSIT block south of K-Mart. (908) 739-3032 HOWELL Rt. 9, comer of Friendship Rd. 1/4 mile north of K-Mart. (908) 905-1818 Her fiance graduated from Brooklyn KENVIL Rt. 46, one mile east of Ledgewood Circle. (201) 584-3010 BRIDGEWATER 794 Rt. 202, 2 1/2 miles south of The Way To Go. Somerville Circle.(908) 218-1930 *Limited Craft Selection College. Seniors! Wednesdays get 10% off your total merchandise purchase. Must be age 60 or over. He is a health and physical education ______Store Houre: Mon, thru Fri. 10 to 8, Saturday 10 to 6 , Sunday 10 to 5______teacher at Jim Thorpe School, Brooklyn. THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 3 5 Police Beat IfeSPlffS Tire Sale

overcrowding and an unguarded rear S A V E up to 25% door. A child was injured when he was accidentally kicked in the chest by another FIRST QUALITY ALL SEASON ______Patrolman W illiam Bommer broke up child while playing, a parent said. Frank a Jan. 24 domestic fight that took place on Verange, Holmdel’s code enforcement SPECTACULAR FALL TIRE SALE Dolan Avenue. officer, and Mayor Henry Ferris went to Blood was reported smeared on a the play gym to determine if there were white Hyundai parked at Ken Gardens any code violations, but they did not find GRAND CLASSIC ALL SEASON RADIALS Apartments Jan. 24. Patrolman Ronald any. 80,000 Mile Treadlife Warranty Maser investigated. Sgt. Thomas Vetterl reported that Sale someone had painted graffiti Jan. 22 on Regular Patrolman W illiam Bommer re­ Size/Style Price Price sponded to a Jan. 25 domestic fight that the message board outside of St. John occurred at a Cedar Place home. Vianney High School. P185/70-14 $77.50 $6 4 .5 9 $ 6 6 . 1 2 : 5 f i A domestic fight took place Jan. 22 at P195/70-14 $79.34 fe ' i l ; H'i - an Icemeadow Lane home. Patrolman P205/70-14 $81.63 $ 6 8 .0 3 ? w ■ Ted Sigismondi investigated. KEVPOR P215/70-14 $84.80 $ 7 0 .6 7 Alexander Kowalski, 23, of 1619 P205/70-15 $84.37 $70.31 Porter Road, Union, was arrested Jan. 22 The d river’s side window of a car A and charged with driving with a sus­ P215/70-15 $87.99 $ 7 3 .3 3 parked at G&L Auto, Maple Place, was P225/70-15 $91.20 $ 7 6 .0 0 pended license, driving an unregistered smashed Jan. 25, and items were stolen. L. 86* car, consuming alcohol in a. vehicle and Patrolman Richard Ely investigated. P235/70-15 $96.68 $ 8 0 .5 7 driving with fictitious plates after he was Patrolman David Sorber investigated Trendsetter All Season Radial stopped at County Road and Bayview a domestic fight Jan. 25 at the Keyport C o o p er Street. Patrolman Mike Meany was the Club Village Apartments on Atlantic TIRES 40,000 MILE TREADLIFE WARRANTY arresting officer. He was released on Street. $ 1,000 bail. A man wearing a red jogging suit and A videocassette recorder worth $200 carrying what appeared to be an M-16 rifle Steel Belted • Great Value • All Season Design was reported stolen Jan. 21 from the was reported to police Jan. 24 as he made McDonald’s on Route 34. Patrolman his way down Broad Street. Patrolman Regular VESPIA William Villane investigated. James Wilson investigated and discov­ Size/Style Price 25% PRICE An Avondale Lane resident reported ered that the M-16 was actually a tripod. signs that his house had been broken into After a domestic fight broke out Jan. P155/80R13 $48.90 $ 3 4 .4 5 Jan. 20, but nothing was taken. Pa- 24 on Pine Street, Patrolman Chris P175/80R13 53.64 39 .2 3 trolwoman Kathy Sisti investigated. Stenger responded to the call. P185/75R14 59.93 4 4 .9 4 Edward Scott, 20, of 203 Orchard St., A stereo was stolen Jan. 23 from the P195/75R14 61.33 4 5 .9 9 and Andrew Johnson, 18, of 84 Cooper Boro Barber Shop. Patrolman Robert P205/75R14 63.42 4 7 .5 6 Ave., Long Branch, were arrested and Aumack investigated. charged Jan. 20 with possession of a con­ Juveniles were reported hanging out P205/75R15 66.22 4 9 .6 6 trolled dangerous substance and the past midnight around Atlantic and Hurley P215/75R15 68.91 5 1 .6 8 intent to distribute a controlled dangerous streets Jan. 23. After being warned about P225/75R15 73.02 5 4 .7 6 substance after they were stopped in a car the new curfew, they were sent home. by police Jan. 20 on Gulden Street. Sgt. John Powers reported that he removed m m ssnm m K the steering wheel cover of the car and discovered 15 folded silver-foil packets containing a powdery substance, and also COOPER SPORT METRIC GT found a hollowed-out cigar with green veg­ TIRES FOR IMPORTS etative matter inside. Johnson and Scott A prowler was reported lurking around were transported to the Monmouth County a Lakeside Drive home Jan. 16 and Sgt. Regular Joseph Reid investigated, but found no Correctional Institute, Freehold, and bail Size/Style Price SALE was posted at $10,000 each. A third pas­ one. senger in the car, a juvenile, was released A Union Street home was burglarized P175/70RX13 $52.37 $39.27 to his mother. Jan. 18. Patrolman George Leeuw in­ vestigated and found out that access was P185/70RX13 54.80 4 2 .0 0 gained through a rear door that had been P185/70RX14 59.20 46 .0 0 pried open. 7 4 .0 0 The Route 34 Dunkin’ Donuts was P195/65RX14 98.54 found spray-painted with giaffiti Jan. 23. P195/65RX15 105.00 7 9 .0 0 A car hit a telephone pole on Holmdel Patrolman Joseph Dzwil found a spray- Road Jan. 24, causing serious head injury paint can that might have been used for to the driver, who was taken to Bayshore the writing, and Patrolman Anthony Falco DISC BRAKE SERVICE 1 Gabriel investigated. Community Hospital. The collision caused FREE LIFETIME 5 0 % O F F the pole to snap. Matawan Drugs on Main Street was $5995 WARRANTY 2 MD GAS SHOCK & 2 “ Five m ailboxes on Ladwood Drive spray-painted Jan. 22 with the letters and two mailboxes on Rambling Brook “POP MEK” and the words “Downtown Hit CALL 1 M PHEARSON STRUT Squad.” Patrolman Chris Raynor in­ Install new front pads, repack wheel bearings, I Worn shocks & struts will affect your car’s handling, I Drive were damaged during the night of resurface rotors. RWD vehicles. Prices vary for front 1 control & braking. Replace them with Quality Gabriel Jan. 22. vestigated. drive. Add’l service recommended if needed for safe 1 Shocks & Struts." FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY Several parents called police head­ After a Poet Drive resident reported operation. Semi-metallic pads add’l. With this I PARTS & LABOR. With this coupon. Limit 1 per | quarters Jan. 22 to report what they con­ that a person was tapping on the window, coupon. Limit 1 per customer. customer. Expires 2/29/94 I Expires 2/29/94______sidered to be unsafe conditions at the new Patrolmen Lonnie White, Thomas Falco Discovery Zone, a play gym in Holmdel and Joseph Dzwil investigated. A person VESPIA SUPER SAVINGS VESPIA'S DOUBLE VALUE Towne Center. The parents complained of could not be found. ■ 2 & 4 WHEEL ALIGNMENT OIL CHANGE , $23 $39 . FILTER & LUBE ■ 2 Wheel 4 Wheel Set camber & tow-in to mfg’s specs, adjust thrust line depending on Hazlet Burger King adopts highway alignment type & wheel drive. Shims, labor & FWD vehicles extra. With this coupon. Limit 1 per customer. Expires 2/29/93. Combination Burger King, located on Route 36 in Hazlet, recently became the 500th ■ discount at time of tire purchase only. _ $ °° j■■■■■mm mmm■ ■ ■ organization to jo in New Jersey’s Adopt-A-Highway litter-cleanup program. 12 H “Food packaging from a variety of sources is one of the biggest contributors Qftc Toagti Motor Oil " Preventive MaMaaMce Tune-Ups to roadside litter,” said C lint Griggs, Adopt-A-Highway coordinator, New Jersey i F R t: if' S I8 . VA LU E Most US cars. Lube chassis, refill up to 5 qts. si & new filter. Special Diesel 4 Cyl. *39 6 Cyl. *49 8 Cyl. $59 Department of Transportation. “By showing that it cares about clean highways, PSoil & filter extra. Light trucks, vans & foreign cars slightly higher. With thisC Install resistor ...... timing & carburetor coupon. Limit 1 per customer. 4------—------— tery & road tesL With Burger King encourages its customers to do the same.” Expires 2/29/94 this coupon. Umlt 1 pw cuatonm. Expire12/29/94 Participants in the Adopt-A-Highway program pledge to remove litte r from L their adopted road at least four times a year. Adopting organizations may also Your Total Car Carp Center plant roadside flowers and shrubs through the department’s new landscaping pro­ er All Major Cre; gram. National Accour After completing safety training, Burger King employees w ill don gloves and V e s m rs Tires Mounted in 30 Mir reflective vests to begin their first litter pickup dong a 1.1-mile stretch of Route 36. Since the program began in 1991, 5,000 volunteers have donated 7,000 hours KEYPORT CARCARE CENTER RED BANK CARCARE CENTER and collected 75 tons of garbage from the roadsides of New Jersey highways. Across trum tow - & C.ouriirv Diner 801 Shrewsbury Ave Shrewsbury Route 35 South. Keyport Momi.n in u ii^ v ;.30am-6pm Groups, corporations and individuals interested in participating in the program Monday thru Friday 7 30 AM-7 PMSatuiday 7:30 AM-4 PM Saturday 7 30 AM-4 PM should call the New Jersey Department of Transportation at 1-800-2-ADOPT-1. Call (908) 264-4888 Call (908) 747-3404 3 6 FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THF INDEPENDENT 9-Cotmdd Motor Inn Obituaries 264-4600 • State Hwy. 35 • Holmdel, NJ 07733 HARRIET C. BROOKSBANK, 80, of Brick DANIEL MORIN, 76, of Hazlet died Jan. 23 died Jan. 22 at Paul Kimball Medical Center, at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. Born in Lakewood. Born in Jersey City, she lived in Hoboken, he lived in Rhode Island before mov­ Matawan before moving to Brick eight years ing to Hazlet 34 years ago. Mr. Morin was a ago. A homemaker, Mrs. Brooksbank was a truck driver employed by Keating Trucking, past member of St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic South Amboy, for 30 years before retiring in Church, Keyport, and St. Clement’s Roman 1984. He was a member of Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Matawan. She was prede­ Catholic Church, Union Beach. He was an Air ceased by her husband, George, who died in Force veteran of World War II. Surviving are his 1965. Surviving are two daughters, Joanne wife, Alberte; a son, Russell of Forked River; Gambale and Theresa Wallace, both of Brick; a three daughters, Denise Dalfonzo of Middle­ sister, Elizabeth Jacobs of Aberdeen; and four town, Laurie Stanton of Long Branch and Robin grandchildren. Services were under the direc­ Stutto of Staten Island, N.Y.; a sister, Mary St. DAY RATE tion of Day Funeral Home, Keyport, with a Mass German of Hazlet; and eight grandchildren. at St. Joseph’s Church. Interment was in St. Services were under the direction of Day Fu­ Joseph's Cemetery, Keyport. neral Home, Keyport, with a Mass at St. Bene­ AVAILABLE dict’s Roman Catholic Church, Holmdel. Cre­ mation was private. Memorial contributions may DANIEL J. FERRANTE, 69, of Hazlet died be made to the American Lung Association or • In-room M ovies Available Jan. 24 at his home. Bom in Cliffwood, he lived the American Heart Association. in the Matawan area before moving to Hazlet • AM /FM Radio 38 years ago. Mr. Ferrante was a social sci­ MARY E. BROWN SKISLAK, 76, of ences teacher, employed by the Green Brook • Ruby Palace Restaurant Keyport died Jan. 3 at home. Born in Board of Education for 16 years before retiring Sergeantsville, she lived in Keyport since 1943. in 1986. He was a teacher for the Keyport on Prem ises She was a registered nurse, employed by Board of Education from 1966-70. Mr. Ferrante MCOSS, Red Bank, for 25 years before retiring was a special police officer in Holmdel from • Sports Bar/C ocktail Lounge in 1981. She was a member of the First Baptist 1976-1992 and also worked as a Holmdel Church of Keyport, and a volunteer at Bayshore • M orning Coffee Available Township court bailiff. He was a communicant Community Hospital, Holmdel. She was prede­ of St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, ceased by her first husband, Leroy Brown, who Keyport, and a member of Who’s Who in died in 1965, and her second husband, Andrew Senior CitizenDiscount Education. Mr. Ferrante played triple-A baseball Skislak, who died in 1989. Surviving are three for the Newark Bears. He also was an Army sons, Leroy Brown Jr. at home, Les Brown of Truckers Welcome veteran of World War II. Surviving are his wife, Keyport and John Brown of Tuckerton; a step­ Anna; two sons, Daniel Jr. and James, both of daughter, Fanchon DeCraene of Matawan; 10 Hazlet; two daughters, Diana Marie Podraza of grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Old Bridge and Dawn Marie Miranda of the Services were under the direction of Bedle Lincroft section of Middletown; a brother, Funeral Home, Keyport. Interment was in Patrick of , III.; and two sisters, Nicora Green Grove Cemetery, Keyport. Memorial Granata of Hazlet and Connie Sakowski of P e r R o o m contributions may be made to the First Baptist g \ £ \ Matawan. Services were under the direction of Church of Keyport, Main Street, Keyport. State Hwv. 35 Single or Double J Day Funeral Home, Keyport, with a Mass at St. I Holmdel. N J 07733 Coupon Valid Everyday Joseph’s Church. Entombment was in Holmdel GERTRUDE F. CARLYLE MARTY, 85, of Cemetery. Morganville died Jan. 28 at Riverview Medical I Center, Red Bank. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., she M ust present coupon aFcheck in - Subject to A va ila b ility ( W ALTER T. O’MALLEY, 43, of Hazlet died lived in Queens, N.Y., Roselle, Franklin Park Jan. 23 at Bayshore Community Hospital, and Matawan before moving to Morganville five Holmdel. Born in New York City, he lived in Ha­ years ago. She was a saleswoman for Revlon, zlet all his life. Mr. O’Malley was an electrician Queens, N.Y., for 10 years before retiring in for Metro North Railroad, New York, for 17 1965. She also was a riveter during World War years. He was a communicant of Holy Family II. She was predeceased by her husband, Roman Catholic Church, Union Beach. Surviv­ Frank, who died in 1974. Surviving are a son, ing are his mother, Catherine Cullen O’Malley Neal of Morganville; a brother, Walter Donovan of Hazlet; two brothers, Jack and Vincent, both of Glenns Falls, N.Y.; four grandchildren and of Hazlet; and two sisters, Marie Pietkewicz of three great-grandchildren. Services were under Matawan and Katherine Stolper of Mas­ the direction of Day Funeral Home, Keyport. U n til The Fam ily B uria l sachusetts. Services were under the direction Interment was in St. Gertrude Cemetery, of Day Funeral Home, Keyport, with a Mass at Colonia. Holy Family Church. Interment was in Mount P roperty Has Been Selected Olivet Cemetery, Middletown. HERMAN C. GROSS, 73, of Lincroft died Jan. 30 at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. W ILLIA M R. PEARCE, 74, of Cliffwood Born in Irvington, he lived in Newark before Beach died Jan. 25 at St. Francis Hospital, moving to Lincroft 40 years ago. Mr. Gross Trenton. Born in Newark, he lived there before worked as a maintenance mechanic for Medi- moving to Cliffwood Beach 42 years ago. Mr. Center, a division of Riverview Medical Center, Pearce was an owner and operator in the truck­ Red Bank, for 40 years before retiring eight ing business for 41 years. He was an Army vet­ years ago. He previously worked as a mainte­ eran of World War II. Surviving are his wife, nance mechanic for IFF, Union Beach. He was Althea Magee Pearce; five sons, James of a communicant of St. John’s Methodist Church, Belford, Frank of Cliffwood Beach, Donald of Hazlet. He was an Army veteran of World War Union Beach, Roger of Poway, Calif., and John II. Surviving are his wife, Dorothy Swayze Gross; four sons, Raymond of Gaffney, S.C., of Matawan; four daughters, Valerie Mazerall Ronald Swayze of Beachwood, and Clifford and and Wendy, both of Cliffwood Beach, Althea Craig Petroll, both of New York City; and three Nuccio of Tulsa, Okla., and Sandra of Matawan; grandchildren. Services were under the direc­ and 18 grandchildren. Services were under the tion of Day Funeral Home, Keyport. Interment traditional ABOVE GROUND direction of Day Funeral Home, Keyport. was in Shoreland Memorial Gardens, Hazlet. It is a w ise person who prepares in advance. Put your house in order now, fo r future peace o f m ind. Fair View Cem etery is prepared to take care of your cem etery needs w hether you choose above ground or traditional burial. Fair View Cem etery & Mausoleum “Where Memories Live In Beauty” 456 Hwy. 35, Red Bank, N.J. 07701 747-1710 General & Cosmetic For Adults & Children Bonding, Bleaching 8 c Veneers, Implant I i t B ia i Restoration, Emergency Care I A d d re s s - i C ity & State—— ...... ^ ... ^ ...... ■ (908) 957-8285 I Telephone------We work with most insurance plans I in n m in t Mall To: Fair View Cametary & Mausoleum 1 IND 2/2/94 456 Hwy. 3S, Red Sank, NJ 07701 9 Leonardville Rd. Financial Arrangements Available ■ ■ -m~m mm mm ■ ■ a ■ a a ■ a ■ ■ ■ ■ Saturday & Eyening.Hours, _ . Middletown By Appointment THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 3 7

THINKING Taking a look at tow ns OF f l Starting this week, and for the remain­ the area’s quality of life. buyin| der of the year, this column w ill look at HIM liSTATI Last, but certainly not unimportant, are each of Monmouth County’s 53 munici­ the recreation facilities. For those who OR ■ palities. Those of us who live here, know prefer the outdoors, there’s Turkey of its charms. Newcomers w ill gain a true Swamp Park or boating on the beautiful SELLING?, perspective of each community through Manasquan Reservoir. And the beach, of. the eyes of a Realtor who knows the area course, is only about a half-hour away. C a ll best. We w ill start this week with A wonderful variety of restaurants, Freehold, the county seat. Bob Coutts, a theaters, shops, and an assortment of en­ Realtor and appraiser with offices in tertainment facilities round out the picture DONNA C O LD lU eU . has an outreach enter in Freehold where B A N K E R □ Freehold, is this week’s contributor. of Freehold as a very desirable place to over 300 studenl s enroll in the school’s U ntil the late 1950s, Western Mon­ live . mouth County was predominantly farm­ extensive academic and career-oriented BRUNO SCHLOTT® programs. Others may attend Monmouth £=) REALTORS* Q| land. Today, the Freehold area is largely Al Bertics is president of the Monmouth TOP PRODUCER 1992 suburban with areas that remain rural. I College, a four-y ar institution located in County Association of Realtors. Free­ 132 Hwy 34 think it is this combination of conve­ West Long Branc h. lance writer Barbara Backus contributed to 583-5000 Matawan, N.J. nience to services and the sense o f open W e ste rn M o nmouth County’s cos- this article. space that draws so many families to our mopolitan dim ate is reflected in the area. When a fam ily decides to settle in a area’s wide variety of ethnic groups who certain community, they naturally look at contribute to educational stimulation and the options that are important to them. to the economic vita lity found throughout Schools usually top the list. the area. One o f the prime reasons fo r this Advertisers-. The F reehold area has an excellent resurgence has been the Freehold Race­ school system, w ith each community hav­ way M all which draws thousands to the ing its own kindergarten through eighth- area every day. The influence of the 800 Cook, up Added P ro fits... grade school. The high school system is members of the chamber of commerce of regional. Brookdale Community College Western Monmouth also contributes to place your advertising message in our exciting edition... Lynda Doyle

We are pleased to announce that Lynda has returned to Heritage House after a year of residing in Corpus Christi,Texas. j Lynda has been in the Real Estate Business since 1984. ..A cookbook w ith an ethnic flavor She has consistently been Share in the feast of added profits a top producer and a member of the Million when your advertising m essage Dollar Sales Club. reaches and STAYS in m ore than 120,000 hom es in Monm outh and Professionalism and dedication have been (he secret to her success! M iddlesex Counties. The com m unities we serve are 340 HIGHWAY 35 a virtu a l “m elting pot” of people llEitITA

Custom s & C uisines features recipes sent in by hundreds of our readers, as w ell as restauranteurs. It also includes stories about ethnic Come and Learn dishes and traditions. about a career in R eal Estate . W e serve big helpings of responses to your ads. GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR. Telemarketing D on’t m iss out... 1-800-660-4ADS call your advertising ■ E a rly R etirees Fax: 908-432-0016 representative today. ■ Hom em akers ■ N ew Real Estate Licensees | v v m & p l Monmouth County ■ R eal Estate A gents 972-6740 1 1 :0 0 A .M . Learn about a Rewarding Career with ■ : v ; ; , Middlesex County Consistent Earning Potential 254-7000 For reservations and directions call f r e e h o i o I M ary at 591-8000. Limited enrollment. P ublication Date: March 16 Ad Deadline: March 9 Greater Media Newspapers ADVANTAGE REALTORS Sentinel • Surburban • The Examiner • News Transcript • The Independent Offices in Freehold • Keyport • Manalapan • Middletown • Old Bridge " - V / r . / 3 8 FEBRUARY 2,1994, THE INDEPENDENT

