2013 Annual Report Cultivating Insights and Inspiring Stewardship Photo by Jacqueline Deely © The Center Contents

4 Our Mission

5 Cultivating Insights and Inspiring Stewardship

6 The Year in Numbers

7 Patient Success Stories

8 Scientific Inquiry

10 Education and Outreach

12 Hospital

14 Collaborations and Partner Accomplishments

16 Fundraising Events

18 Our Donors

25 Financial Summary Photo by Ingrid Overgard © The Marine Mammal Center

“Health to the means health for us.” —Sylvia Earle

3 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org Our mission: To expand knowledge about marine mammals — their health and that of their ocean environment — and inspire their global conservation.

Our Work Our Values

Our core work is the rescue and rehabilitation of At all times, we are guided by the following values: sick and injured marine mammals, supported by • Respect for the innate importance of each animal state-of-the-art animal care and research facilities, in our care. a corps of more than 1,000 dedicated volunteers and an engaged community. • Respect for the environment in which our patients live and that we share. We partner with leading scientists and other • A commitment to uphold the highest standards of professionals to learn from the patients in our care animal care and welfare. — patients from healthy, endangered and at-risk populations — and expand and advance scientific • A rigorous pursuit of science and a commitment knowledge, thus enhancing understanding of the to scientific integrity. health of our ocean and highlighting implications • Appreciation for the invaluable contributions of for human health. our volunteers, without whom we could not exist.

We disseminate knowledge to members of the • Recognition that all members of our community scientific community and general public. We — volunteers, donors, staff and directors — ultimately inspire action and foster stewardship are essential to the pursuit and success of our toward the care of our environment. mission and deserve our respect. • A pursuit of our mission that encourages innovation, collaboration and teamwork.

2000 Bunker Road, Fort Cronkhite, Sausalito, CA 94965 415.289.7325 (SEAL) MarineMammalCenter.org Cultivating Insights and Inspiring Stewardship

Looking back at nearly four decades of work rehabilitating marine mammals, we’ve certainly come a long way from the days of seals and sea lions in kiddie pools. But even with our state-of-the-art facility in Sausalito and our great progress toward the completion of the monk seal hospital in Hawaii, it’s clear that we have so much more to accomplish.

Every time we rescue an animal, we gather important insights about the illnesses that affect wild populations and the medical procedures that can help save their lives. Each patient’s case fuels scientific inquiry and generates compelling stories with which we can reach future ocean stewards. When a blind named Cappy came into our care this year, we brought in a veterinary ophthalmologist to work with our medical team to perform cataract , thus allowing this fortunate animal to return to the wild. Compelling stories, indeed!

The more we learn about these animals, the more we realize just how important and urgent our messages about ocean health need to be. In fact, we’ve brought on new leadership in the education department to reinvigorate our programs, we’ve expanded our volunteer program to diversify and strengthen our tremendous workforce, and we’ve extended our collaborative reach with national programs like the Seafood Watch sustainable seafood initiative. Throughout 2013, our inspiring The Ghost Below art exhibit taught our visitors about the effects of marine debris on marine mammals and their ocean home and, importantly, what each of us can do to improve the health of our coastline and our ocean. We invite you to stop by our Center in Sausalito and make your own promise to the ocean!

Our patients are constantly learning too: pups must graduate from “fish school” to demonstrate that they’ve figured out how to catch fish on their own in the wild. One recent pup was Bumblebee, our 2,000th rescue and our first member of the Class of 2013. Found malnourished and alone on a beach at just a few days old, Bumblebee was brought to our hospital and cared for until she was healthy enough to return to the wild. And she wasn’t alone — in 2013, we had our highest survival rate yet for harbor seal pups, at 86 percent. Now that’s a grade to be proud of!

Ultimately, through our patient care, research and education, we make a significant difference — but we couldn’t do it without your generous support. We look forward to working with you in 2014 to extend our patient care into the Hawaiian Islands and to expand our educational outreach on a national scale; there’s much more work to be done.

Karen Johnson-McKewan Dr. Jeff Boehm Chair Executive Director

5 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org The Year in Numbers

Animals Rescued: Gunshot: 4 sea lions: 296 Patients released back into Elephant seals: 134 the wild: 294 Harbor seals: 50 Sea otters: 32 Visitors and Education: Northern fur seals: 3 Visitors to the Center’s Sausalito hospital: 87,342 Steller sea lions: 2 Guadalupe fur seals: 2 Number of those visitors who were Marine Science Sunday Cetaceans: 2 participants: 5,702 (up 23% Total: 521 from 2012)

Rescues by Region: Participants served by the Whale Bus (education Bay Area and Northern program delivered to schools): California: 150 13,310 (up 22% from 2012) Monterey and Santa Cruz: 154 San Luis Obispo and Santa Total number of people Barbara: 202 engaged in education and outreach programming: Southern California: 31 100,652 Reasons Patients Required Science Publications: 14 Our Care: To view publications, click the Malnourishment: 307 underlined text above. Trauma: 71 Domoic acid toxicity: 64 Other Numbers at a Glance: In 2013, we admitted our 2,000th harbor seal, Bumblebee. Cancer: 27 Volunteer hours: 119,071 Oil/tar: 24 Survival rate of harbor seals: It was a milestone rescue that highlights our great work over Ocean trash (fish hooks, 86% (highest rate in our nearly four decades. netting, fishing line, etc.): 25 39-year history!) Harassed/unauthorized Total number of animals Thanks to the generosity of more than 20,000 supporters, 56 percent of the 521 sick pickup: 16 rescued since 1975: 18,449 and injured marine mammals we rescued and treated in 2013 are back in the wild. Leptospirosis: 3

6 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Patient Success Stories

Each patient at The Marine Mammal Center challenges us to be creative and resourceful in implementing effective rescue techniques and in finding ways to provide the best medical care possible — hopefully resulting in release back to the wild and a second chance at life.

Photo by Ingrid Overgard © The Marine Mammal Center

Bumblebee: Our 2,000th Harbor Seal Angie: The Three-Flippered Sea Lion Cappy: Elephant Seal Beats the Odds

Rescued when she was just days old, Bumblebee Angie arrived at the Center’s hospital with a painful This young, male elephant seal was first spotted is the 2,000th harbor seal we’ve admitted to the hind flipper injury and was quickly assessed and on the highly human-populated Fisherman’s Beach hospital since 1975. More than 1,500 supporters taken into surgery, where part of her left flipper was in San Luis Obispo County, looking underweight, from around the world helped us name her. At first, removed. A week later, her wounds still hadn’t healed malnourished and lethargic. A closer examination this tiny pup required round-the-clock care, but after and our veterinarians determined that an infection upon Cappy’s arrival at The Marine Mammal several months at our hospital, she began eating in the bone was spreading and her best chance of Center revealed that he had cataracts in both eyes fish on her own and showed our veterinary staff that survival would be a full-flipper amputation. After a and was unable to see. But after four months of she was ready to head back to her ocean home. four-hour surgery and some time to recover, Angie rehabilitative care, including cataract surgery that returned to the wild as a three-flippered sea lion. restored his vision, Cappy was released at Año Read the full story Nuevo State Reserve, where he was welcomed Read the full story home by the calls of his fellow elephant seals.

Read the full story

7 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org Scientific Inquiry

By investigating health issues affecting marine mammals and advancing diagnostic techniques, we gain a greater understanding of the diseases and medical conditions that affect these animals as well as learn about broader ocean health concerns.

When a juvenile fin whale stranded alive on Stinson Beach, veterinarians from The Marine Mammal Center rushed to the site, but sadly the animal died before they arrived. Based on tissue samples taken at the scene, we were later able to determine that the whale’s cause of death was pneumonia. Because it was a fresh carcass and only the fourth fin whale that we have responded to in our history, even in death this animal provided a huge learning opportunity for our medical team and other researchers.

Photo by Mark Perry Here is a list of the samples taken and how they will be used by a number of researchers to further knowledge of marine mammals and their health issues:

• Eye for aging (The Marine Mammal Center) • Skin for genetics research (NOAA Southwest • Blubber for toxicology studies, such as • Dorsal fin for testing satellite tag placement Fisheries Science Center) levels of PCB, DDT and heavy metals (NMFS methods (National Oceanic and Atmospheric • Muscle for testing for radioactivity (The Marine Environmental Conservation Division) Administration) Mammal Center) • Feces and stomach contents for biotoxin and • Baleen and eye for education (The Marine • Skin for testing stress proteins and mercury diet studies (NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Mammal Center) levels (National Marine Fisheries Service) Center) • Bones for museum display (California Academy of Sciences)

8 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Scientific Inquiry

Do mothers pass domoic acid Is it possible to determine What is causing blunt-force trauma on to their pups? a sea lion’s age from its teeth? in harbor porpoises?

In 1998, The Marine Mammal Center diagnosed In order to better understand disease progression In collaboration with the California Academy of the first case of domoic acid toxicosis in marine and assess health, it’s important to know an Sciences, we responded to 24 harbor porpoises mammals, and since then we’ve conducted animal’s age. In many animals, growth layers in 2013. Ten of the 24 animals died due to blunt- extensive studies of this neurotoxin that can also deposited in the teeth can be used to estimate force trauma, such as broken ribs, hemorrhaging affect humans. To better understand how domoic age. This process involves cutting an animal’s to the abdomen and brain, collapsed lungs and acid transfers to developing young, we examined canine tooth into two halves, allowing the growth rake marks (or scratches from the teeth of other samples of milk, urine, stomach contents and layers to be counted like rings in a tree. Our animals) covering the body. The trauma is thought other fluids taken during necropsies of 54 marine researchers are currently validating this aging to be caused by aggressive bottlenose dolphins. mammals, including California sea lions, harbor technique in California sea lions as part of a larger Some theories for these interactions have been porpoises, northern fur seals and harbor seals. The research project that includes about 180 animals. competition for food or space, aggressive behavior results showed that domoic acid was present in the from hormonal juvenile males or infanticide (in which milk of lactating females and indicates that this is a male will kill a newborn calf so that its mother is another route of exposure for pups during a critical available for mating). We are still investigating the time of development. questions surrounding these cases.

9 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org Education and Outreach

Education is core to our mission at The Marine Mammal Center because we believe it is the key to future ocean stewardship and a healthy ocean for all life.

Developing Engaging Learning Experiences

As we continue implementing our new strategic plan for education programming, we have refocused our efforts on creating engaging learning experiences for the Center’s diverse audiences while streamlining program offerings and increasing overall efficiency. Photo by Mike Adaskaveg © The Marine Mammal Center In May, we were pleased to welcome Rachel Bergren as Expanding Our Education our new Director of Education Volunteer Docent Program and Guest Experience. Rachel brings a wealth of experience In 2013, we expanded our education docent to The Marine Mammal Center training program, offering our basic training to and has pushed the work of the volunteers more often throughout the year, which department to the next level by resulted in a 40 percent increase in our volunteer seeking out partnerships, grants docent workforce. We also added advanced and professional development training opportunities focused on topics chosen opportunities. by volunteers, including sustainable seafood, cetacean natural history and the intricacies of the hospital’s water filtration system. These in-depth trainings help volunteers better engage with visitors and share important conservation messages.

10 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Education and Outreach

Advancing Our Conservation Mission

While much of our work is focused on rehabilitating marine mammals from the California coast, we have a responsibility to inspire stewardship for our ocean on a much broader scale. In April, we joined the ’s national Seafood Watch program as a conservation outreach partner, helping promote sustainable seafood practices during our education programs and docent-led tours. We’ve also started collaborating with the Providing Educational Video Displays National Network of Ocean and Climate Change Interpreters, a collective of zoos, aquariums, and In 2013, we added two new video displays to the public viewing areas of our facility, thanks to the science and nature centers across the country generosity of Wild Lens, Inc. The nonprofit film company provided its services pro bono, partnering with us focused on determining the best ways to teach to create two short films about our work. One video, highlighted outside our Fish Kitchen, demonstrates climate change and solutions. After meeting feeding techniques while the other, featured outside our Veterinary Chart Room, showcases our staff and with climate change science experts and other volunteers at work rescuing and rehabilitating animals. We hope to continue working with Wild Lens to organizations tackling this issue, we are working to create new educational content in the future. incorporate effective messaging into our day-to-day visitor conversations and education programs.

