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Against the Tide Imperial: The Britain and the Ocean Road: Struggle for Ceylon Paperback Shipwrecks and People, 1297- 1825 By James Young by Ian Friel · 2020 – November 26, 2020 July 1943. When the United The books will also interest Kingdom was torn asunder under a historians and archaeologists, as hail of German firebombs and nerve they are based on original gas, the distant outpost of Ceylon scholarship. The second book, was an afterthought for both Allies and Axis. Now, Black Oil on the Waters, will take one year after King George VI's death, the small the story from the age of steam to the 21st century. island off of India becomes center stage for a titanic ______confrontation. Against the Tide Imperial is the third of Crash Boat: Rescue and Peril in the Usurper's War series. As Allied and Axis warriors the Pacific During World War II are faced with a completely different war than the one by Earl McCandlish & George D. planned for decades, their actions will chart a new Jepson · 2021 course for the Greatest Generation. ______This is the compelling story of an American crash boat crewed by Beyond the Sea: An Event Group unknown heroes during World War II in the South Pacific, whose Book by David Lynn Golemon dramatic rescues of downed pilots and clandestine missions off Japanese-held islands were done at Description great peril ... The Soviet battle cruiser Simbirsk, which launched in June 1940 and The Captain Class Frigates in was reported sunk in 1944 with the the Second World War loss of all hands, is still sailing the open sea. "The Battle of the Atlantic was ... Google Books Winston Churchill's Originally published: June 13, 2017 area greatest of concern during the Preceded by: The Traveler: An Event Group Second World War. By 1943 new Thriller tactics and technology, developed : , Thriller, Adventure out of bitter experience, combined fiction, War story with the effect of long range maritime patrol aircraft ______were beginning to tip the balance in the Allies' favour. ... Originally published: 1998 ______


Dead Man Launch: A Todd From Scapa to Jutland: The Ingram Novel ... Story of HMS Caroline ... Novel by John Gobbell Book by John Allison Description Description "John J. Gobbell is the John Le Amid the twists and turns of her Carré of Naval thrillers." --John survival to this day, the story of Lehman, Former Secretary of the the light cruiser HMS Caroline NavyThe year is 1968, and global spans a century and more. This upheaval is the norm. As the war book focuses on the role she rages in Southeast Asia, a US traitor ... Google played as part of the Grand Fleet in time of war. Books ... Google Books Originally published: September 26, 2017 Originally published: 2019 Genres: Thriller, War story, Spy fiction, Nautical ______fiction ______The Glorious First of June: Fleet Battle in the Reign of Fighting Ships of the U. S. Terror Navy 1883-2019, Volume One: Book by Sam Willis Fleet Carriers, Battle ... Description Book by Venner F. Milewski , early summer 1794. The has been Description hijacked by the extreme Jacobins and is in the grip of This series of books provides details of all USN warships from The Terror. ... Google Books 1893 to the present day. Every Originally published: 2011 class and individual ship has an entry providing ______details of the procurement, dimensions and characteristics, and a summary of each ship's German Battleship and development. Profusely illustrated with photos. Helgoland: Detailed in the ... Google Books Original Builders' Originally published: August 20, 2020 ______Plans Hardcover – April 1, 2019 First to Go: The History of the by Aidan Dodson USMC Combat Correspondents This book is the latest in a Association Paperback – February series based entirely on 15, 2018 original draughts which by Jack T. Paxton (Author, depict famous warships in an unprecedented degree Editor), Capt. USMC (Ret.) of detail. Using the latest scanning technology to (Editor) make digital copies of the highest quality it reproduces complete sets in full color with many close-ups and enlargements that make every aspect The Marine Corps Combat Correspondents trace their clear and comprehensible. The result is a novel history to the pioneering work started by Brigadier Gen. form of anatomy that will be a revelation to any Robert L. Denig, Sr., who began Denig's Demons in warship enthusiast… WWII. Never forgetting that they were riflemen first and ______writers, photographers, et al, second, the CCs have gone from the highly trained professional newsmen of the 1940s to the dedicated trained specialists that followed. ______


Homecomings Lions of the Sky Book by Laura Bogan Book by Francesco Chierici In the world of fighter pilots, the Description most alpha of the alpha, competition is everything and the stakes are The U.S. Navy Flight impossibly high. A Top Gun for the Demonstration Squadron, new millennium, LIONS OF THE better known as the Blue SKY propels us into a realm in which Angel, is one of the most ic onic and respected friendship, loyalty, and skill are aerobatics teams in the world. For years, tested, battles won and lost in an photographer Laura Bogan has been chronicling the instant, and lives irrevocably changed in the time it Blues as they return to Pensacola, the team's takes to plug in your afterburners. Genres: Thriller, , War story beautiful seaside home on Florida's Gulf Coast. ______... Google Books

Originally published: 5, 2019 Medal with a Heart ______Book by Karen Kulinski

Description Hunter in the Stream: A Riley Every medal tells a story of Fitzhugh Novel by Terry Mort bravery, hard work, great by Terry Mort · 2021 achievement. But few people know how one of America's Riley Fitzhugh goes through greatest military awards, The Purple Heart, came to be. officer training and is assigned to The Medal With A Heart tells this story, and it begins in PC 475, a new anti-U-boat vessel 1782 with George Washington and the Revolutionary stationed in Key West. The 475 is nicknamed Nameless by her War. Google Books – crew because patrol craft vessels Originally published: September 25, 2018 were only given numbers… Illustrator: Karen Gruntman ______