SHEILAH PROPERTY LINES Collins When ready ( ABERDEEN MIDDLETOWN Loan to sell... ■ ■ Officer 186 Route 34...... $350,000 321 Middlewood R o ad ...... $118,000 Call Teitel! 42 Chilton Lane...... $21,100 452 Navesink River Road...... $210,000 Top Producer 903 Greenwood Ave...... $107,500 63 Nottingham Way...... $175,000 Now is the tim e to Million Dollar Club 1974-92J 909 Greenwood Ave...... $92,000 42 Oregon Ave ...... $128,000 purchase a new home 70 Pope D rive ...... $172,000 Top 1% of Women 50 Quince Court...... $84,500 or refinance your in American Business 3 Seneca Drive ...... $276,500 existing home. ■ B B B 205 Brookside Drive...... $143,250 The Prudential 501 Buchanan Blvd...... $309,500 • Fixed rates below 6%. Lowest 20 Limerick Place...... $150,000 2301 Buckingham Circle...... $118,000 New Jersey Realty 1685 Union Ave...... $104,000 interest rates in decades. 6-B Conway Court...... $89,000 566-1881 res 946-4464 5 Windsor Court...... $184,900 156 Crestview Drive ...... $152,000 • 0 point Options Available 21 G arryford D rive ...... $330,000 29 Harrison St...... $188,500 • Free interest rate lock 64 Hillside St...... $160,000 available. TEITEL 29 Hudson Ave ...... $75,000 • VA/FHA programs available. 16 Kennedy Court...... $138,500 30 Alpine Road...... $144,378 33 Locust Terrace ...... $149,000 • First time/affordable home 9 Bristel Road...... $172,546 118 Manchester Court...... $90,000 buyer program available. 15 Bristel Road...... $37,398 425 Maple Drive ...... $142,000 28 Bristel Road...... $145,908 41 Marlpit Place ...... $275,000 • Excellent JUM BO rates. 29 Bristel Road...... $139,000 45 Melrose Terrace ...... $128,000 31 B ristel Road...... $139,810 446 Middlewood Road...... $110,101 10 Bristol Road...... $61,484 142 New Monmouth Road ...... $220,000 Call 264-2700 115 Gettysburg Lane...... $110,000 65 Phalanx Road...... $405,000 A sk for Ed C ollins 26 La Jolla Court...... $339,000 50 Privet Place...... $148,000 27 La Jolla Court...... $399,000 17 Park Ave ...... $160,000


Better Rates The Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of The meetings of the Monmouth Better Service Marlboro Company Commerce w ill hold its monthly member­ County Business Association w ill be held am Tuesday, with speaker Dorothy Avallone, "Better At Bay City" Contemporary! ship meeting at noon Feb. 15 in the But­ Just Listed 1 Cambridge Court tonwood Manor, Route 34, Matawan. Sal Monmouth County Director of Consumer Country Hills $349,900 ABERDEEN Castoria of A Better Trip travel agency Affairs, and Feb. 15. Both meetings w ill Bay City Mortgage Corporation l.000 sq. ft. -10 rooms - 2 car garage, lacks, hot tub, jacuzzi. OFFICE w ill talk about his travel experiences. be held 6 p.m. at Hannah’ s, Eatontown. MORTGAGE BANKERS Cost is $17. For information, call MCBA Beautiful Property - Beautiful Homel A ll business owners and their employ­ 583-54Q 0 secretary Audrey Winograd at 493-2764 3400 Executive Plaza ees in the Bayshore area are invited to W eichert E v e s . or program chairwoman M arilyn M orris at Route 35 South, Hazlet attend. For information, call 946-0900. 222-3065. R e a lto rs & 5 6 6 - 1 1 6 0

u c c e & s / Trust. Se c u r it y . Co n f id e n c e .

We at Mortgage America nj, inc. take tremendous pride in having this reputation. This could not have been done without the support of many associates and Realtors who have chosen Mortgage America as their partner in turning dreams into a reality. We thank you. Working together, we have helped families own the home of their Edna Leff dreams. Betsy MacDonald Fera-Cotter and her associates at Mortgage America value this relationship and hope that you EXCELLENT EDNA will continue to choose Mortgage America as your partner.

Congratulations to Edna Leff who earned membership In appreciation for your continued in Weichert’s Ambassador’s Club for 1993. Edna had support, we ask that you clip this total sales and marketed listings of over 4 million dollars. ad and present it to your most Edna joined Weichert Realtors in 1982 and has been promising client. This will entitle a member of the N.J. State Million Dollar Club for nine your client to a Free Application consecutive years through 1993. She is a member of with Mortgage America. the prestigious Weichert 100 Sales and Marketed Clubs and has held a Broker’s license for 6 years. For an appointment or information, call (908) 780-3200 or 1-800-241-8557. Edna’s consistent success is due to her total commitment to the needs of her customers. jY em aw e/ ctmdtwue*/in 4994.

208 Hwy. 34 Weichert 583-5400 Aberdeen Realtors MORTGAGE AMERICA We Sell More Because We Do More THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2, 1994 3 9

Sports Colts roar along in hoop season

______BY ALAN KARMIN ______for a team to be successful and they are w illing to share the glory. The key to our Staff Writer success has re a lly been the unselfishness of the players. We technically have six The Christian Brothers Academy bas­ kids scoring in double figures.” ketball team is recognized by Shore Con­ W icelin ski says “technically” because ference coaches as a talent-laden squad. he believes his players’ statistics are But when the Colts were able to put 15 deceptive due to the fact that many of players on the floor against Howell on them don’t play a fu ll game and their Friday it showed ju s t how deep the talent numbers don’t reflect a true picture of goes. what they are accomplishing over a com­ In that 81-38 w in in Lin c ro ft, a ll 15 plete game. players got into the scoring column for “In most of our games, our top five to the Colts. The victory gave CBA a record seven players are only playing about two of 11-1 on the season, 6-0 in Shore Con­ quarters,” said W icelinski. “So what’s ference A North Division action. happening is their statistics are kind of Colts’ coach Ed W icelinski said he be­ watered down. lieves this year’s squad ranks right up “For instance, the last time we played there w ith the best teams that have helped Marlboro, Frank DeBlasi scored 15 points to mold CBA’s winning tradition. in 12 minutes. So what happens then on “I truly believe we’re one of the better the surface when you get to his scoring teams in the state this year,” said W ic­ average and you don’t adjust it at all, it elinski. “I think these players, in the way appears to be 11 points per game. they play and how hard they play, could “But now if you take total points and compete w ith any team that I ’ve coached divide by quarters played and then multi­ since I ’ve been here. Whether they would p ly by four, then you could come up w ith beat them or not may come down to a a more realistic game average and Frank last-second jump shot or foul shot but would be averaging 14 points per game.” they certainly could play with them.” By W icelinski’s standards, B illet is The Colts are led by the starting lineup avera g ing 19 ppg., D e B la si 14 ppg., of juniors Geoff B illet (6-0), Frank Gaffney and Skrocki 11 ppg., and Bradley DeBlasi (6-2) and Greg Gaffney (5-7) in and Lynch 10 ppg. Bradley is pulling the backcourt w ith 6-6 senior Steve down nine rebounds while Skrocki is Skrocki and 6-5 junior Sean Bradley at hauling in six per game. forward. THAT’S MINE — Brendan Day (white jersey) of Middletown South The Colts have been riding high High School battles a Neptune foe for a rebound during a junior var­ The first reserves off the bench include through a tough schedule, winning a holi­ sity basketball game played Saturday at South. The visiting Scarlet 6-2 senior swingman Jim Zipagan, 6-5 day tournament in Virginia, and suffering Fliers defeated the Eagles. sophomore forward Brian Lynch, 5-10 their lone defeat at St. Anthony of Jersey senior guard John Sawyer and 6-5 junior City when Gaffney when down with a (Photo by Rich Schultz) forward Brad McNutt. broken nose. CBA was ahead by six The next wave of reinforcements con­ points at the beginning of the second sists o f 6-3 ju n io r Lia m D a vis, 5-10 quarter when Gaffney was forced out of senior guard Ralph Doran, 6-3 junior for­ the game and the Colts lost th e ir momen­ SPORTS SLATE ward Liam Dunne, 6-0 junior guard Brian tum. Kostka, 6-3 senior forward Dan R eilly W icelinski said rather than any partic­ Monday through Saturday Tickets: $4. Details: 249-5604. and 6-0 junior guard Dan McDermott. ular highlights, he just likes the way the Tuesday “The kids work real hard and they are team has come together as a unit. Freehold Raceway, Route 9, Freehold very unselfish,” said W icelinski. “We “I can’t re a lly look past that,” he said. Township, live harness racing, post time, 12:30 p.m. College Basketball, Villanova vs. Seton have three guards. B illet is averaging six “We’ve taken two road trips this year. We Hall at , East Ruther­ assists per game, DeBlasi has four assists went on a scrimmage road trip and one Friday ford, 8 p.m. Details: (201) 761-9200, 8:45 per game and Gaffney dishes out nine for the Christmas tournament. And people a.m. to 4:45 p.m. assists per game. And now B ille tt and recognized, wherever we were, how spe­ College Basketball, Cornell at Princeton DeBlasi are two of our team’s leading cial a group this is, not just their University, Jadwin Gym, Princeton, 7:30 Feb. 10 scorers. unselfishness on the court but the way p.m. Details: (609) 258-3538, 10 a.m. to 2 “We’re really well-balanced. To all of they behave and act off the court. p.m. College Basketball, Rider at Monmouth the kids’ credit, despite picking up the “When we went to the Christmas tour­ College, Boylan Gymnasium, West Long newspapers the day after a game and nament finals, that’s one of the things we Saturday Branch, 7:30 p.m. reading that some of their AAU buddies talked about before the game. We were Feb. 12 were scoring 25 and 30 points, it hasn’t College Basketball, Columbia at Princeton playing a good team from Richmond, Va., University, Jadwin Gym, Princeton, 7:30 affected the style of our play. but to the coaching staff, the game really p.m. Details: (609) 258-3538, 10 a.m. to 2 College Basketball, West Virginia at “The players have been very w illing to didn’t matter. We had accomplished so p.m. , Louis Brown Athletic find the open man at all times. The kids much and come so far in terms o f person­ Center, Piscataway, 4 p.m. Details: 932­ deserve a great amount of credit because a lity and spirit and the way the kids College Hockey, Rutgers vs. Drexel, 2:45 2766. they’re being pulled in two different behave when we go anywhere and the p.m., at Chimney Rock, Bridgewater. directions - the direction for stardom and reaction of the public to them in general, Tickets: $4. Details: 249-5604. College Basketball, Mount St. Mary’s at to prove statistically you’re as good as that the games were almost im m aterial. Monmouth College, Boylan Gymnasium, some other players you know you’re on They’ve been such a good group of kids Shore Athletic Club Winter Series No. 3, West Long Branch, 7:30 p.m. the same plane with and yet the desire to to work with.” 5K race at Takanassee Lake, off Ocean Avenue, Long Branch, 11 a.m.; 5K race Annual Shore Athletic Club W inter 10K have a q uality ‘team’ and the best ‘team.’ The Colts were scheduled to continue “So far, to their credit, they have not walk, 11:02 a.m. Details: 264-1692. runwalk, combining running and race walk­ their A North division competition this ing, at Takanassee Lake, off Ocean succumbed to the temptation of the in d i­ week by hosting Manalapan (9-3, 7-1) on Sunday Avenue, Long Branch, 11 a.m. In this vidual status and they’ve been w illing to Tuesday and playing at Middletown event, competitors run the first 6K and distribute the ball and find the open man North (0-10, 0-6) on Thursday at 3:45 College Hockey, Rutgers, vs. Lehigh, 2:45 walk the remaining 4K. All are welcome. and do the little things that are necessary p.m. p.m., at Chimney Rock, Bridgewater. Details: 264-1692. 4 0 FEBRUARY 2, 1994, THE INDEPENDENT S P O R T S C ontest calls ju n io r anglers Sport Shorts Plano Molding and Bassin’ magazine have with a photograph of the catch, to BBJC head­ announced the 1994 introduction of the Plano quarters. Big Bass Junior Championship. Those who catch and certify the heaviest In this nationwide competition, anglers largemouth bass among BBJC competitors in between the ages of 10-17 can fish anytime, each of the 49 participating states before the anywhere with the chance of winning a Aug. 15 deadline receive $250 state champi­ $10,000 college scholarship. onship prizes. Copy of birth certificate required at registra­ A fter paying the one-time $5 entry fee, State winners in the Big Bass World The Aberdeen-Matawan G irls’ Softball tion. Details: Tim K irk, 842-5909 (after 5 League w ill hold final registration for the p.m.). each BBJC angler is provided a contestant’s Championship (a similar program for adults) 1994 season on the following dates: Feb. 19, packet, which includes a Big Bass w ill represent the junior champions from their 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Feb. 23, 6:30-8:30 p.m., and Signups fo r the Middletown American Little Certification Form, rules and regulations and respective states at the 1994 BBWC Finals, to Feb. 26, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Aberdeen Town League w ill be held on the following dates: at minimum weights for each state. be held Nov. 4-5 at Grenelefe Resort near Hall, Church Street. Divisions are: Instruc­ the Middletown main library, Feb. 10, 15, 6-9 W ith the contest now under way, competi­ Orlando, Fla. tional (kindergarten through second grade); p.m. and Feb. 12, 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.; and at tors simply fish in their favorite lake, river, The BBWC World Champion w ill win a Minor (third-, fourth- and fifth-graders), the Port Monmouth School, Feb. 4, 11, 18, 25, stream or pond, trying to catch and certify a $100,000 prize for himself and the $10,000 Intermediate (sixth- and seventh-graders) and 6-9 p.m.. For more information, call Jim largemouth bass that exceeds the minimum college scholarship for the BBJC state winner. Major (eighth-graders and older). Fee is $35 Broderick, 495-3638, Dan Filak, 787-3887, weight requirements. To obtain a BBJC entry form, write to: Big per child, $15 per additional child. Signups are or M ike Kuczynski, 495-9207. Anglers certify the catch of a largemouth Bass Junior Championship, 15115 S. 76th E. open to residents of a ll towns. Details: Joe bass by recording the information on a Big Avenue, Bixby, Okla. 74008, or call toll-free Shalhoub, 566-9673. REGIONAL Bass Certification Form and mailing it, along 1-800-883-2292. HAZLET Frank Savannah, the undefeated mid­ dleweight contender from Brick Township, The Hazlet Youth Athletic League w ill have w ill headline the “War at the Shore,” a six- Framing Something of Sentimental its final signups for 1994 baseball/softball bout boxing card at the Ocean Place Hilton in from 7-9 p.m. tonight at the Union Avenue Long Branch on Friday. Savannah (13-0) is 1 Value always makes a Special Gift... School, and from noon to 2 p.m. Sunday at the rated No. 18 in the world. His previous local H YAL complex. Proof of residency and birth appearance in the ring was last May when he A photograph, a degree o r certificate, certificate w ill be required. Registration fee is scored a vic to ry at his alma mater, B rick a wedding invitation, collectibles, dried flowers, $55 for one child, $70 for two children, and Memorial High School. Also on Friday’s card $85 for three or more children. An additional is S izzlin’ Sal Lopez, a resident of Old Bridge o r a special poster that expresses your feelings.., check dated A p ril 1, 1994 for $100 is required who trains at the Howell PAL. Lopez, a junior Just to Name a Few! for a work deposit. Ages are boys 5-18 and welterweight, is 9-1. Other featured boxers on girls 5-16. Details: 264-3060 (leave message). the card are lightweight A rturo G atti (14-1, $1 0 .0 0 OFF > 12 KO’s) and his brother, junior middleweight * The Hazlet Youth Athletic League w ill hold Joe G atti (20-3, 15 KO’s). Ticket prices: $40 Any Custom Framing Order. signups for baseball (boys under 18) and soft­ for golden ringside (rows 1-3), $30 for ring­ Minimum $60.00 purchase. W ith This Ad ball (girls 14-16). The signups w ill be held at side (rows 4-7) and $20 for general admission. Lim it 1 per customer. Offer expires 2-14-94 the H YAL complex on Feb. 12-13 from noon Details: 776-5404. to 2 p.m. Proof of Hazlet residency w ill be required. Details: 264-3060 (leave message). Reebok and Rawlings present Ron Van FRAME OF MIND Sader’s fourth annual catchers camp on March CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING ► The Hazlet Recreation Commission w ill 5-6 at W illiam Paterson College, Wayne. This H o u r s : ART GALLERY 45 East M ain St. (RL 520), sponsor a bus trip to the Meadowlands Arena year’s camp w ill feature former William M on.-Sat., 10-5:30 on March 12 for a vs. Paterson All-American catcher and current H olm del 946-9193 T hurs., 10-7: ~ * Boston Bruins hockey game. Game time is Los Angeles Dodgers minor league catching 1:35 p.m. The price of the ticket, which can be instructor G arett Teel. Also featured w ill be purchased at the recreation center in Veterans Elizabeth High School baseball coach Ray Memorial Park, is $29 and includes bus trans­ Korn, who is the Port St. Lucie, Fla., Cubs portation. The bus w ill leave the library over­ pitching instructor. The camp is intended for flow parking lot, Middle Road, at noon. boys ages 8-18 and w ill include a morning and Details: 739-0653. afternoon session each day. Details: (201) 595­ itention 3014. KEYPORT The Strathm ore M en’s Softball League, a Sunday morning modified pitch league, is ••• 'omeowners The Keyport Youth Athletic League w ill seeking three established teams to join for the hold registration for its 1994 baseball and soft­ 1994 season. The league plays two seven- home insured to ball programs on Feb 11, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. inning games every Sunday at 9 a.m. in Aberdeen Township. Details: Marty, 914-362­ fgc?ln the event of a total in the Central School gymnasium A copy of the player’s birth certificate is required. The 5492 (until 10 p.m.) or Guy, 583-0985 (until j would your current programs are for boys and g irls ages 7-15. 10 p.m.) gt>olicy cover the cost to Beginning this season, the KYAL w ill open registration for a special program for mentally The C entral Jersey Men’s Senior Baseball Jlebuild? League is seeking additional teams for the and physically challenged children. 1994 season. In two years the league for men Ithese questions raise some age 30 and over has expanded from eight )ubts, you should call “THE MIDDLETOWN teams to 22 and is looking to add more in ’94. There are two leagues, 30-and-over (players PERSONAL INSURANCE must be 30 by Dec. 31, 1994) and 40-and-over ® P^ESSIO N A LS”at Dickstein A t a meeting held Jan. 10, the Board of (players must be 40 by Dec. 31, 1994). g p p d a te s Agency and let Directors and general membership of the Interested players, coaches and established Middletown American Little League voted teams can contact Andy Hooper at 679-2571. put your mind at ease. unanimously to discontinue any affiliation o c lr f n f with the Little League organization and W all Stadium’s top drivers and their racing instead affiliate with the Babe Ruth youth teams w ill display their 1994 equipment at MARGE CUIFFO, baseball organization. The Board of Directors Seaview Square M all’s third annual Race Car Sales Representative of the Middletown American Babe Ruth Expo, Feb. 25-27, at Seaview Square Mall, League are: Debbie McCarthy, Joann Route 66, Ocean Township. Expo hours are 10 ,. Wjjjjcpicsent many major Veltre, Tom Loiacono, A l Auerbach, Jay a.m. to 11 p.m. Feb. 25-26 and 11 a.m. to 5 Esposito, Ron DeModna, M ary Whelan, p.m. Feb. 27. W all Stadium, Route 34, W all ^BoflSipanies including the CNA Paul Dempsey, M ike Loori, Rich Buhowski, Township, w ill open its 45th season of stock Insurance companies. Tom Russo and Bob Trancucci. Any ques­ car racing on A p ril 2 at 7 p.m. As has become tions regarding the Middletown American a tradition at W all Stadium, drivers can take Babe Ruth League may be directed to A l advantage of an open house testing session on Auerbach at 495-6608. March 26 to try out their new machines prior I DICKSTEIN to the 1994 season opener. The R ive r Plaza Boys Club w ill hold signups I ASSOCIATES for spring baseball/softball from 7-9 p.m. Feb. New York Giants defensive back Myron 18 and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Feb. 19 at the River Guyton w ill direct a football camp for boys I I AG EN C Y Plaza Boys Clubhouse at Charger Field ages 8-18 from June 28 through July 3 at (Nutswamp Road to Gordon Road to Orchard Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pa. Giants S e r v ic e • E x p e r ie n c e • In t e g r it y Street). Programs offered include: Rookie punter M ike Horan w ill hold a kicking (punt­ League (must be 5 years old, and all 6-year- ing and placekicking) camp at Kutztown from June 28-30. Overnight housing is available for WRDEEN OFFICE • (908) 566-0700 olds), co-ed, $25; new American League (7- year-olds), co-ed, $45; new National League both camps. Details: 1-800-466-6888. „ 675 LINE ROAD • ABERDEEN (formerly Cap League 8- and 9-year-olds), co­ ed, $45; L ittle League (10- to 12-year-olds), To reach the Independent Sports Department, $45; 13-14 age group league, $45; Pony call 254-7000, ext. 229. S P O R T S THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2, 1994 4 < Lions’ cagers set for stretch drive

