Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID 10 Years 2 Pac & Eric Will Wasteland SC8966-13 Do For Love MM6299-09 10,000 Maniacs 2 Pac & Notorious Big Because The Night SC8113-05 Runnin' SC8858-11 Candy Everybody Wants DK082-04 2 Unlimited Like The Weather MM6066-07 No Limits SF006-05 More Than This SC8390-06 20 Fingers These Are The Days SC8466-14 Short Dick Man SC8746-14 Trouble Me SC8439-03 3 am 100 Aged In Soul Busted MRH10-07 Somebody's Been Sleeping SC8333-09 10Cc Beautiful Day SF130-13 Donna SF090-15 3 Days Grace Dreadlock Holiday SF023-12 Home SIN0001-04 I'm Mandy SF079-03 Just Like You SIN0012-08 I'm Not In Love SC8417-13 Rubber Bullets SF071-01 Away From The Sun SC8865-07 Things We Do For Love SFMW832-11 Be Like That MM6345-09 Wall Street Shuffle SFMW814-01 SC8924-02 We Do For Love SC8456-15 Citizen Soldier CB30069-14 112 Duck & Run SC3244-03 Come See Me SC8357-10 Here By Me SD4510-02 Cupid SC3015-05 SC8905-09 Dance With Me SC8726-09 It's Not My Time (I Won't Go) CB30070-01 It's Over Now SC8672-15 Kryptonite SC8765-03 Only You SC8295-04 Landing In CB30056-13 Peaches & Cream SC3258-02 CB30083-01 Right Here For You PHU0403-04 Let Me Go SC2496-04 U Already Know PHM0505U-07 Live For Today SC3450-06 112 & Ludacris Loser SC8622-03 Hot & Wet PHU0401-02 Road I'm On SC8817-10 12 Gauge Train CB30075-01 Dunkie Butt SC8892-04 When I'm Gone SC8852-11 12 Stones 3 Doors Down & Bob Seger Crash TU200-04 CB30056-13 Far Away THR0411-16 3 Of A Kind We Are One PHMP1008-08 Baby Cakes EZH038-01 1910 Fruitgum Co. 3 Of Hearts 1 2 3 Redlight SC8191-11 Christmas Shoes TU166-03 Simon Says SF028-10 Love Is Enough SC8705-08 1999 Man United Squad 30 Seconds To Mars Lift It High (All About Belief) SF140-16 Kill SC9005-13 2 Evisa Kings And Queens SFMW920-07 Oh La La La SF114-10 311 2 Live Crew All Mixed Up SC8448-02 Do Wah Diddy Diddy SF184-16 Amber PHR0210-01 Me So Horny SC8532-07 Beyond The Gray Sky THR0402-15 We Want Some P---Y! SC8700-08 Creatures (For A While) THR0311-13 2 Pac Don't Tread On Me SC3450-08 California Love SF049-04 Down SC8598-11 Changes SC8656-12 First Straw SC3415-06 Dear Mama DK1115-09 Hey You PHMP0907-04 How Do You Want It MM6380B-05 I'll Be Here Awhile THR0201-16 Thugz Mansion SC8805-01 Love Song SC8878-03 Until The End Of Time SC8702-08 You Wouldn't Believe SC8717-14 2 Pac & 38 Special One Day At A Time PHU0404-04 Back Where You Belong HC001-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 1 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID 38 Special Caught Up In You SC8146-09 SC8853-03 Hold On Loosely SC8146-06 Amusement Park PHU0708-03 If I'd Been The One SC8621-14 PHU0710-03 Rockin' Into The Night SC8479-03 Baby By Me PHU1001-02 Second Chance SC8588-03 SF230-10 Teacher, Teacher SC8922-10 Inferno THH0504-15 Wild Eyed Southern Boys SC8479-14 Disco Inferno (Radio Version) SC8909-08 3lw Hustler's Ambition PHU0605-09 I Do (Wanna Get Close To You) PHM0210-09 PHU0711-02 No More PHM0105-08 If I Can't SC3388-05 Playas Gon' Play PHM0108-06 SC8853-11 3lw & Loon SF232-12 I Do (Mf Duet) AMS1033-07 TU225-08 3Oh!3 Outta Control PHU0510-03 Don'ttrust Me PHMP903 P.I.M.P. PHU0309-01 Starstrukk PHM0907-07 P.I.M.P. (Radio Version) SC8844-10 3Oh!3 & Kesha Patiently Waiting SC3364-02 My First Kiss CB30135-10 Piggy Bank THMH0506-10 3Oh!3 & Neon Hitch PHU0707-08 Follow Me Down PHMP1006-08 SC8812-04 3rd Strike PHU0601-04 No Light PHR0207-07 50 Cent & Eminem Redemption PHR0211-03 Patiently Waiting SC8822-02 3T 50 Cent & Lil Kim Anything SC8263-11 Magic Stick TU206-11 Tease Me SC8277-04 50 Cent & Nate Dogg 3T & Michael Jackson 21 Questions SC8853-03 Why SF080-11 50 Cent & Ne-Yo 4 Him Baby By Me PHMU1001 Basics Of Life CBE522-04 50 Cent & Olivia 4 Non Blondes Best Friend THH0606-11 What's Up SC7546-11 50 Cent & Sean Paul 4 P.M. Pimp (Remix) THMH0311-10 Lay Down Your Love SC8170-07 5th Dimension Sukiyaki DK089-16 Aquariuslet The Sunshine In TU151-03 4 Runner Last Night I Didn't Get To Sleep At All SC8624-08 Cain's Blood SC8179-05 One Less Bell To Answer SC7533-07 Heart With 4 Wheel Drive MM6103-14 Stone Soul Picnic DK023-10 Ripples SC8239-04 Up, Up And Away DK041-14 That Was Him SC8303-08 Wedding Bell Blues SC8182-14 4 Seasons 6 Eve 1963 (Oh What A Night) December SC7535-08 Promise MM6313-02 Rag Doll SC8686-04 69 Boyz 411 Tootsie Roll SC8612-09 Dumb SF221-12 702 On My Knees SF219-04 Get It Together SC8357-02 Teardrops SF225-06 I Still Love You THH0307-11 42Nd Street Steelo SC8325-11 42Nd Street SC8127-12 Where My Girls At SC8545-14 We're In The Money SC8127-10 8 Ball & Mjg 44 You Don't Want Drama PHU0409-05 When Your Heart Stops Beating PHM0612-06 8 Stops 7 4Him Question Everything SC3208-05 For Future Generations CBE4-29-09 9 Days Where There Is Faith TU077-18 Absolutely SPC01-02 50 Cent

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 2 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID 911 A1 All I Want Is You SF121-07 Nothing SF190-14 How Do You Want Me To Love You SF123-01 Ready Or Not SF187-09 More Than A Woman SF127-08 Same Old Brand New You SF173-05 Party People (Friday Night) SF118-09 Summertime Of Our Lives SF148-05 98 Degrees A3 Because Of You SC8638-01 Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One SC8821-08 Do You Wanna Dance SK534-07 Mix-Sopranos The) Fly With Me SK534-09 Aaliyah Give Me Just One Night SC3214-01 Are You That Somebody CBEP457-3-06 Hardest Thing SC8523-15 At Your Best NT50-04 Heat It Up SK534-10 Come Over THMH0310-09 I Do Cherish You SC8553-06 Hot Like Fire MMRB04-06 If She Only Knew SK534-11 I Care 4 U CB30026-11 Invisible Man SC8389-03 I Don't Wanna SFPKT1-3-14 My Everything PHM0101-01 If Your Girl Only Knew SC8320-15 Still SK534-05 Journey To The Past SC8476-07 Take My Breath Away SK534-12 Miss You SC3349-03 The Hardest Thing PHT9906P-06 More Than A Woman SC8747-05 This Gift (Rv) SC8593-02 One I Gave My Heart To SC8422-07 To Me You're Everything SK534-08 Rock The Boat SC3276-05 True To Your Heart TU032-15 Try Again SC8613-12 Was It Something I Didn't Say SK534-06 Turn The Page SC3161-06 Way You Want Me To SC8702-07 We Need A Resolution MM6346-13 Why (Are We Still Friends) SD4205-05 Aaliyah & Calvin A Foot In Cold Water More Than A Woman CB30029-09 Make Me Do Anything You Want GM1001-01 Aaliyah & Tank A Lover's Concerto Come Over SC8849-13 Toys SC9903-14 Aaron Bayler A Perfect Circle I'm Not In Love SFG018-14 3 Libras THR0012-16 Aaron Bayley SIN0012-09 I Get A Kick Out Of You EZA010-06 Hollow SC3248-07 Aaron Carter Imagine PHR0501-08 Aaron's Party SC8087-02 Judith SC8662-05 American A O TU177-03 Outsider PHR0402-08 Bounce TU146-03 Passive THR0505-15 I Want Candy PHM0107-09 Weak And Powerless SC8855-14 I'm All About You TU146-11 A Taste Of Honey Not Too Young, Not TU146-16 Boogie Oogie Oogie SC8293-03 Oh Aaron TU146-17 Sukiyaki SC7554-12 Stride (Jump On The TU146-18 A Teens Summertime TU177-13 Bouncing Off The Ceiling (Upside Down) SC8680-15 That's How I Beat Shaq TU146-20 Can't Help With You TU146-06 Aaron Carter & Baha Men Floor Filler TU163-03 Summertime TU177-13 Halfway Around The World SF185-13 Aaron Carter & Dreamstreet Land Of Make Believe SF188-12 Feel The Rain TU146-07 A.B. Quintanilla Aaron Carter & Nick Carter No Tengo Dinero SC1563-09 Not Too Young, Not Too Old TUM001-07 A.B. Quintanilla & Los Kumbia Kings Aaron Carter & No Secrets Sshh SCL1547-04 Oh Aaron TUM001-08 A.J. Gil Stride (Jump On The Frizzy) TUM001-09 My Cherie Amor PSJT310-12 Aaron Hall A1 All The Places I Will Kiss You SC8515-08 Caught In The Middle SF187-15 I Miss You NT29-11 Make It Good SF192-11 Let's Make Love NT26-03 No More SF175-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 3 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Aaron Lewis & Fred Durst Aaronn Outside SC8673-06 Ville Grand Tour SC8157-06 Aaron Lines Abandoned Pools It Takes A Man CB60342-11 Remedy SC8768-09 Love Changes Everything SC8826-01 Abba Waiting On The Wonderful CBE6011-04 Angel Eyes MM6360-13 You Can't Hide Beautiful SC8784-08 As Good As New SFG011-06 Aaron Neville Chiquita LG181-06 Amazing Grace PHM1205AC- Dancing Queen SC7542-03 10 Day Before You Came SFG011-14 Betcha By Golly Wow SC8244-02 Does Your Mother Know LG181-09 Can't Stop My Heart From SC8170-01 Fernando SC8861-12 Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight SC8107-01 Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie MM6302-04 Dont No Much CBE617-09 Happy New Year MM6360-10 Don't Take Away My DK082-17 Hasta Manana MM6360-11 Everybody Plays The Fool SC8363-10 Head Over Heels MM6360-07 It's All Right PHAC0701-07 Honey Honey MM6360-04 Tell It Like It Is SC8353-11 I Do I Do I Do SFG011-05 Aaron Neville & Kenny G I Have A Dream SFG011-12 Even If My Heart Would Break MM6049-08 Knowing Me Knowing You SF022-01 Aaron Neville & Ronstadt Lay All Your Love On Me LG181-14 Don't Know Much LG166-08 Mamma Mia SFG047-08 Aaron Shust Money Money Money SFG011-11 My Savior, My God SC9010-10 Name Of The Game SFG011-04 Aaron Tippin One Of Us MM6360-08 Always Was SC8714-04 Ring Ring SFG011-03 Call Of The Wild SC8165-02 Rock Me MM6360-12 Come Friday CB60342-02 So Long SFA2-05 Door SC8504-12 Sos SFG011-08 Everything I Own SC8289-06 Stars On 45 BSPK02-05 For You I Will SC8480-13 Summer Night City SFG011-07 He Believed CB60359-11 Super Trooper SF024-14 Her SC8549-04 Take A Chance On Me SC8283-02 Honky Tonk Superman NT25-01 Thank You For The Music MM6302-09 How's The Radio Know SC8336-09 Voulez Vous LG181-12 I Got It Honest SC8165-13 Waterloo DK041-07 I Was Born With A Broken Heart SC8217-01 Winner Takes It All SF031-03 I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way SC8282-07 Abc I’Ll Take Love Over Money CB60233-14 All Of My Heart SF082-03 If Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me SC8784-09 Be Near Me SC8540-04 I'm Leaving SC8520-06 Look Of Love SC8719-14 Kiss This SC8619-12 Poison Arrow SC7564-07 My Blue Angel SC8144-13 When Smokey Sings SFMW801-11 People Like Us SC3217-06 Abra Moore Ready To Rock CB60354-02 Four Leaf Clover SC3023-06 She Feels Like A Tonight SC8160-08 Abs That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You SC8198-08 7 Ways SF211-10 That's What Happens When I Hold You SC8358-08 Give Me What You Got EZH14-05 There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio SC8104-09 Little Miss Perfect SF209-05 What This Country Needs SC8578-01 Accept Where The Stars & Stripes & The Eagle Fly SC2340-08 Balls To The Wall SC8713-05 Whole Lotta Love On The Line SC8217-15 Acdc Without Your Love SC8232-09 Back In Black SC8252-03 Working Man's Ph.D. SC8142-13 Big Balls SC8532-11 You've Got To Stand For Something SC7552-15 Big Gun BS4417-09 Aaron Tippin & Thea Tippin Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap SC8334-01 Love Like There's No Tomorrow CB60246-11 For Those About To Rock We Salute You SC8701-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 4 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Acdc Adam Lambert Girls Got Rhythm SC8701-06 If I Had You PHMP1008-04 Hard As A Rock SC2265-03 Want CB30109 Have A Drink On Me SC8631-01 Whataya Want From Me CB30127-15 Hells Bells SC2265-05 Adam Rickitt Highway To Hell SC7565-09 I Breathe Again SF144-08 It’s A Long Way To The Top SC8869-08 Adam Sandler Meltdown THR0012-12 Adam's Chanuka Song MM6135-10 Moneytalks SC2265-04 At A Medium Pace SC8700-03 Problem Child SC8869-11 Ode To My Car SC8700-10 Ride On SC8830-04 Piece Of Shit Car SGB12-14 Rock 'N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution SC8701-07 The Chanukah Song SC8900-03 Safe In New City SC8699-15 What The Hell Happened To Me SC8532-15 Sin City SC8701-04 Adamski Sink The Pink SC8701-05 Killer SFMW844-08 Stiff Upper Lip SC8607-13 Adele Thunderstruck SC2265-02 Chasing Pavements CB30094-6 Tnt SC8660-11 Hometown Glory CB30103-7 Who Made Who SC8701-03 Right As Rain PHMP903 Whole Lotta Rosie SC8701-02 You Shook Me All Night Long SC9509R-08 Freaking Out THR0209-17 Ace THR0111-14 How Long SC8188-11 Promises PHR0402-03 Ace Frehley Unstable THR0310-14 New York Groove SC8397-10 Way You Like It THR0203-17 Ace Of Base Adina Howard All That She Wants SC8107-14 Freak Like Me SC8656-10 Always Have Always Will SF130-05 Adolescent's Orq. Angel Of Harlem MM6030-04 Persona Ideal SC7112-13 Beautiful Life SC8220-03 Adrian (Grease 2) Zmed Cruel Summer SC8478-10 Prowlin' SFMW922-14 Don't Turn Around SF009-01 Adrian Gurvitz Every Time It Rains SF134-12 Classic SF076-06 Life Is A Flower SF123-10 Adrienne Liesching & Geoff Moore Living In Danger SF010-12 In Christ Alone TU215-07 Lucky Love SC8257-11 Adult Lyrics Never Gonna Say I'm So Sorry MM6165-12 Ain't No Pussy When She's Gone ADULT-09 Sign SC8111-05 Are You Lonesome Tonight ADULT-08 Whenever You're Near Me MM6256-06 Doughnut Song ADULT01-12 Ad Libs I Did You Babe ADULT-04 The Boy From SC7222-01 Need Bone Again Naturally ADULT01-12 Puff The Magic Tampon ADULTKARAO Ant Music SF105-05 KE-12 Desperate But Not Serious SC8571-15 Stuck In The Middle Of Who ADULT-01 Goody Two Shoes SC7548-07 Summer Nights ADULT-02 Prince Charming SF111-01 Teddy Bear ADULTKARAO Stand And Deliver SF105-01 KE-13 Wonderful SC2098-06 With Legs Wide Open ADULT-03 Adam Faith You're The One That I Want ADULT-06 How About That SF083-05 Poor Me SF074-06 Amazing SC8710-03 The Time Has Come SFMW865-14 Angel SC8635-04 What Do You Want SF047-02 Angel's Eye SC8659-06 Adam Gregory Baby, Please Don't Go SC8878-02 Crazy Days CB60381-05 Back In The Saddle SC8635-02 What It Takes CB60397-03 Big Ten Inch Record SC8117-08 Adam Lambert Crazy SC8635-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 5 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Aerosmith Aggro Santos & Kimberly Wyatt Cryin' SC8710-04 Candy SF292-01 Dream On SC8635-05 A-Ha Dude (Looks Like A Lady) SC8635-01 Cry Wolf JV0036-07 Eat The Rich SC8710-06 Hunting High & Low SFMW820-15 Falling In Love SC8424-04 Livingdaylights SC8468-10 Fly Away From Here PHR0107-01 Sun Always Shines On Tv SFMW817-07 Girls Of Summer SC8768-13 Take On Me SC7561-11 Hole In My Soul SC3029-06 Aida I Don't Want To Miss A Thing SC8465-09 Written In The Stars TTU140-18 Jaded SC8680-12 Aimee Mann Janie's Got A Gun SC8635-07 Going Through The Motions PHMR0508-05 Just Push Play SC8699-01 Ainsley Henderson Last Child SC8791-03 Keep Me A Secret SF202-13 Livin' On The Edge SC8710-01 Ain't Misbehavin' Love In An Elevator SC8635-14 I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling MM6023-14 Luv Lies SGB53-12 Your Feet's Too Big MM6175-06 Mama Kin SC8710-05 Air Force Song Other Side SC8710-07 Yonder TU086-25 Pandora's Box DG02-13 Air Supply Pink SC8635-12 All Out Of Love SC8362-11 Rag Doll SC8635-03 Chances CB90241-12 Same Old Song And Dance SC8635-09 Even The Nights Are Better SC8259-01 Sunshine SC8732-02 Every Woman In The World SC8393-01 Sweet Emotion SC8297-06 Here I Am CB90241-05 Toys In The Attic SC8334-06 I Can Wait Forever CB90241-15 Train Kept A Rollin' AH8003-06 I Want To Give It All CB90241-13 What It Takes SC8710-02 Just As I Am CB90241-11 What Kind Of Love Are You On SC8481-15 Lost In Love SC8362-06 Aerosmith & Run Dmc Making Love Out Of Nothing At All SC8273-15 Walk This Way SC8760-13 Now & Forever CB90241-14 Afewgoodmen One That You Love SC8283-09 Have I Never SC8268-12 Sweet Dreams CB90241-06 Afi Two Less Lonely People CB90241-09 Girl's Not Grey PHR0306-03 Young Love CB90241-08 Leaving Song (Pt 2) PHR0310-06 Akon Love Like Winter PHM0612-08 Bananza (Belly Dancer) SF234-14 Miss Murder SC8993-13 Be With You CB30106 Silver & Cold PHR0404-04 Beautiful CB30095-02 Africa Don't Matter (Radio Version) SC9015-15 Hold The Line SF162-10 Locked Up (Radio Version) SC8909-15 Afro Celt & Lonely SC8915-15 When You're Falling PHR0109-07 Lonely (Radio Version) SC3439-01 Afroman Right Now (Na Na Na) CB30082-01 Because I Got High SC8720-07 Akon & Colby O'donis Colt 45 THCOL04-01 Beautiful CB30094-3 Crazy Rap TU167-04 Akon & Eminem After 7 THP0701-12 Can't Stop DK062-01 Akon & Snoop Dogg How Do You Tell The One SC8268-07 I Wanna Love You THHP0702-16 Ready Or Not DK069-01 Akon & Styles P. Til You Do Me Right SC8187-07 Locked Up (Radio Version) SC8909-15 After The Fire Al B. Sure Der Kommissar SC8522-03 Alone With You SAVP25-01 Afters I Love It (Papi Aye Aye Aye) PHMU0910-8 Beautiful PAN2006-01 Nite And Day DKM3087-11 Beautiful Love SC8962-11 Right Now SAVP39-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 6 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Al Dexter & His Troopers Al Stewart I'm Losing My Mind Over You CB60332-08 On The Border SFMW875-02 Pistol Packin' Mama SC8538-10 Time Passages SC9907-05 Rosalita CB90131 -02 Year Of The Cat SC8174-09 So Long Pal CB90131 -03 Al Wilson Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry CBE4-13-01 Show And Tell LG139-17 Wine Women Song CBE601-08 Alabama Al Green Angels Among Us SC8149-02 Call Me (Come Back Home) PS1509-12 Another Side CB60070-04 Don't Say No Tonight RB18-02 Between The Two Of Them SC8236-01 For The Good Times SC8860-09 Born Country SC8971-13 Full Of Fire RB15-09 Can't Keep A Good Man Down SC8786-01 Here I Am Come And Take Me PS1509-17 Cheap Seats SC8167-12 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart LG136-12 Christmas In Dixie SC8184-03 I Had A Dream RB12-14 Close Enough To Perfect SC8326-06 I'm Still In Love With You PS1509-20 Closer You Get SC2026-06 Let's Stay Together SC8261-03 Cross Canadian Ragweed CB60335-12 Look What You've Done For Me PS1509-16 Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard SC8384-15 Shalala (Make Me Happy) PS1509-13 Dixieland Delight SC8628-07 Tired Of Being Alone SC8755-03 Down Home SC8213-12 You Ought To Be With Me SC8755-02 Face To Face DKM3038-01 Your Heart's In Good Hands SC8248-08 Fallin' Again SC8971-11 Al Green & Feels So Right SC8786-03 Put A Little Love In Your Heart LG136-13 Fire In The Night CB90001-08 Al Green & Lyle Lovett Forever's As Far As I'll Go SC8135-15 Funny How Time Slips Away DK092-14 Forty Hour Week(For A Livin) SC9508-02 Al Jarreau Give Me One More Shot SC8159-07 After All HV09-06 God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You SC8546-08 Boogie Down SC8667-06 Here We Are SC9507-04 Moonlighting SFMW834-09 High Cotton SC8786-05 Mornin' PS1273-09 Hometown Honeymoon SC8175-14 Since I Fell For You PS1273-11 How Do You Fall In Love SC8971-07 Teach Me Tonight PS1273-10 If I Had You CB90001-14 Wait For The Magic SC8244-11 If You're Gonna Play In Texas THMPL30-08 We're In This Love Together SC8261-15 I'm In A Hurry (& Don't Know Why) SC8177-08 Al Jolson I'm In The Mood SC3321-06 After You've Gone LG110-07 In Pictures SC8971-12 Anniversary Song PI301-06 It Works SC8239-11 April Shower LG110-08 Jukebox In My Mind SC8786-07 Beautiful Dreamer DK038-17 Katy Brought My Back Today SC8301-01 California Here I Come LG110-03 Keepin' Up SC8520-05 I M Sitting On Top Of The World LG110-04 Lady Down On Love SC8971-02 Mammy PUK327-08 Love In The First Degree SC8355-14 My Mammy LG110-06 Maker Said Take Her SC8971-09 Rock A Bye Your Baby MM6180-01 Mountain Music SC8786-06 Swannee LG110-02 My Home's In Alabama CBE4-16-14 Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Goodbye) CBE502-11 Of Course I'm Alright SC8409-13 You Made Me Love You DK091-17 Old Flame SC8561-04 Al Martino On This Side Of The Moon SC8306-15 Daddy's Little Girl SC8109-03 Once Upon A Lifetime SC8180-02 Here In My Heart SC8249-11 Pass It On Down DK097-15 I Have But One Heart SC7233-08 Pictures And Memories SC8275-14 Mary In The Morning LG158-13 Reckless SC8130-05 More Than The Eyes Can See LG158-12 Roll On Eighteen Wheeler SC8786-09 My Foolish Heart LG158-11 Sad Lookin' Moon SC8971-06 Spanish Eyes SC8288-11 Say I SC2123-05 Wanted LG158-15 She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl SC8971-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 7 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Alabama Alan Jackson She And I CB90001-12 It's Just That Way CB60430 She's Got That Look In Her Eyes SC8444-08 Job Description SC8236-04 Small Stuff SC8570-11 Let It Be Christmas SC8990-10 Southern Star SC8786-13 Like Red On A Rose SC8989-14 T.L.C.A.S.A.P SC8971-04 Little Bitty SC8819-12 Take A Little Trip SC8971-03 Little Bluer Than That TU141-02 Take Me Down SC8412-04 Little Man SC8546-11 That Feeling SC8287-11 Livin' On Love SC8819-11 The Closer You Get SAVA01-04 Love's Got A Hold On You SC8234-02 Then Again SC8215-12 Meat & Potato Man CB90357-04 There's No Way SC8971-05 Meat And Potatoes Man TU084-08 Twentieth Century SC3182-04 Mercury Blues SC8105-03 We Can't Love Like This Anymore SC8139-15 Merry Christmas To Me CB60423-06 We Made Love SC8617-03 Midnight In Montgomery SC8135-07 When It All Goes South SC8786-08 Monday Morning Church SC8898-02 When We Make Love SC8786-14 Murder On Music Row CB90357-06 Why Lady Why SC8786-12 Must've Had A Ball SC8358-07 Will You Marry Me SC8698-15 My Own Kind Of Hat CB90357-14 Woman He Loves SC8729-14 Pop A Top SC8570-12 You've Got The Touch SC8786-02 Remember When SC8903-05 Alabama & Right On The Money SC8496-03 Keepin' Up THC9902-12 Santa's Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck CB20158-07 Alabama She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs CB90357-07 Tennessee River CB90153-07 She's Got The Rhythm SC2035-08 Aladdin Sissy's Song CB60404-1 A Whole New World DISNEY03-06 Small Town Southern Man SC9011-15 DISNEY01-11 Someday SC8219-05 Alan Jackson Someday When Things Are Good CB90003-06 Another Good Reason Not To Drink CB90357-09 Song For The Life SC8159-12 Between The Devil & Me SC3048-01 Summertime Blues SC8819-06 Blues Man SC8602-03 Talkin’ Song Repair Blues SC8923-08 Buicks To The Moon TU072-04 Tall Tall Trees SC8211-13 Chasin' That Neon Rainbow SC8200-09 Tequila Sunrise CB90003-15 Chattahoochee SC8819-03 That'd Be Alright SC8802-09 Country Boy CB60390-01 There Goes SC8384-05 Dallas SC8165-05 Three Minute Up Tempo Love Song TU084-16 Designated Drinker SC8745-13 To Do What I Do SC3423-06 Don't Rock The Jukebox SC8819-09 Tonight I Climbed The Wall SC8137-01 Drive SC8798-02 Too Much Of A Good Thing SC8884-02 Everything I Love SC8344-11 Tropical Depression SC8296-02 Gone Country SC7596-04 Usa Today SC3452-04 Good Time CB60374-01 Walk On The Rocks SC8351-13 Hard Hat & A Hammer CB60443-06 Wanted SC8215-11 Here In The Real World SC8102-15 When Love Comes Around SC8753-15 Home SC8250-12 When Somebody Loves You SC8690-07 House With No Curtains SC8436-08 Where I Come From SC8743-06 I Don't Even Know Your Name SC8179-08 Where Were You (When The World Stopped SC8819-08 I Only Want You For Christmas CBEP462-6-08 Turning) I Still Like Bologna CB60419-9 Who Says You Can't Have It All SC8112-15 I'd Love You All Over Again SC8819-01 Who's Cheatin Who SC8376-03 I'll Go On Loving You SC8480-03 Woman's Love SC8996-15 I'll Try SC8239-05 Work In Progress SC8769-09 It Must Be Love SC8819-10 Www.Memory SC8819-13 It's All About Him CB90357-12 You Can't Give Up On Love SC8137-15 It's Alright To Be A Redneck SC8665-15 Alan Jackson & Alison Krauss It's Five O'clock Somewhere SC8854-01 Angels Cried CB20205-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 8 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Alan Jackson & Black & Chesney & Strait Albert Hammond Hey Good Lookin' PHN0408-03 It Never Rains In Southern California SC8420-08 Alan Jackson & George Jones Albert King Drive (For Daddy Gene) SD093-01 Born Under A Bad Sign SFMW881-14 Alan Jackson & George Strait Call My Job SGB027-10 Designated Drinker SC8745-13 Cross Cut Saw RB12-13 Murder On Music Row MM6301-01 Good Time Charlie SGB027-03 Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett That's What Love Will Make You Do NT49-08 Barefootin' SD145-13 Alcazar It's Five O'clock Somewhere SC8854-01 Crying At The Discoteque SF187-10 Margaritaville CB60192-11 Alda Alan O'day Girls Night Out SF130-03 Undercover Angel SC8292-10 Little Bit More SF130-04 Alan Parsons Project Real Goodtime SF124-02 Don't Answer Me SC8687-11 Aldo Nova Eye In The Sky SC8573-14 Fantasy SC8516-12 Games People Play SC7563-14 Alecia Elliott Time AMS1502-01 If You Believe CB20312-10 Alan Price I'm Diggin' It SC3164-03 Hi Lilli Hi Lo SF099-03 You Wanna What SC8653-13 House That Jack Built SF100-08 Alejan Sanz Simon Smith & His .. SFMW846-10 Toca Para Mi (Unplugged Version) SCL1553-16 Alan Stardust Alejandro Fernandez My Coo Ca Choo SF024-06 Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella OKE0002-02 Alana Davis Loco SCL1505-05 32 Flavors SC8440-06 Nina Amada Mia SC1563-06 Crazy SC8469-11 Si He Sabido Amor SCL2223-06 Alanis Morissette Tantita Pena SCL1544-03 13 Is Uninvited SGB06-13 Alejandro Guzman All I Really Want To Do SC8220-14 De Verdad SCL1545-03 Crazy (James Michael Mix) SC8957-02 Toda La Mitad AV34-10 Eight Easy Steps THP0412-04 Alejandro Montaner Everything PHM0406 07 Dimelo SCL1559-05 Forgivin' SGB08-15 Voy A Volverte Loca SCL1553-02 Hand In My Pocket SC8209-07 Alejandro Sanz Hand In My Pocket (Acoustic Version) SC8934-08 Aprendiz SCL1555-08 Hands Clean SF189-12 Aprendiz (Unplugged Version) SCL1554-08 Head Over Feet SC8312-09 Cuando Nadie Me Ve SCL2284-02 I See Right Through You SFMW834-08 El Alma Al Aire SCL1541-03 Ironic SC8254-11 No Es Lo Mismo SCL1570-07 Joining You SF132-13 Quisiera Ser SCL2294-06 Mary Jane SKK005-09 Toca Para Mi SCL1553-08 Perfect SKK005-03 Y Solo Se Me Ocurre Amarte (Unplugged SCL1546-01 Illusions THP0210-14 Version) So Pure PHT9910-04 Alesha Thank You SF126-10 Lipstick PAN2006-01 That I Would Be Good PHM0002-08 Alex Bueno Unsent PHT9903-04 Que Vuelva SCL1551-04 You Learn SC8290-11 Alex Cartana You Oughta Know SC8195-01 Hey Papi SF218-14 Alanis Morrisette Not The Doctor SFMW840-11 Cry SF215-08 Alannah Myles Maybe Thats What Takes SF212-05 Black Velvet SC8808-12 Alex Party Albert Collins Don't Give Me Your Life SF019-09 Brick HV06B-11 Alex Ubago Albert Hammond Aunque No Te Pueda Ver SCL1577-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 9 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Alex Wilson Alice Cooper Snake SF133-09 Under My Wheels SC8684-11 Alexander O'neal Welcome To My Nightmare SC8550-01 Criticize SFMW842-14 You And Me SC8734-12 SFMW845-12 Alice Deejay Alexander O'neil Better Off Alone SC8892-01 Fake PUK328-13 In My Life SFMW838-12 Alexanders Rag Melody Alice Deejay & Dj Jurgen Ma He's Makin Eyes PX05-07 Better Off Alone SF148-01 Alexandra Burke All Night Long SF292-03 Again SC8286-04 Broken Heels SF288-01 Man In The Box AMS1504-01 Alexandra Slate No Excuses SC8122-03 Guilty CB3032-02 Would TU129-17 Alexandre Pires Your Decision SF289-07 Amane SC1563-04 Alicia Bridges En El Silencio Negro De La Noche SCL1572-08 I Love The Nightlife SC7217-01 Es Por Amor SCL1557-05 Alicia Keyes Necesidad SCL1548-05 Ghetto Story PHU0612-08 Quitemonos La Ropa SCL1567-01 Alicia Keys Usted Se Me Llevo La Vida VFL025-04 A Woman's Worth SD4112-02 Alfie Zappacosta Brotha (Part II) SC3296-07 Nothing Can Stand In Your Way GM1001-09 Butterflyz TU173-04 Alfonzo Hunter Diary SC8883-04 Thang SC8460-09 Doesn't Mean Anything SF287-08 Alfred Apaka Fallin' SC8776-11 Lovely Hula Hands SC2419-07 Falling CBEP470-5-08 Ali Campbell Girlfriend TU181-03 That Look In Your Eye SF039-06 How Come You Don't Call Me SC8757-09 Ali G & Shaggy If I Ain’T Got You SC8902-06 Me Julie EZH10-10 If I Was Your Woman SC8864-07 Alias Jane Doe SC8752-05 More Than Words Can Say SC9002-07 Karma (Radio Version) SC8889-02 Alice Cooper Lesson Learned PHU0802-01 Ballad Of Dwight Fry SGB09-14 Like You'll Never See Me Again CB30068-14 Be My Lover SC8583-06 Loving You TU143-12 Billion Dollar Babies SC8624-02 My Boo SC8945-04 Desperado SGB09-06 No One SC9016-11 Eighteen SC7578-05 And I THH0204-17 Elected SC8734-11 Superwoman CB30079-07 Feed My Frankenstein SC8734-01 Teenage Love Affair CB30070-14 Generation Landslide SGB09-04 Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart SF292-09 Hello Hooray SGB09-13 Unbreakable CB30055-15 Hey Stoopid SC8843-12 Unbreakable (Unplugged Version) SC8948-02 I Love The Dead SGB09-02 Unthinkable (I'm Ready) CB30121 I Never Cry SGB09-07 Why Do I Feel So Sad TU149-19 I'm 18 SGB05-03 Woman's Worth SC8797-02 I'm Eighteen SC8621-10 You Don’T Know My Name SC8902-08 Is It My Body AH8009-10 You Dont No My Name CBE629-14 It's Me SC8238-11 Alicia Keys & Beyonce No More Mr. Nice Guy SC8430-01 Put It In A Love Song CB30121 Only Women Bleed SC8650-02 Alicia Keys & Usher Poison SC8734-04 My Boo SC8889-13 Raped And Freezing SGB09-05 Alicia Keys, Angie Stone & Eve School's Out SC1030-06 Brotha (Part Ii) SC8744-07 Sick Things SGB09-12 Alicia Villarreal Some Folks SGB09-10 Te Quedo Grande La Yegua SCL1552-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 10 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Alien Ant Farm Glow THR0312-15 You And Me Tonight SF216-11 Movies SC8694-13 One Smooth Criminal SC8765-06 Beautiful As You CB30023-09 These Days PHR0310-07 SC8187-02 These Days ( Version) THR0310-10 DK087-01 Alisha & Donna I Will Be Right There SC8569-10 Up Town Top Ranking SF141-04 I'm Ready SC2010-04 Alisha's Attic I'm Your Man SD022-09 I Am, I Feel SC8448-13 She's Got Skillz SD013-10 Alison Krauss So Much In Love MM6110-02 Baby Mine SC8911-05 All American Rejects Baby, Now That I've Found You SC8194 09 Dirty Little Secret SC8993-06 Broadway C2C03-06 Future Has Arrived CB30064-14 Down To The River To Pray SC8751-16 Gives You Hell PHMP0901 Every Time You Say Goodbye SC8234-01 I Wanna CB30109 Find Back To My Heart SC8911-02 It Ends Tonight SC8995-07 Forget About It SC8556-10 Last Song SC8839-07 Ghost In This House TU038-06 Move Along SC8966-05 Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) SC9018-15 My Paper Heart THR0403-17 Goodbye Is All We Have CB60345-10 Real World CB30112-01 How's The World Treating You SC8911-15 Swing, Swing SC8827-01 I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby CBEP476-3-04 Swing, Swing (Radio Version) SC3362-08 I Give You To His Heart SC8498-14 Top Of The World CB30063-05 If I Didn't Know Any Better SC8982-09 Wind Blows CB30103-03 I'll Fly Away (High Harmony) TU064-08 All Saints In The Palm Of Your Hand CB90158-12 All Hooked Up SF173-15 I've Got That Old Feeling CBE522-13 Black Coffee SF171-16 Let Me Touch You For A While SC8745-01 Bootie Call SF123-12 Love Letters From Old Mexico CB60214-12 I Know Where It's At PHM9802-06 Lucky One SC8911-13 Never Ever SC8469-05 Maybe (Radio Version) SC8911-07 Pure Shores LGTP-4-14 My Poor Old Heart CB60348-03 Rock Steady EZH59-03 New Favorite CB60245-11 Under The Bridge LGTP-6-06 New Fool SC8306-11 War Of Nerves SF127-02 Oh Atlanta SC8224-12 All Seeing Eye Restless SC8923-09 First Man In Space SF148-14 Simple Love CB60366-10 All Star Tribute Sitting In The Window Of My Room SC8774-09 What's Goin' On PHM0201-02 Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew CB90158-10 All Time Low Two Highways SC8911-11 Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) PHMP0909 When You Say Nothing At All SC8159-15 Allan Sherman Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown CB90158-11 Crazy Downtown SC8707-02 Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah! SC8544-08 I'll Fly Away SC8693-11 Twelve Days Of Christmas SC8557-09 Alison Krauss & James Taylor Allison Moorer How's The World Treating You SC8862-15 Alabama Song SC8496-14 Alison Krauss & The Cox Family Dancing Barefoot CB60377-06 In The Palm Of Your Hand CBEP476-5-07 CB60171-07 Alison Moyet Send Down An Angel SC8623-06 All Cried Out SFG057-16 Set You Free SC3098-06 Invisible SF057-01 Soft Place To Fall SC8528-11 Is This Love SF075-06 Think It Over SC8677-01 Love Insurrection SFMW814-09 Up This High SC8802-02 Love Letters SFMW820-10 Allison Paige That Old Devil Called Love SFMW820-07 End Of The World CB60200-13 Weak In The Presence Of Beauty SF110-12 Send A Message CB6309-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 11 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Allison Paige Amanda Marshall Where My Heart Lets Go CB60314-09 Beautiful Goodbye HC003-10 Allman Brothers Band Believe In You PR3003-04 Ain't Wastin' Time No More SC8922-01 Birmingham SC8325-03 Blue Sky SC8922-04 Everybody's Got A Story SC3298-07 Blue Sky (Radio Version) SC8922-02 Fall From Grace MM6197-03 Crazy Love SC8479-12 Let It Rain TU108-09 Everyday I Have The Blues MM6144-09 Sunday Morning After TU108-15 Hoochie Coochie Man LG045-09 This Could Take All Night SGB21-07 I'm No Angel SC8568-06 Amanda Perez It's Not My Cross To Bear SC8675-01 Angel SC8822-04 Louisana Lou & Three MM6111-11 I Pray THP0408-18 Melissa SC8413-06 Never THP0206-13 Midnight Rider SC8449-02 Amanda Wilkinson No One To Run With SC8146-14 Gone From Love Too Long SC8857-09 One Way Out SC8675-13 No More Me Than You CB60340-03 Please Call Home SC8594-14 Amazing Rhythm Aces Ramblin' Man SC8146-03 Third Rate Romance CBE2-12-02 Southbound SC8922-05 Amazulu Statesboro Blues SC8327-05 Too Good To Be Forgotten SF076-08 Stormy Monday Blues MM6144-12 Amber Whipping Post SC8146-05 Above The Clouds TU081-01 Allure Anyway (Men Are From Mars) TU191-03 All Cried Out PHM9709-06 Just Like That (Ballad Version) THP0603-18 Last Chance PHM9803-09 Sexual (Li Da Di) SC3166-03 Allure & 112 This Is Your Night SC8337-14 All I Cried Out NUTECH-0395 Yes TU081-18 Alma Cogan Amber Dotson Dreamboat THCOL04-01 I Ain't Your Mama CB60344-15 Alphaville I'll Try Anything SC3436-02 Big In Japan SF037-04 Amboy Dukes Forever Young SC8678-09 Journey To The Center Of The Mind SC8615-08 Alsou Ambrosia Before You Love Me SF179-10 Biggest Part Of Me SC8201-14 Alt & The Lost Civilisation Holdin' On To Yesterday SC8644-14 Tequila SFMW865-01 How Much I Feel SC8583-13 Alter Bridge You're The Only Woman SC8580-07 Broken Wings THR0506-12 Amel Larrieux Find The Real THR0503-17 For Real THH0411-16 Open Your Eyes THR0410-15 Amen Corner Altered Images Bend Me Shape Me SF065-15 Happy Birthday SF113-07 If Paradise Is Half As Nice SF070-01 Alvin Stardust America Jealous Mind SF101-12 A Horse With No Name CBE508-04 Aly & Aj Daisy Jane SC7562-10 Chemicals React SD4610-12 Dont Cross The River CB90197-07 Rush THP0606-16 From A Moving Train SC8487-08 Alyssa Milano I Need You SC8231-04 Sodium SC8817-15 Lonely People SC8197-13 Alyze Elyse & Celinski Muskrat Love CB90197-06 Oooh... THH0606-17 One In A Million CB90197-10 Amanda Only In Your Heart CB90197-14 Everybody Doesn't THP0107-18 Razorlight MREH033-01 Amanda E. Hendrix Sandman SC8583-12 Joy And Pain THMH0310-07 Sister Golden Hair SC7509-13 Amanda Groove Tin Man SC7535-12 I See You Baby TUTP03-14 To Each Other CB90197-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 12 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID America Amy Grant Ventura Highway SC8227-09 Father's Eyes NT03-04 Woman Tonight CB90197-13 Fight CB90161-06 You Can Do Magic CBE4-05-14 Find A Way NT02-08 American Breed Good For Me SC8266-03 Bend Me, Shape Me SC8526-01 I Have Decided NT02-12 American Hi-Fi I Will Be Your Friend SC8484-07 Another Perfect Day MM6345-07 I Will Remember You NT02-10 Flavor Of The Weak SC8694-09 I'm Gonna Fly NT02-02 Geeks Get The Girls SC3451-01 In A Little While NT02-06 The Art Of Losing THMR0304-15 It's Not A Song CB90161-08 American Idol Lead Me On CB90161-09 God Bless The USA SC3369-02 Like I Love You SC8453-02 What The World Needs Now Is Love SD4307-13 Love Can Do NT02-04 Amerie Love Of Another Kind CB90161-10 1 Thing PHU0504-09 Lucky One SC8132-09 Don’T Let Them SF232-05 Saved By Love CB90161-11 Heard 'em All CB30116-05 Say You'll Be Mine SD010-13 One Thing SF232-03 Sing Your Praise To The Lord CB90161-01 Pretty Brown CB30125-07 Stay For A While CB90161-12 Talkin' About PHU0511-07 Takes A Little Time SC8389-06 Talkin' To Me SC8812-06 Tennessee Christmas CBE522-10 Touch SF234-03 That's What Love Is For SC2182-01 Why R U CB30106 Things We Do For Love SC8277-01 Amerie & Trey Songz Thy Word NT03-10 Pretty Brown CB30124 Too Late NT02-05 Ames Brothers We Believe In God NT37-11 Hawaiian War Chant SAVP30-17 What About The Love CB90161-15 Ami Stewart Where Do You Hide Your Heart NT02-03 Knock On Wood SC8443-03 Winter Wonderland NUTECH-0692 Amie Comeaux Amy Grant & Peter Cetera Moving Out SC8306-10 Next Time I Fall In Love TT6007-02 Amor De Internet Amy Grant & Vince Gill Los Socios Del Ritmo SCL1561-07 House Of Love SC8145-06 Amos Lee Amy Macdonald Shout Out Loud PHAC0611-02 Don't Tell That It's Over SF290-09 Amy Bradley Amy McDonald Men Don't Change CB60321-06 This Is The Life THHP0805-17 Amy Dalley Amy Morris Everybody''s Got A Vice CB60360-09 I'm A Believer PR3003-01 Good Kind Of Crazy CB60363-05 Amy Studt I Think You're Beautiful PHN0401-07 All I Wanna Do SF214-07 I Would Cry CB60335-03 SC8783-06 Living Together CB60329-07 Misfit SF207-03 Love's Got An Attitude CB60247-13 Under The Thumb SF209-15 Men Don't Change SC3416-03 Amy Grant Back To Black SC9019-04 All I Ever Have To Be NT02-09 Love Is A Losing Game THHP0802-16 Angels SC2045-04 Rehab SC9006-04 Arms Of Love CB90161-03 Tears Dry On Their Own PHM0711-03 Baby Baby SC2182-05 You Know I'm No Good SC9005-01 Believe THM0206P-07 Ana Gabrial SC8187-04 Evidencias SC7101-06 El Shaddai NUTECH-1024 Ana Gabriel Emmanuel NT03-02 Hablame De Frente NT27-05 Every Heartbeat SC2182-02 Huelo A Soledad SCL1546-03 Everywhere I Go SC2182-07 Quien Como Tu SC7102-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 13 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ana Johnsson Andy Gibb We Are SF221-08 Love Is Thicker Than Water SC8650-01 Anastacia Shadow Dancing SC8514-09 Cowboys & Kisses SF177-01 Andy Gibb & Olivia Newton John Heavy On My Heart SF227-11 I Can't Help It JV0048-07 Left Outside Alone SF217-16 Andy Griggs Made For Lovin You SF182-11 How Cool Is That SC8705-03 Not That Kind SF175-01 I Never Had A Chance CB60348-10 One Day In Your Life SC8768-03 If Heaven SC8907-12 Paid My Dues SF186-06 I'll Go Crazy SC8556-06 Pieces Of A Dream SF239-15 Practice Life SC8784-07 Sick & Tired SF220-05 She Thinks She Needs Me SC8881-01 Welcome To My Truth SF224-02 She's More SC8584-12 Why'd You Lie To Me TU163-19 Tattoo Rose CB60366-07 You'll Never Be Alone THP0302-12 This I Gotta See CB60341-14 Anastasia Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man SC8748-01 I'm Outta Love SC8607-07 Waitin' On Sundown SC8646-02 Anberlin You Made Me That Way SC8646-13 Paperthin Hymn PHM0604-08 You Won't Ever Be Lonely SC3120-08 Andre Crouch Andy Griggs & Martina McBride Soon And Very Soon PI025-10 Practice Life THC0301-15 Andrea Bocelli Andy Kim Prayer PS1591-14 Rock Me Gently SC8210-02 Time To Say Goodbye PS1591-15 Andy Williams Andrea True Connection Almost There SF094-01 More, More, More Pt. 1 SC8644-10 Aloha One SAVP02-09 Andreas Johnson Born Free SC7538-11 Glorious SF159-03 Butterfly SF047-07 Andrew Gold Canadian Sunset TU179-05 Lonely Boy SC8314-11 Can't Get Used To Losing You SC8118-08 Never Let Her Slip Away SFMW808-05 Can't Help Falling In Love SF077-13 Thank You For Being A Friend SC8939-08 Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You SFMW815-08 Andrew W.K. Charade SAVP05-01 I Love Nyc TU174-09 Danny Boy SAVP19-10 Party Hard SC8758-14 Days Of Wine And Roses LG023-15 We Want Fun TU174-17 Dear Heart CBE3-15-05 Andrews Sisters Exodus Song LG023-14 Alexander's Ragtime Band SC8124-14 Hawaiian Wedding Song SAVP02-08 Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen HSPAK2-09-13 Here's That Rainy Day TU179-07 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy SC8124-02 It's The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year CBEP462-3-07 Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree SC7538-07 Let's Call The Whole Thing Off THH0502-10 I Wanna Be Loved CBE4-01-03 Little Drummer Boy CB60185-13 Lullaby Of Broadway SC7553-09 Lonely Street SC8804-13 Roll Out The Barrel (Beer Barrel Polka) SC8109-02 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing CBE502-15 Sing Sing Sing SAVP06-19 Love Me With All Your Heart MM6182-15 Woodpecker Song SAVP36-12 SC8118-12 Androids More LG023-12 Do It With SF205-02 Music To Watch The Girls By SAVP05-03 Andy Childs Solitaire SF101-10 Broken SC8306-04 Somewhere, My Love (Laura's Them LG023-09 Geronimo NT55-12 Speak Softly Love SC2418-02 Andy Gibb Sweet Little Jesus Boy CB60185-11 An JV0048-04 Theme From Love Story LG023-16 Desire JV0048-06 Three Coins In The Fountain CBE4-01-07 Don't Throw It All Away, (Our Love) JV0048-05 Twelve Days Of Christmas CB60185-04 Flowing Rivers ZMP045-12 Where Do I Begin (Theme From Love Story) SC7538-15 I Just Want To Be Your Everything SC8181-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 14 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Angel Band Anita Baker Carl Story CB20409-12 Been So Long LG144-10 Ángel De Amor Body And Soul SC8150-03 Mana SCL1579-02 Caught Up In The Rapture SC8273-14 Angela Via Fairy Tales LG144-03 Picture Perfect SC3197-02 Giving You The Best That I Got SC8126-14 Angela Winbush How Does It Feel THH0503-18 Treat U Rite NT29-05 I Apologize SC8466-06 Angelina Just Because DK042-08 Tide Is High MM6217-09 No One In The World SC8259-02 Angels Same Ole Love SC8606-07 My Boyfriend's Back SC7504-08 Soul Inspiration SC8363-04 Till SC8415-04 Sweet Love SC8261-04 Angels & Airwaves Talk To Me MM6027-11 Adventure SC8987-01 Whatever It Takes SC8754-02 Everything's Magic SC9019-03 You Bring Me Joy SC8405-01 Anggun You're My Everything THH0412-10 SC8481-09 Anita Boyer Angie Martinez Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered SAVP35-03 Coast 2 Coast (Suavemente) SC3258-08 Anita Cochran If I Could Go SD4211-05 After All These Years SC3081-01 Angie Martinez & Kelis Cheatin' Song, A, (I Wanna Hear) PHN0409-06 Take You Home THH0304-13 Daddy Can You See Me SC8394-09 Angie Stone For Crying Out Loud SC3154-06 Baby PHU0802-08 Good Times SC8619-09 Brotha CB3018-12 I Could Love A Man Like That MM6202-07 I Ain't Hearin' U PHMU1002 I Want To Hear A Cheatin' Song CB60326-08 Mad Issues MM6394-12 SC3053-05 More Than A Woman CB3029-09 Will You Be Here SC8463-06 No More Rain In This Cloud THP0004-13 You With Me SC3215-04 Sometimes CB30074-07 Anita Cochran & U-Haul THH0502-14 Cheatin' Song, A, (I Wanna Hear) PHN0409-06 Wish I Didn't Miss You SC8758-01 Anita Cochran & Jim Brickman Angie Stone & Snoop Dogg After All These Years SC8469-01 I Wanna Thank Ya THH0410-13 Anita Cochran & Angie Stone, Alicia Keys & Eve What If I Said SC8432-05 Brotha (Part Ii) SC8744-07 Anita Harris Angry Anderson Trains And Boats And Planes SFMW819-06 Suddenly SFMW844-10 Anita O'day Ani Difranco Take The A Train SAVP13-11 Little Plastic Castles MM6241-09 Anita Ward Animals SC7597-13 Boom Boom SC9001-05 Ann Breen Bring It On Home To Me THH0502-10 Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra SC8737-08 Don't Bring Me Down MM6171-02 Ann Lee Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood SC8429-15 Two Times SF150-10 House Of The Rising Sun SC7504-07 Voices SF157-06 I Put A Spell On You DK030-17 Ann Margret It's My Life LG042-03 Begin The Beguine MM6184-06 Nickelback SC9007-13 Bye Bye Birdie SAVP12-10 See See Rider DK080-05 Ann Nesby Sky Pilot SC8575-12 I'll Do Anything For You SC8295-08 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place SC8418-15 I'm Still Wearing Your Name SC8754-09 Animotion Ann Nesby & Al Green Obsession SC8482-04 Put It On Paper THH0206-13 Anita Baker Ann Wilson & Angel SC8754-12 Almost Paradise BS4117-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 15 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Anna Garrott Annie Lennox & Al Green Two More Bottles Of Wine PHMC1002 Put A Little Love In Your Heart CBEP471-2-09 Anna Nalick Annie Lennox & Eurythmics Breathe (2 Am) SC8915-08 Here Comes The Rain Again SC2234-07 In The Rough THM0206P-03 No More I Love You's SC2234-03 Shine CB30075-07 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) SC2234-01 Wreck Of The Day SC9005-03 Take Me To The River SC2234-06 Anne Murray Walking On Broken Glass SC2234-02 Another Sleepless Night PI205-12 Why SC2234-04 Blessed Are The Believers SC8604-02 Would I Lie To You SC2234-05 Bluebird SC2156-04 Another Level Broken Hearted Me SC8398-10 Be Alone No More SF119-07 Could I Have This Dance SC7512-07 Bomb Diggy SF150-13 Danny's Song CB90101-02 Freak Me SF123-09 Daydream Believer SC8410-06 From The Heart SF140-14 Do You Hear What I Hear CB60304-09 I Want You For Myself SF132-03 Feed This Fire CB90101-07 Anthony He Thinks I Still Care SC8375-10 Yo Te Confieso SCL1529-05 I Can See Arkansas SC8306-06 Anthony Callea I Just Fall In Love Again SC2156-02 The Prayer SFMW861-12 It's A Great Day For The Irish PUK325-05 Anthony Hamilton Just Another SC7539-01 Charlene SC8889-12 Little Drummer Boy SC8990-06 Comin' From Where I'm From THH0312-17 Little Good News SC2156-06 Please Stay PHMU1006-04 Love Song SC8158-12 Point Of It All PHMU906 Now And Forever (You And Me) SC8647-15 Anthony Newley Put Your Hand In The Hand CB90101-11 Candy Man LG133-14 Shadows In The Moonlight SC8767-14 Do You Mind THCOL04-01 Snowbird SC7537-10 Gonna Build Me A Mountain LG133-16 Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye SC8642-01 Good Old Bad Old Days LG133-13 SC7511-03 It Isn't Enough LG133-12 Anne Murray & Dave Loggins Joker LG132-16 Nobody Loves Me Like You Do SC8119-09 My Way LG132-14 Anne Shelton Nothing Can Stop Me Now LG132-13 Lay Down Your Arms SF062-11 Once In A Lifetime LG133-15 Annie Strawberry Fair SF083-07 Chewing Gum SF222-15 Talk To The Animals LG132-15 It's A Hard Knock Life MM6100A-10 This Time The Dream's On Me LG132-12 Maybe SC8547-05 What Kind Of Fool Am I LG132-17 Tomorrow SC7538-04 Who Can I Turn To LG133-17 Annie Get Your Gun Why FLY017-08 Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better SGB50-05 Anthony Smith There's No Business Like Show Business SC8127-01 Bringin' Back The Sunshine CB60421-06 Annie Lennox Half A Man CB20406-08 I Can't Get Next To You MM6119-06 If That Ain’T Country CB60234-07 Into The West NSP2050-08 John J. Blanchard CB60240-05 Lighter Shade Of Pale SFG029-04 Love Is Love Is Love CB60441-11 Little Bird PI035-11 Anthrax No More I Love You's SC8164-09 Antisocial SC8869-04 Pavement Cracks SD4308-14 Caught In A Mosh SC2400-06 Shining Light PHMP0905 Got The Time SC8830-13 Thin Line Between Love And Hate SC8600-08 I'm The Man SC2364-03 Train In Vain SC8800-02 Only NT04-10 Waiting In Vain SC8856-11 Antigone Rising Walking On Broken Glass SC8486-08 Don't Look Back SC8958-06 Why SC8235-12 Antonia Would I Lie To You MM6046-05 Fame SF009-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 16 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Apollonia 6 Aretha Franklin Sex Shooter SC8718-10 Freeway Of Love SC8841-02 Applejacks Here We Go Again SC8478-14 Tell Me When ZMH003-09 Higher Ground PI025-14 Appleton House That Jack Built LG186-15 Fantasy EZH16-12 I Don't Want To Know LG013-08 April Wine I Knew You Were Waiting CB90199-12 Cum Hear KAR006-01 I Never Loved A Man SC9903-08 Enough Is Enough KAR006-02 I'm In Love SAVP38-06 I Like To Rock KAR006-03 It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be CB90199-13 I Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love KAR006-04 Jump To It PHMR8201-03 Just Between You And Me SC8346-02 Natural Woman SC8841-08 Rock & Roll Is A Viscious Game KAR006-06 Neither One Of Us TUFP03-07 Roller KAR006-07 Respect SC8841-12 Tonight Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love KAR006-09 Rock Steady SC8841-11 Whole World's Going Crazy KAR006-08 Rose Is Still A Rose SC8453-01 You Won't Dance With Me KAR006-10 Say A Little Prayer SF052-14 Aqua Share Youre Love With Me CB90199-09 Around The World SF163-13 Since You've Been Gone RB16-01 Barbie Girl SC8395-10 Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves LG186-12 Candy Man SF119-03 Sweet Sweet Baby Since You've Been Gone CB90199-10 Doctor Jones SF118-01 Think SC8841-04 Good Morning Sunshine SF130-06 Until You Come Back To Me SC8984-10 Turn Back Time SF120-05 Walk On By TU248-18 Aqualung Who's Zoomin' Who SC8841-06 Brighter Than Sunshine SC3460-07 Willing To Forgive SC8132-08 Good Times Gonna Come SF199-10 Wonderful THH0401-12 Strange And Beautiful SF198-08 You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Wom SC8126-01 Aquiesce Aretha Franklin & Oasis EKI01-05 Through The Storm CBEP471-3-11 Arcadia Aretha Franklin & Election Day SC8678-11 I Knew You Were Waiting For Me SC2412-08 Archie Bell & The Drells Aretha Franklin & The Blues Brothers Tighten Up SF073-07 Respect EZA007-08 Archies Argent Sugar, Sugar SC7543-06 Hold Your Head Up SC8178-09 Arctic Monkeys Arika Kane Fluorescent Adolescent THHP0803-13 4 The Lovers PHMU1008-08 I Bet You Look Good On The Danceflo SC8966-04 Arkangel R-15 Mardy Bum SFMW921-07 Con Quien Estaras (Version Pop) SCL1511-08 Teddy Picker THHP0803-16 Te Suplique Muchas Veces SCL2250-01 Area 305 Arlo Guthrie Hasta Que Me Olvide De Ti SCL1572-01 Alice's Restaurant MM6172-08 Si No Estas SCL1560-06 City Of New Orleans SC8201-15 Vive La Vida SCL1567-02 Arman Van Helland Aretha Franklin You Don't Know Me SF132-08 A Natural Woman TTU248-02 Armando Manzanero Ain't No Way SC8841-13 Nada Personal AV34-05 Amazing Grace LG186-10 Army Of Anyone Baby I Love You SC8841-10 Goodbye SC9005-06 (Holy Moses) SC8984-07 Army Song Chain Of Fools SC7508-14 Caissons Song TU086-09 Day Dreaming SC8841-03 Arrested Development Deeper Love LG013-07 Ease My Mind NT49-05 Do Right Woman Do Right Man SC8841-01 Mr. Wendel SF050-13 Don't Play That Song DK048-12 People Everyday SFMW865-08 Dr. Feelgood SC8776-12 Tennessee SC8760-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 17 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Arrows Asher Roth & Cee-Lo Hot Hot Hot SF028-11 Be By Myself PHMP0908 Art Company Ashlee Simpson Susanna SFMW923-06 Autobiography SC8906-13 Art Garfunkel Boyfriend CB30055-02 All I Know DM101-11 Boyfriend (Performance Version) TU271-16 Bright Eyes SF079-05 Invisible CB30060-07 LG130-14 L.O.V.E PHM0603-03 My Little Town DM101-16 La La SF227-08 Since I Don't Have You LG058-17 Little Miss Obsessive CB30071-02 Wonderful World LG060-13 Love CB30057-08 Art 'N' Soul Pieces Of Me SC8905-11 Ever Since You Went Away SC8281-02 Shadow SC8888-05 Artful Dodger Ashley Gearing Movin' Too Fast SFPKT1-2-11 Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You SC8837-09 Please Don't Turn Me On SF174-11 Out The Window CB60377-09 Woman Trouble SF167-01 Ashley Monroe Artful Dodger & Mel Blatt I Don't Want To CB60357-06 Twenty Four Seven SF182-12 Satisfied SC3461-04 Arthur Brown Ashley Monroe & Fire SF070-05 I Don't Want To THC0702-14 Arthur Conley Ashley Parker Angel Shake, Rattle & Roll TT6016-09 Let U Go SC8983-13 Sweet SC8951-03 Where Did You Go THP0612-16 Artic Monkeys Ashley Tisdale The View From The Afternoon EZH56-13 Be Good To Me PHM0705-07 When The Sun Goes Down (Scummy) SF239-14 Ashton Shepherd Aselin Debison I Ain't Dead Yet CB60377-12 Driftwood CB60244-12 Sounds So Good CB60379-14 Ash Takin' Off This Pain CB60371-10 Candy SF183-12 Asia Girl From Mars SFG017-01 Don’t Cry SC8886-04 Life Less Odinary SF115-13 Heat Of The Moment SC8283-06 Orpheus SFMW852-13 Only Time Will Tell SC8552-14 Sometimes SF182-07 Asleep At The Wheel Star Crossed SF220-04 Cherokee Maiden SC8608-06 Ash Bowers Route 66 CB60091-13 Ain't No Stopping Her Now PHMC1005-06 Asleep At The Wheel & Lyle Lovett Stuck PHMC0912 Blues For Dixie SC8309-04 Ashanti Asleep At The Wheel & The Dixie Chicks Baby SC8773-04 Roly Poly CB60197-12 CB30046-15 Aslyn Dont Leave Me Alone CB30051-11 Be The Girl THP0503-14 Don't Let Them SF232-05 Be The Girl (Performance Version) TU269-16 Dreams SC8822-13 Aspects Of Love Dreams (Radio Version) SC3362-02 Love Changes Everything MM6015-15 Foolish SC8797-14 Assembly Happy SC8797-12 Never SFMW925-08- SC3428 04 NEVER Rain On Me CB3040-07 Association (Awww Baby) SC8834-01 Along Comes Mary SC8396-02 Ashanti & Cherish SC8418-12 Dont Leave Me Alone CB30051-11 Everything That Touches You LG227-09 Happy TU168-10 Never My Love SC8441-10 Asher Roth Windy SC7550-04 Be By Myself PHM0908-07 Asteroids Galaxy Tour I Love College PHMP0905 Around The Bend SFMW920-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 18 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Aston Gardner & Dyke Audioslave Resurrection Shuffle SF090-08 Cochise CB3034-10 Astors Doesnt Remind Me THMR0510-03 Twilight Zone RB15-04 I Am The Highway THR0401-13 Astrud Gilberto Out Of Exile THM0306R-02 Girl From Ipanema MMGPK10-09 Show Me How To Live THR0309-10 Shadow Of Your Smile SAVP07-04 What You Are PHR0405-02 Aswad Your Time Has Come THR0508-13 Don't Turn Around SFMW809-06 Audioslave Shine SC8500-12 Like A Stone CB30036-15 Ataris Boys Of Summer MM6392-14 Energy TU142-15 In This Diary THMR0306-18 TU159-10 Saddest Song THR0312-17 Auf Der Maur The Boys Of Summer THR0309-03 Followed The Waves THR0408-16 Atc August & The Spur Of The Moment Band Around The World La La La La La SC3244-02 I95 Song SC8117-04 Killer SF164-03 Augustana Aterciopelados Boston SC8995-13 El Album TZLTPK-4-07 Stars And Boulevards SD4705-11 Athenaeum Aurora What I Didn't Know SC3079-08 Day It Rained Forever TU149-16 Athlete Authority Zero Half Light SF231-09 One More Minute THR0303-14 Wires SF228-09 Autograph Atlanta Turn Up The Radio SC9509R-07 Sweet SC8506-14 Automatic Atlanta Rhythm Section Monster SF245-10 Calling All Girls THH0312-15 Ava Screw Champagne Jam MM6194-14 THCOL04-01 Doraville SC8922-12 Avalon Imaginary Lover SC8479-10 I Don't Want To Go SC8828-09 So Into You SC8449-05 Testify To Love SC8962-06 Atlantic Starr Avant Always SC7545-13 4 Minutes CB30059-03 I'll Remember You NT35-12 Can't Wait THMH0505-16 Masterpiece SC8266-05 Don’T Take Your Love Away SC3408-01 Secret Lovers SC8181-09 Don't Say No, Just Say Yes THH0211-12 Atomic Kitten Makin' Good Love CB30025-14 Be With You SF200-07 Read Your Mind THH0401-16 Cradle SF227-14 Sailing PHMU903 Flame SF180-10 Separated SC8629-15 Feels So Good SFG038-15 When It Hurts CB30080-03 If You Come To Me SF211-03 Avant & Ketara Wyatt It's Okay SFG038-10 My First Love SC8664-13 Ladies Night EZH30-12 Ave Maria Love Doesn't Have To Hurt SF203-08 Christmas SM9903-04 Someone Like Me SF216-12 Avenged Sevenfold The Last Goodbye SF199-14 Almost Easy SC9019-01 Tide Is High,The SC2446-08 Bat Country SC3455-06 Walking On The Water ASKFP-37-1-03 Aventura Whole Again SF176-14 Dile Al Amor SF290-14 You Are SFG038-13 Average White Band Audio Adrenaline Cut The Cake SC8386-05 Ocean Floor TU207-11 Let's Go Round Again BL24-05 Audioslave Work To Do SC8151-13 Be Yourself THMR0507-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 19 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Avion B W Stevenson Seven Days Without You THMP0409-17 CBE4-03-12 B.B. King Alice SF291-16 Caldonia SC8339-04 Anything But Ordinary TU202-01 I'll Survive MM6272-05 Complicated SC8813-01 Merry Christmas Baby SC2514-06 Don’T Tell Me SC8876-02 Paying The Cost To Be The Boss SC8339-15 Fall To Pieces CB30052-05 Rock Me Baby SC8675-05 Falling Down SC8793-05 Thrill Is Gone SC8339-03 Forgotten ZMP058-08 Why I Sing The Blues SC8327-13 Freak Out ZMP058-11 B.B. King & Eric Clapton Girlfriend ESP491-03 Riding With The King SC8814-07 Girlfriend (Radio Version) SC8999-11 B.B. Mak He Wasnæt SC8924-11 Back Here SC8616-12 Hot SC9015-12 Ghost Of You And Me SC8702-06 How Does It Feel ZMP058-05 Out Of My Heart SC3336-05 I Always Get What I Want SC3421-08 Still On Your Side SC8673-01 I Don’T Give SC2452-03 B.J. Thomas I'm With You SC8813-13 Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song CBE13-11 Keep Holding On SC8999-06 Eyes Of A New York Woman LG138-14 Knockin' On Heaven's Door SF205-16 Hey, Won't You Play SC7590-08 Losing Grip SC8817-13 Hooked On A Feeling SC7532-14 Mobile ZMP019-07 I Just Can't Help Believin' LG138-11 My Happy Ending SC8883-02 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry LG138-17 My World EZH30-07 Jingle Bells CBPR05-15 Naked TU196-07 Let It Snow CB60306-01 Nobody's Fool TTU260V2-09 Mama LG138-13 Nobody's Home SF224-06 Mighty Clouds Of Joy SC8668-14 Oh Holy Night SC8899-03 New Looks From An Old Lover SC8455-08 Sk8er Boi SC8813-04 Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head SC7534-01 Slipped Away ZMP058-12 Rock & Roll Lullaby SC8594-10 Take Me Away TU262-04 Two Car Garage SC7569-11 Things Ill Never Say SK552-04 B.J. Thomas & D. Springfield Together ZMP058-02 As Long As We Got Each Other SAVP37-01 Tomorrow ZMP019-02 B.M.U. Unwanted TU196-09 U Will Know SC8145-03 When You're Gone SC9009-06 B.O.B Who Knows TU262-05 Don't Let Me Fall PHMU1006-02 Avril Lavigne & Chantal Kreviazuk Nothin' On You PHU1004-03 O Holy Night SC2455-03 B.O.B & Bruno Mars Az Yet & Peter Cetera Nothin' On You SF291-03 Hard To Say I'm Sorry SC3012-01 B.O.B & Hayley Last Night SC8320-13 Airplanes SF293-10 Aztec Camera B2k Somewhere In My Heart SF137-04 Bump, Bump, Bump SC3348-01 Azul Azul Do That SC3351-06 La Bomba SCL2273-03 Girlfriend CB3036-11 B 52'S Gots Ta Be SC8766-01 Deadbeat Club DK049-04 Uh Huh SC8747-06 Debbie SC8465-12 Why I Love You CB3030-06 Good Stuff JV1001-13 B2k & Fabolous Love Shack SC8106-13 Bada Boom PHU0403-08 Loveshack RSQSC02-06 B2k & P. Diddy Private Idaho SC8522-13 Bump Bump Bump SC3348-01 Roam SC8861-04 Do That SC3351-06 Rock Lobster SC8678-03 B5 B W Stevenson All I Do PHMP0506-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 20 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Baby & P. Diddy Bachman Turner Overdrive Do That SC8812-07 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet SC8368-10 Baby Bash Bachman-Turner Overdrive Baby Im Back THMH0508-08 Roll On Down The Highway SC8539-15 Cyclone PHU0710-08 Takin' Care Of Business SC7519-07 Obsession (No Es Amor) TU267-08 Bacilos What Is It PHM0805-09 Mi Primer Millon SCL1560-01 Baby Bash & Akon Backstreet Boys Baby I'm Back THH0508-17 10,000 Promises BS9617-01 Baby Bash & Frankie J. All I Have To Give SC8503-07 Suga Suga SC8849-11 Anywhere For You LG007-14 Baby Boy As Long As You Love Me SC8452-07 The Way I Live PHU0706-09 Back To Your Heart SC8553-09 Baby D Boys Will Be Boys HSPAK3-09-13 SFMW817-08 Bye Bye Bye BS6117-02 Babybird Call SC8680-11 Bad Old Man SF121-11 Christmas Time CB60424-03 Babyface Crawling Back To You CB30055-03 And Our Feelings NT32-02 Darlin' SK516-07 Day That You Gave Me A Son PI052-02 Don't Leave Me BS9617-04 Everytime I Close My Eyes SC8018-15 Don't Wanna Lose You THMR-0503-04 Fire & Rain PHM0804-09 Drowning SC8732-04 For The Cool In You SC8132-07 Everybody (Backstreet's Back) SC3064-01 Grown Sexy PHM1205AC- Everytime I Close My Eyes BS6117-03 07 Get Another Boyfriend SFMW843-02 How Come, How Long PI054-02 Get Down LG007-15 I Need A Love Song PHMU903 Helpless When She Smiles CB30068-03 My Kinda Girl DK060-01 Hey Mr. Dj (Keep Playin' This Song) BS6117-05 Never Keeping Secrets SC8121-14 How Did I Fall In Love With You THMR-0503-04 Seven Seas PI050-18 I Drive Myself Crazy BS6117-01 Sorry For The Stupid Things THMH0510-09 I Love It Like That HSPAK3-08-06 Talk To Me HSPAK3-09-18 I Need You Tonight THMR-0503-04 There She Goes MM6346-11 I Promise You THMR-0503-04 This Is For The Lover In You BS3917-05 I Wanna Be With You TU031-06 What If CB30017-08 I Want It That Way SC8542-01 When Can I See You SC8132-14 If I Don't Have You BS9617-13 Whip Appeal SC8755-10 If You Want It To Be Good (Get Yourself A Bad PS1532-10 Babyface & Lisa Stansfield Boy) Dream Away SD007-08 If You Want To Be Good Girl TU031-09 Babyface, Tamia Jones Quincy & Portrait I'll Never SC8478-08 Slow Jams SC8277-11 I'll Never Stop HSPAK3-09-05 Babylon Zoo Incomplete SC3444-04 Spaceman SF060-04 Its Gotta Be You SK536-11 Babys It's True PHM0011-01 Every Time I Think Of You SC8221-07 Just Want You To Know SF236-07 Head First SC7564-06 Larger Than Life SC8559-14 Isn't It Time SC8456-11 Let's TU031-11 Baccara Like A Child BS6117-09 Yes Sir I Can Boogie SF071-05 More Than That SC8702-09 Bach No One Else Comes Close SK536-05 Avemaria SC2181-03 Nobody But You TU031-13 Bachelors One SC8616-04 Charmaine SF066-02 Perfect Fan SC8613-09 Diane THCOL04-01 Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) SC8390-08 Bachman Turner Overdrive Set Adrift On Memory Bliss SK516-10 Let It Ride SC7562-05 Shape Of My Heart SC8649-14 Taking A Chance On Love IMPK23-01 Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely SC8048-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 21 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Backstreet Boys Bananarama Spanish Eyes THMR-0503-04 Cruel Summer SC8322-14 Straight Through My Heart CB30112-3 I Heard A Rumour DK067-05 Tearin' Up My Heart BS6117-07 I Want You Back PUK329-09 That's The Way I Like It BS9617-10 It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It ZMP059-01 That's What She Said PS1532-11 Love In The First Degree DK028-05 We've Got It Goin' SK516-05 Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye ZMP059-04 Backsytreet Boys Nathan Jones SF151-10 I Need You Tonight SK536-10 Really Saying Something ZMP059-02 Bad Boy's Da Band Robert Deniro's Waiting SF033-15 Bad Boy This Bad Boy That THH0402-15 Shy Boy (Don't It Make You Feel Good) SC8571-08 Tonight PHU0403-01 Venus SF057-08 Bad Company Band Aid 20 Bad Company SC8404-06 Do They Know It's Christmas SF225-01 Burning Sky SC9012-03 Band Of Horses Can't Get Enough Of Your Love SC8176-10 Is There A Ghost SC9016-08 Feel Like Makin’ Love SC7576-02 Band Perry Good Lovin' Gone Bad SC8334-07 Hip To My Heart CB60436-09 Ready For Love SC8939-10 Band, The Rock 'n Roll Fantasy SC8430-15 I Shall Be Released DK077-07 Seagull AMS1507-05 Life Is A Carnival SC8599-13 Shooting Star SGB26-02 Night They Drove Old Dixie Down DK044-16 Silver, Blue And Gold SC9012-14 Up On Cripple Creek SC8477-09 Young Blood SC8314-07 Weight SGB062-12 Bad English Banda El Recodo When I See You Smile SC8791-15 Aca Entre Nos SCL1564-05 Bad Manners Cada Vez Te Extrano Mas SCL1542-08 Lip Up Fatty THCOL04-01 Como Pudiste SCL1547-05 Bad Religion Deja SCL2299-04 Sorrow THR0204-16 Las Vias Del Amor SCL1561-01 Badfinger Te Ofrezco Un Corazon SCL2235-08 Baby Blue SC8568-04 Y Llegaste Tu SCL1533-03 Come & Get It THCOL04-01 Yo Se Que Te Acordaras SCL2250-02 Come And Get It SC8706-09 Banda La Costena Day After Day SC8706-13 Por La Espalda SCL2257-04 No Matter What SC8706-14 Banda Machos Without You SC8706-12 En Toda La Chapa SCL2239-01 Badlees Me Llamo Raquel SCL2287-06 Angeline Is Coming Home SC8304-09 No Compro Amores SCL2235-07 Badly Drawn Boy Banda Maguey Disillusion SF175-06 Dos Gotas De Agua SCL2235-06 Spitting In The Wind SF179-11 Que Bonito Amor SCL2250-07 Baha Men Bandy & Baily Like This SF194-10 Following The Feeling MM6314-06 Who Let The Dogs Out SC8637-11 Bangels You All Dat SF176-07 Eternalflame SFHH5-09 Bailey & The Boys Bangles Fool Such As I CB60088-14 Be With You CBE2-23-03 Long Shot SC8537-13 Eternal Flame MM6105-15 Perfect CB60096-14 Hazy Shades Of Winter SC8259-06 She Deserves You CB60111-09 If She Knew What She Wants SC8535-01 Treat Me Like A Stranger NSCD4002-11 In Your Room SC8329-03 Baker & Myers Manic Monday SC8331-10 Little Bit Of Honey SC8311-14 Something That You Said TU233-11 Years From Here SC8239-13 Walk Down The Street JV0036-10 Baltimora Walk Like An Egyptian SC8273-09 Tarzan Boy SC8678-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 22 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Bar Kays Barbra Streisand Freakshow On The Dancefloor SC8969-15 All Is Fair In Love DG07-07 Shake Your Rump To The SC8386-15 As If We Never Had To Say Goodbye MM6049-03 Barbara Dixon As Time Goes By MMGSTA02-19 Caravan Song SFMW821-03 Comin ‘In And Out Of Your Life SFG042-04 I Know Him So Well THCOL04-01 Common People ESS01-04 Barbara Fairchild Cry Me A River (Timeless Concert) SGB059-13 Kid Stuff SC8558-05 Don't Rain On My Parade SC7538-02 Teddy Bear Song SC8375-04 Evergreen SC7506-04 Barbara George For All We Know SC8302-03 I Know SC8251-05 Free Again MM6329-06 I Know You Don't Love Me No More CBEP455-6-13 Guilty SC7533-04 Barbara Lewis Happy Days Are Here Again MM6180-06 Baby, Im Yours SC8418-13 He Touched Me LG006-04 Hello Stranger SC8251-03 Higher Ground SC8462-10 Make Me Your Baby SC7560-13 I Finally Found Someone SC7600-08 Barbara Lynn If You Ever Leav SC8565-09 You'll Lose A Good Thing SC8651-07 I've Dreamed Of You SC8559-02 Barbara Mandrell Kiss Me In The Rain SC8510-09 After Closing Time SAVA09-04 Life Story SFG042-15 Crackers SC8401-04 Love Is All Around ESS03-06 Fast Lanes And Counry Roads SC8506-02 Main Event SC8634-10 Feed The Fire CB90102-07 Man I Love MM6142-08 Happy Birthday Dear Heartache SC8401-01 Man That I Love HSPAK3-12-11 I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool SC8101-08 Memory SFG042-10 If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right SC7590-01 My Funny Valentine TU120-14 In Times Like These SC8401-05 My Heart Belongs To Me SC7547-01 It Should Have Been Love By Now CB90355-06 My Man SFG042-12 Married But Not To Each Other CB60137-03 No More Tears SFHH5-06 No One Mends A Broken Heart Like You SC8537-12 SC2434-04 One Of A Kind Pair Of Fools SC8355-07 Papa Can You Hear Me LG006-14 Only A Lonely Heart Knows SC8455-07 People SC7540-12 Satisfied CB90102-04 Places That Belong To You SC8272-01 Sleeping Single In A Double Bed SC7524-01 Sam, You Made The Pants Too L LG006-11 Standing Room Only CB90102-14 Second Hand Rose SFG042-13 Ten Pound Hammer SC8309-10 Someone To Watch Over Me SC2476-01 There's In Tennessee SC8401-14 Somewhere MM6052-15 Till You're Gone SC8401-12 Song Bird MM6052-13 To Me CB90355-11 Stoney End SC8261-05 Tonight My Baby's Comng Home SC7570-15 Stranger In A Strange Land SD4512-14 Wish You Were Here CB90102-15 Summer Knows PI016-15 Woman To Woman CBE604-10 Way He Makes Me Feel LG006-15 Years DK086-08 Way We Were SC7540-02 Barbara Mandrell & Greenwood We’Re Not Making Love Anymore SFG042-03 It Should Have Been Love By Now CB60076-11 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life MM6180-13 Barbara Mandrell & Lee Greenwood What Did I Have That I Don't Have Now MM6180-12 To Me CB90102-09 What Kind Of Fool SFG042-05 Barbara Mason Woman In Love SC8609-13 Yes, I'm Ready CBE506-04 Barbra Streisand & B. Gibb Barbara Mills Guilty SK513-07 Queen Of Fools SFCC01-01 Barbra Streisand & Barry Manilow Barbara Tucker I Won't Be The One To Let Go SD4303-14 Everybody Dance (The Horn Song) SF124-13 Barbra Streisand & Barbara Wells I Finally Found Someone SC8369-09 Baby I'm Yours SGB67-09 Barbra Streisand & C. Dion Barbra Streisand Tell Him CBEP458-2-07 SFG042-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 23 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Barbra Streisand & Don Johnson Barry Manilow Till I Loved You CBEP471-3-12 Come Dance With Me, Come Fly With Me CB90317-05 Barbra Streisand & Donna Summers Copacabana SC7509-07 No More Tears MMGPK09-14 SC8790-03 Barbra Streisand & Daybreak LG165-06 I've Got A Crush On You SK513-05 Don't Want To Walk LG165-12 Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond Even Now LG014-13 You Don't Bring Me Flowers SC8119-01 I Made It Through The Nite CB90230-13 Barbra Streisand & Vince Gill I Should Care MM6186-12 If You Ever Leave Me SC8565-09 I Write The Songs SC7511-07 It's A Miracle SC8644-11 Alcohol RSZ604-15 It's All In The Game CB90317-15 Another Postcard SC3393-01 It's Not For Me To Say CB90317-12 RSZ604-16 Looks Like We Made It LG014-12 Brian Wilson SC8640-10 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing SC8983-15 SC8640-02 Mandy SC8413-13 Enid RSZ604-13 Memory LG165-02 Falling For The First Time SC8730-08 Moments To Remember CB90317-03 SC8572-06 Moonlight Serenade MM6186-08 Get In Line (Duet Version) RSZ604-10 N.Y. City Rhythm MM6293-01 If I Had $1000000 SC8640-06 Old Songs LG014-10 It's All Been Done SC8640-07 One Voice SC8891-12 Jane RSZ604-07 Rags To Riches CB90317-11 Never Is Enough RSZ604-14 Read 'em And Weep SC8603-13 Old Apartment RSZ604-01 Ready To Take A Chance Again DK082-15 One Week SC8640-11 Regards To Broadway LG165-09 SC8637-09 Ships LG165-10 Pinch Me (Radio Version) PP3216-02 Sincerely, Teach Me Tonight CB90317-06 Sell Sell Sell TU054-10 Some Kind Of Friend SAVP32-12 RSZ604-06 Somewhere In The Night CB90317-08 Straw Hat RSZ604-08 The Old Songs CB90230-15 Thanks That Was Fun CB3021-11 This Ones For You CB90230-11 Too Little Too Late SC3247-01 Trying To Get The Feeling Again SC8609-08 RSZ604-11 Venus CB90317-01 When I Fall RSZ604-09 Weekend In New SC8518-07 Barnes & Barnes What A Diff'rence A Day Made CB90317-07 Fish Heads SC8544-06 When October Goes LG165-08 Barrett Strong You Make Me CB90317-10 Money LG131-06 Young At Heart CB90317-02 Barrio Boyz Barry Mann Cerca De Ti SC7104-04 Who Put The Bomp SC7554-08 Eres Asi SC7107-12 Barry Martin Barry Blue Hummers In Heaven SC8700-15 Dancing On A Saturday Night SF166-10 Barry McGuire Barry Gibb & Barbra Streisand Eve Of Destruction SC8563-07 Guilty SC7533-04 Barry Ryan Barry Manilow Elouise PUK325-13 All I Have To Do Is Dream CB90317-13 Barry Sadler All Or Nothing At All MM6186-03 Ballad Of The Green Berets SC7560-15 And The Angels Sing MM6186-02 Barry White Are You Lonesome Tonight CB90317-04 Can't Get Enough Of Your Love SC8368-08 Ave Maria LG172-19 Come On SC8164-12 Bandstand Boogie CB90230-05 I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little B LG018-02 Beyond The Sea CB90317-09 It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Nex LG018-06 Brooklyn Blues LG165-05 Just The Way You Are SFMW812-07 Can't Smile Without You SC8790-02 Let The Music Play SFMW809-01 Chattanooga Choo Choo MM6186-09 Never Never Gonna Give You Up MM6055-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 24 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Barry White Beach Boys Practice What You Preach SC8145-15 When I Grow Up To Be A Man LG154-07 You See The Trouble With Me BL25-05 Wouldn’T It Be Nice SC8912-01 You're The First, The Last, My Everything SC8284-15 Beach Boys & James House Basement Jaxx Little Deuce Coupe MM6168-06 Good Luck SF857-10 Beanie Sigel Hush Boy SF247-03 Don't Stop PHU0507-R206 Red Alert SF140-02 -07 Romeo SF182-05 Beanie Sigel & Freeway Where's Your Head At SC8789-08 Roc The Mic SC8805-05 Basia Beastie Boys New Day For You SC8518-13 Brass Monkey SC2312-06 Time And Tide SC7564-13 Check It Out THP0408-10 Bauhaus Fight For Your Right To Party SC2312-01 Kick In The Eye SFMW840-14 Get It Together SC2312-07 Bay City Rollers Intergalactic SC8894-07 Bye Bye Baby THCOL04-01 No Sleep Till Brooklyn SC2312-08 Give A Little Love SFMW822-05 Paul Revere SC2312-03 I Only Wanna Be With You SC8292-15 Right Right Now Now THP0502-17 Saturday Night SC7530-10 Sabotage SC2312-04 Shang A Lang SF055-15 She's Crafty SC8875-13 Summer Love Sensation SFMW801-12 So What 'Cha Want SC2312-02 Beach Baby Sure Shot SC2312-05 First Class SC8207-12 Triple Trouble THR0411-11 Beach Boys Beathfreakz 409 SC8912-17 Super Freak (Superfreak) THHP0701-11 All Summer Long NT48-08 Beatles Barbara Ann SC8912-13 A Day In The Life SFMW859-05 Be True To Your School LG154-10 Across The Universe SAVP03-12 California Girls SC7508-10 Act Naturally SC8387-10 Catch A Wave BS8517-15 All My Loving SC7520-06 Dance Dance Dance BS8517-04 All You Need Is Love CBEP472-4-12 Darlin' SC8912-04 And I Love Her 's Night SC8360-05 Do You Wanna Dance LG154-09 And Your Bird Can Sing SC8685-14 Don’T Worry Baby SC8912-15 Anna Go To Him DK022-15 Fun, Fun, Fun SC8226-11 Another Girl AMS4003-11 Girls On The Beach NT51-06 Any Time At All SC8360-09 God Only Knows SC8912-07 Ask Me Why SAVP16-02 Good Vibrations SC8912-09 Baby You're A Rich Man MM6060-01 Help Me Rhonda SC8912-10 Back In The U.S.S.R. SC8407-02 Heroes And Villains SC8912-08 Ballad Of John & Yoko SC8407-15 I Can Hear Music SFMW824-12 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! SC8685-02 I Get Around SC8912-11 Birthday SC7543-13 In My Room SC8912-05 Blackbird SC8685-12 Kokomo CB80072-15 Chains DK019-18 Let Him Run Wild NT42-07 Come Together SC8407-10 Little Deuce Coupe SC8202-08 Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill SC8685-15 Little Saint Nick SC8185-04 Day In The Life SC8821-06 Little St. Nick CB60209-02 Day Tripper SC8387-05 Rock And Roll Music CBE4-05-05 Dear Prudence SC8685-05 Sail On Sailor SC8912-06 Devil In Her Heart ZMP008-01 Sloop John B SC8912-14 Dizzy Miss Lizzy SC8970-06 Surfer Girl SC8912-12 Do You Want To Know A Secret SC8379-08 Surfin' Safari LG154-08 Don't Bother Me SAVP16-01 Surfin' U.S.A. SC7201-12 Don't Let Me Down SFMW824-08 Warmth Of The Sun NT51-08 Don't Pass Me By SC8685-06 Wendy SAVP20-07 Drive My Car SC8820-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 25 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Beatles Beatles Eight Days A Week SC8379-14 Little Child ZMP039-02 Eleanor Rigby SC8387-03 Long And Winding Road SC8407-07 Fixing A Hole TU099-03 Love Me Do SC8379-04 Fool On The Hill SC8685-03 Lovely Rita SFMW875-08 For No One SAVP03-15 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds SC8172-15 For You Blue ZMP039-11 Maxwell's Silver Hammer MM6060-05 Free As A Bird SC8233-14 Maybe I'm Amazed PSJT200-3-07 From Me To You SC8379-02 Medley 1 ZMP039-12 Get Back SC8407-04 Medley 2 ZMP039-13 Getting Better SC8685-10 Michelle SC8387-04 Girl THCOL04-01 Misery ZMP008-02 Glass Onion SC8685-11 Money ZMP039-09 Golden Slumbers- Carry That Weight The End SC8685-08 Mr. Moonlight DK036-12 Good Day Sunshine MM6060-09 My Bonnie SAVP12-09 Good Morning, Good Morning TU099-07 My Sweet Lord TU099-14 Got To Get You Into My Life SC8870-12 Night Before SC8820-14 Happiness Is A Warm Gun DG06-02 No Reply DK006-10 Happy Just To Dance With You SC8360-01 Norwegian Wood SC2330-08 Hard Day's Night SC8360-07 Nowhere Man SC8387-06 Hello Goodbye SC8387-14 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da SC8407-06 Help SC8360-12 Octopus's Garden SC8820-10 Helter Skelter SC2252-05 Oh! Darling SC8821-05 Here Comes The Sun SC8407-14 Old Brown Shoe ZMP008-11 Here There & Everywhere SC8387-08 P.S. I Love You SC8379-03 Hey Bulldog SC8782-11 Paperback Writer SC8387-09 Hey Jude SC8407-12 Penny Lane SC8387-12 I Am The Walrus SC8668-06 Please Mr. Postman ZMP039-08 I Call Your Name DK043-04 Please Please Me SC8379-07 I Feel Fine LG010-16 Ps I Love You LG010-04 I Hear You Knocking ESS07-08 Rain SC8820-12 I Know It's Your Birthday KC001-14 Real Love SC8268-05 I Love You TU099-17 Revolution SC8407-13 I Need You ZMP008-10 Rock And Roll Music SAVP03-01 SC8379-09 Rocky Racoon SC8407-03 I Should Have Known Better SC8360-15 SC8379-01 I Want To Be Your Man DK034-03 Run For Your Life LG010-13 I Want To Hold Your Hand SC8379-15 Sergeant Pepperæs Lonely Hearts Club Band SF234-09 I Will SC8575-04 Sexy Sadie MM6059-02 If I Needed Someone AMS4003-13 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window MM6060-15 I'll Be Back ZMH003-01 She Loves You SC8379-13 I'll Cry Instead SC8360-13 She's A Woman SC8379-06 I'll Follow The Sun SC8387-15 She's Leaving Home SC8685-09 I'll Get You ZMP008-03 Silly Love Songs TU099-19 I'm Down SC8820-04 Something SC8407-11 I'm Happy Just To Dance With You Hard Day's SC8360-01 Stars On 45 BSPK02-06 Night Strawberry Fields Forever SC8387-01 I'm Looking Through You AMS4003-07 Taxman SC8387-11 Imagine TU099-13 Tell Me What You See AMS4003-04 In My Life SC8685-04 Tell Me Why SC8360-10 It Won't Be Long MM6059-04 Thank You Girl ZMP039-01 It's All Too Much SC8820-07 There's A Place ZMP039-10 It's Only Love ZMH003-03 Things We Said Today ZMH003-02 I've Just Seen A Face SC8685-13 Think For Yourself AMS4003-16 Julia AMS4003-10 This Boy SC8379-12 SC8387-13 Ticket To Ride SC8360-03 Let It Be SC8407-05 Til There Was You DK036-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 26 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Beatles Beauty And The Beast Twist & Shout SC8379-10 Be Our Guest DISNEY03-07 Two Of Us AMS4003-12 Beauty And The Beast DISNEY02-01 Wait AMS4003-17 Bebe & Cece Winans We Can Work It Out SC8387-02 Close To You PHMU1001 When I'm Sixty Four SC8407-09 Heaven NT03-03 While My Guitar Gently Weeps SC8407-01 Never Thought PHMU1006-07 Why Don't We Do It In The Road SC8685-07 Bebo Norman With A Little Help From My Friends SC8407-08 A Page Is Turned TTU190-01 Word DG11-02 Great Light Of The World TU207-03 Words Of Love DK020-10 Beck Yellow Submarine SC8360-02 Devil's Haircut SC8638-05 Yer Blues DG05-03 E-Pro SC8934-04 Yes It Is ZMP039-03 Girl SC3448-04 Yesterday SC8360-04 Loser SC8122-04 You Can't Do That SC8360-06 New Pollution SC8390-02 You Like Me Too Much AMS4003-15 Sexx Laws NUTECH-0629 You Never Give Me Your Money PSJT200-4-15 Becky Baeling You Won't See Me AMS4003-09 Getaway PHM0308-09 Your Mother Should Know MM6060-02 Heaven Is A Place On Earth TU227-10 You're Gonna Lose That Girl DK009-09 Becky Hobbs You're Sixteen TU099-22 CB60105-06 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away Help SC8360-08 I Can't Fight This Feeling SC8236-09 You've Really Got A Hold On Me ZMP039-07 Jones On The Jukebox CB60127-06 Beatles & Tony Sheridan Talk Back Trembling Lips SAVA04-05 My Bonnie SAVP12-09 Bedouin Soundclash Beats International When The Night Feels My Song SF248-12 Dub Be Good To Me SFMW852-10 Beau Brummels Alone SC8460-12 Just A Little LC0007-14 Don't Forget To Remember BS8717-01 Laugh Laugh SC8429-11 E.S.P. SAVP34-07 Beau Dommage Emotion ZMP045-07 Ginette FRENCH50-01 Fanny PI043-17 Harmonie Du Soir À Châteauguay FRENCH50-01 For Whom The Bell Tolls NT28-08 La Complainte Du Phoque En Alaska FRENCH50-01 Holiday LG073-14 Le Blues De La Métropole FRENCH50-01 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart SC8138-01 Tous Les Palmiers FRENCH50-01 How Deep Is Your Love SC8181-07 Tout Va Bien FRENCH50-01 I Got To Get A Message To You LG073-06 Beautiful South I Started A Joke LG073-02 Blackbird On The Wire SFG013-14 If I Can't Have You SAVP34-08 Closer Than Most SFG013-16 Islands In The Stream LG073-10 Don't Marry Her Have Me SFG013-04 I've Gotta Get A Message To You SC8804-01 Dream A Little Dream SFG013-08 Jive Talkin' SC8650-10 Dumb SFG013-12 Lonely Days SC8153 13 Everybody's Talkin' SFG013-06 Love So Right LG073-11 Good As Gold SFG013-07 Love You Inside Out CBEP474-4-11 How Long's A Tear Take To Dry SFG013-13 Massachusetts DK069-08 Little Time SF053-03 Melody Fair SAVP10-01 Manchester SF243-12 More Than A Woman LG073-12 SFG013-10 My World ZMP045-09 One Last Love Song SFG013-11 New York Mining Disaster SC8770-01 Perfect 10 SFG013-02 Night Fever SC8143-06 Root Of All Evil SFG013-15 Nights On Broadway LG073-09 LG002-13 Only One Woman SAVP34-11 SFG013-09 Run To Me SFMW838-08 SFG013-03 Saved By The Bell ZMP045-10 Beauty And The Beast Secret Love ZMP045-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 27 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Bee Gees Bellamy Brothers Spicks & Specks ZMP045-04 Sugar Daddy SC8414-03 Stayin' Alive SC8143-08 We Dared The Lightning SC8216-07 Staying Alive SFMW849-03 What'll I Do CB20283-12 The Bee Gees Medley ZMP028-12 When I'm Away From You SC8426-09 This Is Where I Came In SF178-15 World's Greatest Lover SC8412-13 To Love Somebody SC8804-09 You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie SC8342-14 Too Much Heaven SC8594-11 Belle Stars Tragedy SC8178-05 Clapping Song SF107-08 Wedding Day TU054-17 Iko Iko SC8197-11 Words SC8599-05 Sign Of SF076-11 You Should Be Dancing SC8143 09 Bellefire You Win Again BS8717-11 Perfect Bliss SF180-16 Beenie Man Belly Dude PHM0410-08 Feed The Tree SC8122-02 Feel It Boy SC8778-10 Ben Adams Beenie Man & Ms Thing Sorry SF232-14 Dude PHM0410-08 Ben E. King Beer Glorious Melody Don't Play That Song SC8255-07 Down At Bull Bush PX05-13 I Who Have Nothing JV0029-04 Beetlejuice Spanish Harlem SC8191-06 Jump In Line (Shake Shake) SFMW837-12 Stand By Me SC8110-05 Belinda Carlisle Supernatural Thing Part 1 CBEP468-6-14 Circle In The Sand SC8540-03 Without Love RB20-08 Heaven Is A Place On Earth SC8368-09 Ben Folds Five I Get Weak SC8425-11 Army SC8542-05 In Too Deep SC8389-12 Brick SC8440-13 Leave A Light On SFMW864-03 Landed EZH47-12 Mad About You SC2074-07 Rocking The Suburbs SC8726-10 Summer Rain SFMW846-06 Song For The Dumped SC8927-08 We Want The Same Thing SF112-07 Ben Green Bell Biv Devoe Finest Hour, The (A Soldier's Story) PHAC0608-02 Do Me SC8532-12 Ben Harper Poison MM6380B-09 Diamonds On The Inside PHM0311-05 Something In Your Eyes SC8374-02 Get It Like You Like It PHAC0610-04 Bellamy Brothers Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals Bubba SC8275-04 Steal My Kisses SC8616-01 Can I Come To You SC8309-09 Ben Moody & Anastacia Cowboy Beat CB90110-04 Everything Burns THP0511-16 Dancin' Cowboys SC8610-11 Ben Taylor Desperadoes In Love TU085-05 I Will SC8170-11 Do You Love As Good As Yo SC8541-01 Benny Bell Ex-Files SC3170-03 Shaving Cream SC8544-02 For All The Wrong Reasons SC8385-01 Benny Hill I Could Be Persuaded SC8161-09 Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West) ZGY71-10 I Need More Of You SC8576-05 Benny Mardones If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body SC8355-08 Into The Night SC8447-13 Inside Of My Guitar NUTECH-0408 Bens Kids Of The Baby Boom CBE4-19-04 Bruised THR0404-18 Let Your Love Flow SC8628-02 Bering Strait Lie To You For Your Love SC8604-10 Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart CB60224-12 Lovers Live Longer CB90110-09 Old Hippie (The Sequel) SC8250-02 Metro The SC8522-12 On A Summer Night SC8287-06 No More Words SC8338-06 Redneck Girl SC8398-11 Sex AMS2001-13 Rip Off The Knob CB90110-06 Sex (I'm A...) SC8600-04 Shine Them Buckles SC8303-09 Take My Breath Away SC7546-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 28 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Bernard Cribbens Better Than Ezra Hole In The Ground SF089-06 Extra Ordinary SC8730-03 Right Said Fred SF089-07 Good SC8350-04 Berries In The Blood SC8199-14 Sunshine After The Rain SF060-10 King Of New Orleans SC8348-14 Bertie Higgins Lifetime PHM0510-07 SAVP02-19 One More Murder SC3091-06 Just Another Day In Paradise MM6115-05 Rosealia SC8233-04 Key Largo SC7517-12 Betty Boo Beth Hart Doin’ The Do SFMW839-04 Delicious Surprise (I Believe) SC8622-15 Betty Carter L.A.Song SC8572-13 Baby, It's Cold Outside SC8899-08 Beth Nielsen Chapman Betty Everett Happy Girl SC8395-12 It's In His Kiss MM6164-11 Sand And Water SC8423-07 Betty Hutton Shake My Soul SC8629-03 It Had To Be You TU178-09 Beth Orton Betty Jean Robinson & Nashville Grass Stolen Car SC3138-07 Palms Of Victory CBEP476-6-04 Bette Midler Tramp On The Street CBEP476-5-13 As Dreams Go By PS1200-15 Betty Wright Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy SC7204-02 Clean Up Woman SC7574 13 Bottomless PS1200-12 Beverly Bremers Come On-A My House PSJT318-06 Don't Say You Don't Remember SC8575-08 Do You Wanna Dance SC8259-07 Beverly Craven Every Road Leads Back To You DK1107-04 Promise Me SF053-08 Friends MM6046-06 Beverly Ellis SC7514-14 Woman Might CB60178-14 Glory Of Love SC2001-06 Beverly Hills Cop Hey There PSJT318-04 Heat Is On MM6100B-02 I Know This Town PS1200-10 Beverly Knight In My Life SC2001-05 Come As You Are SFMW877-10 In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening PSJT318-13 Get Up SF186-13 It's Too Late PS1200-09 Keep This Fire Burning SF229-14 Last Time PS1200-16 Piece Of My Heart SFMW876-06 Lullaby In Blue SGB11-06 Shoulda Coulda Woulda SF190-03 Mambo Italiano PSJT318-07 Beyonce Memories Of You PSJT318-09 Baby Boy SC8844-05 My True Friend SC2187-07 Beautiful Liar CB30064-03 Night And Day SK524-12 Bootylicious LG176-05 On A Slow Boat To China PSJT318-03 Check On It SF239-09 Perfect Kiss PS1200-11 Closer I Get To You SC3383-08 Rose SC7506-11 Crazy In Love LG176-01 Sisters PSJT318-08 Dangerously In Love THH0410-10 Tenderly PSJT318-05 Deja Vu CB30060-13 That's How Love Moves MM6287-13 Diva CB30094-8 That's The Glory Of Love SK524-10 Ego PHMP0908 The Rose ASKFP-35-1-03 Get Me Bodied CB30065-02 PSJT318-02 Halo CB30091-10 To Deserve You PS1200-13 If I Were A Boy CB30083-07 Under The Boardwalk SC2001-08 Independent Woman LG176-04 White Christmas PSJT318-11 Irreplaceable CB30062-01 Wind Beneath My Wings SC8109-01 Listen CB30063-04 You'll Never Know PSJT318-01 Me, Myself & I SC8902-14 Better Than Ezra Naughty Girl (Remix) PHU0406-04 A Lifetime SD4506-12 Radio CB30132-01 At The Stars SC3115-06 Ring The Alarm CB30061-13 Desperately Wanting SC8448-01 Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) CB30084-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 29 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Beyonce Big Brovaz Sweet Dreams CB30106 Baby Boy SF209-01 Video Phone CB30118 Ok SF202-02 Why Don't You Love Me CB30135-06 We Wanna Thank You SF217-08 Wishing On A Star PHM1205P-06 Big Bruvaz Work It Out SC8768-04 My Favourite Things EZH24-09 Beyonce & Jay Z Big Country Déjà Vu SF246-13 In A Big Country SC8522-14 Upgrade You THH0612-17 Big Daddy Weave Beyonce & Jay-Z In Christ CBE4-29-11 Crazy In Love SC8853-07 You're Worthy Of My Praise SC8962-08 Beyonce & Luther Vandross Big Dee Irwin Closer I Get To You SC8844-09 Swinging On A Star SF083-13 Beyonce & Sean Paul Big Fun Baby Boy SC8853-05 Can't Shake The Feeling PUK327-11 Baby Boy (Duet) HTG1011-07 Big Head Todd & The Monsters Beyonce & Shakira Bittersweet SC8749-03 Beautiful Liar ESP491-03 Broken Hearted Savior SC8266-07 Beyonce & Slim Thug Circle SC8237-04 Check On It SC8957-06 Please Don't Tell Her SC8389-15 BG & Mannie Fresh & Gar Big House My Hood PHU1003-06 Buck These Haggard Blues CB60202-05 Bic Runga Cold Outside SC8358-03 Sway SC3124-05 Faith SC8464-04 Bif Naked Love Ain't Easy MM6223-11 I Love Myself Today SC8800-14 You Ain't Lonely Yet SC8382-14 Moment Of Weakness SC8565-14 Big Joe Turner Big & Rich Shake Rattle And Roll CBEP454-4-13 8Th Of November CB60354-11 Big Kenny 8th Of November (Radio Version) SC8986-08 Long After I'm Gone PHN0911-07 Between Raising Hell & Amazing Grace CB60368-07 Big Mountain Big Time SC8920-05 Baby I Love Your Way SC8132-15 Comin' To Your City CB60344-05 Get Together PHM9601-04 Deadwood Mountain SC8952-10 Big Pink Drinking Bout You AKS02-11 Dominos SFMW920-01 Holy Water SC3423-04 Big Time Operator Im A Rock Star AKS02-09 It Don't Mean A Thing MM6254-01 Kick My Ass (Radio Version) SC8898-01 Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows Live This Life SC8923-05 300 Pounds Of Heavenly Joy MM6206-14 Lost In This Moment CB60362-12 Turn Back The Hands Of Time SGB027-12 Lost In This Moment (Radio Version) SC9003-08 Big Tymers Loud SC9017-07 Oh Yeah! SC3336-06 Love Train AKS02-12 Still Fly SC8766-11 Never Mind Me (Duet Version) SC8959-15 Big Tymers & Gotti & Boo &Tateeze Real World TU265-04 Oh Yeah SC8789-06 Rollin' TU265-05 Bilal Rollin' (The Ballad Of Big & Rich) SC8907-15 Love It SC8717-04 Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) SC8880-01 Bill Anderson Saved AKS02-07 Bright Lights And Country Music SC8506-15 Six Foot Town SC8916-05 Corner Of My Life SC8455-09 Wild West Show (Duet Version) SC8877-15 I Can't Wait Any Longer SC8576-03 Wild Wild West AKS02-02 I Get The Fever SC8419-06 You Shook Me All Night Long CB60366-15 Mama Sang A Song CBE4-14-07 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy My Life Throw It Away If I Want To SC8491-01 So Long Farewell AMS1509-05 Southern Fried SC8400-10 You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 SC8484-08 Still CBE602-11 Zoot Suit Riot SPC23-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 30 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Parody Bimbo #5 MM6330-02 God Bless The Child SC7599-06 Bill Deal & The Rhondels Good Morning Heartache LG016-01 What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am SC8251-08 He's Funny That Way MMSTA02-01 Bill Engvall It Might As Well Be Spring LG016-11 Fruitcake Makes Me Puke CB60210-08 Lover Man NT49-07 I'm A Cowboy CB20058-08 Misty LG016-13 Bill Engvall & Alan Jackson Moonlight In Vermont LG016-12 I'm A Cowboy CB60125-08 My Man LG016-06 Bill Engvall & Night And Day MM6259-09 Warning Signs CB20009-12 Orange Colored Sky LG016-14 Bill Engvall & Marty Stuart Solitude PSJT016-15 Blue Collar Dollar CB60200-06 Strange Fruit LG016-04 Bill Engvall & Travis Tritt Them There Eyes LG016-03 Here's Your Sign CBE2-08-02 Until The Real Thing Comes Along MM6259-12 Bill Gaither Trio What A Difference A Day Makes LG016-09 He Touched Me SC2045-06 You've Changed LG016-08 Bill Haley & His Comets Billie Jo Spears Rock Around The Clock SC7508-01 Blanket On The Ground SC8561-07 See Ya Later, Alligator CBE3-16-02 Boys (Neptune Remix) PSJT315-09 Shake, Rattle & Roll SC7527-09 Misty Blue CB60063-03 Bill Luther Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song BSK004-08 You Will Always Be Mine CB60216-05 Stay Away From The Apple Tree CB60062-03 Bill Medley What I've Got In Mind SF102-09 Time Of My Life, (I've Had) The SC7530-15 Billie Myers Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes Few Words Too Many SC8499-02 I’Ve Had The Time Of My Life SFG040-01 Kiss The Rain SC8440-03 Bill Monroe Tell Me SC3079-06 Dark Hollow CB60060-04 Billie Piper Drifting Too Far From The Shore CBEP476-4-16 She Wants You SC3140-03 In The Pines CBEP476-5-02 Something Deep Inside SF171-04 Kentucky Waltz CBEP476-1-02 Tide Is High SF178-11 Little Georgia Rose CB60060-15 Walk Of Life SF173-09 New Mule Skinner Blues CBEP476-2-05 Billy Bland Nine Pound Hammer SC8693-07 Let Dance NT51-11 Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys Billy Bragg Blue Moon Of Kentucky SC8693-02 New England SFMW861-08 Bill Withers Sexuality SFMW877-13 Ain't No Sunshine SC8354-02 Billy Burnette Just The Two Of Us SC8126-09 What A Woman Feels Like CB60212-10 Lean On Me SC7529-05 Billy Crash Craddock Lovely Day SC8573-04 Ain't Nothin' Shakin' CB90121-15 Use Me SC8297-11 Broken Down In Tiny Pieces SC8385-15 Billie Dream Lover CB90121-14 Because We Want To SF122-08 Easy As Pie SC8400-04 Day & Night LGTP-2-01 I Cheated On A Good Woman's Love SC8564-14 Do You Have A Girl Friend SF126-16 I Love The Blues & The Boogie Woogie SC8792-01 Honey To The Bee SF136-14 If I Could Write A Song As Beautiful As You CB90121-11 She Wants You SC8542-10 I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door CB90121-05 Billie Davis Knock Three Times CB90121-13 Tell Him THCOL04-01 Rub It In SC8114-12 Billie Holiday Ruby, Baby CB90121-02 Ain't Nobody's Business MM6142-06 Still Thinkin' 'Bout You SC8551-03 All Of Me MMGPK02-06 Sweet Magnolia Blossom SC8494-09 Come Rain Or Come Shine MM6259-01 Tear Fell CB90121-12 Crazy He Calls Me LG016-05 You Rubbed It In All Wrong SC8525-02 Don't Explain LG016-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 31 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Billy Currington Billy Fury Don't CB60380-01 Maybe Tomorrow LG030-04 Good Directions SC8998-13 Once Upon A Dream LG030-16 I Got A Feelin' SC8867-05 Run To My Lovin' Arms ZMP020-07 Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right SC8936-15 Somebody Else's Girl LG030-10 People Are Crazy CB60404-4 That's Love LG030-15 Tangled Up CB60366-11 Thousand Stars LG030-06 That's How Country Boys Roll SF290-10 When Will You Say I Love You SF064-10 Walk A Little Straighter SC8833-14 Wonderous Place SF138-13 Why, Why, Why SC3461-03 Billy Gilman Billy Dean Elisabeth PHN0112-09 Billy The Kid SC8157-03 Oklahoma SC8652-12 Cowboy Band SC8167-13 One Voice SC8619-11 I Wanna Take Care Of You SC8161-08 She's My Girl SC8705-10 I Wouldn't Be A Man SC8341-03 Snake Song SC8711-13 If There Hadn't Been You SC8219-14 There’S A Hero CB60218-03 I'm In Love With You SC3394-16 There's A Hero SC8698-12 I'm Not Built That Way SC8236-06 Billy Hoffman Innocent Bystander SC8498-09 All I Wanted Was You SC8729-10 It's What I Do SC8247-11 Perfect Night SC3207-03 Keep Mom & Dad In Love PHN0110-09 You're The Ticket SC8677-06 Let Them Be Little SC8920-10 Billy Idol Once In A While SC8161-11 Cradle Of Love SC8433-14 Only Here For A Little While SC8271-01 Dancing With Myself SC8671-13 Only The Wind SC8168-10 Eyes Without A Face SC8223-09 Race You To The Bottom CB60342-13 Flesh For Fantasy SC8641-07 Real Man SC8470-04 Hot In The City SC8715-05 Shine On CB60348-07 I Forgot To Be Your Lover PI033-12 Somewhere In My Broken Heart SC8105-09 L.A. Woman LG241-05 Swinging For The Fence CB60353-13 Mony Mony SC2321-03 Thank God I'm A Country Boy SC3416-08 Rebel Yell SC8477-05 That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me SC8294-01 Scream SC8915-05 This Is The Life CB60339-15 Shock To The System NT04-03 Tryin' To Hide A Fire In The Dark SC8241-01 Sweet Sixteen ZMP035-10 We Just Disagree SC8104-10 The Billy Idol Medley ZMP035-12 You Don't Count The Cost CB60099-05 White Wedding SC8182-03 Billy Dean & Jilian Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas Keep Mom And Dad In Love CB60220-09 Bad To Me SC7557-11 Billy Eckstine Do You Want To Know A Secret ZMJB08-14 My Foolish Heart JV0055-01 Little Children SF045-03 Tenderly LG169-13 Trains & Boats & Planes SF069-14 Billy Fury Billy Jo Spears Because Of Love LG030-07 57 Chevrolet SFMW819-15 Colette LG030-05 Billy Joe Royal Cross My Heart ZMP020-04 Cherry Hill Park MM6095-02 Do You Really Love Me Too LG030-11 Down In The Boondocks SC8419-07 Forget Him ZMP020-01 I'm Okay And Gettin' Better SC8309-08 Halfway To Paradise SF038-05 Love Has No Right SC8767-04 I Will LG030-12 Out Of Sight And On My Mind SC8642-15 I'd Never Find Another You SF038-08 Searchin' For Some Kind Of Clue SC8352-15 I'm Lost Without You LG030-13 Tell It Like It Is SC8345-12 In Summer LG030-08 Billy Joel In Thoughts Of You LG030-14 A Matter Of Trust SC8763-06 It's Only Make Believe ZMP020-10 Alexa The Downeaster SC8715-15 Jealousy LG030-02 All About Soul SC8761-03 Last Night Was Made For Love SF066-06 Allentown SC8605-11 Like I've Never Been Gone LG030-17 Always A Woman LG090-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 32 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Billy Joel Billy Joel & Tony Bennett An Innocent Man SC8761-06 New York State Of Mind SC8761-15 And So It Goes SC8821-11 Billy Jones Big Shot SC8322-12 Yes We Have No Bananas CBE614-02 Captain Jack SC8668-13 Billy Mack Don't Ask Me Why SC8605-07 Christmas Is All Around EZH30-04 Entertainer LG090-09 Billy Montana Famous Last Words PSJT206-1-04 Didn't Have You SC8171-05 For The Longest Time CBE3-21-11 No Yesterday SC8224-11 Goodnight Saigon SC8715-08 Rain Through The Roof SC8194-14 Hey Girl PSJT206-1-05 Billy Ocean Honesty SC8605-13 Carribean Queen SC8284-01 I Go To Extremes LG090-12 Color Of Love SC8153 02 Innocent Man, An SC8573-03 Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car SC8202-01 It's Still Rock & Roll To Me SC8605-08 Love Really Hurts Without You SF072-05 Just The Way You Are SC8605-14 Love Zone LG225-08 Keeping The Faith SC8761-02 SC8378-11 Leave A Tender Moment Alone LG143-05 Mystery Lady LG225-07 Leningrad SFMW855-11 Red Light Spells Danger SFMW811-11 Longest Time SC8891-03 Suddenly SC8126-11 Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) SC8761-01 There'll Be (To Make You Cry) SC8603-08 Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On SC8763-08 When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get SF106-15 Broadway) Going Minor Variation SFMW826-12 Billy Paul Modern Woman LG143-11 Me & Mrs. Jones SC7523-14 Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) SC8605-01 Billy Preston My Life SC8420-11 Nothing From Nothing SC8138-08 N.Y. State Of Mind MMGPK02-10 Will It Go 'round In Circles SC8178-08 New York State Of Mind SC8404-09 Billy Preston & Syreeta One Word LG143-12 With You I’M Born Again SC2475-01 Only The Good Die Young SC8605-15 Billy Ray Cyrus Piano Man SC8605-03 Achy Breaky Heart SC8102-02 Pressure SC8605-05 Ain't Your Dog No More SC8236-07 River Of Dreams SC8761-07 Always Sixteen CB60318-15 Rosalinda's Eyes PSJT206-2-05 Back To Tennessee PHMC906 Running On Ice BS9117-14 Burn Down The Trailer Park SC8681-14 Say Goodbye To Hollywood LG143-08 Busy Man SC8496-13 Scenes From An Italian Restaurant SC8650-08 Could've Been Me SC8269-11 Shameless SC8761-04 Crazy 'Bout You Baby SD083-11 Shes Always A Woman CBE624-13 Deja Blue SC8278-04 She's Got A Way SC8605-06 Give My Heart To You SC8533-10 Sometimes A Fantasy LG143-06 In The Heart Of A Woman SC8131-15 Stiletto SC8552-12 It Won't Be The Last SC8291-06 Storm Front SFMW828-12 It's All The Same To Me SD041-14 Stranger SC8840-05 One Last Thrill SC8171-12 Tell Her About It SC8427-03 Ready, Set Don't Go PHN0801-07 The Ballad Of Billy The Kid SC8874-01 She's Not Cryin' Anymore SC8215-15 This Is The Time SC8761-13 Some Gave All SC8215-13 To SC8395-01 Somebody New SC8175-11 Uptown Girl SC8585-11 Southern Rain CB60221-11 Vienna AH8017-15 Storm In The Heartland SC8149-06 We Didn't Start The Fire SC8605-09 Talk Some SC8123-06 You May Be Right SC8605-10 Time For Letting Go CHT9810-06 You're Only Human SC8808-01 Trail Of Tears SC8315-11 Zanzibar PSJT206-2-15 Under The Hood SC8512-13 Billy Joel & Ray Charles We The People CB60232-12 Baby Grand SC8761-12 When I'm Gone SC8301-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 33 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Billy Ray Cyrus Where Am I Gonna Live SC8183-14 White Christmas SC8185-13 Words By Heart SC8219-06 You Are My Sunshine SC7528-13 You Won't Be Lonely Now SC8655-09 You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby CB501801-08 Billy Ray Martin Bing Crosby & Your SC8312-06 Peace On Earth The Little Drummer Boy SC8781-15 Billy Squier Bing Crosby & Pat Boone Everybody Wants You SC8609-02 Count Your Blessing Instead Of Sheep CBEP469-5-17 In The Dark SC8684-01 Bird Lonely Is The Night SC8447-15 Time SC8527-12 My Kinda Lover SC8942-13 Bird York The Stroke SC7216-12 In Deep SC8967-05 Billy Stewart Birdman Summertime SC8804-06 Pop Bottles PHU0803-04 Billy Swan Stuntin' Like My Daddy PHU0612-03 SC8447-04 Written On Her PHU0912-09 Billy Talent Birdman & Jay Sean Try Honesty (Radio Version) SC9014-09 Written On Her PHMU0912 Billy Vera & Judy Clay Birdman & Lil Wayne Storybook Children SAVP28-13 Stuntin' Like My Daddy PHU0612-03 Billy Vera & The Beaters Bittersweet At This Moment CBE513-14 Fantasia CB30135-12 Billy Walker Biz Markie Charlie's Shoes SC8445-13 Just A Friend SC8875-07 Billy Ward & The Dominoes This Is Something For The Radio DK1115-15 Stardust PI302-07 Bjork Billy Williams Its So Quiet SF034-05 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter SC8521-08 Sssss Its So Quit VAR01-11 Billy Yates Bjork & David Arnold Daddy Had A Cardiac And Mama's Got A Cadillac CB60238-13 Play Dead SFMW870-06 Flowers SC8384-12 Black Shadows CB60222-08 Wonderful Life SF168-05 What Do You Want From Me Now SC8677-07 Black Box Bing Crosby Ride On Time SFMW817-09 Ac Cent Tchu Ate The Positive CBEP469-3-15 Black Buddafly Around The World In 80 Days LG169-09 Rock-A-Bye PHU0510-07 Begin The Beguine SAVP13-05 Black Crowes Count Your Blessings SGB037-15 Blackberry SC8337-05 Dear Hearts & Gentle People SAVP06-01 Go Faster SC8548-06 Deep In The Heart Of Texas SC8288-09 Good Friday SC8449-10 Don't Fence Me In AH8012-14 Hard To Handle SC8486-06 Far Away Places SC8249-06 Jealous Again SC8598-03 Goodnight Sweetheart CBEP469-2-17 Kicking My Heart Around PP3118-08 Home For The Holidays PS 1023-15 Lickin' SC8699-05 I Kiss Your Hand Madame SAVP06-02 Only A Fool SC3130-02 Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider CBEP469-3-03 Remedy SC8530-11 In My Merry Oldsmobile CBEP469-2-08 Seeing Things SC8922-03 In The Good Old Summertime CBE614-01 She Talks To Angels SC8433-06 Let Me Call You Sweetheart CBE502-07 Soul Singing SC8874-13 Mele Kalikimaka TU165-09 Twice As Hard SC8749-10 Peace On Earththe Little Drummer Boy SC8781-15 Black Eyed Peas Pennies From Heaven LG110-12 Boom Boom Pow PHM0911-05 Silver Bells LG172-13 Dont Lie SD4510-09 Singing In The Rain LG110-13 Dont Phunk With My Heart PHMP0507-05 Swinging On A Star SC7553-07 Gone Going Gone PHM0606-02 True Love LG169-07 Hey Mama SC8864-13 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling CBEP469-6-14 I Gotta Feeling PHM0911-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 34 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Black Eyed Peas Blackbyrds Imma Be SF290-04 Walking In Rhythm SC8583-09 Let’S Get It Started SC8902-15 Blackfoot Let's Get It Started (Radio Version) SC3419-08 Highway Song SC8479-13 Mas Que Nada PAN2006-01 Train, Train SC8146-10 Meet Me Halfway PHMP0912 Blackhawk My Humps (Radio Version) SC3450-02 Almost A Memory Now SC8253-07 Pump It (Radio Version) SC9015-09 SC8298-04 Request Line SC3253-04 SC8736-11 Rock That Body SF288-03 Down In Flames SC8159-05 Shut Up PHM0311-09 SC8234-03 Shut Up (Duet) MRH04-11 SC8241-05 Where Is The Love CBE521-01 Hole In My Heart SC8384-13 Black Eyed Peas & Jack Johnson SC8602-07 Gone Going Gone PHM0606-02 I Sure Can Smell The Rain SC8137-02 Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake I Will CB60240-02 Where Is The Love SC8864-03 I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No SC8189-09 Black Eyed Peas & Macy Gray King Of The World SC8341-09 Request Line SC8695-11 Like There Ain't No Yesterday SC8211-08 Black Girl One Night In New Orleans THC0209-11 Let's Do It Again NT60-14 SC8436-01 Black Lab That's Just About Right SC8171-09 Time Ago SC3071-06 There You Have It SC8485-13 Black Label Society Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart SC8520-15 Blessed Hayride PHR0312-06 Blackstreet Stillborn PHR0306-02 Before I Go SC8145-14 Black Lace Don't Leave Me SC8476-10 Agadoo SF028-01 No Diggity SC8476-03 Do The Conga SF042-07 Take Me There PHT9903-05 Gang Bang SFMW834-05 Tonight's The Night SC8209-09 Going Band BSPK02-03 Blaine Larsen Hokey Cokey SFG047-09 Best Man PHN0508-09 Penny Arcade BSPK01-04 How Do You Get That Lonely SC8898-08 Superman BSPK02-02 In My High School SD120-11 Black Oak Arkansas Spoken Like A Man CB60360-10 Hot And Nasty SC8479-06 The Best Man CB60340-10 Jim Dandy SC8449-04 Blaine Larson Black Rebel Motorcycle Club I Don't Know What She Said SD140-12 Feel It Now PHAC0607-08 Blair Black Rob, P. Diddy & Mark Curry Have Fun Go Mad SC8462-02 Bad Boy For Life SC8717-01 Black Sabbath All About Tonight CB60439-04 Changes RSZ611-01 All Over Me SC8733-04 Children Of The Grave SC9002-14 Austin SC8743-04 Fairies Wear Boots RSZ611-05 Baby SC8802-03 Heaven & Hell SC8830-06 Don't Make Me SD150-06 Iron Man SC8252-04 Dreamer CB60248-11 Mob Rules SC8756-13 Georgia In A Jug TU203-07 N.I.B. SC8660-04 Good At Starting Fires PHMC903 Neon Knights SC8869-10 Goodbye Time SC3435-04 Paranoid SC8650-04 Heavy Liftin' CB6310-05 Paranoidwar Pigs Live SGB04-15 Hillbilly Bone CB60431-03 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath AH2001-06 Home CB60372-15 Sweet Leaf SC8713-13 I'll Just Hold On CB60404-2 War Pigs AH8009-14 More I Drink CB60366-04 Wicked World RSZ611-04 Nobody But Me SC8959-03 Wizard RSZ611-06 Ol' Red SC8759-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 35 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Blake Shelton Blink 182 Playboys Of The Southwestern World THC0310-19 I Miss You SC8876-10 She Wouldn't Be Gone CB60384-04 Man Overboard SC8645-15 Some Beach SC8884-12 Not Now THR0602-13 When Somebody Knows You That Well CB60322-03 Rock Show SFG035-12 Blake Shelton & Trace Adkins Stay Together For The Kids SC8731-15 Hillbilly Bone CB60430 The Rock Show TU059-18 Blancmange What's My Age Again SC8548-07 Living On The Ceiling SF113-13 Blondie Blaque Atomic SF145-01 Bring It All To Me SC8587-13 Benis SF037-13 I Do SC8613-11 Blondie Medley ZMP023-12 I'm Good THH0403-18 Call Me SC8338-03 Blaque & N Sync Denis Denis LG084-03 Bring It All To Me CBEP457-6-12 Dreaming SC8535-12 Blazin Squad Good Boys EZH28-09 Children Of The Revolution SF220-08 Hanging On The Telephone SC8603-02 Crossroads EZH15-03 Heart Of Glass SC7534-04 Here 4 One SF214-10 I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dea LG084-08 Love On The Line EZH18-04 Island Of Lost Souls LG084-09 Reminisce SF202-08 Maria SC8523-10 We Just Be Dreamin' SF207-08 Nothing Is Real But The Girl LG084-11 Where The Story Ends EZH20-05 One Way Or Another SC8331-08 Blazin' Squad Picture This LG084-13 Flip Reverse SF211-09 Rapture SC8609-12 Blenders Rip Her To Shreds SC8840-07 I Am In Love With The McDonald's Girl SC3089-08 Sunday Girl LG084-15 Blessid Union Of Souls Tide Is High SC7546-10 All Along SC8304-10 Union City Blue LG084-17 Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me) SC8548-01 Blood Sweat & Tears I Believe SC8164-04 And When I Die SC7543-09 I Wanna Be There SC8381-15 God Bless The Child LG064-02 Let Me Be The One SC8209-01 Hi De Ho That Old Sweet Roll SC8540-15 Light In Your Eyes SC8457-03 I Can't Quit Her LG064-07 Oh Virginia SC8257-13 I Love You More Than You'll LG064-05 Standing At The Edge Of The Earth SC8572-09 Spinning Wheel SC8563-03 Storybook Life PHM0103-03 You've Made Me So Very Happy SC7550-08 That's The Girl I've Been Telling You About SC8607-01 Bloodhound Gang Blind Faith Another Dick With No Balls TU001-01 Can't Find My Way Back Home DG02-05 Bad Touch SC8607-02 Blind Melon Ballad Of Chasey Lain SF170-03 No Rain SC8122-05 Fire Water Burn SC8700-02 Three Is A Magic Number SC8290-01 Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripperà SC8927-01 Blindside Mope SF167-07 Pitiful THR0211-17 Bloodstone Sleepwalking THMR0305-17 Natural High MM6368-04 Blink 182 Blow Monkeys Adam's Song SC8593-13 It Doesn't Have To Be That Way SF075-08 Aliens Exist SFG035-15 Blu Cantrell All The Small Things SC8572-08 Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) SC8760-15 Always PHM0503R-02 Make Me Wanna Scream SF212-08 Dammit PHM9801-09 Till I'm Gone SC8747-09 Don't Leave Me SFG035-14 Blu Cantrell & Sean Paul Down SC8879-12 Breathe EZH26-04 Dumpweed SFG035-09 Blue Feeling This SC3393-03 All Rise SF182-06 First Date SC8758-11 Back To Me VAR01-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 36 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Blue Blue Rodeo Best In Me SFG038-05 Bad Timing KAR004-05 Breathe Easy EZH33-06 Hasn't Hit Me Yet KAR004-08 Bubblin' SF219-12 Head Over Heels KAR004-07 Bubblin' (Duet) EZH036-04 Lost Together KAR004-02 Curtain Falls SF225-07 Rain Down On Me KAR004-06 Fly By SFG038-04 Til I Am Myself Again KAR004-04 If You Come Back SFG038-03 Try KAR004-03 Leanne Rimes SFGD062-10 Blue Swede Make It Happen SFG038-06 Hooked On A Feeling SC8750-10 One Love SFG038-07 Bluebells U Make Me Wanna SF203-01 Young At Heart SF012-14 Blue & John Elton Bluegrass Album Band Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word SFG038-08 Big Spike Hammer CB20401-07 Blue & Kool And The Gang & L'il Kim Blue Ridge Cabin Home CBEP476-5-05 Get Down On It SF227-09 Somehow Tonight CBEP476-3-02 Blue & Lil Kim Your Love Is Like A Flower CB20401-08 Get Down On It (Duet) SF227-09 Blues Brothers Blue & 6345789 ZPA029-02 Signed Sealed Delivered Im Yours SF213-12 Blues Brothers Medley 1 ZPA029-13 Blue Country Blues Don't Bother Me SFG031-15 Good Little Girls SC8857-05 Can't Turn Loose LG190-07 I Get To CB60359-12 Do You Love Me ZPA029-11 Blue County Everybody Needs Somebody SFG031-07 Firecracker And Ferris Wheels SD146-11 Expressway To Your Heart LG190-05 Nothing But Cowboy Boots THC0503-12 Flip Flop & Fly LG190-10 That Summer Song CB60338-10 Funky Nassau EZA007-13 That's Cool CB60324-09 Ghost Riders In The Sky LG190-11 Blue Highway Gimme Some Lovin' SC8297-14 Lonesome Pine CBEP476-4-14 Going Back To Miami LG190-03 Blue Highway Hey Bartender AH8009-01 It's A Long, Long Road CB20407-11 Jailhouse Rock LG190-09 Blue Jumpers John The Revelator TU102-10 Good Morning Judge MM6254-03 Minnie The Moocher SC2507-02 Blue Man Group Money (That's What I Want) TU102-12 TU252-10 New Orleans LG190-14 Sing Along CB30038-12 Rawhide SC2507-04 Blue Man Group & Dave Matthews Riot In Cell Block No LG190-04 Sing Along CB30038-12 Rubber Biscuit SC8782-02 Blue Merle Shake A Tail Feather SC2507-07 Burning In The Sun SIN0001-13 She Caught The Katy SFG031-14 Blue Mink Soul Man SC7503-05 Banner Man SF090-11 Theme From Rawhide LG190-08 Melting Pot SF065-11 Think TU102-21 Blue Murder Who's Making Love SFG031-16 We All Fall Down NT50-11 Blue's Clues Blue October Blue's Clues (Tv Theme) SM9923-10 Hate Me SC8983-12 Buddy Boogie SM9923-09 Into The Ocean PHM0703-06 Oranges Grow On Trees SM9923-12 Blue Oyster Cult So Long Song SM9923-11 Burnin' For You SC8725-15 Blues Image Don't Fear The Reaper SC8554-15 Ride Captain Ride SC8192-01 Godzilla SC8850-04 Blues Magoos Blue Pearl We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet SC8750-01 Naked In The Rain SF036-02 Blues Traveler Blue Rodeo But Anyway SC8304-02 5 Days In May KAR004-01 Carolina Blues SC8457-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 37 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Blues Traveler Bob Dylan Hook SC8350-11 Gotta Serve Somebody SC9012-10 Most Precarious SC8423-13 Just Like A Woman SC8441-14 Run Around SC8187-05 Knockin' On Heaven's Door SC8850-01 Bluetones Lay Lady Lay SC8182-04 After Hours SF191-07 Like A SC8563-13 Blur Maggies Farm LG102-16 Beetlebum LG012-09 Positively 4Th Street LG102-11 Bugman SF140-05 Rainy Day Women SC2086-01 Charmless Man SF061-10 Shelter From The Storm SC8850-15 Country House SFG021-09 Subterranean Homesick Blues SC8941-08 Crazy Beat THMR0307-10 Tambourine Man MM6328-08 End Of The Century SFG021-15 Tangled Up In Blue SC8588-09 Girls & Boys SF020-05 Times They Are A-Changin' SC8821-09 No Distance Left To Run SF150-07 Bob Guiney Out Of Time SF205-05 Girlfriend NSP2050-09 Park Life SFG021-10 Bob Hope Song 2 SC8530-03 Thanks For The Memory SC7505-09 Tender SFG021-16 Bob Kames & Foul Four There's No Other Way SFG021-13 Chicken Dance MM6192-11 This Is A Low SFG021-11 Bob Kuban & Inmen Bo Bice Cheater SC8770-11 I Dont Wanna Be PHMR0508-03 Bob Lind Inside Your Heaven CB30053-11 Elusive Butterfly DK030-12 Real Thing CB30058-13 Bob Luman The Real Thing PHM0603-05 Let's Think About Living SF083-14 U CB30060-14 Lonely Women Make Beautiful Lovers SC8537-10 Vehicle PHMR0508-04 Still Loving You SC8567-13 Vehicle (Live Idol Version) PHR0508-04 When You Say Love SC8582-10 You Take Yourself With You PHMC1008-05 Bob Marley Bo Diddley Bad Card LG161-12 I'm A Man SC9001-04 Buffalo Soldier SC8500-10 Road Runner RB22-10 Could You Be Loved SC2443-09 You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover NT16-01 Don`T Rock The Boat LG161-11 Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods I Shot The Sheriff SC8947-16 Billy Don't Be A Hero SC8297-09 Iron, Lion, Zion SF004-10 Who Do You Think You Are ESS08-01 Is This Love SC8947-15 Bo Selecta Jammin' SC8500-04 Proper Crimbo EZH30-14 Kaya MM6375-13 Bob & Doug McKenzie Lively Up Yourself SC8500-15 Twelve Days Of Christmas SC8780-09 Natural Mystic LG161-13 Bob & Earl No Woman, No Cry (Live) SC9012-01 Harlem Shuffle THCOL04-01 One Love MM6083-04 Bob & Marcia One Love (Original Version) LG161-05 Young Gifted And Black THCOL04-01 Put It On MM6375-04 Bob & Tom Band Redemption Song SFMW923-10 Blow Me A Kiss SC8927-11 Redemption Song (Acoustic Version) SC8947-01 Buzz, Buzz The Vibrator Song SC8700-05 Stir It Up SC8500-05 Prisoner Of Love SC8927-09 Sun Is Shining SF148-04 Bob Carlisle Three Little Birds SC8500-09 Butterfly Kisses SC8381-02 Waiting In Vain LG161-08 Christmas Shoes PHN0203-09 War LG161-07 Father's Love SC8501-04 Bob Rivers Lately (Dreaming About Babies) SC8661-08 I Am Santa Claus SC8780-11 Bob Dylan The Twelve Pains Of Christmas SC8900-01 Blowin' In The Wind TU151-11 Walkin' Round In Women's Underwear SC8557-01 Forever Young SC8856-14 What If Eminem Did Jingle Bells SC8900-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 38 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Bob Rivers Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys Wreck The Malls SC8900-12 Bubbles In My Beer CBE601-05 Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio Faded Love DKM2018-12 I Am Santa Claus SC8780-11 Heart To Heart Talk CB90104-05 Bob Schneider I Ain't Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares For Me) CB90104-09 Come With Me Tonight PHR0409-05 Ida Red Like To Boogie CB90104-08 Bob Seger Maiden's Prayer CB90104-03 Against The Wind SC8846-10 Milk Cow Blues CB90104-04 Beautiful Loser SC8846-07 New Spanish Two Step CB60332-04 Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight LG108-16 Roly Poly SAVA02-11 C'est La Vie SC8467-05 San Antonio Rose DK075-18 Come To Papa SGB28-03 St Louis Blues CB90104-11 Feel Like A Number SC8583-07 Stay A Little Longer SC8592-06 Fire Lake SC8846-12 Sugar Moon CB90104-12 Good For Me AH8020-17 Take Me Back To Tulsa CB60330-03 Her Strut SC8846-04 Time Changes Everything CB90104-06 Hollywood Nights SC8846-02 Wabash Blues CB90104-15 Horizontal Bop SC8169-15 Bobbettes Katmandu SC8447-11 I Shot Mr Lee LG147-15 Like A Rock SC8846-05 Mr. Lee SC8450-11 Little Drummer Boy SC8781-13 Bobbie Cryner Lock & Load SC8220-07 You'd Think He'd Know Me Better SC8247-15 Mainstreet SC8846-14 Bobbie Eakes Night Moves SC8846-06 Tired Of Loving This Way SC3207-07 Old Time Rock & Roll SC8106-09 Bobbie Eakes & Ramblin' Gamblin' Man SC8846-01 Tired Of Loving This Way SC8623-14 Real Love SC8266-06 Rock And Roll Never Forgets SGB52-17 I'll Never Fall In Love Again SF065-04 Roll Me Away SC8644-06 Ode To Billy Joe SF102-10 Shakedown SC8846-03 Bobby Bare Shame On The Moon SC8192-06 500 Miles Away From Home SC8682-07 Still The Same LG108-11 All American Boy CBE602-02 Sunspot Baby SGB028-09 Chicken Every Sunday CBE4-22-02 The Famous Final Scene AH8020-14 Come Sundown CB90118-11 'Till It Shines THMP0502-01 Daddy What If CB90118-03 Turn The Page SC7577-02 Detroit City SC8682-04 Turn The Page (Live Version) SC8846-08 Dropkick Me, Jesus SC8604-03 Wait For Me SC8988-03 Four Strong Winds SC8428-11 We've Got Tonight LG108-04 Game Of Triangles CB90118-13 You'll Accomp'ny Me SC8846-09 It's Alright CB90118-07 Bob Seger & Martina McBride Jogger SC8707-11 Chances Are MM6246-03 Margie's At The Linclon Park Inn SC8525-09 Bob Sinclar & Cutee B Marie Laveau SC7555-03 Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)Needs MREH033-07 Miller's Cave CB90118-05 Fixing Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends CB90118-10 Bob The Builder Streets Of Baltimore SC8491-07 Blond Haired Girl In A Hard Hat TU158-01 That's How I Got To Memphis SC8576-07 Can We Fix It SF174-16 Winner SC8669-12 TU158-05 Bobby Beckham Mambo No. 5 EZH03-01 Crazy Arms JV0059-06 Right Tool For The Job TU158-18 Bobby Bloom Super Spud TU158-19 Montego Bay SC8527-14 Bob Welch Bobby Blue Band Ebony Eyes SC8588-12 Further On Up The Road RB12-05 Sentimental Lady SC8583-14 Turn On Your Love Light RB22-09 Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt Kickers A Big Ball In Cowtown CB90104-13 Monster Mash SC7202-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 39 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Bobby Brown Bobby Pinson Don't Be Cruel DK027-01 Dont Ask Me How I Know CB60337-02 Every Little Step SC8606-10 Way Down CB60346-12 Good Enough SC8433-03 Bobby Pulido Humpin' Around SF050-07 Desvelado SC7105-03 My Prerogative SC8667-09 Bobby Rydell Roni SC8439-04 Forget Him SC8575-10 Two Can Play That Game SF039-02 Sway SF137-07 Bobby Caldwell Wild One SC7541-05 Love Lite SC8302-05 Bobby Sherman Stuck On You HSPAK3-10-13 Easy Come, Easy Go SC8594-03 What You Won't Do For Love SC7582-08 Little Woman SC8575-14 Bobby Darin Bobby Valentino 18 Yellow Roses SC8255-06 Anonymous CB30065-07 Baby Face MM6293-12 Slow Down SC8924-09 Beyond The Sea SC8441-13 Tell Me PHU0509-09 Bill Bailey LG014-08 Bobby Valentino & Timbaland Clementine SC8589-13 Anonymous KARAOKE Dream Lover SC2467-05 5081-01 Dreamlover SC7532-11 Bobby Vee If I Were A Carpenter SC2467-01 Bobby Vee Medley 1 (Fast Songs) ZMP024-12 Lazy River SC8364-06 Bobby Vee Medley 2 (Slow Songs) ZMP024-13 Mack The Knife SC8001-03 Come Back When You Grow Up SC8450-07 More MMSTA03-04 Devil Or Angel SC1999NSC03- Multiplication SF074-09 06 Queen Of Hop SC8521-01 How Many Tears ZMP024-05 Splish Splash SC2467-03 More Than I Can Say SF044-03 Sunday In New York MM6184-11 Night Has A Thousand Eyes SC8429-01 Things SC8396-04 Please Don't Ask About Barbara ZMP024-11 Up A Lazy River HSPAK3-02-04 Rubber Ball SF044-02 You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby SC8222-15 Run To Him SC8258-13 You're The Reason I'm Living SC7526-11 Sharing You ZMP024-06 Bobby Day Stayin' In ZMP024-07 Knock On Wood ESS06-14 Take Good Care Of My Baby SC8399-15 Rockin' Robin SC7508-12 Bobby Vinton Bobby Freeman Beer Barrel Polka CBEP469-6-15 C'mon And Swim SC8330-13 Blue On Blue SC8226-05 Do You Wanna Dance SC8418-06 Blue Velvet SC8222-12 Bobby Fuller Halfway To Paradise SAVP40-07 I Faught The Law CBE620-13 LG124-12 Bobby Goldsboro Mr. Lonely SC8429-12 Autumn Of My Life SC8255-09 My Heart Belongs To Only You LG124-10 Honey SC8804-11 My Melody Of Love LG124-11 Little Things SC8615-05 Please Love Me Forever LG124-09 Me And The Elephant SAVP40-12 Roses Are Red My Love SC7526-10 Summer SF137-08 There! I've Said It Again SC8364-15 Watching Scotty Grow SC8342-09 Bobby Womack Bobby Hebb Don't Knock My Love RB15-01 Sunny SC8804-12 Looking For A Love RB17-14 Bobby Helms Bodeans Fraulein SC8538-12 Hurt By Love SC8343-06 Jingle Bell Rock SC8185-11 If It Makes You PHR0409-07 My Special Angel TT6005-04 Bodeens Bobby Lewis Closer To Free SC8435-15 Tossin' & Turnin' SC8353-02 Feed The Fire NT20-06 Bobby McFerrin Bodyjar Don't Worry Be Happy SC7503-09 Not The Same SC2400-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 40 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Bodyrockers I Like The Way You Move PHM0606-07 Wanted Dead Or Alive SC7511-01 Bodyrox Welcome To Wherever You Are SF239-13 Yeah Yeah THP0701-18 You Give Love A Bad Name SC8627-02 Bombalutins You Want To Make A Memory PHN0708-03 Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie SF028-05 Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Backseat SF095-13 Who Says You Can't Go Home PAN2006-01 Bombfunk Mc's Bone Crusher Freestyler EZEP01-09 Never Scared PHU0307-03 Bomshel Boney M 19 & Crazy PHN1004-05 Belfast SFMW804-08 Ain't My Day To Care CB60354-09 Brown Girl In The Ring LG019-12 Country Music Love Song SC8989-15 Daddy Cool SFMW808-01 Fight Like A Girl CB60404-12 Mary's Boy Child Oh My Lord SF030-05 It Was An Absolutely Finger CB60350-12 Rasputin SFMW875-12 Power Of One CB60368-09 Rivers Of Babylon SF023-15 THR0111-16 Bonnie Pointer Bon Jovi Heaven Must Have Sent You CBEP468-4-05 All About Loving You SFMW843-01 Bonnie Raitt Always SC8140-11 All At Once MM6049-11 Bad Medicine SC7548-11 Angel From Montgomery SC8808-08 Bed Of Roses SC8242-05 Angel From Montgomery (Live) SC8808-08 Blaze Of Glory SC8716-06 Blue For No Reason SC8490-15 Born To Be My Baby SC8716-14 Come To Me SC2139-04 Bounce TU200-03 Give It Up Or Let Me Go SC8814-01 Everyday SC8783-03 Guilty SC8821-16 Have A Nice Day PAN2006-01 Have A Heart SC8366-10 I'll Be There For You SC8716-08 I Can't Help You Now MM6363-15 In And Out Of Love SC8631-07 I Can't Make You Love Me SC7519-09 In These Arms NT04-09 I Will Not Be Broken LG237-10 It's My Life SC8622-04 Love Has No Pride SC8808-13 Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town SC8395-08 Love Letter SC8366-11 Keep The Faith SC8638-13 Love Me Like A Man SC8675-06 Lay Your Hands On Me SC8756-07 Love Sneakin' Up On You SC8113-07 Lie To Me SF034-10 Lovers Will CB40008-08 Livin' On A Prayer SC8716-13 Nick Of Time SC2139-03 Living In Sin LG112-04 No Way To Treat A Lady LG237-04 Lost Highway THP0804-14 Not The Only One SC8366-13 Midnight In Chelsea SC8448-15 One Belief Away SC8462-07 Miracle JV0068-05 One Part Be My Lover SC2139-07 Misunderstood SF200-11 Runaway SC8856-06 Never Say Goodbye SC8716-09 Silver Lining MM6370-12 One Wild Night SF180-09 Since I Fell For You LG237-06 Only Lonely LG112-10 Something To Talk About SC7514-15 Please Come Home For Christmas SC8781-14 Storm Warning SC8145-13 Queen Of New Orleans SF114-13 Thing Called Love SC8371-14 Raise Your Hands SC8843-15 Walking Blues NT16-12 Real Life SC8531-05 You SC8371-12 Rockin' In The Free World TU103-14 You Got It MM6091-02 Run Away KH25-03 Bonnie Raitt & Bryan Adams Runaway SC8516-11 Rock Steady SC8240-13 Say It Isn't So SF170-16 Bonnie Raitt & McClinton Silent Night CB90160-06 Good Man Good Woman SC8482-07 Someday I'll Be Saturday Night SF020-04 Something For The Pain SC8209-08 SC8477-08 Thank You For Loving Me SC8680-01 It's A Heartache SC8151-03 This Ain't A Love Song SC8187-09 Total Eclipse Of The Heart SC7509-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 41 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Bonnie Tylor Bow Wow & Johnta Austin Lost In France SF098-02 You Can Get It All CB30109 Bonzo Doo Doo Dah Band Bow Wow Wow I'm The Urban Spaceman SF089-14 Go SF105-13 Boo Radleys Bowling For Soup Barney NT22-09 1985 SC8888-04 Boogie 2Nite Almost SC3439-05 Booty Luv THHP0702-17 Girl All The Bad Guys Want CB30034-06 Boogie King High School Never Ends CB30061-02 Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies SC8508-03 Ohio (Come Back To Texas) CB30053-05 Boomkat 101 PHM0310-07 What U Do 2 Me THP0309-13 When We Die CB30063-09 Wreckoning SC3356-08 Bowser & Blue Wreckoning (Radio Version) SC8818-08 Colorectal Surgeon's Song TU235-15 Boomtown Rats When Lawyers Take Viagra TU235-18 I Don't Like Mondays SC8571-10 Box Tops Rat Trap. SFMW849-01 Cry SC7550-05 Boone Creek Letter SC7520-12 Can't You Hear Me Calling CBEP476-4-07 Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March SC8686-08 Boone Creek Boxcar Racer Head Over Heels CBEP476-3-08 I Feel So PHR0209-06 One Way Track CB20407-09 There Is TU171-15 Boris Gardiner Boxcar Willie I Want To Wake Up With You SF058-02 Auld Lang Syne CBEP462-1-17 Bosson Joy To The World CB60306-10 We Live SC8616-11 Up On The Housetop CBEP462-2-16 Boston Boy George Amanda SC8648-12 Crying Game SC8310-05 Augustina PHM0704-03 Everything I Own PUK328-07 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do AH2004-11 Karma Chameleon MMGPK07-02 Don't Look Back SC8648-13 Boy Howdy Hitch A Ride HC004-06 Bigger Fish To Fry SC8171-10 Long Time SC8223-12 She Can't Love You SC8198-14 Man I'll Never Be SC8404-02 She'd Give Anything SC8180-10 More Than A Feeling SC7535-07 They Don't Make 'em Like That Anymore SC8200-15 Peace Of Mind LG107-06 True To His Word SC8309-03 Rock & Roll Band SC8648-10 Boy Krazy Smokin' SC8586-04 That's What Love Can Do SC8266-09 We're Ready SC8684-02 Boy Meets Girl Bow Wow Waiting For A Star To Fall SC8588-01 Do You Wanna Hold Me SC8571-09 Boys Fresh Azimiz PHU0602-06 Will Be Boys The Ordinary Boys SF241-01 Girlfriend PHU0802-07 Boys Don't Cry Hydrolic (Clean) PHU0711-09 I Wanna Be A Cowboy SC8522-09 I Want Candy SC8329-10 Boys Like Girls Let Me Hold You PHMU0508-04 Great Escape PHM0709-08 Let's Get Down SC3384-06 Heart Heart Heartbreaker CB30132-06 My Baby THH0403-14 Hero Heroine SC9019-05 Outta My System PHU0705-07 Love Drunk CB30112-11 Shorty Like Mine THHP0702-12 Thunder CB30071-10 You Can Get It All CB30110-01 Two Is Better Than One CB30120-06 Bow Wow & . Omarion Boys Like Girls Feat. Taylor Swift Let Me Hold You THMH0510-10 Two Is Better Than One CB30118 Bow Wow & Ciara Boystown Gang Like You PHU0511-01 Can't Take My Eyes Off You ZMH007-15 Bow Wow & Jagged Edge Boyz Ii Men My Baby THH0403-14 4 Seasons Of Lonliness CB90164-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 42 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Boyz Ii Men Boz Scaggs Color Of Love CB30024-06 What Can I Say SFMW801-10 End Of The World SC7514-03 What Do You Want The Girl To Do SC9012-08 Four Seasons Of Lonliness PHM9711-08 Br5-49 I Can't Make You Love Me PHMU1002 Cherokee Boogie SC8328-11 I Remember SC8248-13 Even If It's Wrong SC8358-09 I Will Get There SC8523-07 Little Ramona SC8358-02 I'll Make Love To You SC8132-01 Too Lazy To Work, Too Nervous To Steal CB60223-10 In The Still Of The Nite (Ill Remember) SC8891-08 Brad Cotter Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday SC8891-15 Can't Tell Me Nothin' CB60328-10 Motownphilly CBE3-23-13 I Meant To SC8880-06 On Bended Knee SC8140-03 I Miss Me CB60329-13 One Sweet Day BS5817-06 Brad Hawkins Pass You By SC8654-13 We Lose SC3068-05 Please Don't Go SC8266-14 Brad Martin Relax Your Mind CB3032-05 Before I Knew Better SC8753-13 Song For Mama SC3057-02 Just Like Love SD100-10 Still Of The Night CB90164-09 One Of Those Days SC8826-10 Thank You SC8156-06 Rub Me The Right Way CB60242-02 Thank You In Advance CB90164-14 Brad Paisley The Color Of Love THH0209-17 Ain’T Nothing Like TU231-01 Vibin' CB90164-11 Alcohol SC8944-04 Water Runs Dry SC8156-07 American Saturday Night PHMC1002 Boyz Ii Men & Faith Evans Best Thing I Had Goin’ TU231-02 Relax Your Mind CB90164-13 Celebrity SC8826-07 Boyz Ii Men & Mc Lyte Flowers SC3449-05 What You Won't Do For Love THH0412-18 He Didn't Have To Be SC8566-02 'd Stay SC8779-15 All That I Need SF120-02 I'm Gonna Miss Her SC8798-03 Baby Can't Hold You Tonight SF116-11 I'm Still A Guy CB60373-01 LG007-02 In Times Like These CB60358-04 Different Beat SF081-14 Letter To Me SC9013-03 Father & Son LG007-01 Little Moments SC8847-14 SF289-11 Me Neither SC8596-12 I Love The Way You Love Me SF127-16 Mud On The Tires SC3426-06 Isn't It A Wonder LG007-04 Oh Love (Duet) PHN0711-04 LG007-05 On Line PHN0709-01 PX02-04 Online (Radio Version) SC9011-14 No Matter What SC8548-15 She's Everything CB60350-05 Picture Of You LG007-03 Start A Band CB60391-01 So Good LG007-07 The World SC8982-05 When The Going Gets Tough SF132-16 Then CB60407-3 Words LG007-09 Ticks SC9003-04 You Needed Me SF138-01 Time Well Wasted SC9003-14 Boz Scaggs Two People Fell In Love SC8690-03 Breakdown Dead Ahead SC9012-02 Waitin' On A Woman CB60378-07 Fly Like A Bird SC8246-11 Water CB60419-1 Georgia SC9012-05 We Danced SC8623-11 Harbor Lights AMS1507-01 Welcome To The Future CB60416 It's Over LG243-14 Whiskey Lullaby SC8877-02 Jojo SC8644-12 Who Needs Pictures SC8524-14 Lido Shuffle SC8667-02 Wrapped Around SC8727-03 Look What You've Done To Me SC8641-08 Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss Lowdown SC8627-05 Whiskey Lullaby SC8904-10 Miss Sun SC8667-04 Brad Paisley & Chely Wright Some Change SC8302-12 Hard To Be A Husband, Hard To Be A Wife CB20265-10 We're All Alone LG243-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 43 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton Brandy & Mase When I Get Where I'm Going SC8991-14 Top Of The World SF127-05 Brad Paisley & George Jones & Buck Owens Brandy & Monica Too Country SC8733-05 Almost Doesn't Count SC2249-01 Brad Wolf Angel Of Mine SC2249-05 Strictly Business CB60315-08 Boy Is Mine SC8469-09 Tan Lines PHMC1004 Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) SC2249-08 Bradd Young For You I Will SC2249-04 Grown Man PHMU1004 Have You Ever SC2249-03 Brady Bunch I Wanna Be Down SC2249-07 Brady Bunch DKM3067-14 Sittin' Up In My Room SC2249-02 It's A Sunshine Day SC8620-03 The Boy Is Mine PP3082-02 Keep On SC8620-05 Brandy & Ray J. Time To Change SC8620-10 Another Day In Paradise THH0204-15 Brady Seals Brandy & Wanya Morris Another You Another Me SC8319-02 Broken Hearted SC8203-06 Been There Drunk That PHMC1004 Brat Best Is Yet To Come SC8556-14 Chalk Dust SFMW833-04 I Fell SC8464-12 Bravery Natural Born Lovers SC8394-15 Honest Mistake SFMW864-05 She SC3026-05 Unconditional SC3451-06 Still Standing Tall MM6196-05 Braxtons Bran Van 3000 So Many Ways SC8316-13 Drinking In La. SF146-10 Bread Brand New Heavies Aubrey LC0011-07 Dream On Dreamer HSPAK3-03-14 Baby I'm A Want You SC8362-02 Midnight At The Oasis SF010-06 Diary SC8540-12 Never Stop SC8754-13 Everything I Own SC8261-06 Sometimes SC8457-04 Guitar Man SC8283-10 You Got A Friend SF114-12 If SC7542-05 Brandi Carlile It Don't Matter To Me SC7535-02 Story SC9005-14 Lost Without Your Love LC0011-10 Throw It All Away PHAC0608-06 Make It With You SC8354-07 Turpentine PHM0803-09 Sweet Surrender LC0011-09 Brandy Breaking Benjamin Afrodisiac SF223-15 Breath SD4707-11 Almost Doesn't Count SC8035-01 Diary Of Jane THR0609-11 Angel In Disguise SC8519-02 I Will Not Bow SF287-03 Another Day In Paradise SF180-15 Skin PHR0305-01 Baby SC8156-11 So Cold THMR0409-14 Best Friend SC8199-05 Sooner Or Later THR0504-13 Boy Is Mine SC3082-02 Until The End PHM0802-08 Brokenhearted CBE4-09-03 Breathe Full Moon SC8758-03 Hands To Heaven SC8518-10 Have You Ever SC8499-07 Bree Sharp He Is CB30028-06 David Duchovny SC3153-07 I Tried SFMW861-11 Breeders I Wanna Be Down SC8150-02 Cannonball SC8562-03 Long Distance CB30086-05 Brenda Holloway Looking Glass SPC12-19 You've Made Me So Very Happy SM8866-13 Right Here (Departed) CB30080-02 Brenda K. Starr Sittin' Up In My Room SC8248-01 Herida SC7112-04 Talk About Our Love SF219-09 Por Ese Hombre SCL1557-14 U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) SC8569-08 Brenda Lee What About Us SC8796-07 All Alone Am I SC8191-05 Who Is She 2 U CB30047-08 As Usual SF084-09 Brandy & Mase Big Four Poster Bed CB90123 -10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 44 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Brenda Lee Brian Kennedy Break It To Me Gently CB90123 -08 Better Man ZMH011-01 Brenda Lee Medley ZMP054-13 Brian Littrell Broken Trust CB90123 -15 Welcome Home PHAC0610-03 Cowgirl And The Daddy CB90123 -14 Brian McComas Dum Dum SC8364-05 99.9% Sure SC8823-08 Emotions DK046-18 All Comes Floodin Down CB60359-08 End Of The World SAVP07-02 Lovin' CB60352-13 Everybody Loves Me But You CBEP455-4-15 I Could Never Love You Enough SC8748-08 Fool #1 SC8276-04 Middle Of Nowhere SC8923-14 Here Comes That Feeling THCOL04-01 Night Disappear With You SC8727-01 He's My Rock CB90123 -12 Your In My Head CBE612-13 I Want To Be Wanted SC8415-06 Brian McFadden If You Love Me SFMW816-03 Demons SF232-06 I'm Sorry SC7531-05 Irish Son SF225-03 Is It True ZMP054-12 Real To Me SF222-07 Johnny One Time CB90123 -05 Brian McKnight Let's Dump The Broomstick SF083-15 6, 8, 12 SC8622-12 Nobody Wins CB90123 -07 After The Love NT20-10 Papa Noel CB60210-13 Anytime SC8452-11 Rock On Baby CB90123 -11 Back At One SC8569-06 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree SC8185-01 Crazy Love SC8170-10 Rose Garden IMPK20-14 Everytime You Go Away CB30050-13 Speak To Me Pretty SF074-15 Find Myself In You CB30063-07 Sunday Sunrise SAVA10-12 Just A Little Bit CB30135-09 Sweet Nothin's SC8222-06 Let Me Love You CB3030-03 Tell Me What It's Like CB90123 -13 Love Of My Life SC8731-03 Too Many Rivers CBEP455-3-08 On The Down Low SC8203-14 Who's Sorry Now SGB51-20 One Last Cry SC8279-09 Wrong Ideas CB90123 -09 Shoulda Coulda Woulda CBE629-09 You Can Depend On Me CBEP455-3-06 Stay Or SC8601-10 Brenda Russell Still In Love SC8240-10 Piano In The Dark SC8293-13 Tell Me What It's Gonna Be TU168-16 Brenden Magnet Try Our Love Again CB3042-14 Gimme Some BSPK02-10 Used To Be My Girl PHU0612-05 Brenton Wood What I've Been Waiting For CB30115-03 Gimme Little Sign SC8513-10 What We Do Here PHU0410-05 & What’S It Gonna Be CB30023-11 All I Ever Needed MM6425-12 Win MM6351-14 Brett James You Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time) CB90312-08 After All SC8823-04 Brian McKnight & Vanessa Williams Chasin' Amy SC8759-05 Love Is SAVP38-09 Female Bonding MM6101-02 Brian Poole & Tremeloes She Always Talked About Mexico SD096-11 Candy Man SF093-03 Worth The Fall SC8239-10 Do You Love Me SF038-14 Brian Casey Nivea Someone Someone SF078-09 Don't Mess With My Man SC3343-01 Brian Setzer Orchestra Brian Casey Nivea & Brandon Casey Boogie Woogie Santa Claus SC8900-14 Don't Mess With My Man SC8801-01 Everytime I Hear That Mellow Saxophone MM6254-09 Brian Culbertson & Avant Jingle Bells SC8900-04 Skies Wide Open PHMU1008-04 Jump, Jive & Wale SC9906-09 Brian Hyland This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof SGB07-02 Baby Face DK061-11 This Old House SGB07-13 Ginny Come Lately SF074-04 Brian Wilson Gypsy Woman MM6149-02 Your Imagination SC8473-09 Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini SC8222-01 Brice Long Sealed With A Kiss SC7550-06 Anywhere But Here CB60345-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 45 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Brice Long It's Only Monday CB60342-08 Satisfaction TU030-01 Meat And Potato Man CB60353-11 Soda Pop LG117-02 Brick Someday (I Will Understand) SF234-05 Dazz RB03-08 Sometimes SC8657-05 Dusic SC8386-11 Stronger SC8659-04 Brie Larson That's Where You Take Me SC2349-01 Life After You THP0510-17 The Beat Goes On CB40023-03 She Said PHP0503-09 Thinkin' About You NUTECH-0651 Brigadoon Toxic SC8905-04 Almost Like Being In Love DK1107-09 What You See (Is What You Get) CB90165-14 Britney Spears When Your Eyes Say It SC8045-06 3 CB30115-02 Where Are You Now LG117-07 Anticipating SC2349-03 Womanizer SC9023-14 Autumn Goodbye SK541-01 SC8657-02 Baby One More Time SC8657-06 You Got It All TU189-17 Beat Goes On SFMW815-09 Britney Spears & Madonna Boom Boom, (I Got That) SC3398-02 Me Against The Music SF211-15 Born To Make You Happy LG096-03 Britney Spears & Ying Yang Twins Boys CB30025-07 Boom Boom (I Got That) SC8864-01 Break The Ice CB30073-09 Britney Spears Parody Can't Make You Love Me LG117-08 Oops I Farted Again MM6330-01 Cinderella TU096-03 Broadway Circus CB30088-15 All That SC2233-02 Cowgirls Don't Cry CB60391-07 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang SAVP36-01 Dear Diary LG117-13 Consider Yourself SC2233-07 Do Somethin' SC8924-01 Day By Day SC2233-05 Don't Go Knockin' On My Door BS6217-04 Dentist! SC2233-04 Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know SC8657-15 Heaven Hop SC2233-03 Email My Heart SFMW815-12 I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General SC2233-08 Everytime SC8876-06 If I Were A Rich Man IMPK13-02 From The Bottom Of My Broken H SC8657-01 I'm Going To Wash That Man Right Out Of My IMPK13-03 Gimme More CB30067-03 Hair Gimme More (Radio Version) SC9009-01 It's The Hard Knock Life SC2233-01 Girl In The Mirror LG117-12 Money Song IMPK18-04 I Am A Slave For You TU081-09 On A Clear Day MM6100A-13 I Can't Get No Satisfaction LG117-03 There's No Business Like Show Business IMPK24-03 I Love Rock And Roll EZH17-09 Broken Bells I Will Be There CB40023-04 High Road PHMP1007-03 I Will Still Love You SK535-05 Broncoel Gigante De América I’M A Slave 4 You SFG049-07 Estoy A Punto SCL1569-05 If U Seek Amy SC3501-3 Bronski Beat If You Seek Amy CB30094-11 Smalltown Boy SC8678-02 I'm A Slave 4 U SC8726-14 Brook Benton I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman SC8796-01 A House Is Not A Home SFMW819-01 Let Me Be TU189-11 Baby, You've Got What It Takes MMRB01-11 Lonely TU189-12 Endlessly SC8255-04 Lucky SC8625-12 Fools Rush In RB22-06 Me Against The Music SC3389-02 It's Just A Matter Of Time SC8196-15 My Only Wish (This Year) CB60424-10 Kiddeo DK070-11 My Prerogative SC8889-10 Rainy Night In Georgia SC8969-10 One Kiss From You LG117-06 So Many Ways RB21-14 Oops I Did It Again SC8045-03 Thank You Pretty Baby CBE505-09 Outrageous SC8864-09 Brook Benton & Dinah Washington Overprotected SC8747-14 Baby, You've Got What It Takes SC8482-15 Piece Of Me PHM0802-05 Brooke Hogan Radar CB30109 Everything To Me SD4410-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 46 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Brooke Hogan Brooks & Dunn Falling PHM0909-08 Over The Next Hill CB60434-05 Brooke Hogan & Paul Wall CB90358-01 About Us PHU0610-08 Proud Of The House We Built CB60366-01 Brooke Valentine SC9021-02 Long As You Come Home PHU0510-05 SC8826-09 Brooke Valentine & Big Boi &Lil Jon Ride 'Em High, Ride 'Em Low C2C01-09 Girlfight PHU0504-02 Rock My World (Little Country Girl) SC8112-01 Brooklyn Bridge She Used To Be Mine SC8215-07 Worst That Could Happen SC8206-07 She's Not The Cheatin' Kind SC8505-15 Brooks & Dunn She's The Kind Of Trouble C2C01-02 A Man This Lonely CB20124-02 South Of Santa Fe CB20081-08 Against The Wind SC3179-04 Still In Love With You C2C01-03 Ain't Nothing 'Bout You SC8743-14 Texas Women Don't Stay Lonely Long SC8236-08 SC8578-03 That Ain't No Way To Go SC8120-06 Believe SC9018-13 That's What It's All About SC8884-01 Best Of My Love CB90006-10 That's What She Gets For Loving Me SC8867-01 Boot Scootin' Boogie SC8505-09 Unloved TU057-14 Brand New Man SC8101-09 We'll Burn That Bridge SC8505-02 Building Bridges CB60353-06 SC8198-01 Cool Drink Of Water C2C01-10 SC8504-15 CB60372-13 You Cant Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl SC8903-08 Cowgirls Don't Cry SC3501-2 You'll Always Be Loved By Me SC8608-09 Days Of Thunder SD047-11 You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone SC8505-08 SC8784-06 You're My Angel CB90358-09 Few Good Rides Away SC8282-02 Brooks & Dunn & Reba Folsom Prison Blues C2C01-12 If You See Him SC8463-02 SC9013-07 Bros Goin' Under Gettin' Over You CB60195-06 Drop The Boy SF108-09 Good Girls Go To Heaven TU072-05 I Owe You Nothing SFMW807-03 Hard Workin' Man SC8505-05 When Will I Be Famous SFMW844-11 Heartbroke Out Of My Mind CB60157-03 Brother He's Got You SC8416-12 Dark New Day PHMR0507-09 Hillbilly Deluxe SC8996-05 Ms Dynamite SF202-03 SC8402-03 SC8505-10 And Fools Shine On SC8199-09 Husbands & Wives SC3100-07 SC8530-02 SC8289-05 Hard Act To Follow NT46-04 I Can't Get Over You SC8512-14 I Lie In The Bed I Make SC8465-07 I Can't Put Out This Fire C2C01-01 Machete SC8481-04 If That's The Way You Want It SC8296-01 That Don't Satisfy Me SC8638-14 I'll Never Forgive My Heart SC8139-02 Voice Of Eujena SC8257-07 I'm No Good C2C01-13 Brother Louie Indian Summer CB60413 Hot Chocolate SF055-06 It's Getting Better All The Time SC8907-01 Stories SC8138-10 SC8505-07 Brother Phelps Long Goodbye SC8729-05 Eagle Over Angel SC8236-10 Lost And Found SC8505-13 Ever Changing Woman SC8137-06 Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing SC8319-15 Let Go SC8133-12 Mexican Minutes C2C01-06 Were You Really Livin' SC8309-07 Missing You SC8560-05 SC3312-07 Angelo SFMW834-01 My Maria SC8271-04 Figaro SF098-08 SC8505-03 My Sweet Rosalie ZMH004-08 SC8505-11 Save All Your Kisses For Me SF055-02 Only In America SC8711-08 United We Stand CBE3-18-15 Our Time Is Coming C2C01-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 47 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Brothers Four Greenfields DK016-17 Human Touch LG164-12 Michael Row The Boat Ashore SAVP36-13 Hungry Heart LG050-04 Seven Daffodils SAVP05-14 I'm Going Down LG164-04 Try To Remember DK016-06 I'm On Fire LG050-03 Where Have All The Flowers Gone SAVP05-15 Jersey Girl (Live Version) SC8886-01 Yellow Bird SAVP05-16 Lonesome Day SC8789-11 Brothers Johnson Look But Better Not Touch LG164-09 I'll Be Good To You DG10-08 Merry Christmas Baby SC8781-02 Strawberry Letter #23 SC8824-14 My Hometown LG050-06 Browns No Surrender LG164-08 Looking Back To See CB60092-09 Pay Me My Money Down PHAC0609-03 Old Lamplighter SC8599-09 Pink Cadillac LG050-15 Scarlet Ribbons For Her Hair SAVA10-02 Rising SC8799-13 The Three Bells SFMW820-02 River LG164-02 Brownstone Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) SC8668-09 5 Miles To Empty SC8381-09 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town SC8899-11 Grapevine NT60-10 Secret Garden SC8170-09 If You Love Me SC8150-10 Sherry Darling ZMH010-06 Brownsville Station SC8235-09 Smoking In The Boys Room SGB64-15 Tenth Avenue Freeze Out SC8724-15 Bruce Chanel Thunder Road SFMW849-01 Hey Baby SC8526-12 Tunnel Of Love LG164-03 Keep On SF100-03 Two Hearts LG164-07 Bruce Cockburn Waitin' On A Sunny Day SC3362-07 Lovers In A Dangerous Time GM1000-09 War LG164-15 Bruce Hornsby & The Range Brutha & Fabolous Across The River NUTECH-0905 I Can't Hear The Music PHMU0904 Fields Of Gray NUTECH-1052 Bryan Adams Great Divide MM6256-12 18 'Til I Die SFMW803-11 Harbor Lights NT07-02 All For You VAR01-02 Mandolin Rain SC8580-06 All That She Wants ESS03-015 Rainbows Cadillac SC8235-10 Back To You SC8423-03 Valley Road DK088-14 Best Of Me TU003-12 Walk In The Sun SC8195-09 Can't Stop This Thing We Started SF012-02 Way It Is SC8514-13 Cloud No.9 SF143-11 Bruce Robinson Cuts Like A Knife SC8393-03 What Would Willie Do CB60227-04 Do I Have To Say The Words SC8266-15 Bruce Robison Everything I Do, I Do It For You LG236-01 Good Life CB60181-14 Flying SFMW859-02 My Hometown CB60191-07 Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman SC8170-08 Travelin' Soldier SC8826-02 Heat Of The Night BS8917-04 Bruce Springsteen Heaven SC8573-11 Backstreets LG164-06 Here I Am MM6366-10 Badlands LG050-05 I Do It For You SC7514-08 Blinded By The Light LG164-14 I'll Always Be Right There SC3009-01 Bobby Jean SC8725-12 Inside Out SF144-16 Born In The U.S.A SC2335-05 It's Only Love BS8917-17 Born To Run SC8188-13 Kids Wanna Rock BS8917-15 Brilliant Disguise LG050-07 Let's Make A Night To Remember SC8316-01 Cadillac Ranch SC8808-10 On A Day Like Today SC8490-09 Cover Me LG164-17 Only Thing That Looks Good On Me SC8290-08 Dancing In The Dark UK3101-01 Please Forgive Me SC8113-10 Darlington Country LG164-13 Run Run Rudolph BS8917-16 Fade Away LG164-16 Run To You SC7548-03 Fire LG164-10 Somebody BS8917-14 Glory Days SC8684-15 Straight From The Heart SC8573-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 48 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Bryan Adams Buck Owens Summer Of '69 SC7545-14 Act Naturally CBPR01-03 There Will Never Be Another Tonight SC8237-08 Before You Go CB90084-12 This Time BS8917-13 Big In Vegas SC8579-03 Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven SC8238-15 Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache) SC7558-08 When You Love Someone TU174-18 Hello Trouble Come On In CB90084-11 Bryan Adams & Barbra Streisand I Don't Care Just As Long As You Love Me SC8538-08 I Finally Found Someone SC7600-08 It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like CB90084-10 Bryan Adams & . Me) When You're Gone SF128-13 I've Got A Tiger By The Tail DK076-18 Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart Kansas City Song SC8642-03 Do I Have To Say The Words SK512-06 Love's Gonna Live Here SC8428-14 I Finally Found Someone SK512-01 Made In Japan SC8517-13 If We Fall In Love Tonight SK512-12 My Heart Skips A Beat SC8712-02 I'll Always Be Right There SK512-03 Open Up Your Heart SC8383-13 Please Forgive Me SK512-04 Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms SC8792-09 Reason To Believe SK512-07 Ruby (Are You Mad At Your Man) CB90084-03 Bryan Adams & & Rod Stewart Sam's Place SC8555-12 All For Love SC8107-04 Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy SC8185-14 Bryan Adams & Tina Turner Together Again SC8355-12 It's Only Love SC2270-06 Under Your Spell Again SC8262-06 Bryan Ferry Waitin' In The Welfare Line SC8392-15 Angel Eyes SF147-09 Buckcherry Let's Stick Together SF135-05 Crazy Bitch SC9022-10 Slave To Love EZA004-07 Don't Go Away CB30087-04 Bryan White For The Movies SC8569-07 Bad Day To Let You Go SC8451-07 Lit Up SC7585-04 Between Now And Forever MM6145-09 Rescue Me CB30088-01 Eugene You Genius SC8217-03 Ridin' SC8694-11 God Gave Me You SC8578-02 Sorry CB30069-05 How Long SC8652-10 Buckinghams I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore SC8256-08 Don't You Cry LC0001-11 Look At Me Now SC8309-06 Hey Baby SC7557-08 Love Is The Right Place SC3040-01 Kind Of A Drag SC8218-05 Me And The Moon HV09-04 Mercy Mercy Mercy NT59-10 One Small Miracle SC8432-02 Midnight Confessions IMPK18-05 Sittin' On Go SC8271-11 Susan LC0007-10 So Much For Pretending SC8303-15 Someone Else's Star SC8173-14 Land Of Make Believe SFMW818-02 That's Another Song SC8336-11 SF031-02 Tree Of Hearts SC8474-10 My Camera Never Lies SFMW840-04 You're Still Beautiful To Me SC3147-01 Bucky Covington Bryan White & Corrs A Different World KARAOKE CB Looking Through Your Eyes SC2187-08 5080-03 Bryson Flack Different World SC8998-14 Tonight I Celebrate My Love NUTECH-0834 Father's Love (The Only Way He Knew How) CB60437-05 Bt Express Gotta Be Somebody CB60430 Do It 'Til You're Satisfied SC8284-09 I Want My Life Back CB60407-12 Bubba Sparxxx I'll Walk CB60376-10 Deliverance PHM0401-04 It's Good To Be Us SC9017-06 Heat It Up PHU0608-05 Buddy Guy Ms New Booty SC8967-11 Damn Right, I've Got The Blues SC9001-15 Ugly SC8730-14 Goin' Home NT49-12 Bubba Sparxxx & Ying Yang Twins Buddy Holly Ms. New Booty PAN2006-01 Baby I Don T Care LG070-03 Buck Owens Bo Diddley LG070-05 Above And Beyond The Call Of Love CB90084-13 Brown Eyed Handsome Man LG070-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 49 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Buddy Holly Bullitproof Crying, Waiting, Hoping ZMP049-07 Pacifier THMR0303-17 Early In The Morning LG070-15 Burl Ives Everyday SC8563-04 Funny Way Of Laughin' JV0059-05 Fools Paradise ZMP049-09 Little Bitty Tear SC8262-03 Hartbeat SF143-09 My Gal Sal CBEP469-2-03 Heartbeat LG070-17 The Holly Jolly Christmas SC7223-13 I'm Gonna Love You Too ZMP048-07 Burnin' Daylight It Doesn't Matter Anymore FLY025-02 Live To Love Again SC8388-05 Its So Easy CBE619-05 Love Worth Fighting MM6183-02 Learning The Game ZMP049-04 Say Yes SC8382-04 Listen To Me LG070-16 Burt Bacharach Look At Me ZMP049-10 This Guy's In Love With You DK046-09 Love Is Strange ZMP049-01 Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello Love's Made A Fool Of You ZMP049-06 God Give Me Strength SFMW819-12 Maybe Baby SC8396-03 Midnight Shift ZMP049-03 Break It To Them Gently SKK002-07 Not Fade Away LG052-04 Fine State Of Affairs SKK002-10 Oh Boy LG070-06 Guns Guns Guns SKK002-09 Peggy Sue SC1004-04 I Will Play A Rhapsody SKK002-08 Raining In My Heart LG070-12 I'm Scared SKK002-02 On LG070-11 My Own Way To Rock SKK002-06 Reminiscing ZMP049-02 Never Had A Lady Before SKK002-04 Take Your Time ZMP049-11 Stand Tall SC8527-11 That'll Be The Day SC7504-14 Timeless Love SKK002-05 Think It Over LG070-02 Your Backyard SKK002-03 SC8589-04 Bus Boys Valley Of Tears ZMP049-08 Boys Are Back In Town SC8782-07 Well Alright THCOL04-01 Bush Well, All Right HSPAK3-06-02 Chemicals Between Us SC8569-14 What To Do ZMP049-05 Comedown SC8471-14 Wishing LG070-14 Everything Zen SC8562-10 Words Of Love LG070-04 Glycerine SC8894-05 Buddy Jewell Greedy Fly SC3007-04 Help Pour Out The Rain SC2433-01 Head Full Of Ghosts TU105-06 If She Were Any Other Woman CB60337-08 Headful Of Ghosts THR0203-12 One Step At A Time SC8881-09 Letting The Cables Sleep SC8593-15 So Gone CB60345-13 Little Things SC8598-06 Sweet Southern Comfort SC8857-02 Machinehead SC8281-09 Buddy Knox People That We Love PHR0201-07 Party Doll SC8190-12 Swallowed SC8638-12 Buddy Miles Warm Machine SC8618-05 Purple Haze SGB031-15 Busta Rhymes Them Changes SC8941-14 Break Ya Neck SC8744-02 Buddy Miles & S.Lukather Gimme Some More DK1115-12 Purple Haze SGB31-15 I Know What You Want SC3364-16 Buffalo Club I Love My B PHU0607-04 Heart Hold On CB60045-08 Make It Clap SC8812-15 If She Don't Love You SC8376-07 Pass The Courvoisier Part Ii SC3308-08 Nothin' Less Than Love SC8384-14 Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See SC8612-15 Buffalo Springfield Touch It PAN2006-01 For What It's Worth SC8683-08 Touch It (Clean Version) PHU0603-08 Sit Down, I Think I Love You SAVP29-13 Where's Your Money PHM1205U-06 Buggles Busta Rhymes & J Jackson Video Killed The Radio Star SC8522-15 What's It Gonna Be MM6299-08 Bulletboys Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey Smooth Up In Ya SC8756-11 I Know What You Want SC8822-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 50 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Busta Rhymes & Odb Byrds Where's Your Money PHU0512-06 My Back Pages SC8615-10 Busta Rhymes & P. Diddy & Pharrell So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star SC7560-01 Pass The Courvoisier Part Ii SC8757-08 Teach Your Children SC8683-15 Busta Rhymes & Spliff Star Turn Turn Turn SC7531-08 Make It Clap SC3351-07 C & C Music Factory Busta Rhymes Feat Will I Am Do You Want To Get Funky NT50-05 I Love My Chick THH0608-12 Gonna Make You Sweat SC8892-14 Busted Things That Make You Go Hmmmm DK099-07 3 Am EZH036-05 C Note Air Hostess SF216-02 Wait Till I Get Home SC3146-07 Crashed The Wedding SF211-02 C. Club Nerdy ZMP061-11 Time SF033-06 She Wants To Be Me SF226-11 C.J. Lewis Sleeping With The Light On SF208-03 Sweets For My Sweet MM6375-08 Teenage Kicks EZH33-11 C.W. McCall That Thing You Do ZMP061-12 Convoy SC8461-12 That's What I Go To School For SF197-08 Wolf Creek Pass SC8707-09 Thunderbirds Are Go SF220-06 Cab Calloway Who's David SF215-03 Minnie The Moocher SC7505-06 Year 3000 SF202-15 Cabaret You Said No SF205-10 Don't Tell Mama MM6282-10 Buster Poindexter Maybe This Time MM6282-07 Hot, Hot, Hot SC7213-03 Mein Herr MM6282-08 Butch Walker Money Song SGB50-14 My Way CB30033-09 Wilkommen TU140-17 Butterfly Cabas Dance Dance Revolution TU247-03 Mi Bombón SCL1549-05 Butterfly Boucher Cactus Choir Another White Dash SD4407-02 Step Right Up CB60065-14 Butthole Surfers Cadillacs Pepper SC8856-10 Gloria MM6385-10 Buzzcocks Speedo MM6385-06 Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You SF109-10 Caesars Should't've) Jerk It Out SC8915-10 B'witched Caitlin & Will Blame It On The Weatherman SF132-05 Address In The Stars CB60407-14 C'est La Vie SC3118-06 Cake Jessie Hold On SF150-03 Distance SC8448-10 Rollercoaster SC8553-13 I Will Survive SC8942-11 To You I Belong SF128-03 Let Me Go SC8565-03 B'witched & Billie Steps Cleopatra & Tina Cousins Never There SC3114-06 Thank Abba For The Music SF138-16 No Phone THR0412-15 By Jeeves Short Skirt & Long Jacket PHM0110-04 Half A Moment PSJT180-06 Cal Smith Bye Bye Birdie Country Bumpkin SC8276-03 Kids MM6175-03 Lord Knows I'm Drinkin' CBE3-02-14 Lot Of Livin' To Do MM6100A-02 Calling Put On A Happy Face SY1047-16 Adrienne SC8775-03 You Gotta Be Sincere MM6219-10 Anything THP0501-13 Byrd Engvall & Brown Could It Be Any Harder CB30027-04 Now That's Awsome CB20266-10 For You SC8817-12 Byrds Our Lives SC8878-04 All I Really Want To Do LC0008-07 These Are The Days SF201-08 Eight Miles High SC8683-14 Things Will Go My Way THP0411-10 Mr. Bojangles PT2007-09 Wherever You Will Go SC8799-08 Mr. Tambourine Man SC7554-10 Wherever You Will Go (Radio Version) AI0064-2-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 51 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Calling All The Heroes Capella It Bites SFMW842-01 U Got To Let The Music SF036-13 Calloway Capitols I Wanna Be Rich NUTECH-0925 Cool Jerk SC8206-04 Cameo Caprice Back & Forth NT12-05 Oh Yeah SF146-13 Candy SC8755-12 Capris She's Strange SF067-12 Morse Code Of Love SGB67-13 Word Up SC8704-11 There's A Moon Out Tonight SC8450-15 Campaign Captain & Tennille How ‘Bout Us SF107-10 Do That To Me One More Time SC8182-15 Camper Van Beethoven Lonely Night (Angel Face) LG097-05 Take The Skinheads Bowling SC8707-07 Love Will Keep Us Together SC7534-02 Camprock Muskrat Love SC8378-13 2 Stars DISCAMPROC Shop Around LG097-03 K-07 Way I Want To Touch Yo SC8634-02 Gotta Find You DISCAMPROC Wedding Song (There Is Love) TU222-12 K-02 Captain Sensible Play My Music DISCAMPROC Happy Talk SFMW817-05 K-01 Wot SF113-10 Start The Party DISCAMPROC K-03 Caravelles Who Will I Be DISCAMPROC You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry SC8206-15 K-04 Carbon Leaf Cam'ron What About Everything PHM0505-R188 Daydreaming PHU0303-07 -05 Hey Ma SC3330-04 Cardigans Oh Boy SC3314-06 Been It SC3021-06 Cam'ron & Juelz Santana Erase Rewind SF136-07 Oh Boy SC8797-05 Lovefool SC8343-10 Cam'ron & Juelz Santana & Freekey Zekey & Kay Slay My Favorite Game SC3115-08 Hey Ma SC3330-04 Your New Cuckoo MM6197-14 Cam'ron & Kanye West & Syleena Johnson Cardigans & Tom Jones Down & Out PHU0504-06 Burnin' Down The House SF153-15 Canadian Ragweed Cargill 17 Cross SC8807-12 Skip A Rope JV0059-02 Candi Stanton Carl Butler Nights On Broadway PUK327-15 Don't Let Me Cross Over SC8262-02 Candi Staton Carl Butler & Pearl Young Hearts Run Free SC8776-02 Don't Let Me Cross Over CBEP451-4-17 Candice Carl Carlton Hello SF222-11 Bad Mama Jama (Part 1) RB03-06 Candlebox Everlasting Love CBEP468-1-05 Cover Me SC8466-12 She's A Bad Mama Jama AH8014-07 Far Behind SC8638-02 Carl Douglas Happy Pills SC8519-05 Kung Fu Fighting SC8223-11 It's Alright SC8481-12 Carl Malcolm You SC8530-12 Fattie Bum Bum PUK325-06 Canned Heat Carl Perkins Christmas Blues CB60209-04 SC1001-07 Going Up The Country SC9001-02 Dixie Fried SC8400-12 Let's Work Together SC8814-02 Honey Don't DKM2014-03 On The Road Again SC8814-14 Jive After Five MM6254-07 Cannibal & The Headhunters Matchbox DK050-09 Land Of 1000 Dances MM6016-06 Cantaloop Are You Teasing Me CB90224-04 Uss NT28-09 Back Up Buddy CB90224-10 Capella Don't Just Stand There CB90224-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 52 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Carl Smith Carly Simon Go, Boy, Go CB90224-11 Let The River Run SC8782-06 Hey Joe SC8579-12 Like A River SC8246-05 If Teardrops Were Pennies SC8491-02 Mockingbird LG034-16 Kisses Don't Lie CB90224-15 Moonlight Serenade SD4511-09 Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way SC8383-08 Nobody Does It Better SC8468-01 Let's Live A Little CB90224-01 Right Thing To Do SC8410-09 Loose Talk SC7558-12 Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of CB90356-03 Mr. Moon CB90224-06 That's The Way I've Always Heard It SC2041-01 Orchids Mean Goodbye CB90224-07 Touched By The Sun SC8302-14 There She Goes CB90224-12 We're Not Makin' Love Anymore MMSTA02-18 Trademark CB90224-08 You Belong To Me SC7549-06 When You Feel Like You're In Love Don't Just SC8592-08 You're So Vain SC7511-06 Stand Carmel Why, Why CB90224-14 More More More SFMW828-03 You Are The One SC8712-11 Carol Douglas Carl Thomas Doctor's Orders CBEP468-1-04 Emotional SC8664-10 Carol Elizabeth Jones I Wish SC8625-10 Comin' Down From God CBEP476-5-14 Make It Alright THH0408-15 Carole Bayer Sager Summer Rain THP0012-11 You're Moving Out Today SFMW878-14 Carla Thomas Carole King Baby MM6116-10 Anyone At All SC8503-06 Gee Whiz Look At His Eyes SC7550-15 Beautiful MM6333-01 Carlene Carter Home Again MM6333-03 Come On Back SC8157-05 I Feel The Earth Move SC8354-01 Every Little Thing SC8167-02 It Might As Well Rain Until September LG034-05 Hurricane SC8160-04 It's Too Late SC8800-06 I Fell In Love SC8412-12 Jazzman SC8210-12 I Love You 'Cause I Want To SC8168-01 Nightingale SC8410-04 Love Like This CB60141-12 Now And Forever SC8302-07 One Love CB60098-14 One Fine Day SC8305-13 Something Already Gone SC8123-02 Smackwater Jack SC8552-06 Sweetest Thing SC8228-06 So Far Away SC8391-03 SC8309-11 Sweet Seasons SC8410-03 Carlisles Way Over Yonder MM6333-09 No Help Wanted CB60333-09 Where You Lead MM6333-05 Carlos Ponce Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow SC8259-15 Busco Una Mujer SC2197-03 You've Got A Friend CBE3-18-05 Escuchame KBA22792-06 Carolina Liar Carlos Vives Show Me What I'm Looking For CB30100-8 Dejame Entrar TZLTPK-3-02 Carolina Rain Fruta Fresca SCL1511-05 American Radio CB60388-01 Luna Nueva SCL1548-03 Get Outta My Way SC8992-11 Tu Amor Eterno SCL2250-06 I Ain't Scared CB60329-12 Carly Hennessy Isn't She PHN0703-07 I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind. CB30013-08 Weight Of The World CB60393-02 Carly Simon Caroline's Spine All I Want Is You CB90356-08 Nothing To Prove SC8616-08 Anticipation SC8227-05 Carolyn Dawn Johnson Better Not Tell Her CB90356-11 Complicated SC8738-07 Coming Around Again SC8292-13 Die Of A Broken Heart THMC0409-18 Devoted To You LG034-12 Georgia SC8653-07 Haven't Got Time For The Pain SC8417-15 Got A Good Day CB60363-13 In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning MMSTA02-06 I Don't Want You To Go SC8795-09 Jesse SC8413-05 Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That CB60311-14 Legend In Your Own Time CB90356-09 Love & Negotiation CB60356-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 53 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Carolyn Dawn Johnson One Day Closer To You SC8774-06 More Boys I Meet CB90330-12 Simple Life SC8862-03 So Small CB90330-04 Some Mother's Son SC8759-15 Some Hearts SC3456-05 Taking Back My Brave CB60357-13 Starts With Goodbye ASK1548-07 Carousel Temporary Home CB60428-06 SF008-06 The More Boys I Meet ( The More I Love My PHN0801-03 June Is Busting Out All Over MM6100A-04 Dog ) You'll Never Walk Alone SC8127-03 The Night Before (Life Goes On) ASK1548-08 Carpenters Undo It CB60439-11 All You Get From Love Is A Love Song ZMP052-06 Wasted PHN0702-03 Calling Occupants Of Interplane LG004-06 We're Young And Beautiful CB90330-13 Close To You SC7534-09 What Can I Say CB60438-05 For All We Know SC2116-02 Whenever You Remember ASK1548-11 Goodbye To Love SC8362-13 Carroll Roberson Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas CB60304-06 I Believe Jesus Died For Me CB10051-09 I Won't Last A Day Without You SC8391-08 Cars I'll Be Home For Christmas NUTECH-1146 Dangerous Type SC8861-14 It's Going To Take Some Time SC7559-15 Drive SC8554-11 Jambalaya DK032-13 Good Times Roll SC8627-03 Merry Christmas Darling SC8185-09 Just What I Needed SC8573-09 Only Yesterday SFG043-09 Let's Go SC8393-11 Our Day Will Come SK517-08 Magic SC8840-04 Please Mr Postman SFG043-06 Moving In Stereo SC8861-10 Rainy Days & Mondays SC8138-06 My Best Friend's Girl SC2322-01 Sing (Sing A Song) SC8362-04 Shake It Up SC8427-04 Solitaire BL16-15 Since You're Gone SC8942-15 Superstar SC8362-05 Tonight She Comes SC8671-02 There's A Kind Of Hush DK021-16 You Might Think SC7559-10 They Long To Be Close To You SC7534-09 You're All I've Got Tonight HC005-07 This Masquerade SFG043-12 Cartel Ticket To Ride SFG043-01 Honestly THP0612-13 Top Of The World SC2188-03 Carter Family Touch Me When We're Dancing SC8634-07 Wildwood Flower CB60078-07 We've Only Just Begun SC7545-07 Carter's Chord Yesterday Once More SC7549-07 Different Breed CB60388-07 Carrie Underwood Young Love CB60371-07 All American Girl SC9017-01 Cartoons Angels Brought Me Here QH01-01 Doo Dah SF140-06 Before He Cheats SC8959-05 Witch Doctor SF136-16 Change CB60441-12 Caryl Mack Parker Cowboy Cassanova PHN0912-01 Better Love Next Time SC3014-02 Crazy Dreams CB90330-06 It's Good To Be Me SC8388-09 Do You Hear What I Hear CB60423-14 One Night Stand SC8358-13 Don't Forget To Remember Me THC0606-14 Cascada Flat On The Floor CB90330-02 Everytime We Touch (Rv) SC3458-08 Home Sweet Home SC3502-2 Miracle THP0610-17 I Just Can't Live A Lie ASK1548-02 Miracle (Radio Mix) THP0610-17 I Told You So CB60398-9 Truly Madly Deeply THHP0702-14 I'll Stand By You CB60366-06 What Hurts The Most SC9019-15 Independence Day QH01-08 Cascades Inside Your Heaven SC3444-03 Dreamin' MM6409-15 Jesus, Take The Wheel CB60346-09 Hushabye MM6400-08 Just A Dream CB90330-08 Rhythm Of The Rain SC8770-02 Last Name CB90330-09 Case Lessons Learned ASK1548-05 Happily Ever After THP9909-12 Mama's Song CB60443-01 Lovely PHMU0904

