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118 Harbor Paddling 113 Launches, Landings and Programs

105 Get out there! 115 The waterways of the New York- Harbor Estuary offer outdoor fun, nature, beauty, and challenge for all levels of paddling experience. This brochure is your guide to the launch 109 sites and programs, boat clubs and outfitters that can help get you out on the .

Safety First A few basic tips will make sure that you and your party have a great day: Understand the temperature of the water and the air 116 and the power of the wind; Consult tide and current tables and navigation charts; Know the rules of the road; Dress appropriately 157 107 and bring plenty of food, water, and sun protection; Don’t forget a 108 r 48 e lifevest or other personal floatation device; Travel with experi- 152 v i r R e enced paddlers and in groups. You can learn more about the com- v n i o R plexity of paddling in our urban here: bit.ly/32ZxIg6 s x 47 d n 149 u o d r n 46 H u B o

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e d n About the Estuary w a l o s L I The Harbor Estuary includes dozens of beautiful and unique g n 150 45 12 o waterways, each worthy of exploration by , , or row- 110 L n

H r e boat. But whether you are relaxing on a quiet backwater or taking a 31 t c 10 s k 41 114 e in the grand majesty of the Harbor, our estuary shares some com- e 148 n W s 42 119 102 39 mon and important features. In particular, water quality every- a 44 c k 33 38

where is affected by stormwater discharge. Consider waiting a R

i 112 v day or two after a heavy rain before going out on the water. To e r 11

learn more about water quality in the Estuary, check out the


Water Quality Report at www.hudsonriver.org/harborwide- 146 H 111 a

r wqreport-2021. The NYC Water Trail Association reports weekly l 8


m results from its Citizens Water Quality Testing Program here

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i 153 v www.nycwatertrail.org/water_quality.html. To learn more 43 21 e r L 145 14 16 i 49 t about the overall health of this vital ecosystem, including the 18 t l 37 e


hundreds of fish, birds, and other wildlife species that also call it N


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home, go to www.hudsonriver.org/state-of-the-estuary#report.


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s B y h 15 a Water vs. Air Temperatures i y n

g Air and water temperature can vary considerably — especially in the springtime. 101 r 28 e v 100 90° F i 156 40 r 22 R e Monthly Air iv c Temperature Range i 104 R 80° a t s 23 s 99 a Average Air s 96 E a Temperature

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N 144 t 98 ew s 50° Average Water Temperature C to a re w E e n k 97 35 Water Temperature Range 40° 103 30° 32 20° 160 24 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec l y 158 25 a 162 n a 155 a B C s k u r 161 an Presence of Pathogenic Bacteria aer Rainfall a w 165 w o e G 100 cfu/100ml 159 y N a


r 80 1 147 e p Mean levels of teroou p U bacteria are still high on

60 days following rainfall 5

67 58 Levels below 35 cfu/100ml ll 68 y 40 are safe for swimming V n Ku Ba a ca 62 35 ai m 51 a 6 52 J

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0 164 60 56 59 Days with Rain Days Immediately Dry Weather Following Rain 66 61 55 Sources: Water & Air Temperatures: National Weather Service — (2008), 57 69 Wet-Weather Pathogens: NYCDEP (2008) 64 92 50 65 63 72 4 87 53 l l i 54 K r 7 u 78 h Art 128 3 71 R a ri ta n 77 R i v 95 e r 126 130 73 74 Lower 127 129 2