______BY ALAN KARMIN ______continuity. You play and then you miss a game or a couple of practices and it ’s real­ Staff Writer ly tough. But everybody is in the same boat we are.” The Middletown North High School The Lions are led this winter by 6-1 girls’ basketball squad got off to a shaky senior center Katie Ilch and 5-11 junior start in the 1993-94 season, but the Lions forward Karen Anderson on the front line, have come on strong to enter the week both averaging seven rebounds per game. w ith a record o f 8-5, 4-3 in the Shore The three guards in the starting lineup are Conference A North Division. 5-9 ju n io r Candy Campo, the team’ s lead­ Coach Ed Jones said the team’ s sched­ ing scorer w ith 12 points per game, 5-6 ule early in the season put a bite in his junior Renee Memoli and 5-5 sophomore young squad before the players had a Erin Monahan. chance to feel comfortable as a unit. Coming off the bench for the Lions are “Our schedule has been really tough on 5-4 senior guard Dana White, 5-11 senior us,” said Jones. “For the second year in a center Joyel Furges, 5-10 ju n io r center Jen row we had to meet up with Middletown Pease, 5-10 ju n io r forward Renae Z ilin s k i, South in the second game of the year and 5-7 junior forward Colleen Crotty, 5-6 lost and that really hasn’t helped us. It junior forward Natalie Zammitt and 5-4 would have been nicer to play not only an sophomore guard Lauran Smith. A North game but the best team in the W hile Jones knew what to expect from division later in the year when you’re a his returning letter winners, two players little more prepared. have been a pleasant surprise for the vet­ “Then the format was changed for us eran coach by breaking into the starting in the Lady Buc Holiday Tournament. In­ lineup. stead of playing after Christmas, we had a “If I had to name a ‘Most Improved game before Christmas which happened to Player’ we’d have a tie between Renee be two days after the South game and M em oli and E rin Monahan,” said Jones. against Shore Regional. “They were two junior varsity players last “Shore was seeded No. 5 and we were year and now they’re varsity starters. No. 4 but at that time they were ranked in ON THE GO — Middletown South High School junior varsity hoop- the Top 10 in the Shore Conference. And That’s now an easy thing to do in one ster Frank Bennett (25) goes to the hoop during Saturday’s game they are a very good team, much im­ year. against Neptune. The visiting Scarlet Fliers defeated the Eagles. proved over last year,” he added. “Before “And they’re not just starters, they’re they beat us they were coming off a win major contributors. Renee is one of our leaders in shooting percentage from three- (Photo by Rich Schultz) over Rumson, which is right now a Top 10 powerhouse. point range (40 percent) and from the free “Then we had to play Mater Dei in the throw line, and Erin is our main ball han­ consolation game o f the tournament, and dler, which is a lot of pressure for a even though they don’t have a great sophomore.” record right now, they’re s till a good ball- W ith the cutoff for the state tourna­ Coghlan eyes masters club - they always are. ment coming at the conclusion of last “We try to keep a very competitive night’s action, Jones said the team was schedule every year. We schedule the best hoping to beat Howell on Monday and teams we’re able to get, and when you do Neptune yesterday for a 10-5 record. mark at Millrose meet that, sometimes you risk a bad start out of That would put the Lions well over the the chute if things don’t je ll right away.” .500 record required to qualify for the ______BY TIM MORRIS______his goal at . The two Jones said the team’s recent play shows Central Jersey Group IV sectional tourna­ have become synonymous since Coghlan’s the Lions are starting to come together. ment, and, the coach believed, a better Staff Writer first appearance at the games as a Villanova “I re a lly see some im provement even shot at an invitation to the Shore Confer­ U niversity undergraduate in 1974. though we lost to Middletown South a ence Tournament. When Ireland’s chal­ He has won 11 Millrose crowns overall, second time (Jan. 25),” the coach said. “It This w ill not be an easy week for the lenged the magical sub-4:00 mile mark as a including three as a member of Villanova’s was a close game and it wasn’t decided Lions. It’s exam week at Middletown 40-year-old masters runner last year, it was a 2-mile relay team from 1974-76. Coghlan until the last second. At the time they N orth and Jones said his squad includes dream come true fo r M arlboro Township has said that this year’s race w ill be his last were s till undefeated and I was very many good students who remain con­ resident Marc Bloom. at Madison Square Garden. pleased, especially with our defensive cerned about th e ir academics. “Eamonn has helped catapult the event “Eamonn Coghlan and Madison Square effort, holding them to 30 points. The Lions have two tough non-division into the mainstream of major competition,” Garden make it special,” Bloom said. “He’s “We came back on Friday and beat games coming up and Jones said he was Bloom said. the main attraction at the Garden. He’s a Manalapan, which I feel is a very strong hoping his players could concentrate on crowd pleaser and he has a large Iris h fo l­ It was Bloom, the race director for the team. They haven’t gotten the recognition their studies and s till remain focused on lowing in New York. He’s an endearing per­ Runner’s World Masters Mile, who con­ they deserve. They’re 9-4 but two of their the challenges ahead on the court. ceived of the idea for the race which has sonality and he’s a hero.” Many of Coghlan’s greatest moments losses are to us and another is to Bayonne, the No. 8 team in Hudson become a highlight of the at County, w ill visit Middletown North for a Madison Square Garden, New York. have occurred in the Garden, where he’s Middletown South. Bloom’s goal was to make the event won the prestigious Wanamaker M ile a “Right now we’re playing good but, noon tipoff Saturday. The Lions w ill face more than just a nostalgic celebrity race. He record seven times. His 3:53 mile is the just like everybody else, the weather has Jackson (10-3 and in the Shore Confer­ wanted it to become a serious event that M illrose meet record. become a problem. It’s tough to get any ence Top 10) on Monday. would showcase the athletic talents of mas­ In his masters debut at the 1993 M illrose ters competitors. Games, Coghlan shattered the world indoor No 40-year-old showcased those talents record of 4:13.05 w ith a time of 4:05.95. Expo ’94 to ru n M arch 2-6 more than Coghlan, who in 1993 twice Coghlan also knows what it’s like to broke the world indoor masters mile record break barriers having become the first, and Thousands of tri-state area sports enthusi­ The show w ill feature daily seminars and w hile lowering the mark to 4:01.39 - tanta­ to this point, only runner to break 3:50 asts are looking forward to the 17th annual demonstrations with some of the country’s lizing ly close to breaking 4:00 and good indoors when he set his s till standing world World Fishing and Outdoor Exposition, most accomplished sports professionals and enough to have Coghlan come back for one indoor record of 3:49.78 at the which w ill run from March 2-6 at the sportsmen fam iliar with the local scene. more shot, which he w ill get on Friday when Meadowlands in 1983. Rockland Community College fieldhouse, New attractions w ill include an interactive the M illrose Games are held at the Garden. If Coghlan succeeds in his sub-4:00 Suffem, N.Y. archery range, a fish-fighting machine, the According to Bloom, Coghlan is ready attempt it w ill rank as one of track’s greatest The fieldhouse w ill be filled with fishing largest striper ever captured and a fly fishing for a serious sub-4:00 assault. achievements - alongside the firs t sub-4:00 tackle displays representing all the major school. Show hours are 3-10 p.m. March 2; “I spent a good deal of time with Eamonn mile (Roger Bannister, 1954), the firs t sub- manufacturers, hunting gear, guides, marine 2-10 p.m. March 3-4; 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. in California and he’s in better shape than he 3:50 mile (, 3:49.4, 1975) and electronics and accessories, exotic travel des­ March 5; and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. March 6. was at that time last year,” Bloom said. the current mile record of 3:44.39. tinations, outfitters, w ildlife artists, sports­ Admission is $8 for adults, $3 for children “He’s been training in Florida and a ll sys­ For more information about the M illrose men’s and conservation organizations, fish­ under 12; children under 5 are admitted free. tems are go for his attempt.” Games, call Madison Square Garden at ing boats, world class taxidermy displays - Admission includes all exhibits, seminars and It would be fitting for Coghlan to achieve (212)465-6741. and that’s just the beginning. events on day of admission. * 4 2 FEBRUARY 2,1994, THE INDEPENDENT

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• News Transcript • Sentinel • Suburban • Bayshore Independent • Middletown Independent • The Examiner BOUND BROOK THE BEST Listing Programl 1 bedroom in private house with full use of entire house. 2% LIST COST 1 mile from Rt. 287. Profes­ < L J U NOTICE OF ISSUANCE OF AN EMERGENCY sional non-smoker. Avail. 3/1. NOTICES 1 REAL ESTATE 5-15 COMMERCIAL 17-28 FINANCIAL 29-32 EMPLOYMENT 35-41 PERMIT UN0ER THE NEW JERSEY Sell $200,000-Save $2,000. Call 908-627-9477 HAZARDOUS WASTE REGULATIONS Written commitment on ads till sold. Full service broker. N.J.A.C. 7:26-12.9 (a) Ask for Paul Ricca R & B Brokers Realty, Inc. The State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental AM: 908-972-8096/264-7734 MERCHANDISE 42-51 GARAGE SALES 60 INSTRUCTION 63 LOST & FOUND 64 PETS/ANIMALS 65 Protection and Energy (NJDEPE) has reviewed the hazar­ Office: 908-431-3933 dous waste emergency permit application submitted by: HAZLET-Why Rent? New mo­ bile homes. Financing. 15 EPA ID No.. Department of The Navy 20 year. 6 mo-1 yr. free rent NJO 170 022172 Naval Weapons Station Earle Federal Enclave Located in Call: 908-888-9335 MISCELLANEOUS 66-68 ENTERTAINMENT 69 SERVICE DIRECTORY 70- BOATING 105-106 AUTOMOTIVE 110-119 Monmouth County, New Jersey OLD BRIDGE for the emergency on-site thermal treatment by open deto­ MONMOUTH JCT. SCHULT '72, 12’x65\ 2 bed­ nation of 17,805.42 pounds of waste explosives. The JUST LISTED room, screened in porch, Fax Your Ad 908-432-0016 HOW TO WRITE A NJDEPE has determined that an emergency situation Charming immaculate town­ washer, dryer. MUST SELL. exists at the facility and is therefore issuing an emergency house in Maiden Woods. Of­ Asking $25,000. M ail Your Ad CLASSIFIED AD THAT SELLS permit authorizing the open detonation activity in accor­ fering 2 bedrms., 2Vz baths, Call 908-274-1722 dance with N.J.A.C. 7:26-12.9 (a). full din. rm., sunken liv. rm. w/ Greater Media Newspapers • Start your ad with what you're selling. fireplace, patio. Community Classified Department • Be descriptive. List the best features of your Item first. WHAT THE EMERGENCY PERMIT COVERS provides clubhouse, platform 7 Edgeboro Rd. • Use only standard abbreviations. The State hazardous waste emergency permit regulates tennis & swimming pool. Min. • Always state the price of a sale item. If you're the on-site open detonation of 17,805.42 pounds of waste to GSP. Asking $98,000. East Brunswick, NJ 08816 flexible on price include the word “asking" in your ad. explosives. This emergency permit includes the following RUMSON REALTY, INC. • Be sure to include your phone number and times to provisions: Realtor MAUSOLEUM call. • Strict Specifications of the Activity Allowed Under for 2, Holmdel Cemetery. DEADLINES • Including the word "please" in your ad increases the Permit 908-842-1894 Relocated, MUST SELL. Ask­ response. • Identification of the Waste Types to be Open ing $5,500. Call 717-273-4274 Detonated by the facility MONDAY...Line Ads -1:30 pm • Design Specifications for the Approved Activity SAYREVILLE Display Ads - 11:00 am For rent/sale. $1,150. per mo. • A Contingency Plan and Preparedness/Prevention or $116,000. 908-525-0582 HOURS and Emergency Procedures •4 Lines A00 DESCRIPTION OF EMERGENCY ACTIVITIES SAYREVILLE DAILY...... 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Issuance of this Emergency Hazardous Waste Facility Luxury Townhouse. 2 bed­ MIDDLESEX COUNTY Please read your ad on the first day of publication. We ■2 Times 1 0 Permit w ill authorize the Department of the Navy, Naval rooms, 21/2 baths, central air, At School or Church, P/T am’s accept responsibility for only the first incorrect insertion. We Private Party Merchandise Weapons Station Earle to thermally treat by open detona­ w/w, all appliances & MORE! for day camp. Negotiable reserve the right to edit, reject or properly classify any ad. Pre-Paid tion 17,805.42 pounds of waste explosive consisting of $94,900. Call 908-852-9553 terms. Call 908-651-7942 $4-each additional line 9785.52 pounds of COMP A (RDX and plasticizer), and 8019.60 pounds of SPDF (smokeless powder, stabilized by diphenylamine). A further breakdown of the material is: 1713 rounds contain 4.99 pounds of explosive (COMP A3) and 4.1 pounds of propellant (smokeless powder); 158 SUNNY FLORIDA DC Musses 101 Beri rounds contain 5.0 pounds explosives (COMP A) and 4.1 FOR SALE - Condo - Century DISNEY AREA FLA. “All Real Estate advertised in this pounds of propellant (smokeless powder); and 85 rounds Village, West Palm Beach. I 2/3/4/ bedroom. Luxury homes REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE newspaper is subject to the Federal contain 5.27 pounds of explosives (COMP A) and 4.1 bedrm., 11/2 baths, upper cor­ 3mi. Disney. From $550AmK. Housing Act of 1968 which makes it FREEHOLD/HOWELL - Newly pounds of propellant (smokeless powder). ner. w/central air and heat. 908-446-8237 ...908-446-0224 illegal to advertise any preference, remodeled, oversized rms., 3 limitation or discrimination based on The waste explosives are part of the Department of The Upgraded. Call 908-780-3959 Bask in the Sun on a race, color, religion, sex or national bedrm, 11/2 baths, all appli­ Navy, Naval Weapons Station Earle (NWSE) ordnance or 1-407-683-9270 LOG CABIN, PA. origin, or an intention to make any ances, central air, garage. $800./PER WEEK Beautiful Sandy Beach... such preference, limitation or dis­ Pool, tennis. Close to all stock that have been classified as unserviceable. In addi­ CALL 908-254-1331, EVES R e s o r t crimination. tion the Department of The Navy has determined that the _ Play Tennis on the Lighted This newspaper will not knowingly transportation, shopping. accept any advertising for Real Es­ $1,000. month. Avail, upon ordnance is unsafe to transport or store and the propell­ 009 Rooms ft r: ST. MAARTEN XMAS ’94 tate which is in violation of the law. request. Call 908-294-7818. ant's stabilizer is degrading thus causing the rounds to P n n r l n Courts, ..Enjoy the Jacuzzis Our readers are informed that all LUXURY 1 bdrm. apartment and Saunas...Relax at the dwellings advertised in this newspa­ become less stable and explosively hazardous. Therefore, EAST BRUNSWICK- Bedrm./ for rent by owner-Pelican U U IIU U per are available on an equal op­ is has been determined by the NJDEPE that the controlled attached den in townhouse. Beach Resort 12/24-31 st, Oceanfront Cabana Bar. portunity basis.” thermal treatment by open detonation of the waste explo­ $500. Kitchen, laundry, pool, 1994. Call 908-536-2904 ASBURY PARK - North end sives is necessary to avert an unexpected/uncontrolled tennis. Partial utils. No smok­ MYRTLE BEACH on Deal Lake. 1 bedroom detonation of the waste explosives. Under the permit the ing/pets. 908-390-8969 apartments on bus line & near HAZLET-Townhouse 3 bedrm, waste explosives will be open detonated at the permittee’s South Carolina railroad. Starting at $525./ 2Vfe baths. Maintenance-only eighteen (18) acre Explosive Ordnance Demolition (E0D) MIDDLETOWN month. Includes heat & hot $15.mo. Walk to NYC bus. range by placing a block of C4 and an electric blasting cap water. Call 201-845-6618 $122,000. Call 908-888-0267 on each round of explosives. The open detonation opera­ Outstanding neighborhood. EATONCREST APTS Non-smoker. Near exit 114, Tennis & swim club. Large MILLSTONE tion w ill be conducted from the EOD safety bunker. The pkwy. Privileges. size rooms w/19ft living rm. open detonation w ill be conducted at a minimum of six 908-957-8463 Only minutes from Ocean 2 YEARS YOUNG hundred and seventy (670) feet from the facility property beaches, Golf Courses, Fish­ Colonial, 4 bdrm., 21/2 baths, time. ing &. Boating. Near all hous­ liv. rm., din. rm., family rm. WHERE TO OBTAIN ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Use your VISA es of.Worship & Matts. Mon- w/cathedraJ ceilings. Hard­ F ri 9:30am-4 pm, wood floors, custom kitchen Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the emergency permit, or MASTERCARD HOLMDEL/HAZLET 908-542-1105. Pine Brook w/porcelain tile counters, re­ and/or further information, or to arrange a review the to pay for your 1-4 room office suites. Short Rd., Hope Rd., Eatontown. 2 cessed lighting, full basement. administrative record should first contact: term leases, shared services. blocks from Exit 105 GSP 2 car garage. Huge deck, 45 Classified Ads Start at $290./month x 20, on 1 acre lot. Low taxes. Mr. Thomas Sherman, Chief - BHWE -14-94 Call 908-264-1138 Photographs Gladly Shown OLD BRIDGE $239,900. 908-446-6438 Bureau of Hazardous Waste Engineering 1-800-660-4-ADS LEDDY & DICK POLITY 908-566-5220 COUNTRY LIVING APTS Hazardous Waste Regulation Program 2 bedroom apts. avail. Heat, 33 Arctic Parkway - CN421 air conditioning, hot water, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0421 cooking gas and dishwashers Use your VISA included. Mon.-Fri., 9am-5pm. Phone(609)292-9880 COME TO THE BEACH 908-360-2992 or MASTERCARD LEGAL REFERENCES FOR THIS PROPOSAL And save a bundle, too! PARLIN Large 1 bedroom. to pay for your This permit authorizes the emergency open detonation of Fully furnished. All utilities in­ Classified Ads 17,805.42 pounds of waste explosives which is regulated NOTICES NOTICES cluded. Private entrance. by the solid Waste Management Act (N.S.J.A. 13:1E-1 s i MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. $550. month. Please call after 1-800-660-4-ADS sea.I and specifically N.J.A.C. 7:26-12.9 (a). These regula­ 4pm 908-727-8348 tions allow the NJDEPE to issue a temporary emergency Enjoy our beautiful, wide beach & permit to a facility to treat, store or dispose of a hazardous SAYREVILLE waste in the event that NJDEPE finds an imminent and NOTICE 2 bedrm., private entrance, ATTENTION substantial endangerment to human health or the environ­ The Aberdeen Township Municipal Utilities Authority will be conducting 1st floor. Off street parking. HOMEBUYERSM ment resulting from the hazardous waste. Avail, 3/1. No pets. $650. per a Special Meeting at 7:00 P.M. on Thursday, February 3rd, 1994, at its BEACHFRONT CONDOS mo. plus utilities. Don’t let Credit, Cash, !lffloma£'SA£mum Offices at 30 Noble Place, Aberdeen, New Jersey, to consider and take Call 908-254-1665 Complacency, Caution or Thomas Sherman, Chief possible action on matters concerning Reorganization of the Aberdeen Confusion keep you Township Municipal Ultilties Authority, specifically the appointmentTil Oceanfront balconies, everything SAYREVILLE Bureau of Hazardous Waste Engineering the Authority's Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistan BORDENTOWN AVENUE from purchasing your Hazardous Waste Regulation Program 1st Home. Secretary, Deputy Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Auditor, Financial Published February 2,1994 Cost $440.00 Advisor, Attorney, Special Counsel, Bond Counsel, Consulting Engineer, washer/dryer, beachfront pool, too. WINDING WOOD Register today for our Trustee, Depository Bank, Doctor, General Insurance Carrier, Health 1 & 2 BEDROOM GARDEN HOME BUYERS Insurance Carrier, Signatories and Official Newspapers. APARTMENTS FROM $560. SEMINAR, WEEKLY RATES BRAND NEW AVAILABLE Use your VISA Use your VISA ABERDEEN TOWNSHIP MUNICIPAL Open daily 9am-6pm WEDNESDAY EVENING UTILITIES AUTHORITY 2 B edroom 3 B edroom 908-238-3919 7 PM or MASTERCARD or MASTERCARD *575 -*800 *650 -*950 SPONSORED BY to pay for your to pay for your Michael P. Kelly III BAY CITY Classified Ads Classified Ads Executive Director B ill and Jackie Canino MORTGAGE CORP. Published February 2,1994 $110.00 908-577-0892 Classified Works! CALL 1-800-498-6141 1-800-660-4-ADS 1-800-660-4-ADS 4 4 FEBRUARY 2,1994, THE INDEPENDENT « 03‘ Hi , Want&rt Help Wat ad ' Help Wanted 036 Help Wanted 036 Halp Wanted ' I fljj| Part Time SOUTH BRUNSWICK CLERK - Medical Insurance CIRCULATION TELE MAR KETING-Flexible Office space for an individual NEED MONEY? Must have experience in all MECHANIC RECEPTIONIST morning & evening hours. Call with secretarial station, park­ WE BUY Seller-financed mort­ phases of medical insurance. SERVICE REP 3 days, 2-7pm. Dental office. 908-431-1078 ing, use of conference room, gages nationwide. For a quote ADVERTISING SALES Knowledge of computer, and FOR DIESEL TRUCKS. Free­ Salary +bonus. Office experi­ library, fax & copier. Call Rebecca 609-586-8438 experience with heavy patient hold area. Experience neces­ P A R T T IM E ence helpful. Call Rose at TELEPHONE SALES REASONABLE. Call Call 908-254-7000 contact. Holmdel area. sary. To maintain small fleet The Star-Ledger has immedi­ 908-972-0004 Monday, People to do telephone adver­ 908-297-3111 O r Fax 908-254-0256 Send resume to of tractor trailers. Call ate part-time openings for Wednesday, Friday, 8-12. tising from our East Brunswick Dr. Mark Engel 908-446-5900 early risers. $110. starting sal­ or Manalapan office. Salary + For Greater Media 733 N. Beers Street ary plus car expenses, dental commission. 908-651-1400 or Opportunity Holmdel, N.J. 07733 and vision benefits, vacations, ROUTE DRIVERS 908-446-3298 Attention Office Manager SALES $ AVON commissions, rapid salary in- Pay off those holiday bills. ALBERT FILOSA If your goal is growth, The News Tribune needs de­ TELEPHONE SALES- 10am- share ours, building 1-800-545-8390 iSCall 1-800-242-0850 pendable people to be inde­ 2pm selling hotel products. TAX PREPARATION MIDDLESEX COUNTY CONTESTANTS pendent motor route carriers. Morganville. 908-591-0500 FREEHOLD Lowest Rates 908-360-9126 territory for this dynamic MARRIED WOMEN WANTED CLERICAL Routes are available in the TELEPHONE SALES- From 2,000 sq. ft., exc. exposure, ARNOLD MAYBERG,CPA local newspaper group. tor the televised Mrs. America SALES following areas: Matawan, Old Old Bridge office. 9-1 or 1-5 directly on Rte. 9, 1 mi. north You must be aggressive Pageant. Call 908-928-9050 Needed in medical officfe. Bridge, East Brunswick, Edi­ weekdays. Call 908-251-0047 Fast, efficient, friendly service. self-starter, personable, Northeastern Lumber in Phone experience preferred. son, Woodbridge, Perth of raceway. Call Located in Concordia Shop­ with excellent verbal Jamesburg is looking for Flexible hours. 908-888-8388 908-431 -3455 or stop at ping Ctr., Monroe. For FREE communication skills. CUSTOMER SERVICE inside & outside Sales Associ Amboy and Linden. Excellent U35a Employment Central Jersey Pools price quote call 609-655-4263 MEDIA SALES EXPE­ Full time, 9-5 or 3-11. Route ates. Experience preferred but part time income. Call Route 9 35 in Middletown. Computers will train individuals who COUNSELORS The News Tribune today at Freehold ART ROSEN, CPA, CFP RIENCE A MUST. First year earnings mid-to- dial the numbers & we train exhibit right aptitude. Salary Weekend Shift to work with ATTENTION Tax Preparation & Financial high $20,000., including you to take orders. Earn $7.to commensurate with experi developmental disabled resi­ 908-442-2223 READERS GOURMET CJFFEE Planning. 908-446-3800 $17. per hour. 908-615-9345. ence. Must be willing to work Ads under this classification are not salary & commission. dents in Group Homes, lo­ SALES - Work part time hours offers of employment Often these & ICE CREAM SHOPPE Excellent benefits. Fu­ DECORATING ASSOCIATE some weekends & nights. cated in Manalapan or Free­ for full time pay showing advertisors offer a service for a fee. ARTHUR LA RAIA ture ceiling unlimited! Contact Guy or Doug hold. High school diploma and TUPPERWARE PRODUCTS If you place a call to a “900” number FOR SALE Seeking creative business 908-521-0040 weekdays. you will automatically be billed a fee, Great location. Owner must 7 days, 9-9. 908-721-6527 Call, Fax or send minded person for interior NJ Drivers license required. Call 908-303-0142 which varies. move. Priced to sell. Terms resume to decorating. Training. Part/full EOE. Call 908-367-5588 to SALES 4 pail. Call 908-356-5766 B. Englert, time. Call 908-583-3712 arrange an interview. POSTAL & GOVERNMENT JOANNE WARLEY Advertising Manager SALES-AV0N Marlboro bridal shop seeks JOBS. $237hour plus benefits. Formerly of Jackson-Hewitt Greater Media Newspapers Beautiful Opportunity DOCTOR’S ASSISTANT sales people. Experience a To apply 1-800-527-5399 FAST DROP-OFF SERVICE Edgeboro Road DRIVER All area -$$$- Sales For Podiatrist Office in Free­ plus. Days, evenings & week­ LOW RATES. 908-679-0833 East Brunswick, NJ 08816 Toll Free 1-800-662-2292 hold. Monday/Wednesday/ ends. Call 908-972-0080 STAY HOME & MAKE Equal Opportunity Employer FT/PT-LIMOUSINE SERVICE Friday mornings & Tuesday/ Up to $1,000./week or more! M.T.M. Accounting M/F Call 908-679-6424 Thursday evenings. WILL SALES-DREAM JOB 100’s of companies need GARAGE Marlboro. Alarm, TEACHERS TRAIN. Call 908-780-0713 Look like a million, and earn home workers NOW! fenced w/elec gate. All sizes. Computerized Preparation ASSOCIATE TRAINEE DRIVER $700. - $900. monthly for 2 908-840-9159 $28.-$1097mo. 908-536-0235 Personal/Business Returns Our company has openings F/T, P/T. General studies & DRIVERS evenings per week. Nation­ Call 908-721-5183 for a few select individuals. Northeastern Lumber in Jewish studies, for Jewish day wide company. Training. ROSE CHEN We can teach and support Jamesburg is looking for a school in East Brunswick, for Earn up to $15. per hour. 1-800-272-1741 037 Babysitting Tax Preparation you in earning an excellent in­ truck driver with CDL License September, 1994. Must be Now hiring 10 energetic food 908-846-2275 come in Real Estate. For in­ to operate Tandem & 40’ certified & minimum 2 years delivery drivers to join the Go- Boom. Sheetrock & roofing experience. Jewish studies 4-lt team. Flexible hours. Day, SALES-P.R. formation about career orien delivery experience preferred A FUN Filled Nursery School tation and aptitude test call teachers must be fluent in He­ evening, weekdays and week­ Surveys, screenings for health Wonderland Pre School-Howell ★ A BUSINESS ★ Sue at 609-448-6204 but will train right individual. brew. Also specialists in ends. Must have own car. Call professional. Fun office. Call Use your VISA Call 908-521-0040 ask for Spanish, science, arts. Call 908-536-1212 or fax resume 908-780-2588 7-6. Breakfast/lunch/snacks. that I started & own did $6 Doug or Guy 908-238-7971 Birth-6 years. 908-364-6211 million last year. Help me ex­ or MASTERCARD BANK TELLER HOUSECLEANING SECRETARY ABERDEEN-Quality care for pand. P/T, F/T, domestically & FIELD ASSESSOR your child. Meals. Flex, hours. internationally. No investment. to pay for your Experienced preferred TOOL MAKER Paid per house, Monmouth for the Matawan Borough Activities. Call 908-583-1496 Company is 9 yrs old & is top Brunswick Bank & Trust Position available in East area. A must: phone/own Recreation Commission. rated. Call Mike to hear & Classified Ads 439 Livingston Avenue Brunswick Assessing Depart­ Experienced person to make transportation. 908-679-6215 Apply at: Borough Hall CARE FOR KIDS leave message 908-389-7523 New Brunswick, NJ 08903 ment. Background in business extrusion dies for low preci­ 150 Main St. Matawan 1-800-660-4-ADS administration and accounting sion applications, and manage HOUSEKEEPING Day Care referrals. State cer­ VENDING ROUTE ESTAB­ CABLE ASSEMBLER required. Also 2 years related external machining sources. Flexible schedule. North Brun­ TELEMARKETING Earn $10. tified, preschool programs of­ LISHED- Immediate Cash Must have good manual dex­ experience in this field. Apply to: Uniplex Profiles swick area. Keep house, pick­ per hour 3 days a week in our fered. All areas 908-446-8027 Flow. $2,000./wk. Potential. terity and vision. Will train. Send resume to: 50 Jiffy Road ups, laundry, etc. Marlboro office. Deal with Must Sell. 800-870-2354 Call between 10am and 3pm _ E. Brunswick Township Somerset Call 908-821-1890 brides to be. Experience re­ CHILDREN’S CHOICE 908-308-0600 Personnel Department 908-873-2700 quired. Call 908-972-7777 46 W. Ferris St., E. Brunswick PO Box 1081 INSERTERS Ages 3 months-5 years. E. Brunswick, NJ 08816 WAITER/WAITRESS TELEMARKETING Kindergarten. State Certified. i i i k CLERICAL Equal Opportunity Employer Wednesdays Open 6:30am-7pm, 12 months FULL & PART TIME. Call for 12 midnight to 4 a.m. Manalapan mortgage com- a year. Call 908-613-4488 EMPLOYMENT $17,000. Entry Level information: 908-727-0078 Call Ernie or Bill, 3pm - 7pm aany seeking experienced Wonderful company is seek­ 908-254-7004 telemarketing person for P/T EAST BRUNSWICK - Exp. FINANCIAL ing an individual to manage HAIRDRESSERS Greater Jersey Press telephone sales position. mom, wiJJ fill your child’s day their file room. Records back­ F/t, p/t, in Manalapan. Brand WAITRESS/WAITER 10 Connery Court Could lead to F/T inside mar- with fun & learning. Non­ ground a plus, but not neces­ new shop. 908-367-6661 Formal, for dining room in Ital­ East Brunswick, NJ 08816