11 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org HAWAIIAN MONK SEAL PRIMARY Our Hawaiian Monk Seal Hospital — CARE HOSPITAL DONORS The Marine Mammal Center gratefully acknowledges these gifts received in Ke Kai Ola: The Healing Sea 2013. $100,000+ Anonymous Atherton Family Foundation For more than a decade, The Marine Mammal Center has worked closely with colleagues in Mary & Clinton Gilliland Faye & Sandor Straus - Firedoll Hawaii to provide medical care to sick and injured Hawaiian monk seals. We’re now closer Foundation $10,000–$99,999 than ever to taking that work to the next level with the construction of our Hawaiian Monk Anonymous (3) Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund Seal Hospital, Ke Kai Ola (The Healing Sea), which will allow us to help even more of these George F. Jewett Foundation Maureen & Jim Kearney critically endangered animals. Cynthia & Merrill Magowan Family Foundation Glen Mathison & Zoel Fages Following the groundbreaking in 2012, Janice Post-White & Duane White Alice Robinson construction began in earnest in 2013. $1,000–$9,999 Over the course of the year, the site of Anonymous the hospital facility transformed from Kathryn Arnold Barbara & David Beasley an uneven field of volcanic rock to a Charles Schwab Foundation Ms. Joyce B. Doheny complete structure. By mid-October, the Endangered Species Chocolate first pens had been filled with water. Susan Grau Hawaii Community Foundation Beth Inadomi & Tim Newell We continue to make good progress on Dennis Irish our funding goals for the $3.2 million Betsy Jewett & Richard T. Gill Above left: NOAA permit 9321489 / Photo by Ingrid Overgard ©The Marine Mammal Center Michael Kleeman facility as well. Cheryl Lewis McKesson Foundation, Inc. also support our ongoing scientific research and education efforts, both of which are Robert & Denise Meeks In September, The Marine Mammal Alisa O’Leary vital to the long-term conservation plan for this critically endangered animal. Oregon Community Foundation Center was awarded a $25,000 grant Doug Perrine from the Disney Worldwide Conservation The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund works to protect Mary & Tom Piller Antonio Querubin Fund in recognition of our efforts to save species and habitats, and connect kids to nature to help develop Odette C. Rickert The Seattle Foundation the Hawaiian monk seal from extinction. lifelong conservation values. Since its founding in 1995, the Charles & Janet Seim Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has supported more than Jill Spicer This grant will help fund our rescue and Philip & Jean Warren 1,000 conservation programs in 112 countries. Elizabeth Weinhold rehabilitation efforts to give sick, injured and orphaned Hawaiian monk seals a For information on Disney’s commitment to conserve nature, visit second chance at life. The grant will disney.com/conservation.

(Editor’s note: The early months of our 2014 fiscal year made clear that Ke Kai Ola will be front and center in next year’s annual report!)

12 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report $50–$999 Judy Condon Elizabeth Gregoire Connie Kirkham Donna Oneill Trevor R. Spradlin Anonymous (6) Mrs. Roberta Constantine Renee Gregory Nancy J. Klokner & Robyn O’Neill Jim Stambolis Meredith Adams Ms. C’Anne Cook Rebecca Griffith David M. Wiseblood Ingrid Overgard & Meredith & Keith Standiford Edwin & Jean Aiken Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Craig Lori Grone Susan Knudsen Steven Ginsberg Vickie & David Stanforth Raquelle Alexander Ruth Craig Betty Grove Amala Kohler Kaiti Parish Ms. Mari Steeno Stephanie Amick Scott Craig Heidi Grunenwald Lesley Konoza Peggy Parks Rosalind Steere Carolyn & Charles Anderson Leslie & Myles Culhane Robert Gurwin Kallyn Krash & John Emmanuel Elizabeth Penfield Mirella Stefan Fariba Ansari Linda Curtis Pamela Hamamoto Ms. Annette Krenz Michelle Perez Roy Stephens Ms. Susan Arnett Stacey Curtis Linda & Kelly Hand Ms. Barbara Krevet Carol Petersen Ms. Jo Ann L. Stepien Cynthia Arnold Ms. Ann Dadic Peggy Hannan Dana Landis Lisa Petrauskas Mary Stiehr Shyloh S. Ash Jonathan Daniel Ms. Jennie Harris Barbara Langdon Wendy Petro Robert Stoy Elizabeth Badenhop Susanna Davila Ms. Kathleen Hartnett Claire Lash Linda Petrulias Joni Sugimura Roxanne Baker Christopher J. Dawson Mr. Jesse R. Hatton Mrs. Eloise H. Laskowski Pamela Phillips Susan Switzer Anne Barasch Jennifer Day Stacee & Derek Hawkins Holger Laubmeier Sherry Podein Linda Tabor-Beck Valerie Barboza Suzanne Dee Scott Hayes Frank Laurich Laura Power Vin Talwar Ana Barr Carol Defazio Heather E. Hedenschau Ms. Barbara A. Lauterbach Susan Pownall KellyAnne Tang Ms. Jean Bassen Mrs. Jessica Dessing Ms. Judy Helm Abbey Levine Barbara Purvis Marylisa Tencer Wendy Berk & Aryae Mr. Debashis Dhar & Janet Henderson Gary Liss S Raday Kari Terhark Coopersmith Devyani Biswas Terry Hill Sharon Liu Cheryl Reed Trilogy Architecture Debra Bernard Sandy Diggins Jessica Hinch Mr. Yi-Chang Liu Traci Reese Alice & Ronald Theisen Ms. Julie Bernard Mag Dimond Sharon L. Holladay Elizabeth & Daniel Lockwood Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Repp Liz Thompson Janette Bertrand Judith Disbrow Barbara Holmes Victoria Loustalot Sylvia L. Reynolds Roberta Thompson Lynne Blake-Hedges Ms. Nancy Doherty Sally Holt Linda J. Lowenstine, DVM Rebecca Robinson Emily Thornton Ann Bornfleth Barb Donohue Ms. Sarah Hoover Susan Lukaszewicz Nadine Robson Allison Tims Michel Boynton Mary Dreyer Heather & Dan Houlihan Fay Lupacchini Laura Rochford Ms. Susan Torrance Marilynn Bracelin Nicole Dupuis Judith Howard Madeleine MacIntyre Pieter Roell Maureen Toth Raymond Brand Cate & Arthur Elsten Lori Howard Sue MacMillan Jay Rose Janet & Peter Turnbull Michael Braude Duane & Marjorie Erway Ms. Wen Huang Steven Maginnis Janet Rosenburg Jeanne Turner Patricia Bredenberg Nora Etkin Mayumi Hughes Sienna Malik Julie Rosenthal Christine Ulrey Shona Bridge Tressa & Gregory Fanoe Bruce Hunt Mrs. Terry M. Malin Rev. George C. L. Ross & Manny Valdez Caprice Briggs Pauline Farmer-Koppenol Judith A. Hunt George I. Mallis, MD Mrs. Darlene S. Ross Jill Vernor Kasidit Broemmer & Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Shabbir & Sarah Imber Safdar Ms. Laurel Mancini Michael V. Roth Michele von Kampen Lara Broemmer Suzanne & Conrad Figueroa A.E. & Martha Michelbacher Fund Patricia Marinaccio Pat & Glenn Rudebusch Jade Walker Karen Brown First American Title Company Margaret Irvin Emily & Roth Martin Seiko Rykowski Elmira Wan Anne Brussok Kate Fisher Ms. Pamela L. Jacklin Joyce & Tony Mavar Clara Salazar Tamara Weatherly Ms. Sherron Bull Ms. Bonnie Flamer Mr. Lawrence Jagiello James & Sheba Mayer Ms. Teresita Salter-Haag Tom A. Weller Helen & Dave Burton Barbara Floyd & B. A. Doat Jackie & Mark Janusch Ramona & John Mays Santa Barbara Foundation Connie M. White Mary Callahan Nancy G. Frakes Jessica Jones Guy & Happy Mazula Helen Santiago Duane White Emil Caluori Helen Freedman Patricia Jones Jennifer McComb Yasmine Scallan Richard & Ellen Whitmore Stephen & Ruth Canham Mala & Jerome Freedman Cindy & Dick Jordan Mrs. Beverley J. McGraw Barbara Schaefer Barbara Whittle Bonnie Card Ms. Jackie Fritz Barbara Kaufman Jill Melchione Spinelli Mrs. Maria Schaefer Suzanne & Charles Wight Ms. Diane Carpenter & Jeannette Nishida & Karen Kawszan Ellen & Clay Miller Schwab Charitable Fund Ann Wise Curtis Hastings Stephen Gabow Tracy Y. Kazunaga & Nooshy Mobasher Sarah Schwartz Mara Wolynski Jennifer Cassella Jenny Gaetani David M. Okada Mrs. Connie C. Montague Diane Schwarz Sonja Wong Ms. Nai-yi Cheng Chris & Ane Gardner Chris Kearney Alithea Morasca Ms. Tania H. Selden Joyce Woo Emily Chin Debra Garoutte Gail J. Keller Catherine & Ronald Moreland Ms. Ellen M. Shively Ms. Nicholle Wordlaw Patty & Geoff Chin Lauren Gertz Mrs. Adina Kelley Nancy Moyle Alex & Olivia Silvestri Jia Yu Carol Ching Alexandra S. Getty Ms. Ellen F. Kelly Mr. Jason Myers Gail & Paul Silvestri Zee Zaballos Evelyn & Jim Chumbley Richard Gill Kerry Kelso Linda Ross Myers Josh Simpson Maryanne Zadfar Ms. Eliska Churanova Kay Gilliland & Rhea Babbitt Cynthia Kendall Denise Nakatani Laura Skerski Darryl Zimmerman Jeffrey Churchill Ms. Loretta M. Giorgi Kerry Kent Ronald F. Nichols & Maureen A. Ms. Joan Gieg Smith Linda Zimmerman Mary Churchill Philip Glaser Jay Ketchen Nichols JoAnn Smith ZNA Communications Carol & David Cislowski Julie Goldman & Robert Rosner Lorraine Killpack Ms. Connie O’Connor Birgit Snider Stacey Citrin Sandy Goncarovs Mrs. Adrian A. King Ms. V. Ozanne Ogier Carol Sparer Martha & Roger Conant Amy Green Tom & Sara King April Oliver Ms. Zoey M. Spier

If you recognize an error or omission in this listing, please accept our sincerest apologies and feel welcome to contact us at 415.289.7335 or [email protected].

13 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org Collaborations and Partner Accomplishments

The Ghost Below: Tales from the Belly of a Whale

Throughout 2013, visitors to The Marine Mammal Center were introduced to The Ghost Below, a creative platform for environmentally focused artists to share their messages and stories about ocean health.

Marin County artists Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang were inspired to create the first sculpture — The Ghost Net Monster — after learning about the death of a sperm whale found beached in Point Reyes. Our scientists discovered that this magnificent 51-foot creature had died from ingesting 450 pounds of fishing net and other plastic scraps.

The Langs created a 6-foot-wide by 9-foot-tall hulking “creature” from 162 pounds of that netting to demonstrate the impact of this waste in a poignant yet whimsical way.

In June, the Langs created a second installation, Indra’s Net, made from 100 pounds of derelict trawl net and 1,000 bottle caps collected from local beaches in Marin County. In addition, more than 1,000 repurposed plastic tags with visitors’ handwritten messages of hope for the ocean hang from the net.

We also asked visitors and our online community to dive deeper with our digital experience and make a promise to the ocean at TheGhostBelow.org.

The Ghost Below exhibit is generously sponsored by PG&E: “Fostering Environmental Sustainability at The Marine Mammal Center.” Photo by Christina Kho © The Marine Mammal Center

We thank the Langs for creating this powerful and awe-inspiring art and helping us launch this educational exhibit. “Sometimes, environmental problems feel just too big — as big as a

We also thank our pro bono advertising agency, Swirl, for developing the whale with a belly full of plastic netting. But when we join forces with exhibit name, marketing materials and advertising campaign, amounting other kindred spirits to address the problem, we are filled with hope!” to services valued at over $430,000. —Judith Lang

14 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Collaborations and Partner Accomplishments

The Big Picture: Dawn Saves Wildlife

Dawn dish soap donated $1 million to its wildlife partners, The Marine Mammal Center and International Bird Rescue, as part of its 2013 Dawn Saves Wildlife Campaign.

As part of the campaign, Dawn produced a 9-webisode documentary series, The Big Picture, which premiered on television July through September 2013. The series shines a light on our animal patients, including a newborn harbor seal pup named CeCe that was rescued by The Marine Mammal Center after she was found abandoned by her mom due to human interaction.

This documentary was designed to help educate the public about the impact everyday choices can have on wildlife, while honoring the deeply committed volunteers who help rescue and rehabilitate hundreds of distressed marine mammals and oil-covered birds each year.

To date, Dawn has donated 50,000 bottles of dish soap to its wildlife partners, which has helped clean 75,000 marine animals. Learn more about Dawn’s wildlife rescue initiative by visiting DawnSavesWildlife.com or following Dawn Everyday Wildlife Champions on Facebook.

We sincerely thank Dawn for their tremendous and ongoing generous support.

