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Saregama India Limited India’S Only Entertainment Company Into

Saregama India Limited India’S Only Entertainment Company Into

’s Oldest Label operating as The Gramophone Company of India Ltd under HMV brand since 1902 India Limited India’s only Entertainment Company into

Music Films IP Television Serials Retail Business India’s Largest Music IP Content IP rights of Content IP rights of Distribution network 130k+ 59 6k+ 28k+ Songs Films Hours of Television Serials Retailers Most POPULAR Indian Music Library

Rapidly Growing Consumption (Song Usage across Platforms in billions)

FY20 63 FY19 53 FY18 31 FY17 13 Most POPULAR Indian Music Library


Depth of Content Investment in New Music

Song Library across 18 Indian languages 30% of Saregama’s songs, by Count and Revenue, belong to the 21st century

2001-2020 31% 34% 17% 25% 1981-20000 31% 27% 3% 5% 1961-1980 26% 34% 5% 6% Till 1960 11% 4% 22% 7% 9% Most POPULAR Indian Music Library

2M+ Units Sold ($100) On back of Saregama Music Library

The Only Content For Which Indian Consumers Pay Most POPULAR Indian Music Library


Music Streaming Platforms Broadcasting Platforms Video Streaming Platforms

v v v

Social Media Platforms Most EXTENSIVE Indian Music Library 130000+ Songs Covering multiple Indian languages and genres

HINDI BENGALI TAMIL MARATHI 38900+ 26600+ 11800+ 6300+

TELUGU PUNJABI 8100+ 7000+ 8400+ 3100+

DEVOTIONAL CLASSICAL Folk 18300+ 8400+ 1200+ 4700+ Music In India Debuted with Saregama

Gauhar Jaan – 1902 First Recorded Song

Gauhar Jaan arrived with her suite of attendants and accompanying musicians on 11thNov, 1902 dressed in her best finery for her recording session with Frederick William Gaisberg, the first recording expert of The Gramophone and Typewriter Limited from . At the end of the Alam Ara - 1931 recording, she shouted out what was to become her characteristic First movie signature “My name is Gauhar Jaan!” First ever Recordings of LEGENDS

BHARAT RATNA Mukesh M.S. Subbulakshmi Mohd. Rafi First ever Movies of LEGENDS

Amitabh Bachchan

Rajnikanth Khanna Hrithik Kareena Raj Kapoor LEGENDS also thrived here

Lata Shamshad Mohd. Geeta Mukesh Kishore Mangeshkar Begum Rafi Dutt Kumar 90% 95% 90% 90% 90% 80%

Asha Laxmikant- Kalyanji – Shankar – S.D. Bhosle Pyarelal Anandji Jaikishan Burman 80% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%

Madan C. Ramchandra R.D. Purshottam Jagjit Burman Das Jalota Singh 90% 90% 80% 80% 70% 70%

Hari Om Manna Talat Begum Surinder Sharan Dey Mahmood Akhtar Chamkila Kaur 80% 60% 90% 90% 90% 90%

Viswanathan - K.V. G. Devarajan Ghantasala M.S. Ramamoorthy Mahadevan Viswanathan 100% 90% 90% 95% 90% % of their total released tracks with Saregama Music of the BIGGEST films of Bollywood Saregama Library

A. B. C. D. Hindi Ghazals Classical Classics New Age Music

E. F. G. H. I. J. Devotional Tamil Bengali Punjabi Marathi Telugu Music Music Music Music Music Music

K. L. M. N. Kannada Malayalam Other Folk Music Music Languages Music Saregama’s Library A. Hindi Classics The Biggest Singers

Lata Asha Mohd. Kishore Mangeshkar Bhosle Rafi Kumar 5600+ 5600+ 4400+ 2100+

Manna Shamshad Mukesh Geeta Dey Begum Dutt 1100+ 1000+ 1100+ 1200+

Talat Jagjit S.P. Mahmood Singh Balasubrahmanyam 610+ 380+ 110+

Number of their total released tracks with Saregama TheTHE Biggest BIGGEST Music SINGERS Composers

Asha Bhosle Lata Mangeshkar Mohd. Rafi Kishore Kumar RD Laxmikant- Shankar- SD Burman Pyarelal Jaikishan Burman 1500+5600 1900+5600 1700+4400 810+2100 + + + +

MannaC Ramachandra Day ShamshadBappi MukeshNaushad GeetaRavindraDutt PopularBegumLahiri Hindi Film Jain 1100840+ 1000660+ 1100770+ 1200490+ + + + +