r t mmmm 4 6 FEBRUARY 2,1994, THE INDEPENDENT

I j f r i * * - ; m m m \ ★ A CLASS ACT ★ DJ PATTY G- • EXERCISE EQUIPMENT ACADEMIC ELECTROLYSIS CD Superior Music for All THE MAIN EVENT turn., antiques. 908-257-9107’ Universal weight set-$300., MATH-SCIENCE 20 YEARS £ “DAZZLE” The Clown Occasions. Call 908-308-9443 Sing-A-Long Videos ‘b Parties weight bench-$125., stair ma- Bio/Chem/Physics/SAT 2 Low rates. Weekend hrs. Free • Magic • Bamie • Balloons Clubs • Laser Karakoe Music 3 chine-$200., exercise bike- Your home. 908-780-4428 ° consultation. Insulated probes. • & more. Call 908-591-2600 DJ POOBAH 908-536-2435 DJ Music with Rocky SALE! We Buy & Sell $50. Call 908-679-2165 Call for appt. 908-888-4747 Spinning popular/club for Call 908-739-8705 24 Broad St Keyport ALL ELEMENTARY Subjects. Sweet 16’s, graduation par­ JAKE FIRM FLEX-Extra Lie. teacher. Comparable Classified Sells A PETER PAN ties, etc. VERY Affordable. rates. Your home or mine. ELECTROLYSIS bands, $120. SMI Formula 1-800-660-4ADS ADVENTURE Stepper, $50. Life Styler 2100 Call 908-727-8763 Professionally done by: D J T O G O Walker, $200. 4 P205-15, Magic/games/balloons. " $135. 908-821-6023 ALL SUBJECTS- Levels K-5. ANTOINETTE, CPE • Peter Pan • Belle • ALL OCCASIONS Certified elementary teacher. CALLIGRAPHY & MORE Rona Bums 908-422-0 i 54 • Permanent Hair Removal Dizzy Dino • Clown • Merlin Reasonable 908-238-6596 ; S K I R A C K • Affordable Prices Call 908-577-1457 You name it, I’ll spin it! JUDY’S JOTTINGS ALL SUBJECTS-K-6. MANY SAYREVILLE - Exc. cond. 2 seasons old. Vfe YEARS EXPERIENCE. Call: CALL 908-238-2176 A STORYTIME DJ’S WITH PIZZAZZ Call 908-536-5111 * orig. price. $60. 908-536-2593 Michael Wright 908-566-5507 „ Call 1-800-295-4626 WE BUY, SELL & TRADE FITNESS TRAINER Stories w/puppets, songs, CALLIGRAPHY-Have your en­ THE RECORD SETTER SKIS National body builder will train crafts. Reas. 908-254-9389 DJ-GOOD VIBRATIONS velopes beautifully i 908-257-3888/800-649-3848 6 ft. Black Hart boots, size COMPUTERS j you in home or gym. Call Robust personality-any occas Call Joyce 908-972-1147 - 8Vfe. Black poles. All $65. John for appt. 908-495-6343 A-1 ENTERTAINMENT ion-reasonable. 908-298-0060 908-264-6583 after 6 p.m. • Consulting • Support All types of entertainment. HELPING HANDS CONSIGNMENT • Training...DOS, Lotus, Word a Available for all occasions. ERIC THE GREAT Perfect & MORE!!! Private & jy Call Now...... 908-238-9363 HAVE TRAY WILL TRAVEL SHOP small groups (4 people max.). -ST And His Wonderful World Of Will set up, serve & clean up. WEIGHTS AFFORDABLE Call Jennifer 908-238-9032 We want gently worn clothin • One set each, 5-100 lbs., Call 908-238-7384 c CHARACTERS/BARN IE, ★MAGIC* furniture & bric-a-brac. dumbells. One flat/incline ELEM. or SPECIAL ED. D MEET YOUR MATCH CLOWNS AND MORE Any Occasion. 908-536-6936 bench, one adj. sit-up bench, Tutors available. Please call |r CALL 908-739-4867 HERE TO SERVE D E J A V U three dumbell racks (4 ft. ea.) Martha 908-679-5055 or fr 1-900-370-2131 ★ BALLOON ANIMALS ★ GOOD VIBES Be a guest at your own party! Must sell as package. $1,000. Judi 908-723-0921 - We set up, serve & cleanup. 30 E. Main St., Freehold Call 908-446-9107 There are singles ★ FACE PAINTING ★ 908-431-2001 HIMALAYAN waiting to hear from ENTERTAINMENT Call Edwina at 908-257-1934 you. Call and browse PICKLES The Clown HEBREW TUTOR 4 their phone greetings Call 908-787-7418 eves. DJ’d music for all occasions. VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS Cash. Lie. NJ/Fed. Dealt Bar & Bat Mitzvah Prep g All state of the art equipt. House calls. Bert 821-4949 or check the Meet 908-727-4610 Video taping. Weddings, par­ A l Kelli Richman 908-536-2914 Your Match Personals BARNIE ties, etc. 908-888-2786 INVISIBLE FENCING Page. Call costs JOE FORTUNATO’S M A K E M O N E Y HIGH SCHOOL Supervisor of- C $1.85 per minute. Wants to party with you MERCHANDISE fers Math/SAT tutoring. Free- F Must be 18 or over. SONGS, GAMES & GIFTS CELEBRATION VIDEO TAPING hold area. 908-431-8333 til 10 b To place your FREE Call,908-525-1273 Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, CLEANING "Meet Your Match Ad” ENTERTAINMENT Birthdays, etc. 908-972-1145 HUNTINGTON PUPPIES call 1-800-454-9100 BELLY DANCER OdQ GflfSQd Solon Greater Media Newspapers DJ’s Also Video Taping YOUR CLOSETS LEARNING CENTER 2 RD. 3 Meet Your Match 14 Yrs. Exp. 908-721 -0892 7 Edgeboro Road HELENA IS THE BEST! Individual tutoring in Reading, n h s o ld . C a ll East Brunswick, NJ 08816 $ $ $ $ KEYPORT-CONSIGNMENT- Study Skills, Writing, Phonics, 908-390-0308 Tasteful, professional, reliable. LOONEY TOONEY 1/2 PRICE on glass, knic- Spelling, Math and SAT prep. - SOFTBALL PLAYERS Lessons, too. 908-390-9177 clothing, closeouts or knacs, jewelry & clothes. Feb­ Certified teachers. Call 30 & OVER 908-409-1153 BIRTHDAY Party Fun! FREE GIFTS. Clown special salesmens samples. ruary Mon. through Sat. 11-5. Freehold Middletown $75. Sue 908-303-9343 SERVICE DIRECTORY t 242 Broad St. 908-739-4626 Kids Have More Fun 908-431 -5400 908-671 -0200 STEP PARENTING In a Galaxy Moonwalk MAGIC AT ITS BEST GROUP FORMING-Support GALAXY ENTERTAINMENT Live Animals & More S P 0 T S W 0 0 D MATH & READING for parents & children in the Call 908-723-1234 Bruce Bray 1-800-673-1608 OLD FIXTURES By experienced, licensed Freehold area. Call teacher. Call 908-828-5102 - 908-446-6138 BONABINI THE CLOWN MICKEY, MINNIE, BIG BIRD HIGH SCHOOL Will brighten your child’s & MORE available for parties h Chinese Auction. Fri. 2/11. MATH Tutor-college teacher. § special day. 908-723-9244 or events. AGNETA HEAT/AIR . Doors open 6:30 pm. Start All levels-quality lessons! New 1 Call 908-787-8076 Refrigeration service - calling numbers at 8 pm. SAT. E.B. area. 908-238-3042 « BUBBLES the CLOWN Comm. & res. 24 hour service ques. 908-294-0440 Um your VISA Magic, balloons 908-446-3131 ★★★MR. M A G IC S ** Call Michael 908-287-1229 Adm ission $3.00. MATH TUTORING - Certified orto MASTER pay for yourCARD Comedy, illusions, rabbits, teachers. Algebra, Geometry, CltMlftod Ad CAPTAIN METRO participation. 908-238-3040 Trig, SAT, etc. 908-536-1670 1-800-660-4ADS 070a Appliance Furr£ur«. Parana* MATH TUTORING- Algebra, PARTY DJ’S ONE MAN BAND Repair ftmme, Stasues, Vasws. geometry, trig, SAT, etc. by ADOPTION Ofi*ntai fiug*, Silver, M MARIE 908-390-7949 Light Jazz, Boogie, Blues, ACCURATE APPLIANCE NY & NJ cert. HS/college »» Since 1932 Big Band, Latin, Etc. Call one, OWToys. INSTRUCTION teacher. 908-780-3748 * & Service-lnstallation-Parts Special Crystals, Analyst, CARICATURES Mel Sahner 609-395-9004 All Makes & Models Over 40 irts. oU. MATH-Reading Remediation- J Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball, In color PARTY CARTS Humidifiers Installed ANY QUANTITY.. Specializing in the slow leam- Advisor on all Problems, All occasions and gifts. 908-247-7565 24hr service COMPLETE ESTATES f er. Donna Fox. 908-536-6181. Life, Business, Marriage, Call 201-837-7780 Candy Carts for all Occasions PURCHASED Job, Health, Love etc. Are Call Jennifer 908-972-8386 DAVE’S Appliance Service Diane at you worried? Afraid to CASINO PARTIES Air conditioning & major appli­ NEW S.A.T. •1 make decisions? Just 1 PARTY ENTERTAINER ance repair & installations. A R T S C H O O L Math & verbal for same price, a consultation will give you • Blackjack, Roulette, Craps Keyboard Vocalist. Music to Call 908-363-3356 FREE INTERVIEW - d the answers. • Professional Service Dance, Listen & Sing Alongs. 908-308-3335 In E. Brunswick 908-257-8127 George Fliegel Tutoring • Casino quality equipment Engagements, Weddings, FELICIA’S SCHOOL Call 908-972-0769 or DIET J f i L For Appointment Deals On Wheels 908-367-1125 Birthdays. Judy 908-431-1286 . a v & H N a h OF PIANO. Old Bridge Twp. 908-238-3194 for information 3 $12VVfehr. Call 908-525-9286 Information Call CHILD PARTY PERFECT M l * PIANO & FLUTE LESSONS - READING & MATH TUTOR All Your Favorite Characters ALL Purpose Contracting Co. Levels K-9, SAT Prep. MAGIC % 908-775-5327 CHARMERS Call 908-888-4433 GENERAL CONTRACTOR Available in your home. By Lie. Teacher. 908-679-3616 Fully Insured. Free Estimates. enthusiastic and qualified FAT REDUCING CREAM BARNEE, CLOWNS & MORE PONIES FOR PARTIES Call 908-721-9283 teacher. Call Regina Balloons/Face Painting/Etc. Pretty ponies decorated for WANTED 609-259-6282 READING/MATH ° Call 908-723-0179 your special party. Also, horse AMERICAN INGENUITY AhMy* buying PIANO & ORGAN INSTRUC­ K-8 + algebra. Certified teach- n CISCO’S PREMIER DJ’S - drawn wagons & a petting zoo Roofing...... Siding i antique*, oidef fixrtfur* TION. Priv. at your home. er. My home. 908-566-7580 SIMPLY THE BEST avail. Jan/Bob 908-409-6678 Additions...... Finish Work Exp. teacher. 908-257-3276 Thigh Cream! I’ve got it! For information 908-787-3141 Interior Paint...... Decks . teys, artwork. Call Diane: 908-671-6871 PHOTOS by Frank Genua Kitchens & Baths..... Floors collectibles, jewefcry S.A.T. ONE ON ONE PRETTY PARTIES PIANO & ORGAN LESSONS Weddings-Candid-Portrait CLOWN AROUND Free Estimates...... Insured One Aom or enirre estate.: State certified. Julliard trained. ENGLISH SPECIALIST 1 We Do Video Recording • BEAUTIFUL MAKEOVERS 908-651-0854, 908-446-4265 15 yrs. exp. 908-264-1093 Your home. Leam strategies/ Call 908-254-2560 Reasonable. 908-591-8532 • NAILS, HAIR, MAKEUP Raritan Bay techniques. 908-462-6429 ^ • MUSIC, GAMES, FAVORS INNOVATION REMODELERS PIANO. KEYBOARDS. PHOTOS by O. John Reed CRAFT Birthday Parties • BEAUTY CONTESTS... We do it all. Free estimates. GUITAR. ORGAN & BASS. FOR CHILDREN and MORE!!! Call us for all your remodeling Popular & Classical. All levels. SAT Have you been seeing our Weddings/Special Occasions Everything can be included. Memories are made with... needs at...908-367-8361 Prof. instruction at your home. adi lor the past tea years Candid Portraits In Home Call Linda 908-576-1777 Pretty Parties 908-257-6327 •ManberNJiN^iond' 25 yrs. teaching experience. Private sessions in your and never tit'tnnfsti >o call’ Reasonable. 908-264-0377 S. L. CONSTRUCTION Hank Ploskon 908-238-1555 home. Experienced staff di­ Society of Auctioneer rected by the College Board's Woncei CRAFT PARTIES PRETTY PONY COMPANY INC. PIANO/Keyboard & Organ NO JOB TOO SMALL * Licensed fSeai Estate SAT Software author. We use you're still single? For children ages 3-10. Decorated, polite, gentle Auctioneer . . . . in your home, by professional. only real tests. Top score Call ponies for parties & events. FREE ESTIMATES Roberta D. 908-249-1489 gains for 15 years. Score At Call Rhonda 908-257-1165 Call 908-446-6474 STUART 908-431 -0215 1 - the Top! 800-877-8005 I l M ~ if p r SAX & CLARINET inteiinatiomu.' D IS C J A K E Y PUDDINS m & FLUTE LESSONS IN S.A.T. Verbal, Reading Spe­ 908-238-4306 cialist, Special Ed Specialist, Parties start at $200.00 MY-TEE-FINE CLOWIN I YOUR HOME. 908-446-8576 English all levels, Math. Rea­ personal introduction Reputation speaks for itself sonable. Sue, 908-257-2777 DJ - ALL OCCASIONS All Occasions. 908-651-0747 DECKS, Additions, Kitchens & I VOICE LESSONS service. MUSIC EXPLOSION Raggety Anne & Andie Bathrooms. S & R Home Pop & Broadway for teens & SPANISH/French-ESL. Basic East Brunswick Improvements... 908-679-2291 PIANO adults. Your home or mine. math. NJ LIC., experienced 908-238-7854 Call 908-607-0786 Party Package 908-238-7643 Call 908-583-4848 908-591-0732 A BAND? A DJ? Kimball, honey oak, lik KARAOKE? 908-727-9010 DJ K...908-957-0369 SINGING TELEGRAMS $1,000. 908-462-5480 Custom Music Custom Roasts - Funny/Sweet ★ ACCENT ON ★ All Occasions...Reasonable All occasions. 908-972-3366 A.J. CARPET DESIGNS PIANOS PRAYERTOTHE HOLY SPIRIT ENTERTAINMENT Holy Spirit, you who solve all pro­ Installed/Repairs/Relay/Sales COLLEGE Placement Service blems, light all roads so that I can /Restretches. 908-536-4703 DID YOU MISS OUR LEARNING DISABLED LOST & FOUND , my goal. You who give me A B A R N IE P£OPLS W.E4SSBS i gift to forgive & forget all CARPET REPAIRS Due to By Appointment 908-536-2328 evil against me and that In ail CELEBRATION! Children's Party rrlliny li instances of my life are with me. I We Do The Following: 1 COMPUTER 064U**Found want this short prayer to thank you ★ Games ★ Music ★ Songs Re-stretching for all things you confirm once & Much More. Any Occasion. Specialists Pet damage Bum Marks Call 908-462-4730 * that I never want to be sepa- Frayed Edges Doorways SKILLS AS A PUBLIC SERVICE from you, even in spite of all Call 908-536-6936 FREEHOLD MUSIC CTR. WE WILL PUBLISH A material illusions. I wish to be with Over 30 Costumed Characters Relay used carpet - • WORDPERFECT • LOTUS 4 LINE AD FOR 2 WEEKS you in eternal joy and thank you for A BEAUTIFUL ART Same Day Ser. 908-679-6031 1 • DOS • WINDOWS • WORD AT NO COST your mercy towards me and mine. Kiddie Carnival Rides, Games &. Attractions • EXCEL • DTP TO THE PERSON The person must say this prayer Sterling silver jewelry making JIM’S CARPET I For limited time leam Word- WHO CALLS for 3 consecutive days. After 3 parties, for kids. 908-446-7930 Moonwalks * Puppet Shows INSTALLATION ABOUT A FOUND ITEM days the favor requested will be Sumo Wrestling • Human Bowling Sales, cleaning, re-lays, “ Perfect 6.0 FREE when regis­ 1-800-660-4ADS granted even if it seems difficult. A BIG DEAL! re-stretches and repairs. EXERCISE EQUIPMENT tered for WordPerfect 5.1 The prayer must be published Laser Karaoke with Host FOUND Prescription Designer immediately after the favor is Call 908-495-9483 Decline sit up Bench ). Freehold Computer Eyeglasses-Linda Evans granted without mention of the The $250. Party Corporate Events • Fund Raisers Roman chair sit up $50. Training Center frames, purple & green. favor, only your initials should Radio Active Disc Jockeys THE CARPET DOCTOR 1 Scott Curt Bench Found in Marine Park, Red appear at the bottom. Installations, repairs, shop-at- 908-613-1422 1-800-342-1110 908-308-0222 Bank on 1/23. 908-780-5483 D.M.K. 1-800-727-D J4U 908-727-4342 home sales. 908-542-1987 THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 4 7