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143 141 iver k R in es v 134 a 140 N er 131 137 iv 142 R ry u b Paddling Sites s Launch sites on this map range from full service boat- w e r houses with guided paddling programs to simple boat h Boat launch sites with rentals and / or S 12 138 programs for first-time boaters available ramps and beaches where paddling is encouraged. 133 139 Use of some sites is by permit only. Please contact the 132 15 Boat launch sites without regular rentals relevant park agency or program provider listed on 136 and / or programs the back for up-to-date . 53 Riis Landing 111 Grand Cove Marina P + Rockaway Point Blvd, , Gateway Bike & Boathouse, 989 Rd, Edgewater Service 1 Canoe Club Park P Hazards Boat Ramp P 250 Springfield Ave, Cranford, Cranford Canoe Club 112 54 Rockaway Point Dr, Fort Lee Park Rockaway Point Blvd, Queens, Gateway Bike & Boathouse, 2 P Horan’s Landing P Hylan Blvd & Satterlee St, Staten , Kayak 113 57 River St, Sleepy Hollow, Transit: Metro North Bayswater Park 3 Captain Carlsen Park P 55 Bay 36th St & Norton Ave, Queens, Transit: A 114 Cliff Rd & St, Sewaren End, , Transit: A Carteret Waterfront Park Bayswater Point 4 P 56 Irvington Scenic Hudson Park P 200 Middlesex Ave, Carteret 1479 Point Breeze Place, Queens 115 29 St, Irvington 5 Elizabeth Marina P 57 P JFK Marina and Park P 3159 Flatbush Ave, Queens 116 71 Front St, Elizabeth Foot of John F Kennedy Memorial Dr, Yonkers Idlewild Park 6 Old Place Creek P 58 P Huxley & Craft Avenues, Rosedale 117 2828 Gulf Ave, Staten Island, NYS DEC 698 N , Nyack Woodbridge Marina P Park (Anticipated) 7 59 118 Nyack Memorial Park P 648 Cliff Rd, Sewaren 4 Depew Ave, Nyack Mill Basin Marina 60 P Ross Dock Avenue Y & East 69th St, 119 P Henry Hudson Dr, Fort Lee + Western Long Mill Basin Outlet 61 P Sinatra Park Foot of Runway 19, Queens 120 Island Sound Sinatra Dr & 5th Streets, Hoboken North Bridge P 62 8 Cross Bay Blvd & Addabbo Bridge, Queens Westchester Ave, , Transit: 6, Bronx River Alliance Plumb Beach P Lower Hunts Point Riverside Park 63 9 P East of Exit 9 Eastbound Belt Pkwy, Brooklyn Edgewater Rd & Lafayette Ave, The Bronx, 121 Buchanan Park Boat Ramp P 64 Rockaway Beach 33rd & 34th Streets River Rd & Sayreville Blvd, Sayreville 10 Beach Beach 33rd & Beach 34th Streets, Queens, Transit: A Park Dr, The Bronx, NYC Rangers Davidson P Rockaway Beach 57th & 58th Streets 122 65 Riva Ave, South Brunswick 11 River Park/180th Street Beach 57th & Beach 58th Streets, Queens, Transit: A Rd, The Bronx, Transit: 2, 5, Bronx River Alliance 123 Donaldson Park P Nature Center P Shoelace Park 66 526 S 2nd Ave, 12 3301 Ave U, Brooklyn 3756 Bronx Blvd, The Bronx, Transit: 2, 5, Bronx River Alliance Edison Boat Basin P State Park – Fountain 124 67 P Rd, Edison 13 P Foot of Fountain Ave, Queens 1490 Sheridan Blvd, The Bronx, Transit: 6, Bronx River Alliance Elmer B. Boyd Park P Shirley Chisholm State Park – Penn 125 68 P 575 NJ-18 Service Rd, New Brunswick 14 P 1750 Granville Payne Ave, Brooklyn Tiffany Street End, The Bronx Johnson Park P Thursby Basin Park (Anticipated) 126 69 Grove 5 Johnson Dr, Piscataway 15 Bayside Marina P 28-05 Cross Island Pkwy, Queens 127 Perth Amboy Beach P 16 Clason Point Park Lower Bay + Raritan Bay 2nd Street End, Perth Amboy Foot of Sound View Ave, The Bronx 128 Riverside Park P 450 River Rd, Piscataway Park 70 Bayshore Waterfront Park P 17 719 Monmouth Rd, Port Monmouth, Monmouth 3 Ave & 147 St, Queens 129 Sadowski Waterfront Park P The New York– York– The New Jersey New Harbor Estuary Guide Paddling Brighton Ave & Sadowski Pkwy, Perth