Fact Sheet – TVision CHANNELS

TVision CHANNELS lets you customize your TV experience by adding premium networks like , SHOWTIME, and . KEY FEATURES Live Channels Accessibility (SAP/CC/Descriptive video 11,000+ shows and Recently watched service) movies across all networks Parental controls Cloud DVR (100 hours) available Three streams as an add-on for $5/mo Up to 10 profiles

AVAILABLE ON Smart TVs: Android TV, Fire TV Edition TV Streaming Devices: Android TV, Google TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, TVision Hub (Android TV) Phones and Tablets: Android phone, Android tablet, iPad, iPhone

ACCOUNT AND SERVICE MANAGEMENT TVision CHANNELS is available for eligible T-Mobile wireless customers nationwide. Services can be managed, added or removed all in My T-Mobile. CHANNELS COMPLETE LINEUP STARZ SHOWTIME EPIX

28 Channels 16 Channels 4 Channels

$8.99 $10.99 $5.99

358/359 Starz 342 Showtime East 317 EPIX 360 Starz Cinema East 343 Showtime West 318 EPIX2 361 Starz Cinema West 344 SHO2 East 319 EPIX Drive-in 362 Starz Comedy East 345 SHO2 West 320 EPIX Hits 363 Starz Comedy West 346 SHO Extreme East 364 Starz Edge East 347 SHO Extreme West 365 Starz Edge West 348 Showtime Family Zone East 366 East 349 Showtime Family Zone West 367 Starz Encore West 350 SHO Next East 368 Starz Encore Action East 351 SHO Next West 369 Starz Encore Action West 352 Showtime Showcase East 370 Starz Encore Black East 353 Showtime Showcase West 371 Starz Encore Black West 354 Show Women East 372 Starz Encore Classic East 355 Show Women West 373 Starz Encore Classic West 356 SHOxBET East 374 Starz Encore Espanol East 357 SHOxBET West 375 Starz Encore Espanol West 376 Starz Encore Family East 377 Starz Encore Family West 378 Starz Encore Suspense East 379 Starz Encore Suspense West 380 Starz Encore Westerns East 381 Starz Encore Westerns West 382 Starz In Black East 383 Starz In Black West 384 Starz Kids & Family East 385 Starz Kids & Family West

Limited-time offer; subject to change. Qualifying T-Mobile postpaid wireless service & Internet connectivity required. Plus taxes; taxes approx. 0-14% of bill. Up to 3 concurrent streams. One household with TV-connected devices per ac- count. Video quality depends on Internet connection; on T-Mobile network video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at 480p; 1080p with Plus plans.

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