CALL We Honor 1-800-660-4-ADS B usiness L S ervice Deadline Friday 11 AM D ir e c t o r y This directory will be revised monthiy. Cancellations wiall be acceptedDted and necessary copy changes will I be made for the first publication of the month only. Please check deadline information. — \m II I 'I IN M Hi I mammmMMSEHSSEsm MUZIO HOME & OFFICE JUST index CONSTRUCTION OUR WINDOWS ■ A ir/H eat • Acoustical Ceilings DANE CUSTOM Custom Decks • Sheetrock & Taping THERMO-SHIELD ■ Appliance Repair SERVICE CARPENTRY INC. A dditions • Asphalt/Concrete Paving A Hood Craftsman for • Decks & Windows (MM • Decks ali your Carpentry • Painting (interior, exterior) DIRECTORY • Additions Roofing/Siding > Building/Remodeling Needs • Masonry (patios, brick work • Basements Windows/Doors • Carpet Care Small Jobs Welcomed interlocking pavers) GETS • Patio Doors "The last contractor • Finished Basements • Windows you will ever need" • Cleaning Services Insured RESULTS FREE ESTIMATES 22 Yrs Experience 1-800-870-2531 Free Estimates • Closet Remodeling 908-446-5921 908-905-9025 > Decorating Services 908 495 3403 24 Hour Emarggncy Strain Free Est. Fully Ins. Fully Insured Insured Free Estimates > Electrical 908-264-4840 H n i i " l I 1 1 • Exterminators • Fencing *VINYL WINDOWS* REMODELING De Angelis SUPREME > Floors/Floor Care QUALITY •Wood Sash Removal UNLIMITED Construction Co. CARPET CARE INC. • Garage Doors $165.00 Installed • Decks CONSTRUCTION Professional • Handy Persons I CONSTRUCTION I • Metal Removal • Additions General Contracting HOME IMPROVEMENTS Carpet Cleaning 18 Years Experience $199.00 Installed • Bathrooms • Additions • Kitchens No Wet Mess! • Kitchens/Baths • Remodeling • Kitchens & Baths • Lawn Care/Landscaping Additions • Framing • Baths • Porches • Additions & Framing The HOST. Dry ‘VINYL SIDING* • Acoustical • Siding & Roofing • Painting/Wallpapering Roofing • Siding • Decks • Windows Extraction Carpet $180.00 Installed Drop Ceilings • Windows & Doors Cleaning System «Plumbing/Heating Kitchens • Baths (per 100 sq. ft.) • Doors •Sunrooms Windows • Doors Gets Carpets > Pool Care Fully 1908-363-3108 Deep-Down 908-721-0250 908-303-4249 908-842-0220 908-223-6622 Clean. > Roofing/Siding/Gutters/Windows 908-262-0531 Fully ins. Free Est. Insured! 18 Years Experience licensed • Insured Ask lor David Insured > Special Services ^ • Free Estimates ^ 29 yrs. Experience Free Estimates Lie. & Ins. Free Est 908-409-0816 ELECTRICAL COL-AIR Call J. LeCour CALL OUR NEMCO r WINTER'1 Heating & Cooling (2*HdtruieUo4t> ADVERTISERS ELECTRIC CO. SPECIAL 24 Hr. Emergency Service • Service Upgrades & Repairs Recessed Lighting Service all makes & models Inc. TO GET THE • Ceiling & Attic Fans 1-800 660-4 ADS Fine Quality Builders ^ Specializing in Quality • Outdoor Lighting & Wring 10% DISCOUNT • Oil or gas cleanings JOB DONE. • Bath Ventilators & Heaters WITH THIS AD Professional Service • Roofing • Siding • Recessed & Track Lights • Check ups Complete Reference List • Cable TV & Phone Lines ON ALL WORK • Installation of all To Advertise All Work Guaranteed • Additions • Add-Levels B.T. ELECTRIC heating equipment • Custom Homes • Roofing • Kitchens • Renovations 5 pm to 9 pm • Seamless Gutters • Windows • Clock thermostats Your • Additions Ceilings CUSTOM ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR I • Windows • Rec Rooms « Tiles TOTAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CORP. ELECTRICAL WORK Residential/Commercial • Decks • Replacement > Bathrooms • Residential & commercial Windows > Attics STOP IN OR CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE • Bucket Truck Lighting-ln & Outdoors • Painting • Doors • Locks Service Available • Wallpapering • Paneling LICENSE #33355 r BANK FINANCING -> 908-919-0606 Services & Smoke Detectors I Reasonable Rates 273 MAIN ST. MATAWAN Fully insured Free 9 0 8 - 6 7 1 - 2 7 8 7 Servicing Area [908-566-28281 Free Estimates Ceiling, Bath Fans & Heaters I 908-739-8853 Estimates No .7 Job , “Too Big or Small / ,, 20 Years (CORNER OF RT. 34) 24 HOUR PHONE SERVICE ‘ NJUC. *11406

D . R I Z Z I E HENRY'S Mr. Fence WINDOWS BUILDERS HOME IMPROVEMENT FARRELL & CO. flur t Ansi § Complete Renovations ELECTRIC COPfT. • Dog Runs 100% • Chain Link • Horse Paddocks FINANCING DECKS • Ind. • Res. • tel 8 Rail • Guard Bails AVAILABLE Alterations • Additions * New Homes • Comm. • Dumpsters Endosores 'IDEAL SOUD VINYL Kitchens • Baths * Windows > Doors • Jerith Specialist *7/8' INSULATED CLASS Skylights * Basements • Windows • Additions • Basements 40 Years Exp. •NO STORMS NEEDED -UP TO 70 UNITED INCHES Serving Central Jersey over 17 years “REPAIRS" •LIFETIME WARRANTY -STOCK SIZES ONLY • All types of interior remodeling -MINIMUM 3 WINDOWS 2 Year Buarantee-FuUy Ins-Free Esl •FULLY INSURED INSTALLATION NOT INCLUDED FREE ESTIMATES 908-888-3250 B 8. C HOME IMPROVEMENTS 908-758-9578 908-821-4647 908-928-5866 908-972 9377 FULLY INSURED Fully insured Lie. #11856 908-363-1614 FLOORS/FLOOR CARE GARAGE DOORS Fully Insured Free Estimates CALL TODAY FOR SMOOTH A FREE ESTIMATE RELAX... AS 908-566-3238 m s Let Someone commercial/residential BUTTER - * r Parquet Floors Else - Installation - Staining A-D00R - Repairs - Bleaching GARAGE DOORS - Sanding - Deck Sanding Sales, Service Do J S f S a * Installation & Repairs “Professional Building & Remodeling Company" ot Doors & Openers The Install-Rite Additions •Alterations • Baths • Kitchens • Decks • Skylights 908-787-6341 Ken O'Day 908-409-3477 908-566-8861 908-671-7772 AiuminumA/inyi Siding • Fireplaces • Concrete • Doors 1-800-339-0994 • • • • 1-917-879-3493 908-223-0994 Work Freehold Matawan Middletown • Windows Porches Basements Painting Papering Owner-Operated FREE ESTIMATES 4 8 FEBRUARY 2,1994, THE INDEPENDENT HANDY PERSONS KITCHENS/BATHS PAINTING/WALLPAPERING PAINTING/WALLPAPERING

J & p RICHARD N N N N T H E FANTASY FINISHES JACK OF A M KITCHEN ffTfm Wnllnnmnm Altnrnnihm” HOME REPAIRS W A L L IIW naiipapBf nlWiflailrS “No Job Too Big ★ No Job Too Sm all CABINETS . . K. MOORE N e i g h b o r or Too Smalt' ★ No Job Too Far DOCTOR Custom Painted STRIPPED & KITCHENWORKS Professional Painting & S o n For all Your Home • Paper Hanging Designs on Repairs and • . a s s Specializing in • Interior/Exterior • Professional • Wallpaper Removal Walls and Accessories ★ General Maintenance REFINISHED n Improvements Kitchen Remodeling • Drywall ^ Wallpapering • Painting Faux Finishes • Caulking LIKE NEW • Interior & Exterior • Wall Repairs CALL JACK: • Sheetrock Repairs • Refacing • Spackling Painting Natalie Stein Quality Work Countertop 908-536*9451 40^,908-727-1696 • New Cabinets Owner Operated • Carpentry 908-308-0535 At A Great Price Replacement For Your Free Estimate J W P INSURED Work Done By Owner Insured Free Estimate CALL GREG “CALL US LAST!” Susan Greene 1 S & FREE Hee Fully Established In 1969 e s t im a t e s 908-251-2299 908-780-0318 E:mi 908-521-1947 \mn 908-462-8282 908-613-7120 908-747-3845 Fully Insured

COMPLETE MATTHEW'S T > HOUSE C a ll SIGMUNDS BATHROOM JK/DOCTOR PAINTING & ABSOLUTE I f % / Remodeling Co. REFINISHING REMODELING Starting As Low As POWERWASHING CERAMIC TILE I AFFORDABLE PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN Affordable Prices •PAINTING Installation CABINETS I p T o 5 \ r Exterior/Interior PAPERHANGING To Advertise Best Q uality Work Marble STRIPPED BY AJ BATH No Job Tbo Small ‘ POWER WASHING & Carpentry SHEETROCK/REPAIRS PAPER REMOVAL Y o u r & Includes All New Walls, Interior/Exterior 'WALLPAPERING All Types of Repair Toilet, Tub, Vanity, CARPENTRY »10» & UP Primers & adhesive are REFINISHED Medicine Cabinet, Sink, TEXTURED CEILINGS Fully Insured • References p e r sin g le ro ll included in price of labor FREE ESTIMATES B u s in e s s Plumbing Fixtures, Tile Owner/Operator & More! NO JOB TOO SMALL IAN CallVinnie 908-495-3484 FREE ESTIMATES H e re 908-571-1075 908-721-0856 908-545-7149 908-536-7214 Free Estimates • Fully Insured Free Estimates lie. #0883 We use Benjamin Moore Paints Free Estimates 908-251-7156 KITCHENS/BATHS PAINTING/WALLPAPERING PLUMBING/HEATING Serving Our Area K & O HOME u p Q . M . S . CALL O U R Over 20 Tears M 8 P IMPROVEMENTS P SOTA ADVERTISERS C H A R L E S E . S in ce 1975 PAINTING & m PATTERSON ENTERPRISE PAINTING" TO G ET THE B athroom DECORATING Interior/Exterior Plumbing & Heating B U S Y B ’ s Over 40 Tears Experience Specialist KITCHEN & BATH w « r G •INTERIOR/EXTERIOR* JO B D O N E. CABINETRY •WALLCOVERING* Custom HOME Stock • Custom In te rio r Painting Ceramic Tile, REASONABLE RATES •POWERWASHING* Exterior Painting IMPROVEMENTS Cabinetry, Etc. Professional Installation •DECK CLEANING* 908-462-3356 Counter Top Design Insured • Residential 908-2385686 Free Estimates Persoiuii»4 Service by • Popcorn Ceilings Sewer & Drain Cleaning Certified Kitchen & Bath Designers Free Estimates 908-577-1059 • Free Estimates F ree Repairs & Renovations Quality • Fully Insured 24 Hour Emergency Service 908-738-8873 908-699-1385 908-840-2143 | Estim ates No Job Too Small 1-800-452-BATH (2284) Maintenance Service F u lly State License *4448 908-679-8743 DAVE BRYSON • Free Estimates • Fully Insured 908-238-5553 In s u r e d

KINGS TILE EASY S I M 0 S WINDOWS Installers of AFFORDABLE m m WALLPAPER? DOORS BROTHERS You Don’t Need a TILE & MARBLE PAINTING WFA1¥TASTIC” ^FABULOUS” SIDING New Kitchen... We Also Do EAGLE Call us - You’ll be glad you did because Family Run Since 1955 Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum Buv Direct from Regrouting, WALLPAPERING • WE ARE EXPERIENCED INTERIOR DECORATORS countertop Recaulking & PAINTING AND WALLPAPER COORDINATORS Siding • Roofing BEE & BEE Manufacturer. All Repair Work Interior/Exterior $1 0 °°&up • SHOP AT HOME SERVICE OUR SPECIALTY Custom Designed • Power Washing Per Single Roll • LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN. WE WILL NOT BE Windows • Doors WINDOW CO. 10-40% O F F UNDERSOLD A Family Business & installation • General Carpentry Stripping • LARGE SELECTION OF LATEST DESIGNS A n y T ile o f yo u r Trim • Repairs Since 1970 Included. Free Estimates choice in area stores “Satisfaction Guaranteed’ Bob Ziegler Fully Insured John 908-545-0516 908-462-9221 16 Buchanan Ave. Free Estimate INTERIORS IM IM ITE D Parlin Je5igns7 Inc 908-671-9150 or Ivan 908-846-9893 Fully Insured KW-577 i,8l: 908-679-9500 908-367-6446 Free Estimates Laura Bursey 908-446-6588 Free Estimates 908-727-2118

FRANK’S M s . Absolute Best Service CARRARA IWALL MIKE’S PAINTING Paperhanger GUTTERS EXPERTLY ROOFING CONSTRUCTION CO. THE FEMININE TOUCH PROFESSIONAL CLEANED & FLUSHED (Formerly F&L) Affordable for any income Specializing In All Home Improvements • Prepasted & Pasted Papers PAPER HANGING • Repairs • Tree Trims ALL TYPES OF ROOFING • EXTERIOR • Paper Removal 5 STAR RATING • Chimney Caps FALL SPECIALS • Reasonable Rates New Roofs • Re-Roofs ★★★★★ Free Estimate • Fully Insured ON BATHROOMS & CUSTOM KITCHENS • INTERIOR Tear Offs CALL PHOTO PORTFOLIO AVAILABLE Same Day Answering Corian Work A Specialty Professionally Done LOU ANN Machine Call back Complete Roof Repairs Additions • Decks • Finished Basements - FKfcE ESTIM ATES - Gerry Kurry Gutters • Skylights Vinyl Siding • Windows & Doors Free Estimates Insured References _n “We can stop any leaks" Free Estimates • Written ■ . if • Ou Time Performance T o ll Free Fully Insured 908-928-6025 F u lly In s u re d • AT YOUR CONVENIENCE 1-800-542-0I45 All Work Guaranteed 908-462-7480 908-462-7482 1-800-540-0315 908-741-5650 908-270*1524 Call 908-254-5765

BATHROOMS EDDIE'S PAINTING w allpapering b y d e s ig n SCHAEFER & SONS Central Jersey $2,695°° up to 5x8 VINYL SIDING Roofing fit Siding A fresh coat of paint w ill make verything beau­ “DESIGNING YOUR WALLS FOR A BRIGHTER APPEARANCE" DISCOUNT KITCHENS tiful, dean 1 give you a lif t I work very neat I CERTIFIED BY THE I Why Paint? Specialists No Money Down • E-Z-Payments • All major brands Residential Tub & Showers Re-Tiled spackle & patch holes. 1 move furniture &. cov­ ' SANDING , • INTERIOR • Window casings • Overhangs & eaves a Hot Water Heaters Drain Cleaning er everything. I scrape, prime &. paint. Caulk all > PRIMING PAINTING • Shutters Commercial Special Discounts on all Plumbing joints L reglaze windows I work neat, clean &. • Leaders & Gutters Small repair work OK - Leaks Fixed > REMOVAL ♦ • PAPERHANGING • Vinyl replacement windows Serving Fully Insured - References Lie. #8821 reasonable, prompt, courteous services. REPAIR » • SHEETROCKING • VS" Dow insulation all of Free Estimates Insured m CARLO CONSTRUCTION m For free estimates on Interior/ £3* * RONALD KAPLOWTTZ N.J. W? Free Est. 35 yrs. exp. ■■ exterior work, call Eddie. f ^ X y F U L L Y 908-417-0320 F R E E 908-536-5936 All Work Guaranteed - Deal Direct INSURED ESTIMATES Serving Monmouth Cty. 908'9'!8-4888 Custom Work - A Specialty 908-721-2894 908-842-3925 SERVING A ll OF MONMOUTH AND MIDDLESEX COUNTIES over 25 yrs. Fully Insurec Free Estimates