Amboy Hunts Point Landing 71 P 18 192 Buffalo St, Staten Island, National Park Service 2 Farragut St, The Bronx 130 Victory P Kaiser Park Beach Smith St & Riverview Dr, Perth Amboy Little Bay Park P 72 19 2529 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, Parks Foundation Totten Ave, Queens MacNeil Park 73 Lemon Creek Park Seguine Avenue P 20 Seguine Ave & Johnston Terrace, Staten Island, Navesink + Shrewsbury Paddling Programs and Outfitters Poppenhusen & 5th Aves, Queens NYC Urban Park Rangers 21 131 Rowing P Bergen County Rowing Center Navesink River Rowing O’Brien Ave & Leland Ave, The Bronx 74 Lemon Creek Park Sharrott Avenue P 110 W Front St, Red Bank, Navesink River Rowing bcrowingacademy.org navesinkriverrowing.shuttlepod.org 530 Sharrott Ave, Staten Island, NYC Urban Park Rangers Oceanport Paddle Club World’s Fair Marina P 132 P Bronx River Alliance Navesink Maritime Heritage 22 /Horseshoe Cove 10 Riverside Ave, Oceanport, Oceanport Paddle Club Marina Rd, Queens 75 P bronxriver.org Association Hartshorne Dr, Highlands, Sandy Hook Navesinkmaritime.org/RiverRangers Dominick F. Santelle Park P Park Boathouse 133 76 Atlantic Highlands Marina P 190 Riverview Ave, Little Silver bbpboathouse.org NYC Urban Park Rangers 2 Dr, Atlantic Highlands nycgovparks.org/programs/rangers/ + River + Fair Haven Ramp P Brooklyn Kayak 134 explorer-programs 77 Bayview Terrace Park 100-130 Battin Rd, Fair Haven brooklynbridgepark.org/things-to-do Bayview Terrace & Holdridge Ave, Staten Island Nereid Boat Club Highlands-Sea Bright Bridge Cranford Canoe Club 135 nereidbc.org Cedar Grove Beach 27 S Bay Ave, Highlands cranfordcanoeclub.com 23 78 5th St & N Basin Rd, Queens, Transit: 7, Cedar Grove Beach Place, Staten Island New York Outrigger Long Branch Ramp Downtown Boathouse City Community Boathouse 136 P newyorkoutrigger.org Cedar Street Park P River Lane, Long Branch downtownboathouse.org 2 Floating Dock 79 Newark Riverfront Revival 24 P Cedar St, Keyport East River C.R.E.W. Pier 2 Promenade, Brooklyn, Transit: 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, J, Z, Cove P newarksriver.wordpress.com 137 eastrivercrew.org Cliffwood Beach Waterfront Park P 2 Maple Ave, Red Bank Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse 80 Raritan Blvd, Old Bridge Monmouth Beach Municipal Boat Ramp Gateway Bike & Boathouse Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 4 Beach P 138 P northbrooklynboatclub.org 25 Cliffwood Recreation Area 8-2 Tocci Ave, Monmouth Beach communityboathouse.org Furman St & Montague St, Brooklyn, 81 P Oceanport Paddle Club Raritan & Ocean Blvd, Old Bridge Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club Transit: 2, 3, 4, 5, R, Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse Oceanport Ramp P oceanportpaddleclub.com 139 gowanuscanal.org East (anticipated) 82 / Popamora Point P 440 Port Au Peck Ave, Oceanport Canoe and Kayak 26 369 Shore Dr, Highlands Hackensack East River C.R.E.W. Public River Access paradisecanoeandkayak.com 140 hackensackriverkeeper.org Recreational Dock 83 Ideal Beach P Front St, Sea Bright Rowing Association 27 32 Bayside Pkwy, Middletown HarborLAB 50th Ave & Center Boulevard, Transit: 7, LIRR, HarborLAB prra.org 141 Rumson Boat Ramp P harborlab.org 84 Keansburg Beach P 9 Ave of Two Rivers, Rumson Red Hook Boaters 28 Hallet’s Cove Community Rowing Main St & Beachway Ave, Keansburg redhookboaters.org 31st Ave & Vernon Blvd, Queens, Long Island Swimming River Park P harlemrivercr.org 142 City Community Boathouse, City Parks Foundation Keyport Boat Ramp P 483 West Front St, Red Bank REI Coop 