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STRONGER FOR AUGUST 2018 Scotland is a World Leader

Scotland is a progressive nation, brimming with innovation and confident of its role in the world. Today, Scotland is at the forefront of tackling some of the biggest issues of the 21st century.

More inside on just eleven ways that Scotland is leading the world.

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OCTOBER CONFERENCE 22 Volunteering Abroad PAGE INDEX UPDATE 23 Migration Policy for Scotland Page 2 – “October Conference The Potential Resolutions are: Update” 24 Chief Constable Recruitment 1 Constitution of the Scottish Page 2 – “Upcoming Events” National Party 25 Domestic Abuse Page 3/4 – “Scotland is a World Leader”, Liam Furby 2 Tourism 26 Seasonal Workers Page 5 – “Fired Up and Ready 27 Food Waste in Supermarkets 3 Disrespectful Attitude of UK to Go”, Keith Brown MSP Government Departments towards 28 Supporting the Scottish Food MSPs Page 6 – “Our NHS isn’t safe and Drink Sector in Tory Hands”, Grant Castello 4 Overhauling Consent Education in 29 Child Tax Credits and Kinship Page 7 – “UK government Scottish Schools Care must stop the eviction of asylum seekers in Glasgow”, 5 Whole-School Approach to 30 Ban the Import and Trade of Fur Mhairi Black MP Mental Health Provision Farm Products Page 8 – “Nicola Sturgeon to 6 Poverty-Proofing School Uniform Theresa May: time to set out 31 Pooled Fares System Policy plan B on Brexit” 32 UNESCO Year of Indigenous 7 Compulsory CPR Training in Page 9 – “£167 million cash Languages grab money should be Scotland’s Schools invested in Scotland – not AMENDMENTS must be received in 8 Salary History Cheltenham”, Richard SNP Headquarters not later than Lochhead MSP 9 Reusable Plastic 09h00 (or 1st post, whichever is the later) on Friday 31 August 2018 Page 10 - “Business for Scotland – Scotland the Brief” 10 Green Roofs Patrick Johnstone Page 11 – “Useful Links” 11 Single-Use Plastic Straws and Political Education Officer Disability 12 Adverse Childhood Experiences UPCOMING EVENTS Branch Secretary and £32.00 per person to be paid at the AGM.

13 Cracking Down on Ticket Touts Contact our Branch Secretary at: Commodore Hotel Meet the 14 Fuel Duty Rises Branch where we hope to have [email protected] Brendan O’Hara MP and some of 15 Shipbuilding on the Clyde our Councilors in attendance. ALL UNDER ONE BANNER

16 Safe Zones Sat 18/08/18, 10:00am to 2:00pm Marches for Independence

17 Medically-Supervised Injection Helenburgh SNP AGM Sat 25/08/18 – Dundee Facilities Thu 13/09/18, 7:30pm to 9:30pm Sat 06/10/18 – Edinburgh 18 Equal Right of Appeal at the Civic Centre Dumbarton CA will be organising 19 Nuclear Free Local Authorities Nominations are invited for buses if you would like to book a delegates who are regular seat contact Marion Plunkett 20 International Trade attendees, active in the Branch and (Dumbarton Organiser) at: familiar with the resolutions. 21 Refugee (Family Reunion) Bill Names to be submitted to our [email protected] NEWSLETTER | Issue 10 3

Scotland is a world leader By Liam Furby, 15/07/18 poorest countries that are Special Envoy to Syria. The feeling its greatest effects. Board helped supported the Scotland is a progressive nation, ongoing Syrian peace process brimming with innovation and That’s why we launched the by ensuring that the voices of confident of its role in the world. Climate Justice Fund 2012 women are heard. Today, Scotland is at the forefront with former Irish President and UN High Commissioner for Our renewables sector is at of tackling some of the biggest Human Rights, Mary Robinson. the cutting edge of low- issues of the 21st century. carbon technology By 2021, £21 million will have development. Here are just eleven ways that been distributed through the Scotland is leading the world. world-leading Climate Justice Scotland was amongst the first Fund, helping the world’s countries in the world to Scotland is on track to meet the poorest communities adapt to harness electricity from its most ambitious climate change the challenges of climate waters, through the ambitious targets in the world. And we’re set change. hydro building programme in to legislate for new targets that the 1950s and 1960s. are even tougher. Scotland’s universities are amongst the best in the Today we lead the way on Our performance on reducing world. tidal energy. Scotland is home greenhouse gas emissions has been to the world’s first large-scale the best in the UK and better than Scotland has more universities tidal energy farm, which has in the top 200 per head of been supported by £23 million every country in Western Europe population than any other of except Sweden. country except Luxembourg. funding.