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 54 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Case Cat Stevens Missing You SC8695-09 Wild World SC8456-10 Touch Me Tease Me SC8299-10 Catatonia Cash Dead From The Waist Down SF136-08 Walk Wit A Dip PHU0910-04 Karaoke Queen SF140-09 Cashman And West Londinium SF144-11 American City Suite AMS1507-06 Mulder And Scully SF118-02 Casinos Road Rage SF120-14 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye SC8181-08 Stone By Stone SF182-09 Cass Elliot Strange Glue SF124-14 Make Your Own Kind Of Music SAVP27-12 Catdog Words Of Love MMGOLD02-11 Cat Diggity Dog SM9921-13 Cass Fox Catdog (Tv Theme) SM9921-14 Touch Me THHP0701-17 Catherine Britt Cassidy The Upside Of Being Down SC3420-01 Get No Better SIN0014-04 What I Did Last Night CB60361-03 Hotel PHU0405-01 Where We Both Say Goodbye SC8936-14 Im A Hustla PHMU0506-02 Where We Both Say Goodbye (Duet) SC8936-16 My Drink N' My 2 Step PHU0712-06 Catherine Wheel Cassie Sparks Are Gonna Fly THR0009-18 Long Way 2 Go PHM0611-04 Catherine Zeta Jones Me & U SC8987-12 And All That Jazz SC8827-07 Me And Us PHM0607-09 Cathy Dennis Must Be Love PHU0910-09 All Night Long (Touch Me) SC8466-08 Cassie & P. Diddy Irresistible SC8266-10 Must Be Love PHMU0910-9 Just Another Dream SAVP24-03 Cast Moments Of Love NT07-07 Walk Away SFMW848-04 Too Many Walls SAVP24-08 Cast Of Rent Touch Me SF036-05 Seasons Of Love THP0511-18 Cats Castaways Memory SC7599-05 Liar Liar SC7557-12 Cause & Effect Casting Crowns It's All Over AH9821-10 If We Are The Body SC8962-03 Cave In Lifesong SC8962-04 Anchor THR0308-16 Who Am I SC8919-12 Caviar Casuals Tangerine Speedo SC8707-15 Jesamine SF070-08 Cavo Cat Stevens Champagne PHMP0909 Another Saturday Night LG242-07 Let It Go PHMP1003 Can't Keep It Up BS7917-03 Ce Ce Peniston Father & Son SC8609-04 Finally SC8433-04 LG242-08 I'm In The Mood MM6096-09 Hurt BS7917-13 Movin' On SC8320-05 If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out SC2280-08 Cece Winans & Bebe Longer Boats SC8861-06 Love Of My Life NT54-03 Matthew & Son ZMGY67-15 Cee-Lo Moonshadow SC8467-03 Closet Freak SC8758-09 Morning Has Broken SC8174-01 Celia Cruz Oh Very Young SC9907-12 Burundanga SCL1568-03 On The Road To Find Out SC2280-01 Guantanamera SCL1568-06 Peace Train SC7548-06 La Negra Tiene Tumbao SCL1568-01 Ready BS7917-08 La Vida Es Un Carnaval SCL1568-02 Sad Lisa SF847-04 Que Le Den Candela SCL1568-07 Sitting LG242-05 Quimbara MM6138-12 Two Fine People BS7917-06 Rie Y Llora SCL1573-05 Where Do The Children Play LG242-06 Tu Voz SCL1568-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 55 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Celia Cruz Usted Abusó SCL1568-05 Send Me A Lover SC8340-10 Yo Viviré (I Will Survive) SCL1568-08 Some Small Way PHMP0506-06 Celine Dion Stand By Your Side THP0401-12 A New Day Has Come SC8752-10 Taking Chances SC9016-14 Alive VAR01-19 Tell Him SC2166-04 SC8454-11 Ten Days PSJT097-10 Any Other Way SC8235-02 That’S The Way It Is SF157-01 At Last SC8800-04 The Prayer SC8501-12 Aun Existe Amor PSJT097-11 The Reason CB40005-01 Ave Maria SC8899-16 Then You Look At Me LG179-06 Beautiful Boy THP0502-12 Think Twice SC8371-11 Beauty & The Beast CBE617-10 This Time PHM0802-02 Because You Loved Me SC8454-02 To Love You More SC8465-10 Call The Man SC8454-05 Treat Her Like A Lady SF142-01 Colour Of My Love SC8454-07 Us TU054-16 Declaration Of Love SC8457-01 Water From The Moon SC8454-14 Dreaming Of You SK501-05 Way It Is LGTP-5-14 Falling Into You SC8471-01 PS1262-11 First Time Ever I Saw Your Face SF163-15 When The Wrong One Loves You Right PSJT097-09 God Bless America PHM0201-01 Where Does My Heart Beat Now SC8454-01 Goodbye's SC8806-01 Where Is The Love SK511-11 Have You Ever Been In Love SC8827-02 Why Oh Why PS1262-13 Here There And Everywhere SC8499-15 You And I SC3415-03 I Drove All Night SC8818-07 Celine Dion & Clive Griffin I Know What Love Is LG179-10 When I Fall In Love SC8119-14 I Want You To Need Me SC8613-02 Celine Dion & Paul Anka If I Can Dream SD4707-14 It's Hard To Say Goodbye THD0001-09 If Walls Could Talk LG179-07 Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson If Start Over SC8454-09 Beauty & The Beast LG146-16 If You Asked Me To SC8454-03 Whole New World LG146-04 I'm Alive SC8775-12 Celine Dion & R. Kelly I'm Your Angel CBEP458-3-06 I'm Your Angel MMCP2K07-07 Immortality SF123-03 Celines Incognito FRENCH50-01 Amigos SC7107-06 It's All Coming Back To Me Now SC8454-08 Chad Austin Just A Little Bit Of Love PS1262-15 All My Dreams CB60190-06 Last To Know SC8266-02 Chad Brock Let's Talk About Love PS1262-10 Country Boy Can Survive THC0003-16 Like A Natural Woman LG053-02 Evangeline SC8480-04 Love Can Move Mountains SC8454-15 It's A Woman Thing CB60311-01 Love Doesn’T Ask Why SK501-04 Lightning Does The Work SC3139-07 Miles To Go SFMW841-11 Man’S Gotta Do CB60236-13 Misled SC8454-12 Ordinary Life SC8498-04 My Heart Will Go On SC8423-01 Tell Me How SC8723-10 My Love CB30087-03 That Was Us CB60248-01 Nature Boy PSJT097-03 Visit SC8630-12 Next Time I Fall In Love SC8119-13 Yes! SC8602-12 Nothing Broken But My Heart SC8363-15 You Are SD115-10 O Holy Night SC8781-03 Chad Brock George Jones & Hank Williams Jr. One Heart TU229-11 Country Boy Can Survive, A (Y2k Version) CB60193-09 Only One Road SF029-04 Chad Kroeger & Josey Scott Power Of Love SC8454-13 Hero (Theme From Spiderman) PHR0207-01 Power Of The Dream SC8312-14 Chad Mullins & Black Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable) PSJT097-15 You Didn't Did Ya CB60183-08 Reason SF117-15 Chad Simmons Seduces Me SK501-11 I Will TU180-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 56 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Chaka Demus & Pliers Chantels Tease Me KC004-10 Look In My Eyes MM6361-13 Chaka Kahn Maybe MM6361-11 Ain't Nobody SF011-01 The Closer You Are MM6400-09 I'm Every Women HSPAK3-01-20 Charlatans Chaka Khan The Only One I Know SFMW864-04 Hollywood SC8397-11 Charlene I Feel For You SC8284-10 I've Never Been To Me DK072-03 I'll Be Good To You PI057-04 Charles & Eddie This Is My Night SAVP40-18 House Is Not A Home SC8246-02 Through The Fire SC8585-10 Would I Lie To You SC8310-09 Chalee Tennison Charles Asnavour Easy Lovin' You CB6310-09 She SF077-01 Go Back SC8655-05 Charles Foxx & Inez Handful Of Water SC8560-07 Mockingbird SC8206-03 Just Because She Lives There SC8590-01 Charles Grisby Lonesome Road CB60242-08 Overjoyed PSJT310-04 Makin' Up With You SC8646-08 Charley McClain Parading In The Rain CB60316-10 Who's Cheatin' Who SC8114-10 Someone Else's Turn To Cry SC8533-15 What I Tell Myself CB60204-08 All His Children CB90320-05 Cham & Alicia Keyes Christmas In My Hometown SC8185-07 Ghetto Story PHU0612-08 Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger SC8682-01 Chambers Brothers Don't Fight The Feelings Of Love CB90320-10 Time Has Come Today SC8615-02 Easy Part's Over CB90320-01 Chamillionaire Happiness Of Having You CB90321-14 Hip Hop Police PHU0712-09 CB90321-01 Ridin' (Radio Version) SC9009-07 I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me CB90320-03 Turn It Up PHU0603-09 I Don't Think She's In Love Anymore CB90321-02 Chamillionaire & Krayzie Bone I'd Rather Love You SC8792-13 Ridin' PHU0606-04 I'll Be Leaving Alone CB60298-13 Champaign It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer CB90320-07 How 'Bout Us SC8606-11 Just Between You And Me SC8712-15 Champs CB90321-11 Tequila DK082-12 Missin' You CB90321-04 Change Of Heart Mississippi Cotton Pickin' Delta Town CB90321-13 Change CBEP468-5-11 CB90321-08 Changing Faces CBE2-04-07 G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T. SC8390-04 My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You CB90320-14 That Other Woman BS3517-08 CB90321-10 Channels Shoulder To Cry On SC8647-03 That's My Desire RB21-03 CB90320-12 Chantal Chamandy We Could CB90321-12 Feels Like Love PHAC0609-05 When I Stop Leaving I'll Be Gone CB90321-09 Chantal Kreviazuk Where Do I Put Her Memory CB90321-03 Feels Like Home To Me TU233-01 Whole Lotta Things To Sing About CB90321-15 In This Life SC8831-05 Wonder Could I Live There Anymore CB60301-05 Chantal Kreviezuk You Almost Slipped My Mind CB90321-06 Leaving On A Jet Plane PHT9810-09 You're My Jamaica CB90321-05 Surrounded MM6227-06 Charlie Allen Chantay Savage Better Said Than Done CB60248-08 Betcha'll Never Find NT22-07 Charlie Cruz I Will Survive SC8257-03 Amarte Es Un Problema SCL2263-07 Chante Moore Si No Te Hubieras Ido SCL2294-01 Love's Taken Over SAVP39-11 Un Chin Chin SCL1549-03 Who Do I Turn To SC8244-13 Charlie Daniels Band Chantels America, I Believe In You CB90132-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 57 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Charlie Daniels Band Charlie Rich Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues SC8506-01 Big Boss Man CB90069-11 Devil Went Down To Georgia SC8449-15 Easy Look SC8676-06 Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye SC8455-02 Every Time You Touch Me SC8335-07 Few More Rednecks (What The World Needs Is) CB90132-13 Everytime You Touch Me I Get High CB90069-15 Funky Junky CB90132-09 I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore CB90069-14 In America SC8479-05 I Love My Friend SC8442-05 Last Fallen Hero SC8779-10 Most Beautiful Girl In The World SC7537-02 Legend Of Wooley Swamp SC7568-01 CB90069-05 Little Folks CB90132-14 Road Song CB90069-06 Long Haired Country Boy SC8449-01 Rollin' With The Flow SC8442-14 Road Dogs CB90132-05 CBE604-09 Simple Man SC8525-05 Since I Fell For You CB90069-08 South's Gonna Do It Again SC8449-14 Take It On Home SC8442-11 This Ain't No Rag, It's A Flag SC8733-08 There Won't Be Anymore SC8442-09 Uneasy Rider SC8146-12 Very Special Love Song SC8412-06 Wichita Jail CB90132-10 You're Gonna Love Yourself SAVA08-16 Charlie Daniels Band & Travis Tritt Charlie Robinson Southern Boy CBE4-24-12 I Want You Bad SC8698-06 Charlie Dore Life Of The Party TU119-11 Pilot Of The Airwaves SC8577-14 Charlie Robison Charlie Gracie Barlight SC8520-04 Butterfly JV0020-04 My Hometown SC8578-13 Charlie Hawaiianshaffer Poor Man's Son CB60199-03 Pearly Shells MM6102-04 Right Man For The Job SC3275-07 Charlie Landsborough Walter CB60311-03 What Colour Is The Wind ZMH011-13 You're Not The Best CB60179-14 Charlie Major Charlie Walker I Do It For The Money SC8294-03 Pick Me Up On Your Way Down SC7558-07 Tell Me Something I Don't Know SC8341-15 Who Will Buy The Wine SC8509-06 Charlie Pride Charlie Wilson All I Have To Offer You Is Me SC7558-15 Can't Live Without You PHMU0908 Amazing Love SC8604-05 Charlie Last Name Wilson TU271-03 Burgers & Fries SC8400-02 Charlie Zaa Crystal Chandeliers SF160-11 Flor Sin Retono SCL1546-07 Hope You're Feelin' Me SC8335-15 Por Tu Amor SCL2261-02 SC8592-12 Charlotte Church I'm Just Me SC8697-04 All That Love Can Be TU191-02 I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again SC8555-08 Call My Name(1) SF234-07 Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone SC7556-01 Crazy Chick SF232-10 Just For The Love Of It SC8317-07 Ding Dong Merrily On High TU246-07 Kiss An Angel Good Mornin SC7536-15 Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming TU246-09 Never Been So Loved SC8345-01 Moodswings SF241-11 Night Games CB90065-12 Charly McClain She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory SC8564-01 Dancing Your Memory Away SC8728-01 She's Too Good To Be True SC8604-14 Radio Heart SC8455-04 Snakes Crawl At Night CB90065-06 Sentimental Ol You SC8582-07 SC8541-09 Sleepin' With The Radio On SC8561-08 CB90065-13 Surround Me With Love CBE2-06-08 You're So Good When You're Bad SC8434-01 Who's Cheatin Who SC8114-10 Charlie Pride & Hal Ketchum Chas & Dave For Today SC8236-05 Ain't No Pleasin' You PX14-04 Charlie Rich Gertcha PX14-07 All Over Me SC8442-04 Rabbit (Duet Version) PX14-03 Baby Baby CB90069-04 Sideboard Song PX14-10 Beautiful Woman SC7569-10 Snooker Loopy SFMW833-13 Behind Closed Doors SC7507-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 58 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Chas & Dawn Cheiftans & Rabbit SF042-16 I Know My Love SF138-09 Chayanne Chely Wright Atado A Tu Amor SCL1510-03 Back Of The Bottom Drawer CB60322-11 Ay Mama OKE0052-03 Broken CB60443-08 Boom Boom OKE0052-09 Bumper Of My Suv CBE610-02 Candela SCL1534-03 He's A Good Ol' Boy SC8219-13 Completamente Enamorados OKE0052-06 Horoscope SC8764-05 Cuidarte El Alma SCL1575-01 I Already Do SC8451-11 Dame Touch Me Part 1 SCL1532-03 Jezebel SC8736-09 Dejaria Todo SC2203-03 Just Another Heartache SC8432-09 Mariana Mambo OKE0052-08 Listenin' To The Radio SC8224-09 Mi Cafetal OKE0052-12 Love He Left Behind SC8294-09 Provocame OKE0052-07 Love That We Lost SC8247-06 Quisiera Ser OKE0052-05 Never Love You Enough SC8711-06 Salome SCL1506-05 Right In The Middle Of It SC8250-15 Tiempo De Vals OKE0052-11 River CB60345-15 Un Siglo Sin Ti SCL1570-06 Sea Of Cowboy Hats SC8236-02 Y Tú Te Vas SCL1550-05 She Went Out For Cigarettes SC8653-15 Yo Te Amo SCL2284-05 Shut Up & Drive SC8388-10 Cheap Trick Single White Female SC8533-02 Ain’T That A Shame (Live Version) SC8870-13 The Bumper Of My S.U.V. THC0503-16 Can't Stop Falling In Love SC8433-08 Til I Was Loved By You SC8149-14 Don't Be Cruel LG241-14 What If We Fly TU079-18 Dream Police SC8725-13 Chely Wright & Brad Paisley Flame SC2500-04 One Night In Las Vegas TU231-10 I Want You To Want Me SC8178-15 Che'nelle She's Tight SC8861-03 I Fell In Love With The Dj THP0803-13 Surrender SC8334-11 Cher Woke Up With A Monster NT28-12 All I Ever Need Is You LG040-17 You're All I Wanna Do SC2500-02 All I Really Want To Do LG040-04 Cheech & Chong All Or Nothing SGBSP01-1-03 Earache My Eye SC8927-10 Baby Don't Go SGB10-06 Cheeky Girls Bang Bang SF085-13 Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) SF199-15 Beat Goes On SGB10-08 Hooray, Hooray SF207-12 Believe SC8039-05 Take Your Shoes Off EZH23-06 Body To Body TTU136-02 Cheers Cowboy's Work Is Never Done RSZ606-02 Black Denim Trousers And Motorcyle Boots JV0011-09 Dark Lady LG040-05 Where Everybody Knows Your Name SFMW803-05 Different Kind Of Love Song CB30029-01 Cheetah Girls Dov'e Lamore SF152-04 Cheetah Love CH-16 For The Lonely SF190-08 Circle Game CG-09 Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves SC8138-14 Dance Me If You Can CG-15 Halfbreed SC7547-03 Feels Like Love CG-10 Heart Of Stone SGB10-11 No Place Like Us CG-12 I Found Someone LG040-06 One World CG-11 I Got You Babe SFG053-10 Stand Up CG-14 If I Could Turn Back Time SC8374-01 What If CG-13 Just Like Jessie James NUTECH-0871 Chef Little Man RSZ606-21 Chocolate Salty Balls SC8532-01 Love And Understanding SGB10-09 Love Gravy SGB12-03 Love Hurts SGB10-03 No Substitute-Oh Kathy Lee SGB12-04 Music's No Good Without You SF186-05 Simultaneous SGB12-01 One By One SC8304-03 Chef & Meatloaf Private Number SF138-06 Tonight Is Right For Love SGB12-06 Runaway CB40020-08 Cheiftans & The Corrs Save Up All Your Tears SGB10-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 59 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Cher Chevelle Shoop Shoop Song SC7506-08 Send The Pain Below SC8831-14 Star Spangled Banner NUTECH-0529 The Clincher THR0504-16 Strong Enough SC8542-09 The Red SC8806-05 Take Me Home LG153-11 Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) PHR0501-06 This Is A Song For The Lonely SC8747-15 Walking In Memphis SFG053-15 Hanging On PHM0609-06 Way Of Love SC8410-10 Chi Coltrane We All Sleep Alone RSZ606-04 Thunder And Lightning SC8634-14 Working Girl SC8142-04 Chic You Better Sit Down Kids RSZ606-08 Dance Dance Dance LG153-08 Cher & Peter Cetera Good Times SC8667-10 After All SC8482-12 I Want Your Love MM6278-11 If I Could Turn Back Time TT6003-08 Le Freak SC8650-11 Cheri Dennis Your Love NT13-06 I Love You PHU0609-09 Chicago Portrait Of Love PHU0804-07 25 Or 6 To 4 SC8261-11 Cherie All I Care About PS1526-05 I'm Ready SD4406-04 All That Jazz SFG048-01 Older Than My Years PHM0410-04 Along Comes A Woman SC8314-02 Cherish Baby What A Big Surprise SC8322-02 Do It To It PHU0608-04 Beginnings SC8259-12 Killa PHU0804-06 Call On Me LG238-03 Unappreciated PHU0612-06 Cell Block Tango STS6005-03 Cherish & Sean Paul Class SFG048-07 Do It To It THH0609-17 Color My World SC8181-05 Cherokee Highway Does Anybody Really Know What Time It I LG064-14 Western Flyer SC8171-03 Feelin’ Stronger Every Day CB90167-08 Funny Honey PS1526-02 DK024-04 Hard Habit To Break LG238-08 Cherry Monroe Hard To Say I'm Sorry LG064-12 Satellites THP0508-16 Here In My Heart SC3021-07 Cherry Poppin' Daddies I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love SC8362-08 Brown Derby Jump SC8487-02 If You Leave Me Now LG064-11 Here Comes The Snake SC8501-14 I'm A Man LG064-16 Zoot Suit Riot SC8462-13 I've Been Searching So Long CB90167-06 Cherry Poppin' Daddys Jolly Old St. Nicholas SC8900-13 Ding Dong Daddy Of The D Car Line SGB07-07 Just You And Me CB90167-12 Cheryl Cole Little Bit Of Good PS1526-06 Parachute SF289-05 Look Away DK071-02 Cheryl Cole & Will.I.Am Love Will Come Back PHAC0608-01 3 Words (Duet) SF287-05 Make Me Smile LG238-02 Cheryl Lynn Me & My Baby SFG048-04 Encore SF067-05 Mister Cellophane PS1526-11 Got To Be Real SC8568-03 Mr. Cellophane SFG048-05 Cheryl Wright My Own Best Friend PS1526-09 It Was SC8570-04 Nowadays PS1526-14 Chesney Hawkes Old Days LG238-05 One And Only SF112-15 Only One MM6221-08 Chet Atkins Question 67 & 68 AH2004-09 I Still Write Your Name In The Snow SC8271-08 Razzle Dazzle SFG048-06 Chet Baker Roxie PS1526-08 But Not For Me SAVP35-04 Saturday In The Park SC8273-01 Chevelle Saturday Night At The Movies ESS09-06 Closure THR0311-18 We Both Reached For The Gun PS1526-07 I Get It SC9009-12 When You're Good To Mama PS1526-04 Panic Prone THR0511-18 White Christmas SC8899-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 60 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Chicago Children's Songs Will You Still Love Me CB90167-14 Pick A Bale Of Cotton SC7007-14 Wishing You Were Here LG238-07 Pink Elephants On Parade PSJT111-16 You're The Inspiration SC8182-06 Polly Wolly Doodle DK1103-05 Chicken Shed Theatre Co Puff The Magic Dragon SC7008-03 I Am In Love With The World SF117-09 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat SC7008-14 Chico Debarge Ring Around The Rosy SM9912-04 Oh No PHU0910-05 Rock-A-Bye Baby SC7004-11 Chiffons Rock-A-My Soul SC7006-05 He's So Fine SC8399-13 Russian Cradle Song SC7004-15 One Fine Day SC7541-13 Sally The Camel PRSA05-07 Sweet Talkin' Guy SC8226-03 She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain SC7007-01 Children The Light Of Shoo Fly SC7008-09 For Those Tears I Died NUTECH-1025 Sing A Song Of Sixpence SC7003-15 Children's Songs Six Little Ducks PR1192-09 All Around The Mulberry Bush SM9910-02 Skip To My Lou SC7007-06 All The Pretty Little Horses SC7004-01 Swanee River SC7007-12 All Through The Night SC7004-02 Talk To The Animals PSJT111-11 America The Beautiful TU183-01 Ten In A Bed SC7004-10 Anchors Aweigh TU183-02 Ten Little Indians SC7002-11 Ants Go Marching SC7001-19 The Farmer In The Dell SM9912-01 B.I.N.G.O TU183-05 There Was A Crooked Man SC7009-03 Baby Bumblebee SC7008-05 This Land Is Your Land TU183-34 Bats In The Belfry SC7005-11 This Little Light Of Mine SC7006-03 Bear Went Over The Mountain SC7008-01 This Old Man SC7002-08 Bicycle Built For Two SC7005-03 Three Blind Mice SC7002-10 Camptown Races SC7009-06 Three Jolly Fisherman SC7002-15 Clementine TU183-07 Three Little Kittens SC7003-13 Dixie SM9917-01 Tisket A Tasket SC7003-05 Do The Hokey Pokey CBE3-14-01 Turkey In The Straw SC7005-05 Easter Parade TU158-07 Wee Willie Winkle SC7004-14 Frere Jacques BS4917-09 When I See An Elephant Fly PSJT111-17 Green Grass Grows All Aound PR1192-11 When Johnny Comes Marching Home SC7005-16 Happy Birthday TU183-13 When The Saints Go Marching In TU183-40 Head Shoulders Knees And Toes TU183-15 Where Has My Little Dog Gone SC7003-02 He's Got The Whole World… TU183-14 Where Is Thumbkin SC7009-13 Hot Cross Buns SC7005-06 Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf PSJT111-15 How Much Is That Doggie In The Window TU158-09 Wise Man Built This House SC7006-15 Humpty Dumpty SC7003-10 Witches Go Flying Along SC7005-02 Hush-A-Bye SC7004-08 Yankee Doodle SC7007-05 It's Raining It's Pouring BS4917-12 Chi-Lites John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt SC7007-02 Have You Seen Her SC8969-07 Kumbaya SC7007-10 Homely Girl SF091-06 Little Bo Peep SC7001-07 I Found Sunshine CBE508-11 Little White Duck CBE522-11 Oh Girl SC8354-05 London Bridge (Is Falling Down) TU183-19 You Don't Have To Go SF097-05 Marine's Hymn (Halls Of Montezuma) TU183-20 Chimes Mr. Knickerbocker PR1192-13 Once In A While THMF04-10 Mulberry Bush SC7002-13 China Black Never Smile At A Crocodile PSJT111-13 Searching SF009-14 Oh Susanna SC7001-10 China Crisis Old King Cole SC7003-07 Wishful Thinking SFMW801-13 Old Macdonald Had A Farm CBE2-30-15 Chingy On Top Of Old Smokey SC7009-04 Balla Baby (Radio Version) SC8889-15 Over The River & Through The Woods SC7005-01 Dem Jeans PHU0612-07 Peanut Butter & Jelly PR1192-06 Fly Like Me PHU0802-06 Peanut Sat On A Railroad Track SC7002-01 Holidae In PHU0312-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 61 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Chingy Chris Brown & Santana I Like That SC8888-12 Back To The Crib PHMU1003 One Call Away PHU0404-03 Chris Cagle Pulling Me Back PHU0609-03 Chicks Dig It SC8842-12 Right Thurr SC8853-01 Country By The Grace Of God SC8764-01 Chingy & I Breathe In, I Breathe Out SC8798-09 Don't Worry PHU0503-03 I’D Be Lying SC8877-03 Chingy & Snoop Dogg & Ludacris Laredo SC8677-04 Holidae In SC8849-10 Miss Me Baby SC3456-06 Chingy & Tyrese My Love Goes On And On SC8633-02 Pullin' Me Back THH0609-18 No Love Songs CB60376-07 Chipmunk & Esmee Denters Wal-Mart Parking Lot CB60350-10 Until You Were Gone SF292-10 What A Beautiful Day SC8802-15 Chipmunk & Talay Riley What Kinda Gone CB60367-09 Look For Me SF288-02 Chris Clark Chipmunks Graduation Day SC8254-06 Chipmunk Song TTU 066-03 Chris Cornell Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Billie Jean SC9021-06 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang TU158-04 You Know My Name SF250-02 Truly Scrumptious SAVP36-02 Chris Cummings Chocolate Kind Of Heart That Breaks SC3062-08 Mayonesa TZLTPK-1-09 Chris Deburgh Choperena & Madera Don't Pay The Ferryman SC7563-15 La Pollera Colora OKE0004-03 Lady In Red SC7506-10 Choppa Patricia The Stripper SFMW840-07 Choppa Style PHU0304-07 Spaceman Came Travelling ZMH009-04 Chordettes Chris Farlow Lollipop SC7504-04 Out Of Time SFMW821-05 Mister Sandman DKM3074-11 Chris Feat Lil Wayne Brown & Swizz Beatz Mr. Sandman DK069-14 I Can Transform Ya PHMP1004 Chords Chris Feat. Plies Brown Sh-Boom SC8399-11 What I Do CB30121 Chorus Line Dance Ten Looks Three MMSTA03-06 Right Now MM6287-09 Nothing SC8547-04 Chris Isaak One KH22-01 American Boy SC8809-05 What I Did For Love DK1107-01 Baby Did A Bad Thing SC8559-01 Chris Andrews Can't Do A Thing SC8266-01 Yesterday Man SF045-12 Dark Moon SC8317-04 Chris Brown Flying MM6265-06 Back To The Crib PHU1003-02 Let Me Down Easy CB30023-05 Crawl CB30119-05 One Day TU135-09 Forever CB30072-03 Please SC8487-11 Gimme That PHU0606-03 San Francisco Days SC8272-07 Kiss Kiss SC9014-04 Solitary Man SC8302-11 Run It! SC9009-04 Somebody's Crying SC8471-08 Say Goodbye CB30061-12 Think Of Tomorrow SC8340-14 Shawty Get Loose PHU0805-08 Wicked Game SC7546-13 Sing Like Me CB30124 Wonderwall ESS01-15 Superhuman CB30082-04 Chris Jansen Take You Down CB30071-04 'Til A Woman Comes Along CB60443-12 This Christmas CB60424-02 Chris Kenner Wall To Wall PHU0708-09 I Like It Like That SC8206-09 What I Do CB30122-05 Chris Knight With You CB30069-03 Highway Junkie CB60227-15 Chris Brown & Lil Wayne It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy CB60130-07 Gimme That PHU0606-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 62 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Chris Ledoux Chris Young Airborne Cowboy CB60345-14 Man I Want To Be CB60425-07 Bareback Jack CB60234-11 Voices CB60375-08 Cadillac Ranch JV0073-08 You're Gonna Love Me CB60363-12 County Fair CB60202-09 Chrisette Michele Cowboy Up CB60242-15 Epiphany PHMU905 Dallas Days And Fort Worth Nights SC8211-15 If I Have My Way PHU0710-07 Everytime I Roll The Dice SC8112-13 What You Do PHU0908-07 Five Dollar Fine SC8341-10 Chrisette Michele & Ne-Yo For Your Love NT21-08 What You Do PHMU0908 Get Back On That Pony JV0071-07 Christian Castro Gravitational Pull MM6148-10 Alguna Vez KBA22792-08 He Rides Wild Horses CB60213-14 Azul TZLTPK-5-02 Honky Tonk World SC8275-10 Por Amarte Asi SCL2263-06 Horsepower SC3374-06 Christians I Believe In America CBE4-24-15 Harvest For The World SF082-02 Life Is A Highway CB60177-07 Ideal World SF059-08 Look At Your Girl SC8287-05 Christie Riding For A Fall SC8306-14 Yellow River SF042-01 Silence On The Line CB60205-15 Christina Aguilera Slow Down SC8173-11 Ain't No Other Man SF245-04 Stampede SC8578-15 Back To Basics THP0701-16 The Ride SD133-13 Beautiful SC8852-12 Tougher Than The Rest SC8215-14 Blessed SC8657-11 Under This Old Hat SC8236-03 Candyman THP0611-10 Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy SC8234-08 Can't Hold Us Down SC8844-14 Wild And Wooly SC8301-13 Carwash EZH039-06 Chris Ledoux & G. Brooks Come On Over SC8045-01 Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy MM6010-01 Contigo En La Distancia SCL2281-07 Chris Montez Cruz TU227-07 Let's Dance SC8429-06 Cuando No Es Contigo SCL2281-02 More I See You SF093-13 Dirrty SC8789-12 Chris Perez Falsas Esperanzas SCL2281-06 Best I Can PHT9915-09 Fighter SC8827-05 Chris Rea Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas CB60424-04 Auberge SF166-08 Hurt SF249-12 Driving Home For Christmas ZMH009-06 I Turn To You SC8657-04 Fool SC8188-07 Impossible SC8827-11 Fool If You Think It’S Over SF158-02 Infatuation TU182-09 Julia ZMH002-14 My Song TU182-10 Let's Dance ZMH002-13 Lady Marmalade CBE628-14 On The Beach SF058-07 Love For All Seasons CB90168-10 Road To Hell SF059-14 Love Will Find A Way CB90168-11 Chris Rice Not Myself Tonight SF291-01 Lemonade PHM0708-09 Obvious CB40058-04 When Did You Fall SC8983-02 Ovbious CB90168-12 Chris Tomlin Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti SCL1532-09 Holy Is The Lord SC8962-10 Por Siempre Tu SCL2281-03 How Great Is Our God SC8962-15 Reflection LG117-17 Chris Walker Si No Te Hubiera Conocido SCL2281-08 Love Tonight NT26-05 So Emotional SC8657-13 Chris Ward Soar TU182-13 Fall Reaching SC8311-10 Somebody's Somebody CB90168-15 When You Get To Be You SC8351-09 Una Mujer SCL1526-04 Chris Young Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tu) SCL2281-01 Drinking Me Lonely CB60355-10 Voice Within SC3393-10 Gettin' You Home ( The Black Dress Song) CB60404-7 Walk Away TU182-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 63 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Christina Aguilera Christmas We're A Miracle SC8045-05 Christmas Song SC2047-06 What A Girl Wants SC8657-07 Christmas Time Is Here MM6374-11 When You Put Your Hands On Me CB4057-12 Christmas Time's A Comin' CB60032-07 Christina Aguilera & Lil Kim Christmas To Remember CB60036-05 Can't Hold Us Down CB30040-03 Christmas Without You CB60036-06 Christina Aguilera & Luis Fonsi Daddy Stuff CB60036-09 Si No Te Hubiera Conocido SCL2281-08 Deck The Halls SC2018-03 Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott Do They Know It's Christmas SC2046-02 Car Wash PHM0411-03 Do You Hear What I Hear SC2128-06 Christina Aguilera & Redman Feliz Navidad SC2047-05 Dirrty EZH17-11 First Noel SC2128-05 Christina Aguilera Parody Frosty The Snowman SC8475-04 Will Please Shut Up MM6330-08 Gift SC2173-05 Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink Go Tell It On The Mountain SC2128-03 Lady Marmalade SC8741-05 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen SC2019-07 Christina Christian Good Christian Friends Rejoice SC2128-01 Ain't No Sunshine PSJT310-10 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer SC2048-08 Christina Milian Greatest Gift Of All CB60034-15 Am To Pm SC8720-11 Happy Christmas CB60034-06 Call Me, Beep Me TU146-05 Happy Holidays Holiday Season CB60038-14 Dip It Low SC3419-05 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) SC2046-03 From Am To Pm TU081-05 Hard Candy Christmas SC2173-06 Say I PHU0606-09 Hark! The Herld Angels Sing SC7030-07 Us Against The World CB30085-02 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas SC2047-01 Whatever U Want PHU0412-04 Here Comes Santa Claus SC8475-14 When You Look At Me SF194-14 Holly Jolly Christmas SC2047-07 Christina Milian & Fabolous Home For The Holidays CB60038-15 Dip It Low SC8883-13 How Do I Wrap My Heart Up For Christmas CB60032-13 Christina Milian & Ja Rule I Believe In Santa Claus CBE618-10 SC8654-07 I Farted On Santa's Lap SC8780-08 Christina Milian & Joe Budden I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day MM6374-12 Whatever You Want SF223-08 I Only Want You For Christmas SC2173-07 Christina Milian & Young Jeezy I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus SC8475-07 Say I PHU0606-09 I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas SC8557-07 Christina Vidal I Wonder As A Wander SC2019-03 Take Me Away SC3385-03 If Every Day Was Like Christmas SC2173-08 Christine McVie If We Make It Through December SC2048-07 Got A Hold On Me SC7564-14 I'll Be Home For Christmas SC2047-08 Christmas It Came Upon A Midnight Clear SC2019-02 All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth SC8557-08 It Wasn't His Child SC2173-03 All I Want For Christmas Is You SC2046-01 It Won't Seem Like Christmas CB60038-04 Angels From The Realms Of Glory SC2128-08 It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas SC8475-01 Angels We Have Heard On High SC2019-08 Jingle Bell Rock SC2173-04 Auld Lang Syne SC8475-10 Jingle Bells SC7030-05 Ave Maria TU065-01 Jolly Old St. Nicholas SC8475-03 Away In A Manger SC7030-06 Joy To The World SC7030-03 Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem CB60037-11 Leroy The Redneck Reindeer SC2173-02 Blue Christmas SC2047-04 Let It Snow SC8475-08 Carol Of The Bells CBEP462-1-09 Let There Be Peace On Earth SC2128-02 Chasin' That Neon Rainbow CB60036-08 Let's Make A Baby King CB60037-13 Chipmunk Song CB60038-02 Little Drummer Boy SC2031-03 Christ Was Born On Christmas Day CB60308-10 Little Saint Nick SC2046-04 Christmas Carol SC8557-05 Marvelous Little Toy CB60307-10 Christmas Guest CB60037-14 Mary Did You Know CB60037-01 Christmas In Dixie SC2048-03 Mary's Boy Child CB60307-13 Christmas Letter CB60032-10 May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You CB60308-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 64 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Christmas Christmas Meet Me Under The Mistletoe CB60037-04 You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch SC8557-14 Merry Christmas Baby SD005-05 Christmas Country Merry Christmas Darling CBE618-05 Frosty The Snowman CB60307-04 MM6020-11 Here Comes Santa Claus CB60307-01 Most Wonderful Time Of The Year CBE618-01 I'll Be Home For Christmas CB60307-03 My Favorite Things CB60308-14 It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas CB60307-08 Nuttin' For Christmas SC8557-03 Little Drummer Boy CB60307-05 O' Christmas Tree SC2018-02 Marvelous Little Toy CB60307-10 O' Come All Ye Faithful SC2018-06 Mary's Boy Child CB60307-13 O Holy Night MM6374-09 O' Come All Ye Faithful CB60307-06 O Little Town Of Bethlehem SC2128-07 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer CB60307-15 O Tannenbaum PI305-17 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town CB60307-12 Old Christmas Card CB60032-09 Silent Night CB60307-09 Old Man's Back In Town CB60036-15 Silver Bells CB60307-07 On This Day CB60036-07 White Christmas CB60307-14 One Bright Star SD005-12 Winter Wonderland CB60307-02 Please Come Home For Christmas SC2046-08 Christmas Lettermen Pretty Paper SC2048-05 First Noel CB60308-08 Put A Little Holiday In Your Heart SC2173-01 Jolly Old St Nicholasup On The Housetop CB60308-01 Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas CB60036-03 O Holy Night CB60308-12 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree SC2048-01 Silent Night CB60308-09 Rocking Little Christmas Tree CBE618-02 We Three Kings CB60308-03 Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer SC7030-01 What Child Is This CB60308-11 Santa Baby SC2046-05 Christmas-Brooks & Dunn Santa Bring My Baby Back CB60034-01 South Of Santa Fe SC8543-14 Santa Claus Boogie SC8184-10 Christmas-Everclear Santa Claus Is Back In Town CB60036-12 Santa Monica SC8348-13 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town SC8475-06 Christopher Cross Santa Got Lost In Texas CB60036-02 Arthur's Theme SC8261-08 Santa I'm Right Here CB60036-10 Best That You Can Do (''Arthur's Theme'') DK012-02 Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy SC2048-02 Ride Like The Wind SC8554-14 Santa's Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck CB60036-01 Sailing SC7547-12 Silver Bells SC8475-12 Save Your Sadness SC8170-02 Sleigh Ride SC8475-11 Christopher Williams SC2046-06 All I See SAVP26-17 Tennessee Christmas CB60032-01 Christy Sutherland SC2048-06 Freedom CB60328-14 SM9905-05 Chubb Rock The First Noel SM9905-15 Treat 'em Right SC8892-03 There's A New Kid In Town CB60037-10 Chubby Checker There's No Christmas Like A Home Ch CB60034-09 Hucklebuck SC8364-03 Till Santa's Gone CB60032-14 Let's Twist Again SC8415-11 Toyland SM9905-09 Limbo Rock SC8191-03 Twas The Night Before Christmas CB60038-06 Pony Time LG049-15 Twelve Days Of Christmas SC2018-01 Slow Twistin' CBEP455-5-06 Up On The Housetop SC8475-09 Twist SC8106-11 We Need A Little Christmas CB60038-05 Chuck Berry We Three Kings SC2019-06 C'est La Vie PX12-02 We Wish You A Merry Christmas SC8475-15 Johnny B. Goode SC7525-06 Wedding Song CBE618-11 Maybellene SC8108-04 What Child Is This SC2019-05 Memphis Tenessee SF086-12 When God Made You CB60036-11 Merry Christmas Baby LG172-12 White Christmas SC2047-03 My Ding A Ling SC8117-10 White Christmas Makes Me Blue CB60037-12 Nadine (Is It You) LG049-03 Winter Wonderland SC8475-13 No Particular Place To Go SC8218-01 With Bells On SC2048-04 Rock & Roll Music SGB056-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 65 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Chuck Berry Cinderella Roll Over Beethoven SC8415-12 A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes DISNEY02-02 Run Rudolph Run SC8557-12 Gypsy Road SC8917-12 School Days SC7550-03 Heartbreak Station SC8917-09 SC8222-07 I'm Coming Home DG06-12 Chuck Jackson Nobody's Fool SC8516-06 Any Day Now RB16-05 Shake Me SC8843-05 I Don't Want To Cry RB13-10 So This Is Love DISNEY02-08 Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown Somebody Save Me SC7565-14 Daddy's Home RB17-02 You Don't Know What You Got ('til It's Gone) SC8346-01 Chuck Wagon & Wheels Cindy Bullens Beauty's In The Eye Of The Beerholder CB60202-03 Freddy My Love SC8910-11 Play That Country Music Cowboy CB60217-02 It’S Raining On Prom Night SC8910-08 Chuck Wicks Cindy Morgan All I Ever Wanted CB60377-10 Make Us One TU190-08 Hold That Thought CB60441-04 Citizen Kane Man Of The House CB60401-5 Better Days (And The Bottom Drops Out) SC3136-08 Stealing Cinderella SC9017-11 City High Chuck Willis Caramel SC8735-01 C. C. Rider TU138-08 What Would You Do SC8695-07 It's Too Late RB14-09 City High & Eve See See Rider PI057-15 Caramel SC8735-01 What Am I Living For RB19-05 City On A Hill Chuck Wood God Of Wonders SC8962-07 Seven Days Too Long SFCC01-18 Citykiss Chumbawamba Detroit Rock SFMW923-01 Amnesia SC8465-05 Cky Top Of The World SF121-13 Familiar Realm THR0509-18 Tubthumping SC8422-14 Claire Lynch Church If Wishes Were Horses CBEP476-1-12 Under The Milky Way SC8571-07 Out Among The Stars CBEP476-5-10 Ciara Second Wind CBEP476-2-04 1, 2 Step SC8945-05 Clarence Carter Ahh PHU0803-08 Back Door Santa SC8780-04 And I CB30056-14 Kiss You All Over SC8117-09 Can't Leave Him Alone PHU0709-02 Patches SF102-14 Get Up SC9005-11 Slip Away SC8521-11 Goodies SC8889-03 Strokin’ SC7598-04 Like A Boy CB30064-13 Clarence Frogman Henry Never Ever CB30097-14 Ain't Got No Home SC8544-14 Oh SC3438-04 But I Do SC8258-12 Promise SC8995-04 You Always Hurt The One You Love SF074-11 So What ASKFP71-1-10 Clarice Rose Ciara & Chamillionaire Mile A Minute CB60219-10 Get Up PHU0610-01 Clark Family Experience Ciara & Ludacris Going Away SC8769-06 Oh SC8924-04 Meanwhile Back At The Ranch SC8646-07 Ciara & Missy Elliott Standin' Still SC3261-05 1,2 Step SF230-05 To Quote Shakespeare CB60227-07 Ciara & Petey Pablo Clark Sisters Goodies SC8889-03 You Brought The Sunshine NT03-09 Cilla Black Clash Alfie SF085-09 I Fought The Law SFMW849-01 Anyone Who Had A Heart SF054-09 London Calling SC8719-13 Love Just A Broken Heart SF085-11 Rock The Casbah SC8425-02 Surround Yourself With Sorrow SF085-10 Should I Stay Or Should I Go SC7546-15 You're My World SF052-02 Train In Vain SC8719-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 66 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Class Of '99 Clay Walker Another Brick In The Wall PHT9903-08 This Woman & This Man SC8229-09 Claude King Watch This SC8394-05 Wolverton Mountain SC8191-10 What's It To You SC8175-13 Claudia Barry Where Do I Fit In The Picture SC8177-14 Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes TTU 130-03 White Palace SC8123-12 Claudia Church Who Needs You Baby SC8198-07 Home In My Heart (North Carolina) SC8549-08 You're Beginning To Get To Me SC8485-01 It's All Your Fault SC8566-15 Clea What's The Matter With You Baby SC8520-08 Stuck In The Middle SF215-15 Claudine Clark Clean Living Party Lights SC2063R-01 In Heaven There Is No Beer SC8136-15 Clay Aiken Cledus Judd A Thousand Days PHM0704-09 Breath SC8764-04 Bridge Over Troubled Water SC8839-15 Breathe (Parody Of Breathe) TU145-03 I Survived You TU252-11 Cledus The Karaoke King SC8739-14 I Will Carry You SC8888-07 Coronary Life CB90099-06 Invisible SC8855-03 Did I Shave My Back For This SC8739-15 Merry Christmas With Love CB60424-14 Don't Mess With America TU145-05 On My Way Here CB30074-02 Every Bulb In The House Is Blown CB90099-12 Solitaire SC8876-11 Goodbye Squirrel TUFP25-11 The First Noel SC8899-05 Grandpa Got Runned Over By A John Deere CB90099-14 This Is The Night SC8852-03 Hip Hop To Honky Tonk CB90099-10 Way SC8865-03 How Do You Milk A Cow SC8739-01 Clay Crosse I Love Nascar SC3420-05 I Will Follow Christ TU076-13 If Shania Was Mine CB90099-02 Clay Davidson Indian In Laws TU037-08 I Can't Lie To Me SC8630-13 It's A Great Day To Be A Guy SC8769-15 Sometimes CB60213-05 Jackson (Alan That Is) CB90099-11 Unconditional SC8596-10 Let's Shoot Dove TU134-05 Clay Walker Man Of Constant Borrow (Aka Borrow) TU145-10 Bury The Shovel SD032-08 More Beaver TU037-11 Chain Of Love CBE608-11 My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy SC8669-02 Dreaming With My Eyes Open SC8129-14 Paycheck Woman SC8923-05 Fall CB60364-12 Plowboy SC8739-04 Few Questions SC8833-05 Shania I'm Broke CB90099-09 'fore She Was Mama PHN0701-04 She's Got A Butt Bigger Than CB90099-07 Hypnotize The Moon SC8232-02 She's Inflatable CB90099-04 I Can’T Sleep SC8880-12 Tree's On Fire TU172-16 I Don't Know How Love Starts SC8317-01 Where The Grass Don't Grow CB90099-08 I Won't Have The Heart SC8256-10 Wives Do It All The Time CB90099-03 If I Could Make A Living SC8141-09 Cleftones If You Ever Feel Like Lovin' Me Again SC3265-08 Little Girl Of Mine MM6361-14 Jesus Was A Country Boy CB60326-10 Cleopatra Live Until I Die SC8260-11 Cleopatra's Theme SC8478-09 Live, Laugh, Love SC8560-06 I Want You Back SF125-09 My Heart Will Never Know SC8173-02 Life Ain't Easy SF122-09 Once In A Lifetime Love SC8633-07 Cleopatra, Bwitched, Billie Steps & Tina Cousins One, Two, I Love You SC8376-10 Thank Abba For The Music SF138-16 Only On Days That End In Y SC8289-01 Cleve Francis Ordinary People SC8463-11 Love Or The Lack Thereof SC8135-09 Rumor Has It SC8358-11 Walkin' SC8317-12 Say No More CB60214-04 Click Five She Likes It In The Morning CB60372-03 Catch Your Wave SC3458-01 She Won't Be Lonely Long PHMC1002 Just The Girl SC3450-05 She's Always Right SC8524-09 Pop Princess PAN2006-01 Then What SC8436-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 67 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Cliff Richard A Little In Love ZPA030-06 Young Ones LG081-15 A Voice In The Wilderness ZMGY60-14 Cliff Richard & Bachelor Boy LG081-16 All I Ask Of You SFMW806-08 Best Of Me LG082-07 Climax Blues Band Can't Keep This Feeling In SF129-07 Couldn't Get It Right SC8223-06 Congratulations SF100-04 I Love You MM6208-05 D In Love ZMP056-05 Precious & Few SC8181-03 Dancing Shoes ZPA030-01 Climie Fisher Day I Met Marie SFMW825-11 Love Changes Everything SF108-08 Devil Woman SC8443-14 Clint Black Do You Wanna Dance LG082-08 Bad Goodbye SC7544-03 Don T Talk To Him LG081-13 Been There SC3176-05 Fall In Love With You LG081-03 Better Man SC2172-06 Gee Whiz It S You LG081-06 Burn One Down CB90008-11 Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha ZPA030-10 Code Of The West SD137-09 High Class Baby ZMP056-03 Desperado THMP022-05 I Could Easily Fall ZMGY64-09 Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic CB60350-07 I Just Don't Have A Heart PUK325-03 Easy For Me To Say SC8729-01 I Love You LG081-05 Galaxy Song SC8623-04 I M Looking Out The Window LG081-10 Good Run Of Bad Luck SC2185-02 I Still Believe In You LG082-09 Half The Man CB90056-04 In The Country LG082-03 Half Way Up MM6187-01 It S In Every One Of Us LG082-12 Hard Way THMP022-14 It'll Be Me LG081-08 I Raq & Roll SC8826-03 It's All In The Game THCOL04-01 Killin Time SC7536-12 Lessons In Love ZPA030-09 Life Gets Away SC8205-12 Living Doll SF048-13 Like The Rain SC8319-03 ZPA030-05 Loosen Up My Strings SC8480-01 Minute You Re Gone LG081-09 Love She Can't Live Without SC8623-09 LG082-06 Loving Blind SC2172-04 Mistletoe & Wine LG082-13 Money Or Love SC3303-03 Move It LG081-01 My Imagination CB60326-12 LG082-14 Nightlife CB60107-07 Next Time LG081-12 No Time To Kill SC2185-05 On The Beach ZPA030-07 Nobody's Home CB90008-03 Over The Rainbow EZH06-07 Nothin' But The Taillights SC2185-08 Please Don T Tease LG081-04 Nothing's News CB90008-05 Power To All Our Friends LG082-02 One Emotion SC2185-04 Saviours Day SF030-09 One More Payment CB90008-08 Silhouettes LG082-17 Put Yourself In My Shoes SC2172-01 Some People LG082-11 Rainbow In The Rain CB60343-14 Suddenly LG082-10 Shoes You're Wearing SC2185-01 Summer Holiday SFG025-09 Something That We Do SC2185-07 ZPA030-08 Spend My Time SC8857-12 Theme For A Dream ZPA030-03 State Of Mind SC2172-03 Traveling Light THCOL04-01 Still Holding On SC2185-06 Travellin' Light ZMP056-02 Strong One CB60366-12 Voices In The Wilderness THCOL04-01 Summer's Comin' SC8179-03 We Don't Talk Anymore SC8594-07 The Boogie Man CB60324-06 ZPA030-04 This Nightlife CB90056-12 Somewher Over The SF187-07 Till Santa's Gone CB20158-12 Rainbow Walkin' Away CB90008-04 When The Girl In Your Arms Is Th LG081-07 We Tell Ourselves SC2172-02 Willie & The Hand Jive ZMP056-11 When I Said I Do SC3162-03 Wind Me Up Let Me Go LG082-04 When My Ship Comes In SC2172-08 LG082-16 Where Are You Now SC2172-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 68 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Clint Black Coasters & Elvis Wherever You Go SC2185-03 Little Egypt JV0014-05 You Don't Need Me Now SC8520-01 Cobra Starship & Gym Class H Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Snakes On A Plane PHM0611-09 Easy For Me To Say SC8729-01 Cockerel Chorus Clint Black & Steve Wariner Nice One Cyril SFMW818-08 Been There SC8584-13 Cockney Rebel Clint Black & Wynonna Make Me Smile SF035-08 Bad Goodbye SC7544-03 Clint Daniels Do You Want My Love MM6300-01 Fool's Progress SC8470-02 Coheed & Cambria Letter CB60311-09 Blood Red Summer THR0503-14 When I Grow Up SC8496-10 Favor House Atlantic THR0412-16 Clinton Gregory Suffering THR0601-12 If It Weren't For Country Music I'd Go Crazy CB60097-09 Colbie Caillat Rocking The Country CB60179-07 Bubbly CB30067-09 Standing On The Edge Of Love SC8317-15 Dreams Collide CB30075-04 You Didn't Miss A Thing SC8160-09 Fallin' For You PHMP0909 Clipse I Never Told You CB30126-08 Grindin' SC8773-11 Little Things CB30078-02 I'm Good PHU0911-05 Realize CB30070-12 When The Last Time SC8801-07 Cold Clive Dunn A Different Kind Of Pain THM0306R-08 Grandad SF089-11 Gone Away PHR0206-09 Clock Happens All The Time THR0511-15 Blame It On The Boogie SF129-09 Just Got Wicked SC3228-02 No One THR0105-14 Jack In The Box ZMH013-05 Stupid Girl SC3368-05 Clout Suffocate PHR0311-01 Substitute ZMH007-08 Coldplay Clovers Amsterdam TU226-01 Chains Of Love RB20-02 Clocks SC8852-04 Devil Or Angel MM6385-11 Don't Panic SF170-04 Don't You Know I Love You So RB16-09 Fix You SC8935-04- Fool Fool Fool RB20-07 God Put A Smile Upon Your Face SF207-07 Club Nouveau Hardest Part SC8966-03 Lean On Me SC8650-12 In My Place SC8775-13 Clyde McPhatter Life In Technicolor Ii SC3501-5 Long Lonely Nights RB20-03 Lost SC9022-13 Lover Please SC8521-10 Lovers In Japan PHMP0902-7 Lover's Question CBEP454-5-04 Moses THR0403-16 Lovey Dovey RB21-04 Politik TU204-11 Such A Night RB24-08 Rush Of Blood To The Head SFG036-14 Treasure Of Love RB25-01 Scientist SFG036-15 Clydesiders Shiver THR0108-17 My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose PUK321-06 Speed Of Sound SC8924-13 Will Ye No Come Back Again PUK329-10 Talk SC3455-04 Coasters Til Kingdom Come SC3444-17 Along Came Jones SC8707-08 Trouble CB3018-15 Charlie Brown SC7504-02 Violet Hill CB30075-08 Framed MM6074-06 Viva La Vida SC9021-12 Little Egypt CBEP459-3-15 Warning Signs TU226-07 Poison Ivy SC7532-05 Yellow SC8742-04 Searchin' SC7532-03 Coldwater Jane Yakety Yak SC7508-05 Bring On The Love CB60436-12 Young Blood SC7543-03 Cole Deggs & The Lonesome Coasters & Elvis Girl Next Door CB60368-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 69 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Cole Deggs & The Lonesome Collin Raye I Got More PHN0705-08 My Kind Of Girl CB60057-04 Coley McCabe SC8216-03 Grow Young With You SC8602-13 On The Verge SC8358-10 Love Is The Answer SC8535-06 One Boy, One Girl SC8186-13 Who Am I To You CB60221-14 She's All That SC8655-02 Who I Am To Want Me MM6344-12 Soldier's Prayer CB60365-11 Coley McCabe & Andy Griggs Somebody Else's Moon SC8291-10 Grow Young With You MM6301-11 SC8485-02 Colin Powell SC8556-01 Taliban Song TU145-13 SC8228-04 Collage That's My Story SC8103-06 I'll Be Loving You AH9821-07 What I Need SD093-10 Collective Soul What If Jesus Comes SC8224-08 Better Now THR0505-16 SC8504-02 Blame SC3015-04 You Still Take Me There SC8681-03 Counting The Days THR0501-18 Collin Raye & Bobbie Eakes December SC8350-02 Loving This Way SD074-04 Gel SC8639-05 Collin Raye & Dolly Parton Heavy SC8523-05 Whenever Forever Comes SC8128-14 How Do You Love PHM1205AC- Collin Raye & Jim Brickman 04 Gift SD045-08 Listen SC8639-11 Colonel Abrams Needs SC3183-02 Trapped SF143-08 Next Homecoming TU089-12 Color Me Badd No More, No Less SC8545-06 All 4 Love SC8374-04 Perfect Day THR0104-13 Bells NT29-04 Precious Declaration SC8357-01 Choose SC8266-12 Promises Broken PHM9602-02 Earth Sun Rain SC8286-08 Run SC8515-05 I Adore Mi Amor SC8363-06 She Said CB40046-05 I Wanna Sex You Up SC8169-02 Shine SC8639-06 Remember When SC8469-03 Where The River Flows SC8639-08 Slow Motion MDG005-07 Why Pt. 2 SC8649-12 Time And Chance NT15-08 World I Know SC8233-07 Colt Ford Collin Raye Chicken . Biscuits CB60439-09 Ain't Nobody Gonna From Me SC8714-08 Colt Ford & Jamey Johnson All I Can Be Is A Sweet Memory CB90009-01 Cold Beer CB60435-05 Anyone Else SC8512-03 Colt Prather Couldn't Last A Moment SC8596-14 Dash CB60313-10 Eleventh Commandment SC8496-15 I Won't Go On And On CB60321-11 SC8144-03 Columbia Riff Raff Magenta & Criminol Gift SC8416-11 Time Warp SC8086-11 SC8464-09 Commander Cody I Know That's Right CB60348-13 Hot Rod Lincoln SC8202-07 SC8253-05 Commitments I Volunteer SC8271-12 Bring It On Home To Me SFTC-13 I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good) SC8180-01 Chain Of Fools PS1291-16 If I Were You SD014-09 Dark End Of The Street SFTC-04 In This Life SC8105-13 Destination Anywhere SFTC-05 It Could've Been So Good SC8278-09 Do Right Woman Do Right Man SFTC-09 Let It Be Me CB90009-06 Hard To Handle SFTC-03 SC8432-12 I Can't Stand The Rain SFTC-06 Little Rock SC8137-05 In The Midnight Hour SFTC-12 Love Me SC8104-04 Mr Pitiful SFTC-10 Love Remains SC8256-11 Mustang Sally LG148-12 SC8198 09 Show Me SFTC-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 70 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Commitments Confederate Railroad Slip Away PS1291-20 That's What Brothers Do SC8727-09 Take Me To The River SFTC-02 Toss A Little Bone CB60205-13 Treat Her Right MM6219-08 Trashy Women SC8739-02 Try A Little Tenderness SFTC-07 When & Where SC8194-10 Commodores When You Leave That Way You SC8152-01 Brick House SC8386-13 White Trash With Money CB60241-07 Easy SC7535-05 Conjunto Primavera Just To Be Close To You SC8405-08 Actos De Un Tonto SCL1569-01 Lady (You Bring Me Up) SC8293-07 Ave Cautiva SCL1571-03 Nightshift SC8984-04 Borracho (Versión En Vivo) SCL1552-08 Still SC7525-12 Dime, Dime, Dime SCL2299-03 Three Times A Lady SC7534-11 En Cada Gota De Mi Sangre SCL2263-01 Common Hazme Olvidarla SCL1574-02 Come Close To Me CB30037-03 Morir De Amor SCL2239-02 Drivin' Me Wild THP0801-12 Necesito Decirte SCL2211-02 Go PHU0510-09 No Le Ruegues SCL2235-05 Testify PHU0602-02 No Se Vivir Sin Ti SCL1547-06 The Corner PHMU0508-07 No Te Podias Quedar SCL1537-02 Common Feat. Pharrell Perdoname Mi Amor SCL1558-01 Universal Mind Control PHMH0902-4 Una Vez Mas SCL1564-03 Common & Mary J. Blige Connells Come Close To Me CB40317-12 74-75 SF039-04 Communards Connie Francis Don't Leave Me This Way SF149-09 Carolina Moon SF086-08 Company B Don't Break The Heart That Loves You SC8255-08 Fascinated AH8014-16 Everybody's Somebody's Fool SC7541-08 Con Funk Shun Lipstick On Your Collar SC7532-01 Ffun SC8386-12 My Happiness SC7557-14 Love Train (Part 1) RB01-12 My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own SC8415-15 Con Hunley Pretty Little Baby SAVP10-13 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear CB60306-07 Robot Man SF083-02 Jolly Old St. Nicholas CBEP462-5-10 Stupid Cupid SC8361-04 Concrete & Clay Tennessee Waltz CB60134-12 Unit Four Plus Two SF064-06 Vacation CB60129-11 Concrete Blonde Where The Boys Are SC7508-09 Everybody Knows SC8749-09 Who's Sorry Now SC8361-03 God Is A Bullet SC8894-02 Connie Smith Heal It Up SC8122-11 Ain't Had No Lovin' SC7558-11 Joey SC8338-11 Burning A Hole In My Mind CB90088-13 Coney Hatch Cincinnati, Ohio DK071-16 Monkey Bars SC8713-09 Hurtin's All Over SC8682-14 Confederate Railroad I Never Once Stopped Loving You CB90088-10 Big One SC8739-05 If I Talk To Him SC8592-13 Bill's Laundromat, Bar & Grill MM6117-04 If It Ain't Love CB60064-06 Cowboy Cadillac SC8533-05 I'll Come Runnin' SC8579-02 Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind SC8120-15 Just For What I Am SC8375-13 Eagle Over Angel NS03-12 Just One Time SC8461-04 Elvis & Andy SC8133-04 Nobody But A Fool Would Love You CB90088-15 I Hate Rap SC8739-11 Once A Day SC8525-12 Jesus & Mama SC8130-13 Ribbon Of Darkness CB90088-07 One You Love The Most SC8336-02 Run Away Little Tears CB90088-14 Queen Of Memphis SC8165-06 Then And Only Then SC8564-06 See Ya SC8294-04 You And Your Sweet Love CB90088-11 She Never Cried SC8217-10 Connie Vannett She Took It Like A Man CB60107-14 Pussycat Song SC8532-13 Summer In Dixie SC8167-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 71 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Connor Reeves Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn Earthbound SF117-06 After The Fire Is Gone SC8408-03 My Father's Son SF115-14 As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone CB60076-03 Read My Mind SF121-16 Feelings SC8408-05 Contours I Can't Love You Enough SC8511-14 Do You Love Me LG131-14 Lead Me On SC8511-11 Control Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man SC8408-01 No Que No SCL1561-05 My Elusive Dreams THD0001-13 Tao Tao SCL2261-04 Conway Twitty & Sam Moore Conway Twitty Rainy Night In Georgia SC8296-09 After All The Good Is Gone CB90011-08 Cook Greenway Ain't She Something Else SC8385-07 My Baby Loves Lovin' DG01-12 Between Blue Eyes And Jeans SC8332-09 Cookies Boogie Grass Band SCBC56-13 Chains SAVP27-13 Bridge That Just Won't Burn SC8604-01 Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby) SC7560-08 Clown SC7555-04 Coolio Crazy In Love THMF03-09 1, 2, 3, 4, Sumpin' New SF049-03 Desperado Love SC8158-06 Fantastic Voyage AH9821-04 Don't Cry Joni CB90068-04 Gangsta's Paradise SC8760-07 Don't It Make You Lonely SC8236-15 Too Hot SF034-15 Don't Take It Away CBE2-01-06 Coolio & Lv Fifteen Years Ago SC8335-05 Gangsta's Paradise SC8760-07 Georgia Keeps Pullin' On My Ring CB90068-06 Cooter Brown Goodbye Time SC8582-13 Pure Bred Redneck SC8232-03 Happy Birthday Darlin’ SC7590-13 Coral Hello Darlin' SC7512-13 Dreaming Of You SFMW849-01 I Couldn't See You Leaving CB90068-08 Pass It On EZH26-10 I Don't Know A Thing About Love SC8133-08 Corbeau I Love You More Today SC8419-10 Illégal FRENCH50-01 I May Never Get To Heaven SC8372-14 Corey Hart I See The Want To In Your Eyes SC8355-02 Never Surrender SC8393-09 I Want To Know You Before We Make Love SC8412-08 Sunglasses At Night SC8492-07 I Wish I Was Still In Your Dreams CB90068-09 Corinne Bailey Rae I'd Love To Lay You Down SC2140-06 Closer PHMU1005-07 I'm The Only Thing SC8282-08 I'd Do It All Again SFMW922-12 Image Of Me SC8712-06 I'd Like To SD4708-10 It's Only Make Believe SC7507-09 Like A Star EZH59-05 I've Already Loved You In My Mind SC8525-01 Put Your Records On CB30063-10 Julia CB90068-02 Trouble Sleeping SF244-11 Linda On My Mind SC8208-07 Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man TU240-17 Too Late To Turn Back Now SC8492-01 Next In Line SC8392-05 Treat Her Like A Lady SC8182-07 Play Guitar Play CB90068-05 Cornershop Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night SC8372-09 Brimful Of Asha SF118-14 Rest You Love On Me SC8582-09 Corona She Needs Someone To Hold Her SC8610-08 Rhythm Of The Night SC8145-07 She's Got A Single Thing In Mind DK064-15 Try Me Out SF027-12 Slow Hand SC8262-11 Corrs Somebody's Needin' Somebody SC8326-14 Give Me A Reason SF176-02 That's My Job SC8372-04 I Never Loved You Anyway SF118-05 There's A Honky Tonk Angel CB60296-01 Irresistible SF172-12 This Time I've Hurt Her More SC8414-08 Long Night SF225-14 Tight Fittin' Jeans SC8158-14 On My Father's Wings SC8530-08 To See My Angel Cry SC8712-09 One Night SF178-02 Touch The Hand SC8355-05 Radio SFPKT1-2-15 Who Did They Think He Was THMF03-13 Right Time SC8277-10 You've Never Been This Far Before SC8372-15 Runaway SC8212-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 72 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Corrs Cowboy Copas & Hawkshaw Hawkins So Young SC8534-06 Pan American CB90143-10 Summer Sunshine SF218-15 Ride In My Little Red Wagon CB90143-05 What Can I Do SF125-04 Signed Sealed & Delivered CB90143-03 When The Stars Go Blue SC8762-01 Slow Poke CB90143-14 Would You Be Happier SF184-01 Sunny Tennessee CB90143-04 Corrs & Bono Tis Sweet To Be Remembered CB90143-08 When The Stars Go Blue SC8762-01 Cowboy Crush Hillbilly Nation SC8986-02 CB30047-01 Miss Difficult CB60368-12 American Girls SC8768-15 Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart CB60339-14 Angels Of The Silences SC8337-15 Cowboy Junkies Big Yellow Taxi SC8806-13 Common Disaster SC8299-13 SC8377-06 Sweet Jane SC8749-13 Hangin Around CB40083-06 Cowboy Mouth Have You Seen Me Lately CB40083-03 Jenny Says MM6204-08 Long December SC3003-03 Whatcha Gonna Do SC3103-02 Miami CB30030-12 Cowboy Troy Mr. Jones SC8122-06 I Play Chicken With The Train SC3447-02 Murder Of One SC8145-09 Cowsills SC8148-05 Hair LG148-15 Raining In Baltimore CB40083-04 Indian Lake SC8620-04 She Don't Want Nobody Near PHM0402-05 Rain, The Park & Other Things SC8620-15 Counting Crows & Cox Family American Girls SC8768-15 I Am Weary (Let Me Rest) CBEP476-3-17 Counting Crows & Vanessa Carlton Cox Family & Alison Krauss Big Yellow Taxi CBE518-05 Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown CBEP476-4-17 Country Gentleman Coyote Ugly Matterhorn CB20409-07 Can't Fight The Moonlight SC8645-03 Country Gentlemen Right Kind Of Wrong SC8649-15 Fox On The Run CB60060-09 Cracker Legend Of The Rebel Soldier CB80138-14 Golden Age SC8294-11 Nine Pound Hammer CB60060-07 I Hate My Generation SC8277-06 Course Of Nature Low SC8148-11 Caught In The Sun SC8803-07 Nothing To Believe In SC8304-14 Wall Of Shame TU171-17 Craig David Courtney Jaye 7 Days SC8799-05 Cant Behave PHM0509-07 All The Way SF234-13 Courtney Love Don't Love You No More SFMW877-09 Mono THR0404-13 Hidden Agenda SC8812-11 Coven Insomnia CB30100-4 One Tin Soldier, The Legend Of Billy Jack SC8651-01 Rendezvous SF175-02 Cover Girls Seven Days SD4202-04 Show Me SAVP09-11 Spanish SF207-16 Wishing On A Star SC8310-06 Unbelievable SF241-09 Cowboy Copas Walking Away SC8758-02 Ride In My Little Red Wagon CB60330-13 What's Your Flava SF198-07 Cowboy Copas & Hawkshaw Hawkins World Filled With Love SF210-14 Alabam CB90143-01 You Dont Miss Your Water SF213-04 Car Hoppin' Mama CB90143-15 Craig Douglas Dog House Boogie CB90143-11 Only Sixteen SF062-01 Filipino Baby CB90143-02 Craig Morgan Flat Top CB90143-07 Almost Home SC8826-12 I Love You A Thousand Ways CB90143-13 Bonfire PHMC0909 I'm Waiting Just For You CB90143-12 Every Friday Afternoon SC8847-09 Lonesome 77203 CB90143-09 God Must Really Love Me PHMC0904 Louisian CB90143-06 God, Family And Country SC8745-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 73 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Craig Morgan Creed I Got You CB60347-07 What's This Life For SC8478-07 I Want Us Back SC8714-02 Who's Got My Back PS1562-15 International Harvester THC0801-13 With Arms Wide Open SC8616-10 Little Bit Of Life SC8998-11 Creedance Clearwater Revival Look At Us CB60323-09 Born On The Bayou SGB63-13 Love Remembers CB60379-04 Looking Out My Back Door IMPK16-05 Paradise MM6312-13 Creedence Clearwater Revival Redneck Yacht Club SC8992-10 Bad Moon Rising SC8489-06 Something To Write Home About SC8602-15 Cotton Fields DK037-15 That's What I Love About Sunday SC3435-01 Down On The Corne SC8489-02 This Ain't Nothin' CB60430 Fortunate Son SC8489-13 Tough SC9004-04 Green River SC8489-05 Craig Phillips & Dean Have You Ever Seen The Rain SC7533-01 Come Now Is The Time To Worship TU076-07 Heard It Through The Grapevine THM7003-02 Let My Words Be Few TU076-20 Hey Tonight SC8489-12 You Are My King SC8828-06 I Put A Spell On You SC8550-02 Cranberries Lodi SC8489-11 Analyse CB3018-08 Long As I Can See SC8489-15 Dreams SC8199-12 Midnight Special SC8814-06 Free To Decide SC8308-03 Proud Mary SC8489-03 Linger SC8111-04 Run Through The J SC8489-14 Ode To My Family SC8199-07 Susie Q TU053-15 Promises SF136-09 Suzie Q SC8489-04 Salvation SC8281-10 Travelin' Band SC8489-10 This Is The Day TU081-15 Up Around The Bend SC8489-09 Wake Up And Smell The Coffee TU081-16 Who'll Stop The R SC8489-07 When You're Gone SC3003-02 Crests Zombie SC8238-04 16 Candles SAVA06-18 Crash Test Dummies Angels Listened In SC8258-07 Afternoon And Coffee Spoon MM6057-12 Sixteen Candles SC8361-06 Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm SC8148-07 Step By Step MM6149-11 Crazy Elephant Crew Cuts Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' SC8255-02 Sh-Boom DK046-17 Crime Mob Butterfly SC8672-03 Rock Yo Hips PHU0706-03 Drowning TU175-06 Crispian St. Peters Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Pied Piper SF093-15 Fire SC8750-12 You Were On My Mind ZMJB08-05 Creed Cristian Castro Are You Ready SC8645-10 Amor SC7107-04 Bullets SC8740-10 Cuando Me Miras Así SCL1556-07 Don't Stop Dancing SC8801-15 Lloviendo Estrellas SCL1548-07 Freedom Fighter SC2354-01 Lo Mejor De Mi SC7111-13 Hide SC2354-04 Si Tu Me Amaras SC7111-07 Higher SC8569-13 Te Llame SCL1572-04 I'm Eighteen LG129-07 Yo Queria SCL1543-04 My Own Prison SC3067-06 Cristy Lane My Sacrifice SC8799-06 One Day At A Time DK077-15 One SC8515-12 Simple Little Words SC7568-10 One Last Breath SC8762-10 Critters Signs SC8735-11 Mr. Dyingly Sad MM6409-01 Stand Here With Me SC2354-08 Crosby Stills & Nash To Whom It May Concern SC8757-14 Long Time Gone SC8683-09 Torn SC8638-04 Marrakesh Express SC8583-02 Weathered THR0303-15 Crosby Stills & Young What If SC8587-04 Carry On SC8941-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 74 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Crosby Stills & Young Crowded House Ohio SC8231-05 It's Only Natural SFG020-10 Only Waiting For You SC8302-08 Locked Out NT57-13 Our House SC8174-03 Pineapple Head SFG020-12 Crosby, Stills & Nash Sister Madly SFG020-13 Southern Cross DM103-10 Something So Strong SC8456-06 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Weather With You SF112-03 4+20 SC8874-04 Cruella De Vil Deja Vu LG043-10 101 Dalmations DISNEY02-15 Find The Cost Of Freedom SC8891-10 Crush Helplessly Hoping SC8891-14 Jellyhead SC8316-12 Long May You Run NT34-10 Cry Of Love Our House SC8683-04 Peace Pipe SC8242-12 Crosby. Stills, Nash & Young Too Cold In Winter NT43-10 Almost Cut My Hair LG043-04 Crying Shames Chicago LG043-08 Please Stay SFMW817-02 Cowgirl In The San LG043-05 Crystal Bernard Deja Vu LG043-10 Don't Touch Me There SC8501-09 Down By The River LG043-03 Have We Forgotten What Love Is SC8341-01 For What It's Wort LG043-12 State Of Mind SC8358-12 Heart Of Gold LG043-13 Crystal Bowersox Just A Song Before I Go SC8683-01 Up To The Mountain PHMP1008-06 Love The One You're With LG043-02 Crystal Gayle Military Madness LG043-11 Baby What About You CB60302-12 Ohio SC8231-05 Blue Side CB90070-14 Simple Man LG043-07 Cry PT2014-11 Southern Man LG043-01 Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue SC7507-15 Suite Judy Blue Eyes SC8683-06 Half The Way SC8642-11 Teach Your Children SC8192-09 Hallelujah CB60306-14 Wasted On The Way SC8197-01 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas CB60303-10 Wooden Ships SC8683-03 If You Ever Change Your Mind SC8494-01 Cross Canadian Ragweed I'll Do It All Over Again CB90070-11 Constantly SD114-10 I'll Get Over You SC8401-03 Cry Lonely CB60372-11 It's Like We Never Said Goodbye SC8401-09 Fightin' For CB60344-14 I've Cried SC8401-15 Long Way Home SC3367-05 Makin' Up For Lost Time CBE4-18-10 Seventeen CB60245-08 My Brown Eyes Blue KH08-07 Sick & Tired CB60323-02 Our Love Is On The Faultline SC8461-01 Cross Section Ready For The Times To Get Better CB60301-09 Hi Heel Sneakers SFMW878-04 Somebody Loves You SC8401-06 Crossfade Talking In Your Sleep SC7537-13 Cold SC8906-12 Three Good Reasons SC8317-10 Colors THR0508-16 Too Many Lovers SC8676-02 Drown You Out PHM0612-07 CB60300-06 Invincible THR0610-11 What Child Is This CB60306-04 So Far Away SIN0001-09 When I Dream SC8375-11 Crossin Dixon Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For SC8355-01 Guitar Slinger CB60367-13 Wrong Road Again SC8414-09 Make You Mine CB60371-14 You And I BS4117-12 Crow & The Butterfly You Never Gave Up On Me SAVA04-03 Shinedown CB30127-04 You'll Never Miss A Real Good Thing SC8401-08 Crowded House Crystal Gayle & E. Rabbitt Distant Sun SFG020-14 You And I MMGCP9807- Don't Dream It's Over SC8223-10 11 Fall At Your Feet SFG020-15 Crystal Lewis Four Seasons In One Day SFMW881-04 My Redeemer Lives SC8919-03 Instinct SFG020-11 Only Fools SC8661-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 75 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Crystal Lewis Cure Trust Me SC8828-10 Love Cats SFMW808-08 Crystal Method Love Song SC8603-12 Born Too Slow THR0403-11 Mint Car SC8295-13 Crystal Shawanda Pictures Of You (Radio Version) SC8861-08 My Roots Are Showing CB60393-03 Curiosity Killed The Cat You Can Let Go CB60373-08 Down To Earth SF075-02 Crystal Waters Curtis Lee 100% Pure Love SC7219-14 Pretty Eyes SC8399-09 Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee) SF112-12 Curtis Mayfield Say...If You Feel Alright SC8357-15 Freddie's Dead SC8941-06 Crystals Move On Up THCOL04-01 Da Doo Ron Ron SC7513-06 New World Order MM6173-08 He's A Rebel SC8222-11 Superfly SC8386-10 Then He Kissed Me SF069-13 Curtis Stigers Uptown DK054-18 I Wonder Why SC8466-03 Cuban Classic Never Saw A Miracle MM6198-09 El Manicero SCL1555-03 You're All That Matters To Me SF133-01 Guantanamera SCL1555-06 Cutting Crew Pare Cochero SCL1555-05 I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight SC8492-14 Popurri De Cha Cha Cha SCL1555-01 Cynda Williams Que Bueno Baila Usted SCL1555-08 Harlem Blues SC8405-10 Son De La Loma SCL1555-02 Cyndi Lauper Cuco Sanchez All Through The Night SC8297-15 Fallaste Corazon KB09-10 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun SC7533-02 Cuff Links I Drove All Night SC8552-13 Tracy SC8804-04 Money Changes Everything SC8634-09 Cult She Bop SC8192-05 Fire Woman SC8603-05 Time After Time SC8368-04 Love Removal Machine SC8850-02 True Colors SC8477-11 Painted On My Heart THR0010-17 Who Let In The Rain SC8302-09 Rise SC8699-11 Cyndi Lauper & Jeff Beck She Sells Sanctuary SC8756-15 Above The Clouds PHAC0606-04 Culture Beat Cyndi Lauper & Sarah McLachlan Mr. Vain SF005-06 Time After Time PHAC0602-02 Take Me Away SC3037-06 Cyndi Thomson Culture Club I Always Liked That Best SC8733-07 Church Of The Poison Mind SF111-08 I’M Gone PHN0208-04 Crying Game TT6014-11 If You Could Only See SC8784-14 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me SC8420-15 I'm Gone SC8764-09 Be Loved SF127-12 Things I Would Do SC8727-06 I'll Tumble 4 Ya SC8207-09 What I Really Meant To Say SC8738-02 Karma Chameleon SC8197-07 Cypress Hill Miss Me Blind SD022-12 Hits From The Bong SC8875-09 Time (Clock Of The Heart) SD017-12 Insane In The Brain SC8612-02 Victims SFMW810-14 Cyrkle Cupid's Chokehold Red Rubber Ball SC8218-10 Gym Heroes Class SC8999-02 Turn Down Day SC8750-03 Cupids Inspiration D Side Yesterday Has Gone SF065-10 Invisible SF208-01 Cure Real World SF213-13 Boys Don't Cry SFMW835-07 Speechless SF205-11 End Of The World THMR0409-12 D Train Fascination Street SC8696-10 You're The One For Me (Part 1) RB02-04 Friday, I'm In Love SC8242-14 D. Nobb Just Like Heaven SC8111-02 C'mon And Get My Love SAVP24-04 Letter To Elise SC8719-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 76 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID D. Ream Dallas Holm Things Can Only Get Better SF006-15 Lean On Me NUTECH-0926 You're The Best Thing SF026-10 Damage D-12 Forever SFMW850-13 How Come SF221-05 So What If I SF181-15 My Band THH0408-13 Damageplan Purple Hills SC8708-08 Save Me PHR0404-08 Purple Pills (Radio Edit) EZH02-10 Damian Marley D-12 & Eminem Welcome To Jamrock SC8947-04 My Band EZH34-04 Damien Rice D4l 9 Crimes SF250-18 Betcha Can't Do It Like Me SC8957-08 Cannonball (Remix) PHM0405-05 Laffy Taffy PHU0601-07 The Blower's Daughter SFMW860-06 Da Brat Damn Yankees Funkdafied NT50-06 Bad Reputation CBE514-07 Party Continues MM6299-06 Come Again SC8631-11 Da Brat & Cherish Coming Of Age SC8406-06 In Love Wit Chu (Radio Version) SC8834-08 Heart MM6175-15 Da Butt High Enough SC8373-03 E.U. SC7214-04 Two Lost Souls SC2222-06 Da Buzz You Gotta Have Heart MM6100B-11 Let Me Love You TTU074-06 Damned Da Vinci's Notebook Eloise SF056-03 Enormous Pns SC8927-14 Love Song SF109-09 Dada New Rose SF847-02 Dizz Knee Land SC8749-06 Damon Gray Daddy Dewdrop Lookin’ For Trouble CB60197-04 Chick A Boom SC8231-08 Dan England & John Coley Daddy Dj It's Sad To Belong SC7564-09 Daddy TTU122-07 Nights Are Forever Without You SC8790-08 Daddy Yankee We'll Never Have SC8634-01 Brugal (Remix) SCL1580-06 Dan England & John Coley Ford Gasolina SC8937-11 I'd Really Love To See You Tonight SC7580-08 Like You PHU0510-08 Love Is The Answer DG10-11 Lo Que Paso, Paso SC8937-01 Dan Fogelberg Mayor Que Yo SC8937-10 Hard To Say SC8577-04 Rompe (Radio Version) SC8957-07 Language Of Love CBEP467-4-11 Daft Punk Leader Of The Band SC8790-14 One More Time SF174-07 Longer SC7526-05 Daisy Dares You & Chipmunk Love Like This SC8246-12 Number One Enemy SF290-13 Magic Every Moment SC8246-13 Daisy Dern Make Love Stay SC8634-06 Back To You CB60228-15 Run For The Roses SC8207-13 Gettin' Back To You SC8736-05 Same Old Lang Syne SC8184-05 Dakota Moon Dan Hartman Another Day Goes By SC8481-02 I Can Dream About You SC8259-14 Looking For A Place To Land SD4203-14 Instant Replay SC8840-11 Promise I Make SC8453-14 Love Is In The Air ESS03-05 Dale Ann Bradley SFMW830-13 Everything You Do (Touches Someone Else) CBEP476-4-09 Dan Hill Stop, Look And Listen CBEP476-2-10 Can't We Try SC8119-04 Dale Daniel Sometimes When We Touch SC8518-09 You Gave Her Your Name SC8317-14 Dan Hill & R. Franks Dale Watson In Your Eyes NT43-09 Country My Ass SC8794-12 Dan Hill & Vonda Shepard Dallas Blocker Can't We Try SC8119-04 Rock Ya Body PHMU1007-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 77 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Dan Seals Addicted SC8610-05 Bad Day SC8967-13 Big Wheels In The Moonlight SC8728-09 Free Loop SD4610-03 Bop SC7552-04 Daniel Smith Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold SC8332-14 Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit Of Happy Hour PHN0911-09 Good Times SC8352-05 Daniela Romo Healing Kind SC8224-03 Ruleta Rusa SC7101-12 I Will Be There SC8604-13 Tampoco Fuiste Tu SC7101-07 I'd Really Love To See You Tonight SC8247-01 Daniele Vidal Love On Arrival SC8168-06 Les Champs Elysees SAVP17-13 Love Thing SC8275-11 Danielle Peck My Baby's Got Good Timing SC8537-05 Bad For Me CB60367-07 My Old Yellow Car SC8642-13 Can't Behave CB60401-9 One Friend SC8424-12 Findin' A Good Man SD142-13 Three Time Loser SC8434-13 I Don't PHN0604-09 When Love Comes Around The Bend SC8287-08 Isn't That Everything CB60358-06 You Still Move Me SC8551-11 Danity Kane Dan Seals & Marie Osmond Ride For You PHM0702-06 Meet Me In Montana SC8128-13 Show Stopper THH0612-18 Dana Danko Jones All Kinds Of Everything ZMH013-14 First Date THR0609-18 Dana Glover Danleers Thinking Over CB3035-15 One Summer Night MMRB02-06 Dana Grover Danni Leigh Rain MM6387-13 29 Nights SC8512-04 Dandy Warhols Honey I Do SC3199-04 Bohemian Like You THR0011-15 House Of Pain SC8774-05 D'angelo I Don't Feel That Way Anymore SC8630-15 Cruisin' SC8349-05 If The Jukebox Took Teardrops SC8485-07 Lady SC8263-12 Last Train To San Antone CB60246-12 Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine SC8295-15 Longnecks & Cigarettes CB60211-15 Untitled (How Does It Feel) SC8755-14 Sometimes SC8748-13 Danni Minogue Friday SF210-15 All I Wanna Do SF114-03 Gotta Get Thru This SC8789-01 I Begin To Wonder SF203-11 I Can't Read You SF204-05 Put The Needle On It SF197-09 If You're Not The One SC8827-08 Danny & The Juniors James Dean ( I Wanna Know) SF196-11 At The Hop SC7502-11 Never Gonna Leave Your Side SF208-04 Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay MM6071-08 Nothing Hurts Like Love SF224-01 Danny Gokey Way SF231-15 My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me CB60436-13 Wrap My Words Around You SF228-04 Danny Hawaiiancouch Daniel Boone Ah' My Hawaii MM6102-05 Beautiful Sunday SFMW821-06 Danny O'keefe Daniel Deshaime Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues SAVA04-13 Un Peu D'innocence FRENCH50-01 Danny Wilson Daniel Lavoie Mary's Prayer ZMH002-01 Ils S'aiment FRENCH50-01 Danovon Frankenreiter Daniel O'donnel Move By Yourself PHAC0608-08 Footsteps SFMW859-08 Dante & Evergreens Daniel O'donnell Alley Oop CB501401-12 Danny Boy ZMH011-04 Dante Thomas & Forty Shades Of Green SFMW849-01 Miss California PHM0107-08 Give Me A Little Love SF121-12 Danzig Isle Of Innisfree ZMH011-06 Mother SC8530-06 Magic Is There SF127-06 Dar Williams Daniel Powter What Do You Hear In These Sounds PHM9810-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 78 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Darius Darryl Worley Colour Blind EZH13-03 Nothin' But A Love Thang SC8986-09 Girl In The Moon SF206-14 Second Wind SC8698-05 Incredible SF203-07 Sideways SC8745-12 Let There Be Love EZA010-01 Sounds Like Life To Me CB60401-10 Live Twice SF225-13 Tennessee River Run SC8837-13 Rushes SF199-05 Tequila On Ice CB60384-05 Darius Danash When You Need My Love SC8617-02 It's Not Unusual SFG018-05 Whistle Dixie SC8952-11 Let's Face The Music & Dance SFG018-13 Darts Darius Ricker Boy From New York City SFMW828-01 Alright By Me CB60410-12 Daddy Cool SFMW820-04 Darius Rucker Daryl Singeltary Don't Think I Don't Think About It CB60377-04 CBE608-07 History In The Making PHMC0912 Daryl Singletary It Won't Be Like This For Long CB60394-03 Amen Kind Of Love SC8328-13 Dark New Day Even The Wind MM6213-08 Pieces THM0306R-03 SC8633-10 Darkness I'd Love To Lay You Down SC8794-10 Christmas Time SF213-09 I've Thought Of Everything SC3239-07 Friday Night SF212-10 Jesus And Bartenders CB60365-06 Girlfriend SFMW876-05 Kay TU213-08 Growing On Me THR0407-17 My Baby's Lovin' SC8474-13 I Believe In A Thing Called Love SC3396-08 Note SC8432-04 Is It Just Me SF241-06 Now And Again CB60223-07 Love Is Only A Feeling SF216-01 That's Where You're Wrong SC8451-15 One Way Ticket (Radio Version) SC8957-01 That's Why I Sing This Way SC8774-02 Darlene Love SC8224-04 Tonight I Met The Boy I'm Gonna Marry MM6400-02 Used To Be's SD036-13 Darlene Zschech Workin' It Out SC8280-05 Give You My Heart TU207-02 Dashboard Confessional Shout To The Lord TU077-11 Belle Of The Boulevard PHMP1004 Daron Don't Wait SC8987-13 Bad Dog No Biscuit SD012-13 Hands Down SC8845-10 Cowboys Don't Cry SC8219-07 Rapid Hope Loss THR0403-18 If I Ever Love Again SC8317-05 Screaming Infidelities SC8762-15 If It Wasn't For Her, I Wouldn't Have You NT52-14 Stolen PHM0705-04 In God We Trust TU180-07 Vindicated SC8883-12 My Girl Friday SC8179-11 Daughtry Darren Hayes Crashed CB30067-08 Darkness SFMW860-10 Feels Like Tonight SC9014-11 Insatiable CB30022-01 Home SC8999-12 So Beautiful SD4603-12 It's Not Over CB30062-09 Strange Relationship VAR01-39 It's Not Over (Radio Version) SC8999-10 Darryl Worley Life After You CB30118 Awful Beautiful Life SC8898-06 No Surprise CB30106 Best Of Both Worlds CB60430 Over You CB30066-06 Family Tree SC3340-04 September CB30135-05 Good Day To Run SC3227-07 What I Want CB30065-01 Have You Forgotten SC8854-09 Daughtry & Slash I Just Came Back (From A War) CB90313-14 What I Want ESP491-06 I Love Her She Hates Me CB90313-12 Dave & Sugar I Miss My Friend SC8759-06 Golden Tears SC8697-06 I Need A Breather SC8833-11 Dave Berry I Will Hold My Ground SC8857-07 Crying Game SF046-07 If Something Should Happen SC8920-15 Little Things ZMH003-07 Living In The Here And Now CB90313-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 79 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Dave Clark Five Dave Matthews Band Because SC7543-11 Oh PHR0407-09 Bits And Pieces SC8589-14 Satellite SC8233-11 Can't You See That She's Mine SC7566-15 Save Me CB30043-05 Catch Us If You Can SC8221-14 So Much To Say SC8308-02 Do You Love Me SC8750-11 Space Between SF185-10 Glad All Over SC8225-10 Stay MM6250-02 I Like It Like That PLC09-07 Stay (Wasting Time) CB40034-03 Over And Over SC7554-11 Too Much SC8281-04 Dave Davies Tripping Billies CB40034-04 Death Of A Clown SF099-11 What Would You Say SC8187-15 Dave Dee Dozy Braky Mick & Tich Where Are You Going SC8768-02 Legend Of Xanadu SF087-06 Dave Navarro Zabadak SF064-03 Hungry PHR0112-08 Dave Dudley Rexall THR0110-13 Comin' Down CB90136-12 Dave Stewart Cowboy Boots CB90136-05 Heart Of Stone SF025-08 Fly Away Again CB90136-13 David Allan Coe George (And The North Woods) CB90136-11 If That Ain't Country SC2324-05 If It Feels Good Do It CB90136-15 Jack Daniel's If You Please SC2324-01 Last Day In The Mines CB90136-06 Jimmy Buffett Don't Live In Key West HC003-13 Mad CB90136-07 Livin' In A House Full Of Love CBE4-14-14 Me And Ole Cb CB90136-10 Longharied Redneck SC8582-02 Pool Shark CB90136-03 Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile SC7555-07 Six Days On The Road SC7552-10 Ride SC2324-04 There Ain't No Easy Run CB90136-09 She Used To Love Me A Lot SC8647-02 Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun CB90136-08 Waylon, Willie & Me SC2324-03 Two Six Packs Away CB90136-14 You Never Even Called Me By My Name SC8105-01 What We're Fighting For CB90136-04 David Allen Coe Dave Edmunds Band Divers Do It Deeper CB90115-15 Girls Talk THCOL04-01 Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands CB90115-11 I Hear You Knocking SGB49-16 Hank Williams Junior Junior CB90115-13 Run Rudolph Run CB60209-03 I Only Have Eyes For You SAVP35-17 Just To Prove My Love To You CB90115-08 Goodbye Lament SC3237-08 Long Haired Redneck CB90115-03 Dave Hollister Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat CB90115-12 Keep Lovin' You CB3035-09 Tennessee Whiskey CB90115-07 One Woman Man SC3238-08 This Bottle (In My Hand) CB90115-14 Tell Me Why CB30037-15 What Made You Change Your Mind CB90115-10 Dave Loggins Willie Waylon And Me CB90115-06 Please Come To Boston SC7530-09 David Archuletta Dave Loggins & Ann Murray Crush CB30080-07 Nobody Loves Me Like You Do CBE2-02-06 Little Too Not Over You CB30092-03 Dave Mason Touch My Hand CB30088-14 Only You And I Know LG069-13 David Ball We Just Disagree LG069-07 Circle Of Friends SC8280-10 Dave Matthews Band Hangin' In And Hangin' On SC8311-01 American Baby CB30052-02 Honky Tonk Healin' MM6117-11 Ants Marching SC2033-07 I Want To With You CB60181-05 Crash Into Me MM6203-06 I'll Never Make It Through This Fall SC3017-08 Crush MM6256-09 Look What Followed Me Home SC8260-01 Dreamgirl SD4510-10 Riding With Private Malone SC8727-08 Everyday SC8744-04 She Always Talked About Mexico CB60232-03 Grace Is Gone CB30028-09 Thinkin' Problem SC8129-08 Gravedigger SC3389-03 Watching My Baby Coming Back SC8543-15 Grey Street CB3031-03 What Do You Want With His Love SC8173-08 I Did It SC8694-04 When The Thought Of You Catches Up With Me SC8139-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 80 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID David Ball David Essex Whenever You Come Back To Me CB60242-04 Gonna Make You A Star SF079-13 David Banner Hold Me Close SF071-14 Cadillac On 22'S PHU0312-08 Oh What A Circus BSPK01-11 Play PHU0510-01 Rock On SC8368-12 Play (Radio Version) SC8948-10 Silver Dream Machine SFMW825-10 David Bisbal Winters Tale SFMW833-01 Bulería SCL1577-04 David Frizzell Dígale SCL1562-05 I'm Gonna Hire A Wino CB60129-02 Lloraré Las Penas SCL1566-01 You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma SC7516-15 Quiero Perderme En Tu Cuerpo SCL1570-08 David Frizzell & Shelly West David Bowie You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma SC8128-15 Absolute Beginners LG001-09 David Gates Ashes To Ashes SF082-05 Love Is Always Seventeen SC8317-02 Cat People (Putting Out The Fire) SC8782-08 Save The Last Dance For Me SC8171-07 Changes SC8671-10 David Gray China Girl SC8477-04 Alibi PHAC0607-03 Drive-In Saturday LG001-05 Babylon SC8664-01 Fame SC8886-12 Be Mine EZH23-10 Fashion SFMW820-14 One I Love SD4511-10 Golden Years SC8671-11 Please Forgive Me SF172-13 Heroes SC8580-12 Sail Away SF181-13 It Ain’T Easy SFMW838-03 Say Hello, Wave Goodbye SFMW835-02 Jean Genie SC8939-04 Tell Me Something SD4604-13 Jump They Say LG001-15 The Other Side SF199-12 Laughing Gnome BSPK01-08 This Year's Love SF176-03 Let's Dance SC8573-05 You're The World To Me PHM0802-03 Life On Mars SF024-04 Modern Love SC7561-13 Love Is Gone SC9016-10 Rebel Rebel SC8585-05 One Love PHU1005-09 Seven SGB045-05 CB30107-01 Slow Burn TU174-14 David Guetta & Chris Willis Ft Fergie & Lmfao Sorrow SF024-05 Getting Over You SF293-13 Space Oddity SC8840-03 David Guetta & Estelle Starman SFG055-03 One Love PHMU1005-09 Suffragette City SC8621-07 David Guetta & Fergie & Imfao Under Pressure LG001-10 Gettin' Over You PHMP1008-02 Young Americans SC8313-10 David Guetta & Ziggy Stardust DK1112-10 When Love Takes Over CB30106 David Cassidy David Guetta & Kid Cudi Could It Be Forever ZMH004-01 Memories PHMU1006-09 Daydreamer ZMH004-03 David Hasselhoff How Can I Be Sure SF055-13 Jump In My Car SF248-15 I Am A Clown ZMH004-02 David Houston Last Kiss SFMW838-09 A Woman Always Knows CB90139-09 No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross SC8519-08 Almost Persuaded CBEP451-6-02 David Cook Already It's Heaven CB90139-06 Come Back To Me CB30100-2 Baby, Baby (I Know You're A Lady) SC8592-07 Light On CB30085-06 Good Things CB90139-14 Time Of My Life CB30075-06 Have A Little Faith SC8509-11 David Craig I Do My Swinging At Home SC8610-14 Fill Me In SD4111-12 I'm Down To My Last I Love You CB90139-11 David Craig & Sting Livin' In A House Full Of Love CB90139-10 Rise & Fall SF204-08 My Elusive Dreams CB90139-03 David Dundas My Woman's Good To Me CB90139-15 Jeans On SFMW822-12 She's All Woman CB90139-13 David Essex CB90139-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 81 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID David Houston David Usher With One Exception SC8712-07 Alone In The Universe TU109-02 You Mean The World To Me SC8419-15 Black Black Heart TU109-03 David Kersh David Watts Another You SC3014-05 Jam SFG008-14 Breaking Hearts And Taking Names SC8294-08 David Whitfield Day In, Day Out SC8382-03 Cara Mia SF092-02 Goodnight Sweetheart SC8315-01 David Wilcox If I Ever Stop Loving You CHM9805-13 Bad Apple SKK001-05 Something To Think About SC3101-08 Bad Reputation SKK001-06 David Lee Garza Boogie Ride SKK001-07 Ya Me Canse SC7106-13 Do The Bearcat SKK001-02 Downtown Came Uptown SKK001-03 All Lit Up In Love SC8388-13 Hypnotizin' Boogie SKK001-10 Breakfast In Birmingham SC3017-01 My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble SKK001-09 SC8194-05 Riverboat Fantasy SKK001-01 Every Time I Get Around You SC8267-15 The Grind SKK001-04 Fish Ain't Bitin' SC8198 13 Too Cool SKK001-08 Genuine Rednecks SC3006-06 David Wills Inspiration CB60329-15 There's A Song On The Jukebox SC8642-09 Just Don't Wait Around 'Til She's Leavin' SC8416-08 Davies & Estelle Just Once SC8317-11 Whispering Grass SF095-06 Loco SC8881-04 Davis Daniel SC8216-06 For Crying Out Loud CB60163-04 SC8160-11 I Miss Her Missing Me SC8236-13 Road You Leave Behind SC8307-09 I'm Not Listening Anymore SC8307-02 She's Really Something To See SC3014-01 Still Got A Crush On You CB60163-05 We Can't All Be Angels MM6245-12 Tyler SC8321-12 David Lee Roth Davis Sisters California Girls SC9002-05 I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know CB60332-06 Just A Gigolo SC8115-06 Dawn Just Like Paradise SC8684-08 Candida LG097-14 Yankee Rose SC9509R-04 Knock Three Times LG097-13 David Nail Dawn Peem I'm About To Come Alive CB60382-08 You Don't Love Me SF020-13 Memphis CB60235-10 Dawn Sears Red Light CB60401-11 Nothin' But Good SC8321-10 Turning Home CB60434-03 Runaway Train NT39-04 David Naughton Days Of The New Makin' It SC8951-12 Down Town SC8469-13 David Paredes Downtown PP3082-06 No Speaki Spanish (My Love) SC1551-08 Enemy SC8569-05 David Rose Hand Of Fate SC3045-06 Stripper SC8109-16 Hang On To This PHR0111-01 David Ruffin Shelf In The Room SC3070-02 My Whole World Ended TU139-04 Touch Peel And Stand SC8452-10 Walk Away From Love SC8860-08 Dazz Band David Seville Let It Whip SC8870-11 Witch Doctor SC8550-12 Db Boulevard Point Of View SF189-09 Don't Let Go SF205-06 Dc Lee Stop Living The Lie SF201-14 See The Day SF847-10 David Soul Dc Talk Don't Give Up On Us SC8151-06 Between You & Me SC3002-02 Silver Lady SF077-02 Consume Me TU131-03 David St. Romain Free At Last NT50-07 That's Love PHN1002-08 Jesus Freak TU076-16

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 82 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Dc Talk Dean Martin My Will TU077-03 Please Dont Talk About Me When I'm Gone MM6419-26 Say The Words TU131-16 Powder Your Face With Sunshine MM6419-21 Supernatural TU131-18 Return To Me SC2418-08 De Danann Sam's Song TU120-17 My Irish Molly O PUK321-15 Sam's Song (With Sammy Davis Jr) LG142-07 Song For Ireland ZMH011-11 Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On MM6419-23 De La Soul Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) MM6419-29 Me Myself And I SC8612-07 Somewhere There's A Someone MM6419-25 Deacon Blue Standing On The Corner MM6419-19 Chocolate Girl BSPK01-16 SY1046-02 Dignity SF149-04 Sway LG142-04 Fergus Sings The Blues SFMW821-07 That's Amore SC8288-06 I'll Never Fall In Love Again SFMW864-08 Too Marvelous For Words MM6075-07 Queen Of The New Year SF857-03 Volare SC8399-12 Real Gone Kid SF059-13 You Belong To Me MM6419-20 Twist And Shout BSPK02-12 You're Nobody 'till Somebody Loves You SC7540-08 Dead Kennedys Dean Martin & H O'connell Too Drunk To F--- SC8700-14 How D'ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning SFMW870-03 Dead Milkmen Dean Martin & Renaud Punk Rock Girl SC8313-11 Two Sleepy People MM6367-09 Dead Or Alive Dean Miller Brand New Lover (Radio Version) SC8942-07 Love Is A Game CB60240-11 You Spin Me Around SF037-11 Nowhere Usa SC8388-04 Deadeye Dick Wake Up And Smell The Whiskey SC3060-08 New Age Girl SC8169-03 Dean Parish Dean Brody I'm On My Way SFCC01-11 Brothers CB60398-7 Dean Taylor Dean Dillon There's A Ghost In My House SFMW878-12 Hot Country And Single SC8321-08 Dean Friedman Absence Of The Heart SC8488-01 Lucky Stars SF104-06 SC8533-01 Dean Martin Before We Ever Said Goodbye CHM9804-16 Ain't That A Kick In The Head SFMW921-14 Count Me In SC8376-04 Baby It's Cold Outside TU246-03 Did I Shave My Legs For This SC8416-09 Baby It's Cold Outside (Duet) TU246-04 SC8388-06 Buono Sera LG142-05 I'm Just A Girl SC8833-04 Carolina In The Morning CBEP469-1-11 Once Upon A December SD046-12 Dream MM6419-17 One Day At A Time PHM0505C-07 Everybody Loves Somebody SC8118-14 Ruby Brown SD068-07 Houston LG142-08 Strawberry Wine SC8315-02 I Will LG142-09 That's How You Know It's Love SC8344-07 I Wish You Love MM6419-30 The Girl You Left Me For CB60339-09 I'll Always Love You MM6367-07 There's No Limit SC8851-12 Imagination SGB059-03 SC8370-07 In The Chapel In The Moonlight MM6419-24 Wildflower CB60314-06 Innamorata MM6419-04 SC8512-07 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm MM6419-16 Death Cab For Cutie Kiss Me LG009-05 Crooked Teeth THMR0605-18 Let Me Go Lover MM6419-18 Grapevine Fires PHMP906 Little Ol' Wine Drinking Me LG009-01 I Will Follow You Into The Dark PHM0612-04 Magic Moments THCOL04-01 I Will Possess Your Heart SC9021-09 Mambo Italiano MM6419-28 Little Bribes PHMP0910-7 Memories Are Made Of This SC7553-08 Meet Me On The Equinox PHMP1002 Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) LUP04-19 Soul Meets Body SC3451-07 Object Of My Affection MM6367-03 Debarge On An Evening In Roma LG142-06 All This Love SC8323-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 83 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Debarge Dee Dee Sharp Rhythm Of The Night SC8223-14 Mashed Potato Time SC8330-09 Where Are You SC8170-03 Deelite Who's Holding Donna Now SFMW808-02 Groove Is In The Heart SC8746-01 Debarge, Quincy Jones & Garrett Deep Blue Something I'm Yours SC2214-04 Breakfast At Tiffany's SC8203-08 Debbie Boone Name SY1043-07 Are You On The Road To Lovin' Me Again SC8412-15 Truly Madly Deeply SGB06-12 You SC7506-09 Deep Dish Debbie Gibson Flashdance SFMW859-07 Foolish Beat PI020-09 Deep Purple Lost In Your Eyes SC8585-06 Anthem HC001-09 Naked THMP0505-18 Black Night SF040-11 Only In My Dreams PI008-09 Burn HC001-07 Shake Your Love PI020-07 Highway Star SC8334-13 Debbie Harry Hush SC8724-04 French Kissin' In The Usa LG084-04 Kentucky Woman SC8724-13 I Want That Man SF143-03 Knocking At Your Back Door SC8756-01 Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop Lalena HC001-03 Well Did You Evah! SF145-08 Perfect Strangers SC8660-08 Debbie Reynolds Smoke On The Water SC8430-14 Tammy SC8396-11 Space Truckin' SC9002-03 Debelah Morgan Stormbringer HC005-03 Dance With Me SC8625-11 Woman From Tokyo SC8586-01 Deborah Allen Deepest Blue All The Loving And The Hurting Too SC8278-01 Deepest Blue EZH26-13 Baby I Lied SC7570-05 Def Leopard Break These Chains SC8228-13 Animal SGB60-15 If You're Not Gonna Love Me Right CB60141-15 Def Leppard Is It Love Yet CB60170-07 Armageddon It SC8872-03 I've Been Wrong Before SC8697-02 Bringin' On The Heartbreak SC8373-08 Rock Me SC8291-15 Foolin' SC8872-04 Rockin' Little Christmas CBEP462-5-01 Hysteria SC8872-13 Wrong Side Of Love SC8243-03 Let's Get Rocked SC8872-14 Deborah Cox Love Bites SC8231-06 Absolutely Not MM6364-06 No Matter What SD4507-14 Did You Ever Love Me PHMH0902-6 Now CB3029-05 I Never Knew TTU122-09 Photograph SC8252-05 It's Over Now SC8531-10 Pour Some Sugar On Me SC8716-07 Nobody's Supposed To Be Here SC8501-15 Promises SC8872-10 Play Your Part THH0308-17 Rock Of Ages SC8404-10 Sentimental SC8209-10 Rock On PHM0610-06 Sound Of My Tears MM6178-08 Rocket SC8872-11 Up & Down (In & Out) THH0301-16 Stand Up SGB39-08 Where Do We Go From Here SC8304-15 Too Late For Love SC8872-09 Who Do You Love SC8248-06 Two Steps Behind SC8872-02 Deborah Cox & R.L. When Love And Hate Collide SC8220-08 We Can't Be Friends THD0001-02 Women SC9002-12 Debra Laws Default Very Special SC8405-13 All She Wrote PHM0409-08 Dee (Dave) Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich Deny TUM030-03 Legend Of PX010-02 It Only Hurts SD4605-10 You'll Nev PX010-03 Life Away SD4404-11 Dee Clark Live A Lie CB30033-05 Hey Little Girl SAVP30-02 Talking My Life Away THP0403-14 Nobody But You SC8526-06 Throw It All Away THR0407-10 Raindrops SC8251-04 Wasting My Time SC8799-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 84 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Deftones Della Reese Back To School SC8662-14 S'wonderful MM6180-04 Change (In The House Of Flies) SC8662-08 Della Reese & The Verity All Stars Digital Bath SC8694-06 Walk With You SC2401-05 Minerva THR0308-11 Dells Deitrick Evans December 1963 (Oh What A Night) AHVP09-13 God Is Good THH0501-12 Oh What A Night SC8251-10 Del Amitri Stay In My Corner MM6361-04 Always The Last To Know SC8433-07 Dells & Dramatics & Delphonics Don’T Come Home Too Soon SF121-09 Hey There Lonely Girl MM6421-04 Driving With The Brakes On SFMW878-13 Delphic Kiss This Thing Goodbye SFMW837-07 Doubt SF288-11 Not Where It's At SC8460-14 Delrons Nothing Ever Happens SFMW825-08 Captain Of Your Ship BSPK02-14 Roll To Me SC8212-06 Delta Goodrem Spit In The Rain ZMH010-03 Born To Try SC8827-03 Del McCoury Band In This Life CB30076-08 Black Lightening CBEP476-1-10 Innocent Eyes SF210-16 Cheek To Cheek With The Blues CBEP476-3-05 Lost Without You SF207-15 Cold Hard Facts CBEP476-5-12 Mistaken Identity SF229-11 Rain & Snow SC8693-05 Out Of The Blue SF224-11 Del McCoury Band & The Dixie Pals Delta Goodrem & Brian McFadden High On A Mountain CBEP476-4-05 Almost Here (Duet) SF227-01 Del Rays Deluca & The Burden Don't Let Her Be Your Baby RB20-15 Colorful PHAC0701-08 Del Reeves Dem Boyz Girl On The Billboard DK073-16 Boyz N Da Hood PHMU0509-03 Del Shannon Dem Franchize Boyz Hats Off To Larry SC8413-15 Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It SC8967-10 Hey Little Girl SF069-10 Oh I Think Dey Like Me PHM1205U-04 Keep Searching SF086-14 Ridin' Rims PHU0607-08 Kelly SFMW864-15 White Tees SIN0015-04 Little Town Flirt SF074-08 Demus & Chaka Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit ESS01-09 Murder She Wrote KC004-09 Runaway SC8108-13 Swiss Maid SF078-11 Free PUK329-06 Two Kinds Of Teardrops SF083-01 It's Gonna Take A Miracle SC8492-09 Delaney & Bonnie Let's Hear It For The Boy SC7535-14 Never Ending Song Of Love SC8941-09 Silly SC8754-04 Delbert McClinton That's What Friends Are For SFMW925-02 Givin' It Up For Your Love SC8151-14 Denise Lasalle Lone Star Blues TU172-10 My Toot Toot THCOL04-01 Same Kind Of Crazy CB60242-10 Dennis Deyoung Sending Me Angels CB60065-07 Desert Moon SC8725-05 When Rita Leaves TU072-12 Dennis Leary Delbert McClinton & Tanya Tucker A$$Hole SC8700-04 Tell Me About It SC8130-12 Dennis Robbins Delerium & Sara McLachlan Mona Lisa On Cruise Control SC8260-14 Silence PHT9809-06 Padre SC8792-04 Delfonics Dennis Waterman Didn't I Blow Your Mind (This Time) MM6303-01 I Could Be So Good For You SF076-07 La-La Means I Love You SC7543-01 Depeche Mode Delirious Barrel Of A Gun SFG037-03 Deeper TU076-09 Behind The Wheel STTW1337-02 Dell Vikings Blasphemous Rumours STTW1338-04 Come Go With Me SC7520-02 Condemnation STTW1338-02 Della Reese Dream On SC3256-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 85 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Depeche Mode Desert Rose Band Dreaming Of Me SFG037-07 In Another Lifetime SC8359-05 Enjoy The Silence SC8894-01 Love Reunited SC8792-03 Everything Counts SFG037-06 One Step Forward SC8567-05 Home SFG037-05 She Don't Love Nobody CB60157-09 I Feel Loved TU082-11 Story Of Love SC8352-11 I Feel You STTW1338-01 Too Gone Too Long SAVA04-11 In Your Room SFG037-12 Desmond Dekker & The Aces It's No Good SC8460-04 Israelites SF087-03 Just Can't Get Enough SC8678-14 You Can Get It If You Really Want SF090-06 Little 15 STTW1338-03 Desolation Row Master & Servant SFG037-15 My Chemical Romance SC3501-8 Never Let Me Down Again SFG037-10 Des'ree Only When I Lose Myself SFG037-13 Life SF122-13 Pain That I'm Used To SF239-11 You Gotta Be SC8145-10 People Are People SC8696-14 Destiny’s Child Personal Jesus SC8313-13 Girl SC8924-12 Policy Of Truth SC8696-13 Soldier CB30049-03 Precious SC8967-12 Destiny's Child Question Of Lust SFG037-09 Bills, Bills, Bills SC8553-03 Somebody SFG037-08 Bootylicious SC8708-02 Useless SFG037-14 Bug A Boo SGB030-05 Walking In My Shoes NT04-07 Cater 2 U CB30052-12 World In My Eyes SFMW849-01 Emotion SC8726-12 Derailers Girl SC3438-03 Bar Exam SC8753-11 Independent Woman Part 1 SC8649-09 More Of Your Love CB60226-02 Jumpin' Jumpin' SC8047-07 Right Place SC8584-14 Lose My Breath SC8889-07 Derek & The Dominos Nasty Girl THH0204-16 Have You Ever Loved A Woman SGB027-06 No No No PHM9808-06 Layla SC8413-04 Say My Name SC8595-04 Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out SC8327-08 So Good SF169-10 Deric Ruttan Stand Up For Love CB30055-12 Shine PHM1205C-09 Survivor SC8741-04 When You Come Around SC8842-10 Where My Girls At TU022-15 Deryl Dodd With Me CB90227-09 Bitter End SC8488-11 Detachable Peni$ Friends Don't Drive Friends To Drinkin' SC8336-01 King Missile SC8700-06 Good Idea Tomorrow SC8533-06 Detroit Emeralds Honky Tonk Champagne CB60239-07 SF072-08 John Roland Wood SC3144-07 Detroit Spinners One Ride In Vegas CB60228-04 Ghetto Child SF091-04 Perl Snaps CB60235-11 Devo That's How I Got To Memphis SC8344-09 Beautiful World ZMH010-08 Time On My Hands CB60085-02 Girl U Want ZMH010-07 Wood, John Roland CB20090-12 Through Being Cool SC8678-06 Des O'connor Whip It SC7511-04 123 O Leary BSPK02-04 Working In The Coal Mine SC8939-14 Careless Hands BSK003-12 Dexter Freebish I Pretend BSPK02-08 Leaving Town SC8649-13 Deserie My Madonna THR0110-18 Charts MM6409-03 Dexy's Midnight Runners Desert Rose Band Come On Eileen SC8176-02 Ashes Of Love SAVA12-06 Geno SF033-05 Hello Trouble SAVA04-10 Said AMS1508-03 He's Back And I'm Blue SC8564-09 Df Dub I Still Believe In You SC8529-06 Country Girl THH0305-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 86 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Dht Diana King I Go Crazy PHAC0701-06 SC8395-02 Listen To Your Heart PHMR0509-03 Shy Guy SF041-02 Listen To Your Heart (Unplugged Version) SC8946-01 Diana Krall Someone SD4511-04 Alright, Ok, You Win LG175-13 Di Capua As TU178-02 O Sole Mio PS1591-17 Body And Soul TU178-03 Diamond Rio Devil May Care TU178-05 Beautiful Mess SC8764-06 Frim Fram Sauce LG175-05 Bubba Hyde SC8230-05 Hit That Jive Jack MM6254-02 Can't You Tell SC8884-14 I'm An Erand Girl For Rhythm LG175-06 Completely SD115-06 Let's Face The Music & Dance LG175-07 Finish What We Started SC8198-15 Let's Fall In Love LG175-08 God Only Cries CB60352-04 Look Of Love SD4203-11 Gone Out Of My Mind SC8243-06 Narrow Daylight SD4408-13 Holdin CB90012-11 Peel Me A Grape MM6334-01 How Your Love Makes Me Feel SC8692-01 Popsicle Toes TU178-17 I Believe SC8807-11 Straighten Up And Fly Right TU178-18 I Know How The River Feels SC8528-15 Temptation SD4406-14 Imagine That SC8416-04 You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me MM6334-06 In A Week Or Two SC8692-05 Diana Krall & Norah Jones In God We Still Trust CB60346-03 Alright Ok You Win LG175-13 It's All In Your Head SC8328-03 As Long As I Live LG175-03 Love A Little Stronger SC8692-10 Body & Soul LG175-02 Lyin' Eyes THMP008-07 Devil May Care LG175-04 Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me SC8502-15 I'm An Errand Girl For Rhythm LG175-06 Meet In The Middle SC8692-12 Let's Face The Music And Dance LG175-07 Mirror Mirror SC8135-06 Let's Fall In Love LG175-08 Night Is Fallin' In My Heart SC8692-13 Peel Me A Grape LG175-01 Norma Jean Riley SC8101-14 Popsicle Toes LG175-10 Nowhere Bound SC8157-13 Straighten Up And Fly Right LG175-11 Oh Me Oh My Sweet Baby SC8133-14 Of Love LG175-09 One Believer CB60337-06 You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me LG175-12 One More Day SC8743-12 Diana Krall & Tony Bennett Sawmill Road SC8215-10 All Right, Okay, You Win MM6393-05 Stuff SC8619-05 Diana Ross Sweet Summer SC8705-06 Ain't No Mountain High Enough SC7511-15 That's Just That SC8733-06 Baby Love SC7508-04 That's What I Get For Lovin' You SC8280-08 Back In My Arms Again DK074-10 This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet SC8177-15 Best Year Of My Life LG071-08 Unbelievable SC8507-13 Boss LG071-14 Walkin' Away SC8232-11 Chain Reaction SFMW825-15 We All Fall Down SC8867-10 Do You Know Where You're Going To SC8227-08 Wild Blue Yonder SC8321-05 Endless Love SC7236-03 Wrinkles SC8837-05 Good Morning Heartache MM6142-01 You're Gone SC8692-04 Home LG071-16 Diamonds I M Still Waiting LG071-13 Little Darlin' SC7541-03 I'm Coming Out SC8627-14 Stroll SC8330-12 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me DK048-10 Walking Along NT51-12 I'm Missing You NUTECH-0965 Dian Diaz It's My Turn SC8417-12 Colour Everywhere THP0606-17 Last Time I Saw Him LG071-12 Diana Anaid Love Hangover SC7548-14 Last Thing SD4411-13 Missing You LG071-09 Diana Degarmo Muscles MM6067-05 Dreams SIN0009-06 My Favorite Things SC8899-10 Emotional PHM0502-07 My Old Piano PUK328-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 87 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Diana Ross Dierks Bentley Reach Out And Touch DK066-07 Come A Little Closer SC2516-07 Someday We'll Be Together LG071-01 Domestic, Light & Cold SC8933-06 Stop In The Name Of Love LG071-05 Every Mile A Memory CB60355-08 Take Me Higher SC8209-14 Feel That Fire CB60390-05 Theme From Mahogany DKM3057-07 Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go) SC9004-08 Touch Me In The Morning SC8368-02 How Am I Doin SC8898-13 Upside Down SAVP16-18 I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes CB60419-7 Waiting In The Winds SC8244-10 Long Trip Alone CB60359-04 When You Tell Me That You Love Me SF143-01 Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do SC8992-15 Why Do Fools Fall In Love LG071-03 My Last Name SC8862-05 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie Settle For A Slowdown SC8992-01 Endless Love LG071-02 Sweet & Wild CB60387-01 Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye Trying To Stop Your Leaving SC9018-08 You Are Everything SF158-05 Up On The Ridge CB60441-02 Diana Ross & The Supremes What Was I Thinkin' SC8854-10 Love Child CB90170-07 Diffuser My Favorite Things SC2455-05 Karma THR0104-15 Reflections SC8860-06 Digable Planets You Can't Hurry Love SFG024-11 Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) SC8656-15 Diana Vickers Digital Allies Boy Who Murdered Love SF293-07 Where Are You My Love TTU122-16 Once SF291-15 Digital Underground Diane Dufresne Humpty Dance SC8875-14 J'ai Rencontré L'homme De Ma Vie FRENCH50-01 Dilated Peoples & Kanye West Mon Petit Boogie Woogie FRENCH50-01 This Way THH0407-14 Diane Renay Dillards Navy Blue SC8874-10 Dooley SC8693-04 Dick Haymes Somebody Touched Me CBEP476-4-15 It Might As Well Be Spring SC8249-01 Dina Dick Van Dyke Ooh Child SC8266-13 Put On A Happy Face DK1103-08 Dinah Carroll Dickey Lee Ain't No Man SFMW830-01 Everybodys Talking ESS05-09 Don't Be A Stranger ZKH012-13 Laurie SC8804-15 Perfect Year BL14-11 Patches SC8804-03 This Time FC2-07 Dickie Valentine Without Love SF144-15 Finger Of Suspicion SF092-14 Dinah Dinah Dickies Judge Dread THCOL04-01 Banana Splits SF095-11 Dinah Shore Dido Anniversary Song DKM3068-05 All You Want SF187-04 Blue Canary SAVP07-16 Christmas Day TU166-02 Blues In The Night SC8288-02 Don’t Leave Home SC3410-06 Buttons & Bows SC8124-12 Don't Believe In Love CB30087-07 Doin' What Comes Natur'lly SC8124-07 Don't Leave Home SC8878-13 Sentimental Journey CBEP469-5-03 Here With Me SF176-10 Dinah Washington Hunter CB3015-12 Broken Hearted Melody JV0025-09 Life For Rent SF212-02 This Bitter Earth MM6334-14 Quiet Time CB30094-14 Trust In Me MM6334-13 Sand In My Shoes SF221-07 What A Difference A Day Makes SC8513-01 Thank You SC8741-12 Dinah Washington & Brook Benton White Flag SC8905-15 Baby (You've Got What It Takes) CBEP471-1-05 Diego Torres Dino Que Sera SCL2261-06 I Like It SC8667-11 Se Que Ya No Volveras SC7111-09 Dio Dierks Bentley Don’T Talk To Strangers SC8869-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 88 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Dio Dire Straits Last In Line SC8756-03 So Far Away SC7564-11 Rainbow In The Dark SC7565-07 Sultans Of Swing SC7546-07 Dion Twisting By The Pool LG019-08 Teenager In Love HSPAK05-24 Walk Of Life SC8391-05 Dion & The Belmonts Why Worry HC001-12 Abraham, Martin And John LG092-08 Your Latest Trick HC001-13 Donna The Prima Donna SC7557-02 Dirtie Blonde I Wonder Why MH1134-06 Walk Over Me SD4605-12 It's Hard To Say Goodbye PHT9905-03 Dirty Dancing Lonely Teenager SC8804-07 MM6219-14 Lovers Who Wander LG092-07 Loverboy SFMW837-11 Ruby Baby SC7550-13 Dirty Polka Band Runaround Sue SC7504-13 Dirty Polka AMS2001-21 BC845-03 Dirty Pretty Things Teenager In Love SC7520-14 Bang Bang You're Dead SFMW923-04 That's My Desire MM6385-01 Dirty Vegas Wanderer SC7525-10 Days Go By SC8766-14 When I Fall In Love MM6025-01 Simple Things CB3033-03 Where Or When MM6385-08 Disco Tex & Sex O Letts Dion & The Belmonts & Griffin Get Dancing CBEP468-1-06 When I Fall In Love MM6025-01 I Wanna Dance Wit Choo SF097-01 Dionne Farris Dishwalla Don't Ever Touch Me (Again) SD017-06 Angels Or Devils TU171-02 Hopeless SC8377-05 Charlie Brown's Parents SC8337-01 I Know SC8170-05 Counting Blue Cars THM9607-07 Passion SC8240-12 Give PHM9704-06 Once In A While SC8481-11 Alfie SFMW819-10 Somewhere In The Middle THP0208-17 All The Love In The World SF082-08 Distillers Anyone Who Had A Heart SC8258-09 Drain The Blood PHR0402-06 Deja Vu SC8410-12 Disturbed Do You Know The Way To San Jose SC8361-08 Down With The Sickness SC8765-08 Don't Make Me Over SC7560-02 Guarded THMR0510-14 Heartbreaker SC8621-03 Inside The Fire CB30077-08 I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself JV0004-03 Land Of Confusion SC8995-14 I Say A Little Prayer SC8513-14 Liberate PHR0309-01 I'll Never Love This Way Again SC8417-01 Night SC3502-4 Make It Easy On Yourself JV0004-08 Prayer SC8783-04 Message To Michael SC8396-06 Remember SC8817-03 Promises, Promises JV0004-06 Stricken SC8957-05 That's What Friends Are For SC7529-01 Stupify SC8662-15 Then Came You SC8293-12 The Game PHR0204-206- This Girl Is In Love With You LG085-03 09 Trains & Boats & Planes SC7554-02 Voices SC8673-07 Valley Of The Dolls SC8450-08 Divine Walk On By SC8526-05 Lately SC8499-11 You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My SC8651-08 One More Try SC8519-13 Heart) Divine Comedy Dionne Warwick & B.J. Thomas National Express SF132-04 Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head JV0004-09 Divinyls Dionne Warwick & The Spinners I Touch Myself SC8117-14 Then Came You CBEP464-5-10 Dixiana Dire Straits That's What I'm Working On Tonight CB60142-15 Brothers In Arms SFMW817-03 Dixie Chicks Money For Nothing SC8115-13 Am I The Only One TU203-03 Romeo & Juliet LG012-16 Cold Day In July SC8653-16