85 Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse 1 Broad St, Keyport rei.com/events HarborLAB Victory Park hobokencoveboathouse.org 29 143 53-21 Vernon Blvd Queens, Transit: 7, LIRR, HarborLAB Leonardo State Marina P 1 Lafayette St, Rumson Resilience Paddle Sports 86 Inwood Canoe Club 102 Concord Ave, Leonardo resilienceadventures.org 30 Manhattan Avenue Park P inwoodcanoenyc.org Foot of Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, Transit: 7, LIRR, Midland Beach Rocking the Boat 87 P Kayak Staten Island North Brooklyn Boat Club Fr Capodanno Blvd & Lincoln Ave, Staten Island rockingtheboat.org Passaic River + kayakstatenisland.org Miller Street Beach ROW NY 31 88 P Riverfront Park P Community 11 Miller St, Highlands 144 rownewyork.org 575 W 218th St, Manhattan, Transit: 1, Metro North, Raymond Blvd & Somme St, Newark, Newark Riverfront Revival Boathouse Harlem River Community Rowing Old Bridge Waterfront Park licboathouse.org Sandy Hook Kayaks 89 P 145 Riverside South Park sandyhookkayaks.com 32 Pebble Beach 1729 NJ-35, Laurence Harbor 26 Bogle Dr, , Passaic River Rowing Association Plymouth & Main Sts, Brooklyn, Transit: 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, F, Raritan Bay Waterfront Park P njparksandforests.org/parks/ Sebago Canoe Club J, Z, Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, Brooklyn Kayak Guides 90 Rutherford Waterfront Park P 201 John T O’Leary Blvd, South Amboy 146 libertystatepark.html sebagocanoeclub.org 350 Riverside Ave, Rutherford, Nereid Boat Club Swindler Cove (Anticipated) Manhattan Community Boathouse Community Boathouse 33 Snug Harbor Beach 16th Street Park/City NY 91 147 P manhattancommunityboathouse.org villagecommunityboathouse.org 22 Snug Harbor Ave, Highlands End of West 16 St, Hunters Point South Park (Anticipated) Manhattan Kayak Company Urban Paddle Tours & Rentals 34 South Beach 92 P 148 Dundee Island Park P manhattankayak.com urbanpaddlejc.com Drury Ave & Ocean Ave, Staten Island Veterans Ct, Passaic Marsha P. Johnson (Anticipated) Meadowlands Kayak Tours LLC Wanda Canoe Club 35 Union Beach 93 P 149 Elmwood Park Boat Ramp P meadowlandskayaktours.com wandacc.org 301 Front St, Union Beach 353 River Dr, Elmwood Park 36 Newtown Creek Nature Walk Monmouth Park Activity Center City Parks Foundation Foot of Paidge Ave, Brooklyn Veteran’s Memorial Park P Garfield Boat Ramp monmouthcountyparks.com cityparksfoundation.org/coastal-class- 94 150 Ocean Blvd & Lakeshore Dr, Aberdeen 848 River Dr, Garfield room 37 Randalls Island Park P National Park Service Gateway 51 Bronx Shore Rd, Randalls Island Wolfe’s Pond Park Kearny Boathouse 95 151 P Foot of Chester Ave, Staten Island 927 Passaic Ave, Kearny nps.gov/gate/planyourvisit/boating.htm 38 Roberto Clemente State Park P 301 W Tremont Ave, The Bronx, Transit: Metro North 152 Memorial Park P 10-8 Bush Place, Fair Lawn 39 Sherman Creek P Lower W 202nd Street End, Manhattan, Transit: 1, Metro North Site information 153 Nutley Boat Ramp P 96 Hoboken Cove Boathouse Park Ave & River Rd, Nutley 11TH Sinatra Dr N, Hoboken, Hoboken Cove numbers and text Boat storage available Passaic River Park 1. Community Boathouse, Ke Aloha Outrigger 154 indicate sites that provide + Meadowlands 211 River Rd, North Arlington Restrooms Pier 26 boat rentals and / or pro- Laurel Hill County Park P 97 P Richard A. Rutkowski Park P 40 North of N Moore St & West St, Manhattan, 155 grams, and are most suitable Site/Park manager 36 Laurel Hill Rd, Secaucus, Hackensack Riverkeeper Route 440 Southbound, Bayonne Transit: 1, Downtown Boathouse for first time boaters