In March 2016 the then UN Climate Our universities punch above Overall, Scotland has Change Secretary, Christiana their weight on research too. exceeded its target to produce Figueres, said that Scotland’s Scotland's higher education 50 per cent of its electricity progress on climate change had research and development from renewables – helping to been “very exemplary to the spend as a percentage is GDP fight climate change and world”. is the fifth highest in the create jobs too. In fact, more developed world. than two-thirds of the We have now published a Climate electricity used in Scotland in Change Bill that will set a new We are showing global 2017 came from renewables. leadership in peacekeeping statutory target for a 90 per cent and conflict resolution. reduction by 2050, moving to a net-zero emissions target as soon We’re committed to training as possible. Read more here about at least 50 women every year how we are protecting the from international conflict environment and tackling zones in prevention and resolution of conflict. And we climate change. are expanding our programme Scotland was the first country to include South Asia, South in the world to set up a and Central America and sub- Climate Justice Fund. Saharan Africa.

We believe that developed This follows the successful countries who have Syrian Women’s Advisory contributed the most to Board, which was established climate change have an by the Scottish Government obligation to support the and supported by the UN NEWSLETTER | Issue 10 4

Scotland has been named one as being amongst the most incredible £313 million in of the world’s top circular progressive in the world. 2015. economy nations - in recognition of our work to And we are committed to And we’ll ensure the festivals keep precious resources in reviewing and reforming remain the biggest and best use for as long as possible. gender recognition law, so with a £10 million funding that it’s in line with boost over the next five years. The Scottish Government, and international best practice for Scotland is the first country its agencies, won the Award people who are Transgender in the world to introduce for Circular Economy or Intersex. Minimum Unit Pricing for Governments, Cities and alcohol. Regions at the World Computer games developed in Scotland are played by Economic Forum summit at Scotland has a proud history Davos in 2017. millions of people around the world. of taking decisive action on public health. Now, to tackle Scotland’s reputation as a The latest version of Grand alcohol misuse, we’ve leader in science and introduced Minimum Unit medicine stretches back Theft Auto, developed in Scotland, has now sold 90 Pricing. This life saving policy centuries - from the discovery could lead to 121 fewer of penicillin to the million copies worldwide and was the fastest-selling deaths due to alcohol misuse development of the every year after 20 years. ultrasound scanner. entertainment product in history. In recognition of Scotland’s The life sciences sector now Abertay University in Dundee bold and innovative public employs 37,000 people in was the first university in the health policies, like alcohol Scotland - and company world to offer taught courses misuse and obesity, Nicola turnover in the industry grew in games programming and Sturgeon has been appointed by a massive 29 per cent artwork - and their courses to a new global health Task between 2010 and 2014. are ranked the best in Europe. Force, chaired by former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg Scotland is also leading the And the number of companies and US Treasury Secretary way in emerging markets. For in the computer game sector Lawrence H. Summers. example, Glasgow build more in Scotland surged by 27 per satellites than any other city cent in 2016-17. in Europe. Read more: Scotland is home to the Scotland has been recognised, world’s biggest arts festival, Maintaining Scotland’s global by ILGA-Europe, as second the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. leadership on climate change and only to Malta in Europe on the environment LGBTI equality. Edinburgh’s festivals have a Supporting a strong NHS workforce combined audience of 4.5 How we’re working to end We have passed historic same- million – making them as big homelessness sex marriage legislation, as the world cup. Overall, the which is recognised by many economic benefit to Scotland was estimated to be an NEWSLETTER | Issue 10 5