15 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org Fundraising Events

Run for the Seals 2013

Over 1,200 participants joined The Marine Mammal Center’s 29th Annual Run for the Seals on August 17 in the Marin Headlands. Ken Wayne from KTVU got participants warmed up at the start and welcomed them as they crossed the finish line. And for the first time, we had a boys and girls 12-and- under category in the 4-mile race.

Team in Memory of Alan Young did an exceptional fundraising job, raising a record-breaking $11,418. Run for the Seals is a family affair for this team: For the last two years, they have honored their beloved relative, Alan Young, a volunteer at The Marine Mammal Center who passed away in 2012.

Alan’s family members traveled from as far away as Washington state to Run for the Seals. They not only went the extra mile on the fundraising front, but also went all out with their costumes, winning the Best Group Costume contest.

After the run, participants enjoyed a feast of food, drinks and free tours and classroom programs at The Marine Mammal Center’s Fun Day, courtesy of our education team and many generous sponsors.

Congratulations and many thanks to all of our participants, volunteers and corporate sponsors, including Platinum sponsors Dawn and Aquarium of the Bay, who made this year’s Run for the Seals a truly wonderful community fundraising event.

Photos by Ingrid Overgard © The Marine Mammal Center

16 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Fundraising Events

Cruise for the Seals

In 2013, we debuted a new event, Cruise for the Seals, aboard the Empress Yacht. Two sunset cruises featured naturalists from The Marine Mammal Center, allowing guests to learn more about the many marine mammals inhabiting . Food and drinks were generously provided by Whole Foods and Heitz Wine.

Special thanks goes to guest speaker Wallace J. Nichols, a scientist, activist and founder of OceanRevolution.org and LiVBLUE.org, who joined us for the cruise on September 20 and inspired us all with stories of the intersection of the mind and the ocean.

Photo by Elena Graham © The Marine Mammal Center

16th Annual Gala

On May 10, we held our 16th Annual Gala at Cavallo Point Lodge to benefit our and people pups. The evening opened with a sunset VIP cocktail reception and wildlife tour of San Francisco Bay aboard a private yacht.

During the night of celebration, inspiration and fundraising, we presented “We All Want the Best for Our Pups,” a short film by TruthBeTold Creative that followed harbor seal pup Bumblebee and human “pup” Max as they became graduates of the Class of 2013.

During a live auction and Fund-a-Need campaign, guests and sponsors raised important funds that supported both our education programs and animal care. Thank you to all of our guests, sponsors and donors for making our 2013 Gala a successful event. Photo by Elena Graham © The Marine Mammal Center

17 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org Our Donors The Marine Mammal Center thanks and proudly recognizes the support we received from donors during the 2013 calendar year. These gifts sustain our ongoing work in animal care, scientific research and marine science education.

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Mr. Tucker Tooley & Marion G. Euphrat David Berry Mr. Jim Fonda H.R. LaBar Family Foundation Ms. Tessa Benson Tom Evans & Nancy Lockhorn Gregory Alan Berry, Jr. Mitchell Fong & Denise Walsh* Fund of The Greater $50,000+ Robert Braddock & Rufus & Stephen Gifford Marsha Bluto Abigail Fosdick Cincinnati Foundation Anonymous (2)* Joan French* Hope & Osborne Hardison Jeanne Bobbitt* Michelle & Robert Friend Frank & Arlene Keesling* Carole Strauss* Susan Garbuio & Betty & William Hasler* Krystine Boehme* Marilyn & Bob Garibaldi* Todd Kelting & Melissa Neiman- $25,000–$49,999 William B. Nern, Jr. Lynne Hermle & Craig Collins Stephen Boles Al Garren* Kelting* Elaine Genevro Lisa Jeffrey* Doris E. Bouwensch Jeanie & Murray Kilgour* Pat Callahan & David Dee* Mary Garrison Mary & Clinton Gilliland Mr. & Mrs. James T. Jensen Carol R. Brookman* Lenore & Louis Kirvay Elena & Arthur Court* Colleen Gately Florence & Steven Goldby Suzanne Jones Jeff Brown Suzanne & Jerry Knecht Virginia & Glenn Haldan Ms. Michelina Gauthier Susan Grau* Karen Brown Krystal & John Konrad* Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kerr, in honor Robert & Rita Lewis* Liana Genovesi & Scott Shirley & Lee Griffey - Griffey Elizabeth & Michael Joseph of Gloria Hahn who graciously Liz & Mel Lyman* Nancy Brown Ahrendt* Family Fund Mr. & Mrs. Hank Kuechler gave to others* G. Sealy & Deborah Massingill, Ben & Natalie Calvert Alyce Gershenson Suzanne A. Harvey* Ann La Borde* Ambassador & Mrs. Arthur C. MD* James & Pam Candler Jerry & Val Gibbons* Beth Inadomi & Tim Newell* Dr. Roger Lang & Mrs. Sue Lang Latno, Jr.* Suzie & Bryan Moore Winifred Case* Danielle & Mike Gilmore* Hilary Jensen Carmen M. Lasar* Glen Mathison & Zoel Fages* Lisa Pantages John Catts & Sheila Roebuck Suzanne Golt The Dirk & Charlene Kabcenell Richard & Jane Peattie* Alan Charles Nancy & Stephen Grand Joanne L. Lasnier* Foundation Benjamin Last & Julia Buck* $10,000–$24,999 Nancy Quintrell* Helen & Felix Charpentier* Susan Gray Ms. Kay Kennedy* Craig Latker & Rich Denatale Kara Berg Maureen Roland Kelly Chessen* Patricia Greenhood Mara Kerr & Mark DiOrio Meredith Lattin, LCSW Kathy Estes-Morgan & Rod Morgan Jill & Richard Sideman Alice Church Carol & Benjamin Greenspan* William & Gretchen Kimball Fund Leona & George Lauder* Fullerton Family Charitable Trust Patti Stadlin Larry & Nancy Church* Sara C. Griffith Michael Kleeman* Jennifer & Chuck Laue Linda Gibboney* J. Holley Taylor Shirley Llanos-Clayton & Scott C. Stephen Kriegh & Dr. Pamella Doretta & Robert Marwin Janet & David Lawson A.E. & Martha Michelbacher Terri Tienken* G. Clayton* Gronemeyer* Tom & Ginny Mcgraw Cindy Lee & The Wags And Fund* Karen Werner-Petak & Steven Margaret Lopata & Don Greg & Cristin Grothaus John McQuown Cleveland* Menace Foundation* Karen Johnson-McKewan & Tom M. Petak Nicholas Haas Reed Family Foundation* Rebecca & John Colligan Lamar Leland McKewan Kay Yun & Andre Neumann- Michael Hackett & David Hale Ms. Ruth Levitan* Virginia Reiman Loreck Rebecca & David Conant Ruth & Jack Lemein* Michael & Darlene Hancox Chris & Denise Lundquist Roxanne & Bert Richards James Andrew Zurn* Martin F. N. Cooper* Al & Ethel Lerche* Karen & Rick Hargrove* Cinnie & Merrill Magowan* Gary H. Schwartz, MD* Mrs. Marion M. Cope Janet B. Lockard* $1,000–$2,499 Anne M. Herbst* Cecily & David Majerus Suki Shepard* Diane Culbert Victoria Logan Wright Aaron Herington Sunny & Mark McKee* Beverly Spector & Kenneth Anonymous (15) Ingrid Woods & Steven Philip Louridas & Pam Louridas Lesly Higgins & Joseph Bunker* Ann Petersen Lipson Lawrence Adams* Cummings* Gale & Jon Love* Arthur Hindman Mark & Donna Rand Jill Spicer Mr. Robert J. Amos* Christina Davignon Chris Low Joan & John Hines Eric Roberts/The Roberts Philip & Jean Warren* Warren E. Anderson* Lynden Davis* Donald & Sally Lucas Foundation Karen & Stan Watt* Patricia & Peter Arrigoni Charles de Guigne* John Holmes Roland Lue The Robison Family Foundation Eli Wise James Baer Helen D. Demes & Kevin G. Jane & James Hopkins Carma Luskin Matt & Yvonne Rogers Thomas Bagwell Sloan* Leslie Howard Matthew Mandina $2,500–$4,999 Carrie Schwab Pomerantz David Bangerter Diane Diggins* Hughes Family Fund Barbara & Fillmore Marks* Faye & Sandor Straus - Firedoll Anonymous (3) Jack Bank Susan & Wendell Dinwiddie* Christine & Robert Hunter* David Lawson & Belinda Foundation* Kristina Anderson & Rocky & Shelly Barbanica* Ann Domm* William Hunter* Martinez Jeanne & Harold Williams* Ross Davidson Douglas Barnes* Wally Dutchess Joshua Hutchins Ms. Mary P. Maurer* Nancy & Gregory Wilson* Kathryn Arnold Darla & Richard Bastoni* Rear Admiral & Mrs. Thomas Becky Wong-Insley & Mark Ms. Mindy Maxwell Julie & Tom Atwood Andrea E. Bates Eccles Insley* Joanne & Paul Maxwell* PROTECTED RESOURCES Jeff Boehm & Keith Rosenthal* Barbara & David Beasley* Tina Engel Stan Jensen* Maureen McClain* CIRCLE Jacqueline Brotz Ms. Sharon A. Beckman & Mr. Heather A. Evans* Robin & Robert Johansen* Jennifer McComb* Evelyn & Jim Chumbley Gregory N. Brand* Lynn Fawcett-Whiting & Henry Abby Johnson James R. McCurdy, MD* $5,000–$9,999 Lisa Cooke Rita Foegal Bell* Whiting Janey & Kevin Kaster* Robert & Denise Meeks Dr. Anurag Acharya & David Edelsohn* Paul & Mildred Berg* Lia Fernandez Ray* Mr. Rajiv Katira Barbara Meyer Dr. Madhuri Chattopadhyay Donald Ellis Holger Berndt Waltraud Finch* Judy Heymann Kazan & Steven Frank Evans Miller Mary Bachman & William Downing Lois A. Enslow* Charles D. Berry Ann Flynn Kazan Linda & Michael Minor * Five years or more of consecutive giving. If you recognize an error or omission in this listing, please accept our sincerest apologies and feel welcome to contact us at 415.289.7335 or [email protected].

