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Hurley, Mercer Look to Add BART Service

Hurley, Mercer Look to Add BART Service

Call (906) 932-4449 Ironwood, MI In‘Wisconsin Memory Remembers’ Redsautosales.com exhibit honors the fallen. NEWS • 2

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DAILY GLOBE Saturday, November 23, 2019 Mostly sunny yourdailyglobe.com | High: 35 | Low: 25 | Details, page 2 Hurley, Mercer look SKATING NOW OPEN to add BART service

By TOM LAVENTURE counties through an annual [email protected] grant program that is admin- HURLEY, MERCER, Wis. — istered by the Transit Section If an Iron County grant appli- of the Wisconsin Department cation is approved the town of Transportation. of Mercer and city of Hurley According to the grant may receive subsidized public application there is transportation services some- $15,977,800 in total aid for time in 2020, according to all counties in 2020. The Iron officials. County allocation is $79,889 Bay Area Rural Transit with a 0.5% county match of (BART), based in Ashland, is $15,978. a subsidized public transit The grant application system that operates at mini- deadline is Dec. 13. mal cost to passengers. BART Bart provides routes ser- also provides accommoda- vice in Ashland, Washburn, tions for physical accessibility Mellen, Glidden, Park Falls, to the disabled. Phillips, Red Cliff Transit Cally Bucknell, director of (Miskwaabekong), Bad River the Iron County Department and Iron River. The routes of Human Services, and provide transportation for Trista Olson, director of the people of smaller communi- Hurley Senior Center, Inc., ties to health, retail and other said Thursday that a County services of the nearest larger Elderly and Disabled Trans- communities where there is portation Assistance grant no similar public transporta- application for the Special- tion. Kim E. Strom/Daily Globe ized Transportation Assis- Olson said that if JAMESON PISCO, left, and his sister Lillian Pisco skate during the first day of open skating at the Pat tance Program for Counties approved and contracted, O’Donnell Civic Center Friday. Open skating is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6:30 program was submitted. The BART would provide service p.m. to 8:30 p.m. They are skating under the temporary dome that was constructed after the center’s grant operates under Wiscon- roof caved in from heavy snowfall last March. Jameson plays hockey for the Ashland team and also sin Statute (85.21) and pro- is involved in the Northern Wisconsin Blizzards AAA hockey team of Eagle River, Wis. They are the vides state financial aid to children of John and Angie Pisco of Ironwood. BART — page 5 TURKEY TIME Mercer says vacation rental locations don’t have permits By TOM LAVENTURE the online rental agencies they neighbors of the property that is a [email protected] work with, he said. This is being requirement of the process. MERCER, Wis. — The Mercer looked into but there is no evi- In the township chair’s report, Town Board of Supervisors on dence to show this as of yet, he Sendra said that neighbors of the Thursday addressed the issue of said. Popko Circle East property have the growing number of vacation “We talked to the health depart- since contacted the township to rental units without permits. ment and we’re sending letters to object to the property being used There are at least three residen- the tourist rooming house people as a vacation rental if it were con- tial homes in the community are to please send in documentation sidered again. being used as tourist rooming to prove this,” Sendra said. Fritz Schellgell, legal counsel to houses, said John Sendra, town There are also zoning issues the township, is looking into the board chair during his report to and health inspections and all the language of the recently revised the supervisors. The owners are other things that come with per- and approved sign and billboard advertising as vacation rentals mitting, he said. The permitting ordinance. According to Sendra, through online rental agencies process is through the Mercer the signage and billboard ordi- such as AirBnB and VRBO but as Township and Iron County, he nances were merged and there are far as the city is aware, no one is said. questions on new interpretations paying lodging or other taxes and A tourist rooming house appli- of the language. were never permitted to function cation was denied by the supervi- “The verbiage might allow peo- as rentals, he said. sors at the October meeting for an ple to use the whole side building Some of the homeowners in incomplete application. The appli- question responded that they were cant owner of the Popko Circle told the taxes are paid for through East property had not contact RENTAL — page 5 MDNR asks for public input at upcoming meetings Tom LaVenture/Daily Globe A RAFTER of wild turkeys run and hide in trees after crossing LANSING — Three of more Department conference room in cil, Dec. 5, 9:30 a.m., Michigan Black River Road into the Summit View neighborhood on than a dozen meetings planned Newberry. Contact Stacy Welling Economic Development Corpora- Tuesday. by the Michigan Department of Haughey at 906-226-1331 for fur- tion, Lansing. —Michigan State Natural Resources in December ther details. Waterways Commission, Dec. 5, to gather public input on various The Michigan Bear Forum will (regular meeting) 2:30 p.m., Rad- topics will be held in the Upper be held Dec. 7 in St. Ignace at Lit- dison Hotel, Lansing; Dec. 6 Peninsula. “The Department of tle Bear East Arena from 10 a.m. (work session), 9 a.m., Quality Unlicensed marijuana Natural Resources is committed to 4 p.m. The purpose of this Suites, Lansing. —Timber Adviso- to providing Michigan residents meeting is to discuss bear man- ry Council, Dec. 6, 10 a.m. to 3 dispensary investigated the opportunity to share input agement and regulations for the p.m., DNR Customer Service and ideas on policy decisions, 2020-2021 regulation cycle, Center, Gaylord; and Dec. 20, programs and other aspects of Menominee — The Michi- according to MSP. while assessing 2019 harvest 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., conference call, natural resource management gan State Police Marihuana MSP investigators were statistics. The public is encour- dial 888-557-8511, access code and outdoor recreation opportu- and Tobacco Investigation sec- assisted by its Emergency Sup- aged to attend the meetings of the 8718230. —Michigan Wildlife nities,” said a spokesman. “One tion executed two search war- port Team, the Upper Peninsu- various boards, commissions, Council, Dec. 9, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., important avenue for this input is rants on the Hush Lounge and la Substance Enforcement committees and councils, said Jay’s Sporting Goods, Clare. — at meetings of the public bodies related businesses in Menomi- Team, the Eighth District the spokesman, adding more Michigan Natural Resources that advise the DNR and, in some nee, Michigan on Friday, Hometown Security Team, and information about each group Trust Fund Board, Dec. 11, 9 cases, also set policies for natural according to an MSP news the Menominee City Police and meeting agendas can be a.m., Lansing Community Col- resource management.” The release. Department. found at michigan.gov/dnr. lege-West Campus, Lansing. — The warrants resulted from The state of Michigan DNR’s Snowmobile Advisory Other DNR December meetings Michigan Natural Resources an ongoing investigation and requires all marihuana dispen- Workgroup will meet Dec. 5 from include: —Accessibility Advisory Commission, Dec. 12, 8:30 a.m., MSP seized cash, records, nar- saries to be licensed. Funding 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Foggy’s Steak- Council, Dec. 3, 10 a.m., DNR Southern Michigan-Fifth Third cotics and guns during the for these types of investiga- house in Christmas. Contact Jes- Customer Service Center, Lans- Ballpark, Pepsi Stadium Club, execution of the search war- tions comes from licensing sica Holley at 517-331-3790 for ing. —Underwater Salvage and Comstock Park. —Belle Isle Park rants. No arrests have been and regulatory fees collected further information. The Eastern Preserve Committee, Dec. 4, 1 Advisory Committee, Dec. 19, 9 made at this time and the by the state. Upper Peninsula Citizens’ Advi- p.m., Michigan Library and His- to 11 a.m., Belle Isle Nature Cen- investigation is continuing, The Daily Globe sory Council will meet on Dec. 10 torical Center, Lansing. —Out- ter, Detroit. at 6 p.m. the LMAS Health door Recreation Advisory Coun- —Larry Holcombe

TODAY INDEX Mostly sunny — Details, page 2 Business ...... 13 75 cents Classifieds . . . . .12-14 Friday Today’s records Snowfall Comics ...... 11 Vol. 101, No. 4 High 32 High 60 (2012) 24 hours to 7 a.m. Community ...... 3 Low 18 Low -15 (1950) Friday 5.2 in. Snow depth 11 in. Obituaries ...... 2 Year ago today Precipitation Season total 21.6 in. Opinion ...... 4 High 35 24 hours to 7 a.m. Last year 33.2 in. Sports ...... 9-10 Low 16 Friday 0.47 in. l 2 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 AREA/NATION THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM FIVE-DAY FORECASTFO ORECAST FOR IRONWOODIR RONWOOD I N M E M O R Y TODAY SUNDAYY MONDAY TUESDAYTUESSDAY WEDNESDAY

Rain & Snow Scatteredered Scattered Mostly Sunny Mostly CloudyClou udy Possible SnowSnoow Snow 35° 25° 37° 29°299° 35° 25° 29° 22° 27° 17° Winds: Winds: Winds: Winds:Winnds: Winds: 8-138-13 mmphph WWSWSW 6-106-10 mmphph WWSWSW 9 mmphph SSWW 7 mphmph W 99-13-13 mmphph WWNWNW

Ontonagon LOCALL OUTLOOK 40/32 Todayy we will see mostly sunny Bergland skies with a high g temperature p of 35°, 38/29 humidhumiditydity of 70%. West southwest Wakefield Ironwood wind 8 to 13 mph. The record high Saxon 36/28 35/25 Marenisco tempetemperatureerature for today is 60° set 36/27 in 2012012. 12. Bessemer 37/28 Kim E. Strom/Daily Globe Upson Hurley 36/28 Watersmeet WISCONSIN REMEMBERS: A Face for Every Name exhibit stands at the Mercer Pub- 35/24 35/25 37/27 SUNS AND MOON lic Library Friday and consists of 17 panels with the faces and names of Wisconsin Mercer natives who lost their lives in the Vietnam war. There are over 1,161 names in the 36/23 display. It took eight years for volunteers to gather and donate the photos. The Manitowish exhibit will be at the library until Wednesday, Nov. 27. 36/24 SunriseSunri ...... se ...... 7:13 a.m. Minocqua SunsetSunse ...... et...... 4:20 p.m. 37/26 MoonriseMoon ...... nrise ...... 3:14 a.m. MoonsetMoon ...... nset...... 3:07 p.m.p Wisconsin Remembers ALMANAC REGIONALREGIONAL WEATHER NATIONALNAATIONAL WEATHER

Yesterday Today Sun. Today Sun. High ...... temperature.....32 Ashlandd 40/32 pc 38/30 mc ChicagoChicaago 42/31 mc 45/36 pc exhibit honors lost lives Low ...... temperature ...... 18 Duluth 36/28s 38/30 mc DallasDallas 57/40s 68/47 s Precipitation ...... 0.00" Eau ClaireCla aire 40/31 pc 42/35 mc KansasKansaas City 45/33 pc 54/39 pc By KIM E. STROM lies for their sacrifice. And Officials are working 0.47” EscanabaEscanabba 40/31s 38/30 mc Los AngelesA 77/54s 79/53 s [email protected] we ask, ‘What would they with both lists to “try and Grand RapidsR 41/33 pc 40/30 mc New YorkY 46/38 s 48/40 ra MOON PHASES Green BayB 40/28s 38/32 mc Orlandondo 79/64pc 73/54 sh MERCER – Wisconsin have accomplished if they provide the most inclusive Madisonn 40/29 s 43/35 mc PhoenixPhoennix 69/49 s 67/51 s Remembers: A Face for had come home?’” and documented recogni- NewNew F Firstirst F Fullull L Lastast MarquetteMarqueette 39/33pc 37/29 mc SeattleSeattlle 51/43ra 50/45 ra Every Name traveling Library director Teresa tion” that they can. RhinelanderRhinelaander 37/25 s 35/28 mc WeatherWeathher (Wx): cl/cloudy; fl/flurries; pc/partly exhibit is a tribute to lost Schmidt said it was nice to Wisconsin Public Radio St. Paul 41/31s 39/33 mc cloudcloudy;dy; mc/mostly cloudy; ra/rain; rs/rain & snowsnow;; s/sunny; sh/showers; sn/snow; ss/snow life and lost potential. It have the exhibit at the and Wisconsin Public Tele- 11/26 12/412/12 12/18 Wausauu 38/26 s 39/30 mc showers; t/thunderstorms; w/windy features the pictures of library. “Several come in vision created the exhibit over 1,161 Vietnam War and say their families are in partnership with the LOCAL WIND D CHILL WEATHERW TRIVIA Veterans of Wisconsin represented there,” she Wisconsin Veterans Muse- and is on display at the said. um and the Wisconsin Avg. 25° Whatt is the path of Mercer Public Library destructiondestrruction caused by a A Vietnam war veter- Newspaper Association. ? through Wednesday Nov. ans memorial park in The exhibit is available hailstormhailsttorm called? 27. Neillsville, Wis. called to local libraries, historic -20° -10° 0° 10° 20° 30° 40° It took eight years to The Highground actual- societies, schools and

Wind chill is calculated when the temperaturet falls below 50°F. gather the photos, accord- ly lists 1,244 veteran community spaces . k a e r t s streak. l i a h hail A A : r e w s n A

This gives a temperature of what ththe he air feels like on the skin. Answer: ing to Wisconsin Public Wisconsonites, throughout the state. Radio’s website. Volun- although the official There is no cost to have teers, including family U.S. Department of the exhibit, but host orga- What’s next in impeachment: A and friends of those killed Defense and Vietnam nizations are expected to as well as teachers, stu- Veterans Memorial Fun- cover the cost of shipping. dents and others who just drecord lists 1,161. Pho- For more information on busy December, and on to 2020 wanted to put a face to a tos of those listed at The hosting, contact Gregory name, donated the pic- Highground are also Krueger, Curator of Events WASHINGTON (AP) – timony. maybe even completing, a tures. included in the Wiscon- at the Wisconsin Veterans After two weeks of public Several potentially key report of evidence gathered Wisconsin Remembers sin Remembers exhibit. Museum at 608-261-0541. hearings, Democrats could witnesses – former National through more than six is part of a bigger project soon turn the impeachment Security Adviser John weeks of closed-door depo- to put a face to every process over to the House Bolton, acting White House sitions and public hear- name on the Vietnam Vet- Judiciary Committee. Chief of Staff Mick Mul- ings. erans Memorial Wall in They’re moving “expedi- vaney, Energy Secretary Once the report is done, Washington, D.C. When tiously” ahead as House Rick Perry and Secretary of the panel could vote to pass the project is finished, it Speaker Nancy Pelosi has State Mike Pompeo, among it on to the House Judiciary will be part of a new Edu- instructed. others – have so far Committee. That could hap- cation Center that the At some point in the com- declined to provide testimo- pen as soon as the first week Vietnam Veterans Memo- ing weeks, the House intelli- ny or documents on of December, when lawmak- rial Fund is building on gence panel will submit a Trump’s orders. ers return from the Thanks- the National Mall called report to the Judiciary panel, Democrats have said they giving break. the “Wall of Faces.” Wis- and then Democrats will don’t want to get tied up in consin was the fifth state to find a photo for every consider drafting articles of lengthy court battles to force Judiciary takes charge impeachment on President those witnesses to cooperate Pelosi has instructed the resident listed on the wall, Donald Trump’s dealings with subpoenas. But they intelligence panel, along according to the website. with Ukraine and the could still hear testimony if with other committees that In total, there are Kim E. Strom/Daily Globe administration’s attempts to one of them changed their have investigated Trump, to 58,320 names on the Wall A CLOSEUP of one of the panels that is part of the Wis- block the investigation. The mind, or if other key wit- submit evidence to the in Washington D.C. consin Remembers: A Face For Every Name exhibit articles could cover matters nesses emerged. House Judiciary Committee. One of the 17 portable shows several local Wisconsin men who lost their lives beyond Trump’s efforts to “We’ve heard and seen That panel is then expected indoor display panels during the Vietnam War. “We remember these men as push Ukraine to investigate compelling evidence that the to hold hearings and vote on reads: “We remember sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, friends and neigh- Democrats, including spe- president committed serious articles of impeachment – a these men as sons, broth- bors,” reads one of the panels. “We than them for cial counsel Robert wrongdoing,” says Texas process that could take up ers, husbands, fathers, their service. We honor their families for their sacrifice Mueller’s investigation, but Rep. Joaquin Castro, a mem- the first two weeks of friends and neighbors. We and we ask, ‘What would they have accomplished if no decisions have been ber of the intelligence panel. December. thank them for their ser- they had come home?’” The Mercer Public Library is made. “There are other witnesses, The articles of impeach- vice. We honor their fami- hosting the exhibit until Wednesday, Nov. 27. There could be several including some principal ment are expected to mostly steps along the way, includ- witnesses that we would focus on Ukraine, though National Briefs ing a Judiciary committee have liked to have heard discussions continue. vote, a House floor vote and, from, but the evidence has Democrats are considering finally, a Senate trial. been pretty damning that an overall “abuse of power” Boston-to-LA flight The Federal Aviation information on how many the president committed an article against Trump, makes emergency Administration says in a people were aboard the impeachable act.” which could be broken into landing in central NY statement that Delta Flight Boeing B757. Intelligence committee 2531 landed safely around A message has been left wraps up Time is running short if categories like bribery or Democrats on the House the House is to vote on extortion. The article would SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) – 7:30 p.m. Friday at Syra- with Atlanta-based Delta intelligence committee impeachment by Christ- center on the Democrats’ Officials say a plane bound cuse Hancock Internation- Air Lines. believe they have enough mas, which Democrats pri- assertion, based on witness from Boston to Los Angeles al Airport and taxied to a The Syracuse airport’s evidence to write a report vately say is the goal. The testimony, that Trump used has made an emergency gate. website shows Flight 2531 and move forward. But it’s intelligence panel is expect- his office to pressure landing in Syracuse, New The FAA will investigate is now scheduled to leave still unclear whether they ed to spend the Thanksgiv- Ukraine into politically York, after reporting an the incident. for Los Angeles late Friday will hear any last-minute tes- ing week writing, and motivated investigations. engine problem. There’s no immediate night. Obituaries WAGES # # DEPENDING THIS DAY NASI UPON Mary Halvorson CONSTRUCTION, LLC EXPERIENCE AND IN HISTORY WAKEFIELD, Mich. – Mary Halvorson, 93, a BACKGROUND November 23 longtime resident of Wakefield, passed away Friday, IS ACCEPTING • 1783 Annapolis, Maryland, becomes US capital Nov. 22, 2019. BENEFITS (until June 1784) Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Jer- APPLICATIONS FOR Health Insurance A SIMPLE IRA Plan • 1942 Sole survivor, Chinese steward Poon Lim, ald Rocco, owner and manager of Lakeside Memori- A BUSINESS MANAGER- begins 133 days adrift after British ship al Chapel Inc., in Wakefield, who will release a com- AFLAC FULL TIME POSITION SS Benlomond is torpedoed by a German U-boat plete obituary notice later. STRONG • 1963 JFK’s body lay in repose in East Room of the TEAMWORK, White House PROVIDING OFFICE SUPPORT AND COMMUNICATION 2006 Ford Escape XLT COORDINATION WITH PROJECT • 1991 Freddie Mercury, 45, confirms he has AIDS the V6, automatic, 4 dr. sunroof, power drivers AND ORGANIZATION day before he dies MANAGERS/ESTIMATORS SKILLS A MUST! seat, cloth interior, loaded, local trade Runs Great!! SAVE!! SAVE!! DUTIES TO INCLUDE BUT NOT Today’s History was sponsored by APPLY $ LIMITED TO: NASI CONSTRUCTION, LLC Discover the Difference! Client billing, subcontractor 700 GRANITE STREET 4,999 contracts, and close/out of jobs HURLEY, WI 54534 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

FAMILIAR WITH: CALL Ford ! Chrysler ! Dodge ! Jeep ! Ram MICROSOFT EXCEL, 715.561.5153 *100 WORD, AND ACCOUNTING 28715 U.S. Hwy 2 , Ashland, WI 54806 SEND RESUME AND 5 miles West of Ashland on Hwy. 2 BACKGROUND IN REFERENCES TO: PROGRAMS SUCH AS [email protected] 715-682-8400 • 800-296-3819 Cloverland300 E. Cloverland Dr., (U.S. 2) • Ironwood,Motors MI 49938 www.AshlandFordChrysler.com QUICKBOOKS 906-932-1202 www.cloverlandmotorsports.com l THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM COMMUNITY SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 3 Briefs