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 89 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Dixie Chicks Dixie Chicks & Stevie Nicks Cowboy Take Me Away SC8788-09 Landslide TU202-09 Don't Waste Your Heart SC8665-14 Dixie Cups Everybody Knows CB60353-09 Chapel Of Love SC8182-16 Give It Up Or Let Me Go THPP02-10 Iko Iko SGB055-06 Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) SC8833-09 People Say SC8575-05 Goodbye Earl SC8570-06 Dizzee Rascal Heartbreak Town SC8727-10 Dirtee Disco SF293-04 Hello Mr. Heartache CB90079-12 Dizzee Rascal & James Corden Hole In My Head CB60202-08 Shout (England) SF293-01 Home TU141-01 Dj Angelo I Believe In Love TU195-07 I Found My Smile Again PHMU0904 I Can Love You Better SC8432-07 Dj Bobo I Hope CB60346-13 Chihuahua SFMW841-09 If I Fall You're Going Down With Me SC8788-08 Dj Casper I'll Take Care Of You RSZ602-09 Cha Cha Slide SFMW849-01 Landslide SC8801-09 Dj Class Feat Lil Jon Landslide (Album Version) TU192-05 I’M The Ish PHMU906 Let 'er Rip SC8524-04 Dj Deano Let Him Fly SC8788-11 American Pie (Dance Mix) BSK004-06 Long Time Gone SC8795-10 Dj Encore Long Way Around CB60362-03 I See Right Through To You TTU122-10 Loving Arms SGB15-04 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Lubbock Or Leave It CB60363-10 Boom Shake The Room SF050-14 Mississippi RSZ617-01 Nightmare On My Street SC2205-06 More Love TU213-10 Parents Just Don't Understand SC8667-08 Neighbor SC9017-13 Ring My Bell PSJT148-07 Never Say Die RSZ602-06 Summertime SFG025-01 Not Ready To Make Nice SC8991-02 You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody SAVP38-19 Once You've Loved Somebody CB90079-07 Dj Khaled Ready To Run SC8037-06 I'm So Hood PHU0712-04 Roses In The Snow TU126-12 Dj Kool Sin Wagon SC8788-05 Let Me Clear My Throat SC8892-15 Some Days You Gotta Dance SC8788-15 Dj Maj & T Bone & Natalie Larue Strong Enough TU192-11 King Of My Life TU128-08 Take A Letter Maria CB60194-09 Dj Otzi There's Your Trouble SC8463-03 Do Wah Diddy Diddy EZH005-06 Tonight The Heartache's On Me SC8528-08 Hey Baby (2002 World Cup Remix) EZH56-17 Too Far From Texas TU064-13 Dj Pied Piper Tortured Tangled Hearts SC8794-01 Do You Really Like It SF180-03 Travelin' Soldier SC8851-08 Dj Sammy Travelin' Soldier (Live Version) SC2435-08 Boys Of Summer SF202-16 Truth No. 2 SC8877-05 Heaven (Slow Version) SFMW837-10 Voice Inside My Head PHAC0609-01 Sunlight SF206-10 Walk Softly SC2317-03 Dj Sammy & Yanou White Trash Wedding SC8851-06 Heaven PHM0209-01 Wide Open Spaces SC8788-02 Dj Unk Without You SC8788-10 2 Step PHU0705-02 You Can't Hurry Love CB60181-04 Walk It Out THP0702-15 You Were Mine SC8507-11 Djay Dixie Chicks & James Taylor Whoop That Trick SC3448-07 Wide Open Spaces SC8807-15 Dmc & Sarah McLachlan Dixie Chicks & Ricky Skaggs Just Like Me PHM0607-07 Walk Softly SC8693-12 Dmx Dixie Chicks & Stevie Party Up (Up In Here) PHM0009-07 Too Far From Texas TU064-13 Where The Hood At PHU0311-07 Dixie Chicks & Stevie Nicks X Gon’ Give It To Ya PHU0304-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 90 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Dna & Suzanne Vega Dolly Parton Tom's Diner SC8433-05 Jolene SC7552-12 Dobie Gray Just Someone I Used To Know CB90005-02 Drift Away SC8138-09 Just When I Needed You Most SC8328-14 In Crowd TU139-14 Light Of The Clear Blue Morning CB60074-12 Out On The Floor SFCC01-06 Little Sparrow SC8693-06 The In Crowd SFCC01-07 Love Is Like A Butterfly SC8276-13 Dodgy Love Is Strange CB90359-03 Good Enough SF061-15 Making Plans CB90359-07 Dodie Stevens Me And Little Andy CB90005-04 Pink Shoelaces SC8450-06 More Where That Came From SC8309-15 Doggys Angels & Latoya Williams Mule Skinner Blues CB60331-05 Baby If You're Ready SC8664-11 My Tennessee Mountain Home CB90147-13 Dog's Eye View Nine To Five MMBK06-14 Everything Falls Apart SC8281-07 Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You SC8551-02 Dokken Pain Of Loving You CB90359-10 Alone Again SC8373-11 Pms Blues SC8214-12 Breaking The Chains SC8660-14 Real Love SC8411-04 Burning Like A Flame SC8252-09 Rockin’ Years SC7588-05 Dream Warriors SC8631-03 Romeo SC8105-04 In My Dreams SC8597-10 Salt In My Tears CB90359-04 Into The Fire SC8843-13 Seeker SC8628-12 Not Love SC8928-03-IT'S Seven Bridges Road SC8751-10 Unchain The Night SC9002-02 Shine SC8751-12 Dollar Shinola CB60383-07 Love's Got A Hold On Me SFMW813-08 Silent Night SC8781-05 Ring Ring SFMW802-13 Silver & Gold SC8180-11 Dolly Parton Silver Dagger CBEP476-4-12 9 To 5 SC7516-10 Slow Dancing With The Moon SC8317-09 Applejack SC8144-12 Stairway To Heaven SC8774-11 Bargain Store SC8375-06 Starting Over Again SC8728-13 Better Get To Livin' CB90359-01 Straight Talk SC8321-13 But You Know I Love You SC8411-15 Take Me Back To The Country CB60079-15 Cash On The Barrell Head CBEP476-3-01 Telling Me Lies CB60142-01 Coat Of Many Colors CBE2-01-08 Tender Lie SC8690-11 Country Road CB90147-12 Tennessee Homesick Blues CB90147-11 Cross My Heart SC8243-04 Think About Love SC8411-03 Dagger Through The Heart SC8779-14 Those Memories Of You CB90359-13 Don't Call It Love SC8411-10 Tie Our Love SAVA03-02 Drives Me Crazy CB60401-12 Time For Me To Fly SC8324-13 Eagle When She Flies SC8214-03 To Daddy SC8282-12 Few Old Memories SC3179-07 To Know Him Is To Love Him CB60126-12 Full Circle SC8296-03 Travelin' Prayer SC8693-09 Greatest Gift Of All CB90359-15 Two Doors Down SC7551-10 Hard Candy Christmas SC8184-14 SC8965-01 Heartbreaker SC8561-10 Welcome Home SC8881-12 Hello God SC3345-05 White Limozeen CB90147-14 Here You Come Again SC7536-14 Why’D You Come In Here Looking Like That SC7592-08 He's Alive SC8301-05 Wildflowers TU172-18 Honky Tonk Songs CB60105-15 Yellow Roses SC8230-06 I Really Got The Feeling SC8792-10 You're The Only One SC8411-13 I Will Always Love You SC8103-14 Dolly Parton & Emmylou I'm Gone CB60313-12 Wildflowers TU172-18 I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open CBEP476-6-12 Dolly Parton & James Ingram Imagine SD139-14 Day I Fall In Love MM6040-03 It's All Wrong, But It's All Right SC8529-07 Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner Jesus & Gravity CB60373-11 Just Someone I Used To Know SC8408-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 91 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner Don Henley Lost Forever In Your Kiss SC8276-15 Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat SC8235-01 Dolly Parton & Ricky Van Shelton Sunset Grill ZMP041-05 Rockin' Years CBEP471-6-05 Taking You Home THP0010-15 Dolly Parton & Rogers Through Your Hands SC3005-08 Love Is Strange CB60076-14 You Don't Know Me At All ZMP041-11 Dolly Parton & Vince Gill Don Ho I Will Always Love You SC8205-05 Hawaiian Wedding Song MM6016-09 Domingo Quinones Hukilau Song SC2419-02 Domingo Busca Un Amor SCL2263-08 Tiny Bubbles SC7540-05 Dominic Don Juan De Marco Lloran Las Rosa SCL1525-05 Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman MM6100B-14 Dominoes What's Your Name KH22-06 60 Minute Man SC8110-06 Don McClean Don & Juan Crying SF014-04 What's Your Name MM6160-01 Don McLean Don Cherry American Pie SC7529-04 Band Of Gold SC8191-12 And I Love You So SC8668-03 Don Cox Castles In The Air SC8624-03 I Never Met A Woman I Didn't Like SC8247-14 Vincent SC8297-04 Man Overboard SC8285-03 Don Omar Don Felder Dile SCL1580-04 Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride) SC8917-04 Don Partridge Don Gibson Rosie SF137-06 Blue Blue Day SC8208-04 Country Green SC8434-05 Amanda SC7551-04 Give Myself A Party CB90133-10 Back In My Younger Days CB90071-02 I Can Mend Your Broken Heart CB90133-07 Come Early Morning SC8442-06 Just One Time SC8509-03 SC8676-03 Lonesome Number One SC8555-06 SC8442-03 Oh Lonesome Me SC7539-09 Gypsy Woman BL33-14 Rings Of Gold CB90133-08 Heartbeat In The Darkness SC8442-02 Sea Of Heartbreak SC8158-03 I Believe In You SC7539-05 Too Soon To Know CB90133-01 SF014-15 Touch The Morning SC8421-10 I Wouldn't Want To Live If You Didn't Love Me SC8372-08 Who Cares SC8579-13 If Hollywood Don't Need You SC8332-08 Woman Sensuous Woman SC8494-02 CB90327-12 Don Hawaiianho Im Just A Country Boy CBE604-06 E Lei Ka Lei Lei MM6102-06 It Must Be Love SC8442-13 Hawaiian Wedding Song MM6102-09 It's Who You Love SC8321-09 I'll Remember MM6102-11 I've Got A Winner In You CB90327-06 Ku'uipobora Bora MM6102-13 CB90327-09 Lovers Prayer MM6102-03 CB90327-13 Molokai MM6102-02 Lord I Hope This Day Is Good SC8208-09 Pua Carnation MM6102-12 SC8326-11 Sweet Someone MM6102-10 SC8372-11 Don Henley Love Me Tonight SC8335-08 All She Wants To Do Is Dance SC8886-15 Miracles CB90327-11 Boys Of Summer LG125-12 My Rifle My Pony And Me SC8271-15 Dirty Laundry LG125-10 Nobody But You SC8697-10 End Of The Innocence ZMP041-06 SC7556-10 For My Wedding SC8655-08 Rake And Ramblin' Man CB90327-08 Heart Of The Matter AH8015-11 Say It Again SC8372-05 I Will Not Go Quietly ZMP041-09 Shadow Land SC3010-03 Last Worthless Evening NUTECH-0945 SC8558-14 New York Minute LG126-10 Some Broken Hearts Never Mend SC8421-08 Not Enough Love In The World AH8004-04 Stay Young SC8537-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 92 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Don Williams Story Of My Life SFMW819-07 Bad Girls SC8331-04 That's The Thing About Love SC8372-01 SC8284-06 Then Its Love SC8582-11 Heaven Knows (Duet Version) SC8886-16 Ties That Bind CB90327-07 Hot Stuff SC8143-15 Til The Rivers All Run Dry SC8442-07 I Don't Wanna Get Hurt JV0046-03 True Love CB90071-08 I Feel Love SF055-08 SC7544-05 I Will Go With You LG047-01 Turn Out The Light And Love Me Tonight CB90071-09 Last Dance SC7523-11 Walkin' A Broken Heart SC8541-07 Love To Love You Baby SC8323-07 We Should Be Together CB90327-01 Love's About To Change My Heart JV0046-02 You're My Best Friend SC8424-10 Macarthur Park SC8391-10 Donald Fagen On The Radio SC8297-05 I.G.Y. SC8790-12 She Works Hard For The Money SC8142-15 Maxine HC005-06 LG047-14 New Frontier HC005-11 This Time I Know It's For Real LG047-02 Ruby Baby HC005-13 Try Me, I Know We Can Make It LG047-10 Tomorrow's Girls MM6096-14 Unconditional Love DK044-05 Donato Poveda Whenever This Is Over SC3002-07 Bohemio Enamorado SCL1553-07 Donna Summer & Donavon Frankenreiter & Jack Johnson Heaven Knows SC8886-11 Free PHR0408-01 Donna Summer & Bruce R Donell Jones SC3002-07 Put Me Down THH0212-11 Donna Summers & Streisand U Know What's Up SC8595-01 No More Tears LG166-09 You Know That I Love You SC8805-14 Donnas You Should Know SC8357-14 Fall Behind Me SC8906-06 Donna Fargo Take It Off SC8852-05 Another Goodbye SC8676-07 Who Invited You TU200-18 Do I Love You SC8411-01 Donnie Iris Don't Be Angry SC8414-06 Ah! Leah! SC8597-12 Funny Face SC7536-04 Love Is Like A Rock PHMR8201-04 Happiest Girl In The Whole Usa SC7524-15 Donny Hathaway Heartbreak Hotel CB60134-09 This Christmas SC8781-12 I'll Try A Little Bit Harder SC8434-07 Donny Hathaway & Robert Flack It Do Feel Good SC8564-05 Closer I Get To You SC7574 14 Little Girl Gone SC8411-11 Donny Osmond Mockingbird Hill CB90122-12 Donny Osmond Medley ZMP031-12 Shame On Me SC8558-11 Go Away Little Girl LC0011-12 Somebody Special SC8411-05 Puppy Love PI040-10 Superman SC8411-12 The Donny Osmond Medley ZMP031-12 That Was Yesterday SC8792-11 ZPA031-03 U. S. Of A. CB90122-08 Why ZPA031-04 You Can't Be A Beacon SC8411-08 Young Love ZPA031-01 You Were Always There SC8375-07 Donny Osmond & Marie Osmond Donna Lewis Crazy Horses SF035-14 SC8422-10 Goin' Home ZMP031-08 Falling MM6265-14 I'm Leaving It (All) Up To You (Duet) ZPA031-06 I Could Be The One SC8469-06 Let Me In ZMP031-09 I Love You Always And Forever SC8304-01 Love Me For A Reason ZMH004-04 Love Him SC8484-04 One Bad Apple DKM3083-11 Mother SC3021-03 Donovan Without Love SC8343-13 Catch The Wind SF086-05 Donna Lewis & Richard Marx Hurdy Gurdy Man SC8450-09 At The Beginning SC8422-10 Jennifer Juniper SF100-06 Donna Summer Mellow Yellow SC8225-09 Any Way At All SC8170-13 Sunshine Superman SC8190-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 93 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Donovan Doris Day Wear Your Love Like Heaven DKM3048-06 If I Give My Heart To You SC7560-14 Donovan Chapman It's Magic CBE4-01-13 House Like That CB60361-06 On The Sunny Side Of The Street PI302-06 There Is No War SD114-06 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps SFMW834-11 Doobie Brothers Que Sera Sera SC8124-04 Biggest Part Of Me TT6005-11 Secret Love SC8288-05 Black Water SC7509-03 Sentimental Journey SC2152-01 China Grove SC8840-12 Tea For 2 CBE614-03 Doctor SC8580-11 Teachers Pet CBE615-10 It Keeps You Runnin' SC8207-01 Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) SC7599-08 Jesus Is Just Alright SC7559-09 When I Fall In Love CBE3-15-07 Listen To The Music SC8261-14 Doris Troy Long Train Running SC8724-09 I'll Do Anything SFCC01-15 Minute By Minute SC8861-09 Just One Look SC8513-11 Need A Little Taste Of Love SAVP26-16 Dorothy Moore Real Love LG045-15 Misty Blue SC8323-05 Rockin' Down The Highway SC8939-01 Dorothy Previne South City Midnight Lady SC8939-07 Don't Bring Lulu SF083-10 Take Me In Your Arms LC0003-11 Dorrough Takin' It To The Streets SC8404-15 Walk That Walk PHU0907-03 What A Fool Believes SC8621-01 Dorsey Burnette Dooleys There Was A Tall Oak Tree SC8770-08 Straight From The Heart SF146-15 Dottie West Wanted SFMW822-07 Are You Happy Baby SC7555-14 Doors Before The Ring On Your Finger Turns Green SC8579-01 20Th Century Fox NUTECH-1047 Come See Me And Come Lonely CB90085-10 Alabama Song LG098-06 Country Sunshine SC8506-13 Back Door Man SC8814-05 Every Word I Write CB90085-08 Been Down So Long LG098-05 Here Comes My Baby CBE3-02-07 Break On Through SC8300-09 Last Time I Saw Him CB60131-09 Crystal Ship LG098-09 Lesson In Leavin' SC8561-02 End BS7617-15 Reaching Out To Hold You CB90085-11 Hello, I Love You CBE505-05 Sometimes When We Touch SC7537-09 L.A. Woman LG098-02 Tonight You Belong To Me CB90085-09 Light My Fire SC8172-03 When It's Just You And Me CB90085-07 Love Her Madly LG098-11 Would You Hold It Against Me SC8592-01 Love Me Two Times LG098-12 You're Not Easy To Forget CB90085-06 People Are Strange SC8361-09 Dottie West & Kenny Rogers Riders On The Storm LG098-14 All I Ever Need Is You CB90085-14 Roadhouse Blues LG098-16 Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight CBEP471-6-02 Strange Days BS7617-14 Til I Make It On My Own CB90085-13 Touch Me SC8169-11 What Are We Doin' In Love CB90085-15 Unknown Soldier LG098-10 Double When The Music's Over LG098-03 Captain Of Her Heart SC8621-08 Wild Child NUTECH-1081 Doubledrive Dope Imprint THR0308-18 Slipping Away TU118-15 Doucette Dora The Explorer Mama Let Him Play SC8840-01 Dora The Explorer SM9923-14 Doug & The Slugs Map Song SM9923-16 Too Bad GM1001-06 Travel Song SM9923-15 Doug Engvall & Travis Tritt We Did It SM9923-13 Here's Your Sign HV09-15 Doris Day Doug Spartz Dream SAVP35-09 Colors & Numbers SC8160-13 Everybody Loves A Lover SC8396-01 Doug Stone Guy Is A Guy SC7554-05 A Jukebox With A Country Song SC9507-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 94 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Doug Stone Dr. Hook & Medicine Show Addicted To A Dollar SC8142-03 Better Love Next Time SC8668-02 All I Want For Christmas Is You CB60303-11 Cover Of Rolling Stone SC2318-07 Born In The Dark SC8205-11 Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me SFMW849-01 Come In Out Of The Pain SC8213-09 Freakin' At The Freaker's Ball (Adult) SC8941-01 Faith In Me, Faith In You SC8160-07 I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight SFMW822-10 Fourteen Minutes Old MM6065-02 If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body SFG028-06 Georgia SD127-11 If Not You ZMP015-06 Gone Out Of My Mind SC3080-02 Little Bit More SC8603-09 I Never Knew Love SC8215-06 Millionaire SC2318-03 I Thought It Was You SC8214-07 More Like The Movies SFMW822-09 Id Be Better Off In A Pinebox CBE606-15 Only Sixteen SFG028-03 In A Different Light CBEP453-2-11 Sexy Eyes SC8585-12 Little Houses SC8149-10 Sharing The Night Together SC8443-15 Made For Lovin' You CB90014-10 Sweetest Of All SFG028-04 Make Up In Love SC8543-12 Sylvia's Mother SC8539-13 More Love SC8129-11 When You're In Love With A Beautiful Wo SC8535-08 Sometimes I Forget SC8198-06 Years From Now SFMW822-11 Surprise SC8617-04 Dr. John Take A Letter Maria CB20169-11 Low Rider NT46-13 These Lips Don't Know How To Say G SC8265-08 Right Place Wrong Time SC8231-14 Too Busy Being In Love SC8165-09 Dr. John & Rickie Lee Jones Warning Labels SC8131-10 Making Whoopie MM6329-08 Why Didn't I Think Of That SC8157-15 Dr. Seuss You Have The Right To Remain Silent MM6101-08 You’Re A Mean One Mr Grinch TU165-17 Doug Supernaw Drake Honky Tonkin' Fool SC8321-06 Best I Ever Had CB30109 I Don't Call Him Daddy SC8105-10 Dramatics Not Enough Hours In The Night SC8205-08 In The Rain SC8393-10 Red & Rio Grande SC8228-09 Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get SC8941-15 Reno SC8167-04 Dream She Never Looks Back SC8256-03 Falsetto PHU0803-05 State Fair SC8129-10 He Loves U Not SC8654-10 What In The World SC8253-06 I Luv Your Girl SC9022-07 What'll You Do About Me SC8229-14 In My Dreams CB3018-14 You Never Even Call Me By My Name NSCD4009-03 Shawty Is A 10 THP0802-17 You Still Got Me SC8232-07 Shoot Me With Your Love SFMW817-11 Doug Supernaw & Beach Boys This Is Me SC8708-09 Long Tall Texan SC8328-06 Dream & Kayne West Doves Walking On The Moon CB30109-04 Black And White Town SFMW865-03 Dream Academy Catch The Sun TU059-02 Life In A Northern Town SC8719-08 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Dreamgirls How Long Have I Been Waiting For You CB20403-08 Dreamgirls SC8127-13 Take Me In Your Lifeboat CBEP476-1-14 Dreamlovers Dr. Alban When We Get Married SC8182-02 It's My Life SF050-12 Dreamstreet Dr. Dre Feel The Rain TUM001-03 Dre Way NT05-09 I Sing Yeah TU146-09 Let Me Ride SC8875-05 It Happens Every Time TU146-13 Dr. Dre & Eminem Sugar Rush TU146-19 SC8656-02 They Don't Understand TU146-21 Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg Drifters Nuthin' But A ''G'' Thang SC8612-01 At The Club SF091-01 Dr. Evil Club SF096-07 Hard Knock Life SF195-05 Come On Over To My Place SF079-15 Dr. Hook & Medicine Show Dance With Me RB25-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 95 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Drifters Duke Ellington Orchestra Down On The Beach SFMW819-11 Don't Get Around Much Anymore MMSTA01-17 Hello Happiness ZMH010-11 Dumbo Honey Love RB14-08 Baby Mine DISNEY02-04 I Count The Tears MM6401-02 Duncan James Kissin In The Back Row Of The Movies SF091-07 Sooner Or Later SF244-15 Like Sister & Brother SF091-03 Duncan James & Keedie My Girl LG003-16 I Believe My Heart SF224-03 On Broadway SC7550-14 Duncan Sheik Saturday Night At The Movies SF023-09 Barely Breathing SC8369-02 Save The Last Dance For Me SC8182-01 Bite Your Tongue SC8490-03 Some Kind Of Wonderful DKM3055-03 She Runs Away SC3020-07 There Goes My Baby SC8513-02 Wishful Thinking MM6227-04 There Goes My First Love SF055-01 Duncan Shiek This Magic Moment LG003-07 On A High MM6370-13 Under The Boardwalk SC8110-14 Duprees Up On The Roof SC7517-06 Have You Heard MM6018-03 White Christmas SC2514-04 My Own True Love MM6400-04 Your More Than A # In My Little Red Book SF097-13 Take Me As I Am MM6409-10 Drivin N-Cryin Why Don't You Believe Me MM6400-14 Fly Me Courageous SC8638-09 You Belong To Me SC8418-03 Dropkick Murphys Tessie SC9010-05 A View To Kill SC2405-02 Dropline Come Undone SFG004-13 Fly Away From Here MM6366-14 Girls On Film SC8571-06 Drowning Pool Hungry Like The Wolf SC8447-01 37 Stitches PHM0907-05 I Don't Want Your Love SFG004-15 Bodies SC8720-04 Is There Something I Should Know SF111-07 Sinner PHR0202-07 New Moon On Monday SFG004-16 Step Up THR0407-12 Notorious SFG004-09 Tear Away THR0207-17 Ordinary World SC8242-10 Dru Hill Planet Earth SFG004-14 I Should Be SC8812-01 Reach Up For The Sunrise MM6424-11 In My Bed SC8476-11 Reflex SC8808-04 Never Make A Promise SC8395-07 Rio SC8397-04 Tell Me SC8337-04 Rio Fixed MRE30-04 These Are The Times SC8515-13 Save A Prayer SC8609-10 We're Not Making Love No More MM6231-05 Skin Trade SFMW864-14 You Are Everything DK1115-16 Someone Else Not Me SC8622-07 Dru Hill Smith Will & Kool Moe Dee Sunrise SF222-06 Wild Wild West SC8038-03 Sussudio CBEP467-6-13 Drunk Chicks Union Of The Snake SC8207-08 Seven SC3449-03 What Happens Tomorrow SF225-15 Drusky & Mitchell Wild Boys SC8671-12 Yes, Mr.Peters MM6314-12 Dust For Life Dubliners Step Into The Light SC8673-04 Black Velvet Band SC8737-06 Dusty Drake Seven Drunken Nights SC8737-07 And Then SC8779-05 Dubs I Am The Working Man CB60328-12 Could This Be Magic MM6421-01 One Last Time CB6310-07 I Will Be Your Girlfriend SF118-08 Say Yes CB60362-07 Duffy Smaller Pieces CB60316-12 Mercy SC9019-06 Wishing And Hoping CBE4-09-15 Stepping Stone CB30097-4 Dusty Martin Warwick Avenue CB30078-08 Wrong Mr. Right Again SC8321-15 Duice Dusty Springfield Dazzey Dukes SC8892-05 Brand New Me DK033-18

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 96 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Dusty Springfield Dwight Yoakam Goin' Back SF085-08 Thinking About Leaving CB60182-06 I Close My Eyes & Count To Ten SF065-12 Thousand Miles From Nowhere SC8133-15 I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself SF074-05 Try Not To Look So Pretty SC8219-01 I Only Wanna Be With You SC8415-02 Turn It On Turn It Up Turn Me Loose SC8243-08 In The Middle Of Nowhere SF093-04 What Do You Know About Love SC8646-14 Silver Threads & Golden Needles LG155-15 You're The One SC7569-03 Son Of A Preacher Man SC8399-07 Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens Stay Awhile SC8589-10 Streets Of Bakersfield CB60127-04 The Look Of Love SFMW819-02 Dyango Wishin' And Hopin' SC8441-09 El Que Mas Te Ha Querido SC7102-07 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me SC7554-15 Dynamite Hack Dusty Springfield & The Pet Shop Boys Boys In The Hood SGB045-16 What Have You Done To Deserve This SFMW836-15 E.M.F. Duvells Unbelievable FLY011-01 Bristol Stomp MM6400-11 E-40 Dwele Snap Yo Fingers PHU0607-03 Find A Way THH0402-16 U And Dat PHU0608-01 What's Not To Love PHMU1007-02 E-40 & T Pain & Kandi Girl Dwele & Kanye West U And Dat PHU0608-01 Hold On THH0408-18 Eagle Eye Cherry Dwight Twilley Band Are You Still Having Fun SF165-13 I'm On Fire MM6194-02 Falling In Love Again SC8534-07 Dwight Yoakam Feels So Right CB3021-14 Ain't That Lonely Yet SC8130-10 Long Way Around SGB045-12 Always Late With Your Kisses CB90097-02 Save Tonight SC8478-13 Back Of Your Hand SC8833-07 Eagles Claudette SC8388-11 Already Gone SC8125-06 Crazy Little Thing Called Love SC8543-09 Best Of My Love SC8125-12 Fast As You SC8131-04 Busy Being Fabulous THC0805-11 Gone SC8247-13 Certain Kind Of Fool ZMP050-04 Cadillacs SC9501-07 Chug All Night LG125-04 Heart Of Stone SC8307-13 Desperado SC8125-04 Heart That You Own SC8287-07 Doolin Dalton ZMP050-03 Here Comes Santa Claus SC8990-07 Eagles Medley 3 ZMP050-12 Honky Tonk Man SC7568-05 Get Over It LG125-05 I Got You SC8359-04 Good Day In Hell ZMP050-08 I Sang Dixie SC7551-11 Greeks Don't Want No Freaks ZMP050-09 I Want You To Want Me SC3261-08 Heart Is On SK514-03 I Was There CB60224-07 Heartache Tonight SC8125-08 If There Was A Way NT01-05 Hole In The World THP0310-10 Intentional Heartache SD133-11 Hotel California SC8125-13 It Only Hurts When I Cry CB60102-11 I Can't Tell You Why SC8125-15 Little Ways SC8604-12 In The City SC8586-10 Long White Cadillac SC8275-09 James Dean SGB066-06 Nothing CB60144-15 Last Resort LG126-05 Nothing's Changed Here SC8352-07 Life In The Fast Lane SC8125-09 Please, Please Baby SC8610-02 Long Run SC8125-03 Pocket Of A Clown SC8129-02 Love Will Keep Us Alive SC8808-14 Population Me TU230-13 Lyin' Eyes SC8125-05 Sitting Pretty SC3337-02 Lying Eyes LG126-06 Sorry You Asked SC8271-14 New Kid In Town SC8125-10 Streets Of Bakersfield SC7552-14 Nightingale ZMP050-10 Suspicious Minds SAVA07-02 Ol' 55 SC8583-04 Takes A Lot To Rock You CB90097-09 On The Border ZMP050-07 These Arms CB60120-05 One Day At A Time SC8934-10 Things Change SC8463-04 One Of These Nights SC8125-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 97 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Eagles Earth Wind & Fire Out Of Control ZMP050-02 Reasons SF068-09 Peaceful Easy Feeling SC8125-01 Serpentine Fire SC8386-02 Please Come Home For Christmas SC8184-15 Earth, Wind & Fire Sad Cafe ZMP050-11 After The Love Has Gone SC8292-06 Saturday Night ZMP050-05 Boogie Wonderland SC8704-06 Seven Bridges Road SC8891-06 Fantasy SC8585-04 Take It Easy LG068-15 Getaway DK020-04 Take It To The Limit SC8125-14 Got To Get You Into My Life SC8667-01 Tequila Sunrise SC8125-07 Let's Groove SC8207-10 Too Many Hands LG125-06 September SC8863-05 Victim Of Love BS9017-13 Shining Star SC8573-06 Wasted Time ZMP050-01 Sing A Song LG093-14 Witchy Woman SC8125-11 Spend The Night SC8270-14 You Never Cry Like A Lover ZMP050-06 That's The Way Of The World LG093-16 Eamon Eartha Kitt Fuck It (Radio Version) SC8864-15 Looking For My Man LG153-06 I Love Them Ho's SF220-10 Santa Baby SC8780-12 Eamonn East 17 [email protected]@K It (I Don't Want You Back) SF217-05 Around The World SFG027-10 Earl Grant Do You Still SF034-11 End (Of A Rainbow) JV0020-05 Each Time SF128-06 Ol' Man River MM6254-06 Hold My Body Tight SF027-10 Earl Paul Craft House Of Love SFMW849-01 Hey Girls…This Is Earl…I Didn’T Die CB60217-04 If You Ever SFG027-09 Earl Thomas Conley It's Alright SFG027-11 Angel In Disguise CB90111-10 Someone To Love SF061-13 Bring Back Your Lovin' To Me CB90111-03 Stay Another Day SF019-10 Chance Of Lovin' You SC8576-13 Steam SF026-08 Don't Make It Easy For Me SC8567-07 Thunder SF039-10 Fire & Smoke SC8385-05 West End Girls SFG027-12 Heavenly Bodies SC8558-13 Where Love Lives SF061-12 Holding Her And Loving You SC8380-01 Easton Corbin Honor Bound SC8529-04 Little More Country Than That CB60426-07 I Can't Win For Losin' You SC8326-13 Roll With It CB60441-05 I Have Loved You, Girl (But Not Like This) SC8792-08 Eastside Boys Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins Love Don't Care SC8431-15 Get Low SC8853-04 Love Out Loud CBE4-20-03 Easybeats Love's The Only Voice CB60231-08 Friday On My Mind SC8615-14 Nobody Falls Like A Fool SC8676-09 Ebba Forsberg Once In A Blue Moon SC8426-03 Hold Me SC8487-12 Right From The Start SC8421-14 Echelons Shadow Of A Doubt CB90111-02 Christmas Long Ago (Jingle Jingle) CB60209-05 Somewhere Between Right And Wrong SC8610-01 & The Bunnymen What I'd Say SC8494-04 Killing Moon SFMW849-01 What She Is SC8412-09 Lips Like Sugar SFMW921-04 Your Love's On The Line CB60300-10 Econoline Crush Earls Make It Right THR0107-14 I Believe MM6401-01 You Don't Know What It's Like THR0110-17 Remember Then NT48-11 Ed Ames My Cup Runneth Over SC7566-07 Get Away THR0207-16 Ed Bruce TU171-11 After All SC8558-04 Someone THR0502-14 Diane SC8647-12 Wait THMR0409-15 Ever And Never Lovin' You SC7570-14 Earth Girls Are Easy Girls, Women & Ladies SC8414-07 Cause I'm Blonde MM6219-03 My First Taste Of Texas SC8576-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 98 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ed Bruce Eddie Rabbitt Nights SC8426-04 Deck The Halls CB60306-03 You Turn Me On (Like A Radio) SC9508-10 Do You Right Tonight CB90078-07 Youre The Best Break This Old Hear SC7537-08 Drinking My Baby Off My Mind SC8183-15 Ed Townsend Drivin’ My Life Away SC7591-04 For Your Love MMOLD02-20 Every Which Way But Loose CB90078-12 Eddie & The Hot Rods Gone Too Far SC8434-04 Do Anything You Wanna Do SFMW806-04 Hearts On Fire SC7555-12 Eddie Brickell I Can't Help Myself CB90328-03 Good Times SD003-06 I Don't Know Where To Start CB90328-15 Eddie Cantor I Just Want To Love You CB90328-06 Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider CB501801-13 I Love A Rainy Night SC7544-02 If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie) CB501801-11 I Wanna Dance With You DK035-01 Yes Sir! That's My Baby CBE503-01 I'll Be Home For Christmas Auld Lang Syne CB60306-15 Eddie Cochran CB90328-09 C'mon Everybody SC8686-06 On Second Thought SC8135-02 Sittin' In The Balcony DK015-17 Pour Me Another Tequila SC7555-02 Summertime Blues SC8770-07 Repetitive Regret CB90328-12 Three Steps To Heaven SF038-01 Rocky Mountain Music SC8628-09 Twenty Flight Rock SFMW811-13 Running With The Wind CB90328-11 Eddie Fisher She's Comin' Back To Say Goodbye SC8483-09 Dungaree Doll MM6156-09 Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight SC8551-09 I'm Walking Behind You SF092-07 Step By Step SC7552-03 Oh! My Papa CBE3-16-03 Suspicions SC8342-11 Outside Of Heaven SF092-05 That's Why I Fell In Love (With You) DK077-18 Rose Tattoo JV0030-02 Two Dollars In The Jukebox CB90078-06 Eddie Floyd Wanderer CB90328-01 Bring It On Home To Me SF073-13 Warning Signs SC8483-12 Knock On Wood SC7525-14 We Can't Go On Living Like This CB90328-04 Eddie Grant We Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right CB90078-14 Do You Feel My Love SFMW808-07 We Wish You A Merry Christmas CB60303-15 Electric Avenue SC8176-11 You And I SC7236-04 Gimme Hope Jo'anna SF137-05 You Can't Run From Love SC8483-07 I Don't Wanna Dance SFMW805-05 You Don't Love Me Anymore SC8697-15 Eddie Hodges & Spike Jones Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal Gayle All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth TU165-01 I Made A Promise SC8179-14 Eddie Holman You And I THD0001-05 Hey There Lonely Girl SC8284-14 Eddy Arnold Eddie Kendricks Anytime SAVP04-02 Boogie Down DKM3057-15 Bouquet Of Roses SC8682-06 Keep On Truckin' DK068-06 Cattle Call SC8262-04 Eddie Money Don't Rob Another Man's Castle CB60332-14 Baby Hold On SC8207-06 Each Minute Seems Like A Million Years SC8592-09 Fall In Love Again SC8274-09 Here Comes Heaven CB90120-14 I Wanna Go Back SC8687-12 I Really Don't Want To Know SC8555-02 I'll Get By SC8270-04 I Want To Go With You SC8383-02 Shakin' SC8554-12 I'll Hold You In My Heart SC8208-08 Shaking SGB05-06 It's A Sin CB60332-02 Take Me Home Tonight SC8223-15 Just A Little Lovin' Will Go A Long, Long Way SC7567-08 Think I'm In Love LC0001-09 Last Word In Lonesome Is Me CB90120-10 Two Tickets To Paradise SC8292-07 Lonely Again CB90120-12 Eddie Murphy Make The World Go Away SC7518-02 Party All The Time MM6047-08 Out Of The Blue SC8321-11 Eddie Rabbitt Somebody Like Me CB90120-11 B-B-B-Burnin' Up With Love CB90328-07 Streets Of Laredo MM6172-10 Best Year Of My Life SC8483-10 Tennessee Stud CB90120-09 Both To Each Other (Friends & Lovers) CB90328-14 That Do Make It Nice CB90120-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 99 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Eddy Arnold Edward Bear Thats How Much I Love You THMPL01-10 Last Song SC8174-05 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye THMPL01-08 Edwin Hawkins Singers Up On The Housetop SC7223-05 Lay Down Melanie SC8808-09 Wagon Wheels CB90120-03 DKM3062-15 Wayward Wind MM6172-14 Edwin McCain Welcome To My World SAVA13-07 Alive SC8295-12 What's He Doing In My World SC8419-09 Go Be Young SC8593-10 You Don't Know Me SC7544-07 Gramercy Park Hotel PHAC0606-05 Eddy Herrera Hearts Fall MM6345-14 Pegame Tu Vicio SCL1551-06 I Could Not Ask For More SC8545-15 Tu Eres Ajena SCL1545-07 I’Ll Be SC7600-12 I'll Be Seeing You SC2179-05 NS19-13 Say Anything PHR0409-03 Cowboys Don't Cry SC8698-02 Sorry To A Friend SC8277-09 SC8345-04 Edwin McCain & Darius Rucker I'm Gonna Get You SC8431-03 Solitude SC8203-13 In A SC8434-10 Edwin Starr SC8767-10 25 Miles SC8860-04 Shine Shine Shine SC8525-13 Contact LG153-08 Sooner Or Later CB60147-07 Stop Her On Sight SFCC01-12 Edelweiss Twenty-Five Miles SM8855-06 Sound Of Music SC7599-04 War SC8860-12 Eden Kane Edwyn Collins Boys Cry SF064-05 Girl Like You PHM9511-07 Eden's Crush Eels Get Over Yourself SC8090-02 Mr. E's Beautiful Blues SFMW923-07 Love This Way CB3018-10 Novocaine For The Soul SC8325-01 Edgar Winter Group Eiffel 65 Free Ride SC8439-12 Blue CB3015-11 Keep Playing That Rock 'N Roll DG10-05 Blue (Da Ba Dee) SC8587-02 Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians Move Your Body SF159-08 What I Am SC8378-04 Eighteen Visions Edie Gorme Victim THR0610-14 I'll Take Romance MM6367-15 Eileen Barton Edison Lighthouse If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked SC8415-08 Love Grows SC8283-08 El Coyote Y Su Banda Tierra Santa Edith Piaf Arboles De La Barranca SCL1557-07 TU178-10 Cuando Regreso A Tus Brazos SCL1537-08 La Vie En Rose (English) TU178-10 No Puedo Olvidar Tu Voz SCL2257-01 Editors Sufro SCL2239-05 Munich THP0806-17 Te Sone SCL2273-05 Ednita El Debarge Mçs Grande Que Grande SCL1512-01 Can't Get Enough NT33-01 Pienso En Ti SCL2243-03 El Dorados Quen Te Robo Corazon SC2197-01 At My Front Door SC8615-07 Quiero Que Me Hagas El Amor SC7104-15 El Poder Del Norte Tu Sabes Bien SCL2207-08 A Ella SCL2273-04 Ednita Nazario Enamorate De Alguien SCL1564-01 A Que No Te Vas SCL1577-02 Ni Que Valieras Tanto SCL1533-08 Devuelveme SCL1534-02 Elaine Page Dime SCL1545-04 Memory SF110-04 Si No Me Amas SCL1575-03 Elaine Page & Barbara Dickson Tanto Que Te Di SCL1556-08 I Know Him So Well SF110-08 Edsels Elastica Rama Lama Ding Dong SC8399-10 Connection SFMW845-09 Edward Bear

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 100 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Elbert West Ella Fitzgerald This One's Gonna SC3306-01 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm MM6269-09 Eleanor McEvoy Let's Face The Music And Dance PSJT016-01 Only A Woman's Heart ZMH011-10 On The Sunny Side Of The Street SAVP07-11 Electric Blue Puttin' On The Ritz MM6186-11 Icehouse DK027-07 Stairway To The Stars BS4017-07 Electric Light Orchestra Summertime SAVP07-12 Can't Get It Out Of My Head SC8322-08 Sweet Georgia Brown MM6180-02 Don't Bring Me Down SC7534-10 Tisket A Tasket SC2152-03 Easy Money ZKH012-10 Top Hat White Tie And Tails PSJT016-05 Evil Woman MM6054-07 You Can Have Him MM6186-14 Hold On Tight SC8552-10 Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong Livin' Thing SF104-13 Let's Call The Whole Thing Off MM6269-06 Mr. Blue Sky SF079-01 Ellie Goulding Rockaria SC8715-11 Starry Eyed SF290-02 State Of Mind ZKH012-09 Ellie Lawson Strange Magic SC8221-04 Gotta Get Up From Here THP0504-18 Sweet Talkin' Wom SC8539-08 Ellie Warren Telephone Line SC8658-14 Shattered Glass ZMH008-01 Turn To Stone SC7561-14 Elliot Yamin Wild West Hero SFMW881-02 Fight For Love CB30100-9 Electric Lights Orchestra Elliott Yamin Diary Of Horrace Wimp SFMW835-08 One Word PHM0802-09 From The Beginning HV07A-06 Wait For You SC9019-08 Electric Prunes Elmo & Patsy I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) SC8750-08 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer SC8184-08 Electric Six Senor Santa Claus SC8184-06 Danger! High Voltage SC3396-02 Elmore James Gay Bar SF206-12 Dust My Broom SC8814-11 Elegants Elton John Little Star SC8526-13 All That I'm Allowed I'm Thankful SF224-12 Element Eighty Are You Ready For Love SF208-10 Broken Promises PHR0403-03 Believe SC8164-11 Elgins Bennie & The Jets SC8666-03 Heaven Must Have Sent You SFMW817-12 Bitch Is Back LG008-06 Eli Young Band Blessed SC8349-04 Always The Love Song CB60390-06 Blue Eyes SC8621-04 Guinevere PHMC1005-07 Blues DK1111-11 Radio Waves CB60416 Border Song SC8666-04 Elisabeth Withers Burn Down The Mission SC8939-02 Be With You PHU0704-05 Can You Feel The Love Tonight LG141-02 No Regrets PHMU1008-07 SC8134-07 Elizabeth Cook LG141-01 Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman PHN0708-09 Club At The End Of The Street SC8134-02 Stupid Things SC8794-07 Crocodile Rock SC8666-05 Elkie Brooks Daniel SC8134-05 Don't Cry Out Loud ZKH012-14 Don’T Go Breaking My Heart LG141-06 Lilac Wine SF079-09 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me SC8666-15 No More The Fool SF076-10 Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That SC2162-08 Pearl's A Singer SF071-11 Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) SC8687-01 Ella Fitzgerald Friends SC8134-11 Cheek To Cheek MM6005-02 Friends Never Say Goodbye THP0012-16 Crazy He Calls Me SGB037-11 Love Lies Bleeding AH8017-11 Fine Romance MM6269-10 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road SC8666-14 How Deep Is The Ocean MM6186-15 Harmony SGB22-08 I Only Have Eyes For You TU120-09 Healing Hands SC8134-10 It's Alright With Me MM6334-11 Ho! Ho! Ho! Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas SC8557-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 101 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Elton John Elton John & Rupaul SC8861-13 Don't Go Breaking My Heart PSJT205-1-10 I Guess That's Why They Call It The LG008-14 Elton John & Ryan Adams SC3280-06 Rocket Man SC3352-02 I'm Still Standing SC8666-10 Elton John & The Backstreet Boys SC8666-12 Friends Never Say Goodbye SC8645-08 Kiss The Bride SC8182-10 Elton John Ft Justin Timberlake Last Song MM6112-14 Are You Ready For Love MRH01-04 Levon SC8134 04 Elvin Bishop SC8134 13 Fooled Around & Fell In Love SC8449-08 Love Lies Bleeding AH2001-03 Elvira Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds SC8666-06 Oak Ridge Boys ASKFP01-1-13 Made In England SC8187-11 Elvis Costello Madman Across The Water SC8821-14 Accidents Will Happen SC8522-07 Mama Can't Buy You Love SAVP37-13 Allison SC7545-12 Man PSJT205-2-04 Everyday I Write The Book SC8518-02 Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters SC8763-01 Good Year For The Roses SF105-10 Nikita SF005-07 Oliver's Army SC8939-05 One SC8235-04 Peace, Love And Understanding SC8687-08 Original Sin TU135-10 Pump It Up AH8005-07 Part Time Love SFMW831-12 Radio Radio SC8671-03 Philadelphia Freedom SC8666-09 Red Shoes SC8856-01 MM6114-14 She TUTP06-02 Please ZKH012-06 Toledo SC8531-11 Recover Your Soul SC8452-14 Veronica SC8413-07 Rocket Man SC8666-11 Watching The Detectives SC8719-15 Sacrifice SC8134-06 What's So Funny About Peace Love And SC2332-08 Sad Songs (Say So Much) SC8134-14 Understanding Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) SC8666-01 Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach Simple Life SC8371-13 Toledo SC8531-11 Someday Out Of The Blue SC8601-08 Elvis Crespo Someone Saved My Life Tonight SC8666-08 Bandida SCL1556-05 Something About The Way You Look Tonight SC8422-08 Hora Enamorada SCL1580-07 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word SC8134 15 La Noche SCL1535-03 Step Into Christmas SC8184-09 Mi Sol, Mi Luna SCL1545-06 SC8666-13 Pintame SCL1505-04 The Bridge PHAC0611-04 Por El Caminito SCL2226-02 This Train Don't Stop There Anymore SC8747-08 Tiemblo SCL2215-04 SC8134-03 Wow Flash! SCL2294-05 Too Young ZKH012-05 Elvis Crespo & Gizelle D'cole True Love BS4117-01 Come Baby Come SCL2250-04 Wake Up Wendy SGB12-05 Where We Both Say Goodby CB60340-06 2001 Space Odyssey KC006-01 You Can Make History SC8325-08 A Big Hunk Of Love SC8356-14 SK502-05 A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You MM6356-08 SC8134-12 A Fool Such As I SC8356-03 Elton John & Blue Adam And Evil () MM6381-10 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word SF199-13 MM6338-14 Elton John & Eric Clapton Agnus Del CBE613-09 Runaway Train SC8302-10 Ain't That Lovin' You Baby LG026-08 Elton John & Kiki Dee All I Needed Was Rain MM6381-11 Don't Go Breakin' My Heart SC8666-02 SC8154-13 True Love NT24-12 All That I Am MM6338-02 Elton John & Leann Rimes Almost Always True MM6357-02 Written In The Stars SF134-01 Almost In Love MM6371-15 Elton John & Mary Blige Always On My Mind SC8356-02 I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues MM6325-14 Am I Ready MM6338-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 102 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Amazing Grace SC8536-05 Do Not Disturb MM6357-08 America The Beautiful MM6229-15 Do You Know Who I Am MM6371-03 An American Trilogy SC7501-01 Doin' The Best I Can MM6205-11 And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind MM6305-02 Don’T Cry Daddy SFG052-11 Angel MM6249-04 Don't SC8356-04 Angel Band CBE613-07 Don't Ask Me Why MM6229-04 Any Day Now MM6151-14 Don't Be Cruel SC8154-06 Any Way You Want Me THME01-02 Don't Cry Daddy SC8155-03 Anyone Could Fall In Love With You MM6381-01 Don't Leave Me Now SFMW803-01 Anyplace In Paradise MM6090-11 Don't Think Twice MM6398-03 Anything That's Part Of You MM6124-11 Don'tcha Think It's Time CB90060-06 Are You Lonesome Tonight SC8155-07 Down By The Riverside Saints Go Marching In MM6322-13 Are You Sincere MM6147-03 MM6157-08 As Long As MM6123-05 Early Morinin' Rain MM6177-04 Ask Me CBEP465-5-13 Easy Come, Easy Go MM6415-05 Baby I Don't Care SC8155-08 Echoes Of Love (Kissin' Cousins) MM6337-06 Baby, Let's Play House CB90094-15 Edge Of Reality MM6229-03 Beach Boy Blues MM6288-04 El Shaddai CBE613-10 Beach Shack MM6415-01 Elvis End Theme CB90062-16 Because Of Love MM6415-02 Faded Love MM6322-11 Beyond The Bend (Happened At The Worlds Fair) MM6337-02 Fairytales MM6306-15 Big Boots MM6288-05 Fame And Fortune CB90060-11 Big Boss Man MM6249-02 Farther Along CB70002-03 Big Love, Big Heartache MM6356-09 Fever MM6014-05 Bigger They Are, Harder They Fall MM6248-03 Find Out What's Happenin' MM6398-04 Blue Christmas SC8185-03 First Noel MM6215-13 SC2419-03 First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Live) MM6371-09 Blue Moon MM6305-01 CB90063-03 Blue Moon Of Kentucky DK089-09 CB90063-04 Blue Suede Shoes SC8361-13 Fools Fall In Love MM6357-01 Blueberry Hill MM6266-10 For Ol' Time Sake MM6306-04 Bosom Of Abraham MM6267-03 For The Good Times MM6147-15 SC8364-07 For The Heart MM6248-04 Breathe Your Name CBE613-14 For The Millionth And Last Time MM6305-04 Bridge Over Troubled Water SF149-01 Forget Me Never MM6371-12 Bringin' It Back MM6398-01 Fountain Of Love MM6357-10 SC8154-03 Frankfurt Special MM6288-02 MM6382-11 Frankie And Johnny MM6123-15 Can't Help Falling In Love SC8155-09 From A Jack To A King MM6147-01 MM6322-12 Fun In Alcapulco MM6249-03 Chantilly Lace SC7527-03 Funny How Time Slips Away MM6147-05 Charro (Charro) MM6381-07 G.I. Blues SC8356-13 Cindy, Cindy MM6306-03 MM6288-03 MM6415-03 Girl I Never Loved (Clambake) MM6381-04 Clean Up Your Own Back Yard CBEP465-3-05 Girl Of Mine MM6398-13 C'mon Everybody MM6249-06 Girls Girls Girls MM6337-09 Crawfish MM6399-06 Give Me The Right MM6147-07 Cross My Heart, Hope To Die MM6288-07 God So Loved CBE613-12 SC8536-07 Golden Coins (Harum Scarum) MM6381-05 Danny Boy MM6229-11 SC8155-02 Datin' MM6415-04 Good Rockin' Tonight MM6146-05 Devil In Disguise SC8154-02 Good Times Charlie's (Got The Blues) MM6306-06 Did You Ever Have One Of Those Days Boys SF153-09 Gospel Medley ('68 Comeback Special) MM6382-01 Didja Ever MM6288-09 Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do MM6146-11 Dirty Dirty Feeling () MM6337-12 Got My Mojo Workin' MM6157-03 Dixieland Rock MM6205-06 Great Light Of The World CBE613-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 103 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Green Green Grass Of Home MM6322-03 If You Don't Come Back MM6399-08 Guadalajara MM6415-06 If You Love Me (Let Me Know) CB90061-07 Guitar Man LG027-15 If You Talk In Your Sleep CBEP465-4-09 Happy Ending MM6399-14 I'll Be Back MM6249-09 Hard Headed Women LG184-09 I'll Be Home For Christmas MM6399-15 Harem Holiday MM6415-07 I'll Be There MM6357-11 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You MM6249-10 I'll Hold You In My Heart MM6157-14 Hawaiian Wedding Song LG134-07 I'll Never Know MM6371-08 He Reings CBE613-13 I'll Remember You (Live) Aloha Concert MM6070-11 He Touched Me CBE613-05 I'm A PSJT315-01 Heart Of Rome MM6398-05 I'm Falling In Love Tonight MM6338-03 Heartbreak Hotel SC8155-14 I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs MM6267-12 He'll Have To Go MM6371-13 I'm Just A Roustabout TU235-05 Help Me Make It Through The Night (Live) MM6306-12 I'm Leavin' MM6398-15 Here Comes Santa Claus SC2514-02 I'm Left, Your Right, She's Gone THME02-05 Hey Jude MM6399-05 I'm Not The Marrying Kind MM6399-11 His Latest Flame SC8155-15 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry MMCOU205-19 Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees CB60305-04 I'm Yours MM6249-07 Home Is Where The Heart Is PS1074-23 Impossible Dream MM6248-12 Hound Dog SC8155-04 In My Father's House Are Many Mansions MM6081-05 How Great Thou Art SC8536-02 In The Garden CB70002-08 How The Web Was Woven MM6266-13 In The Ghetto SC8154-05 How's The World Treating You MM6371-11 Indescribably Blue MM6249-01 Hurt MM6266-11 Inherit The Wind (Live) MM6306-07 CB90058-12 Is It So Strange MM6338-04 I Believe SC8536-04 Island Of Love MM6357-07 I Believe In The Man In The Sky MM6267-06 It Ain't No Big Thing MM6398-14 I Can Help MM6398-12 It Feels So Right MM6151-08 I Can't Stop Loving You CBEP465-6-14 It Hurts Me MM6147-09 I Don't Want To Be Tied (Girls, Girls, Girls) MM6381-02 It Is No Secret CB70002-09 I Feel So Bad CB90060-14 It Keeps Right On Hurtin' MM6124-02 I Feel That I've Known You Forever MM6338-12 It Won't Seem Like Christmas CB60186-08 I Forgot To Remember To Forget MM6190-14 It's A Long, Lonely Highway MM6357-12 I Got A Feeling In My Body MM6398-06 It's A Matter Of Time MM6398-11 I Got A Woman Amen CBEP465-6-04 It's Easy For You MM6371-10 MM6288-08 It's Impossible MM6248-02 THME02-04 It's Midnight MM6306-14 CB90060-12 It's Now Or Never SC8154-09 I Just Can't Help Believin' SF857-02 It's Only Love MM6249-05 I Miss You MM6371-07 It's Only Make Believe KC006-05 I Need Somebody MM6399-07 It's Over LG025-10 CB90060-09 It's Still Here MM6338-09 I Really Don't Want To Know MM6157-05 It's Your Baby You Rock It MM6322-07 I Shall Not Be Moved MM6382-14 I've Got A Thing About You Baby MM6322-15 I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell (Wild In The Country) MM6337-07 I've Got Confidence MM6267-14 I Want To Be Free SFMW803-02 I've Lost You MM6266-09 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You SC8155-01 Jailhouse Rock SC8155-10 CB90060-01 Johnny B. Goode MM6266-07 I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water MM6229-07 Joshua Fit The Battle SC8536-10 I, John MM6382-12 Just A Little Bit MM6337-04 If Every Day Was Like Christmas SC8185-02 Just Call Me Lonesome MM6357-06 If I Can Dream SC8155-06 Just Can't Help Believing LG026-01 If I Get Home On Christmas Day CB60305-06 Just Pretend MM6205-08 If I'm A Fool For Loving You MM6399-04 Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello MM6205-05 If That Isn't Love MM6267-10 Kentucky Rain SC8155-13 If We Never Meet Again MM6382-07 SFG051-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 104 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Elvis Presley Elvis Presley King Is Dead MM6266-01 My Baby Left Me CB90060-02 King Of The Whole Wide World MM6123-09 My Boy MM6157-10 Kismet (Harum Scarum) MM6337-03 My Happiness MM6356-12 Kiss Me Quick SF164-15 My Little Friend MM6357-13 Kissin' Cousins PS1074-17 My Way CBEP465-6-16 Known Only To Him SC8536-11 My Way (Live) SC8356-10 Ku-U-I-Po MM6248-06 My Wish Came True MM6249-13 Lady Loves Me (With Ann Margaret) MM6288-13 Mystery Train MM6124-08 Last Farwell CB90061-12 Mystery Train & Tiger Man CB90093-15 Lawdy Miss Clawdy SFG052-12 Never Again MM6371-05 Lead Me Guide Me SC8536-06 Never Been To Spain MM6248-14 Let It Be Me MM6177-14 Never Ending MM6357-14 Let Me Be There MM6205-01 Never Say Yes MM6415-09 Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear SFG050-15 New Orleans MM6123-13 Let Us Pray MM6267-05 Next Step Is Love MM6229-10 Let Yourself Go MM6123-08 No More (Blue Hawaii) MM6337-08 Lifes Railway CBE613-08 Nothing Compares CBE613-15 Like A Baby MM6151-11 Now & Then There's A Fool Such As I SFG051-11 Little Bit Of Green MM6249-11 O Come All Ye Faithful MM6215-10 Little Egypt MM6229-05 O' Little Town Of Bethlehem CB60305-10 Little Less Conversation SC8892-08 Of His Latest Flame, (Marie’S The Name) SFG052-09 Little Sister SC8155-11 Oh Happy Day MM6382-15 Lonely Man MM6288-01 Old Shep SF153-14 Lonesome Cowboy MM6190-13 On A Snowy Christmas Night CB60305-12 MM6157-11 Once Is Enough MM6415-10 Long Legged Girl MM6123-12 One Boy Two Little Girls (Kissin' Cousins) MM6381-13 Long Tall Sally & Whole Lotta Shakin' CB90095-14 One Broken Heart For Sale CB90063-07 Love NT63-11 One Night SC8356-11 Love Coming Down MM6356-15 One Night Of Sin MM6249-12 Love Letters In The Sand MM6090-14 One Track Heart (Roustabout) MM6381-15 Love Me SC8154-11 Only Believe MM6382-05 Love Me Tender SC8154-10 Only The Strong Survive MM6014-11 Love Me Tonight MM6371-01 Paradise Hawaiian Style (Paradise Hawaiian MM6337-15 Lover Doll MM6123-07 Style) Loving You SC8356-06 Paralized THME003-09 Mabelline THCOL04-09 Party MM6357-04 Make Me Know It MM6337-11 Patch It Up MM6306-08 Mama ESS08-05 SC8536-03 MM6305-05 Pieces Of My Life MM6322-01 MM6081-09 Playing For Keeps CB90060-05 Marguerita () MM6381-03 Please Don't Stop Loving Me PS1074-24 Marie's The Name, His Latest Flame CBEP465-2-07 Pledging My Love MM6306-01 Mary In The Morning MM6205-07 (G.I.Blues ) MM6337-01 Mean Woman Blues MM6090-10 Polk Salad Annie LG027-14 Memories SC8356-05 Poor Boy MM6190-09 Memphis Tenessee SFG051-10 Power Of My Love MM6157-12 Merry Christmas Baby CB60305-09 Promised Land SC8679-02 Mess Of Blues SFMW803-04 Proud Mary PT2015-01 Milkcow Blues Boogie MM6124-09 Puppet On A String MM6124-04 Milky White Way MM6382-04 Put Your Hand In The Hand MM6267-08 Mine MM6356-11 Rags To Riches MM6322-02 Miracle Of The Rosary MM6267-04 Raised On Rock MM6190-15 Money Honey MM6157-02 Reach Out To Jesus CB70002-14 SC8155-12 Reconsider Baby MM6151-10 Moonlight Swim MM6288-10 Release Me CB90062-06 My Babe MM6337-05 Return To Sender SC8154-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 105 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Riding The Rainbow MM6415-11 Suspicion MM6305-08 Rip It Up MM6090-07 Suspicious Minds SC8154-07 Rock-A-Hula Baby MM6123-04 Sweet Angeline MM6322-04 Roustabout MM6205-04 Sweet Caroline MM6266-14 Rubber Neckin' CB90063-15 Swing Down Sweet Chariot SC8536-09 Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold Remix) SC8845-08 Sylvia MM6338-13 Rubberneckin' (Remix) MRH01-03 T R O U B L E LG184-10 Run On MM6382-02 Take My Hand, Precious Lord SC8536-15 Runaway (Live) MM6398-08 Talk About The Good Times MM6322-09 Santa Bring My Baby Back CB60305-13 Teddy Bear SC8154-12 Santa Claus Is Back In Town CB60305-01 Tell Me Why MM6399-10 See See Rider CB90062-02 That's All Right Mama LG026-05 See See Rider (Live) Aloha Concert MM6070-04 That's Someone You MM6371-04 Seeing Is Believing MM6382-03 That's When Your Heartache Begins MM6146-07 Sentimental Me MM6356-03 The Lighthouse CBE613-06 Separate Ways MM6205-15 There Goes My Everything SF166-07 MM6081-10 There Is No God But God MM6267-11 Shake, Rattle & Roll LG025-15 There's A Honky Tonk Angel MM6306-10 She Thinks I Still Care MM6356-13 There's Always Me MM6338-15 She Wears My Ring MM6399-09 They Remind Me Too Much Of You MM6288-15 She's Not You CB90093-12 Thing Called Love MM6382-06 Shopping Around MM6205-09 Thinking About You MM6356-14 Silent Night MM6215-17 This Is Our Dance MM6338-11 Silver Bells CB60305-15 This Is The Story MM6338-06 Sing You Children MM6267-13 MM6147-11 Singing Tree MM6399-12 Today Tomorrow & Forever MM6399-01 Slicin' Sand MM6288-14 Tomorrow Is Along Time MM6157-09 Slowly But Surely (Kissin' Cousins) MM6381-08 Tonight Is The Night For Love CBEP465-5-10 Snowbird MM6398-10 Too Much SC8154-04 So Close Yet So Far MM6338-10 Too Much Monkey Business MM6322-06 So Glad You're Mine MM6090-13 SC8356-07 So High MM6382-09 Trouble SC8356-12 Soldier Boy MM6305-07 True Love Travels On A Gravel Road MM6305-10 Solitaire MM6306-09 Trying To Get To You CBEP465-3-07 Somebody Bigger Than You & I MM6081-12 Tutti Frutti THCOL04-13 Something CB90061-05 Twelfth Of Never MM6371-14 Something (Live) Aloha Concert MM6070-07 Twenty Days And Twenty Nights MM6306-02 Something Blue MM6322-10 U. S. Male CB90094-01 Spanish Eyes MM6356-01 Unchained Melody MM6266-08 MM6415-12 Until It's Time For You To Go LG184-14 Spinout CB90063-13 Us Male MM6151-06 Stand By Me MM6267-09 Vino Dinero Y Amor (Fun In Acapulco) MM6381-09 Starting Today MM6356-05 Viva Las Vegas SC8356-09 Stay Away Joe MM6357-03 CB90061-11 Steamroller Blues CB90061-09 Way Down SFG052-07 Stop Where You Are (Paradise Hawaiian Style) MM6337-10 We Call On Him MM6382-13 Stop, Look & Listen MM6357-09 We Can Make The Morning MM6147-14 Stranger In My Own Hometown MM6357-15 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck SC8154-08 MM6398-09 Wearin' That Loved On Look MM6157-13 Stuck On You SC8155-05 Welcome To My World CB90062-03 Such A Night MM6151-02 Welcome To My World (Live) Aloha Concert MM6070-06 Such An Easy Question CB90063-12 Western Union MM6415-14 Summer Kisses Winter Tears SF147-08 What A Wonderful Life MM6381-06 Suppose MM6356-06 What Now My Love (Live) Aloha Concert MM6070-12 Surrender SC8651-11 What Now, My Love CB90062-11 Susan When She Tried MM6322-08 What'd I Say CB90063-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 106 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Elvis Presley Emerson Drive What's She Really Like MM6288-12 Only God CB60225-06 When It Rains It Really Pours MM6157-15 You Still Own Me THC0803-19 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold CB90058-14 Emerson Hart Where Could I Go CB70002-15 If You're Gonna Leave SD4708-07 Where Did They Go Lord CBEP465-5-05 Emerson Lake & Palmer MM6190-10 From The Beginning SC8231-09 Where No One Stands Alone MM6081-14 Karn Evil #9 AH8003-15 White Christmas MM6215-01 Lucky Man SC8197-03 Who Am I MM6081-13 Emf Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On MM6306-11 Unbelievable SC8486-11 Whom I Am SC8536-12 Emile Ford Wild In The Country MM6356-04 Lazy Sunday PUK324-13 Winter Wonderland MM6215-06 What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me ZGY59-11 Without Love (There Is Nothing) MM6124-15 For Wolf Call MM6357-05 Emilio Wonder Of You SC7501-15 Big Big World SC8503-14 Wonderful World Of Christmas CB60304-14 Donde Andara SC7106-02 Wooden Heart SFG051-05 Even If I Tried SC8232-12 Words MM6266-12 I Think We're On To Something SC8289-15 Working On The Building SC8536-14 I'd Love You To Love Me SC3008-07 World Of Our Own MM6371-06 It's Not The End Of The World SC8224-15 Yesterday MM6248-08 Ya SC7105-12 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me SC8356-08 Emily West You Don't Know Me MM6288-06 Blue Sky CB60435-06 CBE613-01 Rocks In Your Shoes CB60373-03 You Gotta Stop (Easy Come Easy Go) MM6337-14 What Kind Of Happy PHMC0907-5 You'll Never Walk Alone SC8536-01 Eminem You'll Think Of Me MM6356-07 8 Mile SC8805-12 Young And Beautiful SFMW848-11 Ass Like That SF234-15 Young Dreams MM6415-15 Business SC8773-13 Your Cheatin' Heart PT2015-03 Cleanin' Out My Closet SC8797-08 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming MM6338-05 Criminal TU147-03 Your Time Hasn't Come Yet (Speedway) MM6337-13 Encore (Radio Version) SC8908-08 You're So Square Baby I Don't Care SC7521-08 Guilty Conscience TU147-04 You've Lost That Loving Feeling MM6248-11 Hallie's Song TU164-06 Elvis Presley & Paul Oakenfold I'm Back TU147-05 Rubberneckin' THP0312-10 I'm Shady TU147-06 Emanuel Ortega (Radio Version) SC8889-01 A Escondidas SCL2273-02 SC8909-10 Embers SC8797-10 I Love Beach Music SC8251-15 Mocking Bird SF231-03 Embrace Mosh (Radio Version) SC8908-14 Ashes SF226-15 SC8523-14 Gravity SFMW859-01 Real Slim Shady SC7586-08 Looking As You Are SF229-07 SC8822-07 My Weakness Is None Of Your Business SF125-14 Superman SC8817-11 Target SF248-10 Superman (Clean) TU184-12 World At Your Feet SF243-15 The Way I Am TU147-11 Emerson Drive Way I Am SC8654-02 A Good Man CB60352-11 When I'm Gone SF239-07 Belongs To You CB60395-14 White America TU147-12 Fall Into Me SC8769-03 Who Knew TU147-13 I Should Be Sleeping SC8736-02 Without Me SC8797-06 Last One Standing CB60320-03 Eminem & Dido Moments SC9010-13 Stan SC8659-02 November CB60327-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 107 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Eminem & Dr. Dre & 50 Cent En Vogue Encore (Radio Version) SC8908-08 My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) SC8892-09 Eminem & Nate Dogg No Fool No More SC8487-06 PAN2006-01 Riddle SC8616-03 Emma Bunton Too Gone Too Long SC8476-09 Crickets Sing For Anamaria MRH09-11 What A Man NUTECH-0172 Free Me SF206-06 Whatever SC8390-05 I'll Be There MRH05-03 Whatta Man SC8760-10 Take My Breath Away EZH03-11 En Vogue & Salt N Pepa We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight SF187-01 Whatta Man SC8760-10 What Took You So Long SFTP01-05 Enemy Emma Bunton & Tin Tin Out We'll Live And Die In These Towns THP0803-18 What I Am LG080-15 Engelbert Humperdinck Emmanuel SFMW856-13 Corazon De Melao SCL2253-02 After The Lovin SC8118-10 Hay Que Arrimar El Alma SC7102-01 Am I Easy To Forget LG074-07 Sentirme Vivo SCL2239-07 Angeles BS8817-05 Another Time, Another Place LG111-07 Bang The Drum Slowly TU106-01 As Time Goes By SK538-13 Beneath Still Waters SC8375-14 Bella Italia SF164-11 Blue Kentucky Girl SC8431-13 By The Time I Get To Phoenix LG111-06 Boulder To Birmingham TU172-02 Call On Me LG111-10 Boxer TU180-15 Can't Take My Eyes Off You LG111-08 Heartbreak Hill SC9902-03 Dommage Dommage (Too Bad LG111-11 Heaven Only Knows CB60295-14 El Mondo BS8817-09 High Powered Love SC8321-07 Everybody Knows We're Through BS8817-16 If I Could Only Win Your Love SC8426-08 From Here To Eternity LG111-05 Last Cheater's Waltz ASKFP48-1-07 Funny Familiar Forgotton LG074-05 Lost His Love On Our Last Date SC8412-07 I Never Said Goodbye SK506-09 Making Believe CBE3-02-13 I'm A Better Man SK538-12 More Than This SF132-11 I'm Leavin' You SK506-11 Mr. Sandman CB90016-09 In Time SK538-10 O Little Town Of Bethlehem SC8990-14 Last Waltz SC7540-10 Once More CB90016-10 Les Bicyclettes De Belsi LG074-03 One Of These Days SC8728-02 Let Me Make It Through The Night MM6269-14 Pearl TU077-14 Love Me With All Your Heart JV0032-04 Rollin' And Ramblin' CB90016-12 Man And A Woman LG074-06 Save The Last Dance For Me TU242-03 Misty Blue LG074-13 Thanks To You MM6048-10 Mona Lisa LG074-10 Together Again SC8414-10 My Foolish Heart SK538-03 Two More Bottles Of Wine SC8421-07 My Marie SK538-07 Wayfaring Stranger CB90016-15 One World SF164-10 You Never Can Tell C'est La Vie SC8647-01 Quando Quando Quando CBE4-01-06 Emmylou Harris & Ricky Skaggs Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head SK538-08 Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn CBEP476-1-15 Release Me SC8118-05 Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers Shadow Of Your Smile LG111-09 Get Up John CBEP476-6-15 Spanish Eyes LG074-15 Emotions Stardust LG111-04 Best Of My Love SC7574-03 Sweet Heart SK506-07 Empire Ten Guitars LG074-11 Kasabian SF246-04 There Goes My Everything LG074-14 En Vogue There's A Kind Of Hush ( LG074-04 Don't Let Go (Love) SC8340-02 They Say It's Wornderful SK538-09 Free Your Mind SC8111-09 This Moment In Time LG111-14 Give It Up Turn It Loose TT6010-06 Too Beautiful To Last SK506-08 Giving Him Something He Can Feel SC8776-09 Up Up & Away LG074-12 Hold On JV0046-01 Way It Used To Be BS8817-17