18 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Jamie & Greg Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tornberg* Andrea Beck Linda S. Craig Constance Goodyear Baron & John R. Krug & Janet F. Au-Krug Irene Myers* TOSA Foundation Pamela & Albert Bendich Ruth Craig* Barry C. Baron Shyam Kuttikkad Janet Nelson Stephanie Travis* Joan Benjamin* Linda Curtis* Ms. Patt S. Gorsuch Kelly Lance Nancy & Matthew Noel Jim & Karen Truettner Barb Berman* Denise & Gary David* Beth Gothrick Dawn Landes Carolyn & Michael Novosel Valerie & Tim Tucker* Ronald Bloomstran Grace Davis* Nina Grass Valerie I. Lang* Alisa O’Leary Julie S. Turner & Erica Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Bond Shirley Dawson* Catherine Gray Sally Lappen & Nik Warren Tom Ohlson Worthington* Jay Bonestell Lynn & Bruce Dayton Darcy & William Gulland Karen Larsen Dorothy Orolin* Kathy Tyson* Kathy Bonilla Elizabeth & Paul Denison Karl Gunderson Patricia Lee Olivia Orr* Kate & Richard Vance* Donna & John Borden Ms. Bobbie Denmon Eugene Hanes Jeffrey & Lara Lehmer Andrew Paik & Leslie Chung Mr. Oldrich Vasicek Thomas & Mary Christinia Scott Dettmer Mr. Michael Hanrahan Stefana Lemings Lea C. Park Adam Vaughan Bornheimer* Mag Dimond Tracy Harcourt & Ed Chejlava* Cheryl & Kevin Leslie* Sandra Patterson Jennifer & John Vogel John & Lesley Boveri Matthew Dixon Lawrie Harris* Sharon & Linda Liberatore Marian & Al Pawlick Deborah & Bruce Wagman* Norman Brand & Nancy E. Spero Panna Doshi Kathleen Hazelton-Leech Sally Lieberman Arlene Peacock* Laurel Walsh Ida Braun Mike & Connie Dowler* Andree S. Hest* Irene & William Lincks* Eileen & Phillips Perkins* Lucinda & Ted Watson Eric Brewer Michelle Driscoll* Judi Hindman Paul & Aren Lindstrom* Mark Perry & Alice Robertson- Julie Watt Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden* Ms. Sherry E. Dunning-Riley* Sandra & Howard Hoffen Richard & Laurie Ling* Perry Joseph Wender* Louis Brock* Martha & Anthony Eason* Ms. Danielle Hofing* Peter Ralston & Pattie Litton* Bonnie & Joseph Phair Janet Whatmough* Mr. Douglas Brookes* Ms. Donna Eck* Sally Holt* Sharon Liu* Andrea & Pat Phelps* Lynn White Jeffrey Brooks Kathy Ellison* Michele & Bill Hunnewell Peter Llerena* Mary & Bill Poland S. Grace Williams* Thomas & Ruth Brown* The End of History Inc. Timothy C C. Hurley David & Diane Logan* Nlee Prince & Michael Galgoul Alana Willroth Amanda Bryan Dennis Ertsman Jeff & Hillary Hyman Vicki Lohr* Ernest & Jean Renzel Bob Wilson* Keith Buckingham Robert Fabela Steven Ilous Bill & Edy Loorz* Karen & Guy Reynolds* Kathryn Winter* Lolly & Jay Burke* Elizabeth Fais Dana Ivers Vanessa Lowe June Richard* Carol Wolf* William Burke & Karen Buse Brian & Susan Fargo Elizabeth A. Jackson Cy Lucas Julie & Martin Richards Ralph Burkett Maureen Faul Barbara & Thomas Wolfe Cynthia S. Jamplis Diane Luders* Annais Rittenberg Ord Allen Burns Ms. Nancy Fee* Carol Wulff Lee & Wini Jebian* Elizabeth Luster Stephen & Beth Robie Helen & Dave Burton Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Feehan Charlotte Yeo Denise John Shirley Lustig Christina Robinson Sandra Bush* Jennifer Felts Martin & Margaret Zankel Miriam John & Bill Wilson Liliana Machuca Lorelei Rockwell & Wayne T. Paula & Jim Callaway Paula C. Lowe & Richard F. Brian & Natalie Zeiler Peggy D. Johnson & Melissa Chelsea Madison Kennedy* Ms. Joan Cambray & Mr. Chuck Ferraro Bain Karen A. Madsen* Joan Royce* Hansen Charles Ferris* Sally Johnson KELLAN CIRCLE Charles & Julie Magowan Heather Ryan Sammy Campbell* Elizabeth & Randy Field Ms. Lia Kantor Joan Maguire* Christi & Tim Saltonstall* $500–$999 Mr. Steve Cartt Mr. & Mrs. B. Mason Flemming, Lloyd & Joan Kapp* Shana Mahaffey* Ugo Sap & James Graybill Anonymous (22) Joanna Cassese* Jr. Carlyn Clement & Christopher Noreen Mahoney* Linda Schmidt Barbara Adams* Alexandra Castaillac Saine & Alana & Melissa Forrest* Kaufman Aaron Mandel Jeanette Schneider Patricia Alioto Stephen Saine Susan Forsythe Cindy Kaye Kathy & David Scially Diane Allen & Kathleen Gordon Chamberlain Myrna & Henry Fourcade Doug & Cessna Kaye Elizabeth & Donald Manning* Richard See Quenneville Mark Charvat Rich Frank* Ms. Debora Kaylor Donna Marietta* Arnold & Karen Shapiro* Jill Allread Peggy Childers* Margot Fraser Fund Stan Keiser* Redge & Carole Martin* Susan Shapiro* Victor Alm & Olivia Mendez-Alm Kimberly Christensen & David John Frawley Consuelo Kellogg* Dennis Martino* Charlene & Bob Shaw Ms. Patricia Angell* Sielaff* Steve Fredricks Dr. Julie J. Kelsey* Carole Mason Christine Shields* Laurie Ashley* Gerry Chumbley Sheira Freedman* Barbara Kerr Alan C. Mathewson* Russell & Beth Siegelman Georgene Aster* James Cirigliano John Frischkorn Fran King Sherri Matteo Carol & John Simon* Joan Axelson Whitney Clark Justine Frischmann* Tom & Sara King John McArthur* Anna & Donald Slawsky* Christopher Aycock Julia Clarke Nancy Frost Alexander Kirk Lily McCleary* Frank Slykas Mark Baker Kenneth & Laura Clarke Lisa & William Gala Ms. Diana Kissil Martha McClellan* Cathy Solomon Jon & Sandra Baldry Cecilia Claudio & Lars Rabbe Denise Garner John Klein Peggy McCormick Mary G. Souza Suzanne Baldwin Eileen Coe John Garofalos Nancy J. Klokner & David M. Alice Mead Amy Stone & Chris Stone* Julie Barney* Arnold & Evelyn Cohen* Roxane Geggie* Wiseblood* Jill Melchione Spinelli Karen L. Strand* Kim Bartkowski Jordan & Elizabeth Cohen* Mrs. William D. Geiger, Jr.* Ted & Kali Kniesche Karla & Gary Miller* Ms. Julia W. Sze Paul Bartlett & Yumi Nakagawa* Sally A. Cole Barbara Genevro Gregory Korelich Marije Miller Patricia & Alan Tai* The Michael Barton Family Ms. Colette Collester Jutt & Ole Georg Henry Korth & Joan Korth- Sue Miller Beverly Tanner & Jerry Herman* Annette Bator* Kimberly Cook Johanna Gil Bradley* James Mitchell Scott & Patricia Teaford* Gary & Laurie Baum* Dennis Coon Cindy Gillard Christine Koski* Evan Mizrachy Richard & Christina Thalheimer Lee D. Baxter Heidi Cox Julie Goldman & Robert Rosner* Ms. Jennifer Kosloski & Matt Jennifer Mo* Elisabeth Thieriot Lorraine Bazan & Chris Stover* Russell Cox* Lisa Goldman* Spring Jeanne Montague Jean S. Thomas* Allison & Will Beard Suzy & Stone Coxhead Jameson Goldner Gail Koza & Paul Meskell Cynthia Moore * Five years or more of consecutive giving. If you recognize an error or omission in this listing, please accept our sincerest apologies and feel welcome to contact us at 415.289.7335 or [email protected].

19 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org David Moore David Redfearn & Carol Veronique Laband Siggins & Ceil Astin Whitney* Susan & Sean Barrett* Kay Brennan* Nancy Moyle* Reinhardt* Peter Siggins Barbara Whittle* Muire Ellen Barrett-Warthan Mary Brenneisen Katharine Mulvany* Vickie Renbarger Victoria Silverman Gary Wiegand Michael & Linda Barry* Laura Bresko Wendy & Greg Murphy* James & Joanne Richardson Julie Simons* Jeanne Wiegand Ms. Lou Ann Bassan Kelly Briano Paul & Susan S. Nagata* Ms. Jane Rigg* Tracey Simpson* Diane Wilsey* Elena & William Bates* M. Brittain* Yukiko & Robert Nakano* Lisa Ringer* Lyn Sinko* Islon Woolf & Eva Melnikova* Cathy & Lee Battles Wanda Bronson Brian & Shafia Neece* Bradley Ritts* Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Smalley* George Work* Maxine Bauchmann Stephen Brosseau Jennifer Ng Dr. Jacqueline L. Robertson Fran & Robert Smith* Mary Worl* Hugh Beatty David Brown Marina Nichols & Jesse Ina Robinson* Lance L. Smith & Janice Smith* Lucia Young Jeanne & L. Beauchel-Bodiford* Gregg & Dawn Brown* Fielding* Nancy Roche* Melanie Smith & Nic Borg Jerilynn Young & Derrick Jensen* Jeffrey Beaver* James & Rosemary Brown Ellen & Robert Niemitalo* Heather Rock* Marcia Smythe* Kathryn Yulish* Ms. Leigh Beck Mrs. Sarah Brown Tom & Anne Niesen* Robin & Christopher Rodi* Birgit Snider* Ms. Tanja Zabka Pat & Bill Becker Phyllis Browne, Ph.D.* Elizabeth Noronha* Laura Roebuck & William Meehan Christopher Songne Zora Becvar Anne Brussok Ken & Diana Sopjes $250–$499 Nancy O’Brien Dale Rose Marcia & Michael Belford* Alfred & Nora Lee Buckingham* Liz Soto Anonymous (43) Terri & Steve Belsley* Mark & Diane O’Connell Debra Rose Judith Buckingham-Perlstein Robert & Jodie O’Connor Jacqueline & David Spielberg* Nick Abbott Magnus Bennedsen* Waltraud & Michael Buckland* Patricia Roth* Ms. Pat Oehler* Mae Stadler* Rachel Abbott* Linda Bennett Mark & Linda Buetzow* Linda Rude & Richard Levine* Karen Page Henry Stauffer* Rosalind Abernathy* Sharon Bennett* Cheri Buker* Allen & Heidi Russ* Pat & Mauricio Pages Mirella Stefan Susan Adamson* Carol & John Berg Mary Bullard* Alexandra Saine Aren Parisi Fred W. Stevens Kent Ainsworth Joanne Bergen* Terri & Ted Bumgardner* Rhom Stone* Mr. David Akka Ellen & Steve Berger Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Buono* Jacqueline Suitt* Yvonne Albright* Jeffrey & Susan Berman* Lilian Burch* Margaretta Taylor Janis Allard* Debra Bernard Lisa Burkett* Mr. Roy E. Te’o, Jr. & Mrs. Silvia Thomas Allen & Kathleen Janice Bernard Patricia Burkhart Te’o Gutierrez* Davidson-Allen Tristan Besse Catherine Burns Kari Terhark Tamar Amitay Mary Betlach* Winnie & R.M. Bush* Constance Thomas Jean Amos* Robert & Elizabeth Biby* Robert Busher* Kimberly Thompson Carolyn & Charles Anderson* Nelson & Alice Bickers* Paul Butler* Molly & Harry Thorpe, Jr. Pippa Anderson Cindy Biehler Peggy Butler Marissa & Daniel Timm Constance Andronico Karen Birks* Michelle Byle Cynthia & David Trahan Nancy Angove Ms. Bernadette Y. Bitton Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Callahan* Kristin & Keith Travis* Michael Anthenien* Cheryl Bizar* Elisa Camahort* Ruth Tudor Sabine Antonson* Peter Bjorklund* Lorrie & Stephen Cancillieri Marla & Gregory Turek Dr. Barbara S. Apgar Lauren & John Black* Jane & Mark Capobianco* Merrill Turner Naomi & Bruce Appleton* The Black Dog Private James & Charlene Carl* Stephanie & Wes Tydlaska* Philip Arnberger* Foundation Amanda Carlisle* Ms. Leslie R. Tyler & Mr. Ms. Susan Arnett Garrett & Michelle Blake Chris Carpenter & Karen Lawrence J. Less* Kay & Jennifer Arnold Deborah Blankenberg* Johnson-Carpenter* Mike Uhall Deborah A. Arthur Craig & Lauri Blek* Ms. Diane Carpenter & Curtis Ms. Hilary Valentine Jane & Douglas Ashe* Ms. Ammala Block Hastings Mary Ann Vasconcellos* Ms. Marilyn Aspesi* Jorgen Blomberg Tina & David Saling* Virginia & David Carper* Barbara Parkening Charles Vellone Joyce & B. Atherton* Josephine Blue* Kathleen Carrai* Thomas Savignano, Peter Benson* Maria Paterno & Holger Mishal Kirsten & Kevin Vernon Ms. Barbara J. Atwood Ann & Gordon Blumenfeld Joan Carroll* Katharina Scharruhn* Tammy & Jim Patton James Vestal* Tamarin & Jonas Austin Ms. Denice C. Bocek & Sandra Carroll* Peter Schick* Robert & Patricia Paul* Kathryn & Robert Vizas Margery Avirett* Mr. David B. Lobocki* Shirley Carson* Marcia & Nathaniel Schmelzer* Cara Peck Ms. Frances Waddock Mr. Phillip Baca Amy Bohorquez Pete Cartwright* Nancy Schoellkopf* Geoffrey Peters* Chris Wallis & J. Mike Smith Renate Bachalo* John & Amp Boice Ms. Jean Carol Cassidy* Nancy Pettengill* Tammy Schroder Diane Walton Dr. Robert Baginski Richard Boles, MD John & Rae Cassidy Regina Phelps Judith Schultz* Sheila Watt Hattie & Fred Bahrt* George & Susan Bono* Naniloa Casteel Mr. Michael J. Piuze Michelle Schwartz Robert Weisblatt* Suzanne Baird Michael C. Booth & Michael Oliva Carol & Joseph Castronovo* Barbara Poppe Christine Scott* Amanda Weitman Ms. Erin R. Baker Joel & Rowena Boylan* Anne & James Cawood* Jeffrey Price* Mary Severson* Ginny & Richard Welsh* Uma Balakrishnan* Sarah & Walt Bradley* David & Karin Chamberlain* Mark Pritzen* Harriet & Dave Shaftel Wendy Werby Elise & Robert Balcom* Charlane Brady William Chan Laurel Przybylski William Shewry* Ruth West Phil Baldacci Jeffrey Braff Jeffrey Chang Marjorie Randolph Betty Si-Tayeb Ms. Jacqueline Whelan Darlene Balducci Al Brajkovich Michael V. Charlos & Claudia H. Gordon Ray Ms. Aleda Siccardi Mani White* Lorraine Barbosa Ruth & Robert Brandt* Charlos* Katherine & Phil Reilly Susan & Greg Sickal Ms. Roseyolonda White Marilyn Barkin* Brian Brennan Doy Charnsupharindr * Five years or more of consecutive giving. If you recognize an error or omission in this listing, please accept our sincerest apologies and feel welcome to contact us at 415.289.7335 or [email protected].