Erwin Township to host bake sale ERWIN TOWNSHIP – The Erwin Township Historical Society will host a bake sale and wreath sale on Saturday, Nov. 30, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thanksgiving Dinner planned in Ewen EWEN – Melanie Pelkola, organizer of the Southern Ontonagon Thanksgiving dinner, recently announced plans for this free event. Each year a core group of volun- teers gather to prepare and serve a homemade dinner for area residents at the Cloverland Senior Center, Ewen. “2019 will be our eighth year and it would not be pos- sible without our sponsors or our dedicated volunteers,” Pelkola said. Social hour begins at 1 p.m. EST, Thursday. Activities for children are also being planned. Dinner, consisting of turkey and all the fixings, will be served promptly at 2 Submitted photo p.m. THE CHAMBER Singers will present their 29th annual Christmas concerts on Friday, Dec. 6, at 7 p.m. at Our Lady To reserve a seat, call 906-827-3828 by Monday. of Peace Catholic Church in Ironwood and on Sunday, Dec. 8, at 4 p.m. at St. Sebastian Catholic Church in Besse- “If you have transportation issues, are homebound, or mer. Members include from left: first row, Karen Thomas, Marla Powers, Deb Wahlberg, Annette Beckman, Holly other issues that may affect your attendance, let us know Kluhsman and Anne Davey; second row, Maryann Maki, Pat Ahonen, Jane Gruenke, Sue Pallin, Marie Eggleston, and we will do everything possible to accommodate your Anna Hill and Kathy Skolasinski; third row, Jan Massie, Andrew Hill, Kris Kluhsman, Kevin Maki, Norman McKin- needs,” said Pelkola. dles, Doug Palmeter, Eleanor Burla and Betsy Wesselhoft; and fourth row, Ken Talaska, Don Dugan, Brian To make a donation to the event or to learn more about Ciesielczyk, Larry Hopkins, Don Osier, Glen Ackerman-Behr, George Ackerman-Behr and Tom Ahonen. Singers volunteer opportunities, call 906-827-3828. missing from the photo include Jennifer Burla, Steve Cole and Larry Holcombe. Genealogical Society to host meeting MANITOWISH WATERS, Wis. – The Northern Waters Genealogical Society invites the public to its next meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 3 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Manitowish Chamber Singers to offer Waters Community Center. This month’s program will be “Saint or Sinner: Who is your most memorable female ancestor?” Join NWGS members and guests as they share the story of a special annual Christmas concerts woman in their family history. The meetings are free and open to the public. All those The Chamber Singers is a local that First Held Mary’s Child.” Eggle- Mountain,” “The Most Wonderful interested in genealogy and family history are welcome to group that’s been singing together for ston said the “lovely carol is a Time of the Year,” “Let It Snow!” and attend. nearly 30 years and they will once reminder that Christ had an earthly “White Christmas.” For more information, call 715-686-7339. again offer Christmas concerts in father, a man named Joseph, a car- The program will end with Keith Mercer Senior Center sets Christmas party early December. penter, who loved and cared for him.” Hampton’s rousing anthem “Praise This year the group will have a bit The second number is a lively His Holy Name.” MERCER, Wis. – The Mercer Senior Center will host of a new look, according to Marie arrangement of “Jingle Bells” by the The audience will also be asked to its annual senior Christmas party on Sunday, Dec. 1, from Eggleston, one of the group’s singers group, Straight No Chaser. join in singing a few familiar Christ- 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. who also takes her turn to direct. “Extra sectional rehearsals were mas carols through the evening. There will be lunch, snacks, door prizes, games and a “After tryouts, a number of new peo- held on an almost weekly basis for Other members who will direct visit from Santa and opportunities for pictures with the ple were added bringing the total both the men’s and women’s num- are George Ackerman-Behr, Eleanor big guy in red. membership to 32, a considerably bers as these took a considerable Burla, Jan Massie and Deb Wahlberg. The free community event is sponsored by the Mercer larger group than we have had in pre- amount of time to learn,” Eggleston Massie is also the group’s accompa- Leo Club. vious years.” said. “As you will hear, the extra prac- nist. For more information, call Louise Minisan at 715-476- The concept behind the concert is tice paid off.” Two local instrumentalists will 7655. the same as it has always been, Highlights from the full ensemble perform on several of the pieces: according to Eggleston: “Find and will include “Let All Mortal Flesh Linda Tilley, on flute; and Jesika NAMI to hear presentation on suicide sing beautiful music.” Keep Silence,” a snappy arrangement Cane on clarinet and drums. The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers free, The Chamber Singers will present of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” There is no admission charge, but confidential peer support groups and educational meet- two concerts this year in two different and thoughtful piece entitled “I Want a free will offering can be made. ings for individuals living with mental illness, and friends venues. The first concert is Friday, the World for Christmas,” written by Singers for this concert will or families living with an individual with mental illness. Dec. 6, at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of Peace Anders Ederoth from The Real include: sopranos: Pat Ahonen, An informal presentation on “QPR Suicide Prevention” Catholic Church in Ironwood. The Group. Using the famous poem Annette Beckman, Maryann Maki, will be held Monday at 7 p.m. EST in the Baraga Place second will be on Sunday, Dec. 8, at 4 “T’was the Night Before Christmas” Sue Pallin, Marla Powers, Karen Conference Room, 129 W.Baraga Ave., Marquette. Judi p.m. at St Sebastian Catholic Church as an inspiration, the piece comes Thomas, Kathy Skolasinski and Deb Krause of Northstar Employee Assistance Program will in Bessemer. from a newborn child’s perspective, Wahlberg; altos, Eleanor Burla, Jen- discuss the “QPR program: Question. Persuade. Refer. This year’s program includes a one who asks us to take care of our nifer Burla, Anne Davey, Marie Eggle- Question the individual about suicide. Persuade the indi- number of more contemporary carols “blue-green, forever turning world” ston, Jane Gruenke, Anna Hill, Holly vidual to get help. Refer for help.” as well as some very familiar ones, and not destroy it through careless- Kluhsman and Betsy Wesselhoft; The Alger/Marquette chapter of the NAMI serves the though some have a bit of a twist, ness and ignorance. tenors, George Ackerman-Behr, Glen entire U.P. according to Eggleston. John Rutter, among the best Ackerman-Behr, Tom Ahonen, Kris For more information call 906-360-7107. The women are singing “I Wonder world’s modern choral writers and Kluhsman, Kevin Maki, Norman as I Wander,” Ruth Schram’s arrange- arrangers, is represented with “What McKindles, Don Osier and Doug Pal- Boulder Junction library to hold benefit ment of the traditional Appalachian Sweeter Music,” using the poetry of meter; and basses, Brian Ciesielczyk, carol, as well as a Caribbean carol, 17th century poet Robert Herrick. Steve Cole, Don Dugan, Andrew Hill, BOULDER JUNCTION, Wis. – The Friends of the “The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy.” Other old favorite tunes on the Larry Holcombe, Larry Hopkins and Boulder Junction Public Library annual Cookie Walk will The men are singing “The Hands program include “Go Tell It on the Ken Talaska. be held Friday, Nov. 29 at 5 p.m. in the lobby of the Acorn Lodge. Proceeds from past Cookie Walks have helped the library purchase books, newspaper and magazine sub- Community Calendar scriptions for patron use. The group has also paid for shelving, signage, public computers and printers. Email calendar items and area74.org. Memorial Building. noon, Salem Lutheran Church, For more information, call the library at 715-385- community news to Bessemer Township Ironwood. area74.org. 2050. [email protected] Monday, Nov. 25 Board, 5 p.m., Township Hall, Ironwood Kiwanis Club, For more information, call 906- Ramsay. noon, Golden Dragon. Cable church plans Christmas sale 932-2211. Iron County Food Pantry, Mercer School Board, 5 Woods and Blooms Gar- Saturday, Nov. 23 9 a.m.-4 p.m., 72 Michigan p.m., Mercer K-12 School com- den Club, 6:30 p.m., Haines CABLE, Wis. – The Cable United Church of Christ will Ave., Montreal, Wis. 715-561- mons, Mercer, Wis. Civic Center, Mercer, Wis. 4450. host a sale of gently used items and freshly cut Christmas Ironwood Township Alcoholics Anonymous, 7 Union Station Food Alcoholics Anonymous, Board, 5:30 p.m., Township p.m., Episcopal Church of the trees on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pantry and Northern Food noon, Salem Lutheran Church, offices. Transfiguration, Ironwood. Bank, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Ironwood. area74.org. Wakefield City Council, area74.org. Proceeds will benefit the Cable Area Food Shelf and 252 E. Ayer St., Ironwood. The BRICK Ministries. Items will include Christmas dec- Iron County Mobile Food 5:30 p.m., City Hall. Government Alcoholics Anonymous, Pantry, noon-1:30 p.m., Iron Bessemer School Board, Gogebic Community Col- orations, linens, dishes, Christmas sweaters, books and 11 a.m., Salem Lutheran County Recycling-Iron County 6 p.m., A.D. Johnston High lege Board, 4:30 p.m., room more. Refreshments will be available. Church, Ironwood. area74.org. Forestry Parking Lot, 606-607 School library. B-22, Jacob Solin Business Community Pickleball For more information about the sale, call the church at 3rd Ave. North, Hurley. 715- Center, GCC. Paddlers, 2-5 p.m., Mercer 561-2695. Tuesday, Nov. 26 Iron County Board, 6 715-798-3066. School gymnasium. 715-776- Gamma Delta Chapter of p.m., courthouse, Hurley. 4588. ADK, 4 p.m., Luther L. Wright Pickleball, 10 a.m.-noon, Mercer Lioness Club recycles holiday lights Alcoholics Anonymous, 7 school, Room 110, Ironwood. Ironwood Memorial Building. Wednesday, Nov. 27 p.m., Salem Lutheran Church, Overeaters Anonymous, Gogebic County Veterans MERCER, Wis. – The Mercer Lioness Club will recycle Ironwood. area74.org. 5:30 p.m., All Saints Lutheran Service Officer, 9:30-11:30 Christian Men of the holiday stringed lights again this year. Collections bins Sunday, Nov. 24 Church, Wakefield. a.m., Ironwood Memorial Northland, 6:30 a.m., Uptown Alcoholics Anonymous, 6 Building. 906-667-1110. Cafe, Ironwood. will be set up at the Mercer School, the Mercer Public Breakfast For Your Brain, Recovery Walk ‘n Talk, 10 Alcoholics Anonymous, 1 p.m., Our Lady of Peace 10 a.m., Mercer, Wis., Com- a.m. to nooon, Iron Belle Trail- Library, the Mercer Town Hall, and Snow’s Family Market p.m., closed meeting, Salem Catholic Church, Ironwood. munity Center. 715-561-2695. head, Hurley. Talk with a recov- until Jan. 6. Lutheran Church, Ironwood. area74.org. Alcoholics Anonymous, ery coach. Call 715-660-0073. Mercer Health and Well- Harbortown AA, 7:30 p.m. All sizes of stringed holiday lights – new, used or non- EST, Ontonagon United working – will be accepted. The Lions will take them to ness Pickleball, 3-6 p.m., Mercer Community Center. Methodist Church basement, the Habitat for Humanity in Wausau, which will send Narcotics Anonymous, 7 next to Holiday gas station, them to a recycler and receive cash for them. The lights p.m., Wesley United Methodist Ontonagon. area74.org. Government ADVERTISING DEADLINES are then melted down for recovery of metals that can be Church, Ironwood. Alcoholics Anonymous, Ironwood City Commis- FOR THE WEEK OF reused. 7:30 p.m., Sharon Lutheran sion, 4:30 p.m., work session; Church, Bessemer. 5:30 p.m., regular meeting; Western UP Board of Health meeting set THANKSGIVING BESSEMER – The public will be able to experience the ARE AS FOLLOWS: Western U.P. Board of Health’s regular monthly meeting on Monday, Dec. 2, at 5 p.m. through a video conference Advertising deadline for at the Bessemer office. The meeting will be held at the DAILY GLOBE Sat., Nov. 30th Range Source is main office in Hancock. Thurs., Nov. 21 by 4pm Thanksgiving Advertising deadline for Fri., Nov. 29, Sat., Nov. 30 and Holiday Hours Mon., Dec. 2 Daily Papers will be CITY OF BESSEMER Tues., Nov. 26 by 4pm NOTICE OF Wednesday, November 27 PUBLIC WORKSHOP MEETING Closing at 1:00 p.m. THE DAILY GLOBE WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS ON Thursday, November 28 WILL NOT PUBLISH A PAPER ON CITY STREETS Happy Thanksgiving There will be a Bessemer City Council workshop THANKSGIVING DAY, NOV. 28. on Monday December 9, 2019 in the City Council Office Closed Chambers, 411 S. Sophie Street, Bessemer, MI to solicit input and discuss the City of Bessemer plac- Normal Hours will resume Contact Lynn or Jake for Details ing weight restrictions on City roads during the Friday, November 29, 906-932-2211 spring break-up season. 9am-4pm James Trudgeon DAILY GLOBE Bessemer City Clerk/Treasurer l 4 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 OPINION THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM Democrats hard on themselves DAILY GLOBE Another month, another Demo- have the courage to fight off the cratic presidential debate. It’s getting powerful interests. Or you’re not a to where one anticipates these drea- good Democrat. ... I’m thinking of Sue Mizell, Publisher ry, made-for-TV spectacles as one that joke she made about how a Larry Holcombe, Managing Editor looks forward to a root canal. male opponent of gay marriage Can’t they just cut the cards, or couldn’t get a wife or girlfriend.” play Spin the Bottle? Gene Warren wouldn’t have liked my But wait, is that a sexist or a Lyons rejoinder to that crack. But I’m not a racist joke? Is there an ethnic or gen- candidate, so let’s move on. Enough der category that finds gambling to say that a male politician who In Their Opinion jokes or kissing games offensive? lobbed a sexual insult at a woman Time for feds to let It’s at roughly this point in the voter on national TV wouldn’t be quadrennial proceedings that pundit He spoke of a “circular firing long for the Democratic Party. Michigan manage its law requires quoting the late Will squad.” Leave that stuff to Trump, the Rogers. “I am not a member of any Obama didn’t need to name any- GOP Adonis. organized political party,” the Okla- body. To me, his was an overdue Warren was soon at it again, sug- own wolf population homa sage quipped. “I am a Demo- rejoinder to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s gesting that Joe Biden’s reservations crat.” putdown of Maryland Rep. John about her Medicare for All plan The evidence is clear – the gray wolf no longer Rogers was also a citizen of the Delaney’s reservations about her shows he’s “running in the wrong meets the definition of a threatened or endangered Cherokee Nation, and perhaps the sweeping “Medicare for All” propos- presidential primary.” species in Michigan. most popular public figure of his al, which has about as much chance Insulted, regular old Joe got a bit When wolves were first placed on the federal time. He staged a mock presidential of being enacted into law as I have of petulant, saying Warren exhibited an endangered species list in the 1970s, the recovery campaign in 1928 as the candidate winning the American League Cy “angry unyielding viewpoint” and plan put in place by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ser- of the Anti-Bunk Party. Rogers pro- Young Award. represented “an elitism that working- vice said delisting should not occur in Michigan until posed a joint debate “in any joint Warren asked why a trimmer like and middle-class people do not the combined population of wolves in Michigan and you name.” Delaney was even on the stage. “I share.” Indeed, polls do show that Wisconsin reached 100 for five consecutive years. Had he not died in a 1935 air- don’t understand why anybody goes 62% of Midwest swing state voters The wolf population in Michigan and Wisconsin plane crash, Will Rogers would be to all the trouble of running for pres- don’t trust a mandatory, one-size-fits- has far exceeded 100 for more than a decade now. In 140 today: even older than several ident of the United States just to talk all government health care plan. fact, the two-state population is now estimated to top leading Democratic candidates. about what we really can’t do and Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks it’s a 1,000. So yes, Democratic presidential shouldn’t fight for,” she said. “I don’t political time-bomb. People in the Upper Peninsula know all too well campaigns have always seemed get it.” But you can’t call a Democratic what it’s like to live with a thriving wolf population chaotic, maybe even more so back Granted, Delaney was a no-hope woman “angry” unless she’s actually in our backyards. Pet owners and livestock farmers then, when “Solid South” segrega- candidate who soon withdrew. Even biting your leg. Warren objected that from nearly every U.P. county have horror stories of tionists shared power with northern so, I found Warren’s jibe worthy of a “we are told that women are not dogs and cattle falling prey to wolves. big-city political machines. Some- high school student council election. allowed to be angry. It makes us As of Nov. 18, the Michigan Department of Natu- how, things worked out. The 1932 Bringing real-world politics into the unattractive to powerful men who ral Resources has recorded 17 livestock animals and candidate was Franklin Delano Roo- debate showed a lack of school spir- want us to be quiet.” eight dogs that have been killed or injured by wolves sevelt. it. So is this a presidential campaign in 2019. That said, recent bickering among What Warren supporters don’t or a geriatric singles bar? I get why people are inclined to protect wolves. leading Democrats threatens to get – caution, second baseball analo- Oddly, Warren next sent out an They’re beautiful and majestic creatures that had all devolve into a competition between gy coming – is that there’s no such email acknowledging that “I am but vanished from the landscape in the lower 48 small, smaller and smallest. Proba- thing as a seven-run home run. The angry and I own it.” Angry at states by the early 20th century. In 1973, just six bly that’s why former President thing is to keep putting runners on Trump’s America, that is, not Biden. wolves remained in the U.P. After nearly 50 years on Barack Obama spoke up, warning base and not make outs. Next her campaign rolled out a new the endangered species list, the U.P. population is that bitter arguments over ideology That’s one thing I like about Sen. gradual “transition” health care now healthy and stable, holding steady between 600 were turning off potential Democrat- Amy Klobuchar: She talks goals and plan scarcely distinguishable from and 700 wolves for several years now. ic voters. strategies, not abstract ideology. the “public option” proposals Their comeback story is truly remarkable – but “This is still a country that is less I thought Steve Waldman got Sen. favored by Biden, Klobuchar, Pete that’s not a good reason to keep them on the endan- revolutionary than it is interested in Warren exactly right in the Washing- Buttigieg and other Democratic mod- gered species list. Our wolf population has met all improvement. They like seeing ton Monthly. What tempts rivals to erates. A scheme that might imagin- the federal recovery goals for delisting. They must be things improved, but the average describe her as “angry” isn’t gender, ably pass. removed from the list to allow Michigan to start prop- American doesn’t think we have to but her habit of “questioning the Me, I just don’t get it. erly managing the population of this predator like we completely tear down the system MOTIVATIONS of those who dis- do other wildlife species. and remake it,” Obama said. “And I agree with her.” Gene Lyons is a National Magazine The gray wolf is an apex predator with no natural think it’s important for us not to lose “If you disagree with her,” Wald- Award winner. Email Lyons at eugene- enemies. Without management, its population could sight of that.” man writes, “it’s because you don’t [email protected] reach numbers that will be detrimental to other species. Going forward, Michigan is well prepared to man- Today in history age gray wolves in the best interest of residents. A sound management plan is already in place – devel- By The Associated Press oped with input from more than 20 agencies and Today’s Highlight in History organizations representing the diversity of interests On Nov. 23, 1963, Presi- in wolves – and reviewed periodically by the Michi- dent Lyndon B. Johnson pro- gan Wolf Management Advisory Council. Using the claimed Nov. 25 a day of national mourning following the plan and advice from the council, the Michigan assassination of President Department of Natural Resources can continue to John F. Kennedy. maintain a viable gray wolf population while allow- On this date ing for more flexibility when conflicts between In 1804, the 14th president wolves and other species arise. of the United States, Franklin Pierce (puhrs), was born in I recently sponsored a resolution that was adopt- Hillsboro, New Hampshire. ed by the Michigan House urging the U.S. Fish and In 1889, the first jukebox Wildlife Service to remove the gray wolf from the fed- made its debut in San Francis- eral endangered and threatened species list in Michi- co, at the Palais Royale Saloon. (The coin-operated gan. Copies of the resolution were transmitted to the device consisted of four listen- director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, as well ing tubes attached to an Edi- as members of Michigan’s congressional delegation. I son phonograph.) hope they will give it careful consideration. In 1903, Enrico Caruso –Michigan state Rep. Greg Markkanen made his American debut at the Metropolitan Opera House bodan Milosevic (sloh-BOH’- worst massacres in Philippine Meijer store, and a bomb R-Hancock in New York, appearing in dahn mee-LOH’-shuh-vich) for history took place as gunmen squad was summoned, after a “Rigoletto.” genocide in Bosnia, linking him targeted an election campaign customer mistook a toy In 1936, Life, the photojour- for the first time in court to the convoy in southern Maguin- grenade for a real one. nalism magazine created by murders of thousands of non- danao province, killing 58 peo- Today’s Birthdays Henry R. Luce (loos), was first Serbs and the displacement of ple. Joe Mauer of the Minneso- Former Labor Secretary published. a quarter million people. (Milo- ta Twins became only the sec- William E. Brock is 89. Actor Thought for Today In 1971, the People’s sevic died in March 2006 while ond catcher in 33 years to win Franco Nero is 78. Screenwrit- Republic of China was seated his trial was in progress.) the American League Most er Joe Eszterhas is 75. Actor- “It is better to debate an important matter without settling it in the U.N. Security Council. In 2003, Five U.S. soldiers Valuable Player Award, finish- comedy writer Bruce Vilanch is than to settle it without debating it.” In 1980, some 2,600 peo- were killed in a helicopter ing first in a near-unanimous 72. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D- — Author unknown ple were killed by a series of crash in Afghanistan. Eduard vote. N.Y., is 69. Singer Bruce earthquakes that devastated Shevardnadze resigned as Five years ago: Israel’s Hornsby is 65. Former Sen. southern Italy. president of Georgia in the Cabinet approved a bill to Mary Landrieu, D-La., is 64. In 1996, a commandeered face of protests. legally define the country as Actor Maxwell Caulfield is 60. Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767 In 2006, former KGB spy the nation-state of the Jewish Actor John Henton is 59. TV Letters Policy crashed into the water off the Alexander Litvinenko died in people. Former Washington, personality Robin Roberts Comoros Islands, killing 125 of London from radiation poison- D.C. mayor Marion Barry died (“Good Morning America”) is The Daily Globe welcomes letters from readers. Letters the 175 people on board, ing after making a deathbed at age 78. Roger Federer 59. Rock singer-musician Ken should deal with matters of current, public interest. We reserve including all three hijackers. statement blaming Russian defeated Richard Gasquet 6-4, Block (Sister Hazel) is 53. the right to reject any letter and to edit those that are to be pub- In 2000, in a setback for Al President Vladimir Putin. 6-2, 6-2 in the first reverse sin- Rock musician Charlie Grover lished. Please avoid name-calling or personal attacks. Gore, the Florida Supreme In 2012, supporters and gles match as Switzerland is 53. Actress Salli Richardson- Letters should be no longer than 400 words. An address Court refused to order Miami- opponents of Egyptian Presi- won the Davis Cup final Whitfield is 52. Actor Oded and phone number must be included for verification purposes. Dade County officials to dent Mohammed Morsi against France by taking an Fehr is 49. Rapper-actor Election-related letters advocating for or against a candi- resume hand-counting its elec- clashed in the streets of Cairo unassailable 3-1 lead. One Kurupt (Tha Dogg Pound) is date, ballot measure or political party will be considered ads tion-day ballots. Meanwhile, and other major cities in the Direction won three honors at 47. Actor Page Kennedy is 43. and are subject to a charge of $25 for the first 7 inches and Gore’s lawyers argued in a worst violence since Morsi took the American Music Awards, Actress Kelly Brook is 40. Actor $10 for each additional inch thereafter. They are also limited to brief filed with the U.S. office nearly five months earli- including artist of the year; Lucas Grabeel is 35. TV per- 400 words. Supreme Court that the high er. Actor Larry Hagman, best Katy Perry, absent because of sonality Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Letters may be mailed to Letters to the Editor, Daily Globe, court should stay out of the known for playing the schem- her world tour, also won three is 32. Actress-singer Miley 118 E. McLeod Ave., Ironwood MI 49938; emailed to: Florida election controversy. ing oil baron J.R. Ewing on awards. Cyrus is 27. Actor Austin [email protected]; or faxed to 906-932-4211. In 2001, the U.N. war TV’s “Dallas,” died in Dallas at One year ago: Black Fri- Majors is 24. Actress Olivia Brief, thank-you letters will be considered for our Saturday crimes tribunal said it would try the age of 81. day shoppers were evacuated Keville (TV: “Splitting Up “Bouquets” column. former Yugoslav President Slo- Ten years ago: One of the from a northwestern Indiana Together”) is 17.