MKG BATHROOM T. WHITAKER JUNK FRED’S “Bathrooms Are Our Business" PROFESSIONAL AUTO BODY | ■ DEAL DIRECT AND SAVE CARS | NO SUBCONTRACTORS THE RECESSION BUSTER PAINTING & PAPERHANGING “Customer Satisfaction | | 71 FAMILY SERVING FAMILIES" A ( EXTEMOT nUKTMG • REFERENCES AVAlLBLfc A.S.P.A.-AMERICAN SCHOOL BOUGHT Our Top Priority” I For Over 25 Years FROM *2,599°° • FREEEf OF PAPERHANGING ARTS | Free Estimate FULL WRITTEN GUARANTEE MARLBORO • Fully Licensed j < Remove Existing Walls & Plumbing Fixtures ■ Insulate Exterior Walls ON ALL WORK • Quality Work AUTO I > Resheetrock Entire Bathroom ■ Install New Toilet, Tub & Vanity WE NEVER • Reasonable Rates ■ ■ Install Ceramic Tile Floor & Walls • Complete With Faucets ”/ CATER TO 1 DtSCRIMim ACCEPT A WRECKERS • Free Estimates ■ Vi0513" Medicine Cabinet, Switches, Plugs & Lights • Clean Up Debris Upon Completion PENNY UNTIL 908-591-7670 NJ PLUMBING UC. 7961 OnO-?CA_1 0 0 3 I THE JOB IS DONE! 908-591 1400 I-----______• — .Bonded^ Jnsured_ 1-800-640-7299 908-446-9844 THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2, 1994 4 9

075 Ceramic T ila 078 Cleaning 080b Home 080b Home 381 Lawn Care Oo' Law 078 Electrical 080a Handy Persons emen improvements Landscaping Lana HOUSE CLEANING - Quality ALL REPAIRS - Int., ext. Odd ISLAND REMODELING TREES-*Trimmed-*Removed A CUSTOM CERAMIC Tiling DEPENDABLE Electric Co. ALL-PHASES ★Stumps GrouncNtWood Chips New installation, repairs, service. References. Lie. #5151. Complete service. A L L C R A F T jobs, siding, tile, cement & ★ All phases of home im­ Call Mary anytime 257-6374. C.O. work. Call 908-462-2550 Reasonable Rates remodeling. Free estimates. Free Estimates. 908-738-7070 Paint, wallpaper, roofs, decks, provements. ★ Custom decks STORM CLEANUP Call 908-257-1416 Anytime John Cherry 908-290-9086 HOUSE CLEANING & carpentry. ★ Free Esti­ windows, doors & more. AMA IMPROVEMENTS • Fallen Branches/Debris Affordable Ceramic Tile SPECIALIST IN CLEANING JRM ELECTRIC Repairs of all kinds. mates. Call 908-792-0147 Homes, Apartments, Offices SAVE 10% WITH THIS AD • Tree/Stump Removal Install $2.75 + sq. ft. Free est. Free Estimates Gary 908-613-0152 NEIGHBOR & SON • Tree Staking 908-536-1005 908-390-8233 Andrea-anytime-908-257-8398 Roofing, siding, windows & Bonded & insured gutters. Free estimates. • Gutters/Roofs Cleaned HOME IMPROVEMENT Call 908*721-4954. Free esti­ ALL TYPES of Ceramic Tile- NJ License #9944 A L L J O B S 1-800-781-4AMA Carpentry, painting, paper IMMACULATE Call 908-525-9770 mates. We show up. Complete Batbrms/KitVFoyers. LARGE OR SMALL hanging. Specializing in COUNTERTOP Ron Sturman 908-255-1388 Good references, reasonable. • Painting • Roofing AMC CERAMIC TILE REPAIRS. MT TREE SERVICE Call 908-257-6450 LARRY’S ELECTRICAL 908-747-3845 ARTISTIC WOODWORKING • Ceramic Tile • Carpentry Tree removal, trimming, clear­ Will- custom design any CERAMIC TILE Spec, in residential work. 30 • All Renovations HOME IMPROVEMENT P-U-R-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y yrs. exp. Senior Citizen Disc. • Carpentry, • painting, • tile PAYLESS CONSTRUCTION ing, Fully ins. 908-446-3385 coutertop. Quality name brand Reasonable Rates. Free Est. Quality workmanship at un­ By BOB STRUGALA CLEAN 908-431-4889 Lie. #5922A Call Yaacov, 908-390-1945 work, • wallpapering & other laminates or solid surface ma­ Foyers • Kitchens » Baths general improvements. Refs, beatable prices. Finished STORM DAMAGE terials. Kitchen cabinets and BATHROOM REMODELING HOME CLEANING AT ITS TOM KAYLOR ELECTRIC basements, bathrooms, kitch­ vanities skillfully installed. Call VERY BEST. 908-257-8463 DON-WELL Construction avail. Call for FREE est. General wiring, ceiling tans, 908-591-0593 ens, decks. 15 yrs. exp. Call TREE & SHRUB REMOVAL John at 908-536-0518 908*462-0029/908-254-0029 “Large or small we do it all" Bernie Venditti 908-723-1851 LARSON SERVICES PERFECTLY CLEAN appliances, service changes. 35 yrs. carpentry experience. CERAMIC Tiling, Specializing Res. & Comm. Lie. #9677 DECKS DECKS DECKS SZARAWARSKI Builders 908-536-2613 in bathrooms. Repair old or in­ HOMES & OFFICES Fully insured. Free estimates. Work guaranteed. lns./bonded 908-495-4058, 908-774-5998 Call Rollie 908-297-4208 Winter Special. Any size deck Custom carpentry & masonry. STUMP GRINDING stall new. Lowest prices. $8. sq. ft. incl. diagonal floor­ Call Perry 908-928-4427 Reas, rates. 908-294-0263 Additions, remodeling, custom TREES TRIMMED/REMOVED UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC Cont. H&S HANDYMAN SERVICE ing & 2 sets of stairs. All floor­ baths/kitchens. 908-446-4796 Firewood. Ins. 908-238-7976 Insured & Licensed #8478 DON’S CUSTOM MASONRY*. C u s to m RentAHusband 908-583-8837 ing #1 grade. All treated lum­ FRED’S T ile PRECISION NO JOB TOO SMALL ber. Fully ins. Many refs. TOTAL Home Improvements TOM'S TREE SERVICE Fireplaces/Patios/Foundations. Specializing in Ceramic, 24hr Service. 908-283-2682 HANDYMAN & PAINTER- Complete photo album. 14 908-566-2828 Winter rates available. Free estimates. 908-251-4352 Marble & Granite. FREE est. CLEANING SERVICE Experienced, references avail. yrs. exp. Call Custom Decks See Business & Sen/ice Ad Free estimates. 11 years exp. Work guar. 908-583-2954 Residential Call 908-905-8964 Call Mr. G. 908-938-9138 by Couto 908-294-9287 Use your VISA Specializing in office cleaning or MASTERCARD Classified Sells WALTER AYERS “We do it right every time." HANDYMAN AND PICKUP- to pay tor your Free Estimate, insured Hauling. Cleans gutters, ga­ CALL CLASSIFIED! Classified Ad CALL CLASSIFIED! 1-800-66CI-4ADS Complete bathroom remodel­ Call 908-446-8662 rage, attic, etc. 908-431-5880 1-800-660-4ADS ing. Kitchen floors, backs- FLOOR CARE- Floors plash, foyers. 908-505-6564 stripped & waxed. 25 years HANDYMAN- All jobs, big & experience. 908-222-7749 smalt. Very reasonable. Call Use your VISA for free est. 908-679-5999 076 C leaning FLOORS WAXED - Scraping, or MASTERCARD shampoo. Make old floors HANDYMAN- Small & BIG Domestic look like new. 30yrs. exp. jobs. Painting, carpentry, roof­ to pay for you r Guaranteed. 908-222-8935 ing & much more. FREE esti­ CLEANING SERVICE mates. George 908-238-2257 House & office. Good refer­ Classified Ads HARDWOOD FLOORS ences. Telma 908-613-5387 Sanded. Finished. Installed HANDYMAN- The Home­ i •* f i * i i i 1 -800-660-4-ADS owner’s Friend. All types of Decks Sanded & Refinished. home repairs. Carpentry, CLEANSWEEP Tom 908-238-4879 painting, etc. 908-780-3509. HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE HARDWOOD FLOORS Reasonable. Thorough. De­ Sanded stained & refinished. J & MHANDYMAN pendable. We clean your No JOB too small. Refs. Fully DOWN PYMT. Free estimates. 908-409-2425 NO house the way you would if ■ ■ ins. Free est. 908-787-5177 you had the time. FREE esti­ TRADITIONAL FLOORING mates. Refs. 908-583-9617 Expert refinishing, repairing, EXPERIENCED AMV TAPING installations. Staining, pickling, M R . F IX IT Polish woman cleans houses. All Counties. 908-872-1190 Free est. Page # All types of home repairs. Ap­ 1st MO. PYMT. Call 908-442-9580 1-917-795-0530 (local call) pliances to carpentry. 10% NO SHEETROCK & TAPING senior discount. 908-727-2762 EXPERT CLEANING CO. Specializing in small jobs House and Office. Bonded & Free Estimates. 1-800-640-3969 WOOD FLOORS RELIABLE-small/odd jobs Insured. Refs. 908-495-5111 Most trades. Antique furn. res­ SPECIALIST • Installed • Sanded HAVE YOUR HOME Cleaned • Stained • Finished toration. Custom interior de­ BANK FEE By someone who cares. Many Sheetrock, tape, finish. Pop­ signs. $50. min. Free est. Call NO • Repaired references. Reasonable rates. corn ceilings. 1-800-290-0280 Free Est....908-431-3126 Joe 908-651-8831 day/eves No Rush Job. 908-583-3078 Home Brighteners TAPING T H E F O R U M Finishing, sheetrock. Small 080 G utters HOUSE CLEANING HOME REPAIRS NONSENSE! repairs okay. 908-566-8060 NO Reasonable rates Reliable Ronald 908-303-1629 CalJ Jane 908-583-9387 GUTTER Cleaning & Repairs ( P i FREE ESTIMATES Call John 908-251-0893

ALL TYPES of Electrical Work Recessed lights, track lighting, 080a Handy Persons ABSOLUTE-Custom work­ ^ RAY CATENA INFINITI | | le a n in g paddle fans, service changes. manship in all phases of im­ Lie. #6252. Hal 908-572-6750 provements. Licensed, in­ AMPCO ELECTRIC INC. - All sured, referrals & free ests. S ystem # Electrical repairs/installations A + HANDYMAN S & K Home Improvements Burglar alarms. Lic.#8977A All Repairs/Improvements 1-800*553-3733 The finest quality home Free Estimates. 908-739-8797 Interior, Exterior & Property ADDITIONS - Basements, & office cleaning w ith BEST ELECTRIC Free Estimates. 908-577-9876 bathrooms, kitchens, decks. a personal touch. Lie. No. 6273. Fast depend­ m o n th f o r AFFORDABLE HANDYMAN- Jobs big or small we do them 10 Years Experience. able service. Reasonable all! References, free est. rates. Free est. 908-671-0121 Carpentry, kit., baths, painting, Quality Plus 908-521-2491 Family Operated tile. Reas. John 908-462-3087 3 6 # References. CRAWFORD ELECTRIC ALEX RUGGIERO’S mos. 908-577-1553 Uc.#11325 ALL AROUND HANDYMAN Home Repair & Improvements 908-431-4383 Low prices on recessed lights, All Types of Free estimates/insured outside lights, outlets, service Home Repairs/Improvements For quality & economy Bonded & Insured upgrades & trouble calls. 908-431-3981, 908-257-2750 call 908-780-6920 1 9 9 4 Q - 4 5

Iffw purchased an Infiniti without seeeing Ray Catena Infiniti. You Probably Paid Too M*ch!”

HEY SUPER SLEUTHS. Find the "Fake Ad’ and you can w in a dinner fo r 2 . < A > Infiniti Starting this week there's more to great barrans in the Classifieds. We've hidden a "ftlce 3d' somewhere within the line ads. Cm youflnd S? 900 Route 1 • Edison, NJ 08817 Each week a new ad will be hidden. Find the ad, attach it to the ‘I Found the Fake" coupon located in the I N F I N I T I (908) 603-9600 Classified section. (Photocopies not accepted). Greater Media Mail your entry so that it reaches^ no later than the Tuesday after publication. One winner will be drawn VIN #RM2542l4. MSRP: $50,900. auto, V-8, p/b/s, a/c, ‘ Lease payment of $599 includes all costs to be paid by a consumer © Newspapers from the entries received. Winner will be announced in the Classified section each week. except for MV, DOC fees & sales tax. Payment based on 36 month closed end lease. 1st month payment of $599 & bank fee of $450 waived. No security deposit. Gap insurance included. 15,000 miles/year with excess at 15f'mile. Residual: $26,468. Subject to approval by primary lending source. Total payments: $20,965. Offer expires 2/28/94. SO^FEBRUARY 2,1994, THE INDEPENDENT

Wallpapering 086 Wallpapering ANTHONY'S JUST CONCRETE LIGHT MOVING A.A.A. J A C K NU-WAY PAINTING THE WALL DOCTOR CENTURY ROOFING Free est. Call 908-721-8857 Have Brush’W ill Travel GREAT WORK Custom Paperhanging WE'RE RATED #11 Washers, dryers, refrigerators, ACCURATE PAINT Painter & Handyman Services GOOD PRICES By Tex Miller. 908-536-9451 Leak specialist/gutter cleaning MASON will fix & repair steps, etc. Cleanup work. Reason­ Installation & repairs of win­ THE STRIPPER CALL TED 908-615-0592 Expert results. 908-254-1329 sidewalks & plastering. Very able. Free est. 908-727-2740 QUALITY WORK dows, doors, fixtures, mail­ Wallpaper Removal reasonable. 908-988-0029 or 908-364-6578 boxes. Painting, chimney Painting, Sheetrock Repair WALLPAPER J & R ROOFING & SIDING lashing, leaders, gutters, etc. 908-972-7663 PAINTING MASONRY - NEW WORK L O W P R IC E S Hung with TLC, patience & UNBEATABLE RATES REMOVAL Call Tony at 908-566-2051 Interior/Exterior - Wallpaper neatness! Maria 908-888-1337 Exp. & Ins. 908-846-7525 REPAIRS. Refs. Avail. Specializing in interior, exte JOE JAY removal. Quality work, 20yrs. Call 908-254-0643 Trash, Furniture, Debris rior & commercial since I980. CEILINGS Painting & Paperhanging exp.. Ins. John 908-251-0893 No job too BIG. Fully insured. 908-727-0038 Call 908-251-4623 RL LEMPFERT Rick 908-251-5953 WE DO IT ALL FOR LESS!!! Professionally sprayed/pop­ PAPERHANGING corn effect/all colors/w/without KELLY’S PAINTING $11 ./single roll. 23 years exp. Re-roofing, tear-offs, repairs glitter/free est. 908-525-1625 Call 908-679-0096 AL’S PAINTING PAPERHANGING Mike 908-462-9097 PAPER REMOVAL A .A . & J . S & R ROOFING & SIDING ALL JERSEY MOVERS 085 Interior & Exterior GOLDEN HANDS 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE PASTE ‘N’ PAPER Windows, Carpentry. Fully Ins. GET THE BEST FOR LESS Free Estimates 908-679-2142 FREE Estimates 908-679-2291 Pianos, apartments, homes, Paperhanging by Cindy. Free PLUMBING & HEATING For free estimate call STRIPPING Repairs & Remodeling offices. Quality work at an af­ ★ A A A ★ 908-583-3306 LERIO PAINTING est., fully ins. 908-780-0429 fordable price. Lie. #PM00662. (Wallpaper, that is). Removal, Sewer & Drain Cleaning Call 908-634-4122 Affordable Clean-ups. spackling, priming & painting Painting, Plastering, Taping, PHIL p o l o & SON Water Heaters. NJ Lie.# 5842 We take away anything. ALL PAINTING Call Joe 908-462-3319 Sheetrock, Paperhanging. 908-238-3564/908-360-1997 &?ARTMENT MOVERS Free est. 908-264-2520 . Free Estimates Painting & Paperhanging Interior/Exterior HUSBAND FOR HIRE lnt./Ext. Free est. Fully ins. DEVLIN REUPHOLSTERY MID STATE SERVICE 908-780-3575 • 908-462-9558 ALAN BLACKBURN CLEANUP- Will take away Quality Work. Reasonable Top notch interior painting. 908-390-8655 Dining room chairs, kitchen Local. 800-300-8350, PM#378 trees, branches, leaves, dirt, Rates. Mike 908-363-2786 Plumbing/Heating. Ask for Jim. 908-251-1811 SAL’S PAINTING sets, etc. Reas, rates. Call concrete, etc. 908-446-3196 LONGO PAINTING Water Heaters, Boiler Installa­ Bob 908-727-7394 FURNITURE HAULING ALL PAINTING JOBS- PAINT 3 ROOMS tions. Remodeling. NJ Master # 1 in Furniture Care Any­ TRASH and JUNK REMOVAL Excellent indoor & outdoor Affordable prices. Inside & Plumbers License # 5325 where' Full household/partial Anything you want taken to painting. Residential & com­ out. No job too small. Carpen­ $299. ANY COLOR FURNITURE move. Lic.PM00276. Fully in­ dumps. Free estimates. Call mercial. Free estimates. Fully 088 Pool Services try also. Free est., fully ins. FOR INQUIRIES CALL 908-238-2945 sured. Call Jim 908-905-0997 908-721-8246 insured. 908-679-5999 Call Charlie. 908-679-6543. 908-390-0103 908-521-0537 REFINISHING REPAIR ATC Plumbing & Heating Caning • Rushing 908-938-4064 Al! your plumbing needs. Reasonable. Plumbing Lie. GROCERY SHOPPER 9816. Call 908-651-8859 Are you sick and tired, or just don’t have the time? I will do BACSOKA your weekly shopping! Very Plumbing & Heating reasonable rates. (HENHOUSE ftfiERR Call 908-888-1936 Complete kitchen/bath remod­ eling. Water Heaters. Sewer & Drain Cleaning. Reasonable MIRRORS rates. Free Estimates. • All Styles • Custom Installed License #5628. We do it all. FREE door mirror With any custom mirror purchased. C all 908-727-0014 FREE estimate. 609-693-2611 ODD JOBS Can do most any­ G . T A Y L O R thing. No Job Too Small. Call PLUMBING & HEATING John 908-251-0893 Repairs • Remodeling • New Construction • Water Heaters PRINTING - Business cards & • Reasonable • Reliable • Stationery, Announcements & Gary Taylor, Plumbing Li­ Invitations. Call 908-495-1364 cense # 5877. 908-251-5322 SLIPCOVERS, Custom made. 4 door, front wheel drive, Auto, P/S, P/B, 4 cyl., A/C, tinted glass, Your fabric. QUALITY WORK, rear defogger/defroster, P/dr Iks., P/W, bucket seats, body side GARDEN STATE BIG SAVINGS. 908-257-5409 moldings, custom wheel covers, stl bltd rdls., color: Oxford White. PLUMBING and HEATING TELEPHONE Installation WATER HEATERS Repair, Jacks, Wiring Stk #7925, VIN #PR207925, MSRP $13,353, Rebate $200, REPAIRS & REMODELING 25 yrs. exp. w/NYNEX GEORGE SAHUL JR. Call Ed, 908-536-2477 Discount $2,654. License #5568 908-251-5660 WATERPROOF ‘ 1 0 . 4 9 9 BASEMENTS JAKE’S PLUMBING 25 yrs exp. Call 908-297-6034 Heating/Sewer Cleaning Free est. Lic.#9502. Bonded 4 Dr., 4 cyl., Auto, P/S, P/B, 2.3 litre engine, AIR, t/glass, r/de- & insured. 908-679-7251 fog/def., AM/FM St/Cass, P/Dr Lcks, P/Windows, bucket seats, JENLOR PLUMBING power seats, BSM, Mats, drivers side air bag. Color: Black, Stk. Lic.#9473. Jim Pilato. No job WOODLAND LANDSCAPE too small. 908-370-4435 Snow plowing, salting, sand­ #RK143488, Vin #RK143488, MSRP $14,580, Rebate $300, ing. 24 hrs. 908-613-9019 Discount $2,281.