Fired up and ready to go By Keith Brown MSP, 21/07/18 These are the first SNP national Gibson MSP, Joan McAlpine MSP, assemblies since 2010 and they Drew Hendry MP, Julie Hepburn and promise to be invigorating debates, Margaret Ferrier. in the best traditions of the SNP. Make no mistake: with the Tories in They also have the potential to herald a new chapter in the story of turmoil over Brexit and Labour Scotland’s journey towards devoid of relevance and purpose in Scotland, we’re fired up and ready independence. to go. And I recognise that the wider debate on the Growth Commission Read more: You might have heard… the SNP are and independence is greater than holding three National Assemblies SNP to hold National Assemblies on just the SNP. We have a where we will debate and discuss Scotland’s economic future responsibility to set out a credible Depute Leader Keith Brown's the recommendations of the plan for a future Scotland – and to address to conference Sustainable Growth Commission. listen to others, and take on their Depute leader tasked with ‘building case’ for independence I’m really looking forward – in my ideas too. new role as Depute Leader of the So I’m engaging in wider discussions Click link to book your place: party - to hosting these assemblies too – meeting with trade unions, in Ayr, Aviemore and in Edinburgh. Saturday 25 August - Ayr business groups as well as people Saturday 1 September - Aviemore The Edinburgh event at the Corn from across civic Scotland and the Sunday 9 September - Edinburgh Exchange on Sunday 9 September is Yes family to share their views with already fully booked and has a us. waiting list. The events at Ayr The ability to mobilise our mass Racecourse on Saturday 25 August membership and present a positive and Aviemore Macdonald on case for Scotland in the next Saturday 1 September are filling up referendum or in a snap general fast. election is vital. No other political party in Scotland So that’s why I have been ramping could attract such an interest and up the SNP’s preparedness for a we recognise the responsibility and snap Westminster election as well the opportunity we have in giving as building the case around the ‘why our members a platform. of independence’. The events will use participatory Vetting for potential candidates for leadership techniques deployed by next General Election is now open movements in Denmark, Austria, and Westminster Liaison Sweden and Canada. This will allow Committees are being re- members to set the agenda within established. the context of the SGC recommendations. This enables a I have also setup the SNP Campaign grassroots empowered policy Committee, with myself chairing, in development process on my other new role as Campaign independence. Director, aided by a strong team with Alison Thewliss MP, Kenneth NEWSLETTER | Issue 10 6

Our NHS isn't safe in Tory hands By Grant Costello, 16/07/18 million a week on the NHS, since the Dominic Raab referendum Liam Fox as gone cold Following the disastrous roll out of Brexit Secretary on the idea of investing in the health Theresa May's Brexit proposals, the service, saying the government Prime Minister was faced with a raft While Dominic Rabb was Housing couldn't make any post-Brexit of senior Cabinet resignations. So, Minister, it was revealed he was promises. Theresa May has now been forced part of a Facebook group calling for in appointing a new Cabinet, yet this the return of workhouses for those Liam Fox has, in the past, also called one appears to be even more in poverty and debt, and advocating for the protected funding for extreme than the old one - the privatisation of the NHS. The the NHS to be scrapped and as especially when it comes our NHS. idea of privatisation in the NHS isn't International Trade Secretary has new to Raab, having championed ensure that future US trade We now have a new Brexit David Cameron's top-down negotiations will be kept Secretary who doesn’t believe restructuring of the NHS as an MP to secret from the public. in economic or social rights and calling for massive regulation a new UK Health Secretary who has reform during the junior doctor's Michael Gove received money from the chair of a strike - saying doctors were "holding Environment Secretary think-tank that wants to abolish the the NHS to ransom". NHS. They alone put our NHS at risk, Michael Gove was the key architect nevermind those Tories who dream He has even expressed support of the Vote Leave campaign's '£350 of privatisation that were already in for Donald Trump's trade million extra a week for the NHS' Cabinet. actions, actions that could see our pledge, a pledge that has now been NHS opened up to American private disproven and rejected by the UK And to top it off, we also have an companies. government that he serves in. embattled Theresa May desperately Despite that Michael Gove has still chasing a US trade deal at any cost. Jeremy Hunt tried to spin his Brexit pledge, even There is now a very real danger is Foreign Secretary when his own Chancellor says he is that our precious NHS could be lying about more money for the opened up to Donald Trump and As Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt NHS. American private healthcare firms, oversaw a massive expansion of as the sweetener to secure the private sector involvement in the Michael Gove also has a history of Tories 'America First' trade deal. NHS in England. Under the Tories implementing ideologically the purchase of private sector motivated privatisation. As Here’s where just five members of services by the NHS in England has Education Secretary, under David the UK Cabinet stand on NHS almost doubled – rising to £9 Cameron, Michael Gove was the privatisation. billion in 2016-17. leading Tory privatiser, undertaking a massive privatisation project Matt Hancock Jeremy Hunt also co-authored a on England's schools system. Health Secretary book with his cabinet colleague Michael Gove and one-time UKIP Read more: The Chair of the Institute of MP Douglas Carswell, that called for Economic Affairs think tank, which the NHS to be replaced with a 13 facts about the health service has called for the NHS to be health insurance market involving under the SNP abolished and is now under the private sector. An option for The NHS is an integral part of the investigation by the Charity privatisation than is often promoted fabric of our country and it must Commission, has donated £32,000 by Nigel Farage. always be protected to Matt Hancock since the election. Who is the new Brexit Secretary, The IEA recently during the NHS's Liam Fox Dominic Raab? 70th Anniversary called on the UK Trade Secretary government to consider ditching our NHS in favour of a "health Despite being a leading Brexiteer insurance system". and pledging to spend an extra £350 NEWSLETTER | Issue 10 7

