Examples of the Intro/Body/Conclusion for the Historical Essay

Intro (Beginning) Examples:

In the , The Watson’s Go to Birmingham-1963, the civil rights movement was the main historical event described by the author. The Watson family lived in the north where there it was desegregated. However, …….

During the ______, the main historical event was ______. The novel I read ______shows how this time period ______.

The of the novel I read is ______. It takes place during ______. The book describes this time in through characters that ______.

Body (Middle) Examples:

Authority- According to ______, WWI was ______. In the book, the main focus was ______. The characters live through ______just like ______.

Statistics- Over 95 percent of ______in the 1800s only lived to be ____. The main in my novel is struggling with ______.

Anecdote- Martin Luther King describes his thoughts with segregation around the world with this story. “There is quite a bit of interest and concern in Africa for the situation in the United States. African leaders in general and African people in particular are greatly concerned about the struggle here and familiar with what has taken place. We must solve this problem of racial injustice if we expect to maintain our leadership in the world, if we expect to maintain a voice in the world that is two thirds color.”

Logical Reasoning- The Children’s was a non-violent protest led by the youth in May 1963 that started at the 16th Baptist Church. The bombing of the church killed four innocent little girls. Therefore, the violence brought more attention to the need to end segregation. Kenny Watson was shaken after witnessing the death at the church. The nation recognized no child should ever die for freedom and the laws were changed in the south.

Counter-Claim- The Watson family was not aware of the pain and suffering in the south. However, how was it that some African Americans were living a free desegregated live while others were not under the same government in the United States of America.

Conclusion (Ending) Examples:

To sum it up, although the book I read was fiction, it made some great references to real historical events. Such as…..

In conclusion, the book I read allowed me to understand the historical time period of……

The ______time period was interesting The book helped me see how the ______was difficult for ______. Also, I learned about real events in history through made up characters.

Citing Evidence on Note cards

Types of evidence to cite in essay:

Counter-Claim- using a claim that is the opposite or disagrees with the claim.

Statistics- using numerical facts that express information exactly.

Anecdote- using a story that is short and based in real life.

Authority- citing an expert who is respected, reliable, and trustworthy in a given field.

Logical Reasoning- using a series of ideas to draw a conclusion.

Scoring Guide

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