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 108 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Engelbert Humperdinck Enrique Iglesias & Kelis What A Wonderful World LG074-08 I'm Not In Love EZH34-07 What Now My Love LG111-03 Enrique Iglesias & Lionel Richie When I Say Goodnight LG074-09 To Love A Woman SF204-11 When There's No You SK506-06 Enrique Iglesias & Sean Garrett Winter Wonderland LG172-11 Away CB30088-8 Winter World Of Love CBE507-15 Enrique Iglesias & England United Could I Have This Kiss Forever TU024-05 How Does It Feel To Be On Top Of The World SF121-04 Enya Enigma Amarantine THP0603-12 Return To Innocence NT50-12 Anywhere SF039-13 Ennis Sisters Hope Has A Place TU221-06 It's Not About You CB60314-14 Marble Halls TU054-06 Enrique Iglesias May It Be SC8740-12 Addicted SC8858-02 Oiche Chiun (Silent Night) SC2514-07 Alabao ASKFP05-1-01 Only If TU025-10 Away CB30089-07 Only Time SC8741-10 Bailamos SCL2207-06 Only Time (Radio Remix) PHM0201-04 Be With You SC8601-06 Orinoco Flow SC8577-10 Could I Have This Kiss Forever PHM0002-09 Paint The Sky With Stars TU025-12 Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song) SC9010-08 Silent Night TU166-17 Don't Turn Off The Lights SC8775-09 Wild Child THP0206-15 Enamorado Por Primera Vez SC7111-01 Epidemic Escape SC8747-11 Walk Away THR0210-18 SC7107-01 Equals Hero SC8742-07 Baby Come Back PI001-11 Heroe (Spanish) SK945-05 Erasure I Have Always Loved You TU024-07 A Little Respect SFG057-04 I Will Survive SK945-07 Always NT34-01 If The World Crashes Down SK945-09 Am I Right STTW1338-09 I'm Your Man TU024-08 Blue Savannah SFG057-06 La Chica De Ayer SK550-11 Breath Of Life STTW1338-10 Mamacita SK550-05 Chains Of Love PI003-11 Marta SK550-03 Chorus STTW1338-07 Mentirosa SK550-12 In My Arms MM6203-11 Miente SC7111-11 Love To Hate You STTW1338-08 No Apagues La Luz SCL1557-03 Oh L'amour SFG057-01 Not In Love PHM0405-01 Ship Of Fools STTW1337-08 Nunca Te Olvidare SCL2235-01 Sometimes SFG057-02 One Night Stand SK945-11 Stop SFMW846-01 Oyeme TU024-11 Victim Of Love STTW1337-06 Para Que La Vida SC1563-07 You Surround Me STTW1338-06 Pienso En Ti SK550-08 Eric Benet Por Amarte AV34-09 Chocolate Legs PHMU905 Quizas SCL1559-03 I Wanna Be Love PHM0206U-05 Rhythm Divine SC8581-04 Pretty Baby PAN2006-01 Ritmo Total SCL1538-06 You're The Only One CB30076-06 Sad Eyes SC8645-09 Eric Benet & Michael McDonald & Wynonna & Terry Dexter She Be The One SK945-04 Heart Of America CB60348-04 Solo En Ti SC7111-12 Eric Benet & Tamia Solo Me Importas Tu SCL1538-08 Spend My Life With You THP9910-18 Somebody's Me CB30066-10 Eric Burdon Sueltame Las Tiendas SK550-06 San Franciscan Nights LG042-07 Tres Palabras SK550-09 Eric Burdon & The Animals You're My #1 ASKFP05-2-15 Don't Bring Me Down SAVP28-09 You're My Number One TU024-16 Eric Burdon & War Enrique Iglesias & Kelis Spill The Wine SC8840-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 109 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Eric Clapton All By Myself SC8706-03 Running On Faith SC8270-02 Change Of Heart SAVP34-04 See What Love Can Do BS5517-12 Hungry Eyes SC8706-04 She's Gone SC8462-12 Make Me Loose Control SC9901-06 She's Waiting BS5517-13 Never Gonna Fall In Love Again SC8706-07 So Far Away SK526-04 Eric Cartman Spoonful NT16-02 Come Sail Away SGB12-02 Strange Brew SC8750-05 Kyles Mom's A Bitch SGB12-12 Sunshine Of Your Love SC8221-02 Eric Church Superman Inside THR0106-13 2 Pink Lines ASKFP70-1-09 Swalbr SGB20-04 Guys Like Me SC9004-11 Tales Of Brave Ulysses SGB20-01 Hell On The Heart CB60428-05 Tears In Heaven SC8235-11 His Kinda Money (My Kind Of Love) CB60374-13 White Room LG042-15 How 'bout You SC8965-05 Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad SGB20-10 Love Your Love The Most CB60401-7 Willie And The Hand Jive DK097-09 Sinners Like Me CB60355-07 Wonderful Tonight SC8107-07 Smoke A Little Smoke CB60413 Eric Clapton & Bb King Two Pink Lines SC8989-03 Riding With The King SGB46-01 Eric Clapton Eric Clapton & Bob Dylan After Midnight SC8354-09 Don't Think Twice It's Alright AH8006-10 Anything For Your Love AH8008-10 Eric Clapton & Cale Badge SC8589-05 Ride The River PHAC0612-01 Before You Accuse Me SC8339-14 Eric Clapton & Elton John Believe In Life CB90172-07 Runaway Train NUTECH-1039 Blue Eyes Blue SC8569-03 Eric Heatherly Blues Power SFMW838-02 Flowers On The Wall SC8602-10 Born Under A Bad Sign SO203-09 Last Man Comitted CB60236-05 Change The World SC8299-06 Sometimes It's Just Your Time CB60245-10 Cocaine SC8115-03 Swimming In Champagne SC8646-10 Crossroads SGB063-09 When A Heart Begins To Drift CB6310-14 Don't Think Twice, It's Alright SGB027-05 Wrong Five O'clock SC8655-01 Forever Man SC8609-05 Eric Hutchinson I Can't Stand It CB90172-03 It's Ok Alright With Me PHM0909-04 I Feel Free SC8586-12 Eric Lindell I Get Lost TU005-10 Give It Time PHAC0609-08 I Shot The Sheriff SC7535-06 Eric Roberson If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day SC8878-08 Borrow You PHMU1004 I'm So Glad SC9001-11 Erick Sermon I'm Tore Down SC8274-03 Music SC8708-06 It's In The Way That You Use It SC8715-01 React PHU0301-01 I've Got A Rock N' Roll Heart SC8580-15 Erick Sermon & Marvin Gaye Lay Down Sally SC7509-09 Music SC8708-06 Layla SC7576-05 Erika Jo Layla (Unplugged) LG042-13 I Break Things SC3441-05 Let It Grow SGB20-11 Erin O'donnell Let It Rain SC8539-04 No Place So Far TU077-04 Lonely Stranger SGB20-03 Ernest Ashworth Miss You SGB20-05 Talk Back Trembling Lips CBE524-07 Motherless Children SC9001-10 Ernest Tubb My Father's Eyes SC8452-03 Drivin' Nails In My Coffin CBE523-07 No Alibis SGB28-11 Filipino Baby CB90129 -06 Old Love DG02-11 Have You Ever Been Lonely SC8682-08 Only You And I Know SGB20-12 I Love You Because CB20220-11 Outside Woman Blues SGB20-02 It's Been So Long Darling SC8682-15 Pilgram MM6252-03 Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello CB90129 -12 Promises SC8514-12 Letters Have No Arms SC8383-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 110 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ernest Tubb Eternal Missing In Action CB90129 -13 Stay SF006-10 Rainbow At Midnight CB90129 -07 Ethel Merman Slipping Around CB90129 -09 Everything's Coming Up Roses CBE2-14-09 Soldier's Last Letter SC7558-10 There's No Business Like Show Business SC8124-08 Tennessee Border No. 2 CB90129 -11 Ethel Waters Thanks A Lot SC8428-12 Am I Blue DK1107-05 Try Me One More Time CB90129 -10 Etta James Walking The Floor Over You SC7537-14 At Last SC8575-03 Waltz Across Texas SC8392-09 Damn Your Eyes MM6155-13 Ernestine Anderson Dance With Me Henry RB13-15 MM6259-10 Feel Like Breakin' Up... MM6155-12 Ernie K. Doe I Just Want To Make Love To You SC8675-08 Mother In Law SC8109-14 I'd Rather Go Blind SC8814-10 Ernie Maresca Sunday Kind Of Love MM6393-02 Shout! Shout! SC8206-01 Tell Mama SC9001-12 Eros Ramazzotti Euan McGregor Fuego En El Fuego SCL1529-08 Your Song SFMW835-01 Una Emoción Para Siempre SCL1565-08 Euritmix Sexcrime VAR01-29 Appletree SC8754-05 Europe Back In The Day THH0404-14 Carrie SC8346-04 Bag Lady SC3216-06 Final Countdown SC8684-14 Bag Lady (Radio Version) PP3216-06 Eurythmics Danger THH0401-17 Here Comes The Rain Again SC8178-01 Danger (Radio Version) SC3390-03 I Saved The World Today SF150-08 Didn't Cha Know CB3012-02 Love Is A Stranger SFG029-07 Love Of My Life SC8801-08 Missionary Man SC8439-13 Next Lifetime SC3020-02 Money Can’T Buy It SFG029-14 On & On SC8357-12 Right By Your Side SFG029-12 On And On MM6394-05 Sex Crime SFG029-11 Turn Me Away (Get Munny) PHMU1006-03 Stay By Me SFG029-15 Tyrone (Live) SC8754-11 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) SC7529-08 Window Seat PHU1005-01 There Must Be An Angel SFG029-06 Erykah Badu & Common Thorn In My Side SF001-11 Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop)(Radio PP3343-08 Walking On Broken Glass SFG029-16 Version) Who’S That Girl SFG029-09 Escape Club Would I Lie To You SC8331-09 Wild, Wild, West SC8492-03 Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin Esquires Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves SF057-13 And Get Away RB19-08 Eva Cassidy Get On Up RB18-08 Ain't No Sunshine ZMP003-05 Essex American Tune ZMP033-07 Easier Said Than Done SC8226-02 Autumn Leaves ZMP003-08 Ester Dean Blue Skies MM6393-10 Drop It Low PHU0912-03 Danny Boy SC2421-02 Ester Dean Feat Chris Brown Dark Eyed Molly ZMP033-06 Drop It Low PHMU0912 Drowning In The Sea Of Love ZMP033-01 Esther Dean & Abi Of Arim Early Morning Rain SC2421-07 Cinderella Rockafella SF065-13 Fields Of Gold SFMW849-01 Eternal God Bless The Child ZMP033-05 Angel Of Mine SF115-08 Hallelujah, I Love Him So ZMP033-04 Good Thing SF049-05 I Know You By Heart ZMP010-04 I Am Blessed SF039-14 I Wandered By A Brookside ZMP010-05 I Wanna Be The Only One THCOL04-01 Imagine SC2421-05 Just A Step From Heaven SF036-15 It Doesn't Matter Anymore SC2421-08 Power Of A Woman SF029-13 It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) ZMP033-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 111 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Eva Cassidy Eve & Alicia Keys Kathy's Song ZMP003-03 Gangsta Lovin' SC8797-09 Natural Woman ZMP010-09 Eve & Gwen Stefani Over The Rainbow SC2421-01 Let Me Blow Ya Mind SF183-13 Penny To My Name ZMP010-07 Eve 6 People Get Ready ZMP003-09 Here's To The Night SC8717-13 Songbird SC2421-03 Inside Out SC3084-06 Tennessee Waltz SC2421-06 Leech SC8508-04 Time After Time ZMP010-08 On The Roof Again SC8672-07 Time Is A Healer ZMP010-10 Open Road Song SC8534-14 True Colours ZMP033-02 Promise SC8629-07 Water Is Wide ZMP033-03 Think Twice PHR0309-07 Wayfaring Stranger ZMP010-03 Evelyn Champagne King What A Wonderful World ZMP003-06 Love Come Down SC8606-13 Who Knows Where The Time Goes ZMP010-06 Shame SC8420-05 You Take My Breath Away ZMP033-10 Everclear You've Changed ZMP033-11 Am Radio SC8649-04 Eva Cassidy & Chuck Brown Brown Eyed Girl SC3256-01 Fever SC2421-17 SC8453-15 Eva Cassidy & David Gray Father Of Mine SC3088-07 You Don't Know Me MM6393-08 Heartspark Dollarsign SC8286-01 Evan & Jaron I Will Buy You A New Life SC8465-01 Crazy For This Girl SC3216-08 One Hit Wonder SC8515-02 Distance PHM0203-08 Santa Monica SC8254-14 From My Head To My Heart CB3012-06 When It All Goes Wrong Again SC8664-07 Evanescence Wonderful SC8625-05 Bring Me To Life SC8850-05 Everlast Bring Me To Life (Duet Version) SC8850-16 Black Jesus SC8664-05 Call Me When You're Sober SC8993-02 Ends SC8534-05 Everybody's Fool SF218-06 What It's Like SC8508-07 Farther Away CT0001-03 Everly Brothers Going Under CB30039-02 All I Have To Do Is Dream SC7526-15 Good Enough CB30066-11 Bird Dog Duet ZMP057-18 Haunted TU217-04 Bye Bye Love SC7508-06 Hello TU217-05 Cathy's Clown CB501401-07 Imaginary TU217-06 Claudette ZMP057-04 Lithium SC8999-04 Crying In The Rain SF047-10 My Immortal SC8865-15 Devoted To You CBEP455-2-14 TU217-08 Ebony Eyes ZMP057-10 Nobody's Fool CT0001-02 Ebony Eyes Duet ZMP057-23 Sweet Sacrifice CB30064-10 I Kissed You ZMP057-06 Taking Over Me TU217-09 Let It Be Me LG077-02 Tourniquet TU217-10 Price Of Love SF045-11 Whisper TU217-11 Temptation SF084-10 Evanescence & Paul McCoy Temptation Duet ZMP057-24 Bring Me To Life CBE4-11-13 Till I Kissed Ya CBE501-14 Bring Me To Life (Duet Version) SC8850-16 Wake Up Little Susie SC7504-01 Evangeline Walk Right Back SC8418-10 Let's Go Spend Your Money Honey NT23-05 When Will I Be Loved SF044-01 Evans Blue When Will I Be Loved Duet ZMP057-21 Cold (But I'm Still Here) SC8966-09 Every Mother's Son Eve Come On Down To My Boat SC8258-15 Gangsta Lovin' SC8797-09 Everything Let Me Blow Ya Mind PHM0107-06 Good Thing St. Lucia SC8501-02 Satisfaction SC3348-03 Tambourine PHU0707-05 I Don't Want To Talk About It SFMW809-07 Who's That Girl SC8688-01 Lullaby Of Clubland THP0103-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 112 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Everything But The Girl Fabolous Missing SC8240-04 Baby SC8914-04 Single SC8340-11 Breathe SC8908-03 Wrong SC8286-05 Can't Deny It SC3283-02 Evita Can't Let You Go SC3364-06 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina SC7599-02 Everything, Everyday, Everywhere PHU0911-06 Excellents Into You (Radio Version) SC8853-14 Coney Island Baby MM6400-01 Make Me Better PHU0708-05 Exciters This Is My Party PHU0301-04 Reaching For The Best SFCC01-02 Trade It All Part 2 SC8789-14 Tell Him SC8206-11 Young'n (Holla Back) SC8752-08 Exhale Fabolous & Ashanti Still Not Over You THH0207-17 Into You SC8853-14 Exies Fabolous & Mike Shorey & Lil' Mo Kickout THR0308-13 Can't Let You Go SC3364-06 My Goddess THR0303-18 Fabolous & P. Diddy & Jagged Edge Ugly THMR-0503-04 Trade It All Part 2 SC3338-07 Exile Fabolous & Tamia Crazy For Your Love SC8424-02 Into You (Duet) HTG1011-14 Feel Like Fooling Around DK068-18 Fabulous Thunderbirds Give Me One More Chance SC8525-03 Amnesia MM6155-08 I Can't Get Close Enough SC8767-13 My Babe NT16-11 I Could Get Used To You SC8792-07 Tough Enough SGB63-12 I Don't Want To Be A Memory SC8380-15 Tuff Enuff SC7545-03 It'll Be Me SC7568-12 Wrap It Up SC8443-12 It's You Again DK073-17 Faces Keep It In The Middle Of The Road CB60086-03 Stay With Me SF096-04 Kiss You All Over SC8181-02 Faders My Heart's In Good Hands DK062-17 No Sleep Tonight SF230-13 Nobody's Talkin' SC8502-10 Failure She's A Miracle SC8541-13 Stuck On You SC8460-11 Super Duper Love MM6174-01 Fairground Attraction Woke Up In Love CB20501-07 Find My Love SFMW844-15 Yet CB60158-14 Its Got To Be Perfect VAR01-31 Explosions Perfect BL02-05 Here I Am THR0501-16 Faith Evans Expose' Again SC8915-12 Come Go With Me SC8314-13 Ain't Nobody SC8281-13 I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me SC7546-08 Can't Believe TU062-04 In Walked Love SC8121-03 Come Over MM6165-10 Let Me Be The One SC7559-02 I Love You SC8752-07 Point Of No Return SC8417-14 Love Like This SC8503-02 Seasons Change SC8362-07 Mesmerized PHU0510-06 Tell Me Why PI032-13 Soon As I Get Home SC8233-09 When I Looked At Him SAVP25-04 Tru Love PHU0602-08 Extremes You Get No Love SC8731-07 Get The Funk Out SC8406-14 Faith Evans & Carl Thomas Hole Hearted DK074-04 Can't Believe THH0203-17 More Than Words SF054-12 Faith Evans & Clipse Eydie Gorme Ma, I Don't Love Her PHU0303-03 Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen KH19-06 Faith Evans & Puff Daddy Blame It On The Bossa Nova DK019-15 All Night Long DK1115-01 Eres Tu TT6017-01 Faith Hill Eso Es El Amor TT6017-10 Breathe SC8868-12 Fabian Forte Bringing Out The Elvis SC8608-02 Tiger LG157-11 But I Will SC8129-04 Turn Me Loose SC8190-13 Cry SC8868-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 113 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Faith Hill Faith Hill Dearly Beloved ASKFP70-1-10 You Stay With Me AKS-10003-12 Fireflies TU272-04 You're Still Here SC8851-05 Free CB3033-08 Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Hard Way CB90046-02 Angry All The Time SC1008-08 I Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore AKS-10003-04 It's Your Love SC2180-04 I Can't Do That Anymore SC8336-15 Just To Hear You Say You Love Me SC8495-08 I Got My Baby SC3236-06 Let's Make Love SC8584-06 I Want You AKS-10003-08 Faith No More If I Should Fall Behind CB90080-12 Easy SC8237-11 If I'm Not In Love CB90080-07 Epic SC8568-05 If My Heart Had Wings SC8868-02 Falling To Pieces SC8869-02 If You Ask AKS-10003-10 We Care A Lot SFMW878-03 It Matters To Me SC8868-07 Faithless It Will Be Me CB90080-05 Injected PHR0204-206- It's Your Love SM9142-04 02 Just About Now SC8324-06 Insomnia SF081-13 Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me SC2208-01 Faithless & Dido Let Me Let Go SC8868-13 One Step Too Far SF191-15 Let’s Make Love CB30005-08 Falco Let's Go To Vegas SC8189-13 Rock Me Amadeus SFMW835-10 Let's Make Love SC8868-11 Rock Me Amadeus (English Version) SC8894-16 Life's Too Short To Love Like This MM6121-01 Rock Me Amadeus (German Version) SC8894-08 Like We Never Loved At All SC8943-08 Falcons Lost CB60365-08 You're So Fine MM6401-15 Love Ain't Like That SC8512-10 Fall Out Boys Love Is A Sweet Thing CB90080-10 A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch SC8966-08 Lucky One SD142-01 Me Man's Home Is His Castle SC8250-01 America's Suitehearts CB30093-07 Me CB60174-11 Dance Dance Dance SC8993-05 Mississippi Girl SC8943-13 Grand Theft Autumn THMP0511-11 One THP0307-11 Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet CB30108-06 AKS-10003-14 I Don't Care CB30087-01 Piece Of My Heart SC8868-10 I'm Like A Lawyer PHM0711-08 Red Umbrella (Radio Version) SC9017-09 Sugar, We're Goin' Down SC8946-15 Secret Of Life SC3139-05 Thanks For The Memories CB30066-02 Somebody Stand By Me CB90046-09 This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race SC8995-15 Someone Else's Dream SC8253-03 Thnks Fr Th Mmrs SC9005-07 Star Spangled Banner TU103-15 Fanatic Stealing Kisses SC8936-07 Felony SC8571-03 Stronger SC8809-04 Fannypack Sunshine And Summertime SC8991-10 Camel Toe SC8834-11 Take Me As I Am SC8135-13 Fantasia That's How Love Moves SC8602-14 Ain't Gon' Beg You PHU0510-04 The Lucky One CB60349-11 Baby Mama CB30050-14 There Will Come A Day SC8868-15 Free Yourself CB30052-07 There You'll Be SC8868-06 Hood Boy PHU0703-05 This Kiss SC8868-03 I Believe PHM0409-09 Way You Love Me SC8868-14 Only One U ESP491-06 We've Got Nothing But Love To Prove AKS-10003-11 Truth Is SC8914-13 What's In It For Me CB60208-14 When I See U CB30065-15 When The Lights Go Down SC8868-08 Fantastics When You Cry CB60179-11 Something Old, Something New SFMW819-14 Where Are You Christmas SC8781-07 Try To Remember SGB50-04 Wild One SC8868-05 Fares You Can't Lose Me SC8303-02 Cindy Incidentally SF040-08 You Give Me Love CB90046-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 114 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Farm Fatboys & Beach Boys All Together Now ZMH006-08 Wipe Out DK064-04 Altogethernow 2004 SF219-02 Fatboys & Chubby Checker Farmer's Daughter Twist PSJT148-09 Cornfields Or Cadillacs KAR005-03 Fatman Scoop & Crooklyn Clan Faron Young Be Faithful EZH29-12 Alone With You SC8208-03 Fats Domino Country Girl SC8428-05 Ain't That A Shame SC7502-02 Goin' Steady SC8551-04 Blue Monday SC7508-02 Hello Walls SC7536-05 Blueberry Hill SC7520-03 If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin') CB60331-04 I Hear You Knockin' RB21-15 It's Four In The Morning SC8276-14 I Want To Walk You Home SC8191-15 This Little Girl Of Mine SC8576-06 I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday SAVP30-11 Wine Me Up CBE603-06 I'm In Love Again SC8450-14 Fast Food Rockers I'm Ready SC2502-04 Fast Food Song SF206-04 I'm Walkin' LG049-13 Smile Please, Say Cheese MRH02-09 Let The Four Winds Blow RB22-04 Fast Ryde Walking To New Orleans SC8441-02 Make It Rain PHMC1002 Whole Lotta Loving SC8364-02 That Thang PHN0911-03 Fats Waller Top Down PHMC1008-08 Ain't Misbehavin' LG169-11 Fastball Faye Adams Fire Escape SC3092-05 Shake A Hand RB22-05 Out Of My Head SC3136-03 Feeder The Way SPC01-14 Buck Rogers SF176-01 Way SC8462-11 Seven Days In The Sun SF178-14 You're An Ocean SC8637-03 Turn SF181-07 Fat Joe Feeling All I Need PHU0304-08 Fill My Little World SF244-08 Crush Tonight PHU0301-03 Love It When You Call SF250-10 Get It Poppin THMH0509-04 Never Be Lonely SF246-12 I Won't Tell You PHU0803-06 Sewn SF241-13 Lean Back (Radio Version) SC8888-15 Fefe Dobson Make It Rain PHU0703-02 Don't Go (Boys & Girls) THP0408-17 So Much More PHMU0506-07 Don't Let It Go To Your Head THP0511-15 What's Luv SC8752-02 Everything SF217-13 Fat Joe & Ashanti Take Me Away SC8859-05 What's Luv SC8797-15 This Is My Life SD4606-10 What's Luv (Male Solo) AMS1060-02 Feist Fat Joe & Nelly 1 2 3 4 THHP0801-10 Get It Poppin' PHM0508-07 Felice Taylor Fat Joe & P Diddy I Feel Love Coming On SFCC01-14 Girl I'm A Bad Boy PHU0311-04 Fergal Sharkey Fat Larry's Band Good Heart SF037-03 Act Like You Know SF067-06 Fergie Zoom SFMW806-06 Big Girls Don't Cry CB30065-11 Fat Les Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal) (Radio Version) SC9006-08 Jerusalem SF168-14 Clumsy CB30067-07 Naughty Christmas (Goblin In The Office) SF128-15 Fergalicious SF250-08 Vindaloo SF121-08 Finally CB30070-04 Fatback Band Glamorous PHM0704-02 Backstrokin' SF068-15 Labels Or Love CB30076-02 I Found Lovin SF067-04 London Bridge THH0610-10 Fatboy Slim London Bridge (Radio Version) SC9009-15 Praise You SC8531-06 Ferlin Husky Rockerfella Skank SF122-03 Country Music Is Here To Stay SC8491-15 That Old Pair Of Jeans SF244-02 Cuzz Yore So Sweet CB90138-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 115 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ferlin Husky Finger Eleven Fallen Star CB90138-10 I'll Keep Your Memory Vague CB30069-08 Gone SC8392-12 One Thing SC8883-05 Heavenly Sunshine CB90138-14 Paralyzer PHM0709-07 I Can't Stop Loving You CB90138-12 Thousand Mile Wish (Elektra Mix) THR0503-18 I Feel Better All Over SC8509-08 Fiona Apple I Really Don't Want To Know DK026-17 Across The Universe SGB08-03 Just For You CB90138-05 Criminal SC8787-11 Little Tom CB90138-08 Fast As You Can SC3169-01 Money Greases The Wheels CB90138-13 Limp SC8601-05 My Reason For Living CB90138-11 Never Is A Promise MM6227-02 Once CB90138-04 Shadowboxer SC8337-09 Timber I'm Falling CB90138-06 Sleep To Dream SC8381-03 Wings Of A Dove SC8208-13 Fireballs Fern Kinney Bottle Of Wine SC8136-02 Together We Are Beautiful SF105-14 Firefall Ferras Just Remember I Love You SC8188-09 Hollywood's Not America PHM0805-06 Strange Way LC0010-13 Ffh You Are The Woman SC8181-06 Fly Away SC8828-13 Fireflies It’s A Good Day TU215-08 You Were Mine MM6421-02 One Of These Days SC8962-09 Firehouse Ready To Fly TU215-10 Don't Treat Me Bad SC8917-05 You Found Me TU215-17 Here For You SD017-07 Fiction Factory Hold The Dream SC8302-06 Feels Like Heaven SFMW825-02 I Live My Life For You SC8164-02 Fiddler On The Roof Love Of A Lifetime SC8111-07 Do You Love Me SC2222-03 Mama Didn't Raise No Fool SC8238-09 If I Were A Rich Man SC8547-09 When I Look Into Your Eyes SC8791-08 Matchmaker, Matchmaker SY1047-12 Firm Sunrise Sunset MM6023-06 Radioactive SC8514-11 Field Mob Satisfaction Guaranteed SC8527-15 Sick Of Being Lonely PHU0303-04 Star Trekkin' SF042-03 Field Mob & Ciara Fisher So What THH0609-13 I Will Love You SC8664-03 Fierce Five Sweet Love 2K SF159-04 Closer To Me SF185-15 Fiestas Don’T Wanna Let You Go SF157-15 So Fine RB15-10 Everybody Get Up SF126-03 Fifth Dimension Got The Feelin' SF122-07 Stoned Soul Picnic CBEP459-5-05 If You’Re Getting Down SF144-13 Up Up And Away CBE2-17-12 Invincible SF171-05 Fight It's The Things You Do SF134-13 Little Crazy NT24-02 Keep On Movin' LGTP-3-02 Fighting Instinct Lets Dance SF182-02 I Found Forever PAN2006-01 Rock The Party EZH06-05 Filter Until The Time Is Through SF129-04 Best Things SC8607-11 We Will Rock You LGTP-6-08 Hey Man Nice Shot SC8562-07 When The Lights Go Out SC3085-01 Take A Picture SC8587-03 Five & Queen Where Do We Go From Here PHR0209-04 We Will Rock You SF163-14 Finch Five Americans What It Is To Burn THMR0305-14 Western Union LC0004-10 Fine Young Cannibals Five Blobs Good Thing SC8527-10 Blob SC8550-05 She Drives Me Crazy SC8425-01 Five For Fighting Finger Eleven 100 Years SC8865-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 116 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Five For Fighting Chances PHMP1001 Black Magic Woman ZMP005-02 Devil In The Wishing Well THP0411-14 Blue Letter ZMP006-04 Easy Tonight MM6327-11 Chains SC8510-13 If God Made You SD4504-04 Crystal ZMP006-01 Riddle SC8988-04 Don't Stop SC8785-02 Superman SC8799-02 Dreams SC8785-04 World PHM0704-08 Edge Of Seventeen LG067-05 Five Heartbeats Everywhere SC8658-05 Are You Ready For Me MM6409-14 Family Man ZMP006-10 You're A Thousand Miles Away MM6401-04 Go Your Own Way SC8785-01 Five Keys Gold Dust Woman SC8514-02 The Glory Of Love MM6421-05 Gypsy SC8305-12 Five Man Electrical Band Hold Me SC8785-11 Signs SC8510-12 Hypnotized SGB04-07 Five Satins If Anyone Falls LG163-10 In The Still Of The Night SC7513-01 Kind Of Woman LG163-09 To The Aisle SC8182-11 Landslide SC8785-05 Five Stairsteps SC8785-06 Ooh Child SC8860-13 Man Of The World ZMP005-01 Five Star Monday Morning ZMP006-05 Rain Or Shine SFMW878-10 Need Your Love So Bad ZMP005-03 System Addict SFMW834-14 Again SC8644-01 Fivespeed Nightair LG163-08 Mess PAN2006-01 No Questions Asked LG163-03 The Mess THM0306R-04 Oh Daddy SC8785-03 Fixx Over My Head SC8785-07 One Thing Leads To Another SC8696-15 Peacekeeper MM6387-02 Red Skies SC8313-12 Rhiannon SC8785-10 Saved By Zero SC8427-05 Rooms On Fire LG163-12 Sign Of Fire RT0014-06 Running Through The Garden TU200-14 Stand Or Fall SC8518-11 Sara SC8785-12 Flaming Lips Say You Love Me SC8785-14 Do You Realize SC2477-04 Say You Will THP0310-11 She Don't Use Jelly SC8562-15 Second Hand News SC8785-15 Wand PAN2006-01 Seven Wonders LG067-07 Flamingos Silver Springs SC8395-13 I Only Have Eyes For You SC7520-01 Songbird ZMP005-11 I'll Be Home RB22-13 Stand Back LG067-08 Your Other Love MM6421-14 Stop Draggin' My Heart Around TU060-10 Flatlanders Tusk LG163-04 Now It's Now Again TU134-08 Warm Ways ZMP005-04 South Wind Of Summer TU134-12 You Make Lovin' Fun SC8477-01 Flatt & Scruggs Fleetwoods Ballad Of Jed Clampett CBE3-15-11 Come Softly To Me DK059-09 I'll Go Steppin' Too CBEP476-1-05 Mr. Blue SC7532-04 Mountain Dew DK084-15 Flickerstick Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms CB60060-08 Beautiful TU088-04 Salty Dog CB60060-01 Chloroform The One You Love TU075-02 Flatt & Scruggs Talk Show Host TU088-17 Preachin' Prayin' Singin' CB20400-12 Flint McGuinness Fleetwood Mac When I'm Dead And Gone ZMH010-09 After The Glitter Fades LG163-13 Flip & Fill As Long As You Follow LG163-07 Shooting Star TU149-15 Beauty Of The Beast LG163-15 True Love Never Dies SF189-10 Bella Donna LG163-14 Flirts Big Love LG163-05 Jukebox Don't Put Another Dime SC8329-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 117 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Flo Rida PHM0910-11 Doa SC8958-04 Elevator THHP0806-12 Everlong SC8598-10 Low PHU0801-04 I'll Be Coming Home Next Year CB90314-09 Floaters I'll Stick Around SC8638-06 Float On PI037-07 Learn To Fly SC8572-03 Flock Of Seagulls Let It Die CB30073-10 I Ran So Far Away SC8696-07 Long Road To Ruin SC9014-02 Floetry Low PHR0310-01 Floetic THH0301-11 Miracle CB30060-12 Say Yes SC8834-05 Monkey Wrench CB90314-08 Flogging Molly My Hero SC8453-12 Drunken Lullabies SC9010-02 Next Year SC8637-06 Flood No Way Back SC8966-06 Jars Of Clay THM9607-05 Pretender CB30067-02 Florence & Dizzee Resolve CB90314-05 You Got The Dirtee Love SF290-08 Skin And Bones CB90314-07 Florence & The Machine Stacked Actors SC8595-10 You've Got The Love SF288-15 The One CB3021-13 Flowerpot Men This Is A Call SC8199-10 Let's Go To San Francisco SF078-05 Times Like These SC8817-07 Flowers Walking After You SC8473-02 Sweet Female Attitude SGB47-12 Wheels PHM1001-03 Swf SFMW802-03 Fools Flux Life Sucks When You Die AMS2001-01 Bloc Party THP0803-10 Football Song Flying Burrito Brothers I Love Twins TU191-14 Dark End Of The Street DK035-18 Force Md's Flying Machine Tender Love SC8405-11 Smile A Little Smile For Me SC8364-08 Foreigner Flyleaf Blue Morning Blue Day SC8721-02 All Around Me CB30077-04 Cold As Ice SC8648-11 Chasm PHMP1007-07 Dirty White Boy SC8721-03 Fully Alive THR0609-14 Double Vision SC8684-09 I'm (Radio Version) SC8987-15 Feels Like The First Time SC8261-09 Flynnville Train Head Games SC8721-05 Last Good Time CB60364-04 Hot Blooded SC8443-13 Tequila Heila CB60369-05 I Don't Want To Live Without You SC8362-01 Flys I Want To Know What Love Is SC8354-15 Got You Where I Want You SC8490-07 Juke Box Hero SC8721-06 Foghat Long, Long Way From Home SC8721-01 Fool For The City SC8539-14 Prisoner Of Love BS7517-02 I Just Want To Make Love To You SC8334-15 Revon The Red Line BS7517-15 Slowride SC8210-04 Say You Will SC8425-05 Folk Implosion Soul Doctor BS7517-01 Natural One SC8349-07 That Was Yesterday SF021-03 Fontaine Sisters Until The End Of Time SC8156-14 Hearts Of Stone SC8415-03 Urgent SC8527-05 Fontella Bass Waiting For A Girl Like You SC8368-14 Rescue Me SC7543-10 With Heaven On Our Side SC8302-01 Foo Fighters Forester Sisters All My Life SC8789-09 Don't You SC8676-13 Best Of You SF232-08 I Fell In Love Again Last Night SC7551-01 Big Me SC8348-04 Just In Case SC8398-13 Breakout SC8607-05 Leave It Alone SC8561-12 Darling Nikki PHR0402-04 Letter Home SC8628-05 Dig Mc SC8254-03 Lonely Alone SCBC57-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 118 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Forester Sisters Four Seasons Love Will CB60103-09 Bye Bye Baby LG156-08 Lyin' In His Arms Again DK068-02 Candy Girl SC8191-04 Mama's Never Seen Those Eyes CBE4-18-05 Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You CBEP472-4-08 Men SC7220-12 Dawn SC8364-11 Nothing's Gonna Bother Me CB60094-10 December 1963 Oh What A Night CBEP464-6-13 Sincerely CB60082-07 Don't Think Twice LG156-09 That's What You Do When You're In Love SC7570-08 Let's Hang On SC7557-10 Too Much Fun CB60097-08 Night SFMW816-05 You Again SC9902-04 Oh What A Night MH1135-01 Forget Me Nots Opus 17 (Don't You Worry About Me) BSK004-10 Shake Your Groove Thang RB02-07 Ronnie LG156-13 Formations Save It For Me LG156-07 At The Top Of The Stairs SFCC01-03 Sherry SC7508-11 Fort Minor & Holly Brook Tell It To The Rain CBEP472-4-11 Where'd You Go SC8983-06 Walk Like A Man SC8226-04 Fortunes Working My Way Back To You SC8191-08 Freedom Come, Freedom Go ZMH001-13 Four Tops Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling SC8221-15 7 Rooms Of Gloom CBE4-03-02 Storm In The Teacup SFMW822-14 Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got) SC7534-15 You've Got Your Troubles SC8651-14 Ask The Lonely SM8856-03 Foster & Allen Baby, I Need Your Loving SC7532-07 Bunch Of Thyme ZMH011-02 Bernadette LG101-03 Maggie ZMH011-08 I Believe In You & Me MM6110-15 Foster & Lloyd I Can't Help Myself SC8110-10 Crazy Over You SC8541-06 If I Were A Carpenter SF065-02 Fair Shake SC8525-04 It's The Same Old Song SC8110-02 Sure Thing SC8582-12 Keeper Of The Castle SC8204-03 What Do You Want From Me This Time SC8567-01 Loco In Acapulco THCOL04-01 Foundations Reach Out I'll Be There CBEP472-2-11 Baby, Now That I've Found You SC8221-08 Shake Me When It's Over SC8970-08 Build Me Up Buttercup SC8399-02 Standing In Of Love SC8984-01 Fountains Of Wayne Still Water (Love) SM8864-14 Maureen PHR0508-09 Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch SYB-1606-08 Mexican Wine THR0404-16 Wake Me Shake Me SM8853-14 Stacy’S Mom SC8905-07 Walk Away Renee SC8110-04 Four Aces When She Was My Girl SF107-12 Heart And Soul SC8288-13 Fourmost Heart Of My Heart SAVP30-14 Hello Little Girl SF087-10 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing SC7554-09 Fox Three Coins In The Fountain JV0055-02 Sleeping Single In A Single Bed SF104-11 Four Guys Foxy Brown Go Tell It On The Mountain We Wish You CB60189-15 Get Off LG153-10 Four Lads Foxy Brown & The Letter M. Moments To Remember JV0005-09 I Need A Man THH0401-18 Standing On The Corner SC8396-09 Fragma Four Pennies Toca's Miracle SF165-02 Juliet SF045-05 You Are Alive SF178-03 Four Preps Fragma Feat Maria Rubia 26 Miles SAVP30-03 Everytime You Need Me SF176-04 Big Man SF062-03 France Joli Down By The Station SAVP40-04 Come To Me LG153-15 Greensleeves DK037-16 Frances Black Organ Grinder's Swing SAVP36-16 Love Me ZMH011-07 Four Seasons Francine Raymond Big Girls Don't Cry SC8222-10 Souvenirs Retrouvés FRENCH50-01 Big Man In Town LG156-10 Vivre Avec Celui Qu'on Aime FRENCH50-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 119 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Francine Raymond Frank Sinatra Y'a Les Mots FRENCH50-01 Embraceable You SC8825-06 Francis Scott Key Flowers Mean Forgiveness JV0019-09 Star Spangled Banner TU086-18 Fly Me To The Moon SC8825-14 Francisco Cespedes Fly Me To The Moon (Uptempo Version) TU170-03 Donde Esta La Vida SCL2261-08 Fools Rush In LG118-16 Franco De Vita LG118-15 Calido Y Frio NT27-08 Forget Domani MM6269-15 Como Decirte No SCL1550-03 French Foreign Legion MM6085-08 Te Veo Venir Soledad (Bachata) SCL1512-08 From Here To Eternity PS2000-16 Traigo Una Pena SCL1508-07 From This Moment On SK519-06 Un Buen Perdedor SCL1502-07 Get Happy CB90186-01 Frank Hamilton Girl From Ipanema CB90360-14 Don't Pull Your Love SC8391-01 Give Me Just A Little More Time SC8361-15 Frank Ifield Guess I'll Hang My Ears Out To Dry PS1243-19 Confessin' SF066-01 Hello Young Lovers PS2000-18 I Remember You SF043-15 Here's To The Losers PS2000-19 Lovesick Blues ZMGY62-02 Hey Jealous Lover LG119-08 Frank Marino & Mahagony Rush High Hopes SC8288-04 I'm A King Bee-Backdoor Man (Medley) SGB027-08 House I Live In PS1270-11 Frank Reyes How About You MMSTA04-04 Tu Eres Ajena SCL1551-05 How Deep Is The Ocean MM6200-14 Frank Reynolds & Joe Hamilton How Do You Keep The Music Playing PS2000B-05 Don't Pull Your Love PI024-15 How Little We Know PS2000B-06 Frank Sinatra Hundred Years From Today PS1491-11 A Million Love Songs ESS03-17 I Believe PS1270-12 After You've Gone LG119-05 I Concentrate On You PS1075-18 Ain't She Sweet CBE4-30-07 I Get A Kick Out Of You SC7553-01 All Of Me SC7540-11 I Get Along Without You Very Well MM6085-14 All Or Nothing At All LG119-12 I Got It Bad (& That Ain't Good) PS 1388-14 All The Way LG119-04 LG118-10 Almost Like Being In Love MM6293-09 I Have Dreamed PS 1388-20 Angel Eyes PS2000-04 I Love Paris LG118-12 Anything Goes DK1107-15 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus LG172-08 At Long Last Love MM6200-10 I See Your Face Before Me PS1192-12 Baby, Won't You Please Come Home PS1394-20 I Thought About You PS 1388-16 Begin The Beguine CB90360-10 I Wish I Were In Love Again PS2000B-08 Best Is Yet To Come PS1075-16 I Won't Dance SK519-09 Best Of Everything PS1491-15 If I Should Lose You PS2000B-14 Bluebird Of Happiness PS1394-19 I'll Be Around PS1192-16 Brazil DKM3099-14 Ill Be Seeing You CBE615-04 Call Me Irresponsible MM6085-13 I'll Never Be The Same PS1192-19 Can I Steal A Little Love PS1394-15 I'll Never Smile Again DK045-04 Can't We Be Friends PS1192-14 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter MM6200-13 Carolina Girls SC8251-13 In The Wee Small Hours PS2000B-15 Cheek To Cheek SAVP02-04 It Happened In Monterey PS 1388-17 Chicago LG119-01 It Never Entered My Mind PS1192-17 Coffee Song PS1075-19 It Started All Over Again PS2000B-16 Come Blow Your Horn MM6085-05 SC8825-01 Come Dance With Me MM6329-01 It's All Right With Me MMSTA01-07 Come Fly With Me LG119-10 It's Nice To Go Traveling MM6085-03 Come Rain Or Come Shine LG119-11 I've Got A Crush On You CB90360-11 Dancing On The Ceiling PS1192-18 I've Got The World On A String MMSTA03-08 Day By Day MM6085-12 I've Got You Under My Skin SC8825-08 Day In Day Out PS2000-11 Jingle Bells LG172-15 Didn't We LG118-13 Just One Of Those Things PS1394-21 Don't Get Around Much Anymore MM6075-02 L A Is My Lady MM6228-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 120 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra Lady Is A Tramp SC8825-02 Strangers In The Night SC8825-15 Learnin The Blues LG072-07 SC8825-13 Let Me Try Again LG072-03 Taking A Chance On Love MM6367-08 Lets Face The Music & Dance SFG044-14 Tangerine LG118-09 Let's Fall In Love MM6068-03 Teach Me Tonight PS1075-13 SC8182-13 Tender Trap (Love Is) SGB033-06 Love Is Here To Stay SK520-04 Thanks For The Memories MMGSTA02-20 Love Walked In PS2000C-04 That Old Black Magic CB90360-12 Lover PS1270-13 That Old Feeling PS 1388-11 Tonight LG072-10 That's All PS2000D-08 Mack The Knife (Original Version) PS1491-16 That's Life SC8825-04 Makin Whoopee CB90186-13 The House I Live In PS2000B-04 Meditation CB90360-08 PS2000B-19 Mistletoe And Holly CB60304-08 The Last Dance PS 1388-12 Moonlight Becomes You PS1394-17 The Song Is You PS2000D-01 More Than You Know PS1270-14 The Tender Trap PS2000D-07 Mr. Success PS1394-26 There's A Small Hotel PS1394-18 My Baby Just Cares For Me THCOL04-01 They All Laughed SF132-10 My Funny Valentine SC8825-07 They Can't Take That Away From MM6068-12 SC7505-13 This Love Of Mine LG118-06 My Way SC8825-12 Three Coins In The Fountain SC7538-06 Nancy (With The Laughing Face) PS 1388-15 Tiger Feet ESS04-16 New York, New York SC8825-09 Time After Time PS2000D-12 Nice And Easy LG119-06 Until The Real Thing Comes Along PS1075-14 Nice Work If We Can Get It HSPAK2-12-09 Way You Look Tonight MM6242-01 Night And Day SFG044-11 We'll Be Together Again PS 1388-18 Old Devil Moon PS1270-16 Well Did You Evah TU120-25 On The Sunny Side Of The Street PS1394-28 When Your Lover Has Gone PS2000D-15 Once Upon A Time PS2000C-12 When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles CBEP469-5-01 One For My Baby AH8004-13 With Y Pennies From Heaven PS2000C-14 Where Are You PS1243-17 People Will Say We're In Love CB90360-04 Where Or When MM6293-02 Please Be Kind MM6367-06 Witchcraft SC8825-05 Pocketful Of Miracles PS1394-27 Without A Song PS1270-18 Put Your Dreams Away MM6085-04 Wives & Lovers SGB033-20 Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars CB90360-06 You Brought A New Kind Of Love MM6075-10 Reete Petite ESS04-11 You Do Something To Me MM6242-11 Ring A Ding Ding MM6085-02 You Go To My Head MM6242-08 Same Old Saturday Night MM6085-01 You Got Me Dangling On A String SF088-09 Satisfy Me One More Time PS1075-11 You Make Me Feel So Young SFG044-08 Saturday Night PS2000C-15 You Will Be My Music MM6269-01 Say Youll Be There ESS01-10 You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To MM6200-06 Second Time Around DK076-13 Young At Heart LG118-07 September Song LG118-08 You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me PS1270-19 Serenade In Blue PS2000C-18 Frank Sinatra & Franklin She's Funny That Way PS2000C-19 What Now, My Love MM6053-06 So Rare (Uptempo) MM6367-13 Frank Sinatra & Minelli Softly As I Leave You MM6269-03 I've Got The World On A String MM6053-15 Someone To Watch Over Me SC8288-08 Frank Sinatra & Nancy Sinatra Something Stupid SFG044-16 Somethin' Stupid ZML006-04 South Of The Border DK025-02 Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr. S'posin' MM6228-13 Me And My Shadow MM6329-02 Star Dust LG169-08 Frank Stallone Stars Fell On Alabama PS1394-23 Far From Over DKM3067-05 DK097-14 Frank Wilson Stormy Weather CB90360-15 Last Kiss SC8108-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 121 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Frank Zappa Frankie Valli Dinah Moe Humm SC8169 13 Big Girls Don’T Cry SFG040-15 Dirty Love DG02-10 Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You SC8441-15 Valley Girl SC7563-12 December 1963(Oh What A Night) ASKFP-34-1-10 Frankee Grease SC2055-04 F.U.R.B. ([email protected]@K You Right Back) SF218-16 My Eyes Adored You SC8181-14 Franki Valli Oh What A Night SGB35-07 Our Day Will Come MMGPK10-19 Swearin' To God LG156-14 Frankie Avalon You're Ready Now SFCC01-16 Beauty School Dropout SC8910-05 Frankie Vaughan Bobby Sox To Stockings LG157-12 SF062-06 Dede Dinah SC8513-12 Tower Of Strength SF074-13 Just Ask Your Heart SC8521-15 Franky Perez Venus SC7541-04 Something Crazy SD4307-12 Why SC8255-05 Franz Ferdinand Frankie Ford Can't Stop Feelin' SFMW860-14 Sea Cruise SC8108-05 Do You Want To SC3451-02 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Eleanor Put Your Boots On SF246-11 Power Of Love SF058-09 Fallen SC8958-03 Relax SC8420-12 Matinee SF218-07 Two Tribes SF056-09 Michael SF221-14 Frankie J. No You Girls PHMP906 Crush CB30127-13 Take Me Out SC8906-11 Don't Wanna Try SC8827-09 This Fire THR0501-10 How To Deal CB30053-07 Fratellis More Than Words PHM0512-03 Chelsea Dagger EZH59-11 Ya No Es Igual TU234-15 Fray Frankie J. & Baby Bash Absolute CB30097-9 Obsession (No Es Amor) SC8915-01 All At Once SD4709-03 Frankie Jordan Cable Car Over My Head SC8993-14 Once Again SD4606-09 How To Save A Life CB30060-06 Look After You SC8999-05 A Woman In Love SF062-04 Never Say Never CB30103-9 Cool Water SFMW825-01 Syndicate CB30121 Cry Of The Wild Goose PSJT032-02 You Found Me CB30093-05 High Noon SF164-09 Frazier River AH8012-04 Last Request SC8341-04 PSJT032-04 She Got What She Deserves MM6143-08 On The Sunny Side Of The Street PSJT032-05 Tangled Up In Texas SC8298-06 Rain Rain Rain SF063-03 Freak Nasty Rawhide MMGPK04-11 Da' Dip SC8476-05 PSJT032-01 Freak Power That's My Desire PSJT032-03 Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out SF166-04 Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers Fred Astaire Goody Goody SC8255-11 Cheek To Cheek PI302-18 Why Do Fools Fall In Love SC8399-01 Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off SC7599-01 Frankie Miller Way You Look Tonight TU220-14 Darling SFMW806-05 Fred John Frankie Negron Judy In Disguise IMPK14-09 Enamorado De Ti (Balada) SCL2247-01 Fred Schneider Hoy Me He Vuelto A Enamorar SC7112-08 I'm Gonna Haunt You TU069-04 Inolvidable SC7112-15 Monster In My Pants TU069-06 Frankie Ruiz Freda Payne Mi Libertad SC7101-04 Band Of Gold SC7547-05 Frankie Smith Freddie & The Dreamers Double Dutch Bus SC8892-02 If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody SF038-12 Frankie Valli I'm Telling You Now SF084-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 122 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Freddie & The Dreamers Friend And Lover You Were Made For Me SF045-02 Reach Out Of The Darkness SC8686-15 Freddie Cannon Friends Of Distinction Palisades Park DK039-14 Grazing In The Grass JV0028-10 Tallahassee Lassie SC7531-07 Fuel Way Down Yonder In New Orleans SC8258-08 Bad Day SC8717-12 Freddie Fender Bittersweet SC8490-14 Before The Next Teardrop Falls SC7524-14 Falls On Me SC8855-06 Wasted Days And Wasted Nights SC7539-08 Hemorrhage SC2345-08 You'll Lose A Good Thing SC8525-14 Innocent SC8694-10 Freddie Hart Last Time SC8740-05 Easy Loving SC8398-12 Million Miles THR0404-15 Got The All Overs For You (All Over Me) SC8792-15 Shimmer SC8465-11 My Hangup Is You SC7570-06 Wan't Back Down PHR0304-08 Super Kind Of Woman SC8767-03 Wasted Time CB30071-07 Freddie Jackson Won't Back Down SC8817-02 All Over You DK074-06 I Don't Want To Lose Your Love DK056-05 Killing Me Softly SC8760-09 Jam Tonight SC8755-13 No Woman, No Cry PHM9609-02 Love Me Down SC8606-03 Full Monty Make Love Easy NT20-12 Big Black Man SGB066-07 Nice N' Slow SC8405-06 Man TU140-05 Rock Me Tonight For Old Times LG100-14 Full Moon Bay Thank You NT60-09 Back Into The Night SC3099-02 Was It Something NT26-06 Funboy Three & Bananarama You Are My Lady SC8322-03 It Ain't What You Do It SF076-14 Freddie Scott Fundisha Cry To Me SC8804-05 Live The Life THH0207-15 Freddy Bell & The Bell Boys Funhouse Giddy Up A Ding Dong FLY022-01 Pink CB30112-4 Freddy King Funkstar Deluxe & Grace Jones Down Home Blues MM6144-14 Pull Up To The Bumper (Radio Version) SC8951-09 Messin' With The Kid MM6155-10 Funny Girl Freddy Weller People SFG046-15 Games People Play SAVA12-19 Sadie Sadie MM6175-05 Frederico Villa Fureys & Davey Arthur Caminos De Michoacan OKE0002-08 When You Were Sweet Sixteen ZMH011-15 Free Future Leaders Of The World All Right Now SC8178-12 Let Me Out THR0410-17 Wishing Well SF040-15 Futureheads Free Movement Beginning Of The Twist THP0805-13 I've Found Someone Of My Own MM6368-10 Fyfe Dangerfield Freechild She's Always A Woman SF292-15 Must TU171-07 G Unit Freemasons & Bailey Tzuke Ride Wit U PHU0406-09 Uninvited THHP0801-17 Stunt 101 PHU0401-01 Freeze G Unit & Joe I.O.U. SFMW833-07 Wanna Get To Know You THH0406-16 Southern Freez SF068-05 Gabbie Nolen Frente! Almost There SC3312-05 Bizarre Love Triangle SC8374-14 Gabe Dixon Band Labour Of Love SC8363-13 Five More Hours PHMP0901 Frickin A Gabrielle Jessie's Girl SD4504-08 Because Of You SFG012-04 Frida Don't Need The Sun To Shine SF185-08 I Know There's Something Going On SC8540-08 Forget About The World SFG012-06 Friend And Lover Give Me A Little More Time SFG012-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 123 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Gabrielle Gareth Gates Going Nowhere SFG012-02 Flying Without Wings SFG018-02 I Wish SFG012-03 Oh Look At Me Now EZA010-12 If I Walked Away SFG012-16 Say It Isnt So SF212-04 If You Ever SFG012-07 Sunshine SF208-15 If You Really Cared SFG012-08 Suspicious Minds SF197-03 Out Of Reach SFG012-14 Unchained Melody EZH10-01 Rise SFG012-11 What My Heart Wants To Say SF200-16 Rise Knocking On Heavens Door SFMW845-10 Gareth Gates & The Kumars Should I Stay Or Should I Go SGB47-10 Spirit In The Sky SF203-16 Stay The Same SF218-12 Garnet Mimms & Enchanters Sunshine SF148-15 Cry Baby SC8521-05 Ten Years Time SF221-09 Garolou Walk On By SFG012-09 La Complainte Du Maréchal Biron FRENCH50-01 When A Woman SFG012-12 Gail Davies Against The Grain SC8234-04 Break Away SC8697-11 Ain't Goin' Down SC8241-08 Gala American Honky Tonk Bar Association SC8136-08 Let A Boy Cry SF118-06 Beaches Of Cheyenne SC8247-02 Gale Garnett Beer Run SC3282-02 We'll Sing In The Sunshine SC8353-01 Belleau Woods MM6230-08 Gale Storm Big Money CBE4-25-11 I Hear You Knockin' DKM3073-11 Callin' Baton Rouge SC8751-05 Gallery Change SC8250-05 Nice To Be With You SC8218-09 Cowboy Cadillac SF164-13 Game Cowboys And Angels SC8267-10 Big Money PHMU1003 Dixie Chicken SC8215-03 Dreams PHMP0508-08 SC8596-03 It's Ok (One Blood) THHP0701-13 Don't Cross The River SC8751-06 Game & 50 Cent Every Now And Then SC8278-06 SC8915-09 Face To Face SC8265-03 How We Do (Radio Version) SC8945-07 Fever SC8224-05 Game & Ne-Yo SC8162-01 Camera Phone PHMU903 Gift SC8990-04 Gap Band Going Down NS23-14 Big Fun SFMW844-01 THM0206C-01 Early In The Morning SC8704-09 SC8228-05 Oops Upside Your Head SF028-14 How You Ever Gonna Know RSZ610-08 Party Train SC8667-05 I Don't Have To Wonder CB20183-12 You Dropped A Bomb On Me SC8704-08 If Tommorow Never Comes SC2015-01 Garbage In Another's Eyes SGB24-09 #1 Crush SC8448-12 In Lonesome Dove PT2013-05 Bleed Like Me PHR0508-08 Ireland 99 CHT9905-01 I Think I'm Paranoid SF123-15 It Don't Matter To The Sun SC3159-01 Milk SC8343-12 It's Midnight Cinderella SC8247-10 Only Happy When It Rains SC8254-01 It's Your Song SC8498-06 Push It SC8462-05 Kickin' And Screamin' SC8243-02 Queer SC8263-04 SC8162-14 Special SC8503-11 Long Neck Bottle SC8416-13 Stupid Girl SC8471-06 Lost In You SC8559-04 When I Grow Up SC8553-10 Lost In Your Eyes SGB29-07 Why Do You Love Me THMR0506-11 Love Will Allways Win SC8982-02 World Is Not Enough SC3181-08 SC9013-14 You Look So Fine SF142-09 Mr. Blue PT2013-02 Gareth Gates Mr. Midnight CB60228-14 Any One Of Us SF193-17 Mr. Right PT2013-04 Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) EZH13-01 Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old SC7551-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 124 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Garth Brooks Garth Brooks & Steve Wariner Neon Moon SGB24-10 NSC3007-01 New Way To Fly TU195-10 Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood Night I Called The Old Man Out SC8291-08 In Another's Eyes CHM9710-12 Night Will Only Know SC8301-02 SC8982-11 SC8162-13 SC8736-13 Old Stuff MM6129-10 Wild As The Wind THC9901M-16 SC8123-03 Gary Allan SC8162-10 A Feelin Like That CB60359-02 Pushing Up Daisies SC8745-06 Best I Ever Had SC3452-06 Red Strokes SC8229-12 Feelin' Like That SC8996-14 Right Now SC8569-12 Forever And A Day MM6187-12 River SC8162-11 From Where I'm Sitting SC3019-02 Rodeo SC8162-12 Get Off On The Pain CB60439-01 Rollin' MM6130-06 Her Man SC8315-04 Same Old Story THMPL30-11 I'll Take Today SC8498-07 Shameless SC8162-05 Im Doing My Best CB90257-13 She's Every Woman SC8194-13 It Would Be You SC8444-13 She's Gonna Make It SC8436-02 Learning How To Bend CB60374-07 Somewhere Other Than The Night SC8162-15 Life Ain't Always Beautiful CB60349-08 Squeeze Me In SC3289-04 Living In A House Full Of Love SC8402-15 Standing Outside The Fire SC8219-02 Lovin' You Against My Will SC8614-14 Steam THC9911-16 Man Of Me SC8714-12 Tearin' It Up And Burnin' It Down SC8498-08 Man To Man SC8854-04 That Girl Is A Cowboy PHN0607-06 No Man In His Wrong Heart SC8474-14 That Ol' Wind SC8271-13 Nothin On But The Radio SC3423-07 That Summer SC8162-06 One SC8745-07 The Dance SC2015-04 Right Where I Need To Be SC8743-09 Thicker Than Blood SC8736-14 Runaway CB60195-11 This Ain't Tennessee CB60100-12 She's So California PHMC0901 This Old Man's Back In Town CBEP462-5-15 Smoke Rings In The Dark SC8560-14 Thunder Rolls SC8162-07 Songs About Rain SC3394-15 To Make You Feel My Love SC8495-09 The One CB60230-02 Two Of A Kind (Working On A Full House) SC8162-08 Today CB60416 Two Pina Coladas SC8451-03 Tough Little Boys SC8837-02 Unanswered Prayer SC8162-09 Watching Airplanes SC9013-11 Uptown Down Home Good Ol' Boy CB90015-15 Gary Allen Walkin' After Midnight PT2013-03 I'm The One TU085-09 We Bury The Hatchet THMPL30-14 SC8260-03 Open Road SF116-01 What She's Doing Now SC8162-03 So Help Me Girl SC8422-05 When You Come Back To Me Again SC8623-01 Gary Crosby Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly NSC3022-02 Side By Side SAVP13-06 Where Your Road Leads (Duet) RSZ610-13 Gary Glitter Why Ain't I Running SC8748-03 Another Rock & Roll Christmas SF030-15 Wild Horses SC8665-02 Do You Want To Touch Me SF035-01 Wolves SC8228-11 Hello Hello I’M Back Again SF096-12 Workin' For A Livin' THC0804-11 I Love You Love Me Love SF024-03 SC8733-09 Leader Of The Gang SF023-01 THMP006-02 Rock & Roll Parts 1 & 2 (Megamix) PX14-13 Garth Brooks & Chris Gaines Rock And Roll Part 2 SC8687-07 Lost In You PHT9911-08 Gary Hobbs Garth Brooks & George Jones Tu Me Haces Sentir SC7106-08 Beer Run SGB66-04 Gary Jules Garth Brooks & S. Wariner Mad World SC3427-05 Burnin' The Roadhouse Down SC8474-01 Gary Lee & Showdown Garth Brooks & Steve Wariner Rodeo Song SC8117-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 125 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Gary Lewis & The Playboys Gavin Rossdale Count Me In MM6113-11 Adrenaline THR0211-14 Everybody Loves A Clown SC8218-07 Love Remains The Same CB30077-07 Save Your Heart For Me SC8599-14 Gay Dad She's Just My Style SC8190-03 To Earth With Love SF130-12 Sure Gonna Miss Her SC8615-15 Gayla Peevey This Diamond Ring SC7541-02 I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas SC8557-07 Gary Moore Gazza & Lindisfarne Cold Day In Hell SGB031-02 Fog On The Tyne (Revisited) SF112-08 King Of The Blues SGB066-10 Geggy Tah Parisienne Walkways SFMW837-05 Whoever You Are SC8325-10 Sky Is Crying SGB27-02 Gene Austin Still Got The Blues SC8339-07 Carolina Moon CBEP469-6-12 Gary Morris My Blue Heaven CBEP469-3-16 100% Chance Of Rain SC8529-09 Gene Autrey Baby Bye Bye SC9902-11 At Mail Call Today CB60330-06 Don't Look Back SAVA11-02 Back In The Saddle SC8509-10 I'll Never Stop Loving You SC7556-09 Don't Fence Me In CB60332-13 Leave Me Lonely SC8517-09 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You CBE3-01-04 Love She Found In Me SC8728-10 Here Comes Santa Claus NUTECH-1083 Miles Across The Bedroom CB60151-05 My Old Kentucky Home CBEP469-4-09 Wind Beneath My Wings SC8265-14 Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer SC8086-08 Gary Newman You Are My Sunshine CBE2-01-09 Cars SF029-12 Gene Chandler Gary Nichols Duke Of Earl SC7502-05 I Can't Love You Anymore CB60359-07 Groovy Situation SC8420-14 Unbroken Ground CB60354-10 Gene Kelly All I Do Is Dream Of You MM6242-09 Are Friends Electric SFMW812-03 Moses Supposes Tongue Twisters SAVP36-10 Gary Puckett & The Union Gap S Wonderful TU179-18 Don't Give In To Him SC8255-03 Gene Loves Jezebel Lady Will Power SC8218-13 Jealous SC8466-05 Over You SC8218-04 Gene McDaniels This Girl Is A Wo LG065-09 Hundred Pounds Of Clay SC8415-14 Woman, Woman SC7560-12 Tower Of Strength MM6401-08 Young Girl SC7531-12 Gene Pitney Gary Stewart 24 Hours From Tulsa MM6228-03 Drinkin' Thing SC7555-05 Backstage BSK003-05 Out Of Hand SC8525-11 Every Breath I Take BS7717-15 Quits SC8610-04 Half Heaven Half Heartache SC8255-15 She's Actin' Single SC8335-01 I Must Be Seeing Things ZMP004-02 Whiskey Trip SC8558-03 If I Didn't Have A Dime SFMW824-13 Your Place Or Mine SC8642-10 I'm Gonna Be Strong SC8804-02 Gary U.S. Bonds It Hurts To Be In Love SC8450-02 New Orleans RB21-11 Just One Smile ZMP004-09 Quarter To Three SC7550-10 Looking Through The Eyes Of Love BSK004-02 Gary Wright Louisiana Mama SAVP01-16 Don't Try To Own Me SC8302-02 Man Who Shot Liberty Valance SC7557-15 Dream Weaver SC8178-13 Maria Elena BSK003-07 Love Is Alive SC8227-11 Mecca SC8397-12 Gavin Degraw Nobody Needs Your Love ZMGY66-12 Chariot CB30052-09 Only Love Can Break A Heart SC8191-07 Cheated On Me CB30081-03 Princess In Rags BSK003-06 Follow Through PHM0401-06 Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart SF066-11 I Don’t Want To Be SC8906-03 Town Without Pity SC8418-05 In Love With A Girl CB30072-07 Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa SC8804-08 We Belong Together CB30057-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 126 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps Genesis Be Bop A Lula SF017-04 Throwing It All Away LG151-09 Gene Vincent SF017-04 Trick Of The Tail SFMW828-13 Lotta Lovin' SC8770-04 Genies Gene Watson Who's That Knockin' MM6400-12 Between This Time And CB90326-06 Gentrys City CB90326-13 Keep On Dancing SC8589-09 Climb Higher CB90326-14 George Benson Drinkin' My Way Back Home CB90081-13 Give Me The Night SC8554-07 Farewell Party SC7555-06 Greatest Love Of All LG199-03 Forever Again CB90081-14 In Your Eyes SFMW820-01 Fourteen Carat Mind SC8158-07 Love Ballad PI012-02 Got No Reason Now For Goin' Home SC8567-15 Love X Love LG199-07 I Don't Need A Thing At All SC8642-02 Never Give Up On A Good Thing LG199-04 Jesus Is All I Need CB90326-11 Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You LG199-10 Jukebox Played Along CB90326-01 On Broadway LG199-01 Love In The Hot Afternoon SC8461-09 Something BL28-14 Maybe I Should Have Been Listening CB90326-04 Standing Together SC3085-08 Memories To Burn CB90326-10 This Masquerade SC7525-09 Next To Nothin' CB60225-08 Turn Your Love Around SC8456-07 No Goodbyes SC3018-04 George Canyon No Trash In My Trailer TU161-15 L'll Never Do Better Than You CB60328-13 Nothing Sure Looked Good On You SCBC57-15 My Name SC8920-12 Old Man And His Horn SC8558-15 You're In The Right Place SD137-13 Old Porch Swing SC8243-05 George Clinton One Sided Conversation CB90326-09 Atomic Dog SC7214-03 Over There CB90326-12 One Nation Under A Groove SC8386-01 Paper Roses SC8541-04 George Ducas Pick The Wildwood Flower SC8576-02 Every Time She Passes By SC8289-08 Shine From The Mountain CB90326-15 Hello Cruel World SC8173-07 Should I Come Home Or Should I Just Go Crazy SC8517-15 Lipstick Promises SC8159-06 Sometimes I Get Lucky And Forget CB90081-12 Long Trail Of Tears MM6195-04 Speak Softly (You're Talking To My Heart) CB90081-10 Teardrops SC8200-05 This Dream's On Me CB90326-08 George Duke What She Don't Know Won't Hurt Her CB90326-05 Love Can Be So Cold NT60-03 Where Love Begins SC8558-09 George Formby You Could Know As Much About A Stranger CB90081-07 Leaning On A Lampost... SF147-02 You Gave Me A Mountain SC8324-08 George Fox You're Just Another Beer Drinking Song CB90326-02 I Gave You My Word MM6199-11 You're Out Doing What I'm Here Doing Without CB90081-11 George Harrison General Public All Those Years Ago SC8305-07 I'll Take You There NT29-09 Give Me Love SC8204-01 Tenderness SC8510-03 Got My Mind Set On You SC8790-05 Generation X My Sweet Lord SC7554-06 King Rocker SF109-07 What Is Life SC8552-11 Genesis George Iv Hamilton Follow You Follow Me SC8611-01 Abilene SC8158-04 Hold On To My Heart MM6049-13 George Jones I Can't Dance SC8530-07 50 000 Names SC9501-06 Jesus He Knows Me SFMW839-11 Ain't Love A Lot Like That CB90361-05 Land Of Confusion SC8687-09 Bartender's Blues CB90075-07 Mama SFMW828-06 Beer Run CB90361-12 Man On The Corner SC8624-13 Billy B. Bad SC8351-03 Misunderstanding SC7563-02 Blues Man SD136-14 No Reply At All SC8611-03 C. C. Waterback CB90361-14 No Son Of Mine SFMW865-11 Choices SC8543-13 That's All SC8535-04 Cold Hard Truth SC8578-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 127 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID George Jones George Jones & Garth Brooks Door SC8385-12 Beer Run SC8729-08 Few Ole Country Boys CB90361-07 George Jones & J Paycheck Finally Friday SC8142-11 You Can Have Her SAVA08-19 Girl I Used To Know SC7567-13 George Jones & S. Kershaw Golden Ring CB90361-02 Never Bit A Bullet Like This Before NT52-13 Good Year For The Ro SC8265-15 George Jones & Grand Tour SC8551-06 Ceremony SAVA09-07 He Stopped Loving Her Today SC7507-02 My Elusive Dreams THMF01-12 Her Name Is... SC8647-05 Two Story House THMF01-10 High Tech Redneck SC8102-03 We're Gonna Hold On SC7588-03 Honky Tonk Myself To Death SC8243-01 George Jones & Tammy Wynette I Always Get Lucky With You SC8494-06 Golden Ring CB80110-03 I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair SC7220-02 George Jones, Chad Brock & Jr. Hank Williams If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me Her Memory Will CB90075-11 Country Boy Can Survive, A (Y2k Version) SD069-11 I'll Share My World With You SC8592-14 George Lamond I've Still Got Some Hurtin' Left To Do SC8282-15 Que Te Vas SCL2211-04 Just One More SC8383-05 George McCrae Man He Was SC3271-06 It's Been So Long SFMW802-15 Once You've Had The Best THMF01-03 Rock Your Baby SC8293-10 One I Loved Back Then SC8345-08 George Michael Our Bed Of Roses CB90361-09 SF075-04 Picture Of Me Without You CB90075-10 Amazing EZH33-02 Real Deal CB60183-07 SF245-15 Right Left Hand THMP028-11 Bad Boys SF111-11 She Loved A Lot In Her Time CB90155-12 SC8305-06 She Thinks I Still Care SC2425-07 Club Tropicana SFG025-08 She's My Rock SC8628-11 Cowboys And Angels LG079-09 Sinners & Saints SC8630-05 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me BS8117-09 Still Doin' Time SC8365-11 Edge Of Heaven BS8117-03 Take Me CB60067-11 Everything She Wants SC8391-07 Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong SC8604-15 Faith SC8439-05 Tender Years SC8365-05 Fast Love SC8286-12 Tennessee Whiskey SC7555-13 Father Figure SF145-04 The Grand Tour ASKFP48-1-10 Flawless (Go To The City) SF220-03 The Race Is On SC8428-13 Freedom SC8466-04 This Bottle (In My Hand) CB90361-10 Freedom 90 (Dance Mix) LG079-13 Two Story House CBE616-09 Freeek EZH10-03 Visit SC8296-11 SFMW826-08 Walk Through This World With Me SC8262-01 Heartbeat BS8117-05 Walls Can Fall SC8301-11 I Believe SC8246-01 We’re Gonna Hold On SC7588-03 I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) SC8841-09 When The Grass Grows Over Me CB90155-14 SC8532-10 When The Last Curtain Falls CB90361-08 I'm Your Man MRE30-06 White Lightnin' SC8208-11 It's All Coming Back To Me Now SF080-08 Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes SC8365-09 SC8248-14 Why Baby Why SC8365-06 Kissing A Fool SC7546-02 Window Up Above SC8365-10 Last Christmas SF003-08 Wine Colored Roses CB90155-01 Last Love PHM9606-04 Writing On The Wall CB90155-10 Like A Baby BS8117-07 Wrong's What I Do Best SC8306-08 Monkey DK055-02 Yesterday's Wine CB90361-04 Mother's Bride DK049-06 You Comb Her Hair SC7567-11 Older LG079-14 You Never Know Just How Good You CB20154-11 One More Try DK055-01 George Jones & A. Jackson Outside (Dance Mix) LG079-12 Good Year For The Roses SC8265-15 SF053-05 George Jones & Garth Brooks SF224-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 128 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID George Michael George Strait EZH14-12 Give It Away CB60355-01 LG079-03 Go On SC8703-12 Star People LG079-04 Gone As A Girl Can Get SC8168-09 Strangest Thing LG079-07 Good News, Bad News SC3454-06 SF249-13 Heartland SC8493-04 SC8562-11 High Tone Woman CB60347-02 LG079-10 Hole SC3080-04 Wake Me Up Before You Go Go SC8951-11 Home Improvement CB90362-07 SF114-08 Honk If You Honky Tonk SC8867-14 George Michael & Aretha Franklin Honkytonkville THC0402-17 I Knew You Were Waiting For Me DK074-02 House Of Cash CB60408-08 George Michael & Elton John How 'bout Them Cowgirls CB60368-02 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me ZML009-14 I Can Still Make Cheyenne SC8319-14 George Michael & Lisa Stansfield I Cross My Heart SC8493-10 These Are The Days Of Our Lives DK095-05 I Found Jesus On The Jailhouse Floor SC8837-08 George Michael & Mary J. Blige I Gotta Get To You PHMC1005-04 As SF134-06 I Hate Everything SC8944-11 George Morgan I Just Want To Dance With You SC3072-01 Candy Kisses CB60062-04 I Know She Still Loves Me SC8224-02 Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town CB60136-14 I Look At You CB90362-04 Room Full Of Roses SC8538-07 I Met A Friend Of Yours Today SC8287-01 George Murphy I Saw God Today CB60373-04 Oh! You Beautiful Doll CB501801-17 I'd Like To Have That One Back SC8177-02 George Strait If I Know Me SC8229-05 A Fire I Can't Put Out SC9508-11 If It's Gonna Rain TU063-10 Ace In The Hole SC8168-04 If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin' SC8483-02 Adalida SC8163-11 If You Can Do Anything Else SC8690-09 All My Ex's Live In Texas SC8183-06 If You're Thinking You Want A Stanger SC8483-08 Always Never The Same CB60174-12 It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You SC8483-15 Am I Blue SC8493-11 It Just Comes Natural SC9004-07 Amarillo By Morning SC8493-05 I've Come To Expect It SC8214-14 As Far As It Goes TU228-01 Just Look At Me SC8301-10 Baby Blue SC8144-04 King Of Broken Hearts SC8309-01 Baby Your Baby SC8275-02 King Of The Mountain SC3004-02 Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye SC8332-13 Lead On SC8186-05 Best Day SC3179-06 Let That Pony Run JV0061-10 Big One SC8141-11 Let's Fall To Pieces Together SC8133-07 Blue Clear Sky SC8271-03 Living And Living Well SC8798-07 Carried Away SC8289-04 Living For The Night CB60413 Carrying Your Love With Me SC8493-14 Love Without End Amen SC8493-06 Chair SC8105-12 Lovebug SC8703-04 Check Yes Or No SC8703-05 Lovesick Blues SC8265-13 Chill Of An Early Fall SC8214-13 Man In Love With You SC8139-03 Christmas Cookies CB90362-14 Marina Del Ray SC8133-11 Cowboys Like Us SC8842-05 Meanwhile SC8512-06 Designated Drinker LG178-15 Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are) CB90362-15 Desperately SC8867-13 Merry Christmas Strait To You CB60303-14 Do The Right Thing MM6195-13 Murder On Music SC8614-07 Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind SC8493-08 Nerve CB90017-12 Don't Make Me Come Over There & Love You CB90362-01 Nobody In His Right Mind Would Have Left Her SC8483-01 Down And Out SC8483-03 Ocean Front Property SC8104-03 Drinkin' Champagne SC8136-10 Old Time Christmas CB60210-11 Easy Come, Easy Go SC8144-02 One Night At A Time SC8703-14 Famous Last Words Of A Fool SC8431-02 One Of You CB90362-06 Fireman SC8703-11 Out Of The Blue Clear Sky CB90018-08 Fool Hearted Memory SC8703-06 Overnight Male SC8177-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 129 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID George Strait George Thorogood & The Destroyers Overnight Success SC8421-13 Who Do You Love SC8886-10 Peace Of Mind CB60174-06 Georgia Gibbs Real Thing SC3363-03 Dance With Me Henry CBE3-16-10 Right Or Wrong SC8424-03 Kiss Of Fire DK036-18 River Of Love CB60395-4 Georgia Middleman Road Less Traveled CB90362-11 Kick Down The Door SC8665-06 Round About Way SC8504-05 No Place Like Home SC3213-01 Run SC8798-12 Georgia Satellites Sea Of Heartbreak SD123-14 Hippy Hippy Shake MM6135-01 Seashores Of Old Mexico SC8959-01 Keep Your Hands To Yourself SC7216-08 She Let Herself Go SC8992-03 Georgia Sattilites She Used To Say That To Me TU230-15 The Hippy Hippy Shake ESS04-15 She'll Leave You With A Smile SC8854-15 Georgie Fame So Much Like My Dad SC8703-10 Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde SF070-02 Somewhere Down In Texas SC8952-08 Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames Stars On The Water SC8779-13 Get Away ZMGY66-02 Stay Out Of My Arms SC8236-14 Yeh Yeh ZMGY65-14 Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa SC8826-08 Georgio Moroder & Philip Bailey Texas SC8933-04 Together In Electric Dreams THCOL04-01 The Chill Of An Early Fall SAVA06-16 Gerald Levert The Cowboy Rides Away SC8332-03 Abc 123 NT05-10 Thoughts Of A Fool SC8243-09 Answering Service SC8156-09 Today My World Slipped Away SC8703-09 Can't Help Myself SC8150-07 Troubadour CB60378-03 Casanova SC8583-05 True SC8470-05 How Many Times NT60-13 Unwound SC7551-05 In My Songs PHU0705-05 We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This SC8485-08 Mr.Too Damn Good SC3204-07 What A Merry Christmas This Could Be CB60303-02 One Million Times THH0504-18 What Do You Say To That SC8560-09 U Got That Love PHU0402-03 What's Going On In Your World SC8703-08 Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert When Did You Stop Loving Me SC8317-08 Baby Hold On To Me SC8374-08 When It's Christmas Time In Texas CB60303-05 Gerard McMann Without Me Around SC8321-14 Cry Little Sister SC8782-10 Won't You Come Home (And Talk To A Stranger) SC3028-01 Gerardo Reyes Wrapped SC9011-03 Lampara Sin Luz KB09-05 You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody SC8703-15 Libro Abierto KB09-09 You Haven't Left Me Yet CB90018-15 Rico Suave SC8656-11 You Know Me Better Than That SC8165-01 Geri Halliwell You Look So Good In Love SC8345-03 Bag It Up LG080-10 You’Ll Be There SC8923-10 Calling SF184-06 You're Something Special To Me SC8345-02 It's Raining Men EZH07-05 George Strait & Alan Jackson Lift Me Up SF150-01 Murder On Music Row SC8614-07 Look At Me SC8545-11 George Thorogood Mi Chico Latino LGTP-3-14 Bad To The Bone SC7533-03 Ride It SF225-08 I Drink Alone SC8939-11 Scream If You Wanna Go SF180-02 If You Don't Start Drinkin' SC8562-08 German Lizarraga Move It On Over SC7561-09 Estoy Sufriendo SCL1558-07 Rock & Roll Christmas CB60209-06 Gerry & The Pacemakers Who Do You Love SC2501-06 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying SC8651-15 George Thorogood & Destroyers Ferry Cross The Mersey SC8563-14 Get A Haircut SC8763-13 How Do You Do It To Me SC8221-11 I Drink Alone AH8013-09 I Like It SF038-13 If You Don't Start Drinkin' SC8562-08 I'm The One SF078-06 George Thorogood & The Destroyers You’Ll Never Walk Alone SFG047-12 One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer SC8151-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 130 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Gerry Boulet Gin Blossoms Pour Une Dernière Fois FRENCH50-01 Follow You Down SC8257-02 Un Beau Grand Bateau FRENCH50-01 Found Out About You SC8122-01 Gerry Rafferty Hey Jealousy SC8132-05 Baker Street SC8510-06 Til I Hear It From You SC8199-15 Get It Right Next Time SC8594-06 Until I Fall Away SC8148-09 It's Been You Right Down The Line DG11-03 . Right Down The Line SC8535-09 Gimme Some Love SC8390-13 Gi Jane Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit SC8369-01 Goodbye MM6219-02 Gina Thompson Gia Farrell Things That You Do SC8304-07 Hit Me Up PHM0702-03 Ginger Rogers Giants Were In The Money CBE615-03 Istanbul (Not Constantinople) NUTECH-0059 Gino Vannelli Gibson Brothers I Just Wanna Stop SC8227-14 Cuba CBEP468-5-14 Livin' Inside Myself HV09-10 Gibson Miller Band Slow Love SC3094-06 Johnny Get Your Gun SC8324-07 Ginuwine Red, White And Blue Collar SC8228-14 Differences SC8717-07 Stone Cold Country NT19-02 Hell Yeah TU225-05 Texas Tattoo MM6029-08 In Those Jeans (Radio Version) SC8844-01 Gigi Last Chance CB30103-8 Thank Heaven For Little Girls SGB50-01 Love You More SC8858-13 Gigi D'agostino Pony SC8476-12 I'll Fly With You THP0111-15 So Anxious SC8559-06 Gil Grand Stingy SC8805-10 I Already Fell SC8546-04 Tell Me Do U Wanna SC3015-08 Let's Start Livin' SC8520-13 There It Is SC8695-14 Gilbert O'sullivan Tribute To A Woman SC8752-01 Alone Again SC8292-09 Trouble CB30116-02 Clair SF096-10 Ginuwine & Baby Get Down SF096-11 Hell Yeah THH0305-13 Matrimony ZKH012-12 Girl Called Jane Ooh Baby SC8314-03 He's Alive PHM0706-06 Why Oh Why Oh Why SF101-06 Gilberto Santa Rosa Can't Speak French THHP0805-11 Dejate Querer SCL2211-06 I Think We're Alone Now SF250-11 El Refran Se Te Olvido SCL1573-08 I'll Stand By You SF225-04 La Agarro Bajando SCL1549-07 Jump (For My Love) SF211-04 No Quiero Na Regala'o SC7112-14 Life Got Cold SF208-08 Pero No Me Ama SCL1535-01 Long Hot Summer SF234-02 Pueden Decir SCL1539-06 Love Machine SF222-01 Que Alguien Me Diga SCL1512-07 No Good Advice SF204-02 Si Te Dijeron (Bolero) SCL1566-08 Show SF220-02 Un Amor Para La Historia SCL1575-08 Some Kind Of Miracle SF207-09 Un Montón De Estrellas SCL1560-08 Something Kinda Ooh SF248-08 Yo No Te Pido SC7112-02 Sound Of The Underground SF201-01 Gildor Roy Stay Another Day SF201-15 Donne-Moi Un Bec FRENCH50-01 The Show MRH10-09 Gilles Valiquette Wake Me Up SF227-02 Je Suis Cool FRENCH50-01 Whole Lotta History SF241-04 La Vie En Rose FRENCH50-01 Gisselle Un Peu De Soleil FRENCH50-01 Atada SC2219-04 Gin Blossoms Marchate SCL1560-05 Allison Road SC8145-12 Voy A Quitarme El Anillo SCL1545-08 As Long As It Matters SC8312-07 Gisselle Jackson Day Job SC8290-12 Huele A Peligro SCL2194-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 131 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Givson Brothers & R. Coolidge Qui Sara Mi Vida SF028-03 Somethin' About You Baby I Like SAVP40-16 Gladys Knight & The Pips Glen Frey Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me SC8138-15 Heat Is On SC8420-06 Every Beat Of My Heart MMRB03-05 I've Got Mine SC8270-05 Help Me Make It Through The Night SF158-15 One You Love LG126-14 I Don't Want To Do Wrong SC8776-14 Party Town SFMW811-06 I Heard It Through The Grapevine LG013-10 Smuggler's Blues LG125-17 If I Were Your Woman SC8776-13 True Love LG125-15 I've Got To Use My Imagination DK040-10 You Belong To The City SFMW812-15 License To Kill SC8468-11 Glen Hansard Midnight Train To Georgia SC8138-07 Falling Slowly SC9010-14 Neither One Of Us SC7549-08 Glen Medeiros Next Time NT54-09 Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You SF108-15 On And On SC8634-04 Glenn Lewis Take Me In Your Arms & Love Me LG013-13 Don't You Forget It SC8757-11 Way We Were LG013-09 Glenn Miller & His Orchestra You're The Best Thing NUTECH-1233 At Last MM6106-10 Gladys Knight & The Pips & Vince Gill Chattanooga Choo Choo SC7528-08 Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing NUTECH-0293 Glenn Yarbrough Gladys Knight & The Pips, Brandy, Tamia & Chaka Khan Baby The Rain Must Fall MM6116-14 Missing You SC8471-10 Glitter Band Glamma Kid & Shola Ama Angel Face SF071-13 Taboo SF140-11 Gloria Glass Tiger Them SC8689-03 Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone SC8583-08 Someday SC8314-05 1 2 3 CB90173-02 Gleaming Spires Always Tomorrow MM6021B-02 Are You Ready For The Sex Girls SC8333-07 Anything For You BS8417-02 Glee Cast Bad Boys CB90173-03 Don't Stop Believin' SF289-08 BS8417-17 Gold Digger SFMW923-15 Can't Stay Away From You BS8417-15 Halo-Walking On Sunshine SFMW922-15 LG121-10 Glen Campball Conga LG121-05 Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife SC8509-14 Cut Both Ways LG121-03 Glen Campbell Don't Wanna Lose You CB90173-08 A Lady Like You SC8426-11 Everlasting Love SC8164-13 By The Time I Get To Phoenix SC7539-15 Falling In Love (Uh Oh) BS8417-16 Country Boy You Got Your Feet In L.A. SC8506-07 SFMW876-08 Dream Baby CB90091-15 Heaven's What I Feel LG150-14 Everything A Man Could Ever Need SC8414-15 Here We Are LG121-08 SC7569-13 Higher KBA22792-09 Galveston SC2334-04 Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me SF010-14 SC8355-11 I Can See You Smile MM6308-08 Honey Come Back SC8400-06 If We Were Lovers LG121-06 I Have You CB90091-09 It's Too Late SC8195-06 I Love How You Love Me CB90091-03 CB90173-12 SC8428-04 Nayib's Song SC8246-08 It's Only Make Believe DKM2027-05 Oye Mi Canto SFMW830-12 More Than Enough CB90091-11 Puedes Llegar AV34-07 Old Hometown SAVA11-09 Reach LG121-01 SC7551-06 LG121-13 Southern Nights SC7590-06 KBA22792-01 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye SAVA05-18 Our Fate BS8417-11 SC7558-06 Sex In The 90S CB90173-15 SC8445-06 Si Voy A Perderte MM6009-13 Glen Campbell & R. Coolidge SC8145-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 132 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Gloria Estefan Gogi Grant LG121-12 Wayward Wind SC8196-13 You Can't Walk Away From Love THP0105-13 Golden Earring You'll Be Mine SC8312-15 Radar Love SC8115-10 Gloria Estefan & N Sync Twilight Zone SC8456-03 LG121-14 Goldfinger Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine Open Your Eyes THR0209-16 Can't Stay Away From You MH1056-01 Goldfrapp Gloria Gaynor Fly Me Away SF243-06 Honeybee CBEP468-1-07 Ooh La La SC8967-09 I Am What I Am SFMW804-07 Rocket SF289-14 I Never Knew TU163-06 Goldie Hill I Will Survive SC7519-05 I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes CB60292-07 I Will Survive (1993 Remix) LG056-15 Goldie Lookin Chain Never Can Say Goodbye SC7549-09 Guns Don't Kill People SF222-05 Gloria Hardiman Your Mother's Got A Penis SF223-10 Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On SC8339-08 Gomez Gloria Loring See The World PHAC0701-02 Friends And Lovers SC8119-11 Gonna Bees Gloria Trevi Queen Of Pop THP0407-11 Con Los Que Ojos Cerrados SC7104-08 Goo Goo Dolls Gloriana Before It's Too Late SD4708-02 How Far Do You Wanna Go CB60426-03 Better Days SC3451-05 Wild At Heart CB60404-11 Big Machine SC8783-05 Gnarls Barkley Black Balloon SC8548-03 Crazy PHM0609-01 Broadway SC8639-14 Gone Daddy Gone PHM0611-03 Dizzy SC8523-12 Smiley Faces SF245-08 Fiction (Before It's Too Late) CB30066-15 Who Cares SF249-02 Give A Little Bit SC8909-02 Go Go's Here Is Gone SC8758-06 Head Over Heels SC7561-15 Iris SC8639-04 Our Lips Are Sealed SC8331-14 Let Love In CB30062-12 Unforgiven THP0107-13 Long Way Down SC8290-09 Vacation SC8420-04 Naked SC8248-12 We Got The Beat SC7523-10 Name SC8212-05 Go West Real CB30087-06 King Of Wishful Thinking SC8518-15 Slide SC8639-12 We Close Our Eyes SF033-03 Stay With You SC8983-13 What You Won't Do For Love SC8246-09 Sympathy CB3035-08 Goapele Good Charlotte First Love THH0604-15 Anthem SC8831-06 Godfather Dance Floor Anthem PHM0710-07 Speak Softly, Love (Godfather Theme) DKM3067-02 Girls & Boys SC8839-05 Godsmack Hold On CB40331-11 Awake SC3228-04 I Don't Want To Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem) CB30066-12 Bad Magic PHR0112-07 I Just Wanna Live SC8914-09 Cryin' Like A Bitch! PHMP1006-02 Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous SC8809-10 Greed SC8694-12 Little Things THR0102-16 I Stand Alone SC8757-05 Predictable SD4411-07 Keep Away SC2241-02 River SD4705-12 Realign PHR0402-09 Where Would We Be Now CB30078-03 Running Blind PHR0406-03 Young & The Hopeless CB40318-11 Serenity PHR0309-02 Good Charolette Speak SC8983-04 Hold On SIN0011-10 Straight Out Of Line SC8817-09 We Believe THMP0507-07 Voodoo SGB42-01 Good Size Whatever SC2221-03 Pineapple Song SF224-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 133 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Goodies Gospel Black Pudding Bertha SFG041-11 Bless The Lord PS1241-17 Blowing Off SFG041-13 Blessed Assurance SC2020-02 Funky Gibbon SFMW825-03 Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord CB5021-03-01 Goodies Theme SFMW826-07 Brethren, We Have Met To Worship CBEP456-4-02 Make A Daft Noise For Christmas SFG041-09 Bringing In The Sheaves SC2021-08 Please Let Us Play SFG041-12 By My Side PS1241-22 Sick Man Blues SFG041-15 Celebrate Jesus CB5021-01-06 The In Betweenies SFG041-14 Christ Receiveth Sinful Men CBEP456-2-15 The Last Chance Dance SFG041-16 Christian SC7006-10 Goombay Dance Band Close To Thee CBEP456-4-06 Seven Tears THCOL04-01 Come Into His Presence CB5021-02-16 Goons Come Just As You Are CB5021-01-04 Ying Tong Song SFMW835-06 Come Thou Fount CBEP456-3-14 Gordon Haskell Come, Now Is The Time To Worship CB5021-03-09 How Wonderful You Are EZH08-11 Day By Day PS1241-15 Gordon Lightfoot Do Lord SC7006-08 Beautiful SC8821-12 Draw Me Close CB5021-01-08 Carefree Highway SC8174-15 Every Move I Make CB5021-01-01 Circle Is Small SC8594-08 Face To Face CBEP456-2-10 Don Quixote SC8821-13 Fairest Lord Jesus CBEP456-4-05 If You Could Read My Mind LC0010-07 Flow Gently Sweet Afton DK801-15 Rainy Day People SC7563-03 Footsteps Of Jesus CBEP456-4-07 Sundown SC8292-04 Give Me That Old Time Religion DK802-06 Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald SC8467-01 Give Thanks CB5021-02-02 Gorilla Zoe Glory To His Name CBEP456-3-13 Hood Figga PHU0711-04 Go Down Moses DK802-15 Gorillaz Go Tell It On The Mountain DK801-06 192000 SC8735-04 God Be With You Till We Meet Again SC7036-01 Clint Eastwood SC8732-01 God Is Good All The Time CB5021-02-01 Dare PHM0603-07 God Is Good To Me SC7010-06 Feel Good Inc (Radio Version) SC8932-15 Have Faith In God CBEP456-1-07 Fell Good Inc SF231-11 Have Thine Own Way CBEP456-5-01 Kids With Guns SFMW877-02 Haven Of Rest CBEP456-2-02 Stylo SF289-12 He Keeps Me Singing CBEP456-6-06 Gorillaz . Mos Def . Bobby Womack Heart Of Worship CB5021-02-06 Stylo PHMP1005-03 Heavenly Sunlight CBEP456-3-02 Gospel Here Is The Church SC7010-11 Abide With Me SC2021-06 Here They Come CBEP456-7-16 Above All CB5021-02-07 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands DK802-07 Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed CBEP456-4-14 Higher Ground CBEP456-5-05 All For The Best PS1241-18 His Way With Thee CBEP456-3-04 All Good Gifts PS1241-19 Holy Bible Book Divine CBEP456-4-11 All Hail The Power CBEP456-4-16 Holy, Holy, Holy CBEP456-1-01 All Things Are Possible CB5021-02-08 Hosanna CB5021-03-11 Amazing Grace SC2020-05 How About Your Heart CBEP456-7-02 Ancient Of Days CB5021-03-07 How Firm A Foundation CBEP456-4-03 Are You Washed In The Blood CBEP456-2-13 How Great Thou Art DK801-07 As The Deer CB5021-02-03 I Am Resolved CBEP456-2-09 At The Cross CBEP456-2-14 I Am Thine, O' Lord CBEP456-1-08 Awesome God CB5021-03-05 I Believe In Jesus CB5021-02-14 B.I.B.L.E SC7006-07 I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever CB5021-02-13 Banner Of The Cross CBEP456-1-10 I Love To Tell The Story DK802-11 Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere DK801-20 I Love You Lord CB5021-01-12 Better Is One Day CB5021-01-14 I Need Thee Every Hour DK801-11 Beulah Land CBPR03-14 I Sing Praises CB5021-03-13 Bible Tells Me So DK802-03 I Was Glad When They Said CBEP456-6-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 134 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Gospel Gospel I Will Celebrate CB5021-02-10 One Day At A Time CBE3-14-07 I Will Serve Thee CB5021-02-15 Only Believe CBEP456-5-14 I Will Sing Of The Mercies SC7010-03 Only Trust Him CBEP456-4-01 I Will Sing The Wondrous Story CBEP456-6-05 Onward, Christian Soldiers CBEP456-1-06 If Jesus Said It CBEP456-7-09 Open Our Eyes CB5021-03-06 I'll Fly Away SC2021-05 Other Side Of Jordan CBEP456-7-03 I'm In The Lord's Army SC7010-04 Pass Me Not CBEP456-4-08 In That Day CB5021-03-08 Peace Like A River SC7006-11 In The Garden CBPR07-14 Peace Of Prayer CBEP456-7-15 In The Secret CB5021-01-13 Praise Him, All Ye Little Children CBEP456-6-11 In The Shelter Of His Arms CBEP456-7-05 Praise Him, Praise Him SC7010-12 In The Sweet Bye And Bye DK802-09 Praise The Lord Together SC7010-30 It Is No Secret SC2020-03 Praise The Name Of Jesus CB5021-03-14 It Is Well With My Soul CBEP456-2-01 Precious Memories SC2021-03 I've Found A New Way CBEP456-6-15 Prepare Ye PS1241-13 Jesus Is Calling CBEP456-1-09 Redeemed CBEP456-2-05 Jesus Is Coming Soon DK801-10 Rescue The Perishing CBEP456-2-03 Jesus Loves Me SC7026-06 Revive Us Again CBEP456-3-06 Jesus Loves The Little Children CBEP456-6-14 Rise Up & Praise Him CB5021-02-12 Jesus Paid It All CBEP456-5-02 River Is Here CB5021-03-03 Jesus Saves CBEP456-1-04 Rock Of Ages SC2021-04 Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam SC7006-02 Save The People PS1241-14 Jesus! The Very Thought Of Thee CBEP456-4-12 Saved, Saved CBEP456-5-15 Jesus, Lover Of My Soul CB5021-01-07 Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us CBEP456-1-03 Just A Closer Walk With Thee SC2021-01 Send The Light CBEP456-3-01 Just As I Am SC2020-04 Shall We Gather At The River CBEP456-6-09 Keep Walkin' CBEP456-7-08 Shout To The Lord CB5021-01-15 Lamb Of God CB5021-02-11 Since I Have Been Redeemed CBEP456-2-12 Last Mile Of The Way CBEP456-7-13 Softly And Tenderly SC2021-07 Lead On, O King Eternal CBEP456-4-10 Solid Rock CBEP456-2-06 Leaning On The Everlasting Arms CBEP456-5-07 Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus CBEP456-1-05 Learn Your Lessons Well PS1241-16 Standing On The Promises DK802-14 Let It Rise CB5021-02-04 Surely The Prsence Of The Lord CB5021-03-02 Let The Lower Lights Be Burning CBEP456-5-03 Sweet By And By SC2020-06 Light Of The World PS1241-20 Sweet Hour Of Prayer SC2021-02 Lily Of The Valley DK802-12 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot DK038-05 Little Brown Church The Vale DK801-12 Take My Hand, Precious Lord DK801-16 Lord Is My Shepherd SC7006-30 Take My Life, And Let It Be CBEP456-3-12 Lord, I Lift Your Name On High CB5021-01-11 Take The Name Of Jesus With You CBEP456-6-08 Lord's Prayer SC2181-01 Take Time To Be Holy CBEP456-5-12 Love Lifted Me CBEP456-6-01 Tell It To Jesus CBEP456-2-11 Make Me A Channel Of Blessing CBEP456-1-11 Thanks To Calvary CBEP456-7-07 My God Is So Great SC7010-10 There Is A Name I Love To Hear CBEP456-5-10 My Jesus I Love Thee CBEP456-3-05 There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing CBEP456-2-07 My Life Is In You Lord CB5021-03-12 There's A God Somewhere CBEP456-7-14 My Redeemer Lives CB5021-01-05 This Is The Day CB5021-02-17 Near The Cross CBEP456-5-13 Till The Storm Passes By CBEP456-7-10 Near To The Heart Of God CBEP456-5-06 Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus CBEP456-5-11 Nearer My God To Thee DK801-08 To The Work CBEP456-1-13 Nothing But The Blood CBEP456-6-10 Trading My Sorrows CB5021-01-02 Nothing Can Compare CBEP456-7-01 Trust And Obey CBEP456-6-07 Oh Promise Me SC2181-05 Uncloudy Day CBEP456-2-04 Oh Say But I'm Glad CBEP456-7-12 Victory Chant CB5021-01-09 Old Rugged Cross CBEP456-1-16 Way That He Loves CBEP456-7-04 On Jordan's Stormy Banks CBEP456-4-15 We Beseech Thee PS1241-23 On The Willows PS1241-24 We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise CB5021-01-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 135 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Gospel Grass Construction We Want To See Jesus Lifted High CB5021-03-04 Movin' On NT12-03 We're Marching To Zion CBEP456-1-02 Grass Roots What A Friend We Have In Jesus SC2020-01 Heaven Knows SC8575-06 When God Dips His Love In My Heart CBEP456-7-11 Let's Live For Today SC7566-06 When I See Jesus CBEP456-7-06 Midnight Confession SC7543-15 When I Survey The Wondrous Cross CBEP456-3-15 Sooner Or Later SC7548-09 When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder SC2020-08 Temptation Eyes SC8227-10 When They Ring Those Golden Bells DK802-13 Two Divided By Love SC8644-02 When We All Get To Heaven CBEP456-5-09 Wait A Million Years SC7562-09 Where He Leads Me CBEP456-3-10 Grateful Dead Whispering Hope SC2020-07 Casey Jones SC8172-04 Who Is On The Lord's Side CBEP456-1-12 Friend Of The Devil LG045-04 Will Jesus Find Us Watching CBEP456-1-14 Hell In A Bucket DM103-09 Will The Circle Be Unbroken DK038-02 Ripple SC8510-04 Wings Of A Dove DK801-04 Touch Of Grey SC8197-06 Wonderful Words Of Life CBEP456-4-09 Truckin' SC8204-04 Work, For The Night Is Coming CBEP456-4-13 Uncle John's Band SC8724-05 Ye Must Be Born Again CBEP456-1-15 Gravity Kills You Are My Kind (Amazing Love) CB5021-03-15 One Thing THR0206-16 Your Love Oh Lord CB5021-03-16 Grease Gospel-Elvis Blue Moon KBA22882-12 Peace In The Valley MM6146-09 Born To Hand Jive KBA22882-09 Gq Greased Lightning KBA22882-13 Disco Nights AH8014-06 Hopelessly Devoted To You KBA22882-03 Grace Jones It's Raining On Prom Night KBA22882-08 Pull Up To The Bumper SF075-15 Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee KBA22882-06 Grace Kelly Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay KBA22882-07 Mika SC9010-11 Rock & Roll Party Queen KBA22882-10 Gracie Fields Sandy KBA22882-05 Around The World PUK329-12 Summer Nights SC8119-03 Graham Brown The One That I Want ESS12-02 I Tell It Like It Used To Be SAVA06-02 There Are Worse Things I Could Do MM6100B-06 That I Could Hurt That Way Again SAVA01-05 We Go Together LUP05-16 Wine Into Water SC3100-02 Great Divide Grand Funk Railroad Break In The Storm CB60150-04 Bad Time SC8197-04 Lost In The Night CB60242-12 Closer To Home AMS1506-06 Out Of Here Tonight CB60216-08 Footstompin' Music SC7562-03 Pour Me A Vacation SC3087-06 Heartbreaker AMS1506-05 San Isabella SC8533-12 I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home) DG11-04 Great Plains Mean Mistreater SC8539-09 Dancin' With The Wind SC8294-10 Some Kind Of Wonderful SC8231-02 Healin' Hands SC8315-12 The Locomotion SC2439-03 Great White We're An American Band SC8368-03 Once Bitten Twice Shy SC8540-02 Grand Master Flash Rock Me SC8597-04 Message SC8612-05 Rollin' Stoned SC8843-14 White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) SC8656-07 Save Your Love SC8917-05 Grandad Roberts & His Son Elvis Greek Favorites Meat Pie, Sausage Roll SF121-03 Agapa Me SC8193-13 Grandpa Jones Aspres Kordeles SC8193-03 Falling Leaves CBEP476-2-17 Den Pao Pouthena SC8193-07 Mountain Dew CBE522-14 Eime Anevazmenos SC8193-09 Grant Lee Buffalo Garifallo Sto Afti SC8193-10 Truly Truly SC8481-13 Gia Pes Mou Ti Sou Ekana SC8193-15 Grascals & Dolly Parton Greek Wedding Song SC8193-01 Viva Las Vegas SC3457-06 Lege Oti Thes SC8193-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 136 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Greek Favorites Gretchen Peters Maria Meta Kitrino SC8193-02 When You Are Old SC8280-03 Melachrinaki SC8193-08 Gretchen Wilson Never On Sunday SC8193-06 All Jacked Up SC3449-06 Nina Na E Na E SC8193-04 Bed TU265-13 Samiotissa SC8193-12 California Girls SC8991-11 Simera Gamos Ginete SC8193-14 Chariot TU265-07 Zorba The Greek SC8193-05 Come To Bed CB60358-09 Green Day Don't Do Me No Good CB60381-02 21St Century Breakdown SF287-01 Full Time Job SC8974-12 American Idiot SFMW857-01 Good Morning Heartache SC8974-15 Basket Case SC8263-14 He Ain't Even Cold Yet AKS10004-05 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams SF226-10 Here For The Party SC8904-07 Brain Stew SC8248-10 Holdin' You SC8974-13 Good Riddance SC2400-09 Homewrecker SC8880-14 Holiday SF228-06 I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today SC8952-01 I Fought The Law SC8876-01 If I Could Do It All Again CB60413 I'm A Believer IMPK13-10 Lips Of A Bottle SC8986-10 Longview AH8003-11 Midnight Oil CB60358-03 Minority CB3009-01 Not Bad For A Bartender AKS10004-11 Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) SC2400-09 One Bud Wiser SC8991-06 Tired Of Waiting HV06A-07 One Of The Boys SC9003-06 Waiting THR0107-17 Pochahontas Proud SC8974-02 Wake Me Up When September Ends SF232-04 Politically Uncorrect SC3454-07 Walking Contradiction SC8348-15 Politically Uncorrect (Duet) AKS10004-07 Warning THR0103-10 Raining On Me SC8974-03 When I Come Around SC8148-08 Rebel Child AKS10004-09 Working Class Hero SC9006-13 Redneck Woman SC8877-14 Green Jelly Skoal Ring SC8974-04 Three Little Pigs NT05-01 The Earrings Song CB60407-8 Green River Ordinance What Happened SC3436-03 Come On CB30114-04 When I Think About Cheatin SC8974-01 Greene & Seely When It Rains SC3423-03 Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You SC8511-09 Work Hard, Play Harder CB60426-02 Greenwheel You Don't Have To Go Home CB60369-12 Breathe TU159-04 Gretchen Wilson & Big And Rich & Cowboy Troy Shelter TU171-13 Our America THC0510-16 Greg Holland Gretchen Wilson & John Rich When I Come Back SC8152-15 Come To Bed SD150-02 Greg Kihn Band Gretchen Wilson & Merle Haggard Breakup Song SC8313-01 Politically Uncorrect THC0606-18 For You TU035-05 Groove Generation Jeopardy SC8425-04 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing SF124-12 They Don't Write That Way Anymore TU035-15 Groove Theory Greg Lake Baby Luv SC8312-11 Believe In Father Christmas ZMH009-10 Tell Me SC8349-11 Gregg Allman Groovegrass Boyz Midnight Rider SC8922-13 Macarena SC8351-11 Gregory Abbott Groucho Marx Shake You Down SC8201-10 Tatooed Lady SAVP40-11 Gregory Clinton Grover Jr. Washington & Bill Withers One Shot At A Time CB60151-03 Just The Two Of Us CBE511-12 Satisfy Me And I'll Satisfy You CB60151-04 Grupo Aventura Gretchan Wilson Cuando Volveras SCL1551-03 Our America THMC0510-06 Grupo Bryndis Gretchen Peters Por Que Me Enamore SCL2247-07 I Ain't Ever Satisfied SC8298-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 137 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Grupo Limite Guy Mitchell Ay! Papacito TU236-01 My Heart Cries For You AH8012-13 Grupo Mania Rock A Billy SF048-04 Bajo La Lluvia SCL1512-03 She Wears Red Feathers SF062-08 Caracolito SCL1535-05 SC8563-10 Linda Eh SC7112-05 Guys & Dolls Sube, Sube SCL1573-04 Adelaide's Lament MM6175-04 Guess Who I've Never Been In Love Before SC2222-01 Albert Flasher SKK004-02 Luck Be A Lady SC8547-10 SC7517-02 Gwen Guthrie Bus Rider SKK003-07 Ain't Nothing Going On But The Rent PUK330-02 Dancin' Fool SKK004-07 Gwen Sebastian Follow Your Daughter Home SKK004-10 V.I.P. (Barefoot Girl) PHMC1006-08 SKK004-06 Gwen Stefani SC8539-06 4 In The Morning CB30065-08 Laughing SC8190-04 Cool SC8934-05 Life In The Bloodstream SKK004-08 Crash PHM0604-01 No Sugar Tonight~ New Mother Nature SC7562-08 Early Winter CB30069-04 No Time SC8575-11 Hollaback Girl SC8924-03 Orly SKK004-05 Let Me Blow Ya Mind SC3258-01 Rain Dance SKK004-09 Luxurious THMP0601-01 Runnin' Back To Saskatoon SKK003-10 Now That You Got It CB30067-11 Shakin' All Over SC7566-03 Rich Girl SC8908-04 SC8577-03 South Side SC8742-15 SKK003-09 Sweet Escape, The (Radio Version) SC9009-08 SKK004-03 The Sweet Escape PHM0704-01 SC8441-11 What You Waiting For SF224-05 Undun DK099-06 Wind It Up CB30062-11 Wednesday In Your Garden SKK003-08 Gwen Stefani & Eve Guillermo Rodriguez Let Me Blow Ya Mind SC8741-15 La Negra Tomasa OKE0004-04 Rich Girl SC8918-13 Guns N Roses Gwen Stefani & Moby Back Off Bitch SC8800-16 South Side SC8742-15 Civil War SFG056-04 Gym Class Heroes Don't Cry PSJT147-01 Clothes Off PHM0707-06 Don't Cry (Original) SC8597-14 Gypsy Estranged NT28-03 Everything's Coming Up Roses SC8547-01 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door SC8869-01 Let Me Entertain You MM6015-01 Live And Let Die SC8917-14 Gypsy Kings Mr. Brownstone SC8516-02 Bamboleo MM6009-01 My Michelle SC8830-12 Mi Manera MM6138-15 November Rain SC8791-09 H & Claire Paradise City SC8713-08 Dj SF192-13 Patience SC8684-06 Half A Heart SF195-12 Since I Don't Have You SC8237-14 H Town Sweet Child O' Mine SC8252-07 Knockin' Da Boots PI037-18 Used To Love Her SC8756-14 Haddaway Welcome To The Jungle SC8660-07 I Miss You SF006-08 You Could Be Me SF021-08 Rock My Heart SF026-03 Guster What Is Love SC8892-12 Amsterdam PHM0310-08 Hair Fa Fa (Never Be The Same Again) SC8622-01 Ain't Got No SC8663-03 Guy Air SC8663-16 Dancin' SC8587-14 Aquarius SC8663-04 Guy Mitchell Black Boys SC8663-14 Heartaches By The Number ZGY59-14 Donna SC8663-06 Look At That Girl SF092-09 Easy To Be Hard SC8663-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 138 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Hair Hall & Oates Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In) SC8663-11 Promise Ain't Enough SC8395-15 Frank Mills SC8663-13 Rich Girl SC8391-11 Going Down SC8663-18 Sara Smile SC7587-13 Good Morning Starshine SC8663-20 Say It Isn't So SC8378-06 I Believe In Love SC8663-19 So Close BS5317-01 I Got Life SC8663-07 Throw The Roses Away SC3091-07 Manchester England SC8663-10 You Make My Dreams SC2449-08 My Conviction SC8663-12 You've Lost That Loving Feeling LG103-04 Sodomy SC8663-15 Hall & Oats What A Piece Of Work Is Man SC8663-01 Shes Gone CBE624-07 Where Do I Go SC8663-08 Halloween White Boys SC8663-17 Twilight Zone SC8550-15 Haircut One Hundred Handsome Devil Fantastic Day THCOL04-01 Makin' Money THR0201-12 Love Plus One SC8313-05 Hank Ballard & Midnighters Hairspray Finger Poppin' Time SC8255-13 Good Morning Baltimore TU149-09 Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go RB25-11 Hal Ketchum Work With Me Annie RB24-11 Don't Let Go SC8729-11 Hank Locklin Every Little Word SD019-11 Geisha Girl SC8555-05 Five O'clock World SC8234-13 It's A Little More Like Heaven SC8555-01 Girl Like You CB60115-04 Let Me Be The One SC8491-03 Hang In There Superman SC8298-09 Please Help Me, I'm Falling (In Love With You) SC8158-08 Hearts Are Gonna Roll SC8130-15 Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On SC7567-02 I Know Where Love Lives SC8260-06 Hank Snow I Miss My Mary SC8319-11 Gold Rush Is Over SC8555-10 I Saw The Light CHM9807-18 Golden Rocket SC8538-06 Just This Side Of Heaven SD141-09 Hello Love SC8537-06 Mama Knows The Highway SC8241-15 I'm Movin' On SC7544-04 My Love Will Not Change SD122-09 It Don't Hurt Anymore SC2155-07 Past The Point Of Rescue SC8243-15 I've Been Everywhere SC8491-06 She Is SC8681-13 Lady's Man SC8579-10 Small Town Saturday Night SC8265-01 Miller's Cave SC8712-05 Someplace Far Away SC8324-09 Rhumba Boogie SC8509-05 Stay Forever SC8159-11 Hank Thompson Sure Love SC8213-05 Blackboard Of My Heart CB90134-08 That's What I Get SC8175 08 Honky Tonk Girl CB90134-11 Tonight We Just Might Fall In Lo SC8228-01 Humpty Dumpty Heart CB90134-02 Veil Of Tears SC8211-12 I've Come Awful Close CB90134-09 When Love Looks Back At You CB60110-03 New Green Light CB90134-04 Halfway To Hazard Older The Violin The Sweater The Music CB90134-14 Daisy CB60364-08 On Tap, In The Can, Or In The Bottle CB90134-12 Devil And The Cross CB60371-15 Rub A Dub Dub SC8491-10 Hall & Oates Six Pack To Go CB90134-10 Adult Education SC8641-03 Smoky The Bar SC8579-14 Do It For Love SC3332-03 Squaws Along The Yukon CB90134-05 Family Man BS5317-02 Waiting In The Lobby Of Your Heart CB90134-06 Gloryland BS5317-03 Wake Up Irene CB90134-03 I Can't Go For That SC8197-08 Who Left The Door To Heaven Open CB90134-15 I'm In A Philly Mood SC8237-13 Wild Side Of Life SC8428-02 Kiss On My List SC2449-02 Hank Willams Jr. Maneater SC8283-12 All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down SC7591-01 Method Of Modern Love SC8687-15 All The Roads PHMC1003 One On One LC0006-04 America Will Survive SC8733-15 Out Of Touch SC8577-05 American Dream CB90319-06 Private Eyes SC8231-12 Attitude Adjustment CB90319-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 139 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Hank Willams Jr. Hank Williams Family Tradition SC8114-02 Your Cheatin' Heart SC7512-02 Finders Are Keepers SC7569-02 You're Gonna Change Or I'm Gonna Leave CB90067-13 Hey Good Lookin' TU013-10 Hank Williams Jr. Honky Tonk Blues THMP011-19 Ain't Misbehavin' CB90064-13 Honky Tonkin' SC8136 13 Ain't Nobody's Business CB90064-03 I Ain't Goin' Peacefully SC8291-07 All Jokes Aside CB60202-13 I'd Gone CB90319-07 All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over SC7510-08 Jambalaya SC7544-01 Big Top Women SC8769-11 Man Of Steel CB90319-01 Born To Boogie MM6089-04 Naked Women And Beer CB90319-11 Both Sides Of Goodbye SC8243-14 Old Habits SC8403-05 Cajun Baby SC8403-12 Queen Of My Heart SC8403-06 Country Boy Can Survive SC8431-14 Rainin' In My Heart CB90319-10 Country State Of Mind SC8506-06 Settin' The Woods On Fire SCBC55-09 Dixie On My Mind SC8424-11 Stoned At The Jukebox SC7551-14 Don Juan D'bubba SC8315-09 The F Word ASKFP46-1-06 Don't Ask Me No Questions C2C03-01 Women I've Never Had SC8461-13 Don't Give Us A Reason CB90064-14 Young Country CB90319-03 Eleven Roses SC8385-04 Hank Williams Everything Comes Down To Money And Love SC8278-15 All For The Love Of Sunshine SC2417-01 Eyes Of Waylon C2C02-06 Baby, We're Really In Love CB90067-11 F Word (Live Tv Version) SC3318-07 Cecil Brown CB60239-10 Gonna Go Huntin' Tonight SC7551-09 Cold Cold Heart SC8419-11 Good Friends, Good Lovin', Good Whiskey NS21-05 Crazy Heart CB90067-09 Heaven Can't Be Found SC8628-10 Dear John CB90067-07 Hog Wild SC8163-04 Eleven Roses SC2417-04 Hotel Whiskey CB90064-11 F Word, The (Live Acm Version) PHN0208-09 Houston We Have A Problem SC8280-01 Family Tradition SC2417-05 I Fought The Law SAVA02-15 Fool Such As I JV0038-07 I'd Love To Knock The Hell Out Of You CB20177-08 Half As Much THMP011-04 If Heaven Ain't A Lot Like Dixie CB90064-12 Hey Good Lookin SC7536-13 If It Will It Will CB90064-09 Honky Tonk Blues SC8682-02 I'm For Love SC8517-06 Honky Tonkin CBE601-11 I'm One Of You SC8847-03 Howlin' At The Moon CB90067-08 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry SC7539-07 I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You SC8419-08 Kaw Liga C2C02-03 I Don't Know SC8677-05 Leave Them Boys Alone SC8403-02 I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive SC8592-15 Love Sick Blues THMP011-14 I'm A Long Gone Daddy CB90067-12 Mansion On The Hill THMP011-21 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry CBE2-02-13 Mind Your Own Business THMP011-17 Jambalaya SC7218-07 Red, White And Pinkslip Blues CB60410-8 Kaw Liga SC7512-04 South Woulda Won CB90064-15 Lonesome Whistle CB90067-14 Southern Thunder CB20177-12 Long Gone Lonesome Blues CB90145-12 Texas Woman SC8403-10 Lovesick Blues SC8445-05 That's How They Do It In Dixie PHN0606-05 Mansion On The Hill DK071-18 There's A Tear In My Beer SC8105-15 Moanin’ The Blues CBE3-01-09 They All Want To Go Wild (And I Want To Go CB20177-07 Move It On Over CBE601-09 Home) My Bucket's Got A Hole In It CB90145-15 This Ain't Dallas SC8610-13 Nobody's Lonesome For Me CB90067-15 Tuesday's Gone C2C02-05 North Wind JV0038-05 Where Would We Be Without Yankees CB20177-10 Settin' The Woods On Fire SC7567-09 Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound SC8426-01 Take These Chains From My Heart SC8428-01 Why Can’T We All Just Get A Long Neck SC8877-08 Wedding Bells SC8491-13 Hank Williams Jr. & Hank Sr. Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound SC2417-07 There's A Tear In My Beer SC8105-15 Why Don't You Love Me SC8392-14 Hank Williams Jr. & Kid Rock You Win Again THMP011-13 F Word (Live Tv Version) SC8769-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 140 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Hank Williams Jr. & Kid Rock Harptones The F Word TU127-11 Life Is But A Dream (Slow Version) MM6385-09 Hank Williams Jr., Gretchen Wilson & Big & Rich Sunday Kind Of Love (Slow Version) MM6361-15 That's How They Do It In Dixie SD144-10 Harry Belafonte Hanna McEuen Banana Boat Song SC7506-15 Something Like A Broken Heart CB60337-14 Cocoanut Woman LG136-04 Hanna Montana Day O (Banana Boat Song) CBE18-07 Life's What You Make It DIS000167402- Island In The Sun LG136-05 05 Jamaica Farewell SC8575-15 Make Some Noise DIS000167402- Jump In The Line SC8770-03 03 Mama Look A Boo Boo SC8651-06 One In A Million DIS000167402- There's A Hole In The Bucket SF095-12 06 Harry Carey Rock Star DIS000167402- 04 Take Me Out To The Ballgame CBE614-05 True Friend DIS000167402- Harry Chapin 08 30,000 Pounds Of Bananas SC8668-15 Hannah Montana Cat's In The Cradle SC7511-02 Best Of Both Worlds THP0609-15 Sequel SC8668-05 Nobody's Perfect SD4709-05 Taxi SC8439-11 Hanson Wold SC8668-11 Go THHP0805-12 Harry Connick Jr. I Will Come To You SC8422-02 Do You Know What It Means To Miss New SC8246-15 If Only SC8618-07 Orleans Lost Without Each Other SF230-08 Give Me The Simple Life LG198-15 Mmm Bop SC3015-06 Goodnight My Love LG198-10 Penny & Me SF227-12 Hear Me In The Harmony SC8325-09 This Time Around SC8607-15 If I Could Only Whisper Your Name MM6091-12 Weird SC8452-12 It Had To Be You SC7506-03 Where's The Love SC8389-02 My Funny Valentine TT6005-06 Happenings Never The Less LG198-14 I Got Rhythm DK015-09 On The Street Where You Live MMSTA03-14 See You In September MM6113-09 We Are In Love LG198-13 Happy Mondays What Are You Doing New Year's Eve SC8899-10 24 Hour Party People SFG030-14 Where Or When DK1107-12 Hallelujah SFG030-12 Whisper Your Name SC8150-08 Kinky Afro SFG030-09 Wink & A Smile MM6040-13 Loose Fit SFG030-11 Harry Enfield Step On SFG030-10 Loads A Money SFMW830-07 Stinkin' Thinkin' SFG030-13 & His Orchestra Sunshine And Love SFG030-16 You Made Me Love You CBEP469-3-08 Wrote For Luck SFG030-15 Harry Nilsson Hard-Fi Coconut SC8544-12 Can't Get Along THHP0802-13 Everbody's Talkin' SC8589-03 Cash Machine SF239-04 Without You SC8527-02 Hard To Beat SFMW923-03 Harry Secombe Harlequin If I Ruled The World PUK325-02 Innocence GM1001-05 Harters Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Jenny PHMC1006-04 Bad Luck (Part 1) SC8755-06 Harvey Danger Don't Leave Me This Way SF097-12 Flagpole Sitta SC3074-03 Hope That We Can Be Together Soon LG230-11 Haven I Miss You (Part I) LG230-12 Say Something SF189-08 Love I Lost SF072-02 Hawaiiankalapana Wake Up Everybody (Part 1) SC8755-01 Naturally MM6102-15 Where Are All My Friends LG230-10 Hawaiiankeola & Kapona Beamer Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes Honolulu City Lights MM6102-14 If You Don't Know Me By Now SC8293-02 Lovely Hula Hands MM6102-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 141 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Hawaiiankrush Heart My Hawaii MM6102-07 Tell It Like It Is SC8800-10 Hawkshaw Hawkins These Dreams SC7549-03 Dog House Boogie CB60333-13 What About Love SC8641-10 Lonesome 77203 CBE602-12 Will You Be There In The Morning SC8113-08 Slow Poke CB60331-01 Woman In Me SC8121-10 Hawkwind Heartbreakers Silver Machine SF040-05 Here Comes My Girl PI019-16 Hawthorne Heights Heartland Ohio Is For Lovers SC3450-07 I Loved Her First SC8992-05 Saying Sorry THMR0605-12 Once A Woman Gets A Hold Of Your Heart PHN0710-09 Hayley Devetts Heat Miser & Snow Miser That Ole Devil Called Love SFG018-11 Year Without A Santa Claus SC8900-07 Hazel O'connor Heather Headley Will You SF110-03 He Is SC8793-04 Head Automatica I Wish I Wasn't SC8831-15 Graduation Day SC8988-13 In My Mind CB30059-12 Head East Me Time PHU0608-07 Never Been Any Reason SC8594-15 Heather Myles Headpins Love Me A Little Bit Longer SC3134-07 Don't It Make You Feel KAR005-02 Never Had A Broken Heart CB60238-12 Headstrong True Love CB60120-14 Adriana THR0205-13 Heather Nova Trapt CB30039-07 London Rain Nothing Heals Me Like You Do SC8481-01 Hear Say Walk This World SC8240-07 Another Lover SFG001-04 Heather Small Breathe SFG001-08 Proud SFMW865-07 Bridge Over Troubled Water SFPKT1-2-03 Heather Youmans Carried Away SFG001-09 Girl To Change Your World PHMP1005-08 Colour Blind SFG001-12 Heatwave Everybody EZH005-02 Always And Forever SC7600-07 I Don't Want You Anyway SFG001-11 Boogie Nights SC8386-06 Love Will Never End SFG001-13 Groove Line SC8969-11 Lovin Is Easy EZH14-07 Mind Blowing Decisions SF097-10 Make It Happen SFG001-07 Heaven Monday Monday SFG001-14 Solo SC2107-04 Not The Kind SFG001-06 Heaven 17 One Step Closer SFG001-03 Come Live With Me SFMW844-02 Pure & Simple SFTP01-01 Temptation SF111-10 Sweet Alibi SFG001-10 Heaven Los Way To Your Love SFG001-02 Lonely Boys SD4405-07 Heart Heavy D & The Boys All I Wanna Do SC8554-01 Black Coffee NT43-06 Alone SC8658-11 Got Me Waiting NT49-11 Barracuda SC8322-05 Hector Tricoche Crazy On You SC8204-05 Dime Si Ahora Te Vas SC7107-14 Dog & Butterfly SC8346-05 Hed Planet Earth Dreamboat Annie SC8338-13 Bartender SC8662-09 Even It Up SC8331-05 Other Side THMR0311-03 Heartless SC8658-03 Hedge Hoppers Anonymous If Looks Could Kill SC8600-06 It's Good News Week SF086-07 Magic Man SC8115-11 Heidi Newfield Never SC7559-12 Cry, Cry ('til The Sun Shines) CB60392-09 Nothin' At All SC8305-03 Johnny And June CB60374-09 Secret TU081-13 What Am I Waiting For CB60410-11 Straight On SC8329-04 Heights Stranded SC8466-13 How Do You Talk To An Angel SC8279-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 142 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Heinz Herman's Hermits Just Like Eddie SF069-11 I'm Into Something Good SC8418-07 Helen Cornelius Just A Little Bit Better SC8770-09 First Noel CB60306-06 Listen People SC8615-04 Mary Did You Know CBEP462-5-11 Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter SC8429-08 O' Holy Night CB60306-08 Must To Avoid ZMP034-01 Helen Darling My Sentimental Friend SF065-05 Full Deck Of Cards SC8336-03 No Milk Today SF099-08 I Haven't Found It Yet SC8239-02 Silhouettes SC8396-05 Jenny Come Back MM6109-04 Sleepy Joe ZMP034-08 Helen Kane Something's Happening SF100-12 Forget Me Not SF083-11 Sunshine Girl ZMP034-07 Well I Ask You THCOL04-01 Theme From The Munsters TU069-11 Helen Merrill There's A Kind Of Hush SC8513-15 You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To SAVP12-12 What A Wonderful World LG240-07 Years May Come, Years May Go ZMP034-09 Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady SC8297-08 Hermes House Band Angie Baby SFMW801-14 Country Roads SF185-03 DK014-03 Que Sera Sera SF190-10 SC8138-05 Hernando's Hideaway I Don't Know How To Love Him SC8410-08 Pajama Game SC2297-07 Leave Me Alone DK059-08 Hey Monday You And Me Against The World SC8410-15 How You Love Me Now PHM0911-08 Helen Shapiro Hi Fidelity Always Something There To Remind Me SF064-02 Kids From Fame SFMW841-04 Don't Treat Me Like A Child SF074-03 Hi Gloss Tell Me What He Said SF084-11 You'll Never Know SFMW832-13 Walkin' Back To Happiness SF038-07 Hi-Five You Don't Know SAVP08-12 Never Should've Let You Go SC8270-01 Hellogoodbye She's Playing Hard To Get PI042-12 Here (In Your Arms) PHM0702-05 High School Confidential Helping Haiti Rough Trade KAR005-05 Everybody Hurts SF289-16 High School Musical Henry Gross Bop To The Top DISHSM-2-05 Shannon SC8579-05 Breaking Free MREH033-05 Henson Cargill Get'cha Head In The Game DISHSM-2-02 Skip A Rope SC8392-13 I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You DISHSM-2-08 Hepburn Start Of Something New DISHSM-1-01 Bugs SF146-12 We're All In This Together DISHSM-2-07 Deep Deep Down SF159-15 What I've Been Looking For (Reprise)(No DISHSM-1-04 I Quit SF140-13 Graphics) Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass When There Was Me And You DISHSM-2-04 Diamonds DK028-16 High School Musical 2 This Guy's In Love With You SC7540-15 Everyday HIGH SCHOOL Herb Shalaman MUSICAL 2-08 Make That Move RB02-08 Highway 101 Hercules Baby, I'm Missing You CB60107-12 Go The Distance DISNEY01-05 Bed You Made For Me SC8398-02 I Wont Say (Im In Love) DISNEY02-10 Bing Bang Boom CB60098-06 Herd Blame CB60102-15 From The Underworld SF069-06 Cry Cry Cry CB60083-10 Herman's Hermits Do You Love Me Just Say Yes SC8564-02 Can't You Hear My Heartbeat SC8225-08 Honky Tonk Baby MM6010-13 Dandy SC8255-12 Honky Tonk Heart SC7555-10 End Of The World LG240-09 It Must Be Love SC8285-10 Henry The Viii I Am NUTECH-0057 Setting Me Up CB60111-08 I'm Henry The Viii, I Am SC7541-09 Somewhere Tonight SC8424-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 143 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Highway 101 Hole Walkin' Talkin' Cryin' Barely Beatin' SC8144-08 Celebrity Skin SC8490-06 Where'd You Get Your Cheatin' From MM6143-14 Doll Parts SC8749-12 Whiskey, If You Were A Woman SC7551-15 Gold Dust Woman SC8316-02 Who's Gonna Love You SC8324-15 Malibu SC3113-05 Who's Lonely Now CB60087-12 Miss World NT43-05 Highwaymen Hollies Cotton Fields SC7528-12 Air That I Breathe SC8204-07 Highwayman DK057-18 Bus Stop SC8399-05 It Is What It Is SC8171-11 Carrie Ann SC8221-05 Michael CBEP455-5-09 He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother SC8589-08 Here I Go Again SF069-07 Any Other Day CB30106-08 I'm Alive ZMGY65-06 Beat Of My Heart SC3453-07 Jennifer Eccles ZMP007-11 Come Clean SC8858-04 Just One Look LG062-05 Fly PHM0411-01 Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) SC7573-01 I Am TTU260V2-05 Look Through Any Window SC8874-09 I Can't Wait TU177-09 On A Caroousel SC8575-09 Our Lips Are Sealed THMP0409-10 Sorry Suzanne ZMP007-02 So Yesterday SC8905-02 Stay ZMP007-10 The Getaway TTU260V2-14 Stop Stop Stop SC8225-13 Underneath This Smile TTU260V2-15 Yes I Will THCOL04-01 Wake Up SC3450-03 Holly Brook What Dreams Are Made Of TU232-11 Where'd You Go SC8983-03 Where Did I Go Right TU232-13 Holly Doyle Why Not SC8876-05 Queen Of The Silver Dollar SAVA12-15 Workin' It Out TU232-16 Holly Dunn Hillary Duff Are You Ever Gonna Love Me SC8133-02 With Love CB30063-12 As Long As You Belong To Me SC8269-07 Hillside Singers Daddy’S Hands SC2476-06 I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing SC8207-07 Golden Years MM6012-15 Hilltoppers Heart Full Of Love CB60099-09 Marianne SAVP39-12 I Am Who I Am SC8163-05 Him It's Not About Blame SC8211-09 Wings Of A Butterfly SC8966-02 Love Someone Like Me SC9902-15 Hinder Maybe I Mean Yes MM6011-04 Best Is Yet To Come PHM0907-08 My Anniversary For Being A Fool CB60103-12 Better Than Me CB30064-12 No Love Have I SC8324-12 Better Than Me (Radio Version) SC8999-09 Only When I Love SC8541-02 Get Stoned SC8966-07 Strangers Again SC8561-14 Lips Of An Angel CB30062-07 That's What Your Love Does To Me CB60082-11 Loaded And Alone CB30109 There Goes My Heart Again SC8161-14 The Best Is Yet To Come CB30100-15 You Had Me Going SC8183-07 Up All Night PHMP0904 Holly Johnson Use Me CB30078-04 Americanos SF059-06 Without You PHMP0901 Holly Lamar Hitman Sammy Sam So This Is Life CB60236-09 Step Daddy SC8834-06 These Are The Days SC8784-11 Hives Unkissed CB60247-03 Hate To Say I Told You So SC8803-08 Holly Palmer Main Offender TU171-10 Just So You Know TU227-11 Walk Idiot Walk SC8883-15 Holly Valance Hoku Down Boy SF196-01 Another Dumb Blonde SC8607-10 Kiss Kiss SF192-09 Perfect Day SFMW875-03 Naughty Girl SF200-15 Hole State Of Mind SF210-01 Awful SC3135-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 144 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Holly Williams Hooters Alone PHN0911-08 And We Danced SC8568-09 Keep The Change CB60401-6 Hootie & The Blowfish Mama CB60410-13 Be The One PI046-03 Holly Wynette Drowning SC8212-04 My Future Ex Boyfriend CB60233-03 Hannah Jane SC8349-14 Hollywood Argyles Hold My Hand SC8140-14 Alley Oop SC7504-05 I Go Blind SC8248-05 Hollywood Beyond I Will Wait SC8487-04 What's The Colour Of Money SAVP35-11 Let Her Cry SC8156-05 Hombres Let It Breathe PI047-13 Let It All Hang Out LC0008-05 Old Man & Me SC8281-08 Homer & Jethro One Love SD4510-12 Battle Of Kookamonga MM6330-11 Only Lonely SC8501-13 Hometown Boys Only Wanna Be With You SC8187-01 Tres Ramitas SC7106-09 Sad Caper SC8325-13 Hometown News Time SC8350-12 Minivan SC8769-04 Tootie HSPAK3-02-09 Wheels SC8794-04 Tucker's Town SC8299-12 Hometown News Wishing SC8553-11 First, Second Chance CB60310-12 Hope Partlow Hondells Who We Are THP0509-14 Little Honda SC8202-03 Horace Brown Honey Cone One For The Money SC8281-03 Want Ads SC8284-05 Things We Do For Love SC8316-08 Honeybus Hot & Typsy I Can't Let Maggie Go SF070-07 Lyric PHU0306-03 Honeycombs Hot Apple Pie Have I The Right SF046-05 Easy Does It CB60351-12 Honeydrippers Hillbillies CB60338-05 Rockin At Midnight AMS1508-02 We're Makin' Up CB60346-04 Sea Of Love SC7511-05 Hot Chelle Rae Honeymoon Suite Bleed PHMP1006-05 New Girl Now SC8514-03 I Like To Dance PHMP1001 Honeys Hot Chocolate End Of The Line SF128-05 Emma SFMW808-15 Finally Found SF126-02 Everyone's A Winner SC8284-13 I Don't Know EZH02-02 It Started With A Kiss THCOL04-01 Never Let You Down SF152-08 No Doubt About It SFMW825-07 So You Win Again THCOL04-01 Crawling In The Dark SC8803-09 You Sexy Thing SF022-09 Disappea CB30048-12 Hot Hot Heat If I Were You SC8966-14 Bandages PHR0309-08 Inside Of You SC8983-11 Goodnight Goodnight SC8924-06 Out Of Control SC3398-06 Middle Of Nowhere SC3444-05 Remember Me SC8789-13 Talk To Me, Dance With Me PHR0401-05 Right Before Your Eyes TU186-09 Hot 'N Juicy Running Away SC8768-12 I'm Horney SGB12-09 Same Direction THMR0409-17 Hot Rize So Close So Far CB30096-06 Blue Night CB20401-10 The Reason SC8876-07 House Martins Hooch Caravan Of Love THCOL04-01 Everything SC3084-04 Happy Hour SFMW830-05 Hoosiers House Of Pain Goodbye Mr. A THP0801-13 Faster Pussycat SC8734-06 Hooters Jump Around SC8760-03 All You Zombies SC8942-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 145 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Houston Huey Lewis Ain't Nothing Wrong PHU0412-05 Heart Of Rock & Roll SC8709-08 I Like That PHU0409-02 Hip To Be Square DK010-01 Houston & Pendergrass I Want A New Drug SC8709-02 Hold Me SC8482-11 If This Is It SC8709-04 Houston County Its Alright SC8891-13 I Can't Make It Rain PHMC1001 Jacob's Ladder SC8709-12 Houston, Chingy & Nate Dogg 1 20 Let Her Go And Start Over MM6351-11 I Like That SC8888-12 Perfect World DK033-07 Howard Jones Power Of Love SC8709-09 Everlasting Love SC8634-03 She's Some Kind Of Wonderful SC8709-07 Life In One Day SC8671-05 Stuck With You SC8627-11 Lift Me Up SC8270-12 The Power Of Love ASKFP-35-1-15 Like To Get To Know You Well SFMW832-05 Walking On A Thin Line SC8684-13 Little Bit Of Snow SFMW826-01 Workin' For A Livin' SC8709-06 New Song SFMW830-11 Huey Lewis & Gwyneth Paltrow No One Is To Blame SC7549-02 Cruisin' SC8649-05 Things Can Only Get Better SC8443-01 Huey Smith & The Clowns What Is Love SC8671-06 Don't You Just Know It RB24-15 Howard Keel Rockin' Pneumonia & Boogie Woogie Flu SGB056-12 I Won't Send Roses SF160-09 Huffamoose Send In The Clowns SF160-10 Wait MM6214-11 Howard Stern & The Dust Boys Hugh Grayson Tortured Man HV06A-05 Can't We Talk It Over SAVP26-15 Howie Day Human Beinz Collide SC3434-04 Nobody But Me AH8011-05 Perfect Time Of Day SC8855-11 Human League She Says THM0511-04 Don't You Want Me SC8427-14 Howlin' Wolf Human DKM3053-05 Evil MM6206-02 Keep Feeling Fascination SC8314-15 Smokestack Lightning SC8339-01 Love Action SF105-08 H-Town Mirror Man SF145-09 Thin Line Between Love & Hate SC8257-08 Tell Me When SF029-01 Htwoo & Platnum Together In Electric Dreams SFMW841-13 What's It Gonna Be THHP0805-18 Humble Pie Hue & Cry 30 Days In The Hole SC8539-05 Labour Of Love SFMW835-15 Hot And Nasty SC8204-06 Looking For Linda ZMH008-06 Natural Born Boogie SF070-15 Huele A Peligro Hurricane Chris Gisselle SCL1503-06 A Bay Bay PHU0709-01 Hues Corporation A Bay Bay (Radio Version) SC9016-01 Rock The Boat SC7548-13 Hand Clap PHU0712-07 Huey Hurricane Chris Feat Superstarr Pop, Lock And Drop It PHU0706-05 She's Fine PHMU905 Huey Dunbar I Nine Con Cada Beso SCL1539-08 Same In Any Language PHAC0602-05 Donde Ire SCL1573-07 I5 Yo Si Me Enamore SCL1535-08 Distracted SC8645-06 Huey Lewis Ian Brown 100 Years From Now SC2106-08 My Star SF118-04 But It's Alright SC8709-10 Ian Drury Cruisin' SC3222-05 Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll AH2005-01 Do You Believe In Love SC8709-15 Ian Dury & The Blockheads Doin' It CBE3-22-05 Clever Trvor SF113-14 Doing It All For My Baby DK027-15 Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick SD099-11 Feeling Alright SC8709-13 Reason To Be Cheerful SF079-06 Heart And Soul SC8715-03 Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll SFMW808-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 146 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ian Dury & The Blockheads Imani Coppola Wake Up And Make Love SF113-15 Legend Of A Cowgirl SC8422-06 What A Waste SF857-15 Immature Ian Hunter Constantly NT49-10 Cleveland Rocks SC8624-10 Lover's Groove SC8320-03 Ian Van Dahl Please Don't Go SC8286-10 Castles In The Sky SF182-16 Immature & Smooth Ed I Can't Let You Go SFMW848-13 Watch Me Do My Thing SC8460-07 I Will (Will I) SF187-06 Impalas Reason SF193-08 Sorry I Ran All The Way Home MM6074-08 Will I TTU122-17 Impressions Ice Castles I'm So Proud SC8770-05 Through The Eyes Of Love MM6023-05 It's All Right SC7566-12 Icicle Works People Get Ready CBEP459-6-15 Whisper To A Scream SC8522-08 IMx Ida Maria Stay The Night SC3185-08 I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked PHMP0910-9 Incubus Ides Of March SC9015-03 Vehicle SC8202-04 Are You In CBEP477-5-02 Idina Menzel Circles CB3031-12 Brave SC9021-05 Dig SD4705-09 Minuet SC3103-04 Drive SC8742-12 Idlewild I Wish You Were Here SC8731-14 American English TU171-01 Love Hurts PHMP0902-6 Idols Make A Move THMR0509-03 Happy Xmas( War Is Over) SF213-01 Megalomaniac PHR0404-06 Iggy Pop SC8735-15 Candy SC8942-04 Oil And Water SD4709-12 Lust For Life SC8763-05 Pardon Me SC8613-01 Passenger SF119-14 Stellar THR0010-12 Real Wild Child SC8939-13 PHR0408-04 Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson Warning SC3311-04 Candy SC8942-10 Indeep Ii D Extreme Last Night A Dj Saved My Life SFMW838-11 If I Knew Then What I Know Now SC8299-15 India Iii Nino Me Canse De Ser La Otra SC7112-01 What Comes Around THR0204-18 Seduceme TU234-12 Iio India Arie Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) SC8757-07 Brown Skin MM6394-07 Ike Reilly Can I Walk With You CB3036-06 Put A Little Love In It TU121-10 Christmas Song SC8899-04 Ike Turner & Tina Turner Purify Me PHU0507-08 Not Bush City Limits SF023-07 Ready For Love TU163-15 Oh My My Can You Boogie MMGOLD01-08 Therapy CB30098-04 River Deep, Mountain High LG012-06 India Arie Ikettes I Am Not My Hair PAN2006-01 Peaches N' Cream SAVP40-13 Little Things CB30029-06 Ill Nino There's Hope THH0611-15 How Can I Live PHR0311-06 Truth THH0306-14 Illegales Video SC8695-06 Tu Recuerdo SCL1534-06 India Arie Feat. Gramps Morgan Therapy CB30097-8 Where Are You SF120-13 Indigo Girls Imagination Closer To Fine SC8554-06 Body Talk SF075-10 Fill It Up Again PHR0408-03 Flashback SFMW844-05 Galileo SC8874-05 Just An Illusion SF033-10 I Don't Wanna Talk About It SC8122-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 147 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Indigo Girls Inxs Least Complicated SC8270-15 Elegantly Wasted SC8369-10 Little Perennnials PHAC0611-05 Good And Bad Times SFG020-05 Perfect World THP0404-16 Mystify SFG020-03 Power Of Two SC8170-04 Need You Tonight SC8671-09 Shame On You SC8381-14 Never Tear Us Apart SC8687-14 Indigo Swing New Sensation SC8585-03 Indigo Swing SGB07-10 One Thing SC7564-10 Infernal Original Sin SC8687-04 From Paris To Berlin SF244-01 Pretty Vegas CB30056-05 Information Society Suicide Blonde SC8530-09 What's On Your Mind SC8313-08 What You Need SC8204-10 Ingram Hill Iommi & Dave Grohl Almost Perfect THP0506-17 Goodbye Lament SC8672-08 Will I Ever Make It Home SD4501-10 Irene Cara Fame SC2085-05 Keep Breathing SC9016-09 Flashdance SC7503-15 Way I Am SC9016-15 Out Here On My Own SC8585-09 Ini Kamoze What A Feeling (Flashdance) NUTECH-0280 Here Comes The Hotstepper SC8746-08 Irene Kelley Inna Little Bluer Than That TU064-01 Hot SF291-09 Irish Songs Inner Circle Cockles & Mussels TU104-01 Bad Boys SC8435-17 Dear Old Donegal TU104-03 Games People Play AH9821-05 Did Your Mother Come From Ireland TU104-04 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da MM6375-07 Finnegan's Wake TU104-05 Sweat (A La La La La Long) SC7597-01 Galway Bay TU104-06 Innosense Goodnight Irene SC2017-03 Say No More SC3204-03 Gypsy Rover TU104-08 Inoj Harrigan AH1701-02 Time After Time PHT9810-06 I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen THMIR01-06 Inspiral Carpets Irish Molly O' TU104-10 I Want You SFMW877-05 Irish Washerwoman AH1701-04 Interpol Isle Of Innisfree TU104-11 Slow Hands THR0502-11 It's A Great Day For The Irish THMIR01-08 Intocable Kerry Dance AH1701-05 Coqueta SC7105-10 Macnamara's Band AH1701-06 Dejame Amarte SCL1537-06 Minstrel Boy TU104-14 El Poder De Tus Manos SCL1552-06 Molly Malone SC2017-08 Ensename A Olvidarte SCL2299-02 Mountains Of Mourne ZMH011-09 Eso Duele SCL1569-04 My Wild Irish Rose SC7598-07 Estas Que Te Pelas SCL1544-07 Notre Dame Victory March TU104-16 La Mentira SC7106-05 Oh, Danny Boy SC7528-05 Más Débil Que Tú SCL1558-02 Orange And The Green SC2017-02 Muy A Tu Manera SCL1564-02 Paddy McGinty's Goat TU104-17 Sonador Eterno SC2226-07 Peg O' My Heart AH1701-09 Soy Un Novato SCL1571-06 Rose Of Tralee TU104-18 Sueña SCL1561-04 Saint Patrick's Day AH1701-11 Ya Estoy Cansado SCL2243-02 Same Old Shillalah TU104-19 Intruders Sweet Rosie O'grady AH1701-12 Cowboys To Girls SC8599-10 Too Ra Loo Ra TU104-20 Inxs Unicorn SC8109-04 After Glow THP0606-14 Water Is Wide TU104-22 Baby Don't Cry SFG020-08 Wearing Of The Green DKM3070-02 Beautiful Girl SC8270-06 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling SC8109-08 Devil Inside SC2252-04 Whiskey In The Jar SC8737-03 Don't Change SC8671-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 148 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Irish Songs Italian Songs Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs. Murphy's TU104-25 Lauretta MM6110-04 Chowder Le Colline Sono In Fiore MDG047-14 Wild Rover SC2017-04 Mala Femina LG017-13 Iron Butterfly Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu LG017-08 In A Gadda Da Vida SC8540-09 Non Ho L Eta' MDG047-02 Iron Maiden O Sole Mio LG017-14 Aces High SC8660-13 Quando M'innamoro MDG047-05 Can I Play With Madness SFMW881-01 Santa Lucia LG017-05 Run To The Hills SC8252-06 Speak Softly, Love (Godfathe LG017-03 Trooper SC8713-10 Tarantella LG017-04 Irving Aaronson & The Commanders That's Amore LG017-09 Let's Misbehave CBEP469-5-11 Ti Amo MM6110-09 Irving Kaufman Tintarella Di Luna MDG047-03 Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here CBE4-30-09 Torna A Surriento LG017-07 Isaac Hayes Un Bugo Nella Sabbia MDG047-07 Theme From Shaft TU095-04 Ventiquattro Milla Baci MDG047-09 Walk On By SC8969-03 Ivan Parker Isle Of Q Be Blessed CB10044-12 Bag Of Tricks THR0103-15 Ivor Biggun Isley Brothers Winker Song SF042-09 Behind A Painted Smile SF088-14 Ivory Joe Hunter Between The Sheets (Part 1) RB01-09 Empty Arms RB14-14 Contagious SC3270-02 Since I Met You Baby SC8196-07 Don't Say Goodnight (Part 1) RB14-05 Ivy League Fight The Power SC8143-12 Funny How Love Can Be SF064-07 I'm So Proud NT35-01 Ivy Queen It’s Your Thing SC7574 06 Papi Te Quero SC8937-14 Just Came Here To Chill PHAC0606-03 Iyaz Shout MMGOLD01-01 Replay SF287-04 Spend The Night SAVP38-16 Solo SF292-08 Summer Breeze SF072-13 J. Browne & T. Schmit Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) SM8861-14 Let It Be Me SC8170-12 Tears SC8476-04 J. Cole That Lady LG183-14 Who Dat PHMU1008-03 This Ole Heart Of Mine SF088-06 J. Geils Band Twist & Shout LG183-12 Ain't Nothing But A House Party SC9001-08 What Would You Do THH0307-12 Centerfold SC7580-11 Who's That Lady CBEP459-2-08 Detroit Breakdown SC8397-14 Isley Brothers Feat Mr. Biggs First I Look At The Purse SC9001-09 What Would You Do THMH0307-12 Flame Thrower SC8624-11 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Freeze Frame SC8197-05 Over The Rainbow PHM0406 06 Give It To Me DG02-12 Isyss I Do SC8715-04 Single For The Rest Of My Life THH0302-17 Looking For Love SC8970-15 Isyss & Jadakiss Love Stinks SC8527-13 Day And Night CB30026-07 Must Have Got Lost LG107-10 Italian Songs One Last Kiss LG107-12 Addio Addio MDG047-11 Take It Back LG107-11 Ah Maria LG017-06 J. Holiday Al Di La LG017-02 It's Yours CB30088-5 Arrivederci Roma MDG047-12 Suffocate SC9022-11 Bella Senz Anima LG017-10 J. J. Jackson Caruso LG017-15 But It's Alright CBEP459-2-09 Che Sara LG017-11 J. Metro Core' Ngrato MDG047-13 My People PHMU1007-09 Funiculi Funicula LG017-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 149 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID J. Michael Harter Jaci Velasquez Hard Call To Make SD098-10 Como Se Cura Una Herida SCL1541-08 J.C. Chasez De Creer En Ti SCL2253-03 Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love) THP0304-11 He TU207-04 Build My World SD4410-06 Imagine Me Without You SC8661-01 Some Girls SD4402-02 Jesus Is TU215-09 Some Girls(Dance With Women) PHM0403P-05 Liegar A Ti SC2219-06 J.C. Crowley Lost Without You TU207-09 Paint The Town And Hang The Moon CB60151-06 On My Knees CBE522-01 J.D. Crowe & The New South Solo Tu SCL2243-04 I'll Stay Around CBEP476-5-08 You're My God CBE4-29-08 Old Home Place CBEP476-4-02 Jaci Velásquez Some Old Day CBEP476-3-06 No Hace Falta Un Hombre SCL1565-01 J.D. Myers Jack Black & Cast When I Think About You SC3042-08 School Of Rock THR0401-15 J.D. Souther Jack Blanchard & M Morgan You're Only Lonely SC8594-05 You've Got Your Troubles SAVA09-06 J.P. Pennington Jack Blanchard & M. Morgan You Gotta Get Serious CB60151-07 Tennessee Birdwalk CB60092-08 Ja Rule Jack Greene Always On Time SC8797-03 All The Time SC8276-12 Between Me And You SC3225-07 Back In The Arms Of Love CB90140-07 SC3390-06 I Need Somebody Bad CB90140-14 Down A$$ Chick SC8766-04 If This Is Love CB90140-11 I Cry SC8720-13 It's Time To Cross That Bridge CB90140-15 Livin' It Up PHM0202-07 Lord Is That Me CB90140-13 Mesmerize SC3348-06 Love Takes Care Of Me CB90140-09 Murder Reigns PHU0307-04 Statue Of A Fool CB60331-11 Put It On Me SC8680-07 There Goes My Everything SC8428-07 PHM0206-05 There's A Whole Lot About A Woman CB90140-12 Reign (Radio Version) SC3371-01 Until My Dreams Come True CB90140-05 Thug Lovin’ PHU0302-03 What Locks The Door CB90140-03 Wonderful PHU0412-09 Whole World Comes To Me CB90140-10 Ja Rule & Ashanti Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You CB90140-08 Always On Time SC8797-03 You Are My Treasure CB90140-04 Mesmerize SC8805-07 Jack Guthrie Ja Rule & Ashanti & Charli Baltimore & Vita Oklahoma Hills CB60332-07 SC8773-09 Jack Ingram Ja Rule & Bobby Brown Barbie Doll PHMC1008-04 Thug Lovin' SC8805-09 Barefoot & Crazy CB60409-05 Ja Rule & Charli Chuck Baltimore Flutter SC8394-12 Down A$$ Chick SC8766-04 Free PHMC1004 Ja Rule & Christina Milian How Many Days SC8578-05 Between Me And You SC3225-07 Lips Of An Angel SC8996-02 Ja Rule & Fat Joe & Jadakiss Love You SC8986-04 New York PHU0502-03 Maybe She'll Get Lonely PHN0802-07 Ja Rule & Lil' Mo Measure Of A Man SC9004-03 I Cry SC8720-13 Mustang Burn CB60202-01 Ja Rule & Mary J. Blige One Thing CB60238-11 Rainy Dayz SC8752-06 Seeing Stars CB60432-04 Ja Rule, Lil' Mo & Vita That's A Man CB60393-05 Put It On Me SC8680-07 Wherever You Are SC8992-14 Jace Everett Work This Out CB60200-03 Bad Things SC8952-13 Jack Ingram & Patty Griffin Nowhere In The Neighborhood CB60351-14 Seeing Stars CB60430 That's The Kind Of Love I'm In CB60342-05 Jack Johnson Jaci Velasquez Bubbletoes THP0302-16

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 150 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jack Johnson Jackson Browne Flake SC8778-04 Cocaine BS6817-05 Free PHR0408-01 Doctor My Eyes LG242-16 Good People SFMW875-01 Here Come Those Tears Again MM6118-04 Horizon Has Been Defeated PHM0308-05 I'm Alive NT28-01 If I Had Eyes CB30070-07 I'm The Cat SC8316-04 Sitting, Waiting, Wishing CB30051-06 Love Needs A Heart BS6817-07 Upside Down CB30058-15 My Problem Is You SC8238-13 You And Your Heart CB30132-12 Nothing But Time BS6817-08 Jack Johnson & Donavon Frankenreiter Road BS6817-02 Free PHR0408-01 Rock Me On The Water LG242-11 Jack Jones Rosie BS6817-03 Alfie MM6085-11 Running On Empty LG242-17 Call Me Irresponsible TU179-03 Shaky Town BS6817-06 Day In The Life Of A Fool LG158-02 Somebody's Baby SC8467-06 Impossible Dream SFMW836-13 Stay HSPAK3-06-01 Lady LG158-03 Take It Easy LG242-15 Somewhere My Love SGB059-10 The Pretender LG242-14 Wives And Lovers SFMW819-04 You Love The Thunder BS6817-04 Jack Scott Jackyl Burning Bridges SC8575-07 Lumberjack SC8660-09 What In The World's Come Over You SC7566-08 Jadakiss Jack Wagner Day And Night CB30026-07 All I Need SC7564-12 Time's Up PHU0408-09 Jackie Deshannon U Make Me Wanna PHP0501-05 Put A Little Love In Your Heart SC8651-09 Who's Real PHU0908-03 What The World Needs Now Is Love SC7532-08 Why SIN0016-06 Jackie Lee Jadakiss & Anthony Hamilton White Horses SFMW881-08 Why THH0412-12 Jackie Trent Jadakiss & Mariah Carey Make It Easy On Yourself SFMW819-05 U Make Me Wanna PHM0501-05 Where Are You Now SF085-07 Jadakiss & Nate Dogg Jackie Wilson Time's Up PHU0408-09 Baby Workout LG183-11 Jadakiss Feat Ayanna Irish Doggin' Around LG183-09 Can't Stop Me PHMU0904 Higher & Higher SF018-04 Jadakiss Feat Swizz Beatz & Oj Da Juiceman I Get The Sweetest Feeling SF018-15 Who's Real PHMU0908 SC8110-11 Jade SF048-07 5432Yo! Time Is Up MM6091-06 That's Why MM6156-15 Don't Walk Away SC8374-10 To Be Loved LG183-08 Every Day Of The Week SC8150-14 Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher SC8951-08 Looking For Mr. Right NT20-11 Jackson 5 Jade Anderson ABC CB90367-06 Sugarhigh THH0210-15 Blame It On The Boogie SFMW878-09 Jadyn Maria Can You Feel It SFMW830-02 Good Girls Like Bad Boys CB30107-06 Dancing Machine KBA22842-11 Jagged Edge Enjoy Yourself SAVP38-02 Good Luck Charm PHU0606-08 I Want You Back SC8863-06 Goodbye SC8735-08 I'll Be There. SM8851-08 I Got It THH0206-12 Love You Save DK075-07 Let's Get Married NSP2008-05 Mama's Pearl SM8854-02 Promise SC8673-08 Never Can Say Goodbye SC8323-01 Put A Little Umph In It PHU0710-05 Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town SC2514-08 Walked Outa Heaven PHM0403P-04 Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) SC8951-10 Walked Outta Heaven (Radio Version) SC8849-08 Stomp RB02-15 What's It Like THH0405-17 Where I Come From SC8743-06 Where The Party At PHM0112-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 151 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jagged Edge & Nelly Jamelia Where The Party's At PHM0112-09 Superstar SF210-12 Jaggerz Thank You MRE06-06 Rapper SC8204-12 James Jaheim Laid SC8856-12 Ain't Leavin' Without You CB30127-02 Runaground SFMW881-06 Anything SC3310-07 Say Something SFMW877-07 Backtight THH0401-14 Sit Down SF112-14 Chosen One PHU0606-07 James & Bobby Purify Could It Be SC8688-13 Shake A Tail Feather SFCC01-19 Diamond In Da Ruff PHU0403-05 James Blunt Everytime I Think About Her PHU0601-05 1973 CB30067-04 Fabulous SC3348-05 1973 (Radio Version) SC9014-07 Finding My Way Back CB30132-04 Goodbye My Lover SC8967-02 Never CB30074-08 High CB30059-05 Put That Woman First PHU0307-05 You’Re Beautiful (Radio Version) SC8957-14 Jaheim & Jadakiss You're Beautiful SF233-14 Everytime I Think About Her PHU0601-05 James Bonamy Jaheim & Next All I Do Is Love Her SC8336-06 Anything THP0206-10 I Don't Think I Will SC8289-07 Jaheim & Tha Rayne Little Blue Dot CB60065-04 Fabulous SC8805-11 Naked To The Pain SC8388-03 Jaimeson She's Got A Mind Of Her Own SC8232-15 Complete SF208-11 Swing SC3019-04 Jakatta & Seal My Vision EZH17-10 Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine, (Part I) SC8870-05 Jake Owen Hot Pants, Pt 1 SC8969-06 Don't Think I Can't Love You PHMC0904 I Feel Good SC8106-08 Eight Second Ride PHMC0909 I Got You (I Feel Good) SC8704-01 Something About A Woman SC9018-14 I'll Go Crazy SC8339-11 Startin' With Me SC9003-13 I've Got Soul (And I'm Super Bad) DG11-10 Tell Me CB60438-01 I've Got You (I Feel Good) NUTECH-0854 Yee Haw SC8965-04 Living In America SC8704-02 Jam Papa Don't Take No Mess SC8386-07 Absolute Beginners SFG008-08 Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag (Part 1) SC7571 15 All Around The World SFG008-05 Please Please Please SC8339-02 Beat Surrender SFG008-13 Say It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud MM6279-08 Bitterest Pill (I've Ever Had To Swallow) SFG008-04 Sex Machine SFMW805-11 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight SFG008-06 This Is A Man's World SC8327-01 Eaton Rifles SF133-06 Try Me RB16-08 Eton Rifles SFG008-07 James Darren Funeral Pyre SFG008-09 Goodbye Cruel World SC8513-07 Going Underground SF029-15 James Gang Just Who Is The Five O'clock Hero SFG008-12 Funk #49 SC8724-10 Modern World SFG008-15 Walk Away SC8210-03 Start SFG008-02 James Horn Strange Town SFG008-10 Texas Diary MM6225-08 That's Entertainment SFG008-11 James House Town Called Malice SF105-11 Anything For Love SD019-13 Jamaica Little By Little SC8159-10 Tell Me Where It Hurts SC8487-15 Sometimes I Forget NS23-07 Jamelia This Is Me Missing You SC8173-09 Beware Of The Dog SF250-06 James Ingram Dj SF223-05 Baby Come To Me CBE617-07 See It In A Boy's Eyes SF220-07 Forever More (I'll Be The One) SC3118-01 Something About You SF247-08 How Do You Keep The Music Playing BS4117-05 Stop EZH040-07 I Dont Have The Heart SC8126-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 152 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID James Ingram James Taylor Just Once SC7509-11 Steamroller SC8339-12 One Hundred Ways SC8824-11 Sweet Baby James SC8871-10 Somebody To Love SC8270-09 That Lonesome Road SC8891-02 Someone Like You SC8270-07 Traffic Jam (Live Version) SC8891-07 Treat Her Right SC8244-12 Up On A Roof RSZ620-16 Whatever We Imagine BS5317-15 Up On The Roof LG076-13 Where Did My Heart Go SC8318-07 Walking Man RSZ620-17 James Ingram & Anita Baker Wide Open Spaces SC3350-08 When You Love Someone KBA22912-14 You Can Close Your Eyes RSZ620-14 James Ingram & Austin Your Smiling Face SC8417-06 Baby Come To Me SFMW846-11 You've Got A Friend SC8871-09 James Ingram & John Tesh James Taylor & Carly Simon Forever More I'll Be The One SC8515-01 Mockingbird SC8808-11 Give Me Forever (I Do) SC3061-01 James Taylor & Dixie Chicks James Ingram & Michael McDonald Wide Open Spaces SC3350-08 Ya Mo B There SC8790-09 James Taylor & J. D. Souther James Ingram & Patti Austin Her Town Too SC8871-06 How Do You Keep The Music Playing SC8482-01 James Wesley James Lann Jackson Hole PHMC1004 Moving On PHN1005-09 Jameson Clark James Morrison Don't Play Any Love Songs SC3281-07 Pieces Don't Fit Anymore SF250-17 Still Smokin’. CB60233-02 Wonderful World SF248-07 You Da Man CB60240-01 You Give Me Something SF246-10 Jamey Johnson James Otto Dollar SC8959-12 Ain't Gonna Stop CB60374-11 High Cost Of Living CB60404-5 Ball CB60237-04 In Color CB60374-10 Days Of Our Lives SC8862-14 My Way To You CB60419-5 For You CB60379-13 Rebelicious CB60352-05 Groovy Little Summer Song CB60434-07 That Lonesome Song CB60387-02 Just Got Started Lovin You CB60371-04 The Dollar SC3457-05 Since You Brought It Up CB60410-15 Jamie Cullum Sunday Morning & Saturday Night CB60323-08 All At Sea PHR0409-09 These Are The Good Old Days CB60395-11 Frontin' SFMW852-08 James Prosser High & Dry ZMP074-09 Angels Don't Fly SC3149-03 It's About Time ZMP074-12 Life Goes On SC8524-05 Next Year, Baby ZMP074-13 James Purify & Bobby These Are The Days ZMP074-10 I'm Your Puppet SC8255-10 Twentysomething ZMP074-11 Shake A Tail Feather SC8330-15 Wind Cries Mary ZMP074-14 James Taylor Jamie Foxx Carolina In My Mind SC8871-02 Can I Take You Home THH0606-14 Copperline SC8871-04 Dj Play A Love Song PHU0606-01 Country Road SC8871-03 Extravaganza THMU0601-07 Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight SC8871-01 Unpredictable PHU0602-04 Fire And Rain SC8871-05 Unpredictable (Radio Version) SC8958-15 Handy Man SC8871-13 Jamie Foxx & Ludacris Her Town Too SC8871-06 Unpredictable PHM0206U-04 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) SC8871-08 Jamie Foxx & Twista Little More Time With You SC8457-08 Dj Play A Love Song THH0608-10 Long Ago & Far Away RSZ620-12 Jamie Foxx Feat. Kanye West Mexico SC8871-12 Extravaganza PAN2006-01 Mockingbird SC8871-11 Jamie O' Neal Never Die Young SC8259-04 I'm Not Going To Do Anything Without You TU119-10 Shower The People SC7533-10 Jamie O'hara Something In The Way She Moves PI043-13 50,000 Names SC8137-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 153 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jamie O'neal Jane Slade Every Little Thing SD108-04 Gudbuy T SF035-02 Frantic SC8795-05 Jane Wiedlin God Don't Make Mistakes CB60363-07 Rush Hour ZMH008-11 I Love My Life CB60347-15 Janedear Girls Like A Woman CB60393-06 Wildflower CB60443-03 Not So Distant Day SC8759-10 Jane's Addiction Only Thing Wrong TU079-16 Been Caught Stealing SC8466-02 Sanctuary TU106-14 Jane Says SC8603-04 Shiver SC8795-12 Just Because PHR0309-04 Soldier Comin' Home PHN0910-09 True Nature PHR0312-03 Somebody's Hero SC8933-11 Janet Dammit There Is No Arizona SC8653-10 The Rocky Horror Show SFG033-10 Trying To Find Atlantis SC8898-09 Janet Jackson When I Think About Angels SC8690-02 Again SC8113-12 Jamie O'neal & Michael McDonald All For You SF178-06 Not So Distant Day SC8759-10 All Nite THH0411-13 Jamie Slocum Alright CB90174-08 Say Hello To Heaven CB60362-09 Any Time, Any Place CB90174-14 Jamie T Because Of Love SC8113-06 If You Got The Money THHP0701-18 Best Things In Life Are Free BS8217-03 Jamie Walters Black Cat CB90174-13 Hold On SC8187-12 Call On Me CB30060-11 Why SC8195-04 Can't B Good CB30072-04 Come Back To Me CB90174-09 Canned Heat SC3151-03 Control DK018-03 Corner Of The Earth SF193-16 Dosen't Really Matter SF170-07 Cosmic Girl SFMW846-05 Escapade CB90174-10 Little L SF183-01 Everytime SF129-06 Love Foolosophy SF190-02 Feedback THHP0806-13 Runaway THHP0702-10 Go Deep CB40010-02 Virtual Insanity SC8389-10 I Get Lonely SF120-03 You Give Me Something SF185-05 I Want You THH0406-12 Jan & Dean If BS8217-07 Dead Man's Curve SC8258-10 If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful SC8153 08 Drag City SC8202-10 Lets Wait A While SC8126-15 Surf City SC8651-12 Love Me For A Little While CB30044-02 Jan Beard Love Will Never Do (Without You) CB90174-05 Speakin' Of The Devil SC8324-10 Luv PHU0805-02 Jana Miss You Much DK033-01 Ooh Baby, Baby SC8542-13 Nasty SC8863-04 Jane Child Pleasure Principle SC8863-14 I Don't Wanna Fall In Love SFMW843-03 Rhythm Nation CB90174-01 Jane Manheit Rock With U CB30071-08 If MM6393-09 Runaway SC8203-12 I'm Through With Love MM6393-13 Someone To Call My Lover SF181-04 My Foolish Heart MM6393-06 Son Of A Gun SF187-02 Jane McDonald That's The Way Love Goes CBEP458-5-03 12Th Of Never SF128-16 Together Again SF116-13 You're My World SF145-06 Twenty Foreplay SC8248-09 Jane Morgan What Have You Done For Me SF011-15 Day That The Rains Came SF062-09 When I Think Of You SC8391-14 Fascination DK095-15 You Want This SC8279-14 Jane Siberry Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross Calling All Angels SC8850-06 Best Things In Life Are Free SFMW812-08 Jane Siberry & K.D. Lang Janet Jackson & Nelly Calling All Angels (Duet Version) SC8850-17 Call On Me PHU0609-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 154 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Janie Fricke Jars Of Clay Always Have, Always Will SC8767-06 Revolution TU207-12 It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy SC9902-09 Whatever She Wants TU190-15 You Don't Know Love SC9508-13 Jason Aldean Your Heart's Not In It SC8375-02 Amarillo Sky SC8986-11 Janie Frickie Big Green Tractor CB60413 Do Me With Love CBE4-17-07 Crazy Town CB60436-01 Don't Worry 'Bout Me Baby CB60122-12 Hicktown (Radio Version) SC8933-10 Down To My Last Broken Heart SC7568-15 Johnny Cash CB60362-04 Easy To Please CB90113-13 Laughed Until We Cried SC9011-02 He's A Heartache SC8398-06 Relentless CB60376-08 I'll Need Someone To Hold Me When I Cry MM6126-15 She's Country CB60395-5 Let's Stop Talkin' About It SC8434-02 Truth CB60425-05 She's Single Again SC8414-14 Why PAN2006-01 Tell Me A Lie SC8414-05 Jason Derulo Janie Frickie & Charlie Rich In My Head SF289-03 On My Knees PI209-11 Ridin' Solo SF291-11 Janie Frickie & Johnny Duncan Jason Donovan Pride CB90113-14 Too Many Broken Hearts PUK326-08 Janie Frickie & Merle Haggard Jason Jones Place To Fall Apart PI213-16 Unlikely Angel CB60416 Janis Ian Jason Meadows At 17 SGB21-12 100% Cowboy PHN0709-07 At Seventeen SC2116-04 Jason Michael Carroll Days Like These SC8302-13 Alyssa Lies SC8996-12 From Me To You SC8510-07 Hurry Home CB60416 Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking) SC8750-15 I Can Sleep When I'm Dead CB60372-01 Janis Joplin Livin' Our Love Song CB60364-05 Ball And Chain LG105-06 Where I'm From PHMC0902 Cry Baby LG105-03 Jason Mraz Down On Me SC8591-12 Curbside Prophet THMP0409-15 Get It While You Can LG105-08 Geek In The Pink PHM0605-08 Kosmic Blues LG105-07 I'm Yours CB30074-04 Me And Bobby McGee SC8591-13 Lucky CB30093-08 Mercedes Benz LG105-02 Make It Mine CB30084-10 Move Over SC9001-13 Remedy SC8831-01 Piece Of My Heart SC8591-06 Wordplay SC3448-05 Summertime SC8591-05 You And I Both SC8859-06 Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) SC8552-01 Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat Jann Arden Lucky CB30091-15 Could I Be Your Girl KAR005-04 Jason Nevins & Holly James Good Mother SC8337-10 I`M In Heaven SF208-12 Insensitive SC8348-12 Jason Sellers Jann Browne Can't Help Calling Your Name SC8614-08 It Only Hurts When I Laugh CB60141-02 I'm Your Man SC8394-02 Tell Me Why CB60086-14 Matter Of Time CB60179-13 Janna Long That Does It SC3059-04 Greater Is He CBE4-29-10 This Small Divide CB60085-08 Japan Javier I Second That Emotion SFMW831-07 Beautiful U R THH0406-17 Quiet Life SFMW832-08 Crazy PHU0312-09 Jarmels Javier Solis Little Bit Of Soap MM6401-06 Esclavo Y Amo OKE0002-07 Jars Of Clay Las Rejas No Matan OKE0002-06 Crazy Times TU188-06 Javine Flood SC8661-11 Real Things SF207-13 I Need You TU188-11 Surrender SF211-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 155 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Javine Jay Z . Mr. Husdon SF232-15 Young Forever SF288-13 Jay & The Americans Jay Z Feat Alicia Keys Cara Mia SC8258-05 Empire State Of Mind PHMU0912 Come A Little Bit Closer SC7541-15 Jay Z Feat Young Jeezy Let's Lock The Door (And Throw Away The LG065-06 Real As It Gets PHMU0912 Key)(B) Jayhawks Only In America LG065-04 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me SC8622-14 She Cried SC8686-05 Jaynetts Some Enchanted Evening LG065-03 Sally Go Round The Roses CBEP459-4-17 Sunday And Me LG065-05 Jazmine Sullivan This Magic Moment SC7532-09 Bust Your Windows CB30088-9 Walkin In The Rain LG065-08 In Love With Another Man CB30106 Jay & The Techniques Lions, Tigers & Bears CB30094-5 Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie SC8418-01 Love Will Stay The Same PHMU1008-09 Keep The Ball Rollin' SAVP27-04 Need U Bad CB30086-07 Jay Ferguson Jazz Thunder Island SC8393-14 Anniversary Song SGB03-14 Jay Sean Auld Lang Syne SGB03-01 Do You Remember CB30118 Autumn Leaves SGB02-03 Down CB30116-08 Begin The Beguine JV0018-07 Jay Sean & Lil Jon Blame It On My Youth SGB02-07 Do You Remember SF289-09 Body And Soul SGB02-02 Jay Z Child Is Born SGB02-10 99 Problems SC8879-06 Days Of Wine And Roses SGB01-01 Big Pimpin' SC8656-01 Everything Happens To Me SGB02-13 Bonnie & Clyde SC8801-05 Good Morning Heartache SGB01-13 Can I Get A.... SC8612-11 Green Dolphin Street SGB02-08 Change Clothes SC8864-06 Here's That Rainy Day SGB02-05 Crazy In Love TU225-02 How Insensitive SGB03-12 Dirt Off Your Shoulder SC8878-10 I Could Write A Book SGB03-04 Empire State Of Mind PHU0912-01 I'm Old Fashioned SGB01-04 Excuse Me Miss SC8822-09 It Could Happen To You SGB02-09 Get This Money TU168-08 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie JV0018-08 Girls Girls Girls SC8731-02 Just One Of Those Things SGB03-05 Hard Knock Life MM6299-10 Lady Is A Tramp SGB01-07 I Know PHU0803-02 Like Someone In Love SGB01-14 Just Wanna Love U SC8659-08 Little Brown Jug JV0018-03 Lost One PHU0703-08 Lullaby Of Birdland JV0018-06 Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde SC3343-05 More SGB01-02 Real As It Gets PHU0912-08 My One And Only Love SGB01-10 Roc Boys PHU0801-06 My Romance SGB01-05 Run This Town PHM0911-02 Oh Look At Me Now SGB02-11 Show Me What You Got PHU0701-02 On A Slow Boat To China SGB01-06 Young Forever PHM1005-02 Polka Dots And Moonbeams SGB03-06 Jay Z & Beyonce Satin Doll SGB01-09 Bonnie & Clyde SC8853-02 Scotch And Soda SGB01-12 Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde THH0302-10 Song Is You SGB03-02 Jay Z & Missy Elliott Stardust SGB03-13 Back In The Day SC8822-12 Stella By Starlight SGB02-12 Jay Z & Pharrell Summer Time SGB01-11 Change Clothes SF214-13 Summer Wind SGB02-01 Jay Z & R Kelly Sweet Georgia Brown SGB03-07 Get This Money TU168-08 Take The A Train JV0018-04 Jay Z & Swizz Beatz There Will Never Be Another You SGB02-14 On To The Next One PHMU1004 This Time The Dreams On Me SGB02-15 Jay Z . Mr. Husdon Thou Swell SGB02-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 156 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jazz Jeff Carson Wave SGB03-03 Here's The Deal CB60029-04 Way You Look Tonight SGB01-03 Holdin' On To Something SC8253-14 When Sunny Gets Blue SGB03-09 I Can Only Imagine CB60313-07 You Don't Know What Love Is SGB01-15 Not On Your Love SC8186-03 You Stepped Out Of A Dream SGB02-04 Real Life (I Never Was The Same Again) SC8714-01 You Took Advantage Of Me SGB03-10 Santa Got Lost In Texas CB20158-08 You Turned The Tables On Me SGB03-11 Shine On SC8474-04 Young And Foolish SGB03-08 That Last Mile SC8311-05 Jean Knight Until We Fall Back In Love Again SC3306-08 Mr Big Stuff HV04-05 When You Said You Loved Me CB60361-14 Jean Leloup Yeah Buddy SC8171-04 1990 FRENCH50-01 Jeff Deyo Isabelle FRENCH50-01 More Love More Power TU190-09 Rock & Roll Pauvreté FRENCH50-01 Jeff Dugan Jean Shepard Don't Tell Her CB60172-14 Dear John Letter CBE4-13-08 Jeff Easter & Sheri Easter Satisfied Mind CBE2-06-11 My Country CB60318-11 Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar CB60131-12 Jeff Foxworthy Slippin' Away CB80104-07 Here's Your Sign Christmas CB20204-07 Jeanie Ortega Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas SC8780-14 Crowded PHM0608-05 Twas The Night After Christmas CB20204-10 Jeannie C. Riley Jeff Healey Band Harper Valley P.T.A. SC7515-09 Angel Eyes SC7545-11 Jeannie Kendall Blue Jean Blues SGB27-09 That's What Your Love Does To Me CB6309-13 Confidence Man SFMW828-02 Jeannie Pruett I Think I Love You Too Much DKM3094-05 Satin Sheets SC7544-11 Lost In Your Eyes SC8270-10 Jeannie Seely While My Guitar Gently Weeps SGB066-02 Don't Touch Me CBEP451-6-04 Jeff Moore Jedd Hughes She's Over You SC8271-10 High Lonesome CB60324-15 Wrangler Butts CB60029-10 Soldier For The Lonely SD130-13 Jeff Timmons Ft. Vanilla Ice Whisper That Way THP0412-01 Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) SF289-10 Jeff Wood Jeff Bates Use Mine SC3010-04 Don't Hate Me For Lovin' You CB60373-13 You Call That A Mountain SC3030-06 Good People CB60342-07 You Just Get One CB60007-07 I Wanna Make You Cry CB60321-05 Jefferson Airplane Long, Slow Kisses CB60329-10 Somebody To Love SC8353-13 Love Song SC8816-13 Volunteers SC8861-05 No Shame CB60348-05 White Rabbit SC8172-07 One Second Chance CB60354-04 Jefferson Starship One Thing CB60401-13 Count On Me SC8314-06 Rainbow Man SC8847-05 Find Your Way Back SC8580-02 Riverbank CB60381-07 Jane SC8658-04 Jeff Beck Miracles LG105-13 Hi Ho Silver Lining SF023-04 Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now BL19-07 I Ain't Superstitious SC8675-09 Runaway SC7561-04 Jeff Buckley We Built This City SC8609-09 Grace SFMW859-06 With Your Love MM6111-15 Last Goodbye SC8942-02 Jeffery Osborne Jeff Carson On The Wings Of Love SC8126-13 Butterfly Kisses SD039-03 Jeffrey Osborne Car SC8205-03 Don't You Get So Mad LG225-11 Cheatin' On Her Heart SC3056-07 In Your Eyes PS1273-14 Do It Again SC3030-03 Morning After I Made Love To You SC8244-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 157 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jeffrey Osborne Jennifer Knapp Place Where You Belong SC3113-08 Say Won't You Say TU128-11 Stay With Me Tonight MM6368-12 Sing Alleluia TU128-12 We're Going All The Way LG225-13 The Way I Am TU128-15 You Should Be Mine PS1273-13 You Should Be Mine ( Woo Song) LG225-09 Ain' It Funny-Remix TU121-03 Jeffrey Steele Ain't It Funny SC8735-03 Girl Like You SC3014-03 Alive SC8768-06 Good To Go SD097-10 All I Have SC8853-06 I Can Give You Love Like That CB60230-10 Amor Se Paga Con Amor SCL1540-02 Somethin' In The Water SC8723-13 Baby I Love You SC8844-13 Jekyll & Hyde Carino SCL1540-04 Confrontation PS1401-18 Cherry Pie SF234-11 Dangerous Game PS1401-16 Come Over SK543-06 In His Eyes PS1401-15 Could This Be Love MM6308-09 Love Has Come Of Age PS1151-10 Crazy Little Thing Called Love SF144-10 New Life PS1151-15 Dame Touch Me Part 2 SCL1532-04 No One Knows Who I Am PS1151-14 Dance With Me SK543-07 Once Upon A Dream PS1401-14 Do It Well SC9009-13 Someone Like You PS1401-13 Feelin' So Good SC8587-10 This Is The Moment PS1151-11 Get Right SC8914-06 Til You Came Into My Life PS1151-13 Hold You Down SF231-02 Jelly Beans I’M Glad SF206-15 I Wanna Love Him So Bad SC8599-02 If You Had My Love SC8542-15 Jem I'm Glad SC8827-12 24 THP0506-10 I'm Gonna Be Alright SC8766-05 They SF230-09 I'm Gonna Be Alright (Remix) HTG1007-12 Jenai I'm Real SC3270-07 Cool Me Down SC3342-05 Jenny From The Block SC8793-10 South Side Stomp CB60238-06 Lets Get Loud SF168-15 Jenkins Louboutins CB30121 Blame It On Mama SC8881-10 Love Don't Cost A Thing SC8664-12 Getaway Car CB60327-10 Loving You TU201-10 Jennifer Day No Me Ames VPSC8054-07 Completely SC2406-02 One TU201-12 Fun Of Your Love SC8590-06 Play SC8695-13 What If It's Me SC3207-06 Promise Me You'll Try MM6308-10 Jennifer Ellison Secretly SK543-08 Baby I Don’T Care SFMW840-01 Should've Never CB90175-13 Bye Bye Boy EZH037-09 Si Ya Se Acabo SCL1540-06 Jennifer Hanson Talk About Us SK531-09 Beautiful Goodbye SC8784-02 That's Not Me SK543-09 Half A Heart Tattoo CB60248-12 That's The Way SK543-10 Joyride CB60367-10 Too Late CB90175-14 This Far Gone CB60309-15 Una Noche Mas TZLTPK-1-05 Jennifer Hudson Waiting For Tonight SC8559-09 And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going SC8999-01 Walking On Sunshine SK543-03 Giving Myself CB30106 We Gotta Talk SK543-05 If This Isn't Love PHMH0902-2 Jennifer Lopez & . 50 Cent I'm His Only Woman CB30101-06 I'm Gonna Be Alright CBEP473-5-01 Pocketbook CB30098-08 Jennifer Lopez & Chayanne Spotlight CB30080-05 Dame SCL1540-03 Jennifer Hudson & Fantasia Jennifer Lopez & Fat Joe I'm His Only Woman PHMU903 Hold You Down PHM0505U-03 Jennifer Knapp Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule Breathe On Me TU128-05 Ain' It Funny TU201-01 By & By TU128-06 I'm Real SC8741-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 158 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jennifer Lopez & Jadakis & Styles Jeremy Camp Jenny From The Block THH0301-15 I Still Believe SC8919-06 Jennifer Lopez & Jay Z This Man SC8962-12 I'm Real HTG1001-02 Jeremy McComb Jennifer Lopez & Ll Cool J Cold CB60400-08 All I Have SC8853-06 This Town Needs A Bar CB60376-04 Control Myself PHU0605-08 Jeremy Toback Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony You Make Me Feel SC8595-02 No Me Ames SCL2207-03 Jermaine Dupri Jennifer Lopez & Nas Gotta Getcha PHMU0509-04 I'm Gonna Be Alright SC3314-05 Welcome To Atlanta SC3296-05 Jennifer Lopez & Nox Jermaine Dupri & Ludacris Jenny From The Block EZH18-12 Welcome To Atlanta SC8744-05 Jennifer Lopez Ftg. Ludacris Jermaine Jackson Do It Well ESP491-06 Let's Get Serious SC8984-11 Jennifer Love Hewitt Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming DK046-05 Barenaked CB3029-12 Jermaine Jackson & Whitney Houston How Do I Deal SC8503-10 If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful SC8153-08 Jennifer Paige Jermaine Stewart Always You SC3161-03 We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off SC8824-08 Beautiful SC3216-05 Jerrod Niemann Crush SC8473-12 Lover, Lover PHMC1006-02 Sober SC3116-04 Jerry Buckner & Gerry Garcia These Days SC3278-04 Pac-Man Fever SC8927-06 Jennifer Pena Jerry Burkhart El Deseo De Ti SCL1567-07 Dodging Memories TU249-06 El Dolor De Tu Presencia SCL1557-01 Jerry Butler Entre El Delirio Y La Locura SCL1562-08 LG139-13 Fuego Lento SCL1572-05 He Will Break Your Heart SC8251-01 Vivo Y Muero En Tu Piel SCL1580-01 Let It Be Me MM6401-14 Jennifer Pena & Daniel René Only The Strong Survive SC8364-01 El Deseo De Ti SCL1567-07 What's The Use Of Breaking Up SC8755-15 Jennifer Rush Jerry Butler & Betty Everett Power Of Love FLY003-07 Let It Be Me KBA22912-16 Jennifer Rush & Celine Dion Jerry Butler & The Impressions Power Of Love SF003-05 Make It Easy On Yourself MMRB04-09 Jennifer Warnes Jerry Cantrell I Know A Heartache When I See One CBE3-21-07 Anger Rising PHR0207-06 It Goes Like It Goes MM6329-12 Leave Me Alone SC8308-14 Right Time Of The Night SC8292-02 Jerry Corbetta Jennifer Warnes & Bill Medley Don't Call Us We'll SC8539-01 I've Had The Time Of My Life CBEP471-1-09 Jerry Corbetta & Sugarloaf Time Of My Life SAVP18-05 Don't Call Us We'll Call You SC8539-01 Jennifer Warnes & Joe Cocker Jerry Jeff Walker Up Where We Belong SF110-10 Pissin In The Wind AMS2001-02 Jennifer Wilson Up Against The Wall You Redneck SC8333-15 Jingle Bells CB60306-11 Jerry Kilgore Jenny Simpson Cactus In A Coffee Can CB60203-11 Ticket Out Of Kansas SC8496-09 Look SC8590-12 Jentina Love Trip SC8560-04 Bad Ass Strippa SF220-15 Jerry Lee Lewis Jeremiah Clarke Another Place, Another Time CB90082-11 Voluntary SC2181-08 Breathless SC8513-05 Jeremih Chantilly Lace ESS04-03 Birthday Sex PHMU0909 Drinkin' Wine MM6189-03 Break Up To Make Up PHMU1002 Great Balls Of Fire SC7502-07 Imma Star PHU0911-01 High School Confidential SC8770-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 159 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jerry Lee Lewis Jesse McCartney Middle Age Crazy CBE4-16-11 Beautiful Soul SC3428 02 Once More With Feeling CBE603-12 How Do You Sleep CB30091-9 One Minute Past Eternity CB90082-06 It's Over CB30079-05 Rockin' My Life Away CBE2-22-15 Leavin' CB30070-05 She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye CB90082-10 Right Where You Want Me CB30061-04 There Must Be More To Love Than This CB90082-13 Shes No You PHMP0507-02 Thirty Nine And Holding CB90082-09 Jesse McCartney Feat T Pain What Made Milwaukee Famous SC8428-08 Body Language PHMP0912 What'd I Say LG052-10 Jesse Powell Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On SC7222-08 You SC8523-11 Would You Take Another Chance On Me CB90082-14 Jessi Alexander You Win Again CB90082-02 Canyon Prayer SD132-12 Jerry McGuire Honeysuckle Sweet CB60323-07 Secret Garden MM6219-04 Jessi Colter Jerry Mungo I’m Not Lisa SC7588-12 In The Summertime SC7548-15 Jessica Andrews Jerry Piper Everything CB60395-9 Galway Bay SC8737-04 Good Times SD110-10 Helplessly, Hopelessly SC8711-03 Amos Moses SC8335-04 I Do Now SC8623-05 Bird SC8582-04 SC8520-09 Christmas Time's A Comin' CBEP462-4-01 Karma SC8736-04 East Bound And Down SC8434-09 Make Me Love You CB60216-07 Good Woman's Love SC8697-13 Now CB60311-04 I Love You What Can I Say SC8567-14 Summer Girl CB60342-03 Lord Mr Ford SC8517-10 There's More To Me Than You SC8807-01 She Got The Gold Mine, I Got The Shaft SC8183-01 Unbreakable Heart THBC05-15 When You're Hot, You're Hot SC8355-09 Unbreakable Heart (Radio Versi SC8584-08 Jerry Rivera Who I Am SC8655-03 Herida Mortal SCL1566-06 You Go First SC8549-11 Llorare SC7112-12 Mi Libertad SCL1573-03 Come Back SF192-12 Muero SCL1541-04 Everytime We Say Goodbye EZA010-05 Quiero SCL1534-05 Jessica Harp Si Tu Me Faltas SCL1508-06 Boy Like Me CB60404-9 Vuela Muy Alto SCL1553-03 Woman Needs CB60431-08 Jerry Vale Jessica Riddle Al Di La MM6240-15 Even Angels Fall SC8601-13 Be My Love MM6240-08 Jessica Simpson Love Me The Way I Love You MM6240-10 Come On Over CB60379-15 Love Me With All Your Heart MM6240-14 Fired Up SF239-06 Mama MM6240-12 I Belong To Me THP0612-12 Jerry Wallace I Think I'm In Love With You SC8618-03 If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry SC7555-15 I Wanna Love You Forever SC8581-02 In The Misty Moonlight CB60129-15 Irresistible SC8702-04 Primrose Lane SC7560-05 Little Bit CB3017-12 Jerzee Monet Pray Out Loud CB60401-15 Most High THH0210-14 Public Affair SF246-14 Work It Out THH0306-13 Remember That PHMC0901 Jesse Cooke Sweetest Sin CB3040-09 Fall At Your Feet TU174-07 Take My Breath Away SC8878-11 Jesse Hunter These Boots Are Made For Walkin' PHM0509-04 By The Way She's Lookin' SC8324-01 Where You Go NSP2003-08 Long Legged Hannah SC8152-08 With You SC8865-13 Jesse Lee Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey It's A Girl Thing CB60410-9 Where You Are SC8601-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 160 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jessie Belvin Jewel Good Night My Love (Pleasant Dreams) AH8012-03 Don't SC2169-04 Jessie Colter Down So Long SC8531-09 I'm Not Lisa SC8207-04 Foolish Games SC8395-09 What's Happened To Blue Eyes SC8494-07 Fragile Heart ZMP032-04 Jessie Hill Good Day SD4609-10 Ooh Poo Pah Doo DK037-10 Hands SC8499-12 Jessie James Hearts Of Stone RB21-07 I Look So Good (Without You) PHM0911-07 I'm Sensitive SC2169-05 Wanted PHM0907-02 Intuition SC8834-13 Jesters Jupiter SC8548-11 So Strange MM6409-11 Morning Song SC2169-03 Jesus Christ Superstar Near You Always SC3016-03 Could We Start Again Please STS6006-11 Serve The Ego CB3032-09 Damned For All Timeblood Money PSJT038-06 Stand THP0312-16 Everything's Alright STS6006-03 Standing Still SC8731-04 Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say) PSJT038-08 Stronger Woman THC0805-12 Heaven On Their Minds PSJT038-02 Sweet Home Alabama SC8806-02 Hosanna STS6006-04 Sweet Temptation ZMP032-06 I Don't Know How To Love Him SC2191-08 That's The Way Love Goes SC3167-08 John 1941 (Instrumental) PSJT038-11 This Way SC8752-12 King Herod's Song STS6006-10 What's Simple Is True SC3169-08 Last Supper PSJT038-07 Who Will Save Your Soul SC8787-15 Pilate's Dream STS6006-06 You Were Meant For Me SC8340-01 Simon Zealotes STS6006-05 Jewel & Natalie Imbruglia Superstar STS6006-12 Absence Of Fear BS6417-01 Superstar Overture (Instrumental) PSJT038-01 Big Mistake BS6417-09 What's The Buzzstrange Thing Mystifying STS6006-02 City BS6417-08 Jesus Jones Down So Long BS6417-03 Real, Real, Real SAVP23-12 Foolish Games BS6417-06 Right Here Right Now SC8486-15 Hands BS6417-04 Jet Intuition BS6417-10 Are You Gonna Be My Girl SC8905-08 Smoke BS6417-11 Cold Hard B SC3405-07 What Is Simple Is True BS6417-05 Get Me Outta Here SFMW860-04 Who Will Save Your Soul BS6417-07 Look What You've Done SC3438-01 You Were Meant For Me BS6417-02 Rollover D.J. THR0410-12 Jewel Akens Sgt Major THR0403-15 Birds & The Bees SC8353-15 Jethro Tull Jewish Favorites Aqualung DK093-03 Adon Olam SC8166-03 Bungle In The Jungle SC8322-07 Dayenu SC8166-12 Cross-Eyed Mary SC8840-10 Dreydl SC7005-09 Living In The Past SC7562-06 Halleluya SC8166-06 Locomotive Breath SC8430-02 Hanukah Medley SC8166-07 Teacher SC9012-11 Hatikva SC8166-05 Jets Havah Nagilah SC8166-14 Crush On You SC8178-06 Haveinu Shalom Aleichem SC8166-01 Make It Real SC8378-03 Jerushalayim Shel Zahav SC8166-08 Rocket 2 U DK023-04 Oif N Pripitchok SC8166-09 You Got It All DK047-01 Ose Shalom SC8166-10 Jewel Rojenkes Mit Mandlin SC8166-15 2 Become 1 THP0403-15 Shalom Aleichem SC8166-02 Absence Of Fear SK530-08 Siman Tov SC8166-13 Again And Again THP0608-14 Tzena SC8166-04 Angel Standing By SC2169-07 Jibbs Break Me THP0207-15 Chain Hang Low SC9006-02 Doin' Fine ZMP032-05 Dedication (Ay Dj) PHU0908-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 161 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jibbs Jim Capaldi Go Too Far PHU0703-07 Love Hurts THCOL04-01 Jibbs Feat Lloyd Jim Carrey Dedication(Ay Dj) PHMU0908 Cuban Pete SC8782-12 Jill King You're A Mean One, Mr Grinch PR1437-03 98.6 Degrees & Falling SC3399-08 Jim Collins Hand Me Down Heartache SC8837-14 My First, Last, One And Only CB20029-10 One Mississippi CB60246-15 Next Step SC3058-06 Jill Scott Jim Croce Cross My Mind THMH0509-05 Bad Bad Leroy Brown LG028-09 Fact Is (I Need You) THH0610-13 Changes In Latitude, Changes In Atti LG028-08 Gettin' In The Way SC8754-07 I Got A Name SC8354-03 Golden THH0411-11 I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song SC8192-08 He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat) MM6394-11 Lover's Cross SC8201-13 Long Walk SC8688-06 One Less Set Of Footsteps SC8821-02 Way SC8717-05 Operator (That’s Not The Way It Feels) SC7575-08 Whatever THH0503-14 Photographs & Memories SC8540-01 Jill Sobule Time In A Bottle SC7503-10 I Kissed A Girl SC8471-15 Workin' At The Car Wash Blues SC8142-14 Jim Brickman You Dont Mess Around With Jim SC2204-06 Beautiful World (We're All Here) PHM1002-06 Jim Diamond Change Of Heart SC3233-02 Hi Ho Silver SF106-09 Coming Home For Christmas CB60423-04 I Should've Known Better SF135-01 Destiny MM6281-03 Jim Ed Brown Love I Found In You SC8637-10 Morning SC8567-04 Never Alone PHM0706-07 Pop A Top SC8509-12 Simple Things SC8730-05 Jim Ed Brown & H Cornelius When It Snows PHAC0701-04 I Don't Want To Have To Marry You SAVA09-19 You SC3353-04 Jim Ed Brown & The Browns Your Love MM6287-12 Just For Old Time's Sake SAVP39-10 Jim Brickman & Adam Crossley Jim Howard Beautiful World (We're All Here) PHMP1002 Evil On Your Mind CB60293-06 Jim Brickman & Anita Cockran Jim Jones After All These Years PHM9810-02 We Fly High THHP0702-18 Jim Brickman & Collin Raye Jim Lowe Gift MM6225-14 Green Door SC8196-03 Jim Brickman & Collin Raye & Susan Ashton Jim Reeves Peace (Where The Heart Is) THP0311-11 Adios Amigo SC8491-11 Jim Brickman & Jane Krakowski Am I Losing You SC8682-05 You SC8809-12 Billy Bayou SC8392-11 Jim Brickman & Laura Creamer Bimbo CB90052-12 By Heart SC8268-11 Blue Boy SC8538-05 Jim Brickman & Martina McBride Blue Side Of Lonesome SC8682-09 Valentine SC1999NSC05- Distant Drums SF139-02 12 Four Walls SC8208-05 Jim Brickman & Michael Smith Have You Ever Been Lonely SC9501-08 Love Of My Life SC2214-07 He'll Have To Go CBE2-02-10 Jim Brickman & Michelle Wright Home SC8419-04 Your Love SC2295-04 I Guess I'm Crazy SC7558-13 Jim Brickman & Olivia Newton John I Love You Because LG046-02 Change Of Heart SC8664-02 I Won't Come In While He's There LG046-04 Jim Brickman & Rebecca Lynn Howard I Won't Forget You SF066-05 Simple Things SC8730-05 I'm Gettin' Better SC8712-10 Jim Brickman & Rush Of Fools I'm Gonna Change Everything SC8712-08 Never Far Away PHMP0904 Is It Really Over SC8579-15 Jim Brickman, Jordan Hill & Billy Porter It Hurts So Much LG046-11 Destiny SC2214-06 Mexican Joe CB60331-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 162 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jim Reeves Jimmy Buffett Missing You CB60063-14 Come Monday SC8147-12 Moonlight And Roses LG046-05 Fins SC8147-04 Not Until The Next Time LG046-08 Five O'clock Somewhere TU205-04 Old Christmas Card CBEP462-4-13 Fruit Cakes SC8821-03 One Has My Name, One Has My Heart TU241-11 God's Own Drunk MM6189-12 Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town CB90052-06 Grapefruit Juicy Fruit SC8147-06 There's A Heartache Following Me SF094-08 He Went To Paris SC8147-13 This Is It SC8383-04 Hey Good Lookin' SC8880-07 Welcome To My World SC8445-02 Ho Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum SC8557-13 When Two Worlds Collide LG046-06 Honey Do TU123-09 You're The Only Good Thing LG046-13 Last Mango In Paris TU123-10 Jim Reeves & Patsy Cline Livingston Saturday Night SC8147-15 Have You Ever Been Lonely SC8128-01 Margaritaville SC8147-05 Jim Stafford Mele Kalikimaka SC8557-11 My Girl Bill SC8707-10 Merry Christmas, Alabama TU246-11 Spiders & Snakes SC8269-03 One Particular Harbor TU123-12 Wildwood Weed SC8114-13 Pencil Thin Mustache SC8147-10 Piece Of Work SC3420-03 All Along The Watchtower SC2279-01 Pre-You TU123-14 Angel HSPAK3-12-14 Son Of A Sailor SC8147-09 Are You Experienced SC8941-07 Southern Cross TU123-16 Burning Of The Midnight Lamp SFG019-07 Souvenirs SC8821-04 Castles Made Of Sand BS7317-05 The Weather Is Here (Wish You Were Beautiful) TU123-17 Cross Town Traffic SC8724-08 Trip Around The Sun SC8884-07 Fire SC8404-05 Volcano SC8147-11 Foxy Lady SC1030-04 Why Don't We Get Drunk SC8147-14 Gypsy Eyes SFG019-08 Jimmy Buffett & Clint Black & Kenny Chesney & Alan Jackson & Hey Joe SC7525-04 Toby Keith & George Strait Little Miss Lover BS7317-09 Hey Good Lookin' SD120-14 Little Wing SC7578-03 Jimmy Buffett & Martina McBride Long Hot Summer BS7317-06 Trip Around The Sun SC8884-07 Manic Depression SC2279-02 Jimmy Castor Bunch Purple Haze SC8172-12 Bertha Butt Boogie Part 1 SC8824-09 Red House SC8327-11 Jimmy Charles Stone Free AH8015-01 Million To One MMRB01-06 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) SFG019-04 Jimmy Clanton Wind Cries Mary SFG019-06 Just A Dream SC8196-12 You Got Me Floatin' DG10-02 Venus In Blue Jeans SC8396-14 Jimi Jameson Jimmy Cliff I'm Always Here (Baywatch Theme) SFMW920-09 Harder They Come SC8947-08 Jimmie Rodgers I Can See Clearly Now SC8111-15 Honeycomb SC7531-04 Many Rivers To Cross SC8947-14 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine SC8196-01 We Are All One SC8500-11 Oh Oh I'm Falling In Love Again SC8396-08 Wonderful World Beautiful People SF857-12 Jimmies Chicken Shack Jimmy Cozier Do Right SC3177-03 She's All I Got SC8717-03 Jimmy Boyd Jimmy Dean I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus CB60304-02 Big Bad John SC7536-03 Jimmy Buffett Jimmy Dorsey A Pirate Looks At Forty SC8147-02 I Remember You DK093-15 Another Saturday Night SC8951-14 Jimmy Durante Bama Breeze SD148-09 As Time Goes By SC7553-03 Boat Drinks SC8147-03 Glory Of Love LG109-11 Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude SC8147-08 Inka Dinka Do LG109-09 Cheeseburger In Paradise SC8147-01 Smile LG109-10 Christmas Island SC8900-11 Spetember Song LG109-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 163 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jimmy Eat World Jimmy Wakely Big Casino SC9016-04 I Love You So Much It Hurts CB60330-15 Bleed American TU105-01 One Has My Name The Other Has My Heart SC8445-08 Futures PHR0508-01 Jimmy Wayne In The Middle MM6363-08 Do You Believe Me Now CB60374-05 Pain SC8906-05 I Love You This Much SC8842-02 Praise Chorus SC8793-11 I Will PHMC0901 Sweetness SC3324-03 I'll Be That CB60416 Work SC8914-11 Just Knowing You Love Me CB60435-02 Jimmy Elledge Paper Angels SC8907-02 Funny How Time Slips Away JV0059-04 Stay Gone SC8816-11 Jimmy Fallon That's All I Ever Need CB60358-07 Idiot Boyfriend CB30028-15 You Are SC8880-04 Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs Jimmy Witherspoon Sugar Shack SC7554-14 Ain't Nobody's Business SC8327-07 Jimmy James Jimmy Young A Man Like Me SFCC01-08 Man From Laramie SF092-13 Now Is The Time SFMW813-02 Jive Bunny Jimmy Jones Lets Party BSPK02-13 Good Timin' SF083-03 Jive Five Handy Man SC8429-05 My True Story MMRB05-19 Jimmy Justice What Time Is It MM6421-11 When My Little Girl Is Smiling SF064-14 Jive Jones Jimmy Logan Me, Myself & I PHM0112-06 I Love A Lassie PUK321-07 Jj Barrie Roamin' In The Gloamin' PUK322-15 No Charge SF102-03 Jimmy Martin Jj Fad Honey You Don't Know My Mind CB60060-05 Supersonic SC8875-10 Long Journey Home CB60060-16 J-Kwon Sunny Side Of The Mountain CB80138-11 Tipsy SC8865-02 Will The Circle Be Unbroken CBE3-14-08 Jls Jimmy Nail Club Is Alive SF292-02 Ain't No Doubt SFMW807-05 One Shot SF288-08 Crocodile Shoes SF019-08 Jo Boxers Jimmy Newman Boxer Beat SF111-09 Fallen Star SC8383-12 Jo Breezer Jimmy Ray Venus & Mars SF184-10 Are You Jimmy Ray SC8440-10 Jo Dee Messina Jimmy Reed Angelene SC2264-06 Big Boss Man MM6144-10 Because You Love Me CB30001-11 Bright Lights Big City MM6155-15 Biker Chick CB60367-03 Hide & Seek RB17-10 Bring On The Rain SC8729-13 You Got Me Running MM6144-13 Burn SC8738-12 Jimmy Roselli Bye Bye SC8436-12 Anema E Core MM6240-09 Closer SC2264-04 I Want A Girl CB501802-05 Dare To Dream SC8764-11 Torno Surento MM6240-11 Delicious Surprise (I Believe It) CB60341-09 Jimmy Ruffin Do You Wanna Make Something Of It SC8344-01 Farewell Is A Lonely Sound BSK003-15 Downtime SC8705-05 Hold On To My Love SF107-03 Heads Carolina, Tails California SC8239-15 I'll Say Forever My Love SFMW818-14 He'd Never Seen Julie Cry SC2213-02 What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted SC8860-15 I Wish SC8837-04 Jimmy Somerville I'm Alright SC8495-11 Never Can Say Goodbye SFMW821-11 I'm Done CB60372-04 Jimmy Soul It's Too Late To Worry CB60355-03 If You Wanna Be Happy SC8109-09 Joyful Noise CB60247-11 Jimmy Wakely Lesson In Leavin' SC8543-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 164 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jo Dee Messina Joanie Keller My Give A Damn's Busted SC8943-07 If Heartaches Had Wings TU203-08 No Time For Tears SC8614-06 Three Little Teardrops SC8608-07 Not Going Down SC3461-05 Joanie Sommers Nothing I Can Do SC2264-02 I Concentrate On You MM6259-14 Saturday Night SC2264-08 Johnny Get Angry SC7560-06 Shine CB60407-4 One Boy SAVP08-14 Silver Thunderbird CB60179-05 You Better Go Now MM6259-08 Stand Beside Me SC8496-05 Joanna Janet That's The Way SC8619-10 Seven Little Steps SC3334-06 These Are The Days SD077-05 Since I've Seen You Last SC8764-02 Walk To The Light MM6148-07 Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon Was That My Life SC3355-07 Jackson SC8959-13 Wishing Well CB60312-11 Jocelyn Brown You're Not In Kansas Anymore SC2213-07 Somebody Else's Guy SF067-01 Jo Jo Jocelyn Enriquez Anything CB30064-06 Do You Miss Me SC8337-13 Baby It's You SC8889-06 Little Bit Of Ecstasy MM6204-10 Leave Get Out SC8888-02 Jodeci Not That Kinda Girl SF232-09 Come & Talk To Me SAVP24-10 Too Little Too Late CB30061-09 Cry For You NT24-10 Jo Jo Ft Bow Wow Feelin' NT49-06 Baby It's You (Duet) EZH041-11 Forever My Lady SAVP25-16 Jo Stafford Get On Up SC8349-10 On London Bridge DK009-18 I'm Still Waiting SAVP39-09 You Belong To Me SF092-04 Lately NT05-03 Joan Baez Love U 4 Life SC8220-10 Diamonds And Rust SC8477-07 Stay SAVP23-13 Night They Drove Old Dixie Down SC8492-08 Jody Jenkins Joan Jett Every Single Thing SC3137-07 Bad Reputation SC2285-02 Jody Miller Cherry Bomb SC2285-03 Queen Of The House SC7567-06 Crimson And Clove SC8621-15 Jody Watley Dirty Deeds SC8942-12 Don't You Want Me SC7559-14 Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) SC2285-08 Looking For A New Love SC7547-07 Fake Friends SC2285-05 Real Love SC8606-12 I Hate Myself For Loving You SC8300-15 Some Kind Of Lover DK027-02 I Love Rock 'N Roll SC7533-13 When A Man Loves A Woman SAVP18-13 Light Of Day SC2285-04 Your Love Keeps Working On Me NT29-07 Joan Osborne Joe Crazy TU027-03 All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) SC8257-01 One Of Us SC8787-03 Don't Wanna Be A Player SC8381-01 Right Hand Man SC8268-14 If I Was Your Man PHU0704-06 Righteous Love TU027-11 Let's Stay Home Tonight SC8740-02 St Teresa SC8290-05 Majic PHMU0909 Who Divided CB60360-12 More & More PHU0403-07 Joan Sebastian My Love PHU0803-07 Amorcito Mio SCL1542-06 What If A Woman CB30025-10 Así Te Quiero SCL1569-03 Why Just Be Friends CB30094-12 El Primer Tonto (Live Version) SCL1547-08 Worst Case Scenario PHMU1004 Manantial De Llanto SCL1552-03 Joe & Mystikal Secreto De Amor SCL2257-03 Stutter SC8680-06 Un Idiota SCL2299-06 Joe & Tony Stampley Joan Weber If It Ain’T One Thing It’S Another CB60235-14 Let Me Go Lover CBE3-16-15 Joe Brown Joanie Bartels Picture Of You PX12-11 I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas NUTECH-0693

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 165 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Joe Brown & Bruvvers Joe Diffie That's What Love Will Do SF078-07 Something Like This SC3034-02 Joe Brown & The Bruvvers Startin' Over Blues SC8324-11 Picture Of You ZMGY62-15 Texas Size Heartache SC8495-14 Joe Budden That Road Not Taken SC8194 03 Pump It Up PHU0307-02 The Pretender CB20344-07 Joe Cocker Third Rock From The Sun SC8141-02 Bye Bye Blackbird MM6201-06 This Is You Brain SC3010-02 Cry Me A River SAVP18-15 This Pretender CB60233-01 Delta Lady SF070-04 Too Cold At Home CB60094-03 Feeling Alright SC2470-03 Tougher Than Nails SC8884-10 Give Me A Ticket TU013-07 White Lightnin' SC8243-11 Have A Little Faith In Me SC8164-07 Whole Lotta Gone SC8303-07 High Time We Went DK087-07 Joe Dolan I Believe SF025-09 Make Me An Island ZMGY69-15 Let The Healing Begin SF025-10 Joe Dolce Letter LG054-12 Shaddap A You Face SF028-15 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window SC8552-08 Shut Uppa Your Face NUTECH-0425 Simple Things SF026-06 Joe Dowell The Letter SC2470-04 Wooden Heart CBEP455-5-13 Unchain My Heart SC7523-09 Joe Esposito When The Night Comes SC8486-09 You're The Best SFMW923-02 Where We Belong ESS09-02 Joe Firstman With A Little Help From My Friends SC7508-08 Can't Stop Loving You PHR0409-04 Woman To Woman DK1112-05 Joe Frank Hamilton & Reynolds You Are So Beautiful SC7503-14 Don't Pull Your Love SC8391-01 You Can Leave Your Hat On SC8585-01 Joe Hamilton Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes Don't Pull Your Love DK053-05 Up Where We Belong SC7519-10 Fallin' In Love SC8181-13 Joe Diffie Joe Jackson Behind Closed Doors SC8507-03 Breaking Us In Two SC8588-06 Bigger Than The Beatles SC8216-09 Is She Really Going Out With Him SC8467-08 Country CB60166-01 It's Different For Girls SF105-03 Home CB60166-02 Look Sharp! SC8719-10 Honky Tonk Attitude SC7524-10 Steppin' Out SC8719-11 I Wanna Know MM6346-06 Sunday Papers SC8886-05 If I Could Only Bring You Back SC3420-08 Joe Jeffrey Group If The Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets) CBE10-06 My Pledge Of Love SC8251-07 If You Want Me To CB90019-01 Joe Jones I'm In Love With A Capital U CB60166-04 You Talk Too Much SC8206-02 In Another World SC8723-09 Joe Longthom In My Own Backyard SC8120-10 When You're Old Wedding Ring Was New SF133-10 Is It Cold In Here Or Is It You CB90019-04 Joe Louis Walker It's Always Somethin' SC8602-06 Blues Of The Month Club MM6155-07 John Deere Green SC8168-14 Joe McElderry Leroy The Redneck Reindeer CBEP462-6-14 Climb SF287-02 Life's So Funny SC8250-13 Joe Nichols New Way To Light Up An Old Flame CB90019-03 Another Side Of You CB60365-02 Next Thing Smokin' SC8234-06 Believers CB60407-7 Night To Remember SC8528-10 Brokenheartsville SC8854-06 Pickup Man SC8139-12 Cool To Be A Fool SC8847-02 Poor Me SC8488-04 Gimmie That Girl CB60425-04 Promised Land MM6225-03 If Nobody Believed In You SC8877-09 Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox SC7516-14 I'll Wait For You CB60356-09 Quittin' Kind SC8566-05 Impossible CB60233-11 Ships That Don't Come In SC8241-02 It Ain't No Crime THC0804-16 So Help Me Girl SC8230-09 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow CB60423-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 166 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Joe Nichols Joe Walsh She Only Smokes When She Drinks SC8826-15 Walk Away LG126-13 Size Matters (Someday) SC8992-07 Joe Walsh & Steve Earle Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off SC8992-08 Honey Don't SC8324-05 The Impossible PHN0208-07 Joel Gray To Tell You The Truth, I Lied SC8351-15 Money Makes The World Go 'Round MM6047-14 Unbroken Ground PHN0608-02 Joey & Rory What’S A Guy Gotta Do SC3429-02 Cheater Cheater CB60394-02 Joe Public Play The Song PHMC0907-4 Live And Learn DKM3095-07 To Say Goodbye CB60421-07 Joe Secada Joey Dee & The Starlighters Window To My Heart THMP0601-07 Peppermint Twist SC8330-10 Joe Simon Joey Fatone Drowning In The Sea Of Love SC8603-07 Ready To Fall TU097-13 Get Down, Get Down (Get On The Floor) DK048-15 Joey McIntyre Joe South I Love You Came Too Late SC8542-08 Don't It Make You Want To Go Home MM6126-13 Rain PHM0107-02 Games People Play SC8353-10 Stay The Same SC8519-10 Walk A Mile In My Shoes JV0059-10 Joey Ramone Joe Stampley What A Wonderful World SC8850-09 All These Things SC8564-10 Joey Scarbury Do You Ever Fool Around CB90137-09 Greatest American Hero LG153-09 Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) CB90137-13 John & Audrey Wiggins If You've Got Ten Minutes (Let's Fall In Love) CB90137-08 She's In The Bedroom Crying SC8152-07 I'm Gonna Love You Back To Loving Me Again CB90137-15 John & Dee I'm Still Loving You CB90137-03 True Love SC8310-13 Put Your Clothes Back On CB90137-10 John Anderson Red Wine And Blue Memories CB90137-07 Bend It 'Til It Breaks SC8152-06 Roll On Big Mama CB90137-01 Big Revival SC8698-03 Soul Song SC8529-12 Black Sheep SC8541-05 Take Me Home To Somewhere CB90137-06 Chicken Truck SC8400-13 Joe Stampley & Moe Bandy Christmas Time CB60303-09 Hey Joe (Hey Moe) CB90137-12 Country 'til I Die SC8139-14 Holding The Bag CB90137-11 Goin' Down Hill SC8647-04 Just Good Ol' Boys CB90137-05 Honky Tonk Crowd SC8604-06 Where's The Dress CB90137-14 I Fell In The Water SC8213-07 Joe Tex I Wish I Could Have Been There SC8123-08 I Gotcha SC8178-11 If Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me CB60356-01 I Want To Do Everything For You RB13-02 It Ain't Easy Being Me CB60221-02 Show Me CBEP459-2-13 I've Got It Made SC8133-05 Skinny Legs And All RB18-07 Let Go Of The Stone SC8161-07 Sweet Woman Like You RB14-02 Listen To A Country Song SC8426-07 Joe Thomas Long Hard Lesson Learned SC8256-14 All Or Nothing NT60-08 Mississippi Moon SC8173-03 One For Me NT60-07 Money In The Bank SC8142-07 Joe Turner My Kind Of Crazy SC8303-11 Corrina, Corrina SC7560-03 Nobody's Got It All SC8652-09 Flip, Flop & Fly SGB056-07 Paradise SC8232-04 Honey Hush RB16-07 Seminole Wind SC8135-12 Midnight Special RB19-13 Small Town SC3047-04 Shake, Rattle & Roll RB15-13 Solid Ground SC8243-12 Joe Walsh Somebody Slap Me SC8388-14 All Night Long SC8322-06 Straight Tequila Night SC8158-09 Funk #49 LG126-12 Swingin SC2136-04' Life's Been Good SC8430-10 Takin' The Country Back SC8436-09 Ordinary Average Guy SC8763-07 The Big Revival CB60215-10 Rocky Mountain Way LG125-13 When It Comes To You SC8324-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 167 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID John Anderson John Denver Wild And Blue SC8426-06 Back Home Again SC8385-10 Woman Knows CB60361-10 Calypso SC8790-04 Would You Catch A Falling Star SC8567-02 Fly Away LG138-08 You Ain't Hurt Nothin' Yet SC8619-01 I'm Sorry SC8342-05 John Barry Leaving On A Jet Plane LC0011-06 Love Is For Giving SC8549-13 My Sweet Lady SC8558-06 John Berry Rocky Mountain High SC7539-06 Better Than A Biscuit SC8480-06 Some Days Are Diamonds SC8326-08 Change My Mind SC8311-03 Sunshine On My Shoulders SC8790-01 Every Time My Heart Calls Your Name SC8253-01 Sweet Surrender SC8529-03 Faithfully SD041-10 Take Me Home, Country Roads SC7536-01 How Much Do You Love Me SC8729-15 Thank God I'm A Country Boy SC7552-01 I Think About It All The Time SC8186 14 John Evans, Houston & Kelly I Will, If You Will SC3018-03 Heartbreak Hotel SC8523-02 If I Had Any Pride Left At All SC8205-13 John Fleming Kiss Me In The Car SC8114-07 Ugly Girl SC8565-11 Mind Of Her Own SC8324-02 John Fogerty Over My Shoulder SC8463-14 Centerfield SC8264-03 Power Windows SC8570-10 Old Man Down The Road SC7564-01 She's Taken A Shine SC8351-02 Premonition SC8478-06 Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye SC8160-01 Southern Streamline MM6216-03 Stone SC8402-12 John Fred & His Playboy Band What's In It For Me SC8141-07 Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) CBE507-09 Will You Marry Me CB60321-13 John Haitt You & Only You SC8152-13 Little Head MM6217-14 Your Love Amazes Me SC8141-15 Something Wild NT43-07 John Cafferty John Hartford Hearts On Fire SFMW877-03 Big Rock Candy Mountain CB20400-10 On The Dark Side SC8176 13 John Holt Tender Years AH8013-10 I'll Take A Melody SFMW848-05 John Colbert Mr Bojangles SFMW845-04 I Can't Let You Go TU141-07 John Lee Hooker John Conlee Boom Boom Boom SC8327-12 As Long As I'm Rockin' With You CB90100-10 I'm In The Mood MMRB04-10 Baby, You're Something SC8537-15 Mr. Lucky MM6155-09 Back Side Of Thirty SC8424-05 One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer MM6206-08 Before My Time CB90100-13 John Legend Busted DKM3042-06 Each Day Gets Better CB30071-15 Common Man SC7551-03 Everybody Knows CB30098-03 Friday Night Blues SC8426-13 Green Light CB30079-06 Got My Heart Set On You SC8558-02 No Other Love CB30110-03 I Don't Remember Loving You SC8525-07 Number 1 PHU0507-03 I'm Only In It For The Love SC8642-07 Ordinary People SC8909-13 In My Eyes SC8792-05 Save Room SC9015-06 Lady Lay Down SC8385-03 So High THMH0511-04 Miss Emily's Picture SC8455-10 Used To Love U THH0501-14 Rose Colored Glasses SC8355-10 John Legend & Estelle She Can't Say That Anymore SC9902-08 No Other Love CB30109 Working Man CB90100-14 John Lennon Years After You CB90100-09 Ballad Of John And Yoko LG122-13 John Corbett Beautiful Boy SFMW824-11 Good To Go CB60350-15 Cold Turkey RSZ607-11 John D. Louder Crippled Inside LG122-09 Language Of Love NT35-03 Dream RSZ607-04 John Denver Give Me Some Truth LG122-08 Annie's Song SC7537-12 Give Peace A Chance LG122-16