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(N) (Live) (CC) News Wipeout ’ (TVPG) (CC) Madam Sec- elderly, disable and the tors and to shop,” Sendra * ABC WDIO public,” Olson said. said. retary College Football TCU at Oklahoma. (N) ’ (Live) News Last Man Beat Shaz- A mobility manager The Mercer application + FOX KQDS ’ BROADCAST Standing am (TVPG) would coordinate trans- is seeking an early morn- College Football TCU at Oklahoma. (N) ’ (Live) Beat Shazam “Bi-Coastal Family Feud portation for people in ing departure with a mid , FOX FOXUP Battle Royale” ’ (TVPG) (CC) need of assistance with or late afternoon return High-School High-School Antiques Roadshow “Or- The Red Radar-Mich- ACL Presents: Americana The Song- David Holt getting to-and-from time. ` PBS WNMU Bowl ’ Bowl ’ lando” (TVG) (CC) Green Show igan 18th Annual Honors writers ’ Father Brown Tensions Death in Paradise ’ Shakespeare and Hatha- Modus ’ (TV14) (CC) Hinterland “In the Dead of 4 PBS WLEF rise. ’ (TVPG) (CC) (TVPG) (CC) way -- Private Night” (TVPG) (CC) Rental township president or as a concerned citizen. He want- _ HSN Practical Presents (TVG) Practical Presents (TVG) Home Solutions-Shark Electronic Connection (N) Diane Gilman Fashions ed to know if this was a 0 TWCWeather Gone Viral Heavy Rescue: 401 Ice Pilots (TVPG) (CC) Highway Thru Hell (CC) Highway Thru Hell (CC) From page 1 township issue or a school 1 CBCNHL Hockey: Maple Leafs at Avalanche NHL Hockey Edmonton Oilers at Vegas Golden Knights. (N) ’ (Live) (CC) as a sign,” Sendra said. and law enforcement issue. 5 WTBSThe Grinch The Elf on Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Full Frontal Misery Misery Misery Schellgell also looked Sendra said he was < WGN-ABlue Bloods ’ (TV14) Blue Bloods ’ (TV14) Blue Bloods ’ (TV14) Dog the Bounty Hunter Dog Dog into the question of public speaking as a citizen and > FX(6:00) ›› Kingsman: The Golden Circle (‘17) ’ ››› War for the Planet of the Apes (‘17, ) Andy Serkis. ’ (CC) video or voice recordings of wanted more attention on ? CNNCNN Newsroom Inside Evil-Cuomo Inside Evil-Cuomo Inside Evil-Cuomo Inside Evil-Cuomo town board meetings. He the matter for the lack of @ USA(6:30) ››› Guardians of the Galaxy (‘14) Chris Pratt. ››› Guardians of the Galaxy (‘14) Chris Pratt. (CC) (DVS) Mod Fam determined that it is permis- response. A ESPN(6:00) College Football Arkansas at LSU. (N) (Live) College Football Washington at Colorado. (N) (Live) sible provided the recording “School district policy B ESPN2(6:00) College Football Temple at Cincinnati. (N) Scoreboard College Football Nevada at Fresno State. (N) (Live) does not disrupt the meet- was followed in handling C LIFETwinkle All the Way (‘19) Ryan McPartlin. (TVPG) (:03) My Christmas Inn (‘18), Rob Mayes (TVG) (CC) (:01) Twinkle All the Way ing. the matter,” said Sheri D FSDPistons Live NBA Basketball Detroit Pistons at Milwaukee Bucks. (N) (Live) Pistons Live (N) (Live) NHL Hockey Sendra said he was sent Kopka, interim administra- F TDCAlaskan Bush People ’ Alaskan Bush People The Wolf Pack braces for a wildfire. (N) ’ (TVPG) (CC) Alaskan Bush People (N) information from Enbridge tor of Mercer School Dis- G BRAVOChrisley Chrisley (7:48) ›› Sex and the City (‘08) Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall. (CC) (10:54) Sex and the City Inc. regarding the Line 5 trict, via phone on Friday. H COM(5:15) 21 Jump Street (7:55) ››› 21 Jump Street (‘12) Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum. (CC) ›› Super Troopers (‘01, Comedy) (CC) pipeline that is planned to To protect student priva- I TRUTV› Rush Hour 3 (‘07, Action) Jackie Chan. (CC) (DVS) Carbonaro Carbonaro Carbonaro Carbonaro Carbonaro Carbonaro run across northern Wis- cy Kopka said she could not J E!(6:30) ››› Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (‘05) Daniel Radcliffe. (CC) (DVS) ›› Jack the Giant Slayer (‘13) Nicholas Hoult. (CC) consin into the Upper comment further on the K HISTIn Search Of: Secrets Unearthed (N) ’ (CC) In Search Of: Secrets Peninsula of Michigan. The incident. L A&E(:06) Live PD: Rewind (N) Live PD “Live PD -- 11.23.19” (N) ’ (Live) (TV14) (CC) Live PD ’ (TV14) (CC) current route is being In the supervisor O NICKHenry Henry Most Musical Family Friends ’ Friends ’ (TV14) (CC) Friends ’ Friends ’ Friends ’ opposed to run through reports, Opal Roberts said P FREE(5:50) Despicable Me 2 Turkey Drop (‘19) Cheryl Hines. Premiere. (CC) ››› Mrs. Doubtfire (‘93) Robin Williams. ’ (CC) tribal lands of the Bad River her work to create a new Q PARMT(6:00) ››› John Wick: Chapter 2 (‘17) ’ (CC) ››› John Wick: Chapter 2 (‘17, Action) Keanu Reeves, Common. ’ (CC) CABLE Band of Lake Superior cemetery records keeping R CMTLast Man Last Man Last Man Last Man Last Man ››› Top Gun (‘86, Action) Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis. (CC) Chippewas, and an alter- system with databases, plot T AMC(6:00) ›››› Forrest Gump (‘94) Tom Hanks. (CC) ››› Cast Away (‘00, Drama) Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Nick Searcy. (CC) nate route would come as maps, photos and research U TNT››› Doctor Strange (‘16) Benedict Cumberbatch. (CC) (DVS) ›› The Book of Eli (‘10) Denzel Washington. (CC) (DVS) far south as Mellen, Wiscon- to locate missing or incor- V FOXNWatters’ World (N) (CC) Justice With Jeanine The Greg Gutfeld Show Watters’ World (CC) Justice With Jeanine sin, which could present a rect information is com- W (6:30) ››› Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (‘05) Daniel Radcliffe. (CC) (DVS) Futurama Futurama TZGZ windfall for communities plete. She requested a lap- X TVLNDTwo Men Two Men Two Men Two Men Two Men Two Men Two Men Two Men Two Men Two Men along the alternate route. top computer to hold the Y ANPLCrikey! It’s the Irwins (N) Pit Bulls and Parolees Amanda to the Rescue Amanda to the Rescue Pit Bulls and Parolees After hearing a presen- new database, records and Z OXYDisappearance-Millbrook Snapped (TVPG) (CC) Snapped (TVPG) (CC) The Disappearance of the Millbrook Twins (TV14) tation on a staff solution to photos to which Sendra said [ TOONSteven Universe (TVPG) Burgers Burgers Family Guy My Hero One Punch Dr. Stone Fire Force a garbage bag issue the would be provided. ≠ HGTVCaribbean Caribbean Mexico Life Mexico Life Island Life Island Life Beach Beach Mexico Life Mexico Life township board directed Mike Lambert, supervi- Æ FOODHoliday Baking Holiday Baking Christmas Cookie Christmas Cookie Holiday Baking Sendra to explore the mat- sor, said there was funds ± BIGTENCollege Basketball Jacksonville State at Purdue. (N) (:15) The Final Drive (N) B1G Show The Final Drive (CC) Drive ter further. There were provided for a tennis court ∂ DISNBig City Big City Big City Big City Bunk’d ’ Coop Raven Roll With It Jessie ’ Jessie ’ complaints that the city’s adjacent to the basketball ∑ TRAVGhost Adventures (CC) Ghost Adventures (N) Destination Fear (TVPG) Ghost Adventures (CC) Ghost Adventures (CC) garbage bags break and court in the township’s ∏ TCM››› Daughters of the Dust (‘91) Cora Lee Day. (:15) ››› Crossing Delancey (‘88) Amy Irving. (CC) Kansas City Confidential the solution involved resi- parks and recreation bud- π EWTNSt. Giuseppe Moscati - Doctor Holy Rosary Pope Fran Pope Fran Web/Faith Remember Candles In the Dark dents purchasing their get. After review there is no ∫ MSNBCAll In With Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word The 11th Hour Lockup: Charleston own bags and using stick- funds to be seen and the ø HALLChristmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays (:03) Christmas Under the Stars (‘19) (TVG) (CC) With Love, Christmas ers as proof of payment courts are expected to be ⁄ FS1(6:00) College Football Kansas State at Texas Tech. College Football Utah at Arizona. (N) (Live) (CC) and using a lower price as completed this summer, he Õ GSNFamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud an incentive. said. (129) SUNDM*A*S*H M*A*S*H ›› Caddyshack (‘80) Chevy Chase. (R) (CC) ››› Blazing Saddles (‘74) Cleavon Little. (R) (CC) Sendra said he received Sendra said he and the (501) HBO››› Us (‘19) Lupita Nyong’o. Premiere. ’ (R) (CC) Lil Rel Howery: Live Black Lady (:35) Watchmen (TVMA) Lil Rel a letter from the Sand staff will meet with parks (503) HBO2Fletcher Room 104 His Dark Materials (TV14) ››› The Favourite (‘18) Olivia Colman. ’ (R) (CC) The Old Man & the Gun Ridge Secure Treatment and recreation to attempt to (531) MAX››› The Mask (‘94) Jim Carrey. (CC) (:45) ›› The Stepford Wives (‘04) Nicole Kidman. ’ (:20) How Stella Got Her Groove Back Center for violent sexual locate the funding that was (561) SHOW(6:30) ››› The Help (‘11) Viola Davis. (PG-13) (CC) › Peppermint (‘18) Jennifer Garner. (R) (:45) Shameless (TVMA) Shameless offenders notifying the approved. (591) TMC(5:30) ›› Den of Thieves Nazi Undead (‘18) Georgia Chara. (NR) 4/20 Massacre (‘18) Jamie Bernadette. Nazi Undead (‘18) (NR) (593) TMC2››› Igby Goes Down (‘02) ’ (R) (CC) (:40) ›› But I’m a Cheerleader (‘99) ’ (:10) Wildling (‘18) Liv Tyler. (R) (CC) Satan township that an as yet Sendra said he would PREMIUM unnamed individual also meet with the city being considered for mechanic and the various SUNDAY EVENING NOVEMBER 24, 2019 release would be returned departments to determine 7:007:308:008:309:009:3010:0010:3011:0011:30 to Mercer as the home of Batwoman “The Rabbit Supergirl “Event Horizon” Seinfeld ’ Bob’s Burg- › Rushlights (‘12) Josh Henderson. A pair goes to a how much in-house mainte- # record. Sendra expressed nance can be performed on CW KDLH Hole” ’ (TV14) (CC) ’ (TVPG) (CC) (TVPG) ers (TV14) Southern town to steal an inheritance. (CC) God Friended Me “Prophet NCIS: Los Angeles “Kill Madam Secretary “Ships Paid Pro- Face the NCIS: New Orleans ’ concern saying that if township vehicles rather % CBS WJMN funding for the psycholog- than sending the work out & Loss” (TVPG) Beale: Vol. 1” (N) (TVPG) and Countries” (TVPG) gram (TVG) Nation (N) (TV14) (CC) (DVS) (:15) NFL Football Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers. (N) ’ (Live) KBJR 6- Minnesota (:35) Cars. ical and probational sup- to private sources. & NBC KBJR News Bound TV ’ port were ever cut the The town board went (:15) NFL Football Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers. (N) ’ (Live) TV6 Late Outdoors- Graham town would be required to into closed session regard- ( NBC WLUC News (N) man Bensinger step up. ing an employee-related 2019 American Music Awards The annual ceremony honors musicians. (N) ’ WDIO News Midwest (:05) Wipeout “Winners “This is potentially a agenda item. There was no * ABC WDIO (Live) (TV14) (CC) at Ten (N) Magazine and Losers” ’ (TVPG) severe problem,” Sendra action in the closed The Simp- Bless the Bob’s Burg- Family Guy Fox 21 Local News at 9 Last Man 2 Broke 2 Broke Mike & Mol- + FOX KQDS ’ ’ said. session, according to BROADCAST sons (TV14) Harts (N) ers (TVPG) (N) (TV14) (N) (CC) Standing Girls (TV14) Girls (TV14) ly (CC) Sendra said parents of Roberts, during the meet- The Simp- Bless the Bob’s Burg- Family Guy TV6 Late (:35) 2 (:05) 2 (:35) Cov- (:05) Mike & (:35) Mike & , FOX FOXUP ’ students at the Mercer ing. sons (TV14) Harts (N) ers (TVPG) (N) (TV14) News (CC) Broke Girls Broke Girls er 2 Molly (CC) Molly (CC) Secrets of Her Majesty’s The Chaperone on Masterpiece (‘18) Elizabeth Mc- Story-Public GZERO Secrets of Her Majesty’s School contacted him with In other business, the ` PBS WNMU Secret Service (TVPG) Govern, Haley Lu Richardson. Premiere. (CC) Sq World Secret Service (TVPG) concerns about a recent township board approved: Secrets of Her Majesty’s The Chaperone on Masterpiece (‘18) Elizabeth Mc- The Queen’s Garden ’ ACL Presents: Americana incident at the school. There - Buying a snowblower 4 PBS WLEF Secret Service (TVPG) Govern, Haley Lu Richardson. Premiere. (CC) (TVPG) (CC) 18th Annual Honors is a video of the incident for the Transfer Station _ HSNPractical Presents (TVG) Diane Gilman Fashions Diane Gilman Fashions Get Gifty (N) (TVG) (CC) Chef Wolfgang being passed around that - Introduced new Wis- 0 TWCHeavy Rescue: 401 (N) Ice Pilots (N) (TVPG) Highway Thru Hell (CC) Heavy Rescue: 401 Ice Pilots (TVPG) (CC) shows fighting including a consin Department of Natu- 1 CBCAnne With an E (TVPG) The Fifth Estate (TVPG) The National (N) (CC) News Weekly q (N) ’ (TVPG) (CC) teacher and student. ral Resources Property Man- 5 WTBS(6:00) A Christmas Story Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang ›››› A Christmas Story (‘83) Peter Billingsley. “Somebody lost control ager Beth Feind. < WGN-ALast Man Last Man Last Man Last Man Last Man Last Man Married Married Married Married and someone should have The next regular town > FX(6:30) ››› Girls Trip (‘17) Regina Hall. ’ (CC) The Weekly (N) (TVMA) The Weekly (:31) ››› Girls Trip (‘17) Regina Hall. called 911,” Sendra said. board meeting will be held ? CNNCNN Newsroom CNN Special Report (N) The Nineties A wide range of television shows. The Nineties (CC) Eric Snow, township at 5:30 p.m., Dec. 5, in the @ Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Mr. Robot (N) (TVMA) Treadstone (TVMA) The Purge (TVMA) (CC) supervisor, asked Sendra if USA Haines building, 2657W A SportCtr College Basketball SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) SportsCenter W/Van Pelt he was speaking as the Railroad St. ESPN B ESPN22019 Grey Cup Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers. College Basketball: MGM Resorts Main Event Who’s In? Area Brief C LIFEChristmas 9 to 5 (‘19) Tiya Sircar. Premiere. (TVG) (:03) Hometown Christmas (‘18) (TVG) (CC) (:01) Christmas 9 to 5 D FSDNHL Hockey: Hurricanes at Red Wings Red Wings Live (N) (Live) Wingspan World Poker NHL Hockey F TDCAlaska: The Last Frontier (N) ’ (TVPG) (CC) (:02) Building Off the Grid (:02) Building Off the Grid Alaska: The Last Frontier Rhinelander city original. G BRAVOHousewives-Atlanta Married to Medicine (N) Watch What Housewives-Atlanta Blind Date Married to Medicine administrator is According to the H COM(6:50) ›› 50 First Dates (‘04) Adam Sandler. (CC) ›› 50 First Dates (‘04) Adam Sandler. (CC) Talladega Nights: subject of search Wausau Daily Herald and I TRUTVImp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Carbonaro Carbonaro J (6:30) ››› Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (‘09) Daniel Radcliffe. The Kardashians The Kardashians warrants WSAW-TV, the search E! warrants sought emails K HISTAmerican Pickers (TVPG) (:02) American Pickers (:05) American Pickers (:05) American Pickers (:03) American Pickers RHINELANDER, Wis. between Guild and vari- L A&E››› Hacksaw Ridge (‘16, War) Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington. ’ (CC) (:04) ›› Walking Tall (‘04) The Rock. ’ (CC) (AP) — Authorities say the ous council members and O NICKMost Musical Family SpongeBob SpongeBob Friends ’ Friends ’ Friends ’ Friends ’ Friends ’ Friends ’ Rhinelander city adminis- city employees, as well as P FREE(5:45) ››› Home Alone (:15) ›› Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (‘92) Macaulay Culkin. ’ (CC) (10:55) ››› Matilda (‘96) trator is the subject of two copies of disciplinary Q PARMTGrown Ups › Grown Ups (‘10, Comedy) Adam Sandler, Kevin James. ’ (CC) ››› Wedding Crashers (‘05) Owen Wilson. ’ (CC) search warrants executed records involving a for- CABLE R CMT››› Easy A ›› She’s All That (‘99) Freddie Prinze Jr.. (CC) ››› Easy A (‘10) Emma Stone, Penn Badgley. (CC) 17 Again at City Hall as part of an mer public works direc- T AMC(6:55) The Walking Dead The Walking Dead (N) (TVMA) (CC) (:20) Talking Dead (TV14) (:20) The Walking Dead Walk:Dead investigation into public tor. U TNT››› It (‘17, Horror) Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor. (CC) (DVS) › Jonah Hex (‘10, Action) Josh Brolin. I Legend records tampering. The Oneida County V FOXNWatters’ World (CC) The Next Revolution With Life, Liberty & Levin (N) Watters’ World (CC) The Next Revolution With The search warrants Sheriff’s Office says the W SYFY(6:31) ››› Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (‘09) Daniel Radcliffe. Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama executed Thursday allege investigation is ongoing. 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Authorities also immediately reply to a Æ FOODThanksgiving Challenge Thanksgiving Challenge Holiday Baking Christmas Cookie Thanksgiving Challenge allege he altered an email request for comment from ± BIGTENCollege Basketball B1G Show BTN Football in 60 (N) B1G Show BTN Football in 60 (N) B1G Show Football and presented it as an The Associated Press. ∂ DISNDescendants 3 (‘19) Dove Cameron. ’ (TVG) (CC) Star Wars Big City Raven Roll With It Jessie ’ Jessie ’ ∑ TRAVThe Dead Files (N) (TVPG) (CC) The Dead Files (TVPG) Lost Secrets (N) (TVG) The Dead Files (TVPG) Lottery ∏ TCM››› Roman Holiday (‘53) Gregory Peck. (CC) (:15) ››› Princess O’Rourke (‘43) (CC) Passion of Joan π EWTNSunday Catholics Life/Rock Holy Rosary In the Name of Miracles Catholic Catholic Sunday Mass (TVG) ∫ MSNBC(6:00) Kasie DC (N) (CC) Impeachment Betrayal: The Plot Dateline (TVPG) (CC) Dateline (N) (TV14) (CC) Michigan Wisconsin ø HALLCherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2 (TVG) (:03) Merry & Bright (‘19) Jodie Sweetin. (TVG) (CC) Christmas Next Door Poker Lotto: 3C-5C-9C- All or Nothing: 03-04-05- ⁄ Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz - Prelims (CC) PBC PBA Bowling PBA Clash. (CC) College Football 9H-10H 07-10-12-15-18-19-20-22 FS1 Midday Daily 3: 4-7-6 SuperCash: 02-05-07-22- Õ GSNFamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud Midday Daily 4: 3-5-8-4 26-37, Doubler: Y (129) SUND(5:00) ››› The Fugitive ›› U.S. Marshals (‘98, Action) Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes. (PG-13) (CC) ››› In the Valley of Elah Daily 3: 2-1-0 Badger 5: 07-19-22-27-29 ››› ’ ’ Daily 4: 8-3-3-6 Daily Pick 3: 4-1-0 (501) HBO(6:00) Us (‘19) (R) Watchmen (N) (TVMA) Silicon Fletcher (:05) Watchmen (TVMA) Fletcher Silicon Fantasy 5: 01-02-10-14- Daily Pick 4: 4-6-6-3 (503) HBO2Watchmen (:45) ›› The Lucky Ones (‘08) Rachel McAdams. (R) (:45) ››› The Conjuring 2 (‘16, Horror) Patrick Wilson. ’ (R) (CC) 15 (531) MAX››› Unstoppable (‘10) ’ (PG-13) (CC) (:40) ›› Daylight (‘96) Sylvester Stallone. ’ (PG-13) (:35) ›› Spy Game (‘01) ’ (R) (CC) Keno 02-03-07-11-12-19- Multi-state (561) Ray Donovan (N) (TVMA) Shameless (N) (TVMA) Back to Life Back to Life Ray Donovan (TVMA) Shameless (TVMA) (CC) 21-23-24-26-31-39-46-54-56- Mega Millions: 07-12-17- SHOW 59-60-64-68-70-76-79 49-53, Mega Ball: 24, (591) TMC›› The Catcher Was a Spy (‘18) (R) (:35) ››› Imperium (‘16) Daniel Radcliffe. (R) (CC) ›› Dead Presidents (‘95) Larenz Tate. Megaplier: 4 (593) TMC2››› Adaptation (‘02) Nicolas Cage. ’ (R) (CC) ››› The Death of Stalin (‘17) Steve Buscemi. ’ (R) ›› American Gigolo (‘80) PREMIUM l 6 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 RELIGION THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM New Hampshire church fights for immigrant justice