20 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Kirstin Chavez Virginia Czarnecki* Rhoda Falkow Robyn Gillette Ms. Ruth Hall Frances Holmes* Germaine Chee Ms. Ann Dadic Tressa & Gregory Fanoe Lynne Gilliam* Christine Halley Ms. Virginia Holmes Ann Chen Lona Dallessandro* Gail Farfel Deborah Gillingham Deborah & Donald Halliday* David Hooper* Jon R Childs Noel Daly Sandra Farkas Michelle Gimbal* Allen Hallock* Helen Hooper McCloskey* Delia Chilgren* Ms. Hilary Danehy & Zaki Alherz Mary Ann Faue Dr. James Gittings Ms. Christine L. Hamilton Michelle Hooper Patty & Geoff Chin Buzz & Cindy Danner Meryl Faulkner Mrs. Jane Glaser-Stull Jill & Jefferson Hamilton* Julie & Gregg Hosfeldt* Colleen & John Christensen Erica Dao & Steven Hao Waltraut Fehrmann* Linda Gloystein Mr. Richard Hamilton Catherine Hoss* Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Christensen Joan DaVanzo Arthur & Katharine Feidler Ms. Joyce Godecke Douglas Hanks, MD* Lynda Houghtalin Kathryn Christiansen Emily & Rob Davies Lewis Feldman* Mary Goerner Melissa Hanmer* Heather & Dan Houlihan* Kathleen Cicairos* Brett Davis Ms. Sally F. Fenton Randall & Sharon Goetzl* Jan Hansen* Judith Howard* Cheryl Clark Ms. Catherine Davis Linda Ferris* David Gold Laura Hansen Kathleen Howard* Dale Clark* Deirdre Dawson* Pam & James Ferris-Olson* Dr. Natalie P. Goldberg* Linda Hansen* Lori & Chet Howard Susan Clark Bonnie De Clark* Stanley Fertig Ms. Nancy Goler* Paula Hansen* Robert & Joan Howell* Miss Jan E. Clayton Marie & Tony De Guzman Mr. Jon Festersen Mrs. Maria Gonzalez Ms. Judith M. Harada Wendy L. Howell Robyn Cleaves* Bonney De Long-Cotty Loree Fields Dr. Britta Gooding Kathy Haranzo* Joe B. Hudgens* David & Ekaterina Clevenger James De Vry Margaret Filman Sharon Goodman* Katherine Harle & Dominic Bill & Marlene Hudson Annelle Clute* Christine Decker* Cheryl Finley & Barry Neal Michele & Richard Goss* Robilliard* William L. Hudson Eunice Coates* Jacqueline & Joe Deely Chuck & Pat Finney* Kimball Gottschall* Mark Harlin Ms. Sylvia H. Hughes Mark Cocalis & Lisa Ann Kenneth Deen* Joseph & Shannon Fiore* Emily Graham* Craig Harms Judith A. Hunt* Erburu* Sue Dekalb* Emily Fisher Charles Grant Patricia Harp* Rachel Hunt Dr. Vicki L. Coe Michael DeKlyen Patrick C. Fitzpatrick Mathew Alan Grant Dr. Margaret Harrington* Susan Hunt & Robert V. Alec L. Cohen Arlene & Peter Delmage Ms. Cheri Flaherty Ms. Mignon Gravitch* Roger Harrington* Westerlund* Misha Cohen Bonnie DeMaestri Cheryl Flango & Keith J. Jeffrey Gray Lisa Harris* Ms. Hildegard W. Huntsman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Colby* Osiewicz* Sharon & Kirch DeMartini* Mr. Robert K. Gray, Jr. Gina & Steve Harris Melissa Hurley* Kevin & Jennifer Collins* Alice Mead & Richard Flaster* Kathleen Hurrle* Lynne & Glenn Dempsey* Susan Greendorfer* Mrs. Charlotte Harriss Elizabeth L. Colton Ms. Sally Fleming* Joseph Hutter Sheila Desmond* Joan & Kris Greene* Lori Hart Lara & Steve Compton Girts Folkmanis Joanne Greene Ruth Hartmann* Jade Huynh Roxanne Deurloo Ryan Compton Pauline Fong* Kristin Greene Patricia Haslett Ms. Linda Illsley Sandra Devenport Martha & Roger Conant* Linda Forsberg* Bruce Greenlee* Eugene Havens* Mary & John Irwin* Jocelyn DeWitt Michel & Laura Conrad* Kari Fosse Renee Gregory Hugh Havlik* Guillaune & Jennifer Issaverdens Katie Dhuey Chanin Cook Joseph Foster* Juliet Gresk* Susan Hayden Victoria Jacobson* Ronald & Kristin Dick* Pearl Cooke Marilyn Foster* Cathryn Gries Belle Clegg Hays Joyce James Sandy Diggins* Toni Cooke-Wilder Virginia Fout Kimberly Griffin* Wendy Hayward & Rich Melissa James & Robert Bodnar Lani Dillon & Pat Dillon Wendie Cooper* William Fox Mr. Robert Griffin Wendling Anne & Edward Jamieson* Judith Disbrow* Ann Corin Nancy G. Frakes* Sandra Grijalva* Lynda Heathscott Marlen Jani* Peter DiVincenzo Cindy & Steve Corrigan Peter Franks Jennifer Grimes* June Heilman* B. Jano Joan Dobbs* Gail Costa* William R. Franzen Thomas & Winniefred Grof* Roy Hendrickson* Diane Jaramillo Holly Costa* Robert Dollar & Family* David Frediani* Jason Grossman Dawn Hendry Anna S. Jeffrey* Michael Costantini* Pat Dornan Jeff Freedman* Keith Grundy Nanette Henneuse* Carol M. Johnson Mr. James B. Coward Brian Dreckshage Carolyn Fremgen* Sophie & Robert Guarasci Ann Henning* Deborah Johnson* Mrs. Barbara S. Cox* Anthony Dresden* Michael Friar Robert Guenley* Michael Hensley* Erica Johnson Mr. David C. Cox Nancy Duffy* Robert Friedman* Dr. Frances Gulland & Mr. Andy Cheryl Hermansen & Ron Mr. Linn E. Johnson & Ms. Marilyn Cracchiolo Ms. Marianne Duggal Lisa Scheff & Theresa Friend* Draper Hermansen Patricia M. Connor Diana Craig Heather Dumas Raymond & Catherine Frink* Mr. Gregg T. Gumbinger & Ms. Deborah & Jim Hernandez* Mark Johnson Foundation Shari & Don Cravens Kelli Dunaj Alison C. Fuller Amy J. Garcia* Bruce & Joan Herriges* Toni Johnson* Mark Creeley Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dupras Jacqueline Gaffney* Mr. Lloyd H. Guptill* Gerdika Hesche-Elberfeld* Karen Jolliffe* Susan Croce Janet Dupuy* Barbara Gain Kathy Simons & Jeff Gustafik Jolanda Hightower* Cristina Jones* Maureen & Ray Cronin* Dr. Sharon Eaton* Marian Gallerani* Charles & Ginger Guthrie Helen & Dick Hilbourn* Ms. Dorothy Jones* Diana & Peter Crook* Richard Eck* Carol Gamble* Sue Guzman John R. Hill Jeanne Jones* Mary & Hans Crown Ms. Janice Eddy Eileen Ganley* Mary Haack* Terry Hill* Ms. Kathleen M. Jones Katie Cullen* Nancy Ellison Eileen Garvey* Duane & Sherry Hadley* Judith Hilliard* Laura Jones* Timothy Culler* Jonathan & Tracy Ellman Roxanne Gentile Ms. Blanca Haendler* Marisa Hillinger Patsy Jones Patricia Culp* Sylvia Elsesser* Margo George* Terri Hague Willie & Wen-Wen Hinze Tammy Jones Ms. Barbara Cummings* Steven Englander* Joan Getsinger* Harry Haines* Joan & Vincent Hochderffer W. Helene & Paul Jones* Judith Klein & Mark Douglas & Barbara Engmann Linda Gewiss John Haines* Mary Hogan* Mary Lou Joyner* Cunningham Andrea Eslinger Mark Gibbon Robert & Maxine Halem* Gary & Karen Holm* Kimberly R. Kahn, D.V.M. Dr. Deborah D. Cupal Sharon & Samuel Esterkyn* Hilary & Robert Giles* Jill & Martin Haley Eva Holman Judith & Martin Kaliski* * Five years or more of consecutive giving. If you recognize an error or omission in this listing, please accept our sincerest apologies and feel welcome to contact us at 415.289.7335 or [email protected].