UK government must stop the eviction of asylum seekers in Glasgow

By Mhairi Black MP, 06/08/18 Glasgow is a dispersal city, the But while the Home Office refuse council do not to fund either the council or Serco, receive any funds it is the people living in fear of the from the Home possibility of being kicked out on to Office – unlike the street that are left in limbo and English councils. at risk.

These people are This cannot and must not go ahead. extremely Home Secretary Sajid Javid has a vulnerable. letter from Glasgow City councillors Many of them and Members of Parliament across came to Scotland the political parties, asking him to fleeing instruct Serco to reverse this policy persecution. without delay. He needs to do that The past week has been a They are often isolated and afraid, and solve this problem for the long rollercoaster for around 300 with no support network or friends term by starting to fund Scottish asylum seekers in Glasgow who or family that they can rely on. local authorities in the same way as were told by a private housing Many of them do not speak he does down south. provider that they faced eviction English, have no money or because they had been refused If he doesn’t, I have no doubt the contacts, and nowhere to go. asylum. people of Glasgow will continue to Yet Glasgow City Council are legally stand up for these vulnerable The move by the contractors Serco unable to help them directly with people to ensure these mass – who have a direct contract with accommodation or funds. That is evictions do not go ahead. the Home Office for the provision another Home Office rule. My of accommodation – has rightly colleague, the SNP Leader of Read more: caused outrage in Glasgow and led Our NHS isn't safe in Tory hands Glasgow City Council, Susan Aitken, to a public demonstration on Tories will have a heavy price to is right to warn of a “humanitarian pay for ignoring Scotland Buchanan Street. disaster” in the city. 5 Tory policies that Ruth Davidson At the time of writing this, Serco knows are hurting Scotland but still Susan was also right to demand supports have said they will “pause” issuing that the Home Secretary tells Serco lock-change orders and they would to stop the threat of evictions with not begin enforcing them until on- immediate effect and work with going court action clarified the the council to ensure this can never position. happen again. This is a welcome move. It’s a climb Companies who bid for these down – albeit a temporary one – contracts with the UK Government after public pressure from are obliged to protect the campaigners. vulnerable and to keep service People were rightly outraged when users safe. Changing locks on Serco announced they would start people’s accommodation and evicting asylum seekers who had threatening to make them not been granted refugee status by destitute is inexcusable. the UK Home Office. Even though NEWSLETTER | Issue 10 8