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 168 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID John Lennon John Mellencamp Happy Christmas LG172-14 Small Town SC8632-05 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) LG122-12 Teardrops Will Fall SD114-12 How Do You Sleep LG122-07 What If I Came Knocking SC8318-06 Imagine SC7509-04 Wild Night SC8150-11 Instant Karma (We All Shine On) SC8518-08 Your Life Is Now SC8487-14 Jealous Guy SC8568-12 Yours Forever (The Perfect Storm) SC8625-08 Just Like Starting Over SC7533-14 John Mellencamp & India.Arie Love RSZ607-15 Peaceful World SC8730-06 Mind Games SC8588-05 John Mellencamp & Mechelle N'decello Mother LG122-10 Wild Night SC8632-11 Nobody Told Me SC8886-14 John Michael Montgomery Power To The People RSZ607-02 4 Wheel Drive TU213-01 Stand By Me LG122-04 Ain't Got Nothin' On Us SC8319-10 Starting Over SAVP16-10 Angel In My Eyes SC3048-05 Watching The Wheels SC8510-02 Beer & Bones SC8136-11 Whatever Get's You Through The Nig LG122-05 Cool CB60316-15 Woman SC7535-04 Country Thang CB20405-07 Working Class Hero ZMH005-06 SC8464-15 John Lennon & Yoko Ono SC8216-10 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) SC8184-07 Dream On Texas Ladies SC8243-07 John Leyton Even Then CB60219-15 Johnny Remember Me SF038-15 Forever CB60393-07 John Mayer Four Wheel Drive CB60312-02 Biggerthan My Body CB3041-03 Friends SC8336-05 Clarity SC8855-05 Goes Good With Beer SC8884-09 Come Back To Bed PHR0409-06 Heaven Sent Me You SC8303-10 Daughters PHR0408-08 Hello L O V E SC8528-05 Dreaming With A Broken Heart SD4708-04 Hold On To Me SC8488-10 No Such Thing SC8799-10 SC8556-12 Waiting On The World To Change THP0610-12 How Was I To Know SC8384-02 Why Georgia SC8818-06 I Can Love You Like That SC8163-02 Your Body Is A Wonderland SC8852-08 I Love The Way You Love Me SC8103-02 John Mellencamp SC8370-11 Ain't Even Done With The Night SC8632-01 I Swear SC8102-04 Americans CB60364-14 If You Ever Went Away PHMC903 Authority Song SC8632-14 If You've Got Love SC8139-13 Cherry Bomb SC8632-03 It's What I Am MM6148-12 Crumblin' Down SC8632-07 Kick It Up SC2006-03 Dance Naked SC8150-06 Letters From Home SC8903-10 Emotional Love SC3009-06 Line On Love SC8282-11 Get A Leg Up SC8632-13 Little Girl SC8646-06 Hurts So Good SC8632-06 Long As I Live SC8256-04 I Need A Lover (Radio Version) SC8886-08 SC3063-02 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus SC8899-06 Nickels And Dimes And Love SC2006-08 I'm Not Running Anymor SC8632-02 No Man's Land SC8189-12 Jack & Diane SC8632-12 Nothing Catches Jesus By Surprise SC8596-08 Jackie Brown SC8749-14 Oh How She Shines SC8296-07 Junior SC8237-05 Pictures CB60243-11 Just Another Day SC8457-14 SC8120-04 Just Like You TU080-08 Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) SC7593-08 Key West Intermezzo SC8312-08 That's What I Like About You SC8681-09 Our Country SC8999-03 Til Nothing Comes Between Us SC3328-01 Paper In Fire SC8632-10 You Are SC8614-13 Pink Houses SC8632-04 John Miles R O C K In The U S A SC8176 07 Music SF079-02 Rain On The Scarecrow SC8632-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 169 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID John Parr John Travolta Naughty Naughty SC8597-07 We Go Together SC8910-15 St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) SC8650-15 John Travolta & Oliva Newton John John Paul Young You're The One That I Want SPC34-02 Love Is In The Air SF098-11 John Travolta & Olivia Newton John John Phillip We Go Together SC2157-04 Stars And Stripes Forever TU086-19 John Waite John Pierce Change SC8624-04 I'd Still Have You CB60350-11 How Did I Get By Without You SC8164-15 John Prine Missing You SC8808-05 Aint Hurting Nobody CB90246-02 John Wiggins & Audrey Angel From Montgomery CB90246-12 Has Anybody Seen Amy SC8141-08 Dear Abby CB90246-03 Memory Making Night SC8163-10 Grandpa Was A Carpenter CB90246-06 Somewhere In Love SC3019-03 Hello In There CB90246-07 Johnnie & Joe Illegal Smile SC8172-10 Over The Mountain, Across The Sea MM6149-08 Paradise CB90246-09 Johnnie Ray Please Dont Bury Me CB90246-04 Cry SC8249-05 Sam Stone CB90246-10 Hey There SF063-09 Souvenirs CB90246-05 Just Walkin' In The Rain PI025-17 Spanish Pipedream CB90246-11 Little White Cloud That Cried PSJT032-13 Take A Look At My Heart CB90246-14 Please Mr. Sun PSJT032-15 The Great Comprimise CB90246-15 Such A Night SF092-01 Yes I Guess They Should Name A Drink For You CB90246-13 Walking My Baby Back Home PSJT032-14 You Got Gold CB90246-08 Yes Tonight Josephine SF062-15 John Rich Johnnie Taylor Another You CB60398-12 Cheaper To Keep Her SC8323-14 Forever Loving You SC8698-07 Disco Lady SC8284-11 Good Lord And The Man CB60416 Little Bluebird RB16-15 I Pray For You SC8633-05 Who's Making Love SC8333-13 Shuttin' Detroit Down PHMC0905 Johnny Ace John Rich & Gretchen Wilson Pledging My Love SC8589-06 Come To Bed SC8996-11 Johnny Bristol John Rowles SF091-10 If I Only Had Time SF094-13 Johnny Burnett John Schneider Dreamin' SF084-08 SC8567-09 You're Sixteen MM6016-11 Country Girls SC8506-10 Johnny Cash I've Been Around Enough To Know SC7555-08 A Boy Named Sue NUKH015-18 What's SC8525-15 Any Old Wind That Blows SC8604-07 You're The Last Thing I Need To SC8551-15 At San Quentin SF847-06 John Secada Away In A Manger SC8990-03 Angel TU054-01 Ballad Of A Teenage Queen SC8835-01 Love's About To Change My Mind TU054-05 Ballad Of Ira Hayes SC8442-10 Stop TU054-12 Big River SC8579-04 John Stewart Boy Named Sue SC8114-03 Gold SC8393-04 Cocaine Blues SFMW923-14 We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off SF011-08 Daddy Sang Bass SC8835-03 John Tesh & Dalia Don't Take Your Guns To Town SC8835-08 Mother I Miss You SC3094-02 Drive On SC8324-04 John Tesh & James Ingram Five Feet High And Rising CB60297-11 Give Me Forever (I Do) SC7600-09 Flesh & Blood SC8431-06 John Travolta Folsom Prison Blues SC8835-02 Greased Lightning SC8273-07 Get Rhythm SC8392-03 Let Her In SAVP32-16 Ghost Riders In The Sky SC8442-15 Sandy SC8910-04 Give My Love To Rose SC8835-06 Summer Nights KH11-08 God's Gonna Cut You Down SC8989-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 170 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Johnny Cash Johnny Gill Guess Things Happen That Way SC8835-15 Long Way From Home NT26-04 Honky Tonk Girl HSPAK3-01-03 My My My SC8405-05 Hurt SC8856-04 Quiet Time To Play NT22-08 I Got Stripes SC8592-05 Rub You The Right Way DK049-02 I Walk The Line SC8835-11 You For Me (The Wedding Song) CB30059-09 It's Such A Small World SC8511-02 Johnny Gill & Roger Troutman I've Been Everywhere CBE2-01-14 It's Your Body SC8476-13 Jackson CBE616-01 Johnny Hates Jazz Jason Aldean SC9003-05 Shattered Dreams SC8188-03 Luther Played The Boogie SC8712-01 Turn Back The Clock SFMW814-05 Man In Black SC8835-04 Johnny Holiday One On The Right Is On The Left SC8442-08 Don't Worry 'Bout Me PS6013-18 One Piece At A Time SC8144-07 Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry PS6013-16 Oney SC8442-12 Here's That Rainy Day PS6013-17 Orange Blossom Special SC8835-07 How About Me PS6013-11 Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend) PI211-05 Nevertheless PS6013-19 Ring Of Fire SC8835-13 Some Of These Days PS6013-20 So Doggone Lonesome SC8538-02 Stardust PS6013-12 Sunday Morning Coming Down SC8835-09 Way We Were PS6013-14 There You Go SC8445-04 Where Are You PS6013-15 Thing Called Love SC7568-03 You Leave Me Breathless PS6013-13 Understand Your Man SC8835-14 Johnny Horton Ways Of A Woman In Love SC8509-07 Battle Of New Orleans SC7512-01 What Is Truth SC8558-10 Honky-Tonk Man SC7558-02 Word Called Love SFMW835-03 Johnny Reb SC7558-04 Johnny Cash & Crowell Mansion You Stole SC8276-07 It's Such A Small World SC8511-02 North To Alaska SC8269-04 Johnny Cash & Dave Matthews Sink The Bismarck SC8243-10 For You SC8759-13 When It's Springtime In Alaska SC8509-15 Johnny Cash & Fiona Apple Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon Father & Son SC8867-03 Breakin' Down The Walls Of Heartache SF088-11 Johnny Cash & June Sweet Inspiration SF088-10 Jackson SC8262-12 Johnny Kemp Johnny Cash & June Carter Just Got Paid SC8527-06 It Ain't Me Babe ASKFP62-2-02 Johnny Kid & The Pirates Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings I'll Never Get Over You THCOL04-01 There Ain't No Good Chain Gang SC7569-01 Shakin' All Over SF038-02 Johnny Cash Trick Pony & Waylon Jennings Johnny Lang Big River SC3294-04 Anything's Possible THP0611-18 Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson & Kristofferson Leaving To Stay MM6272-13 Highwayman SC8561-11 Lie To Me SC8562-12 Johnny Cymbal Still Rainin' SC8515-11 Mr. Bass Man MM6071-15 Johnny Lee Johnny Day Be There For Me Baby SC8567-06 Rockin' Robin KH10-04 Bet Your Heart On Me SC8434-03 Johnny Desmond Cherokee Fiddle SC8414-02 All The Things You Are PS6019-12 Hey Bartender SC8136-07 Johnny Duncan & Bluegrass Boys Lookin' For Love SC7539-13 It Couldn't Have Been Any Better SC7569-08 One In A Million CB60139-11 Last Train To San Fernando SF063-08 Pickin' Up Strangers SC8642-06 She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed (Anytime) SC8564-08 Prisoner Of Hope SC8529-13 Thinkin' Of A Rendezvous SC8529-08 Sounds Like Love SC8582-06 Johnny Gill Johnny Logan Floor NT05-05 Hold Me Now ZMH013-08 It's Your Body SC3003-07 What's Another Year THCOL04-01 Let's Get The Mood Right SC8320-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 171 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Johnny Maestro Johnny Paycheck Sixteen Candles LG065-14 Old Violin CB90144-15 Worst That Could Happen LG065-15 Outlaw's Prayer CB90144-02 You Ll Never Walk Alone LG065-16 Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets SC7555-01 Johnny Mathis Someone To Give My Love To SC8426-15 Begin The Beguine LG128-09 Something About You I Love SC8576-09 Certain Smile LG020-09 Song And Dance Man SC8541-10 Chances Are SC8181-12 Take This Job & Shove It SC8142-02 Gina LG128-05 Johnny Paycheck & Jody Miller Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas SF030-19 Let's All Go Down To The River CB90144-03 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me SAVP30-08 Johnny Preston It's All A Game KH017-09 Cradle Of Love SF078-13 It's Not For Me To Say SC8651-10 Running Bear SC7539-10 Last Time I Felt Like This BS4117-06 Johnny Reid Maria LG128-03 Missing An Angel PHN0602-07 Misty SC7553-12 Johnny Reznik My Funny Valentine PS1236-20 I'm Still Here THP0301-17 Sleigh Ride SC8086-05 Johnny Rivers Small World PS1236-15 Baby I Need Your Lovin' LG185-15 Someone LG020-11 Memphis SC8970-04 Stranger In Paradise LG128-08 Midnight Special LG185-11 Too Much Too Little Too Late SC8119-08 Mountain Of Love SC9903-02 Twelfth Of Never SC8182-09 Poor Side Of Town SC8226-09 What I Did For Love LG128-07 Rockin' Pneumonia & Boogie Woogie Flu SC8108-09 What Will My Mary Say LG020-10 Secret Agent Man SC7527-14 When A Child Is Born SF030-13 Seventh Son LG185-12 When Sunny Gets Blue LG128-04 Swayin' To The Music SC9901-01 Wild Is The Wind LG128-06 Te Me Perdiste SC7107-10 Wonderful! Wonderful! SC7540-09 Tracks Of My Tears LG185-10 Johnny Mathis & J. Oliver Johnny Rodriguez Last Time I Felt Like This NT12-06 Dance With Me (Just One More Time) SC8767-15 Johnny Mathis & Streisand Hillbily Heart CB90223-11 I Have A Love One Hand One Heart MM6025-15 I Couldn't Be Me Without You CB90223-09 Johnny Mathis & Williams I Just Can't Get Her Out Of M SC8551-07 Too Much, Too Late KH04-11 I Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye CB90223-10 Johnny Mercer Just Get Up And Close The Door SC7556-15 Ac Cent Tchu Ate The Positive SC8249-08 Love Put A Song In My Heart SC8424-14 Johnny Mercer & Martha Tilton Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through) SC8647-08 Fine Romance TU244-01 Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico SC8461-07 Johnny Nash That's The Way Love Goes SC8525-06 Cupid SF087-04 We're Over CB90223-08 Hold Me Tight SF100-09 You Always Come Back To Hurting Me SC8494-15 I Can See Clearly Now SC8870-07 You Can Say That Again SC8311-07 Lion Sleeps Tonight TU015-14 Johnny Rodriquez Tears On My Pillow SF104-08 Down On The Rio Grande CB90223-14 Johnny Otis Show Foolin' CB90223-15 Hand Jive CBEP455-1-01 If Practice Makes Perfect CB90223-12 Willie And The Hand Jive SC7525-01 We Believe In Happy Endings CB90223-13 Johnny Paycheck Johnny Russell A-11 SC8419-12 Rednecks White Socks & Blue Ribbon Beer SC8541-08 All My Ex's Live In Texas IMPK01-14 Johnny Steele For A Minute There SC8642-05 Just Walkin In The Rain SF047-04 Friend, Lover, Wife SC7570-10 Johnny Tillotson I'm The Only Hell SC8208-15 It Keeps Right On Hurtin' MM6149-04 Love Is A Good Thing CB90144-13 Poetry In Motion SC8222-03 Mr. Lovemaker SC9902-10 Without You SC7557-06 My Part Of Forever CB90144-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 172 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Johnny Van Zant Jones & Kershaw Brickyard Road SC8922-14 Never Bit The Bullet Like This SC8215-01 Johnny Watson Jones & Wynette Ain't That A Bitch SGB66-13 If God Met You SC8408-04 Johnny Winter Near You SC8511-12 Mojo Boogie SC8339-10 Joni Harms Johny Cash Two Steppin' Texas Blue CB60160-14 25 Minutes To Go SFMW846-15 Joni James Jolie & The Wanted Why Don't You Believe Me SC8415-10 Boom SC8677-11 I Would SC8646-05 Big Yellow Taxi SC8510-14 Party On The Patio SC8748-09 Free Man In Paris SC8518-06 When I Look Into Your Eyes I'm Beautiful CB60220-13 Help Me, I Think I'm Falling SC8174-11 Jon B. You Turn Me On SC8410-01 Don't Talk SC8688-05 Joose Pretty Girl SC8203-04 SC3012-08 Someone To Love SC8187-10 Jordan Hill They Don't Know SC3085-03 For The Love Of You SC8299-02 Jon B. & Babyface Remember Me This Way SC8187-03 Someone To Love SC8187-10 Jordan Hill & Billy Porter & Jim Brickman Jon McLaughlin Destiny SC3136-04 Beautiful Disaster SD4709-07 Jordan Knight Jon Randall Give It To You SC8531-13 Cold Coffee Morning SC3133-07 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man SC3150-01 I Came Straight For You SC8179-06 Where Is Your Heart Tonight THMP0601-18 She Don't Believe In Fairy Tales SC8507-08 Jordan Sparks Jon Secada Battlefield CB30108-03 Do You Believe In Us JV1002-06 No Air CB30069-13 Es Por Ti SC7107-03 One Step At A Time CB30072-05 Free PHAC0609-04 Permanent Monday CB30088-6 If I Never Knew You SC8212-07 S.O.S. (Let The Music Play) CB30113-03 Just Another Day MM6001-10 Tattoo CB30067-05 Too Late Too Soon PHM9704-02 This Is My Now CB30065-06 Jon Secada & Shanice Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown If I Never Knew You SC8212-07 No Air CB30069-13 Jona Lewie Jordi Stop The Calvary SF042-17 Desesperadamente Enamorado SC7111-08 Jonas Brothers Me Estoy Volviendo Loco SCL1504-04 Burnin' Up CB30076-01 Tu No Sospechas SCL1562-02 Fly With Me CB30109 Jorge Luis Cabrera Hold On CB30072-01 En Realidad SCL1574-05 Lovebug CB30082-08 Qu'date Callada SCL1564-07 Paranoid CB30108-02 Jose A Jimenez Pushing Me Away CB30079-02 Corazon, Corazon KB09-03 S O S CB30067-10 Jose Feliciano Tonight CB30081-02 Cielito Lindo MM6009-14 When You Look Me In The Eyes CB30069-11 Feliz Navidad SC8184-04 Jonathan Butler Lo Que Yo Tuve Contigo SCL1565-02 Can We Start All Over Again NT54-07 Jose Filiziano Jonathan Edwards Feliz Navidad TTU 066-05 Sunshine SC8174-04 Jose Jose Jonathan King El Amor Acaba SC7104-11 Everyone's Gone To The Moon SF087-15 Lo Dudo SC7104-12 Jonathan Singleton & The Grove No Valio La Pena SC7107-02 Livin' In Paradise PHMC906 Jose Manuel Figueroa Look Who's Back In Love CB60434-04 No Se Vivir SCL1552-04 Jones & Kershaw

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 173 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jose Manuel Penaranda Josh Turner La Cosecha De Mujeres OKE0004-06 What It Ain’T SC8880-11 Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Why Don't We Just Dance CB60419-2 Any Dream Will Do SC8547-14 Would You Go With Me SC8982-01 Benjamin Calypso STS6004-11 Your Man SC2516-04 Close Every Door To Me PSJT180-04 Josh Turner & Ralph Stanley Go Go Joseph STS6004-08 Me And God CB60359-05 Jacob & Sons STS6004-03 Josh Turner & Trisha Yearwood Joseph's Coat STS6004-04 Another Try CB60372-12 One More Angel In Heaven STS6004-05 Josh Turner Feat Trisha Yearwood Potiphar STS6004-06 Firecracker COUNTRY Prologue STS6004-01 HITS 2007-01 Song Of The King STS6004-09 Joshua Gracin Those Canaan Days STS6004-10 I Want To Live ASKFP49-1-13 Josh Gracin Nothin' To Lose ASKFP49-1-12 Favorite State Of Mind THC0606-15 Three Times A Lady PSJT310-05 I Keep Coming Back CB60358-10 Joshua Kadison I Want To Live SC3406-05 Beau's All Night Radio Love Line SC8164-01 Nothin To Lose SC8907-06 Beautiful In My Eyes SC8121-02 Stay With Me SC3441-01 Jessie SF027-03 Telluride CB60398-11 Picture Postcards From L.A. SC8140-08 Unbelievable (Ann Marie) CB60388-02 Take It On Faith SD022-08 We Weren't Crazy CB60370-08 Joshua Radin Josh Groban Rather Be With You SFMW925-10 Awake CB30071-06 Josie Cotton Believe THP0503-18 He Could Be The One SC8571-14 Broken Vow TU252-04 Johnny, Are You Queer SC8522-01 February Song PHM0706-08 Joss Stone Let Me Fall PS1591-13 All The King's Horses ZMP062-09 O Holy Night CB60424-09 Baby Baby Baby THP0805-11 O Holy Night (Live Version) SC2514-01 Chokin' Kind ZMP062-01 Remember When It Rained PHM0410-05 Dirty Man ZMP062-05 Si Volvieras A Mi SC8878-07 Dpm't Cha Wanna Riad SF233-05 To Where You Are SC8762-02 Fell In Love With A Boy SC3403-07 When You Say You Love Me SC8878-09 For The Love Of You (Parts 1 2) ZMP062-10 You Are Loved Don't Give Up CB30063-15 Free Me CB30124 You Raise Me Up SC8855-15 I Had A Dream ZMP062-08 You're Still You SC8818-03 I've Fallen In Love With You ZMP062-07 Josh Joplin Group Right To Be Wrong SF226-05 Camera One THR0104-17 Some Kind Of Wonderful ZMP062-06 Spoiled SF230-14 Amazing SC8855-13 Super Duper Love SF217-15 Everybody Wants You SD4404-06 Tell Me 'bout It SD4705-10 To Remember PHMP0901 Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now PHM0710-08 Josh Kelly Victim Of A Foolish Heart ZMP062-04 Almost Honest SD4604-09 You Had Me SF222-13 Home To Me SD4407-05 Journey Josh Thompson After The Fall SC8721-13 Beer On The Table CB60425-02 Anytime SC8658-10 Way Out Here CB60436-10 Anyway You Want It SC8223-01 Josh Turner Ask The Lonely RSZ614-17 All Over Me CB60439-05 Be Good To Yourself SC8721-15 Everything Is Fine CB60386-07 Can't Tame The Lion HV02-02 Firecracker SC9017-03 Chain Reaction VAR01-21 Long Black Train SC8903-13 Don't Stop Believin' SC8231-07 Me And God SC8996-03 Faithfully SC8832-03 She'll Go On You SD099-11 Feeling That Way SC8658-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 174 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Journey Juanes Foolish Heart RSZ614-11 Es Por Ti SCL1559-06 Girl Can't Help It SC8832-13 La Paga SCL1570-04 If He Should Break Your Heart SC8460-08 Mala Gente SCL1560-03 I'll Be Alright Without You SC8832-15 Nada SCL1543-05 Just The Same Way SC8721-08 Juanes & Nelly Furtado Lights SC8832-04 Fotografia SCL1554-03 Lovin, Touchin', Squeezin' SC8197-15 Judas Priest Message Of Love SC8340-13 Breaking The Law SC8516-09 Oh Sherrie RSZ614-03 Heading Out To The Highway SC2506-07 Only The Young SC2269-06 Hell Bent For Leather SC8660-15 Open Arms SC8832-05 Hellion, The, Electric Eye SC9002-10 Remember Me SGB11-08 Living After Midnight SC8631-15 Send Her My Love SC8393-02 Mama, He's Crazy ASKFP10-1-15 Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) SC8832-08 Revolution SC8914-02 Still They Ride SC8721-10 Screaming For Vengeance SC9002-01 Stone In Love SC8721-11 The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged SC8756-08 Suzanne SC8832-12 Crown) Walks Like A Lady SC8721-14 Turbo Lover SC8830-02 Wheel In The Sky SC8259-10 You've Got Another Thing Comin' SC8252-08 When You Love A Woman SC8832-07 Judds Who's Crying Now SC8832-06 Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem CB90316-15 Why Can't This Night Go On Forever RSZ614-01 Born To Be Blue SC8213-13 With Your Love PHR0111-04 Change Of Heart CB90010-07 Joy Division Cry Myself To Sleep SC8728-06 Love Will Tear Us Apart SFMW825-06 Don't Be Cruel SC8494-11 Joy Williams Dream Chaser CB90316-07 Every Moment TU215-05 Girls Night Out SC7592-14 Hide (Radio Version) SC8962-14 Give A Little Love SC8728-03 Joyce Sims Grandpa SC7512-12 All And All SFMW832-01 Guardian Angel SC2170-04 Come Into My Life SFMW832-04 Had A Dream For The Heart SC7570-02 J'son Have Mercy SC7536-11 I'll Never Stop Loving You SC8304-08 I Know Where I'm Going SC8375-09 Jt Experience I Saw The Light PR1123-02 Party Like A Rock Star SD4512-13 If I Were You CB90316-10 Juan Gabriel John Deere Tractor SC8229-03 Abrazame Muy Fuerte SCL2294-08 Let Me Tell You About Love SC7536-07 Asi Fue SC7111-05 Love Can Build A Bridge SC7510-06 Diferentes OKE0007-01 Love Is Alive SC8561-05 Fue Un Placer Conocerte OKE0007-04 Mama He's Crazy SC8217-06 Inocente De Ti SCL1575-07 Maybe Your Baby's Got The Blues SC8628-01 Inocente Pobre Amigo SCL1544-01 No One Else PR1123-03 Mi Bendita Tierra SC7107-09 One Hundred And Two SC8628-14 No Tengo Dinero SCL1563-01 One Man Woman SC8133-13 Tarde OKE0007-02 River Of Time CB90316-11 Te Sigo Amando SC7111-04 Rock N' Roll Angels CB60094-07 Te Voy A Olvidar OKE0007-06 Rockin’ With The Rhythm Of The Rain SC7592-01 Tenías Que Ser Tan Cruel OKE0007-08 Stuck In Love SC8614-04 Todo Esta Bien SC2226-06 Sweetest Gift CB90316-13 Juan Luis Guerra Turn It Loose CB90010-14 El Niagara En Bicicleta SCL1505-01 What Child Is This SC8990-05 La Billirrubina SC7102-03 When King Jesus Calls His Children Home CB90316-14 Palomita Blanca SCL2194-03 Why Not Me SC8217-04 Tu SCL1535-04 Working In The Coalmine CB90316-09 Juanes Young Love SC7552-05 Dios Le Pido SCL1555-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 175 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jude Cole Julia Burton Believe In You SC8240-02 What A Woman Wants PHMC0904 I'm Sorry Now PS1458-18 Julia Demato Judge Dread At Last PSJT310-03 Big Seven SF135-07 Julia Fordham Cum Outside THCOL04-01 Concrete Love TU149-05 Judi Boucher Julian Lennon Can't Be With You Tonight SF057-09 Day After Day MM6265-05 Judy Collins Saltwater ZMH005-14 Both Sides Now SC7541-14 Too Late For Goodbyes SC8552-07 Send In The Clowns PI301-14 Valotte SC8942-08 Some Day Soon DKM3075-15 Julianne Hough Judy Garland My Hallelujah Song CB60391-06 But The World Goes Round LG015-08 That Song In My Head CB60374-12 Come Rain Or Come Shine LG015-09 Julie Andrews Get Happy LG015-13 Do Re Mi PI307-24 I Can't Give You Anything But Love MM6329-15 I Could Have Danced All Night SAVP08-10 Man I Love LG015-07 My Favorite Things PI302-13 Man That Got Away SC7553-15 Sound Of Music SAVP01-12 Meet Me In St. Louis SAVP36-15 Julie Brown Over The Rainbow SC7505-05 Cause I'm A Blonde SC8669-04 Rock A Bye Your Baby SC8124-01 Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun SC8544-09 Somewhere Over The Rainbow SC7505-05 Julie London Swanee MM6137-14 Cry Me A River SC8288-10 That's Entertainment PSJT010-05 Julie Masse Trolley Song LG015-10 C'est Zéro FRENCH50-01 When Your Smiling SC8288-14 Julie Reeves You Made Me Love You LG015-12 He Keeps Me In One Piece CB60177-08 Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart LG015-14 It's About Time CB60171-10 Judy Holliday Trouble Is A Woman SC3147-02 Party's Over THCOL04-01 What I Need SC8584-04 Judy Kanyo Julie Roberts You Wouldn't Lie To An Angel Would Ya CB60374-15 Break Down Here SC8904-06 Judy Rodman Chance SC8898-05 Until I Met You SC8767-12 First To Never Know CB60348-12 Juice Newton Girl Next Door CB60355-06 Angel Of The Morning SC7517-14 Men And Mascara SC8982-07 Break It To Me Gently SC8398-07 Wake Up Older SC3432-07 Cheap Love MM6086-11 Julie Rogers Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me SC8114-15 Wedding SF066-13 Queen Of Hearts SC7539-03 Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Known SC7591-09 A Veces Tu A Veces BS4717-09 They Never Made It To Memphis CB60202-10 Abrazame BS4717-10 You Make Me Want To Make You Mine SC8697-08 Amor, Amor, Amor MM6009-06 Juiio Jaramillo Begin The Beguine TT6017-04 Amor Sin Esperanza OKE0012-04 Crazy LG169-16 Arrepentida OKE0012-05 Cucurucu Paloma MM6009-08 De Cigarro En Cigarro OKE0012-06 Gozar La Vida SCL2268-03 Devuelveme El Corazon OKE0012-12 Hey MM6009-09 El Divorcio OKE0012-02 La Silla Vacia SCL1537-05 Interrogacion OKE0012-07 Me Caiste Del Cielo SCL2257-02 Nuestro Juramento OKE0012-01 One More Chance PS1458-16 Odio En La Sangre OKE0012-09 Por Ella MM6009-10 Rondando Tu Esquina OKE0012-03 Julio Iglesias & Alejandro Fernandez Te Odio Y Te Quiero OKE0012-08 Dos Corazones, Dos Historias SCL1541-01 Jules Shear & Paula Cole Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelson Last In Love MDG003-08 To All The Girls I've Loved Before SC7507-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 176 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Jump 5 Justin Timberlake All I Can Do TU177-01 I'm Lovin' It CB30042-08 Change A Heart, Change The World TU177-04 Last Night SK551-09 Forever In My Heart TU206-02 Let's Take A Ride SK551-12 God Bless The U S A ASKFP20-1-10 Like I Love You SC8789-04 Shining Star TU232-06 Lovestoned PHM0709-04 Spinning Around TU177-12 My Love SF249-01 Jump N The Saddle Band Never Again SK551-06 Curly Shuffle SC8176-12 Nothin' Else SK551-05 June Carter Cash Right For Me SK551-11 Keep On The Sunny Side SC3386-07 Rock Your Body CB30037-01 June Christy Senorita CB3040-06 In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning MM6259-11 Sexyback SF246-01 June Valli Still On My Brain CB3041-13 I Understand SAVP30-13 Take It From Here SK551-03 Jungle Book What You Got (Oh No) SK551-04 Bare Necessities DISNEY01-13 Justin Timberlake & Beyonce I Wanna Be Like You ZMP047-02 Until The End Of Time PHM0801-02 Junior Justin Timberlake & Matt Morris & Charlie Sexton Mama Used To Say (Part 1) RB02-01 Hallelujah CB30124-15 Junior Brown Justin Timberlake & T.I I Hung It Up SC3032-05 My Love MREH033-15 My Wife Thinks You're Dead SC8239-14 Juvenile Venom Wearin' Denim MM6162-05 Gotta Get It PHU1001-07 Junior Senior Nolia Clap PHU0412-03 Move Your Feet SC8892-06 Rodeo PHU0603-03 Rhythm Bandits SF207-06 Slow Motion SC3413-06 Junior Walker & The All Stars Juvenile & Mannie Fresh I'm A Road Runner THCOL04-01 In My Life SC8864-11 Shotgun SC8218-11 Juvenile & Soulja Slim What Does It Take To Win Your Love DK075-10 Slow Motion SC8879-13 Junior Wells Jypsi Messin' With The Kid SC8675-14 I Don't Love You Like That CB60371-13 Jurgen Vries & Charlotte Church Love Is A Drug CB60370-09 Opera Song EZH20-09 Mister Officer PHN0911-04 Justin Bieber Jyve V Love Me PHMP1003 Entre Tu Y Yo SCL2261-01 Never Let You Go SF291-05 K.C. & The Sunshine Band One Less Lonely Girl PHMP1002 Boogie Shoes LG150-07 One Time SF288-10 Get Down Tonight SC8143-10 Somebody To Love SF292-12 Give It Up SF111-12 Justin Bieber & Ludacris I'm Your Boogie Man SC8143-02 Baby CB30127-07 Keep It Comin' Love SC8634-13 Justin Guarini Please Don't Go SC8323-03 Foolish TTU248-04 Queen Of Clubs SF091-11 For Once In My Life PSJT310-09 Shake Shake Shake (Shake Your Booty) SC8227-15 Get Here PSJT310-08 That's The Way I Like It SF097-14 Sorry SD4309-10 K.D. Lang Justin Hayward Big Big Love CB60152-12 Forever Autumn BL27-08 Constant Craving SC7514-06 Justin Moore Down To My Last Cigarette DKM3039-01 Back That Thing Up CB60393-08 If I Were You SC8220-06 Backwoods CB60436-11 Joker SC8389-11 How I Got To Be This Way PHMC1008-02 Lock Stock And Teardrops CB60103-15 Small Town Usa CB60404-3 Miss Chatelaine SC8270-03 Justin Timberlake Sexuality SC8257-04 Cry Me A River SC8852-13 Summerfling MM6313-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 177 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID K.D. Lang Kanye West Three Days CB60111-15 All Falls Down THH0407-18 Trail Of Broken Hearts CB60152-11 American Boy CB30095-05 K.T. Oslin Bedshaped SF221-06 80'S Ladies SC8157-04 Crystal Ball SUNFLY246-06 Come Next Monday SC8177-03 Diamonds PHU0508-08 Didn't Expect It To Go Down This Way CB60097-15 Everybody's Changing SF218-08 Do Ya SC9508-12 Flashing Lights PHU0802-04 Driving Crying Missing You SC8729-03 Gold Digger PHU0511-03 Feeding A Hungry Heart SC8302-15 Gold Digger (Radio Version) SC8934-09 Hey Bobby SC8517-04 Good Life THP0803-11 Hold Me SC8375-05 Heard 'em Say PHU0601-03 I'll Always Come Back CBE3-04-04 Heartless PHMP0902-2 Live Close By, Visit Often SC8698-14 Is It Any Wonder SC8987-02 Mary And Willie CB60101-06 Jesus Walks SC8902-05 Miss The Mississippi And You MM6176-06 Love Lockdown SC9023-11 New Way Home SC8243-13 Nothing In My Way SF249-09 Silver Tongue And Gold Plated Lies SC8319-01 Somewhere Only We Know SC8906-08 This Woman SC7556-04 Stronger PHU0710-01 K.T. Tunstall Stronger (Radio Version) SC9009-09 Black Horse And The Cherry Tree SC8993-01 The New Workout Plan PHU0501-05 Hold On SC9015-04 This Is The Last Time SF225-09 Little Favours SC9014-14 Through The Wire PHU0402-06 Other Side Of The World PHM0606-04 Touch The Sky SF241-12 Saving My Face PHM0803-08 Wouldn't Get Far PHU0706-07 Suddenly I See SC8995-02 Kanye West & Adam Levine K7 Heard 'Em Say PHU0601-03 Come Baby Come SFMW849-01 Kanye West & Mr. Hudson Kacey Jones Paranoid PHMP906 Every Man I Love Is Either Married, Gay, Or Dead CB20296-12 Kanye West & Twista & Keyshia Cole I Though He Was Mr. Right, But He Left CB60236-15 Impossible PHU0608-02 Never Wear Panties To A Party TU213-11 Kanye West &Young Jeezy Til Dale Earnhardt Wins Cup #8 CB60220-15 Amazing PHMU906 Kacey Jones & Delbert McClinton Kaoma You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly CB20266-08 Lambada SFG047-17 Kaci Battaglia Karen Ramirez Crazy Possessive PHMP0908 Looking For Love SF122-02 Kaci Brown Karen Staley Unbelievable THP0511-17 Somebody's Child CB60130-12 Kairo Karla Bonoff Dile Que La Amo AV34-04 Standing Right Next To Me SC8121-08 Kaiser Chiefs Karyn White Everyday I Love You Less And Less SFMW865-12 Can I Stay With You MM6091-10 I Predict A Riot PHR0506-07 Superwoman DK059-02 Oh My God SF229-15 Kasabian Kajagoogoo Cutt Off SFMW861-01 Too Shy SC8313-04 Empire EZH59-07 Kalapana Shoot The Runner SF249-14 Naturally NUTECH-1085 Kasey Chambers Kandi Cry Like A Baby CB60212-09 Don't Think I'm Not SC8645-07 I Still Pray TTU190-05 Kansas Little Bit Lonesome TU106-08 Carry On My Wayward Son SC8648-07 Not Pretty Enough SC8759-08 Dust In The Wind SC8648-03 On A Bad Day TU106-13 Fight Fire With Fire SC8648-14 Kat Deluna & Elephant Man Play The Game Tonight SC8648-15 Whine Up PHU0708-07 Point Of No Return SC8204-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 178 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Kate & Kacey Kathy Mattea Dreaming Love PHMC0908 Trouble With Angels SC8617-08 Kate Bush Untold Stories SC8561-09 Babooshka SFMW835-14 Walk The Way The Wind Blows SC8421-15 Running Up That Hill SC8696-09 Walking Away A Winner SC8120-09 Wuthering Heights SF055-09 Where've You Been SC8215-09 Kate Hudson Whole Lotta Holes SC8168-02 Cinema Italiano SFMW921-10 You're The Power SC8604-04 Kate Nash Kathy Mattea & Michael McDonald Foundations SC9019-09 Among The Missing SC3128-08 Kate Smith Kathy Mattea & Tim O'brien God Bless America DK045-05 Battle Hymn Of Love SC8128-09 Kate Voegele Kathy Troccoli 99 Times CB30109 -06 Everything Changes NUTECH-0990 Inside Out CB30123-07 If I'm Not In Love MM6078-06 Kindly Unspoken CB30073-06 Tell Me Where It Hurts SC8235-14 Only Fooling Myself CB30071-11 You've Got A Way MM6008-12 You Can't Break A Broken Heart CB30097-12 Kathy Young & The Innocents Kate Winslett Thousand Stars SC8686-02 What If SF186-10 Katie Armiger Katherine McPhee Kiss Me Now PHMC1005-08 Love Story SD4708-09 Leaving Home PHMC1008-06 My Destiny PHM0608-01 Trail Of Lies PHMC0904 Over It CB30064-08 Katie Melua Somewhere Over The Rainbow SC8987-08 Call Off The Search SF216-04 Kathleen Edwards Closest Thing To Crazy SFMW850-01 Six O Clock News TU213-14 Crawling Up A Hill SF220-12 Just Like Heaven SC8987-10 Let Me Go Lover SF085-05 My Aphrodisiac Is You SFMW859-04 Secret Love SF066-10 Katrina & The Waves Kathy Mattea ZMH013-12 455 Rocket SC8358-04 That's The Way SAVP39-17 Asking Us To Dance SC8228-12 Walking On Sunshine SC7581-14 Battle Hymn Of Love CB90013-10 Katrina Carlson Bfd SC8630-04 Suddenly Beautiful THP0509-16 Burning Old Memories SC8230-15 Katrina Elam Clown In Your Rodeo SC8160-10 Flat On The Floor CB60362-14 Come From The Heart SC8214-09 I Want A Cowboy SC3432-02 Eighteen Wheels & A Dozen Roses SC8104-01 I Won't Say Goodbye CB60325-13 Few Good Things Remain SC8269-14 Love Is CB60359-13 Goin' Gone SC8398-04 No End In Sight SC8907-13 I'm On Your Side SC8504-11 Katy Perry Life As We Knew It SC8375-12 Hot 'n' Cold SC9023-06 Listen To The Radio SC8229-07 I Kissed A Girl CB30077-02 Lonesome Standard Time SC8180-15 Thinking Of You CB30091-13 Love At The Five And Dime SC8517-01 Waking Up In Vegas CB30100-5 Love Travels SC8351-12 Katy Perry &. Snoop Dogg Maybe She's Human SC8149-13 California Gurls SF293-09 Nobody's Gonna Rain On Our Parade SC8200-01 Katy Rose Patiently Waiting SC8465-14 Overdrive THP0404-17 Seeds SC8245-04 Kavana She Came From Fort Worth SC8161-15 Special Kind Of Something SF125-11 Standing Knee Deep In A River SC2135-08 Kay Kyser Star CB60303-12 Jingle Jangle Jingle SC8249-09 They Are The Roses CB60239-12 Kay Starr Time Passes By SC8167-06 Man With The Bag SC8781-16 Train Of Memories SC8529-05 Rock & Roll Waltz SC8396-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 179 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Kay Starr Keith Murray Rock N Roll Waltz SF063-04 Most Beautiful Girl In The World NT43-08 Side By Side SC8288-03 Keith Perry Wheel Of Fortune SC8249-02 All I Give A Darn About Is You SC8341-08 Kayne West & Syleena Johnson Keith Stegall All Falls Down PHU0406-03 1969 SC8239-12 Kayne West & The Dream Fiftyfifty SC8285-11 Walking On The Moon CB30109 My Life MM6169-10 K-Ci & Jo Jo Keith Sweat All My Life SC8453-11 Come With Me SC3021-02 Crazy SC8672-10 Get Up On It MM6078-08 It's Me CB3033-11 I Want Her SC8588-11 Tell Me It's Real SC8545-13 I'll Give To You DK1104-12 This Very Moment CB3034-12 Just A Touch SC8460-05 You Bring Me Up SC8390-03 Keep It Comin' SC8363-12 Ke$ha Suga Suga Suga PHU0805-06 Blah Blah Blah PHM1004-03 Twisted SC8299-04 Tik Tok PHM1002-03 What Is It CB3033-07 Your Love Is My Drug CB30127-03 Keith Sweat & Athena Cage Ke$ha Feat 2Pac Cole Nobody SC8325-12 Playa Cardz Right PHMU0901 Keith Sweat & Ronald Isley Ke$Ha Feat 3 Oh!3 Come With Me SC3021-02 Blah Blah Blah PHMP1004 Keith Urban Keb Mo Better Life CB60343-08 Love In Vain MM6272-14 But For The Grace Of God SC8743-08 Keely Smith Days Go By SC8903-12 What Is This Thing Called Love MM6184-13 Everybody ESP490-06-04 Keisha White I Told You So CB60364-01 I Choose Life EZH59-12 I Told You So (Radio Version) SC9003-01 Keith Anderson I'm In PHMC1008-01 Every Time I Hear Your Name CB60347-13 It's A Love Thing SC8566-03 I Still Miss You CB60372-09 Jeans On CB60351-06 Making Memories Of Us TU266-06 Kiss A Girl CB60407-1 Pickin’ Wildflowers SC8931-10 Live To Love Another Day CB60354-01 Podunk CB60357-02 Making Memories Of Us SC8944-07 She Could've Been Mine CB60398-8 Once In A Lifetime PHN0611-01 Somebody Needs A Hug CB60389-02 Once In A Lifetime (Radio Version) SC9010-15 Sunday Morning In America CB60364-06 Only You Can Love Me This Way CB60421-01 Three Chord Country & American Rock 'n' Roll CB60355-04 Raining On Sunday SC8807-14 Xxl SC3449-04 Raise The Barn SC8998-07 Keith Bryant Somebody Like You SC8774-12 Ridin' With The Legend CB60325-15 Stupid Boy SC8996-01 Keith Gattis Sweet Thing PHMC0902 Little Drops Of My Heart SC8256-09 'til Summer Comes Around CB60429-02 Real Deal SC8303-12 Tonight I Wanna Cry SC8982-13 Keith Harling Tu Compania CB60379-07 Bring It On CB60191-05 Whenever I Run SC8802-05 Coming Back For You SC8480-07 Where The Blacktop Ends SC8698-10 Easy Makin' Love CB60200-08 Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me SC8833-15 Hands Of A Working Man CB20066-12 You Look Good In My Shirt CB60327-06 Papa Bear SC8495-12 Youæll Think Of Me SC3404-01 Santa’S Got A Semi CB60210-02 Youll Think Of Me SC8903-06 There Goes The Neighborhood SC8520-14 Your Everything (Radio Version) SC2459-01 Write It In Stone SC8498-11 Youre My Better Half SC8898-14 Keith Martin Keith Washington Never Find Someone Like You SC8156-08 Stay In My Corner NT26-07 Keith Murray When You Love Somebody SC8244-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 180 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Keith West Kelly Clarkson Excerpt From A Teenage Opera SF069-08 Anytime TU252-03 Keith Whitley Beautiful Disaster TU210-03 Don't Close Your Eyes SC7524-13 Because Of You SC8957-10 Hard Livin' SC8610-03 Before Your Love SC8793-02 Heartbreak Highway CB90098-08 Behind These Hazel Eyes SC8924-14 Homecoming '63 SC7570-11 Breakaway SC8888-03 I Wonder Do You Ever Think Of Me SC8345-09 Cry SF293-12 I'm No Stranger To The Rain SC8380-07 Don't Waste Your Time CB30068-02 I'm Over You SC8332-05 Gone RSZ629-11 It Ain't Nothin' SC8414-12 I Do Not Hook Up CB30105-03 Miami My Amy SC8537-02 Just Missed The Train TU210-06 Some Old Side Road CB90098-15 Low SC8839-12 Somebody's Doin' Me Right SC8359-01 Miracles RSZ629-01 Talk To Me Texas CB90098-06 Miracles (Live Version) RSZ629-14 Ten Feet Away SC9902-12 Miss Independent SC8827-13 There's A New Kid In Town CB60303-07 My Grown Up Christmas List CB60424-13 Til A Tear Becomes A Rose CBE616-10 My Life Would Suck Without You CB30094-2 When You Say Nothing At All SC8112-08 Never Again (Radio Version) SC9006-09 Would These Arms Be In Your Way CB90098-14 Since U Been Gone SC8908-02 Keith Whitley & Earl Thomas Conley Since You've Been Gone CB30049-09 Brotherly Love CB60112-14 Sober CB30065-14 Keke Wyatt & Avant Some Kind Of Miracle SC8834-15 Nothing In This World CB3019-12 Thankful TU210-10 Kelis The Trouble With Love TU210-11 Acapella SF291-14 Walk Away SC8993-11 Caught Out There (I Hate You) SF159-11 Where Is Your Heart TU262-10 Get Along With You SF170-08 You Thought Wrong TU210-12 Good Stuff SF167-11 Kelly Clarkson & Justin Guarini In Public SF228-11 Timeless MM6390-13 Milkshake SC8902-09 Kelly Clarkson & Tamyra Gray Millionaire SF221-11 You Thought Wrong SC8845-15 Trick Me SF216-13 Kelly Evans & Houston Young Fresh & New SF185-07 Heartbreak Hotel SC8523-02 Kelis & Too Short Kelly Lorrena Bossy PHU0608-03 Heart Of Gold 2002 TU181-04 Kellie Coffey Tell It To My Heart SF195-08 At The End Of The Day SC8779-08 Kelly Marie Dance With My Father PHN0408-04 Feels Like I'm In Love SFMW802-14 Outside Looking In CB60242-14 Kelly Osbourne Texas Plates SC8847-13 One Word THP0507-15 Whatever It Takes SC8816-14 Papa Don't Preach SC8768-10 When You Lie Next To Me SC8795-07 Shut Up SC8806-04 Why Wyoming TU126-17 Kelly Osbourne & Ozzy Kellie Pickler Changes SF212-06 Best Days Of Your Life CB60395-6 Kelly Price Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You PHMC1004 As We Lay SC8629-09 Don't You Know You're Beautiful CB60379-08 Friend Of Mine SC8473-14 I Wonder SC9003-12 You Should've Told Me SC8664-08 Red High Heels CB60358-12 Kelly Rowland Santa Baby CB60423-11 Can't Nobody CB3035-13 Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind SC9018-01 Stole SC8793-07 Kelly Clarkson Train On A Track SF208-09 A Moment Like This SC2406-01 Kelly Rowland & David Guetta Addicted CB30059-08 Commander SF293-15 All I Ever Wanted CB30127-01 Kelly Rowland & Eve Already Gone CB30100-03 Like This CB30065-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 181 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Kelly Willis Kenny Chesney Don't Come The Cowboy With Me Sonny Jim TU213-04 Don't Lie CSZ203-03 Heaven's Just A Sin Away SC8269-09 Dreams TU148-05 If I Left You SC3337-07 Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven CB60385-01 Not Forgotten You CB20096-10 Fall In Love SC8163-03 Kem Flip-Flop Summer CB60367-02 Find Your Way PHU0511-04 Flop Summer ESP490-06-01 I Can't Stop Loving You THMH0505-14 For The First Time CB60214-07 Love Calls THH0312-13 From Hillbilly Heaven To Honky Tonk Hell CB90022-11 Why Would You Stay PHMU1007-08 Good Stuff SC8887-13 Ken Boothe Got A Little Crazy CB60383-01 Everying I Own SF141-06 Grandpa Told Me So SC8216-02 Ken Dodd Guitars And Tiki Bars SC8920-07 Promises SF094-11 Hey Good Lookin’ SC3411-07 River SF066-15 How Forever Feels SC8887-14 Tears For Souveniers PUK323-04 I Go Back SC8887-03 Ken Dood I Lost It SC8633-12 Happiness SFMW821-14 I Remember CB20367-09 Ken Mellons I Will Stand SC8480-12 Bundle Of Nerves CB60140-03 Just Put A Ribbon In Your Hair SC3176-07 I Can Bring Her Back SC8159-09 Keg In The Closet SC3441-07 Jukebox Junkie SC8139-05 Live Those Songs SC8769-02 Mr. Dj CB60246-13 Living In Fast Forward SC8992-09 Paint Me A Birmingham CB60317-13 Lot Of Things Different SC8887-09 Rub-A-Dubbin' SC8216-13 Me And You SC8298-12 Stranger In Your Eyes SC8280-06 Never Gonna Feel That Way Again TU230-10 Where Forever Begins SC8250-07 Never Wanted Nothing More SC9004-01 Workin' For The Weekend SC8163-09 No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems SC8833-01 Kendalls Old Blue Chair SC8916-06 Heaven's Just A Sin Away SC8208-02 On The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful TU148-10 It Don't Feel Like Sinnin' To Me SC8529-15 Out Last Night CB60407-5 Put It Off Until Tomorrow SAVA10-01 Outta Here TU250-09 Sweet Desire SC8494-13 Pretty Paper TU246-14 Thank God For The Radio SC8767-08 She Gets That Way CB90022-13 You'd Make An Angel Wanna Cheat SC7570-01 She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy SC8887-15 Keni Burke She's Got It All SC8382-10 Risin' To The Top, Give It All You Got SF068-06 Somebody's Callin' CB90022-04 Keni Thomas Summertime THC0607-12 Not Me SD128-09 Ten With A Two CB60392-01 Kenni Thomas & Blackhawk That’s Why I’m Here SC8887-10 Gloryland CB60345-11 The Good Stuff THC0208-20 Kenny Chesney The Woman With You SC3420-02 Ain't Back Yet CB60433-01 There Goes My Life SC8903-02 All I Need To Know SC8189-04 This Is Our Moment CB60436-06 All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan SC8900-08 Tin Man SC8723-08 Anything But Mine SC2494-07 What I Need To Do SC8596-15 Back In My Arms Again SC8271-09 When I Close My Eyes SC8887-02 Baptism CB60176-10 Who You'd Be Today SC3452-07 Be As You Are SC8933-03 You Had Me From Hello SC8887-07 Beer In Mexico CB60353-02 You Save Me SC8989-04 Better As A Memory SC9021-10 Young CB60229-02 Big Star SC8854-12 Kenny Chesney & David Matthews Chance SC8416-05 I'm Alive CB60419-15 Christmas In Dixie TU249-03 Kenny Chesney & George Strait Don’t Happen Twice SC8887-06 Shiftwork SC9013-04 Don't Blink SC9011-11 Kenny Chesney & Jackson & Keith & Strait Don't Happen Twice SC8681-12 Hey Good Lookin’ SC8880-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 182 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Kenny Chesney & Kid Rock Kenny Rogers Texas Luckenbach SC3387-08 Islands In The Stream LG021-08 Kenny Chesney & Mac McAnally Just Dropped In SC8172-08 Down The Road CB60395-2 Lady CB90051-07 Kenny Chesney & Uncle Kracker Last Ten Years SD149-14 When The Sun Goes Down SC8903-01 Love Or Something Like It SC8567-03 Kenny Chesney & Willie Nelson Love The World Away SC8372-07 That Lucky Old Sun PHMC0901 Love Will Turn You Around SC8326-03 Kenny Lattimore Lucille SC7507-04 For You SC8381-05 Missing You SC8275-13 If I Lose My Woman SC8519-15 Morning Desire SC8372-06 Never Too Busy SC8290-06 Ol' Red SC8287-04 Kenny Lattimore & Heather Headly Reuben James SC8400-05 Love Will Find A Way PP3110-07 Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town SC7525-08 Scarlet Fever SC8372-12 Danger Zone SC8573-10 She Believes In Me SC7512-10 Danny's Song AH8010-13 Slow Dance More SC8566-09 SC7506-13 Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight SC8301-15 For The First Time SC8457-10 Something Burning LG021-06 Forever Love SC8477-12 Sunshine DK063-17 I Am Not Hiding SC8389-13 Sweet Music Man SC8372-03 I'm Alright SC8554-03 Tell It All Brother SC8207-02 Meet Me Half Way SC8588-14 The Gambler ASKFP-34-2-02 Nobody's Fool SC8283-03 There You Go Again SC8677-14 Real Thing SC8274-10 Through The Years SC8103-03 Return To Pooh Corner NUTECH-0206 Tomb Of Unknown Love SC8455-03 This Is It SC8264-05 Twenty Years Ago SC8421-02 Whenever I Call You Friend BS4117-04 Vows Go Unbroken SC8217-14 Kenny Loggins & Jo Dee Messina While The Feeling's Good CB90051-10 Your Mama Don't Dance HSPAK05-04 You Decorated My Life SC8269-10 Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Whenever I Call You Friend SC8482-14 Christmas To Remember CBEP462-4-17 Kenny Nolan Christmas Without You CBEP462-4-12 I Like Dreamin' SC8153 06 Greatest Gift Of All CBEP462-4-07 Kenny Rogers I Believe In Santa Claus CBEP462-4-02 All My Life SC8551-12 Islands In The Stream SC8128-03 All That You Could Be TU072-04 With Bells On SC8184-12 Anyone Who Isnt Me CBE616-05 Kenny Rogers & Don Henley Beautiful All That You Could Be SC8723-15 Calling Me CB60362-13 Buried Treasure SC8728-11 Kenny Rogers & Dottie West Buy Me A Rose SC8578-11 All I Ever Need Is You SC8511-03 Coward Of The County SC7551-02 Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight SC8408-09 Crazy SC7537-04 Every Time Two Fools Collide SC8128-02 Daytime Friends SC8342-13 Til I Can Make It On My Own SC8408-02 Gambler SC7512-05 Together Again SC8408-13 Greatest SC8533-13 What Are We Doin' In Love SC8511-01 Handprints On The Wall PHN0401-06 Kenny Rogers & Holly Dunn Harder Cards CB60237-14 Maybe NS20-10 He Will, She Knows SC8665-09 Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes Homeland SC8733-12 Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer SC8128-07 I Can't Unlove You CB60347-11 Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton I Don't Need You SC8372-13 We've Got Tonight SC8105-07 I Prefer The Moonlight SC8385-06 Kenny Rogers & The First Edition If I Knew Then What I Know Now MM6013-09 I Just Dropped In To See What Condition KC007-01 If You Want To Find Love SC8359-02 Lucille TU241-02 I'll Be There For You SC8245-06 Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town CBE524-10 I'm Missing You SC3370-05 Rueben James SAVP29-19

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 183 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Kenny Rogers & Whitney Duncan Kevin Fowler My World Is Over CB60325-11 Cheaper To Keep Her CB60398-15 Kenny Thomas Pound Sign CB60443-09 Thinking About Your Love SF053-09 Kevin Lyttle Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Drive Me Crazy PHM0412-07 Blue On Black SC8453-10 Turn Me On SF210-06 Born With A Broken Heart SC8268-08 Kevin Lyttle Feat Spragga Benz Deja Voodoo SC8263-02 Turn Me On TU256-15 Everything Is Broken SC3113-02 Kevin Sharp In 2 Deep SC8572-05 Beautiful People SD088-14 Last Goodbye SC8629-06 If She Only Knew SC8470-03 Somehow Somewhere Someway SC8473-08 If You Love Somebody SC3038-08 Kentucky Headhunters Love Is All That Really Matters SC8451-08 Dumas Walker SC8104-12 Nobody Knows SC8336-04 Jessico CB60215-05 She's Sure Taking It Well SC8370-15 Oh Lonesome Me CB60048-09 There's Only You SC3052-03 Rag Top CB60156-08 Kevon Edmonds Rock 'n' Roll Angel SC8161-03 24-7 SC8587-11 Skip A Rope CB60156-07 No Love SC8607-12 Too Much To Lose CB60208-10 Oh PHMU0912 Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine SC8157-08 Keyshia Cole With Body And Soul CB60112-13 Beautiful Music PHMU906 Keri Hilson Heaven Sent CB30074-03 Energy CB30080-08 I Changed My Mind THH0412-16 Keri Hilson & Akon I Remember SC9022-05 Change Me CB30116-01 I Should Have Cheated PHU0511-06 Keri Hilson & Kanye West & Ne Yo Let It Go PHU0709-03 CB30100-10 Love PAN2006-01 Keri Hilson & Lil' Wayne Shoulda Let You Go PHU0801-01 Slow Dance CB30113-07 To Be Over, (I Just Want It) THH0508-12 Keri Hilson Timbaland & Nicole Scherzinger Where This Love Could End Up PHMU0909 Scream PHM0803-02 You Complete Me CB30091-8 Kermit The Frog Keyshia Cole & Monica Rainbow Connection NUTECH-1097 Trust CB30103-10 Kerry Harvick Khaleel Cowgirls CB60329-11 No Mercy SC8503-05 That's What Your Love Does CB60341-12 Khia Keshia White My Neck, My Back (Lick It) SC8773-08 Don't Mistake Me PAN2006-01 Kid Creole & Coconuts Ketty Lester Stool Pigeon SF111-03 Love Letter SF044-06 Kid Creole & The Coconuts Kevin Bloody Wilson Annie I'm Not Your Daddy SFMW870-14 Ho Ho Fucking Ho SC8900-05 Kid Cudi Kev's Courtin' Song SC8927-03 Day 'N' Nite PHMU905 Santa's Fucking Roadies SC8900-10 Up Up . Away PHMU1007-07 Kevin Ceballo Kid Rock Mi Primer Amor (Salsa) SCL2284-07 All Summer Long CB30073-04 Kevin Costner & Modern West Amen CB30071-12 Long Hot Night CB60396-07 American Bad Ass SC8626-01 Kevin Denney Bawitdaba SC8626-04 Cadillac Tears SC8774-03 Blue Jeans And A Rosary CB60401-8 It’Ll Go Away CB60242-07 Born To Be A Hick TU098-04 That's Just Jesse CB60229-05 Cocky SC8740-11 Walk Out Of The Rain CB60316-08 Cold And Empty SD4404-08 Year At A Time CB60317-03 Cowboy SC8626-13 Kevin Fowler Dark & Grey TU098-06 Best Mistake I Ever Made CB60387-07 Devil Without A Cause TU098-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 184 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Kid Rock Kim Carnes Feel Like Makin' Love SC8859-11 Crazy In The Night SC8514-08 Fist Of Rage TU098-08 Kim Hill Forever SC8732-05 Janie's Gone Fishing MM6056-14 I Am The Bullgod SC8803-10 Kim Richey Jackson, Mississippi THR0406-17 Come Around SC8565-02 Lonely Road Of Faith SC8747-03 From Where I Stand SC8267-13 Only God Knows Why SC8626-07 Good C2C03-07 Picture CBE3-28-03 I Know SC8377-12 Prodigal Son TU098-14 Just My Luck SC8205-01 Roll On CB30092-05 Those Words We Said SC8205-06 Single Father CB60325-07 Way It Never Was SC3210-02 Three Sheets To The Wind TU098-01 Kim Stockwood Wasting Time PHM0012-07 Jerk PHM9611-09 Where U At Rock SC8626-14 Kim Weston Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow Take Me In Your Arms CBE620-02 Picture CB30027-10 Kim Wilde Picture (Duet) LG191-03 Keep Me Hanging On SF001-05 Kids From Fame Kids In America SC8329-02 Starmaker SFMW842-02 Kimber Clayton Kids In America Bless His Heart SC8245-03 No Secrets TU163-11 Kimberley Locke Wilde, Kim PHMR8201-05 8Th World Wonder SC8865-08 Kierra Kiki Sheard Kimberly Locke You Don't Know THH0410-16 Band Of Gold SC9019-11 Kieth Whitley & Lorrie Morgan Change PHM0708-07 Til A Tear Becomes A Rose SC8128-06 Coulda Been THP0506-13 Kiki Dee Over The Rainbow PSJT310-07 THCOL04-01 Wrong MM6420-07 I've Got The Music In Me SC8391-15 Kimberly Scott Star SFMW828-11 Tuck Me In MM6227-03 Kiki Dee & Elton John Kina Don't Go Breaking My Heart LG166-11 Girl From The Gutter SC8629-10 Kiley Dean Kindred The Family Soul Who Will I Run To PHM0312-05 House Of Love PHMU0901 Kill Myself King & I McGraw, Tim SC2460-03 Getting To Know You SC2028-03 Killer Mike & Big Boi Hello Young Lovers SY1047-03 A.D.I.D.A.S. THH0305-16 King Brothers Killers White Sports Coat SF063-01 A Dustland Fairytale CB30103-11 King Floyd All These Things That I've Done SC3448-02 Groove Me SC8443-10 Bones SF250-14 King Harvest Don't Shoot Me Santa THHP0803-11 Dancing In The Moonlight SC8679-01 Human CB30087-05 King Of Rock N Roll Mr. Brightside THR0502-10 Prefab Sprout SFMW825-12 Read My Mind PHM0706-05 King Sisters Rollover Dj SIN0012-12 Take The ''A'' Train MM6186-13 Smile Like You Mean It SF230-04 King Soloman Somebody Told Me SC8906-10 She Wears My Ring THCOL04-01 Spaceman CB30099-04 King’s X Tranquilize THHP0801-16 Over My Head SC8869-05 When You Were Young SC8993-10 Summerland SC8830-05 Kim Appleby Kings Don't Worry SF112-05 Love & Pride SF106-06 Kim Carnes Switch Into Glide AH2001-07 Bette Davis Eyes SC8115-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 185 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Kings Of Leon Kirsty Maccoll Crawl CB30121 England 2, Columbia 9 SFMW878-07 Notion CB30106 There's A Guy Works Down The ZMH010-12 Sex On Fire CB30094-9 Kirsty McCall The Bucket THR0504-17 Days SF027-13 Use Somebody CB30100-6 In These Shoes SFMW870-13 Kingsmen Kismet Kind Of A Drag IMPK14-14 Stranger In Paradise SY1047-05 Louie, Louie SC8108-14 Kiss Money (That's What I Want) DK011-09 Beth SC7579-04 Kingston Trio Calling Dr. Love SC8701-14 Mta MM6328-04 Christine Sixteen SC8701-09 Scotch & Soda SC8136-14 Cold Gin SC8701-12 Sloop John B MM6172-15 Crazy Nights SF021-12 They Call The Wind Maria MM6172-05 Detroit Rock City SC8334-02 Tom Dooley SC8563-12 Domino SC8701-11 When The Saints Go Marching In MM6172-09 Firehouse SC8701-13 Where Have All The Flowers Gone DK060-07 Forever SC8791-04 Kinks God Gave Rock & Roll To You SFMW816-01 A Well Respected Man SC2504-07 God Of Thunder SC8701-08 All Day & All Of The Night SC8450-01 Hard Luck Woman SC8346-03 Ape Man LG038-10 Haunted House SC8550-13 Autumn Almanac SF078-12 Heaven's On Fire SC8734-02 Celluloid Heroes SC8941-03 I Love It Loud SC8830-10 Come Dancing SC8210-13 I Was Made For Loving You Baby SC8701-15 Days LG038-17 Lick It Up SC8597-11 Dead End Street LG038-13 Love Gun SC8660-12 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion SF046-06 Nothing Can Keep Me From You PHT9912-04 Don't Forget To Dance LG038-11 Plaster Caster DM104-14 Father Christmas SC8900-06 Pshycho Circus SC8501-06 Lola SC2504-04 Rock And Roll All Night SC8277-08 See My Friend LG038-05 Rock And Roll All Night (Unplugged) SC7216-07 Set Me Free LG038-07 Shout It Out Loud SC8516-15 Sunday Afternoon LC0009-03 Strutter SC8406-12 Sunny Afternoon SC8221-10 Tears Are Falling SC8843-07 Supersonic Rocket Ship LG038-12 You Wanted The Best SC8515-09 Tired Of Waiting For You SC8225-15 Kit Izak & Pony West Waterloo Sunset SF087-02 Stay With Me TU180-14 You Really Got Me SC8353-14 Kitty Kallen Kinky Friedman & Texas Jewboys Little Things Mean A Lot SC7550-01 Asshole From El Paso HC003-05 Kitty Wells Kinleys Amigo's Guitar SC7567-12 Dance In The Boat SC8463-10 Heartbreak Usa SC8367-13 Dare To Be A Daniel CB20103-11 Honky Tonk Angels NS19-11 I'm In SC8655-10 I Can't Stop Loving You CBE4-13-14 Just Between You And Me SC8432-08 It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels SC7524-08 My Heart Is Still Beating SC8560-01 Makin' Believe SC7558-03 Please SC8394-04 Mommy For A Day SC8367-02 She Ain't The Girl For You SC8653-02 Password SC8367-04 Somebody's Out There Watching SC8512-08 Searching For Someone Like You SC8538-01 You Make It Seem So Easy SC8474-02 Will You Lawyer Talk To God SC8367-07 You're Still Here SC8711-05 You Don't Hear SC8367-03 Kippi Brannon Kitty Wells & Red Foley Daddy's Little Girl MM6196-13 One By One SC8592-04 I'd Be With You SC3028-05 Kix Kirk Talley Don't Close Your Eyes SC8597-15 I Know Him CB10051-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 186 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID K'jon Kris Allen On The Ocean PHMU906 No Boundaries CB30109 Klf & Tammy Wynette Kris Kristofferson Justified & Ancient CB90322-10 For The Good Times PT2014-02 Klymaxx Help Me Make It Through The Night PT2014-03 I Miss You SC8456-05 Me & Bobby McGee SFMW849-01 Meeting In The Ladies Room SC8754-01 Silver Tongued Devil & I TU134-09 Knack Why Me MH1041-13 Good Girl's Don't SC8447-02 Kris Kross My Sharona SC7535-11 Jump SC8366-12 Knees Up Mother Melody Warm It Up SC8274-12 Roll Out The Barrell PX05-09 Kris Tyler Knickerbockers Keeping Your Kisses MM6199-07 Lies SC8750-04 What A Woman Knows SC8432-14 Koffee Brown Krista Marie After Party SC8695-02 Jeep Jeep CB60416 Koko Taylor Tomboy CB60419-12 Hound Dog MM6206-06 Kristian Leontiou That's Why I'm Crying MM6206-10 Some Say SF225-12 Wang Dang Doodle SC8327-03 Story Of My Life SFMW849-01 Kooks Kristin Garner Naive SFMW876-03 Let's Burn It Down SC8714-06 She Moves In Her Own Way SF245-13 Lightly CB60217-15 Kool & The Gang Singing To The Scarecrow CB60228-09 Celebration SC7511-12 Kristin Hale Cherish SC8667-12 Useless CB60244-06 Fresh SC8755-11 Kristina Cornell Get Down On It SC8580-14 Little Red Balloon CB60362-11 Hollywood Swinging LG093-03 Kristina Debarge Joanna SF058-13 Goodbye CB30103-2 Jungle Boogie SC8621-09 Sabotage PHMP0912 Ladies Night SC7546-05 Kristine W. Too Hot LG093-05 Lovin' You CB3012-15 Korben Krokus Night & Day EZA010-09 Eat The Rich SC8791-06 Maniac SC8928-14- Adidas SC8626-10 MIDNITE Alone I Break LG191-10 Screaming In The Night SC8631-08 Blind SC2364-04 K's Choice Coming Undone SC9016-05 Everything For Free SC8484-15 Falling Away From Me SC8626-03 Not An Addict SC8457-13 Freak On A Leash SC8626-06 Kula Shaker Got The Life SC8626-05 Hey Dude SF080-13 Hating (Everything That I Could Find) TU142-05 Hush THCOL04-01 Here To Stay SC8762-11 Sound Of Drums SF121-05 Somebody Someone SC8629-11 Kurt Nilsen Thoughtless TU142-17 She's So High SF214-09 Twisted Transistor SC8957-09 Kurtis Blow Korn & Amy Lee Basketball SC8875-02 Freak On A Leash (Unplugged Version) SC8999-15 Breaks SC8656-05 Kortney Kayle Kutless Don't Let Me Down SC3254-03 Strong Tower SC8962-05 Unbroken By You SC8711-14 Kws Kraftwerk Please Don't Go SF003-06 Model SFMW840-12 Kylie Minogue Kris Allen 2 Hearts THP0803-17 Live Like We're Dying CB30118 All The Lovers SF292-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 187 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Kylie Minogue La Ley Better Than The Devil You Know SF133-03 El Duelo (Unplugged Version) SCL1546-08 Breathe SFG007-11 Mentira SCL1543-01 Can't Get You Out Of My Head SC8796-14 Labi Siffre Can't Stop Giving You Up SF229-10 Something Inside So Strong SF113-04 Chocolate SF219-11 Lace Come Into My World CB3031-01 I Want A Man SC3157-06 Confide In Me SFG007-12 Kiss 'Em All CB60201-10 Especially For You SFG007-05 You Could've Had Me CB60199-05 Give Me Just A Little More Time ZMP053-06 Lacy J. Dalton Got To Be Certain LG192-14 16Th Avenue SC7555-11 Hand On Your Heart SFG007-06 Black Coffee SC8230-13 I Believe In You EZH040-04 Everybody Makes Mistakes SC8541-15 I Should Be So Lucky SFG007-15 Hard Times SC8541-12 I Turn It Into Love SAVP09-13 Hillbilly Girl With The Blues SC8558-01 In Your Eyes EZH08-04 Losing Kind Of Love SC7569-07 It's No Secret LG192-15 Takin' It Easy SC8455-05 Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi SFG007-13 Whisper SC8676-12 Kids ZMP053-08 Lady & The Tramp Loco-Motion SFG007-16 Bella Notte ZMP047-03 Love At First Sight SC8768-08 He's A Tramp ZMP047-04 Never Too Late LG192-05 Lady Antebellum On A Night Like This SF171-01 American Honey SF290-12 Please Stay SFG007-10 I Run To You CB60401-3 Put Yourself In My Place SF025-14 I Was Here PHMC0909 Red Bloddevd Woman SF215-01 Lookin' For A Good Time CB60379-11 Slow CB30045-11 Love Don't Live Here CB60370-14 Spinning Around SFG007-02 Need You Now CB60425-06 Step Back In Time SFG007-14 Lady Gaga Tears On My Pillow SFG007-09 Alejandro CB30127-14 What Do I Have To Do LG192-07 Bad Romance CB40493-06 Wow THHP0804-18 Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) CB40493-04 Kym Marsh Just Dance CB40493-02 Come On Over SF207-11 Lovegame CB30106 Cry EZH22-04 Paparazzi CB40493-05 Kym Sims Poker Face CB30100-12 Too Blind To See It SFMW837-06 Speechless ASK820-07 Kyper Telephone ASK820-08 Tic Tac Toe SC8117-11 Lady Gaga & Beyonce Kyu Sakamoto Telephone SF288-04 Sukiyaki SFMW824-06 Lady Gaga & Colby O'donis L. A. Guns Just Dance SC9023-07 Ballad Of Jayne SC8373-09 Lake Side L.F.O. Fantastic Voyage (Part 1) RB17-11 Every Other Time SC8726-08 Lalah Hathaway Girl On Tv SC8048-08 Forever, For Always, For Love THH0502-17 I Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight SC8616-15 Lance Miller Life Is Good CB3021-02 She Really Loves Me CB60362-15 Summer Girls SC8553-05 Landon Pigg West Side Story CB30005-06 Can't Let Go PHAC0701-05 L.T.D. Landscape Back In Love Again SC9901-08 Einstein A Go Go SFMW845-06 Love Ballad SC8824-12 Lane Turner La Bouche Always Wanting Moore (Breathless) CB60323-06 Be My Lover SC8746-05 Fallin' In Love PHM9611-08 Adagio (English) PSJT135-06 Sweet Dreams SC8286-06 Adagio (Italian) PSJT135-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 188 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Lara Fabian Larry LeBlanc Broken Vow PSJT135-12 Above All TU076-01 Givin' Up On You PSJT135-03 Larry Sparks I Am Who I Am PS1501-15 Smokey Mountain Memories CB80138-04 I Will Love Again SC8629-12 Larry Stewart I Will Love You NSP2006-04 Alright Already SC8130-06 Je T'aime SC2388-03 Always A Woman SC8341-06 Love By Grace SC8654-11 Heart Like A Hurricane SC8269-13 Part Of Me PSJT135-02 I'll Cry Tomorrow CB60163-15 Till I Get Over You PSJT135-08 Losing Your Love SC8159-03 To Love Again PSJT135-11 Mississippi Moon MM6097-15 Yeliel (My Angel) PSJT135-10 Rockin' The Rock SC8171-13 You Are My Heart PSJT135-04 Why Can't You SC8303-06 You're Not From Here PS1501-10 Larry Verne Lareau Mr. Custer SC8544-03 Don't Let Me Go PHMP1004 Larry Welch Lari White Since I Fell For You SC7532-02 Don't Fence Me In SC8267-12 Larry Williams John Wayne Walking Away SC8533-09 Bony Maronie SC8258-04 Lay Around And Love On You SC8245-01 Short Fat Fannie SC8521-09 Lead Me Not SC8175-03 La's Now I Know SC8137-04 There She Goes SFG032-09 Ready Willing And Able SC8224-07 Las Ketchup Stepping Stone SC8495-10 Asereje SCL1556-04 Take Me SC8488-12 Ketchup Song SC8793-15 Test SC8256-05 Ketchup Song (Spanish) MM6376-16 That'a How You Know When Your In Love SC8194 15 Lasgo That's My Baby SC8123-04 Pray SF200-04 Wild At Heart SC8285-05 Something NSP2038-04 Wishes SC8321-04 Something (Radio Version) SC3353-07 Larnelle Harris Lashell Griffin How Excellent Is Thy Name SC2045-08 Free THMH0409-15 Larry Finnegan Last Goodnight Dear One NT51-10 Pictures Of You SC9016-12 Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers Last Song All The Gold In California SC7590-14 We're Out Of Time SC8085-08 Broken Lady CB90105-04 Laura Bell Bundy Houston SC8431-01 Giddy On Up CB60436-07 I Don't Wanna Cry CB90105-08 Laura Branigan I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day CB60306-12 Didn't We Almost Win It All SC8246-07 I've Done Enough Dyin' Today CBE3-04-06 Gloria SC8331-11 Love Is Just A Game CB90105-09 How Am I Suppose To Live Without You SC9907-08 Love Of A Lifetime CB90105-15 Lucky One LG061-17 Night Time Magic CB90105-02 Self Control SC8329-05 O' Holy Night CBEP462-2-11 Solitaire SC8210-11 She Used To Be Somebody's Baby CB90105-07 Laura Canales Statues Without Hearts CBE4-16-01 Avisame SC7106-12 Sure Feels Like Love CB90105-13 Laura Creamer & Jim Brickman Take Me To Your Lovin' Place SC8326-09 By Heart SC8268-11 Talkin' To The Moon CB90105-14 Laura Dawn What Are We Doin' Lonesome CB90105-12 I Would SC8727-11 Larry Gowan Laura Doherty You're A Strange Animal GM1000-02 Do You Know The Way To San Jose SFG018-08 Larry Graham They Can't Take That Away EZA010-11 One In A Million SC2120-07 Whole Again SFG018-06 Larry Groce Laura Izibor Junk Food Junkie SC8544-10 Don't Stay PHMU1001

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 189 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Laura Izibor Le Gusta Que From My Heart To Yours PHMH0902-5 Nieves SCL1505-14 If Tonight Is My Last PHMU1005-08 Leah Andreone Shine PHMU0909 It's Alright It's Ok PHM9703-09 Laura Pausini Léandre Entre Tu Y Mil Mares SCL2278-07 Goodbye My Love FRENCH50-01 If That's Love SC8827-10 Leann Rimes Las Cosas Que Vives SC7111-02 Big Deal SC8570-05 Quiero Decirte Que Te Amo SCL1534-08 Blue SC8458-04 Surrender SC8806-09 Blue Da Ba Dee SGB15-17 Volvere Junto A Ti SCL1546-02 Bridge Over Troubled Water CB90020-13 Laurel And Hardy Buckaroo MM6239-10 Trail Of The Lonesome Pine SF042-14 But I Do Love You SC8705-09 Lauren Christie Can't Fight The Moonlight CBE528-13 Magazine PHM9802-08 Cattle Call RSZ616-16 Lauren Lucas Clinging To A Saving Hand SC8458-09 Carolina Kind CB60342-06 Commitment SC8458-11 What You Ain't Gonna Get CB60339-11 Cowboy's Sweetheart CB90020-09 Lauren Mayhew Crazy SF157-04 Sinking PAN2006-01 Family CB60385-06 Lauren Waterworth Feels Like Home SC8484-14 Baby Now That I've Found You SF193-05 God Bless America SC8458-13 Laurence Jalbert Good Friend & A Glass Of Wine THC0806-18 Au Nom De La Raison FRENCH50-01 Honestly MMCOU202-05 Corridor FRENCH50-01 How Do I Live SC8458-05 En Courant FRENCH50-01 Hurt Me SC8458-12 Encore Et Encore FRENCH50-01 I Believe CB20030-09 Les Yeux Noirs FRENCH50-01 I Believe In You MM6355-05 Rage FRENCH50-01 I Know Who Holds Tomorrow SC8458-15 Tomber FRENCH50-01 I Need You SC8613-03 Laurie Johnson I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart SC8458-08 Sucu Sucu SF083-09 I'll Get Even With You SC8336-07 Laurie London Last Thing On My Mind SFGD062-14 He's Got The Whole World DKM3071-01 Life Goes On SC8784-03 Lauryn Hill Light In Your Eyes SC8458-07 Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You SGB06-01 Looking Through Your Eyes SC8458-14 Doo Wop (That Thing) CB40018-09 My Baby MM6193-12 Everything Is Everything SC8553-08 Nothin' Bout Love Makes Sense SC3423-01 Ex-Factor SC8523-13 Nothin' New Under The Moon SC3087-01 Lost Ones CB40018-10 On The Side Of Angels SC8458-10 Nothing Even Matters SGB11-09 One Of These Days TU047-11 Oh Happy Days SFMW843-09 One Way Ticket SC8458-01 To Zion CB40018-11 Please Remember Me CB60207-12 Lavern Baker Probably Wouldn’T Be This Way SC8920-01 Jim Dandy SC8814-03 Purple Rain CB90020-12 Laverne & Shirley Some People CB60355-11 Making Our Dreams Come True DKM3067-12 Something's Gotta Give CB60347-03 Laverne Baker Soon SC8723-04 I Cried A Tear RB14-03 Suddenly SC8818-12 Lavier Solis Swingin' PHMC1008-03 Renunciacion KB09-08 Ten Thousand Angels Cried SC2170-08 Lawrence Welk The Right Kind Of Wrong SC3226-02 Alley Cat SC8330-05 These Arms Of Mine SC8498-02 Le Click This Love SC8862-12 Call Me TTU122-06 Tic Toc SD4302-12 Tonight Is The Night TTU122-14 Unchained Melody SC8458-06 Le Gusta Que We Can SC8837-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 190 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Leann Rimes Lee Andrews & The Hearts What I Cannot Change CB60381-06 Long Lonely Nights MM6361-08 Written In The Stars SFGD062-15 Teardrops MM6400-06 Written In The Stars (Mf Duet) RSZ616-04 Lee Ann Womack You Light Up My Life SC8458-03 After I Fall SC2258-05 You Take Me Home PHN0504-04 Am I The Only Thing You've Done Wrong CB60220-02 Your Cheatin' Heart SC8590-10 Ashes By Now SC8738-10 Leann Rimes & Elton John Blame It On Me CB60243-09 Written In The Stars PP3118-02 Buckaroo SC8495-05 Leann Rimes & Reba McEntire Does My Ring Burn Your Finger SC8751-08 When You Love Someone Like That PHN0803-02 Don't Tell Me CB60192-05 Leann Rimes & Don't Tell Me (Radio Version) SC8584-07 Last Thing On My Mind SF217-07 Finding My Way Back Home SC8989-08 Leapy Lee Fool SC8384-04 Little Arrows SF100-11 Forever Everyday SC8794-14 He Oughta Know That By Now SC8923-15 All My Love SC8674-12 Healing Kind SC2258-06 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You SC8437-09 He'll Be Back SC8802-13 Black Dog SC8437-12 I Hope You Dance SC8614-01 Bring It On Home SC8674 06 I Know Why The River Runs TU047-06 Celebration Day SC8674-14 I May Hate Myself In The Morning SC8943-02 Communication Breakdown SC8437-01 I Need You CB60310-13 Crunge SC8674-13 I'll Think Of A Reason Later SC8512-09 Custard Pie SC8674-05 Last Call CB60378-08 Dancing Days SC8674-02 Little Past Little Rock SC8480-08 Dazed And Confused LG115-02 Lord I Hope This Day Is Good TU160-10 D'yer Mak'er SC8437-13 Man With 18 Wheels TU160-11 Fool In The Rain SC8840-13 Never Again Again SC8504-06 Going To California SC8437-10 Now You See Me Now You Don't SC8546-07 Good Times Bad Times SC8437-14 Solitary Thinkin' CB60407-10 Heartbreaker SC8437-06 Some Things I Know CB60177-05 Heartbreakliving Loving Maid HV01-03 Something Worth Leaving Behind SC8769-01 Hey Hey What Can I Do SC8674 07 Stronger Than I Am SC2258-03 Houses Of The Holy SC8674-09 The King Of Broken Hearts PHMC0902 How Many More Times SC8830-09 The Wrong Girl TU250-13 I Can't Quit You Baby SC8675-07 There Is A God CB60429-04 Immigrant Song SC8437-03 Twenty Years And Two Husbands Ago SC8991-08 Kashmir SC8674-04 What Are You Doing New Year's Eve SC8990-15 Living Loving Maid She's Just A Woman SC8674-08 Why They Call It Falling SC8698-13 Misty Mountain Hop SC8437-07 Wrong Girl SC3404-02 Night Flight HC005-04 You Should've Lied TU160-18 Ocean SC8437-05 You've Got To Talk To Me SC8416-07 Out On The Tiles SC8674-11 Lee Ann Womack & Son Of The Desert Over The Hills And Far Away SC8437-15 I Hope You Dance MMCOU32-12 Ramble On SC8437-11 Lee Ann Womack & Willie Nelson Rock And Roll SC8437-04 Mendocino County Line TU160-12 Stairway To Heaven SC8437-02 Lee Brice Thank You SC8674-03 Happy Endings SC9018-05 Traveling Riverside Blues NT16-09 Love Like Crazy CB60430 What Is And What Should Never Be SC8437-08 She Ain't Right PHN0709-08 When The Levee Breaks SC8674-01 Upper Middle Class White Trash CB60380-05 Whole Lotta Love SC8674-10 Lee Dewyze You Shook Me NT17-05 Beautiful Day SF293-11 Your Time Is Gonna Come SC8674-15 Lee Dorsey Ledisi Holy Cow SF100-14 Goin' Thru Changes PHU0910-03 Working In A Coal Mine SC8429-09 Higher Than This PHMU1003 Ya Ya SC8251-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 191 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Lee England K'Jon & Augustine Alvarez Lefty Frizzell This Time PHU0911-07 She's Gone Gone Gone SC7567-10 Lee Greenwood Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday) CB90103-08 Ain't No Trick It Takes Magic CB60149-01 Travellin' Blues CB90103-10 Another Year Of Love MM6128-08 Leigh Nash Before I'm Ever Over You SC8245-02 Need To Be Next To You SC8654-09 Between A Rock & A Heartache CB90355-05 Leighton Meester Dixie Road SC8380-04 Your Love's A Drug PHMP1006-07 Fool's Gold SC8541-11 Leighton Meester & Robin Thicke God Bless The Usa SC8104-07 Somebody To Love PHM1001-08 Going Going Gone SC8326-12 Great Defenders SC8291-03 50 50 SF213-06 Hearts Aren't Made To Break (They're Made To SC7556-08 Another Day SF215-13 Love) Dance With U SF209-09 Holdin' A Good Hand CB90355-02 If There's Any Justice SF226-07 I Don't Mind The Thorns SC8431-08 It's Not That Easy SF247-09 I Never Thought Your Memory Would Ever Go SC8278-08 No Pressure SF218-05 I O U SC8158-11 Someone Should Tell You SF249-15 I Still Believe CB90355-10 Time To Grow SF230-02 I'll Be Loving You CB90355-12 Lemon Pipers Iou SC7524-04 Green Tambourine SC8589-07 It Turns Me Inside Out SC8398-14 Lemonheads Mornin' Ride SC8332-10 If I Could Talk I'd Tell You SC8343-15 Pledge Of Allegiance CB90355-15 Into Your Arms SC8598-13 Ring On Her Finger MM6088-05 Len Barry Rocks That You Can't Move THC0302-20 1 2 3 THCOL04-01 Somebody's Gonna Love You SC8269-15 Lena Horne Touch And Go Crazy SC8642-14 I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues MM6142-04 You've Got A Good Love Coming CB60126-07 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow SC7223-07 Lee Greenwood & Barbara Mandrell Love Me Or Leave Me TU120-11 To Me SC8128-11 Stormy Weather SC8124-06 Lee Greenwood & Suzy Bogguss Lena Zavaroni Hopelessly Yours SC8128-12 Ma He's Making Eyes At Me SFMW843-06 Lee Marvin Lene Lovich Wandrin' Star SF077-06 Lucky Number SF109-15 Lee Michaels Lene Marlin Do You Know What I Mean SC8510-15 Sitting Down Here SF164-05 Lee Roy Parnell Where I'm Headed SF174-14 Givin' Water To A Drowning Man SC2059-01 Lene Martin Little Bit Of You SC8173-13 Unforgivable Sinner SF171-12 Lucky Me, Lucky You SC3018-02 On The Road SC8131-03 Again SC8742-05 Left Banke American Woman SC8545-09 Walk Away Renee DK095-07 Are You Gonna Go My Way SC7219-08 Lefty Frizzell Believe DK079-03 Always Late With Your Kisses SC2155-08 Black Velveteen SF150-09 Don't Stay Away CB90103-13 Can't Get You Off My Mind SC8277-15 Forever And Always CB90103-15 Dig In SC8731-11 Give Me More More More Of Your Kisses SC8509-01 Fly Away SC8490-05 I Love You A Thousand Ways SC9508-14 Heaven Help SC2315-03 I Overlooked An Orchid CB60078-05 I Belong To You SC8601-02 I Want To Be With You Always CB60333-11 If I Could Fall In Love CBEP477-6-05 If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time SC8208-01 I'll Be Waiting SC9019-10 Long Black Veil DK068-16 It Ain't Over 'til It's Over SC8433-15 Look What Thoughts Will Do CB90103-07 Lady SD4412-10 Mom And Dad's Waltz SC8682-10 Live (Radio Version) SC8595-07 Saginaw Michigan CB60025-10 Stillness Of Heart SC8747-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 192 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Lenny Kravitz Leroy Parnell Thinking Of You SC8481-10 I'm Holding My Own SC8180-06 Where Are We Runnin' PHR0407-06 Love Without Mercy JV0063-06 Lenny Kravitz & Jay-Z Oughta Be A Law CB60089-01 Storm THH0411-17 Power Of Love SD004-09 Lenny Lattimore & Chante Moore She Won't Be Lonely Long SC8556-15 You Don't Have To Cry CB30038-04 Take These Chains From My Heart SC8129-15 Leo Sayer Tender Moment CB60119-01 Long Tall Glasses SC9901-15 We All Get Lucky Sometimes SC8328-02 Moonlighting ZMH007-03 What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am SC8502-01 More Than I Can Say SC8594-02 When A Woman Loves A Man MM6117-09 One Man Band SF104-02 You Can't Get There From Here SC8402-08 Show Must Go On SF101-08 Leroy Pullins When I Need You SC8201-11 I'm A Nut SC8579-11 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing SC8439-15 Leroy Van Dyke Leon Ashley Auctioneer SC8491-04 Laura PI212-13 If A Woman Answers SC8509-09 Leon Jackson Walk On By SC8276-10 When You Believe THHP0803-18 Les B.B. Leon Payne Donne-Moi Ma Chance FRENCH50-01 I Love You Because SC8445-14 Fais Attention FRENCH50-01 Leon Russell Pourquoi T'es Dans La Lune FRENCH50-01 Lady Blue SC8174-10 Les Colocs Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms SC8342-01 Julie FRENCH50-01 Six Pack To Go SC8136-06 La Rue Principale FRENCH50-01 Tight Rope SC8479-04 Les Miserables Bring Him Home PS1350-13 Better In Time CB30077-03 Castle On A Cloud PS1350-09 Bleeding Love SC9021-14 Empty Chairs At Empty Tables PS1350-14 Happy CB30117-04 I Dreamed A Dream SC2044-06 I Got You CB30121 In My Life MMSTA05-09 I See You CB30132-11 Master Of The House PS1350-10 I Will Be CB30092-02 On My Own SC2044-05 Stop Crying Your Heart Out SFMW920-03 Stars PS1350-11 Leona Naess Les Parfaits Salauds Charm Attack PHM0007-09 Trop Fragile FRENCH50-01 Les Paul & Mary Ford Bird On A Wire TU110-01 How High The Moon SC8249-10 Everybody Knows TU110-02 Les Taylor Hallelujah TU110-03 I've Got Mind To Go Crazy CB60147-02 Joan Of Arc TU110-04 Lesley Gore Lady Midnight TU110-05 You Don't Own Me SC1003-02 Seems So Long Ago, Nancy TU110-06 Lesley McDaniel So Long Marianne TU110-07 I Was Over You Last Night CB60190-08 Suzanne TU110-08 Lesley Roy The Partisan TU110-09 Unbeautiful PHMP0901 Leonard Morton Leslie Caron Let The Good Times Roll NUTECH-1104 Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo SAVP36-19 Leroy Bell & Casey James Leslie Gore Livin' It Up (Friday Night) SAVP31-18 It's My Party SC7502-10 Leroy Parnell She's A Fool SC8429-03 All That Matters Anymore SC8444-09 Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows LG048-10 Crocodile Tears CB60094-13 That's The Way Boys Are SC8415-13 Family Tree CB60159-11 Leslie Mendelson Gone As A Girl Can Get CB60104-01 Hit The Spot PHM0911-09 Heart's Desire SC8250-03 Leslie Satcher If The House Is Rockin' SC8271-07 Everytime It Rains TU126-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 193 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Leslie Satcher Lifehouse Slow Way Home SC8759-02 All In CB30135-01 Leslie Satcher, Emmylou Harris & Alison Krauss Blind PHM0602-09 Love Letters From Old Mexico TU079-09 Breathing CB3017-10 Lesly Gore Broken CB30079-08 California Nights SC8364-10 First Time CB30065-05 Judy's Turn To Cry SC8396-07 Halfway Gone CB30118 Maybe I Know SC8364-13 Hanging By A Moment SC8659-15 Less Than Jake Just Another Name TU188-12 History Of A Boring Town SC8515-15 Sick Cycle Carousel SC8717-09 Science Of Selling Yourself Short THR0310-15 Spin SC8783-07 Letoya Take Me Away NSP2042-07 Not Anymore CB30103-12 Whatever It Takes CB30068-09 Obvious PHU0704-08 You And Me SC8915-13 She Don't PHU0610-02 You And Me (Performance Version) TU269-17 Letoya & Ludacris Lighthouse Family Regret CB30116-07 High SF117-05 Lettermen Lifted SF080-06 We Three Kings CBEP462-3-11 Lost In Space SF122-11 What Now My Love SAVP08-11 One Fine Morning SC8750-14 Letters To Cleo Postcards From Heaven SF130-11 Dangerous Type SC8286-09 Question Of Faith SF126-04 Here And Now SC8471-07 Raincloud SF115-05 Level 42 Run SF190-13 Hot Water SFMW921-15 Lightning Seeds It's Over SF110-13 Change SFG023-03 Lessons In Love SF007-15 Life Of Riley SFG023-01 Living It Up SFMW865-04 Lucky You SF029-14 Love Games SF068-12 Perfect SFG023-05 Running In The Family ZMH008-02 Pure SF149-07 Something About You SC8456-02 Ready Or Not SFG023-07 Levellers Sugar Coated Iceberg SFG023-06 Just The One SFMW881-10 Lil Boosie, Foxx & Webbie What A Beautiful Day SF114-01 Wipe Me Down PHU0706-08 Lewis Lee Lil Boosie, Webbie & Phat Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes SC8550-08 Independent PHU0802-03 Lewis Paltrow Lil Bow Wow Cruisin' NUTECH-0704 Bow Wow (That's My Name) SC8688-15 Liam Gallagher & Stefe Carddock Lil Chris Carnation SF152-12 Checkin It Out SF248-01 Liam Lynch Getting Enough SF250-12 Of Whatever SF201-11 Lil Flip Libertines Game Over PHU0406-08 Can't Stand Me Now SF222-10 Lil Flip & Lea Don't Look Back Into The Sun SFMW856-08 Sunshine THH0411-10 What Became Of The Likely Lads SF223-16 Lil John Liberty X Get Low THH0403-11 Doing It SF187-03 Lil John & T Everybody Cries SF213-10 I Don't Give A Fuck (Radio Edit) PHU0304-05 Got To Have Your Love EZH15-02 Lil John & The East Side Boyz Holding On For You SF200-01 I Don’T Give A Fuck PHU0304-05 Jumpin' SF210-08 Lil Jon & E40 & Sean Paul Just A Little SF192-05 Snap Yo Fingers PHU0607-03 Thinkin It Over SF182-15 Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys & Ying Yang Twins X SF244-14 Get Low SC8853-04 Life Less Ordinary Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz Carbon Leaf SD4504-12 What U Goin' Do PHM0501U-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 194 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Lil Jon & Trick Daddy Lila McCann Let’s Go SC8889-05 That's What Angels Do CB60372-10 Lil Jon & Usher & Ludacris To Get Me To You SC8485-09 Lovers And Friends PHM0502P-03 With You SC8512-05 Lil Kim Yippy Ky Yay SC8470-13 Jump Off TU204-16 Lila McCann & Jim Brickman Lighters Up THMU0512-06 I'm Amazed CB60345-09 Lil Kim & 50 Cent Lillix Magic Stick SC8853-10 It's About Time SC8839-03 Lil Kim & Missy Elliott Tomorrow (Linda Perry Top 40 Remix) THP0401-15 Can U Hear Me Now PHU0311-06 What I Like About You SC8850-10 Lil Kim & Mr. Cheeks Lilly Of Languna Jump Off SC8822-10 For Me & My Girl Melody PX05-02 Lil Kim & Sisqo Lily Allen How Many Licks SC8700-13 Ldn SC9010-04 Lil Kim, P. Diddy, Notorious Big & Lox Littlest Things SF250-05 It's All About The Benjamins SC8612-08 Smile SF245-12 Lil Kim, Queen Latifah & Macy Gray The Fear CB30097-6 Cell Block Tango (He Had It Comin') SC8822-01 Limahl Lil Mama Never Ending Story SC8782-14 Lip Gloss PHU0707-07 Limite 21 Lil Mama & Chris Brown & T Pain Acariciame SCL2257-05 Shawty Get Loose THHP0806-18 Aguantalo Ahi SCL1549-06 Lil Mo Alma Rebelde SCL1512-05 Shoulda Known THH0311-14 Amiga Mia SCL2243-06 Superwoman SC8702-11 Ay! Papacito (Uy! Daddy) SCL1561-08 Lil Mo & Fabolous Como Tu Me Quiere A Mi SCL2268-08 4 Ever PHU0306-09 El Tiempo Dira SCL1535-02 Lil Mo Ja Rule & Vita Estas Enamorada SCL2223-02 Put It On Me SC8680-07 Por Encima De Todo SCL2284-06 Lil Romeo & Ms. Peaches Soy Asi SCL1566-04 My Baby SC8708-03 Toque De Amor SCL1537-03 Lil Romeo & N. Cannon Y Dale SCL2284-04 My Cinderella PHU0501-08 Limmie & The Family Cooking Lil Ru You Can Do Magic SF101-01 Nasty Song PHMU0907-08 Limp Bizkit Lil Scrappy Behind Blue Eyes PHM0403P-03 Money In The Bank PHU0612-04 Boiler SC8720-02 No Problem PHU0409-08 Break Stuff SC8629-08 Lil Wayne Crushed SC2241-03 Go Dj SC8889-04 Don't Go Off Wandering SFG034-14 Hustler Muzik PHU0605-07 Faith LG191-15 I Can Transform Ya PHM1004-01 Full Nelson SFG034-15 Lil Wayne & Young Money My Generation SFG034-10 Every Girl PHU0908-01 My Way SC8694-05 Lila McCann Nookie SC8626-11 Almost Over You SC8495-13 Rearranged SC8626-15 Because Of You CB60222-05 Rollin (Air Raid Vehicle) LG191-13 Come A Little Closer SC8705-15 Rolling SC8659-12 Complete TTU071-05 Take A Look Around SC8626-08 Crush SC8556-05 Lina Santiago Down Came A Blackbird SC8382-09 Feels So Good (Show Me Your Love) SC8257-15 Go Easy On Me CB60337-13 Just Because I Love You SC8312-02 I Can Do This CB60342-15 Linda Chaparrita I Wanna Fall In Love SC8409-02 La Differenzia SC7106-14 I Will Be SC8584-05 Linda Davis Kiss Me Now SC8602-11 Company Time SC8114-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 195 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Linda Davis Linda Ronstadt From The Inside Out SC8528-14 Gritenme Piedras MM6212-09 How Can I Make You Love Me SC8321-02 Guantanamera MM6009-12 I Took The Torch Out Of His Old Flame CB60190-13 Hay Unos Relajo MM6212-05 I Wanna Remember This SC8463-07 Heartbeats Accelerating NT46-08 I'm Yours CB60130-14 Heatwave SC8153 05 Love Didn't Do It SC8129-05 High Sierra MM6103-15 Love Story In The Making SC8256-01 How Do I Make You SC8338-07 Neither One Of Us MM6136-12 Hurts So Bad DK011-12 Some Things Are Meant To Be SC8216-15 I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You THMP002-03 Walk Away SD034-13 I'll Be Home For Christmas SC8899-12 Linda Eder It Doesn't Matter Anymore THMP002-12 Anything Can Happen PSJT198-07 It's So Easy SC7525-05 Drift Away PSJT094-03 I've Got A Crush On You CBE4-01-08 Gently Break My Heart PSJT094-04 Just One Look SC8410-13 Gold PSJT094-06 La Barca De Guaymas MM6212-13 Havana PSJT198-02 La Calandria MM6212-02 Her Gypsy Heart PSJT094-01 Long Long Time SC8273-02 How In The World PSJT094-09 Los Laureles MM6212-01 How Little We Know C PSJT094-08 Love Has No Pride RSZ619-16 I Want More PSJT198-09 Love Is A Rose THMP002-15 If I Should Lose My Way PSJT094-05 Lover Man MM6142-03 I'll Forget You (The Scarlet Pimpernel) PSJT198-10 Mean To Me MM6142-02 I'm Afraid This Must Be Love PSJT198-11 Mohammed's Radio SC8874-14 Is This Anyway To Fall In Love PSJT198-12 My Funny Valentine LG088-03 It's No Secret Anymore PSJT198-03 Oh Not My Baby SAVP20-05 Man That Got Away PSJT198-13 Ooh Baby Baby SC8979-11 Over The Rainbow TU178-15 Paloma Blanca TT6017-11 Son Of A Preacher Man PSJT094-02 Perfidia TT6017-09 This Time Around PSJT198-06 Poor Poor Pitiful Me SC8886-02 Till You Come Back To Me PSJT198-14 Por Un Amor MM6212-03 Until I Don't Love You Anymore PSJT094-07 River For Him THMP002-07 Unusual Way PSJT198-15 Rogaciano El Huapanguero MM6212-12 Vienna PSJT198-01 Silver Threads & Golden Needles SC8259-08 We're All Alone PSJT094-10 Someone To Lay Down Beside Me SC7562-15 When Autumn Comes PSJT198-16 Someone To Watch Over Me MMBK02-16 Why Do People Fall In Love PSJT198-05 Somewhere Out There RSZ619-20 Linda Ronstadt That'll Be The Day SC8979-02 All My Life RSZ619-21 Tracks Of My Tears SC8979-10 Am I Blue MMGSTA01-20 Tu Solo Tu MM6212-06 Back In The Usa RSZ619-01 Tumbling Dice RSZ619-02 Blue Bayou SC7523-03 Walk On SC8179-04 Blue Train SC8170-06 What'll I Do MMSTA05-19 Can't We Be Friends SAVP37-05 What's New CB90176-11 Corrido De Cananea MM6212-08 When Will I Be Loved SC7529-03 Crazy Arms THMP002-05 When You Wish Upon A Star SC8979-15 Cry Like A Rainstorm THMP002-04 Y Andale MM6212-11 Desperado THMP002-06 You're No Good SC8979-03 Different Drum SC7543-02 Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville Don't Know Much THMP002-02 All My Life SC8979-08 Dos Arbolitos MM6212-07 Don't Know Much SC8119-02 Dreams To Dream MDG004-13 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby CB90176-14 El Sol Que Tu Eres MM6212-15 Linda Ronstadt & Dolly Parton & Emmylou El Toro Relajo MM6212-04 To Know Him Is To Love Him CB20514-09 En Mi Soledad TT6017-05 Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram Faithless Love SAVA03-19 Somewhere Out There SC8782-01 Frenesi MM6009-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 196 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Linda Ronstadt & Stone Ponys Lionel Cartwright Different Drum SC8979-13 Like Father Like Son CB60084-15 Linda Scott Miles & Years CB60177-15 I've Told Every Little Star SC8190-08 Standing On The Promises SC8296-15 Lindisfarne What Kind Of Fool Am I SC8352-14 Lady Eleanor SF071-09 Lionel Richie Meet Me On The Corner SF104-05 All Night Long SC8894-10 Run For Home SFMW832-09 Angel CB3012-10 Lindsay Ballerina Girl SFMW836-07 SF179-05 Brick House LG005-04 Lindsay Lohan Dancing On The Ceiling SC8264-01 Confessions Of A Broken Heart PHM0601-05 Deep River Woman CBE3-21-15 Drama Queen PHM0407-04 Destiny LG162-10 First PHM0508-09 Do It To Me SC8274-11 I Decide TU262-11 Don't Wanna Lose You SC8277-14 I Live For The Day PHM0603-06 Easy LG005-09 Magnet THP0503-15 Endless Love LG005-14 Nobody Till You TU262-12 Hello SC7523-12 Over CB30050-08 I Call It Love CB30062-14 Rumors TU262-14 I Hear Your Voice MM6258-02 Speak TU262-15 Love Will Conquer All LG162-07 Ultimate TU232-09 My Love MM6098-11 Lindsey Buchanan Night Shift LG005-12 Countdown SC8274-13 Oh No LG005-03 Soul Drifter SC8318-03 Ordinary Girl SC8312-10 Lindsey Buckingham Penny Lover SC8378-10 Holiday Road SC8782-13 Sail On LG005-11 Lindsey Haun Say You, Say Me SC8273-03 Broken SD148-14 Serves You Right LG162-12 Still LG005-13 Crawling SC8699-13 Stuck On You SC8297-13 Faint SFMW853-10 Sweet Love LG162-05 Forgotten SFG034-07 Three Times A Lady LG005-10 In The End SC8720-05 Time SC3076-04 Lying From You PHR0405-03 Too Hot Ta Trot LG162-13 Numb THR0401-11 Truly SC7529-11 One Step Closer SC8659-13 You Are CB90169-15 Papercut SC8758-04 You Mean More To You LG162-11 Points Of Authority SFG034-05 Lionel Richie & Diana Ross Pushing Me Away SFG034-08 Endless Love SC7519-13 Run Away TU105-13 Lipps Inc. Runaway THR0209-18 Funkytown SC8650-13 Shadow Of The Day THP0804-17 Liquid Gold Somewhere I Belong SF204-14 Dance Yourself Dizzy SFMW832-10 What I've Done SD4706-08 Lisa Angelle With You TU105-19 I Wear Your Love SC3156-02 Lion King I Will Love You CB60214-15 Can You Feel The Love Tonigh DISNEY02-13 Woman Gets Lonely SC8633-06 Circle Of Life DISNEY03-02 Lisa Brokop Hakuna Matata DISNEY01-02 Ain't Enough Roses SC8520-02 I Just Cant Wait To Be King DISNEY02-06 Before He Kissed Me SC8256-13 Lionel Cartwright Big Picture CB60342-09 Be My Angel SC8282-04 Give Me A Ring Sometime SC8229-02 Family Tree SC8245-05 How Do I Let Go CB60090-06 Give Me His Last Chance SAVA11-04 One Of Those Nights SC8171-06 I Watched It All On My Radio SAVA02-07 Shake Me, I Rattle CB60210-12 Leap Of Faith PI212-03 She Can't Save Him SC8224-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 197 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Lisa Brokop Lita Roza Take That SC8152-04 How Much Is That Doggie SF092-06 When You Get To Be You SC8498-15 Little Anthony & Who Needs You SC8198-03 Goin’ Out Of My Head SC7571 07 Wildflower CB60324-12 Hurt So Bad CBE504-09 Lisa Keith I'm On The Outside Looking In MM6368-13 Better Than You MM6045-09 Shimmey Shimmy Ko Ko Bop SC8544-07 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Tears On My Pillow SC8418-14 All Cried Out DK046-07 Those Oldies But Goodies SC8206-08 Head To Toe DK027-03 Little Big Town Lost In Emotion DK046-08 Bones CB60359-10 Lisa Loeb Boondocks SC8991-12 All Day SC8508-05 Bring It On Home CB60349-12 Do You Sleep SC8471-09 Bring It On Home (Radio Version) SC8965-09 Firecracker CB40021-12 Don't Waste My Time SC8759-07 I Do SC8422-12 Everything Changes SC8774-13 Let's Forget About It SC8453-08 Fine Line CB60379-02 Stay (I Missed You) SC8787-14 Go Tell It On The Mountain CB60423-13 Taffy SC8254-12 Good As Gone SC9003-11 Truthfully CB40021-09 Good Lord Willing CB60395-8 Underdog CB30033-14 I'm With The Band CB60369-07 Waiting For Wednesday SC8299-07 Little More You SC9003-03 Little White Church CB60436-02 Lights Out SC8852-01 Looking For A Reason CB60353-08 Sinking In SC8839-13 We Go Together SC8998-10 Lisa Paleschi Little Eva Learning How To Love PHAC0612-09 Keep Your Hands Off My Baby SC8415-01 Lisa Scott Lee Locomotion SC7502-06 Lately SF205-14 Little Feat Lisa Shaffer Dixie Chicken SC8449-06 Just One CB60367-14 Fat Man In The Bathtub SC8479-02 Lisa Stansfield Oh Atlanta SC8449-11 All Around The World SC8433-09 Willin' SC8624-12 All Woman TT6003-09 Little Jimmy Dickens Change SF001-07 Country Boy SC7558-05 I'm Leaving MM6246-02 Hillbilly Fever CB60292-02 In All The Right Places SFMW848-08 May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose SC7567-01 Never Gonna Fall In Love Again MM6224-02 Little Jimmy Osmond Never Never Gonna Give You Up NUTECH-0352 Long Haired Lover From ZPA031-07 Real Thing SFMW802-08 Little Mermaid Lisa Stansfield & George Michael Kiss The Girl TU158-13 These Are The Days Of Our Lives DKM3093-10 Les Possions TU158-14 Lit Part Of Your World DISNEY01-08 Addicted THR0204-13 Under The Sea DISNEY01-12 Lipstick And Bruises SC8731-13 Little Milton Looks Like They Were Right THR0410-14 Grits Ain't Groceries SC8675-15 Miserable SC8601-14 Little People My Own Worst Enemy SC7584-15 O' White Christmas SC8780-13 Over My Head THR0010-13 Little Richard Zip-Lock SC8559-11 Girl Can't Help It RB23-05 Lita Ford Good Golly Miss Molly SC8190-14 Back To The Cave SC8843-11 Jenny Jenny LG052-17 Kiss Me Deadly SC8331-12 Keep A Knockin' LG052-13 Shot Of Poison SC8600-10 Long Tall Sally CBE14-11 Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne Lucille SC8526-04 Close My Eyes Forever SC8848-08 Lucille (You Won't Do Your Daddy's THCOL04-01 Lita Roza Miss Ann RB24-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 198 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Little Richard Little Willies Ready Teddy RB21-05 Roll On PHAC0606-07 Rip It Up CBEP454-4-11 Live She's Got It LG052-16 All Over You SC8199-03 Slippin' & Slidin' RB22-02 Deep Enough TU088-06 Tutti Frutti SC8353-05 Dolphins Cry SC3166-02 Little River Band Heaven SC8845-12 Cool Change SC8404-13 I Alone SC8471-13 Happy Anniversary SC8197-09 Lakini's Juice SC8357-03 Help Is On Its Way SC8568-14 Lightning Crashes SC8240-08 It's A Long Way There LG243-08 Ooh! CB3041-07 Lady SC8456-04 Overcome TU103-11 Night Owls SC8283-11 Run To The Water SC8595-13 Other Guy SC8583-10 Selling The Drama SGB063-04 Reminiscing SC8174-06 Simple Creed THR0111-12 Take It Easy On Me SC8223-02 The River SD4604-10 Little Shop Of Horrors They Stood Up For Love SC3214-08 Dentist SFG033-05 Turn My Head PHM9708-06 Feed Me (Duet) SC2231-03 White Discussion SC8203-07 Grow For Me SFG033-01 Livin' Joy Little Shop Of Horrors SFG033-08 Don't Stop Movin' SF061-05 Mean Green Mother From Outerspace SFG033-06 Dreamer SF029-03 Now (It's Just The Gas) SC2231-02 Living Colour Prologue SC2231-01 Cult Of Personality SC8609-07 Skid Row SFG033-07 Love Rears Its Ugly Head SC8598-15 Some Fun Now SFG033-03 Liz Phair Somewhere That's Green SC2231-08 Everything To Me SC3453-02 Suddenly, Seymour SC2222-07 Extraordinary CB30045-13 Suppertime SC2231-04 F### And Run SC8800-11 Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul Polyester Bride SC8484-10 I Am A Patriot SC8947-13 Supernova SC8749-11 Little Stinkers Why Can't I SC8839-11 I Farted On Santa's Lap SC8780-08 Liza Minelli Little Texas Caberet SC7505-04 Amy's Back In Austin SC8198 02 City Lights LG015-05 Bad For Us SC3008-05 I Dreamed A Dream KH09-10 Call MM6220-13 Maybe This Time LG015-03 Country Crazy SC8232-13 Money Makes The World Go 'Round LG015-04 First Time For Everything CB60106-05 New York, New York LG015-01 God Blessed Texas SC8636-07 Ring Them Bells LG015-06 I'd Rather Miss You SC8157-09 LL Cool J Kick A Little SC8636-05 Around The Way Girl MM6170-10 Life Goes On SC8194-04 Father MM6299-07 Missing Years CB60364-13 Going Back To Cali SC8875-01 My Love SC8636-10 Headsprung SC8888-13 Some Guys Have All The Love PI213-06 Hey Lover SC8349-06 Southern Grace SC8173-06 Hush PHU0412-01 Stop On A Dime SC8123-05 Hush (Pop Mix) PHM0501P-07 What Might Have Been SC8636-01 I'm Bad SC8875-04 What Were You Thinkin' CB60112-07 Imagine That SC8654-14 You And Forever And Me SC8636-08 Luv U Better SC8789-07 Your Mama Won't Let Me SC3026-08 Mama Said Knock You Out SC7586-07 Little Walter LL Cool J & Amerie My Babe RB25-04 Paradise SC8812-10 Little Willie John LL Cool J & Kandice Love Fever RB12-02 Amazin' PHU0307-09 Little Willies

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 199 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID LL Cool J & Timbaland London Beat Headsprung THH0412-11 Come Back SC8164-03 LL Cool J Feat Jennifer Lopez I've Been Thinking About You SF004-09 Control Myself SF241-14 London Boys LL Cool J Feat. Lyfe Jenn London Nights SFMW812-02 Freeze THH0608-14 London Town LL Cool J, Ludacris & Keith Murray Light Of The World SF067-10 Fatty Girl SC3290-08 Lonely Island & T-Pain Lloyd I’M On A Boat PHMP906 Get It Shawty PHU0706-04 Lonesome River Band Lloyd & Ashanti Am I A Fool CBEP476-5-06 Southside THMH0409-14 Mary Ann CB20407-10 Lloyd & Jay-Z Banks Sittin' On Top Of The World CB20400-11 Hands Up THH0612-15 Lonestar Lloyd Banks Amazed SC8636-04 Karma SC8909-06 Amazed (Uptempo Mix) SPC04-03 On Fire (Radio Version) SC8879-08 Class Reunion SC8916-01 Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent Come Cryin' To Me SC8636-02 Hands Up PAN2006-01 Coming Home SD133-04 Lloyd Banks & Juelz Santana County Fair CB60329-02 Beamer, Benz Or Bentley PHMU1007-03 Every Little Thing She Does TU063-06 Lloyd Cole & The Commotions Everything's Changed SC8480-02 Lost Weekend SFMW837-02 Heartbroke Every Day SC3006-02 Lloyd Price I'll Die Tryin CB60348-11 I'm Gonna Get Married SC8526-07 I'm Already There SC8743-05 Lawdy Miss Clawdy CBEP454-6-04 Jones, Norah ASKFP-40-2-10 Personality SC7531-03 Let’S Be Us Again SC8877-10 Stagger Lee SC8361-11 Mountains CB60355-05 Where Were You On Our Wedding Day JV0014-08 Mr. Mom SC8898-12 Lmnt My Front Porch Looking In SC8823-09 Hey Juliet TU108-08 No News SC8232-05 Lobo Not A Day Goes By SC8748-05 Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend SC8393-08 Nothing To Prove CB60361-12 Don't Tell Me Goodnight SC8594-09 Runnin' Away With My Heart SC8294-15 I'd Love You To Want Me SC8138-02 Saturday Night SC8524-11 Me & You & A Dog Named Boo SC7548-08 Say When SC8444-03 Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love SC8634-15 Smile SC8636-12 Local H Somebody's Someone CB60325-10 All The Kids Are Right SC8490-08 Tell Her SC8646-11 Hands On The Bible TU175-08 Tell Her That You Love Her TU057-20 Locash Cowboys Tequila Talkin' SC8216-05 Here Comes Summer CB60443-07 Unusually Unusual SC8714-09 Lodger Walking In Memphis SC8842-07 I’M Leaving SF120-11 What About Now SC8636-09 Loggins & Messina When Cowboys Didn't Dance SC8328-08 Angry Eyes LG103-10 Winter Wonderland SC8990-13 House At Pooh Corner LG103-13 With Me SC8723-11 Run River Run LG103-11 You Walked In SC8402-11 Vahevala LG103-12 You're Like Coming Home CB60341-05 Lola You're The Reason Why CB60441-10 No Strings THM0306U-08 Long John Baldry Lola Beltran Let The Heartache Begin SF074-07 Cancion Mixteca KB09-07 Lonnie Donegan Paloma Negra OKE0002-03 Cumberland Gap SF047-15 Lolly Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor SC8222-08 Mickey SF148-06 I'm A Gamblin' Man SF063-02 Viva La Radio SF144-12 My Old Man's A Dustman SF042-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 200 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Lonnie Donegan Lori McKenna Rock Island Line SFMW843-10 Unglamorous CB60370-13 Lonnie Johnson Lorrie Morgan Tomorrow Night RB20-06 Back In Your Arms Again SC8189-14 Lonzo & Oscar Behind His Last Goodbye SC8245-07 I Am My Own Grandpa TU083-04 Color Of Roses SC3321-01 Look Crying Time SC9501-11 I Am The Beat SFMW878-02 Dear Me SC8157-12 Looking Glass Do You Still Want To Buy Me That Drink SD115-11 Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) SC7513-08 Don't Stop In My World SC8303-14 Loon & Mario Winans Except For Monday SC8102-08 Down For Me PHU0401-08 Five Minutes SC8135-03 Loose Ends Go Away, No Wait A Minute SC8384-11 Hangin' On A String SF067-02 Good As I Was To You SC8341-02 Lo-Pro Half Enough SC8234-05 Sunday THR0405-15 He Talks To Me CB90023-05 Lordi Heart Over Mind SC8219-11 Hard Rock Hallelujah SF244-06 Here I Go Again SC8560-03 Loreena McKennitt I Can Buy My Own Roses SC8336-14 Mummer's Dance SC3061-08 I Didn't Know My Own Strength SC8173-01 Loretta Lynn I Guess You Had To Be There SC8241-07 After The Fire Is Gone CBE616-03 I Just Might Be SC8311-13 Blue Kentucky Girl LG044-14 If You Came Back From Heaven SC8123-01 Coal Miner's Daughter SC7512-09 I'll Take The Memories CB60153-02 Country In My Genes SC3224-06 I'm Not That Easy To Forget SC8495-15 Dear Uncle Sam SC8579-09 My Night To Howl SC8114-06 Don't Come Home A Drinkin' SC8269-08 One Of Those Nights Tonight SC8416-02 Fist City SC8538-04 Out Of Your Shoes SC8228-03 Hey Loretta SC8537-11 Picture Of Me Without You CB60058-09 Honky Tonk Girl CB90073-04 She's Takin' Him Back Again CB60113-09 I Can't Hear The Music SC8690-10 Someone To Call Me Darling CB60153-03 I'm A Honky Tonk Girl ASKFP46-1-14 Something In Red SC8103-13 I've Got A Picture Of Us On My Mind SC8642-08 Standing Tall SC8239-03 Lead Me On CBE616-07 Things We Do CB60192-15 Lonesome 77203 SF014-12 To Get To You (RV) SC3182-07 Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man LG044-12 Trainwreck Of Emotion SC9902-01 Love Is The Foundation SC8431-09 War Paint SC8275-12 Miss Being Mrs. SC3412-06 Watch Me SC7537-11 One's On The Way SC8367-06 We Both Walk CB90023-06 Out Of My Head And Back In My Bed SC8412-01 What Part Of No SC8105-02 Rated X SC8367-05 You'd Think He'd Know Me Better SC8474-15 Red, White, And Blue THMF03-14 Lorrie Morgan & Beach Boys Somebody Somewhere Don't Know What SC8367-08 Don't Worry Baby MM6169-03 Table For Two SC8733-02 Lorrie Morgan & Jon Randall They Don't Make 'em Like My Dadd SC8628-08 By My Side SC8280-04 Trouble In Paradise CB90073-08 Lorrie Morgan & Sammy Kershaw When The Tingle Becomes A Chill SC8367-15 Finally Found Someone CB60222-09 You Aint Woman Enough SC7537-15 He Drinks Tequila SC3245-05 Your Squaw Is On The Warpath SC8367-01 Los Angeles Azules You're Lookin' At Country SC8506-08 El Liston De Tu Pelo SCL2243-07 You've Just Stepped In From Stepping Out On Me CB90073-13 Sin Ti No Se Vivir SCL1528-05 Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty Los Angeles De Charly After The Fire Is Gone CBEP471-5-08 Me Volví A Acordar De Ti SCL1552-02 As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone CBEP471-5-10 Un Sueno SCL2299-01 Lead Me On CBEP471-5-14 Los Angeles Mass Choir Loretta Lynn & Jack White Battle Hymn Of The Republic NT03-06 Portland Oregon SC3416-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 201 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Los Bravos Los Tucanes De Tijuana Black Is Black SC8429-13 Jugo A La Vida SCL1558-03 Los Bukis La Chica Sexy SCL1558-06 Y Ahora Te Vas SC7104-06 La Gran Noche SCL1542-03 Los Del Rio Las Heladas SCL2239-06 Macarena SC7545-06 Me Gusta Vivir De Noche SCL2287-01 Los Del Rio & Bay Side Boys Promesas SCL1544-05 Macerena HV04-15 Lost Prophets Los Hermanos Rosario Make A Move SF218-13 Rompecintura SC7112-09 Rooftops SF245-05 Los Humildes Wake Up SIN0002-14 Disculpe Usted SCL2299-05 Lost Trailers Los Huracanes Del Norte All This Love CB60416 Falsas Ilusiones SCL2253-06 Call Me Crazy CB60352-07 Nomas Por Tu Culpa SCL1569-06 Chicken Fried SD142-12 Los Lobos Country Folks Livin' Loud PHMC0909 Kiko And The Lavender Moon MM6115-06 Holler Back CB60373-15 La Bamba SC8330-11 How 'bout You Don't CB60391-05 We Belong Together PI026-11 Why Me CB60357-10 Los Lonely Boys Diamonds SC8987-03 I Don't Know THMR0502-12 Heaven SC8879-11 Town Called Hypocrisy SF247-12 More Than Love SC8888-10 Wake Up (Make A Move) THMR0409-13 Velvet Sky SD4504-13 Lou Bega Los Rieleros Del Norte Mambo #5 SC7598-12 Aquí En Cortito SCL1574-03 Tricky, Tricky SC8587-06 Mentirosa SCL2263-04 Lou Christie Te Quiero Mucho SCL2235-02 Gypsy Cried MM6071-04 Una Mujer Como Tú SCL1547-02 Lightning Strikes DK030-07 Los Temerarios Two Faces Have I SC7566-13 Comer A Besos SCL1561-06 Lou Gramm Eras Todo Para Mi SCL2287-07 Just Between You And Me SC8721-07 Porque Te Conoci VFL024-03 Midnight Blue PI057-14 Si Tu Quisieras SCL1544-08 Lou Monte Sufriendo Penas SCL1537-07 Dominick The Donkey (The Italian Christmas SC8780-15 Te Hice Mal SCL2247-05 Donkey) Te Regalo Mi Tristeza SCL1569-08 Downtown Strutter's Ball SAVP30-12 Una Lagrima No Basta SCL1557-02 Lazy Mary MM6156-04 Los Tigres Del Nort Lou Rawls De Paisano A Paisano SCL2284-01 A Natural Man SC8860-03 Mujer, Mujer SCL2250-05 Lady Love LG136-16 Pa Que Son Pasiones SCL2273-07 Love Is A Hurtin' Thing LG136-11 Los Tigres Del Norte Natural Man MM6368-01 Ando Amanecido SCL2239-08 See You When I Get There SAVP38-15 Con La Soga Al Cuello SCL1511-01 This Song Will Last Forever DG06-11 La Reina Del Sur SCL1561-02 Youll Never Find CBE624-11 Lágrimas SCL2211-05 You'll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine) SC7574-15 Me Declaro Culpable SCL1537-01 Lou Reed Mi Soldado SCL1564-04 Perfect Day SF115-15 Necesito Mi Libertad SCL1533-07 Sweet Jane SC8594-13 Prision De Amor SCL2257-06 Walk On The Wild Side SC8169-01 Los Toros Band Louchie Lou Mi Nina (Bachata Versión) SC1551-01 10 Out Of 10 PHM0104-09 Los Tucanes De Tijuana Loudon Wainwright Iii Amor Descarado (Versión Pop) SCL1574-01 Dead Skunk SC8174-13 De Tin Marin SC2226-03 Louis Armstrong El Sinvergüenza SCL1569-02 Blueberry Hill SAVP06-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 202 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Louis Armstrong Loverboy Hello Dolly SC7505-11 When It's Over HC005-01 Kiss To Build A Dream LG109-07 Working For The Weekend SC8292-14 La Vie En Rose TU179-12 Lovin' Spoonful Mack The Knife LG109-03 Darling Be Home Soon LG063-14 Mame LG109-06 Daydream LG063-13 We Have All The Time In The Worl THH0502-10 Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind SC8218-08 What A Wonderful World SC7505-07 Do You Believe In Magic SC8750-09 When The Saints Go Marching In LG109-02 Nashville Cats LC0008-03 When You Wish Upon A Star CBEP469-5-08 Summer In The City SC7531-09 Zat You Santa Claus SC8780-10 Welcome Back LG063-12 Louis Prima You Didn't Have To Be So Nice SC8599-01 Closer To The Bone LG109-13 Low Millions Just A Gigolo, Ain T Got Nobody LG109-16 Eleanore THMR-0503-04 Louis Prima & Keely Smith Ltd I Got You Under My Skin LG109-15 Every Time I Turn Around Back In Love Again SC8606-15 That Old Black Magic LG166-12 Holding On LG225-12 Louis St. Louis Stranger LG225-14 Rock ‘N’ Roll Party Queen SC8910-12 L'trimm Louisana's Leroux Cars With The Boom SC8656-09 New Orleans Ladies SC8577-09 Luba Louise How Many (Rivers To Cross) GM1001-08 2 Faced SF169-15 Luc De Larochellière Arms Around The World SF115-10 Cash City FRENCH50-01 Let's Go Round Again SF117-03 Sauvez Mon Âme FRENCH50-01 Light Of My Life SF029-09 Lucas Pandora’S Kiss SF209-06 With The Lid Off SO208-08 Stuck In The Middle With You SF183-07 Lucas Prata Louise Mandrell And She Said SC8987-11 All I Want For Christmas Is You CB60306-02 Let's Get It On TTU136-09 Beautiful Inside SF172-10 Lucie Silvas I Wanna Say Yes SC7570-04 Breathe In SF227-04 I'm Not Through Loving You Yet SC8676-08 Game Is Won SF230-11 Save Me SC8697-12 What You're Made Of SF223-04 Louisiana Gator Boys & Blues Bro' Band Lucinda Williams New Orleans EKBB01-15 Right In Time SC8487-13 Louvin Brothers Righteously MM6390-09 I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby SC9508-09 Lucy Love & Rockets Jealousy SF247-07 So Alive SC7564-05 Lucy Woodward Sweet Lover Hangover SC8277-07 Dumb Girls SC8831-03 Love & Theft Ludacris Dancing In Circles CB60430-04 Act A Fool (Radio Version) SC8844-15 Love Affair Area Codes TU062-02 Bringing On Back The Good Times SF099-14 Blow It Out THMH0409-12 Everlasting Love SF052-05 Diamond In The Back THH0410-11 Rainbow Valley SF100-02 Georgia PHM0206U-09 Love Inc Get Back SC8909-03 You're A Superstar SF201-05 How Low PHMU1002 Loverboy Number One Spot SC8915-02 Doa GM1001-04 Pimpin All Over The World THMH0510-03 Hot Girls In Love SC8425-09 Roll Out (My Business) PHM0206-09 Kid Is Hot Tonight SC8942-12 Splash Waterfalls THH0404-17 Lovin' Every Minute Of It SC7565-01 The Potion THMH0507-07 Queen Of The Broken Hearts SC8624-14 Ludacris & Bobby Valentino This Could Be The Night SC8641-15 Pimpin' All Over The World THH0510-12 Turn Me Loose SC7563-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 203 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ludacris & Field Mob & Foxx Luis Miguel Georgia PHU0602-09 Un Te Amo SCL1572-03 Ludacris & Nate Dogg Usted MM6139-12 Area Codes SC3276-07 Y SCL2294-04 Ludacris & Nicki Minaj Luke Bryan My Chick Bad PHMU1005-02 All My Friends Say SC9011-06 Ludacris & Pharrell Country Man CB60373-07 Money Maker ASKFP71-2-02 Do I SF287-13 Moneymaker SC9009-11 Rain Is A Good Thing CB60430 Southern Hospitality SC8688-07 We Rode In Trucks CB60370-11 Ludacris & Shawna Luke Galliana How Low PHU1002-02 To Die For SF179-12 Ludacris & Shawnna Luke Stricklin Stand Up PHU0312-01 American By God's Amazing Grace CB60344-07 Ludacris & Sleepy Brown Lulu Saturday (Oooh! Oooh!) SC8757-15 Boat That I Row SF100-13 Ludacris, Chingy & Snoop Dogg Boom Bang A Bang ZMH013-09 Holidae In SC3384-05 Man With The Golden Gun SC8468-08 Ludacris, Elliot Missy & Trina Shout BL03-04 One Minute Man SC8720-15 To Sir, With Love SC7520-13 Luis Damon Lumidee Vivir La Vida SC7112-10 Crashin' A Party PHM0312-07 Luis Enrique Never Leave You Uh Ooh CB30040-11 Que Se Yo SCL2268-06 Lunatic Fringe Luis Fonsi Red Rider SC8939-03 Amor Secreto SCL1553-05 Lupe Fiasco Imaginame Sin Ti SCL2268-02 Daydreamin' THHP0612-16 Me Ire SCL2223-04 I Gotcha THHP0702-15 No Te Cambio Por Ninguna SCL2287-08 Lupe Fiasco & Matthew Santos Quien Te Dijo Eso SCL1572-02 Shining Down PHU0910-06 Quisiera Poder Olvidarme De Tí SCL1550-08 Superstar SC9022-15 Si Tu Quisieras SC2211-03 Lupillo Rivera Te Vas SCL1559-04 Dame Por Muerto (Version En Vivo) SCL1574-08 Luis Miguel Despreciado SCL1533-04 Amarte Es Un Placer SCL2243-01 Sufriendo A Solas SCL1552-05 Como SCL2277-05 Tu Recuerdo Y Yo SCL1544-02 Contigo (Estar Contigo) SCL2277-08 Tu Y Las Nubes SCL1523-06 Cuando Calienta El Sol SCL1502-02 Luscious Jackson Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado SCL2277-01 Ladyfingers SC8548-10 Dormir Contigo SCL2235-03 Naked Eye SC8381-11 Hasta El Fin PS1438-13 Under Your Skin SC3029-07 Hasta Que Vuelvas SCL1559-01 Luther Allison Inolvidable SCL1502-05 Move From The Hood MM6272-08 La Barca SCL2277-04 What Have I Done Wrong MM6272-07 La Media Vuelta SCL1502-06 Luther Ingram La Puerta SCL2277-03 I Don't Want To MM6198-11 Mucho Corazon MM6139-07 If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right SC7542-08 No Me Platiques Mas SCL2277-02 Luther Vandross No Se Tu SCL1524-06 Always And Forever SC2179-03 O Tu O Ninguna SCL2223-05 Buy Me A Rose SC8879-07 Por Debajo De La Mesa SCL2277-07 Dance With My Father SC8852-09 Que Nivel De Mujer PS1438-14 Don't Want To Be A Fool SC8272-15 Sol, Arena Y Mar SC2219-07 Going In Circles SC8156-03 Suave KBA22792-15 Here And Now SC8126-10 Suena AV34-02 House Is Not A Home SC8264-02 Te Necesito SCL1570-03 I Can Make It Better SC8343-14 Tu Y Yo PS1438-12 I Know SC8487-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 204 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Luther Vandross Lynn Anderson I Really Didn’T Mean It SFMW833-06 What A Man My Man Is SC8537-07 I'd Rather THH0212-14 You're My Man CB90114-06 If I Ruled The World LG018-10 Lynn Franklin If Only For One Night SC8405-15 One For My Baby MM6259-03 Impossible Dream LG018-13 Lynn Morris Little Miracles SC8279-08 Likes Of You CBEP476-2-07 Love Don't Love You Anymore MM6197-10 You'll Get No More Of Me CBEP476-3-14 Love The One You're With SC8374-15 Lynn Parton & Wynette Never Let Me Go MM6091-11 Silver Threads & Golden Needles SC8215-08 Never Too Much SF067-03 Lynns Power Of Love SC8274-08 Nights Like These SC8504-13 Since You've Been Gone SC8363-14 What Am I Doing Loving You CB60100-09 Sometimes It's Only Love SC8318-09 Woman To Woman SC8495-02 Stop To Love SC8259-11 Lynsey Depaul Superstar LG018-09 Sugar Me SF071-07 Take You Out SC3272-02 Lynyrd Skynrd Think About You SC8858-12 Red White And Blue PHR0307-04 What The World Needs Now Is Love SC8244-15 Lynyrd Skynyrd Your Secret Love SC8320-07 Ballad Of Curtis Loew CB90156-11 Luther Vandross & Beyonce Knowles Call Me The Breeze SC8814-13 Closer I Get To You THH0411-14 Don't Ask Me No Questions SC8459-08 Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey Free Bird SC8459-12 Endless Love CBE514-12 Gimme Back My Bullets SC8459-07 Lutricia McNeal Gimme Three Steps SC8115-09 Ain't That Just The Way SF116-03 I Ain't The One CB90156-05 Greatest Love You'll Never Know SF130-08 I Know A Little SGB43-15 My Side Of Town SF124-09 Needle & The Spoon SC8459-15 Someone Loves You Honey SF125-15 Poison Whiskey SC8459-05 Stranded SF122-06 Red, White & Blue SC8826-05 Lydia Miller Saturday Night Special SC8459-09 Out Of Loneliness CB60215-03 Searching SGB43-06 Lyfe Jennings Simple Man SC8922-11 Must Be Nice SC8935-05 Swamp Music SC8459-11 Lyfe Jennings & Lala Brown Sweet Home Alabama SC8459-10 S.E.X. THH0610-14 T For Texas SGB43-03 Lyle Lovett That Smell SC8459-04 I Loved You Yesterday CB60126-11 Tuesday's Gone SC8568-07 She's No Lady DK083-10 What's Your Name SC8459-13 Lynn & Twitty Whiskey Rock A Roller CB90156-08 Feelings CB60076-04 Wildflower SGB05-12 Lynn Anderson Working For McA SC8459-03 Cry CB90114-07 You Got That Right SC8459-06 Fool Me CB90114-13 Lynyrd Skynyrd & Kid Roc How Can I Unlove You CB90114-02 Gimme Back My Bullets SC3381-16 If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away) CB90114-03 Lyric Keep Me In Mind CB90114-09 Hot & Tipsy THH0308-18 Listen To A Country Song SC8426-07 M People No Another Time CB90114-14 Don't Look Any Further SF026-05 Oh Superman SF082-01 Dreaming SF134-02 Promises, Promises CB90114-04 Itchycoo Park SF034-07 Rocky Top PI206-02 Moving On Up SC8121-06 Rose Garden SC7507-13 One Night In Heaven SF036-12 Sing About Love CB90114-11 Search For A Hero SF027-11 Stay There 'Til I Get There CB90114-10 Sight For Sore Eyes SF020-14 Talkin' To The Wall CB90114-15 Testify SF127-07 That's A No No CB90114-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 205 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID M.A.S.H. Madness Suicide Is Painless SFMW834-15 Grey Day SFG006-08 M2m House Of Fun SF033-09 Don't Say You Love Me SC8572-11 It Must Be Love MRE31-10 Everything You Do TU108-06 My Girl SFG006-04 Mirror Mirror SC8618-14 Night Boat To Cairo SFG006-15 Mac Band One Better Day SFG006-12 Roses Are Red SF068-08 One Step Beyond SF113-06 Mac Davis Our House SC8522-11 Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me DK026-16 Shut Up SFG006-14 Forever Lovers CB90116-13 Sun & The Rain SFG006-09 Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife CB90116-11 Wings Of A Dove SFG006-07 Hooked On Music SC7569-06 Madonna I Believe In Music DK064-16 Amazing LG152-15 I Never Made Love (Till I Made Love With You) CB90116-06 American TUTP01-05 It's Hard To Be Humble SC8541-14 American Life SC8827-14 Kiss It And Make It Better CB90116-15 American Life (Radio Version) SC8827-14 Let's Keep It That Way SC8676-10 American Pie SC8595-12 One Hell Of A Woman SC8588-15 Angel SC8305-05 Rock N' Roll, I Gave You The Best Years Of My CB90116-08 Beautiful Stranger SC8039-07 Life Borderline SC8771-13 Stop And Smell The Roses SC8283-15 Causing A Commotion NUTECH-0915 Texas In My Rear View Mirror SC8332-02 Cherish SF143-05 Watchin' Scotty Grow CB90116-10 Crazy For You SC8771-02 You're My Bestest Friend SC8326-07 Deeper And Deeper SFG010-09 Mac Wiseman Die Another Day SC3341-01 Dust On The Bible CBEP476-1-16 Don’T Tell Me TU211-04 Footprints In The Snow CBEP476-4-13 Don't Cry For Me Argentina SC8127-07 I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home CBEP476-2-06 Don't Tell Me SC8771-14 Jimmie Brown The Newsboy CBEP476-3-15 Dress You Up SC8667-13 Macy Gray Drowned World (Substitute For Love) SF125-05 Do Something SC8559-03 Erotica SC8800-05 I Try SC8593-05 Express Yourself LG033-13 Oblivion TU096-15 Fever SC8246-04 Related To A Psychopath TU096-17 SFG010-06 Sexual Revolution SF186-02 Get Together THP0609-14 She Ain't Right For You CB30039-10 Hanky Panky SC8333-11 Still CB30007-13 Holiday SC8894-04 Sweet Baby CB3015-04 Hollywood SC8834-10 When I See You SC8818-14 Hung Up THMP0601-15 Why Didn't You Call Me SC8625-03 I'll Remember SC8121-04 Macy Gray & Santana Impressive Instant SFG010-01 Amore (Sexo) SC8809-13 Intervention TU211-06 Mad House Into The Groove SC8106-07 Like A Prayer EZH15-08 Jump SF249-04 Made In London Justify My Love SC8800-07 Dirty Water SF165-15 Keep It Together NUTECH-0984 Shut Your Mouth SF170-09 La Isla Bonita LG033-10 Madison Avenue Like A Prayer SF003-10 Don't Call Me Baby SF166-01 Like A Virgin SC8771-03 Everything You Need SF175-04 Live To Tell SC8782-04 Who The Hell Are You SF171-07 Love Don't Live Here Anymore SC8281-15 Madness Love Profusion TU211-09 Baggy Trousers SFG006-03 Lucky Star SC8771-11 Cardiac Arrest SFG006-13 Material Girl SC8771-10 Driving In My Car SF075-13 Mother & Father TU211-11 Embarrassment SFG006-10 Music SC8771-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 206 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Madonna Mamas & The Papas Nothing Fails CB30043-11 California Dreamin' SC7508-07 Nothing Really Matters SC8523-01 Creeque Alley SC8615-03 Open Your Heart SC8771-15 Dedicated To The One I Love TU152-09 Papa Don't Preach SC8771-09 Dream A Little Dream Of Me DM102-15 Physical Attraction AH8014-15 I Dig Rock & Roll Music SD020-14 Power Of Goodbye SC8499-14 Monday, Monday SC7532-06 Rain SC8310-12 Words Of Love SC8450-03 Ray Of Light SF120-04 Mame Rescue Me SC8274-04 If He Walked Into My Life MMSTA04-14 Secret SF010-04 We Need A Little Christmas DK1107-02 Sooner Or Later BS6517-06 Man Of La Mancha Sorry SF239-02 Dulcinea SC8547-11 Swim BS6517-03 Impossible Dream SC8127-04 Take A Bow SC8771-05 Man Of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote) SC8547-15 The Power Of Goodbye SFTP01-10 Mana This Used To Be My Playground SC8771-08 Angel De Amor SCL1554-02 True Blue SFG010-08 Cachito SCL2239-04 Veras AV34-03 Como Te Deseo TZLTPK-1-08 Vogue SC8771-12 De Pies A Cabeza TZLTPK-4-09 What It Feels Like For A Girl SF172-11 Hechicera TZLTPK-3-04 Who's That Girl SC8771-07 Se Me Olvido Otra Vez SCL2211-08 X-Static Process TU211-16 Te Solte La Rienda SCL2223-07 You Must Love Me SC8340-09 Maná You'll See SC8212-12 Eres Mi Religión SCL1559-07 Madonna & Justin Timberlake & Timbaland Mariposa Traicionera SCL1563-08 4 Minutes THP0806-10 Mandy Barnett Magenta, Columbia Riff Raff & Criminol & Transylv I've Got A Right To Cry SC3139-03 Time Warp SC8086-11 Maybe SC8285-12 Magic Number Now That's All Right With Me SC8247-08 Take A Chance THHP0701-15 Planet Of Love CHM9705F-19 Magnapop Simple I Love You SC8315-07 Open The Door SC8308-13 Whispering Wind (Blows On By) SC8560-08 Magneto Mandy Moore Sugar Sugar BS4717-12 Candy SC8565-04 Magnificent Seven Crush SC8720-12 Clash SC8942-01 Cry SC8744-12 Mahalia Jackson Extraordinary SD4706-13 We Shall Overcome CBE3-14-15 Have A Little Faith In Me SC3393-07 Main Ingredient I Wanna Be With You SC8613-15 Everybody Plays The Fool SC8153-15 In My Pocket THP0108-15 Just Don't Want To Be Lonely SGB51-15 Only Hope SC8762-05 Maizy Doats Saturate Me TTU074-12 Pretty Baby Paper Doll PX05-12 Walk Me Home ASKFP09-2-13 Maja You Remind Me ASKFP19-2-15 All 'Bout The Money SF126-15 Manfred Mann Major Harris 54321 SF069-05 Love Won't Let Me Wait SC7542-02 Blinded By The Light SC8188-14 Major Tom Come Tomorrow SF078-03 Shiny Toy Guns PHM1005-09 Do Wah Diddy SC7513-07 Malibu Storm If You Gotta Go, Go Now SF086-13 Photograph SD122-11 Just Like A Woman SF099-05 Mallory Hope Mighty Quinn SC8514-01 Blossom In The Dust CB60434-06 Oh No Not My Baby SF086-02 Mama Cass Pretty Flamingo SF045-15 Dream A Little Dream Of Me SC8686-01 Quinn The Eskimo PI031-14 Mamas & The Papas Shalala SC8225-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 207 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Manfred Mann Marc Anthony Spirit In The Night SC8724-06 I've Got You SC8768-07 Manfred Mann & Tommy James Love Won't Get Any Better TU132-07 Semi Detached Suburban SF087-11 Muy Dentro De Mi SCL1538-01 Manhattan Transfer My Baby You SC8645-02 Boy From New York City PI054-07 No Me Ames SCL1506-03 Chanson D Amour SF023-11 No One TU132-09 Operator SC8891-04 She Mends Me TU132-10 Trickle, Trickle MM6254-08 She's Been Good To Me TU132-11 Manhattan Transfer & Show Me The Way TU132-12 Too Busy Thinking About My Baby SC8164-08 Si Te Vas SCL1538-04 Manhattans Te Amare SC7107-11 Kiss & Say Goodbye SF072-06 That's Okay ASKFP05-2-09 Kiss And Say Goodbye SC7574-10 Tragedy MM6351-12 Shining Star SC8293-05 Viviendo SCL1553-04 Maniac Street Preachers When I Dream At Night SC8625-09 Let Robeson Sing SF183-11 You Sang To Me SC3185-01 Manic Street Preachers Marc Anthony & Thalia Design For Life SF080-09 Mexican 2002 SCL1553-06 Everlasting SF128-07 Marc Anthony & Everything Must Go SF061-06 I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You SC8481-08 Found That Soul SF177-13 Marc Broussard & Leann Rimes If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next SF124-07 When It's Good CB60406-03 Masses Against The Classes SF157-10 Marc Cohn Motorcycle Emptiness SFMW843-08 Paper Walls SC8302-04 Ocean Spray SF178-09 Walk Through The World NT07-08 Why So Sad SF176-06 Walking In Memphis SC8397-02 You Stole The Sun From My Heart SF132-07 Marcels Mann Manfred Blue Moon SC7502-03 Ha Ha Said The Clown SF099-13 Country Rock Star SC8769-14 Mannie Fresh, Frankie J & Chamillionaire Heartaches MM6421-08 That Girl PAN2006-01 I Love This Song CB60384-08 Manny Fresh, Juvenile & L'il Wayne Tennessee CB60247-06 Back That Azz Up SC8612-14 Marcia Griffiths Manny Manuel Electric Boogie SC8330-08 En Las Nubes SCL2215-03 Marcie Blaine Se Me Sube SCL1557-04 Bobby's Girl SC8206-13 Manuelle Marco Antonio Solis Al Lgual Que SCL1505- 15 Como Tu Mujer OKE0007-05 Marathons Cuando Te Acuerdes De Mi SCL1557-08 Peanut Butter MM6047-07 Donde Estara Mi Primavera SCL1562-01 Marc Anthony El Peor De Mis Fracasos SCL2211-01 Am I The Only One ASKFP05-1-02 En Mi Viejo San Juan SCL2299-08 Barco A La Deriva SCL1566-07 Inventame SCL2263-05 Celos SCL1545-05 Mas Que Tu Amigo SCL1570-02 Dimelo TZLTPK-6-04 Si No Te Hubieras SC2223-08 Dimelo (I Need To Know) SCL2219-01 Tu Amor O Tu Desprecio SCL1565-07 Do You Believe In Loneliness SK548-06 Marco Antonio Solís Don't Tell Me It's Love TU132-02 Se Que Me Va A Dejar SCL1548-02 Everything You Do CB3032-11 Marco Hernandez Give Me A Reason SK548-09 Soy Un Sabordin SCL2250-03 Hasta Ayer TZLTPK-2-06 Marcos Hernandez I Need To Know SC8569-02 If You Were Mine CB30055-10 I Need You SC8762-13 Way I Do SD4605-06 I Reach For You SK548-07 Marcus Hummon I Wanna Be Free TU132-05 God's Country Usa MM6143-07 I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You SC3091-08 Honky Tonk Mona Lisa SC8298-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 208 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Marcy Playground Mariah Carey It's Saturday SC8581-12 Emotions SC8497-03 Saint Joe On The School Bus SC8469-15 Endless Love BS7217-06 Sex And Candy SC9906-03 Fantasy CBE514-14 Sherry Frazier MM6258-06 Fly Like A Bird CB30058-05 Margaret Whiting & Jimmy Wakely Forever SC8295-05 Slippin' Around SC8592-03 H.A.T.E. U CB30118 Margo Smith Heartbreaker SC8559-13 It Only Hurts For A Little While CB60301-06 Hero SC8497-04 You Take My Breath Away CB60061-09 Honey LG019-10 Maria I Don't Wanna Cry SC8366-09 I Give, You Take PHM0312-04 I Still Believe SC8508-02 Maria Conchita Alonzo I Want To Know What Love Is SF287-11 Acariciame SC7104-05 I’Ll Be There SC8860-14 Maria Lawson I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time CB90366-02 Sleepwalking SFMW881-12 I'm That Chick CB90366-09 Maria McKee Its Like That CBE630-08 If Love Is A Red Dress SC8800-08 Looking In SC8277-12 Show Me Heaven SF053-01 Love Takes Time SC8497-09 Maria Mena Make It Happen LG041-10 You're The Only One SC3415-08 Mine Again THMH0511-08 Maria Muldaur Music Box LG041-06 Midnight At The Oasis SC7547-09 My All SC3069-05 Maria Vidal Never Forget You SC8497-15 Body Rock ZMH008-10 Never Too Far SC8726-01 Mariachi Nowhere To Go MM6165-11 Alla En El Rancho Grande SC7108-08 Obsessed CB30109 Ay, Jalisco No Te Rajes! SC7108-01 One SC8834-03 Besame Mucho SC7108-03 One Sweet Day SK503-10 Celito Lindo SC7108-06 Open Arms LG041-07 Cucurrucucu Paloma SC7108-14 Right To Dream CB30088-11 Guantanamera SC7108-07 Shake It Off SC8948-11 La Cucaracha SC7108-05 So Blessed LG041-14 La Retirada SC7108-12 Someday CB90177-02 Mananitas Tapatias SC7108-02 Thank God I Found You SF164-02 Mexico Lindo Y Querido SC7108-15 Through The Rain SC3357-07 No Volvere SC7108-11 Touch My Body CB30070-02 Pa Todo El Ano SC7108-10 Underneath The Stars SC8343-02 Volver Volver SC7108-13 Vision Of Love CB90177-03 Mariachis Vargas We Belong Together CB90366-12 Cielito Lindo TU236-02 When Ever You Call MM6252-01 Mariah Carey Without You SC8497-10 Against All Odds SF169-09 You Need Me CB90177-14 All I Want For Christmas Is You LG172-17 Mariah Carey & 98 Degrees All In Your Mind SFMW831-01 Thank God I Found You SC8581-07 Always Be My Baby SC8497-01 Mariah Carey & Boyz Ii Men Anytime You Need A Friend SC8497-08 Love Takes Time MMRB02-03 Boy (I Need You) SF203-14 One Sweet Day SC8497-14 Breakdown CB90178-10 Mariah Carey & Brian McKnight Bringing On The Heartbreak CB90366-08 Whenever You Call NUTECH-0508 Butterfly SC8497-05 Mariah Carey & Cameo Bye Bye CB30072-02 Loverboy SC8708-12 Can't Let Go SC8497-06 Mariah Carey & Cam'ron Can't Take That Away (Mariah's T SC8613-08 Boy (I Need You) CB90178-15 Crybaby THP0009-12 Mariah Carey & Fatman Scoop & JD Don't Forget About Us CB30056-04 It's Like That CB90366-05 Dreamlover SC8497-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 209 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Mariah Carey & Jay-Z Marilyn Monroe Heartbreaker SC3155-06 My Heart Belongs To Daddy PS1356-13 Mariah Carey & Jo & 98 Degrees Marilyn Scott Thank God I Found You SC3169-07 Last Day SC8499-06 Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross Starting To Fall SC8484-03 Endless Love SC8132-04 Marina & The Diamonds Mariah Carey & Ne Yo Hollywood SFMW922-05 Angels Cry CB30125-03 Marine Song Mariah Carey & Snoop Dogg Marine's Hymn TU086-14 Say Something CB30053-04 Mario Mariah Carey & Snoop Doggy Dog Boom PHM1205U-01 Crybaby CB30005-07 Braid My Hair THH0212-16 Mariah Carey & Trey Lorenz C'mon PHM0304-02 I'll Be There SC7514-12 Crying Out For Me CB30068-13 Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston Here I Go Again PHMU0509-07 When You Believe SF128-10 How Could You PHM0505P-07 Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes & The Flipmode Squad How Do I Breathe CB30064-04 I Know What You Want (Radio Version) SC8853-08 Just A Friend 2002 SC8778-08 Mariana Let Me Love You SF229-01 Me Equivoqué SCL1577-06 Music For Love CB30071-13 Mariana Guzman Stranded CB30127-05 Alcanzar Una Estrella SC7102-15 Thinkin' About You CB30116-06 Marianne Faithfull Mario & Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett Ballad Of Lucy Jordan SF147-06 Break Up PHU0909-01 Come & Stay With Me SF093-05 Mario & Juvenile Marie Carmen Boom PHU0512-01 Donne-Toi FRENCH50-01 Mario Frangoulis Entre L'ombre Et La Lumière FRENCH50-01 Sometimes I Dream PS1591-10 Marie Osmond Mario Lanza Paper Roses SC8421-05 Be My Love SAVP30-16 Read My Lips SC8517-11 Mario Vasquez There's No Stoppin' Your Heart SC8375-15 Gallery SD4606-08 Marie Osmond & Dan Seals One Shot SD4705-08 Meet Me In Montana SC7588-04 Mario Winans Marie Sisters I Don't Wanna Know SF219-07 Real Bad Mood SC8764-08 Let Me Love You CB30050-03 Real Bad Mood (Radio Version) SC3312-08 Never Really Was SFMW856-15 Marie-Denise Pelletier Mario Winans & P. Diddy Je M'imagine FRENCH50-01 I Don't Wanna Know (Radio Version) SC8878-15 Pourquoi (Si Difficile De S'aimer) FRENCH50-01 Mariposa Traicionera Marillion Mana SCL1579-01 Kayleigh SF021-13 Marjo Marilyn Manson À Bout De Ciel.1 FRENCH50-01 Beautiful People AMS1504-02 Celle Qui Va FRENCH50-01 Disposable Teens SC8672-06 Chats Sauvages FRENCH50-01 Dope Show AMS1504-03 Je Sais, Je Sais FRENCH50-01 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) SC9002-15 Provoquante FRENCH50-01 Tainted Love SC8740-06 Sans Toit Ni Loi FRENCH50-01 Marilyn Martin Mark & The Mysterians Through His Eyes SC8159-13 96 Tears SGB055-05 Marilyn McCoo & Brian Davis Jr. Mark Anthony You Don’T Have To Be A Star LG146-15 I Need You MM6363-03 Marilyn Monroe Mark Bishop Bye Bye Baby PS1356-15 Jesus Can Lift You Up CB10051-11 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend SC8124-15 Perfectly Honest CB10044-09 Heat Wave PS1356-12 Mark Chesnutt Little Girl From Little Rock PS1356-14 A Hard Secret To Keep CB60339-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 210 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Mark Chesnutt Mark Collie Almost Goodbye SC8177-13 She's Never Coming Back SC8352-01 As The Honky Tonk Turns SC8205-15 Something's Gonna Change Her Mind SC8359-08 Blame It On Texas CB90024-03 Steady As She Goes SC8211-10 Broken Promise Land SC8359-06 Three Words, Two Hearts, One Night SC8189-08 Brother Jukebox SC8180-13 Where There's Smoke MM6128-12 Bubba Shot The Jukebox SC8167-15 Mark Dinning Come On In (The Whiskey's Fine) CB60391-04 Teen Angel SC8361-05 Down In Tennessee SC8186-09 Mark Knopfler Fallin' Never Felt So Good SC8617-01 Nobody's Got The Gun SC8294-06 Goin' Through The Big D SC8183-02 Mark McGuinn Going On Later On PHMC1003 More Beautiful Today CB60238-08 Gonna Get A Life SC8160-03 Mrs. Steven Rudy SC8743-11 Half Of Everything SC8245-08 Ms. Steven Rudy TUFP26-05 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing SC8507-06 She Doesn't Dance SC8736-10 I Just Wanted You To Know SC8112-02 That's A Plan SC8711-12 I Might Even Quit Lovin' You SC8451-01 Mark Morrison I Want My Baby Back CB60241-10 Return Of The Mack SC8377-15 I'll Think Of Something SC8130-07 Mark Nesler I'm A Saint CB60334-08 Baby Ain't Rocking Me Right SC8524-08 I'm In Love With A Married Woman SC3365-01 Slow Down SC3104-05 It Sure Is Monday SC8200-13 Used To The Pain SC8464-14 It Wouldn't Hurt To Have Wings SC8232-08 Mark O'conner It's A Little Too Late SC8328-07 Devil Comes Back To Georgia CB60158-15 It's Not Over SC8432-03 Let It Rain SC8376-05 Four Minute Warning SF209-03 Lost In The Feeling SC3230-03 Mark Owens Old Country SC8165-11 Child SF081-03 Old Flames Have New Names SC8133-09 Mark Ronson & Alex Greenwald Rollin With The Flow CB60367-15 Just THP0805-14 She Dreams SC8152-03 Mark Ronson & The Business Intl She Never Got Me Over You CB60407-15 Bang Bang Bang SF293-03 She Was SC8753-06 Mark Schultz Thank God For Believers SC8388-01 Back In His Arms Again SC8828-01 The Lord Loves A Drinkin' Man CB60326-09 He's My Son SC8661-12 Things To Do In Wichita CB60398-10 Mark Wills This Heartache Never Sleeps SC8533-08 19 Somethin' SC8854-05 Too Cold At Home SC8352-10 Almost Doesn't Count SC8614-11 Trouble SC8198-11 And The Crowd Goes Wild SC8842-09 When I Get This Close To You CB60441-07 Back At One SC3170-04 When You Love Her Like Crazy CB60374-08 Days Of Thunder CB60365-15 Wherever You Are SC8488-06 Don't Laugh At Me SC8474-06 Woman, Sensuous Woman SC8120-14 Everything There Is To Know About SC8646-15 Wrong Place, Wrong Time SC8280-14 Hank CB60353-07 Your Love Is A Miracle SC7552-02 High Low And In Between SC8344-10 Mark Chesnutt, Gill & Krauss I Do ( Cherish You ) SC9905-11 It's Not Over SD046-05 I Wanna No Everything CB90283-14 Mark Collie Jacob's Ladder SC8289-11 Born To Love You SC8131-09 Loving Every Minute SC8705-02 Calloused Hands CB60101-08 Places I've Never Been SC8376-02 Even The Man In The Moon Is Cryin' SC8130-08 Rich Man CB90283-15 Hard Lovin Woman SC8168-03 She's In Love SC3145-06 It Is No Secret SC8123-14 Take It All Out On Me CB60361-13 Lipstick Don't Lie SC8271-06 There's A Woman SC3394-02 Looks Aren't Everything CB60097-05 Things We Forget CB60390-07 Love To Burn SC8250-11 When You Think Of Me SC8816-08 Shame Shame Shame SC8245-15 Wish You Were Here SC8520-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 211 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Mark Wills Marshall Tucker Band Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart CB20069-11 Fire On The Mountain SC8479-09 Mark Wills & Jamie O'Neal Heard It In A Love Song SC8146-07 I'm Not Gonna Do Anything Without You SC3289-01 Last Of The Singing Cowboys SC8922-15 Mark Wynter Martha & The Muffins Venus In Blue Jeans SF094-05 Echo Beach THCOL04-01 Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch Martha & The Vandellas Good Vibrations SC7546-14 Come And Get These Memories SM8863-09 Marlene Dietrich Dancing In The Street SC8863-10 Falling In Love Again SF153-07 Heat Wave LG106-16 Lili Marlene SAVP12-14 I'm Ready For Love LG106-12 Marmalade Jimmy Mack SC8863-03 Reflections Of My Life SC8750-07 Love Is Like A Heatwave SC8951-06 Marni Nixon Nowhere To Run SC8984-13 I Could Have Danced All Night CBEP469-5-02 Quicksand LG106-14 Maroon 5 Third Finger Left Hand SF018-01 Goodnight Goodnight CB30084-13 Marti Webb Harder To Breathe SC8845-09 Take That Look Off Your Face SF110-07 Makes Me Wonder CB30065-10 Martika Must Get Out SF230-06 I Feel The Earth Move SAVP25-10 She Will Be Loved SC8905-01 Love...Thy Will Be Done SC8274-07 Sunday Morning SC8906-07 Martin Bell & Johnny Spurling This Love SC8905-05 Sven Sven Sven EZH56-16 Wake Up Call CB30066-01 Martin Page Won't Go Home Without You CB30068-05 In The House Of Stone & Light SC8150-01 Maroon 5 & Rihanna Keeper Of The Flame SC8195-08 If I Never See Your Face Again CB30073-01 Martin Ramey Marques Houston Twisted PHMC1007-06 All Because Of You CB30053-03 Martina McBride Body PHMU1001 A Broken Wing SC9502-14 Circle PHU0703-01 And The Ride You Can Count On Me SC8157-02 Favorite Girl PHU0611-09 Anything And Everything CB20274-10 Kickin' And Screamin' PHMU1007-06 Anything That Touches You CB20344-10 Naked THMH0511-09 Anything's Better Than Feelin' The Blues CB60192-08 Pop That Booty PHU0403-03 Anyway CB60359-09 That Girl THH0305-14 Anyway (Radio Version) SC9003-09 Marques Houston & Jermaine Jd Dupri Be That Way CB90026-15 Pop That Booty THH0404-15 Blessed SC8795-15 Marques Houston & Mila J Blessed (Radio Version) SC8838-01 Good Lookin' Out PHU0609-05 Can I Count On You SC8157-02 Marrs Cheap Whiskey SC8136-03 Pump Up The Volume SC8892-07 City Of Love SC8862-02 Mars Volta Concrete Angel SC8851-04 The Widow THR0504-14 Cry On The Shoulder Of The Road SC8205-07 Widow SC8932-03 Do What You Do CB60224-14 Marsha Thornton For These Times CB60369-06 Bottle Of Wine And Patsy Cline CB60128-03 God's Will SC8862-04 Marshall Crenshaw Going Out Of My Mind SC8502-03 Someday, Someway SC8178-14 Good Bye CB20274-12 Whenever You're On My Mind SC9907-15 Great Disguise SC8298-03 Marshall Dyllon Hangin' In & Hangin' On SC8161-02 Live It Up CB60207-11 Happy Girl SC3073-05 She Ain't Gonna Cry SC8714-14 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas SC8990-01 You SC8690-12 Heart Trouble SC8149-05 Marshall Tucker Band Help Me Make It Through The Night SC8991-15 24 Hours At A Time AH8017-13 How Far SC8904-04 Can't You See SC8449-03 How I Feel CB60365-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 212 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Martina McBride Martine McCutcheon Hurry Sundown SC8165-10 I've Got You SF146-01 I Ain't Goin' Nowhere CB20274-09 Love Me SF152-16 I Just Call You Mine CB60407-6 On The Radio SF175-11 I Love You SC8838-05 Perfect Moment LGTP-4-13 I Never Promised You A Rose Garden SC8943-01 Talking In Your Sleep SF152-01 I Still Miss Someone THMC0605-16 Martins In My Daughter’S Eyes SC8904-09 I Can't Help Myself CB60318-12 Independence Day SC8838-07 Marty Balin Its My Time SC2456-06 Hearts SC8725-11 Just One Night SC8131-06 Marty Brown Learning To Fall CB20562-10 Cryin' Lovin' Leavin' SC8245-10 Life #9 SC8838-12 You Can't Wrap Your Arms Around A Memory SC8344-08 Love Is On The Loose SC8133-01 Marty Haggard Love's The Only House (Radio V SC8584-01 Amnesia SC8250-04 Make Me Believe CB20274-08 Hello God SC8341-12 My Baby Loves Me SC8102-06 In The Afterlife SC8315-03 No More Cryin' MM6077-07 Marty Raybon Over The Rainbow CB20562-12 Cracker Jack Diamond SC8602-09 Over The Rainbow (Live Version) SC8907-08 Searching For The Missing Peace CB60203-07 Phones Are Ringin' All Over Town SC2058-01 Marty Robbins Ride CB60395-3 Among My Souvenirs SC8385-02 Sacred Ground SC8102-13 Begging To You SC8712-03 Safe In The Arms Of Love SC8189-02 Big Iron SC8276-11 Same Old Star CB60157-14 Cowboy In The Continental Suit CB90325-06 She's A Butterfly TU251-09 Devil Woman SC8419-05 Somebody Will SC8296-10 Don't Worry 'Bout Me Baby SC8158-05 Squeeze Box TU134-13 El Paso SC8335-12 Strangers SC2456-05 Girl With Gardenias In Her Hair CB90325-05 Swingin' Doors SC8315-13 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing CBEP462-1-12 That Wasn't Me SC8234-10 I Couldn't Keep From Crying CB90325-09 That's Me SC2132-05 I Walk Alone SC7567-04 There You Are SC8838-03 I'll Go On Alone SC8491-05 This One's For The Girls SC8851-02 It's A Sin CB90325-08 Til I Can Make It On My Own SC8991-01 It's Your World CB90325-13 Time Has Come SC8265-02 Joli Girl CB90325-11 Wearing White SC8867-11 Just Married SC8712-12 Whatever You Say SC8528-06 Knee Deep In The Blues CB90325-04 When God Fearin' Women Get The Blues SC8738-08 My Woman, My Woman, My Wife SC7544-08 When You Love Me CB20562-08 Padre CB90325-12 Where I Used To Have A Heart SC8160-15 Please Don't Play A Love Song CB60136-07 Where Would You Be SC8838-09 Return To Me CB90325-07 Wild Angels SC8838-11 Ribbon Of Darkness SC8383-06 Wrong Again SC8838-13 Ruby Ann SC8682-13 You Ain't Woman Enough CB60353-12 She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year CB90325-03 Martina McBride & Andy Griggs More) Practice Life SC3335-08 Singin' The Blues SC8208-10 Martina McBride & Bob Seger Some Memories Just Won't Die SC8576-15 Chances Are SC2187-03 Stairway Of Love CB90325-02 Martina McBride & Dolly Parton Story Of My Life SC8392-07 I Still Miss Someone (Duet Version) SC8959-16 Streets Of Laredo CB90066-06 Martina McBride & Jim Brickman Tonight Carmen SC8579-07 Valentine SC8838-04 Walking Piece Of Heaven SC7568-02 Martina McBride & Jimmy Buffett White Sport Coat And A Pink Carnation SC7512-08 Trip Around The Sun THMC0412-03 Marty Stuart Martine McCutcheon Burn Me Down SC8214-04 I'm Over You SFPKT1-3-12 Hey Baby SC8278-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 213 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Marty Stuart Marvin Gaye High On A Mountain Top SC8245-09 Onion Song LG035-10 Hillbilly Rock CB60094-01 Pride And Joy CB90179-09 If I Ain't Got You SC8189-05 SC7534-13 If I Give My Soul SC8291-05 Stubborn Kind Of Fellow SM8861-10 If There's Not There Oughta Be SD111-14 That's The Way Love Is CB90179-10 Kiss Me I'm Gone SC8135-14 Too Busy Thinking About My Baby SC8110-08 Likes Of Me SC8163-12 Two Can Have A Party SFCC01-04 Little Things SC8359-11 What’s Going On SC7574 11 Love & Luck SC8123-13 Your Precious Love LG035-11 Now That’S Country SC8506-09 You're A Wonderful One SM8865-14 Red, Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs SC8546-15 You're All I Need To Get By LG035-09 Sweet Love SC8394-03 Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross Tempted CB60048-10 You're A Special Part Of Me DK087-16 Thanks To You SC8315-10 Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell That's What Love's About SC8228-07 Ain't No Mountain High Enough DK002-14 This One's Gonna Hurt You CB60128-14 Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing SC8984-02 Till I Found You CB60144-02 Marvin Gaye & Tammy Terrell Too Much Month SD115-08 It Takes Two LG166-10 You Can't Stop Love SC8344-13 You're Precious Love CBEP459-1-17 Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives Marvin Gaye & Weston If There Ain't There Oughta Be CBE4-28-09 It Takes Two SF018-11 Too Much Month CB60319-05 Marvin Rainwater Marty Stuart & Travis Tritt Gonna Find Me A Bluebird SC8538-14 Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best SC8280-15 Whole Lotta Woman SF063-11 Whiskey Ain't Workin' CB20240-10 Mary Chapin Carpenter Marty Wilde Almost Home CB60174-05 Teenager In Love ZGY59-07 Better To Dream Of You CB60014-12 Marv Johnson Bug SC8105-05 I'll Pick A Rose For My Love SFMW817-13 Come On Come On SC8245-11 You've Got What It Takes MM6055-13 Down At The Twist And Shout SC7516-02 Marvelettes Going Out Tonight SC8175-06 Beachwood 4-5789 SC8984-14 Grow Old With Me SC8263-09 Don't Mess With Bill LG106-10 Hard Way SC8177-04 Please Mr. Postman CBE18-15 He Thinks He'll Keep Her SC8177-10 Marvelous 3 House Of Cards SC8230-10 Freak Of The Week SC8519-06 How Do CB60086-08 Marvin & Tamera I Feel Lucky SC8102-11 Groove Machine SF146-05 I Take My Chances SC8123-09 Marvin And Johnny I Want To Be Your Girlfriend MM6191-14 Cherry Pie NT42-14 It's Only Love CB90029-15 Marvin Gaye John Doe No. 24 SC8152-12 Aint No Mountain CBE617-04 Let Me Into Your Heart CB60003-06 Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing CBE617-01 My Dear Old Friend SC8759-09 Ain't That Pecular CB90179-03 Never Had It So Good CB90029-08 Can I Get A Witness LG035-15 Not Too Much To Ask SC8180-14 Distant Lover (Part 1) RB01-04 Only A Dream SC8282-13 Got To Give It Up SC8153-14 Passionate Kisses SC2016-07 Hitch Hike SM8864-11 Quittin' Time CB90029-12 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) SFG024-04 Right Now SC8217-11 I Heard It Through The Grapevine SC8110-01 Shut Up & Kiss Me SC8139-10 I'll Be Doggone DK077-08 Simple Life CB60220-14 Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) SC8984-15 Something Of A Dreamer CB90029-10 It Takes Two LG035-08 Stones In The Road SC8296-14 Let's Get It On SC7542-10 Tender When I Want To Be SC8152-14 Lucky Lucky Me LG035-16 This Is Me Leaving You CB20299-12 Mercy Mercy Me SC8362-03 This Shirt CB60152-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 214 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Mary Chapin Carpenter Mary J Blige & Ja Rule What Would You Say To Me CB60324-14 Rainy Dayz PHM0206-05 Wherever You Are MM6289-09 Mary J Blige & Method Man Why Walk When You Can Fly SC8219-08 Love At 1St Sight THH0310-12 You Win Again THMP005-11 Mary J Blige & Ti Mary Chapin Carpenter & Joe Diffie Good Love CB30125-01 Not Too Much To Ask PR1109-03 Mary J Blige & Trey Songz Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris Hood Love CB30132-05 Flesh And Blood SC8856-07 Mary Jane Girls Mary Ford & Les Paul In My House SC8393-12 Vaya Con Dios SC8521-06 Mary Mary Get Up PHMU0901 Those Were The Days SF052-08 Heaven THH0510-17 Mary J Bilge Seattle PHMU1002 I Can Love You MM6217-12 Shackles PHM0009-08 Mary J Blige Yesterday THH0608-17 911 SC3225-04 Mary Mary & Kierra Sheard Baggage PHU0705-08 God In Me PHU0909-05 Be Happy SC8150-05 Mary McGregor Be Without You CB30057-04 Torn Between Two Lovers SC8153-09 Best Of My Love THH0503-12 Mary Poppins Dance For Me SF190-04 A Spoonful Of Sugar DISNEY03-04 Deep Inside THP0004-14 Feed The Birds ZMP047-05 Enough Cryin' CB30058-11 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious DISNEY03-03 Family Affair SC8741-14 Mary Wells Give Me You CB30004-11 Don't Mess With Bill MM6361-07 Hurt Again PHU0805-09 My Guy SC7520-11 I Am CB30121 One Who Really Loves You MMRB05-12 I Feel Good CB30127-11 Two Lovers LG147-11 I'm Goin' Down LG176-06 You Beat Me To The Punch DK077-12 It's A Wrap PHU0408-08 Mase Just Fine CB30068-10 Breathe, Stretch, Shake SIN0015-14 Love @ First Sight CB3040-05 Welcome Back THMH0409-17 Love At 1St Sight THMH0310-03 Mase, Blackstreet. Mya & Blinky Blink Love Is All We Need SC8377-01 Take Me There SC8519-14 Love No Limit SC2374-03 Master P More Than I Can Say SF148-13 Kenny's Dead SGB12-11 No More Drama SC8797-07 Ooohhhwee SC3304-03 Not Gon' Cry SC8349-09 Mat Kearney Ooh! SC8849-04 All I Have PHMP1005-07 Real Love SC2374-05 Breathe In Breathe Out SC9014-15 Stay Down CB30072-08 Closer To Love PHMP0908 Stronger CB30117-06 Nothing Left To Lose SC8995-09 Take Me As I Am CB30063-14 Undeniable PHM0708-08 Work That CB30069-15 Matchbox 20 You Don't Have To Worry SC8244-07 3 Am SC8005-12 You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman RB04-15 3am SC3054-04 You Remind Me SC8274-14 All I Need TU175-01 Mary J Blige & Akhim Back To Good SC8523-04 Dance 4 Me TU168-07 Bent SC8616-05 Mary J Blige & Brook Bright Lights SC8839-06 Enough Cryin' PHU0606-02 Crutch NSP2010-08 Mary J Blige & Drake Disease SC8793-03 One CB30112-2 Downfall CB30044-15 Mary J Blige & Eve Feel CB30039-09 Not Today CB30043-15 Girl Like That CB90226-05 Mary J Blige & Ja Rule Hand Me Down TU175-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 215 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Matchbox 20 Mattafix How Far We've Come CB30066-08 Big City Life SC9022-06 If You're Gone SC8742-06 Matthew Marsden Last Beautiful Girl SC8731-09 Heart's Lone Desire SF122-04 Long Day SC8343-05 Matthew Sweet Mad Season CB90226-08 Girlfriend SC8894-11 Push SC3035-04 Sick Of Myself SC8199-02 Real World SC8453-03 Matthew Wilder Rockabilly Rebel SF023-13 Break My Stride SC8227-13 Smooth CB90226-15 Maureen McGovern So Sad So Lonely TU175-17 Can You Read My Mind MM6137-04 These Hard Times CB30069-02 Morning After DK032-14 Unwell SC8827-04 We May Never Love Like This Again NUTECH-0226 Matisyahu Maurice Chavalier King Without A Crown SC8947-05 Thank Heaven For Little Girls MM6100B-13 Matraca Berg Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs Back In The Saddle SC3060-03 Stay SFG040-06 I Got It Bad CB60099-15 Mavericks I Must Have Been Crazy CB60101-09 All That Heaven Will Allow SC8173-15 That Train Don't Run SC3047-08 All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down SC8216-01 Won't Let Go SC8129-03 Amazing Grace MMBK08-16 Matt Bianco Dance The Night Away SC3083-08 Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed SFMW831-06 Here Comes My Baby SC8578-06 Matt Costs Here Comes The Rain SC8194-06 Cold December PHAC0701-03 I Don't Care SC8351-01 Matt Jenkins I Should Have Been True SC8355-03 Bad As I Want To SD145-10 I've Got This Feeling SF125-16 King Of The Castle CB60342-10 Missing You SC8303-05 Matt Kennon Neon Blue CB60156-12 Call PHMC1001 O What A Thrill SC8200-12 Matt King Pretender CB60156-13 From Your Knees SC8546-03 Someone Should Tell Her SF142-02 Rub It In SC8560-11 There Goes My Heart SC8141-14 Woman Like You SC8394-14 Things You Said To Me CB60156-14 Woman's Tears SC3060-06 To Be With You SC8444-12 Matt Mono What A Cryin' Shame SC8144-10 Around The World ST2601-08 Max Bygraves Born Free ST2601-12 Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer SFMW846-04 From With Love ST2601-09 Maxi Priest Michelle ST2601-06 Close To You SC8486-12 My Kind Of Girl ST2601-05 Maxi Priest & Shaggy My Love And Devotion ST2601-07 That Girl MM6375-03 On A Clear Day You Can See Forever ST2601-04 Maxine Brown Portrait Of My Love ST2601-11 All In My Mind RB13-12 Softly As I Leave You ST2601-03 Funny RB18-06 Speak Softly Love ST2601-02 Maxine Nightingale Who Can I Turn To ST2601-01 Lead Me On SC8151-12 Yesterday ST2601-10 Right Back Where We Started From SC8143-11 Maxwell On Days Like These ZMH007-12 A Woman’S Work CB30022-06 Walk Away SF074-12 Ascension SC8316-15 Matt Nathanson Fistful Of Tears CB30130-12 All We Are PHMP0902-9 Fortunate SC8545-12 Come On Get Higher CB30086-08 Get To Know Ya SC8695-01 Laid TU216-09 Lifetime SC8726-06 Matt Stillwell Suitelady (The Proposal Jam) SC3027-08 Shine CB60394-05 Sumthin' Sumthin' SC8357-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 216 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Maxwell McNamara This Woman's Work SC8758-07 All You Good People SF116-07 Mayra Mdo Siempre Hay Milagros TZLTPK-4-01 Dame Un Poco Mas SCL1505-03 Maze Groove With Me Tonight SC8565-15 Estupido Romantico SC7106-15 Me Huele A Soledad SCL1550-02 Joy & Pain SF068-02 No Puedo Olvidar SCL1503-01 Mas Y Mas SC7105-13 Te Quise Olvidar SCL1529-06 Mazzy Star Tu Me Haces Sonar SCL2223-01 Fade Into You SC8237-12 Meaning Of Love MC Hammer Michelle McManus EZH34-12 2 Legit 2 Quit PSJT148-12 Meat Puppets Addams Groove SC8550-06 Backwater SC8749-04 Praise The Lord Together MM6170-03 Meatloaf Pray PSJT148-13 All Revved Up With No Place To Go SC8624-15 Too Legit To Quit DK082-18 Bat Out Of Hell LG019-11 U Can't Touch This SC8310-03 Couldnt Have Said It Better SC8891-09 Mc Lyte Dead Ringer For Love SFML01-03 Ruffneck SC8875-12 For Crying Out Loud SC2274-04 MC Potts Heaven Can Wait SFMW876-15 Back When SC8247-12 Hot Patootie Bless My Soul Eddie SC2274-03 I'm So Sorry SC3034-03 I'd Do Anything For Love SC8242-08 Put Me Out Of My Misery SC8298-15 I'd Lie For You SC8212-01 Mc5 I'm Gonna Love Her For The Both Of Us SFML01-06 Kick Out The Jams SC2400-01 It's All Coming Back To Me Now SD4612-09 McAlyster Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste SF129-03 I Know How The River Feels SC8665-07 Midnight At The Lost & Found SFML01-07 McCarter Sisters Modern Girl ZMP027-01 Gift Fixed JV0071-10 No Matter What ZMP027-11 McCarters Not A Dry Eye In The House ZMP027-03 Gift CB60084-12 Objects In The Rear View Mirror SFML01-08 Shot Full Of Love CB60089-14 Paradise Bythe Dashboard Light SC8106-01 Up And Gone CB60087-14 Read 'Em And Weep SFMW811-08 McCoury Brothers Rock & Roll Dreams Come True SC8113-01 Walk Out In The Rain CBEP476-1-07 Runnin' For The Red Light SF049-08 McCoys Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad SC8153-01 Hang On Sloopy SC7543-07 You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth SFML01-12 McFly Meatloaf & Ellen Foley All About You SF230-01 Paradise By The Dashboard Light LG166-17 Five Colours In Her Hair SF217-02 Meatloaf & Marion Raven Heart Never Lies THHP0801-12 It's All Coming Back To Me Now THP0701-15 Iæll Be Ok SF234-08 Obviously SF219-03 Angry Again SC8830-11 Please Please SF246-07 Moto Psycho THR0107-13 Star Girl MREH033-10 Peace Sells SC8660-05 That Girl SF222-03 Symphony Of Destruction SC8252-01 Ultraviolet SF239-10 Megan Mullins McGuire Sisters Ain't What It Used To Be CB60352-12 Sincerely SC7538-10 Cryin' Days CB60364-09 Sugartime SC8124-11 Long Past Gone CB60416 McHayes Megan Munroe Tulsa Time SD122-14 Moonshine PHMC0907-8 McHayes Megan Rochelle It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You CB60310-08 Floating PHU0610-09 McKenzi Megan Rochelle & Fabolous San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers) TU156-01 One You Need PHU0608-08 McNamara