21 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org Lawrence Kampel James Lanier Dawn Macris* Judith L. Melvin Rudolf & Margo Nothenberg Pam & Jim Pinkston* Ms. Debora A. Kane Shelly Larsen Bernice C. Maertz* Ms. Kate Merriman Cynthia & James Nourse* John Pinnella Christine Kasman & Michael A. Catherine & Collin Lau* Steven Maginnis Allison Merz Black* Carol Novello Susan Pioli Kasman Ms. Kathryn Law Lauck Charles & Rose Maher* Eileen Metzger* Sathit Nualchawee Angie Plambeck Ellie Kass* Ms. Barbara A. Lauterbach* Siobhan Maize* Mr. Stephan Meyer & Andrea Rebecca O’Brien Ms. Susan K. Plath* Dawn & Jon Kawamoto Darin Layman Gary Major Ewald Michael & Simona O’Hare The Pogue Family* Maria Kazandjieva Sarah Leach & Kenneth Drexler* Marilyn A. Makepeace & Anne Sally & David Mikkelsen* Ms. Remy O’Neill Judy Polatchek Ms. Suzanne Kehde Nan & John Leavell* Maczulak* Ms. Laura Milleman Leslie Oakes Oscar Porter* Susan & Barton Keiser* Erika Lee Luz Malan* Hanna & Lisa Miller Elizabeth & David Obershaw* Mr. Doug Post* Colleen Kelly Sonia Lee Ms. Janie B. Malcolm Lynn Miller* Katharine Odell Ms. JoAnne Powell* Sandy Kelly Matthew Lefkowitz* Katie Malling Micki Miller* Tim Okeefe Mr. Roy Y. Powlan Kathleen Kemper Barbara Legler* Patricia Manley* Susan & Walter Miller* James Oliver* Rita & Michael Press* John Kent* Kathleen A. LeGrand* Kristen Mansel* Brett Millier Suzanne & Joseph Oliver* Barbara Price* Carol & Gary Kerbel* Cathy & Ted Lehmann Marin Mapstead* Joyce Milligan* Marilyn Olsen Frances Primofiore Beverly & Michael Kienitz Jennie Leichtling Nicolas & Amalia Maquaire Gayle & John Minkler Linda Olson* Allison Prince Margaret E. Kiley* Patricia A. Leighfield* Bobbi Marchand Dr. Carol A. Minnerop* Lynne Onak* Mrs. Alyce Proctor* David Killilea Sandra Lemings Cynthia Marcopulos Ms. Margaret Minnick Donna Oneill Ms. Claire B. M. Proffitt* Teresa King Hollis Lenderking* Miss Darian A. Mark Marlin & Lee Miser* Todd & Anh Oppenheimer Annabelle Quan* Sally & Philip Kipper Donald L. Leonard* Jennifer Marler Albert S. Mishaan & Jennifer Erwin Ordeman* Ms. Mary E. Quinn Nancy Kirita Mr. Peter M. Leonard Kelly Marriott Colyer Elizabeth Orser-Cataldi & Patricia Quinn* Keely Kirkpatrick* Ms. Robyn Leonard Ms. Elizabeth Marshall* Verna Mitchell Richard Orser* Juliana Rabe Laura Kirton Yvette Leung & Liwen Mah Henry & Charlotte Martens* Renita Mock* Ellen Otto Elizabeth Rakestraw Greg Kiryakakis Fran Leve* Zora Martin Etemadi & Tera Martin Steve & Cynthia Molino Ingrid Overgard & Steven Ginsberg Ms. Melinda Ramm & Mr. Ridge Cindy Kisshauer Janet C. Moore Pat Owens Barbara Levin Louis Martin Patton* Gayle Kiviat April Mason John V. Moore* Nancy Ozard* Lisa Levine Ms. Joan E. Ranallo* Maria & Jonathan Kjaerulff* Howard Masumura Catherine & Ronald Moreland* Carmel Pacheteau* Marlene Leviton Brock Rasmussen Diane Klein* Ms. Margaret Mathieson Mary & John Moriarty Garry, Christine & Hailey Pallister* Ms. Diane E. Levy* Harry Rasmussen* Lyn & Don Klein Andrea Matsushima* Kevin Morrow Donna Panico* Joy Ratini Steven Levy Julie Ann Knauer* Carol Mattern* Marge Mortensen* Doris Panzer Mr. Michael J. Rauch* Sharon & Ernest Lew Alexa D. Knight Henry & Henrietta Ms. Paula P. Mortensen* Soo Park Susan Ray Ed Lewis & Wendy Bay - Lewis Ms. Christine Knight Matuszewski* Mr. C. B. Morton David & Kirsten Parker Eva Reale Mark & Eileen Lewis* Ms. Susan Kofnovec James & Sheba Mayer Kellie Muckleroy* Peggy Parks* Mr. Thomas S. Reavely* Ms. Janet Lewis Silvia & Mario Kohring Ramona & John Mays* Ms. Marcia Mueller Caryn & Robert Parmelee* Giampiero Recco Lynn Lewis Marjorie & Ralph Koldinger Elaine Mazer Martin & Jamie Mumford Jeanne Parson Gary Rees Kris & Michael Liang Brent Kolseth Pam Mazzoline* Nicole Murch* Julie Pastel Mr. Alex Reid & Ms. Gretchen Gracie Lieberman Alyssa Koo Pamela Mc Gowan Jennifer Murer* Karen Patterson Schaffner* Ralph Koo Kent & Jeanette Liebman Renee & John McAmis* Dorothy W. Murphy & Barbara Caroline Paul E. M. Reid Jessica Koplos Nancy A. Light & Brian Delahunt Marilyn Mccall N. Kopp* Ms. Mercedes Paz* Richard D. Rein Neil Koris* Pamela C. Lillquist & Tadd Bryan George & Patricia McCammon* Glee & Chuck Murphy Lee Pearce Ms. Helaine Reiner* Mr. Christopher Kovaly Charles & Sharon Lindner* James & Denise McCarthy* Laurie J. Murphy* April Peebler Dr. Marie Rengstorff* Linda & Timothy Kramer Gary Liss Michel & Linda McCoy* Mary Murphy Ms. Jacqueline K. Peipert Mark Renneker, MD* Robert Krantz Thomas & Gail Litwiler* Mr. James W. Mccummings Sean & Jennifer Murray Laura & Dan Pellissier Matthew & Maria Resnick Wayne Krebs Mr. Yi-Chang Liu* Kathy McCurdy Gertrude Musey Ms. Jane M. Pepe* Jeanette Rheinhardt* Jerome Kruszka* Elizabeth & Daniel Lockwood* Linda McElroy* Lesta & Ian Nadel* Dawn & Robert Pereira Monica Richards Ellen Kugler Donna Look Patricia McGinnis William Nadel Amity Perry Mr. & Mrs. James D. Keiko Kuroda* Yolanda Lopez* Mrs. Beverley J. McGraw* Paul & Anne Negus* Paul & Diane Perry Richardson* Marian & Frank La Rosa Andrea LoPinto* Daniel & Monica McGue Dorothy Nelson Roxanne & Gary Peterson Linda & Bruce Richardson* Stephanie Ladeira Pamela Lowry Maureen McHugh* Marlys & Todd Nelson Pam & Jerome Petrie* Tanya Richardson* Dr. Michael D. Lagios Toni Lubka Dorothy McIlvaine Mr. Paul Newman Cynthia Pett Dante Ms. Laurose Richter* Merry & Carter Lake Fay Lupacchini Donald & Nancy McKay* Larry & Pamela Nichols* Nancy Petty Stephanie & Joseph Rico John Lallier* Shirley Lyon* Harry McKenzie Ronald F. Nichols & Maureen A. Cris Phillips Sam H. Ridgway Maria & Paul Lambert Leslie MacArthur Christina McKinley* Nichols* Damon Phillips* The Ridgway Family Everdina Lampe* Stacy Macbeth William McLarty Lynn & Karl Nielsen* Ms. Elizabeth Phillips Roberta Rigney Kari Lamprech & Jon Lamprech* Christian D. MacDonald* James McLellan* Donna Nishimoto* Rudy & Patricia Phillips* Ms. Jennifer Rios* Kristen Landes* Carmen Maceira Ms. Georgann Meadows* Roger & Ann Noll* Bob & Alex Phillips* Mr. Donald D. Ritter* Marisa Landsberg Maria del Carmen Macias* Ingrid K. Medeiros* Ms. Doris Norden* Jean Pickering* Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Rivenes* Ms. Myra Lang* Marian MacMillan June Mellish* Brody Norris Margaret R. Pico Deborah Robbins* * Five years or more of consecutive giving. If you recognize an error or omission in this listing, please accept our sincerest apologies and feel welcome to contact us at 415.289.7335 or [email protected].

22 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Mr. & Mrs. Jason D. Roberts Ms. Rebecca Lynn Schumann Jed Smith Mr. David Tenbensel & Ms. Susan Walker* Stacy Zapko Mary Roberts Carol A. Frate & Lawrence Kris Smith* Helen Drake Irene & George Wallace* Barbara Zarembinski* Teresa & Carmen Roberts Schwantkl Michael Smith Mr. Anthony Teresa* Debby S. Walter* Howard Zee* Thomas & Nicole Roberts Phyllis B. Schwartz Tiffany Smith Donald & Traci Terluin* Roxanne Warren* Lew & Pat Zuelow* Heather Robertson Susan Schwartzman Lori & Vincent Smith Jason & Lauren Terp Nina Washburne & Brian Wells* Ms. Jane Zuercher Ms. Jennifer M. Robillard Rebecca Schwer William Snell* Eugene & Patricia Thiers* Mrs. Arlene Wasserman* Ms. Jean Zukin* Eddie Robinson Seadrift Association Ms. Virginia Snow Carol Thom Mr. Andrew Watson Audrey Zwerle* Ms. Rita Robinson & Capt. Meera Sehgal Archie Soden* Mr. Glenn Thomas & Ms. Madeline Weaver* Kimberlyn J. Kleasen* Thomas H. Robinson* Carmen & Bruce Selfridge Magda Soley* Charles Wegerle BEQUESTS Ms. Debra Rogers* Ms. Charlene Selle* Rachel Sorensen Tamyra Thomas* Tara & Robert Weingarten Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rohlen Jenifer Selos Chanell Sourp Bill & Nona Thomas* Ms. Hillary Weingast & Mr. Jeff $100,000+ Paula Roloff* Adam Selvin Robert Spagat & Toni A. Raif- Jessica Thomaston Hyman Barbara J. Harootunian Tedford Rose Ms. Mary Semeria Spagat in honor of David Alleen Thompson* Jonathan Weissman Revocable Living Trust Jonathan & Carole Rosenberg* Christopher Senn* Spagat Barbara & Norman Thompson* Claudia Welker Estate of Barbara M. Phillippi Janet Rosenburg* Janine Shafer Dianne & Bruce Spaulding* Dave Thompson Mary & Peter Wendt $10,000–$99,999 Karen & Larry Rosenstein Pat & Merrill Shanks* Ms. Silvia Spears & Sandy Irina & Dickie Thompson Warren Wertheimer* Tanja M. Ross Dr. William Shapiro Spears Patsy Thompson* Connie M. White Estate of Maria Berry Alyson & Cecil Rossi Catherine Sharpe Clark & Michele Spink* Ms. Joan B. Tieman* Penny & Paul Wilkins* Alice C. Campbell Living Trust Michael V. Roth Lincoln Shaw Gary Spratling* Muriel Timossi Mr. Edmund S. Wilkinson, Jr. Candyce Colvin Living Trust Kathi Rothner & Amy Rothner Ms. Diane Shea* Craig & Jane Spriggs* Mr. & Mrs. James & Andrea Tittle* Nancy L. Wilkinson Ms. Suzann Rowe Albert & Alexandrea Shen Ms. Heather D. Spurlin Mrs. Mary Tobias* Charlotte & Ron Willenborg Anne Rubin Amy Shepard* Monica Stampfl Kathy L. Toledo Alicia & Amanda Williams Mr. & Mrs. Nile R. Runge* Elizabeth Shepherd* Daniel Staples Mr. Robert W. Tonge George Williams Matt Russell Robert Sherman* Michael Steele Mr. John P. Topham Jennifer Williams SilverHawk Russi* Mr. Carl Sherrill & Ms. Kristin Sara Steelman Elizabeth & Eric Tosaris Stephen Williams* Carina Ryan* Ms. Deborah A. Tostenson N. Casey Linda & Donald Stephens* Timothy Williiams* Seiko Rykowski Blaine & Leigh Ann Townsend Ms. Anne Wilson Julia Sherwin Ms. Jo Ann L. Stepien Richard A. Saffir Mary Trumble* Brittany Wilson Stephen Sherwin Edelen Stevens Pamela & Bill Sagan* Barbara & Donald Turnbull* David Wilson* Mary Shimek* Linda Stewart Ms. Tina M. Salandra* Mary Turner* Iain & Leilani Wilson Vicki & Dave Shreiner* Rebecca Burgess & Michael Joyce Salg & Robert J. DeTore Terry Turrentine Martha & Glen Wilson* Roman Shumilin* Stoddard* Katheryn Salter* Katharine Tweedy Grace & Rowan Wilson Leonard Shustek* Susan Stone Eric & Lorena Saltmarsh* Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Twist Shannon Wilson & Janine Guillot Christine & Robert Siebenhaar Karena Strella Dr. Judy Saltzman Dean & Bertha Tyler Jennifer Winship Ms. Antoinette Siegrist Patricia & Marc Strohlein* Jane Sanborn Randolph Silva & Sara Mason- Miss Leslie A. Uhr Ann Wise Robert Strouse* Barbara Sanders Silva Alice Underwood Brandon Wisoff Elizabeth Struve Ms. Jessie M. Sanders Dzidra Silver* Christine Valentin Catherine V. Woldow* Judy & Jerry Sullivan Ms. Vivian C. Sartelle* Patricia R. Silver Bruce & Grace Valentine Ms. Michele Wolfenstein Mr. & Mrs. R. Peter Sullivan, III Jeannine L. Saunders, MD* Tom Silver Janet Van Auken* Dr. Brett Wolff Theresa Sullivan Shannon Savage Ms. Katherine A. Simmonds & William & Anna Van Bonn Catherine Woods* Sharon Savatski* Mr. Peter Metropulos Steven Sumnick* Jeanette Vandenbergh Woods Humane Society, Inc. Mr. Frank Scafani* Chester L. Simpson & Ann La Gail Swarbrick Johanna Vandermolen Jeffrey Woolford* Edward P. Chaput & Dorothy John & Betsy Scarborough Borde* Hunter & Walter Sykes Dr. William & Jennifer Vandivier David & Connie Wright R. Chaput 2000 Revocable Margaret Schadt* Dr. Irene O. Simpson* Dorothy Sypal* Mr. Federico Vargas* L. A. Wurl* Trust Michael Scharfenstein* Josh Simpson Elizabeth Taft Michael Varhola Deborah Wyatt* Estate of Jean R. Grandfield Shirley Scheck* Jerald Singh & Christine M. Mary Takaichi Mr. Clifford Vaughan, Jr.* Natasha Yankoffski* Bernice B. Hansen Lucinda Scheer Fontaine Cheryl & Paul Tamburri Ms. Julia Veitch* Eugenie Yaryan* The Irma Peers 1996 Trust Mr. David Schellhase Hannelore Singley* Kendall Tamburri Ellen Ann Venton* Erdinc Yilmazel Alma C. Robinson Survivor’s Brendan Scherer Tara & Frances Skeen* Prof. Denise J. Tartaglia & Mr. Kay Vernor Jason Yole Trust Joe & Kacy Scheuermann* Mary Jane Slater James McCarthy Keith & Margaret Vickers* Monica Yost Estelle L. Siegelaub Trust Deborah Schide Mitzie & Walter Slater Dr. & Mrs. William A. Tasto* Mr. Richard Viehwig* Norman Young* $1,000–$9,999 David Schiff Cheryl Sloan Kerry Tate Lise Vilas* Shirley Yuen Mr. & Mrs. Sam Schillace Ms. Bonnie Smerud* Ted Tawshunsky* Nancy Vlassis* Mr. David Zacarias Estate of Gilbert D. Ayron Tobin Schiller* Laurie G. Smith Bowbliss & John Taylor* Ms. Elizabeth Voorhees Mr. Dan Zach & Ms. Danielle Estate of Karen E. Bryan Charlotte & David Scholz* James Bowbliss Susan & John Taylor Susan & Hubert Vos* Goldman* The Ehrl Family Trust Kris & Joe Schratz Ms. Frances B. Smith* Ms. Dorothy E. Tchelistcheff* Rainer & Marianne Robyn Zach The Estate of Edwin Hoss Robert & Patricia Schrot* James & Wreatha Smith* Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tecco* Wachalovsky* Claudia Zani Barbara L. Johnson Trust * Five years or more of consecutive giving. If you recognize an error or omission in this listing, please accept our sincerest apologies and feel welcome to contact us at 415.289.7335 or [email protected].