ABOVE ALL - Roofing/Siding * 1 1 . 9 9 9 Reliable Quality Service HEMMING, ETC... Free est. 1-800-553-3733 Type & Sew 908-462-7494 Hatch Back, front wheel drive, 4 Cyl., Auto, P/S, P/B, 7.0L engine, AFFORDABLE center console, A/C, tinted glass, r/defog/defrost, AM/FM St/Cass, Roofing, shingles, flat roofing, P/Dr Lcks, P/Windows, Tilt Wheel/Column, Cruise control, bucket repairs, etc. 908-525-9656 seats, rec. seats, Mats, mag./alu. wheels, anti, lock brakes, power moon roof. Color: Bright Calypso Green, Stk. #93P34, Vin ALEX SMUTKO CUSTOM CURTAINS #P5166057, MSRP $18,259, Rebate $300, Discount $3,860. Low Prices..... 908-577-0375 R O O F IN G WINDOW TREATMENTS SYNONYMOUS B Y J E R R Y * 1 3 . 9 9 9 The economy and taxes are Custom Made Shop At Home hurting both of us. I need you, Verticals, minf blinds, pleated and you WILL save money shades. 60% discount w/free with me. estimate, measuring and 4x4XL, P/U, 5 spd. man. trans. P/S, P/B, 6 Cyl, 4.0 Litre Engine, • Res./Commercial Roofing installation. 100% guaranteed. I’ll roof your house as if it Jerry Asch 1 -609-655-7548 tinted Glass anti-lock breaks, Color: opal gray, cloth int. Stk # were my own. Smutko Roof­ RTA32642, Vin #RTA32642, MSRP $16,168. Discount $1,169. ing, year after year, proven to be on top of the roofing indus­ try. The Dec. ’92 Nor’ Easter demonstrated what can hap­ , - v f s r x 111 ■ I pen to an improperly installed "• • •• ^ roof. Don’t let it happen to * 1 4 9 9 9 you! Please call Alex BOATING L 908-583-0412 800-794-ROOF 10% DISCOUNT WITH THIS AD CITATION '89 CC-1900 3.0 exclud. repairs. Exp. 2/28/94 OMC, with trailer, loaded with extras & electronics. Low ANYTIME, ANYWHERE hours. $7,500. 908-424-0247 THE ROOF DOCTOR Seals your leaks when you need protection the most. Roof repair specialist. GUTTER CLEANING Free estimates. Fully insured. AUTOMOTIVE Evans Maint. 1-800-303-3873 ASCH ROOFING and SIDING • Seamless Gutters • Repairs Fully Insured. Free Estimates. 700 SHREWSBURY AVE 908-238-4463/908-257-6965 CARLIN ROOFING ACURA LEGEND COUPE Construction. Roofs, vinyl sid­ ’88-2 dr., V6, auto, p/s, p/b, (908)741- ing, gutters, leaders, all re­ air, sun roof, garage kept. RED BANK pairs. Free estimates, insured Exc. cond. $10,500. Call 908-458-5619 908-536-0646______THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2,1994 5 1

110 A utos to r Sale

OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88 RAY CATENA LEXUS CADILLAC BROUGHAM ’90- F u lly COUPE DE VILLE ’83-Good equipped. 43,000 miles, condition. Reliable. Best offer. security system. 4 dr. Blk. w/ loi Uic B E S T S E R VIC E Call 908-308-1261 grey int. Excellent condition. $9,500. Call 908-741-0857 CADILLAC PONTIAC SUNBIRD ’89­ 61,000 mi., runs great. 4 dr., a n d I I i c BEST PRIC E SEDAN DE VILLE ’79 auto, A/C, AM/FM cass. New Excellent condition. Well exhaust system w/transferable maintained. Asking $1,000. warranty. Asking $4,500. Call 908-679-5932 Call 908-747-6747 C a ll: 1 8 0 0 7 8 2 8 7 7 2 CADILLAC SEDAN DEVILLE TOYOTA CELICA GT ’84- ’89- 4 dr., auto., pwr. every­ POWER EVERYTHING. Auto, t.o hith[i() (! a test tliivo al. your homo or ollicn thing, AM/FM cass., phone, new brakes, exhaust system very clean. $10,500. or best & radiator. 130,000 miles. offer, or will trade for 4X4. Very reliable. Asking $750. Call Bill, 908-264-1078 Call 908-294-0267 I .riAN r: A. INi :w I,i-:anh A IN I :w 1‘H M CHEVROLET CORVETTE ’88 TROUBLE selling your used car? i n m o i .h x i i m i ,n 4 0 0 White. 5,100 mi. Perfect in & Free Advice/Consignment i . n x i i N : : > out. Ground effects. Kept in Cash Today/Sympathy 1 «lr. \ <>. |> sit < ■ r |» brakes. |> window s, inoonroof. leather in terior, I 1 l)r. S < \ I. iiin o iiro o f, I«-«»111« r interior. m em ory stats. \ 1\ heated garage since new. Auction/Wholesale floor mats, u litr l 1f. Ic . illirr, «Iis<- pla\ er. \ IN o R O IK iH ii-*' cond. Good for home me­ Free Removal of Junk Cars. M SK I’, s | 9.90H. chanic or parts. $500. takes it. $$ for new/old. 908-390-5531 Call Kenny 908-972-2851 ALL SCRAP CARS JMOOO FORD ESCORT ’92 AND TRUCKS. LARGE OR Dow n . . . . s * ^ 7 0 4 Dr., 5 speed, am/fm cass., SMALL. ANY CONDITION. air,. 20,600 miles. SHOW­ H & H AUTO WRECKERS ROOM CONDITION. $6,995. 908-591-0366 1 I M S t | K ill II 11 1 1 \ I S t l K ill (| | ) Leave message 908-409-6807 T o y o ta AUTOS-TRUCKS-VANS inniLdXiisLS'HH) 1!)!K) U xiis m O O C a n n y l.l! IH!)1 li(!XHN LS 400 FORD MUSTANG GT ’87- \ in «|a0U0:t Jl . \ N. auto, sunroof. \ i n #\\li 19.{Jl. 1 < \1. auto. Auto., 5.0, 302 HO, 5 stars. Buy or trade. Call for FREE llh r. siiiiKM if, I <\us p lio iif. 2S. i H i 1 \ l\o r \ .-lthr. trai lion 63,000 mi. Gently driven. Ask­ estimates. 908-390-5501 ( i> p|a\< r. 1 rx iis air susj»rn . !>•'%>. |> s. p h . t ‘’ Is . s t e r e o . < o ntrol. h< a li tl scats. | evils phonr. m i l l s . lo a d i i i ’ ’ m ilt s ing $5,700. 908-308-3828 N a k .1 m i< l i i 1 adio. I l l Oil m il«s FORD TAURUS GL ’89- $ CASH PAID $ Wagon. 62,500 mi. P/L, P/W, All makes & models. Cash on *3 2 9 9 5 *29.095 *10 9 5 0 3 3 9 9 5 power mirrors, antenna & the SPOT. Call 908-477-6846 seat. Cruise, cass., 3rd seat, “If you purchased a Lexus without seeing Ray Catena Lexus...You Probably Paid Too Much!’ tilt wheel. $6,800. Call 908-583-0065 C A S H P A ID 1 a ’( ’ j)(it j 11 h't 11 includes all cosl.s to )>e paid hi/ << conni hik-i - e.vcept /V7Y' DOC' ft'c:s. sd/c:s fri.v and /u.viin/ ta.\. I >( it/m< -t it hat-ied on ;U> m<>. HONDA ACCORD DX’87-3 dr. For junk cars, trucks, for < lo<;ed end U-ase. l^t mo. pijinl.. cap icdnct.. doii'n put/incnt + .S-4oO hatch back, 1 owner, auto, recycling. Call anytime Tommy hank- fee *it (ICS:iOO &-400): (IJ-i-4()() Sr,00) (SC-lOO Dell’s 908-787-5453 Sr>()()): (OS :U)() &17:>) due al inception. (iAl> insurance- included. AM/FM stereo cass., A/C, R a y C a t e n a 13.000 ini/ip: i r/e.vce^i:s mi “ lr>c/tni. Kesidnal (ICS31H) below average hwy. mi., exc. DONATE Cars • Vans • RVs • S 1 0.007.0,S'); (I^S-IOO S^O.SOO. 71): (S< -400 S^H.O-4:i.7-4): (CiS:iOO cond. in/out. Will not last at • Trucks • Boats • Furniture to S2;i. 1 i:i.H'2). Subject to approi'al bij priman/ U-ndincj .so iinc. Total $5,195. Call Pat Charity serving the Blind. a . / i _ £ x u s /’i/n ils : (lJS:iOO & 1-1.00-4): (l.S-400 & 10.-404): (SC -400'S'2().t~i-4-4): 908-873-8326 IRS Tax Deductible. FREE (OS :SOO & 1 (>.!5L>-4). I'or a limited time onli). HONDA CIVIC LX ’90- 4 dr., TOWING! NEED NOT RUN. i l i l l ------2 123 2123 1 lip hliighwuv w n v35 • Occnn.35 • Ocean. \ I NJ 5 spd., A/C, AM/FM cass., all 800-2-DONATE/800-236-6283 1435 Boston Post Rt! • Larchn io n t. N Y power, options. Red. 77,000 (90S) 493-3355 (914)833-5000 hwy. mi. $6,950. or best offer. $ HIGHEST PRICES $ Call 908-946-3559 ALL CARS. 908-251-7552 HYUNDAI EXCEL ’90 JUNK & RUNNING CARS 24 HOUR SERVICE ORIGINAL OWNER. White, 4 TOP CASH PRICES PAID door, air, sun roof. Automatic. CALL 908-536-8031 G reat running condition. 45,000 miles Asking $3,700. WANTED-RUNNING and The only thing as pleasant as Call 908-679-7203 REPAIRABLE Cars & Trucks $100. and UP. Junk Cars LINCOLN MARK VII ’88- Black w/tan int. 50,000 orig. Removed. 908-238-9481 mi. Fully loaded. Exc. cond. in WE BUY JUNK CARS & out. Must see! $10,000. Marlboro Auto Wreckers Call 908-591-2639 908-591-1400 buying a Saturn is le a s in g one. M A Z D A M X 3 112s Auto Towing We hope you’ve heard how unstressful we try to make it for you w hen you visit a Saturn showroom. (Because w ho needs m ore stress, right?) ’92. MUST SELL!! Anyway, we take the same approach to leasing as w ell as we do everything else. So if leasing a Saturn is better for you than buying one (and Teal. 1 owner, factory main­ tained. Exc. cond. 5 speed, we can help you figure that out), then great. The only im portant thing is to find out how pleasant d riv in g a Saturn can be. 4 cyl., CD player, aluminum MIRACLE WORKER wheels, rear spoiler. EXCEL­ Towing & Recycling-Free junk New ‘94 Saturn LENT GAS MILEAGE. Call car removal. Batteries/Ra­ SL4D R 908-627-9477 diators bought. 908-755-8934 t 1C214 $Q Q O . Z (L A y J M O N TH • y J ^/DOWN • i/V / MONTH MERCURY SABLE LS ’89-4 dr., V6, loaded, 60,000 orig. 4 cyl., 5 spd., a/c,am /fm stereo, R&P steering, p/b, driver’s air bag, dent resistant polly panels, miles, 1 owner, garage kept, exc. cond. $5,900. ■ H i tnt/gls, 14”steel belted rdls. Order yours today! MSRP $11,210. 908-247-1637 Englishtown Speed Shop NISSAN 240 SX SE ’89 - HB, Performance & 4x4 Parts ^ew ^totum |A/Cl. 5 spof., loaded, A/C, sports 52 Englishtown Road SC-1 2 DR $■ Q sQ Q Q pekg., alloy wheels. 1 owner, 908-792-0400 X1 6V y 50M O N T H * J y ^ / D O W N • ^3 / V6 F MONTH 79,000 miles. Exc. cond. $6,900. Call 908-303-1060 4 cyl., auto., power/R&P, steering, p/b, driver’s air bag, a/c, am/fm stereo, dent panels, NISSAN STANZA XE ’88 - . . ; tnt/gls, 14” steel belted rdls, Order yours today! MSRP $13,710. Wagon. Many options. 82,000 miles. 1 owner. Great car. $4,500. 609-252-0505 FORD 250 E ’86- Wheelchair New ‘94 Saturn van. Exc. cond., 1 owner. OLDSMOBILE CIERA ’93­ SW-1 Wagon 50 Crower River semi auto hy­ MONTH MONTH 2,000 mi., 4 dr., auto., P/S, draulic lift, 4 pt. tie down. s9 9 9 » 3 6 P/B, P/L, A/C, tilt, AM/FM. 62,000 mi. Auto, V6, p/s, p/b, 4 dr wgn, 4 cyl. auto, driver’s air bag, a/c, am/fm stereo, power/R&P steering, p/b, dent $12,200. 908-946-0751, eves. a/c, full glass & rear bench. OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS ’83 $5,200. Call 908-247-1417 panels, tnt/gls, 14” steel belted rdls. Order yours today! MSRP $ 13,710. V8, 4 door. Running station GMC S15 PICKUP ’8 6 car. 50,000 original miles. Prices indude all costs to be paid by a consumer except for licensing, regist. & taxes. 36 mo. closed end leases require 1st mo. pymts, $999 down pymt, ref. security deposit, & $350 bank Asking $750. Call Extended cab with cap. 4x4. 4 908-390-7618 cyl., 4 spd. A/C. $3,900. or fee due at inception. 15,000 mi/yrw/excess mileage @.15 mi. Total pymts/purchase option: SL $5513.04/$7465.86; SC-1 $6l02.36/$10,145.40; SW-I Wgn $6102/$ 10,145.40. Lessee best offer. Call 257-1625 resp. for maint. & excess wear & tear. Offer subject to approval by primary lending source. Offer expires 2-7-94. OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME BROUGHAM ’85- MAZDA ’92 Black 4 whee Fully loaded, runs great, blue, drive. King cab, bed liner, too! 104,000 mi. Many new parts. box. 21,000 miles. Asking Asking $2,250. 908-251-0252 $12,500. Call 908-679-2165 S a t u r n o f F r e e h o l d CLEAN UP WITH A m 4039 Rt. 9 North Freehold, NJ ...see the 908-303-8700 Classified SALES M-F....9-9 SAT....9-6 _ . Pages SERVICE & PARTS M-F....8-5 m^ A l U xIM A Different Kind o f Company. A Different Kind o f Car.


M M E N E m u m r n r n USED CfiRS

NEW 1994 CHRYSLER LHS ROUTE 35 KEYPORT 4 dr., 6 cyl., auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm st/cass, p/seats, p/mir, TRUCKS & VANS cruise, intermit wipers, p/tr, rec/seats, p/w, tint, p/ant, v 908-264-4006 tilt, alum wh, Loaded! Stk. *9378, VIN *RH209378, MSRP'30,076. 9 ACRES OF USED CARS, NEW DODGES, BUICKS, JEEPS, EAGLES, . r . p c r n n , Closed end lease with 2000 LINCOLNS & M ERCURYSAT PARKWAY EXIT 117 LEASE _FOR: _ _ _ rebate. 12,000 mi. per year with... SUPER SAVER SPECIALS P" ™ ,/?-6m 0 , istmo. 349 incl. tax. required. Total payments 12,548. Residual 15,639. ’93 DODGE D-250 LE DIESEL PICKUP P/U, 6 Cyl., 5.9 Litre, Cummings Turbo Diesel, auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm/st cass., p/w, p/d/l, cruise, tilt, two tone paint, custom fiberglass cap, bed liner, step bumper, sliding rear window, Only 3,000 miles, Like New!. Stk#6400, VIN #TS242126. $-| g g g g NEW 1994 NEW 1993 CHRYSLER NEW YORKER NEW 1993 4 dr. std, fwd, auto, p/s, p/b, 6 cyl 3.5L ’87 BUICK LESABRE ’89 JEEP RANGLER ISLANDER 4X4 PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM eng., a/c, t/gls, rr dfg/dfrst,am/fm ster/cass, 4.0 litre, 6 cyl., auto, p/s, p/b, no a/c, am/fm st, buckets, tilt, CHRYSLER CONCORD p/dr Iks/wmds/ant/trnk rel, tilt, cruise, 4 dr., 6 cyl., auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm, bd/side/md, 4 dr. std, fwd, auto, p/s, p/b, 6 cyl 3.0L p/reclnr sts, bsm, dig elk, mats, lighted van 65,210 miles, hard top & hard doors, rear seat, red 4 dr. std, fwd, auto, p/s, p/b, 6 cyl ctr console, a/c, t/gls. rr tint,' in strip, mats, w/w, 58,436 mi., n n c eng., a/c. t/gls," • rr r dfg/dfrst,d _ [, p/fuelp/“ 1 dr, J mats, ' mirr., sprt mirrs. Opt: accent stripes. 5926 w/grey interior, Stk. #6403, VIN #052438. ~ Opt: am/fm ster/cass,/cass, ;p/dr'r IIIks/winds, . tilt, , dfg/dfrst, am/fm ster, tilt, cruise, bkts, p/reclnr sts, bsm. Stk it >374, VIN #HH476036. * 4 , 3 3 0 Opt: cass, p/lks/winds/tmk rel, climate control, Infinity mi. VIN RH588370. MSRP $26,340. College cruise, bsm. VIN PF565562. MSRP Grad Rebate $400. Discount $2945. *9.995 Spatial Imaging ster. VIN PH610648. MSRP $21,487. $16,498.Rebate SI 5000isctHintS2003. 5 & . $ 3 5 ? ...... - ™ " D„V $9 9 QQC Discount $2492. ’87 CADILLAC BROUGHAM '92 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS BUY *12,995 BUY *18,995 BUY z z >995 4 dr., 8 cyl. 5.0 L, auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm, p/seats, r/def, p/w, p/dr 4 dr., 8 cyl., auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm st/cass, fab int., p/seats, p/mir, cruise, lcks, bd/side/md, tint, tilt, cruise, pAr, pin strip, intermit wipers, int. wipers, r/def, bd/side/md, p/tr, rec/seats, p/w, tint, mats, p/d/l/. pin strip, • ic ir * * * * »■ £ k ★ » ★ * * ic k -k if * ic k f t ★ * w/w, wires, white/white leather, int $C Q QC tilt, w/w, alum wh, 42,197 mi., 73,429 mi., Stk #412, VIN #H9716829. Stk #317, VIN # NX612636. *12,995 '90 OLDS ‘89 BUICK ‘8 8 MERCURY '89 CHRYSLER '90 CHRYSLER ‘95 DODGE CALAIS REGAL GRAND MARQUIS NEW YORKER LE BARON DYNASTY ’89 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS ’93 FORD THUNDERBIRD 2cyl, dr, a/c,fwd, tint,auto, rrp/s, dfr/dfrst, p/b, 4 GRAN SPORT 4 dr. sedan, auto, p/s, p/b, 4 dr. sedan, fwd. auto, p/s, 4 dr. sedan, fwd. auto, p/s, 4 dr sedan, fwd. auto, p/s, 4 dr., 8 cyl., auto, O/D, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm st/cass, lea. int., p/seats, Auto, p/s, p/b, 6 cyl., center con, a/c, t/gls, rr def/dfst, am/fm st/cass, 2 dr, fwd. auto, p/s, p/b. 6 V-8, a/c, tint, rr dfr/dfrst. p/b, 6 cyl., a/c. tint, rr p/b. 6 cyl., a/c, tint, am/fm p/b, 6 cyl, a/c, t/gls, rr r/def., p/w, p/dl, p/ant, p/mir, b/s/m, tint, tilit, cruise, p/tr, pin strip, int. p/dr lcks, p/winds, p/trk, rls, p/fuel dr, tilt, cruise,uiac, bktsts,uih aio, p/sts^ icireel,»i. am/fm St., bkt. seats, bd cyl, ctr console, a/c, t/gls, rr am/fm st., p/dr I, p/w, tilt, dfr/dfrst, am/fm st.. p/dr I. St., p/dr I, p/w, tilt, cruise, dfg/dfrst, am/fm ster/cass, wipers, w/w, 63,357 mi. Stk#272, VIN KX635200. $ y sts, bsm, mats Iht. van mirr., 14,969 r ~ “ sidebttd. mldg.radls. dig34,298 elk, mi..w/w VINstl. dfg/dfrst, am/fm ster/cass, cruise, p/seats, ’ vinyl roof, p/w, tilt, cruise, bd side vinyl rool, bd side mldg., p/dr Iks/v...... Stk #281, VIN PH151246. /LM765602. p/dr Iks/winds. Hit, cruise, bd side mldg., dm. elk, w/w VINmldg, #KD536147 dig elk, 50,111 mi., dig. elk, wire whl cvrs, stl. *12.995 bkt sts, stl bltd rdls. 80,210 VINstl. #JX612031.bltd. radls. 74.302 mi.. LT036102.bltd. radls. 57,238 mi.. VIN *5999 mi. VIN K1471690. 90 OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88 ’87 FORD CUSTOM VAN *7999 *11,999 4 dr., 6 cyl., auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm st, fab/int, p/seats, r/def, p/w, 8 cyl., auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm st/cass, p/seats, p/w, p/d/l, tilt, cruise, gran *6999 *6999 *7999 p/dr lcks, bd/side/md, tint, tilt, cruise, pin strip, intermit wipers, low ville conversion, alum wh, high top conversion, dual air, running boards, luggage rack, custom paint, color TV, VCP, sink, milesl 47,102 mi., electric refrig, sofa bed, cap chairs, Only 17,700 Stk #6148, V!N#LH358814. *8,995 miles, Like new! Stk. #6399, VIN #HHC00517. *12.995 ’88 JEEP CHEROKEE 4X4 PIONEER ’93 MERCURY SABLE 4 dr., 6 cyl., auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm st/cass, fab/int, 4 dr., 6 cyl, auto, O/D, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm st/cass, fab/int, p/seats, buckets, buckets console, gauges, r/def, bd/side/md, tint, r/wipe- recyseats, console, gauges, r/def, p/w, p/d/l/, p/mir, b/s/m, tint, tilt, cruise, p/tr, pin strip, int. wipers, mats, dual driver & pass A A I"* wash, tilt, rf rack, pin strip, mats, alum wh, $ n A f l C air bags, w/w 23,438 mi. Stk#402, VIN PA618596. * J X i l l l K 80,330 mi., Stk 16304, vIn #JT045535. Program car.______I U ’93 FORD RANGER XL ’90 JEEP CHEROKEE 4X4 LIMITED 2 WD, 4 cyl, 5 spd, P/S, P/B, A/C, fab/int, gauges tint, pin stripe, 4 dr., 6 cyl., auto, p/s, p/b, a/c,/c, am/fm st/cass, leather/int, p/seats,i buckets, Plymmilti C lirysle r^ Plym outh rec/seats, console, gauges, r/def, p/w, p/dr lcks, p/mir, bd/side/md, tint, mats, bed liner, step bumper, long bed, chrome wheels, black/gray r/wipe-wash, tilt, cruise, cargoi cov, rf rack, pin strip, * ^ seats, 7,876 miles, Stk #6361 intermit wipers, gold pkg, alum wh, 42,728 mi., 02 North Main St. (Rt.79) Marlboro \VIN#7PTA7449. *9,995 “ * *— 'I VIN #LL121645. *15,995, 0m g* bm mm Prices include all costs to consumer m | except tor license, registration & taxes. THIS AD IS A COUPON AND MUST BE PRESENTED AT TIME OF SALE Prices include all costs except tax, license & registration fe e s

« n m i i n /'

.By getting you the most car for your money. ...By giving you the e eserve. ...By giving you over 25years ol combined leasing expertise. ...By offering all Manufacturer Rebates and Rate Specials. JEEP WINNER -Anna Massa of Middletown W e L e a s e accepts the keys to a 1994 Jeep from Straub Jeep Eagle’s Sales Manager Al DeVarti at Every M ake And M odel Straub’s Keyport dealership. Ms. Massa won the vehicle in New York City’s radio station CALL FOR A a NVLMA/l/V A NationalLeasing Association VaNcta WFAN “Imus in the Morning” radio show promotion, in conjunction with the New York Giants football team.


