June 29, 2006 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks E1339 (including FISA) on the president’s powers Dubai being awarded a contract to admin- tapping lest Bush’s claimed right to set the during the time that he served in the Ford ister U.S. ports; after all the administra- policies, or his policies themselves, become a and as a minority member of a tion’s talk about security, this arrangement precedent for future presidents.’’ Democratic Congress. Despite rumors of a sounded outrageous in the American heart- James Madison wrote in Federalist Paper decline in his standing with Bush, Cheney re- land, and members of Congress rushed to kill No. 47: ‘‘The accumulation of all powers leg- mains the most powerful vice-president in it. But the Republican legislators have also islative, executive and judiciary in the same American history, with an octopus-like become convinced, in the words of one Re- hands, whether of one, a few or many . . . reach into many parts of the government. He publican senator, ‘‘We’ve got to hang with may justly be pronounced the very definition has placed his own people in each of the na- the president because if you start splitting of tyranny.’’ tional security agencies—the Departments of with him or say the president has been abus- That extraordinary powers have, under Defense and State as well as the CIA and the ing power we’ll all go down.’’ Karl Rove has Bush, been accumulated in the ‘‘same hands’’ National Security Council. (Until she re- recently been arguing along these lines to is now undeniable. For the first time in more cently took a maternity leave, his daughter congressional Republicans. In the end, a Re- than thirty years, and to a greater extent Elizabeth was principal deputy assistant sec- publican lobbyist told me, Republican politi- than even then, our constitutional form of retary of state for the Near East, a position cians feel that Bush is ‘‘still their guy.’’ The government is in jeopardy. that does not require Senate confirmation fierce partisanship on Capitol Hill also f and from which people on Capitol Hill saw blocks serious discussion of the issue of un- her as effectively in charge of the State De- limited executive power: many Republicans TRIBUTE TO LIZ COVENTRY partment’s Middle East bureau.) Cheney in- have concluded that the Democrats are ex- stalled Porter Goss in the CIA, with orders ploiting such issues for partisan purposes HON. SCOTT GARRETT to root out people who leaked information and have dug in against them. On May 11, at OF inconvenient to the administration. It’s dif- a regular weekly luncheon of about twenty IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ficult, however, to know much about what conservative senators, Senator Roberts de- Cheney is doing because his office operates nounced criticism of Bush’s surveillance and Thursday, June 29, 2006 in such secrecy that a reporter friend of data-collecting programs as ‘‘dangerous’’ and Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey. Mr. Speaker, mine refers to it as a ‘‘black hole.’’ ‘‘insulting’’ to the President and charged the it is with a great sense of pride and with an In Bush, Cheney has had a very receptive Democrats with treating national security listener. Bush’s own overweening attitude as a political issue. Members of Congress overwhelming sense of sadness that I rise toward the presidency is clear from his be- who are protective of their institution and today to pay tribute to the lifelong career of havior. He bristles at being challenged. He capable of looking beyond their parochial public service of Liz Coventry. told Bob Woodward, ‘‘I do not need to ex- concerns—and who might have objected to Liz has been a loyal supporter, advisor, plain why I say things. That’s the inter- Bush’s encroachments on the legislative friend, and confidante for nearly a decade. esting thing about being the president. branch—are largely gone. Throughout my years in the New Jersey State Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why From the time of the vote on the , Legislature and my tenure in Congress, Liz they say something, but I don’t feel I owe many Democrats have been reluctant to be has been an integral part of the team that I caught on the ‘‘wrong side’’ of ‘‘national se- anybody an explanation.’’ His comment, depend upon and my constituents look to for ‘‘I’m the decider,’’ about not firing Rums- curity’’ issues, even those blatantly cooked feld, is in fact a phrase he has used often. up by the White House. It usually requires a assistance and guidance. There is no job too Why have the members of Congress been so strong public reaction, as there was on the big for Liz’s breadth of expertise and knowl- timorous in the face of the steady encroach- subject of torture, for Congress to make a edge—she can accomplish any task before ment on their constitutional power by the move against the President’s actions. A Re- her. And, there is no job too small for Liz—she executive branch? Conversations with many publican senator told me, ‘‘There’s a feeling is a true team player, pitching in whenever people in or close to Congress produced sev- on the Hill that the public doesn’t care about she can and wherever she is needed. eral reasons. Most members of Congress it, that it’s willing to give up liberties in In her capacity on my Congressional staff, don’t think in broad constitutional terms; order to defeat the terrorists.’’ Some of the Liz has been a great help to countless con- their chief preoccupations are raising money proposals offered on Capitol Hill for regu- and getting reelected. Their conversations lating the NSA wiretaps amount to little stituents. She truly takes each individual case with their constituents are about the more regulation at all. to heart. No one who sits with Liz at her desk practical issues on voters’ minds: the prices At the center of the current conflict over ever feels like a case number; she gives each of gasoline, prescription drugs, and college the Constitution is a president who sur- person a real personal touch. tuition. Or about voters’ increasing dis- rounds himself with proven loyalists, who is Liz has also been organizing a number of content with the Iraq war. not interested in complexities, and who is special projects for Fifth District residents, Republicans know that the President’s averse to debate and intolerant of dissenters such as the art competition and a veterans deepening unpopularity might hurt them in within his administration and elsewhere. (A history project. Her dedication to the art com- the autumn elections; but, they point out, prominent Washington Republican who had petition is worthy of the art patronage of the he’s still a good fund-raiser and they need raised a lot of money for Bush was dropped his help. Moreover, the Republicans are more from the Christmas party list after he said Medici Family during the Renaissance. She hierarchical than the Democrats, more rev- something mildly critical of the President.) makes everyone of these young artists feel erential toward their own party’s president; A Republican lobbyist close to the White like Michelangelo or DaVinci. And, her com- it’s unimaginable that Republicans would be House described to me what he called the mitment to the veterans history project is un- as openly critical of Bush as the Democrats Cult of Bush: ‘‘This group is all about loy- paralleled. She is a one-woman USO, making were of Jimmy Carter and . Re- alty and the definition of loyalty extends to every veteran she speaks with feel like the publicans are more disciplined about deliv- policy-making, politics, and to the execution marines at Iwo Jima. ering their party’s ‘‘talking points’’ to the of policy—and to the regulatory agencies.’’ Liz has recently decided to take a well-de- public. Republican fund-raising is done more The result, this man said, is that the people served retirement after years in selfless public from the top than is the case with Demo- in the agencies, including the regulatory service. I know that my whole staff, my con- crats, and there’s always the implicit threat agencies, ‘‘become robotrons and just do that if a Republican isn’t loyal to the presi- what they’re told. There’s no dialogue.’’ stituents, and I will miss her dearly, but we dent, the flow of money to their campaigns The President’s recent political weakness wish her the very best as she takes this grand might be cut off. A Republican opponent can hasn’t caused the White House to back away step. challenge an incumbent in a primary, in from its claims of extraordinary presidential f which not many people vote. Here Arlen power. The Republican lobbyist Vin Weber Specter has shown unusual courage. He bare- says, ‘‘I think they’re keenly aware of the PAYING TRIBUTE TO RUEDY ly survived a conservative challenge in the fact that they’re politically weakened, but EDGINGTON primary election in 2004 (though Bush sup- that’s not the same thing as the institution ported him), and then had to beat back a of the presidency being damaged.’’ People HON. JON C. PORTER with very disparate political views, such as conservative attempt to remove him as OF NEVADA chairman of the Senate Judiciary Com- Grover Norquist and Dianne Feinstein, IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES mittee because of his views in favor of abor- worry about the long-term implications of tion rights. He survived by promising not to Bush’s power grab. Norquist said, ‘‘These are Thursday, June 29, 2006 let his pro-choice views hold up the judicial all the powers that you don’t want Hillary Mr. PORTER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to Clinton to have.’’ Feinstein says, ‘‘I think nominations before the committee. Specter honor Mr. Ruedy Edgington as he leaves the told me, ‘‘What I worry about most is the re- it’s very dangerous because other presidents strictions of Congress’s constitutional au- will come along and this sets a precedent for Nevada Department of Transportation thority, which the Congress doesn’t resist.’’ them.’’ Therefore, she says, ‘‘it’s very impor- (NDOT). Bush’s declining popularity can occasion- tant that Congress grapple with and make Ruedy has been at the NDOT for 26 years. ally impel Republicans to try to seem inde- decisions about what our policies should be He has accepted a position as Parson Trans- pendent of him—as, say, on the issue of on torture, rendition, detainees, and wire- portation Group’s Area Manager. In his new