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) – from a respiratory infection her She emailed the minister, who putting the signs up was to on our faith in the larger commu- The faces of migrant children mother testified she contracted in responded immediately and pro- remind people this is a national nity,” said Joanne Foster, co-con- who have died in or as a result of the immigration detention facili- vided her with the templates for policy that violates interna- venor of South Church’s Social detention at the southern border ty. the signs, which South Church, a tional law. It’s also to remind Justice Associates. “Every once in span the front lawn of the city’s Designated as an unaccompa- Unitarian Universalist congrega- people that yes, we do have a a while, this issue gets high up in historic South Church. nied minor, 16-year-old Carlos tion, has since reproduced with detention facility -- the Strafford the public’s attention, and then it According to published Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez its own touches, including Unit- County jail -- right in our own dives down because there’s reports, Felipe Gomez Alonzo, 8, died alone in detention in May. ed Nations statements on asylum community.” another issue. We want to edu- died on Christmas Eve 2018 from He loved soccer and music, the and the text of the sonnet fea- The recent signs are a piece of cate on inhumane practices of influenza B. He’d lived in a one- bass and piano. His family called tured on the Statue of Liberty. South Church’s ongoing work our immigration system. Right room house in a rural farming him Goyito. “Given that there was so much around immigration and immi- now is the most extreme result of village in Guatemala. He loved to The signs were inspired by attention to children and deten- grant rights. This summer, the this, but it’s a fact.” read, count, play soccer, and ones already displayed by the tion and separation this summer, church hosted a forum featuring On a more daily basis, church sometimes, he accompanied his Old Cambridge Baptist Church in and then in the fall, it just seemed an array of panelists working on members work to support a father in the fields to plant corn Cambridge, Massachusetts. to completely disappear...,” the front lines of immigration, statewide bond fund, started by and beans. South Church member Janet Polasky said of the motivation and a candlelight vigil for those the New Hampshire Conference One-year-old Mariee Juarez Polasky happened to walk by behind the signs. “The issue is in held in detainment at the U.S.- United Church of Christ, to help crossed the border with her them along Massachusetts that the border seems so far away Mexico border. pay bonds for immigrants mother in March after fleeing vio- Avenue recently on her way to when people are here, and there “Immigrant justice has been detained at the Strafford County lence in Guatemala. Seventy days work on the book she’s writing are so many competing issues one of the themes we’re working jail in Dover, as well their phone after arriving in the U.S., she died about refugees and asylum. that are so urgent. So in part, on over the last two years to act call fees. LET US REPLENISH THE SEED OF FAITH THROUGH. . . Regular Church Attendance Angelo Luppino Inc. FARM, LAWN AND GARDEN CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT General Const. & Blacktop www.lulichimplement.net P.O. Box 100, Iron Belt, WI e Hard Mason, WI ~ 715-746-2477 715-561-4906 Work of Love DAILY GLOBE 118 E. McLeod Avenue WHITE CROSS ove is only rarely the idyllic bliss pic- Ironwood, MI 49938 tured in the movies and in romance PHARMACY Lnovels. Often love requires patience, (906) 932-2211 314 Silver St., Hurley perseverance and sacrifice. ,ose whom we www.yourdailyglobe.com (715) 561-5666 are called to love are often underserving of our love if judged by the standards of this world, but by God’s standards, all are deserving of our love as fellow children of Ben Franklin Sunday Lake God. And even when our beloved is deserv- ing of our love and easy to love, it still hurts Downtown Supermarket when we have to say goodbye or contem- Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-7 plate that our beloved will one day leave us Ironwood Sat. 8-6, Sun. 9-4 through death. Love is hard work and it Wakefield, MI 224-9491 often hurts. It is doubtful that the pleasures “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it and comforts of love will always outweigh is not proud. It does not dishonor the pains and discomforts that it inevitably others, it is not self-seeking, it is NASI CONSTRUCTION, LLC. brings, and yet, we must go on loving. For not easily angered, it keeps no Build With The Best what is the alternative? To become a hater? record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the for All Your Construction Needs To give up on love and sink into a state truth. It always protects, always Start Here: www.wnasi.com where we neither love nor hate? By no trusts, always hopes, always perse- CallOwner: 715-561-5153 Wayne Nasi means, for a life without love is truly mean- veres.” ingless. When we say that God is love, we 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 NIV MI Lic. #2101041080 • WI Lic. #658138 are essentially saying that the meaning and DAILY GLOBE purpose of life and existence is love. –Christopher Simon 118 E. McLeod Avenue Keweenaw Land Ironwood, MI 49938 Assn. Ltd. (906) 932-2211 1801 E. Cloverland Dr. www.yourdailyglobe.com 932-3410 Support Your Community Church Page ... Call Today (906) 932-2211 The Sponsors Above are Businesses and Individuals Who Believe Strong Churches Build Strong Communities

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MICHIGAN after school. ironwoodwes- EWEN (ELCA). Rotating every third p.m. (Presbyterian). Sunday, 9:30 IRONWOOD leyumc.org. First Lutheran (ELCA). Sunday, 11 a.m. Part of New WHITE PINE a.m. Apostolic Lutheran. 326 Woodland Church (BGC). Rotating every third Sunday, 11 Evangelical Parish. 906-988- St. Jude Catholic. Sun- Episcopal. Saturday: Epis- W. Aurora. Sunday, 9:30 a.m. N10234 Curry St., Sunday a.m. Wednesday, children’s 2594. day: confessions, 5:30 p.m., copal Eucharist, 5 p.m. at Sunday School, 10 a.m. Bible Bible study, 9 a.m.; worship, 10 Bible school, 3:30. Part of New RAMSAY Mass, 6 p.m. Community Presbyterian Study, 10:45 a.m. worship, a.m.; fellowship to follow. 906- Evangelical Parish. 906-988- Cornerstone Christian. Community United Church, U.S. 51. Wednesday Bible Study, 7 p.m. 932-1102 or woodlandcc.org. 2594. Sunday worship, 9:30 a.m., Methodist. Sunday, worship, Our Lady Queen of Peace Assembly of God. 2100 E. Zion Lutheran (ELCA). Sacred Heart Catholic. children’s church, following 8:45 a.m., youth group, 5 p.m.; Catholic. Masses: Sunday, 8 Cloverland Drive. worship, 10 100 W. Midland. Saturday Mass 4 p.m. Saturday worship; Revelation (young Monday, Kids Club, after a.m., Wednesday, 5:15 p.m., a.m. praise worship, 5 p.m; Sun- United Methodist. Sunday adults), meets second and school. Thursday, 8:30 a.m., Saturday, First Presbyterian. 300 E. day services, second and worship, noon. Communion, fourth Sundays at 6 p..m. WISCONSIN 6 p.m. Aurora, Ironwood. Sunday fourth Sundays of the month, 9 first Sunday. Grace Open Fellowship. 9 HURLEY MELLEN worship, 9 a.m., fellowship to a.m. GREENLAND a.m., worship, 9:30 a.m.; First Presbyterian. Sun- Congregational United follow. BERGLAND United Methodist. Sunday Wednesday, Bible study, day, 9:30 a.m. worship, Sun- Church of Christ. Sunday, Immanuel Lutheran (Mis- Calvary Baptist (Funda- worship, 11:40 a.m. prayer meeting, 6:30 p.m. day school and nursery. 10:45 a.m. souri). Little Girl’s Point, Satur- mental). Sunday, 11 a.m.; Greenland Seventh-day ROCKLAND Havenwood Baptist. 501 Holy Rosary Catholic. day worship, 2 p.m. Wednesday prayer service, 7 Adventist. 31369 N. Firesteel. St. Mary’s Catholic. Satur- Copper St. Prayer, 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, 8 a.m.; Saturday, 8 Jehovah’s Witnesses. p.m. Saturday church service, 10 day: confessions, 5:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10 a.m., ser- a.m.; Sunday Mass, 9 a.m.; Superior Street. Sunday public St. Ann Catholic. Sunday, a.m. Bible study, Saturday, Mass, 6 p.m. vices, 11 a.m., lunch and after- first Friday Mass, 6:30 p.m.; talk, 9:30 a.m., Watchtower Mass, 11 a.m. 11:15 a.m. St. Paul United Methodist. noon service following. first Wednesday, 10:30 a.m., study, 10:30 a.m. Trinity Lutheran (Mis- MARENISCO Sunday worship, 10:30 a.m. Range Community Bible. second through fifth Thursday, Lighthouse Faith Center. souri). Sunday, 9 a.m. Com- St. Catherine’s Catholic. TROUT CREEK Sunday school, 9 and 10:45 10:30 a.m., at Mellen Manor 930 Cloverland Drive; Sunday munion second and fourth Sunday Mass, 1 p.m. Assembly of God. Sunday a.m.; worship, 9 and 10:45 Nursing Home. Confessions, worship, 10 a.m.; Wednesday Sundays. MASS CITY worship, 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. a.m. Saturday following Mass. Bible study, 6:30 p.m. United Methodist. Sunday, St. Paul’s Lutheran. Sun- Trinity Lutheran (ELCA). St. Mary’s Catholic. Satur- Immanuel Lutheran (Mis- Living Water Missionary 11 a.m. Communion first Sun- day, 10:30 a.m. Weekly Com- Rotating every third Sunday, 11 day Mass, 4 p.m., Sunday souri). Sunday school 8:15 Assembly. 236 S. Mansfield. day. munion. a.m. Part of New Evangelical Mass, 7 and 11 a.m., Tuesday, a.m.; Bible study 8:30 a.m.; Sunday, 9:30 a.m. Sunday BESSEMER ONTONAGON Parish. 906-988-2594. 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, 8 a.m., regular service with Commu- school; 10:30 a.m. worship; Christ Community Assembly of God. Sunday United Presbyterian. Sun- Thursday, 8 a.m., Friday, 8 nion 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. Bible Church of SDA. 507 E. school, 9:45 a.m., Sunday wor- day worship, 11 a.m.; commu- a.m. MERCER study; lwmissionary.org. Cinnabar. Saturday, 11 a.m., ship, 10:45 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.; nion, first Sunday of the month. St. Paul’s Lutheran (Wis- Community Church of Our Lady of Peace Sabbath school, 9:30 a.m.; Wednesday, youth group and WAINOLA consin). Sunday school, 9:45 Nazarene. Sunday, worship, Catholic. Marquette Street. Wednesday prayer meeting, adult Bible study, 6:30 p.m. Lutheran. Saturday, 5 p.m. a.m.; worship, 11 a.m. 10 a.m. Saturday confession, 11 a.m. 6:30 p.m. Holy Family Catholic. Communion, first and third Sat- KIMBALL Faith Lutheran (Missouri). to noon; Mass, 4 p.m.; Sunday Our Redeemer Lutheran Michigan Avenue and Pine urdays. Good Shepherd Commu- Sunday, worship, 9 a.m., Bible Mass, 8 and 11 a.m. (Missouri). Sanders Road. Street. Daily Masses: Monday, WAKEFIELD nity Apostolic Lutheran. Sun- study, 10:30 a.m. St. John Lutheran Sunday, worship, 10:30 a.m. 9 a.m.; Tuesday, 6 p.m.; All Saints Lutheran day worship 10:30 a.m., Sun- St. Isaac Jogues (ELCA). E5071 Airport Road, Communion first and third Sun- Wednesday, 9 a.m.; Thursday, (ELCA). Saturday worship, 5 day Bible study 10 a.m. Com- Catholic. Masses Sunday, 11 Ironwood Township. Service on day. 9 a.m.; Friday, 9 a.m.; Sunday, p.m.; Sunday worship, 10:30 munion first Sunday. a.m.; Tuesday, 8:30 a.m. fourth Sunday of the month at St. Sebastian Catholic. 9 a.m.; confessions, Saturday, a.m. LAC DU FLAMBEAU United Methodist. Sunday, 11 a.m. Saturday Mass, 4 p.m.; Sun- 11 a.m., and half an hour Calvary Baptist. Sunday Bible Baptist. Sunday, 10 9:30 a.m. St. Paul Lutheran (ELCA). day Mass, 8:30 a.m. before each Mass. school, 10 a.m., Sunday wor- a.m. Zion Lutheran (Wiscon- 111 S. Curry. Worship, 11 a.m., Sharon Lutheran (ELCA). Redeemer Free Lutheran. ship, 11 a.m.; afternoon ser- St. Anthony’s Catholic. sin). Sunday, 9 a.m., Bible followed by brunch. Sunday worship, 8:30 a.m. Sunday worship, 9 a.m., Sun- vice, 1:30 p.m.; Wednesday, Saturday Mass, 4 p.m.; Sun- class, 10:15 a.m. St. Simon Eastern Ortho- with fellowship following. day school, 10:30 a.m.; prayer and praise, 6 p.m. day Mass, 9:30 a.m. PRESQUE ISLE dox. 226 E. Harding. Sunday, BRUCE CROSSING Wednesday, Bible study, 7 Grace Baptist. 512 Sun- LAND O’LAKES Bethel Lutheran (Mis- liturgy, 10 a.m. 906-932-0674. Apostolic Lutheran. Sun- p.m. day Lake St. Sunday services, Hope Lutheran (Mis- souri). Sunday, 11 a.m. Salem Lutheran (ELCA). day School, noon, worship, 1 St. Paul Lutheran (Mis- 10 and 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. souri). 1764 U.S. 45, just north St. Rita’s Catholic. Satur- 333 E. Aurora St. Services first p.m. Communion second Sun- souri). Sunday worship, 10 Immaculate Conception of County B. Divine service, day, confessions, 3:30 p.m., and third Sundays of the day. a.m.; Wednesday, church Catholic. Saturday Mass, 6 Sunday, 9:30 a.m.; Bible study, Mass, 4 p.m.; Sunday Mass, 9 month, 9 a.m. Bruce Crossing Bible. school, 3:30 p.m., service, 7 p.m.; Sunday Mass, 10:30 a.m. call 906-544-2259 or visit a.m. Transfiguration, Episco- Sunday 10 a.m. EDT; adult p.m. United Methodist. Sunday [email protected] for SAXON pal. 336 E. Aurora. Sunday, 11 Sunday school to follow. Siloa Lutheran (ELCA). service, 12:30 p.m. schedule. St. Ann’s Catholic. Sun- a.m. Bethany Lutheran (Wis- Sunday worship, 9 a.m.; WATERSMEET Land O’ Lakes Bible. 5937 day Mass, 8:45 a.m.; Trinity Lutheran (Mis- consin). Sunday, 5 p.m. church school, Wednesday, Immaculate Conception U.S. 45. Sunday school 9 a.m.; WINCHESTER souri). E5104 Margaret St. , COVINGTON 3:30 p.m. 906-884-2655. Catholic. Saturday Mass, 4 Sunday worship, 10 a.m.; Sun- Living Hope. Sunday, 9:30 Sunday worship, 9 a.m. Bethany Lutheran. Sun- United Methodist. Sunday, p.m.; Sunday Mass, 9:30 a.m. day afternoon prayer, 5 p.m.; a.m.; Thursday, Bible study, 7 Wesley United Methodist. day worship, 11 a.m. 9 a.m., Contemporary worship, Watersmeet Bible Thursday table talk and Bible p.m. 500 E. McLeod. Sunday, adult Trinity Lutheran (Mis- 7 p.m. Church. Sunday worship, study 6:30 p.m. 715-547-3183. ——— Bible study, 9 a.m., service, 10 souri). M-28. Sunday worship, PAYNESVILLE 10:30 a.m.; men’s and ladies’ MANITOWISH WATERS To make changes in list- a.m.; Kids Club, Wednesday 9 a.m. Our Saviour Lutheran Bible study, Wednesday, 6 Community Church ings, call 906-932-2211. l THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM NATION/WORLD SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 7 Colombia president orders curfew in capital following unrest