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 217 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Mel & Kim Mel Torme Rocking Around The Christmas Tree SF030-06 Lulu's Back In Town PS1554-19 Mel & Tim Mountain Greeney PS1554-15 Backfield In Motion SC8251-09 Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square PS6019-19 Starting All Over Again CBE622-13 Sweet Georgia Brown SAVP35-13 Mel B That's All PS1554-13 Feels So Good SF176-08 Too Close For Comfort MM6186-04 Lullaby SF179-08 Melanie Tell Me SF171-02 Brand New Key SC8368-05 Mel B & Missy Elliot Lay Down TU081-11 I Want You Back LG080-16 Ruby Tuesday SFMW802-11 Mel C What Have They Done To My Song Ma SC8808-15 Ga Ga SF150-02 Melanie & The Edwin Hawkins Singers Goin Down LG080-13 Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) SC8808-09 Here It Comes Again SF202-04 Melanie Blatt I Turn To You EZEP01-15 Do Me Wrong SF209-07 If That Were Me SF174-02 Melanie C Melt SF212-12 I Turn To You BS3317-07 Northern Star LGTP-4-09 Next Best Superstar SF230-07 On The Horizon SF206-08 Word Up SF144-02 Yeh Yeh Yeh SFMW844-13 Melba Montgomery Mel Carter No Charge CB60298-03 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me MMRB02-04 Melba Moore Mel Carter & Left Eye Never Can Say Goodbye LG153-11 Never Be The Same Again SF163-08 This Is It SFMW822-08 Mel McDaniel Melina Leon Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On SC8208-06 Bano De Luna (Pop Version) SCL2278-01 Big Ole Brew SC8385-11 Cuando Una Mujer (Ballad) SCL2278-08 Let It Roll (Let It Rock) SC8551-10 La Persona Equivocada SC2219-08 Louisiana Saturday Night SC8133-10 Melissa Etheridge Stand Up SC8114-04 All American Girl BS4817-02 Mel Street An Unusual Kiss SC8591-02 Lovin' On Back Streets SC8767-09 Angels Would Fall SC8591-10 Mel Tillis Breathe PHM0405-09 Coca Cola Cowboy SC8400-07 Bring Me Some Water SC8331-15 Good Woman Blues SC8424-13 Chrome Plated Heart SC8552-03 Heart Healer CB90089-09 Come To My Window SC8591-07 Heart Over Mind CBE603-13 Cry Baby THMP0507-04 I Ain't Never SC8342-12 Enough Of Me SC8593-14 I Believe In You SC8564-03 Fearless Love PHMP1004 I Got The Hoss CB90089-10 I Need To Wake Up SD4705-05 Memory Maker CB90089-07 I Run For Life THMP0601-14 Midnight, Me And The Blues SC8610-09 I Want To Come Over SC8248-15 New Patches CB90089-14 If I Wanted To SC8156-10 Sawmill SC8576-04 I'm The Only One SC8787-06 Send Me Down To Tucson CB90089-11 Like The Way I Do AH2004-03 Southern Rains SC8461-05 Lover Please SC8744-13 Stomp Them Grapes CB90089-06 Lucky PHR0407-01 Your Body Is An Outlaw SC8697-09 No Souvenirs SC8535-05 Mel Torme Nowhere To Go SC8304-06 Again SC8249-04 Similar Features SC8338-09 Blue Moon PS1554-14 This Moment PHR0409-02 Foggy Day In London Town PS1554-20 Tuesday Morning PHM1205AC- Folks Who Live On The Hill PS1554-12 03 Haven't We Met PS6019-15 You Can Sleep While I Drive SC8600-01 Isn't It Romantic PS1554-18 Your Little Secret SC8212-09 Lullaby Of Birdland PS1554-17

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 218 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Melissa Etheridge & Joss Stone Meredith Edwards Cry Babypiece Of My Heart SC8924-08 Ready To Fall CB60230-09 Melissa Lawson Rose Is A Rose SC8677-09 What If It All Goes Right CB60387-06 Meri Wilson Melissa Manchester Cry Me A River SF082-04 Come In From The Rain LG088-16 Peter The Meter Reader SC8333-02 Don't Cry Out Loud SC7523-15 Telephone Man SC8117-06 I Want To Be In Love MM6345-03 Merilee Rush Midnight Blue SC8227-01 Angel Of The Morning MM6098-12 Through The Eyes Of Love SC7529-02 Merl Haggard & Nelson You Should Hear How She Talks About You SC8417-08 Pancho And Lefty PI205-15 Melissa Morgan Merl Haggard & Williams Do Me Baby SC8754-03 Bull And The Beaver SC8511-10 Melissa O'neil Merle Haggard Alive PHAC0606-08 Always Wanting You CB90119-11 Mello Kings America First SC8965-03 Tonite, Tonite MM6018-10 Are The Good Times Really Over DK079-18 Melodie Crittenden Back To The Barrooms DK071-17 Broken Road CHM9805-14 Bar Room Buddies CB90119-07 Broken Wing SC8436-05 Better Love Next Time CB90154-15 I Should've Known SC3077-06 Big City SC8728-04 Melonie Cannon Bottle Let Me Down CB90154-02 And The Wheels Turn PHMC903 Branded Man SC8365-04 Men At Work Carolyn SC8431-04 Down Under SC8492-11 Cherokee Maiden CB90025-11 It's A Mistake SC8571-13 Chill Factor DK062-18 Overkill SAVP25-12 Daddy Frank SC8728-15 Who Can It Be Now SC8391-06 Emptiest Arms In The World DK075-16 Men Of Vizion Every Fool Has A Rainbow CB60079-05 House Keeper SC8299-11 Everybody's Had The Blues PR9117-05 Men Without Hats Farmer's Daughter CB90154-03 Pop Goes The World GM1000-04 Fightin' Side Of Me SC8342-03 Safety Dance SC8696-11 Fugitive SC8365-12 Mendelssohn Going Where The Lonely Go SC7568-07 Wedding March LG134-13 Grandma Harp CB60297-14 Mental As Anything Here Comes The Freedom Train CB60074-11 Live It Up SFMW860-12 Hungry Eyes CB90025-14 Mercyme I Am An Island SC8245-12 Finally Home PHMP906 I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am SC8365-07 Here Am I TU131-06 I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink SC8424-01 Here With Me SC3414-06 I Threw Away The Rose THMP020-08 Homesick SD4504-06 If We Make It Through December SC8185-15 How Great Is Your Love TU131-07 If We're Not Back In Love By Monday SC8335-09 I Can Only Imagine SC8828-02 I'm A Lonesome Fugitive THMP020-10 So Long Self THP0608-13 It's All In The Movies CB90154-08 Word Of God Speak SC8919-07 It's Been A Great Afternoon DK069-18 Meredith Brooks It's Not Love But It's Not Bad SC8421-09 Bitch SC8787-04 Kentucky Gambler CB90025-12 I Need SC8395-11 Legend Of Bonnie & Clyde SC8419-02 Shine THP0208-18 Let's Chase Each Other Around The Room SC8345-15 Sin City SGB06-11 Mama Tried SC7539-12 Stop SC3079-04 Mamma's Hungry Eyes THMP020-07 What Would Happen SC8422-09 Misery And Gin CBE3-04-15 Meredith Brooks & Queen Latifah Motorcycle Cowboy CB90119-04 Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) SC3197-08 My Favorite Memory DK076-17 Meredith Edwards My Friends Are All Gonna Be Strangers CB60071-15 Bird Song SC3263-04 Natural High CB90119-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 219 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Merle Haggard Okie From Muskogee SC7537-06 Master Of Puppets SC8829-07 Old Man From The Mountain CB90119-03 Memory Remains SC8869-07 Rainbow Stew SC8400-11 No Leaf Clover (Live) SC8829-08 Ramblin' Fever SC8728-05 Nothing Else Matters SC8829-09 Reasons To Quit DK035-14 One LG113-13 Santa Claus & Popcorn CB60306-13 Sad But True SC8829-05 Silver Wings CB90025-03 Seek & Destroy SC8869-06 Sing Me Back Home SC8365-14 St. Anger TU216-13 Someday We'll Look Back CB60077-09 Stone Cold Crazy SC8749-15 Swinging Doors SC8365-03 The Unnamed Feeling PHR0403-04 That's The Way Love Goes SC8461-14 Turn The Page SC8503-09 Things Aren't Funny Anymore CB90154-13 Unforgiven SC8660-02 Think About A Lullaby CB60225-15 Until It Sleeps SC8829-06 Today I Started Loving You Again DK004-09 Wherever I May Roam LG113-11 Truck Driver's Blues SC8289-14 Whiskey In The Jar SC8829-13 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star SC8380-02 Method Man We Never Touch At All CB60128-13 Bring The Rain NT43-01 When It Rains It Pours CB60147-09 Method Man & D'angelo Workin' Man's Blues CB90025-08 Break Ups To Make Ups DK1115-03 You Take Me For Granted CB90119-13 Method Man, Redman & Merle Haggard & Clint Eastwood Part II SC3296-03 Misery And Gin CB90119-06 Metro Station Merle Haggard & George Jones Seventeen Forever PHMP0901 C C Waterback CB90119-05 Shake It SC9022-12 Yesterday's Wine CB90119-15 Mexico 70 Merle Rodriguez I Want You SC8389-05 Dance With Me (Just One More Time) CB60297-13 Mgmt Merle Travis Kids PHMP0908 Divorce Me C O D SC8445-10 Time To Pretend SC9024-14 So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed CB60332-05 Mia Mermaids Paper Planes SC9023-12 Popsicles And Icicles SC8206-10 Miami Sound Machine Merril Bainbridge Conga MM6167-04 Under The Water SC3020-01 Doctor Beat SFMW834-03 Merrill Bainbridge Rhythm Is Gonna Get You NUTECH-0118 Lonely SC8484-06 Mica Paris Miss You PP3029-05 My One Temptation SF160-14 Mouth SC8325-05 Whisper A Prayer SC8318-13 Mica Roberts Yes SFG040-11 Days You Live For PHMC0912 Merseybeats Mica Roberts & Toby Keith I Think Of You SF078-15 Things A Mama Don't Know CB60373-10 Merv Griffin Michael Andrews I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts DKM3069-12 Mad World SF213-16 Mesh Michael Andrews & Gary Jules Maybe Tomorrow THR0201-17 Mad World PHR0407-03 Meshell Ndegeocello & Redman & Tweet Pocketbook (Remix) SC8773-03 SFMW826-14 Metallica With One Look SFMW842-08 Die, Die My Darling SC2289-02 Enter Sandman SC8829-02 Ain't Got Nothing If I Ain't Got Love MM6057-10 Fade To Black SC8756-12 Back On My Feet Again SC8425-08 For Whom The Bell Tolls SC8829-01 Best Of Love SC8422-11 Fuel SC8829-04 Can I Touch You There SC8203-01 Hero Of The Day SC8829-12 Completely SC8113-04 I Disappear SC8829-03 Dock Of The Bay SC8378-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 220 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Michael Bolton Michael Buble Georgia On My Mind SC8363-02 That's All ZMP077-07 Go The Distance SK504-01 Try A Little Tenderness PSJT342-09 How Am I Supposed To Live Without You SC8366-01 Way You Look Tonight ZMP074-07 How Can We Be Lovers MM6001-15 You And I PSJT342-12 I Found Someone SC8277-13 You Don't Know Me PSJT342-04 Love Is A Wonderful Thing SC8235-07 You'll Never Find A Love Like Mine LG198-09 Love Is The Power SC8340-07 Michael Chain Love So Beautiful SC8248-02 Becky Takes Off Her Clothes TU145-02 Missing You Now SC8371-02 Michael Combs Once In A Lifetime PI047-05 It Was Me CB10044-10 Only A Woman Like You SD4205-13 Michael Cox Please Forgive Me MM6040-14 Angela Jones SF083-04 Reach Out, I'll Be There MM6000R-05 Michael English River SC8263-06 Holding Out Hope To You NT38-10 Safe Place From The Storm SC3070-01 In Christ Alone TU076-14 Said I Loved You, But I Lied SC8113-02 Mary Did You Know SC2045-07 Soul Provider SFMW826-15 Your Love Amazes Me SC8290-14 Steel Bars SC8374-03 Michael Franti & Spearhead That's What Love Is All About NUTECH-0943 Say Hey (I Love You) PHMU0909 The Best Of Love PP3051-03 Michael Holliday Til The End Of Forever PHAC0601-04 Starrey Eyed SF066-12 Time Love And Tenderness SC8363-08 Story Of My Life SF063-05 To Love Somebody SC8310-02 Michael Jackson When A Man Loves A Woman MM6001-02 Another Part Of Me CB90180-08 When I'm Back On My Feet Again SC8366-15 Bad CB90180-02 Yesterday SC8374-11 Beat It SC8354-12 You Wouldn't Know Love SC8264-15 Ben CBE622-14 Michael Buble Billie Jean SC7542-06 Can't Buy Me Love PSJT342-02 Black Or White SC8371-03 Christmas Song CB60424-05 Butterflies SC8735-06 Come Fly With Me ZMP077-01 Childhood SC8195-02 Crazy Little Thing Called Love ZMP077-02 Cry (You Can Change The World) SF186-16 Cry Me A River CB30132-02 Dangerous JV1001-10 Everything SC9015-11 Dirty Diana JV0017-07 Feeling Good PSJT342-03 Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough SC8951-07 Fever ZMP077-03 Earth Song SC8240-03 Foggy Day (In London Town) PSJT342-01 Girl Is Mine JV0017-10 For Once In My Life ZMP077-04 Gone Too Soon SC2010-01 Haven't Met You Yet CB30130-09 Heal The World SC8371-10 Heartache Tonight SFMW923-13 Heaven Can Wait CB30022-07 Hold On SF287-09 History CB90368-08 Home ZMP074-03 Human Nature CB90368-12 How Sweet It Is PSJT342-13 I Just Can't Stop Loving You CB90180-03 I've Got You Under My Skin PSJT342-10 In The Closet JV1001-03 Kissing A Fool ZMP074-01 Jam CB90367-13 Lost CB30069-06 Leave Me Alone CB90368-01 Me And Mrs Jones SD4709-13 Man In The Mirror SC8264-10 Moondance ZMP074-02 Music And Me CB90367-04 More I See You PSJT342-07 Off The Wall CB90367-05 Put Your Head On My Shoulder ZMP074-06 One Day In Your Life CB90368-04 Quando, Quando, Quando PSJT342-06 One More Chance CB30043-03 Save The Last Dance For Me SC8983-09 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) SC8951-15 Song For You PSJT342-11 Remember The Time SC8274-06 Spider-Man Theme SC8885-09 Rock With You SC8951-04 Summer Wind LG198-07 Rockin' Robin DKM2032-04 Sway THP0405-12 She's Out Of My Life SFMW841-16

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 221 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Michael Jackson Michael Peterson Smooth Criminal CB90367-07 Somethin' 'bout A Sunday SC8528-09 Speechless CB90368-09 Sure Feels Real Good SC8549-07 Stranger In Moscow SFMW922-11 Too Good To Be True SC3058-07 They Don't Really Care About Us SFMW803-10 When The Bartender Cries SC8464-02 This Time Around CB90368-13 Michael Prasle Thriller SC8550-10 Ghetto Superstar PHT9809-09 Wanna Be Startin' Something SC8951-02 Michael Salgado Way You Make Me Feel SC7549-15 Cruz De Madera SC7106-07 We're Almost There CB90368-05 Si Quisieras SC7105-09 Who Is It CB90368-07 Michael Sembello Whoops Now BS9817-04 Maniac SC8894-12 Will You Be There CB90368-15 Michael Stuart You Are Not Alone SC8203-02 Casi Perfecta SCL2268-07 You Can't Win, You Can't Even Break Even CB90367-11 Michael W. Smith You Rock My World SC8726-15 Above All TU128-01 Michael Jackson & 3t Agnus Dei TU128-02 Why CB90368-11 Breathe TU128-04 Michael Jackson & Diana Ross I Will Be Here For You JV1002-13 Ease On Down The Road CB90367-12 Let It Rain TU128-09 Michael Jackson & P. McCartney Love Me Good MM6241-14 Girl Is Mine SC8314-10 Matter Of Time SC8481-03 Michael Johnson Missing Person TU077-02 Bluer Than Blue SC7559-03 More Love More Power TU128-10 Give Me Wings SC7556-03 The Heart Of Worship TU128-14 Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder SC8767-07 This Is Your Time SC8661-14 Second Hand Heart SC7556-14 Michel Pagliaro Michael Martin Murphy J'entends Frapper SC2388-01 What's Forever For SC7552-13 Michelle Michael Mason No More Lies PI013-10 Cape Lonely CB60234-06 Michelle Anastasio Mail Myself To Mexico CB60243-08 Crazy TU178-04 Michael McDonald Michelle Branch Ain’T No Mountain High Enough SC8876-08 All You Wanted SC8813-03 I Keep Forgettin SC8856-08 Are You Happy Now SC8852-10 Matters Of The Heart SC8246-10 Breathe SC8845-04 On Christmas Morning CB20312-11 Everywhere SC8813-06 Sweet Freedom SC8790-07 Feeling You PHM1205P-01 Take It To Heart SC8374-05 Game Of Love CB40328-10 Michael McDonald & Kathy Mattea Goodbye To You SC8778-07 Among The Missing THC9906B-08 Sooner Or Later CB60419-4 Michael McDonald & Patti Labelle Until I Get Over You SC8865-09 On My Own SC2130-03 Wanting Out THP0311-10 Michael Morales Michelle Branch & Carlos Santana Who Do You Give Your Love To SAVP32-05 Game Of Love HTG1007-03 Michael Murphy Michelle Gayle Carolina In The Pines SC8210-15 Sweetness PX02-02 Still Taking Chances SC8529-14 Michelle Lewis Wildfire SC7575-05 Nowhere And Everywhere SC3097-08 Michael Nesmith Michelle McManus Rio SFMW876-11 All This Time SF214-02 Michael Peterson The Meaning Of Love SF216-10 By The Book SC8488-13 Michelle Pfeiffer Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie SC8382-15 My Funny Valentine SC8782-09 From Here To Eternity SC8402-09 Michelle Pfieffer Lesson In Goodbye CB60243-01 Cool Rider SFMW920-15 Modern Man SC8779-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 222 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Michelle Poe Midnight Star Just One Of The Boys CB60323-12 Operator SF068-10 Michelle Tumes Midtown For The Glory Of Your Name PR3003-02 Give It Up THMR0409-16 Michelle Williams Mighty Mighty Bosstones Greatest CB30079-03 Impression I Get SC8448-08 Michelle Wright Rascal King SC8395-14 Answer Is Yes SC8341-07 So Sad To Say SC8618-10 Change CB60119-06 Miguel A Mejia He Would Be Sixteen SC8200-03 El Pastor KB09-12 New Kind Of Love CB60096-10 La Verdolaga KB09-06 Nobody's Girl SC8303-03 Miguel Bose One Good Man SC8198-10 Amante Bandido SCL1502-03 One Time Around MM6002-14 Morena Mia TZLTPK-6-08 Take It Like A Man SC8112-12 Miguel Brown Michelle Wright & Jim Brickman So MM6192-09 Your Love SC8572-04 Miike Snow Mickey & Sylvia Silvia SF288-14 Love Is Strange SC8258-03 Mika Mickey Gilley Blame It On The Girls PHMP1003 Blue Christmas CBE3-14-09 Relax, Take It Easy SC9015-07 City Lights CB60298-02 Mikaila Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time SC8403-08 So In Love With 2 SC8654-15 Fool For Your Love CB60300-11 Mike & The Mechanics God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen CB60306-09 All I Need Is A Miracle SC8305-02 Headache Tomorrow Or A Heartache Tonight SC8434-08 Living Years SC8621-06 Here Comes The Hurt Again SC8582-15 Over My Shoulder SC8170-14 Honky Tonk Wine SC8400-14 Silent Running SC8671-08 I Overlooked An Orchid SC8335-06 Mike Bowling Joy To The World CBEP462-2-02 Another Valley Left Behind CB10051-10 Lonely Nights SC8461-03 Call CB10044-11 O' Little Town Of Bethlehem CBEP462-2-13 Mike Brewer & Tom Shipley Put Your Dreams Away SC8403-09 One Toke Over The Line SC9907-14 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree CB60306-05 Mike Jones Room Full Of Roses CB90077-02 Back Then PHU0508-01 She's Pulling Me Back Again SC8412-10 Still Tippin PHMU0506-09 Stand By Me CB90077-01 Mike Oldfield Talk To Me SC8403-04 Moonlight Shadow SFMW809-05 Tears Of The Lonely CB90077-11 Mike Reid That's All That Matters To Me SC8455-06 As Simple As That SC8359-03 True Love Ways SC8421-12 I Got A Life CB60104-04 Window Up Above SC8403-14 I'll Stop Loving You SAVA06-15 You Don't Know Me CB90077-12 Keep On Walkin' SC8245-13 You've Really Got A Hold On Me CB90077-05 Till You Were Gone CB60101-10 Mickey Taveras Walk On Faith SC8135-05 Historia Entre Tus Dedos SCL2294-02 Mike Reno & Ann Wilson Middle Of The Road Almost Paradise SC8482-13 Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep SF042-04 Mike Sarne & Wendy Richards Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum SF090-13 Come Outside ZMGY62-04 Midge Mike Shorey, Fabolous & Lil' Mo If I Was THCOL04-01 Can't Let You Go SC8822-06 Vienna THCOL04-01 Mike Walker Midnight Oil Honey Do SC8714-03 Beds Are Burning SC8671-15 If There’S A Chance To Say I Love You CB60234-13 Midnight Star Stones In The Road CB60227-08 Freak-A-Zoid SC8644-05 Who's Your Daddy CB60231-02 No Parking On The Dancefloor PHMR8401-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 223 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Mike Ward Mindy McCready Neon Wishing Well SC3019-05 Other Side Of This Kiss SC8464-10 Miki Howard Scream SC8655-04 Ain't Nobody Like You SC8754-14 Ten Thousand Angels SC8256-07 Mila Mason What If I Do SC8409-05 Closer To Heaven SC8432-06 You'll Never Know SC8436-11 Dark Horse SC8370-05 Mindy McCready & Richie McDonald Maybe, Maybe Not CB60316-03 Maybe He'll Notice Her Now SC8328-15 Strong One SC8463-13 Mindy Smith That's Enough Of That SC8315-08 Come To Jesus SC8881-06 That's The Kinda Love SC3034-08 Jolene (Radio Version) SC3387-06 This Heart SC3087-04 One Moment More SC3441-03 Milestone Out Loud PHAC0612-06 I Care About You MM6221-05 Ming Tea & Mike Myers (Austin Powers) Miley Cyrus Daddy Wasn't There SC8775-14 See You Again THP0805-17 Minnie Ripperton Milk Inc Lovin You SC8153-11 Walk On Water SF197-11 Mint Condition Milky If You Love Me SC3171-05 Just The Way You Are EZH15-04 So Fine NT57-02 Milli Vanilli Someone To Love NT46-11 Baby Don't Forget My Number JV0036-02 U Send Me Swingin' NT22-05 Blame It On The Rain HSPAK3-01-16 What Kind Of Man Would I Be SC8320-08 Girl I'm Gonna Miss You DK040-01 You Don't Have To Hurt No More SC3016-08 Girl You Know It's True SFMW814-03 Miracles Millie Love Machine Pt. 1 SC8824-07 De Hoy En Adelante SCL2207-01 Mickey's Monkey MM6016-07 En Cuerpo Y Alma SCL1562-06 Ooh Baby Baby CBEP459-6-05 Suéltalo SCL1567-03 Shop Around MMGOLD03-17 Una Voz En El Alma SCL2194-07 Tracks Of My Tears MM6243-07 Millie Small You Really Got A Hold On Me CBE619-14 My Boy Lollipop SC8526-02 Miranda Cosgrove Mills Brothers About You Now PHMP903 Cab Driver AH8012-07 Miranda Lambert In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree CBEP469-2-07 Bring Me Down SC8923-06 Let Me Call You Sweetheart PI302-14 Crazy Ex Girlfriend SC8996-09 Me & My Shadow CB501802-10 Dead Flowers CB60410-5 Old Folks At Home CBEP469-3-09 Famous In A Small Town (Radio Ver) SC8998-15 Till Then SC7540-04 Gunpowder & Lead CB60371-11 Milly Quezada House That Built Me CB60436-14 Pideme SCL2261-05 Kerosene SC8991-04 Mims Me And Charlie Talking SC8907-14 Like This PHU0709-09 More Like Her SFMW922-13 This Is Why I'm Hot SC9005-02 New Strings CB60352-09 Mindbenders New Strings (Radio Version) SC8982-10 Groovy Kind Of Love SF064-01 White Liar ASK822-08 Mindy McCready Miriam Hernandez All I Want Is Everything CB60182-08 Un Hombre Secreto NT27-02 Girl’S Gotta Do What A Girl’S Gotta Do CB20107-07 Mis Teeq Guys Do It All The Time SC8298-01 All I Want EZH01-05 I Want A Man CB60441-06 B With Me EZH09-11 If I Don't Stay The Night MM6225-13 One Night Stand EZH04-11 Let's Talk About Love CB20107-09 Scandalous SF203-06 Lips Like Yours CB60234-08 Style EZH30-13 Maybe, Maybe Not SC8753-02 Miss Saigon One In A Million CB60178-09 Last Night Of The World SC2044-08 Other Side CBE4-22-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 224 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Missey Elliot Mitch Miller Minute Man SD4112-13 I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover CB90181-07 Missez & Pimp C Me And My Shadow CBEP469-3-04 Love Song PHU0609-08 Moonlight Bay CBEP469-5-09 Missing Persons My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean CBEP469-4-02 Destination Unknown SC8571-01 Oh, Susanna CBEP469-4-03 Walking In L A SC8329-13 She Wore A Yellow Ribbon CBEP469-5-16 Words SC8338-04 Shine On Harvest Moon CB90181-10 Mississippi Queen Side By Side CB90181-02 Mountain SC8724-02 Stardust CBEP469-6-11 Missy Elliott Sweet Adeline CB90181-13 Back In The Day PHU0307-06 Sweet Violets CB90181-14 Ching-A-Ling PHU0804-02 That Old Gang Of Mine CB90181-12 Get Ur Freak On SC3250-08 Till We Meet Again CBEP469-3-17 Gossip Folks TU202-05 Tip Toe Through The Tulips CB501803-03 Gossip Folks (Radio Version) TU202-05 When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob Bob CB90181-08 I'm Really Hot SC8865-01 Bobbin' Lose Control THMH0509-03 While Strolling Through The Park One Day CBEP469-2-13 One Minute Man TTU074-08 Yellow Rose Of Texas SC8196-14 P####cat SC8844-11 You Are My Sunshine CB501803-06 Pass That Dutch THH0403-12 Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels Pass That Dutch (Radio Version) SC3390-07 Devil With A Blue Dress On SC8226-15 Pussycat SC3371-05 Sock It To Me Baby! SC8870-15 Teary Eyed PHU0512-08 Mitsou We Run This THH0608-13 Bye Bye Mon Cowboy FRENCH50-01 Work It SC8797-13 Mixtures Missy Elliott & Christina Aguliera The Pushbike Song ZGY71-12 Car Wash SC8888-09 Mobb Deep Missy Elliott & Ciara Got It Twisted PHU0408-07 Lose Control PHU0508-02 Mobiles Missy Elliott & Faith Evans Drowning In Berlin SFMW831-04 Burnin' Up SC8805-02 Moby Missy Elliott & Jay-Z Beautiful THMP0505-10 Back In The Day SC3359-05 Extreme Ways SC8778-06 Missy Elliott & Ludacris Natural Blue TU033-10 Gossip Folks SC3356-01 Porcelain THR0010-18 Missy Elliott, Ludacris & Trina We Are All Made Of Stars SC8762-08 One Minute Man SC8720-15 Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad TU033-14 Missy Elliottt & Ginuwine & Tweet Moby & Gwen Stefani Take Away SC8744-06 South Side CB30009-13 Mis-Teeq Modern English Can't Get It Back EZH25-07 I Melt With You SC7542-07 Mister Jones Modern Romance Destiny SC3089-04 Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosie SF042-05 Mitch Malloy Best Years Of Our Lives ZMH002-08 Nobody Wins In This War SC8274-15 Modern Talking Mitch Miller You're My Heart, You're My Soul SFMW922-07 A Bycicle Built For 2 CBE614-14 Modest Mouse Ain't We Got Fun CBEP469-1-12 Float On SC8879-04 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon CB90181-03 Ocean Breathes Salty THR0412-12 Bye Bye Blackbird CBE614-07 Modjo Clementine CBEP469-4-04 Chillin' SF176-13 Don't Fence Me In CBEP469-6-09 Lady CB3010-06 Down By The Old Mill Stream CB90181-06 Moe Bandy Down In My Heart CBE614-15 Americana SC8426-05 Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue CBE502-03 Bandy The Rodeo Clown CB90117-06 I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me) CB90181-11 Barstool Mountain CB90117-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 225 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Moe Bandy Monica Hank Williams You Wrote My Life SC8414-01 So Gone CB3036-14 Here I Am Drunk Again CB90117-15 Street Symphony PHT9910-07 Hey Joe (Hey Moe) CBE4-17-05 U Should've Known Better CB30044-14 Holding The Bag CB90117-10 Why I Love You So Much SC8295-07 I Cheated Me Right Out Of You SC8342-15 Monica & 112 I'm Sorry For You My Friend CB90117-09 Right Here Waiting (Rv) SC8593-08 It Was Always So Easy SC8525-08 Monica & Brandy It's A Cheating Situation SC8262-13 Boy Is Mine SGB06-14 Just Good Ol' Boys CB90117-01 Monica & Dem Franchize Boyz She's Not Really Cheatin' (She's Just Getting SC8551-08 Everytime Tha Beat Drop PHU0610-03 Even Monifah Till I'm Too Old To Die Young SC8576-01 Touch It PHT9902-04 Two Lonely People SC8792-02 You Don't Have To Love Me SC3009-07 Mojo Nixon Monkees Don Henley Must Die SC8669-08 Daydream Believer SC7517-07 Moke Hey Hey We're The Monkees SC8116-18 Down SC8572-12 I'm A Believer SC8620-13 Mollie O'brien I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone SC8620-01 Orphan Girl CBEP476-5-04 Last Train To Clarksville SC8190-15 Molly & The Heymakers Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You SC8620-07 Mountain Of Love NUTECH-1100 Mary, Mary SC8941-05 Molly Hatchet Monkee's Theme EZA006-10 Dreams AH8017-05 Pleasant Valley Sunday SC8589-02 Flirtin' With Disaster SC8449-09 Randy Scouse Git EZA006-06 Satisfied Man SC8922-13 She SC8620-12 Moloko Steppin Stone LG168-08 Pure Pleasure Seeker SF170-14 Take A Giant Step EZA006-11 Sing It Back SF146-14 Theme From The Monkees DK093-13 Time Is Now SF163-05 Valleri SC8620-11 Moments What Am I Doing Hangin' Round EZA006-12 Love On A Two Way Street CBE621-15 Words SC8620-09 Moments & What Nauts Monotones Girls SF091-14 Book Of Love SC8190-11 Mona Lisa Monte Warden You Said SC8304-05 It's Only Love CB20091-10 Monchy Y Alexandra Someday CB60172-13 Hoja En Blanco SC1551-07 Montell Jordan Te Quiero Igual Que Ayer SCL1549-01 Falling SC8337-12 Monica Get It On Tonite SC8587-12 A Dozen Roses PHU0701-08 Once Upon A Time MM6297-14 All Eyez On Me SC3326-01 This Is How We Do It SC8746-15 Angel Of Mine SC2190-02 What's On Tonight SC8357-08 Before You Walk Out Of My Life SC8220-01 Breaks My Heart ASKFP-40-2-07 Ain't Got Nothin' On Us CB20117-01 Cross The Room CB40019-12 All Night Long SC8646-12 Don't Take It Personal SC8199 08 Back When I Knew It All CB60373-05 Everything To Me PHMU1004 CB20117-05 First Night CBE3-25-11 Cold One Comin' On SC8723-12 For You I Will SC8357-13 Daddy Won't Sell The Farm SC8584-09 Gone Be Fine CB40019-10 Didn't I SC8759-12 Just Another Girl SC8688-11 Fine Line SC8748-10 Knock Knock (Radio Version) SC8849-15 Friends CB20117-03 Knock, Knock THH0312-16 Hell Yea THMCSM02-09 Mirror PHMU1006-08 Hillbilly Shoes SC8520-12 Right Here Waiting MM6292-14 I Got Drunk SC8881-03 Sideline Ho PHU0705-09 I Love The Way You Love Me CB20117-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 226 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Montgomery Gentry Moody Blues I Swear CB20117-02 Voices In The Sky SC2193-03 If You Ever Stop Loving Me SC8903-09 What Child Is This SC8899-13 Life's A Dance CB20117-04 Your Wildest Dream SC8725-02 Lonely And Gone SC8549-03 Moon Mullican Long Time Of Losers CB60413 I'll Sail My Ship Alone SC8538-09 Merry Christmas From The Family CB20312-09 Moonglows My Town SC8769-12 Sincerely MMRB03-09 One In Every Crowd CB60401-1 Ten Commandments Of Love MM6400-05 Oughta Be More Songs About That PHMC1002 Morcheba Roll With Me CB60385-04 Rome Wasn't Built In A Day SFMW810-01 Self Made Man SC3198-05 World Looking In SF178-08 She Couldn’T Change Me CB60214-01 Morningwood She Don't Tell Me To SC8992-02 Nth Degree PHM0606-09 Some People Change THC0611-12 Morris Albert Something To Be Proud Of SC8931-08 Feelings SC8118-04 Speed SC8807-04 Morrissey What Do Ya Think About That CB60367-05 Everyday Is Like Sunday SFMW870-08 While You're Still Young CB60441-08 First Of The Gang To Die SF220-09 You Do Your Thing SC8881-14 I Have Forgiven Jesus SF226-08 Montrose Irish Blood, English Heart PHR0408-06 Bad Motor Scooter SC8713-06 Let Me Kiss You SF857-09 Rock Candy SGB25-12 More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get SC8598-08 Monty Holmes Suedehead SFMW856-10 Alone SC8485-11 Mos Def & Talib Kweli Leave My Mama Out Of This SC8498-01 History PHU1003-08 Why'd You Start Lookin' So Good SC3075-01 Moshenda Monty Python Back Of Da Club THMH0506-16 Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life SC8669-07 Motels Bright Side Of Life SFG041-02 Only The Lonely SC8425-13 Bruces Philosophers Song SFG041-07 Suddenly Last Summer SC8338-14 Every Sperm Is Sacred SFG041-01 Total Control SFMW824-15 Galaxy Song SC8669-10 Mother's Finest I Like Chinese SFG041-08 Baby Love SC8329-11 Lumberjack Song SC8707-12 Truth'll Set You Free SC8338-02 Penis Song (Not The Noel Coward Song) SFG041-05 Motley Crue Sit On My Face SC8700-09 Don't Go Away Mad SC8734-08 The Galaxy Song SFG041-03 Dr. Feelgood SC8252-11 The Lumberjacks Song SFG041-04 Girls, Girls, Girls SC7579-02 Moody Blues Home Sweet Home SC8346-10 For My Lady LG238-14 If I Die Tomorrow SC3433-08 Gemini Dream SC2193-06 Kickstart My Heart SC8734-09 Go Now! SC7562-11 Live Wire SC8791-05 I Dreamed Last Night SC2193-07 Looks That Kill SC8734-10 I Know You're Out There Somewhere SC7562-01 Primal Scream SC8843-06 I'm Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band SC8322-01 Same Ol' Situation SC8734-07 Legend Of A Mind LG238-15 Shout At The Devil SC8516-01 Lost In A Lost World LG238-11 Sick Love Song PHR0506-06 Lovely To See You LG238-13 Smokin' In The Boys Room SC8151-07 Never Comes The Day LG238-12 Too Young To Fall In Love SC8597-08 New Horizons LG238-10 Wild Side SC8713-11 Nights In White Satin SC8354-14 Without You SC8373-14 Question SC8790-11 Motograter Ride My See Saw SC2193-04 Down PHR0311-09 Steppin' In A Slide Zone SC2193-08 Motorhead Story In Your Eyes SC2193-02 Ace Of Spades SC8756-05 Tuesday Afternoon SC2193-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 227 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Motors Mud Airport SF079-04 Tiger Feet SF024-10 Muddy Waters All The Young Dudes SC8861-15 Baby, Please Don't Go SC8814-09 Roll Away The Stone SF101-07 Blues Had A Baby HV06B-09 Moulin Rouge Got My Mojo Workin' SC8327-06 Because We Can SFG048-16 Hoochie Coochie Man MM6144-11 Come What May SFG048-11 Mannish Boy SC8675-12 Diamond Dogs SFG048-15 Rollin' & Tumblin' SC8339-06 Lady Marmalade SFG048-13 Mudhog Nature Boy SFG048-12 I Don't Know If I'm Coming Home CB60368-15 One Day I’Ll Fly Away SFG048-09 Mudvayne Rhythm Of The Night SFG048-14 Fall Into Sleep PAN2006-01 Your Song SFG048-10 Forget To Remember THR0511-14 Mountain Heart Happy (Rv) SC3444-06 Roses CB20407-08 Not Falling PHR0302-03 Mousse T & Emma Landford Mulan Is It Cause I'm Cool SF222-16 Ill Make A Man Out Of You DISNEY02-12 Mousse T & Hot N Juicy Reflection DISNEY01-07 Horny SF122-05 Mulberry Lane Mousse T & Tom Jones Crazy Love SD4708-13 Sex Bomb ZML003-17 Harmless SC8531-03 Move Mullage Blackberry Way THCOL04-01 Trick'n PHU0907-05 Fire Brigade SF070-06 Muppet Movie Flowers In The Rain SF069-03 Rainbow Connection MM6023-10 Moving Pictures Muriel's Wedding What About Me SC8594-04 Fernando MM6100B-15 Mpg Murmurs Lets Get It On THMH0507-06 La Di Da SC3091-05 Mr. Big You Suck SC8562-04 Just Take My Heart SC8373-02 Murphy Lee & Jermaine Dupri To Be With You SC8242-04 Wat Da Hook Gon Be SC8858-14 Wild World SC8791-13 Murray Head Mr. Bob Francis One Night In Bangkok SC8696-02 That Swingin' Manger SC8780-06 Murray Ross Mr. C Slide Man Candy Man PS6014-19 Chacha Slide SC8680-03 Dindi PS6015-18 Mr. Cheeks God Bless The Child PS6014-12 Lights, Camera, Action! SC8740-01 How High The Moon PS6014-13 Mr. Mister I Apologize PS6014-17 Broken Wings SC7549-12 I Can't Get Started PS6015-17 Is It Love LC0003-10 I Wanna Be Around PS6015-12 Kyrie SC8443-04 In Solitude PS6015-16 Mr. President Nature Boy PS6015-11 Coco Jamboo PHM9709-03 No More Blues PS6015-19 Mr. Rogers Singing In The Rain PS6015-13 Wont You Be My Neighbor DG04-09 Swinging On A Star PS6015-20 Ms. Dynamite There'll Be Some Changes Made PS6014-11 Dy Na Mi Tee SF196-03 They Can't Take That Away From Me PS6015-15 It Takes More SF193-11 Tumbling Tumble Weeds PS6015-14 Mud Volare PS6014-18 Cat Crept In SFMW822-01 Way She Loves Me PS6014-20 Dynamite SF101-04 Why Don't You Do Right PS6014-15 Lonely This Christmas SF030-12 You're Something PS6014-14 Oh Boy SF035-07 Muse Secrets That You Keep SFMW822-02 Butterflies & Hurricanes SF223-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 228 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Muse My Fair Lady Feeling Good SF187-14 Show Me SC8547-06 Hysteria (I Want It Now) THR0503-10 With A Little Bit Of Luck SC8547-08 Plug In Baby SFMW860-01 Without You SC2196-03 Sing For Absolution SFMW849-01 Wouldn't It Be Loverly SC2196-02 Starlight SC9005-05 My Little Red Book Supermassive Black Hole SF245-01 Love SC8970-14 Time Is Running Out SFMW856-04 Mya Music Ayo PHU0612-09 Breakin' PHR0502-08 Case Of The Ex SF177-12 Music Explosion Fallen SC8864-12 Little Bit O' Soul SC8206-14 Free SC8673-10 Music Man Miracles Happen TTU074-07 Seventy-Six SC8127-14 My First Night With You SC8534-10 Till There Was You SC7233-07 My Love Is Like... Wo SC8844-03 Until There Was You SGB50-12 Ridin' PHU0710-09 Musical Youth Where The Dream Takes You PHM0109-08 Pass The Dutchie SC8947-14 Mya, Christina Aguilera, Li'l Kim & Pink Musiq Lady Marmalade AI0103-02 Buddy PHU0704-07 Mya, Mase, Blackstreet & Blinky Blink Don'tchange THH0212-10 Take Me There SC8519-14 Forthenight THH0402-14 Myriam Hernandez Just Friends (Sunny) SC8664-14 El Hombre Que Yo Amo SC7104-07 Teachme PHU0708-02 Te Pareces Tanto A El SC7104-02 Whoknows PHU0406-07 Mystikal Musiq Soulchild Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against The Wall) SC8744-08 Halfcrazy TU143-08 Danger (Been So Long) SC3241-08 Just Friends SC3235-07 Shake It Fast SC8654-01 Love SC8688-12 Stutter SC8680-06 So Beautiful CB30104-06 Mystikal & Nivea Musiq Soulchild & Mary J Blige Danger (Been So Long) SC8673-15 Ifuleave CB30092-08 N 2 U Musique I Miss You SC8145-04 Fly Robin Fly LG153-13 N Dubz Mutya Buena Say It's Over SF291-08 Just A Little Bit THP0801-17 N Sync Mutya Buena & Amy Winehouse Bring It All To Me BS6317-06 Bboy Baby THHP0805-10 Bye Bye Bye SC8595-11 Mvp & Stagga Lee Celebrity SK544-01 Rock Ya Body (Mic Check 1,2) PHU0311-05 Crazy For You SK529-02 My Best Friend's Wedding Do Your Thing SK544-04 Wishin' And Hopin' (Ani Defranco) MM6219-09 Everything I Own SK529-05 My Chemical Romance Fallin' TU097-06 Ghost Of You THR0601-13 For The Girl Who Has Everything CB90182-15 Helena SC8924-12 Game Is Over SK544-05 I’M Not Okay (Radio Version) SC3428-01 Giddy Up SK529-01 I'm Not Ok (I Promise) THR0501-13 Girlfriend SC8744-11 Teenagers SD4708-08 God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You SC8501-08 The Black Parade MREH033-06 Gone SC8799-04 Under Pressure PHMR0508-06 Here We Go SK529-03 Welcome To The Black Parade SF248-03 I Drive Myself Crazy SC8531-01 Welcome To The Black Parade (Radio Version) SC9005-08 I Just Want To Be With You SK529-12 My Fair Lady I Need Love SK529-09 Get Me To The Church On Time SC2196-07 I Need You BS6317-04 I Could Have Danced All Night SC8127-15 I Wanna Be With You HSPAK3-01-13 On The Street Where You Live SC2196-01 I Want You Back SC8453-09 Rain In Spain SC2196-05 I'll Never Stop SF169-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 229 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID N Sync Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood It Makes Me Ill TU032-16 Jackson CBEP471-2-04 It's Gonna Be Me SC8616-06 Nancy Wilson Just Don't Tell Me That SK544-07 I Wish You Love MM6142-07 Little More Time With You BS6317-08 Nearness Of You MM6259-04 Music Of My Heart TU032-11 Satin Doll MM6186-10 No Strings Attached LG116-12 Someone To Watch Over Me SY1046-15 Pop SC8708-05 The Best Is Yet To Come TU120-22 Sailing CB90182-14 Napoleon Xiv See Right Through You SK544-06 They're Coming To Take Me Away SC8544-01 Selfish SK544-09 Nappy Roots Something Like You SK544-12 Awnaw SC8766-03 Somewhere Someday SC8581-11 Roun' The Globe PHU0311-09 Somewhere, Someday PP3171-03 Nappy Roots & Anthony Hamilton Tearin Up My Heart SK529-08 Po' Folks THH0211-11 Tell Me, Tell Me Baby SK544-08 Nas That Girl TU097-15 Bridging The Gap PHU0502-06 That's When I'll Stop Loving You LG116-16 I Can THH0307-16 This I Promise You SC8742-09 If I Ruled The World MM6380B-08 Two Of Us SK544-11 Made You Look THH0302-13 Up Against The Wall SK544-10 One Mic MM6380A-10 Yo Te Voy A Amar SCL1529-02 Nas & Qb's Finest You Don't Have To Be Alone CB60424-11 Oochie Wally SC8688-10 You Drive Me Crazy LG116-10 Nashville Teens You Got It BS6317-03 Tobacco Road SF093-01 N sync & Gloria Estefan Nat King Cole Music Of My Heart SC3158-07 Answer Me, My Love DK092-18 N Sync & Nelly Autumn Leaves SAVP19-05 Girlfriend EZH11-09 Ballerina LG020-07 N.E.R.D. Blossom Fell LG020-03 Lapdance SC8708-14 Darling CBE615-02 She Wants To Move SF217-14 Don't Get Around Much Anymore SC7538-08 N.O.R.E. Dont Get Me Wrong SC1305-01 Nothin' THH0209-11 Embraceable You SAVP35-10 N.O.R.E. & Nina Sky & Daddy Yankee For All We Know LG128-10 Oye Mi Canto (Radio Version) SC8948-07 For Sentimental Reasons SC8288-15 N2 Deep I Found A Million Dollar Baby PSJT193-06 Back To The Hotel DK086-18 I'm In The Mood For Love DKM3100-06 Nadia Almada I'm Through With Love MM6242-13 Little Bit Of Action SF226-03 It's Only A Paper Moon DK016-16 Nails Let There Be Love LG020-06 88 Lines About 44 Women SC8707-01 Let's Face The Music & Dance TU179-13 Nakatomi Love SGB59-06 Children Of The Night BSK003-13 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing TT6008-02 Naked Eyes Lover Come Back To Me SAVP05-07 Always Something There To Remind Me SC8439-08 Makin' Whoopee PSJT193-08 Promises, Promises SC8313-09 Mona Lisa SC7538-05 Nanci Griffith My Baby Just Cares For Me MM6242-14 From Clare To Here ZMH011-05 My Foolish Heart SAVP12-15 Nancy Sinatra Nature Boy SAVP05-09 Sugar Town SC8599-04 Pretender SC8450-04 These Boots Are Made For Walkin' SC7517-08 Quizas Quizas Quizas SAVP19-07 You Only Live Twice SC8468-06 Ramblin' Rose SC8118-06 Nancy Sinatra & Frank Route 66 LG128-11 Something Stupid SF141-05 Smile PS 1032-19 Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood Somewhere Along The Way PS 1032-15 Did You Ever SF051-03 Stardust SAVP10-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 230 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Nat King Cole Natalie Imbruglia Straighten Up And Fly Right LG128-12 Identify SC8565-06 Tenderly SAVP12-03 Satellite SK546-07 The Christmas Song SC7223-12 Shiver SF229-02 This Is All I Ask SGB037-09 Smoke SC8501-11 Those Lazy, Hazy Crazy DK025-08 Sunlight SK546-06 Too Young PSJT193-16 Talk In Tongues SK546-11 Too Young To Go Steady LG128-13 That Day SF183-10 Walkin' My Baby Back Home LG128-15 Torn SC8787-12 You Stepped Out Of A Dream MM6242-15 Wishing I Was There SC8469-07 Nat King Cole & Natalie Wrong Impression SC8752-15 When I Fall In Love SC8337-08 Natalie Maines & Sheryl Crow Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole Abilene SC3335-04 Unforgettable SC8107-06 Natalie Merchant Natalie Break Your Heart SC8487-03 Energy PHM0508-01 Carnival SC8471-03 Goin’ Crazy SC8915-07 Children Go Where I Send Thee SC8781-01 Natalie & Baby Bash In The Ghetto PHT9910-09 Energy CB30053-13 Jealousy SC8281-11 Natalie Cole Just Can't Last THP0202-18 Angel On My Shoulder SC8673-11 Kind & Generous SC9906-14 Cry Me A River LG173-04 Life Is Sweet SC8519-03 Dangerous PI053-09 Wonder SC8787-05 Day Dreaming PHAC0612-14 I'm Beginning To See The Light MM6269-08 Angel CB30078-05 Inseparable SC7547-02 I Bruise Easily SF229-04 I've Got Love On My Mind SC8427-15 I Wanna Have Your Babies SD4706-04 Jump Start My Heart LG173-07 Love Like This PHM0801-01 Miss You Like Crazy SC8126-05 Pocketful Of Sunshine CB30069-01 Mr. Melody DG05-14 Say It Again THP0804-16 Orange Colored Sky MMSTA02-09 Single SF218-03 Our Love SC8323-12 Soulmate CB30091-2 Pink Cadillac SF108-10 These Words SC2495-05 Route 66 LG173-06 Unwritten SC8993-12 Smile Like Yours SC8390-09 Natasha Bedingfield & Sean Kingston Snowfall On The Sahara SC8559-15 Love Like This THP0804-15 Take A Look SC8318-12 Nate Dogg This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) SC8606-01 Gangsta Nation SC3401-02 Very Thought Of You MM6005-08 Nate Dogg & Eve Wild Women Do SF002-11 Get Up THH0304-14 Natalie Cole & R.McEntire Nathan Lee Jackson Since I Fell For You NUTECH-0296 Desperate Man PHMC1003 Natalie Grant Nathan Morris Real Me PHAC0609-02 Wishes SC8312-12 What Are You Waiting For CB60348-09 National Anthem Natalie Imbruglia The Star Spangled Banner ASKFP25-2-29 Beauty On The Fire SF195-06 Naughty By Nature Big Mistake SF118-10 Hip Hop Hooray SC8111-10 Butterflies SK546-09 O.P.P. SC8612-04 City SK530-12 Naughty By Nature & 3lw Cold Air SK546-12 Feels Good (Don't Worry Bout A Thing) SC8766-08 Come September SK546-01 Navy Song Do You Love SK546-05 Anchors Aweigh TU086-05 Don't You Think CB40014-09 Nazareth Everything Goes SK546-03 Hair Of The Dog SC8886-06 Goodbye SK546-08 Love Hurts SC8192-03 Hurricane SK546-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 231 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Nb Ridaz Neil Diamond Notice Me PHMP0506-08 Cherry Cherry SC8347-10 N-Dubz . Mr Hudson Cracklin' Rose SC8347-02 Playing With Fire SFMW922-06 Desiree' TT067-08 Ne Yo Forever In Blue Jeans SC8627-09 Home CB60424-08 Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon SC8347-15 Mad CB30086-12 He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother SC8314-08 Miss Independent CB30080-01 Heartlight SC8347-06 CB30101-03 Hello Again SC8347-12 Ne Yo & Jamie Foxx & Fabulous Holly Holy SC8347-03 She Got Her Own CB30091-03 I Am, I Said SC8679-03 Neal Coty I Believe In Happy Endings TT067-17 Legacy CB60207-07 I Got The Feeling (Oh No No) MM6072-08 Right Down Through The Middle Of Us SC8711-07 I Haven't Played This Song In Years TU067-16 You Got Lucky CB60219-09 If You Know What I Mean LG066-14 Neal McCoy I'm A Believer TU068-01 Beatin' It In SC8690-04 I'm Alive TU068-02 Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On SC8933-07 I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight SC8347-01 City Put The Country Back In Me SC8135-08 Kentucky Woman SC8347-09 Every Man For Himself SC8633-09 Last Thing On My Mind DK029-18 For A Change SC8159-04 Leave A Little Room For God TU076-19 Forever Works For Me SC8608-01 Longfellow Serenade SC8535-15 Girls Of Summer SC8546-14 Love On The Rocks SC7534-06 Going Going Gone SC8298-10 Morningside TT068-07 Hillbilly Rap SC8311-04 One Hand One Heart SC8264-09 I Was SC8520-11 Play Me SC8347-04 If I Was A Drinkin' Man SC8194-02 Red Red Wine SC8347-11 If You Can Be Good Be Glad SC8409-08 September Morn' SC8347-14 Last Of A Dying Breed CB60352-14 Shilo SC8347-05 Love Happens Like That SC8470-15 Solitary Man SC8347-13 Luckiest Man In The World SC3340-08 Song Sung Blue SC8347-07 No Doubt About It SC8137-10 Songs Of Life PS0113-16 Party On SC8451-12 Soolaimon MM6072-11 Shake SC8382-12 Stones MM6328-10 Tailgate CB60355-13 Story Of My Life DG05-06 That Woman Of Mine SC8504-14 Sweet Caroline SC7572-08 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye SC8285-01 Tennessee Moon MM6143-02 They're Playing Our Song SC8179-02 Thank The Lord For The Night Time DK1102-11 What If CB60235-06 Yesterday S Songs LG066-12 Wink SC8123-11 You Are The Best Part Of Me THP0111-18 You Gotta Love That SC8239-09 Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand Neal Sedaka You Don't Bring Me Flowers SC7519-15 Crying In The Rain ESS09-14 Neil Diamond & Beth Nielsen Chapman Neanderthal Man In The Time It Takes MM6045-13 Hotlegs SF090-05 Neil Diamond & Buffy Lawson Ned Gerblansky Marry Me SC8298-05 Feel Like Making Love SGB12-08 Neil Diamond & W. Jennings Ned Miller One Good Love SC8253-04 From A Jack To A King SC8114-08 Neil Sedaka Needtobreathe Bad Blood LG124-08 Haley SD4610-13 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do SC7541-01 Neil Diamond Calender Girl SF084-07 America SC7506-01 Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen SC8563-09 And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind TT067-01 I Go Ape THCOL04-01 Beautiful Noise LG066-10 King Of Clowns SAVP12-08 Brooklyn Roads TT067-04 Laughter In The Rain SC8417-07 Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show SC8347-08 Little Devil SF133-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 232 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Neil Sedaka Nelly Furtado Next Door To An Angel SC7566-14 All Good Things (Come To An End) CB30064-15 Oh Carol SC8413-02 Do It PHM0710-03 One Way Ticket To The Blues BS7717-04 Explode TU252-06 Stairway To Heaven PSJT023-10 Forca SFMW856-12 Neil Young Hey Man TU096-07 After The Gold Rush SC8624-09 I'm Like A Bird SC8741-11 Cinnamon Girl SC8586-09 In God's Hands CB30069-10 Down By The River DG10-07 Maneater PHM0610-03 Harvest Moon DG07-06 Number One TU073-01 Heart Of Gold SC8683-13 On The Radio (Remember The Days) CB30023-14 Let's Roll SC3295-03 Powerless (Say What You Want) SC8855-08 Needle And Damage Done AMS1507-04 Promiscuous SF247-02 Ohio SC8683-11 S##t On The Radio SC8740-08 Old Man SC8683-10 Say It Right CB30062-08 Rockin' In The Free World SC8715-07 Try SFMW849-01 Southern Man DG06-13 Turn Off The Light SC8720-09 Nelly Nelly Furtado & Missy Elliott #1 AMS1060-04 Do It CB30066-05 Air Force Ones MM6380A-07 Nelly Furtado & Timbaland Country Grammar (Hot Sh#T) SC8625-01 Promiscuous SC8987-09 Dilemma SD4210-10 Nelly, Notorious B.I.G., P Diddy & Jagged Edge E.I. SC8659-03 Nasty Girl PAN2006-01 Flap Your Wings SC8883-10 Nelson Get It Poppin PHMP0508-07 Love & Affection CBE627-04 Grillz PHU0602-01 Nelson Mainville Hot In Herre SC8797-01 Les Bras De Satan FRENCH50-01 My Place EZH039-03 Nena N Dey Say SF231-06 99 Luftballoons DKM3089-13 Na Na Na Na PHU0501-03 99 Red Balloons SC7581-10 Nellyville SC8812-12 Neneh Cherry No. 1 SC8735-02 Buffalo Stance SC8477-10 One And Only CB30085-10 Man Child SFMW881-09 Over & Over CBE630-11 Woman SF061-02 Pimp Juice PHU0306-02 Neon Trees Ride Wit Me SF182-08 Animal PHMP1008-05 Tilt Ya Head Back CBE617-14 Nerina Pallot Wadsyaname PHU0711-03 Everybody's Gone To War SF244-03 Nelly & Christina Aguilera Neve Tilt Ya Head Back SC3422-01 It's Over Now MM6310-13 Nelly & City Spud New Beginning Ride Wit Me SC8688-02 Stir SC3189-05 Nelly & Jaheim New Breed My Place SC8902-10 My People TU207-10 Nelly & Justin Timberlake New Christy Minstrels Work It (Remix) SC8879-09 Green Green SAVP17-10 Nelly & Kelly Rowland This Land Is Your Land MM6172-04 Dilemma SC8797-04 New Edition Nelly & P. Diddy & Murphy Lee Can You Stand The Rain SC8603-14 Shake Ya Tailfeather (Radio Version) SC3377-08 Candy Girl SC8969-14 Nelly & Paul Wall Hit Me Off SC8320-06 Grillz SC8958-12 Hot 2Nite THH0502-18 Nelly & St. Lunatics If It Isn't Love DKM3088-07 Air Force Ones SC8805-03 I'm Still In Love With You SC8460-15 Nelly & Tim McGraw One More Day SC8460-10 Over And Over SC8889-11 New Found Glory Nelly Furtado All Downhill From Here THR0408-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 233 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID New Found Glory Newsboys Failure's Not Flattering CB30047-09 In The Belly Of The Whale TU207-07 Head On Collision SC3341-06 It Is You SC8828-04 Hit Or Miss THR0105-18 Joy TU076-17 I Don't Wanna Know CB30049-15 Lord (I Don’t Know) TU207-08 It's Not Your Fault CB30061-10 Million Pieces TU131-14 Listen To Your Friends CB30094-10 Rescue TU131-15 My Friends Over You SC8783-14 Shine TU077-10 New Grass Revival Thrive TU131-19 Can't Stop Now CBEP476-2-03 You Are My King (Amazing Love) TU207-16 Dancin' With The Angels CBEP476-1-17 Newsong New Kids On The Block Christmas Shoes CBE4-29-15 2 In The Morning CB30098-05 Wide Open SC8828-05 Cover Girl DK041-02 Newton Faulkner Hanging Tough DK041-03 I Need Something THHP0806-14 I'll Be Loving You SAVP24-12 Next Please Don't Go Girl DK024-01 Beauty Queen BS3517-02 Step By Step DK042-01 I Still Love You SC8481-14 Summertime CB30072-06 Imagine That THH0303-14 This One's For The Children SAVP39-19 Too Close SC8515-03 Tonight SAVP24-06 Next & Lil' Mo You Got It (The Right Stuff) DK021-03 Wifey SC8622-10 New Kids On The Block & Ne Yo Next Of Kin Single CB30080-04 24 Hours From You SF134-07 New Main Street Singers Ne-Yo Potato S In The Paddy Wagon TU213-13 PHMU1008-02 New Order Because Of You SD4706-07 Bizarre Love Triangle SC8598-01 Closer CB30071-09 Blue Monday BL21-05 Do You SD4709-10 Crystal EZH03-12 PHU0804-05 Krafty SFMW864-07 Never New I Needed CB30119-02 True Faith SFMW846-03 PHU0609-04 New Radicals So Sick (Radio Version) SC8958-01 Someday We'll Know SC8545-02 When You're Mad ASKFP61 2-02 You Get What You Give SC8501-07 Nichol Sponberg New Relics Crazy In Love SC8987-06 Real Love PHMC1007-09 Nichole Nordeman New Riders Of The Purple Sage Brave (Radio Version) SC8962-01 Panama Red SC8861-02 Holy SC8828-12 New Seakers Nick Cannon Beg Steal Or Borrow (Duet) ZGY72-10 Gigolo PHM0403P-01 New Seekers Nick Cannon & R. Kelly I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing DKM3081-12 Gigolo (Radio Version) SC8864-02 Look What They've Done To My Song LG147-14 Nick Carter Medley (I'd Like To Teach You Won't Find Beg, ZMP038-13 Do I Have To Cry For You TU174-02 Never Ending Song Of Love SF090-14 Help Me SC8801-04 You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me SF101-05 Nick Glider New Vaudeville Band Hot Child In The City SC8368-11 Winchester Cathedral SC8206-06 Nick Jonas & The Administration Newbeats Who I Am CB30126-07 Bread & Butter SC8361-10 Nick Kershaw Newsboys I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me SF029-05 Basics Of Life NT58-04 Wouldn't It Be Good SC8719-01 Breakfast TU076-06 Nick Lachey Father Blessed Father TU207-01 I Can't Hate You Anymore CB30060-08 He Reigns SC8919-05 Shut Up SD4309-13 I'm Not Ashamed NT58-07 This I Swear SD4312-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 234 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Nick Lachey Nicole C. Mullen What's Left Of Me SC8967-06 Redeemer SC8828-14 Nick Lowe When You Call On Jesus TU190-16 Cruel To Be Kind SC8427-13 Nicole C. Mullins I Knew The Bride SGB05-01 Talk About It TU128-13 Nick Noble Nicole Kidman Fallen Star JV0059-08 One Day I'll Fly Away SC8762-07 Nickajack Sparkling Diamonds SC8850-07 River Road SC3042-05 Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor Nickel Creek Come What May SC8782-05 Lighthouse's Tale SC8751-02 Nicole McCloud Reasons Why SC8623-12 One Good Reason TTU136-13 Speak SC8802-04 Nicole Scherzinger The Lighthouse Tale CB60230-13 Whatever U Like CB30066-13 This Side SC8779-04 Nicole Scherzinger & Will.I.Am When You Come Back Down SC8751-07 Baby Love CB30068-12 Nickelback Nicole Wray Animals SC3458-05 If I Was Your Girlfriend THH0412-15 Because Of You CB30049-08 Nicolette Larson Breathe THR0011-13 Lotta Love SC7547-04 Burn It To The Ground CB30106 Night Ranger Far Away PHM0610-04 Don't Tell Me You Love Me SC8516-08 Feelin' Way Too Damn Good SC8883-08 When You Close Your Eyes SC8373-01 Figured You Out SC8855-07 You Can Still Rock In America SC8624-01 Gotta Be Somebody CB30084-02 Nik Kershaw How You Remind Me SC8742-14 Riddle ZMH002-07 I'd Come For You CB30103-13 Nikki If Everyone Cared SC8999-07 Notice Me PR1086-05 If Was Your Last Day Today CB30097-01 Nikki French Leader Of Men SC8659-10 Total Eclipse Of The Heart SC8187-08 Learn The Hard Way SD4305-13 Nikki Nelson Never Again SC8740-09 Too Little Too Much SC3011-01 Never Gonna Be Alone CB30117-03 Nikki Webster Old Enough THR0104-11 Strawberry Kisses SF193-09 Photograph CB30055-11 Nilsson Photograph (Performance Version) TU271-17 Jump Into The Fire SC8641-09 Photograph (Pop Edit) THMP0512-04 Without You CBEP464-4-12 Photograph (Radio Version) SC3450-01 Nina Gordon Rockstar SC8983-05 Now I Can Die CB3011-14 Savin' Me SC8966-04 Tonight And The Rest Of My Life SC8637-02 Shakin' Hands CB30121 Nina Simone Side Of A Bullet CB30065-12 My Baby Just Cares For Me SF075-05 Someday SC8905-03 Wild Is The Wind MM6334-15 Someone That You're With CB90311-15 Nina Sky Something In Your Mouth CB30094-7 Move Ya Body SFMW849-01 This Afternoon CB30130-10 Turnin' Me On THMH0505-11 This Is How You Remind Me ASKFP20-2-08 Nina Sky & Jabba Too Bad SC8765-10 Move Ya Body (Radio Version) SC8879-15 Woke Up This Morning SC8783-09 Nine Days Nickelback & Kid Rock Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) SC8616-02 Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) SC8839-08 Good Friends CB3031-07 Nicki Minaj If I Am SC8649-10 Your Love PHMU1007-04 Nicks Henley Closer SC8532-05 Leather And Lace NUTECH-0193 Deep SC8699-08 Nico Flores Y Su Banda Puro Mazatlan Every Day Is Exactly The Same CB30059-11 Yo Te Seguiré Queriendo SCL1558-08 Only THR0511-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 235 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Nine Inch Nails No Doubt The Hand That Feeds THMR0507-02 Running SC8818-05 Nirvana Simple Kind Of Life SC8918-15 About A Girl SC8148-10 Spiderwebs SC8471-02 All Apologies SC8122-07 Sunday Morning SC8460-03 Come As You Are SC8122-10 No Doubt & Bounty Killer Heart Shaped Box SC8310-10 Hey Baby SC8918-11 In Bloom SC8598-12 No Doubt & Lady Saw Lithium BS5417-05 Underneath It All SC8918-01 Man Who Sold The World SC8156-01 No Doubt (Duet) Smells Like Teen Spirit SC8148-01 Hey Baby SC8813-12 Where Did You Sleep Last Night SC8874-08 No Mercy You Know You're Right SC8793-14 Please Don't Go SC8357-06 Nitty When I Die PHM9707-07 Hey Bitty PHM0504-09 Where Do You Go SC8746-10 Nasty Girl PHM0412-02 No Secrets Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Skin Deep TU177-11 American Dream SC8378-07 That's What Girls Do THP0210-12 Baby's Got A Hold On Me SC8676-14 Noel Haggard Bang Bang Bang SC3062-05 Once You Learn SC3011-06 Dance Little Jean SC8582-03 Noelia Fishin' In The Dark SC8455-13 Candela SCL2219-05 High Horse SC8517-03 Clávame Tu Amor SCL1566-02 I Saw The Light SC8693-13 Enamorada SCL1573-02 I've Been Lookin' SC8541-03 Ni Una Lagrima Mas SCL1532-08 Long Hard Road The Sharecropper's Dream SC7568-08 Tu (2) SCL2194-05 Lowlands SC3355-06 Nolans SC8345-05 I'm In The Mood For Dancing SF076-02 Mr. Bojangles SC7544-10 Nonchalant Will The Circle Be Unbroken SC8693-01 5 O'clock In The Morning MM6170-05 You Believed In Me SC8289-13 Nonpoint You Made Life Good Again CB60156-15 Bullet With A Name PAN2006-01 Nivea The Truth THR0410-18 Don't Mess With My Man CB30028-13 Norah Jones Nivea & Brian & Brandon Casey Above Ground ZMP046-10 Don't Mess With My Man THH0211-13 Be Here To Love Me ZMP046-06 Nivea & Jagged Edge Carnival Town ZMP046-04 Don't Mess With My Man CBEP473-3-13 Chasing Pirates PHMP1002 Nivea & Lil Jon & The Youngbloodz Cold Cold Heart LG175-14 Okay PHU0504-01 Come Away With Me SC8852-07 Nixons Don't Know Why SC8796-12 Sister SC8348-05 Don't Miss You At All ZMP046-13 Wire SC8308-04 Feeling The Same Way MM6393-07 No Address Humble Me ZMP046-09 When I'm Gone (Sadie) PHR0505-05 I'll Be Your Baby CB90157-05 No Doubt In The Morning ZMP046-05 Bathwater SC8918-10 It's Gonna Be PHMP1008-09 Don't Speak SC8813-11 I've Got To See You Again MM6393-11 Excuse Me Mr SC8918-03 Lonestar CB90157-07 Ex-Girlfriend SC8918-08 Long Day Is Over ZMP018-12 Happy Now PI049-14 Long Way Home ZMP046-11 Hella Good SC8918-09 Nearness Of You CB90157-14 Hey Baby SC8813-12 Nightingale CB90157-08 I'm Just A Girl HV03-13 One Flight Down CB90157-09 It's My Life SC8918-14 Painter Song CB90157-10 Just A Girl SC8918-05 Prettiest Thing ZMP046-12 New SC8531-04 Seven Years ZMP018-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 236 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Norah Jones O.A.R. Shoot The Moon CB90157-12 Shattered (Turn The Car Around) CB30091-14 Sunrise SC8865-04 This Town PHMP0905 Thinking About You SC9006-07 O.C. Smith Those Sweet Words SC8906-09 Little Green Apples SC8258-02 Toes ZMP046-08 Son Of Hickory Hollers Tramp SF065-08 Turn Me On LG175-15 Oak Ridge Boys What Am I To You SF219-08 American Made SC8767-11 Norah Jones & Dolly Parton Bobbie Sue SC8551-05 Creepin' In SC3404-03 Elvira SC7507-11 Grass Is Blue TU249-13 Everyday CB90108-14 Norah Jones & Wyclef Jean Fancy Free CBE4-17-04 Any Other Day PHAC0602-08 I'll Be True To You SC8342-06 Norman Greenbaum It Takes A Little Rain To Make Love Grow SC8517-08 Spirit In The Sky SC8425-14 Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight CB90108-15 Notorious B.I.G. Lucky Moon CB90108-05 Big Poppa MM6380B-01 No Matter How High CB90108-06 Hypnotize SC8656-13 Sail Away TU242-01 Nasty Girl (Clean Version) PHU0603-07 Thank God For Kids SC8184-13 Notorious B.I.G. & Puff Daddy & Mase This Crazy Love SC8517-14 Mo Money Mo Problems MM6380B-12 Tryin' To Love Two Women CB90108-08 Notorious Cherry Bombs Way Down NS26-05 It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chews SC8884-08 Y'all Come Back Saloon SC8136-01 You You're My Soul And Inspiraton CB60128-15 Notorious Cherry Bombs & Rodney Crowell & Vince Gill You're The One CB90108-11 It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew. CB90371-03 Oakenfold & Brittany Murphy Ntrance Faster Kill Pussycat PAN2006-01 Staying Alive SFMW849-01 Oasis Nu Flavor Acquiesce MM6258-08 Baby Be There MM6246-09 All Round The World MM6231-09 Heaven MM6234-13 Be Here Now LG019-03 Nu Flavor & Roger Champagne Supernova SC8268-09 Sweet Sexy Thing SC3020-08 Champion Of Love BS5217-01 Nu Shooz Cigarettes & Alcohol BS5217-02 I Can't Wait SC8477-03 Don't Go Away LG019-02 Nuance Don't Look Back In Anger SC8299-14 Vivre Dans La Nuit FRENCH50-01 D'you Know What I Mean SC8423-08 Number One Go Let It Out SC8607-04 Legend & West PHU0507-R206 Half The World Away SFG021-02 -03 Hindu Times SF191-05 Nutmegs It's Gettin' Better Man LG019-05 Story Untold MM6385-02 Layla THMR0508-03 Nydia & Juan Gabriel Little By Little SF196-12 No Vale La Pena SCL1541-06 Live Forever SFG021-01 Nylons Magic Pie LG019-04 Kiss Him Goodbye CBEP472-6-03 Masterplan ZMH002-04 O Jays Rock & Roll Star SFG021-05 Darling Baby LG075-06 Roll With It BS5217-15 For The Love Of Money LG075-04 She's Electric SFG021-04 Use To Be My Girl LG075-03 Slide Away SFMW802-04 O' Kanes Some Might Say SF039-03 Oh Darlin' SC8642-12 Song Bird SF202-07 O Town Stand By Me LG019-01 I Showed Her SD4304-05 Stay Young LG012-02 These Are The Days SC8806-06 Stop Crying Your Heart Out SF193-14 O.A.R. Sunday Morning Call SF167-13 Love And Memories PAN2006-01 The Importance Of Being Idle SF234-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 237 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Oasis O'jays The Masterplan SF847-08 Back Stabbers LG056-12 Whatever SFG021-03 Emotionally Yours HV04-10 Who Feels Love SF163-03 Forever Mine SC8755-05 Wonderwall SC8240-06 I Love Music (Part 1) SC8755-09 Ob Thrice Living For The Weekend CBEP468-1-10 Got Some Teeth SC8849-06 Love Train SC7533-05 Image Of The Invisible THM0206R-01 Put Your Hands Together SC8755-07 Obie Bermúdez Sing A Happy Song SAVP32-08 Antes SCL1567-04 Use To Be My Girl SC8323-10 Ocean O'kaysions Put Your Hand In The Hand SC8305-01 Girl Watcher SC8353-03 Ocean Colour Scene Ok-Go Better Days SF116-10 Get Over It TU200-06 Day We Caught The Train SF061-11 Here It Goes Again PHM0612-09 It's A Beautiful Thing SF119-13 Oklahoma Profit In Peace SF148-10 I Can't Say No MMSTA04-11 Riverboat Song SFMW834-12 Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin' DK093-16 You've Got It Bad SF049-09 Oklahoma SC8127-11 Oceanic People Will Say We’Re In Love SFG046-11 Insanity PUK329-08 Surrey With The Fringe On Top DK1107-11 Odyssey Oleander Inside Out SF107-06 Are You There SC8694-02 Native New Yorker SF068-11 Hands Off The Wheel PHR0305-05 Use It Up Wear It Down SF107-05 Why I'm Here SC8548-14 Offspring Oleta Adams All I Want SC8357-11 Circle Of One SC8274-05 Can't Repeat THR0509-11 Day I Stop Loving You SC8244-14 Come Out And Play SC8562-14 Embraceable You TU120-06 Defy You SC8740-03 Get Here SC8111-11 Gone Away SC8448-11 Never Knew Love SC8248-07 Gotta Get Away SC8598-09 Wanna Be ESS02-03 Hammerhead CB30078-01 We Will Meet Again MM6334-04 Head Around You, (Can't Get My) THR0406-12 Olga Tanon Hit That SF214-14 Asi Es La Vida SCL1560-07 Kids Aren’t Alright SC8545-08 Como Olvidar SCL1541-05 Kristy, Are You Doing Okay CB30099-06 Cuando Tu No Estas SCL1573-01 Million Miles Away SF175-12 Mienteme SCL1549-04 Next To You THR0601-17 No Podras SCL1565-06 Original Prankster SC8659-09 Tu Amor SC2197-05 Pretty Fly For A White Guy SC8499-01 Oliver Self Esteem SC8433-13 As Long As He Needs Me DK091-09 She's Got Issues SC8572-07 Consider Yourself SGB50-02 Staring At The Sun SC8629-02 Good Morning Starshine DKM3075-10 Want You Bad SC3243-06 I'd Do Anything MM6015-10 Why Don't You Get A Job SC8519-01 Who Will Buy DK089-17 You're Gonna Go Far, Kid SC9024-15 Oliver Cheatam Ohio Express Get Down Saturday Night BL25-13 Chewy Chewy Chewy LC0004-02 Olivia Yummy Yummy Yummy SC8191-02 Bizounce SC3258-03 Ohio Players Olivia Newton John Fire SC8704-10 Air That I Breathe DK024-15 Love Rollercoaster SC8704-14 Banks Of The Ohio THCOL04-01 Oingo Boingo Deeper Than A River TT6010-11 Dead Man's Party SC8550-03 Have You Ever Been Mellow SC8368-01 Little Girls SC8808-03 Heart Attack SC8552-05 Weird Science SC8719-05 Hopelessly Devoted To You SC8910-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 238 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Olivia Newton John One Flew South I Honestly Love You SC8138-11 My Kind Of Beautiful CB60387-04 I Honestly Love You (New Version) PS1373-18 One Girl Revolution If You Love Me (Let Me Know) SC7549-01 Superchick TU077-06 Let Me Be There SC7529-13 One Republic Little More Love SC8410-14 All The Right Moves CB30121-06 Look At Me, I’M Sandra Dee (Reprise) SC8910-14 Secrets CB30135-07 Magic LG004-15 One Republic & Timbaland Make A Move On Me MM6046-03 Apologize SC9014-05 Physical SC8425-12 One True Voice Please Mister Please SC8292-05 After You're Gone EZH19-02 Please Mr. Please PS1373-12 Sacred Trust SF201-02 Sam PS1373-15 One Way Summer Nigh TU019-14 Cutie Pie MH1053-13 Twist Of Fate DK028-18 Onerepublic Xanadu SF105-15 Say (All I Need) CB30075-03 You're The TU021-15 Stop & Stare SC9023-05 Olivia Newton John & Cliff Richard Opm Suddenly PS1373-17 El Capitan SF188-03 Olivia Newton John & John Travol Heaven Is A Halfpipe SC8649-01 You're The That I Want LG166-02 Oran ''Juice'' Jones Olivia Newton John & John Travolta Rain SC8824-04 We Go Together MM6107-14 Orange Juice Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta Rip It Up SF113-03 Summer Nights SC8910-01 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Olympics If You Leave SC8571-11 Hully Gully SC8330-14 Ordinary Western Movies SC8513-13 Train NSP2056-03 Omar Ordinary Boys There's Nothing Like This SFMW856-09 Lonely At The Top EZH59-08 Omarion Nine2five SF244-05 Entourage PHU0609-06 Orgy I'm Tryna PHU0512-09 Blue Monday SC8508-14 O THH0504-11 Fiction THMBR03-08 Speedin' CB30127-08 Fiction (Dreams In Digital) SC8673-02 Touch PHU0507-01 Opticon THR0106-16 Omarion & Kat Deluna Stitches SC8559-05 Cut-Off Time PHU0801-08 Orianthi Omarion & Timbaland According To You CB30127-06 Ice Box PHU0704-01 Shut Up And Kiss Me CB30130-07 Omc Originals How Bizarre SC8381-10 Baby, I'm For Real SM8851-01 Omd Orleans Enola Gay SF113-11 Dance With Me SC8182-12 Sailing On The Seven Seas SF112-13 Still The One SC8153-04 Tesla Girls SFMW870-15 Orson Walking On The Milky Way SF080-15 Bright Idea SF243-04 On The Line All Stars Happiness SF246-09 On The Line TU097-11 Osborne Brothers Once Blue Cuckoo CB20403-09 Save Me SC8316-11 I'll Be Alright Tomorrow CBEP476-4-10 One Armed Scissor Lost Highway CBEP476-5-16 At The Drive-In THR0104-16 Rocky Top CBE02-15 One Fine Day Osborne Brothers & Red Allen For The First Time MM6219-13 Ruby, Are You Mad CB80138-15 One Fine Day (Natalie Merchant) MM6219-06 Oscar De La Hoya One Flew South Run To Me SC8654-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 239 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Otis Day & The Knights Outspoken Shout SC8106-05 Farther PHR0305-03 Otis Redding Ov7 Can't Turn You Loose (Live Version) SC8863-15 Enloqueceme SCL1529-03 Dreams To Remember MMRB04-08 Overlanders Fa Fa Fa Sad Song SC8863-09 Michelle ZMGY66-10 Happy Song LG036-06 Hard To Handle SF088-13 Fireflies PHMP0912 I Can't Turn You Loose PS1291-15 Hello Seattle PHMP1007-04 I've Been Loving You So Long LG036-03 Vanilla Twilight SF291-07 Love Man SFG040-14 Ozark Mountain Daredevils Lover's Prayer RB16-14 If You Wanna Get To Heaven SC8146-15 Papa's Got A Brand New Bag LG036-07 Jackie Blue SC8146-11 Respect PS1291-14 You Know Like I Know HC003-04 Shake SC8969-13 Ozomatli Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay SC7527-01 Love And Hope PHR0504-04 These Arms Of Mine CB40222-12 Ozomatli & Quintanilla Iii Y Los Kumbia Kings Tramp LG036-05 Mi Gente SCL1571-04 Try A Little Tenderness SC8969-02 Ozzy Osbourne O-Town Bark At The Moon SC8848-09 All Or Nothing SC8708-07 Close My Eyes Forever SC8848-08 Liquid Dreams SC8672-14 Crazy Train SC8848-06 We Fit Together SC8726-07 Diary Of A Madman SC8684-07 Ottawan Dreamer SC8735-14 D. I. S. C. O. SF028-04 Flying High Again SC8848-07 Hands Up SF028-07 Gets Me Through SC8732-07 Two Pints Of Lager SF042-06 Goodbye To Romance AH8009-04 Otto Titsling I Don't Know RSZ611-02 Beaches MM6175-01 I Don't Wanna Stop SC9009-02 Iron Man SC8848-11 4Am SC8473-05 Mama, I'm Coming Home SC8848-01 Clumsy SC8462-03 Mississippi Queen THR0506-17 Innocent PHR0211-02 Mob Rules SC8848-10 Is Anybody Home SC8595-06 Mr. Crowley SC8713-14 Somewhere Out There SC8803-01 N.I.B. SC8848-04 Superman's Dead SC8598-07 No More Tears SC8848-03 Where Are You THR0511-13 Over The Mountain SC8848-14 Outhere Brothers Paranoid SC8848-05 Don't Stop (96 Mix) SF060-14 Road To Nowhere SC9002-11 Outkast Shot In The Dark SC8848-02 Hey Ya SC8902-02 Suicide Solution RSZ611-03 Land Of A Million Drums SC8766-15 Sweet Leaf SC8848-13 Mighty O THH0609-10 War Pigs SC8848-12 Ms. Jackson SC3233-04 You Can’T Kill Rock And Roll SC8869-13 Prototype SF223-11 Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath Roses SF219-15 War Pigs LG239-07 So Fresh, So Clean SC3249-01 Ozzy Osbourne & Kelly Osbourne The Whole World HTG1006-16 Changes (Duet) MRH03-11 Outkast & Killer Mike Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford Whole World SC8744-01 Close My Eyes Forever LG239-05 Outkast & Sleepy Brown P$C, T.I. & Lil Scrappy Way You Move Me SC8849-03 I'm A King PHU0511-09 Outlaws P. Diddy Riders In The Sky SC8922-08 Bad Boy For Life SC3270-01 There Goes Another Love Song SC8146-01 Do That PHU0301-09 Outsiders It's All About The Benjamins SC8612-08 Time Won't Let Me SC8599-03 Last Night PHU0704-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 240 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID P. Diddy Pam Tillis The Saga Continues TU168-17 After A Kiss SC8560-10 P. Diddy & Aguilera All Of This Love SC8250-10 Tell Me PHU0701-06 All The Good Ones Are Gone SC3018-01 P. Diddy & Faith Evans Better Off Blue MM6121-06 I'll Be Missing You LG012-03 Betty's Got A Bass Boat SC8328-09 P. Diddy & Ginuwine & Loon & Winans & Ruggieri Blue Rose Is SC8228-10 I Need A Girl (Part Two) SC3323-03 Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial SC8104-15 P. Diddy & Lil' Kim Deep Down SC8205-04 Will They Die For You DK1115-08 Do You Know Where Your Man Is SC8168-08 P. Diddy & Mase Don't Tell Me What To Do SC8112-14 Can't Nobody Hold Me Down HV06A-10 Every Time SC8485-04 P. Diddy & Nicole Sherzinger How Gone Is Goodbye JV0073-09 Come To Me SF248-14 I Said A Prayer For You SC8463-15 P. Diddy & R. Kelly I Was Blown Away SC8160-05 Satisfy You SF163-01 In Between Dances SC8179-10 P. Diddy Featuring Usher & Loon It's Lonely Out There SC8294-14 I Need A Girl PHM0207-05 Land Of The Living SC8402-07 P. Diddy Nelly & Murphy Lee Let That Pony Run SC8105-06 Shake Ya Tailfeather (Radio Version) SC8853-15 Maybe It Was Memphis SC7594-09 P.O.D. Mi Vida Loca SC8149-15 Alive SC8765-12 One Of Those Things CB90031-02 Boom TU129-03 Please SC8665-11 Change The World THR0405-11 Put Yourself In My Place CB60103-03 Goodbye For Now (Radio Edit) THR0602-12 River And The Highway SC8247-09 Lights Out PAN2006-01 Shake The Sugar Tree SC8175-01 Satellite TU188-13 Silver Wings SC8291-12 School Of Hard Knocks SC3240-07 So Wrong TU185-11 Sleeping Awake SC8831-13 Spilled Perfume SC8120-05 Will You THR0401-10 Thunder And Roses CB60222-10 Youth Of The Nation SC8803-14 Unmitigated Gall CB60243-06 Pablo Cruise When You Walk In The Room SC8139-08 Love Will Find A Way SC8540-07 Pandora Whatcha Gonna Do SC8535-02 Desde El Dia Que Te Fuiste SC7101-01 Pablo Montero Nadie Baila Como Tu El Noa Noa SC7101-08 Entrega Total SCL1566-03 Rezo Una Oracion Por Ti SC7101-15 Hay Otra En Tu Lugar SCL1550-01 Panic At The Disco Que Voy A Hacer Sin Ti SCL2247-02 But It's Better If You Do PHM0611-02 Vuelve Junto A Mi SCL1539-07 I Write Sins Not Tragedies SC8993-07 Pachelbel Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without SC8999-08 Canonind SC2181-04 Taking Her Clothes Off Paddy Noonan & The Grand Band New Perspective CB30112-15 McNamara's Band SC8737-05 Nine In The Afternoon CB30071-03 Painted Perfect Only Difference Between Martydom And Suicide SC8995-08 One Way Ride THR0011-11 Is Press Coverage Pal Joey The Only Difference PHM0701-07 I Could Write A Book MM6100A-05 Panic Channel Paladin's Why Cry THR0610-17 Going Down To Big Mary's MM6206-11 Pantera Paloma Basilio Cemetery Gates SC9002-06 Luna De Miel SC7102-05 Cowboys From Hell SC8830-07 Nade Como Tu SC7102-06 I'm Broken SC8660-10 Palomo Paolo Nutini De Uno Y De Todos Los Modos SCL1564-08 Jenny Don’T Be Hasty SF248-11 No Me Conoces Aun SCL1542-01 Rewind SF250-15 Te Metiste En Mi Cama SCL1569-07 Papa Bear Pam Tillis When The Rainbow Begins To Fall MM6299-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 241 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Papa Roach Parody Between Angels And Insects SC8694-07 Shania Twain Megamix AD01-36 Broken Home SC8662-13 Sharon I'm Getting Stoned Ozie AD01-19 Forever SD4705-06 Stranger AD01-28 Getting Away With Murder SC8906-15 Stuck In The Middle Of Who AD01-32 Last Resort SC8662-02 Why Did My Dog Have To Die AD01-33 Scars THR0504-15 Your The One That I Want AD01-34 She Loves Me Not SC8775-07 You've Gotta Have Boobs AD01-13 Take Me PHR0508-02 Partners In Kryme Time & Time Again TU171-16 Turtle Power SAVP26-13 Paper Lace Partridge Family Billy Don't Be A Hero SF055-14 Come On Get Happy CBE4-28-13 Night Chicago Died SC8679-14 Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted SC8620-08 Paperboys I Think I Love You SC8620-06 Ditty NT05-11 I Woke Up In Love This Morning SC8620-02 Paragons I'll Meet You Halfway SC8620-14 Diamonds And Pearls MM6401-12 Walking In The Rain ZMH007-09 Let's Start All Over Again MM6421-03 Pasadenas Paragons & Jesters I'm Going Fine Now SFMW806-15 Please Let Me Love You MM6385-04 Paramore Just To Be With You MM6385-15 Crush Crush Crush PHM0804-05 This Is My Love MM6421-07 Decode CB30093-04 Pat Benatar Misery Business PHM0710-05 All Fired Up SC8329-12 That's What You Get CB30077-06 Everybody Lay Down NT04-04 Paris Hilton Heartbreaker SC8815-06 Nothing In This World THP0612-11 Hell Is For Children SC8815-07 Stars Are Blind CB30061-11 Helter Skelter RSZ618-03 Paris Sisters Hit Me With Your Best Shot SC8815-08 I Love How You Love Me SC8418-02 I'm Gonna Follow You MH1130-16 Parliament Invincible SC8815-05 Flashlight SC8863-11 Little Too Late SC8886-03 Give Up The Funk SC8386-08 Love Is A Battlefield SC8815-01 Tear The Roof Sucker (Give Up The Funk) CBEP468-2-12 Promises In The Dark SC8815-09 Parody Sex As A Weapon SC8815-10 After The Humpin AD01-06 Shadows Of The Night SC8815-15 Bon Jovi Mega Mix AD01-21 Treat Me Right SC8815-11 Cats In The Kettle AD01-23 True Love SC8815-04 Constipated AD01-08 We Belong SC8658-12 Dirty Deeds AD01-24 We Live For Love SC8815-14 Doo Wop That Thing AD01-14 You Better Run SC8815-13 End Of The Innocence AD01-27 Pat Benetar Grease Summer Nights AD01-16 All Fired Up AMS4006-16 Head Between My Thighs AD01-26 Fire And Ice AMS4006-06 I Did You Babe AD01-09 Heartbreaker AMS4006-17 I Fall To Pieces AD01-35 I Need A Lover AMS4006-12 I Will Survive AD01-10 Looking For A Stranger AMS4006-08 I'm A Believer AD01-11 Precious Time AMS4006-13 Lumberjack Song AD01-17 Pat Boone Marijuanaville AD01-25 April Love SC8441-03 Metallica Megamix AD01-05 Don't Forbid Me PI001-05 On A First Date AD01-02 Friendly Persuasion SF063-07 Ozzy Ozbourne Megamix AD01-1 I Almost Lost My Mind SC7566-02 Pissin' In The Wind AD01-29 I Want To Break Free ESS08-10 Poontang Sally (Wilson Pickett Parody) RDCDG01-06 I'll Be Home SAVP06-14 Poutine AD01-30 Love Letters In The Sand SC7550-07 Rodeo Song AD01-04 Moody River DK095-18

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 242 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Pat Boone Patsy Cline Remember You're Mine PI028-11 Back In Baby's Arms SC8712-14 Rotterdam ESS08-04 Bill Bailey CB60050-03 Speedy Gonzales SFMW815-05 Blue Moon Of Kentucky SC8158-02 You To Me Are Everything ESS06-02 Church, A Courtroom & Then Goodbye CB90324-04 Pat Garrett Crazy SC8101-11 Saddam Stomp TU212-09 Crazy Arms MM6086-14 Pat Green Dear God CB90324-06 Baby Doll CB60337-09 Eyes Of A Child MM6084-11 Carry On SC8727-12 Faded Love SC7524-05 Country Star CB60406-07 Fingerprints CB90324-03 Dixie Lullaby SC9004-13 Foolin' Around CB90146-13 Don't Break My Heart Again THC0501-11 Half As Much THPP08-14 Feels Like It Should SC8989-07 Have You Ever Been Lonely CB90148-04 Guy Like Me CB60320-01 He Called Me Baby CB90148-05 Let Me CB60380-11 Heart You Break May Be Your Own CB90324-07 Somewhere Between Texas And Mexico CB60340-11 Honky Tonk Merry Go 'round CB90324-09 Three Days SC8748-04 How Can I Face Tomorrow CB90324-15 Wave On Wave SC8854-03 I Can See An Angel CB90324-12 Way Back Texas CB60366-08 I Can't Forget CB90324-11 What I'm For CB60410-10 I Cried All The Way To The Altar CB90324-05 Pat Green & Cory Morrow I Don't Wanta CB90324-01 Texas On My Mind SC3257-05 I Fall To Pieces SC8103-11 Pat McGee Band I Love You So Much It Hurts CB60050-06 Beautiful Ways SD4410-13 If I Could See The World CB90148-07 Pat Monahan I'm Blue Again MM6218-07 Her Eyes SC9016-06 Imagine That SC7567-05 Two Ways To Say Goodbye CB30069-12 In Care Of The Blues CB60295-06 Pat Travers I've Loved And Lost Again MMCOU205-08 Boom Boom SC8210-08 Just A Closer Walk With Thee CB90324-13 Pato Banton Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms) THPP08-19 Baby Come Back SF050-01 Leavin' On Your Mind SC8104-08 Patrice Rushen Let The Teardrops Fall CB90324-02 Forget Me Not CBEP468-4-17 Life's Railway To Heaven CB90324-14 Patricia Conroy Lonely Street THPP08-16 What Else Can I Do SC8285-13 Love Letters In The Sand THPP08-13 Patricia Manterola Only You NS16-06 Que El Ritmo No Pare SCL1550-07 Pick Me Up On Your Way Down CB90148-15 Patricia Navidad Poor Man's Roses CB90148-01 Sin Alma SCL2261-03 Rose Of San Antone CB60023-06 Patrick Hernandez San Antonio Rose LG145-10 Born To Be Alive LG153-07 Seven Lonely Days LG145-11 Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman Shake, Rattle & Roll MM6218-02 Kinky Boots SFMW848-14 She's Got You SC8105-11 Patrick Swayze So Wrong SC7539-04 She's Like The Wind SC8585-13 South Of The Border CB90148-09 Patriotic Stop, Look & Listen CB90324-10 America The Beautiful ASKFP25-1-01 Strange MM6084-03 Battle Hymn Of The Republic SC7007-15 Stranger In My Arms LG145-07 God Bless America ASKFP25-2-10 Stupid Cupid MM6218-15 My Country Tis Of Thee (Aka America) ASKFP25-2-20 Sweet Dreams SC8102-12 Star Spangled Banner SC7005-04 Then You'll Know MM6218-13 When Johnny Comes Marching Home SC7005-16 There He Goes CB90148-10 Yankee Doodle SC7007-05 Three Cigarettes And An Ashtray LG145-06 Patsy Cline Tra Le La Le La Triangle SC8555-07 Always SC8426-12 Turn The Cards Slowly MM6218-06 Anytime CBEP451-4-11 Walkin' After Midnight SC7516-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 243 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Patsy Cline Patty Loveless Wayward Wind CB90148-12 Blue Side Of Town CB90048-03 When I Get Thru With You CB90146-15 Born Again Fool CB90369-14 When My Dreamboat Comes Home MM6218-03 Boys Are Back In Town CB80138-02 Why Can't He Be You MM6084-07 Busted CB60429-07 Yes, I Understand CB90324-08 Can't Get Enough SC8512-11 You Took Him Off My Hands CB60050-13 Can't Stop Myself From Loving You SC8165-08 Your Cheatin' Heart THPP08-17 Chains SC8177-05 You're Stronger Than Me MM6084-08 Don't Toss Us Away SC8157-01 Patti Austin Draggin' My Heart Around CB90369-12 If We're Not In Love SC8499-09 Drive CB60443-05 Patti Austin & James Ingram Halfway Down SC8186-10 Baby, Come To Me SC8284-03 Here I Am SC8149-11 Patti Labelle High On Love SC8464-13 Aint No Way THMH0511-07 How Can I Help You Say Goodbye SC8120-01 I Don't Do Duets SC8244-06 Hurt Me Bad In A Real Good Way SC8217-02 If Only You Knew SC8405-14 I Try To Think About Elvis SC8139-07 If You Don't Know Me By Now ASKFP32-02- I Wanna Believe SC3409-02 08 If My Heart Had Windows CB90048-01 Lady Marmalade SC7549-11 I'm That Kind Of Girl SC8104-06 Love, Need And Want You SC8606-09 Jealous Bone SC8180-03 My Love Sweet Love SC8286-02 Last Thing On My Mind SC8677-15 New Attitude SC8425-06 Like Water Into Wine SC8496-07 New Day THH0407-15 Little Bit In Love CB90048-02 Over The Rainbow SC2434-03 Lonely Side Of Love SC8200-02 When You Talk About Love SC8423-15 Lonely Too Long SC8315-14 When You've Been Blessed SC8318-15 Looking For A Heartache Like You CB90369-13 Patti Labelle & Mary J. Blige Lovin' All Night SC8851-15 Ain't No Way THH0511-16 My Kind Of Woman My Kind Of Man THMP019-01 Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald Night's Too Long SC8161-10 On My Own SC8119-05 Nothing But The Wheel CB90048-15 Patti Labelle & Ronald Isley On Yur Way Home SC8857-13 Gotta Go Solo PHU0503-08 Over My Shoulder MM6121-12 Patti Page She Drew A Broken Heart SC8351-08 Alleghany Moon SC8124-09 Soul Of Constant Sorrow SC8751-01 Boogie Woogie Santa Claus CB20157-10 Strong Heart SC3224-05 Changing Partners DK036-15 Tear Stained Letter MM6191-07 Doggie In The Window DK1103-12 That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In SC8653-01 How Much Is That Doggie In The Window SC7538-01 Thousand Times A Day SC8280-02 I Went To Your Wedding DK072-16 Timber I'm Falling In Love SC8131-01 Let Me Go Lover SC8196-06 To Have You Back Again SC8444-01 Mockingbird Hill SC8124-10 Trouble With The Truth SC3018-08 Old Cape Cod SC8196-11 When The Fallen Angels Fly SC7556-02 Steam Heat SC7553-13 You Can Feel Bad SC8232-14 Tennessee Waltz SC7505-10 You Don't Even Know Who I Am SC8163-01 Patti Rothberg You Will SC8112-04 Inside SC8308-12 Patty Loveless & Dwight Yoakam Patti Smith Group Send A Message To My Heart CB90369-03 Because The Night SC8627-10 Patty Loveless & Travis Tritt Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough PSJT008-15 Out Of Control Raging Fire SC8751-15 Patty Griffin Patty Smyth One Big Love PHM9810-08 Beat Of A Heart SC8329-06 Patty Lovelace I Should Be Laughing SC8237-09 Keep Your Distance CB60343-15 No Mistakes SC8310-11 Patty Loveless Patty Smyth & Don Henley Blame It On Your Heart SC8144-14 Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough SC8107-09 Blue Memories SC8217-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 244 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Patty Weaver Paul McCartney Joy To The World CBE3-14-11 Coming Up DKM3087-13 Paul Anka Coming Up (Live Version) SC8886-07 Dance On Little Girl SC8255-14 Dance Tonight SD4709-14 Diana SC8413-10 Ebony And Ivory LG123-09 Having My Baby LG157-02 Every Night LG123-12 I Don't Like To Sleep Alone BS7717-11 Fine Line PHM1205AC- I Love You, Baby NT38-01 09 It's Time To Cry SC8521-14 Freedom SC8732-08 Kissin' On The Phone SAVP06-06 Frog Chorus SFMW826-06 Lonely Boy SC8196-04 From A Lover To A Friend SC3286-06 My Home Town SC8615-06 Goodnight Tonight SC8953-13 My Way MM6184-08 Here There And Everywhere LG123-08 Puppy Love SC7554-04 Hi, Hi, Hi DK079-09 Put Your Head On My Shoulder SC7518-15 Jet SC8953-10 Story Of My Life NT34-07 Junior's Farm SC8953-15 Times Of Your Life LG134-05 Lady Madonna LG123-07 Tonight My Love Tonight NT33-12 Let 'em In SC8953-12 You Are My Destiny SC8196-10 Live And Let Die SC8953-07 You're Having My Baby PSJT023-05 Long & Winding Road LG123-06 Paul Anka & Celine Dion Maybe I'm Amazed SC8953-05 It's Hard To Say Goodb SC8523-08 My Love DK019-06 Paul Anka & Odia Coates No More Lonely Nights LG123-11 You're Having My Baby SC8679-08 Once Upon A Long Ago SFMW870-01 Paul Baloche Pipes Of Peace ZMH005-12 Open The Eyes Of My Heart SC8919-08 Say Say Say LG123-13 Paul Brandt Silly Love Songs SC8953-03 I Do SD031-06 Take It Away LG123-05 I Meant To Do That SC8341-13 The World Tonight PP3025-05 It's A Beautiful Thing SC8570-15 Uncle Albert Admiral Halsey SC8953-06 Little In Love SC8409-10 With A Little Luck SC8427-10 My Heart Has A History SC8267-08 Wonderful Christmastime SC8781-10 Take It From Me SC3022-02 Paul McCartney & Frog Chorus That Hurts SC3186-05 We All Stand Together ZMH005-13 That's The Truth SC8533-14 Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson What's Come Over You CB60065-11 Girl Is Mine CB90367-10 Paul Carrack Say, Say, Say CB90367-03 Don't Shed A Tear DK027-08 Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder Eyes Of Blue MM6231-07 Ebony & Ivory DK004-01 For Once In Our Lives SC8389-07 Paul McCartney & U2 Paul Davis Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band SC8948-01 65 Love Affair SC8297-10 Paul McCartney & Wings Cool Night SC8535-10 Helen Wheels ZMH005-09 Do Right SC8634-05 Let Me Roll It SC8840-02 I Go Crazy SC8573-12 Let'em In AMS1507-08 Paul Freeman Listen To What The Man Said SC8953-08 You & I CB30079-04 Mull Of Kintyre THCOL04-01 Paul Jefferson My Love SC8790-13 Check Please SC8294-05 Paul Oakenfold Fear Of A Broken Heart SC8311-08 Starry Eyed Surprise SC8801-06 I Might Just Make It MM6179-13 Paul Overstreet Paul Lekakis All The Fun SC8431-10 Boom Boom Let's Go Back To My Room SC8333-01 Ball And Chain CB60102-03 Paul McCartney Daddy's Come Around SC8215-02 Another Day SC8953-09 Even When It Don't Feel Like It SC8285-15 Band On The Run SC8953-01 Heroes SC8359-12 Come Together SC7573 11 If I Could Bottle This Up CB60103-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 245 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Paul Overstreet Richest Man On Earth SC8352-09 Blowing Kisses In The Wind SAVP23-10 Sowin' Love SC8517-12 Cold Hearted SC8264-11 We've Got To Keep On Meeting Like This SC8239-08 Knocked Out PI011-13 Paul Owen Opposites Attract SC8272-02 My Favourite Waste Of Time SF106-13 Promise Of A New Day DK1104-13 Paul Piché Rush Rush SF036-06 Car Je T'aime.1 FRENCH50-01 Straight Up SC7503-12 Château De Sable FRENCH50-01 Vibeology SAVP26-14 Heureux D'un Printemps FRENCH50-01 Will You Marry Me SC8274-02 J'appelle FRENCH50-01 Paula Cole Band Mon Joe FRENCH50-01 Feelin' Love SC8530-14 Paul Revere & The Raiders I Believe In Love SC8569-15 Good Thing DK043-11 I Don't Want To Wait SC8390-01 Hungry SC7566-04 Me SC8440-12 Indian Reservation (Lament Of Cherokee CBE508-02 Where Have All The Cowboys Gone SC8787-08 Reservation) Paula Deanda Just Like Me DKM3046-14 Doing Too Much THH0610-17 Kicks SC8679-12 Roll The Credits CB30100-7 Paul Simon Walk Away PHM0701-06 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover SC8115-08 When It Was Me SD4706-09 Boy In The Bubble LG059-07 Paula Deanda & Baby Bash Duncan DM101-20 Doing Too Much PHM0608-04 Father And Daughter SC8818-02 Paula Deanda & Bow Wow For Emily Whenever I May Find Her LG060-16 Easy PHU0708-06 LG059-16 Paulette Carlson Kodachrome AH8010-02 Chain Just Broke CB60141-07 Late In The Evening SC8763-02 I'll Start With You CB60106-15 Loves Me Like A Rock SC8210-09 Not With My Heart You Don't SC8321-01 Me And Julio Down By The Dockyard DM101-08 Paulina Rubio Obvious Child LG058-14 Baila Casanova SCL1563-02 Old BS3417-08 Casanova TU149-03 She's Got Diamonds On The Soles Of LG060-17 Don't Say Goodbye SC8766-10 Slip Slidin' Away DM101-13 El Ultimo Adios SCL2287-03 Still Crazy After All These Years SC8821-07 Fire TU150-09 You Can Call Me Al SC8763-03 I Was Made For Loving You TU150-14 Paul Stookey Last Goodbye TU181-11 There Is Love (Wedding Song) SC7600-15 Lo Hare Por Ti SCL2278-03 Paul Wall Mio NT27-01 Girl PHU0606-05 One You Love CB3033-06 Paul Weller Sexi Dance SCL1543-06 Broken Stones SF160-04 Si Tu Te Vas SCL1556-06 Changingman SF151-04 Tal Vez, Quiza SCL1546-06 It's Written In The Stars EZH16-10 Te Quise Tanto SCL1575-02 Wild Wood SF151-07 Todo Mi Amor SCL1556-02 Paul Westerburg Y Yo Sigo Aqui SCL1532-05 Love Untold SC8295-14 Yo No Soy Esa Mujer TZLTPK-3-01 Paul Williams Pauline Henry Every Which Way But Loose MM6100B-05 Feel Like Makin' Love SF025-07 Paul Young Paulo Nutini Come Back & Stay SFMW834-02 Last Request CB30067-14 Everytime You Go Away SC8283-07 Pax 217 Love Of The Common People SF075-07 Tonight TU188-18 Oh Girl MM6001-14 Pay The Girl Senza Una Donna SF001-12 Freeze THP0304-17 What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted SC8235-15 Peabo Bryson Wherever I Lay My Hat (Thats My Home) SF111-14 Can You Stop The Rain SC8274-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 246 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Peabo Bryson Pebbles Closer Than Close SC8318-10 Girlfriend SC8754-10 If Ever You're In My Arms Again SC8261-01 Mercedes Boy SC8535-03 Whole New Life CBE617-11 Pebbles & Babyface Why Goodbye SC8132-11 Love Makes Things Happen CBEP471-3-14 Peabo Bryson & Kenny G Pedro Fernandez By The Time This Night Is Over SC8126-02 Novia Mia KB09-02 Peabo Bryson & Leasa Longa Para Bien O Para Mal SCL1547-07 How Wonderful We Are SC8212-08 Sin Tu Amor SCL2287-04 Peabo Bryson & Regina Bell Yo No Fui SCL1542-04 Whole New World SFMW810-02 Pee Wee King Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack Slow Poke CBE523-13 Tonight, I Celebrate My Love SC7600-01 Tennessee Waltz CBE01-02 Peach Union Peggy Lee On My Own SC8395-03 Come Rain Or Come Shine SC7540-01 Peaches & Herb Fever SC8249-12 Reunited SC7503-04 I'm A Woman PSJT010-08 Shake Your Groove Thang SC8143 07 Is That All There Is PSJT010-09 Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson I've Got You Under My Skin SAVP35-18 Sing Little Birdie ZMH013-10 Johnny Guitar SAVP10-14 Pearl Jam Manana PSJT010-10 Alive RSZ601-02 My Heart Belongs To Daddy MM6367-05 Animal RSZ601-16 Why Don't You Do Right MM6393-12 Better Man SC8350-07 Peggy March Black SC8310-04 I Will Follow Him SC7571-11 Breath RSZ601-09 Penguins Daughter SC8148-13 Earth Angel SC8418-08 Dissident RSZ601-07 Pepe Aguilar Elderly Woman Behind The Counter RSZ601-14 A Pierna Suelta SCL1574-06 Even Flow RSZ601-01 Almohada KB09-01 Given To Fly PHM9803-04 Corazon Esteril SCL1529-07 Glorified G RSZ601-12 Esclavo Y Amo SCL1533-05 Go RSZ601-03 Más Alto Que Las Águilas SCL1548-01 Hail Hail RSZ601-11 Me Estoy Acostumbrando A Ti SCL2197-06 Hard Sun SC9015-13 Me Falta Valor SCL1564-06 Hunger Strike RSZ601-06 Me Vas A Extranar SCL1541-07 I Am Mine CB3031-11 Perdoname SCL1511-04 I Got I.D. SC8240-11 Por Mujeres Como Tu OKE0002-04 Jeremy CB40052-01 Por Una Mujer Bonita SCL2247-08 Just Breathe CB30124 Que Sepan Todos SCL2287-02 Life Wasted THR0609-12 Salado SC1544-04 Light Years MM6313-09 Peppermint Harris Not For You RSZ601-17 I Got Loaded SC8136-05 Nothing As It Seems THR0008-12 Percy Sledge Save You PHR0303-02 Hard To Handle LG036-10 Smile HV06A-13 It Tears Me Up LG036-14 Spin The Black Circle CB40052-03 Love Me Tender LG036-16 The Fixer CB30115-01 Respect LG036-08 Who Are You CB40052-04 Take Time To Know Her LG036-15 Who You Are SC8316-06 Warm And Tender Love LG036-13 Wishlist CBE3-25-06 When A Man Loves A Woman SC8126-08 World Wide Suicide THR0606-10 Perfect Day Yellow Ledbetter RSZ601-04 Hoku TTU074-09 You've Got To Hide Your Love PHR0204-08 Perfect Stranger Pearls Coming Up Short Again CB60198-04 Third Finger Left Hand THCOL04-01 Cut Me Off SC8307-04 Pebbles Hits TU063-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 247 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Perfect Stranger Pete Yorn I'm A Stranger Here Myself SC8224-01 Life On A Chain THP0111-16 Miracle TU084-09 Strange Condition PHR0205-01 Remember The Ride SC8253-10 Peter & Gordon Ridin' The Rodeo C2C03-03 Baby, Im Yours DK024-18 You Have The Right To Remain Silent SC8186-15 I Go To Pieces SC8225-11 Perils Of Pauline Lady Godiva SC8221-12 I Wish I Didn't Love You So DK1107-07 World Without Love SC8429-07 Perry Como And I Love You So SC7505-03 Everything Old Is New Again PSJT188-13 As Time Goes By LG023-02 I Honestly Love You PSJT188-16 Catch A Falling Star SC8118-07 Peter Andre Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes SF063-13 Insania SF219-06 For The Good Times SF153-10 Kiss The Girl SF123-05 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas SC8185-08 Mysterious Girl SF061-14 He Got The Whole World In His Hands CBE614-08 Right Way SF222-14 Home For The Holidays TU165-11 Peter Blake & Brian Wilson Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom) SC8196-08 Amnesia CB60085-04 If DK075-12 Peter Brown I'll Be Home For Christmas SC8185-06 Dance With Me CBEP468-3-05 It's Impossible SC8288-07 Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me CBEP468-5-16 Kewpie Doll SF164-08 Peter Cetera Magic Moments SF162-14 Do You Love Me That Much MM6217-07 Make Someone Happy MM6367-04 Faithfully SD026-10 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town PS 1023-12 Glory Of Love DK007-01 Silent Night PS 1023-22 Hard To Say I'm Sorry SC3012-01 Silver Bells PS 1023-20 One Clear Voice SC8312-13 Some Enchanted Evening LG023-04 Peter Cetera & Amy Grant There Is No Christmas Like A Home Christmas CBEP462-3-10 Next Time I Fall In Love SC8119-13 Til The End Of Time DK045-09 Peter Cetera & Cher When You Were Sweet Sixteen DK077-14 After All SC2475-05 Persuasions Peter Cetera & Crystal Bernard People Get Ready SC8891-05 Forever Tonight SC8212-15 Pesado Peter Frampton Arráncame SCL1558-05 All I Wanna Be LG229-03 Como Le Hago SCL1520-07 Baby I Love Your Way SC8314-14 Pet Shop Boys Day In The Sun SC8272-13 Always On My Mind SF075-01 Do You Feel Like We Do LG229-04 Before SF049-13 I Can't Stand It No More LG229-06 Go West SFMW811-04 I'm In You SC8178-04 I'm With Stupid SF243-10 Out Of The Blue SC8238-06 It's A Sin SC8719-04 Show Me The Way SC8586-02 Opportunities (Let's Make L SC8678-15 Peter Gabriel West End Girls SC8492-13 Big Time SC8611-04 What Have I Done To Deserve SC8644-08 Book Of Love SC3427-07 Pet Shop Boyz Games Without Frontiers SFMW865-02 Party Like A Rock Star PHU0707-03 In Your Eyes SC8611-13 Pete Astudillo Lovetown SC8237-06 Como Te Extrano SC7105-02 Red Rain SC8611-05 Si No Fui Yo SC7106-03 Shock The Monkey SC8611-06 Pete Seeger Sledgehammer SC8611-09 Don't Fence Me In MM6172-02 Solsbury Hill THCOL04-01 This Land Is Your Land TU086-21 Solsbury Hill (Live Version) SC8840-15 Pete Townsend Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush Let My Love Open The Door SC7561-08 Don't Give Up SC8583-03 Pete Yorn Peter Gallagher And Lyle For Us PHAC0612-04 Heart On My Sleeve SF168-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 248 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Peter Sarstedt Pharrell & Jay-Z Where Do You Go To My Lovely SF065-09 Can I Have It Like That PHU0601-06 Peter Schilling Frontin' THH0310-13 Major Tom (Coming Home) SC8577-15 Pharrell & Kanye West Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren Number 1 SF247-13 Goodness Gracious Me SF089-04 Pharrell, Snoop Dogg & Uncle Charlie Wilson Peter Tosh Beautiful SC8822-11 Get Up Stand Up MM6083-13 Phats And Small Legalize It SC8500-06 Turn Around SF136-02 Stepping Razor SC8947-09 Phd Peter, Paul & Mary I Won't Let You Down SF076-13 500 Miles CBE614-09 Phil Collins Blowing In The Wind CBE619-13 Abacab BS8617-17 I Dig Rock & Roll Music SC8429-02 Against All Odds SC8611-15 If I Had A Hammer SC8361-07 Another Day In Paradise LG151-13 Leavin' On A Jet Plane SC7531-14 Both Sides Of The Story SC8238-01 Lemon Tree SC8575-13 Can't Stop Loving You SC8852-14 Puff The Magic Dragon DK1103-13 Can't Turn Back The Years SC8237-01 Stewball SC8450-12 Dance Into The Light SC8325-07 Peters & Lee Do You Remember LG151-05 Don't Stay Away Too Long SF101-14 Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart SD4501-13 Welcome Home ZGY73-11 Don't Lose My Number SFMW846-07 Petes Dragon Easy Lover BS8617-04 DISNEY02-09 Everyday SC8113-11 Petey Pablo Groovy Kind Of Love DK018-01 Freek-A-Leek SC8908-09 I Don't Care Anymore SC8671-07 Goodies 229-08 I Missed Again SC8611-10 Raise Up SC8726-04 I Wish It Would Rain Down SC8808-07 Petra In The Air Tonight SC8621-02 Lord, I Lift Your Name On High SC8919-15 Invisible Touch BS8617-12 Petula Clark It's In Your Eyes SC3007-02 Color My World LG155-09 Jesus He Knows Me BS8617-10 Don't Sleep In The Subway SC7560-07 Land Of Confusion BS8617-14 Downtown SC7517-05 Look Through My Eyes SD4312-11 I Couldn't Live Without Your Love SC8599-08 Never A Time BS8617-11 I Know A Place SC8686-03 One More Night SC8305-10 My Love SC8396-12 Something Happened SC8318-01 Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener LG155-10 Sperate Lives CBE617-06 Round Every Corner LG155-08 Sussudio SC8611-12 Sailor SF074-10 Take Me Home PHMR8601-02 Sign Of The Times SC8651-02 Tonight Tonight Tonight LG151-14 This Is My Song SC8651-03 True Colors SC8490-10 Phantom Of The Opera Two Hearts SFMW809-11 All I Ask Of You SC2044-03 You Can't Hurry Love SF031-11 Angel Of Music PS1185-11 You'll Be In My Heart LG151-16 Masquerade PS1185-16 Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin Music Of The Night SC7599-07 Separate Lives SC7517-09 Phantom Of The Opera PS1016-17 Phil Collins & Phil Bailey Point Of No Return PSJT180-14 Easy Lover SFMW828-04 Prima Donna PS1185-14 Phil Coulter Think Of Me PS1185-10 Town I Loved So Well ZMH011-12 Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again PS1185-17 Phil Joel Phantom Planet Man You Want Me To Be TU207-14 California 2005 THM0206P-09 Phil Phillips & The Twilights Pharrell Sea Of Love SC8589-11 Angel SF239-05 Phil Spector Can I Have It Like That THMU0601-04 We Wish You A Merry Christmas SF030-17