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:50 Jul 01, 2006 Jkt 049060 PO 00000 Frm 00021 Fmt 0626 Sfmt 9920 E:\CR\FM\A29JN8.077 E29JNPT2 ycherry on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS E1340 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks June 29, 2006 role as Area Manager, Ruedy will manage with Iraq. More than 2,500 American troops the fear-mongering, the dissembling and the over 50 Parson’s employees in Northern and who answered the call to wage war in Iraq gruesome incompetence of this crowd. From Southern Nevada and will oversee the road have already perished and thousands more the Bush-Rove perspective, General Casey’s and highway projects in Nevada, Utah, and plan is not a serious strategic proposal. It’s are struggling with coming to terms with the a straw in the political wind. Idaho. emotional trauma and anguish as a result of How many casualties will be enough? More Upon graduation from the University of Ne- their sacrifice. They deserve better, and we than 2,500 American troops who dutifully an- vada, Reno in 1981, Ruedy began work for owe it to them to do better. We need to move swered President Bush’s call to wage war in NDOT’s Bridge Section where he worked for beyond partisan politics because they only Iraq have already perished, and thousands nine years. He then moved on to a position as serve to deviate us from our main goal—the more are struggling in agony with bodies the Assistant Materials Engineer to gain more establishment of a safe and democratic Iraq that have been torn or blown apart and psy- experience in the field. In 1998, Ruedy was state. ches that have been permanently wounded. promoted to the position of chief construction As a War veteran, I know from experience Has the war been worth their sacrifice? engineer. He was again promoted in 1999 to how sound policy can lessen the damaging ef- How many still have to die before we reach a consensus that we’ve overpaid for Mr. become the assistant director for operations, fect a war like Iraq can have on the individual. and in 2004, Ruedy became the Assistant Di- Bush’s mad adventure? Will 5,000 American I do not think the Iraq War should be part of deaths be enough? Ten thousand? rector for Engineering. After serving NDOT for any party’s campaign strategy. Mr. Speaker I The killing continued unabated last week. over 25 years, Ruedy is apprehensive about call upon the Republican Congressional Lead- Iraq is a sinkhole of destruction, and if his career change, but he is looking forward to ership to end this divisive practice of using the Americans could see it close up, the way we the new challenges and opportunities that Iraq war for political gain or advantage. saw New Orleans in the immediate aftermath await him at the Parson Transportation Group. [From , June 26, 2006] of Katrina, they would be stupefied. Americans need to understand that Mr. Over the years Ruedy has led a number of PLAYING POLITICS WITH IRAQ special projects including: streamlining Bush’s invasion of Iraq was a strategic blun- (By Bob Herbert) der of the highest magnitude. It has resulted NDOT’s in-house National Environmental Pol- If hell didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it. icy Act process, scheduling and tracking sys- in mind-boggling levels of bloodshed, chaos We’d need a place to send the public officials and misery in Iraq, and it certainly hasn’t tem for NDOT’s in-house projects, developing who are playing politics with the lives of the made the U.S. any safer. Disputer Resolution Boards, and developing men and women sent off to fight George W. We’ve had enough clownish debates on the the initial bridge seismic retrofit program for Bush’s calamitous war in Iraq. Senate floor and elsewhere. We’ve had NDOT. The administration and its allies have been enough muscle-flexing in the White House Ruedy and his family have raised funds for mercilessly bashing Democrats who argued and on Capitol Hill by guys who ran and hid the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, that the U.S. should begin developing a time- when they were young and their country was and have visited my office during their efforts. table for the withdrawal of American forces. at war. And it’s time to stop using generals Republicans stood up on the Senate floor and their forces under fire in the field for Ruedy loves to run and bike, but his favorite last week, one after another, to chant like activity is spending time with his wife, Allyson, cheap partisan political purposes. cultists from the Karl Rove playbook: We’re The question that needs to be answered, and their sons, Eric, who is 13, and Matthew, tough. You’re not. Cut-and-run. Nyah-nyah- honestly and urgently (and without regard who is 10. nyah! to partisan politics), is how best to extricate Mr. Speaker, I am honored to recognize ‘‘Withdrawal is not an option,’’ declared overstretched American troops—some of Ruedy Edgington on the floor of the House. I the Senate majority leader, Bill Frist, who them serving their third or fourth tours— commend him for his tremendous efforts for sounded like an actor trying on personas from the flaming quicksand of an the state of Nevada, as well as his efforts to that ranged from Barry Goldwater to Gen- unwinnable war. eral Patton. ‘‘Surrender,’’ said the bellicose fight against Juvenile Diabetes. Mr. Frist, ‘‘is not a solution.’’ f Any talk about bringing home the troops, f in the Senate majority leader’s view, was PLAYING POLITICS WITH IRAQ ‘‘dangerous, reckless and shameless.’’ PAYING TRIBUTE TO JOSHUA But then on Sunday we learned that the MARC DAVIDSON HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL president’s own point man in Iraq, Gen. OF NEW YORK George Casey, had fashioned the very thing HON. THOMAS G. TANCREDO IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES that ol’ blood-and-guts Frist and his C-Span brigade had ranted against: a withdrawal OF COLORADO Thursday, June 29, 2006 plan. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Are Karl Rove and his liege lord, the bait- Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to Thursday, June 29, 2006 submit to the record an opinion editorial from and-switch king, trying to have it both the June 26, New York Times entitled ‘‘Playing ways? You bet. And that ought to be a crime, Mr. TANCREDO. Mr. Speaker, I would like because there are real lives at stake. Politics with Iraq’’ by Bob Herbert in which the to congratulate a young man from Greenwood The first significant cut under General Village, Colorado, Mr. Joshua Marc Jacobson, columnist alleges by giving the public what it Casey’s plan, according to an article by Mi- wants, an orderly withdrawal from Iraq, the chael Gordon in yesterday’s Times, would for earning a Congressional Award Gold Bush administration is seeking political advan- occur in September. That, of course, would Medal. tage from the conflict in Iraq, making the war be perfect timing for Republicans cam- The Congressional Award program chal- part of a campaign strategy. paigning for reelection in November. How’s lenges talented young men and women to be The post-war occupation of Iraq has not that for a coincidence? active in their communities, develop leadership As Mr. Gordon wrote: ‘‘If executed, the gone smoothly. This has had considerable in- skills, and challenge themselves physically plan could have considerable political sig- and to go on expeditions domestically or inter- fluence on the approval rating of President nificance. The first reductions would take Bush and the popularity of his policies. As place before this fall’s Congressional elec- nationally. such, the Bush Administration and Republican tions, while even bigger cuts might come be- Josh completed over 400 hours of commu- Congressional leadership seeks to turn the de- fore the 2008 presidential election.’’ nity service with the most rewarding project bate over the Iraq War in their favor. Their The general’s proposal does not call for a being a food drive that he organized as the plan is to possibly reduce the number of complete withdrawal of American troops, chapter president of Future Business Leaders troops in Iraq before this fall’s Congressional and it makes clear that any withdrawals are of America. His personal development goals contingent on progress in the war (which is were achieved through part-time work with elections, with possibly even bigger cuts be- going horribly at the moment) and improve- fore the 2008 elections. Yet even while the ments in the quality of the fledgling Iraqi local businesses. Here he was able to develop Bush Administration appears to be executing a government and its security forces. skills in leadership that he will be taking with withdrawal of a significant number of U.S. The one thing you can be sure of is that him as an intern for a Congressional Cam- troops in the coming month its Republican al- the administration will milk as much polit- paign this summer. Josh completed his phys- lies in the Congress are relentlessly claiming ical advantage as it can from this vague and ical fitness requirements by playing varsity that anyone who proposes a withdrawal of open-ended proposal. If the election is look- tennis in high school, after years of hard work ing ugly for the G.O.P., a certain number of to achieve his goal. troops to be proponents of a ‘‘cut and run’’ ap- troops will find themselves waking up state- peasement. Is the President and his adminis- side instead of in the desert in September Josh’s commitment to his community and’ tration to be accused of ‘‘cut and run’’? and October. his desire to become a future leader is signifi- The Bush White House and Republican I wonder whether Americans will ever be- cant as he continues to grow this summer and Congressional leadership are playing politics come fed up with the loathsome politicking, in the years ahead.

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