BOGOTA, Colombia chaos.” rating plummet to 26 per- (AP) – Colombian Presi- The upheaval takes cent and endured a series dent Iván Duque ordered a place as Latin America is of embarrassing setbacks. curfew in the nation’s capi- experiencing a tide of dis- “Colombia is facing a tal Friday amid continuing content, with large demon- set of complex problems unrest following a massive strations in countries that are as difficult as any march a day before that including Chile, Bolivia in its recent history,” said brought tens of thousands and Ecuador where citi- Cynthia Arnson, a Colom- to the streets in a strong zens frustrated with their bia expert and director of message of rejection political leaders are taking the Latin America program against his conservative to the streets. at the Woodrow Wilson government. The protests defy easy International Center for The president said he categorization and it Scholars. “I think any polit- was invoking the rarely remains unclear if Colom- ical leader faced with this used measure to contain bia’s will persist. array of problems would ongoing clashes between In an attempt to quell have a difficult time.” police and demonstrators the anger, Duque also Defense Minister in the city of 7 million, announced that he will Guillermo Botero resigned shortly after police pushed open a “national conversa- in early November follow- back thick crowds of tion” throughout the coun- ing revelations that at least protesters banging pots try next week aimed at eight minors had been and pans in the storied finding medium and long- killed in a bombing that Plaza Bolivar. term solutions to deeply targeted a small band of “They kicked us out entrenched issues like dissidents. Duque himself with tear gas,” said Rogelio inequality and corruption. drew criticism after hold- Associated Press Martinez, 38, a construc- “The space for dialogue ing up photos at the U.N. POLICE ATTEND an anti-government protester affected by tear gas during clashes tion worker. “They didn’t exists,” he said. General Assembly that he in downtown Bogota, Colombia, Friday, Nov. 22, 2019. Labor unions and student want the people to show Colombia is grappling said were proof that the leaders called on Colombians to bang pots and pans Friday evening in another act their discontent.” with long-simmering ten- socialist government in of protest while authorities announced three people had died in overnight clashes The curfew comes one sions over issues like cor- neighboring Venezuela har- with police after demonstrations during a nationwide strike. day after an estimated ruption and inequality bors Colombian rebels — 250,000 people took to the while also struggling to only to find out later that at labor and pension reform, ties, 146 people have been cers. streets in one of the combat ongoing violence least one of the images was among the wide range of detained in during the two The names and cause of nation’s biggest marches in between illegal armed taken in Colombia. other issues that protesters days of unrest, at least 151 death of those killed were recent history. While the groups and to significantly Colombia’s economy are bringing to the table. police and military officers not released. protest started out peace- reduce record levels of coca has been growing at a At least one said he wel- injured, as well as 122 civil- Yann Basset, a professor ful, it ended with scattered crops. faster rate this year, but the come the announcement of ians, most of whom suf- at Bogota’s Rosario Univer- skirmishes between Duque was elected last nation still has one of the a national conversation. fered minor injuries and sity, said whether Duque’s protesters and police. year on a platform promis- highest levels of inequality “We think it’s very tear gas inhalation. call for dialogue is a suc- Three people were killed in ing to change key aspects in South America. Nearly good,” said Jorge Bedoya, Defense Minister Carlos cess will depend on what authorities described of a landmark 2016 peace 11% of Colombians are out president of an agricultural Holmes Trujillo said two whether it leads to genuine as violent looting incidents accord with leftist rebels of work — a figure that workers union that has individuals were killed in citizen participation, overnight. that polarized the country jumps to 17.5% for young been involved in the the port city of Buenaven- instead of becoming a mere “One thing is a peaceful and which protesters are adults. protest. “Now it depends tura after police were complaint box for the frus- expression through demanding he implement Protest organizers had on those who have been attacked while responding trated. protest,” Duque said. more forcefully. called on Duque Friday to convoked to define a trajec- to looting at a mall. A third “The question is “Another very different In the first 15 months of establish a dialogue with tory for the things worry- died in Candelaria after whether these measures thing is to take advantage his administration, Duque indigenous, student and ing all Colombians.” police said a group looting come in time to calm the of the protest to sow has watched his approval labor leaders to discuss According to authori- a supermarket shot at offi- people,” he said. Francis fulfills dream, goes Briefs Oklahoma grand jury John Mitchell, 40, engaged in sey’s truck and exchanged gun- to Japan as missionary pope indicts police officer on “imminently dangerous con- fire with her before the vehicle murder charge duct” when he fatally shot came to a stop. Godsey, 34, was TOKYO (AP) – Pope than any other pope by say- ty.” Micheal Ann Godsey on May found dead in the driver’s seat OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – Francis will fulfill his ing that not only the use But Francis’ key aim is 20 in Blackwell, which is of the pickup truck. She was An Oklahoma City grand jury dream to be a missionary in but the mere possession of to tend to his tiny flock, about 90 miles north of Okla- the only person in the truck. has indicted a police lieutenant Japan when he arrives for a nuclear weapons is “to be which has grown exponen- homa City. Defense attorney Gary on a second-degree murder three-day visit with two condemned.” He’s expected tially more diverse in recent Police responded to reports James said Mitchell acted law- charge, alleging he wasn’t justi- main aims: to appeal for to issue a strong appeal for years. of gunfire coming from a white fully to stop a threat, The Okla- fied in firing about 60 shots at a nuclear disarmament and total nuclear disarmament Japan had long kept its pickup truck at various loca- homan reported. road-rage suspect. minister to a tiny Catholic Sunday, and will likely door closed to immigrants, tions in Blackwell. “It’s a sad day for law The grand jury concluded flock with a rich but bloody repeat that message when but the country last year According to the Oklahoma enforcement and society,” Thursday that Blackwell history. he meets with victims of the adopted a new policy to State Bureau of Investigation, James said, who described as a Police Department officer Francis travels Saturday 2011 Fukushima nuclear open up unskilled jobs to officers say they pursued God- “violent, fleeing felon.” from Thailand to another disaster on Monday – temporary foreign workers, Asian country where before he calls on Emperor a major revision to the Catholics are a minority – Naruhito or Prime Minister country’s policy to deal less than 0.5% of Japan’s Shinzo Abe. with its rapidly aging and 127 million people, most of “He is a super diplomat declining population. them loosely affiliated with who extends secular global Many of the newcomers Buddhism or Shinto, or messages that go beyond hail from the Philippines, both. religious messages,” said Vietnam and Brazil and are The community he will Kagefumi Ueno, former Catholic, rejuvenating local find has changed dramati- Japanese ambassador to churches which now offer cally in recent years with an the Holy See. “Those issues Masses in English, Tagalog, influx of foreign workers. are universally shared by Portuguese, Spanish and Today, these temporary the international communi- Vietnamese. workers make up more than half of Japan’s Catholic population of 440,000, according to the Archdiocese of Tokyo’s international center. Francis will minister to them at various points over Notice of Public Hearing the coming days, including in Nagasaki, which remains Bessemer City Council a center of Catholicism cen- Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing turies after St. Francis will be held by the Bessemer City Council on Xavier first brought Chris- Monday, December 16th, beginning at 6:00 tianity to the archipelago in 1549. P.M., 411 S. Sophie St., Bessemer, MI, City One of the highlights of Council Chambers. the trip will be Francis’ The purpose of the hearing is to hear comment prayer Sunday at the on Proposed Ordinance No. 373, An Ordi- memorial of the 26 Nagasa- nance Amending the Zoning Ordinance for ki Martyrs, who were cruci- Accessory Structures in R-2 and C-2 Districts. fied in 1597 at the start of This Ordinance is to give the planning com- the two-century wave of mission more flexibility to review site plans anti-Christian persecution for accessory structures (garages) that don’t by Japanese rulers. meet our existing standards. Francis will also greet descendants of the “Hidden Interested persons will have the opportunity to Christians,” who perse- be heard at the time and place in this notice. vered in their faith for gen- No hearsay or individual surveys will be ac- erations despite the threat cepted as testimony; only written or oral pres- of death and absence of entation will be acknowledged. Written priests. comments can be submitted to the City of Their courage helped Bessemer, 411 S Sophie, Bessemer, MI 49911, inspire a young Jesuit priest prior to the scheduled Public Hearing. Perti- named Jorge Mario Bergo- nent information is on file and available for lio to be a missionary in Japan. The future pope was public inspection in the Clerk’s office at City denied due to health issues. Hall during normal business hours. Francis’ Japanese agen- The City of Bessemer will, upon request, pro- da is somewhat upside vide appropriate aids and services leading to down compared to a usual effective communication for qualified persons papal trip, when meetings with disabilities to allow equal participation in with the head of state in the this meeting. Such aids may include qualified capital come first, followed sign language interpreters, documents in by other events out of town. Braille, and other ways of making information In Japan, Francis instead will head to Nagasaki and and communications accessible to people who Hiroshima first thing Sun- have speech, hearing, or vision impairments. day, visiting the sites of the We can also provide accommodation for those atomic bombings. It doesn’t with mobility issues. Please contact James appear an accident of the Trudgeon, Clerk at 906-663-0333 or itinerary. [email protected] 48 hours Francis has gone further prior to the meeting to get this set up. l 8 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 OUTDOORS THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM A mid-November night’s ice fishing dream Again, I must think outside of the box, I go with large suckers and fatheads and I will put two fatheads on each treble hook. I drive to Puckaway. I love it here, close to a year of my life has been spent over a dozen Mark summers at Stan’s Puckaway Walters Resort in Marquette. I get on the ice and talk to a fisherman; he has been fishing An Outdoorsman’s Journal for two days and not caught or seen a fish caught. Plus there is Hello friends, only two to three inches of ice. To the best of my knowledge I My vision of camping on the ice have never ice fished in Novem- vanishes as I do not want to die ber. There are two reasons with under the ice in a sleeping bag the main one being that general- on top of a cot. ly it has not been cold enough, I park my truck so I can view long enough to ice fish. The the lake and life is good. other one, which is pretty signifi- At dark, I have had no action. cant, is that I am always hunting At 9:30 p.m. a light starts blink- in November. ing on one of my tip ups, there This week, I was supposed to is two inches of ice underneath be duck hunting on the Missis- of me, I have a fish on. I catch sippi River, but water became ice the fish, it is a 19-inch walleye. and that trip was changed to ice Life is good. fishing on Green Lake County’s Just like that the same light Lake Puckaway. Nov. 14 and ice starts blinking, I catch and release a 14-inch walleye. fishing in south central Wiscon- Submitted photo sin, that’s unique. Big, slow period until 5:24 a.m. A RARE November ice fishing excursion ended with a few fish from Puckaway Lake in southern Wis- I miss a good fish at the hole. At consin’s Green Lake County. Thursday, Nov. 14 6:20 a.m., my stepson, Travis High 39, low 22 Dushek, who just bought a place It was killing me to not be in the area, stops to see how I am following morning. I am greeted beer here, I can see why. currently as busy as I could be duck hunting, but a guy has to doing. A light starts blinking. I at Millers Resort by Chad I set up on the ice with high without having my head move on. So, I stop in Montello catch a 21-inch walleye. Gilbertson who along with his hopes. Travis texts me that he is explode, but after 31 falls of “my at the Holiday Sport Shop for It becomes light out and I wife, Paula, own Millers and going to join me at dark, so busy season,” I am well-condi- bait. I love this place, but they have nothing happen as far as they are related to Sonny and much for going home at dark. I tioned to the fact that come mid- do not have shiners until the flags flying. I decide to pack up Elanor Miller. leave the ice at 10:30 p.m., get December my life will slow next day. My quarry is walleye and head to Millers Resort and My grandparents and their home at midnight with one more down. and gators, I am told I will not try fishing in that area. siblings and friends hung out at 19-inch walleye for my efforts. I love Puckaway, I love my find shiners until the bait truck My plan is to head home at this place back about 70 years As soon as I finish writing way of life! delivers. dark as I have another trip the ago. They liked to fish and drink this, I am having a fish fry. I am Sunset Deer season drives tradition, economic gains

LANSING – Hunters hunters contributing $8.9 ing time in nature. well as within the state, ing in that season. rent and future genera- across the state are partici- billion – about 80% – of According to TravelUSA and that travel in turn gen- Get more information tions. Learn more at Michi- pating in Michigan’s those critical dollars. research, leisure travel erates economic impact for about hunting opportuni- gan.gov/DNR. firearm deer season which “For many Michigan spending on hunting con- communities and business- ties in Michigan — includ- The Michigan Economic started, Nov. 15. Not only a hunters, there’s no more tinues to bring important es across Michigan.” ing season, license and reg- Development Corporation time-honored tradition important time of the year economic revenue to In 2018, Michigan saw ulation details and tips on is the state’s marketing arm shared across many gener- than the annual deer hunt- Michigan. Last year, travel- 75,470 new customers for safety and accessibility – at and lead advocate for busi- ations of Michiganders, ing season. It’s a treasured ers who participated in all hunting licenses com- Michigan.gov/Hunting. ness development, job this season also brings a outdoor tradition that hunting as an activity con- bined, and Michigan con- The Michigan Depart- awareness and community significant boost in state brings together family and tributed a direct spend of tinues to rank among the ment of Natural Resources development with the revenue. Of all hunters in friends, and, for many, more than $73 million in leading states for the num- is committed to the conser- focus on growing Michi- Michigan last year, over helps to put food on the the state. Those who partic- ber of paid hunting license vation, protection, manage- gan’s economy. For more 600,000 of them – better table. This hunting season ipated in hunting or fishing holders. Firearm deer sea- ment, use and enjoyment information on the MEDC than 90% – were deer also gives a sizable lift to had a direct spend of over son was the biggest draw, with of the state’s natural and and its initiatives, visit hunters. This year, approx- local economies across the $396 million. 483,341 hunters participat- cultural resources for cur- MichiganBusiness.org. imately half a million state,” said Daniel “Hunting provides the hunters are expected to Eichinger, director of the perfect opportunity to get take to the Michigan Michigan Department of out and experience Michi- woods for the firearm deer Natural Resources. “We gan’s vast natural resources season. wish every hunter this sea- while contributing to the A recent study released son a safe, enjoyable and tremendous quality of life by Michigan United Con- successful hunt.” found here in our state,” servation Clubs estimates A brief Pure Michigan said Jeff Mason, CEO of the that hunting and fishing in video captures the impor- Michigan Economic Devel- Michigan generate $11.2 tance of sharing the hunt- opment Corporation. “This billion a year, with the ing tradition and the time-honored tradition state’s nearly 700,000 restorative power of spend- drives travel to Michigan as

DNR ‘Wildlife Through Forestry’ forum in Ishpeming ISHPEMING – The public will have an oppor- tunity to learn more about populations and habitat of bobcats and snowshoe hares on Dec. 3, continu- ing the DNR’s successful Dear Santa: “Wildlife Through Forestry” forums. Write a Letter to Santa & “This is another offer- ing in our exciting series Let the Daily Globe do the delivery. which explores the con- nections between forests SANTA READS THE DAILY GLOBE and wildlife,” said DNR EVERY DAY AND HE’LL BE SURE service forester Gary Willis. “Since 2017, all TO READ YOUR LETTER. these events in this series have provided great Here’s how... chances to get together to have fun and to learn • Write your letter to Santa. Write early, something new at the same time.” Santa is very busy this time of year. The free “Snowshoe Letters must be received by Dec. 9th. Hare and Bobcat — Popula- tions and Habitat” forum, • All letters will be printed in a special open to the public, will be “Letters to Santa” section of the held from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Dec. 17th Daily Globe. EST at the River Rock Lanes and Banquet Center, 1011 North Road, in Ish- Two Ways to Submit Your Letter... peming. Those arriving an hour • Drive by the Daily Globe & put your early can meet with letter in Santa’s Special Mailbox located resource professionals to in our parking lot. discuss management of their forest and wildlife • Submit online at www.yourdailyglobe.com, resources. The featured speakers click on the Santa icon, write your letter will be Gary Roloff, profes- & click submit. sor of wildlife biology at the Michigan State Univer- sity Department of Fish- Don’t forget to tell Santa you’ve been good! eries and Wildlife, Chris Jacques, a professor and DAILY GLOBE researcher at Western Illi- 118 E. McLeod Avenue, Ironwood, MI 49938 nois University, and Eric Clark, lead biologist for (906) 932-2211 the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe www.yourdailyglobe.com of Chippewa Indians. l THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM SPORTS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 9 Livers scores 24, Michigan routs Houston Baptist, 111-68

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) – Four games Michigan up 63-26. It was the first time into the Juwan Howard era, Michigan Michigan had a 60-point first half since already accomplished something the pro- playing HBU in 2013 when Beilein gram never did with 12 years of coach coached Michigan to the largest scoring John Beilein on the sidelines. mark for his tenure in a 107-53 win. Michigan scored the most points in "We came out and didn't compete," over two decades on Friday night, routing HBU Ron Cottrell said. " We got good Houston Baptist 111-68. looks, we weren't shooting confidently." Isaiah Livers scored 24 points, one of While HBU shot 36.6% from the field five Michigan players to set a career high, (26 of 71), the Wolverines made 43 of 77 as the Wolverines improved to 4-0. (55.8%). "I was just trying to cut, find open spots BIG PICTURE and get to them, because I know my point Houston Baptist: The Huskies are guard is going to look for me," Livers said. preparing for the Southland Conference "All you have to do is just cut and get open. schedule in a major way with road games He's going to find you." at Tulsa, Oral Roberts, Texas Tech, Michi- That guard, Zavier Simpson, scored 22 gan, Houston and Dayton to open the sea- points and had a career-high 14 assists. son. Simpson, who entered Friday at ninth in Michigan: Now it gets real for Howard the nation with 7.3 assists per game, had and the Wolverines, who are in a tough nine at the half. Bahamas bracket next week with No. 5 Also setting career marks in scoring North Carolina, No. 8 Gonzaga, No. 11 were sophomores Colin Castleton (14 Oregon and No. 13 Seton Hall in the field. points) and Adrien Nunez (eight). Fresh- RECORD NIGHT man Cole Bajema (five points) and junior It was the most Michigan points scored Rico Ozuna-Harrison (two) had their first since a 1998 rout of Indiana, when coach career baskets. Simpson was two points Brian Ellerbe's squad crushed coach shy of his career high. Bobby Knight's Hoosiers 112-64. "It's great to see guys come out and play, Howard was in his fourth year of a 19- we had a deep group," Howard said. "They year NBA career then. Castleton, who was deserved to play, it's that simple. born in 2000, said he never played on a "It's inspiring just to see how hard they team that scored 100 points. work in practice. I coach Rico, just like I SIMPSON'S SET-UPS coach (Simpson). There's no difference, Simpson's 14 assists tied a pair of Gary there's no drop-off. I don't treat anyone dif- Grant games in 1987 for second all-time in ferent." program history, one assist shy of Derrick Sophomore David DeJulius had 10 Walton Jr.'s mark set in 2017. points to tie his career best, which he set a MYLES AWAY week ago. Freshman Myles Pierre had a career Michigan will now be tested fully at the high 13 points for HBU after scoring 16 Battle 4 Atlantis in the Bahamas starting points combined in his first three college Wednesday for three games in three days, Associated Press games. Jalon Gates, who entered the night the team's first games away from the MICHIGAN FORWARD Colin Castleton (11) shoots over falling Houston Baptist leading the Southland Conference at 20.7 Crisler Center. guard Ian DuBose during the second half in Ann Arbor, Mich., Friday. Michigan won points per game, scored 15. "I'm looking for our group to be a com- 111-68. UP NEXT petitive group," Howard said. "It's beautiful well as that togetherness. It's a perfect On Friday, Michigan took a 26-4 lead Michigan: The Wolverines open Battle 4 when you go on the road. It really helps opportunity at a perfect time for us where and never looked back. Nunez beat the Atlantis play Wednesday against Iowa your team form that mental toughness as we can bond, get to know one another." halftime buzzer with a 3-pointer to put State. Pistons score 76 in first half, rout Hawks 128-103