23 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org The Janet May Juve Revocable Sharon Culp Ann Kugel Dana Van Eperen Paul Walker IV Arthur Hindman Trust Sue & Daniel Curran Gary Kwan Kate & Richard Vance Mordara Storm Webb Olivia Hines Patsy Lee McMurtrie 2001 Trust John De Crell Carmen M. Lasar Mr. & Mrs. Jackson Vandebross, Jr. Pearl & Harvey Woodruff Denise M. K. Hill The Medwin Family Trust Lee Desta Catherine & Collin Lau Linda & Terry Vetter Alan Young Judy & Bob Hilliard The Michael P. Moffat Trust - Lyla A. Devita Barbara Legler Shirley & Herman Victor Kaleigh Holm 2002 Tim Dimacchia Nancy Lenzer Jennifer & John Vogel TRIBUTE GIFTS Skyler & Jan Hornung The Trust of Bob Sage Elizabeth O. Dohrmann Douglas Levison Jeff & Dana Wagner Jason Husby We respectfully recognize The Segal Family Trust George & Laura Dora Ms. Ruth Levitan Lee & Bill Webber Lee Jackrel special gifts received in honor of Trust Estate of Frank M. Shotts Margaret Downing Charles & Sharon Lindner Donald West Heather Jain these family members & friends: Robert D. Sprague 2001 Lyn Carol Dunn Teri Loveland Jan Widdowson Denise & Jeff Jenkins Nicole Altneu Revocable Trust Constance Edwards Jeanne Lucenti Stephanie & Kim Wigton Linda S. Johnson Jessica Apaka The Trust of Arthur Frederick Veronica Espada Carma Luskin Stephen Williams Colleen Kelly White & Verna N. White Carol Banning Heather A. Evans Mr. Andre Malouf Jane Williamson Karen Kelly Omer Bar-Or Frances Ezer Peter & Amy Mangarella Bob Wilson Nancy Kerr $50–$999 Deena Bellman Margaret Louise Falk Ms. Virginia Marques Barbara Woodhill Stuart Kleeman Trust of James Richard Boyce & Sydney Bellman Judy Feil Greg Martin Martin & Birdie Zitnick The Klein Family Kristin Lee Otis Rachel Bergren Chuck & Pat Finney Jorie B. McCarthy Linda Krause Estate of Mildred Lillis Jeanne Bobbitt Deborah Gabris Celeste McConnach MEMORIAL GIFTS Joan & Kip Latno The Buck Family Marian Gallerani Joseph McCrane Naomi Leite & Jason Head STELLER CIRCLE We respectfully recognize Michelle Bunch Carol Gamble Eileen Metzger Juliana Lovett special gifts received in memory Lolly & John Burke Anonymous (7) Shirley J. Garver Loraine Meyer Lucy Marshall of these family members & Sandra Bush Viki Adam Andrew Geiser Agnes M. Miller Elaine Martin friends: Kayla Capper Lawrence Adams Liana Genovesi & Scott Ahrendt Patricia Minnick Glen Mathison & Zoel Fages Mary Allen Alma Allis Robyn Carmel Cheryl & Derlin German Gertrude Musey Tom McKewan Dale Anania Gary Allums David Cash & Maria Rubio Arlette & Nick Gerson Irene Myers Mom & Ed Helga Ashkenaze Ms. Loretta M. Giorgi Harry Anderson Cate the harbor seal Sharon Neiman Sandra McHaney Mary Bachman & William Lawrence Goldyn & Ronald N. Edith Biener Taylor Chavez Gloria Nelson Rosemary Miller Downing Campbell Heidi Bobele Mei Chen Janet Nelson Stacy Monaco Doreen Baleria Suzanne Golt Ord Allen Burns Jane Cook Donald J. Nolan Mark & Marcy Morian Juliana Barr Barbara Goodwin Fu Lee Chen Aryae Coopersmith Joyce & Mohsen Noori Natalie Mary Barr Gitta Grabowski Dolores (Del) De la Vega The Coupe Family Priscilla Palomino David Nemirow Sandra Barth Susan Gray Philip Denniston Stacy Crinks Jamie Pardau Theresa & Shane Nolen Sheri & Robert Bell Lynn Griffin Uncle Dick Noel Da Cynthia Benner Harry Haines Jeanne Pauley Judge Herbert Donaldson Douglas & Emma Daily Brody Norris Paul & Mildred Berg Jacki Hardy Rita Peters Mary Ann Fonda Mike & Theresa Daniele Evan Orr Florie & Joseph Berger Hildegard Harris Jayne Phelps Jessica Holmes, daughter of Robert Davari Derek Ostertag Jeanne Bobbitt George Harter Mr. Donald E. Pringle Robert & Gale Dunning Denise Deneaux & Allison Katie Parker Gordon Boone Jacqueline & Eugene Haunch Mr. Kevin Rabe Phyllis Adele Hurtado Daniel Deniz Tammy & James Patton Lynne & Dave Briscoe Virginia Hawley Robert & Vicki Rawlings Paul Jarecky Mike & Gail Dennis Denyse Penn Vi Brown Therese Holland Bonnie & Laurence Rhodes Jerome “Jerry” Joseph Stacy Dixson Sheryl Peters Waltraud & Michael Buckland Sally Holt Steven Russ Michael Lewis Karen Du Brul Wendy Petro Richard & Christy Burke Michele & Bill Hunnewell Margaret Schadt Wendy Bay Lewis Suzie Feldstein Bob & Marcie Phares Lou Ella Burmeister Christine & Robert Hunter Ruth Schlossberg Minna Lieberman Kendra Ferguson Bob & Nancy Phares Susan Burns Mary Huzar James Schollard William Naden Cheryl Flango Dan, Emily & Julianna Phares Barbara Busch Jamie Jaffee Janine Shafer Frank George Nicolazzi Drew Foley The Piacentini Family Susan Camusi Mary & Robert Jenkin Susan Shapiro Patricia Phillips Mitch Fong John & Joan Poimoroo Mariateresa Canosa Stan Jensen Sylvia Siegel Rocci Pisano Art & Joan Fossum Darius Pool Robert Caradien Anna-Kajs Johnson Anna & Donald Slawsky Dr. Nthetke Raditoploe Shirley Furuichi Peter Read Karen Carr Dr. Marcine M. Johnson, PhD Sandra Stauffer Gary A. Rausina The Gasson Family Bonnie Ricca & Debra Bobrow Maria E. Carrasco Ms. Mary Jope Linda & Joe Stockhus Dennis W. Reynolds Helen Geckle Cynthia Rodriguez John Catts & Sheila Roebuck Doreen Judson Eric Strand Annais Rittenberg Marcia & David Glassel Carol & Robert Rowberg Joan Christenberry Cindy Kaye Patricia & Alan Tai Leanne Roberts Florence & Steven Goldby Justin Ryckebusch Rebecca & David Conant Pauline Kayes Jan Taradash Kimberly Rockhill Ashley Gray Arushi Saxena Mr. Charles Condy Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Kendall Scott & Patricia Teaford Margaret Rovick The Grooms Family Ben Schatz Gale Connolly Suzanne & Jerry Knecht Ms. Deborah Tencza Keith Starner Horia Grosu Rose G. Seay Elena & Arthur Court Antoinette & Stephen Krajcar Terri Tienken Tazghi Steven Henson & Kit Meera Sehgal Mr. & Mrs. Paul Crain Ilona Kratz Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tornberg Richard L. Thulin Ted Henson Andon Selos * Five years or more of consecutive giving. If you recognize an error or omission in this listing, please accept our sincerest apologies and feel welcome to contact us at 415.289.7335 or [email protected].

24 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Jenifer Selos Charles Schwab Foundation Institute for Marine Mammal MATCHING GIFT & First Data Foundation Kaiser Permanente Community Kathleen Shecter Coypu Foundation Studies WORKPLACE GIVING Follett Corporation-Matching Giving Campaign Shepard-Goettsche Family Thelma Doelger Charitable Trust The Jammy Heal Foundation ORGANIZATIONS Gift Program KMPG Melanie Smith Eric Roberts Foundation Franklin Templeton Investments Lawrence Livermore Lab - UC Kazan, McClain, Abrams, Anonymous Joe Sondag /Matching Program Levi Strauss Foundation Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation Fernandez Abbott Laboratories (Abbott Avery Sousa The Gap Foundation LexisNexis Cares The Heritage Company William & Gretchen Kimball Fund Fund / AbbVie) Becky, Tim & Jackson Stevensen Gap Inc. Giving/Matching LMEPAC J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated King & Spalding LLP Adobe Matching Gift Program Chloe Strachan Campaign Local Independent Charities of Marisla Foundation Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge Agilent Technologies Marcia & John Sullivan Gartner Matching Gift Center America The Bernard Osher Foundation Marin Sanitary Service AIG Matching Grants Program Team HD at SF Opera Moby-Dick GE Foundation Luck Companies Foundation Quadra Foundation Allstate Giving Campaign Crew Mason Foundation GEICO Norman Raab Foundation Altria Group, Inc. Macy’s Inc. Matching Gift Program Natalie Testa Matson Foundation Genentech Givingstation The Robison Family Foundation American Express Company Max Machinery Inc. Bryan, Lee Ann, Quinn & Rorie The May Foundation The Schow Foundation Employee Giving Gerson Bakar & Associates McKesson Foundation, Inc. Thomas Nasaw Family Foundation John G. Shedd Aquarium Amgen Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation MedImmune Tamyra Thomas Waitt Foundation PIER 39 Limited Partnership Apache Corporation Global Impact - Applied Materials Microsoft Giving Campaign Karen & Neil Thomas Pittsburgh AAZK Chapter Apple Matching Gift Program Global Impact - Symantec Program Sally Thornton $5,000–$9,999 Pixar ArcelorMittal Matching Gifts Goldman Sachs & Co Matching Mile High United Way Richard Vance Anonymous (3) The See Foundation Program Gift Program Mobile Cause LLC Don & Dianne Van Siclen Cavallo Point, The Lodge at the Shirley Ann Spencer Fund for Artisan Partners Ltd. Google Monsanto Fund William Von Eichhorn Golden Gate The Marine Mammal Center AT&T United Way Employee The Greater Kansas City Morgan Stanley Robin Weed-Brown Dandelion Foundation Giving Campaign Tyrah Weems Simco Restaurants, Inc The Dun Foundation Autodesk Matching Gifts Mr. & Mrs. Jim Willis The Traverse Foundation The Ginn Family Foundation Program Jay Zalewski Truettner Family Foundation The David B. Gold Foundation Bank of America Matching Gifts University of Hawaii Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund Program CORPORATIONS, Vasicek Foundation The Good Night Foundation Bank of America United Way Walter & Marie Singer Family FOUNDATIONS & The Edith & Herbert Lehman Campaign Fund ORGANIZATIONS Foundation, Inc. BHP Billiton Whole Foods BlackRock $100,000+ The Redducs Foundation Sunshine Polka-Dot Foundation Whole Foods Market, Mill Valley BNY Mellon Community Anonymous Partnership Union Bank Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium Dawn The Boeing Company Koret Foundation $1,000–$4,999 $500–$999 BP Foundation, Inc. $50,000–$99,999 Anonymous (2) Andrew R. Demar Family Bristol-Myers Squibb CA, Inc. DMARLOU Foundation Peter & Patricia Arrigoni Fund Foundation, Inc. Aruna Katira Charitable Fund The Barnston-Koutsafis Cadence Design Systems, Inc. $25,000–$49,999 Autodesk, Inc. Foundation Capital Group Companies Anonymous Baybenefits Albert & Pamela Bendich Charles Schwab Foundation Chevron Humankind Employee Herbert & Diane Bischoff The Berkeley School Charitable Trust Funds Foundation Bishop Pine Fund California State Parks Disney Wildlife Conservation City of Seattle Brandeis Hillel Day School Denison Family Foundation Fund The Clorox Company Foundation Community Foundation Motorola Foundation Community Thrift Store Thelma Doelger Trust for Animals East Bay Zoological Society The Coca-Cola Foundation, Inc. Hewlett Packard Company - Netscout The Diffenbaugh Foundation Glenn A. Haldan Charitable Garden Gate Elementary School Community Health Charities Employee Giving Program New York Life Dolphins, Whales & Sea Turtles: Foundation The Jones-Smith Foundation Community Shares Hewlett Packard Foundation Novellus Systems, Inc. Save & Protect HEDCO Foundation Levi Strauss Foundation CR Bard Foundation IBM Corporation Matching NVIDIA The E.D. Foundation The Kimball Foundation MPMM Foundation Inc. D & B Foundation Matching Gift Grants Program Oppenheimer Funds Legacy Simon Edison Foundation, Inc. Kruttschnitt Family Fund Perforce Foundation Program IBM Employee Services Center Programs Evim Foundation IBM International Foundation Oracle Corporate Giving Programs Rand-Montgomery Fund Deutsche Bank Oracle Corporation Matching Francis Parker School DirecTV Illinois Tool Works Foundation Gifts Pacific Gas & Electric Company James M. & Louise C. Roche G2 Insurance Dolby Match Program Intuit Foundation—Matching The David & Lucile Packard The Sato Foundation Foundation Genentech Foundation for E.D. Bullard Company Gift Program Foundation Matching Grant Wells Fargo Foundation St. Vincent de Paul School Dean Witter Foundation Biomedical Sciences eBay Foundation JK Group Trustee for CA, Inc. Program Walter & Elise Haas Fund Woodward Family Endowment Electronic Arts Johnson & Johnson Matching Perforce Foundation $10,000–$24,999 The Herbst Foundation, Inc. Fund of MCF Environmental Federation of Gifts Program Pfizer Foundation The Atmos Foundation The Hope & Norman Hope California The JP Morgan Chase & Co PG&E Corporation Campaign for Bank of America Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation Justgive.org the Community * Five years or more of consecutive giving. If you recognize an error or omission in this listing, please accept our sincerest apologies and feel welcome to contact us at 415.289.7335 or [email protected].