Dodge, 4 dr. Sedan, front wheel drive, 4 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. strng/brks, AIR, dual AIRBAGS, AM/FM stereo, t/glass, r/def, b/s mldgs, bucket seats, touring suspension, int. wip, Stk. #47502, VIN #SD503243. MSRP


MEW ’9 4 / B B m caravan^ M

Dodge, FWD, 3.0L 6 cyl. 3 spd. auto trans., pwr. strng/brks., dual AIRBAG, AIR, t/gls., bs mldgs., map & cargo light, pwr. Irftgate, family value pkg., VIN #RR547216„ MSRP: $17,917. Incl. $500 factory rebate, $400 college grad rebate & $200 previous owner certificate.

or w e w ill give you up to $500! If the identical car or NEW ’9 4 1 truck you purchased from us is ad vertised for less in INTREPID* the next 30 days, w e w ill

give you'the difference or $500, w hichever is less Dodge, 3.3L V6 eng., auto, trans., pwr. strng./brks., AIR, dual AIRBAG, AM/FM stereo, t/gls., r/def., bs mldgs., ^ xc lu d in g mfr. rebate. sport mirr., halogen lamps, bucket reel, seats, VIN #RH102997., MSRP: $17,776, Incl. $400 college grad rebate.

- wSsW*’ jWg S g S & flS S i THE ALL NEW ’94 NEW ’94 B250 N E W ’9 4 NEW ’94 B250 RAM PICKUP TRUCK C A R G O V A N DAKOTA SPORT CONVERSION VAN Dodge, 119" wb, dix. 40/20/40 seats, 3.9L 6 cyl, 5 spd. man. Irans, pwr. Dodge, 127.6" wheelbase, heavy duty work van, 5.kL 318 Magnum V-8, 3 Dodge, Pick Up, 3.9 Magnum V-6,5 spd. man. trans, pwr. strng/rear anti-lock Dodge, 6 cyl., 3 spd. auto, trans., pwr. stmg./brks., AIR, AM/FM stereo cass., t/gls., strng/brks, no air, AIRBAG, modular behind seat storage, ST advantage pkg spd. aulo. trans, pwr. strng/rear anti-lock brks, no air, AM/FM stereo, dig. brks, AIRBAG, no air, AM/FM stereo-cass, b/s mldgs, dig. clock, sport mirr, tilt, cruise, pwr. wind ./kicks, dig. clock, custom graphics, 4 captains chairs, r/sofa 24C, light group, tailgate protection mldg. chrome pkg, rear step bmpr, VIN clock, high back bekt. sts, VIN #RK537098, MSRP $16,988. Incl. $1000 hal. lamps, alum, whle, body color grill & mldgs, rear step bmpr, tach, dix. int. bed, running boards, VCR wired, cont. kit, loaded, VIN #RK541627, MSRP: #RS532161, MSRP $16,060. Incl. $400 college grad rebate. man. rebate, $500 comm, rebate & $400 college grad rebate. pkg, VIN #RS512061, MSRP $11,768. Incl. $400 college grad rebate. $24,997. Incl. $1,000 man. rebate & $400 college grad rebate. $ 13.995 *13.295 $ 10.895 *16.995 “FAM OUS FOR SELLING THE FINEST USED CARS SINCE 1969!

’85 A R IE S ’89 HORIZON ’ 8 8 ESCORT ’87 TEM PO Dodge, Wagon, red, 4 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. strng/brks, AM/FM Plymouth, 4 dr. Hatchback, 4 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. * _ _ Ford, Wagon, silver, 4 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. strng/brks, AM/FM Ford, 4 dr. Sedan, white, 4 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. strng/brks, AIR, stereo-cass, AIR, r/ def, t/glass, b/s mldgs, roof rack, a a p stmg/brks, AM/FM stereo, AIR, r/def, t/glass, $ O f lU k stereo, pwr. mirr, r/def, t/glass, cloth int, Stk. #1935A, CAAAC AM/FM stereo-cass, pwr. mirr, r/def, t/glass, b/s mldgs, vinyl roof, Stk. #47081A, VIN #FF182942,57,902 miles. * | cloth int, Stk. #49102A, Vin. #KY440219,89,410 miles. £ 4 3 3 VIN JW240436,75,512 miles. A.5J5JD cloth int, Stk. #39032B, VIN #HK169076,75,076 miles. *2 9 9 5 ‘8 8 B A R E T T A ’ 8 8 A ER O STAR ’89 S P IR IT ’89 GRAND AM LE Chew, 2 dr. Coupe, 2.8L 6 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. strng/brks, AIR, Ford, Wagon, 7 pass, blue/blue, 6 cyl, auto, trans, pwr stmg/brks, AIR, Dodge, 4 dr. Sedan, black cherry, 4 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. strng/brks, Pontiac, 2 dr. Coupe, black, 2.5L 4 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. stmg/brks, AM/FM stereo-cass, tilt, cruise, r/def, t/glass, b/s mldgs, cloth AM/FM stereo-cass, pwr. wind/seats/locks/mirr, tift/r/det, t/glass, ' AIR, AM/FM stereo, pwr. wind/locks/mirr, tilt, cruise, r/def, AM/FM stereo-cass, AIR, pwr. wind, tilt, r/def, t/glass, b/s 6 p m a p int, Stk. #31077A, VIN #JY503605,88,924 miles. rack, cloth int, Stk. #41036A, VIN #JZA10152,93,336 miles. t/glass, b/s mldgs, doth int, stk. #43016A, mldgs, cloth int, Stk. #32229A, VIN #KC825734, 58,904 miles. * J l X U J l $2 9 9 5 $4 4 9 5 VIN #KF451155, 50,478 miles.______*4995 ’ 8 8 SA B LE LS ’91 DYNASTY ’92 S P IR IT ’90 VOYAGER SE Mercury, Wagon, 3.0L cyl, auto, trans, pwr. strng/brks, AIR, 6 Dodge, 4 dr. Sedan, 6 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. stmg/brks, AM/FM stereo, Dodge, 4 dr. Sedan, 4 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. stmg/brks, AM/FM stereo cass, Plymouth, Wagon, 7 Pass, blue, 6 cyl, auto, trans, pwr. strng/brks, AM/FM stereo-cass, pwr. wind/seats/locks/mirr, tilt, cruise, r/def, a m AIR, pwr. wind/locks/mirr, tilt, cruise, f t p * AIR, tilt cruise, r/def, t/glass, b/s mldgs, cloth int, f t C AM/FM stereo, AIR, Vglass, roof rack cloth int, Stk #1793, $ ^ " T f t C t/glass, b/s mldgs, cloth int, Stk. #1808, VIN #JA600204, ▼ R i l U n r/def, t/glass, b/s mldgs, cloth int, Stk.#1482, ¥ f

2 Year Lease Deturns All Model Ford Cars and Trucks- (Save thousands on low mileage Fords w ith the balance o f their Factoiy Warrantys! All origionally leased from Toms Ford and servicess were perform ed by Toms Ford... B ut Hurry... They'll go fast!

1993 FORD TAURUS GL 1992 FORD TAURUS GL 1 9 9 2 FORD EXPLORER 1992 FORD TAURUS GL WAGON V-6, auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, V-6, auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, 6 cyl., auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, P/seats, tilt/cruise, alloy whls., AM/FM P/W, P/seats, tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo EDDIE B AU ER P/W, P/seats, tilt/cruise, roof rack, alloy whls., V-6, auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, P/aeats, stereo cass., T.G., cloth int., air bag, r. def. cass., T.G., cloth int., air bag, r. def. balance tilt/cruise, ABS brakes, roof rack, console, alloy whls., AM/FM stereo cass., T.G., cloth int., air bag, r. Balance of Factory Warranty. Stk. #U5030. of Factory Warranty. Stk. #N6176A. VIN AM/FM stereo cass., T.G., cloth int., r.def., buckets. def. Balance of Factory Warranty. Stk. VIN #PA133637. 14,608 miles. Orig. MSRP #NA119971. 37,446 miles. Orig. MSRP Balance of Factory Warranty. Stk. #T6171A. VIN #N6185A. VIN #NA112053. 24,607 miles. $19,960. ...C $19,287. #NUL13560. 27,203 miles. Orig. MSRP $26,410. ^ Orig. MSRP $20,537. - .iC *13,995 *11,485 > 0 - *19,900 W* 3 # *12,486 W Price(s) include(s) all costs to be paid by a consumer, except for licensing, registration, and taxes. The Word On Ih e M Street fl

200 H\a7T35 (PKY exit WJ Keyport; N X (O T 264-1500 THE INDEPENDENT, FEBRUARY 2, 1994 5 5


Becoming a l l NEW 1994 CHRYSLER CONCORDE 4 dr. Sedan, 3.3 Itr. V-6 , auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, w/auto temp, cont., P/L. Five-Star Dealer P/W, w/one touch feature, P/8 -way drivers seat, remote/illum. entry grp., dual visor vanity mirrors, cloth front 50/50 bench seat, 16" whl. & touring grp., conv. spare. Stk. #2024. VIN #RH220637. MSRP $22,603. Opt. Pkg. Disc. $233. Buhler Disc. $1,971 College Grad Rebate if qual. $400. 36 Mo. lease. $1,500 is very easy. down payment plus 1st payment & ref. sec. deposit. 1 2 ,0 0 0 miles per year max. Down ?paymentent includes Collegecollege Rebate.Kebate.

BUY Per Mo. Ail you have to do is FOR 19,999 n e *286 + Tax satisfy your customers. All you have to do is be courteous, highly trained, efficient, friendly, professional, proficient, prompt, honest, skilled, and caring. Every minute of every day, with every customer. Nothing to it. Or maybe it's just' that our people are so good they make it look easy. NEW 1994 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2.5 Itr. EFI, auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/liftgate rel., body side mldgs., dual horns, storage drawers, Come see us soon. And judge for yourself. map & cargo lights, highback bucket seats, 7 pass, seating, r. def., lugg. rack, AM/FM stereo cass. w/4 speakers, conv. spare, FWD. Stk. #1818. VIN #RR547327. MSRP $18,086. Opt. Pkg. Disc. $857. Buhler Disc. $940. Rebate $500. College Grad Rebate if qual. $500. 36 Mo. Lease. $1,500 cap cost reduction. 1 st payment $199 plus' ref. * sec. dep. & ‘ M.V. fees.I 122,000,C“ miles “ per year, 15

BUY Per Mo. USED CAR SPECIALS FOR *15,289 s? *199 + Tax 1989 DODGE 1989 MERCURY 1990 CHRYSLER CARAVAN LE COUGAR LEBARON COUPE 4 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, 6 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, 6 cyl., auto trans.. P/S, P/B, A/C, P/w, tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo w/cass., P/W, tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo cass., r. P/L, P/W, r. def., T.G., sunroof. T.G., doth int., r. def.. Stk. #8317. VIN def., Stk. #8333. VIN #KH685285. Stk. #8218. VIN #LG450898. #KR206725.62,828 miles, 46,940 miles. 41,575 miles. $ $ 8 , 8 8 8 7 ,8 8 8 $ 7 ,4 9 9 NEW 1994 PLYMOUTH 1991 CHRYSLER 1989 NISSAN 1994 GEO TRACKER NEW 1994 PLYMOUTH NEW YORKER SALON SENTRA SE 4X4 CONVERTIBLE SUNDANCE 4 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, 4 cyl., auto trans.,A/C, tilt whl., 4 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, 3 dr. Liftback, 2 .2 Itr. EFI 4 cy l., au to ACCLAIM A /C, T.G., AM/FM stereo. sprt. whls., r, def., A M /FM A/C, AM /FM stereo cass. Stk. 4 dr. Sedan, 2.5 Itr. 4 cyl., auto Stk. #7934. VIN #JY207845. stereo, sunroof, Stk. #8122. VIN #8320. VIN #R6904002. 7,278 trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, r. def., As Traded 69,985 miles. #KU004242. 64,700 miles. miles. grp., dual mirrors, 50/50 cloth bench seat, full $ dual visor mirrors, colcfor keyed ,. mldgs., * 1 0 ,9 9 9 6 ,6 9 5 $ 1 2 ,7 7 9 AM/FM stereo w/4 speakers, T.G., spare, AM/FM stereo. Stk. stripe, delx. wipers, Stk. #1832. VIN #1759. VIN #RF115532. MSRP 1992 FORD TEMPO 1993 PLYMOUTH 1988 CHRYSLER #RN140288. MSRP $11,763. Opt. Pkg. $14,249. Buhler Disc. $850. 6 cyl., auto, trans., P/S, P/B, P/L, ACCLAIM NEW YORKER Disc. $350. Buhler Disc. $814. Rebate P/W, A/C, AM/FM stereo cass., $1,000, College Grad Rebate if qual. Rebate $1,500. College Grad doth int., T.G., r.def. Stk. #8290. 4 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, 4 cyl., auto, trans., P/S, P/B, Rebate if qual. $400. VIN #NK119573. 23,462 miles. AM/FM stereo, tilt/cruise. Stk. A/C, P/L, tilt/cruise, AM/FM $ 4 0 0 . #8183. VIN #PF606822. 13,100 stereo, r. def. Stk. #8294. V IN miles. #JC116593. 76,485 miles. BUY BUY $ 7 ,7 8 9 9 ,9 9 9 * 4 ,9 9 9 FOR *9,199 FOR *11.499

Price(s) indude(s) all costs to be paid by a consumer, except for licensing, registration, and taxes.

■5000 rlie d Autn° A * * p plan CHEVROLET AU * 0 price cn»b The Home Of

After all..,isn't life complicated enough? USED CARS! New 1994 Chevy Fullsize 1993 PONTIAC GRAND AM 1992 CHEVY APV New 1994 Chevy S-10 2 Dr. 4 dr., 4 cyl., auto trans., p/s, p/b, a/c, body side mldg., 6 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/W, P/L, body side Extended Cab console, r. def., T.G., am/fm stereo w/cass., recl/buck­ mldg., tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo cass., recl/bucket et seats, tilt whl., carpet, elk., cruise, p/l, hub whls. seats, trip od., hub whls., int. wipers, carpet, elk., r. 4x4 BLAZER Stk. #P3065. VIN #PM573060.13,975 miles. def., T.G., r. wiper. Stk. #41941. VIN #NT149461. FLEETSIDE PICKUP 20,846 miles. 5.0 Itr. EFI V-8, auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, 4.3 Itr. V-6, auto trans. w/od„ P/S, P/B, A/C, r. *12,594 A/C, P/L. P/W, tilt whl., speed cont., AM/FM def/washer/wiper, deep tint glass, tailgate rel., tilt $13 ,9 8 8 stereo cass. & elk., aux. lighting, stainless steering, speed cont., AM/FM stereo cass., LT trim, spare whl. & tire carrier, elec. transfer 1992 GEO TRACKER 4X4 steel below-eye-line ext. mirrors, custom cloth 4 cyl., 5 spd. man. trans., A/C, carpet, elk., frt. & r. 1992 CHEVY C-1500 PICKUP case, elec. ext. mirrors, highback recl/bucket mats, conv. roof, recl/bucket seats, multispeed wip­ 6 cyl., auto trans. w/od., P/B, T.G., AM/FM stereo, trim, split bench reel, seat, bedliner, r. def., ers, body side mldg., AM/FM stereo cass., tach., alloy bench seat, trip odometer, fuel inj., hub whls., int. chrome whls., tach., chromed r. step bumper, leather seats with P/adj., white letter tires. Stk, whls. Stk. #30611. VIN #N6922462.24,324 miles. wipers. Stk. #PETE2. VIN #NE219282.15,822 miles. Silverado trim. Stk. #T4278. VIN #R1171270. #T4350. VIN #R0110916. MSRP $25,332. Opt. MSRP $21,784. 24 Mo. Lease. Total cash Pkg. Disc. $1,300. 24 Mo. Lease. Total cash $10 ,8 7 5 $1 1,367 $2,245.49 includes tax, motor vehicle & $2,301 includes tax, motor vehicle & $1,502.10. j i IM c $1,500 down payment, $275.59 down payment and security. 1991 CHEVY LUMINA EURO 1st payment and security. 15,000 miles per yr. max. 4 dr., 6 cyl., auto trans., w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, 1990 GEO PRIZM P/W, PArrik. rel., body side mldg., r. def., T.G., rem­ 4 dr., 4 cyl. Fl, auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, body side 15,000 miles per yr. max. ote mirrors, split bench reel. frt. seat, r. spoiler, tilt mldg., carpet, elk., console, r. def., T.G., AM/FM ster­ Lease For Buy For Lease For whl., mag whls., int. wipers, carpet, elk., fuel inj., eo, bucket/recl. seats, trip od., delx. whls., multispeed Buy For AM/FM stereo cass., trip od. Stk. #P3083. VIN wipers. Stk. #P4001. VIN #L2084666. 56,727 miles. #M0259191.37,643 miles. A A ______$ 2 7 5 » | $10 ,4 6 7 $6,9 9 7 Inc. Tax *317!; >20,710 13 1993 PONTIAC GRAND AM 1993 CHEVY LUMINA EURO 4 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/W, P/L, carpet, 6 cyl., auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, elk., cruise cont., fuel inj., sunroof, recl/bucket seats, body side mldg., cruise cont., fuel ini., frt. & r. mats, alarm system, bsm, console, r. def., T.G., AM/FM split bench seat, r. spoiler, tilt whl., P/trnk. rel., mag stereo cass., trip od., hub whls., int wipers. Stk. whls., int. wipers, carpet, elk., r. def., T.G., AM/FM #P30821. VIN #PM527838. 9,881 miles. stereo cass., trip od. Stk. #P3097. VIN #P9207427. 13,264 miles. *12,594 $12 ,9 9 7 New 1994 GEO PRIZM New 1993 Chevy 1991 PONTIAC TRANSPORT 6 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, P/seat, 1993 GEO PRIZM booy side mldg., console, remote mirrors, tilt whl., 4 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, r. def., body side 4 DOOR SEDAN alloy whls., int. wipers, carpet, elk., r. def., T.G., mldg., fuel inj., AM/FM stereo cass., recl/bucket CAMARO Z- 2 8 AM/FM stereo cass., reel, seat, r. wiper. Stk. #P3067. seats, delx. whls., carpet, elk., T.G. Stk. #P3103. VIN 1.6 Itr., 4 cyl., 5 spd. man. trans., P/S, VIN #MT203694.26,358 miles #PZ007321.14,644 miles.. P/B, A/C, cloth/vinyl bucket seats, frt. & r. carpet mats, r. def., 4 whl. anti-lock LEFTOVER $13 ,6 6 3 $10 ,9 9 6 5.7 Itr. V-8, auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, brake system, AM/FM stereo w/clk. & 4 P/L, P/W, Delco-Bose AM/FM stereo speakers. Stk. #4311. VIN #FtZ028360. 1993 CHEVY CAVALIER 1993 CHEVY CORSICA cass., dig. elk. & ext. range sound, 4 dr., 4 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/W, P/L, T.G., 6 cyl., auto trans., p/s, p/b, a/c, p/l, r. def., body side MSRP $13,285. 36 Mo. Lease. Total speed cont. w/resume, remote hatch body side mldg., console, r. def., AM/FM stereo cass., mldg., console, t.g., am/fm stereo, recl/bucket seats, cash $919.67 includes tax, motor vehi­ bucket/recl. seats, tilt whl., trip od., delx. whls., int. int. wipers, carpet, elk., tilt whl., hub whls., ABS rel., fog lamps, remote sprt. mirrors, wipers, carpet, elk., cruise, fuel inj., remote mirrors. brakes, driver air bag. Stk. #P3061. VIN #PY159002, cle & $400 down payment, $197.77 1st cloth bucket seats, body side mldgs., Stk. #P3067. VIN #P7169025. 15,592 miles. 14,875 miles. payment & security. 15,000 miles per yr. r. def., stl. bltd. radials, LoJack. Stk. max. ’ ‘ #3813. VIN #P2121714. MSRP *10,271 $10 ,9 8 9 $21,119. Future Disc. $3,478. 1990 PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1992 NISSAN 240SX 6 cyl., auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/W, P/L, 4 cyl., 5 spd. man. trans P/S, P/B, A/C, P/hatch rel., Lease For . Buy For Buy For P/mirrors, carpet, elk., Wt/cruise, bucket/reci. seats r! console, Irt. & r. mats, T.G., remote mirrors, recl/bucket wiper, console, r. def., T.G., AM/FM stereo cass. seats, tilt, trip od., delx. whls., P/ant., carpet, elk., r. def., tach., trip od., delx. whls., int. wipers. Stk. #40261' AM/FM stereo cass., tach., int. wipers. Stk. #36251. VIN VIN #UX114S21.50,192 miles. #NW164085.10,434 miles. 107!: 12,014 *17,641 *11,321 $11.085 ^MOBILITY Price(s) include(s) all costs to be paid by a consumer, except for licensing, registration, and taxes. K* IW MV9GAU.Y CHMlBtBtD ROUTE 34 ABERDEENAT SOUTH ATLANTIC AVE. (MATAWAN) NEXT TO STRATHMORE SHOPPING CENTER 566-8000