DETROIT (AP) – Andre Drummond had 23 points and 15 rebounds, helping Detroit to a 128-103 win over the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night that included the Pistons' high- est-scoring first half since 1983. Detroit led 76-57 at halftime, and the Pistons reached 100 points with over five min- utes remaining in the third quarter. Nine different Detroit players made at least one 3- pointer. Drummond wasn't one of them, but he scored his share of easy baskets inside as the Pistons snapped their five-game losing streak. Atlanta has dropped five straight, and the Hawks allowed at least 120 points for the eighth game in a row. The Pistons actually trailed 17-7 before going on a 20-0 run that gave them a double- digit lead of their own before the end of the first quarter. It was 33-23 after one, then Detroit overwhelmed the Hawks with a 43-point second quarter that ended when Thon Maker of the Pistons made a 3-pointer at the buzzer. It was the most points in the first half for the Pistons since they scored 77 on Dec. 2, 1983, also against the Hawks. Detroit led 107-84 after three and finished the game with seven players in double fig- ures. Blake Griffin scored 24 points and Bruce Brown added 14. Markieff Morris con- tributed 13 points. INJURIES Detroit is still without point guard Reggie Jackson (lumbar stress reaction), and Tony Snell (left hip strain) missed this game as well. Atlanta was missing rookie Cam Reddish (left wrist sprain), as well as Kevin Huerter (left rotator cuff strain) and John Collins (doping suspension). TIP-INS Hawks: De'Andre Hunter scored 18 points and Jabari Parker added 14. Pistons: Detroit had not scored 76 points in either half since the Pistons scored 76 in the second half against Washington on Feb. 7, 1995. ... Langston Galloway scored 12 points, giving him a career-best 11 consecutive games in double figures. UP NEXT Associated Press Hawks: Host the Toronto Raptors on Saturday night. DETROIT PISTONS guard Bruce Brown (6) drives on Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Pistons: Visit the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night. Young during the first half Friday in Detroit. Lots of familiarity between coaches when Packers visit 49ers