Site listings without are 41 Overpeck County Park P 156 P Challenger Rd, Teaneck, Hackensack Riverkeeper 98 Hudson River Park P 277 Passaic Ave, Kearny P Parking available managed privately or by local South of W Houston St & West St, Manhattan, Wagaraw Field Nearby public transit (MTA, government outside NYC 42 Overpeck County Park P Village Community Boathouse 157 P 50 Fort Lee Rd, Leonia, Bergen County Rowing Center 289 Wagaraw Rd, Hawthorne PATH, LIRR, SIR, Metro North) NYC Parks requires a launch 99 Hudson River Park Pier 66 P permit. Information at 43 River Park P W 26th St & 12th Ave, Manhattan, NY Outrigger Potable water on site 269 Outwater Ln, Carlstadt, www.nycgovparks.org/facilities/ Meadowlands Kayak Tours LLC 100 Hudson River Park Pier 84 P Upper Food/Refreshments Nearby kayak/rules W 44th St & 12th Ave, Manhattan, 44 Waterfront Park P Manhattan Kayak Company 158 Pier 101 Cover photo: Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club www.gowanuscanal.org 24 Industrial Ave, Ridgefield Park, Wanda Canoe Club Pier 101, Governors Island, Downtown Boathouse 101 Hudson River Park Pier 96 45 Foschini Park P W 56th St & 12th Ave, Manhattan, 159 Gowanus 2nd Street 55 W Camden St, Hackensack Manhattan Community Boathouse 166 2nd St, Brooklyn, Transit: F, G, R, Creation of this paddling guide was funded by the Environmental Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club Protection Agency under agreement to the NY/NJ Harbor & Estuary Program 46 Hackensack River County Park (Anticipated) 102 Inwood Canoe Club and Hudson River Foundation. It has not undergone the Agency’s publications South of Dyckman St End, Manhattan, Transit: A, Inwood Canoe Club 160 Liberty State Park P 200 Morris Pasin Dr, Jersey City, Liberty State Park review process and therefore may not necessarily reflect the views of the 47 Historic P Liberty Harbor Marina 1205 Main St, River Edge 103 P Agency and no official endorsement should be inferred. 1 Marin Blvd, Jersey City, Urban Paddle Tours & Rentals 161 Louis Valentino, Jr. Park P Coffey Street End, Brooklyn, Red Hook Boaters 48 Kenneth B. George Park P Pier 13 600 Riverside Way, River Edge 104 1301 Sinatra Dr N, Hoboken, Resilience Paddle Sports 162 Pier 5, ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina P DOWNTOWN 159 Bridge Park Dr, Brooklyn, 49 Mill Creek Point Park P Piermont Pier BOATHOUSE 300 Millridge Rd, Secaucus 105 P Transit: 2, 3, 4, 5, R, Kayak Foundation Foot of Ferry Rd, Piermont, Paradise Canoe and Kayak Stapleton Waterfront Boat Basin 163 P 106 P 777 Front St, Staten Island, Transit: SIR, W 79th Street End, Manhattan, Transit: 1 Jamaica Bay Kayak Staten Island Alpine Boat Basin Bay Breeze Park 107 P and Park 50 Foot of Hudson Dr, Closter 164 P Beach 88th St & Beach Channel Dr, Queens, Hylan Blvd & Edgewater St, Staten Island Transit: A, H, Gateway Bike & Boathouse Center for the Urban River at Beczak 108 P 2nd Avenue 35 Alexander St, Yonkers, Transit: Metro North 165 P 51 Canarsie Pier P Foot of 2nd Ave, Brooklyn, Transit: F, G, R Canarsie Veterans Circle, Brooklyn, National Park Service 109 Dobbs Ferry Waterfront Park 11 Station Plaza, Dobbs Ferry, Transit: Metro North 52 P This guide is based on best available information and current as of May 2021. For 1310/1400 Paerdegat Ave North, Brooklyn, 110 Englewood Picnic Area P additional and up-to-date information, including information on accessibility and Sebago Canoe Club Henry Hudson Dr, Englewood Cliffs specific user needs, as well as permit or liability waiver requirements, please contact the landowner or program provider directly.