25 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report MarineMammalCenter.org The Prudential Foundation Jewish Community Federation Value of $5,000 Ben & Natalie Calvert PRIZE & IN-KIND SPONSORS $50,000+ Qualcomm Inc. Endowment Fund CamelBak Products, LLC to $9,999 Acqua Hotel Anonymous Salesforce.com Foundation Jewish Community Foundation Columbia Four Seasons Resort at Hualalai Athleta The San Francisco Foundation of Los Angeles Flipworkz $10,000–$49,999 Marshall Arts Athlete Race Numbers SanDisk Los Altos Community Fog City Dogs Anonymous Patagonia, San Francisco Autodesk The Sobrato Organization Foundation FoodMaxx Glen Mathison & Zoel Fages Wild Lens, Inc. Bella Vineyards Textron Cynthia & Merrill Magowan Francis Ford Coppola Winery Birkenstock $1,000–$9,999 Thomson Reuters Family Foundation Value of $2,500 Honest Tea Blue Dog Bakery Travelers Community Connection Marin Community Foundation to $4,999 Iron Springs Brewery Betty & William Hasler Camelbak Truist Morgan Stanley Kids Konserve LLC Chris & Denise Lundquist Dominican College Clif Bar UBS Foundation USA Matching Morgan Stanley Global Impact Lagunitas Brewing Company Lisa Pantages Hint Inc. Columbia Sportswear Company Gift Program Funding Trust, Inc Levi Strauss & Co. PG&E Corporation Campaign for Jennifer Lopez Catering Fog City Dogs United Airlines Napa Valley Community Marin Brewing Company the Community Michael Kleeman FoodMaxx United Technologies Corp. Foundation Moana Hotel & Restaurant Julie & Martin Richards Lloyd Lowry & Kathy Frost Foothill College United Way California Capital New York Community Trust Group Matt & Yvonne Rogers Marin Independent Journal Hint Region Northern Trust Charitable Giving Mountain Hardwear Union Bank Silicon Valley Community Hubert’s Lemonade United Way of Greater Richmond Program Foundation Napa Valley Burger Company Philip & Jean Warren Kaiser Permanente & Petersburg Pasadena Community Foundation Stephen Nilson Marshall Arts United Way of New York City Renaissance Charitable Value of $1,000 Wayne & Wanda O’leary 2013 BODEGA BAY Moana Hotel & Restaurant United Way of San Diego County Foundation to $2,499 Philz Coffee, Sausalito COMMUNITY RELEASE Group United Way of Sonoma-Mend- Adam J. Richter Charitable Trust Patricia & Peter Arrigoni Rustic Bakery SPONSORS Lake The San Francisco Foundation Casabella Holdings LLC Mountain Hardwear Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking Center Bad Boy Cowboys United Way of The Bay Area Schwab Charitable Fund Clif Bar Mutt Mitt Joaquina Soulia Bodega Bay Lodge United Way of the National The Seattle Foundation Cloud Star Nova Rosti Coffee Company Starbucks Bodega Bay Sailing Adventures Capital Area Silicon Valley Community Hubert’s Lemonade Patagonia SweetE Organic Bodega Bay Veterinary Hospital The Vanguard Group Foundation Jackie Nation Philz Coffee Teeny Tiny Optics Business Services Unlimited Verizon Foundation T. Rowe Price Trust Co Not Just Fitness Pirate’s Booty TerraCycle, Inc Candy & Kites VISA Givingstation The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust San Francisco Magazine Pretzel Crisps Well Pet Cathy Miller – REALTOR (F.H. Visa Usa, Inc. Vanguard Charitable Endowment Sea Trek Kayaking Center Tideline SF Wente Vineyards Allen Realtors) VMware Foundation Program Sports Basement Virtual Imaging, Inc. A Canon Cradle of the Moon Walt Disney Company A.H. & Helen L. Weiss USA Company Starbucks Coffee 2013 RUN FOR THE SEALS Eclectic Amanda Foundation Foundation Whole Foods Market SweetE Organic CORPORATE SPONSORS Fishermans Festival Wells Fargo Community Support Wilmington Trust Company Whole Foods Market, San Rafael Teeny Tiny Optics Fort Ross Vineyard & Winery Campaign Platinum TerraCycle Gourmet au Bay Yahoo! Employee Funds DONATIONS OF IN-KIND Value of $500 to $999 Tideline Marine Group Aquarium of the Bay HydroSouls Zynga PRODUCTS & SERVICES Teresa Bernards Dawn t-shirt fever Peter Grace & Constance U·Konserve & Kids Konserve Janet Moore Studio Value of $250,000+ Gold U.S. Pure Water Jean Warren Watercolors DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS Veilleux Swirl Hewlett Packard Company KTVU Wellness Natural Food for Pet The Links at Bodega Harbour Anonymous (2) The Marine Mammal Center Value of $25,000 Bonnie Mitchell Pacific Heights Cleaners American Endowment Monterey Bay Aquarium INTENSIVE CARE & Alexis Lorenz – REALTOR (F.H. to $249,999 Silver Foundation Planet Granite QUARANTINE UNIT CAPITAL Allen Realtors) Aquarium of the Bay River’s End B&B Foundation Ken Pollack Bank of America/Merrill Lynch CAMPAIGN Bank of America Charitable Gift Econscious Pretzel Crisps Econscious Rocker Oysterfeller’s Fund Google Linda Roshon-Harville Marin Independent Journal We gratefully acknowledge Second Wind Bingham, Osborn, & Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP Karen Snow Union Bank the following donors for their Spud Point Crab Company Scarborough Foundation Pacific Heights Dry Cleaners Sports Basement contributions to the Center’s California Community Foundation Bronze Intensive Care & Quarantine Value of $10,000 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Value of up to $499 Aveda Unit made in the 2013 calendar to $24,999 Community Foundation of North Anonymous Cloud Star year. Thanks to their support, Texas Bogs Footwear Athleta Tracy & Dave Herson we are closer to fully completing Community Foundation Sonoma Heitz Wine Cellars Bay Nature Magazine (RiverPointe Napa Valley) our marine mammal hospital & County KTVU-TV BearCom Marin Sanitary Service increasing patient capacity. Dayton Foundation SNP Communications Bella Vineyards Not Just Fitness East Bay Community Foundation Big 4 Party Rentals UrbanSitter Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Birkenstock USA Whole Foods Market, Mill Valley Hawaii Community Foundation Blue Dog Bakery Jewish Communal Fund * Five years or more of consecutive giving. If you recognize an error or omission in this listing, please accept our sincerest apologies and feel welcome to contact us at 415.289.7335 or [email protected].

26 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Financial Summary

Statement of Activities Statement of Financial Position

For the Year Ended September 30, 2013 As of September 30, 2013 Assets Operating Support and Revenue Cash and cash equivalents $2,841,369 Contributions from foundations, $8,593,308 83% Contributions receivable $2,934,151 corporations, members and individuals Investments at market $1,371,914 Education program fees and retail revenue $668,617 6% Inventories $79,457 Federal, state and local government $300,623 3% support Equipment and structures $28,194,485 Donated materials and services $648,498 6% Deposits and prepaid expenses $126,926 Other revenue $200,069 2% Total Assets $35,548,302 Total Operating Support and Revenue $10,411,115 100% Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued $1,031,622 liabilities Program & Operating Expenses Notes payable $1,125,000 Veterinary science programs $4,068,350 52% Total Liabilities $2,156,622 Educational programs $2,211,466 28% Fundraising — operations $931,311 12% Net Assets Fundraising — capital campaigns $42,834 1% Unrestricted $31,812,325 Supporting services $546,224 7% Temporarily restricted 953,339 Total Program & Operating Expenses (1) $7,800,185 100% Permanently restricted $626,016 Total Net Assets $33,391,680 Change in Net Assets $2,610,930 Total Liabilities and Net Assets $35,548,302

Audited financial statements for the year ended September 30, 2013, are available at The Marine (1) Total Program & Operating Expenses include $1,275,000 of depreciation, primarily from the new Sausalito facility. Mammal Center’s administrative office. Please contact the Chief Financial Officer at [email protected].

27 The Marine Mammal Center 2013 Annual Report Board Scientific Advisors

Kathryn Arnold Michael Kleeman John Simon Sarah Allen, PhD Volunteer Council Representative Entrepreneur/Lecturer Senior Vice President Human National Park Service, University of California, San Diego Resources Point Reyes National Seashore Pat Callahan PG&E Senior Executive Vice President, Catherine Kruttschnitt David Casper, DVM Chief Administrative Officer Civic Leader Sandor Straus Long Marine Laboratory, Wells Fargo Bank BOARD TREASURER University of California, Santa Cruz 2000 Bunker Road Chris Lundquist Managing Director Fort Cronkhite Lee Caraher CEO/President James Harvey, PhD Tigmera, LLC Sausalito, CA 94965-2619 President and CEO LCI Bankruptcy Management Moss Landing Marine Laboratories T 415.289.7325 (SEAL) Double Forte Solutions Phil Warren Dave Jessup, BS, DVM, MPVM, F 415.289.7333 Civic Leader Chad Carlson Merrill L. Magowan DiplACZM MarineMammalCenter.org Senior Director – Global Online Co-Founder Jennifer Weller Wildlife Disease Association Monterey Bay Advertising & Agency Management San Francisco Sentry Volunteer Council Representative PO Box 778 Oracle Corporation Investment Group Linda Lowenstine, DVM, PhD, ACVP Department of Veterinary Pathology, Moss Landing, CA 95039 Elaine Genevro Cecily Majerus Executive Director Microbiology & Immunology, T 831.633.6298 Executive Vice President, Regional Civic Leader University of California, Davis F 831.633.5927 Jeff Boehm President San Luis Obispo Glen Mathison Jim McBain, DVM Union Bank 1385 Main St. Vice President, Executive Veterinary Office, Morro Bay, CA 93442 Susan Grau Communications Directors Emeriti SeaWorld of California Civic Leader Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. T 805.771.8300 Mary Bachman Melissa Miller, DVM F 805.771.8304 Betty Hasler Mark McKee Nancy Colvert Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care Anchor Bay-Fort Bragg BOARD SECRETARY BOARD VICE CHAIR Dennis DeDomenico and Research Center T 415.289.7325 (SEAL) Managing Director President Jerry Gibbons Todd Schmitt, DVM Diversified Search Capital Alternatives Rev. Douglas Huneke Joseph Rogers Veterinary Office, Make a donation today at Beth Inadomi Lisa Pantages Peter Stauffer SeaWorld of California marinemammalcenter.org/donate Principal Vice President of Finance Beverly Tanner Tom Williams, DVM The Podesta Group San Francisco Giants Robert Wilson Monterey Bay Aquarium Karen Johnson-McKewan Martin Richards Sheldon Wolfe BOARD CHAIR Enterprise Client Coverage Executive Managing Partner Bank of America Merrill Lynch Executive Director Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP Matt Rogers Emeritus Director (Senior Partner) Peigin Barrett McKinsey & Company

The Marine Mammal Center is a proud partner of the Golden Gate National Parks. Our park partners: nps.gov/goga/ marin-headlands.htm