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) – When Green Bay coach there's been so much." Matt LaFleur started preparing to face San Francisco's GOOD JIMMY, BAD JIMMY stellar defense, he sent out a text message trying to get San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo showed some inside information. off both sides of his game last week against Arizona. He "Hey, would you give me a call? I have a couple of ques- threw two interceptions, giving him 10 on the season. But tions about your defense," LaFleur said he messaged he also threw for a career-high 424 yards and four touch- 49ers coordinator Robert Saleh, his former roommate downs, including the go-ahead score in the final minute. when the two were graduate assistants at Central Michi- The ups and downs have been part of Garoppolo's game gan. all season, but he hasn't let the bad plays affect him. Saleh predictably didn't give up any secrets, although Garoppolo is 32 for 35 for 378 yards, two TDs, no inter- there should be few heading into Sunday night's game ceptions and a 130.7 passer rating on the drives following between the Packers (8-2) and 49ers (9-1) considering all his picks. the ties between the two coaching staffs. "That's just part of being a quarterback," he said. "In LaFleur considers Saleh one of his best friends, football, bad things are going to happen at some point. No worked under San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan in one's ever going to play a perfect game, so it's just how Houston, Washington and Cleveland, and has a brother, you react to those things." Mike, on the Niners staff. BEWARE OF BOSA Shanahan spent a year as offensive coordinator when Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has already seen Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine was head enough of the Bosa family after the Chargers' Joey Bosa coach in Cleveland, but said none of that will matter on had 1 1/2 sacks against Green Bay earlier this month. Sunday. Now he has to deal with the younger Bosa brother when "You don't really think about that much," he said. "It's he faces San Francisco's stellar rookie Nick, who has more fun that when you're going to hang out in the off- seven sacks already. season or see each other down in Indy; it's a little more "That's a really good football family right there," fun that night when you won the game so you can mess Rodgers said. "They're both super talented guys. Obvious- with the other a little bit more." ly, Nick is just getting going. But he's a force off the edge." LaFleur got his first NFL job as a quality control assis- RUN TO DAYLIGHT tant in Houston when Shanahan was offensive coordina- The Niners relied heavily on the running game early tor after a recommendation from Saleh. He then worked this season, averaging 181.1 yards per game through the as quarterbacks coach under Shanahan in Washington first seven contests for the second best mark in the league. Associated Press- and Atlanta and has taken many of the lessons he learned That aspect of the offense has gone missing the past three GREEN BAY Packers head coach Matt LaFleur watches during those stints into his first year as a head coach. weeks as San Francisco has been held to 74 yards per warm ups before a game against the Carolina Pan- "There's so many things that I learned from him," he game and ranks third worst in that span, averaging 2.88 thers, in Green Bay, Wis. When Green Bay coach said. "But I think just his detailed approach that he takes yards per carry. That has coincided with an injury to tight LaFleur started preparing to face San Francisco's stel- every day. He's a guy that has a great vision for what he end George Kittle, who is one of the better blockers in the lar defense, he sent out a text message trying to get wants to get done, how to use players, how to adapt and NFL. some inside information. LaFleur said he messaged put people in the right position. A lot of my football phi- "We're going to have to get better," right tackle Mike 49ers coordinator Robert Saleh, his former roommate losophy has been shaped by him, so it's hard to sit here McGlinchey said. "We will be better and it's going to start when the two were assistants at Central Michigan. and just say one thing that I've learned from him because this week against Green Bay." l 10 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 SPORTS THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM Daily Globe Scoreboard GCC women beat Vermilion by 50 ELY, Minn. --- Gogebic scored 37 points in the third quarter to make Friday night’s Memphis 59.357 5½ GP WLOTPts GF GA 13 Seton Hall (3-1) 12 837 game a total blowout of Vermilion. All TimesNFL EST San Antonio 5 11 .313 6½ St. Louis 23 14 4533 70 62 14 Arizona (4-0) 19 644 AMERICAN CONFERENCE Northwest Division Colorado 22 13 7228 78 64 15 Utah State (4-0) 17 619 The Samsons won by 50, 88-38. East WLPct GB Dallas 23 13 8228 66 56 16 Memphis (3-1) 13 574 WLTPct PF PA Denver 10 3 .769 — Winnipeg 23 13 9127 64 70 17 Villanova (2-1) 10 560 It was 36-17 GCC at the half. They scored more points in the third quarter than they New England 910.900 287 108 Utah 95.643 1½ Chicago 22 99422 65 67 18 Xavier (4-0) 21 463 did in the first half and took a 73-27 lead into the fourth quarter. Buffalo 730.700 211 170 Minnesota 87.533 3 Nashville 21 99321 74 74 19 Auburn (4-0) 22 420 N.Y. Jets 370.300 164 255 Oklahoma City 5 10 .333 6 Minnesota 22 9 11 2 20 60 72 20 Tennessee (3-0) 402 The Samsons had nine players compared to just five for Vermilion and most of Ver- Miami 280.200 139 305 Portland 5 11 .313 6½ Pacific Division 21 Virginia Common. (4-0) 365 milion’s 42 turnovers came in the second half as they wore down. South Pacific Division GP WLOTPts GF GA 22 Texas (4-0) 238 WLTPct PF PA WLPct GB Edmonton 24 14 7331 77 68 23 Colorado (2-0) 25 208 “The girls really came out committed to pressuring the ball and part of that was just Houston 740.636 265 249 L.A. Lakers 13 2 .867 — Arizona 23 13 8228 65 52 24 Baylor (2-1) 24 179 them running out of gas,” GCC coach Mark Movrich said. Indianapolis 650.545 244 226 L.A. Clippers 10 5 .667 3 23 11 8426 76 68 25 Washington (2-1) 20 150 Tennessee 550.500 203 197 Phoenix 77.500 5½ Vegas 24 11 9426 73 69 Others receiving votes: Airiana White led Gogebic with 20 points. Kai’Terra Ross had 16, Samaiya Buchanan Jacksonville 460.400 189 222 Sacramento 68.429 6½ San Jose 23 11 11 1 23 67 79 Florida State 91, Florida 67, LSU North Golden State 3 13 .188 10½ Anaheim 23 10 10 3 23 63 69 61, Saint Mary's 55, Evansville 43, 11 and Haley Grover 10. WLTPct PF PA Thursday's Games Calgary 25 10 12 3 23 62 78 Oklahoma 29, Vermont 11, Michi- GCC plays Rainy River in Ely this morning at 10 in what Movrich expects to be more Baltimore 820.800 341 196 Milwaukee 137, Portland 129 Los Angeles22 9 12 1 19 58 76 gan 11, Marquette 11, Purdue 11, Pittsburgh 550.500 200 202 New Orleans 124, Phoenix 121 NOTE: Two points for a win, one Butler 10, Mississippi State 9, Vir- of a test. Cleveland 460.400 192 228 Friday's Games point for overtime loss. Top three ginia Tech 7, West Virginia 6, Provi- GCC --- Madelyn Wiggins 9, Rylee Nicoletti 4, Ilena Garrett 8, Samaiya Buchanan 11, Cincinnati 0 10 0 .000 147 276 Detroit 128, Atlanta 103 teams in each division and two wild dence 5, Wisconsin 5, Liberty 4, West Washington 125, Charlotte 118 cards per conference advance to Arkansas 3, Missouri 2, Connecticut Haley Grover 10, Kai’Terra Ross 16, Poy Jacob 2, Airiana White 20, Aiyana Nickel 8. FTs: WLTPct PF PA Brooklyn 116, Sacramento 97 playoffs. 2, USC 2, New Mexico 2, San Diego 6-13. Fouls: 13. Fouled out: None. 3-pointers: White 4, Buchanan 1, Wiggins 1. Kansas City 740.636 308 256 L.A. Lakers 130, Okl City 127 Thursday's Games State 2, Dayton 1 Oakland 640.600 225 250 Miami 116, Chicago 108 Boston 3, Buffalo 2 Vermilion --- Shawna Butler 15, Keena Alik 7, Alexis Hughes 4, Lauren Huchel 5, Terri L.A. Chargers470.364 224 218 Philadelphia 115,SanAntonio 104 Columbus 5, Detroit 4 -Houston Baptist- Dallas 143, Cleveland 101 N.Y. Islanders 4, Pittsburgh 3, OT Sutton 7. FTs: 6-14. Fouls: 10. Fouled out: None. 3-pointers: None. Denver 370.300 172 197 MICHIGANMichigan 111, HOUSTON Box BAP- Boston at Denver, late. Philadelphia 5, Carolina 3 GCC 23 36 73 88 NATIONAL CONFERENCE TIST 68 Golden State at Utah, late. Florida 5, Anaheim 4, OT Vermilion 7 17 27 38 East HOUSTON BAPTIST (0-4) W LTPct PF PA Houston at L.A. Clippers, late. Vancouver 6, Nashville 3 Gomes 3-6 0-0 6, Gates 5-13 2-3 Dallas 640.600 286 197 Saturday's Games St. Louis 5, Calgary 0 15, DuBose 6-17 1-4 16, Pierre 5-11 Philadelphia 550.500 234 230 Phoenix at Minnesota, 5 p.m. Minnesota 3, Colorado 2 2-2 13, Dalton 0-4 0-0 0, McKenzie N.Y. Giants 280.200 203 289 Chicago at Charlotte, 7 p.m. Tampa Bay 4, Chicago 2 0-1 0-0 0, Stent 1-3 0-0 3, Uloko 2-3 GCC men fall at Vermilion Washington 190.100 125 253 Orlando at Indiana, 7 p.m. Dallas 5, Winnipeg 3 0-0 4, Jones 1-1 0-0 2, Iyeyemi 0-1 South Miami at Philadelphia, 7:30 p.m. Toronto 3, Arizona 1 2-2 2, Murphy 2-7 1-2 5, Charles 0- ELY, Minn. --- Vermilion pulled away in the second half to defeat the GCC men 84-71 W LTPct PF PA San Antonio at New York, 7:30 San Jose 2, Vegas 1, OT 1 0-0 0, Thomasson 1-3 0-0 2. New Orleans 820.800 238 199 Toronto at Atlanta, 7:30 p.m. Los Angeles 5, Edmonton 1 Totals 26-71 8-13 68. Friday night. L.A. Lakers at Memphis, 8 p.m. Carolina 550.500 228 257 Friday's Games MICHIGAN (4-0) Atlanta 370.300 220 262 Portland at Cleveland, 8 p.m. Pittsburgh 4, New Jersey 1 Livers 9-10 2-2 24, Teske 1-3 1-2 The game was tied at 39-39 in the first half, but Vermilion outscored GCC 45-32 in Tampa Bay 370.300 277 313 Detroit at Milwaukee, 8:30 p.m. N.Y. Rangers at Ottawa, late. 3, Nunez 3-11 0-0 8, Brooks 4-12 0- the second half to keep the Samsons winless. North New Orleans at Utah, 9 p.m. Saturday's Games 0 9, Simpson 8-10 3-4 22, Davis 2-3 W LTPct PF PA Sunday's Games Vancouver at Washington, 12:30 0-0 4, Johns 2-3 1-2 5, Baird 1-2 0- “We’re just not good enough to win, bottom line,” GCC coach Dennis Mackey said. Green Bay 820.800 250 205 Dallas at Houston, 3:30 p.m. Calgary at Philadelphia, 1 p.m. 0 3, Castleton 6-7 2-3 14, Faulds 0- “We made some mental errors throughout the game that seemed to always hurt us in the Minnesota 830.727 289 205 Brooklyn at New York, 6 p.m. Arizona at Los Angeles, 4 p.m. 1 2-2 2, Bajema 2-3 0-0 5, DeJulius Chicago 460.400 169 174 Sacramento at Washington, 6 Anaheim at Tampa Bay, 7 p.m. 4-9 0-1 10, Ozuna-Harrison 1-1 0-0 worst way.” Detroit 361.350 244 272 Phoenix at Denver, 8 p.m. Columbus at Winnipeg, 7 p.m. 2, Wilson 0-2 0-0 0. Totals 43-77 11- Raquentez Woodley led GCC with 26 points and Mitch Borseth scored 20. West New Orleans at L.A. Clippers, 9 Detroit at New Jersey, 7 p.m. 16 111. W LTPct PF PA Monday's Games N.Y. Rangers at Montreal, 7 p.m. Halftime_Michigan 63-26. 3-Point Curtis Bell had 38 points and 15 boards to lead Vermilion. He was 13 of 15 at the line San Francisco910.900 295 155 Brooklyn at Cleveland, 7 p.m. Minnesota at Boston, 7 p.m. Goals_Houston Baptist 8-23 Seattle 820.800 275 254 Memphis at Indiana, 7 p.m. Florida at Carolina, 7 p.m. (DuBose 3-5, Gates 3-8, Stent 1-3, and 12 of 21 from the floor. L.A. Rams 640.600 243 198 Orlando at Detroit, 7 p.m. Toronto at Colorado, 7 p.m. Pierre 1-4, Gomes 0-1, Charles 0-1, GCC (0-5) plays Rainy River at noon at Ely today. Arizona 371.318 248 317 Charlotte at Miami, 7:30 p.m. Nashville at St. Louis, 8 p.m. Thomasson 0-1), Michigan 14-29 Thursday's Games Minnesota at Atlanta, 7:30 p.m. Chicago at Dallas, 8 p.m. (Livers 4-5, Simpson 3-4, DeJulius GCC --- Jared Janczak 3, Emmanuel Ige 1, Luke Miller 3, Raquentez Woodley 26, Houston 20, Indianapolis 17 Philadelphia at Toronto, 7:30 Edmonton at Vegas, 10 p.m. 2-4, Nunez 2-10, Brooks 1-2, Baje- Mitch Borseth 20, Jalin Pitts 7, Dachau Lyle 7, Steven Nelson 4. FTs: 15-23. Fouls: 17. Sunday's Games Sacramento at Boston, 7:30 p.m. N.Y. Islanders at San Jose, 10:30 ma 1-2, Baird 1-2). Fouled Tampa Bay at Atlanta, 1 p.m. Portland at Chicago, 8 p.m. Sunday's Games Out_None. Rebounds_Houston Fouled out: none. 3-pointers: Boseth 3, Woodley 1, Miller 1, Janczak 1. Miami at Cleveland, 1 p.m. Utah at Milwaukee, 8 p.m. Buffalo at Florida, 5 p.m. Baptist 32 (DuBose 7), Michigan 42 Vermilion --- Kengi Bryant 2, TaRay Graves 5, Terrence Ballom 1, Markeith Blanken- Seattle at Philadelphia, 1 p.m. L.A. Lakers at San Antonio, 8:30 Carolina at Detroit, 7 p.m. (Teske 12). Assists_Houston Baptist N.Y. Giants at Chicago, 1 p.m. Oklahoma City at Golden State, . Edmonton at Arizona, 8 p.m. 6 (DuBose, Dalton 2), Michigan 29 ship 11, Devarius Davis 9, Devonne Tramble 16, Austin Funk 2, Curtis Bell 38. FTs: 16- Monday's Games Carolina at New Orleans, 1 p.m. Hawks-Pistons, Box (Simpson 14). Total Fouls_Houston 23. Fouls: 12. Fouled out: None. 3-pointers: Tramble 2, Graves 1, Davis 1, Bell 1, Blak- Denver at Buffalo, 1 p.m. ATLANTA (103) Buffalo at Tampa Bay, 7 p.m. Baptist 17, Michigan 12. A_12,707 Detroit at Washington, 1 p.m. Hunter 7-17 3-3 18, Parker 5-10 Ottawa at Columbus, 7 p.m. (12,707). enship 1. Oakland at N.Y. Jets, 1 p.m. 3-3 14, Jones 3-3 7-7 13, Young 3- Vancouver at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. GCC 39 71 12 2-2 9, Bembry 9-13 0-0 22, Par- Calgary at Pittsburgh, 7 p.m. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, 1 p.m. TransactionsBASEBALL Vermilion 39 84 Jacksonville at Tennessee, 4:05 sons 3-7 0-0 8, Fernando 0-1 0-0 0, Minnesota at N.Y. Rangers, 7 St. Louis at Nashville, 8 p.m. CHICAGO WHITE SOX — Dallas at New England, 4:25 p.m. Len 5-7 2-2 12, Wallace 1-4 0-0 2, Agreed to terms with 1B José Abreu Green Bay at San Francisco, Turner 0-1 0-0 0, Carter 1-6 0-0 3, Vegas at Dallas, 8:30 p.m. N.Y. Islanders at Anaheim, 10 on a three-year contract. 8:20 Crabbe 1-7 0-0 2. Totals 38-88 17- CHICAGO CUBS — Named Open: Arizona, Minnesota, 17 103. San Jose at Los Angeles, 10:30 No. 14 Wisconsin seeks 14th Casey Jacobson coordinator of Kansas City, L.A. Chargers DETROIT (128) pitching development, Doug Wiley Monday's Games Galloway 4-9 0-0 12, Griffin 9-16 AP TOP 25 COL- LEGE FOOTBALL pitching coach Mesa (rookie), Travis Baltimore at L.A. Rams, 8:15 p.m. 4-4 24, Drummond 10-16 3-4 23, Fitta hitting and baseball develop- Thursday, Nov. 28 Brown 6-7 0-0 14, Kennard 4-11 0-0 POLL RANK TEAM PVRANK POINTS ment coach Eugene (NW), Rachek straight victory over Purdue Chicago at Detroit, 12:30 p.m. 9, Morris 4-5 3-4 13, Maker 2-3 1-6 1 LSU (10-0) 1 1,542 Folden hitting lab tech coach Mesa Buffalo at Dallas, 4:30 p.m. 6, Wood 4-4 2-2 11, Rose 4-6 0-0 2 Ohio State (10-0) 2 1,478 (rookie), Steven Pollakow Domini- New Orleans at Atlanta, 8:20 p.m. 11, Frazier 0-0 0-0 0, Mykhailiuk 2-5 3 Clemson (11-0) 3 1,442 can hitting analytics coordinator, MADISON, Wis. (AP) – behind the Golden yards on five catches Sunday, Dec. 1 0-0 5. Totals 49-82 13-20 128. 4 Georgia (9-1) 5 1,343 Dan Puente hitting coach for South Tampa Bay at Jacksonville, 1 Atlanta 23 34 27 19 — 103 5 Alabama (9-1) 4 1,263 Bend (MW), Will Remillard hitting Wisconsin has absolutely Gophers and will play against the Boilermakers Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m. Detroit 33 43 31 21 — 128 6 Oregon (9-1) 6 1,243 and baseball development for Ten- Green Bay at N.Y. Giants, 1 p.m. 3-Point Goals_Atlanta 10-37 7 Utah (9-1) 8 1,155 nessee (SL) and Will Skett hitting dominated Purdue of late. them next week. last season. 13 Wisconsin N.Y. Jets at Cincinnati, 1 p.m. (Bembry 4-5, Parsons 2-5, Parker 1- 8 Oklahoma (9-1) 10 1,144 and baseball development for Myrtle The Badgers have won "If we continue doing seniors who will be hon- Tennessee at Indianapolis, 1 4, Hunter 1-5, Carter 1-5, Young 1- 9 Penn State (9-1) 9 1,030 Beach (Sally). Washington at Carolina, 1 p.m. 7, Wallace 0-1, Crabbe 0-5), Detroit 10 Florida (9-2) 11 984 MIAMI MARLINS — Named Hadi 13 consecutive games things right, then we'll be ored on Saturday. This San Francisco at Baltimore, 1 17-34 (Galloway 4-7, Rose 3-4, 11 Minnesota (9-1) 7 902 Reed director, professional scout- against the Boilermakers, right back and where we Badgers' senior class has Philadelphia at Miami, 1 p.m. Brown 2-2, Morris 2-3, Griffin 2-7, 12 Michigan (8-2) 14 829 ing; Bill Masse special assignment L.A. Rams at Arizona, 4:05 p.m. Maker 1-1, Wood 1-1, Mykhailiuk 1- 13 Baylor (9-1) 12 787 scout; Shaeffer Hall, James Vilade including six straight at want to be at the end of the posted a 40-11 record and L.A. Chargers at Denver, 4:25 2, Kennard 1-6, Drummond 0-1). 14 Wisconsin (8-2) 15 746 and J.T. Zink amateur area scouts; Camp Randall Stadium. A year," said Taylor, who has won three bowl games. Oakland at Kansas City, 4:25 Fouled Out_None. 15 Notre Dame (8-2)16 676 Clifford Nuitter Venezuela adminis- New England at Houston, 8:20 Rebounds_Atlanta 34 (Young 6), 16 Auburn (7-3) 13 623 tration coordinator; and Sahir Fer- year ago, Wisconsin need- averaged 270 yards in his DIFFERENT SCRIPT Monday, Dec. 2 Detroit 42 (Drummond 15). 17 Cincinnati (9-1) 17 536 sobe Santo Domingo area scout. Minnesota at Seattle, 8:15 p.m. Assists_Atlanta 26 (Young 8), 18 Memphis (9-1) 18 520 NEW YORK METS — Released ed three overtimes to eke previous two games against Brohm sees a common Detroit 30 (Kennard 9). Total 19 Iowa (7-3) 23 493 RHP Drew Gagnon. NBA Fouls_Atlanta 18, Detroit 17. Tech- out a victory at Purdue. the Boilermakers. "So we've denominator among the All Times EST 20 Boise State (9-1) 19 379 FOOTBALL EASTERN CONFERENCE nicals_Detroit coach Pistons (Defen- 21 SMU (9-1) 20 328 CLEVELAND BROWNS — "People don't know, got to make sure we contin- offenses that have given Atlantic Division sive three second). A_15,399 22 Oklah State (7-3) 25 200 Signed DT Brandin Bryant and DE we've been having battles ue to do what we did (last the Badgers trouble – a WLPct GB (20,491). 23 Appalachian State (9-1) 154 Porter Gustin from the practice Boston 11 3 .786 — NHL 24 Texas A&M (7-3) 132 squad. with Purdue," senior week) against Nebraska, mobile quarterback. As Toronto 10 4 .714 1 All Times EST 25 Virginia Tech (7-3) 61 DENVER BRONCOS — Promot- linebacker Chris Orr said. stay focused and just focus much as Brohm appreci- Philadelphia 10 5 .667 1½ EASTERN CONFERENCE Others receiving votes: ed LB Ahmad Gooden to their active Brooklyn 78.467 4½ Atlantic Division Indiana 47, Iowa State 31, Vir- roster. Waived TE Orson Charles. "People that might be look- on Purdue this week." ates what O'Connell has New York 4 11 .267 7½ GP WLOTPts GF GA ginia 23, Navy 13, Air Force 12, HOCKEY Southeast Division Boston 22 14 3533 78 56 Pittsburgh 9, San Diego State 7, BUFFALO SABRES — Placed D ing past this, this is not a THE STREAK done in his first two college W L Pct GB Florida 22 12 5529 84 80 USC 6, Washington 6, Texas 4, Illi- John Gilmour on waivers. game like that. We've been Boilermakers coach Jeff games, he realizes that's Miami 11 3 .786 — Montreal 22 11 6527 75 69 nois 1 DETROIT RED WINGS — Acti- Orlando 68.429 5 Toronto 24 10 10 4 24 76 82 vated RW Givani Smith from injured battling with them. We Brohm has led Purdue to not one of O'Connell's Washington 58.385 5½ Buffalo 22 10 9323 62 66 AP TOP 25 COL- reserve and assigned him to Grand went to triple overtime last bowl games in each of his strengths. Charlotte 6 10 .375 6 Tampa Bay 19 10 7222 69 64 LEGE BASKETBALL Rapids (AHL). Atlanta 4 11 .267 7½ Ottawa 22 10 11 1 21 61 70 POLL LOS ANGELES KINGS — year, (20)17 came down to first two seasons at the "Pretty much when Central Division Detroit 24 7 14 3 17 58 91 RANK TEAM PV RANK POINTS Assigned F Matt Luff to Ontario the wire. I mean, they're a school. He also made post- you've had a running quar- W L Pct GB Metropolitan Division 1 Duke (4-0) 2 1,608 (AHL). Milwaukee 12 3 .800 — GP WLOTPts GF GA 2 Louisville (4-0) 4 1,501 NASHVILLE PREDATORS — really good football team." season trips in each of his terback, you spread the Indiana 86.571 3½ Washington 24 16 4436 90 73 3 Mich. State (2-1) 3 1,496 Reassigned D Steven Santini to Mil- Detroit 5 10 .333 7 N.Y. Islanders2016 3133 67 49 4 Kansas (2-1) 5 1,389 waukee (AHL). Wisconsin's Jonathan three seasons as Western field, that's what's hurt Chicago 5 11 .313 7½ Pittsburgh 23 12 7428 78 60 5 North Carolina (3-0) 6 1,262 WASHINGTON CAPITALS — Taylor ran for a career-high Kentucky's head coach. them," Brohm said. "I don't Cleveland 4 11 .267 8 Carolina 22 13 8127 77 66 6 Maryland (3-0) 7 1,240 Recalled D Christian Djoos from WESTERN CONFERENCE Philadelphia22 11 7426 68 68 7 Virginia (3-0) 9 1,232 Hershey (AHL). Reassigned D Tyler 321 yards on 33 carries in And after it looked like the know if that's what we can Southwest Division Columbus 21 98422 55 69 8 Gonzaga (4-0) 8 1,227 Lewington to Hershey. last year's meeting. His Boilermakers season was do at this point, but that is WLPct GB N.Y. Rangers19 98220 64 67 9 Kentucky (2-1) 1 1,110 COLLEGE Houston 11 4 .733 — New Jersey 21 7 10 4 18 52 78 10 Ohio State (3-0) 16 1,006 MISSISSIPPI — Removed the final carry of the day was a doomed three weeks ago, what's hurt them." Dallas 10 5 .667 1 WESTERN CONFERENCE 11 Oregon (4-0) 14 998 interim tag from athletic director 17-yard run that gave the they've rallied to win back- COAN HE DO IT New Orleans 69.400 5 Central Division 12 Texas Tech (3-0) 11 947 Keith Carter. Badgers a 47-44 win. to-back games behind their AGAIN? "That was my first over- third starting quarterback Wisconsin quarterback time game," said Taylor, this season, Aidan O'Con- Jack Coan earned his first Michigan looking to continue who scored three touch- nell, who made the team as career victory against Pur- downs in the victory. "And a walk-on in 2017. due last season after throw- dominance over Hoosiers it went into triple overtime. "He's done a very good ing for 160 yards and two So I'm like, 'What are the job for us," Brohm said. touchdowns. chances my first overtime "For someone to just kind "It definitely helped my ANN ARBOR, MI.(AP)---No. 12 Michi- was named the conference's co-offensive game goes into triple over- of come in, learn the confidence out," Coan said. gan (8-2, 5-2 Big Ten, No. 13 CFP) at Indi- player of the week after throwing for 384 time?' But it was actually offense, sit behind people, "It was the first win of my ana (7-3, 4-3), Saturday at 3:30 p.m. EST yards and four touchdowns in last week's really fun. ... Those guys continue to study, still college career so it definite- (ESPN). victory over rival Michigan State. He's made tremendous plays." grasp the principles and ly was really exciting for Line: Michigan by 9 1/2. thrown seven touchdowns and no inter- Taylor and the 14th- things we're doing, takes me. It was just such a fun Series record: Michigan leads 58-9. ceptions in the last three weeks, all wins, ranked Badgers (8-2, 5-2 some reps along the way. I game to be a part of, multi- WHAT'S AT STAKE? and needs to continue playing well for the Big Ten, No. 12 CFP) look think when he's had an ple overtimes and just bat- The Wolverines were eliminated from Wolverines to maintain their momentum. to secure their 14th opportunity he's done a tling with the guys. It was a the Big Ten East title chase last weekend Indiana: Wide receivers Nick West- straight win over the Boil- very good job." lot of fun." but there's still plenty at stake. Michigan brook, Donovan Hale and Ty Fryfogle ermakers (4-6, 3-4 Big Ten) THE OTHER TAYLOR The 6-foot-3 junior has has won three straight, six of seven and must play well enough to give Ramsey on Saturday in their final Wisconsin wide receiver completed 72.2% of his seems to be playing its best football with options to pull off the upset – if Philyor's home game of the season, A.J. Taylor scored his 10th passes this season, which rival No. 2 Ohio State up next. Two more undisclosed injury keeps him on the side- while also keeping pace career receiving touch- ranks fourth nationally wins could get the Wolverines a ticket to a line. with No. 11 Minnesota (9- down on a career-long 55- among players with at least New Years' Day game. Indiana is trying to FACTS & FIGURES 1, 6-1, No. 10 in CFP) in the yard reception last week at 200 attempts, and has add another milestone to this season's Michigan has won 23 consecutive Big Ten West standings. Nebraska. The 5-foot-11 thrown 13 touchdowns resume by ending a 16-game losing streak games in the series and 38 of the last 39. Wisconsin is a game senior had a team-high 89 against 3 interceptions. against Top 25 foes. A win also could help ... Indiana took the Wolverines to overtime the Hoosiers make their case for a January and double overtime the last two times bowl game. Michigan visited Bloomington. ... The Michigan State needs to beat KEY MATCHUP Wolverines defense has allowed 228 yards Peyton Ramsey vs. Michigan's pass and 11.4 points per game in the last seven defense. Ramsey has played well in place contests. ... The Hoosiers have held four Rutgers for postseason hopes of the oft-injured Michael Penix Jr. His opponents to three or fewer points and pass efficiency rating (157.3) is third in have scored 30 or more eight times this PISCATAWAY, N.J. (AP) – If Michigan straight in 2016. the Big Ten. But his worst game of the sea- season, one short of the single-season State wants to go to a bowl, it is going to "We've got to win both to be able to son came against the Buckeyes, the school record. ... Ramsey leads the Big Ten have to win its final two regular-season make a bowl game. ... We've got to start by league's top-rated pass defense. Michigan in completion percentage (72.7) and is the games. going 1-0 against Rutgers," quarterback is No. 3, and Ramsey also may be without Hoosiers career leader in completion per- It looks easy enough on paper: A game Brian Lewerke said. his top receiver, Whop Philyor. centage (67.4). ... Hoosiers running backs at Rutgers (2-8, 0-7 Big Ten) on Saturday The Scarlet Knights would seem to be PLAYERS TO WATCH coach Mike Hart still is the Wolverines and then at home against Maryland (3-7, an easy target. They have lost 19 straight Michigan: Quarterback Shea Patterson career rushing leader (5,040 yards). 1-6) next weekend. Big Ten games and have only won three "To me, it's always a bit about what are games the past two seasons (3-19). we going to do next," said Spartans coach However, Rutgers has played tough Mark Dantonio, who made clear this week against Michigan State. The Spartans Stafford, several others out he intends to coach again next year as his needed a late 22-yard touchdown run by program struggles to stay among the Big Cody White to win 14-10 last season. Ten's better teams. "Two crucial games "I think they're a talented, physical for Lions vs. Washington coming up. When you look at what we've team," said Rutgers interim head coach done in the past 12 years after the Michi- Nunzio Campanile, who replaced Chris DETROIT (AP) – The Detroit Lions have ruled out quarterback Matthew Stafford for gan game, win or lose, big game with suc- Ash in late September. "They obviously a third straight game and will also be without several other players this weekend at cess or a game where we didn't have the played a really tough schedule. It's hard to Washington. success, we're a 10-2 football team. We win games in this league. They beat Indi- Stafford is out with back and hip problems, putting Jeff Driskel in the lineup at quar- have to look at that and build on that as we ana, who is a really good team. They went terback. Detroit has also ruled out cornerback Jamal Agnew (ankle), defensive end Trey go forward. That's exactly what we'll do." right down to the wire there with Illinois. Flowers (concussion), defensive lineman Da'Shawn Hand (ankle), offensive lineman The problem for Dantonio is his team is I think they're a pretty talented football Frank Ragnow (concussion) and defensive back Tracy Walker (knee). struggling and battling injuries. The Spar- team. Really hopefully we've made enough The Lions have lost three in a row and six of their last seven. Washington has lost four tans (4-6, 2-5) are riding a five-game losing growth to be competitive and play hard in a row. streak, their longest since dropping seven and well." l THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM COMICS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 11 HERMAN SPEED BUMP Reeling from gambling expenses Dear Annie: Since 2013, my mother has inherited $475,000, which she has cast into a bonfire of casino losses, church donations, failed business investments and undisclosed other ventures. My late father and I advised her to pay off the home mortgage, and we were strongly Dear rebuffed. Annie Fast-forward to 2019, at 82 she is pen- niless; she has a mortgage far in excess of the home value. Additionally, she has run always the one pulled into situations that up over $25,000 in credit card debt. (I require a cash outlay. – Frustrated paid for bankruptcy attornies, but she Dear Frustrated: You have no financial failed to use them.) She has absolutely obligation whatsoever to your mother – nothing to show for it – no new appli- and you never did, truth be told. Your ances, car, etc. She lives in a small town in heart was in the right place in trying to a low-cost-of-living state, has an income of THE PAJAMA DIARIES help her, but to continue paying her mort- $2,050 a month from Social Security and gage would be a huge mistake. To gain the her pension, and about $850 left over after strength to maintain the boundaries all her expenses. I paid off two foreclosure you’ve set, you might draw support from a notices within five months until I found group such as Families Anonymous out that she has a larger monthly surplus (https://www.familiesanonymous.org/) than I do. or Gam-Anon (https://www.gam- I told her that I had my own expenses anon.org), where you’ll find you’re not and could no longer pay her debts. Her alone. Therapy might also offer an eye- response was “I thought you loved me” fol- opening perspective. lowed by “I thought you were doing so Dear Annie: I have worked in the senior well and were making all this money.” living industry for the past 20 years, and I MOTHER GOOSE & GRIMM She’s always been stubborn, childlike and am astounded by the number of people secretive with her money, so apart from who bring children to visit their elderly several years of almost daily casino visits, family members and then allow the chil- I don’t know what she did with it. dren to run around the building unsuper- Now my finances have been decimated, vised. We have experienced unsupervised and I have had to pull from my retirement children banging on our piano, messing accounts. Since she has squandered a life- up the puzzle that our residents have been sustaining inheritance with nothing to diligently putting together, playing with show for it, has ample positive monthly the ice machine and running in the hall- cash flow and a bankruptcy attorney on ways. Now that I am as old as many of our retainer in case she decides to discharge residents myself and am experiencing bal- the credit card debt, do I have any further ance issues, I understand how frightening BORN LOSER obligation to her? We have not spoken in and dangerous it is for seniors to have chil- several months, since I stopped paying her dren running in a building. Please remind mortgage. Although sad, I’m resolved to parents that a community full of elderly the situation. But I wonder if I’m missing people is not the place for kids to have a something, because I can’t seem to find free-for-all. – Now I’m Old, Too anyone else with financially irresponsible Dear Now: You raise some excellent parents. She won’t tell me what she spent points. It’s lovely for children to visit older her money on, nor did she take my advice family members in senior living communi- to pay off her mortgage, so colleagues ask ties, but safety and courtesy are a must. why this is my problem. Send your questions for Annie Lane to I have two other siblings, but I’m the [email protected] one with a bit of discretionary cash, so I’m COPYRIGHT 2019 CREATORS.COM ALLEY OOP TODAY’S HOROSCOPE

Take a leadership position 20) — An unexpected turn of scenery or improving your liv- and get serious about what events will surprise you. ing space to add to your com- you want to happen. Whether Before you leap into action, fort is favored. it’s within your family or com- consider the source of the LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) — munity, it’s up to you to take information you receive and Show someone how much you action if you’re going to make a what’s expected from you in care. If you don’t honor your difference. Transparency will return for it. Protect your health promises, your words won’t build the support you need to and well-being. matter. Personal growth and move forward. ARIES (March 21-April 19) romance are encouraged. FOR BETTER OR WORSE SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23- — Take action. It’s up to you to VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Dec. 21) — Align yourself with chase your dreams. Explore — Leave nothing to chance. people you know you can trust. new avenues and pick up infor- Take care of details yourself if Don’t be fooled by someone mation, qualifications and addi- you want things done correctly. who uses charm and manipu- tional skills that will help you Sticking to a budget and avoid- lative tactics to infiltrate your head in a new direction. ing temptation will help you circle of confidantes. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) reach your goal. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- — A steady pace to the front of LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Jan. 19) — Cut through the the pack will make others take — Take a long, hard look at drama and look at what’s pos- notice. Take the initiative to your past and present, and sible. Don’t let changes or speak your mind, promote consider what would make decisions that others make what you want to achieve and your life better. Personal gain lead to an argument. You have create the future you want. is within reach if you don’t let better things to do with your GEMINI (May 21-June 20) anyone interfere with your FRANK & ERNEST time. — Emotional issues can be plans. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. addressed by taking action. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 19) — Refuse to let someone How you treat someone will 22) — Your memory will serve else set the standard for you. greatly affect the relationship. you well when dealing with Don’t get confused by what Romance is in the stars. people who have taken advan- others do. Consider what’s CANCER (June 21-July 22) tage of you. Set the record best for you and follow the path — Take a break, relax and straight. Protect what you have that helps you excel. spend some downtime with and discard what isn’t in your PISCES (Feb. 20-March loved ones. A change of best interest. DAILY GLOBE CROSSWORD