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 249 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Phil Spector Picture Perfect Winter Wonderland SF030-16 Sky Kings SC8267-06 Phil Stacey Pied Pipers If You Didn't Love Me CB60373-09 Mairzy Doats SC8249-13 Old Glory CB60388-06 Pierre Bertrand Phil Vassar Ma Blonde M'aime FRENCH50-01 American Child SC8764-13 Pigeon Detectives Bobby With An I CB60410-14 I Found Out THP0802-15 Carlene SC8578-12 Pilar Montenegro Everywhere I Go CB60419-8 Cuando Estamos Juntos SCL1553-01 Good Ole Days CB90315-01 Quítame Ese Hombre SCL1548-06 I Would CB60382-02 Pillar I'll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song) SC8933-08 Echelon TU188-07 In A Real Love SC8898-10 Fireproof TU188-08 Just Another Day In Paradise SC8623-07 Get On TU188-09 Last Day Of My Life SC8959-06 Pilot Let's Make A Little Christmas Tonight CB60423-12 January SF071-08 Love Is A Beautiful Thing CB60370-12 Magic SC8535-11 Prayer Of A Common Man CB60401-4 Pimpinela Rose Bouquet SC8677-13 Se Va, Se Va SC7107-07 Six-Pack Summer SC8711-02 Pink That's When I Love You SC8733-01 18 Wheeler AMS5003-06 This Is God SC8816-06 Aerosmith SC3021-05 This Is My Life CB90315-07 Catch 22 TU149-04 Ultimate Love SD109-07 Catch Me While I'm Sleeping CB30044-06 Woman In My Life SC8989-09 Dear Diary AMS5003-09 Words Are Your Wheels CB90315-15 Dear Mr President CB30061-05 Philip Claypool Don't Let Me Get Me SC8813-14 Circus Leaving Town SC8285-14 Eventually TU150-06 Feel Like Makin' Love MM6117-06 Family Portrait SC8793-08 Perfect World CB60180-09 Feel Good Time SC8834-14 Strength Of A Woman SC8239-07 Funhouse PHMP0912 Phillip Bailey Get The Party Started SC8813-08 Here With Me NT26-11 Glitter In The Air CB30124 Philosopher Kings God Is A Dj SC8859-03 Castles In The Sand PHAC0606-09 I Don't Believe You CB30120-08 Phish Just Like A Pill SC8813-10 Connection PHR0408-07 Last To Know SF217-11 Free SC8343-04 Misery AMS5003-08 Heavy Things SC8629-05 Misunderstood CBE629-07 Most Girls SC8622-09 Love Revolution SF216-09 Nobody Knows THP0702-18 Strange Love SF227-15 Please Don't Leave Me CB30100-14 Phoebe Snow Respect AMS5003-05 Poetry Man SC8174-02 So What SC9023-08 Phoenix Sober CB30088-2 1901 PHMP1002 Stupid Girls SC8967-05 Lisztomania PHMP1005-06 There You Go SC8601-11 Phyllis Hyman Trouble SC8855-12 Old Friend SAVP38-12 U & Ur Hand SF246-08 Phyllis Nelson U & Ur Hand (Radio Version) SC8999-14 Move Closer SF076-09 Who Knew SF244-09 Phyllisia, Ne Yo & Flo Rida You Make Me Sick SC8741-09 Sunshine PHU0910-07 Pink & Steven Tyler Pickettywitch Misery SC8831-04 That Same Old Feeling SFMW822-06 Pink & William Orbit Picture Perfect Feel Good Time CB30039-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 250 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Piranhas Another Brick In The Wall SC8188-08 Tom Hark SF082-07 Bike SFMW920-10 Pirates Of The Mississippi Brain Damage Eclipse SC8763-09 Feed Jake PI204-03 Breathe SFMW842-04 Speak Of The Devil CB60103-14 Comfortably Numb SC8172-09 Pistolleros Coming Back To Life LG137-02 Guardian Angel MM6237-05 Eclipse LG137-08 Pitbull Final Cut LG137-12 I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) PHMP906 Have A Cigar SC7562-12 Pixies Hey You SC8586-11 Here Comes Your Man SC8942-06 Learning To Fly SC8840-14 Monkey Gone To Heaven SFMW843-07 Money SC8467-12 Where Is My Mind SF857-05 Mother SFMW841-12 PJ & Duncan See Emily Play LG137-01 Eternal Love SF020-08 Sheep LG137-04 Let's Get Ready To Rhumble SFMW831-09 Shine On You Crazy Diamond LG137-06 PJ Harvey Take It Back SC8318-05 Downby The Water SC8600-03 The Wall SFMW848-10 Good Fortune SC8680-10 Time LG137-03 One Line SC8800-12 Us & Them SGB028-07 PJ Proby Wish You Were Here SC8763-14 Hold Me SF045-07 Pink Lil' Kim, Mya, Christina Aguilera Somewhere BSPK01-07 Lady Marmalade SC8741-05 Placebo Pinkard & Bowden Bitter End SFMW841-08 Folk Music SC8739-08 Pure Morning SF125-12 Guns Made America Great SC8669-14 You Don't Care About Us SF129-05 Help Me Make It Through The Yard SC8669-15 Plain White T's Mama She's Lazy SC8739-10 1, 2, 3, 4 (I Love You) CB30094-04 She Thinks I Steal Cars SC8739-09 Hate (I Don't Really Like You) THHP0802-15 Pinkee Hey There Delilah PHM0707-05 Danger Games SFMW870-07 Our Time Now PHM0804-04 Pinmonkey Plan B Barbed Wire And Roses SC8764-14 She Said SF291-10 Fly SD101-10 Planet Earth I Drove All Night SC8802-06 Blackout THMR0305-16 Let's Kill Saturday Night CB60323-13 Plastic Bertrand Pinnochio Ca Plane Pour Moi SF109-05 When You Wish Upon A Star DISNEY01-10 Plastic Ono Band Pipkins Happy Christmas, War Is Over TU166-06 Gimme Dat Ding SF089-12 Platters Pippin Enchanted SK518-12 Corner Of The Sky SGB50-15 Harbor Lights DK010-11 Extraordinary PSJT049-12 I Didn't Care SK518-09 Finale PSJT049-15 If I Didn't Care CBEP455-6-03 I Guess I'll Miss The Man PSJT049-14 I'm Sorry SK518-08 Kind Of Woman PSJT049-11 Magic Touch SC8191-01 Love Song PSJT049-13 My Prayer SC8526-11 Magic To Do PSJT049-01 On My Words Of Honor SK518-05 Morning Glow PSJT049-09 Only You SC1002-04 No Time At All PSJT049-06 Red Sails In The Sunset DKM3055-07 On The Right Track PSJT049-10 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes SC7502-14 Simple Joys PSJT049-05 The Great Pretender SC8110-03 Spread A Little Sunshine PSJT049-08 Twilight Time SC8110-12 War Is A Science PSJT049-03 With This Ring SC8182-05 With You PSJT049-07 You'll Never Never Know DK079-13 Piranhas You've Got The Magic Touch LG095-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 251 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Play Point Of Grace Can't Help Falling In Love With You TU149-02 Day By Day TU215-04 I Must Not Chase The Boys TU206-07 How You Live (Turn Up The Music) CB60373-14 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me TU146-12 I Wish CB60403-02 Us Against The World TU232-10 My God SC8919-04 Whole Again TU232-14 Yes, I Believe TU207-15 Playaz Circle & Lil Wayne Pointer Sisters Duffle Bag Boy PHU0711-05 Automatic SC8284-12 Player Dare Me SC8417-04 Baby Come Back SC8227-03 Fire SC8188-04 This Time I'm In It For Love LC0003-14 He's So Shy SC7554-13 What You Need LC0003-15 I'm So Excited SC7523-06 Playmates Jump (For My Love) SC8192-07 Beep Beep SC8544-05 Neutron Dance SC8293-04 Pleasure P Slow Hand SC8600-11 Boyfriend #2 PHMU905 Yes We Can LG186-07 Under PHU0910-01 Poison Plies & Akon SC7579-01 Hypnotized THP0804-13 Fallen Angel SC8734-03 Plimsouls I Want Action SC8917-11 Million Miles Away SC8518-03 I Won't Forget You SC8597-01 Plumb Look What The Cat Dragged In SC8843-09 Hang On PHMP1004 Nothin' But A Good Time SC8406-08 Plus One Something To Believe In SC8346-07 Calling Down An Angel TU131-01 Talk Dirty To Me SC8734-13 Camouflage TU131-02 Unskinny Bop SC8516-13 Forever TU131-04 Your Mama Don't Dance SC8734-15 Going Crazy TU131-05 Police I Don't Care TU131-09 Can't Stand Losing You SFG026-09 Kick Me TU131-12 Don't Stand So Close To Me SC8643-03 Let Me Be The One TU131-13 Every Little Thing She Does Is Mag SC8643-01 Start To Fly TU131-17 Fall Out LG024-15 Written On My Heart TU077-19 Invisible Sun LG024-08 Pm Dawn King Of Pain SC8643-06 I Had No Right SC3099-03 Message In A Bottle SC8763-10 I'd Die Without You SC8374-09 Murder By Numbers US2-001-08 Looking Through Patient Eyes PI020-04 Roxanne SC8643-05 Set Adrift On Memory Bliss SC8638-07 So Lonely LG024-14 Spirit's In The Material World LG024-10 DISNEY03-05 Synchronicity Ii SC8696-06 Just Around The Riverbend DISNEY01-06 Twenty Five To Midnight TU078-17 Poco Walking On The Moon SC8886-09 Crazy Love SC8492-12 Wrapped Around Your Finger SC8643-15 Heart Of The Night SC8577-06 Politics Of Dancing Poe Reflex SC8678-01 Angry Johnny SC8800-13 Polka & Waltzes Hello SC8457-12 Bird Dance, The(No Lyrics) SS2002-10 Hey Pretty SC8694-14 Blue Skirt Waltz SS2002-17 Pogues Grab Your Balls We're Going Bowling SS2002-19 Balls To Your Partner THCOL04-01 In Heaven There Is No Beer SS2002-13 Bugger Off THCOL04-01 Let's Have A Party SS2002-11 Fairytale Of New York SF131-01 Pennsylvania Polka SS2002-18 Pogues & Dubliners Roll Out The Barrel SS2002-16 Irish Rover SF133-05 Too Fat Polka SS2002-15 Pogues & Kirsty Maccoll Who Stole The Keishka SS2002-14 Fairytale Of New York SC2514-03 Ponytails Point Of Grace Born Too Late MM6156-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 252 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Pop Idols Postcards From The Edge Happy Xas (War Is Over) (Duet) MRH04-02 I'm Checking Out Of Heartbreak Hote MM6219-01 Popular Power Station Adeste Fideles AV14-11 Get It On SC8420-01 Blanca Navidad AV14-08 Some Like It Hot SC2337-05 Campana Sobre Campana AV14-07 Powerman 5000 Dime Nino De Quien Eres AV14-05 Free THMR0307-12 El Nino Del Tambor AV14-02 When Worlds Collide SC8662-07 Jingle Bells AV14-04 Pozo Seco Singers Las Posadas AV14-12 I Can Make It With You SC7557-09 Los Peces En El Rio AV14-06 Pras Noche De Paz AV14-09 Blue Angel MM6299-12 Paseo En Trineo AV14-01 Havent Found PHMU0509-08 Pueblecito De Belen AV14-10 Pras & Mya Rodolfo El Reno AV14-03 Ghetto Superstar AMS1060-08 Popular Arrangement Pras, Queen, Wyclef & Free Danny Boy SGB37-05 Another One Bites The Dust MM6299-11 Porter Wagoner Prata & Reina Big Wind CB90087-06 Love Of My Life (Ballad) PHAC0611-09 Carroll County Accident CB90087-05 Pratt & McClain Cold Hard Facts Of Life SC8555-09 Happy Days CBE4-28-14 Company's Comin' CB90087-14 Precious Eat Drink And Be Merry SC8400-08 Say It Again SF142-14 Green, Green Grass Of Home CB90087-15 Precious & Few I'll Go Down Swinging CB90087-12 Climax DG01-15 I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand CB90087-09 Presidents Of The U.S.A. Misery Loves Company CB60331-14 Dune Buggy SC8295-11 Satisfied Mind SC8428-03 Kitty SC8486-05 Skid Row Joe CB90087-13 Lump SC8471-04 Sorrow On The Rocks CB90087-11 Mach 5 SC8343-11 Tryin' To Forget The Blues CB90087-08 Presidents Of The Usa We'll Get Ahead Someday CBE616-02 Peaches SC8257-05 Ya'll Come CB60064-10 Pretenders Your Old Love Letters CB90087-10 2000 Miles ZMH009-03 Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton Back On The Chain Gang SC8331-01 Before I Met You CB90083-13 Brass In Pocket SC8420-07 Better Move It On Home CB90083-08 Don't Get Me Wrong SC8338-08 Burning The Midnight Oil CB90083-14 Everyday Is Like Sunday SC8170-15 Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man CB90083-05 Goodbye SC8423-11 Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff CB90083-12 Human SC8548-12 Holding On To Nothin' CB90083-02 Hymn To Her SFMW865-10 If Teardrops Were Pennies CB90083-07 I'll Stand By You SC8140-09 If You Go I'll Follow You CB90083-15 Loving You Is All I Know MM6275-12 Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark CB90083-03 Message Of Love DM102-06 Last Thing On My Mind CB90083-01 Middle Of The Road SC8329-14 Making Plans CB90083-11 My City Was Gone DM102-05 Please Don't Stop Loving Me CB90083-10 Mystery Achievement DM102-08 Tomorrow Is Forever CB90083-06 Night In My Veins NT33-02 We'll Get Ahead Someday CBEP471-5-09 Sense Of Purpose SC8240-15 Your Love CB90083-09 Stand By You SFMW843-11 Portishead Thin Line Between Love & Hate SC8257-08 Sour Times SC8749-05 Pretty Poison Portrait Catch Me (I'm Falling) DKM3091-08 Day By Day SC8244-05 Pretty Ricky How Deep Is Your Love SC8195-15 Grind With Me PHU0507-05 Postal Service Love Like Honey PHU0711-08 Be Still My Heart THP0505-13 Nothing But A Number PHU0603-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 253 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Pretty Ricky Prince & Sheena Easton Your Body PHU0511-08 U Got The Look SC8718-06 Your Body (Radio Version) SC8948-09 Prince Of Egypt & Boyz II Men Pretty Ricky & Sean Paul I Will Get There SC3125-07 Push It Baby PHU0707-06 Princess Superstar Primal Scream Bad Babysitter TU168-04 Rocks SFMW849-01 Proclaimers Prime Sth I'm Gonna Be Five Hundred Miles SC8310-14 I'm Stupid PHM0110-05 I'm On My Way SFMW824-14 Primitive Radio Gods Letter From America SF108-06 Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth SC8308-08 Sunshine On Leith SFMW837-01 Primitives Procol Harum Crash SFMW864-10 Conquistador SC8724-12 Primus Whiter Shade Of Pale SC8418-09 Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver SC8532-02 Prodigy Prince Breathe SF081-04 1999 SC7546-04 Firestarter SF080-02 7 SC8718-11 Producers Alphabet Street SFG022-07 What's He Got RT0011-15 Baby I'm A Star SC8718-02 When You Got It, Flaunt It TTU140-16 Batdance SAVP09-14 Professor Green & Lily Allen Beautiful Ones SC8718-07 Just Be Good To Green SF293-05 Betcha By Golly Wow SC3002-01 Professor Green &. Ed Drewett Call My Name CB30047-11 I Need You Tonight SF292-07 Controversy SC8606-06 Professor Longhair Cream SC8777-04 Hey Little Girl RB14-04 Darling Nikki SC8532-03 Profyle Delirious SC8777-11 Liar THP0012-17 Diamonds And Pearls SC8718-15 Psychedelic Furs Do Me, Baby SC8777-13 Ghost In You SC8671-01 Erotic City SC8718-14 Love My Way SC8522-10 Extraordinary PS1458-10 Pretty In Pink SC8588-13 Get Off SC8718-03 Public Enemy Gold SFG022-15 Fight The Power SC8760-02 I Hate U SC8349-12 Public Enemy & Anthrax I Wanna Be Your Lover SC8777-15 Bring The Noise SC2364-02 I Would Die For You PI011-10 Puccini Kiss SC8777-12 Nessun Dorma PS1591-18 Let It Go SD003-05 Puddle Of Mudd Let's Go Crazy SC8514-07 Away From Me SC3393-08 Little Red Corvette SC8777-09 Blurry SC8799-03 Money Don't Matter 2 Night SFMW860-09 Control SC8720-03 Most Beautiful Girl In The World SC8777-08 Drift & Die SC8758-05 Musicology THH0407-16 Heel Over Head THR0405-10 Pop Life SC8718-13 Psycho CB30070-11 Pu$$Y Control SC8718-01 She Hates Me SC8783-13 Purple Rain SC2327-04 Spin You Around THMR0409-18 Raspberry Beret SC8777-14 We Don't Have To Look Back Now CB30073-05 Sexy M.F. SC8718-04 Puerto Rican Power Sign O' The Times SC8718-08 Pena De Amor SCL1545-02 Somebody's Somebody SC8476-01 Puff Johnson Take Me With You SC8718-09 Forever More SC8290-10 Te Amo Corazon PAN2006-01 Over And Over SC8340-03 Thieves In The Temple LG189-04 Pulp When Doves Cry SC2327-01 All Time High SFG023-15 Prince & Apollonia Common People SFG023-16 Take Me With You SC2327-02 Disco 2000 SF034-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 254 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Pulp Queen Do You Remember The First Time SFG023-14 Another One Bites The Dust SC8772-15 Help The Aged SF116-04 Barcelona SFMW860-07 Mile End SFG023-13 Bicycle Race SC7561-06 Monday Morning SFG023-10 Body Language SC8725-03 Sorted For E's And Wizz SFG032-11 Bohemian Rhapsody SC8772-03 This Is Hardcore SF119-04 Breakthru' SFG014-15 Pure Prairie League Come On Eileen HSPAK3-03-15 Amie SC8479-15 Crazy Little Thing Called Love SC8772-09 Let Me Love You Tonight SC8479-01 Days Of Our Lives SFMW835-16 Pure Soul Don't Stop Me Now LG188-10 We Must Be In Love SC8203-09 Fat Bottomed Girls SC8169-09 Puretone Flash OB01-08 Addicted To Bass SF189-02 Friends Will Be Friends SF056-05 Purple Ribbon All Stars Gimme The Prize OB01-10 Kryptonite PHU0602-07 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy ZMP043-08 Pursuit Of Happiness Great Pretender ZMP051-08 I'm An Adult Now GM1000-07 Hammer To Fall ZMP044-10 Push Play Headlong ZMP051-04 Midnight Romeo PHMP0910-6 Heaven For Everyone SF060-05 My Everything PHMP1003 I Want To Break Free SF058-10 Pussycat Dolls I Was Born To Love You SF056-10 Beep SF241-03 Innuendo SFG014-12 Buttons CB30059-10 It's A Hard Life BS8017-12 Don't Ya SF234-10 It's A Kind Of Magic SFG014-04 How Many Times, How Many Lies CB30062-06 Keep Yourself Alive SC8772-14 Hush Hush PHMP0908 Killer Queen SC8772-05 I Don’T Need A Man SF248-05 Kind Of Magic ZMP044-11 I Hate This Part CB30086-01 Living On My Own SFMW804-04 Stickwitu SC8993-04 Living On My Own (Remix) ZMP051-07 Stuck With You SF238-07 Living On My Own (Single Version) ZMP051-06 Top Of The World CB30097-10 Love Of My Life SFMW921-09 Wait A Minute SF250-16 No One But You ZMP051-10 When I Grow Up SC9023-10 Now I'm Here SC8772-12 Pussycat Dolls & Big Snoop Dogg One Vision LG188-09 Buttons PHM0608-02 Play The Game SC8772-13 Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes Queen Medley 2 ZMP044-12 Don't Cha (Radio Version) SC8945-10 Radio Ga Ga SC8574-05 Pussycat Dolls & Missy Elliott Save Me BS8017-16 Watcha Think About That CB30084-08 Seven Seas Of Rhye SFMW811-07 Pussycat Dolls & Will.I.Am Show Must Go On SFG014-03 Beep PHM0604-03 Somebody To Love SC8772-10 Pussycat Dolls &. R. Kelly Stone Cold Crazy SC8772-06 Out Of This Club CB30088-13 These Are The Days Of Our Lives ZMP051-05 Q Tip Tie Your Mother Down SC8772-01 Breathe And Stop SC8656-14 Too Much Love Will Kill You PI056-09 Quad City Dj's Under Pressure SC8574-11 C'mon 'n Ride Da Train SC3001-01 We Are The Champions SC7535-09 Quarashi We Will Rock You SC8371-07 Stick 'em Up SC8768-14 Who Wants To Live Forever SC8725-01 Quarterflash You're My Best Friend SC8772-07 Find Another Fool LC0010-11 Queen Latifah Harden My Heart SC7535-10 Unity SC8875-03 Just One Look MMCH04-05 Queen Latifah & Lil' Kim & Ma Take Me To Heart SC8378-09 Cell Block Tango SC3364-01 Queen Queens Of The Stone Age 7 Seas Of Rye SFG014-14 Burn The Witch THR0602-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 255 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Queens Of The Stone Age R Kelly Go With The Flow PHR0306-07 Happy People CB30046-12 In My Head THMR0509-16 Happy People (Radio Version) SC8879-01 Little Sister CB30051-15 I Believe I Can Fly SC7582-14 Queens Of The Stone Age I Can't Sleep Baby SC8299-09 No One Knows CB30036-01 I Wish SC3233-07 Queensryche If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time SC8565-08 Another Rainy Night (Without You) SC8691-08 Ignition (Remix) HTG1012-12 Della Brown SC8691-03 Only The Loot Can Make You Happy SF163-02 Empire SC8660-03 Religious PHMU1002 Eyes Of A Stranger SC8691-09 She's Got That Vibe SF026-01 I Don't Believe In Love SC8713-01 Slow Wind SC8958-11 Jet City Woman SC8540-05 Snake SF208-13 Queen Of The Reich SC8756-06 Soldiers Heart TU212-10 Real World NT04-01 Step In The Name Of Love SC8864-08 Silent Lucidity SC8252-10 Storm Is Over TU033-12 Take Hold Of The Flame SC8691-01 Thoia Thoing SF213-11 Queensryche & Rush When A Woman's Fed Up SC3119-07 Another Rainy Night (Without You) SC8691-08 Wonderful (Radio Version) SC8889-09 Closer To The Heart SC8691-07 World's Greatest SF189-15 Della Brown SC8691-03 You Remind Me Of Something SC8220-15 Eyes Of A Stranger SC8691-09 R Kelly & Ashanti & Ja Rule Fly By Night SC8691-13 Wonderful (Radio Version) SC8889-09 Freewill SC8691-04 R Kelly & Boo & Gotti I Don't Believe In Love SC8691-15 Fiesta SC3253-02 Jet City Woman SC8691-14 R Kelly & Celine Dion Limelight SC8691-12 I'm Your Angel SC8499-03 New World Man SC8691-10 R Kelly & Jay Z Red Barchetta SC8691-05 Get This Money THH0208-12 Silent Lucidity SC8691-06 R Kelly & Oj Da Juiceman Spirit Of Radio SC8691-02 Supaman High PHU0908-08 Take Hold Of The Flame SC8691-01 R Kelly & T-Pain Tom Sawyer SC8691-11 I'm A Flirt PHU0708-01 Quiet Drive R Kelly & Tyrese & Robin Thicke & The Dream Time After Time SD4708-12 Pregnant PHU1003-04 Quiet Riot R Kelly Nelly & Usher Cum On Feel The Noize SC8252-14 Wonderfull (Male Duet) EZH041-07 Mama Weer All Crazee Now SC9002-09 R.E.M. Metal Health SC8516-10 Aftermath SF226-13 Slick Black Cadillac SC8917-15 At My Most Beautiful SF136-11 Quincy Jones Bad Day PHR0401-09 You Put A Move On My Heart SC8281-01 Bang & Blame SC8148-02 Quincy Jones & James Ingram Bittersweet Me PI049-05 Just Once PI047-11 Daysleeper SC8499-04 Quincy Jones, Babyface, Tamia & Portrait Drive SC8530-13 Slow Jams SC8277-11 E-Bow The Letter SC8320-10 Quincy Jones, Debarge & Garrett Electron Blue SF229-09 I'm Yours SC2214-04 End Of The World SC8577-08 Quthere Brothers Everybody Hurts SC8242-07 Boom Boom Boom SF029-07 Fall On Me SC8894-03 R Kelly Great Beyond SC8581-15 Bad Man SGB46-11 How The West Was Won PI054-14 Bump N Grind SC8140-12 Imitation Of Life SC8699-14 Down Low Nobody Has To Know SC8263-08 I've Been High SF180-11 Feeling On Your Booty SC8726-03 Leave New York SIN0002-07 Fiesta SC3253-02 Losing My Religion SC8107-11 Gotham City SC8390-12 Man On The Moon SC8122-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 256 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID R.E.M. Radney Foster Night Swimming LG087-10 Half Of My Mistakes SD148-08 One I Love SC7564-03 Just Call Me Lonesome PI216-08 Orange Crush SC8638-03 Labor Of Love SC8129-09 Radio Free Europe SC2440-07 Nobody Wins SC8157-11 Shiny Happy People SC8486-07 Running Kind SC8287-10 Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight LG087-06 Willin' To Walk SC8160-12 Stand SC8856-05 Radney Foster & Georgia Middleman Strange Currencies LG087-15 Scary Old World SD106-12 The Great Beyond (Radio Version) PP3171-08 Radney Foster & Pat Green The One I Love SC2440-05 Texas In 1880 SC8723-14 Tongue LG087-16 Rafael Pérez Botija What's The Frequency Kenneth LG087-14 La Gata Bajo La Lluvia OKE0007-10 Racey Rafaga Some Girls SF098-14 La Luna Y Tu TZLTPK-2-07 Rachael Lampa Ragael Padilla Blessed TU076-05 Yolanda OKE0004-10 Live For You SC8661-05 Rage Against The Machine No Greater Love SC8828-15 Guerrilla Radio SC8662-06 Rachel Farris How I Could Just Kill A Man SC8694-15 I'm Not The Girl THP0306-15 Killing In The Name SC2364-08 Rachel Proctor Renegades Of Funk SC8672-02 Days Like This SC8833-03 Testify SC8662-12 Didn't I THC0404-13 Raheem Me And Emily SC8881-05 Guess Who Loves You More PHMU0506-05 Where I Belong SC8884-06 Raheem Devaughn Rachel Stevens Customer PHU0804-03 Breathe In Breathe Out SF217-09 Rainbow Funkydory SF211-12 Man On The Silver Mountain SC8830-01 More More More SF222-09 Stone Cold SC8869-10 Negotiate With Love SF230-03 Street Of Dreams SC8631-02 Some Girls SF857-07 Rainy Day Bells Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex SF210-03 Globetrotters PS1190-16 Rachel Yamagata Ralph McTell Worn Me Down SD4502-13 Streets Of London SF104-01 Raconteurs Ralph Stanley Broken Boy Soldier THHP0701-14 Girl From The Greenbriar Shore TU172-04 Level THP0612-14 Life's Railway To Heaven CB20401-12 Steady, As She Goes PAN2006-01 Little Maggie CB20031-10 My Little Cabin Home On The Hill CB80138-13 Bends SFG036-06 Old Trime Religion CB20409-11 Creep SFG017-05 White Dove CB20407-12 Creep (Radio Version) SC8850-11 Ralph Tresvant Fake Plastic Trees SC8749-01 Sensitivity DK099-15 Go To Sleep THR0312-14 When I Need Somebody NT26-09 High & Dry SC8257-09 Who's The Mack NT38-02 House Of Cards SC9022-08 Ram Herrera Karma Police SFG036-08 Ahora Dile SC7105-06 No Surprises SFG036-02 Mujer De Mi Vida SC7106-01 Optimistic SC8659-05 Ram Jam Band Paranoid Android SFG036-03 Black Betty SC8334-10 Street Spirit SF034-03 Rambler There There SFMW838-07 Dreamin' SC3141-06 Radney Foster Rammstein Closing Time SC8275-06 Du Hast (English Version) SC8756-09 Easier Said Than Done SC8130-02 Ramones Everyday Angel SC8779-01 Baby I Love You SF135-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 257 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ramones Randy Travis Beat On The Brat SC8939-09 1982 SC8380-05 Blitzkrieg Bop SC2400-03 3 Wooden Crosses THMCSM02-15 I Wanna Be Sedated SC8313-14 A Few Old Country Boys SAVA03-15 Kkk Took My Baby Away SC8939-15 America Will Always Stand CBE4-26-08 Pet Sematary SC2252-03 An Old Pair Of Shoes SC8234-09 Rock And Roll High School SC8427-01 Angels SC3445-05 Rock N Roll High School SFMW864-13 Are We In Trouble Now SC8298-02 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker SC2400-08 Baptism SC8714-05 Ran Tyler Before You Kill Us All SC8120-03 The Last Thing She Said THMC0410-06 Better Class Of Losers SC8167-09 Ranch Box SC8230-04 Just Some Love SC3063-04 Christmas Song, The (Chestnuts Roasting On An SC8990-08 Walkin' In The Country MM6225-10 Open Fire) Rancid Cowboy Boogie SC8213-10 Fall Back Down TU216-04 Deeper Than The Holler SC7552-07 Randall & Morgan Dig Two Graves CB60385-07 By My Side CB60041-15 Diggin' Up Bones SC8561-13 Randy & The Rainbows Down With The Old (Up With The New) CB60211-05 Denise SC8429-04 Forever And Ever, Amen SC7510-14 Randy Archer & Johnny Park Forever Together SC8135-10 Where There's Smoke SC8309-13 Four Walls SD125-13 Randy Crawford Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart SC8213-08 Almaz SF082-12 He Walked On Water SC8133-06 Cajun Moon SC8295-06 Help Me Hold On NT47-06 Give Me The Night SF116-05 Heroes And Friends SC8214-10 Mad Over You SC8318-11 Hole SC8470-11 One Day I'll Fly Away SF110-01 Honky Tonk Moon SC8161-05 Street Life SFMW922-08 How Do I Wrap My Heart Up For Christmas CBEP462-4-11 Who's Crying Now SC8363-07 I Told You So SC8421-03 You Might Need Somebody SF110-15 I Won't Need You Anymore (Always SC8551-01 Randy Ederman I'd Surrender All SC8137-03 Uptown Uptempo Woman PUK328-06 If I Didn't Have You SC8502-05 Randy Houser I'll Be Right Here Loving You SC3215-08 Anything Goes CB60379-09 Is It Still Over SC8183-04 Boots On CB60398-5 It's Just A Matter Of Time SC8161-01 I'm All About It CB60441-01 King Of The Road SC3018-06 Whistlin' Dixie CB60429-05 Little Left Of Center SC8619-02 Randy Houston Look Heart, No Hands SC8241-10 Let There Be One Cowboy Left SC8278-02 Love Without Amen SC7594-01 Lookin The Wolf In The Eye SC8291-09 Man Ain't Made Of Stone SC8560-15 Randy Montana Meet Me Under The Mistletoe CBEP462-6-11 Ain't Much Left Of Lovin' You CB60439-10 No Place Like Home SC8434-14 Randy Newman Old 8X10 CB90027-07 I Love L A SC8510-11 On The Other Hand SFY1005-18 Short People SC8514-10 Oscar The Angel SC8282-14 Randy Owen Out Of My Bones SC8495-06 Braid My Hair THC0805-15 Pink Cadillac BS4517-08 Randy Rogers Band Point Of Light CB60098-13 Down And Out CB60348-02 Pray For The Fish SC8842-06 In My Arms Instead CB60395-13 Price To Pay SC8358-06 Kiss Me In The Dark CB60356-08 Promises SC7568-04 One More Goodbye CB60362-05 Spirit Of A Boy, Wisdom Of A Man SC8488-08 Tonights Not The Night CB60337-11 Stranger In The Mirror SC8524-15 Randy Scruggs & Mc Carpenter This Is Me SC8168-05 It's Only Love MM6262-14 Three Wooden Crosses SC8854-02 Randy Travis Too Gone Too Long SC8183-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 258 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Randy Travis Rascal Flatts When Your World Was Turning For Me CB60165-05 Take Me There CB90329-07 Where Can I Surrender SC8590-09 These Days SC8774-04 Whisper My Name SC8129-12 This Everyday Love SC8633-14 Wind In The Wire SC8296-12 Unstoppable CB60410-1 Would I SC8328-12 Walk The Llama Llama SD081-09 Written In The Stars CB60165-03 What Hurts The Most Today CB60349-04 Randy Travis & George Jones While You Loved Me SC8698-01 Few Good Ole Country Boys CB60149-14 Why PHMC0912 Randy Vanwarmer Winner At A Losing Game SC9013-01 Just When I Needed You Most SC8151-01 Rascal Flatts & Jamie Foxx Rankins She Goes All The Way CB90329-13 Movin' On CB20098-12 Rascals Raoul Duguay Beautiful Morning SC8218-06 La Bitt À Tibi FRENCH50-01 Come On Up DG10-03 Raphael Saadiq Girl Like You SC8190-05 Ask Of You SC8164-10 Good Lovin' SC7572-12 Staying In Love PHMU1002 Groovin' SC8353-04 Raphael Saadiq & Stevie Wonder & Cj Hilton How Can I Be Sure SC8190-06 Never Give You Up PHMU905 I've Been Lonely Too Long SC8526-08 Rappers Against Racism Lonely Too Long LC0007-06 I Want To Know What Love Is MM6299-03 Mustang Sally DG09-10 Rare Earth You Better Run DG06-05 Get Ready LG140-09 Rasmus I Just Want To Celebrate SC8870-02 Guilty SF221-02 Rascal Flatts In The Shadows SFMW849-01 Better Now CB90329-09 Raspberies Bless The Broken Road SC8898-07 Overnight Sensation SC8724-07 Close CB60435-03 Raspberries Every Day THC0806-12 Go All The Way SC8706-05 Fast Cars & Freedom CBE612-05 Ratt Feels Like Today SC8884-03 Back For More SC7565-10 Glory Of Life SC8759-14 Lack Of Communication SC8843-10 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen CB60423-09 Lay It Down SC8631-05 Help Me Remember CB90329-08 Round & Round SC8210-10 Here PHN0803-07 Way Cool Jr. SC8713-04 Here Comes Goodbye CB60401-2 Raul Malo & Martina McBride Here's To You CB60341-02 Feels Like Home CB60360-15 I Melt SC8802-12 Ray Anthony I'm Movin' On SC8798-13 Bunny Hop SC8330-03 It's Not Supposed To Go Like That CB90329-05 Hokey Pokey SC7210-21 Life Is A Highway SC8992-06 Ray Charles Long Slow Beautiful Dance SC3239-02 America The Beautiful SC2336B-03 Love You Out Loud SC8816-09 Born To Lose DK089-08 Mayberry SC8867-12 Busted SC8142-05 Me And My Gang SC8982-06 Cryin' Time LG022-06 My Wish SC8989-12 Georgia On My Mind SC7505-02 My Worst Fear CB60327-05 Hallelujah, I Love Her So PSJT136-08 Prayin' For Daylight SC8608-03 Hit The Road Jack SC8108-07 Revolution CB60368-04 I Can't Stop Loving You SC8126-03 Secret Smile CB90329-11 I Got A Woman DKM3056-05 She Goes All The Way PHN0803-05 I've Got A Woman (Mr. Holland's Opus) PSJT136-03 Shine On TU195-12 Lonely Ave RB18-13 Skin SC8916-04 Ruby PSJT136-07 Stand SC8998-04 Shake Your Tailfeather AH8005-15 Still Feels Good THC0801-16 Song For You SC8969-12 Summer Nights CB60414-01 Take These Chains From My Heart LG022-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 259 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ray Charles Ray Stevens That Lucky Old Sun PI306-16 Ahab The Arab SC2326-03 This Little Girl Of Mine RB19-11 Along Came Jones SGB41-13 Unchain My Heart PS1017-14 Back In The Doghouse Again CB90096-13 What'd I Say SC8222-05 Bad Little Boy CB60210-07 Your Cheatin' Heart LG022-07 Ballad Of The Blue Cyclone CB90096-10 Ray Charles & Betty Carter Deer Slayer TU145-04 Baby, Its Cold Outside SC8899-14 Everything Is Beautiful SC8153 07 Ray Charles & Billy Joel Gitarzan SC8275-05 Baby Grand SFMW826-02 Haircut Song SC8669-05 Ray Charles & Norah Jones I'm My Own Grandpa MM6330-06 Here We Go Again SC8889-14 It's Me Again Margaret CB90096-05 Ray Charles & The Blues Brothers Jeremiah Peabody's Song MM6107-08 Shake A Tail Feather EZA007-03 Mississippi Squirrel Revival SC8669-03 Ray Hood Misty SC8342-04 What's A Little More Water TU063-16 Motel Song CB90096-14 Ray J Osama Yo Mama CB60231-11 One Wish PHU0601-08 Santa Claus Is Watching SC8557-02 What I Need PHU0606-06 Shriner's Convention CBE3-05-02 Ray J & Yung Berg Spanish Fireball MM6094-01 Sexy Can I PHU0804-01 Streak SC8117-03 Ray Lamontagne Turn Your Radio On CBE604-02 Forever My Friend PHR0507-06 Ray Vega Three More Days PHAC0611-06 Remember When SC8351-05 Trouble SF246-05 Raybon Brothers Ray Parker Jr. Butterfly Kisses SC8384-03 Ghostbusters SC8550-11 Way She's Looking SC8394-07 Jamie SC8323-11 Raybon Brothers & Olivia Newton John Other Woman MM6368-02 Falling MM6225-07 Ray Peterson Rayito Colombiano Corrina, Corrina NT52-06 El Òltimo Beso SCL2247-04 Tell Laura I Love Her SC8108-08 Razorlight Ray Price Before I Fall To Pieces SF250-09 City Lights CB90076-04 Golden Touch EZH037-11 Crazy Arms SC8445-12 In The Morning SF245-11 For The Good Times SC8102-07 Rip It Up SF226-14 Heartaches By The Numbers SC7544-15 Somewhere Else SF231-01 Help Me Make It Through The Night SAVP04-06 Razzy Bailey I Won't Mention It Again CB90076-13 Anywhere There's A Jukebox CB90112-14 I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me CB90076-15 Everytime You Cross My Mind (You Break My CB90112-11 Invitation To The Blues SC8419-14 Heart) Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini JV0058-10 Friends SC8676-05 I've Got A New Heartache SC7558-09 I Ain't Got No Business Doin' Business Today CB90112-08 My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You SC8392-08 I Can't Get Enough Of You CB90112-06 Night Life CBE4-14-09 I Keep Coming Back CB90112-02 One More Time SC8712-13 Love's Gonna Fall Here Tonight CB90112-12 Pride SC8712-04 Loving Up A Storm CB90112-03 Same Old Me SC8383-03 Scratch My Back (And Whisper In My Ear) CB90112-10 She's Got To Be A Saint SC8582-14 She Left Love All Over Me CB90112-05 Soft Rain CB90076-09 Tonight She's Gonna Love Me CB90112-07 Touch My Heart CB90076-07 Too Old To Play Cowboy CB90112-15 You're The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To CB90076-02 RB Greaves Me Take A Letter Maria DK032-16 Ray Scott Ready For The World Gone Either Way CB60351-10 Love You Down SC8405-07 I Didn't Come Here To Talk SD148-10 Oh Sheila SC8293-11 My Kind Of Music CB60344-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 260 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Real 2 Real Reba McEntire I Like To Move It SF019-02 Just A Little Love SC7551-13 Real Life Last One To Know SC8411-06 Send Me An Angel SC8568-08 Let The Music Lift You Up SC8561-01 Real McCoys Lighter Shade Of Blue SC8278-13 Another Night SC8145-11 Little Girl SC8309-05 Come And Get Your Love SF027-15 Little Rock SC8183-11 One More Time SC3016-04 Love Needs A Holiday CB60349-06 Run Away NT59-12 Love Will Find Its Way SC8217-07 Real Thing My Sister SC8923-04 Can't Get By Without You SF022-10 New Fool At An Old Game SC2013-07 You To Me Are Everything SF106-10 Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia CB90054-07 Reba McEntire Now You Tell Me MM6128-06 And Still SC8179-12 Oklahoma Swing CBE616-06 Baby's Gone Blues SC8321-03 On My Own SC8198-04 Back Before The War CB20173-05 On This Day CBEP462-6-02 Before I Met You CB90055-08 One Honest Heart SC8528-02 Can't Even Get The Blues SC8398-15 One Last Good Hand SC8317-06 Cathy's Clown MH1048-14 One Promise Too Late SC8411-14 Christmas Guest CBEP462-4-15 Only In My Mind SC8421-11 Christmas Letter CBEP462-6-13 Please Come To Boston SC8267-14 Climb That Mountain High SC8213-14 Read My Mind CB90054-02 Consider Me Gone SF288-12 Red Roses CB90053-05 Does He Love You SC7524-11 Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands SC8211-01 Don't Touch Me There NS25-02 Roses CB20173-04 Everything That You Want CB60154-07 Rumor Has It SC7552-06 Falling Out Of Love SC8265-05 Secret Of Giving CB60210-15 Fancy SC8950-12 She Thinks His Name Was John SC8139-09 Fear Of Being Alone SC8328-10 She's Callin' It Love SC3017-07 For Herself SC8324-03 Silly Me SC8301-12 For My Broken Heart SC8175-02 So So Long CB60154-10 For Yourself BS9917-03 So, So, So Long CB90055-02 Forever Love SC8474-12 Somebody SC8880-03 Greatest Man I Never Knew SC8177-01 Somebody Should Leave SC8183-09 Have I Got A Deal For You SC8628-15 Starting Over Again SC8253-09 He Gets That From Me SC8943-06 Sunday Kind Of Love SC2013-05 He Wants To Get Married SC8291-02 Sweet Music Man SC8745-11 Heart Is A Lonely Hunter SC8159-01 Take It Back SC8103-05 Holdin' SC3004-04 There Ain't No Future In This SC8610-07 How Blue SC8180-04 They Asked About You SC8137-09 How Was I To Know SC8370-02 Til I Said It To You CB60193-06 I Don't Think Love Ought To Be That Way SC8582-08 Til Love Comes Again SC8241-14 I Heard Her Crying NS20-03 Til You Love Me SC8141-10 CB60439-02 Today All Over Again SC8411-09 I Know How He Feels SC9508-06 Walk On SC8144-11 I Won't Stand In Line SC8228-02 We're All Alone CB20173-06 I’Ll Be CB60197-08 We're So Good Together SC8646-01 I’M A Survivor CB60222-03 What Am I Gonna Do About You DK060-11 I'd Rather Ride Around With You SC8376-01 What Do You Say SC8566-14 If I Had Only Known SC8234-07 What If SC8436-04 I'll Be SC8602-04 What If It's You SC8376-11 I'm Gonna Take That Mountain SC8851-09 Where You End And I Begin CB20173-02 I'm In Love All Over CB90055-07 Whoever's In New England SC7512-15 I'm Not That Lonely Yet SC8411-02 Why Haven't I Heard From You SC8120-08 Is There Life Out There SC8269-02 Will He Ever Go Away SC8306-09 It's Not Over CB60154-03 Wrong Night SC8496-11 It's Your Call SC8101-03 You Lie SC8213-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 261 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Reba McEntire Red Foley You're Gonna Be SC3452-02 Tennessee Saturday Night SC8592-10 You're The First Time I've Thought About Leaving SC8950-15 You And Me CB90142-12 Reba McEntire & Brooks & Dunn Red Foley & Kitty Wells If You See HimIf You See Her SC3072-02 One By One CB60333-06 Reba McEntire & Faith Hill Sleeping With The Telephone CB60370-03 Aeroplane SC8340-04 Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson Around The World SC8572-01 Because Of You SC9004-10 By The Way SC8803-12 Reba McEntire & Kenny Chesney Californication SC8622-13 I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool SD150-14 Can't Stop SF202-06 Reba McEntire & Linda Davis Dani California SF243-01 Does He Love You SC7524-11 Dosed THR0309-16 Reba McEntire & Skip Ewing Fortune Faded SF212-14 Every Other Weekend CB60373-06 Give It Away SC8433-11 Reba McEntire & Vince Gill Higher Ground SC8870-14 Heart Won’t Lie SC7588-06 Hump De Bump SD4707-12 Oklahoma Swing SC8330-07 If You Have To Ask LG129-15 Rebecca Lynn Howard Knock Me Down AMS1504-05 Bryan White SC8211-04 Love Rollercoaster CB40053-02 Forgive SC8795-03 My Friends SC8212-10 I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners MM6312-09 Otherside SC8595-05 I Need A Vacation SC8857-11 Road Trippin' SF175-08 No Onell Ever Love Me CB60338-13 Scar Tissue SC8548-04 Out Here In The Water SC3186-02 Sir Psycho Sexy SC8700-12 That's Why I Hate Pontiacs SC3435-03 Snow (Hey Oh) SF250-07 This Love SC8807-13 Soul To Squeeze SC8122-09 What A Shame SC8842-03 Suck My Kiss LG129-12 When My Dreams Come True SC3149-01 Tell Me Baby SF245-02 Rebecca St. James Under The Bridge SC8242-06 Breathe SC8828-11 Universally Speaking SF206-11 I Thank You TU215-06 Zephyr Song SFG054-15 Reborn TU077-08 Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Song Of Love TU215-12 Face Down SC8999-13 Wait For Me TU128-16 Pen & Paper CB30094-01 Yes I Believe In God TU215-15 Your Guardian Angel PHM0711-07 Rebekah Red Peters Sin So Well SC8453-05 Ballad Of A Dog Named Stains SC8927-15 Rebel Mc Blow Me SC8532-08 Street Tuff SFMW861-14 Holy S###, It's Christmas! SC8780-01 Rebel Meets Rebel How's Your Whole Family SC8532-09 Get Outta My Life THR0608-14 You Ain't Gettin Shit For Christmas SC8900-15 Red Foley You Promised The Moon (But I Preferred Uranus) SC8700-07 Alabama Jubilee CBE4-13-06 Red Robin Red As Long As I Live CB90142-11 Hello Dolly Melody PX05-01 Birmingham Bounce CB90142-15 Red Sovine Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy SC8383-01 Teddy Bear SC8682-11 Midnight CB90142-04 Redbone Mississippi CB90142-06 Come And Get Your Love SC8427-09 Never Trust A Woman CB90142-13 Witch Queen Of New Orleans SF096-01 New Jolie Blonde (New Pretty Blonde) CB90142-10 Redman & Vale Peace In The Valley SAVA13-17 If I Had A Nickel SC3139-01 Satisfied Mind CB90142-14 In The Name Of Love CB60195-10 Shame On You CB90142-03 Squeezin' The Love Outta You SC8608-08 Smoke On The Water CB60330-02 Rednex Sugarfoot Rag SC8445-03 Cotton Eye Joe SC8330-02 Tennessee Border No. 2 CB90142-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 262 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Reef Rent I Got Something To Say SF134-11 I'll Cover You MM6282-03 Place Your Hands SF138-10 Out Tonight MM6282-05 Reflections Rent MM6282-04 Just Like Romeo & Juliet SC8599-07 Seasons Of Love SC8957-03 Refreshments Take Me Or Leave MM6282-06 Banditos SC8320-04 Would You Light My Candle MM6282-02 Refugee Camp All Stars & Lauryn Hill Reo Speedwagon Sweetest Thing SC8390-14 Can't Fight This Feeling SC8439-14 Reggae Don't Let Him Go SC8574-03 Problems JV0011-05 In Your Letter SC8574-13 Regina Belle Keep On Loving You SC8368-06 If I Could SC8405-04 Keep The Fire Burnin' SC8574-15 Make It Like It Was PI037-02 One Lonely Night SC8658-02 Regina Belle & Jeffery Osbourne Ridin' The Storm Out SC8574-09 Far Longer Than Forever CBEP471-4-08 Roll With The Changes SC8574-08 Regina Regina Take It On The Run SC8210-06 Asking For The Moon SC3028-07 Time For Me To Fly SC8527-01 More Than I Wanted To Know SC3006-01 Republica Regina Specktor From Rush Hour With Love SF125-07 Fidelity SC8995-11 Ready To Go SC8316-10 Rehab & Hank Williams Jr. Res Bartener Song (Aka Sittin' At A Bar) CB60383-11 Say Vision AMS1041-04 Relient K They Say Vision SC8758-15 Be My Escape PHR0508-07 Restless Heart I Don't Need A Soul PHMP1007-09 Baby Needs New Shoes SC8123-07 Must Have Done Something Right PHM0704-04 Big Dreams In A Small Town SC8692-02 Therapy PHMP1003 Big Iron Horses SC8301-03 Who I Am Hates Who I've Been (Radio Version) SC8958-08 Bluest Eyes In Texas SC8380-10 Rembrandts Danny's Dream CB90028-02 I'll Be There For You SC8435-06 Familiar Pain CB90028-08 Just The Way It Is Baby SC8466-15 Fast Movin' Train SC8692-11 Reminiscing Series Feel My Way To You CB60326-15 Alexander's Rag Time Band RSQSC07-07 For Lack Of Better Words SC3100-08 Always RSQSC07-05 Heartbreak Kid SC8697-01 Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two) RSQSC07-01 Hold You Now SC8282-06 Remy Ma Hometown Boy NT55-13 Conceited PAN2006-01 I'll Still Be Loving You SC8265-06 Remy Ma & Ne Yo In This Little Town SC8306-07 Feels So Good PHU0608-06 I've Never Been So Sure CB90028-10 Remy Shand Maverick SC8296-04 Take A Message SC8812-02 Mending Fences SC8213-06 Way I Feel CBE520-12 New York Hold Her Tight CB90028-12 Remy Zero No End To The Road SC3077-03 Perfect Memory SC8768-11 Tender Lie CB90028-06 Prophecy SC8508-11 That Rock Won't Roll SC8494-14 Save Me PHR0205-03 Till I Loved You SC2165-06 Renan Armendares Coello We Got The Love CB90028-13 Poema De Amor SCL2294-03 Wheels SC8455-12 Renee & Renato When She Cries SC7510-04 Save Your Love SF079-14 When Somebody Loves You SC8269-06 Renee & Renny Why Does It Have To Be SC8728-08 Deshojo La Margarita SCL2215-08 You Can Depend On Me SC8359-14 Renee Zellweger Reunion Roxie SC3373-04 Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me) SC8580-08 Renee Zellweger & Catherine Zeta-Jones Revelation Theory I Move On SC8827-06 Slowburn THM0306R-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 263 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Revis Ricardo Montaner Caught In The Rain THMR0307-11 El Poder De Tu Amor SCL2219-02 Seven PHR0401-01 La Clave Del Amor SCL1532-02 Rewind Ojos Negros SCL2239-03 Precious SF164-04 Que Ganas SCL1567-06 Rex Smith Resumiendo SCL1543-07 You Take My Breath Away SC8552-09 Si Tuviera Que Elegir SCL1556-01 Rey Ruiz Soy Tuyo SC7107-13 Creo En El Amor SCL1580-02 Yo Puedo Hacer SCL1555-07 Desde Que No Estas SCL2257-08 Rich Boy Mi Media Mitad NT27-06 Throw Some D's PHU0703-04 Muevelo SCL2268-04 Rich Boy & & Keri Hilson Reynolds Girls Good Things PHU0710-06 I'd Rather Jack PUK325-12 Rich Charlie Rezillos Very Special Love Song CBEP452-1-07 SF109-13 Rich McCready Rhett Akins Hangin' On SC8247-04 Better Than It Used To Be MM6232-11 That Just About Covers It SC3034-07 Don't Get Me Started SC8267-02 Thinkin' Straight SC8267-05 Drivin' My Life Away MM6239-02 When Hell Freezes Over SC8307-06 Every Cowboy's Dream SC3006-08 Rich Mullins Friday Night In Dixie CB60241-08 Awesome God SC8919-11 Highway Sunrise CB60233-13 Hold Me Jesus NT37-10 I Brake For Brunettes SC8260-08 Sometimes By Step TU077-12 If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away SD148-06 Richard Ashcroft In Your Love CB6309-07 C'mon People SF170-02 Kiss My Country Ass CB60347-04 Money To Burn SF167-05 Love You Back SC8328-04 Song For The Lovers SF163-16 More Than Everything SC8416-14 Richard Harris She Said Yes SC8205-14 Macarthur Park SF137-01 That Ain't My Truck SC8186 07 Richard Marx Thousand Memories SC8250-14 Angelia SC8264-12 What They're Talkin' About SC8265-07 At The Beginning SK508-02 Rhian Benson Chains Around My Heart TT6014-06 Say How I Feel SF857-11 Days In Avalon SC3229-05 Rhonda Vincent & The Rage Don't Mean Nothing SC8580-09 Bluegrass Express CBEP476-4-06 Endless Summer Nights SC8456-01 Cry Of The Whippoorwill CBEP476-1-03 Hazard SC8266-04 Martha White Theme CBEP476-2-01 Hold On To The Nights LG236-15 When The Angels Sing CBEP476-6-16 Keep Coming Back SK508-06 Rhonda Vincent & The Rage Love Unemotional SFMW830-09 Driving Nails In My Coffin CBEP476-5-01 Nothing Left Behind Us SD007-07 If Heartaches Had Wings SD115-09 Now And Forever MM6038-08 I'm Not Over You TU126-06 Ready To Fly THP0503-17 Is The Grass Any Bluer On The Other Side CBEP476-3-07 Right Here Waiting SC8366-03 I've Forgotten You CB60340-15 Satisfied SGB05-07 My Sweet Love Ain't Around CB80138-10 Shine TU054-11 What More Do You Want From Me SC8256-15 Should've Known Better SC8641-01 Ricardo Arjona Straight From My Heart TU054-13 Cuando SCL2268-01 Take This Heart SC8235-06 Dame SCL1562-04 Too Late To Say Goodbye SK508-10 Desnuda SCL2235-04 Until I Find You Again SC3013-02 Duele Verte SCL1575-05 Way She Loves Me SC8140-01 Mujeres SC7102-10 When You're Gone THMP0409-18 Ricardo Montaner Richard Marx & Chely Wright Besame TZLTPK-4-03 Edge Of Forever TU106-02 Dejame Llorar SC7102-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 264 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Richard Seguin Rick Ross & R Kelly Aux Portes Du Matin FRENCH50-01 Speedin' PHU0804-09 Avec Toi FRENCH50-01 Rick Springfield Et Tu Marches FRENCH50-01 Don't Talk To Strangers SC8305-15 Ici Comme Ailleurs FRENCH50-01 Jessie's Girl SC8297-12 Journée D'amérique FRENCH50-01 Love Somebody SC8861-07 Les Bouts De Papier FRENCH50-01 Protest Song SC2388-02 Bobbie Ann Mason SC8186-04 Sous Les Cheminées FRENCH50-01 Doctor Time SC8229-06 Tu Reviens De Loin FRENCH50-01 Honky Tonk Crowd NT25-04 Richard Wagner I Only Get This Way With You SC3010-08 Wedding March (From Lohengrin) TU223-10 In My Dreams CB60313-05 Richard X & Javine Just Enough Rope NT19-05 You Used To SF214-12 Learning As You Go SC8289-09 Richard X & Kelis Looking For The Light SC8159-14 Finest Dreams SF208-14 Only Lonely Me SC8480-14 Richgirl & Bun B Overnight Success CB60317-08 24'S PHMU905 Poor Broke Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart C2C03-04 Richie Havens Running Out Of Reasons To Run SC8336-08 Here Comes The Sun SC8210-14 Save This One For Me CB60166-08 Richie McDonald See Rock City SC8409-11 Six Foot Teddy Bear PHMC0908 Separate Ways CB60361-15 Richie Sambora She Can't Say I Didn't Cry SC8219-09 Hard Times Come Easy SC3070-08 Rick Waller In It For Love SC8478-03 I Will Always Love You EZH10-02 Richie Valens Ricki Lee Come On, Let's Go CBEP454-4-09 Love Is All Around THP0803-16 Donna SC7532-12 Rickie Lee Jones La Bamba SC8589-12 Chuck E.'S In Love SC8378-15 Richie Valens & Los Del Rio Danny's All Star Joint SC8410-07 La Bamba IMPK14-19 Ricky Lynn Gregg Rick Astley Can You Feel It SC8287-03 Hopelessly TT6014-10 Careful What You Wish For CB60215-04 It Would Take A Strong, Strong Man JV0044-03 Three Nickels And A Dime SC8275-15 Never Gonna Give You Up SC8609-01 To Find Where I Belong SC8171-02 Ones You Love NT20-09 Ricky Martin She Wants To Dance With Me JV0044-04 Asignatura Pendiente SCL1570-01 Take Me To Your Heart JV0044-05 Bella SGB13-02 Together Forever DK020-01 Come To Me TU024-04 When I Fall In Love PI013-02 Cup Of Life SCL1504-07 Whenever You Need Somebody SF110-14 El Amor De Mi Vida SC7101-09 Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots I Am Made Of You SGB13-03 Disco Duck CBEP474-2-07 I Count The Minutes SK532-08 Rick Derringer Jaleo SCL1565-05 Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo SC8573-01 La Bomba TZLTPK-5-07 Rick Ferrell La Copa De La Vida HSPAK3-11-19 Different Point Of View CB60223-11 Livin' La Vida Loca SC8534-03 Girl’S Got It Goin’ On CB60215-15 Loaded SF175-05 Rick James Love You For A Day SGB13-08 Give It To Me Baby SC8333-03 Maria SC7107-05 Mary Jane RB03-12 Saint Tropez SFMW815-10 Superfreak MMBK01-10 Shake Your Bon Bon SF150-11 Rick James & Teena Marie She Bangs SC8649-06 Fire And Desire SC8984-03 She's All I Ever Had SF146-02 Rick Ross Solo Quiero Amarte SCL1532-01 Hustlin' SC8988-12 Spanish Eyes SK532-02 Rick Ross & R Kelly Tal Vez SC1563-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 265 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ricky Martin Ricky Skaggs Volveras SC7111-10 Uncle Pen SC8693-03 Vuelo SCL1502-04 Walls Of Time CB20409-10 Y Todo Queda En Nada SCL1572-07 When SC8311-12 You Stay With Me SGB13-13 You May See Me Walkin SC8582-01 Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera You've Got A Lover CB90128 -10 Nobody Wants To Be Lonely SC3244-08 Ricky Tomlinson Ricky Martin & Daddy Yankee My Christmas Arse! SF250-01 Drop It On Me SC3453-05 Ricky Van Shelton Ricky Martin & Madonna After The Lights Go Out CB90050-01 Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazon) SCL2197-08 Backroads SC8213-03 Ricky Martin & Meja Call Me Crazy CB60208-07 Private Emotion CB30001-10 Christmas CBEP462-4-08 Ricky Nelson Couple Of Good Years Left SC8282-09 Be-Bop Baby SC8770-13 Crime Of Passion SC7568-11 Believe What You Say LG039-14 Don't We All Have The Right SC8529-01 For You LG039-12 From A Jack To A King CB90050-12 Garden Party SC7509-05 Hole In My Pocket SC9902-13 Hello Mary Lou SC7541-10 I Am A Simple Man SC8135-11 I Got A Feeling LG039-08 I Meant Every Word He Said SC8230-08 I'm Walking LG039-13 I'll Leave This World Loving You SC8412-14 It's Late SC7557-04 I've Cried My Last Tear For You SC8217-08 It's Up To You SC8521-03 Just As I Am SC8161-04 SC7566-10 Just Say Goodbye CB90050-05 Never Be Anyone Else But You SC8599-15 Keep It Between The Lines CB90050-06 Poor Little Fool SC8108-06 Life Turned Her That Way SC8345-14 Stood Up SC7557-13 Life's Little Ups And Downs SC8213-15 Sweeter Than You SF153-02 Living Proof SC8414-11 Teenage Idol LG039-09 Lola's Love SD011-12 Teenager's Romance LG039-03 Please Come Home For Christmas CB60303-04 Travelin' Man SC7504-12 She Needs Me SC8394-11 Wonder Like You SC8804-14 Somebody Lied SC8380-12 Young World SC8450-13 Somebody's Gonna Lose CB60225-14 Ricky Skaggs Statue Of A Fool SC8157-10 Back Where We Belong SC8256-02 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck SC8296-08 Cajun Moon SC7556-11 Where Was I SC8241-04 Cat's In The Cradle SC8285-02 Wherever She Is SC8141-13 Country Boy SC8506-04 Wild Man SC8165-12 Crying My Heart Out Over You SC8434-15 Ricky Van Shelton & Dolly Parton Don't Cheat In Our Hometown SC8332-07 Rockin' Years SC7588-05 Don't Get Above Your Raising CB90128 -15 Ricky Skaggs & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band From The Word Love SC8278-07 Little Mountain Church House CBEP476-3-16 Halfway Home Cafe SC3328-05 Ricochet Heartbroke CB90128 -02 Blink Of An Eye SC8402-10 Highway 40 Blues SC8355-13 Can't Stop Thinkin' 'Bout That SC3112-07 Honey Open That Door SC8326-05 Connected At The Heart SC8444-14 I Don't Care SC8642-04 Daddy's Money SC8280-12 I Wouldn't Change You If I Could SC8345-07 Do I Love You Enough SC3198-06 Long Way Home SC8826-11 Ease My Troubled Mind SC8504-09 Love's Gonna Get You Someday CB90128 -13 Feel Like Fallin' SD122-13 Lovin' Only Me SC8628-04 Freedom Isn’T Free CB60232-14 Same Ol' Love PI215-08 He Left A Lot To Be Desired SC8382-07 Shady Grove CB20400-08 Honky Tonk Baby SC8480-10 Simple Life SC8826-04 Love Is Stronger Than Pride SC8311-15 Solid Ground SC8224-13 Seven Bridges Road CB20083-09 Something In My Heart SC8697-14 She's Gone SC8633-11 Thanks Again SC8291-11 What Do I Know SC8247-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 266 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Right Said Fred Rise Against Deeply Dippy SF007-08 Ready To Fall THR0609-16 I'm Too Sexy SC8201-06 Savior SF290-06 You're My Mate SF184-14 Swing Life Away THMR0508-02 Righteous Brothers Rissi Palmer Ebb Tide LG055-03 No Air CB60382-07 Rock & Roll Heaven SC8138-13 Rita Coolidge Soul & Inspiration (You're My) SC8108-01 All Time High SC8468-13 Unchained IMPK25-12 Higher And Higher DKM3082-05 Unchained Melody SC7502-13 I'd Rather Leave While I'm In SF014-13 Youve Lost That Loving Feeling ESS06-01 We're All Alone SC8410-02 Rihanna Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher SC7547-08 Breakin' Dishes CB30084-06 Rita McNeil Disturbia CB30076-07 Working Man SF112-06 Don't Stop The Music CB30068-06 Ritchie Family If It's Lovin' That You Want (Radio Version) SC8957-15 Best Disco In Town CBEP468-2-02 If It's Lovin You Want CB30056-08 Ritchie McDonald It Just Don't Feel Like Xmas (Without You) CB60424-07 How Do I Just Stop PHMC903 Oh Baby SF193-04 Ritchie Valens Pon De Replay (Radio Version) SC8945-08 Come On Let's Go SC8399-14 Rockstar 101 CB30135-04 Donna CBE501-15 Rude Boy SF288-05 Riva & Danni Minogue Russian Roulette CB30130-11 Who Do You Love Now (Stringer) EZH06-10 S.O.S. THH0606-13 River Road S.O.S. (Rescue Me) PHU0605-02 Breathless SC8619-03 Shut Up And Drive CB30065-13 I Broke It, I'll Fix It SC8382-02 Sos (Rescue Me) CB30057-13 Nickajack SC8394-13 Take A Bow CB30070-10 Somebody Will SC8432-13 Te Amo SF292-05 Rivieras Umbrella CB30064-11 California Sun SC8770-06 We Ride THHP0612-15 Rivingtons Rihanna & Chris Brown Papa Oo Mau Mau MM6071-06 Bad Girl CB30098-01 RJ Hilton Rihanna & Jay-Z Lately PSJT310-13 Umbrella SC9006-12 Rlient K Rihanna & Neyo Who I Am Hates Who I've Been THMR0512-07 SC9014-10 Roachford Rihanna & Sean Paul Only To Be With You SFMW861-10 Break It Off CB30062-03 The Way I Feel SFMW833-14 Rihanna & Young Jeezy Road Hammers Hard CB30119-06 East Bound PHM1205C-04 Rihanna Jay Z & Kanye West I Don't Know When To Quit CB60372-07 Run This Town CB30112-05 Rob Base Ringo Starr It Takes Two SC8892-13 It Don't Come Easy SC8577-02 Rob Base & D.J. Ez Rock La De Da SC8473-11 It Takes Two DK088-15 No No Song SC8172-06 Joy And Pain SC8746-13 Oh My My SC8941-13 Rob Crosby Only You THCOL04-01 Fallin' In And Crawlin' Out SC8294-07 Photograph SC8641-05 In The Blood CB60166-12 You're Sixteen SC7523-13 Lady's Man MM6134-15 Rio Grand She Wrote The Book CB60166-15 God's Got A Bigger Plan CB60391-08 She's A Natural CB60111-14 Kill Me Now SC8986-12 Still Burnin' For You CB60166-13 Rip Chords Working Woman CB60166-14 Hey Little Cobra SC8202-02 Rob Thomas Rise Against Ever The Same PHM0507-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 267 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Rob Thomas Give Me The Meltdown CB30110-05 Rock Dj SC8645-12 Her Diamond CB30103-14 Rudebox SF247-04 Little Wonders CB30063-03 Sexed Up SF210-11 Lonely No More SC8946-09 She's The One LG083-13 Mockingbird CB30132-10 Sin Sin Sin SF243-07 Streetcorner Symphony SC9005-09 Something Beautiful SF207-14 This Is How A Heart Breaks SF234-12 Something Stupid SFG015-02 Rob Thomas & Santana South Of The Border LG083-09 Smooth ASKFP36-02- Straighten Up & Fly Right EZA008-12 09 Strong LG083-12 Rob Zombie Supreme SF171-10 Demon Speeding PHR0211-08 They Can't Take That Away From Me EZA008-04 Dragula SC7585-11 Well Did You Evah SFG015-04 Feels So Numb PHR0202-08 Win Some Lose Some SF146-03 Never Gonna Stop (Red, Red Kroovy) SC8758-08 Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue Robbie Dupree Kids SF172-09 Steal Away DK094-05 Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman Robbie Nevil Something Stupid Robbie SF185-02 C'est La Vie SC8378-12 Robert & Johnny Robbie Seay Band We Belong Totether MM6385-07 Rise SC9016-13 Robert Charlebois Robbie Williams Conception FRENCH50-01 Ain't That A Kick In The Head EZA008-07 Robert Cray Angels SC8565-05 Foul Play MM6144-08 Angels (Acoustic Version) SFG015-15 I Guess I Showed Her MM6155-05 Better Man SFG015-09 Moan MM6155-03 Come Undone SF204-16 More Than I Can Stand MM6155-06 Ego A Go Go LG083-08 Nothin' But A Woman MM6144-07 Eternity EZH07-07 Smoking Gun SC8327-04 Feel SF199-01 Robert Downey Jr. Freedom LG083-03 Smile MM6005-03 Handsome Man ZKH012-01 Robert Earl Keen Have You Met Miss Jones SFG015-07 Happy Holidays Y'all CB20204-09 Hot Fudge ZKH012-02 Walkin' Cane SC3285-06 I Will Talk & Hollywood Will SFG015-16 Robert Ellis Orrall It Was A Very Good Year EZA008-01 Boom It Was Over CB60165-14 It's Only Us SF152-02 Little Bit Of Her Love CB60165-15 Karma Killer SF140-15 Robert Goulet Kids EZA009-03 If Ever I Would Leave You DK1107-13 Knutsford City Limits SFG015-12 What Kind Of Fool Am I MM6184-07 Lazy Days SF114-05 Robert Green & Jerome Flyn Let Love Be Your Energy SF175-15 Three Is Family SF027-02 Let Me Entertain You SF119-01 Robert Johnson Lovelight SF249-07 Sad Eyes SC8354-04 Man For All Seasons SFMW841-02 Sweet Home Chicago SC8814-16 Me & My Shadow SFG015-06 Robert Knight Millennium SC8542-12 Everlasting Love SC8251-02 Misunderstood SF226-01 Love On A Mountain Top SFCC01-09 Morning Sun SF289-13 Robert Miles Mr Bojangles SFG015-05 One And One SF081-01 No Regrets SF127-01 Robert Palmer Old Before I Die LGTP-4-10 Addicted To Love SC8420-13 One For My Baby EZA008-08 Bad Case Of Lovin' You SC2337-08 Phoenix From The Flames LG083-10 Every Kind Of People SFMW845-03 Radio SF223-02 I Didn't Mean To Turn You On SC8443-08 Road To Mandalay SFG015-13 I'll Be Yours Tonight SF059-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 268 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Robert Palmer Robin Thicke Know By Now SC2337-04 You're My Baby PHMU0904 Mercy Mercy Me I Want You SF137-02 Robin Thicke, R Kelly, Tyrese & The Dream Simply Irresistible SC8554-02 Pregnant PHMU1003 Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley SC8603-15 Robin Trower Some Like It Hot CBE4-04-07 Bridge Of Sighs DK098-09 Robert Parker Lady Love SGB04-11 Barefootin' SC8251-06 Sweet Wine Of Love DG03-12 Robert Plant Too Rolling Stoned SGB054-11 29 Palms SC8272-04 Robins Big Log HC004-02 Smokey Joe's Cafe MM6074-01 Calling To You NT04-05 What I Do Best NT22-10 Darkness, Darkness SC3329-08 Robson & Jerome I Believe SC8237-03 I Believe PX010-01 If I Were A Carpenter SC8318-02 Saturday Night At The Movies SF081-05 Tall Cool One SC7563-13 Up On The Roof SF034-13 Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Robyn Please Read The Letter SC9023-01 Be Mine THHP0804-10 Robert Randolph & The Family Band Do You Know (What It Takes) SC8381-08 I Need More Love SC8855-02 Do You Really Want Me SC8452-08 Roberta Flack How Do You Know PHM9707-06 Back Together Again LG085-16 Luv 4 Luv SF019-14 Closer I Get To You MMRB01-02 Show Me Love SC8486-03 Feel Like Makin' Love SC8417-05 Rochelle & The Candels First Time Ever I Saw Your Face SC2153-01 Once Upon A Time MM6385-03 Killing Me Softly DKM2030-04 Rochford Where Is The Love LG085-12 Cuddley Toy SF108-13 You Make Me Feel Brand New SC8318-14 Rocio Durcal Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway Infiel SCL1529-04 Back Together Again SF107-04 Para Toda La Vida SCL2197-02 Closer I Get To You SC8482-06 Porque Te Quiero SCL2253-07 Roberta Flack & Judas Priest Sombras...Nada Mas! SCL1543-08 Set The Night To Music MM6013-01 Rock Kills Kid Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson Paralyzed THR0610-18 Tonight I Celebrate My Love SC8482-09 Rockell Robin And Jimmy Tears TU181-09 Charlie Is My Darling PUK325-15 Rockie Lynn Robin Beck Lipstick CB60346-10 First Time SFMW849-01 Rockie Lynne Robin English Do We Still CB60354-07 Beautiful Today CB60240-12 I Can't Believe It's Me CB60371-12 Girl In Love SC3285-03 Lipstick SC8952-04 Robin Ford Rockin' Berries Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues SGB27-04 Poor Man's Son SF086-04 Rocko Saved By The Bell SF065-06 Umma Do Me PHU0805-04 Robin Lee Rockwell Black Velvet SC8230-03 Dance TU061-14 Robin S Somebody's Watching Me SC8824-02 Show Me Love SC3054-02 Rocky Horror Picture Show Robin Thicke Dammit Janet SC8472-02 Can U Believe (Radio Version) SC9010-09 Eddie SC8472-11 Dreamworld CB30101-05 Fanfare Don't Dream It SC8472-14 Lost Without U SC9006-06 Hot Patootie Bless My Soul SC8472-08 Magic CB30076-03 I Can Make You A Man SC8472-07 Sex Therapy CB30121 I'm Going Home SC8472-16 Sweetest Love CB30084-05 Over At The Frankenstein Place SC8472-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 269 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Rocky Horror Picture Show Rod Stewart Planet Sachmanet Janet SC8472-12 My Heart Stood Still CB90229-09 Rose Tint My World Floor Show SC8472-13 Nearness Of You LG182-08 Science Fiction Double Feature SC8472-01 Oh No Not My Baby LG032-04 Super Heroes SC8472-17 Ooh La La SC8722-11 Sweet Transvestite SC8472-05 Our Love Is Here To Stay CB90229-14 Sword Of Damocles SC8472-06 People Get Ready SC8273-06 The Time Warp ESS03-03 Reason To Believe SC8722-09 Time Warp SC8472-04 Rhythm Of My Heart LG032-11 Touch A Touch A Touch Me SC8472-10 Runaway Train SK526-08 Wild And Untamed Thing SC8472-15 Sailing PX02-10 Rod Stewart Smile CB90229-08 All For Love SC8107-04 So Far Away SC8263-10 Angel LG032-05 Some Guys Have All The Luck SFMW852-04 As Time Goes By CB90229-11 Someone To Watch Over Me CB90229-10 Baby Jane LG032-03 Stay With Me DG01-07 Bewitched Bewildered CB90229-04 Superstar MM6258-12 Broken Arrow SC8279-06 That Old Feeling LG182-11 Cigarettes And Alcohol SC8473-15 That's All CB90228-14 Crazy About Her BS6717-02 The Motown Song LG182-13 Crazy She Calls Me TU244-05 The Nearness Of You CB90228-11 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy SC7503-02 The Very Thought Of You LG182-07 Don’t Get Around Much Anymore TU244-06 The Way You Look Tonight CB90228-03 Dont Get Around Much CB90229-03 These Foolish Things SC8809-02 Downtown Train SC8153-03 They Can't Take That Away From Me CB90228-02 Every Beat Of My Heart LG032-10 This Old Heart Of Mine SC8722-14 Every Picture Tells A Story SC8722-08 Till The Real Thing Comes Along CB90229-06 Every Time We Say Goodbye CB90228-10 Till There Was You CB90229-05 Faith Of The Heart SC8515-07 Till There Was You (Ray Charles Cover) TU244-13 First Cut Is The Deepest LG032-07 Time After Time CB90229-01 For All We Know PS6027-05 To Be With You TU033-13 Forever Young SC8722-03 Tom Traubert.S Blues (Waltzing Matilda) SF004-11 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You SC7600-14 Tonight I'm Yours Don't Hurt Me SC8305-08 Have You Ever Seen The Rain PHAC0611-03 Tonight's The Night SC8722-07 Having A Party SC8951-13 Unforgettable CB90228-15 Hot Legs SC8722-04 We'll Be Together PS6027-09 Human TU033-06 What Am I Gona Do LG032-09 I Can't Deny It CB3012-12 When I Need You MM6197-13 I Don't Want To Talk About It SC8363-01 When We Were The New Boys SK526-11 I Know I'm Losing You DG11-13 Where Or When CB90229-07 I Left My Heart In San Fransisco CB90229-15 You Go To My Head CB90228-01 I Only Have Eyes For You CB90229-12 You Wear It Well SC8722-12 I’m In The Mood For Love (Nat King Cole Cover) TU244-08 Young Turks MM6171-15 If I Had You TU033-08 Your Song SC8238-03 If Loving You Is Wrong LG032-08 You're In My Heart SC8722-13 If We Fall In Love Tonight SC8343-01 Rod Stewart & Cher I'll Be Seeing You PS6027-01 Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered SC8858-01 Im In The Mood For Love CB90229-02 Rod Stewart & Eric Clapton Infatuation SC8722-05 Tears In Heaven SK526-12 It Had To Be You LG182-15 Rod Stewart & Queen Latifah Killing Of Georgie LG032-01 As Time Goes By TU244-03 Leave Virginia Alone SC8187-13 Rod Stewart & Rick Isley Love Touch DK028-14 This Old Heart Of Mine NUTECH-0947 Miggie May TU093-06 Rod Stewart & Stevie Wonder Moonglow LG182-09 What A Wonderful World SD4501-14 Motown Song SO204-08 Rodd Rundgren My Heart Can't Tell You No DK089-07 Hello Its Me CBE623-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 270 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Rodger Sanchez Rogelio Martinez Another Chance EZH02-11 It's Ok SCL1558-04 Rodney Atkins Y Sigues Siendo Tu SCL2278-02 15 Minutes CB60413 Roger Brown Angel's Hands CB60368-10 Swing City MM6174-02 Chasin' Girls CB60428-01 Roger Daltry Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy) SC9013-08 Without Your Love AMS1502-02 Farmer's Daughter CB60436-03 Roger Miller Honesty (Write Me A List) SC8837-11 Chug-A-Lug SC8136 04 If You're Goin' Through Hell (Before The Devil SC9011-08 Dang Me SC7539-11 Even Knows) Do Wacka Do CB90126 -13 In A Heartbeat SC3040-07 Engine Engine Number 9 SC9501-13 Invisibly Shaken CB60374-14 Husbands And Wives SC8592-11 It's America CB60395-10 I'm A Nut MM6330-13 Monkey In The Middle CB60335-14 Kansas City Star SC8538-03 My Old Man THC0303-19 King Of The Road SC7513-14 Sing Along SC8779-12 Little Green Apples SC8400-09 Someone To Share It With CB60323-14 Loving Her Was Easier CB90126 -14 These Are My People SC9004-02 My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died CB90126 -15 Watching You SC8996-06 One Dyin' And A Buryin' CB90126 -06 Rodney Carrington Walking In The Sunshine JV0015-08 Dancing With A Man SC8669-13 When Two Worlds Collide CB90126 -12 Fred SC8739-12 You Can't Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd CB90126 -04 Great To Be A Man SC8739-07 Roger Springer Band Letter To My Peni$ SC8700-01 Ain't Nothin' But A Cloud CB60179-08 More Of A Man SC8739-03 Roger Whitaker Morning Wood SC8739-13 I Don't Believe In If Anymore SFMW813-01 Show Them To Me (Radio Version) SC9004-15 Roger Whittaker Who Put The D### On The Snowman SC8780-16 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain THMP003-12 Rodney Crowell But She Loves Me THMP003-19 Above And Beyond SC9902-02 Durham Town THMP003-13 After All This Time CB60127-07 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You THMP003-17 Big Heart SC8241-12 I Love You Because THMP003-15 Earthbound TU249-08 I'd Fall In Love Tonight THMP003-18 Even Cowgirls Get The Blues SC8275-01 Keep On Chasin' Rainbows THMP003-20 Fate's Right Hand TU235-01 Last Farewell SF158-12 I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried SC8455-15 New World In The Morning THMP003-16 I Don't Fall In Love So Easy SC8301-14 There Goes My Everything THMP003-14 If Looks Could Kill SC8131-07 Roger Williams It Must Be Love MM6174-08 Autumn Leaves LG169-03 Let The Picture Paint Itself SC8287-02 Rogue Traders Lovin All Night SC8130-04 Don't You Wanna Feel THP0801-11 Many A Long & Lonesome Highway SC8610-15 Voodoo Child SFMW878-08 My Past Is Present CB60147-10 Watching You SFMW881-07 Please Remember Me SC8171-14 Rolf Harris Riding Out The Storm TU249-12 Court Of King Caractacus SFMW844-03 She's Crazy For Leavin' SC8517-07 Jake The Peg SF095-15 What Kind Of Love SC8200-10 Stairway To Heaven SFMW849-01 Rodney Crowell & Johnny Cash Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport SC8927-02 I Walk The Line (Revisited) SC3111-02 Two Little Boys BSK004-11 Rodney Redman When We Were Two Little Boys SFMW849-01 These Days CB60241-02 Roll Deep Rodriguez Good Times SF292-06 Sugar Man SFMW855-10 Rolling Stones Rogelio Martinez 19Th Nervous Breakdown LG091-11 Amame SCL1537-04 Ain't Too Proud To Beg SC8670-01 Aqui Estoy Yo SCL1544-06 Angie SC8670-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 271 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Rolling Stones Rolling Stones As Tears Go By LG091-06 Undercover Of The Night SC8820-15 Beast Of Burden SC8670-07 Visions Of Paradise SC8744-15 Bitch LG120-09 Waiting On A Friend SC8670-15 Brown Sugar LG091-14 Wild Horses LG091-12 Carol DKM3047-11 You Can't Always Get What You Want SC8300-08 Dance Little Sister SC8670-09 You Got Me Rocking SC8820-09 Dead Flowers THCOL04-01 Rolling Stones & Joss Stone Don't Stop THR0212-17 Lonely Without You(This Christmas)(Duet) SF857-04 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) SC8820-08 Roman Holiday Emotional Rescue LG120-10 Stand By AMS1508-04 Fool To Cry SC8670-11 Romantics Get Off My Cloud LG091-16 Talking In Your Sleep SC8443-02 Gimme Shelter LG120-01 What I Like About You SC7530-14 God Gave Me Everything SC8732-03 Rome Happy SC8670-12 I Belong To You SC3023-08 Harlem Shuffle DK021-04 Romeo Void Heart Of Stone HC004-05 Girl In Trouble PHMR8401-07 Honky Tonk Woman LG091-15 Never Say Never SC8522-02 I Just Wanna Make Love To You NT16-04 Ron Browz It S All Over Now LG120-04 Jumping (Out The Window) PHMU0904 It’S Only Rock & Roll SF157-07 Ron Sunshine & Full Circle It's Only Rock And Roll SC8670-08 Enough For You MM6254-04 Jumpin' Jack Flash LG091-13 Ronan Keating Last Time LG091-10 I Hope You Dance SF223-07 Let It Bleed LG120-02 I Love It When We Do EZH14-09 Let's Spend The Night Together SCMILE01-15 If Tomorrow Never Comes EZH11-05 Little Queenie DK083-04 Life Is A Rollercoaster SF167-12 Little Red Rooster SC9001-07 Long Goodbye SF205-07 Love Is Strong SC8238-02 Love Won't Work SF187-16 Midnight Rambler AH8004-07 Loving Each Day SC8730-04 Miss You SC8670-05 She Believes In Me SF215-11 Mixed Emotions SC8820-13 Way You Make You Feel SF170-15 Mothers Little Helper LG091-09 When You Say Nothing At All SF142-04 Not Fade Away SC8670-10 Ronan Keating & Leann Rimes Out Of Tears SC8374-12 Last Thing On My Mind (Duet) SF217-07 Paint It Black LG091-08 Ronan Keating & Lulu Painted Black NUTECH-0157 We've Got Tonight EZH18-10 Playing With Fire LG120-03 Ronan Keating & Yusuf Islam Rip This Joint SC8670-14 Father & Son SF226-04 Rock And A Hard Place SC8820-01 Ronan Keating Kate Rusby Ruby Tuesday LG120-05 All Over Again PAN2006-01 Satisfaction LG078-02 Ronettes Shattered SC8670-06 Be My Baby LG147-13 She's So Cold SC8820-06 Walking In The Rain DK051-18 Sister Morphine SFG032-05 Ronna Reeves Some Girls SC8670-13 He's My Weakness SC8219-04 Spider And The Fly ZMH007-14 My Heart Wasn't In It SC8294-02 Star Star SC8820-11 Never Let Him See Me Cry SC8278-14 Start Me Up SC8670-03 Rodeo Man SC8303-04 Street Fighting Man LG120-07 That's All Right With Me SC8291-14 Stupid Girl SC8970-03 Ronnie Bowman Sympathy For The Devil LG091-03 Cold Virginia Night CB20409-08 Tell Me LG120-12 Rise Above CB60248-05 Time Is On My Side SC7531-13 Tumbling Dice SC8670-02 Roses Are Red SF066-09 Under My Thumb SCMILE01-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 272 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ronnie Hawkins Ronnie Milsap Mary Lou SC8521-12 Only One Love In My Life SC7570-03 Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends SC8342-08 Around The World SF063-06 Prisoner Of The Highway CB90323-04 No Other Love SF092-15 Pure Love SC8455-11 Ronnie James Dio She Keeps The Home Fires Burning CBE4-18-01 Holy Diver SC8516-03 Show Her CB90323-09 Ronnie McDowell Since I Don't Have You SC8359-09 All Tied Up SC8529-10 Smoky Mountain Rain SC8101-06 Don't Let Go CB90125 -15 Snap Your Fingers CB90030-11 I Dream Of Women Like You CB90125 -08 Stranger In My House SC8610-06 I Got A Million Of 'Em CB90125 -09 Stranger Things Have Happened SC8144-15 In A New York Minute SC8564-13 Time, Love And Money CB60203-04 It's Only Make Believe CB90125 -13 Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry CB90323-10 King Is Gone CB90125 -04 True Believer SC8282-03 Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs SAVA04-18 Turn That Radio On SC8352-02 Love Talks CB90125 -11 What A Difference You've Made In My Life SC8260-15 Older Women SC7537-03 When The Sun Goes Down CB90127 -04 Personally CB90125 -05 Where Do The Nights Go CB90323-13 Wandering Eyes SC8385-13 Woman In Love SC8296-13 Watchin' Girls Go By CB90125 -02 Ronnie Montrose When You Hurt, I Hurt CB90125 -14 Rock Candy AH8006-08 You Made A Wanted Man Out Of Me CB90125 -07 Ronny & The Daytonas You're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation SC8431-07 Gto SC8202-05 Ronnie Milsap Room 5 & Oliver Cheatham All Is Fair In Love And War SC8301-08 Make Luv SF205-03 Am I Losing You CB90127 -11 Roommates Any Day Now SC7544-13 Glory Of Love PI036-10 Are You Lovin Me Like I'm Lovin You SC8352-08 Rooney Back On My Mind Again SC8494-10 I'm Shakin' SD4404-09 Button Off My Shirt CB90323-15 When Did Your Heart Go Missing THHP0801-18 Cowboys And Clowns CB90127 -10 Rooster Daydreams About Night Things SC8424-09 Come Get Some SFMW856-05 Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurtin' Me SC8461-08 Staring At The Sun SF228-03 Don't You Know How Much I Love You CB90323-02 You're So Right For Me SF231-08 Happy, Happy Birthday Darling CB90127 -14 Roots He Got You CB90323-01 Don't Say Nuthin THMH0409-18 Houston Solution CB90030-13 Rosanne Cash How Do I Turn You On SC8537-08 7 Year Ache CBE605-13 I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World SC8355-15 Blue Moon With Heartache SC8647-07 I'd Be A Legend In My Time SC8262-14 I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me SC8576-08 I'm A Stand By My Woman Man CB90030-04 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party MM6122-10 I'm Playing For You SC8306-03 I Wonder NS26-15 In Love CB90323-05 If You Change Your Mind SC8398-09 In No Time At All CB90323-12 My Baby Thinks He's A Train SC8676-15 Inside SC8529-11 Never Be You SC8564-11 It Was Almost Like A Song SC7539-14 Rules Of Travel CB60314-13 Just In Case CB90323-11 Runaway Train SC8414-13 Let Me Be Your Love Pillow CB90127 -05 Seven Year Ache SC8412-11 Let's Take The Long Way CB90127 -07 Tennessee Flat Top Box SC8114-14 Livin' On Love CB90323-06 What You Really Want CB60298-15 Local Girls CB60351-07 Rosanne Cash & Johnny Cash Lost In The Fifties SC8103-10 September When It Comes SC8847-01 My Heart DK050-18 Rosco Martinez No Gettin' Over Me SC8380-09 Neon Moonlight NT29-10 Nobody Likes Sad Songs CB60301-02 Rose Falcon Old Folks CB90323-14 Up Up Up TU214-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 273 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Rose Royce Roxy Music Car Wash SC8704-12 Dance Away EZA004-04 I Wanna Get Next To You SC8863-07 Jealous Guy EZA004-08 I'm Going Down SC8405-02 Jealous Love PI040-11 Is It Love You're After SF107-01 Let's Stick Together THCOL04-01 Love Don't Live Here Anymore SC8776-10 Love Is The Drug SC8627-06 Ooh Boy SC8606-04 More Than This EZA004-09 Wishing On A Star SF072-07 Oh Yeah (On The Radio) EZA004-06 Roselyn Sanchez & Tego Calderon Over You EZA004-10 Amor Amor SCL1573-06 Same Old Scene EZA004-03 Rosemary Clooney Virginia Plain SF035-04 Anniversary Song MM6004-10 Roy Acuff Come On-A-My House SC8249-07 Great Speckled Bird DK066-18 Don't Worry About Me DK036-16 Wabash Cannonball SC8208-14 Half As Much PSJT318-14 Roy Acuff & The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Hey There SC7553-05 Wreck On The Highway CBEP476-6-14 I Can't Give You Anything But Love SGB037-12 Roy 'Chubby' Brown I Could Have Danced All Night PSJT318-15 Who The F Is Alice FLY029-05 Mambo Italiano SC2418-07 Roy Clark My Old Flame MM6259-06 Come Live With Me SC8412-05 This Ole House SC8124-05 Honeymoon Feelin' SC8426-10 Rosie & The Originals I Never Picked Cotton SC8576-10 Angel Baby SC8521-13 If I Had To Do It All Over Again SC8767-01 Rosie Gaines Shotgun Wedding SF064-11 Surrender SF116-14 Thank God And Greyhound SC8335-10 Rosie Ribbons Tips Of My Fingers SC7567-03 Blink SF197-12 Yesterday When I Was Young SC8262-09 Cheek To Cheek EZA010-10 Roy Drusky Winner Takes It All SFG018-12 2Nd Hand Rose CB90141-05 Rossington Collins Band 3 Hearts CB90141-04 Don't Misunderstand Me SC8479-08 All My Friends CB90141-10 Rowland Kelly All My Hard Times CB90141-14 Stole AMS1037-04 Another CB90141-02 Roxanne & Utfo Anymore CB90141-03 Real Roxanne SC8656-06 I Went Outta My Way CB90141-09 Long Long Texas Road CB90141-06 SC8237-02 Peel Me A Nanner CB90141-07 SAVP23-09 Pick Of The Week CB90141-15 Crash Boom Bang SD010-12 Such A Fool CB90141-13 Dangerous DK095-17 The World Is Round CB90141-11 SFMW804-09 Tips Of My Fingers CB90141-08 Fading Like A Flower SAVP25-08 Where The Blue & The Lonely Go CB90141-12 I SF134-14 Yes Mr Peters CB90141-01 SC8366-02 Roy Drusky & Priscilla Mitchell Joyride SFMW808-11 Yes, Mr. Peters CB60333-15 Listen To Your Heart SC8371-01 Roy Hamilton Look SC8634-11 Ebb Tide SAVP30-06 SF026-07 Roy Head The Look PUK329-14 Treat Her Right SC8563-06 Roxie Roy Head & Traits Virginia Plan KH27-10 Just A Little Bit RB20-01 Roxie Dean Roy Orbison A Soldier's Wife CB60327-13 Blue Angel SC8679-13 Everyday Girl CB60315-12 Blue Bayou PS1008-03 Roxy Music California Blue ZMP037-12 Angel Eyes EZA004-05 Candy Man PS1008-04 Avalon SC8671-04 Communication Breakdown SFMW803-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 274 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Roy Orbison Rubettes Crying SC7502-04 Sugar Baby Love SF028-02 Dream Baby SC8679-06 Ruby & The Romantics I Drove All Night ZMP037-04 Hey There Lonely Boy MM6113-08 In Dreams SC7557-03 Our Day Will Come SC8226-07 It's Over SC8804-10 Ruby Lovett Love So Beautiful SFMW837-04 Little Bitty Crack In His Heart SC3077-08 Mean Woman Blues LG055-11 Ruby Murry Medley 1 ZMP037-13 Softly Softly SF063-10 Medley 2 ZMP037-14 Rubyhorse Only The Lonely SC7504-10 Sparkle THP0207-16 Ooby-Dooby LG055-13 Rudolfo Olivares Penny Arcade ZMP037-11 Juana La Cubana OKE0004-01 Pretty Paper BS7017-06 Ruff Endz Pretty Woman SC7502-09 No More SC8654-03 Ride Away BS7017-15 Someone To Love You SC8773-15 Running Scared SC8450-10 Rufus Sweet Dream Baby CBE2-14-13 Tell Me Something Good SC8704-15 You Got It SC8273-04 Rufus & Carla Thomas Roy Rogers Night Time Is The Right Time RB16-03 Happy Trails CB60073-05 Rufus & Chaka Khan Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Ain't Nobody SC8886-13 Happy Trails SC8109-06 Hollywood SC8397-11 Roy Wood Sweet Thing SC8420-03 I Wish It Could Be Christmas PX01-02 Tell Me Something Good RB05-13 Royal Crown Revue Rufus Thomas Beyond The Sea AMS1509-07 Do The Dog RB13-11 Hey Pachuco SGB07-05 Walking The Dog CBEP459-3-17 Walkin Blues AMS1509-06 Willy Nilly RB17-15 Zip Gun Bop SC8490-01 Rufus Wainwright Royal Guardsmen Hallelujah SC8850-12 Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron SC8669-06 Rui Da Silva & Cassandra Royal Teens Touch Me SF176-16 Short Shorts SC7504-03 Run Dmc Royal Wade Kimes & Garth Brooks Christmas In Hollis SC8780-02 Night Birds SD106-11 It's Tricky SC8875-11 Royale Delite King Of Rock SC8875-06 I'll Be A Freak For You SF068-14 Walk This Way DK028-12 Rozalla You Be Illin' SC8612-10 Everybody's Free SF007-11 Runaway Rr & Q Band Love And Theft CB60407-13 Dreamer SF068-13 Rupee Ru Paul Tempted To Touch THH0504-16 Supermodel MM6021B-08 Rupert Holmes Ruben Ramos Escape (The Pina Colada Song) SC8368-15 Prietita Consentida SC7105-15 Him SC8577-12 Ruben Studdard Rush Change Me THH0611-10 Aly & Aj CB30058-09 Don't Make 'Em Like U No More CB30132-08 Closer To The Heart SC8691-07 Flying Without Wings PSJT310-14 Cold Fire NT43-13 Sorry 2004 SC8878-12 Fly By Night SC8586-13 Superstar SC8849-05 Freewill SC8691-04 Sweetest Sin CB30040-09 Limelight SC8406-05 Together CB30113-08 New World Man SC8691-10 What If PHU0406-02 Nobody's Hero NT33-09 Rubettes One Little Victory SC3320-02 Juke Box Jive SF104-04 Red Barchetta SC8691-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 275 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Rush S Club 7 Secret Touch PHR0209-07 Bring It All Back SF142-16 Spirit Of Radio SC8691-02 Don't Stop Movin' CB40317-11 Subdivisions SC8942-03 Don't Tell Me Your Sorry SF213-07 Time Stands Still GM1000-06 Fool No More SF206-13 Tom Sawyer SC8334-12 Have You Ever SFG016-10 Rushlow Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You SF204-10 I Can't Be Your Friend SC8833-10 Natural SFG016-11 Rushlow Harris Never Had A Dream Come True SC8090-08 Bagpipes Cryin' PHN0703-09 Puppy Love SF200-14 That's So You CB60360-11 Reach SF165-05 Russ Abbot S Club Party SF148-09 Atmosphere SF028-16 Say Goodbye SF205-13 Russ Ballard Stand By You SFG016-13 Voices SC9012-12 Sundown SF210-09 Russ Taff Two In A Million SFG016-15 Bein' Happy MM6103-07 You SFG016-14 One And Only Love SC8163-13 You’Re My Number One SF157-09 Russell Watson S Club Juniors Where My Heart Will Take Me SFMW842-13 Automatic High SF194-03 Ruth Brown New Direction SF196-14 Lucky Lips RB18-12 One Step Closer SF192-07 Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean DK097-08 S.O.S Band Oh What A Dream RB20-09 Just Be Good To Me SFMW839-03 Teardrops From My Eyes RB25-07 S.O.S. Ruth Wallis Finest SFMW842-06 You've Gotta Have Boobs AMS2001-08 S.O.S. Band Ryan Adams Just DK055-16 Answering Bell SC8752-11 Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Part 1) SC8824-15 Everybody Knows PHM0802-04 Sacha Distel New York, New York SC8744-14 Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head SF090-03 Rocket Man SC3352-02 Sad Cafe So Alive SC3400-03 Every Day Hurts SFMW875-14 Two PHM0711-09 Sade Ryan Cabrerra By Your Side SC8688-04 40 Kinds Of Sadness PHMP0506-05 Cherish The Day SC8246-03 Enemies CB30074-06 Giving You The Best I Got LG144-11 On The Way Down SC8888-01 Hang On To Your Love SC8606-02 Photo PHM0603-04 Kiss Of Life SC8279-03 Say CB30071-01 No Ordinary Love SC8272-03 Shine On PHM0511-09 Paradise SC8405-12 True SC8909-12 Please Send Me Someone To Love SC8244-01 Ryan Duarte Smooth Operator SC7511-14 You CB30044-09 Soldier Of Love SF290-15 Ryan Leslie Sweetest Taboo SC8201 01 Diamond Girl PHU0805-05 Your Love Is King SC7549-10 How It Was Supposed To Be PHMH0902-9 Safaris I Choose You PHMU1003 Image Of A Girl MM6361-02 You're Not My Girl PHU0911-08 Safetysuit Ryan Shupe & The Rubber Band Stay PHMP906 Dream Big CB60339-12 Saga Ryan Tyler On The Loose SC8684-05 Last Thing She Said SC3417-07 Saigon Kick Run, Run, Run SC8847-11 Love Is On The Way SC8242-01 S Club 7 Sailor Alive EZH18-03 Glass Of Champagne SF035-11 Best Friend SFG016-16

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 276 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Saliva Samantha Fox After Me THR0204-17 I Wanna Have Some Fun SC8333-10 Always THR0301-18 Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) DK042-04 Click Click Boom SC8720-01 Nothing Gonna Stop Me Now JV0046-10 Raise Up PHR0309-09 Touch Me SC8532-14 Rest PHR0305-04 Touch Me (I Want Your Body) FLY007-06 Survival Of The Sickest SC8914-01 Samantha Mumba Your Disease SC8699-10 Always Come Back To Your Love SF175-07 Salt N Pepa Baby Come Over SC8708-04 Do You Want Me SC8754-06 Body Ii Body LG117-14 Expression SC8624-05 Don't Need You To Tell Me I'm Pretty PHM0112-08 Let's Talk About Sex SC8117-15 Gotta Tell You SC8645-05 None Of Your Business SC8754-08 I Dont Need You CB30015-07 Rush It SC8169 04 I'm Right Here SF196-15 Shoop SC8111-12 Lately EZH06-02 Salt N Pepa & En Vogue Samantha Sang Whatta Man SC8113-03 Emotion SC8627-12 Salvatore Adamo Sammi Smith Mauvais Garcon SAVP07-05 Help Me Make It Through The Night SC7507-14 Tombe La Neige SAVP07-06 Sammie Sam & Dave Come With Me PHU0703-06 Don't Make It So Hard On Me SAVP31-04 I Like It SC8613-05 Hold On I'm A Comin' SC8353-09 Sammy Davis Jr. I Thank You PI006-18 Birth Of The Blues MM6180-14 Soul Man SF073-11 Candy Man SC7538-12 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby CBEP459-5-03 Hey There MM6137-13 Sam & Mark I've Gotta Be Me SC7538-03 With A Little Help From My Friends SF215-06 Love Me Or Leave Me LG022-13 Sam Browne Me And My Shadow LG022-14 Stop SFMW811-02 Mr. Bojangles SC7553-04 Sam Cooke Something's Gotta Give LG022-09 Another Saturday Night SC8963-07 That Old Black Magic LG022-11 Chain Gang LG095-10 Too Close For Comfort PS1318-18 Cupid LG095-12 What Kind Of Fool Am I LG022-12 Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha SC8963-08 You Don't Know Me LG022-08 Frankie And Johnnie LG095-14 Sammy Hagar Good Times SC8963-05 Heavy Metal SC8782-03 Having A Party LG095-08 I Can't Drive 55 SC8202-09 Meet Me At Mary's Place SC8963-09 Let Sally Drive THR0103-16 Only Sixteen LG095-11 Little White Lie SC8448-09 Send Me Some Lovin' SC8963-10 Mas Tequila SC8531-12 Shake LG095-15 Serious Juju SC8673-12 Twistin' The Night Away SC8963-15 Shag SC8548-05 What A Wonderful World PT2003-09 There's Only One Way To Rock SC8843-01 Wonderful World SC8963-14 Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy SC8427-08 You Send Me SCMILE01-02 Sammy Johns Sam Kinison Chevy Van SC7559-05 Wild Thing SC8843-03 Sammy Kershaw Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs Anywhere But Here SC8131-14 Lil' Red Riding Hood SC8526-09 Beer, Bait & Ammo CB60318-01 Wooly Bully SC7508-03 Cadillac Style SC7594-06 Samantha Cole Christmas TU166-04 Happy With You SC8395-06 Christmas Time's A Comin' TU166-04 I Say A Little Prayer PP3041-03 Don't Go Near The Water SC8502-02 Without You MM6231-11 Fit To Be Tied Down SC8504-10 Samantha Fox Haunted Heart SC8167-05 I Only Wanna Be With You DK057-04 Honky Tonk America SC8470-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 277 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Sammy Kershaw Sanford Clark I Can't Reach Her Anymore SC8168-15 Fool SC8579-06 I Know A Little SC8301-06 Santa Esmeralda I Want My Money SC3363-07 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood TU097-05 If You Ever Come This Way Again SC8275-08 Santana If You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Crawl SC8163-08 All I Ever Wanted SK539-09 Louisiana Hot Sauce CB60206-10 Black Magic Woman SC8586-08 Love Of My Life SC8416-06 Crush SK539-04 Matches SC8451-04 Dance Sister Dance SK540-07 Me And Maxine SC8584-11 Everybody's Everything SC8668-10 Meant To Be SC8271-05 Everybody's Watching SK539-05 National Working Woman's Holiday SC8142-01 Evil Ways SC7547-13 One Day Left To Live SC8496-06 Hold On SK539-07 Politics Religion And Her SC8344-02 Hope You're Feeling Better SK540-09 Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer SC8214-01 I Get Lost SK540-02 She Don't Know She's Beautiful SC8229-01 I Put A Spell On You SF173-10 Southbound SC8149-03 I'm Feeling You THMP0601-04 Still Lovin' You SC8224-10 Love Of My Life TUTP05-01 Tennessee Girl CB60354-13 Maria Maria SC3177-04 Third Rate Romance SC8175-07 No One To Depend On SK539-12 Too Far Gone To Leave SC8287-14 Oh Yes (Aka Postman) THH0606-18 Vidalia SC8315-05 Open Invitation AH8017-07 When You Love Someone SC3154-01 Oye Como Va DK1109-04 Yard Sale SC8183-05 Persuasion SK539-06 Your Tattoo SC8194-12 Put Your Lights On SK540-01 Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan Sensitive Kind SK539-11 He Drinks Tequila TU038-07 She's Not There SK539-10 Maybe Not Tonight THC9905-13 Smooth SK539-01 Sammy Turner Stormy SK540-10 Lavender Blue MM6160-05 There It Go PHU0602-03 Sampras What's It Like SK539-08 Wilson SC8794-09 Why Dont You & I THMPSM02-15 Sandi Patti Winning SC8510-05 Hand On My Shoulder NT52-01 Wishing It Was SK540-11 How Majestic Is Your Name SC2045-01 Santana & Alejandro Lerner Sandi Thom Hoy Es Adios SCL1565-03 I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker SF244-04 Santana & Alex Band What If I'm Right SF246-03 Why Don't You And I THP0309-06 Santana & Chad Kroeger Always Something There To Remind Me THCOL04-01 Into The Night SC9014-03 Girl Don't Come SF086-03 Why Don't You & I SC8806-03 Long Live Love SF052-12 Santana & Dave Matthews Puppet On A String SF099-10 Love Of My Life NUTECH-0717 Sandpipers Santana & Dido Come Saturday Morning DKM3081-09 Feels Like Fire SC8809-03 Guantanamera DK2012-08 Santana & Everlast Sandra Put Your Lights On SC8565-07 I'll Never Be Maria Magdalena SFMW922-04 Santana & Macy Gray Sandy B. Amoré (Sexo) SC3353-05 Make The World Go Around SF119-10 Santana & Mana Sandy Patti & Wayne Watson Corazon Espinado SC2290-01 Another Time Another Place TU076-03 Santana & Michelle Branch Sandy Posey Game Of Love SC3339-06 Single Girl SF099-12 The Game Of Love AI0066-1-07 Sanford & Townsend Band Santana & Michelle Branch & The Wreckers Smoke From A Distant Fire SC8668-01 I'm Feeling You (Radio Version) SC3453-08 Sanford Clark

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 278 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Santana & Musiq Sarah Brightman Nothing At All (Radio Version) SC8818-15 Away From You PS6038-16 Santana & P.O.D. Chanson D'enfance PS6056-13 America SC8806-12 Deliver Me SC8542-06 Santana & Product G&B Dust In The Wind PS6039-13 Maria Maria SC8593-04 Eden PS6039-11 Santana & Rob Thomas Figlio Perduto PS6055-11 Smooth SC8548-13 First Of May PS6038-11 Santana & Steve Tyler Free PS6055-20 Just Feel Better PHAC0602-03 Gloomy Sunday PS6056-19 Santana Juelz Half A Moment PS6056-17 There It Go! (The Whistle Song) THH0604-14 Harem PS6055-18 Sara Bareillas Il Mio Cuore Va PS6055-12 King Of Anything CB30135-08 Journey Home PS6056-18 Sara Bareilles La Luna PS6055-13 Love Song CB30069-07 Lascia Ch'io Pianga PS6055-14 Sara Bareillis Last Man In My Life PS6038-13 Bottle It Up CB30075-05 Medowlark PS6056-11 Sara Evans Nessun Dorma PS6055-17 A Real Fine Place To Start SC8923-03 No One Like You PS6038-14 As If CB60366-03 Only An Ocean Away PS6038-12 Backseat Of A Grehound Bus SC8823-01 Pie Jesu PS6056-15 Bible Song SC8954-03 Question Of Honour PS6055-16 Born To Fly SC8653-14 Silent Heart PS6038-19 Cheatin' SC8954-04 Stranger In Paradise PS6038-17 Coalmine CB60352-03 Take My Life PS6056-20 Cryin' Game SC8464-11 Tell Me On A Sunday PS6038-15 Every Little Kiss PR1567-03 There Is More To Love PS6038-18 Feels Just Like A Love Song CB60416 Tu PS6055-15 Fool I'm A Woman SC8528-13 Until The End Of Time PS6056-14 I Could Not Ask For More SC8738-15 War Is Over PS6056-12 I Give In TU235-04 What You Never Know PS6055-19 I Keep Looking SC8753-12 Who Wants To Live Forever PS6038-20 I'll Be Home For Christmas CB60423-08 Winter Light PS6056-16 Let's Dance CB60220-07 Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip Love You With All My Heart CB60379-05 I Lost My Heart ZMH010-01 Missing Missouri CB60360-06 Sarah Buxton Niagara TU235-07 Innocence CB60356-11 No Place That Far SC8488-14 Outside My Window CB60419-06 O Come All Ye Faithful SC8990-09 Space CB60394-04 Perfect SC8847-04 That Kind Of Day CB60362-08 Real Fine Place To Start, A (Performance TU268-16 You'll Always Be My Baby PHN0611-08 Version) Sarah Connor Saints & Angels SC8795-08 Bounce PHM0404-08 Shame About That SC8432-11 Sarah Johns Some Things Never Change CB60372-02 He Hates Me CB60372-08 Suds In The Bucket SC8904-02 One In The Middle CB60366-13 That’S The Beat Of A Heart PR1567-05 Sarah McLachlan That's The Beat Of A Heart (Radio Version) SC8954-08 Adia SC8452-05 Three Chords & The Truth SC8388-08 Angel Eyes SGB11-03 Tonight CB60334-09 Angel Of Mine SC2190-04 True Lies MM6202-13 Building A Mystery SC8389-09 Why Should I Care TU106-18 Do What You Have To Do SC2255-08 You'll Always Be My Baby SC8989-02 Fallen SC8855-04 Sara Evans & The Warren Brothers Full Of Grace SFMW844-07 That's The Beat Of A Heart CSZ207-10 Fumbling Towards Ecstasy PI051-02 Sarah Brightman Good Enough MM6096-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 279 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Sarah McLachlan Savage Garden Hold On SD010-11 Truly Madly Deeply SC8422-15 I Will Remember You SC8787-02 Two Beds And A Coffee Machine SK542-11 I Will Remember You (Live) SC3142-01 You Can Still Be Free SK542-05 Ice Cream SC2255-03 Saving Abel Just Like Me PHM0607-07 18 Days SC3502-5 Ordinary Miracle PHM0704-07 Addicted CB30077-05 Possession SC8277-03 Drowning (Face Down) CB30100-1 Stupid SC8876-03 Saving Jane Sweet Surrender SC8423-10 Butterflies PHMP0907-09 U Want Me 2 CB30081-06 Girl Next Door SC8966-01 World On Fire SD4410-05 Happy PHM0608-07 Sarah Sadler Saw Doctors Running Into You TU207-13 I Useta Love Her SF151-11 Sarah Vaughn N17 SF153-04 All The Things You Are BS4017-12 Sawyer Brown Broken Hearted Melody BS4017-05 800 Pound Jesus SC8596-13 Lullaby Of Birdland PSJT016-09 All These Years SC8352-06 Comfortable SC8415-09 Another Side SC8444-05 Misty SAVP10-19 Betty's Bein' Bad SC8558-07 Moonlight In Vermont SC8124-13 Cafe On The Corner SC8400-01 Nice Work If You Can Get It PSJT016-08 Can You Hear Me Now SD096-13 Tenderly MM6142-10 Circles SC8753-05 Whatever Lola Wants SC8196-02 Did It For Love CB90281-09 Sarah Vaughn Bennett Tony & Frank Sinatra Dirt Road SC8131-12 My Funny Valentine DKM3100-13 Drive Me Wild SC3117-06 Sarah Whatmore Hard To Say SC8260-10 Automatic SF202-09 I Don't Believe In Goodbye SC8160-14 When I Lost You SF196-13 I Need A Girlfriend CB90281-06 Sarai I Will Leave The Light On SC8253-02 Ladies PHM0309-01 I'll Be Around CB60315-05 Saraya I'm In Love With Her SC8546-06 Love Has Taken Its Toll SC8800-15 Keep Your Hands To Yourself SD145-12 Sarina Paris Looking For Love SC8665-03 Look At Us SC8702-12 Mission Temple Fireworks Stand SD128-10 Sasha Outskirts Of Town NT31-10 If You Believe SC8661-13 Perfect World SC8623-10 Sass Jordan Puttin' The Dark Back In The Night CB60097-14 High Road Easy NT46-05 Race Is On MM6088-04 You Don't Have To Remind Me SC8338-01 Round Here SC8216-11 Satacie Orrico She's Gettin' There SC8311-09 Instead THP0403-16 Six Days On The Road SC8370-09 Saturdays Small Talk SC3072-05 Ego SFMW920-12 Some Girls Do SC8101-10 Savage Garden Step That Step SC7556-05 Affirmation SC8645-04 Thank God For You SC8144-09 Animal Song SF142-13 The Boys And Me SC8215-05 Best Thing SK542-09 The Walk CB90281-07 Break Me Shake Me SF126-12 They Don't Understand CB60345-04 Chained To You SK542-08 This Missin' You Heart Of Mine SC7570-07 Crash And Burn SC8607-09 This Night Won't Last Forever SC8384-09 Hold Me SC8629-01 This Thing Called Wantin' & Havin' It MM6109-06 I Don't Know You Anymore SK542-04 This Time SC8149-04 I Knew I Loved You SC8569-11 This Won’T Last Forever MMCOU202-12 I Want You SC8369-05 Treat Her Right SC8267-07 Lover After Me SK542-10 Trouble On The Line SC8130-14 To The Moon & Back SC8390-07 Used To Blue SC8564-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 280 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Sawyer Brown Scott McKenzie Walk SC8265-12 San Francisco SC8441-08 Wantin' & Havin' It All SC8189-15 Scott Stapp When Love Comes Calling CB90281-01 Great Divide PHM0512-02 Sawyer Brown & Robert Randolph The Great Divide THMR0601-07 Mission Temple Fireworks Stand THC0503-20 Scott Walker Saxon Joanna THCOL04-01 Wheels Of Steel SFMW842-05 Scotty Emerick Scaffold The Coast Is Clear SD118-12 Lily The Pink SF042-12 The Watch CB60324-07 Thank You Very Much SF089-10 Watch PHN0408-02 Scandal What's Up With That CB60353-10 Goodbye To You SC8467-14 Where's My Beer CB60321-01 Warrior SC8331-06 Scotty Emerick & Toby Keith Scarlet I Can't Take You Anywhere SC8842-01 Independent Love Song SC8263-07 Scouting For Girls Scarlet Pimpernel Elvis Ain't Dead THP0805-10 I'll Forget You PS1389-09 This Ain't A Love Song SF291-04 Into The Fire PS1389-03 Screamin Jay Hawkins Marguerite PS1389-07 I Put A Spell On You SC8970-09 Now When The Rain Falls PS1389-08 Screaming Trees Only Love PS1389-12 All I Know SC8308-11 Our Separate Ways PS1389-10 Nearly Lost You SC8749-02 Scarlet Pimpernel PS1389-06 Script There Never Was A Time PS1389-11 Breakeven CB30121 When I Look At You PS1389-04 Man Who Can't Be Moved PHMP0905 Where's The Girl PS1389-05 Scritti Politti You Are My Home PS1389-02 Perfect Way SC8719-03 Scarlet Pimpernell Sea Horses Storybook PS1389-01 Blinded By The Sun SF114-14 School Of Fish Love Is The Law ZMH002-06 3 Strange Days SC8749-07 You Can Talk To Me SF117-10 Schubert Seal Ave Maria LG134-14 Amazing THHP0802-10 Scissor Sisters Crazy SC8942-04 Filthy Gorgeous SF227-10 Don't Cry SC8233-12 Fire With Fire SF293-08 Fly Like An Eagle SC8340-12 I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Radio Version) SC8988-08 Human Beings SC8501-10 Land Of A Thousand Words SF250-04 SC8187-06 Laura SFMW849-01 Love Is Devine MM6408-04 Mary SF223-03 Love's Divine CB30046-14 Take Your Mama SFMW849-01 Prayer For The Dying SC8272-09 This Could Be Heaven SC8688-03 More Than I Need To Know SF159-07 Waiting For You CB30043-14 Scooter Seals & Croft Back In The Uk SF034-14 Diamond Girl SC8192-02 Scorpions Get Closer SC8650-03 Big City Nights SC8869-03 I'll Play For You SC8641-02 No One Like You SC8631-10 Summer Breeze SC8201-03 Rock You Like A Hurricane SC7579-08 We May Never Pass This Way Again SC8188-15 Still Lovin' You SC8516-14 Windflowers NUTECH-0403 Under The Same Sun NT28-11 Seals & Croft & Osmond Wind Of Change SC8373-06 Meet Me In Montana CB60041-11 Zoo SC8756-04 Sean Kingston Scott Krippayne Beautiful Girls SC9006-05 I'm Not Cool SC8828-03 Me Love PHM0710-02 Scott McKenzie Take You There SC9022-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 281 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber Seether Eenie Meenie SF293-06 Truth THR0512-18 Sean Paul Veruca Salt SC8433-12 Get Busy SC8853-12 Seether & Amy Lee Gimme The Light SC8801-03 Broken PHM0407-01 Give It Up To Me THH0609-14 Seldom Scene Like Glue SC8844-04 House Of Gold CBEP476-5-15 Press It Up PHU0910-02 Muddy Water CBEP476-1-13 So Fine PHU0908-02 Old Train CBEP476-2-11 Temperature SC8983-01 Selena Temperature (Radio-Version) SC8983-01 Amor Prohibido SCL2049-06 We Be Burnin PHM1205U-07 Baila Mi Cumbia OKE0005-04 We Be Burnin' (Radio Version) SC8948-08 Boy Like That SC8257-14 Sean Paul & Keyshia Cole Captive Heart MM6308-02 When You Gonna (Give It Up To Me) ASKFP71-2-10 Coma La Flor SCL2049-03 Sean Paul & Sasha Desesperada TZLTPK-4-05 I'm Still In Love With You SC8858-08 Disco Melody SK531-05 Searchers Dreaming Of You SC8212-13 Don't Throw Your Love Away LG062-13 El Chico Del Apartamento 512 OKE0005-06 Goodbye My Love ZMP012-03 Enamorada De Ti SCL1501-07 Love Potion #9 SC7513-15 Fotos Y Recuerdos SCL2049-08 Needles & Pins SC7557-07 I Could Fall In Love SC8240-01 Searchers Medley ZMP012-11 I Will Survive Funkytown (Disco Medley) MM6308-03 Someday We're Gonna Love Again ZMP012-07 I'm Getting Used To You MM6308-04 Sugar & Spice SC8225-14 La Carcacha SCL2049-04 Sweets For My Sweet SF044-12 La Techno Cumbia OKE0005-07 Take It Or Leave It ZMP012-05 Missing My Baby MM6308-01 What Have They Done To The Rain ZMP012-04 No Debes Jugar OKE0005-03 When You Walk In The Room SC8589-15 No Me Queda Mas SCL2049-02 Second Chance Si La Quieres SC7106-06 Shinedown SC3501-6 Si Una Vez OKE0005-02 Thirty Eight Special NUTECH-0030 Techno Cumbia SCL1501-05 Second Serenade Tu Solo Tu KBA22792-13 Fall For You CB30090-04 Selena Gomez & The Scene Secret Affair Falling Down PHMP0912 Time For Action SFMW878-05 Selina Sedaka & Sedaka Last Dance SGB21-11 Should've Never Let You Go SC8482-10 Seminole Seeds She Knows Me By Heart SC8394-08 Pushin' Too Hard SC8750-02 Semisonic Seekers Closing Time SC8465-03 Carnival Is Over ZMP038-05 Secret Smile SC8508-10 Georgy Girl SC8651-04 Singing In My Sleep SC8487-09 I'll Never Find Another You SF052-11 Send In The Clowns Island Of Dreams ZMP038-06 A Little Night Music TU140-09 Morningtown Ride SF087-05 Sensations World Of Our Own ZMP038-02 Let Me In SC8206-12 Seether Serani Breakdown CB30081-07 No Games PHMU0907-07 Broken (Duet Version) SC8909-09 She Loves Me PHU0911-09 Careless Whisper CB30097-15 Serena Ryder Driven Under PHR0304-09 All For Love PHMP1006-09 Fake It PHM0801-05 Sergio Mendez Fine Again THR0211-13 Girl From Ipanema SY1046-10 Gift THR0606-18 Never Gonna Let You Go TT6001-07 Remedy SC8934-13 Sergio Mendez & Brazil '66 Rise Above This CB30075-02 Look Of Love DK003-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 282 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Seven & The Sun Shai Walk With Me PHR0208-01 Comforter SC8272-11 Seven Channels I Don't Wanna Be Alone SC8286-14 Breathe THR0111-18 If I Ever Fall In Love JV1002-03 Seven Mary Three Shakatak Cumbersome SC7585-06 Down On The Streets SF057-10 Over Your Shoulder SC8478-01 Shakespeare's Sister Wait SC8699-04 Stay MM6040-12 Water's Edge SC2098-03 Shakin Stevens Sevendust Best Christmas Of Them All ZMH009-08 Black SC8662-11 Love Worth Waiting For ZMH008-07 Broken Down THR0404-17 SF030-07 Enemy PHR0312-08 Oh Julie SFMW840-15 Going Back To Cali SC8659-14 This Ole House SFMW833-15 Live Again THR0206-17 You Drive Me Crazy SF031-05 Praise PHR0202-09 Shakin Stevens & Bonnie Tyler Sevendust & Chris Daughtry A Rocking Good Way ZKH012-07 Past CB30088-12 Shakira Seventh Day Slumber Ciega Sordomuda TZLTPK-4-08 I Know TU207-06 Ciega, Sordomuda SK549-11 Sex Pistols Donde Estan Los Ladrones TZLTPK-6-05 Anarchy In The U.K. SC2400-07 Don't Bother Me SD4601-09 God Save The Queen SF193-15 Estoy Aqui AV34-01 My Way SF007-10 Eyes Like Yours SK547-09 Sha Na Na Fool SK547-12 Born To Hand Jive SC8264-13 Illegal SF250-13 Hound Dog SFG039-14 Inevitable SCL2197-03 Tears On My Pillow SFG039-09 Moscas En La Casa SCL1512-06 Those Magic Changes SC8910-09 No Creo SCL2243-05 Shabba Ranks Objection (Tango) SC8775-15 Family Affair NT26-01 Octavo Dia SK549-10 Mr. Loverman SF050-09 Ojos Asi TZLTPK-3-06 Shadows Of Knight One PHM0303-08 Gloria DKM3078-05 Poem To A Horse SK547-05 Shaft Que Me Quedes Tu SK549-08 Mucho Mambo Sway SF149-15 Ready For The Good Times SK547-07 Shaggy Rules SK547-06 Angel SC8672-12 Si Te Vas SK549-02 Boombastic SC8500-03 Sombra De Ti SK549-07 Dance & Shout SC8637-07 Suerte TU234-13 Dance And Shout PHM0010P-09 Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango) SCL1548-08 Freaky Girl SC8702-13 The One SK547-11 Hey Sexy Lady SF197-13 Tu SC2194-04 In The Summertime MM6375-14 Underneath Your Clothes SC8796-02 It Wasn't Me PHM0102-07 Whenever, Wherever PHM0202-01 Oh Carolina SF050-08 Shakira & Freshly Ground Strength Of A Woman SD4301-13 Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) SF293-16 Shaggy & Ali G Shakira & Wyclef Jean Julie SF190-12 Hips Don't Lie SF245-07 Shaggy & Brian & Tony Gold Shalamar Hey Sexy Lady CB3029-13 SC8824-10 Shaggy & Samantha Cole Night To Remember THCOL04-01 'Luv Me Luv Me' EZH03-10 Second Time Around SC8969-01 Shaggy & The Kraft Sham 69 Freaky Girl PHM0109-03 Hurry Up Harry SF109-11 Shaggy & Ricardo ''Rikrok'' Ducent Shamen It Wasn't Me SC8659-01 Ebeneezer Goode SFG032-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 283 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Shamrocks Shania Twain Tell Me Ma SF127-11 In My Car (I'll Be The Driver) SC8809-08 Shana Petrone Is There Life After Love SC8319-07 Heaven Bound SC8470-14 It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing SC8867-15 Something Real SC8570-07 Juanita CB20394-08 This Time SC8549-05 Ka Ching! TU213-07 Shane McAnally Looking Through Your Eyes BS9517-03 Are Your Eyes Still Blue SC8549-15 Love Gets Me Every Time SC8446-03 Run Away SC8630-11 Man! I Feel Like A Woman! SC7593-07 Say Anything SC8512-12 Nah! CB60318-14 Shane Minor No One Needs To Know SC8446-14 I Think You're Beautiful SC8596-07 Party For 2 CBE616-14 Ordinary Love SC8556-03 Raining On Our Love MM6199-14 Slave To The Habit SC8528-07 Rock This Country SC8590-03 Shane Richie She’S Not Just A Pretty Face SC8904-08 I'm Your Man SF213-02 Shoes CB60344-03 Shane Sellers Thank You Baby SFMW849-15 Matthew, Mark, Luke & Earnhardt SD083-13 That Don't Impress Me Much SC8507-02 Shane Stockton The Woman In Me CB20108-03 Gonna Have To Fall SC8470-07 Up SC8807-06 Visions Of A Sunset SC8254-07 Waiter Bring Me Water SC8809-09 What If I'm Right SC8451-13 Wanna Get To Know You TU198-12 Shangri La's What I Wanna Be CB20396-08 Give Him A Great Big Kiss MM6071-10 What Made You Say That SC8502-07 Leader Of The Pack SC7504-06 Whatever You Do! Don't! SC2313-07 Remember (Walking In The Sand) SAVP27-14 When SF164-01 Remember Walking In The Sand SC8399-08 When I Grow Up CB60120-06 Shania Twain When You Kiss Me SC8807-08 Ain't No Particular Way CB20394-10 Whos Bed THMPL01-06 Any Man Of Mine SC8446-05 Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under SC8194-01 C'est La Vie TU198-05 Woman In Me SC8446-02 Come On Over THMPL01-12 You Lay A Whole Lot Of Love On Me SC2039-03 Dance With The One SC8214-08 You Win My Love SC8446-13 Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) SC7595-08 You’re Still The One SC7595-13 Don't Be Stupid SC8446-09 You've Got A Way SC8549-06 Dont! SC3424-04 Shania Twain & Alison Krauss & Union Station Downtime TUFP21-10 Coat Of Many Colors SC8862-09 Forever And For Always SC2476-08 Shania Twain & Billy Currington From This Moment On SC2180-02 Party For Two (Radio Version) SC8943-15 God Bless The Child SC8446-06 Shania Twain & Bryan White Heart Is Blind SC3292-06 From This Moment On SC8446-11 Home Ain't Where His Heart Is SC8446-01 Shania Twain & Mark McGrath Honey Im Home THMPL01-01 Party For Two (Radio Version) SC8906-16 Honey, I'm Home SC7594-03 Shanice I Ain't Goin' Down CB20396-09 I Love Your Smile SF002-04 I Ain't No Quitter SC8907-07 Saving Forever For You DK078-05 I’M Gonna Getcha Good! CB60242-03 Take Care Of You PHU0607-09 If It Don't Take Two MM6199-09 Turn Down The Lights SC8374-06 If You Not In It For Love THMPL01-13 Yesterday SC8542-03 If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask CB60195-13 Shanks & Bigfoot If You're Not In It For Love I'm Outta Here SC8216-08 Sweet Like Chocolate SF140-03 I'm Gonna Getcha Good (Country Version) SCTP1-3-08 Shannon I'm Gonna Getcha Good! CB30032-06 Let The Music Play SC8746-07 I'm Holding On To Love LG159-07 Shannon Brown I'm Jealous TU198-07 Baby I Lied SC8729-04 I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No)! CB20396-10 Corn Fed PAN2006-01 I'm Outta Here SGB036-09 I Won't Lie SC3109-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 284 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Shannon Brown She Wants Revenge Pearls CB60351-08 These Things THR0609-17 Untangle My Heart SC8753-07 Shea Fisher Shannon Curfman Don't Chase Me CB60416 Playing With Fire SC3201-01 Sheb Wooley True Friends SC8587-15 Purple People Eater SC2125-08 Shannon Lawson Dream Your Way To Me SC8779-06 Disco Down SF142-07 Everybody Wants (Something They Can't Have) CB60323-15 She Left Me On A Friday SFMW834-13 Goodbye On A Bad Day SC8753-09 Shedaisy Just Like A Redneck CB60325-14 Come Home Soon CB60326-13 Smokin' Grass CB60322-09 Don't Worry 'bout A Thing CB60336-05 Something They Can't Have PHM0406-05 Get Over Yourself THC0206-14 Shapeshifters I Will, But SC8590-04 Lola's Theme SF221-03 I'm Taking The Wheel SD139-07 Sensitivity PAN2006-01 In Terms Of Love SD144-04 Sharie Bardo Little Goodbyes SC8524-03 Crazy Little Thing Called Love THP0105-18 Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me) SC8653-09 Happy Together THP0102-18 Mine All Mine CB60235-12 Sharissa Passenger Seat CB60321-04 Any Other Night SC8758-10 Still Holding Out For You SC8698-09 Sharon Redd That's What I Want For Christmas CB20312-12 Can You Handle It BL24-01 This Woman Needs SC8566-06 Shaun Groves Sheeefa & Ludacris After The Music Fades SC8828-08 Need A Boss PHU0611-08 Shawn Camp Sheena Easton Confessin' My Love NT21-05 Almost Over You SC7559-06 Fallin' Never Felt So Good SAVA11-03 For Your Eyes Only SC8468-14 Shawn Colvin Glamorous Life SC8777-07 Fill Me Up PHAC0611-01 I Wouldn't Beg For Water SC8687-02 Get Out Of This House SC8340-08 Lover In Me MM6066-13 Nothin' On Me SC8452-13 Machinery SAVP17-11 Nothing On Me PP3069-01 Modern Girl LG061-12 Sunny Came Home SC8369-14 Morning Train (9 To 5) LG061-07 When The Rainbow Comes SC8478-15 Nearness Of You SC8246-14 Whole New You CB3012-11 Strut SC8322-04 You And The Mona Lisa SC8423-14 Sugar Walls SC8777-03 Shawn Mullins Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) SC8552-15 Everywhere I Go MM6325-13 We've Got Tonight LG061-09 Lullaby SC8490-04 When He Shines SC7547-06 Shimmer SC8523-09 You Could Have Been With Me SC8378-08 Shawna Sheila E. Weight A Minute THH0502-16 Love Bizarre SC8718-05 Shawna & Ludacris Shelby Lynn Shake That S### PHU0410-06 Another Chance At Love SC8280-07 Don't Cross Your Heart CB60098-11 Breathless THHP0802-11 Feelin' Kind Of Lonely Tonight CB60141-09 If That's Ok With You THP0801-15 Gotta Get Back SC8637-08 That's My Goal (X Factor) SF239-01 How Can I Be Sure SC9017-04 Shaznay Lewis I Won't Die Alone CB60343-12 I've Never Felt Like This Before SF220-16 I'll Lie Myself To Sleep CB60096-06 You SF223-13 Slow Me Down CB60141-08 She Moves Telephone SC8847-12 Breaking All The Rules SC8440-08 Things Are Tough All Over CB60094-14 It's Your Love PHM9804-09 Wall In Your Heart SC8727-13 She Wants Revenge What About The Love We Made CB60109-12 Tear You Apart PAN2006-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 285 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Shelley Fabares Sherrie Austin Johnny Angel SC7513-13 Streets Of Heaven SC8851-13 Shelley West & David Frizzell Sheryl Crow You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma CBEP471-6-07 A Change (Would Do You Good) SC8836-04 Shells All I Wanna Do SC8836-03 Baby Oh Baby MM6409-05 Anything But Down SC8836-06 Shelly Fairchild Blue Christmas SC8781-06 Kiss Me CB60341-15 C’Mon C’Mon PHM0302-07 Tiny Town CB60336-08 Can't Cry Anymore SC8836-05 You Don't Lie Here Anymore SC8907-09 C'mon, C'mon SC8806-15 Shelly West Diamond Road TU144-05 Jose Cuervo SC8136-12 Difficult Kind SC3155-03 Shenandoah Everyday Is A Winding Road SC8836-09 All Over But The Shoutin' SC8253-08 First Cut Is The Deepest SC8855-09 Always Have,always Will SC8211-02 Flesh And Blood CB60312-14 Building A Home CB60217-14 Good Is Good NSP2069-02 Church On Cumberland Road SC8692-15 Hard To Make A Stand SC3013-07 Darned If I Don't (Danged If I Do) SC8692-07 Home SC8423-12 Deeper Than That SC8298-11 If It Makes You Happy SC8836-07 Ghost In The House SC8157-14 It's Only Love TU149-11 Heaven Bound SC8189-06 Kiss That Girl CB3012-04 I Got You SC8352-12 Leaving Las Vegas SC8836-10 I Want To Be Loved Like That SC8692-14 Let's Get Free CB40319-10 If Bubba Can Dance SC8120-02 Light In Your Eyes THP0408-15 I'll Go Down Loving You SC8137-07 Love Is Free THHP0806-16 Janie Baker's Love Slave SC8278-10 My Favorite Mistake SC8836-02 Leavin's Been A Long Time Coming CB90033-09 Real Gone THP0610-15 Moon Over Georgia CB90033-06 Run Baby Run SFMW809-15 Next To You, Next To Me CB90033-03 Safe & Sound TU149-14 Rock My Baby SC8692-03 Shine Over Babylon PHM0801-06 She Doesn't Cry Anymore SC8697-07 Soak Up The Sun SC8757-10 Sunday In The South SC9902-07 Steve McQueen SC8778-09 Two Dozen Roses CB90033-02 Steve McQueen (Radio Version) SC8836-01 What Children Believe SC3227-01 Strong Enough SC8836-11 When You Were Mine CB90033-07 Sweet Child O' Mine SC8836-14 Wooden Cross CB60176-12 There Goes The Neighborhood SC8836-15 Shenandoah & Alison Krauss Tomorrow Never Dies SC8468-09 Somewhere In The Vicinity Of The Heart SC8911-01 Sheryl Crow & Don Henley Shep & The Limelights It's So Easy SC8762-03 Daddy's Home SC8206-05 Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock Sheppard & Brooks Picture SC8836-12 Faking Love SC8408-12 Sheryl Crow & Natalie Maines Sherbet Abilene SC8784-12 Howzat ZKH012-08 Sheryl Crow & Sting Sheriff Always On Your Side THP0606-10 When I'm With You SC8447-09 Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris & Mary Chapin Carpenter Sherrie Austin Flesh And Blood SC8856-07 Drivin' Into The Sun SC8867-06 Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock & Keith Urban In The Meantime CB60227-06 Lean On Me CB30124 Innocent Man SC8474-03 Shields Jolene TU038-10 You Cheated, You Lied MM6385-13 Little Bird SC8608-14 Shifty Lucky In Love SC3024-04 Slide Along Side PHM0410-03 Never Been Kissed SC8543-11 Shinedown One Solitary Tear SC8409-07 45 SC3425-04 Put Your Heart Into It SC3059-08 Burning Bright THR0502-13 Son Of A Preacherman SD121-11 Devour SC9022-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 286 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Shinedown Shola Ama Fly From The Inside THMR0307-13 You're The One I Love SF114-09 Heroes PHM0612-03 Shondells I Dare You SC8966-12 Hanky Panky MMGPK08-19 If You Only Knew CB30130-04 Shonie & Fabolous Save Me SC3455-05 Can't Let Go PHMU0904 Second Chance CB30094-13 Shontelle Simple Man SC8908-05 Impossible PHMU1008-01 Sound Of Madness CB30109 Shooter Jennings Shining Star 4th Of July CB60338-15 Jump 5 ASKFP-37-1-11 Gone To Carolina CB60356-13 Shirelles Steady At The Wheel CB60348-01 Baby It's You SC8399-03 Shotgun Messiah Dedicated To The One I Love SC8222-14 Heartbreak Blvd. SC8917-06 Foolish Little Girl LG106-05 Show Tunes I Met Him On A Sunday DK087-14 Consider Yourself DK088-17 Mama Said LG106-04 Do-Re-Mi DK065-13 Sha La La La RB16-04 Hello Dolly DK081-17 Soldier Boy LG106-06 Impossible Dream DK079-15 This Is Dedicated To The One I Love CBEP459-2-07 It Might As Well Be Spring DK065-14 Tonight's The Night RB17-06 Sound Of Music DK068-13 Welcome Home Baby RB13-06 Tomorrow DK097-16 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow SC8222-09 Tonight DK065-12 Shirley & Company What Kind Of Fool Am I DK086-16 Shame Shame Shame CBEP468-1-16 Showaddy Waddy Shirley & Lee Dancin' Party ZMH004-13 Let The Good Times Roll SC8258-01 Heartbeat PX04-05 Hey Rock & Roll SF101-15 As Long As He Needs Me SF085-01 I Wonder Why ZMH004-14 Big Spender SF164-14 Little Bit Of Soap ZMH004-15 Climb Every Mountain PUK323-03 Pretty Little Angel Eyes PUK323-05 Diamonds Are Forever SC8468-15 Three Steps To Heaven PX04-01 For All We Know PS6019-14 Under The Moon Of Love SF024-11 Goldfinger SC7571-12 When PX04-10 I Who Have Nothing SF066-04 You've Got What It Takes PX04-07 Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me SF085-02 Showboat Moonraker ZMP026-07 I Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man SC2297-01 Never Never Never ZMH006-12 Old Man River SF008-05 Reach For The Sky SF085-03 Showstoppers What Now My Love SF085-14 Ain't Nothin' But A House Party SF088-01 You'll Never Know SF085-04 Danity Cane PHU0612-01 Shirley Ellis Shrek Clapping Song PUK327-10 In The Swamp Karaoke Dance Party DISNEY03-01 The Name Game SC7215-06 Sia Shirley Jones Day Too Soon SC9019-13 Do You Get Enough Love RB12-04 Sick Puppies Shirley Murdock All The Same PHM0709-09 As We Lay SC8514-05 Odd One PHMP1004 Shirley Temple Sideshow On The Good Ship Lollipop TU158-08 Blue Magic SC8969-04 Shirly Horn Sidney Youngblood Hit The Road Jack MM6334-09 If I Only Could SF106-07 Shivaree Silhouettes I Close My Eyes PHR0504-07 Get A Job SC8770-12 Shocking Blue Rays DK040-16 Venus SC8192-04 Smile Empty Soul PHMU0406-08 Shola Ama

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 287 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Silk Simon & Garfunkel Don't Rush SC8268-03 Punky's Dilemma LG059-14 Forever And Ever Amen HSPAK2-12-14 Richard Cory LG058-11 Freak Me NT05-04 Save The Life Of My Child LG058-04 If You SC8534-12 Scarborough Fair LG059-03 Silkk The Shocker W-Mystikal Second Avenue LG060-12 It Ain't My Fault DK1115-05 Slip Slidin' Away LG058-06 Silver Sun Somewhere They Can't Find Me LG060-07 Too Much Too Little Too Late SF122-12 Sound Of Silence (Duet Version) SC2414-09 Sounds Of Silence SCMILE01-07 Abuse Me SC8357-04 Sparrow LG060-11 Ana's Song PHT9912-02 Still Crazy After All These Y LG060-09 Pure Massacre SC8240-14 Take Me To The Mardi Gras LG059-04 Straight Lines SC9015-14 The Boxer DM101-03 Tomorrow SC8199-13 We've Got A Groovy Thing Goin LG060-08 Silversun Pickups You Can Call Me Al BS9717-08 Panic Switch PHMP0907-06 Simon & Milo Silvertide Get A Clue TU146-08 Ain't Coming Home THR0411-17 Simon Dupree & The Big Sound Blue Jeans PHR0505-09 Kites SF087-13 Simbolo Simon Webbe Levantando Las Manos TZLTPK-6-07 Grace THHP0802-14 Similou Simple E All This Love SF246-02 Play My Funk NT49-13 Simon & Garfunkel Simple Minds 59Th Street Bridge Song LG058-15 Alive & Kicking SC8514-14 America LG059-01 Belfast Child SF108-14 April Come She Will LG059-08 Don't You Forget About Me SC8518-01 At The Zoo LG058-09 Sanctify Yourself RT0015-09 Baby Driver LG060-15 She's A River SF020-02 Boxer SC8467-10 Simple Plan Bridge Over Troubled Water SC2414-01 Addicted SC8839-04 Bye Bye Love LG060-10 Crazy (Acoustic Ver) PHM0603-09 Cecilia SC8300-12 Dont Wanna Think About You THMP0406-11 Cloudy LG060-06 Happy Together TU232-03 Dangling Conversation LG059-15 I'll Do Anything SC8818-10 El Condo Pasa BS9717-09 Perfect SC8859-12 Fakin' It LG059-17 Shut Up! SC3428 05 Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover HV05-04 Untitled (How Can This Happen To Me) SC3444-01 Flowers Never Bend Near The R LG060-03 Welcome To My Life SC8906-02 Hazy Shade Of Winter LG058-13 When I'm Gone CB30068-07 Homeward Bound LG059-18 Your Love Is A Lie CB30073-08 I Am A Rock LG058-16 Simple Plan Kathy's Song LG060-05 Addicted CB40318-10 Kodachrome BS9717-01 I'd Do Anything CB30035-05 Leader Of The Gang ESS04-08 Simply Red Leaves That Are Green LG060-02 Ain't That A Lot Of Love SF150-12 Like A Rock HV05-09 Air That I Breathe MM6246-12 Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard LG058-10 Angel MM6178-07 Most Peculiar Man LG058-08 Every Time We Say Goodbye SFMW810-03 Mother & Child Reunion SC8790-06 Fairground SFMW802-05 Mrs. Robinson SC8300-02 For Your Babies SC8279-07 My Little Town LG058-07 Go Now PHMP0905 Old Friends Bookends LG058-03 Holding Back The Years SC8362-15 Only Living Boy In New York, LG059-02 If You Don't Know Me By Now SC7533-15 Overs LG059-09 It's Only Love HC003-15 Patterns LG059-05 Money's Too Tight To Mention SFMW806-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 288 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Simply Red Sister Christian New Flame SF149-11 Night Ranger SC8477-02 Right Thing FC2-05 Sister Hazel Say You Love Me SF120-15 All For You SC8381-13 Stars SC8235-05 Champagne High SC8659-07 Sunrise SF204-13 Change Your Mind SC8622-02 You Give Good Love SC8362-14 Concede SC8484-12 You Make Me Feel Brand New SF213-14 Happy SC3057-05 Your Eyes SF159-14 Your Mistake SD4306-06 You've Got It HC003-14 Sister Sledge Simpsons Frankie THCOL04-01 Do The Bart Man SFMW831-03 He's The Greatest Dancer LG153-09 Sin Bandera Lost In Music SF033-02 Entra En Mi Vida SCL1549-02 We Are Family SC8106-03 Mientes Tan Bien SCL1572-06 Sisters Wade Que Lloro SCL1577-05 Don't Let Me Down CB60192-12 Sirena SCL1562-03 How Much Longer SC8556-07 Te Vi Venir VFL024-02 Sixpence None The Richer Sinead O'connor Breathe Your Name SC8828-16 Nothing Compares 2 U SC8777-01 Christmastime Is Here SC8899-07 Sinead Quinn Dancing Queen CB40214-11 I Can't Break Down SF203-02 Don't Dream It's Over PHM0306-05 Singers Unlimited I Need Love CB40214-10 Ja-Da SAVP40-09 Kiss Me SC8501-05 Singing Dogs Moving On CB40214-09 Jingle Bells TU165-08 There She Goes SC8661-06 Single Tree Us THP0501-18 Ms. What's Her Name PHMC1003 Sixteen Candles Sinitta Grass SPC10-10 So Macho SF106-12 Sixwire Toy Boy JV0035-07 Look At Me Now SC8764-03 Siobhan Donaghy Way Too Deep CB20388-07 Overrated SFMW840-03 Skeeter Davis Siouxsie & The Banshees Am I That Easy To Forget CB60332-12 Dear Prudence SFMW839-01 End Of The World SC7510-10 Hong Kong Gardens SF109-04 Fuel To The Flame CB90130 -11 Kiss Them For Me SC8598-14 Gonna Get Along Without You Now CB90130 -08 Sir Douglas Quintet He Says The Same Things To Me CB90130 -14 Mendocino Ragazina PI026-18 Homebreaker CB90130 -12 She's About A Mover LC0004-15 I Can't Help You I'm Falling Too CB90130 -02 Sir Mix-A-Lot I Can't Stay Mad At You SC7566-01 Baby Got Back SC8117-02 I'm A Lover (Not A Fighter) CB90130 -10 Sisqo I'm Saving My Love CB90130 -07 Dance For Me SF180-06 My Last Date (With You) CB90130 -04 Incomplete SC8625-02 Optimistic CB90130 -05 Thong Song SC8613-07 Set Him Free CB90130 -03 Unleash The Dragon SF169-08 What Does It Take SC8579-08 Sister 7 Where I Outght To Be CB90130 -06 Know What You Mean SC8469-14 Skid Row Sister Act 18 And Life SC8252-12 His Eye Is On The Sparrow PS1252-12 I Remember You SC8373-10 I Will Follow Him PS1252-16 Monkey Business SC8917-03 Joyful, Joyful PS1252-09 Wasted Time SC8791-02 My Guy (My God) PS1252-14 Youth Gone Wild SC8406-07 Pay Attention PS1252-11 Skids Shout PS1252-15 Into The Valley SF109-12 Sister Christian

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 289 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Skinner & Baddiel Slim Thug Three Lions SF060-12 I Run PHMU0904 Skip Ewing Slim Whitman Answer To My Prayer SC8402-02 Indian Love Call SC8538-11 Burnin' A Hole In My Heart SC8461-02 Rose Marie SF092-08 Christmas Carol CB60210-14 Slim, Fabolous & Ryan Leslie Gospel According To Luke SC7568-09 Good Lovin' PHMH0902-3 It's You Again SC8567-10 Slipknot Mary Go Round SC3026-06 Psychosocial SC9024-10 Skrape Sulfur PHMP0910-8 Stand Up PHR0403-09 Slk Skunk Anansie Hooked On You SC8220-09 Weak SFMW865-05 Slum Village & Kanye West & John Legend Sky High Selfish THH0410-14 Jigsaw SC8641-04 Sly & Robbie Skye Sweetnam Night Nurse SF115-11 Billy S THMP0308-04 Sly & The Family Stone Number 1 THP0504-14 Dance To The Music SC8386-09 Tangled Up In Me PHM0412-05 Everybody Is A Star CBE621-10 Skylark Everyday People SC8527-09 Wildflower SC8192-11 Family Affair SAVP31-05 Skyliners Hot Fun CBE621-07 Since I Don't Have You SC7541-07 I Want To Take You Higher DG09-01 This I Swear MM6160-09 If You Want Me To Stay HV04-03 Sl2 Stand CBEP459-4-01 On A Raggae Tip SF050-11 Thank You SC8513-08 Slack Sly Fox Burn Out TU175-03 Let's Go All The Way SC8588-02 Slade Small Faces Coz I Luv You ZMP025-11 All Or Nothing SFMW818-10 Cum On Feel The Noize ZMP025-09 Itchycoo Park SC7566-05 Everyday ZMP025-12 Lazy Sunday SF070-09 Far Far Away ZMH007-04 Sha La La La SF045-14 Mama Weer All Crazee Now ZMP025-07 Smash Mouth Merry Christmas Everybody SF030-18 All Star SC8640-05 My Friend Stan SF101-03 Can't Get Enough Of You Baby SC8640-08 Run Runaway SC8715-13 Do It Again SC8640-16 Skweeze Me Please Me SF071-03 Hang On SC8859-04 Slade Medley ZMP025-14 Holiday In My Head CB3021-01 Take Me Back 'Ome SFMW813-09 I'm A Believer SC8720-14 Slaughter Pacific Coast Party CB3017-01 Fly To The Angels SC8346-14 Story Of My Life SD4609-12 Up All Night SC7565-11 Then Morning Comes CBEP470-6-14 Slayer Walkin On The Sun SC8389-14 Seasons In The Abyss SC8660-06 Waste SC8613-04 Sleeper You Are My Number One CB3040-01 Sale Of The Century SF049-14 Smashing Pumpkins Sleeping Beauty 1979 SC8248-11 Once Upon A Dream DISNEY01-09 33 SC3001-04 Sleepless In Seattle Ava Adore SC8473-03 Back In The Saddle DK1107-03 Bullet With Butterfly Wings SC8233-15 Sleepy Brown & Outkast Disarm SC8122-12 I Can’T Wait SC8879-10 Everlasting Gaze SC8595-14 Slim Dusty Landslide SD010-09 A Pub With No Beer SF062-12 Muzzle SC8325-04 Slim Harpo Perfect SC8478-11 I'm A King Bee SC8339-13 Stand Inside Your Love SC8607-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 290 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Smashing Pumpkins Smokie Thirty Three SC8460-13 Wild Angels ZMP009-09 Today SC8148-04 Smokie & Chubby R. Brown Tonight Tonight SC8295-10 Who The Fuck Is Alice THCOL04-01 Zero SC8257-12 Smokie Norful Smile Empty Soul I Understand THH0508-15 Bottom Of A Bottle THR0308-12 Smokin' Armadillos Nowhere Kids PHR0401-08 Let Your Heart Lead Your Mind SC8239-01 Smiley Lewis Miracle Man SC8307-03 I Hear You Knockin' SC8513-09 Thump Factor MM6152-08 Smilez & Southstar Snap Tell Me (What's Goin' On) SC8812-14 Rhythm Is A Dancer SF003-12 Smithereens The Power SFMW861-05 A Girl Like You ASKFP43-2-08 Welcome To Tomorrow SF026-13 Blood & Roses SC8808-06 Sneaker Pimps Girl Like You SC8540-10 6 Underground SC8448-07 Too Much Passion SAVP23-15 Sniff 'N' The Tears Smiths Driver's Seat SC8552-04 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now SFMW849-01 Snooky Pryor How Soon Is Now SC8719-09 How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That MM6206-03 Panic SF131-08 Snoop Dogg There`S A Light That Never Goes Out SFMW839-12 Beautiful PHU0304-09 This Charming Man SFG017-10 Dont Stop PHU0507-07 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Drop It Like Its Hot SC8908-01 Baby Baby Don't Cry DKM3058-14 From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace SC8805-08 Being With You SC8284-04 Gin And Juice SC8612-13 Cruisin' DKM3058-13 Let’S Get Blown SC8909-11 Going To A Gogo DK014-13 Sensual Seduction PHU0802-05 I Second That Emotion DK013-13 What's My Name SF050-04 Love Machine (Part I) DK067-09 Snoop Dogg & Akon Mickey's Monkey DK074-12 I Wanna Love You SC9009-14 More Love SM8866-10 Snoop Dogg & Justin Timberlake My Girl TUFP03-05 Signs PHM0504-01 One Heartbeat DK024-14 Snoop Dogg & Pharrell Ooo Baby Baby SM8852-06 Drop It Like It's Hot (Radio Version) SC8945-01 Rewind SC8244-04 Snoop Dogg & Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson Shop Around DK006-07 Beautiful (Radio Version) SC3359-03 Tears Of A Clown SC8391-09 Snoopy's Christmas The Tracks Of My Tears SC8110-15 Royal Guardsmen SC8780-03 You've Really Got A Hold On Me DK012-16 Snow Smokie Informer SC8656-04 Be My Baby SFG028-15 Changing All The Time ZKH012-11 Chasing Cars CB30062-04 Day Dreamin SFG028-16 Chocolate THR0506-16 Don't Play Your Rock 'N' Roll To Me ZMP009-07 Hands Open THR0608-18 For A Few Dollars More ZMP009-10 Just Say Yes PHMP1001 I’Ll Meet You At Midnight SFG028-14 Run SFMW849-01 If You Think You Know How To Love SF035-05 Signal Fire SD4706-05 It's Your Life ZMP009-04 Spitting Games SF221-04 Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone SFG028-09 You're All I Have SF243-09 Living Next Door To Alice SFG028-11 Snow Patrol Feat Martha Wainwright Mexican Girl ZMP009-02 Set The Fire To The Third Bar PHMP1004 Oh Carol SFG028-10 So Solid Crew Only You SFG028-13 Broken Silence SF209-08 Poor Lady ZMP009-03 Soap Something's Been Making Me Blue ZMP009-08 This Is How We Party SC8465-02 Who The Fuck Is Alice ESS11-17