Hell in the Central Pacific: The Making of Paris: The Story The Palau Islands 1944 of How Paris Evolved from a By Jon Diamond Fishing Village into the World’s Most Beautiful City In September 1944, to prevent by Russell Kelley · 2021 Japanese air interdiction against General MacArthur's planned The Making of Paris is the story of invasion of the Southern how Paris evolved from a small Philippines, the Americans fishing village on an island in the attacked Peleliu and Angaur in middle of the Seine River into the City of Light. the Palau group of the Western ______Caroline Islands. Admiral Halsey, commanding the US 's Admirals: Flag Third Fleet, feared the heavily defended Palaus would be costly for his III Amphibious Corps comprising the 1st Officers of the Arc de Marine Division and the 81st Infantry Division. Triomphe, 1789-1815 ______Book by Richard Humble Description On the four sides of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, serried tablets display the names of 660 honored commanders of the Revolutionary and . ... Google Books Originally published: July 2019 : ______


The History of the British U The Nugget Class Submarine Book by P. T. Deutermann Book by Derek Walters Description Originally designed in 1934 for A novice naval aviator grows anti-submarine training, by the end of the war 72 U-Class subs into a hero in this gripping and had been commissioned; 17 authentic World War II were lost to the enemy, and 3 in adventure by master storyteller accidents. Manned by crews P. T. ... Google Books from seven nations' navies, they Originally published: October served worldwide, and never 8, 2019 more successfully than in the Mediterranean. Genres: Thriller, , Adventure ... Google Books Originally published: November 30, 2004 fiction, War story ______

Three War Marine Hero: The German Armoured General Raymond G. Davis Cruiser SMS Blücher by Richard Camp · 2020 Book by Marsden Samuel This is the old man’s third Description war!”—Dick Camp, introduction The SMS Blücher was the last to book A native of Georgia, armored cruiser built by the Raymond Davis joined the German Empire. She was Marine Corps after university and constructed to counter the new would go on to serve in three wars and be decorated for armored cruisers rumored as gallantry several times ... being built by the British. ... Google Books ______Originally published: November 5, 2018 Author: Marsden Samuel The Trafalgar Chronicle: Dedicated to Naval History in the Nelson Era: New Series 5 Book by John A. Rodgaard, Royal Naval Submarines 1901 Judith Pearson, and Sean to 2008 Heuvel Book by Maurice Cocker The Trafalgar Chronicle is a This is a must-buy for the Royal prime source of information as Navy and Submarine enthusiast, well as the publication of choice being a complete directory of RN for new research about the submarines from the outset to Georgian Navy, sometimes also loosely referred to as the present day. There is a 'Nelson's Navy', though its scope reaches out to wealth of detail on each class. include all the sailing navies of the period. ... Google ... Google Books Books Originally published: October 2020 Originally published: November 2020 Author: Maurice Cocker Authors: Sean Heuvel, Judith Pearson, John A. ______Rodgaard


Turret Versus Broadside: An Anatomy of British Naval The Coronado Conspiracy Prestige, Revolution and by George Galdorisi · 1998/2017 Disaster, 1860-1870 by Howard J. Fuller · 2021 (Rick Holden Thrillers Book 1) [EBOOK] A sweeping, in-depth examination of the legendary Off the shore of Costa Rica, the Navy naval controversy which shook command ship the Victorian Royal Navy and USS Coronado launches an all-out assault against one climaxed in the foundering of of the most powerful drug lords in Central America. The HMS Captain in 1870. strike force is in position; the Blackhawks are armed and ______airborne, and the high-tech fist of the U.S. military is Vengeance Strikes the Blow poised to come down like a sledgehammer. Everything Book by G. Alvin Simons is going according to plan until the quiet jungle erupts in a chaos of blood, shrapnel, and fire. When CIA Operative Rick Holden and Naval Intelligence From the book: Thach used his slight Officer Laura Peters begin investigating the height advantage to roll into a beam circumstances of the ambush, they uncover something run on the Nakajima's right side. He much more sinister than a failed military operation. powered the F4F in low and steady, There's a conspiracy at the very heart of the American allowing himself the best chance of government. striking the target. Breath held, he And bringing down the President of the United States is anticipated the aircraft crossing in only the first step... front of his plane's nose and prepared ______the deflection shot. ... Google Books Originally published: November 2011 Author: G. Alvin Simons For Duty and Honor Genres: Historical Fiction, Adventure fiction, War story by George Galdorisi · 2000/2018 ______United States Navy Destroyers: (Rick Holden Thrillers Book 2) Rare Photographs from [EBOOK] Wartime by Michael Green · 2020 A vicious terrorist attack leaves nearly seventy U.S. sailors dead, and the

entire United States Navy looking for Expert author Michael Green is to answers. be commended for compiling this In the volatile waters of the Arabian Gulf, the USS Carl comprehensive account of the Vinson Strike Group - under the command of Admiral USN's impressive destroyer Heater Robinson - stands ready to unleash the full fury program with its authoritative text and superb images. of a nuclear aircraft carrier against America's enemies. ______When it becomes clear that the government has no Valor in : The Medal of intention of punishing the murderers, Robinson decides Honor Paintings of Col. to take justice into his own hands, no matter what the Charles Waterhouse cost. As a storm of terror descends upon the United States, Book by Jane Waterhouse CIA operative and U.S. Navy SEAL Rick Holden faces a dilemma of his own. The military elite in At the age of 82, renowned Washington have chosen Holden to halt the cycle of illustrator and former United madness. States Marine Corps artist-in- His orders: assassinate the strike group's commander, residence Col. Charles Admiral Heater Robinson. Waterhouse set out to paint US Marines and Navy ______corpsmen engaged in the acts for which they were awarded the Medal of Honor. ... Google Books Expected on: September 28, 2020 ______