THE GRIZZWELLS l 12 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 CLASSIFIEDS THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM Lost & Found Help Wanted Help Wanted Appliances Commercial/ Real Estate Residential Male Chocolate Lab PLOW TRUCK DRIVER No collar. Found in Gurney, WI by Property for rent: Borseth the Kretchmar Farm. & Shovelers Needed Mattson’s TV 3,200 sq.ft. office building. Call HOPE (906)932-1511 Former Social Security offices, Insurance & END LOAD OPERATOR Cloverland Drive, Ironwood. Lost & Found Ads are FREE License and Will build/remodel to suit. for 3 days. 15 word limit. Includes snowblowing & Appliance Call (906)932-1411 Real Estate The ads must be in by 1:00pm sidewalks. vehicle preferred the day before publication Apartments & Tw o L o c a t i o n s 906-932-2211 Must have valid drivers [email protected] 4am until Duplexes Ewen, MI license. Must be reliable. Phone: (906)988-2329 Personals 8am-11am 1 bedroom 2nd floor apartment in Ontonagon, MI Cloverland Motors Inc, Bessemer. Heat, water and appli- Ironwood MI $11.00 to ances included. No pets or Phone: (906)884-4161 Please check your ad on the first smoking. $450.00 a month. Toll Free run day. The Daily Globe will not be (906)932-1202 (906)364-0459 responsible for mistakes after the (877)768-9846 Ask for Gary $13.00 first day. Apartments Available in Hurley. per hour Rent based on income. Looking for a front desk clerk. Appliances Stove & fridge provided. Roof Shoveling • • Coin operated laundry on site. www.borsethproperties.com Please apply at Rodeway Inn. Please call: (712)580-5360. 160 E Cloverland Drive, Call Joe Need your Roof Shoveled? • TV’s • Decks, Porches too. Call Tyson at: Ironwood, MI (715)561-2560 One bedroom efficiency apartment. (906)285-0036 Licensed & Insured (906)932-3395 Furnished. Utilities and basic cable Loader Services also Available. Plus Service included. $450.00 a month. Hiring: Experienced Carpenter / Leave message (906)285-2476 Firewood Crew Leader for residential construction company. Call Mike Houses for Rent for interview & application at Business “Box Store Prices, Firewood for sale (715)518-1675. by the Loggers cord. Opportunities Small Town Service” Mercer, WI Call (715)561-3437. Looking for a Taxi Driver. Clean Since 1962 Brand new 2 bedroom, 2 bath, driving record, responsible, flexible 2 car garage, private setting, schedule. Driver's license and cell NOTICE: The Daily Globe, while exercising natural gas heat, central air, Sales • Rentals Help Wanted phone required. Call Chuck complete with all appliances. (715)862-2210 reasonable care in accepting ads, 122 E. Aurora St. Management • Appraisals warns those answering to 1,800 square feet. Office help wanted. Part time. investigate the proposition offered $1,200.00 monthly Apply at Globe Industries Concrete, and to be careful of any ad Ironwood, MI (715)571-1373 Sand, Gravel, United Landfill. requiring money to be sent for 906-932-5406 Ironwood. (906)932-3540 information or long distance phone 906-932-0510 Homes, Apartments, and Highway US-2 • Ironwood Wages based on experience calls that may request money Business Spaces for rent. for information. Call for details.     The Real Estate Store upnorthproperty.com      (906)932-5406 located in Manitowish Waters Wi. has immediate Bessemer Area School District openings for 2 part time assistant teachers. These seeking applications for the position of Snow Shovelers Wanted. positions have the potential of becoming full time. A background in Early Childhood is preferred, but not Temporary Part-Time Custodian. necessary; we will train the right person. Wages are Position is at the A.D. Johnston Jr./Sr. HS. Hours are Must be reliable and available on snow days, have a based on education and/or experience and PTO is accrued on hours worked. For more information or to 5:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Effective immediately valid driver's license and own transportation. submit a resume, please contact Holly Golfis at: until the need no longer exists. Snow Shovelers - 5:00am start time. [email protected] or (715)543–8390. Applications can be picked up in the Superintendent's Office; Washington Elementary School; Top Pay 301 E Sellar Street; Bessemer, MI 49911. Bessemer Plywood Corporation See Bob or Paul at Red's Auto main lot in Ironwood is now accepting applications for Spreader positions. Applicants A background check will be done for all applicants. The Bessemer Area School District is an equal opportunity educator and employer. must be self-motivated and be able to work as a team. Bessemer Plywood Corporation 4is position has the opportunity to earn $15.00/hour. is now accepting applications for employment. Full time, 5exible Further details will be discussed in interview. Ewen-Trout Creek School Bus Driver/ part time, and weekend work is available. All interested applicants BPC o5ers competitive bene6t package including health, dental, may apply or reapply at our main o3ce between 8:00am & 4:30pm vision, and life insurance, 401(k), & paid holidays and Mechanic Vacancy Bus Driver Vacancy so that we can update our 4les. 1is should be done on a yearly PTO, along with safety and attendance bonuses. The Ewen-Trout Creek School District is accepting basis. BPC o2ers competitive wages including attendance and All bonuses are discretionary. applications for a bus driver(s) or bus driver/mechanic and/or safety bonuses. Fringe bene4ts include health, vision, dental, Applicants may apply in person at BPC, part-time mechanic. Available benefits include health, dental, vision and life insurance, PTO, 401(k), & paid holidays. Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and life insurance and Michigan Public School Retirement Plan Applicants may apply in person at BPC, Bessemer Plywood Corporation membership. Applicant must meet all legal requirements to be Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 1000 Yale Ave • Bessemer, MI 49911 employed as a school bus driver. Bessemer Plywood Corporation For more information contact : 1000 Yale Ave • Bessemer, MI 49911 BPC is an equal opportunity employer Tammy Gibson, Ewen-Trout Creek School, 906-813-0620 x228. BPC is an equal opportunity employer Applicants may send a letter of application that includes work history, references and evidence of legal requirements or willingness to meet requirements to : Distribution Assistant-Mailroom Tammy Gibson, Ewen-Trout Creek School, Sharon’s Coffee Company 14312 Airport Rd., Ewen, MI 49925 or email to: 122 Silver Street • 715-561-5500 This position is responsible for preparing all [email protected] printed materials for mailing and delivery. Application Deadline: December 2, 2019 Come join our fast growing company ! Part Time - Evening & Midnight Shifts Equal Opportunity Employer All Departments: CNA • Counter - Waitstaff A valid Driver’s License is required. Be able to • Cooks-Breakfast & Lunch Stand, count, lift and carry bundles & bags up to 50 lbs. Villa Maria Health and Rehabilitation Center is accepting applications for day and a

CONTACT US CLASSIFIED DEADLINES PUBLICATIONS Daily Globe, Inc. Daily Globe: Daily Globe: Monday-Saturday 118 E. McLeod Avenue Ad copy received by 1:00pm Monday-Friday Range Source : Saturday PO Box 548 ad will appear in next available issue Ironwood, MI 49938 yourdailyglobe.com: 24/7 classifieds@yourdailyglobe.com (Except Memorial Day, Range Source: Independence Day, Labor Day, (906)932-2211 ext. 116 Ad copy received by 10:00am Wednesday Thanksgiving, Christmas (906)932-5358 Fax ad will appear in next available issue and New Year’s Day) l THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM CLASSIFIEDS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 13 Autos/SUVs Articles for Sale S&P 500 snaps 6-week string 2013 Chevy Impala Winchester .30-.30 top ejection, Moon roof, almost every option, 20" barrel, hooded front sight, excellent condition. 89,000 miles. 7 boxes shells, $325.00 Scope, $7,700.00 .44 mag bullets, 240 gr $20.00/box. (906)364-7011 (906)364-5912 of gains even as stocks rise

classifieds@yourdailyglobe.com U.S. stocks shook off a midday stumble to finish A DAY ON WALL STREET slightly higher Friday, Nov. 22, 2019 though the modest Dow Jones 28,000 rebound was not enough to industrials 27,000 26,000 keep the S&P 500 from 109.33 breaking its longest stretch 25,000 27,875.62 24,000 of weekly gains in two M JJASON years. Pct. change from previous: 0.39% High 27,898.46 Low 27,773.98 Banks, health care Nov. 22, 2019 stocks and companies that 8,500 rely on consumer spending Nasdaq powered much of the composite 8,000 rebound, outweighing loss- 13.67 7,500 es in technology, real estate 8,519.88 7,000 and other sectors. Oil MJ J A S O N prices fell. Pct. change from previous: 0.16% High 8,535.46 Low 8,477.49 Markets around the world churned this week Nov. 22, 2019 3,100 on uncertainty about Standard & Poor’s 500 3,000 whether the U.S. and 2,900 China can soon halt their 6.75 2,800 trade dispute, or at least 2,700 3,110.29 stop it from escalating. M JJASON New U.S. tariffs are set to Pct. change from previous: 0.22% High 3,112.87 Low 3,099.26 hit Dec. 15 on many Chi- nese-made items on holi- Treasury held steady at said it made a bigger profit day shopping checklists, 1.77%. last quarter than Wall such as smartphones and Despite the mostly Street expected. laptops. down week, the major U.S. It was a bright spot for Tariffs already put in stock indexes are on track the retail sector after a long place have hurt manufac- for strong gains this year. list of mall-based clothing turing around the world, The S&P 500 and Nasdaq retailers delivered weak and businesses have held are up by more than 24%, third-quarter earnings back on spending given all while the Dow is up nearly reports. Macy’s cut its prof- the uncertainty about 20%. it and sales forecast for the where the rules of global Hopes that Washington year as shoppers continue trade will end up. and Beijing can make to head online instead of to President Donald progress on a trade deal the store. The department Trump said a deal between helped spur the market store climbed 5.2% Friday, the world’s largest higher since late October, though it still ended down economies is “potentially along with surprisingly more than 8% for the very close” after Chinese good corporate earnings, week. President Xi Jinping said solid economic data and Nearly 96% of compa- Beijing is working to “try interest-rate cuts by the nies in the S&P 500 have not to have a trade war,” Federal Reserve. now told investors how but will nevertheless fight Stocks receded from much profit they made back if necessary. those highs this week as during the summer, and Even with the run of investors grew more doubt- they’re on pace to report a selling this week, major ful about the prospects of a drop of 2.3% from a year indexes remained close to trade deal. Doubts have earlier. That’s not as bad as the all-time highs they set persisted despite some the 4% drop that analysts during steady, six-week encouraging remarks from were earlier expecting. upward move. The bench- the presidents of both Tesla skidded 6.1% after mark S&P 500 ended the nations. some analysts panned the week within 0.4% of its Trump said “we have a unveiling of its electric record high set on Monday. very good chance to make pickup truck. It’s aiming at “Investors are basically a deal” in an interview with the most profitable part of saying the market is over- Fox News after reports the North American mar- bought and they’ll wait to through the week raised ket, but investors are skep- step back in after we see the possibility that a tical about how many tradi- some sort of resetting of “Phase 1” agreement may tional pickup drivers the prices,” said Sam Stovall, not be in place until 2020. blocky, angular looks of chief investment strategist In Beijing, Xi earlier told Tesla’s “Cybertruck” will at CFRA. a visiting U.S. business del- draw. The S&P 500 rose 6.75 egation, “We want to work Crude oil fell 81 cents to points, or 0.2%, to for a Phase 1 agreement on settle at $57.77 a barrel. 3,110.29. It had earlier the basis of mutual respect Brent crude oil, the inter- been up 0.3% and then and equality.” national standard, down 0.1%. Investors have heard dropped 58 cents to close The Dow Jones Industri- such remarks before at $63.39 a barrel. Whole- al Average gained 109.33 throughout the long-run- sale gasoline fell 3 cents to points, or 0.4%, to ning trade war, however. $1.67 per gallon. Heating 27,875.62. The Nasdaq “There have been too oil declined 1 cent to $1.93 composite added 13.67 many times that the presi- per gallon. Natural gas rose points, or 0.2%, to dent has tweeted or he has 10 cents to $2.67 per 1,000 8,519.88. had some of his underlings cubic feet. Traders favored smaller mention that a trade deal is Gold was unchanged at company stocks, giving the imminent only to have $1,463.10 per ounce, silver Russell 2000 index a gain nothing happen or to have fell 6 cents to $16.99 per of 4.98 points, or 0.3%, to the threat of postpone- ounce and copper rose 3 Computer Services Snow Removal Snowplowing 1,588.94. ment,” Stovall said. cents to $2.65 per pound. Major stock indexes in Traders sized up anoth- The dollar fell to 108.65 Europe also finished R.A. Miller er batch of corporate earn- Japanese yen from 108.66 Leave the broadly higher. Bond ings from retailers Friday. yen on Thursday. The euro Sno-Plowing prices were little changed. Nordstrom surged weakened to $1.1020 from Snow to Joe! The yield on the 10-year We Plow, 10.6% after the retailer $1.1059. Clean Walks & Stairs SAARI Snowplowing We service Ironwood, Business Briefs Earthwork Bessemer, Ramsay Never too early to North Ironwood, plan for your snow & Powderhorn removal needs! Apple delays ‘The Attempts to reach Gar- northern Arizona forests FAHRNER Banker’ theatrical rett Jr. at several phone after being convicted of 906-285-9070 We clear EXCAVATING Free Estimates • Senior Discounts release amid numbers listed to him illegally operating com- Paths, Decks were unsuccessful Friday. mercial businesses. RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL review • Site Prep • Driveways & Roofs too! The film is based on Forest officials say the • Road Building CLOVERLAND LOS ANGELES (AP) – the life of Garrett’s father, guides didn’t have the • Land Clearing • Culverts No job too BIG or SMALL! Apple on Friday delayed Bernard, who in the 1950s required authorization or • Ponds & Pond Cleaning Residential & Commercial the theatrical release of its and ‘60s recruited a white permits. • Tree & Stump Removal MOTORS first original film, “The man to pose as the face of The three guides were • Leaky Basement Repair (715)360-1224 Banker” amid misconduct his expansive real estate sentenced to a year of • Water & Sewer Lines • Roto Rooter allegations against one of and banking business. unsupervised probation • Licensed Septic Tanks & (715)561-2560 the film’s co-producers. Bernard Garrett, who is and ordered to pay up to Systems Installed A person familiar with played by Anthony Mack- $460 in restitution and up * Retaining Walls the plans who was not ie in the film, was convict- to $1,000 in fines. They • Sand • Gravel • Topsoil authorized to discuss them ed of misusing bank funds also must remove any • Crack Sealing • Hot Mix Front End publicly confirmed Friday in 1968. advertisements for tours • Asphalt Patching that the film’s Dec. 6 “The Banker” also stars on national forests within • Reground Asphalt Loaders • Carpentry release was being delayed. Samuel L. Jackson, Nia Arizona. Licensed & Insured Plow Trucks The delay comes days Long and Nicholas Holt. Officials say Mark Call Ken after Apple canceled the The film had been slat- Truesdell of Sacred Sites • Snow Plowing & film’s premiere at the AFI ed to appear on the new Journey, Georgina Rock of (906)364-4468 Film Festival in Los Ange- Apple TV Plus streaming Air B&B Experience and Removal les, citing unspecified service after its theatrical Kurt Raczynski of Inner • Banks Pushed Back   concerns about the movie release, but no details on Journeys have been • Driveways Widened and saying it needed time those plans have been banned from the Coconi-    to review them. released. no, Kaibab, Prescott and The Hollywood Apache-Sitgreaves nation- Honor the memory of your loved one by sharing a tribute of their life with   Reporter published a story 3 outfitter guides al forests for a year. family, friends & neighbors in the community. WE HAUL SNOW!        Wednesday that said the convicted, banned Forest officials say the DAILY GLOBE *Commercial & Residential*       premiere was canceled guides were operating in       from Arizona *Reasonable Rates*          after two relatives of forests the Sedona area, skirting Bernard Garrett Jr., who is fees that help pay for road  a co-producer on the film, FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) maintenance, forest accused him of molesting – Three outfitter guides employee salaries, sup- 118 E. McLeod Avenue • Ironwood, MI 49938 • 906-932-2211 DAILY GLOBE have been banned from Cost is based on size. Prepayment required. Deadline is 2 days prior to date of appearance 906-932-1202 them when they were girls. plies and tools. l 14 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 CLASSIFIEDS THE DAILY GLOBE • YOURDAILYGLOBE.COM

For your Krein’s Blinds Video Duplication “The Traveling Blind Guy” We copy these media formats to DVD or VHS tape: We Come to You • Free Estimates VHS-CVHS-C - 8mm - Hi8 - Digital 8 - Mini DV-DVD - SSuperuper 8 - Reg 8 - 16mm and Beta Jeffrey W. Krein (715)561-5483 Reel to Reel/Cassette

(DOWNTOWN IRONWOOD) Nancy Zak Graber and Kirsch Window Fashions 110 E. Aurora St., Ironwood, MI 49938 Broker Energy Savings - Summer & Winter Call Ronnie 906-932-2688 office • 906-364-5948 cell Since 1969 • service, products & advice you can rely on www.zaksrealty.com nancyjzak@yahoo.com 906 - 932 - 2103

906-932-5002 DAN’S ANTIQUES 906-932-2272 DowntownBuying Antiq Ironwoodues from H o• u131ses E.• G Auroraarages • StreetBarns From One Item up to Partial Estates Looking for Antiques: • Old Hunting Knives & Military Items • Old Hand Tools & Logging Tools • Anvils & Axes • 1950’s & Older Magazines • Advertising Signs & Thermometers • Stoneware Crocks Licensed in MI & WI • Sleds, Toboggans, Snowshoes & Wood Skis • License Plates & Lanterns • Beer Mirrors & Signs • Old Bottles & Milk Bottles with Advertising • Cast Iron Pans, Dutch Ovens & Griddles • Wool Blankets & Jackets • Mining Items • Wood Adverting Boxes • Furniture • Postcards & Photos 906-285-2833 Paying $15 to $18 for Silver Dollars Buying Gold & Sterling Silver Rings Find us on facebook


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Auto • Home • Life 110 E. Aurora Street )'("*#* )*'$*% )*)))($* Ironwood, MI 49938 Paul Malmberg Business • Recreational traczyk11@gmail.com John Stone www.zaksrealty.com Tracy L. Amundson, Realtor )"!'$ * ("!'$*''#!*'(!'$ Mark Malmberg www.bessemergia.com '#!*#*)))($*'# )*%( ) Hill’s Hearing Service Testing • Sales • Service  &&*%(**%# ACTION NORTH REALTYKathy Tutt Custom Broker/Owner  &&*%(**%# "* P.O. Box 3 • 5211 Hwy 51 North Hearing Aids Mercer, WI 54547 Of1ce: (715)476-2323 906-932-9033 Toll Free: 1-877-350-2323 237 E. Cloverland Drive US 2  &&*%(**%# " Fax: (715)476-2304 Ironwood, MI 49938 Email: kathytutt@Remax.net www.RemaxActionNorth.com Cell: (715)776-3555 Ofces in Mercer & Ironwood Richard & Gale Hill Owners Since 1996 && &&*%(**$$)'( Each Office is independently Owned and Operated

BaleSales, Clock Service && Repair Watch Timothy Bale - Owner Sales & Service NEW & USED Clock Service Calls in Home. Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks Watch Bands, Batteries & Crystals Hermle & Howard Miller Key Fob Batteries Citizen- Seiko - Pulsar

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