PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Whitehall-Yearling High School A in Answer the following questions after you have finished your . If the of your book asked you to create a poem related to the themes of the novel that could be displayed a page directly before the story begins, what type of What lessons do you think the author poem would you create? Write a draft of wanted readers of his/her novel to learn your poem below – using any poetic from the book? Summer you choose. Packet 2015 Honors Students will receive separate

reading assignments and guidelines

Incoming freshman will read Of Mice and Men, by James Steinbeck. Incoming sophomores will read Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury. Incoming juniors will read The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald or The Secret Life of Bees, Who was your favorite/least favorite in the story? Why? by Sue Monk Kidd. Incoming seniors will read Little Bee, by Chris Cleaveor or Same

Kind of Different as Me, by Ron Hall.


Book Title: ______

Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not? Author:______

Before reading, examine your While you are reading In the space below, brainstorm summer reading book. your book, what scenes characteristics about one of the main make you feel… characters that you are able to discover How long do you think it will take throughout the course of the book. you to read this book? How will you make sure you get through it?


In your opinion, does the book’s cover draw you in? Why or why not?

HAPPY HOPEFUL List three bits of information you are able to gather about the book just by reading the front or back covers.


If you were asked to create a soundtrack for the movie version of the Recently you received a call from a book you read, what five would you include on the album? List their big-time Hollywood producer who’s titles, the who sings them, and a Name one that occurs in the brief explanation as to why you’re looking to make your book into a including them below. book. movie. She wants your input into #1: which actors/actresses to cast in the top three leading roles. Who

would you suggest, and why?

#2: Part #1 Character: Who is the in the book?


Reason Why:


Part #2 Character: Who is the ?


#4: Reason Why:

Part #3 Character: In your opinion, what is the of the novel? #5: Actor/Actress:

What is the author’s /?

If the author of your novel was considering writing a The publisher of the novel is getting sequel to the book you just ready to re-release the book, but read, what advice would you Using one of the major events in your dislikes the current . He give him/her as to what to novel, compose a note that one of the has asked you to sketch a new one do in the next book? What characters in your book could have written for him in the space below. suggestions do you have to another character. Write your note in regarding development, typical letter format, with a date, greeting, fates of characters, etc.? body of the letter, and a closing. List at least three ideas below.