Nicola Sturgeon to Theresa May: time to set out plan B on Brexit By Nicol Sturgeon MSP & First damaging, but by talking it up as a That would do as much harm to Minister, 07/08/18 negotiating tactic there is a very jobs, investment and the economy real danger it becomes a reality. as a no deal Brexit and would leave Ahead of meeting the Prime Minister the country directionless through in Edinburgh today, the First Minister And while the UK's focus is on the the transition period. has demanded that Prime Minister scare tactics of no deal, there has Theresa May sets out her plan B on been no visible progress on Given this lack of clarity and real Brexit. Here’s what Nicola Sturgeon securing a future relationship that concerns of no agreement, it is has said in full. protects trade in both goods and time the Prime Minister told us services. what her Plan B is. We cannot have The Prime Minister faces two key no deal and we cannot have a blind tests in the negotiations over next The Prime Minister promised a Brexit. few months. detailed statement on the future

relationship with the EU alongside The whole of the UK deserves She must secure a withdrawal the withdrawal agreement, so answers from the Prime Minister agreement that provides for an orderly transition. Without that, the parliament and the people would and we cannot continue without a UK faces the catastrophic prospect of know where the UK is going. That backup plan. crashing out of the EU without a promise must be kept. deal. Read more: Parliament cannot be asked to Scotland’s Brexit plan: protecting But she must also secure make the decision on withdrawal jobs and living standards agreement on a detailed statement without details on what the future The UK Brexit White Paper: what it on the future relationship between relationship will look like. should have said the UK and the EU – because Michael Russell: Tory Ministers without that we will simply be With the Chequers proposals falling don’t understand devolution, far moving from the prospect of a no flat, even if a withdrawal less respect it deal Brexit to the damage of what agreement can be secured, there is some of her own colleagues a very real risk that we end up with apparently now refer to as a blind a blind Brexit - which will see the Brexit. UK step off the cliff edge next March without knowing what A no deal Brexit would be utterly landing place will be. unacceptable and deeply

NEWSLETTER | Issue 10 9

£167 million cash grab money should be invested in Scotland – not Cheltenham By Richard Lochhead MSP, across the country, including This money would be 05/08/18 Glenlivet and Fochabers Estates, transformational in helping Crown Fort Kinnaird Retail Park in and villages and harbours in my Estate Scotland support our Edinburgh was the ’s constituency, and indeed many communities in Moray and the most valuable assets in Scotland other sites across Scotland. more rural and coastal areas of Scotland. and despite repeated requests in The UK government no doubt the run up to the Scotland Bill in wants this shady cash grab kept There should be no question where 2016, the UK government refused below the radar – but Scotland is the £167 million revenue from the to devolve the site along with other simply being conned. And it is sale of this land in Edinburgh Crown Estate assets in Scotland. outrageous that the millions of belongs, and I am glad the Scottish Within two years of refusing to pounds made from the sale of this Government is taking this to the devolve the site to Crown Estate Edinburgh site is apparently being Conservative Government. spent in Cheltenham. Scotland, they have cashed in by It is now abundantly clear why, two selling the site to London-based Just two years ago UK Ministers years ago, Tory ministers refused M&G Estates for an astonishing refused Scottish Government Scottish Government requests to £167 million. And even more requests to devolve this site to the devolve this site to the new Crown astonishing is the fact that not one new Crown Estate Scotland, and it’s Estate Scotland. single penny of that is set to come now clear that there are 167 to Scotland. million reasons why. This is nothing short of asset stripping and the Tory government It’s a bitter pill to swallow that The value of the Fort Kinnaird site needs to play fair and give Scotland Crown Estate Scotland is looking to represents 60 per cent of the total the £167 million it is owed. sell off assets, including a tenanted assets of Crown Estate Scotland farm in Fochabers in my own and I’m calling for the UK constituency of Moray, to raise government to ensure that funds to invest in its portfolio. Scotland receives the full £167 Selling assets like this may not have million it is owed. been necessary if the UK government had originally agreed And the good news is that the to designate Fort Kinnaird as a Scottish Government is now set to Scottish asset. intervene in response to my call for the UK Treasury to reinvest the Had this site been devolved, the £167 million proceeds from the Scottish Government could have sale of Fort Kinnaird Retail Park in reinvested such a huge windfall in the Scottish Crown Estate. transforming Crown Estate sites NEWSLETTER | Issue 10 10

Business for Scotland – Scotland the Brief

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