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 291 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Social Distortion Sonique Ball And Chain SC9012-13 Sky SC8629-13 I Was Wrong SC8337-06 Sonny & Cher Reach For The Sky THR0501-11 All I Ever Need Is You CBE617-02 Socialburn Baby Don't Go MM6053-08 Down SC8817-04 Beat Goes On SC7541-06 Everyone THR0309-15 I Got You Babe SC7513-10 Soft Cell Sonny Boy Williamson Always Something There To Remind Me CBEP467-6-15 Bring It On Home SC8339-09 Say Hello, Wave Goodbye SFMW825-09 Sonny James Tainted Love SC7542-14 Behind The Tear SC8538-13 Torch SF111-04 Born To Be With You CB90090-08 Soggy Bottom Boys Bright Lights, Big City SC8767-05 I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow SC8693-08 Don't Keep Me Hangin' On SC8461-10 In The Jailhouse Now SC8751-14 Empty Arms CB90090-11 Soho Endlessly CB90090-10 Hippychick SC8530-10 Heaven Says Hello SC8555-04 Solange I'll Never Find Another You SC8555-15 T.O.N.Y. PHMU0907-09 It's The Little Things SC7558-14 Soljahz My Love CB90090-14 Duet-All Around The World TTU190-02 Running Bear CB90090-01 Solo Since I Met You Baby SC8392-01 Heaven SC8203-05 Take Good Care Of Her CB90090-05 Solomon (From Dirty Dancing) Burke World Of Our Own CB90090-02 Cry To Me CBEP459-6-03 Young Love SC8196-05 Solomon Burke You're The Only World I Know SC8262-07 Just Out Of Reach RB19-06 Sonny Terry Solomon's Wish Crow Jane MM6206-12 Learning To Fly TU076-18 Sons Of The Desert Soluna Albuquerque SC8549-12 For All Time CB30026-03 Change SC8636-11 Monday Mi Amor TU173-12 Everybody's Gotta Grow Up Sometime SC8633-08 Something Corporate Hand Of Fate CHM9711-20 If You C Jordon THR0206-13 Leaving October SC8636-14 Something For The People What About You SC8636-03 My Love Is The Shhh PHM9802-09 What I Did Right SC8681-10 With You SC8304-12 Whatever Comes First SC8636-15 Sometime Around Midnight Sons Of The Pioneers The Airborne Toxic Event SC3502-1 Cool Water SC8509-04 Son By Four Ghost Riders In The Sky CB60073-04 A Puro Dolor (Version Balada) SCL2243-08 Tumbling Tumbleweeds SC8491-09 Cuando Seas Mia SCL1532-07 Sonya Isaacs Purest Of Pain (A Puro Dolor) THP0010-17 Barefoot In The Grass SC8652-07 Son Of My Father Don’T You Let Go CB60235-04 Chicory Tip SF096-03 How Can I Forget SC8655-14 Son Volt I've Forgotten How You Feel SC8590-08 Drown SC8263-03 No Regrets Yet PHN0402-08 Song & Dance On My Way To You SC8608-11 Unexpected Song PSJT180-16 Since I Gave My Heart Away CB60201-14 Sonia That's What Love Demands CB60204-06 Better The Devil You Know ZMH013-06 Sonya Kitchell Sonicflood Let Me Go PHAC0611-07 I Want To Know You SC8962-02 Sophie B. Hawkins Sonique As I Lay Me Down SC8156-13 Can’T Make Up My Mind EZH24-05 Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover SC8371-08 I Put A Spell On You TU025-06 Lose Your Way SC8545-10 It Feels So Good SC3183-01 Only Love SC8254-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 292 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Sophie B. Hawkins Sound Of Music Right Beside You SF025-15 No Way To Stop It PS1176-11 Walking In My Blue Jeans CB3012-07 Overture PS1176-01 Sophie Ellis Baxter Sixteen Going On Seventeen SC8127-06 Take Me Home SF183-05 So Long, Farewell SC2198-03 Sophie Ellis Bextor Sound Of Music SC2198-02 Get Over You EZH13-11 The Sound Of Music TU140-11 I Won't Change You SF214-15 Soundgarden Mixed Up World SF211-01 Black Hole Sun SC8272-14 Murder On The Dance Floor EZH08-07 Blow Up The Outside World SC8357-09 Music Gets The Best Of Me SF199-02 Burdening My Mind SC8308-07 Soraya Fell On Black Days SC8148-15 Casi SCL1565-04 Pretty Noose SC8295-03 Solo Por Ti SCL1570-05 Spoonman SFMW884-08 Suddenly SC8304-04 Sounds Of Blackness Soul Asylum Please Take My Hand NT03-08 I Will Still Be Laughing SC3079-01 We Give You Thanks NT03-05 Looking Through Patient Eyes JV1004-06 Your Wish Is My Command NT03-12 Misery SC8471-11 Sounds Of The Suburbs Promises Broken SC8240-09 Members SF109-01 Runaway Train SC8107-12 Soup Dragons Somebody To Shove SC8749-08 Pleasure BS5417-03 Without A Trace SC8148-14 South 65 Soul Central Baby's Got My Number SC3157-03 Strings Of Life (Stronger On My Own) SF228-15 Love Bug (Bite Me) CB60203-10 Soul Coughing Most Beautiful Girl SC8681-06 Circles SC8490-13 No Easy Goodbye SC8533-03 Soul Decision Randam Act Of Sensless Kindness SC8507-01 Faded SC8625-14 South Pacific Ooh It's Kinda Crazy PHM0104-03 Cockeyed Optimist SC2206-06 Soul For Real Honey Bun SC8547-03 Candy Man NT54-06 I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair SC2206-01 Every Little Thing I Do SC8203-15 I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy SC2206-08 Soul Ii Soul My Girl Back Home SC2206-04 Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) SC8293-01 Some Enchanted Evening SC8127-09 Keep On Movin' PUK324-10 There Is Nothin' Like A Dame SC2206-02 Soul Survivors This Nearly Was Mine SC2206-07 Expressway To Your Heart SC8563-02 Younger Than Springtime DK092-05 Souldecision & Thrust South Park Faded CBE515-15 Blame Canada MM6330-03 Soulja Boy I'm A Lonely Jew SC8557-04 Crank Dat Soulja Boy PHU0709-05 Merry Fuckin Christmas SC8900-02 Soulja Girl PHU0801-03 Southern Pacific Souljahz Reckless Heart CB60158-10 Let Go TU190-07 Time's Up CB60088-13 Poor Man TU190-10 Southside Johnny Sound Of Music Havin' A Party AH2009-13 An Ordinary Couple PS1176-12 Space Climb Every Mountain SF008-13 Avenging Angels SF117-12 Confitemini Domine PS1176-13 Ballad Of Tom Jones SF119-09 Do Re Mi SC2198-04 Female Of The Species SFMW856-14 Edelweiss SC7599-04 Space Monkeys How Can Love Survive PS1176-08 Sugar Cane PHM9801-07 I Have Confidence SC2198-06 Spacehog Lonely Goatherd PS1176-07 I Want To Live THR0106-17 Maria PS1176-03 In The Meantime SC8263-05 My Favorite Things SC2198-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 293 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Spaceman Spanish The Killers SC3502-6 Lambada SF028-17 Spade Cooley Lluvia MM6153-06 Shame On You CB60330-11 Mi Mundo MM6153-07 Spandau Ballet Mi Triste Problema SC7109-09 Chant No. 1 SF075-03 Mienteme SC7109-13 Communication SFG003-07 No Me Queda Mas SC2049-02 Fight For Ourselves SFG003-14 Rosa Maria MM6153-09 Freeze SFG003-11 Sabor A Mi MM6138-02 Gold SFG003-01 Samos Diferentes MM6139-05 Highly Strung SFG003-13 Sin Ti MM6139-14 I'll Fly For You SFG003-09 Techno Cumbia SC2049-05 Instinction SFG003-12 Tu Me Acostumbraste SC7109-15 Life Line SFG003-06 Voy A Perder La Babeza Por Tu Amor MM6139-10 Muscle Bound SFG003-10 Y Viva Espana SF028-18 Only When You Leave SFG003-02 Ya No Camino Mas MM6153-02 Paint Me Down SFG003-15 Spanky & Our Gang Round & Round SFG003-16 Lazy Day SAVP27-16 Through The Barricades SF056-15 Like To Get To Know You SC8615-01 To Cut A Long Story Short SFG003-05 Sunday Will Never Be The Same SC8874-15 True SC8354-11 Sparkle Spaniels Be Careful PHM9808-07 Goodnight Sweetheart SC8109-15 Sparkle & R. Kelly Sweetheart NT42-09 Be Careful SF123-13 Spanish Sparks Abusadora MM6153-15 Beat The Clock SFMW818-11 Adios SC7109-04 This Town Ain't Big Enough SF035-12 Alma Con Alma SC7109-02 Special Ed Bachata Rosa SC7109-14 I Got It Made DK087-05 Bidi Bidi Bom Bom SC2049-01 Special Occasions Bubuj De Amor MM6139-09 Anniversary Song IMPK02-06 Cali Panchangero MM6153-04 Specials Coma La Flor SC2049-03 Ghost Town SFMW806-14 Como Fue SC7109-03 Message To You Rudi SFMW810-05 Como Rien SC7109-11 Much Too Young SF133-02 Compadre Pedro Juan MM6153-14 Speedway Comprendelo MM6153-03 Can't Turn Back SF215-12 Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado MM6139-15 Spencer Davis Group Cucala MM6153-11 Gimme Some Lovin SC8353-06 Cumbia De La Media Noche MM6153-01 I'm A Man SC8225-12 De Punta A Punta MM6139-11 Keep On Running SF045-13 Delirio MM6138-10 Somebody Help Me SF069-04 Dime MM6138-01 Spencers El Africano MM6153-12 Let's Meet By The River CBPR02-12 El Negrito Del Batey MM6153-13 El Raton SC7109-12 2 Become 1 SC8390-11 El Reloj MM6138-06 Do It SK507-02 El Triste MM6139-04 Goodbye SC8503-03 En Mi Viejo San Juan SC7109-01 Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) CB30068-08 Encadenados SC7109-10 Holler SF172-08 Goodnight Sweetheart HSPAK03-11 Love Thing LG012-04 Granada MM6009-07 Mama LG002-05 Hipocracia SC7109-06 More Over SK507-03 La Bilirrubina MM6153-05 Never Give Up On The Good Times PS 1332-18 La Carcacha SC2049-04 Saturday Night Divas PS 1332-17 La Gata Bajo La Lluvia SC7109-08 Say You'll Be There SC3012-07 La Negra Tomasa MM6153-10 Something Kinda Funny DK1113-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 294 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Spice Girls Springfields Spice Up Your Life SF114-02 Island Of Dreams SF083-12 Stop SC8465-04 Squeak E. Clean & Karen O. Too Much SC8440-05 Hello Tomorrow (Adidas Version) THP0507-18 Viva Forever SF121-02 Squeek E. Clean Wannabe SC8369-04 Hello Tomorrow THMP0507-09 Who Do You Think You Are LG002-01 Squeeze Spider Webs Black Coffee In Bed SC8571-02 No Doubt HV03-07 Cool For Cats THCOL04-01 Spike Jones Goodbye Girl ZKH012-15 All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth SC7212-15 Hourglass ZMH007-06 Yes We Have No Bananas DK085-15 Labeled With Love SF010-09 Spiller Pulling Mussels From A Shell SC8719-07 Groove Jet (If This Ain't Love) SF171-09 Take Me I'm Yours ZMH007-05 Spin Doctors Tempted SC8151-11 Bigger I Laugh, The Harder I Cry SC8548-08 Up The Junction SF113-08 Cleopatra's Cat MM6057-14 Squirrel Nut Zippers Have You Ever Seen The Rain SC8238-07 Hell SC8377-11 How Could You Want Him SC8272-08 Put A Lid On It SGB07-09 Jimmy Olsen's Blues SC8132-06 Suits Are Picking Up The Bill SC8484-01 Little Miss Can't Be Wrong SC8433-01 Sr-71 Two Princes SC8122-13 Politically Correct THR0103-13 You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast SD001-11 Right Now SC8645-13 Spinal Tap Tomorrow PHR0302-02 Big Bottom SC8707-03 St. Cecilia Sex Farm SC8927-05 Leap Up And Down SF089-13 Spinners St. Lunatics Could It Be I'm Falling In Love SC7535-01 Midwest Swing SC3266-08 Games People Play LG075-13 Stabbing Westward I'll Be Around SC8540-13 What Do I Have To Do SC8348-09 It's A Shame SC8755-04 Stacey Q DK1108-10 Two Of Hearts SC8338-05 One Of A Kind (Love Affair) LG075-17 Stacie Orrico Rubberband Man SC8273-10 Don't Look At Me TU076-10 They Just Can't Stop It (The Games People Play) SC8606-08 Genuine CBE521-04 Working My Way Back To You LG075-14 I Promise SC8865-05 Spiral Staircase I'm Not Missing You THP0610-18 More Today Than Yesterday SC8589-01 Stuck SC8834-12 Spirit There's Gotta Be More To Life SC8855-01 I Got A Line On You SC8750-06 Stacks & Brooke Hogan Spitting Image Falling PHMP0909 Chicken Song SFMW835-04 Stacy Dean Campbell Splender Eight Feet High NT55-11 I Think God Can Explain SC8607-03 Honey I Do SC8205-02 Save It For Later THP0210-16 Makin' Good Time SC3159-03 Split Enz Poor Man's Roses JV0063-03 I Got You SC8571-05 Rosalee CB60148-15 Sponge Stacy Earl Have You Seen Mary SC3005-07 Romeo & Juliet SAVP39-15 Molly SC8199-11 Plowed SC8874-11 Love On A Two Way Street SC8754-15 Rainin' SC8233-05 Stagga Lee Wax Ecstatic SC8308-01 Roll Wit M.V.P. THH0308-11 Spongebob Square Pants Staind F.U.N. Song SM9921-10 All I Want CB30090-06 Spongebob Square Pants (Tv Theme) SM9921-09 Believe CB30078-06 Springfields Epiphany SC8762-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 295 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Staind Standard Everything Changes PHM0605-03 Hands Up MM6004-13 Fade SC8730-12 Happy Birthday To You DK045-19 Falling PHM0106P-09 Happy Days Are Here Again CBEP469-1-01 For You SC8765-05 Harbor Lights SC7033-06 How About You THR0402-16 Heart And Soul DKM3071-12 It's Been A While SC8742-13 Hokey Pokey SC8109-11 King Of All Excuses PHM0610-08 Honeysuckle Rose DKM3068-14 Mudshovel SC8662-03 I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair DKM3068-12 Outside TU059-15 I Know A Little Pussy SDK201-10 Price To Play SC8831-11 I Love Little Pussy SDK102-04 Right Here SC3451-04 I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl SC7029-08 So Far Away SC8845-11 I'll Be Seeing You SC7034-06 Zoe Jane THR0407-18 I'll Fly Away SC7026-05 Stampeders I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles DK045-18 Sweet City Woman SC8492-06 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You DKM3069-04 Stan Freberg I'm Sitting On Top Of The World SC7032-01 Nuttin' For Christmas SC8557-03 In The Good Old Summertime SC7021-02 Stan Getz In The Mood SC7034-04 Girl From Ipanema SFG025-16 In The Sweet Bye And Bye SC7026-07 Stan Ridgway Is Anybody Going To San Antone SAVA03-17 Camouflage SFMW870-09 It Ain't Gonna Rain No More SDK203-12 Standard I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts DK045-17 Ain't She Sweet SC7021-04 Jeepers Creepers DK1103-11 All Through The Night SDK105-01 Just One Of Those Things HSPAK3-08-01 Always (I'll Be Loving You) SC7021-05 Kumbaya SC2022-05 Anniversary Waltz SC7034-02 Let's Do It PRSA08-02 April In Paris SC7033-04 Lullaby Of Broadway DKM3070-05 At Sundown BS4017-11 Mademoiselle From Armentieres SDK302-08 Autumn In New York SC7035-01 Maria AMS1053-04 Aye Aye Aye Aye The Limerick Song SDK301-02 Midnight Special SDK303-08 Baby Face SC7023-04 Moonlight And Roses SC7031-06 Back In Your Own Backyard SC7032-08 Moonlight Bay SC7021-06 Band Played On SC7022-03 Nine Hundred Miles SDK202-03 Bewitched SC7035-05 On The Street Where You Live DK045-08 Billy Boy SDK203-02 Pennies From Heaven SC7033-07 Bird's Song SDK204-06 Shenandoah DK038-10 Blues In The Night DK045-14 Shine On Harvest Moon SC7025-06 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon SC7022-01 Summer Wind HSPAK3-04-05 California Here I Come SC7031-03 Sweet Georgia Brown SC7031-07 Carolina In The Morning SC7031-02 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot SC7036-07 Carolina Moon SC7023-03 Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay DK1103-09 Cheek To Cheek SC7033-03 That Old Black Magic SC7034-07 Colors SDK201-05 That's The Way I Like It SC7545-15 Crawdad Song SDK203-05 This Little Light Of Mine SDK207-12 Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine SC7037-01 Vive La Compagne SDK302-11 Daddy's Little Girl SGB59-14 Way You Look Tonight HSPAK3-11-08 Do Do Do BS4017-08 Wedding Song SC8109-07 Downtown Strutters' Ball SC7024-02 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling SC7023-07 Edelweiss SC7035-03 Wish You A Happy Birthday SDK304-12 For He's A Jolly Good Fellow CBE4-30-03 World Turned Upside Down SDK205-10 Frankie And Johnny DKM3068-11 Yes Sir That's My Baby SC7029-05 Girl From Ipanema PRSA08-04 You Are My Sunshine SC7022-07 Git Along Little Dogies SDK301-08 You Belong To Me DK045-10 Give A Little Whistle CBEP469-4-12 You Go To My Head SGB59-09 Ground Hog SDK204-11 Standard Reminiscing Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here CBEP469-4-01 Day By Day SC7035-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 296 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Standard Reminiscing Standard Reminiscing Dixie SC7028-04 When You Wore A Tulip SC7027-08 Down By The Old Mill Stream SC7022-02 Yellow Rose Of Texas SC7024-07 Down By The Riverside SC7036-06 Yes We Have No Bananas SC7029-06 For Me And My Gal SC7027-06 You Made Me Love You SC7029-01 Give My Regards To Broadway SC7023-01 You're A Grand Old Flag SC7028-01 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands SC7026-08 Standells Hot Time In The Old Town SC7024-03 Dirty Water MM6164-03 How Great Thou Art SC7025-03 Stanely Brothers I Can't Give You Anything But Love SC7033-08 Pig In The Pen CB60060-13 I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl SC7029-08 Stanley Brothers I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now SC7037-08 A Beautiful Life CB20403-12 I'll Be Seeing You SC7034-06 Rank Strangers CB20408-12 I'll Fly Away SC7026-05 Staple Singers I'm Always Chasing Rainbows SC7023-02 Heavy Makes You Happy SC8776-08 I'm Just Wild About Harry SC7031-01 If You're Ready (Come Go With Me) SC8776-01 I'm Sitting On Top Of The World SC7032-01 I'll Take You There SC8138-12 In A Little Spanish Town SC7032-02 Let's Do It Again SC8776-03 In My Merry Oldsmobile SC7024-06 Respect Yourself DKM3060-14 In The Garden SC7036-04 Star De Azlan In The Good Old Summertime SC7021-02 She's Pretty CB60371-05 In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree SC7027-02 Starbuck In The Sweet Bye And Bye SC7026-07 Moonlight Feels Right SC8178-02 I've Been Working On The Railroad SC7024-01 Stardust Just As I Am SC7026-04 Music Sounds Better With You SF125-13 K-K-K-Katy SC7037-04 Starland Vocal Band Let Me Call You Sweetheart SC7021-03 Afternoon Delight SC8609-06 Look For The Silver Lining SC7031-08 Starpoint Love Lifted Me SC7036-05 Object Of My Desire AH8021-09 Ma SC7029-03 Stars On 54 Me And My Shadow SC7032-03 If You Could Read My Mind NUTECH-0498 Meet Me In St. Louis SC7027-03 Starsailor Moonlight Becomes You SC7034-08 Born Again SF211-08 More I See You SC7035-07 Fever SFMW841-06 My Blue Heaven SC7022-04 Four To The Floor SFMW849-01 My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean SC7025-08 Good Souls SC8752-09 My Gal Sal SC7037-05 Keep Us Together SF243-13 My Old Kentucky Home SC7037-07 Lullabye SF187-05 My Wild Irish Rose SC7022-06 Poor Misguided Fool SF191-01 Ol' Man River SC7032-04 Silence Is Easy SF209-11 On The Sunny Side Of The Street SC7033-01 Starship Over There SC7024-04 Sara SC8413-11 Peg O' My Heart SC7027-05 State Fair Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet SC7037-02 It Might As Well Be Spring DKM3067-08 Rock Of Ages SC7026-03 Static X Rum And Coca-Cola SC7035-08 Only PHR0312-07 School Days SC7023-05 Statler Brothers September Song SC7035-02 Bed Of Roses SC8576-12 Side By Side SC7037-03 Class Of '57 CB90135-12 Sidewalks Of New York SC7023-06 Do You Know You Are My Sunshine SC8262-15 String Of Pearls SC7034-03 Do You Remember These SC8335-13 Sweet Rosie O'grady SC7024-05 Elizabeth CBE606-04 Sweet Sue Just You SC7032-06 Flowers On The Wall SC8419-03 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot SC7036-07 He's Got The Whole World MM6328-07 Take Me Out To The Ballgame SC7029-07 I'll Go To My Grave Loving You SC8342-02 Tea For Two SC7032-05 Let's Get Started If We're Gonna Break My Heart SC8567-08 Wait Till The Sunshines, Nellie SC7027-07 Movies CB90135-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 297 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Statler Brothers Steely Dan My Only Love SC8564-04 Do It Again SC7559-11 Oh Baby Mine (I Get So Lonely) CB90135-07 Doctor Wu HC002-08 Thank God I've Got You CB90135-13 Everyone's Gone To The Movies HC002-12 Too Much On My Heart SC8529-02 Fez RSZ608-15 Who Am I To Say SC8647-13 Fm (No Static At All) SC2192-07 You Can't Have Your Kate & Edith, Too CB90135-11 Gaslighting Abbie HC002-13 You'll Be Back (Every Night In My Dreams) SC8604-08 Goodbye Look HC002-15 Status Quo Green Earrings HC002-03 Again & Again LG094-15 Haitian Divorce SFMW859-03 Anniversary Waltz (Part One) LG094-17 Hey 19 RSZ608-03 Boys Are Back In Town THCOL04-01 Hey Nineteen SC2192-06 Break The Rules LG094-05 Jack Of Speed HC002-07 Burning Bridges (On And Off And On A LG094-09 Josie SC2192-05 Caroline SF010-11 Kid Charlemagne SC2192-02 Down The Dustpipe LG094-04 My Rival HC002-04 Going Down Down Tonight LG094-11 My School RSZ608-08 Ice In The Sun SFMW803-08 Nightfly HC002-14 In The Army Now LG094-10 Peg SC2192-04 Marguerita Time LG094-12 Pretzel Logic HC002-01 Pictures Of Matchstick Men SF070-14 Reelin' In The Years SC8430-07 Rain LG094-06 Rikki Don't Lose That Number SC7533-08 Rock 'N Roll LG094-13 Show Biz Kids RSZ608-05 The Wanderer PX010-05 Time Out Of Mind RSZ608-07 What You're Proposing LG094-08 West Of Hollywood HC002-06 Whatever You Want SF010-07 What A Shame About Me HC002-10 When You Walk In The Room SF039-12 Stefy Wild Side Of Life LG094-07 Chelsea SD4609-09 Status Quo Stella Soleil Rockin' All Over The World SF166-15 Kiss Kiss PHM0106-05 Stealers Wheel Stephanie Bentley Stuck In The Middle With You SC8115-15 Dead Ringer SC8328-05 Steam Once I Was The Light Of Your Life SC8307-01 Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye SC8353-08 The Hopechest Song SC8358-14 Steel Dragon Who's That Girl SC8247-05 Blood Pollution SC8850-03 Stephanie Davis We All Die Young SC8850-13 All In The Heart SC8282-10 Steel Magnolias Moonlighter SC8296-05 Keep On Loving You CB60422-11 Stephanie Lynn & High Energy Steel Pulse Nada SC7105-05 Brown Eyed Girl MM6375-10 Stephanie Mills Reggae Fever SC8500-07 I Feel Good All Over SC8405-09 Steeleye Span Looks Like We Made It MM6127-02 All Around My Hat SF079-07 Never Knew Love Like This Bef MM6127-01 Steelheart Stephen Bishop I'll Never Let You Go SC8346-15 It Might Be You (Tootsie) SC8627-08 Steely Dan On And On SC8577-11 Any Major Dude HC002-09 Save It For A Rainy Day SC8668-07 Babylon Sisters SC8939-06 Stephen Cochran Bad Sneakers HC002-11 I'm Thinkin' I'm Drinkin' CB60388-08 Barrytown HC002-05 Stephen Foster Black Cow SY1045-04 Beautiful Dreamer CBEP469-3-11 Black Friday RSZ608-02 Bodhisattva RSZ608-16 I Believe SF171-06 Cousin Dupree HC002-02 New Beginning SF165-06 Deacon Blues DK1109-15 Stay SF179-06 Dirty Work SC8568-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 298 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Stephen Stills Stereophonics Love The One You're With SC8174-08 Traffic EZA003-02 Steppenwolf Stereophonics & Tom Jones Born To Be Wild SC8106-14 Mama Told Me Not To Come EZA002-06 Magic Carpet Ride SC7572-07 Sterling Simms & Sean Paul Pusher SC8172-11 Jump Off PHU0704-09 Steps Steve & Edie 5 6 7 8 SF117-07 This Could Be The Start Of Something Big MM6269-11 After The Love Has Gone SF152-15 Steve Arrington Better Best Forgotten SF134-04 Dancin' In The Key Of Life SF068-07 Better The Devil You Know SMKR001-16 Steve Azar Chain Reaction SFG016-01 Damn The Money CB60248-10 Deeper Shade Of Blue LGTP-2-02 Doin' It Right CB60341-08 Heartbeat SF128-11 I Don't Have To Be Me SC8729-09 Here & Now SFG016-02 I Never Stopped Lovin' You SC8298-08 I Know Him So Well SFG016-03 Love Had No Right SC3028-03 I Surrender SMKR001-13 Moo La Moo CB60419-11 I Think It's Love SMKR001-06 My Heart Wants To Run SD097-06 It's The Way To Make Me Feel TU146-14 Nights Like This SC8336-12 Last Thing On My Mind SF121-06 One Good Reason Why CB60312-05 Loves Got A Hold Of My Heart SF144-01 Someday SC8267-04 Movin' On SMKR001-15 Sunshine (Everybody Needs A Little) PHMC1006-06 Never Say Never Again SMKR001-12 Waitin' On Joe SC8779-07 One For Sorrow SF125-01 You Don't Know A Thing CB60354-14 Only In My Dreams SFG016-08 You're My Life PHMC0904 Say You'll Be Mine LGTP-5-03 Steve Brookstein Stomp SF172-15 Against All Odds SF227-05 Summer Of Love SF169-03 Steve Earle Thank Abba For The Music SFG016-07 Copperhead Road SC8856-02 Tragedy LGTP-6-04 Fell Alright SC8856-03 Way You Make Me Feel SFG016-05 Goodbye TU172-05 When I Said Goodbye SF167-14 Guitar Town SC8874-07 When You're Looking Like That EZH005-11 Jerusalem TU185-06 Words Are Not Enough SF185-09 Transcendental Blues SC8629-14 Stereo Fuse Steve Forbert Everything PHM0302-09 Romeo's Tune AMS1502-03 Stereomud Steve Gibbons Pain SC8717-11 Tulane PX008-07 Steppin' Away THR0201-18 Steve Gorme & Eydie Stereophonics Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen MMSTA01-12 Bartender & The Thief SFG017-11 Steve Harley Dakota SF229-06 Here Comes The Sun SFMW834-07 Everyday I Think Of Money SFMW826-05 Steve Holy Hand Bags And Glad Rags EZH08-12 Baby Don't Go CB60416 Handbags & Gladrags SF184-02 Blue Moon SC8617-07 Have A Nice Day MM6355-04 Brand New Girlfriend SC8998-02 Hurry Up And Wait SF152-13 Don't Make Me Beg SC8570-14 I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio SF146-06 Go Home CB60338-14 Just Looking SF136-12 Good Morning Beautiful SC8723-02 Local Boy In The Photgraph EZA002-01 Hunger PHN0101-09 Madame Helga SFMW838-10 I'm Not Breakin' SC8784-01 Mama Told Me Not To Come SFG005-10 It's My Time (Waste It If I Want To) CB60343-11 Maybe Tomorrow SF208-05 Men Buy The Drinks (Girls Call The Shots) CB60365-07 Mr. Writer SF177-10 Might Have Been CB60381-08 My Friends THHP0803-15 Put Your Best Dress On CB60324-10 Pick A Part That’S New SFG005-12 Rock A Bye Heart SC8816-10 Step On My Old Size Nines SF179-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 299 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Steve Lawrence Steve Wariner Footsteps SAVP40-06 In A Heartbeat CB60170-08 Go Away Little Girl LG158-09 It Won't Be Over You SC8260-09 I've Gotta Be Me LG158-06 Kansas City Lights THMR-0503-04 Poor Little Rich Girl LG158-07 Katie Wants A Fast One BS2717-12 Portrait Of My Love MM6005-09 Leave Him Out Of This SC8359-07 Pretty Blue Eyes SC8521-07 Life's Highway SC8398-05 Steve Lawrence & Edie Gorme Like A River To The Sea SC8161-13 Besame Mucho TT6017-12 Lynda SC8483-04 Green Eyes MM6367-12 Precious Thing CB90034-03 Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme Road Trippin' SC8470-06 I Want To Stay Here SF094-06 Small Town Girl SC8483-06 Together Wherever We Go MMGPK09-09 Snowfall On The Sand SC8816-15 Steve Martin & Toot Uncommons Some Fools Never Learn SC8385-14 King Tut SC8544-04 Starting Over Again SC8697-03 Steve Miller Band There For Awhile SC8352-03 Abracadabra SC8176-05 Tips Of My Fingers SC8265-10 Dance, Dance, Dance BS6917-11 Two Teardrops SC8524-12 Fly Like An Eagle LC0006-13 Weekend SC8483-05 Jet Airliner SC8207-05 What I Didn't Do SC8345-11 Joker SC8300-13 When I Could Come Home To You SC8144-01 Jungle Love SC8223-04 Where Did I Go Wrong SC8483-13 Living In The U.S.A. SC8840-09 Woman Loves SC8352-13 Rock N Me SC8192-12 You Can Dream Of Me SC7556-06 Serenade BS6917-05 Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks Space Cowboy SGB026-01 Burnin' The Roadhouse Down CHT9810-02 Stake BS6917-07 Katie Wants A Fast One SC8630-14 Swingtown SC8300-10 Steve Wariner & Lee Roy Parnell Take The Money And Run SC8231-15 Carmelita CB60316-09 True Fine Love BS6917-06 Steve Winwood Wide River SC8272-05 Back In The High Life Again SC8510-08 Wild Mountain Honey BS6917-14 Don't You Know What The Night Can Do SD003-09 Winter Time BS6917-12 SC8378-14 Steve Perry Higher Love SC8292-03 Foolish Heart SC8580-10 Holding On CBE4-07-09 I Stand Alone SC3081-06 Roll With It SC8667-03 Missing You SC8279-13 Valerie SC8413-14 Oh Sherrie SC8413-09 While You See A Chance SC8894-15 When You're In Love (For The First Time) SC8503-08 Steve Witter You Better Wait SC8235-13 All My Life CB60171-13 Steve Wariner Stevel Kolander All Roads Lead To You SC8647-09 Black Dresses MM6128-14 B B Burnin' Up I Go Wrong SC8483-14 Steven Curtis Chapman Burnin' The Roadhouse Down CB90034-15 Dive (Radio Version) SC8828-07 Can I Come Over Tonight CB60172-04 Go There With You NT41-07 Crash Course In The Blues SC8219-15 Great Adventure NT44-11 Domino Theory SC8359-10 How Do I Love Her THP0311-18 Drive SC8180-05 NUTECH-1070 Drivin' And Cryin' SC8219-10 Steven Curtis Chapman & Chris Tomlin Every Little Whisper SC8496-02 We Fall Down SC8919-14 Faith In You SC8608-05 Steven Sisters Heart Trouble SC8483-11 Wherever You Are TU126-16 Holes In The Floor Of Heaven SC8495-01 Stevie B I Got Dreams SC8647-11 Because I Love You DK1108-13 If I Didn't Love You SC8213-02 Stevie Brock I'm Already Taken SC8549-14 All For Love TU214-03 I'm Your Man SC8837-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 300 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Stevie Nicks Stevie Wonder After The Glitter Fades SC8552-02 I Wish SC8866-04 Blue Denim SC8238-12 If You Really Love Me SC8984-06 Edge Of Seventeen SC8329-08 Isn't She Ovely CBE511-15 Everyday THP0108-18 Lately SC8860-11 Everyday Love TU060-13 Livin' For The City SC8824-01 Fall From Grace TU096-06 Master Blaster (Jamminæ) SC8870-01 Gypsy PSJT008-03 Moving On Up ESS01-08 I Can't Wait SC8603-10 My Cherie Amore CBE621-08 If Anyone Falls SC8393-06 Overjoyed LG099-08 If You Ever Did Believe SC8499-08 Part Time Lover LG099-04 Leather And Lace TU060-14 Place In The Sun LG100-07 Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind MM6057-07 Ribbon In The Sky SC8860-10 Planets Of The Universe TU060-15 Send One Your Love PS1248-13 Rooms On Fire SC8417-11 Shoo Be Doo Be Doo LG100-10 Sara TU116-06 Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’M Yours SC8866-08 Sorcerer TTU074-13 Sir Duke SC8866-03 Stand Back SC8201-12 Stay Gold PS1248-10 Talk To Me SC8477-13 Superstition SC8866-05 Trouble In Shangri La TU060-17 These Three Words SC8244-03 Stevie Nicks & Don Henley Too High SFG032-04 Leather And Lace SC7581-03 Uptight (Everythingæs Alright) SC8866-09 Stevie Nicks & The Dixie Chicks Yester Me, Yester You, Yesterday CB90183-11 Too Far From Texas TU060-16 You And I LG099-02 Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty You Are The Sunshine Of My Life SC8866-01 Stop Draggin' My Heart Around SC7523-08 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing CBEP474-3-01 Stevie Ray Vaughan Stevie Wonder & India Arie Sky Is Crying SC8675-02 Christmas Song SC2455-06 Texas Flood SC8675-11 Stick McGee Stevie Ray Vaughn Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee RB16-12 Close To You NT16-07 Stiltskin Cold Shot MM6144-02 Inside SF141-03 Couldn't Stand The Weather SC9001-01 Sting Crossfire SC2319-04 After The Rain Has Fallen SC8645-01 Empty Arms SC2319-06 All This Time SC8643-12 House Is Rockin' SC2319-08 An Englishmen In New York SFG026-10 Life By The Drop SC2319-07 Be Still My Beating Heart SC8588-08 Little Sister SIN0001-01 Brand New Day SC8643-09 Lookin' Out The Window MM6155-01 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da SC8643-10 Love Struck Baby MM6272-12 Desert Rose SC8618-02 Pride & Joy SC8327-10 Every Breath You Take SFG026-02 Sooner Or Later SIN0001-07 Fields Of Gold SC8643-04 Tightrope SC2319-05 Fill Her Up TU078-10 Stevie Wonder Fortress Around Your Heart SC8643-02 As SC8984-12 Fragile SFG026-11 Blame It On The Sun DG09-12 Gabriel's Message SC2514-05 Boogie On Reggae Woman SC8866-10 I Saw Three Ships SC8899-11 Christmas Song SC8899-03 If I Ever Lose My Faith In You SC8643-07 Do I Do PS1248-17 If You Love Somebody Set Them Free SC8643-08 Don't You Worry About A Thing SFMW830-03 It`S Probably Me SFMW839-13 Fingertips Pt.2 JV0029-01 Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot SC8643-14 For Once In My Life SC8866-11 Murder By Numbers KPP3-12-08 For Your Love SC8164-06 My Funny Friend And Me THP0103-18 Happy Birthday SC8870-06 Nothing 'Bout Me SC8279-02 Higher Ground SC8866-12 Roxanne '97 (Puff Daddy Remix) TU078-15 I Just Called To Say I Love You SC8866-02 Russians SC8725-04 I Was Made To Love Her LG100-05 Send Your Love SD4311-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 301 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Sting Stone Temple Pilots Seven Days SFG026-15 Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart SC8295-01 We'll Be Together SC8643-11 Tumble In The Rough SC3016-07 When We Dance SC8150-12 Vaseline AMS1504-06 You Still Touch Me SC8290-13 Stonewall Jackson Sting & Mary J Blige B. J. The D. J. SC8419-13 Whenever I Say Your Name SFMW848-02 Don't Be Angry CB60293-05 Sting, Bryan Adams & R. Stewart Life To Go SC8491-12 All For Love CBEP463-3-06 Waterloo SC8392-04 Stir Why I'm Walkin' SC8509-13 Climbing The Walls THR0011-18 Wound Time Can't Erase SC8555-03 New Beginning SC8607-06 Story Of The Year Stockard Channing Anthem Of Our Dying Day SC8879-14 Look At Me, I’M Sandra Dee SC8910-06 Sidewalks THP0505-17 There Are Worse Things I Could Do SC8910-13 Take Me Back THR0605-13 Syndrome Until The Day I Die THR0405-14 Muse PHR0507-04 Strait Up & Lajon Stompin' Tom Angel's Son SC8672-05 Bud The Spud KAR001-01 Stranglers Consumer KAR001-07 Golden Brown SFG032-08 Hockey Song KAR001-04 No More Heroes ZMH007-02 Ketchup Song KAR001-05 Peaches THCOL04-01 Margo's Cargo KAR001-02 Strawberry Alarm Clock Poor Poor Farmer KAR001-06 Incense & Peppermints DK029-12 Rubberhead KAR001-08 Yummy Yummy Yummy IMPK27-16 Sudbury Saturday Night KAR001-03 Strawbs Stone Poneys & Linda Ronstadt Part Of The Union SF071-10 Different Drum LG088-07 Strawdogs Stone Roses Stiff Little Fingers SF109-06 Elephant Stone SFG030-06 Stray Cats Fool's Gold SFG030-01 Rock This Town SC8425-07 I Am The Resurrection SFG030-03 Runaway Boys THCOL04-01 I Wanna Be Adored SFG030-04 She's Sexy & 17 SC2042-03 Mersey Paradise SFG030-05 Stray Cat Strut SC8106-02 Sally Cinnamon SFG030-08 Streets She Bangs The Drum SFG030-07 Blinded By The Light SF223-14 Waterfall SFG030-02 Don't Mug Yourself SFMW860-08 Stone Sour Dry Your Eyes SF220-11 Bother SC8801-11 Fit But You Know SF218-02 Get Inside SC3354-03 Never Went To Church SF244-13 Inhale SFMW843-05 Stroke 9 Silly World PHM0703-08 Kick Some Ass PHR0110-01 Through Glass (Radio Version) SC9005-15 Little Black Backpack SC8581-14 Stone Temple Pilots Strokes All In The Suit That You Wear THR0402-12 125100 Pm PHR0312-09 Between The Lines PHMP1006-04 Heart In A Cage THR0605-11 Big Bang Baby SC8268-10 Juicebox THR0601-11 Big Empty SC8148-06 Last Night SC3291-02 Days Of The Week THR0109-10 Reptilia THR0405-13 Hollywood Bitch PHR0112-06 Someday TU159-12 Interstate Love Song SC8140-15 Stryper Lady Picture Show SC2098-02 Honestly SC8791-12 Lightning Crashes HSPAK3-03-18 To Hell With The Devil TU077-15 No Way Out THR0102-18 Students Plush SC8148-12 I'm So Young MM6409-07 Revolution THR0202-12 Stupid Girl Sour Girl MM6313-06 Cold SC8831-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 302 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Style Council Sugababes Long Hot Summer SFMW832-14 Wear My Kiss SF289-15 Walls Come Tumbling Down SF151-09 Sugababes & Sting You're The Best Thing SFMW832-12 Shape EZH22-12 Stylistics Sugar Hill Gang Betcha By Golly Wow LG075-07 Rapper’s Delight SC7586-06 Break Up To Make Up RB01-02 Sugar Minnott Can't Give You Anything SF097-07 We've Got A Good Thing Going SFMW850-09 I'm Stone In Love With You SC8650-07 Sugar Ray Na Na Is The Saddest Song SF097-08 10 Seconds Down CB4040-10 Rockin' Roll Baby SF091-05 Abracadabra SC8640-14 Sing Baby Sing SF097-06 Answer The Phone SC8731-08 You Are Everything SC8323-02 Bartender (It's So Easy) CB30039-01 You Make Me Feel Brand New SC8606-14 Chasin' You Around CB40331-12 Styx Every Morning SC8640-09 Babe SC7542-04 Falls Apart SC8640-13 Best Of Times SC8477-06 Fly SC8640-12 Blue Collar Man Longs Nights SC8539-07 Is She Really Going Out With Him CB3040-10 Come Sail Away SC8322-10 Mean Machine CB4040-11 Crystal Ball SC8574-06 Mr Bartender PHM0307-03 Don't Let It End SC8658-06 Ours SC8747-13 Fooling Yourself SC8725-07 Rpm CB4040-09 Grand Illusion SC8574-07 Someday SC8519-04 Lady SC8305-04 When It's Over SC8708-01 Light Up SC8172-05 Sugarbabes Lorelei SC8574-12 New Year SF174-15 Miss America SC8406-03 Overload SF172-14 Mr. Roboto SC7565-04 Soul Sound SF181-08 Renegade SC8334-04 Sugarland Show Me The Way SC8574-10 All I Want To Do CB60379-01 Snowblind SC8725-10 Already Gone CB60388-03 Suite Madame Blue SC8574-02 April Showers PHN0802-08 Too Much Time On My Hands SC7562-02 Baby Girl SC8943-05 Sublime County Line PHN0711-05 Badfish SC8947-10 Down In Mississippi (Up To No Good) SC8965-15 Date Rape SC8874-06 Everyday America CB60365-05 Santeria SC8389-04 Fly Away RSZ628-07 SC8448-06 Hello RSZ628-03 Wrong Way PHM9710-06 Just Might (Make Me Believe) SC8959-14 Sue Thompson Settlin' CB60359-06 Sad Movies SC8415-07 Small Town Jericho RSZ628-09 Suede Something More SC8923-07 Beautiful Ones SFMW848-15 Speed Of Life RSZ628-08 Suena Stand Back Up CB60345-03 Intocable SCL1561-04 Stay ESP490-02 Sugababes Tennessee RSZ628-04 About You Now (Radio Version) SC9016-02 These Are The Days PHN0802-09 Caught In A Moment SF221-10 Time, Time, Time RSZ628-10 Easy SF249-08 Want To CB60356-03 Follow Me Home SF244-10 Sugarland & Bon Jovi Freak Like Me EZH11-04 Who Says You Cant Go Home RSZ628-12 Hole In The Head SF210-04 Sugarland & Little Big Town & Jake Owen In The Middle SF216-07 Life In A Northern Town CB60374-06 Round Round EZH15-10 Sugarloaf Shape SF203-04 Green Eyed Lady SC8174-07 Stronger SF198-13 Suggs Too Lost In You SF211-16 Camden Town SF029-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 303 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Suggs Supertramp Cecilia MM6375-05 Take The Long Way Home SC8322-09 I Am SF125-08 The Logical Song SC1999NSC07- Sum 41 10 Another Time Around SFG035-08 Supremes Fat Lip SC8699-12 Baby Love SC2510-05 Hell Song PHR0306-08 Back In My Arms Again SC2510-07 In Too Deep SC8731-12 SC8222-13 Machine Gun SFG035-04 Everybody's Got The Right To Love JV0028-06 Makes No Difference SFG035-02 Happening CB90170-05 Motivation SFG035-05 I Hear A Symphony SC8226-13 Mr. Amsterdam TU175-13 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me THCOL04-01 Over My Head TU175-14 Love Child SC8396-10 Pain For Pleasure TU075-11 Love Is Here And Now You're Gone DK094-12 Pieces THR0503-12 My World Is Empty Without You DK081-12 Some Say THR0601-18 Reflections SC2510-04 Still Waiting SC8831-07 Someday We'll Be Together SF073-04 Summer SFG035-06 Stoned Love SFMW812-14 We're All To Blame THR0412-14 Stop In The Name Of Love SC2063-07 What I Believe SFG035-03 Up The Ladder To The Roof DK070-10 What We're All About SC8775-08 Where Did Our Love Go SC8226-01 Summer Matthews You Can’t Hurry Love SC7571 13 Little Miss Perfect SF215-16 You Keep Me Hangin' On SC2510-01 Summertime Surface Sundays SC8423-06 First Time SC8126-04 Sunset Boulevard Never Gonna Let You Down NUTECH-1204 Too Much In Love To Care SC2222-08 Shower Me With Your Love CBE4-07-10 Sunshine Anderson Survivor Heard It All Before SC8695-03 Burning Heart PI046-16 Super Furry Animals Eye Of The Tiger SC8650-06 Juxtaposed To You SF182-13 High On You SC8684-04 Super Sister I Can't Hold Back SC8346-13 Summer Gonna Come SF185-11 Search Is Over SC8297-07 Superchick Susan Ashton So Bright TTU190-13 Closer SC8608-13 Superdrag Faith Of The Heart SC3126-03 Sucked Out SC8316-03 She Is SC3386-04 Supergrass You're Lucky I Love You SC8546-02 Alright SF114-11 Susan Ashton & Collin Raye Pumping On Your Stereo SF142-06 Gift SC8018-09 Seen The Light SF200-06 Susan Boyle Superman Lovers End Of The World SFMW922-10 Starlight EZH03-02 Proud SFMW921-02 Supermodels Susan Haynes Tell Me Why PAN2006-01 Drinkin In My Sunday Dress CB60348-06 Supernatural Susan Mugum Wild Orchid SC8395-05 Bobby's Girl SF074-01 Supernaturals Susan Tedeschi I Wasn't Built To Get Up SF124-15 It Hurt So Bad SC8675-03 Supertramp It Hurts Me Too SC9001-06 Bloody Well Right SC8527-07 Rock Me Right SC8675-10 Breakfast In America SC8539-02 Tired Of My Tears PHM0106AC- Dreamer THCOL04-01 03 Give A Little Bit SC8510-10 You Need To Be With Me AMS1503-02 Goodbye Stranger SC8658-01 Susana Graciela It's Raining Again SF032-11 Adoro NSAV7001-11 Logical Song SC8658-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 304 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Susanna Hoffs Sweet All I Want SC8337-11 Fox On The Run SC8750-13 Sutherland Brothers Hellraiser SF024-02 Arms Of Mary THCOL04-01 Little Willy SC8456-13 Sutherland Brothers & Quivver Love Is Like Oxygen SC8725-08 Lying In The Arms Of Mary SFMW805-06 Teenage Rampage SF101-09 Suzanne Vega Wig Wam Bam SF096-08 Luka SC8413-12 Sweet Charity Marlene On The Wall HC001-14 Big Spender TU140-02 Tom's Diner SC8433-05 If My Friends Could See Me Now MM6015-04 Suzi Quatro Sweetbox 48 Crash SF096-15 Everything's Gonna Be Alright SF125-10 Can The Can SF035-10 Sweethearts Of The Rodeo Devil Gate Drive SF024-08 Chains Of Gold SC7569-05 If You Can't Give Me Love ZMH001-03 I Feel Fine CB60084-08 Suzie McNeil Midnight Girl In A Sunset Town SC8455-01 Believe PHAC0612-08 Satisfy You CB60111-12 Suzy Bogguss Since I Found You SC8792-06 Aces SC2174-04 This Heart CB60097-10 All Things New Again CB60097-04 Swing Out Sister Cross My Broken Heart SC8275-07 Am I The Same Girl MDG005-14 Drive South SC8234-12 Breakout SC7561-12 From Where I Stand CB90038-15 Notgonnachange SC8238-10 Give Me Some Wheels SC8289-02 Swingerhead Goodnight SC8566-13 Pick Up The Phone MM6254-10 Heartache CB60114-03 Swingin' Blue Jeans Hey Cinderella SC8112-05 Hippy Hippy Shake SC8429-14 I'll Be Home For Christmas CB60303-06 You're No Good SF078-08 Just Like The Weather SC8167-14 Swingin' Medallions Letting Go SC2174-05 Double Shot SC7531-15 Lovin' A Hurricane CB90038-09 Swirl 360 Mr. Santa TU246-12 Hey Now Now SC8473-13 No Way Out SC8319-05 Switchfoot Nobody Love, Nobody Gets Hurt SC8485-15 Dare You To Move SC8909-14 Outbound Plane SC8130-03 Meant To Live SC3396-06 She Said, He Heard SC3011-03 Stars PHM0512-08 Somebody To Love SC8451-14 This Is Your Life THP0502-18 Someday Soon SC8265-11 We Are One Tonight PHM0606-08 Somewhere Between CB90038-11 Swv Souvenirs SC8137-11 Always On My Mind NT24-08 Take It To The Limit MM6041-05 Anything MM6049-12 Through Your Eyes TU246-15 Can We SC3020-03 Two-Step 'round The Christmas Tree TU246-16 I'm So Into You SAVP38-07 You Never Will SC8287-13 It's All About U SC3005-06 You Wouldn't Say That To A Stranger SC8260-07 Rain SC8453-04 Suzy K Right Here SF005-13 Gabriel THP0405-11 Use Your Heart SC8312-04 Suzy Quatro & Chris Norman Weak SC7545-05 Stumblin' In SC8715-10 You're Always On My Mind NUTECH-0269 Swag Surfin' You're The One SC8281-06 F.L.Y. (Fast Life Yungstaz) PHMU0909 Syleena Johnson Sweeny Todd Guess What THH0304-12 Roxy Roller GM1000-03 Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go AMS1033-08 Sweet Sylvers Ballroom Blitz SC8178-07 Boogie Fever SC7217-06 Block Buster SF024-15 Hot Line SC8143 04 Co-Co SF055-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 305 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Sylvester T Graham Brown You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) BL25-12 With This Ring CB60147-14 Sylvia T Pain & Akon Drifter SC7556-12 Bartender (Radio Version) SC9015-01 Nobody SC7507-12 T Rex Pillow Talk SC8181-11 Band A Gong DK1112-06 Snapshot SC8567-11 Children Of The Revolution SFMW805-13 Tumbleweed SC8610-12 Get It On SFG055-10 Y Viva Espana FLY005-02 Hot Love SF166-14 Syndicate Of Sound I Love To Boogie AH8007-06 Hey Little Girl DG06-03 Jeepster DK1112-07 Syreeta Metal Guru SFG055-16 Your Kiss Is Sweet THCOL04-01 Ride A White Swan SFG055-12 System Of A Down Teenage Dream SFG055-15 Aerials SC8803-15 Telegram Sam SFG055-14 B.Y.O.B. PHR0507-01 Twentieth Century Boy SF024-01 Chop Suey SC8732-13 T Spoon Hypnotize THR0602-17 Sex On The Beach SF126-01 Innervision PHR0302-06 T.I. Question THR0512-10 Asap PHU0508-09 Sugar SC8662-10 Big Things Poppin' (Do It) SC9006-15 Toxicity THR0205-15 Bring Em Out SC8914-14 Systematic Let's Get Away PHU0410-07 Leaving Only Scars PHR0307-06 Rubber Band Man THH0405-14 T A T U Top Back PAN2006-01 All The Things She Said (Radio Version) SC8852-15 U Don't Know Me SC3438-02 Not Gonna Get Us SF205-04 What You Know PHU0605-04 Show Me Love TU202-15 Why You Wanna PHU0607-01 T Bone Walker T.I. & Foxx Call It Stormy Monday SC7597-07 Live In The Sky PHU0701-09 T Dactyl & The Dinosaurs T.I. & Mary J Blige Seaside Shuffle SF095-03 Remember Me CB30112-10 T G Sheppard T.I. & Wyclef Jean Born In A High Wind CB60129-13 You Know What It Is PHU0710-04 Devil In The Bottle SC7568-14 T.I. Destiny’S Child & Lil’ Wayne Do You Wanna Go To Heaven SC8345-06 Soldier SC3428-03 Finally SC8697-05 T.I. Feat. Jodie Aysha I Feel Like Loving You Again CB90109-11 Heartbroken THP0803-12 I Loved 'Em Every One SC8380-11 T.Lorenz M.Carey I'll Be Coming Back For More SC7556-07 I'll Be There NUTECH-0994 Mama Knows SC8537-04 Tab Hunter One Owner Heart CB90109-04 Young Love SF048-03 Only One You SC8537-03 Taco Party Time SC8183-12 Puttin' On The Ritz SC8391-02 Slow Burn SC8434-12 Tag Team Tryin' To Beat The Morning Home CB90109-09 Whoomp There It Is SC8111-08 War Is Hell On The Home Front Too SC8326-01 You Still Do CB90109-06 Dynamite PHMU1008-05 T Graham Brown Taio Cruz & Ke$Ha Darlene SC8567-12 Dirty Picture SF292-14 Don't Go To Strangers SC8434-06 Tait Happy Ever After SC8524-13 Alibi TU076-02 Hell And High Water SC8525-10 Taj Mahal If You Could Only See Me Now SC8359-15 She Caught The Kat MM6206-15 Memphis Women & Chicken SC8578-08 Take 6 Moonshadow Road CB60101-11 Something Within Me PI027-05 Never In A Million Tears SC8546-09 You Can Never Ask Too Much SC8156-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 306 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Take That Babe SF010-15 I Believe SC8759-11 Back For Good SC8203-03 I Cry SC8733-11 Could It Be Magic SFG027-04 If You Can SC8617-12 Everything Change SFG027-05 Life Happened THC0209-17 SF287-14 Love Won't Let Me SC8807-02 How Deep Is Your Love SFG027-14 So What SC8652-04 THCOL04-01 What Kind Of Woman Would I Be CB6310-15 Million Love Songs SFG027-01 Tammy Graham Never Forget SF039-07 Cool Water SC3034-05 Patience SF249-06 Dozen Red Roses SC3017-03 Praise The Lord Together SF026-15 Tell Me Again SC8294-12 Pray SFG027-03 Tammy Trent Relight My Fire SFMW816-09 My Irreplaceable SC8661-02 Sure SF010-02 Tammy Wynette Taking Back Sunday Alive & Well CB90322-06 Decade Under The Influence THR0411-14 Almost Persuaded CB90318-09 Make Damn Sure SC8987-14 Another Chance CB90318-15 Set Phaser To Stun THM0306R-05 Another Lonely Song SC9902-14 This Photograph Is Proof PHM0503R-05 Apartment #9 SC8682-03 Tal Bachman Bedtime Story CB90318-05 If You Sleep (Radio Version) SC8595-15 Candle In The Wind, A, (I'm Not) CB90322-13 She's So High SC8542-02 Cowboys Don't Shoot Straight (Like They Used CB90322-02 Talk Talk To) Life's What You Make It SFMW859-11 Crying In The Rain CB90318-08 Talk Talk SC8696-04 Divorce SC8183-10 Talking Heads Girl Thang CB60112-15 And She Was SC8627-13 Good Lovin' SC8412-02 Burning Down The House SC8510-01 He Loves Me All The CB90318-01 Life During Wartime SC8313-15 I Don’T Wanna Play House SC7589-14 Once In A Lifetime SC8687-13 I Still Believe In Fairy Tales CB90318-13 Psycho Killer SC8678-10 I'll See Him Through SC8367-10 Take Me To The River SC8477-15 Kids Say The Darndest Things SC8561-15 Wild Wild Life SC8678-13 Let's Get Together One More Time CB90322-14 Tamara My Elusive Dreams SAVP04-13 Ayòdame Dios Mêo SCL1516-03 My Man SC8367-14 Tamara Walker No Charge CB90318-11 Angel Eyes CB20299-10 One Of A Kind CB90072-08 Askin' Too Much SC8608-04 Run, Woman, Run SC8604-11 Circle Of Love CB60311-15 Singing My Song SC8367-12 Didn't We Love SC8652-03 Southern California CB90318-14 If Only CB60244-09 Stand By Your Man SC7512-03 Tamayra Gray Sweet Dreams CB90322-15 House Is Not A Home PSJT310-11 Take Me CB90318-10 Tami Lynn Take Me To Your World SC8367-09 I'm Gonna Run Away From You SFCC01-10 They Call It Making Love CB90322-12 Tamia This Time I Almost Made It CB90318-12 Can't Go For That BS3517-10 Til I Get It Right SC8367-11 Officially Missing You THMH0310-02 Till I Can Make It On My Own CB80110-09 Questions CB30045-09 Too Far Gone CB90322-07 Still THH0504-14 Unwed Fathers CB90322-08 Stranger In My House SC8680-02 Ways To Love A Man SC7567-07 There's A Stranger In My House TUFP20-15 We Sure Can Love Each Other CB90318-03 You Put A Move On My Heart SC8281-01 Woman To Woman CB90318-07 Tammy Cochran Womanhood CB90072-13 Angels In Waiting SC8738-13 You And Me SC8517-05 He Really Thinks He's Got It CB60441-09 You Still Get To Me In My Dreams CB90322-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 307 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tammy Wynette Tanya Tucker Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad SC7558-01 Here's Some Love SC8647-14 You're Looking At Country LG044-08 Highway Robbery CB90041-08 Tammy Wynette & George Jones If It Don't Come Easy SC8398-03 Did You Ever CB90322-04 If Your Heart Ain't Busy SC8214-15 God's Gonna Get 'cha (For That) CB90322-09 I'll Come Back As Another Woman CB90150-13 Golden Ring THD0001-08 It Hurts Like Love SC8336-13 Jet Set, The, (We're Not) CB90322-01 It Won't Be Me SC8217-05 Near You CB60076-06 It's A Little Too Late SC8180-07 One CB60076-08 It's Only Over For You SC8426-14 Two Story House MM6314-09 I've Learned To Live SC8317-03 We Loved It Anyway CB60076-05 Jamestown Ferry SC7569-14 Tammy Wynette & Mark Gray Just Another Love SC8375-03 Sometimes When We Touch CB90322-05 Let The Good Times Roll SC8306-01 Tammy Wynette & Parton Little Things SC8370-12 Silver Threads & Golden Needles MM6041-11 Lizzie And The Rainman SC8401-10 Tammy Wynette & The O'kanes Love Me Like You Used To SC8401-02 Talkin' To Myself Again CB90322-03 Love's The Answer SC8647-06 Tammy Wynette & Wynonna Judd Man That Turned My Mama On SC8424-15 Girl Thang SC8213-11 Memory Like I'm Gonna Be MM6373-10 Tamperer My Arms Stay Open All Night SC8177-07 Hammer To The Heart SF159-09 Oh What It Did To Me SC8502-14 Tamperer & Maya Old Weaknesses (Coming On Strong) SC8823-15 Feel It SF120-10 One Love At A Time SC8401-13 If You Buy This Record (Your Life Will Be Better) SF127-03 Pecos Promenade CB60302-03 Tams Ridin Out The Heartache SC3032-01 Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy SFCC01-13 San Antonio Stroll SC8330-01 Hey Girl Don't Bother Me SF088-12 Some Kind Of Trouble SC8101-02 What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am SC8563-01 Soon SC8102-05 Tank Strong Enough To Bend SC7510-07 Maybe I Deserve SC8695-05 Tell Me About It CBE616-11 One Man THH0211-16 Texas, When I Die SC8461-11 Please Don't Go CB30064-09 Two Sparrows In A Hurricaine THMPL035-06 Tantric Walking Shoes SC8131-11 Astounded PHR0110-03 We Don't Have To Do This MM6039-12 Breakdown SC8694-03 What's Your Mama's Name SC8401-07 Chain THR0408-15 Without You What Do I Do With Me SC8228-15 Hey Now PHR0404-02 Would You Lay With Me SF401-14 Mourning THR0202-15 You Just Watch Me SC8137-14 Tanya Tucker Tanya Tucker & Paul Davis & Paul Overstreet 2 Sparrows In A Huricane THMPL035-06 I Won't Take Less Than Your Love CBE4-19-06 Already Gone SC8278-03 Tanya Tucker & T. G. Shepard Bed Of Roses THMP029-02 Don't Go Out SC8131-05 Between The Two Of Them SC8159-08 Taproot Blood Red And Going Down SC7551-07 Calling THR0510-16 Call On Me CB60088-12 Mine PHR0305-09 Can I See You Tonight SC8401-11 Poem THR0302-12 Can't Run From Yourself CB60155-11 Tara Lyn Hart Come In Out Of The World SC8309-14 Don't Ever Let Me Go SC8614-03 Daddy And Home THMP029-03 Mine All Mine CB60194-08 Delta Dawn SC7507-10 Stuff That Matters SC8584-03 Don't Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You SC7569-09 That's When You Came Along SC8623-15 Dont Go Out CBE616-08 Tarralyn Ramsey Down To My Last Teardrop SC7536-09 Up Against All Odds THH0404-13 Find Out What's Happenin' CB90041-14 Tarzan Half The Moon SC8291-04 Youll Be In My Heart DISNEY01-15 Hangin' In SC8175-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 308 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tasmin Archer Taylor Swift Sleeping Satellite SF004-12 Tim McGraw CB60355-09 Tatyana Ali Today Was A Fairytale CB60434-02 Daydreamin' SF128-09 Untouchable CB60439-12 Tavares Way I Loved You CB90344-13 Don't Take Away Tre Music SF055-03 White Horse CB60395-12 Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel SC8323-08 You Belong With Me SC9024-01 It Only Takes A Minute DK034-04 You're Not Sorry SC3502-3 More Than A Woman LG153-16 Teairra Mari Taxi Make Her Feel Good PHU0508-05 Dollar Wine KC004-07 Tears For Fears Taylor Dayne Break It Down Again SC8279-15 As Long As I Can Dream MM6038-10 Call Me Mellow SC3427-06 Can't Get Enough Of Your Love SC8310-15 Change SC8571-12 Don't Rush Me SC8366-04 Elemental PI050-09 Heart Of Stone SC8363-03 Everybody Wants To Rule The World SC8425-15 I Believe In Me And You LG130-05 Goodnight Song SC8238-05 I'll Always Love You SC8439-09 Head Over Heels SC8568-15 I'll Be Your Shelter PI010-17 Mad World SFMW831-11 Love Will Lead You Back SC7545-08 Shout SC8527-04 Naked Without You SGB11-10 Sowing The Seeds Of Love SC8378-02 Prove Your Love SC8362-10 Tebey Tell It To My Heart SC8362-09 We Shook Hands (Man To Man) SC3355-08 Whatever You Want TTU136-15 Technohead With Every Beat Of My Heart SC8366-08 I Wanna Be Hippy SF049-11 Taylor Hicks Technotronic Do I Make You Proud CB30060-04 Move This SAVP23-01 Heaven Knows SD4709-09 Pump Up The Jam SC8746-02 Taylor Momson Ted Lewis Christmas, Why Can't I Find You PR1437-02 Baby Face CBEP469-3-02 Taylor Swift Ted Nugent Beautiful Eyes CB90344-12 Cat Scratch Fever SC7578-01 Best Day CB60415-06 Free For All SC8334-05 Change CB60387-03 Hey Baby SC8724-11 Cold As You CB90344-07 Journey To The Center Of Your Mind IMPK14-07 Crazier CB60410-3 Just What The Doctor Ordered DG03-14 Fearless CB60398-3 Motor City Madhouse SC8397-15 Fifteen CB60404-6 Stranglehold SGB066-05 Forever & Always CB60426-08 Wango Tango SC8713-03 I Heart CB90344-05 Ted Nugent & Amboy Dukes I'd Lie PHN0803-04 Journey To The Center Of The Mind SGB054-04 I'm Only Me When I'm With You CB60377-03 Teddy Bears Invisible CB90344-04 To Know Him Is To Love Him SC8191-09 Jump Then Fall CB60429-01 Teddy Geiger Last Christmas CB90344-15 For You I Will (Confidence) SC8967-09 Love Story CB60390-04 These Walls SD4609-04 Mary's Song (Oh My My My) CB90344-02 Teddy Pendergrass Other Side Of The Door CB60430 And If I Had LG230-06 Our Song (Radio Version) SC9013-15 Close The Door LG100-13 Outside CB90344-01 Come Go With Me LG230-05 Perfectly Good Heart CB90344-06 I Don't Know You Anymore LG230-07 Picture To Burn CB60372-06 Joy LG230-04 Place In This World CB90344-09 Love T.K.O. SC8606-05 Should've Said No SC9021-08 Only You LG230-08 Stay Beautiful CB90344-10 Turn Off The Lights SAVP38-17 Teardrops On My Guitar SC9003-02 When Somebody Loves You Back LG230-09 Tied Together With A Smile CB90344-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 309 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tee Set Tennessee Ernie Ford Ma Belle Amie LC0004-09 Hey Mr Cottonpicker CB60073-02 Teen Queens Hicktown CB90124 -13 Eddie My Love MM6409-09 Kissin' Bug Boogie CB90124 -04 Teena Marie Mr. And Mississippi CB90124 -06 Behind The Groove SF067-07 CBE523-12 I Need Your Lovin' CBEP468-4-15 Shot-Gun Boogie SC8392-10 Teena Marie & Baby SC8142-06 Still In Love THH0406-14 Smokey Mountain Boogie CB90124 -11 Teena Marie & Faith Evans Tailor Made Woman CB90124 -15 Can't Last A Day PHU0908-04 Tennessee Local CB90124 -03 Teena Merie This Is My Country CBEP469-4-16 Lovergirl SC8338-12 Terence Trent Darby Teenage Dirtbag If You Let Me Stay SF108-04 Wheatus PHM0011-03 Teresa Tego Calderon Baby That's What Love Does SC3030-07 Metele Sazon SC8937-13 Teresa Brewer Telly Savalas Music Music Music SC8249-14 If SF077-08 Teri Desario & K C Temperance Seven Yes I'm Ready DG09-11 You're Driving Me Crazy SF069-15 Terrence Trent D'arby Temptations Dance Little Sister SF059-07 Ain't Too Proud To Beg SC8361-01 Sign Your Name SC8540-14 All I Need DKM3057-13 Wishing Well SC8176-04 Ball Of Confusion SC8284-08 Terri Clark Beauty Is Only Skin Deep DK079-12 A Little Gasoline CB90267-15 Cloud Nine LG003-11 Better Things To Do SC8189-10 Get Ready SC8226-12 Damn Right CB60349-03 I Can’T Get Next To You SC8860-01 Dirty Girl SC8998-03 I Know I'm Losing You SC8951-05 Easy From Now On CB20264-11 I Wish It Would Rain CB90196-12 Easy On The Eyes CB90267-04 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me DK2035-04 Emotional Girl SC8370-04 Just My Imagination LG003-15 Empty SC8748-12 Masterpiece LG101-13 Everytime I Cry SC8512-02 My Girl SC8110-13 Getting There SC8714-13 Papa Was A Rollin' Stone SC8293-09 Girls Lie Too SC8880-13 Psychedelic Shack SC8984-05 Gypsy Boots CB60419-14 Run Away Child, Running Wild DK061-09 I Just Wanna Be Mad CB60241-15 Silent Night SC8899-01 I Think The World Needs A Drink CB60329-01 DK070-12 I Wanna Do It All SC8842-13 Some Kind Of Wonderful LG003-06 If I Were You SC8253-12 The Way You Do The Things You Do SM8855-15 In My Next Life CB60370-06 Treat Her Like A Lady LG101-15 Just The Same SC8504-04 You're My Everything LG101-09 Keeper Of The Flame SC8351-14 Ten Years After Little Gasoline SC8653-03 I'd Love To Change The World SC7563-01 Million Ways To Run CB60441-03 Tenacious D No Fear CB60208-11 Fuck Her Gently SC8927-13 Now That I Found You SC8451-09 Pick Of Destiny PHM0702-08 One Of The Guys CB90267-14 Tribute SC8927-12 Pain To Kill SC8823-11 Wonderboy SC8732-10 Poor Poor Pitiful Me SC8336-10 Tennessee Ernie Ford Real Thing CB20264-10 Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own CB90124 -14 She Didn't Have Time CB60342-12 Anticipation Blues CB90124 -10 Something You Should've Said MM6162-12 Ballad Of Davy Crockett SF164-12 Sometimes Goodbye CB20264-09 Country Junction SC8506-05 Suddenly Single SC8298-13 Cry Of The Wild Goose SC8445-09 Take My Time CB20264-12

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 310 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Terri Clark Texas Three Mississippi SC8823-03 In Demand SF172-04 Unsung Hero SC8546-10 In Our Lifetime SC3142-03 When Boy Meets Girl SC8216-14 My Inner Smile SF174-04 Working Girl CB6310-11 Put Your Arms Around Me SF116-02 World Needs A Drink SC8920-09 Say What You Want SC8457-07 You're Easy On The Eyes SC8480-15 Summer Son SF142-03 Terri Gibbs Texas Tornados Somebody's Knockin' SC7544-14 Que Paso (Hey Baby) SCL1533-01 Terror Squad Tg Sheppard Take Me Home PHU0501-07 Last Cheater's Waltz CB20253-11 Terror Squad & Fat Joe & Remy Strong Heart SC8551-13 Lean Back SC8902-01 Thalia Terrorvision A Quién Le Importa SCL1562-07 Tequila Song SF132-06 Alguien Real TU234-03 Terry Bush Amor A La Mexicana TZLTPK-6-01 Maybe Tomorrow SFMW849-01 Baby, I'm In Love CB30041-12 Terry Ellis Closer To You THP0405-15 Wherever You Are SC8233-08 No Me Ensenaste SCL1555-01 Terry Jacks Piel Morena TZLTPK-3-08 Seasons In The Sun SC8201-02 Regresa A Mi TZLTPK-1-07 Terry Keller Tu Y Yo SCL1550-04 Here Comes Summer SF062-10 Thalia Feat. Fat Joe Terry Stafford I Want You THMH0310-06 Suspicion SC7541-11 Thelma Carpenter T'es Belle More Than You Know MM6259-07 Jean-Pierre Ferland FRENCH50-01 Tesla Don't Leave Me This Way SC7547-15 Caught In A Dream PHR0406-06 First Time Ever I Saw Your Face MM6259-13 Love Song SC8373-04 Them Modern Day Cowboy SC8917-08 Baby, Please Don't Go SF069-01 Signs SC8874-12 What You Give SC8597-06 Hello Lonely THM0510-04 Tevin Campbell Make Up Your Mind PHR0303-06 Alone With You ST0106-13 No Surprise PHM0505R-07 Always In My Heart SC8132-03 Not Meant To Be CB30103-1 Back To The World SC8295-09 Nothing Could Come Between Us PHR0211-05 Can We Talk SC8132-10 Santa Monica PAN2006-01 Confused SAVP39-03 Say Goodbye THR0602-11 Don't Say Goodbye Girl SC8145-01 They Might Be Giants I Got It Bad SC8320-12 Build A Little Bird House In Your Soul SFMW850-12 I'm Ready SC8121-13 Istanbul (Not Constantinople) SC8669-01 Round & Round PI008-17 Particle Man SC8544-11 Tex Ritter & His Texans Thickle Have I Told You Lately That I Love You CB60330-10 When I Get You Alone TU164-16 I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven SC8276-01 Thin Lizzy I'm Wastin' My Tears On You SC8509-02 Boys Are Back In Town SC8430-08 Jealous Heart SC8555-11 Jailbreak SC8586-05 Rock And Rye CB60333-14 Whiskey In The Jar THCOL04-01 Rye Whiskey CB60330-14 Third Day You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often SC8491-08 40 Days TU188-01 Tex Williams & His Western Caravan Come Together TU188-04 Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette SC7567-15 Consuming Fire TU188-05 Texas Cry Out To Jesus SC8962-13 Black Eyed Boy SF114-07 Get On TU188-09 Carnival Girl SFMW848-03 I Believe SD4409-05 I Don't Want A Lover SF151-01 I've Always Loved You TU076-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 311 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Third Day Three Dog Night Thief TU188-17 An Old Fashioned Love Song SC7534-03 You Are So Good To Me SC8919-02 Black & White SC8322-13 Third Eye Blind Celebrate SC8539-12 10 Days Late SC8618-11 Easy To Be Hard SC8178-10 Anything SC8639-16 Eli's Coming SC8686-11 Crystal Baller CB30043-10 Joy To The World SC7503-03 Deep Inside Of You SC8639-01 Liar SC8201-04 How's It Going To Be SC8440-07 Mama Told Me (Not To Come) SC2305-08 Jumper SC8639-10 Never Been To Spain SC8138-04 Losing The Whole Year MM6237-03 One SC8441-04 Misfits TU216-15 Pieces Of April SC8283-14 Never Let You Go SC8639-09 Shambala SC8227-04 Semi Charmed Life SC8005-07 Show Must Go On SC8583-15 Third Eye Blind Sure As I'm Sitting Here LG185-05 Blinded (When I See You) CB40318-09 Three Of Hearts Third World Arizona Rain SC8714-15 Now That We've Found Love SC8500-01 Love Is Enough TTU071-10 Thomas Dolby Thrice Hyperactive! SC8678-05 All That's Left THR0311-16 She Blinded Me With Science SC8176-15 Red Sky PAN2006-01 Thompson Brothers Band Thrills Drive Me Crazy MM6226-08 Big Sur SFMW846-13 Thompson Square Thunderclap Newman Let's Fight PHMC1008-07 Something In The Air SC8970-02 Thompson Twins Thurston Harris Doctor Doctor SC8719-02 Little Bitty Pretty One SC8190-02 Hold Me Now SC8181-10 Thus Spake Zarathustra Lay Your Hands On Me SC8678-08 2001 Space Odyssey Theme TU219-01 Lies SC8678-12 Tiffany Love On Your Side SFMW830-08 Could've Been SC8273-11 You Take Me Up SF111-13 I Saw Him Standing There DK017-05 Thornley I Think We're Alone Now SF108-07 Easy Comes THR0412-17 I'm Not Sleeping BS3317-12 So Far So Good THR0408-18 Tiffany Evans Thousand Foot Krutch Let Me Be Your Angel THH0501-11 Move THR0602-18 Tiffany Evans & Bow Wow Thrasher Shiver I'm Grown PHU0803-09 Be Honest SC3017-05 Tift Merritt Between The Stones & Jones SC3030-01 Good Hearted Man CB60337-15 Goin' Goin' Gone SC8315-06 Virginia, No One Can Warn You SC8774-01 Three 6 Mafia Tight Fit Poppin' My Collar PHU0605-05 Fantasy Island SFMW831-05 Three 6 Mafia & Young Buck Lion Sleeps Tonight SF031-15 Stay Fly THM0306U-07 Tigrillos Three Days Grace Sera Porque Te Amo SCL1542-07 Animal I Have Become SC8987-07 Til Tuesday Break SF287-12 Voices Carry SC8223-05 Good Life SF293-02 Tillis & Bryce Home SC8914-12 Take My Hand SC8511-13 I Hate Everything About You SC8859-01 Tim Healy & Kevin Whately Just Like You SC3419-03 Blayden Races SFMW921-05 Never Too Late CB30067-12 Tim Hugues Pain SC8995-12 Here I Am To Worship TU207-05 Riot CB30073-02 Tim McGraw Three Degrees All I Want Is A Life SC8250-06 When Will I See You Again SC8323-15 All We Ever Find TU172-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 312 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tim McGraw Tim McGraw Angel Boy SC8745-05 Suspicions CB60364-03 Angry All The Time SC8723-03 Take Me Away From Here CB20289-09 Back When SC3420-04 Telluride SC8705-11 Can't Be Really Gone SC8211-06 That's Just Me MM6154-15 Comin' Home PHN0712-03 That's Why God Made Mexico TU228-14 Cowboy In Me SC8798-14 The Cowboy In Me CB60229-01 Dear Santa CB60423-03 Things Change SC8655-07 Do You Want Fries CBE612-06 Tiny Dancer SC8807-10 Don't Take The Girl SC8120-12 Trouble With Never SC8546-01 Down On The Farm SC8141-04 Unbroken SC8769-05 Drugs Or Jesus SC8897-09 Walk Like A Man SC3431-06 Everywhere SC8388-12 Watch The Wind Blow By SC8857-14 For A Little While SC8498-03 When The Stars Go Blue SC8965-01 Forget About Us CB20289-12 Where The Green Grass Grows SC8474-07 Grown Men Don't Cry SC8690-06 Who Are They ZMP036-10 Home ZMP036-01 Why We Said Goodbye CB20544-12 How Bad Do You Want It SC8907-10 You Get Used To Somebody CB20544-09 I Got Friends That Do SC8982-10 You Turn Me On MM6235-15 I Know How To Love You Well ZMP036-06 Tim McGraw & Faith Hill I Like It, I Love It SC8189-11 Angry All The Time SC8743-13 If You're Reading This CB60365-04 Blank Sheet Of Paper SD127-14 Illegal CB90370-05 I Need You SC9010-06 Indian Outlaw SC8112-03 It's Your Love SC8382-05 It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You CB60416 Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me SC8868-01 Just To See You Smile SC8432-01 Tim Rushlow Kill Myself SC8907-05 Crazy Life SC8723-01 Kristofferson CB60374-04 Package CB60228-10 Last Dollar (Fly Away) SC8996-08 She Misses Him SC8655-13 Let It Go CB60384-02 Sweet Summer Rain CB60325-06 Let Me Love You CB20544-10 When You Love Me SC3195-06 Live Like You Were Dying SC8880-08 Tim Wilson Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It SC8319-08 Ballad Of John Rocker SC3198-08 My Best Friend SC8873-03 Timbaland & Justin Timberlake My Little Girl SC8989-11 Carry Out SF291-13 My Next Thirty Years SC8630-07 Timbaland & Katy Perry My Old Friend SC2460-05 If We Ever Meet Again SF288-09 Not A Moment Too Soon SC8149-09 Timbaland & Keri Hilson Nothin' To Die For CB60398-1 Way I Are SC9019-14 Old Town New SC8923-11 Timbaland & Magoo One Of These Days SC8451-06 Cop That St PHU0311-03 Place In The Sun CB60208-13 Timbaland & Magoo & Sebastian & Rajes Please Remember Me SC8528-01 Indian Flute THH0404-12 Real Good Man SC8877-06 Timbaland & One Republic Red Ragtop SC3337-03 Apologize CB30068-11 Refried Dreams SC8230-11 Timbaland, Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake Set This Circus Down CB20544-08 Give It To Me SC9009-03 Seventeen CB60177-14 Timbuk 3 She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart SC8250-08 Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades SC8176 08 She's My Kind Of Rain SC8854-14 Time Sing Me Home CB90370-02 Bird SC8777-05 Sleep Tonight TU172-14 Jungle Love SC8777-10 Smilin' CB20544-07 Timex Social Club Some Things Never Change SC8614-10 Rumors AH8021-12 Somebody Must Be Praying For Me CB60177-10 Timi Yuro Somethng Like That SC8556-09 Hurt THH0502-10 Southern Voice CB60426-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 313 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Timmy Mallet Tina Turner & Ike Turner Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini SFG025-13 Nutbush City Limits SC8926-14 Timmy T. Oh My My Can You Boogie MMOLD01-08 One More Try NUTECH-0930 Proud Mary SC8926-05 Tin Tin Out River Deep, Mountain High LG012-06 Here’S Where The Story Ends SF120-01 Tinie Tempah Sometimes SF124-03 Frisky SF292-11 Tin Tin Out & Emma Bunton Tiny Tim What I Am SF152-14 Tiptoe Thru The Tulips With Me SC8544-15 Tina Adair Tionne T Box Watkins How Many Roads CBEP476-3-10 My Getaway PHM0101-09 Tina Arena Tiranos Del Norte Chains SC8281-12 Anillo Grabado SCL2247-06 If I Was A River MM6265-10 Entrega Total SCL1506-02 Show Me Heaven SC8299-03 Tito Nieves Whistle Down The Wind SF123-02 Le Gusta Que La Vean SCL1505-06 Tina Charles Un Amor Asi SCL1539-05 Dr. Love SF098-03 Tito Rojas I Love To Love SF071-06 Por Mujeres Como Tu SCL2197-05 Tina Cousins Que Mas Tu Quieres De Mi SCL1523-08 Mysterious Times Sash! SF124-16 Tiziano Ferro Tina Moore Alucinado SCL1563-03 Never Gonna Let You Go SF115-12 Tardes Negras SCL1577-07 Tina Parol Tlc Who's Got Your Money PHM0910-04 Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg SC8824-03 Tina Tempah Baby-Baby-Baby SC8824-06 Pass Out SF290-01 Creep SC8150-04 Tina Turner Dear Lie (Rv) SC8593-07 Addicted To Love LG011-11 Diggin' On You SC8233-02 Best SFG045-03 Girl Talk SC8801-02 Better Be Good To Me SC8591-09 Hands Up CB30035-04 Fool In Love SC8926-11 No Scrubs SC8035-04 Golden Eye SC8468-12 Red Light Special SC8800-01 I Can't Stand The Rain SC8926-10 Silly Ho SC8515-04 I Don't Wanna Fight SC8776-06 Sleigh Ride SC8781-04 I Don't Wanna Lose You SFG045-12 Unpretty SC8545-03 Let's Stay Together LG011-07 Waterfalls SC8760-06 Missing You SC8926-04 What About Your Friends CBE514-09 On Silent Wings MM6204-12 Tlc Open Arms SC8926-13 Damaged CB30036-04 Private Dancer SC8926-01 Toad The Wet Sprocket River Deep Mountain High SFG045-02 All I Want SC8148-03 Simply The Best SC8926-12 Come Down SC8381-04 Something Beautiful Remains SC8320-01 Fall Down SC8242-11 Steamy Windows SFG045-16 Good Intentions SC8212-03 Two People SFG045-06 I Will Not Take These Things For Granted SC8238-08 Typical Male SF057-07 Something's Always Wrong SD003-04 Way Of The World LG011-16 Walk On The Ocean SC8122-15 We Don't Need Another Hero LG011-14 Whatever I Fear PI051-03 Whatever You Need SC8616-13 Toadies What's Love Got To Do With It SC8926-08 Away SC8263-13 When The Heartache Is Over SC8926-09 Possum Kingdom SC8530-15 Why Must We Wait Until Tonight SC8926-15 Toby Keith Tina Turner & Bryan Adams A Little Less Talk & A Lot More Action SC8810-15 It's Only Love SC8926-06 A Little Too Late SC8992-13 Tina Turner & Ike Turner Ain't It Just Like You CB20372-11 I Want To Take You Higher SAVP21-15 American Soldier SC2444-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 314 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Toby Keith Toby Keith Angry American MM6365-11 Sweet CB20563-10 As Good As I Once Was SC3441-02 Taliban Song SC8862-06 Baddest Boots CB20564-08 That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy CB60395-7 Beer For My Horses THMCSM02-06 Time For Me To Ride SC8880-02 Big Blue Note SC8976-04 Upstairs Downtown SC8152-09 Big Dog Daddy SC9004-14 We Were In Love SC8384-10 Big Ol' Truck SC8186-12 Weed With Willie SC8862-13 Closin' Time At Home SC8285-07 When Love Fades SC8570-01 Country Comes To Town SC8619-07 Whiskey Girl SC8877-13 Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry SC3318-08 Who's That Man SC8141-06 American) Who's Your Daddy SC8854-13 Crash Here Tonight SC8989-10 Wish I Didn't Know Now SC8810-06 Critic SC8867-04 Woman's Touch SC8303-13 Cryin' For Me (Wayman's Song) PHMC1001 You Ain't Leavin' (Thank God Are Ya) SC8933-01 Die With Your Boots On MM6301-13 You Caught Me At A Bad Time SC8936-01 Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You SC8253-15 You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This SC8743-01 Don't Leave, I Think I Love You CB20563-12 Toby Keith & Krystal Keith Double Wide Paradise SC9502-02 Mockingbird SD127-03 Dream Walkin' SC3059-03 Toby Keith & Lindsey Haun Every Dog Has Its Day PHMC1005-01 Broken Bridges SC8996-10 Every Night SC8280-11 Toby Keith & Merle Haggard Get Drunk And Be Somebody SC8976-08 She Ain't Hooked On Me No More SC8933-14 Get My Drink On CB60370-01 Toby Keith & Sting Getcha Some SC8810-03 I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying SC8416-15 Go With Her SC8907-03 Toby Keith & Willie Nelson God Love Her CB60394-01 Beer For My Horses SC8901-11 Good To Go To Mexico CB20372-12 Toby Lightman He Ain't Worth Missing SC8810-02 Devils And Angels SD4405-06 Hell No SC8982-12 Holding Me Down PHAC0611-08 High Maintenance Woman (Radio Ver) SC8998-08 Operator THP0504-17 Honky Tonk SD129-03 Real Love SD4411-14 Honky Tonk U SC8920-11 Toby Mac How Do You Like Me Now SC8810-01 Duet-Irene TTU190-06 I Know She Hung The Moon SC9004-09 Irene TU190-06 I Love This Bar SC8903-03 Todd O'neil I Wanna Talk About Me SC8810-05 Somethin' With Some Attitude PHMC1008-09 If A Man Answers SC8524-06 Todd O'neill If I Was Jesus SC8880-10 Cajun Queen CB60390-08 I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight SC8810-07 Todd Rundgren I'm So Happy TU162-10 Bang The Drum All Day SC8706-08 It Works For Me CB20372-10 Can We Still Be Friends AH8015-10 It’S All Good CB60244-15 Hello It's Me SC8621-12 Losing My Touch CB20372-09 I Saw The Light SC8706-02 Lost You Anyway CB60404-10 I'm So Proud DG09-13 Love Me If You Can SC9004-06 We Gotta Get You A Woman SC8706-01 Me Too SC8344-12 Todd Terry My List SC8810-12 Keep On Jumpin' MM6165-08 Night Before Christmas SC8990-02 Tokens Nights I Can't Remember, Friends I'll Never.. CB20564-07 Don't Worry Baby MM6421-13 Note To Self SC8986-05 Lion Sleeps Tonight SC7502-01 Pull My Chain TU162-13 Tonight I Fell In Love MM6385-14 Rock You Baby SC3355-02 Tom Baxter Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree CB60423-01 Better THP0804-10 She's A Hottie CB60373-12 Tom Browne Should've Been A Cowboy SC8104-14 Funking For Jamaica SF067-08 Stays In Mexico SC8884-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 315 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tom Cochrane Tom Jones Life Is A Highway SC8242-09 Thunderball SC8468-03 Tom Cochrane & Red Rider Til SF051-05 Big League SKK006-02 What The World Needs Now LG127-09 Boy Inside The Man SKK006-10 What's New Pussycat SC8226-14 Good Man (Feeling Bad) SKK006-09 With These Hands SFTJ-07 Good Times SKK006-06 Without Love LG180-08 I Wish You Well SKK006-08 You Are The Sunshine Of My Life SK537-06 Life Is A Highway SKK006-01 You Can Leave Your Hat On LG180-07 Lunatic Fringe SKK006-03 You're My World SK537-07 No Regrets SKK006-07 You've Lost That Loving Feeling SK537-11 Victory Day SKK006-05 Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews White Hot SKK006-04 Baby It’S Cold Outside SF157-05 Tom Glaser Tom Jones & Mousse T It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World SAVP36-03 Sex Bomb SF159-12 Tom Johnston Tom Jones & Natalie Imbruglia Where Are You Tonight SFG040-08 Never Tear Us Apart SFMW830-10 Tom Jones Tom Jones All By Myself SK537-10 Green Green Grass Of Home CBEP472-4-07 Anniversary Song LG127-12 Tom Lane At This Moment LG180-06 Doughnut Song AMS2001-11 Boy From Nowhere BSPK01-06 Tom Lehrer Bridge Over Troubled Water SK537-03 A Christmas Carol SC8557-05 Can't Stop Loving You SK505-05 Masochism Tango SC8707-06 Daughter Of Darkness LG180-03 Poisoning Pigeons In The Park SC8707-14 Dear Heart NUTECH-1168 Tom Paxton Delilah SC7517-11 Engelbert The Elephant SAVP40-05 Detroit City LG180-04 Tom Paxton & Clancy Brothers For Once In My Life SK537-09 Wasn't That A Party DKM3065-11 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feeling SFMW823-03 Tom Petty Help Me Make It Through The Night SK537-08 American Girl SC8140-13 Help Yourself LG180-16 Breakdown SC8430-12 I Believe DK093-18 Climb That Hill SC8340-06 I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again SK537-12 Don't Come Around Here No More NT32-11 I Who Have Nothing LG127-01 Don't Do Me Like That SC8443-06 If LG180-14 Even The Losers SC8808-02 If I Only Knew NT54-14 Free Falling SC8433-10 If I Ruled The World LG180-05 I Won't Back Down SC2336B-04 If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want LG127-17 Into The Great Wide Open CBE3-23-12 I'll Never Fall In Love Again SC8288-01 It's Good To Be King PI045-07 I'm Coming Home SF065-01 Last Dj PHR0212-03 Impossible Dream LG127-10 Mary Jane's Last Dance SC8486-01 It's Not Unusual SC7538-13 Need To Know KK7006-01 Kiss SC8718-12 Refugee SC8518-05 Letter To Lucille SK537-14 Runnin' Down A Dream SC8314-09 Love Me Tonight MM6075-03 Saving Grace THP0610-14 Mama Told Me Not To Come LG180-12 Stop Draggin'my Heart Around LG102-05 Memphis Tennessee LG127-08 Waiting SC8514-04 My Way SK537-13 Walls SC8304-11 Not Responsible LG127-05 You Don't Know How It Feels SC8150-15 Puppet Man LG127-07 You Got Lucky SC7561-03 Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow LG127-14 Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks She's A Lady SC8362-12 Needles And Pins SAVP39-13 Something About You Baby BSPK01-09 Tom Robinson Band Spanish Eyes SK537-02 2468 Motorway SF098-06 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World LG180-13 Tom T. Hall The Young Mexican Puppeteer BSPK02-15 Ballad Of Forty Dollars CB90107-13

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 316 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tom T. Hall Tommy Steele Country Is SC8506-11 Little White Bull SFMW820-13 Deal CB90107-15 What A Mouth SF089-03 Faster Horses CB60073-09 Tommy Tutone Fox On The Run CB90107-02 8675309 Jenny SC7580-04 I Care SC8558-12 Tompall Glaser I Like Beer SC8208-12 Put Another Log On The Fire CBE525-12 I Love SC8494-12 Tompbell & Glaser Bros. In The Summertime ESS07-13 Loving Her Was Easier SAVA07-16 Negatory Romance CB90107-04 Tone Loc O' Christmas Tree CBEP462-2-07 Funky Cold Medina SC8117-07 Old Dogs Children & Watermelon Wine SC7537-01 Wild Thing SC8111-13 Ravishing Ruby SC8576-11 Toni Basil That Song Is Driving Me Crazy SC8592-02 Mickey SC7542-12 Week In A Country Jail SC8428-09 Toni Baxley Year That Clayton Delaney Died SC8276-08 Half A Man CB60340-12 Tom Tom Club Toni Braxton Genius Of Love PHMR8201-02 Another Sad Love Song SC8371-09 Tom Waite Best Friend SK509-02 Piano Has Been Drinking MM6189-02 Breathe Again SC8111-03 Tomcraft Come On Over Here SK509-04 Loneliness EZH24-06 He Wasn't Man Enough SC8800-09 Tommy Blume How Could An Angel Break My Heart LG176-15 Ain't Misbehavin' SF064-04 How Many Ways SC8140-10 Tommy Edwards I Belong To You MM6096-02 It's All In The Game LG092-11 I Don't Want You SC8476-02 Please Mr. Sun SC8770-10 I Love Me Some Him SC8377-07 Take Good Care Of My Baby ESS09-04 In The Late Of The Night PI053-01 Tommy Gilham Just Be A Man About It SC8625-15 Red White And Blue CB60237-15 Let It Flow SC8281-05 Tommy James & The Shondells Love Shoulda Brought You Home SC8363-09 Crimson And Clover PI015-14 Please TU267-09 Crystal Blue Persuasion SC8679-15 Seven Whole Days DK1104-15 Draggin' The Line SC8439-02 Spanish Guitar SC3241-02 Hanky Panky SC8563-05 There's No Me Without You PI048-02 I Think We're Alone Now SC7560-09 Trippin THM0206U-08 Mirage LG168-12 Unbreak My Heart SC8325-14 Mony Mony LG148-07 Why Should I Care HSPAK3-05-16 Sweet Cherry Wine SC8190-10 Yesterday SF288-16 Tommy Lee You Mean The World To Me SC8121-01 Good Times CB30055-08 You're Making Me High SC8349-02 Hold Me Down SC8775-02 Toni Braxton & Kenny G Tommy Overstreet How Could An Angel Break My Heart SC8422-01 Ann Don't Go Runnin' SC8537-09 Toni Braxton & Loon Heaven Is My Woman's Love SC8676-01 Hit The Freeway THH0301-17 I'll Never Break These Chains SC8792-14 Toni Harper Tommy Roe Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered MM6259-02 Dizzy SC8399-04 Tonic Everybody SC8258-11 If You Could Only See Me Now SC3035-08 Sheila SC7550-12 Knock Down Walls SC3171-06 Sweet Pea SC8396-13 Mean To Me SC8601-12 Tommy Shane Steiner Open Up Your Eyes SC8462-14 Tell Me Where It Hurts SC8774-08 Sugar SC8629-04 What If She's An Angel SC8745-10 Take Me As I Am SC8783-10 What We're Gonna Do About It SC8794-08 You Wanted More SC8553-15 Tommy Sparks Tonny Tun Tun She's Got Me Dancin' SFMW920-05 Cuando La Brisa Llega SCL2215-01

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 317 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tonny Tun Tun Tony Christie Tu Me Provocas SCL1539-03 Avenues & Alleyways SFMW859-14 Tony Bennett Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast BSK003-02 As Time Goes By JV0032-07 Drive Safely Darling ZMH010-16 Because Of You SC7554-03 I Did What I Did For Maria SF055-10 Best Is Yet To Come MM6242-04 Is This The Way To The World Cup EZH56-14 Blue Moon CBE4-30-11 Las Vegas ZMH010-14 Can You Find It In Your Heart MM6367-02 Night Of A Thousand Stars BSK003-03 Door Is Still Open To My Heart, T LG009-08 Tony Joe White Firefly LG009-16 Polk Salad Annie SGB39-11 Fly Me To The Moon SAVP07-01 Tony Malone & The Rapparees Foggy Day LG009-12 Wearin' Of The Green SC8737-02 For Once In My Life NT51-01 Tony Martin From The Candy Store On The Corner LG142-11 I Get Ideas SC8249-03 Good Life MM6075-05 Tony Orlando Have You Met Miss Jones TU179-06 Away In A Manger CBEP462-1-10 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas PS 1023-19 Bless You LG097-07 I Left My Heart In San Francisco SC8118-01 Go Tell It On The Mountain CBEP462-1-06 I Wanna Be Around LG009-15 Little Drummer Boy CB60209-09 In The Middle Of An Island LG142-13 Tony Orlando & Dawn It Had To Be You BS4317-10 Bless You SAVP28-05 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie SAVP08-02 Candida SC8594-12 Jeepers Creepers CBE4-30-08 He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) CBE509-12 Just In Time MM6112-03 Knock Three Times SC8420-10 Me To The Moon (In Other Words) SFMW925-12- Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman LG097-08 FLY Say Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose LG097-12 My Foolish Heart MM6240-13 Stepping Out LG097-11 Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane LG009-09 Sweet Gypsy Rose MM6118-13 Nice Work If You Can Get It MM6137-03 Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree LG097-15 Old Devil Moon LG009-10 Who's In The Strawberry Patch With Sally LG097-09 Once Upon A Time MM6242-07 Tony Rice One For My Baby MM6068-10 Cold On The Shoulder CBEP476-2-09 Put On A Happy Face CBE614-10 Tony Rich Project Rags To Riches SC7553-06 Leavin' SC3005-01 September Song JV0032-06 Nobody Knows SC8248-03 Shadow Of Your Smile SC7505-15 Woman SC8299-05 Shine On Your Shoes PS6019-13 Tony Stampley Standing On The Corner LG009-07 Waste Of Good Whiskey CB60232-05 Steppin' Out TU120-19 Tony Thompson Steppin' Out With My Baby LG142-16 I Wanna Love Like That NT60-12 Strangers In Paradise SF063-12 Tony Toliver The Good Life TU120-23 Bettin' Forever On You SC8311-02 This Is All I Ask MM6182-04 He's On The Way Home SC8341-14 Toot Toot Tootsie TU179-23 Tony Toni Tone When Joanna Loved Me LG142-15 Anniversary SC8121-11 Who Can I Turn To LG009-17 If I Had No Loot SC8107-13 Why Do People Fall In Love TU179-26 Lay Your Head On My Pillow NT24-05 With Plenty Of Money And You TU120-27 Leavin' NT29-01 Tony Bennett & K.D. Lang Let's Get Down SC3002-03 Moonglow SD010-08 Thinking Of You SC8377-14 What A Wonderful World SC8809-11 Tony Vega Tony Bennett & Stevie Wonder Carita De Sol SCL2278-04 For Once In My Life SD4705-14 Tony Yayo & 50 Cent Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughn & Frank Sinatra THMH0510-14 My Funny Valentine DKM3100-13 Tool Tony Christie Aenima SC8662-04 All Seeing Eye SFMW864-02 Lateralus TU089-10

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 318 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tool Toy Story 2 Parabola TU129-12 When She Loved Me DISNEY02-05 Schism SC8699-06 Toya Sober SC2300-04 I Do SC3266-05 Toots & The Maytals I Do Cherish You SD4112-10 Pressure Drop SC8947-05 I Want To Be Free SFMW842-07 Take Me Home Country Roads SC9012-15 It's A Mystery SF113-02 Tootsie No Matta What (Party All Night) TU168-13 Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair DK038-15 No Matter What PHM0206-04 Top Back So Seductive THMH0510-05 T.I. THH0611-14 Toyes Top Loader Smoke Two Joints SC8894-09 Breathe TU082-18 Toys Just Hold On SF171-15 Lover's Concerto SC8686-07 Toploader T-Pain Achilles Heel SF165-09 I'm Sprung SC8948-13 Dancing In The Moonlight ZML003-15 Reverse Cowgirl PHMU1006-06 Only For A While SF175-14 T-Pain & Mike Jones Time Of Our Life EZH14-02 I'm In Luv (Wit A Stripper) (Radio Version) SC8958-07 Tori Amos I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) PHU0603-02 Caught A Lite Sneeze SC8348-07 T-Pain Feat Chris Brown Cornflake Girl SF025-05 Freeze PHMP0904 Crucify SC8598-04 T'pau God SC8530-05 China In Your Hand SF013-12 Precious Things SC8562-09 Heart And Soul SC8447-10 Silent All These Years SC8369-15 Trace Adkins Sleeps With Butterflies PHM0504-06 Ala Freakin' Bama CB60431-07 Sorta Fairytale MM6376-02 All I Ask For Anymore CB60413 Spark SC3079-03 Arlington SC8933-12 Talula SC8290-04 Big Time SC8495-04 Taxi Ride PHM0306-09 Chrome SC8794-03 Thousand Oceans SGB030-08 Don't Lie SC8566-11 Toronto Every Light In The House Is On SC8315-15 Your Daddy Don't Know KAR005-01 Help Me Understand SC8748-06 Total Honky Tonk Badonkadonk SC8923-01 Do You Think About Us SC8340-15 Hot Mama SC8857-04 Kissin' You SC8286-11 I Got My Game On CB60368-01 Total & Da Brat I’M Gonna CB60206-06 No One Else SC8257-10 I'm Tryin' SC8714-11 Toto Ladies Love Country Boys SC8998-01 99 SC9012-04 Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone SC8436-15 Africa SC8554-04 Marry For Money CB60398-2 Hold The Line SC8393-13 More SC8596-09 I Won't Hold You Back SC7562-13 Muddy Water CB60383-04 I'll Be Over You HC004-12 Rest Of Mine SC8402-04 Rosanna SC8413-03 Rough & Ready SC8916-02 Tower Of Power Songs About Me SC8916-10 So Very Hard To Go SC8860-02 Swing SC8982-12 What Is Hip SC8386-03 Then They Do SC8823-13 You're Still A Young Man SC8204-02 There's A Girl In Texas SC8280-09 Toy Dolls This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing SC8370-01 Nellie The Elephant SF042-02 Til The Last Shot's Fired CB60410-6 Toy Soldiers You're Gonna Miss This SC9011-07 Martika SC8417-03 Tracie Spencer Toy Story It's All About You (Not About Me) SC8559-08 Youve Got A Friend In Me DISNEY02-07 Tractors Toy Story 2 Baby Likes To Rock It SC8139-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 319 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tractors Tracy Chapman Badly Bent SC8173-05 Fast Car SC7548-05 Can’T Get Nowhere CB60217-12 Give Me One Reason SC8277-02 I Wouldn't Tell You No Lie SC3139-08 New Beginning SC8316-14 Santa Claus Boogie SC8184-10 Smoke And Ashes SC8343-09 Santa Claus Is Comin' In A Boogie Woogie Choo CB20203-07 Talkin' 'bout A Revolution SC8338-15 Cho Telling Stories SC8595-03 Shortenin' Bread SC3111-05 Wedding Song CB30005-10 Tryin' To Get To New Orleans CB60158-11 Tracy Lawrence Tracy Bonham Alibis SC8200-11 Mother Mother SC8286-07 All Wrapped Up In Christmas CB60423-10 One SC8316-05 As Any Fool Can See SC8229-10 Something Beautiful (Rv) SC3444-08 Better Man Better Off SC8358-01 Tracy Byrd Can't Break It To My Heart SC8167-01 4 To 1 In Atlanta SC8285-09 Coast Is Clear SC8409-03 Better Places Than This CB60364-02 Find Out Who Your Friends Are CB60356-02 Big Love SC8319-12 Forgiven MMCOU32-16 Cheapest Motel PHN0609-09 How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye SC8384-01 Christmas Like Mama Used To Make It CB60210-09 I Hope Heaven Has A Honky Tonk CB90288-01 Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine SC8382-08 I See It Now SC8141-12 Don't Take Her She's All I Got SC8358-15 If I Don't Make It Back SC3457-02 Drinkin' Bone SC8862-11 If The Good Die Young SC7593-06 First Step SC8149-12 If The World Had A Front Porch SC8189-07 Good Ole Fashioned Love CB20014-09 If You Loved Me SC8232-06 Good Way To Get On My Bad Side PHN0105-09 I'll Never Pass This Way Again SC8496-08 Heaven In My Woman's Eyes SC8232-01 Is That A Tear SC8307-05 Holdin' Heaven SC8131-13 It's All How You Look At It CB60325-01 How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica CB60322-02 Lessons Learned SC8578-10 I Wanna Feel That Way Again SC8464-08 Life Don't Have To Be So Hard SC8727-07 I'm From The Country SC3059-02 Lonely SC8619-04 Just Let Me Be In Love SC8723-07 My Second Home SC8103-07 Keeper Of The Stars SC8152-02 One Step Ahead Of The Storm SD047-08 Lately SC8807-07 Paint Me A Birmingham SC8867-07 Let Me Be In Love TU072-09 Renegades, Rebels And Rogues SC8129-07 Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich & Famous SC8123-15 Runnin' Behind SC8175-05 Love Lessons SC8198-05 Sawdust On Her Halo CB60329-08 Love, You Ain't Seen The Last Of M SC8614-09 Somebody Paints The Wall SC8177-09 No Ordinary Man NT61-10 Stars Over Texas SC8285-06 On Again, Off Again CB90037-14 Sticks & Stones SC8161-06 Pink Flamingos CB60148-09 Texas Tornado SC8173-04 Put Your Hand In Mine SC8566-07 Til I Was A Daddy Too CB60366-14 Red Neck Roses NT52-12 Time Marches On SC8267-03 Revenge Of A Middle Aged Woman CB60329-04 Today's Lonely Fool SC9501-14 Someone To Give My Love To CB60117-10 Unforgiven SC8698-08 Take Me With You When You Go SC8633-15 Up To Him CB60410-4 Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo SC8798-01 Used To The Pain CB60342-14 Tiny Town CB60337-12 We Don't Love Here Anymore CB60146-05 Truth About Men SC3363-02 What A Memory SC8748-07 Walking To Jerusalem SC8189-03 While You Sleep SC8409-06 Watermelon Crawl SC8152-10 You Can't Hide Redneck CB60394-07 When Mama Ain't Happy SC8507-14 Tracy Ullman Why Don't That Telephone Ring SC8228-08 They Don't Know SF076-12 Tracy Byrd & Mark Chesnutt Tracy Byrd, Blake Shelton & Andy Griggs Good Way To Get On My Bad Side SC8690-08 Truth About Men CB60309-01 Tracy Byrd, Bill Engvall & Neal McCoy Traditional Now That’S Awesome CB60217-06 Amazing Grace SC7528-03 Tracy Chapman America (My Country 'Tis Of Thee) SC2335-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 320 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Traditional Traditional America The Beautiful PI044-18 When Johnny Comes Marching Home DKM3065-09 Anchors Aweigh TU036-02 Yankee Doodle SC2023-05 Autumn Leaves HSPAK3-04-11 Yellow Rose Of Texas DK061-15 Beer Barrel Polka MM6189-07 Tragically Hip Beyond The Sunset DK077-16 Courage MM6271-05 Buffalo Gals DK096-02 New Orleans Is Sinking MM6271-04 Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie DK096-03 Poets SC3095-04 Buttons And Bows DK078-15 Trailer Choir Carry Me Back To Old Virginny JV0013-01 Rockin' The Beer Gut CB60413 Chicken Dance SC8330-06 Rollin' Through The Sunshine CB60436-15 Come Rain Or Come Shine SAVP37-06 What Would You Say CB60407-11 Cycle Built For Two CBEP469-3-07 Train Danny Boy SC8737-12 Cab THM0306P-07 Deep In The Heart Of Texas DKM3071-14 Calling All Angels PHR0307-07 Diva Megamix CBEP468-5-15 Calling All Angels (Radio Version) SC8827-15 Do You Hear What I Hear CBEP462-1-03 Drops Of Jupiter SC8089-03 Do Your Ears Hang Low SC8021-02 Free SC8519-12 Dollar Wine Dance MMGPK14-10 Get To Me THP0510-16 Down In My Heart CBEP469-4-10 Give Myself To You THP0608-11 For He's A Jolly Good Fellow MMGPK14-11 Hey, Soul Sister PHMP0912 Go Tell It On The Mountain TU165-04 I Am SC8593-12 God Bless America SC7528-09 If It's Love PHMP1007-05 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen SDK306-02 Meet Virginia SC8542-11 Goodnight Irene SC8737-17 Ordinary THMP0409-16 Greensleeves DKM3071-03 Respect PHR0109-02 Happy Birthday To You SC7528-10 Save Me, San Francisco PHMP1006-06 Home For The Holidays CBEP462-1-16 She's On Fire SC8747-02 I'll Be Seeing You HSPAK2-03-04 Something More SC8730-09 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You DK075-14 Soul Sister Hey CB30121-14 It’S Only Rock & Roll SF157-07 When I Look To The Sky SC8845-07 Jeepers Creepers DK1103-11 Trammps Marine's Hymn (Halls Of Montezuma) TU036-21 Disco Inferno SC8650-09 My Bonnie JV0013-08 Hold Back The Night SF097-02 My Country Tis Of Thee TU086-15 Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart SFMW820-06 Oh Susanna SC8021-10 Trans Siberian Orchestra Old Man River DK067-15 Perfect Christmas Night PR1437-05 On A Slow Boat To China DK067-16 Transmatic On The Sunny Side Of The Street DK072-13 Come THP0204-18 One Heart At A Time CB20041-11 Transplants Red River Valley DK038-11 Diamonds & Guns PHR0303-07 Rocky Top SC7522-10 Gangsters And Thugs THR0509-15 Roll Out The Barrel (Beer Barrel Polka) DK096-07 Transvision Vamp Route 66 DKM2033-07 I Want Your Love SF166-05 Santa Lucia DK096-13 Trapt Satin Doll DK062-13 Disconnected (Out Of Touch) THR0511-12 Singin' In The Rain DKM3067-06 Echo PHR0405-09 Someone To Watch Over Me DK068-14 Headstrong (Radio Version) SC8831-09 St. Louis Blues DK072-14 Still Frame SC8859-13 Star Spangled Banner TU036-34 Trashman Summer Wind HSPAK3-04-05 Surfin' Bird SC8544-13 Swanee River DKM3071-07 Traveling Wilbury's Swing Low Sweet Chariot SF016-08 End Of The Line SFMW849-01 Take Me Out To The Ballgame SC7528-15 Handle With Care AMS1510-09 This Is My Country TU086-20 Travis This Land Is Your Land SC7528-06 Coming Around SF167-02 Wedding Song (There Is Love) SC7600-15 Driftwood SFG005-06

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 321 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Travis Travis Tritt Fear EZA002-09 Whiskey Ain't Workin' Anymore SC8136-09 Follow The Light EZA002-08 Worth Every Mile SC8260-12 Pipe Dreams EZA003-11 Writing To Reach You SF136-10 Reoffender SF209-10 You Can't Count Me Out Yet SD103-05 Sing SFG005-02 You Never Take Me Dancing CB60365-13 Tied To The Nineties SFMW842-12 Travis Tritt & John Mellencamp Turn SFG005-03 What Say You CB60328-03 Walking In The Sun EZH039-10 Travis Tritt & Lari White Why Does It Always Rain On Me SC8622-05 Helping Me Get Over You SC8388-15 Travis McCoy & Bruno Mars Travis Tritt & Marty Stuart Billionaire PHMP1006-03 This One's Gonna Hurt You SC8502-08 Travis Tritt Whiskey Ain't Workin' CB60144-05 Anymore SC8352-04 Travis Tritt & Patty Loveless Best Of Intentions SC8646-03 Out Of Control Raging Fire SD090-14 Between An Old Memory & Me SC8149-01 Travis Tritt & Trisha Yearwood Bible Belt SC8306-13 Perfect Love MMCOU202-01 Can I Trust You With My Heart CB90045-02 Tree63 Christmas In My Home Town CB60303-08 Blessed Be Your Name SC8919-09 Country Ain't Country SC8816-01 Tremeloes Country Club SC8102-09 Do You Love Me THCOL04-01 Drift Off To Dream CB90045-04 Even The Bad Times Are Good SF078-04 Foolish Pride SC8120-11 Here Comes My Baby SF099-09 Forever And Amen NUKH008-11 Number One SF065-14 Help Me Hold On SC8241-13 Silence Is Golden SF052-13 Here's A Quarter SC8101-01 Suddenly You Love Me SF100-05 I See Me SC3436-04 Tremeloes & Roberta Flack If I Lost You SC8485-05 Me And My Life SFMW803-07 I'm Gonna Be Somebody CB90045-05 Trent Summar & The New Row Mob It's A Great Day To Be Alive SC8743-02 It Never Rains In Southern California CB60216-06 Lonsome On'ry Mean SD110-11 New Money CB60205-02 Looking Out For Number One SC8200-08 Paint Your Name In Purple CB60219-07 Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man SC7596-01 Trent Tomlinson Love Of A Woman SC3265-03 Drunker Than Me PHM0206C-08 Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde SC8745-15 Henry Cartwright's Produce Stand PHMC0909 More Than You'll Ever Know SC8307-14 Just Might Have Her Radio On CB60363-14 Move It On Over CB90273-14 One Wing In The Fire SC9003-10 My Next Thirty Years BS2717-10 That's How It Still Ought To Be CB60398-14 No More Looking Over My Shoulder SC8507-15 Trent Willmon Nothing Short Of Dying SC8265-09 Beer Man CB60322-10 Only You And You Alone SC8247-07 Broken In CB60372-05 Put Some Drive In Your Country SC8269-01 Cold Beer And A Fishin' Pole CB60384-07 She's Going Home With Me SC8504-01 Dixie Rose Deluxe's.... CB60327-12 Side NSP2026-07 Home Sweet Holiday Inn SD126-11 Sign Of The Times CB60144-09 On Again Tonight SC8989-06 Something Stronger Than Me CB60369-10 So Am I CB60357-12 Sometimes She Forgets SC8194-07 The Good Life SD130-14 Start The Car SC8533-11 Trey Anastasio Still In Love With You SC8416-03 Shine PHAC0601-09 Strong Enough To Be Your Man SC8774-07 Trey Songz T.R.O.U.B.L.E. SC7593-04 Can't Help But Wait PHU0712-05 Take It Easy CB60049-06 Gotta Go PHU0601-01 Tell Me I Was Dreaming SC8171-01 I Need A Girl CB30112-9 Ten Feet Tall & Bulletproof SC8234-15 Last Time PHU0805-07 The Girl's Gone Wild SC8881-02 Treynce Trouble SC8112-11 Let's Stay Together PSJT310-06 Where Corn Don't Grow SC8344-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 322 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Trick Daddy Triple Image I'm A Thug SC8726-02 Boy Next Door TU177-15 In Da Wind SC3330-06 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun TU177-08 Sugar THMH0508-05 Last One Standing TU177-10 Sugar (Gimme Some) PHU0504-04 Trisha Yearwood Thug Holiday PHU0302-07 Believe Me Baby I Lied SC8303-01 Trick Daddy & Cee-Lo & Big Boi Better Your Heart Than Mine SC8165-07 In Da Wind SC8778-02 Come Back When It Ain't Rainin' SC8623-02 Trick Daddy & Ludacris & Cee-Lo Down On My Knees THMP016-11 Sugar (Gimme Some) SC8914-15 Everybody Knows CB60006-02 Trick Daddy & Sns Express For Reasons I've Forgotten THMP016-15 Take It To Da House SC3249-02 Georgia Rain CB60339-13 Trick Pony Georgia Rain (Radio Version).1 SC8991-09 A SC3361-05 Hearts In Armor SC8278-05 Ain't Wastin' Good Whiskey On You SC3457-08 How Do I Live SC7595-05 Bride SC8884-04 I Can't Understand SC8309-02 Every Other Memory SC8748-14 I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners SC8774-15 If You Think You’Ve Got Trouble CB60215-06 I Need You SC8358-05 I'm Not Thinking Straight Anymore CB60314-04 I Wanna Go Too Far SC8186-06 It's A Heartache SC8920-03 I Would've Loved You Anyway SC8738-14 Just What I Do SC8748-15 If I Ain't Got You MM6077-05 Now Would Be The Time TU126-10 I'll Still Love You More SC8543-02 On A Mission SC8784-05 I'm Still Alive SC8617-10 On A Night Like This SC8738-09 Inside Out SC3268-03 Pour Me SC8738-04 It Wasn't His Child CB60303-03 The Bride CB60325-02 Like We Never Had A Broken Heart CB90043-02 Trick Pony & Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings Nothin Bout Memphis PHMC903 Big River SC8748-11 O Mexico SC8306-12 Trik Turner Oh Lonesome You THMP016-13 Friends & Family SC8757-06 On A Bus To St.Cloud SC8211-07 Sacrifice PHR0210-02 Perfect Love SC8436-13 Trillville Powerful Thing SC8507-04 Neva Eva PHU0402-01 Real Live Woman SC8653-06 Some Cut PHU0502-08 Restless Kind C2C03-05 Trina Santa Claus Is Back In Town CBEP462-6-09 Here We Go THM0206U-06 She's In Love With The Boy SC8101-07 Trina & Christina Milian Something So Right CB60191-13 Single Again PHU0804-08 Song Remembers When SC8131-08 Trina & Kelly Rowland Sweetest Gift SC8990-12 Here We Go PHU0512-03 That's What I Like About You SC8130-01 Trina & Monica There Goes My Baby SC8463-09 Always PHMU1007-01 They Call It Falling For A Reason CB60382-01 Trini Lopez Thinkin' About You SC8229-11 If I Had A Hammer SF064-15 This Is Me You're Talking To CB60371-09 Lemon Tree DK060-05 Those Words We Said SC8291-13 Trini Triggs Too Bad You're No Good SC8619-14 Heaven On Earth CB60321-03 Try Me Again SC8677-10 Horse To Mexico SC8524-10 Trying To Love You SC3461-06 Straight Tequila SC8485-03 What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am CB60104-02 Wreckin' Crew SC8602-05 Where Are You Now MM6312-04 Trinket Where Your Road Leads SC8485-14 Boom SC3201-08 Woman Before Me SC8168-07 Trio Woman Walk The Line SC8317-13 Da Da Da SF082-06 Wrong Side Of Memphis SC8175-09 High Sierra SC8751-11 Xxxs & Ooos (An American Girl) SC8139-06 To Know Him Is To Love Him THMF04-12 You Can Sleep While I Drive SC8163-07 Triple Image You Done Me Wrong MM6011-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 323 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Trisha Yearwood Tuesdays You Say You Will SC8177-11 I'll Be There PHM9807-06 You're Where I Belong SC8590-07 It's Up To You SC8453-06 Trisha Yearwood & Diffie Tune Weavers Walk Away Joe CB60041-13 Happy Happy Birthday Baby SC8255-01 Trisha Yearwood & Don Henley Turner Nichols Inside Out THC0203-15 She Loves To Hear Me Rock SC8229-08 Walkaway Joe SC8167-10 Turtles Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks Elenore SC7560-04 In Another's Ey SC8402-05 Happy Together SC8399-06 Like We Never Had A Broken Heart SC8128-08 It Ain't Me Babe LC0004-11 Love Will Always Win CB60349-14 She'd Rather Be With Me SC8190-01 Squeeze Me In MH1129-11 She's My Girl SC8599-06 Wild As The Wind SC3112-05 You Showed Me SC8429-10 Triumph Tv Theme I Need (Radio Version) SC8864-14 Addam's Family SC8116-11 Lay It On The Line SC8597-02 Alice MM6274-12 Magic Power SC8791-07 All In The Family SC8116-10 Somebody's Out There GM1001-02 American Bandstand SC8116-13 Troggs Animaniacs SC8438-20 Anyway That You Want Me SAVP28-01 Archies SC8438-18 I Can't Control Myself SF099-07 Ballad Of Gilligan's Island MM6031-10 Love Is All Around SC9903-07 Banana Splits SC8438-09 Wild Things SC8001-11 Beverly Hillbillies SC8116-01 With A Girl Like You THCOL04-01 Brady Bunch SC8116-04 Trooper Casper The Friendly Ghost SC8438-12 2 For The Show KAR003-12 Cheers SC7210-23 3 Dressed Up As A 9 KAR003-08 Chico And The Man SC8435-02 Boy With The Beat KAR003-05 Daniel Boone SC8116-16 Boys In The Bright White Sports Car KAR003-02 Different Strokes SC8435-20 General Hand Grenade KAR003-04 Different World SC8435-10 Janine KAR003-03 Dukes Of Hazzard MM6274-06 Pretty Lady KAR003-06 Facts Of Life SC8435-09 Raise A Little Hell KAR003-07 Fall Guy MM6274-13 Round, Round We Go KAR003-11 Family Matters SC8435-14 Santa Maria KAR003-09 Family Ties SC8435-18 Thin White Line KAR003-10 Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids SC8438-22 We're Here For A Good Time KAR003-01 Felix The Cat SC8438-04 Troys Flintstones SC8116-15 What Do You Do THP0307-17 Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air SC8435-11 True Steppers & Db & Vb F-Troop SC8116-08 Out Of Your Mind EZEP01-06 Full House SC8435-04 True Vibe Gary Shandling Show MM6274-20 Jump Jump Jump TU128-07 George Of The Jungle SC8438-02 Now And Forever TU077-05 Gilligan's Island SC8116-09 You Are The Way TU128-17 Gimme A Break MM6274-08 Trust Company Gimmea Break SC8435-19 Downfall SC8783-11 Golden Girls MM6274-04 Running From Me THR0303-12 Good Times SC8435-16 Stronger PHM0505R-01 Greatest American Hero SC8116-25 Truth Hurts & Rakim Green Acres SC8116-05 Addictive SC8766-02 Growing Pains MM6274-10 Tubes Happy Days SC8116-21 Don't Touch Me There SC8333-06 Hong Kong Phooey SC8438-21 She's A Beauty SC8447-06 Howdy Doody SC8438-03 Talk To You Later SC8861-01 It's A Different World MM6274-18 Tuesdays Jeffersons SC8116-22

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 324 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tv Theme Twista Josie & The Pussycats SC8438-10 Hope THH0504-12 Land Of The Lost SC8438-14 Overnight Celebrity THH0408-10 Laverne & Shirley SC8116-12 Slow Jamz EZH34-09 Love Boat SC8116-20 Wetter PHMU0907-01 M A S H PI050-14 Twista & Faith Evans Mad About You SC2163-02 Hope PHU0503-02 Making Our Dreams Come True DK086-10 Twista & Kayne West & Jamie Foxx Meet The Flintstones PI307-22 Slow Jamz THH0404-10 Mighty Mouse SC8438-08 Twista & Mariah Carey Moonlighting MM6274-17 So Lonely PHM0604-07 Mr Belvedere MM6274-09 Twista & Trey Songz Mr. Ed SC8116-06 Girl Tonite PHU0512-02 Mr. Roger's Neighborhood SC8438-01 Twisted Sister Munsters TU069-11 Burn In Hell SC8917-04 Muppet Show SC8438-13 I Wanna Rock SC8631-12 Nanny SC8435-05 Price SC8734-05 One Day At A Time SC8435-13 We're Not Gonna Take It SC8713-07 Partridge Family SC8116-02 Twisted X Petticoat Junction SC8116-03 Born In England SF219-05 Rawhide SC8116-07 Twister Alley Saved By The Bell SC8435-12 Dance MM6089-02 Scooby Doo SC8438-16 Two Tons O' Fun Secret Agent Man SC7202-07 It's Raining Men DKM3089-06 Sesame Street SC8435-08 Ty England Silver Spoons MM6274-11 All Of The Above SC3006-05 Speed Racer SC8438-07 I Drove Her To Dallas SC8677-08 Spiderman SC8438-06 I'd Rather Have Nothing CB60219-11 Superchicken SC8438-15 Irresistible You SC8311-06 Those Were The Days PI051-10 Redneck Son SC8253-11 Three's Company SC8116-23 Should've Asked Her Faster SC8186-08 Underdog SC8438-05 Smoke In Her Eyes SC8211-05 Welcome Back Kotter SC8435-01 Too Many Highways SC8578-09 Who's The Boss MM6274-16 Ty Herndon Wkrp In Cincinnati SC8116-14 Few Short Years SD097-14 Twank Star & T-Pain Hands Of A Working Man SC8507-09 Everybody Else PHMU906 Heather's Wall SC8745-03 Tweenies I Have To Surrender SC8402-14 Do The Lollipop SF182-14 I Want My Goodbye Back CB60151-14 I Believe In Christmas SF186-15 In Your Face SC8256-06 Tweet It Must Be Love SC8480-05 Call Me SC8773-05 Living In A Moment SC8294-13 Oops (Oh My) SC8752-03 Love Like That SC3210-03 Smoking Cigarettes THH0301-18 Loved Too Much SC3024-03 Tweet & Missy Elliot Man Holdin' On SC3065-02 Oops (Oh My) SF193-06 No Mercy SC8596-11 Tweet & Missy Elliott She Wants To Be Wanted Again SC8344-15 Turn Da Lights Off PHM0505U-06 Steam SC8560-12 Twila Paris What Mattered Most SC8160-02 God Is In Control TU190-04 You Can Leave Your Hat On CBE4-23-14 He Is Exalted PR3003-03 Ty Herndon & S. Bentley Heart That Knows NT58-01 Heart Half Empty SC8232-10 We Will Glorify SC8919-10 Ty Herndon & Tanya Tucker Twilight Zone Don't Stop Breaking My Heart SD115-13 Halloween Sound Effects (15) SC8550-15 Tyler Collins Twista Never Alone (Eeyore's Lullaby) SC8233-01 Girl Tonite THMU0601-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 325 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Tyler Dean U2 Built For Blue Jeans CB60357-15 Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own CB30052-15 Somebody Who Would Die For You CB60348-08 Staring At The Sun SC8457-06 Tyler Hilton Stay SC2229-04 How Love Should Be PHM0508-04 Stay Forever Close LG086-05 When It Comes PHM0502-06 Stuck In A Moment SC8730-15 Tymes Sunday Bloody Sunday SC8811-02 So Much In Love MM6361-01 Sweetest Thing SC8499-10 Type O Negative Unforgettable Fire LG086-09 All Hallows Eve SC2252-02 Until The End Of The World SFMW864-12 Typically Tropical Vertigo THP0501-10 Barbados SF141-09 Walk On SC8811-11 Tyra When Love Comes To Town LG086-08 Get No Ooh Wee PHMU0509-06 Where The Streets Have No Name SC8811-09 Still In Love THH0604-17 Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses SFG009-13 Tyra B. Wild Honey SFG009-15 Give Me A Rush PHU0801-09 With Or Without You SC8811-14 Tyrese U2 & Green Day How You Gonna Act Like That SC8822-08 Saints Are Coming SC8995-01 I Like Them Girls SC8702-14 Ub40 Signs Of Love Makin' THH0312-12 Breakfast In Bed SFG002-09 Sweet Lady SC8531-07 Cant Help Falling In Love NUTECH-1129 Tyrone Davis Cherry Oh Baby SFG002-16 Turn Back The Hands Of Time SC8492-15 Come Back SF127-04 U2 Come Back Darling EZA001-05 All Along The Watchtower SFG009-12 Don't Break My Heart SFG002-13 All Because Of You CB30050-11 Earth Dies Screaming SFG002-17 All I Want Is You SFG009-05 Food For Thought EZA001-04 Angel Of Harlem SC8397-14 Here I Am EZA005-01 Bad SC8715-12 Here I Am (Come And Take Me) MM6083-02 Beautiful Day SC8811-13 Higher Ground MM6375-11 Bittersweet Me NUTECH-0085 Homely Girl SFG002-05 City Of Blinding Lights SF232-11 I Can't Help Falling In Love With You MDG006-02 Desire SC8811-05 I Got You Babe EZA001-09 Electrical Storm SC8789-10 If It Happens Again SFG002-11 Elevation SC8702-10 I'll Be Yours Tonight SFG002-10 Even Better Than The Real Thing SC8811-01 King SFG002-15 Fly LG086-10 Kingston Town SF003-11 Ground Beneath Her Feet SC8601-15 Light My Fire EZA001-11 Hands That Built America SF202-11 Many Rivers To Cross SFG002-08 Helter Skelter SFG009-11 One In Ten SFG002-07 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me SC8811-08 Rat In Mi Kitchen SFG002-14 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For SC8811-15 Red Red Wine SC7529-06 I Will Follow SC8763-11 Sing Our Own Song SFG002-06 In A Little While SC8757-03 Swing Low Sweet Chariot SF847-13 In Gods Country SFG009-09 Tell Me Is It True EZA005-10 Last Night On Earth SFG009-03 Train Is Coming EZA005-03 Lemon BS4617-04 Until My Dying Day EZA005-09 Mothers Of The Disappeared SFG009-10 Way You Do The Things You Do EZA005-02 Mysterious Ways SC8598-02 Ub40 & Chrissie Hynde New Year's Day SC7563-10 Breakfast In Bed SF075-11 One SC8811-12 I Got You Babe SF058-15 Original Of The Species SF241-10 Ub40 & Robert Palmer Please SFG009-02 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight SFMW807-10 Pride In The Name Of Love LG086-04 Ugk & Outkast Sgt Pepper THM0510-03 International Player's Anthem (I Choose You) PHU0712-02 So Close So Far Away BS4617-08

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 326 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Ugly Kid Joe Uriah Heep Cat's In The Cradle SC8791-01 Easy Livin' SC8201-05 Everything About You SC8466-09 Stealing SGB04-03 Neighbor SC8830-03 Sweet Lorraine AH8015-14 Ultra Nate Usa For Africa Found A Cure SF120-09 We Are The World LG162-16 New Kind Of Medicine SF123-07 Used Ultra Vox All That I've Got THR0503-15 Vienna SF105-06 Bird, The & The Worm SC9006-14 Ultrabeat Blue And Yellow PHR0309-05 Feelin' Fine SFMW870-10 Buried Myself Alive PHR0306-04 Pretty Green Eyes SFMW844-14 Take It Away THR0412-11 Ultravox Under Pressure THMP0507-02 All Stood Still SFMW870-05 Used & My Chemical Romance Dancing With Tears In My Eyes SFMW812-13 Under Pressure PHR0508-06 Umboza Usher Sunshine SF061-04 Burn SC8902-07 Uncle Kracker Can U Help Me CB3029-04 Follow Me SC8742-10 Can't Let U Go TU168-06 In A Little While SC8789-02 Caught Up SF227-03 Memphis Soul Song THP0312-15 Coming For Christmas CB60424-06 Rescue PHM0408-09 Confessions Part 2 SC2458-06 Smile CB30112-13 Dot Com SD4506-10 Uncle Kracker & Dobie Gray Here I Stand CB30080-06 Drift Away PHM0307-08 Hottest Thing TU168-11 Uncle Kracker & Kid Rock Moving Mountains CB30074-01 Good To Be Me CB30135-11 My Way SC8469-04 Uncle Mac Nice & Slow SC8440-14 All Things Bright And Beautiful PUK322-11 One Day You'll Be Mine SC8503-15 Uncle Sam Papers PHMU1001 I Don't Ever Want To See You Again MM6224-05 Pop Ya Collar SC8664-09 Underneath The Arches That's What It's Made For PHM0504-05 Maybe Its Bcs Melody PX05-08 There Goes My Baby PHMU1004 Undertones Trading Places CB30082-02 My Perfect Cousin SF109-14 U Don't Have To Call THH0205-12 Teenage Kicks SF109-02 U Got It Bad (Radio Version) SC2458-01 Underworld U Remind Me SC8742-08 Born Slippy SF061-09 U-Turn THH0210-17 Undisputed Truth What's Your Name CB30079-01 Smiling Faces Sometimes SC8323-09 Yeah MRH08-02 Unified Tribe You Don't Have To Call SC8799-07 Back And Forth THH0609-16 You Got It Bad SC8799-15 Union Underground You Make Me Wanna SF118-11 Across The Nation THR0208-18 You Remind Me PHM0111-06 Unwritten Law Usher & Alicia Keys Rest Of My Life SC3354-02 My God SC3422-04 Save Me PHM0503R-07 Usher & Alisia Keys Seein' Red SC8803-05 My Boo (Duet) EZH041-02 She Says THMR0507-07 Usher & Fabolous Up All Night PHR0211-04 Caught Up PHP0503-03 Upo Usher & Nicki Minaj Feel Alive SC8673-05 Lil Freak PHU1005-03 Urban Mystic Usher & Plies In The Morning PHMU1006-05 Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home) CB30121 It's You THM0306U-09 Usher & TI Urge Overkill In My Bag PHU1003-05 Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon PI039-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 327 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Usher & Will.I.Am Van Morrison O.M.G. SF291-02 And It Stoned Me SC8689-09 Usher & Young Jeezy Baby Please Don't Go SC8689-01 Love In This Club CB30070-03 Blue Money BS7417-16 Usher, Ludacris & Lilæ Joná Bright Side Of The Road BS7417-01 Yeah SC2458-04 Bring It On Home NT16-06 Usher, P.Diddy & Loon Brown Eyed Girl SC8107-03 I Need A Girl PHM0207-05 Caravan SC8689-11 Utopia Crazy Love SC8689-05 Love Is The Answer SC8706-15 Domino SC8689-04 V V Brown Full Force Gale BS7417-09 Shark In The Water PHMU1008-06 Gloria (2) KH01-13 Val Doonican Good Morning Little Schoolgirl SC8814-15 Elusive Butterfly SF066-03 Gypsy NUTECH-0959 Paddy McGinty's Goat SF151-14 Have I Told You Lately SC8689-08 Walk Tall SF100-07 Here Comes The Night SC8689-06 What Would I Be SF094-12 Into The Mystic SC8689-15 Valerie De La Cruz Jackie Wilson Said SC8689-07 That's Why I Like Your Love CB60224-04 Moondance SC8689-02 Valerie Dunbar One Irish Rover SC8737-16 Loch Lomond PUK327-03 Please Baby Please Don't Go BS7417-04 Valerie Smith Queen Of The Slip Stream BS7417-15 Red Clay Halo CB80138-09 Someone Like You SC8850-14 Van Halen Sweet Thing BS7417-07 Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love SC7565-02 Tupelo Honey SC8689-14 And The Cradle Will Rock SC8710-15 Warm Love SC8689-13 Beautiful Girls SC8710-09 Wavelength SC8689-10 Black And Blue JV0068-10 Whenever God Shines His Light BS7417-14 Dance The Night Away SC8710-13 Wild Night SC8689-12 Dancing In The Street LG113-05 Van Morrison & Gail Lewis Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) SC8156-15 You Win Again CB60218-14 Dreams SC8843-04 Van Zant Everybody Wants Some!! SC8782-15 Ain't Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do PHN0601-05 Feel Your Love Tonight SGB04-01 Get What You Got Comin' THR0106-18 Finish What Ya Started SC8583-01 Goes Down Easy CB60369-15 Hot For Teacher SC8406-02 Help Somebody SC8931-6 Humans Being SC8286-03 That Scares Me SC9004-05 Ice Cream Man SC7561-10 Things I Miss The Most CB60352-08 I'll Wait SC8580-04 Vandenburg Jamie's Cryin' SC8586-14 Burning Heart SC8373-05 Jump SC8106-12 Vanessa Carlton Love Walks In RSZ612-01 A Thousand Miles SC3307-02 Panama SC7559-04 Ordinary Day SC8813-07 Poundcake SC8710-12 Pretty Baby SC8806-11 Pretty Woman LG113-04 White Houses CB30047-10 Right Now SC8710-11 Vanessa Hudgens Runnin' With The Devil SC8334-08 Come Back To Me PHM0701-02 Top Of The World SC8638-10 Say Ok SD4706-12 Unchained SC8791-11 Vanessa Paradis When It's Love SC8710-10 Joe Le Taxi SFMW825-05 Why Can't This Be Love SC8710-08 Vanessa Williams Without You SC8453-13 Betcha Never SK510-07 You Really Got Me SFMW803-13 Can This Be Real SK510-04 Van Hunt Colors Of The Wind LG173-15 Dust SC3408-04 Do You Hear What I Hear SC8781-08 Van McCoy Dreamin' SC8366-05 The Hustle TTU 130-18 Happiness SC8395-04

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 328 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Vanessa Williams V-Enna If I Had Wings SK510-09 Where I Wanna Be TU077-17 Just For Tonight SC8363-11 Venus Oh How The Years Go By SC8440-01 Bananarama ASKFP-35-1-01 Save The Best For Last SC8107-08 Vera Lynn Sister Moon SK510-10 My Son My Son SF092-10 Sweetest Days SC8140-02 We'll Meet Again PUK322-04 Way That You Love Me SD013-12 White Cliffs Of Dover SF149-12 Where Do We Go From Here SC8299-01 Verbalicious Work To Do SAVP26-08 Don't Play Nice SF229-12 You Can't Run SC8209-06 Vern Gosdin Vanessa Williams & Brian McKnight Chiseled In Stone SC8561-06 Love Is SC8119-12 Do You Believe Me Now SC7570-09 Vanessa Williams & Chayanne Dream Of Me CB90106-15 You Are My Home SC2187-06 Garden CB90106-04 Vanilla Fudge I Can Tell By The Way You Dance SC8332-15 You Keep Me Hangin' On SC9012-09 If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right) SC8558-08 Vanilla Ice I'm Still Crazy SC7556-13 Ice Ice Baby SC8486-04 Is It Raining At Your House SC8728-14 Vanity 6 Right In The Wrong Direction CB90106-12 Nasty Girl SC8777-06 Set 'Em Up Joe SC8561-03 Vanity Fare Slow Burning Memory CB90106-13 Early In The Morning ZMJB08-11 That Just About Does It SC8728-07 Hitchin' A Ride SAVP35-12 This Ain't My First Rodeo SC8767-02 Vapors Til The End SC8792-12 Turning Japanese SC8313-02 Way Down Deep SC8434-11 Vapors & The Beaters What Would Your Memories Do CB90106-14 Turning Japanese RT0015-03 Who You Gonna Blame It On This Time SC8494-08 Vast Veronicas Free THR0012-13 4ever PHM0602-01 I Don't Have Anything THP0105-17 Hook Me Up THHP0801-14 Vaughn Monroe Untouched PHMP0901 Ghost Riders In The Sky DKM3049-12 When It All Falls Apart SD4609-13 There I Said It Again SC8249-15 Vertical Horizon Velvet Revolver Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) SC8680-14 Come On, Come In THR0510-18 Everything You Want SC8050-08 Dirty Little Thing THR0504-12 Forever SD4508-06 Fall To Pieces CB30049-14 I'm Still Here THR0311-10 Set Me Free PHR0309-03 Send It Up PHR0111-08 Slither THR0408-10 You're A God SC8625-06 Velvet Underground Veruca Salt I'm Waiting For The Man SFMW849-01 Volcano Girls SC8377-02 Velvets Verve He Was Really Sayin' Somethin' THCOL04-01 Bitter Sweet Symphony SC8452-15 Tonight (Could Be The Night) MM6400-03 Drugs Don't Work SF114-15 Vendetta Red Lucky Man SC8465-13 Seconds Away THR0401-18 Sonnet SFMW809-10 Shatterday THR0309-17 The Drugs Dont Work VAR01-22 Vengaboys Verve Pipe Boom Boom Boom Boom SF140-07 Freshmen SC8369-13 Cheeka Bow Bow SF171-08 Hero SC8559-12 Forever As One SFPKT1-3-09 Photograph SC8308-06 Shala La La La LGTP-5-04 Vic Damone Uncle John From Jamaica SF167-08 It Had To Be You BL35-14 We Like To Party SC8531-14 Vic Mizzy We're Going To Ibiza SF142-10 Addams Family SC8550-09 V-Enna

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 329 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Vic Reeves And Wonderstuff Videos Dizzy PUK323-11 Trickle, Trickle SC7560-11 Vicente Fernandez Amor De Los Dos OKE0002-05 In The Navy SF023-02 Borracho Te Recuerdo SCL2284-08 Macho Man LG056-14 El Rey TU236-05 Y.M.C.A. SF028-13 Esta Tristeza Mia OKE0002-10 Ymca SC7511-11 La Ley Del Monte OKE0002-09 Vince Gill Lastima Que Seas Ajena SCL1502-08 Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing THMP021-04 Lobo Herido SCL2253-05 Cinderella SC8332-11 Me Voy A Quitar De En Medio SCL2194-08 Don't Come Crying To Me SC8512-01 Sublime Mujer SCL2211-07 Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away SC8180-08 Tan Fácil Que Hubiera Sido SCL1547-01 Feels Like Love SC8619-13 Tu Camino Y El Mio KB09-11 Go Rest High On That Mountain SC8194-08 Vicente Fernández & Alejandro Fernández High Lonesome Sound SC8693-15 Amor De Los Dos SCL1571-02 How Lonely Looks CB90371-04 Vicki Carr I Can't Tell You Why CB90371-08 For Once In My Life MM6037-08 I Never Knew Lonely SC8219-03 I'll Wait For You MM6005-15 I Still Believe In You SC8214-06 It Must Be Him SC8526-03 If You Ever Have Forever In Mind SC8464-01 Otra Vez Enamorada MM6138-07 In These Last Few Days CB60323-10 Vamos De Frente MM6138-11 Key To Life SC8751-03 Yo Sego Siendo Como Soy MM6138-05 Kindly Keep It Country SC8488-09 Vicki Lawrence Let Her In CHT9911-03 Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia SC8204-08 Let There Be Peace On Earth SC8781-09 Vicki Sue Robinson Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye SC8596-01 Turn The Beat Around SC7549-14 Little More Love A SC3010-06 Vico C Liza Jane SC8265-04 Emboscada SC8937-05 Look At Us SC8215-04 Victor Garcia Love Never Broke Anyone's Heart SC8282-01 Mi Funeral SCL1574-04 Loving You Makes Me A Better Man SC8570-09 Victor Manuel Next Big Thing SC8802-10 Dile A Ella SC7112-03 No Future In The Past SC8260-13 He Tratado SC7112-06 Oklahoma Borderline SC7570-13 Victor Manuelle Oklahoma Swing THMP021-11 Al Igual Que Yo SC2203-08 One Bright Star CB90371-14 Como Duele SCL2263-03 One More Last Chance SC8200-06 Como Se Lo Explico Al Corazon SCL1539-01 Pocket Full Of Gold SC8269-05 En Nombre De Los Dos SCL1559-08 Pretty Little Adriana SC8344-06 Pero Dile SCL2219-03 Pretty Words SC8296-06 Si La Ves SCL2253-04 Reason Why SC8989-05 Victor Sanz Shoot Straight From Your Heart SC8681-07 Destination Unknown CB60208-08 Sight For Sore Eyes ESS01-11 I'm Going To Be There SC3203-07 Someday SC8823-12 Victoria Take Your Memory With You SC8213-01 Echale Leña SCL1577-03 The Reason Why PHN0701-09 Ya No Me Duele SCL1575-06 Tryin' To Get Over You SC8112-06 What Child Is This SC8990-11 A Mind Of Its Own SF187-12 What The Cowgirls Do SC8141-03 Not Such An Innocent Girl EZH03-05 What You Give Away CB60363-15 Victoria Shaw When I Call Your Name SC8217-09 Cry Wolf MM6056-10 When Love Finds You SC8139-11 Don't Move SC3038-05 Whenever You Come Around SC8120-07 Forgiveness SC8179-13 Which Bridge To Cross SC8230-14 Tears Dry SC8287-12 Worlds Apart SC8307-12 Victoria Wood You And You Alone CB90371-13 Ballad Of Barry And Freda SFMW826-03 You Better Think Twice SC8179-09

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 330 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Vince Gill Vogues Young Man's Town SC8857-03 You're The One LG148-09 Vince Gill & Amy Grant Voices Of Theory When I Look Into Your Heart SD083-12 Say It SC3079-05 Vince Gill & Barbra Streisand Wherever You Go SC8508-15 If You Ever Leave Me (Male) SD068-15 Volvere Vince Gill & Gladys Knight DLG SCL1506-04 Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing THD0001-15 Von Bondies Vince Gill & Jenny Gill C’Mon C’Mon SC8876-09 Let There Be Peace On Earth CB90371-15 Vonda Shepard Vince Gill & Patty Loveless Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow MM6277-15 My Kind Of WomanMy Kind Of Man SC3141-01 Searchin' My Soul SC8462-01 Vince Gill & Reba McEntire Vonda Shepard & Dan Hill Heart Won't Lie SC7588-06 Can't We Try CBE521-13 Vince Gill & Sheryl Crow Vonda Shepard & Emily Saliers What You Give Away CB90371-11 Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow SC3136-01 Vince Hill Vonray Edelweiss PUK324-07 Inside Out THP0304-14 Vince Neil Vs You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come) SC8843-08 Call You Sexy SF219-13 Vince Vance & Valiants W.A.S.P. All I Want For Christmas Is You SC8557-06 Animal (F### Like A Beast) SC8869-09 Vines Wade Hayes Don't Listen To The Radio PAN2006-01 Day She Left Tulsa In A Chevy SD045-14 Get Free SC8775-04 Don't Stop SC8186-11 Ms. Jackson THR0305-10 Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To Go SC8619-08 Outtathaway THR0302-14 How Do You Sleep At Night SC8470-08 Ride THR0406-10 I'm Still Dancin' With You SC8163-14 Viola Wills It's Over My Head SC3006-04 Gonna Get Along Without You Now SF079-12 Old Enough To Know Better SC8149-08 Violent Femmes On A Good Night SC8289-10 Add It Up SC8532-04 She's Actin' Single SC8619-16 Blister In The Sun SC8477-14 Tore Up From The Floor Up SC8512-15 Breakin' Up NT46-01 Up North Down South, Back East, Out West CB60196-09 Kiss Off SC8571-04 What I Meant To Say SC8211-03 Vitamin C When The Wrong One Loves You Right SC8463-08 Graduation CB30002-15 Where Do I Go To Start All Over SC8319-09 Itch SC8654-12 Wichita Lineman SC8394-10 Me, Myself & I SC3166-08 Wagner Me, Myself And I (Radio Version) SC8572-15 Bridal Chorus (Instrumental) SC2181-06 Smile SC8553-04 Waitresses The Itch SC3229-04 Christmas Wrapping SC8780-05 Vivian Green I Know What Boys Like SC8333-14 Beautiful PHMU1005-06 Walker Brothers Emotional Rollercoaster SC8822-14 My Ship Is Coming In SF094-09 Fanatic THH0309-12 No Regrets THCOL04-01 Gotta Go Gotta Leave THMH0510-06 Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore SC8221-01 What Is Love THH0402-18 Wall Of Voo Doo Vixen Mexican Radio SC8313-03 Cryin' SC8600-12 Wallflowers Edge Of A Broken Heart SC8329-15 6Th Avenue Heartache SC8308-15 Vogues Beautiful Side Of Somewhere PHR0507-05 Five O'clock World SC8435-07 Difference SC3012-04 My Special Angel LG227-04 Heroes SC8469-12 On Broadway LG227-05 One Headlight SC8369-03 Till LG227-06 Sixth Avenue Heartache PHM9610-07 Turn Around Look At Me LG227-01 Sleepwalker SC8649-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 331 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Wallflowers Warren Brothers Three Marlenes PHM9711-02 Break The Record CB60313-14 When You're On Top CB3033-15 Change CB60345-12 Walon Jennings & Willie Nelson Guilty SC8485-12 Always On My Mind CB90042-10 Hey Mr. President SC8826-06 Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground CB90042-14 It Ain't Me CB60223-04 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain CB90042-11 Move On CB20261-07 City Of New Orleans CB90042-15 Sell A Lot Of Beer SC3412-02 Good Hearted Woman CB90042-01 She Wants To Rock SC3144-06 Good Ol' Boys CB90042-03 That's The Beat Of A Heart SC3195-08 I'm A Ramblin' Man CB90042-04 Where Does It Hurt SC8711-01 I've Always Been Crazy CB90042-05 Warren G & Nate Dogg Lovin' Her Was Easier CB90042-06 Regulate SC8760-04 Luckenbach, Texas CB90042-07 Warren Zevon On The Road Again CB90042-12 Excitable Boy SC8856-13 Whiskey River CB90042-13 Keep Me In Your Heart SC8874-02 Wurlitzer Prize CB90042-09 Lawyers Guns And Money SC8856-09 Walter Egan Werewolves Of London SC8086-14 Magnet And Steel SC8725-14 Was Not Was Walter Hawkins Walk The Dinosaur SC8176-14 Christ The Solid Rock NT03-01 Wasp Walter Houston I Wanna Be Somebody SC8713-15 September Song SAVP02-06 Water Boys Walter Leon The Whole Of The Moon SF053-07 La Colegiala OKE0004-07 Wax Wamdue Project Bridge To Your Heart ZMH008-03 You're The Reason SF163-04 Waylon Jennings Wanda Jackson Amanda SC8431-12 In The Middle Of A Heartache SC7567-14 Are You Ready For The Country CB60079-10 Right Or Wrong SAVP40-14 Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way SC8276-09 Window Up Above CBE601-14 Bob Wills Is Still The King TU187-05 Wang Chung Can't You See TU187-06 Dance Hall Days SC8201-07 Clyde SC7551-12 Everybody Have Fun Tonight SC8456-08 Come With Me CB60301-08 Wannadies Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's.. TU187-07 You And Me Song SFMW865-09 Drinkin' And Dreamin' SC7568-06 War Dukes Of Hazzard Theme SC8365-01 Cisco Kid SC8704-05 Good Hearted Woman DK006-17 Low Rider SC8704-04 Good Ol' Boys SC8435-21 Slippin' Into Darkness DK1109-07 I Ain't Living Long Like This SC8604-09 Spill The Wine DK093-08 I'm A Ramblin' Man SC8728-12 Why Can't We Be Friends SC8456-09 I've Always Been Crazy SC8342-10 Wariner & Larson Lonesome Orn'ry And Mean DK063-15 That's How You Know When Love's Right SC8511-08 Lovin' Her Was Easier CB60122-02 Wariner, Diamond Rio & Parnell Lucille (You Won't Do Your Daddy's Will) SC8365-15 Working Man Blues SC8159-02 Luckenbach, Texas SC7536-08 Warner Mack Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be TU187-13 Bridge Washed Out CBE603-02 Cowboys Warrant Never Could Toe The Mark TU187-14 Cherry Pie SC8516-05 Okie From Muskogee TU017-10 Down Boys SC8597-13 Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line SC8419-01 Heaven SC8314-12 Rainy Day Woman KH18-08 I Saw Red SC8346-11 Rose In Paradise SC8494-03 Sometimes She Cries SC8373-15 Shine TU187-18 Uncle Tom's Cabin SC8406-09 The Eagle CB60232-10 Warren Brothers Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' SC7591-08 Better Man SC8507-12 Boys)

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 332 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Waylon Jennings Weavers Wrong SC8502-12 Goodnight Irene CBEP454-2-06 Wurlitzer Prize SC8365-08 Webb Pierce You Ask Me To TU187-21 Back Street Affair CB90086-04 You Can Have Her SC8647-10 Even Tho' CB90086-08 Waylon Jennings & Wiliie Nelson Honky Tonk Song CB90086-07 Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be SC7220-08 I Ain't Never SC8392-06 Cowboys I Don't Care CB90086-02 Wayne Brady I Just Can't Be True CB90086-13 F.W.B. PHMU0904 I'm Tired CB90086-15 Ordinary CB30086-06 I'm Walking The Dog CB90086-05 Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders In The Jailhouse Now SC8383-14 Game Of Love SC8418-04 It's Been So Long CB60331-02 Wayne Gibson Love, Love, Love SC8392-02 Under My Thumb SFCC01-05 More And More CB90086-10 Wayne Newton Slowly CB90086-12 Baby I'm A Want You MM6228-14 There Stands The Glass CBE601-15 But Not For Me LG132-10 Why Baby Why CBE602-01 Bye Bye Blackbird LG132-05 Wondering CB60292-04 Call Me Irresponsible LG133-03 Webbie & Bun B Can't Take That Away From Me LG132-07 Give Me That PHU0508-03 Charade LG133-04 Webstar & Jim Jones & Juelz Santana Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast LG132-01 Dancin' On Me PHU0907-06 Danke Schoen LG133-01 Weezer Games That Lovers Play LG133-09 Beverly Hills CB30053-12 Has Anybody Seen My Gypsy Rose LG133-06 Buddy Holly SC8156-04 Heart (I Hear You Beating) LG133-07 Dope Nose SC8758-13 I’Ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time LG133-10 Hash Pipe SC8699-03 I’Ve Got The World On A String LG133-11 I Want You To (If You're Wondering If I Want You CB30120-01 Love LG132-02 To) More LG132-04 Island In The Sun PHM0110-02 Morning After LG133-05 Keep Fishin' THR0210-13 My Kind Of Girl LG133-08 Perfect Situation CB30057-14 Old Man Mose LG132-08 Photograph SC8735-09 Playground In My Mind LG132-03 Pork And Beans SC9021-15 Red Roses For A Blue Lady SC7538-14 Say It Ain't So SC8562-02 Remember When LG132-09 This Is Such A Pity PAN2006-01 Shangr Ila LG133-02 Troublemaker CB30081-05 Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye LG132-11 Undone-The Sweater Song SC8638-15 Wives And Lovers LG132-06 We Are All On Drugs THR0510-17 Wayne Thomas Weird Al Yankovic Tragedy SC7557-05 Achy Breaky Song SC2267-07 Wayne Watson Addicted To Spuds SC2220-02 When God's People Pray TU077-16 Alimony SGB23-07 Wayne Wonder Amish Paradise SC8707-05 No Letting Go SC3356-06 Another Rides The Bus SGB23-04 Perfect Proposal SC3395-06 Bedrock Anthem SC2267-06 We Five Christmas At Ground Zero SC8557-10 You Were On My Mind SC8441-07 Complicated Song TU214-01 We The Kings Dare To Be Stupid SC7598-09 Secret Valentine PHMP0902-3 Eat It LG089-09 We The Kings & Demi Lovato Ebay SC8927-04 We'll Be A Dream PHMP1007-02 Fat SGB23-02 Weather Girls Grapefruit Diet SGB23-11 It's Raining Men SC8650-14 Gump SC2267-04 Well A Wiggy PS1190-14 I Lost On Jeopardy SC2220-08 Weavers I Love Rocky Road SC2220-03

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 333 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Weird Al Yankovic Westlife I Think I'm A Clone Now MM6330-05 Its My Life SF173-03 I Want A New Duck SGB23-13 Loneliness Knows Me By My Name SFMW815-14 It's All About The Pentiums SC2267-01 Mandy EZH30-05 Like A Surgeon SC2267-05 Miss You Nights SF199-11 My Bologna SC2220-06 Moments SMKR004-14 Night Santa Went Crazy SC8780-07 More Than Words SMKR004-07 One More Minute SC2267-03 Obvious SF215-09 Phony Calls SGB23-15 Queen Of My Heart SF185-16 Ricky SC2220-04 Rose SF250-03 Saga Begins SGB23-01 Seasons In The Sun SMKR004-06 She Drives Like Crazy SGB23-10 Smile SF226-12 Smells Like Nirvana SC2267-08 Swear It Again SC3189-06 Spam SC2220-05 Tonight SF203-15 White And Nerdy THP0701-14 Try Again SMKR004-10 Yoda SGB23-17 Unbreakable SF197-07 You Don't Love Me Anymore SC2220-01 Uptown Girl SF177-04 Wendy Moten We Are One SMKR004-05 Come In Out Of The Rain SC8585-14 What I Want Is What I Got SMKR004-08 Wesley Dennis What Makes A Man SF174-01 Borrowed Angel SC8173-10 When You're Looking Like That SF183-09 I Don't Know SC8163-15 World Of Our Own SF189-07 West & Frizzell Westside Connection & Nate Dogg I Just Came Here To Dance CB60076-09 Gangsta Nation SC8864-05 West End Wet Wet Wet Live I Lost SF036-10 Angel Eyes SF059-05 West Side Story Don't Want To Forgive Me Now SF027-09 America SC2297-05 Good Night Girl SF002-09 Gee Officer Krupke MM6175-09 If I Never See You Again SFMW810-12 I Feel Pretty SC8547-02 Julia Says SF020-06 Maria SC8547-12 Love Is All Around SC8132-13 One Hand One Heart LG134-03 Somewhere Somehow SF166-09 Something's Coming MM6100A-07 Sweet Little Mystery SF082-09 Somewhere TTU140-10 Sweet Surrender THCOL04-01 Tonight SC2222-04 Wishing I Was Lucky SF108-05 Western Flyer Wet Willie Cherokee Highway SC8171-03 Keep On Smilin' SC8146-13 Friday Night Stampede MM6109-08 Street Corner Serenade SC8479-07 His Memory SC8224-06 Weekend SC8479-11 Lost In You SC8351-04 Wheat She Should've Been Mine SC8301-09 I Met A Girl PHR0408-02 Western Flyer CB60158-12 Wheatus What Will You Do With M E SC8307-07 Leroy SF189-13 Westlife Little Respect SF180-07 Ain't That A Kick In The Head EZH039-12 Teenage Dirtbag SC3220-07 Amazing SF241-02 Wannabe Gangster SF188-05 Angels Wings SFMW815-13 When In Rome Bop Bop Baby EZH11-06 Promise SC8894-06 Change The World SMKR004-09 Whigfield Flying Without Wings LGTP-2-07 Saturday Night FLY007-02 Fool Again LGTP-2-08 Think Of You SF027-08 Hey Whatever SF209-13 Whirly Girl Home THP0802-14 Oxo SC8447-05 I Don't Wanna Fight SF163-10 Whiskey Falls I Lay My Love On You SF175-16 Falling Into You CB60371-06 I Need You SMKR004-12 Last Train Running CB60366-09 If I Let You Go SF146-11

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 334 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Whispers Whitney Houston Beat Goes On, And The SFMW831-02 Greatest Love Of All SC7503-07 It's A Love Thing SF011-05 Heartbreak Hotel LG051-15 Make Sweet Love To Me SC8164-14 How Will I Know SF037-10 Rock Steady AH8021-11 I Believe In You & Me SC8369-07 White Bird I Didn't Know My Own Strength CB30118 It's A Beautiful Day SC8724-03 I Have Nothing SC8371-06 White Lion I Learned From The Best SC8581-10 Wait SC8406-04 I Look To You CB30112-8 When The Children Cry SC8346-09 I Wanna Dance With Somebody SC2007-01 White Plains I Will Always Love You SC7514-02 Julie Do You Love Me SFMW813-03 I'm Every Woman SC8600-05 My Baby Loves Lovin' SC7559-07 I'm Your Baby Tonight SC8366-07 White Stripes It's Not Right But It's Okay SC3135-01 Blue Orchid SC8934-14 Jesus Loves Me LG051-10 Conquest THP0804-11 Love Will Save The Day LG149-11 Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground TU142-04 Million Dollar Bill CB30117-08 Fell In Love With A Girl SC8789-03 Miracle LG149-09 Hardest Button To Button THR0312-11 My Heart Belong To Me NUTECH-1203 I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself THR0405-18 My Heart Is Calling SC3005-02 Icky Thump SC9006-03 My Love Is Your Love SC8508-01 My Doorbell SC3451-03 My Name Is Not Susan LG149-12 Seven Nation Army SC8852-02 On My Own SF203-10 The Denial Twist THM0306R-09 One Moment In Time SC7523-07 You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As SC9014-08 One Of Those Days SC8809-01 You're Told) Queen Of The Night LG149-06 White Tie Affair Run To You SC2007-07 Candle (Sick And Tired) CB30103-5 Same Script CB90185-12 You Look Better When I'm Drunk PHMP1008-03 Saving All My Love For You SC2007-02 White Town So Emotional CB40011-12 Your Woman SC8377-13 Star Spangled Banner MM6052-09 White Zombie Step By Step SC8476-06 More Human Than Human SC8830-15 Try It On My Own SC3369-08 Whites Unashamed TU181-15 Hanging Around CBE605-15 Until You Come Back SK525-04 Keep On The Sunnyside CBE3-15-13 Watchulookinat THH0306-16 Whitesnake Whatcha Lookin' At CB30027-03 Fool For Your Loving SC8917-02 Where Do Broken Hearts Go SC2007-08 Give Me All Your Love SC8716-15 Why Does It Hurt So Bad SC8299-08 Here I Go Again SC8716-10 Worth It CB30127-09 Is This Love SC8716-11 You Give Good Love SC8362-14 Slide It In SC8716-12 You'll Never Stand Alone SK525-01 Slow An' Easy SC8597-03 Whitney Houston & Cece Winans Still Of The Night SC8406-01 Count On Me SC8268-13 Whitney Duncan Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias Bed That You Made CB60398-13 Could I Have This Kiss Forever SC8616-14 Skinny Dippin' CB60413 Same Scrip SC8622-08 When I Said I Would CB60385-03 Whitney Houston & Geaorge Michael Whitney Houston SF167-03 All At Once SFMW820-08 Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey All The Man That I Need SC2007-06 When You Believe SC8499-13 America The Beautiful NUTECH-1149 When You Believe (Dance Mix) PRSA01-07 Could I Have This Kiss Forever SF170-06 Whitney Houston & Price Evans Count On Me LG051-11 Heartbreak Hotel SC3125-02 Didn't We Almost Have It All SF057-14 Who Exhale SC8212-02 515 AH8015-09 Fine NSP2009-09 Anyway Anyhow Anywhere LG037-07

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 335 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Who Wild Horses Baba O' Riley SC8961-13 I Will Survive SC8733-10 Bargain SC8961-12 You Gotta Ride CB60247-15 Behind Blue Eyes SC8961-15 Wild Orchid Bell Boy SFMW921-13 At Night I Pray SC8337-03 Can't Explain LG037-14 Talk To Me PHM9704-09 AMS1506-03 Wild Thornberry's Eminence Front SC8684-03 Rain Rap SM9921-11 Gettin' In Tune AH8005-11 Wildchild Happy Jack LG037-03 Renegade Masters ‘98 SF118-03 I Can See For Miles SC8961-07 Wildfire I Can't Explain SC8961-10 Rough Edges CB20408-10 I'm A Boy LG037-13 Wiley I'm Free SC8961-04 Wot Do You Call It SFMW849-01 Join Together LG037-05 Wiley & Emeli Sande Kids Are Alright LG037-17 SF290-07 Love Reign O'er Me SC8961-09 Wilkinsons Magic Bus SC8961-03 1999 SC3245-04 My Generation SC8961-06 26 Cents SC9905-05 Pictures Of Lily LG037-09 Boy Oh Boy SC8528-04 Pinball Wizard SC8961-14 Fly CB20539-08 Punk . The Godfarther SFMW922-03 Fly The Angel Song SC8496-12 Real Me AH8003-14 I Wanna Be That Girl SC8690-13 Seeker SC8961-11 Jimmy's Got A Girlfriend SC8590-15 Squeeze Box SC8169 05 Outside Providence PHN0209-09 Substitute LG037-15 Shame On Me SC8617-13 Summertime Blues BS4417-12 Yodelin' Blues SC8549-09 Summertime Blues (Live Version) SC8970-01 Will 2 Power We're Not Gonna Take It SC8961-08 I'm Not In Love MM6045-02 Who Are You SC8961-02 Will Downing Won't Get Fooled Again SC8961-01 Break Up To Make Up SC8374-13 You Better You Bet SC8586-07 Love Suggestions PHMU1002 Whodini Something Special PHMU0909 Freaks Come Out At Night SC8875-15 Will Fyffe Wicked I Belong To Glasgow PUK326-04 Dancing Through Life STS6016-05 Will I Am Defying Gravity PR1569-05 I Got It From My Mama THP0801-14 For Good PR1569-07 It's A New Day CB30089-01 I'm Not That Girl PR1569-04 Will I Am Busta Rhymes & Kelis Popular PR1569-03 I Love My Bitch PHU0607-04 What Is This Feeling STS6016-2-03 Widelife When I Need You SF119-08 All Things MM6405-14 Will Smith Widespread Panic Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) CB30024-01 Hope In A Hopeless World SC8377-08 Freakin' It SC8593-11 Wigans Ovation Gettin' Jiggy Wit It SC8452-02 Skiing In The Snow SFCC01-17 Just The Two Of Us SC8515-10 Wilbert Harrison Men In Black SC8390-10 Kansas City SC7517-10 Miami SC8499-05 Wilburn Brothers Switch SC8915-04 Hurt Her Once For Me SC8428-06 Will 2K MM6290-11 Roll Muddy River CBE3-01-14 Will Smith & Dj Jazzy Jeff Wilco Boom Shake The Room THCOL04-01 You Never Know PHM0910-05 Parents Just Don't Understand CBE4-10-02 Wild Cherry Will Smith & K-Ci Play That Funky Music SC8386-14 Will 2k SC8581-05 Wild Horses

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 336 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Will Smith & Traknox Willie Nelson Black Suits Comin' SC8768-01 Graceland SC8275-03 Will Smith, Dru Hill & Kool Moe Dee Healing Hands Of Time SC8234-14 Wild, Wild, West SC8545-05 Help Me Make It Through The Night SC8901-09 Will To Power Highway Man TU208-09 Baby I Love Your Way SF006-13 If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time SC8335-14 Will Young Last Thing I Need First Thing This Morning SC8326-15 All Time Love SF239-03 Let It Be Me SC8403-03 Anything Is Possible SF190-15 Living In The Promised Land SC8403-07 Beyond The Sea EZA010-03 Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be BL33-12 Don't Let Me Down SF200-13 Cowboys Evergreen EZH09-01 Maria (Shut Up And Kiss Me) SC8774-14 Friday's Child SF220-01 Me And Paul SC8582-05 I Won't Dance EZA010-08 Medicino County Line CBE616-12 Leave Right Now SF212-03 Moonlight In Vermont THGWN01-16 Light My Fire SF193-01 My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys SC8901-15 Love Is A Matter Of Distance SF222-02 Nothing I Can Do About It Now SC8403-15 Switch It On SF237-05 On The Road Again SC8901-05 Who Am I SF243-11 On The Sunny Side Of The Street THGWN01-15 You & I SF199-16 Once You're Past The Blues SC8287-09 You And I EZH18-07 Party's Over SC8555-13 Your Game SF215-02 Please Come Home For Christmas SC2453-01 Your Love Is King EZH041-10 Poncho And Lefty LG031-08 Your Song SF215-02 Pretty Paper SC8185-12 Will Young & Gareth Gates September Song THGWN01-14 Long And Winding Road SF196-05 Someone To Watch Over Me THGWN01-18 Willa Ford Stardust CB60149-13 Did Ya Understand That CB3017-09 There You Are SC8676-11 I Wanna Be Bad SC8717-06 This Face TU208-19 Williams Riley Unchained Melody THGWN01-19 Country Livin' PHMC1001 Uncloudy Day SC8403-13 Makes Me Go (La La) CB60443-11 Whiskey River SC8901-13 Williams Robbie You Don't Know Me SC8967-07 Fridays Child SF220-01 Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias Willie Dixon To All The Girls I’Ve Loved Before SC8901-07 I Ain't Superstitious NT15-10 Willie Nelson & Lee Ann Womack I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man SC8327-15 Mendocino County Line SC8901-14 Little Red Rooster SC8327-09 Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard You Shook Me SC8339-05 Pancho And Lefty SC7522-14 Willie Nelson Willie Nelson & Norah Jones All Of Me SC8901-04 Wurlitzer Prize (Norah Lead) TU235-19 Always On My Mind SC8901-03 Willie Nelson & Ray Charles Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground SC8901-01 Seven Spanish Angels SC8901-06 Bloody Mary Morning SC8564-07 Willie Nelson & Toby Keith Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain SC8214-02 Beer For My Horses CB2368-08 Blue Skies SC8901-12 Midnight Rider CB60328-15 Can't Live Without You're Love And Affection SC8346-08 Willie Nelson & Walon Jennings City Of New Orleans SC7555-09 Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way CB90042-02 Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond Of Each SC8967-08 Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings Othe Good Hearted Woman SC8901-10 Crazy LG031-13 Mamas Don't Let Your Babies SC8901-08 Don't Get Around Much Anymore THGWN01-17 On The Road Again KPP02-08 Dont Mess With My Toot Toot CBE617-05 Willie Nelson, Cash, Jennings & Kristofferson Forgiving You Was Easy SC8345-10 Highwayman SC8561-11 Funny How Time Slips Away LG031-06 Willy Castro Georgia On My Mind TU208-08 Por Mujeres Como Tu' SC1551-02 Good Hearted Woman LG031-14

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 337 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Wilshire Wombats Special THP0309-16 Let's Dance To Joy Division THP0801-18 Wilson Phillips Wombles Daniel SC8318-04 Remember You're A Womble SFMW830-14 Go Your Own Way SD4408-10 Wombling Song SF095-05 Hold On DK057-01 Wonders Impulsive SC8279-05 That Thing You Do SC8337-02 Release Me DK071-01 Wonderstuff You Won't See Me Cry MM6027-10 Size Of A Cow ZMH002-09 You're In Love SC8363-05 Welcome To The Cheap Seats SFMW841-03 Wilson Pickett Woody Bradshaw 634 5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A) CBE506-03 Last Thing You Do PHN0705-09 Bring It On Home To Me LG183-04 Woody Guthrie Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You SC8969-08 John Henry MM6328-06 Fire And Water SAVP32-10 This Land Is Your Land DK093-17 Funky Broadway SC8863-02 Woody Lee I'm In Love RB20-04 I Like The Sound Of That NS22-12 In The Midnight Hour SC8110-07 Woolpackers Land Of 1000 Dances SC8575-01 Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll SF081-07 Mustang Sally SC7520-09 Working Girl Respect THCOL04-01 Let The Rivers Run MM6219-15 Stagger Lee LG183-05 Wreckers Wilsons Good Kind CB60361-11 Monday Without You SC8423-09 Leave The Pieces SC8991-07 Winans My, Oh My SC8995-05 It's Time SC2045-05 Tennessee PHN0707-04 Winger Tennessee (Radio Ver) SC8998-09 Headed For A Heartbreak SC7565-15 The Good Kind ESP490-06-11 Miles Away SC8346-12 Wreckx 'N Effect Seventeen SC8597-05 Rump Shaker SC8612-03 Wings Wrights C Moon ZMH005-10 Down This Road CB60336-12 Hi Hi Hi DKM3083-05 Wurtzels Let 'Em In NUTECH-0967 Combine Harvester SF095-08 Listen To What The Man Said SC8231-01 I Am A Cider Drinker SF095-01 Live And Let Die ZMH005-11 Wyclef Jean Silly Love Songs DKM3083-04 911 SC8654-04 With A Little Luck CBEP474-4-05 Bubblegoose SGB12-10 Wink Martindale Gone Til November SF121-15 Deck Of Cards SF131-04 New Day SF152-11 Wiseguys Perfect Gentleman TU135-12 Ooh La La SF142-12 Pussycat SF199-09 Start The Commotion THP0111-11 Two Wrongs THH0210-12 Wizard Of Oz Wyclef Jean & Akon & Lil Wayne & Nia Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead CBE3-15-08 Sweetest Girl THP0804-18 If I Only Had A Brain TU158-10 Wyclef Jean & Claudette Ortiz Merry Old Land Of Oz TU158-16 Two Wrongs SC8773-10 We're Off To See The Wizard TU158-22 Wyclef Jean & Mary J. Blige Wizzard 911 SC3225-04 Angel Fingers SF035-15 Wyclef Jean & Missy Elliot I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday MRE39-04 Party To Damascus SF212-13 See My Baby Jive ZGY73-04 Wynn Stewart Wolfman Ft Pete Doherty It's Such A Pretty World Today SC8428-15 For Lovers SF218-11 Wynonna Wolfmother Attitude CB60346-05 Woman SC8987-04 I Hear You Knocking CB60410-7 Wombats I Saw The Light SC8144-05

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 338 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Wynonna Y & T Sing CB60398-6 Mean Streak SC8791-10 Tell Me Why SC8177-12 Rescue Me SC8713-12 Winter Wonderland CB60423-05 Summertime Girls SC8597-09 Wynonna & Naomi Judd Yael Naim Flies On The Butter SC8857-15 New Soul CB30074-05 Wynonna Judd Yaire Always Will SC8463-12 Contestame SCL1543-02 Can't Nobody Love You Like I Do SC8584-02 Yankee Grey Come Some Rainy Day SC8432-10 All Things Considered SC3152-08 Don't Look Back SC8267-11 Another Nine Minutes SC8590-14 Flies On The Butter SD116-06 This Time Around SC8630-06 Freedom SC8498-05 Yarbrough & Peoples Girls With Guitars SC2036-07 Don't Stop The Music CBEP468-4-14 Going Nowhere SC8623-03 Yardbird Healing SC8306-05 Your Love SFMW925-04- Heaven Help My Heart SC8271-02 FOR Is It Over Yet SC8278-12 Yardbirds It's Never Easy To Say Goodbye SC8291-01 For Your Love DKM3044-10 Let's Make A Baby King MM6041-13 Heart Full Of Soul SC7560-10 Little Bit Of Love Goes A Long Long Way CB60117-03 I'm A Man SC8615-12 My Angel Is Here SC8289-03 Shapes Of Things SC8599-11 My Strongest Weakness SC2036-08 Yasmeen & Ghostface Killah No One Else On Earth SC8165-14 Blue Jeans THH0211-14 Only Love SC8167-11 Yazoo Rock Bottom SC2036-03 Don't Go SFG057-09 She Is His Only Need SC8175 10 Nobody's Diary SFG057-10 Somebody To Love You CB60006-06 Only You SFG057-08 Testify To Love SC2402-05 Yazz & The Plastic Population To Be Loved By You SC8253-13 Only Way Is Up SFMW810-15 What The World Needs ASKFP39-2-15 Yeah Yeah Yeahs When Love Starts Talking SC8409-14 Gold Lion THMR0605-17 Without Your Love I'm Goin' Nowhere MM6311-04 Maps SC8876-04 Woman To Woman SC8485-06 Yellowcard Wynonna Judd & Tammy Wynette Lights And Sounds SC8958-14 Girl Thing MH1048-05 Ocean Avenue SC8905-10 X-Ecutioners Only One THR0410-13 It's Goin' Down CB30024-15 Rough Landing, Holly THR0608-12 Xpress 2 & David Byrne Rough Landing, Holly (Radio Version) SC8983-03 Lazy X SF192-01 Yes X-Ray Specs I've Seen All Good People SC8658-08 Germ Free Adolescent SF109-03 Long Distance Runaround SC7562-14 Xscape Owner Of A Lonely Heart SC8443-07 Arms Of The One Who Loves You SC8465-08 Roundabout SC8658-13 Do You Want To SC8268-02 Ying Yang Twins Just Kickin' It SC8272-06 Badd THMU0601-05 Love On My Mind NT29-02 Naggin' SC3388-04 Understanding DK085-05 Salt Shaker PHU0404-09 Who Can I Run To SC8212-14 Say I Yi Yi SC8766-13 Xtc Wait (The Whisper Song) THH0509-10 Making Plans For Nigel SFMW841-07 What's Happnin' PHU0408-06 Mayor Of Simpleton SC8678-07 Ying Yang Twins & Mike Jones Xtm & Dj Chucky Presents Badd PHU0510-02 Fly On The Wings Of Love SF207-10 Yngwie Malmsteen Xzibit Heaven Tonight SC8830-14 Best Of Things SC8915-14 Yolanda Adams Y & T Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas SC8899-15

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 339 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Title DiscID Yolanda Adams Yvette Michelle Open My Heart SC8661-03 Everyday And Everynight SC8254-15 Someone Watching Over You THMU0601-06 I'm Not Feeling You SC3021-08 Yolandita Monge Yvonne Elliman Te Vine A Buscar SCL1550-06 Hello Stranger SC8410-05 Young Buck If I Can't Have You SC8143-14 Let Me In THH0410-15 Love Me SF097-04 Shorty Wanna Ride PHU0412-06 Z Trip U Ain't Goin' Nowhere PHU0709-08 Walking Dead THMR0507-04 Young Buck & 50 Cent Zac Brown Band Let Me In PHU0410-02 Chicken Fried CB60381-03 Young Denay Free CB60443-04 Walk On By MM6299-02 Highway 20 Ride CB60428-08 Young Dro Toes CB60419-13 Rubber Band Banks PHU0701-07 Whatever It Is CB60404-15 Young Dro & Ti Zac Efron Shoulder Lean PHU0608-09 Ladie's Choice (Radio Version) SC9010-01 Young Gunz Zager & Evans Can't Stop, Won't Stop SC8849-09 In The Year 2525 SC7554-01 Friday Nite SIN0014-11 Zapp & Roger No Better Love PHU0404-08 Computer Love NT28-02 Set It Off PHU0507-09 Zappacosta Young Jeezy Overload SFG040-10 My Hood PHU0603-04 Zhane Young Jeezy & Akon Hey Mr D J SC8279-10 Soul Survivor PAN2006-01 Sending Me Love NT38-07 Young Jeezy & Shawty Redd Zhivago Dr Who Dat PHMU905 Somewhere My Love LG169-02 Young Mc Ziggy Marley Bust A Move SC7523-05 Beautiful Day MM6375-12 Young Money Love Is My Religion PHAC0610-06 Every Girl PHU0908-01 Small People SC8500-13 Young Money & Lloyd Tomorrow People SC8500-14 Bedrock SF290-05 Zion Y Lennox & Daddy Yankee Young Rascals Yo Voy SC8937-12 I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Hea LG063-05 Zoe People Got To Be Free LG063-09 Sunshine On A Rainy Day SF036-07 Young Steff Zoe Birkett Slow Jukin' PHMU0908 Get Happy EZH12-05 Youngbloodz I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) SFG018-07 Get Together SC7532-10 Zombies Youngbloodz & Lil Jon She's Not There SC8513-06 Damn! SC8849-12 Tell Her No SC8615-11 Youngbloodz & Young Buck Time Of The Season SC7543-08 Datz Me PHU0504-08 Zona Jones Youngstown Two Hearts SD128-11 I'll Be Your Everything THP9911-17 Zutons Sugar PHM0109-07 Oh Stacey SF247-10 Yung Berg & Junior Valerie SF245-03 Sexy Lady PHU0711-07 Why Won't You Give Me Your Love SFMW876-01 Yung Joc Zwan I Know You See It PHU0609-07 Honestly SC8817-05 It's Goin' Down (Radio Version) SC8988-15 Lyric PHR0306-01 Yung Joc & Brandy Ms. B. Hambrick Zz Top I Know You See It THH0611-18 Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers AH8009-02 Yung Joc & Marques Houston & Trey Songz Blue Jean Blues AH8017-16 First Time PHU0703-09 Cheap Sunglasses SC8297-02

Song List Generator® Printed 9/21/2010 Page 340 of 341 Songs by Artist Title DiscID Zz Top Gimme All Your Lovin' SC7535-13 I Thank You SC8430-05 I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide SC8922-02 Jesus Just Left Chicago SC9012-07 La Grange SC7559-13 Legs SC8273-12 Mexican Blackbird SGB04-02 Pearl Necklace SC8922-07 Pincushion NT40-09 Rough Boy SC7563-11 Sharp Dressed Man SC7509-08 Tube Snake Boogie SC8922-09 Tush SC8449-13 Velcro Fly SC8939-12 Waitin' For The Bus SC9012-06 What's Up With That SC8325-02

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