Talat Mahmood S.P. Kalyanji- Madan Salil O P subrahmanyam Anandji 610+ Mohan 380+ Chowdhary Nayyar 1000+ 830+ Trivia 460+ 110+ 570+ Hindi as first language is spoken by 528M Indians

Number of their total released tracks with Saregama The Biggest Lyricists

Majrooh Anand Hasrat Sultanpuri Bakshi Jaipuri 1900+ 2200+ 1100+ 1000+

Sahir Ludhianvi 840+ 460+ 425+ 600+

Bharat Prem Javed Sameer Vyas Dhawan Akhtar 900+ 700+ 270+ 330+

Number of their total released tracks with Saregama Iconic Jodis

Kishore & Lata & Asha & RD Burman Madan Mohan RD Burman OP Nayyar & Gulzar 450+ 310+ 140+ 390+

Anand Bakshi & Mukesh & & & & Laxmikant- Mohd Rafi RD Burman Pyarelal 1100+ 130+ 200+ 150+ 70+

Dev Anand & Rajesh Khanna & & & Amitabh Bachchan & 50+ 50+ 160+ 70+ Rekha 60+

Number of their total released tracks with Saregama Rare LIVE recordings of India’s Greatest Artistes performing in International Arenas Ameen Sayani’s Iconic Geetmala

Broadcasted on , Ameen Sayani's Binaca Geetmala, was the ultimate countdown for Hindi film songs from to 1980s. It attracted record listenership and gunny bagful of letters; they swelled to a staggering 65,000 per week Iconic Non-Film Albums Saregama’s Library B. Hindi New Age New Films Music Latest Non-Film Music Saregama’s Library C. Ghazals

The most definitive collection of film and non-film Ghazals Ghazals from Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali, Bhupinder & Mitalee Singh, Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, Talat Aziz & Others Home Of Maestro Jagjit Singh Saregama’s Library D.

8000+ Tracks Classical Music Maestros

M. Balamuralikrishna Pt. Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasiya Pt. Bhimsen

Pt. Ust. Ust. Amjad Ali Hindustani Classical

Instrumental Vocal 1900+ Tracks 2900+ Tracks Carnatic Classical

Instrumental Vocal 1300+ Tracks 1900+ Tracks Classical Artistes

SITAR MAESTROS MAESTROS Pt. Ravi Shankar Ustad Ustad 320+ Tracks 250+ Tracks

FLUTE MAESTROS SANTOOR MAESTROS Pt. Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma Pt. 150+ Tracks 200+ Tracks

Number of their total released tracks with Saregama Saregama Classical Music Collection

NASA’s space probe Voyager I, was launched in 1977 and became the first man-made object to enter the interstellar space. Onboard the spacecraft is a 12-inch, gold-plated copper disc with musical compositions, ranging from Beethoven to Bach to Mozart, carefully selected by American astronomer to reflect the global cultural diversity. The album called ‘The Sounds of Earth’ features an Indian voice from the Saregama Catalogue, the legendary Hindustani vocalist ‘Surshree’ . Saregama’s Library E. Devotional

18300+ Tracks Most Extensive Indian Devotional Catalogue

14500+ 700+ Hindu Christian Devotional Devotional Tracks Tracks

1400+ 800+ Tracks of Islamic Tracks Gurbani 100% Tracks of MS Subbulakshmi (MS Amma) Saregama owns all the songs of MS Subbulakshmi: First singer to win India’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna

% of their total released tracks with Saregama Devotional

730+ Tracks 3700+ Tracks MURUGAN

2500+ Tracks 560+ Tracks DEVI AYYAPPA

1000+ Tracks 1700+ Tracks RAM / HANUMAN / Number of their total released tracks with Saregama Popular Devotional Albums Saregama’s Library F. Tamil 11800+ Tracks

Trivia Tamil as the first language is spoken by 69M Indians, 3.1M Sri Lankans, 1.8M Malaysians, 250k Americans, 230k South Africans The Biggest Singers

P. Susheela T.M. Soundararajan S.P. Balasubrahmanyam Dr. Seerkazhi S. Govindarajan 1500+ 1500+ 660+ 580+

The Biggest Music Composers

M.S. Viswanathan K.V. Mahadevan Viswanathan - Ramamoorthy Ilaiyaraaja 1200+ 810+ 700+ 450+

The Biggest Lyricists

Kannadasan A. Maruthakasi 1900+ 930+ 400+ 200+ Number of their total released tracks with Saregama The Best of Evergreen Tamil Film Music Latest Tamil Film Music Saregama’s Library G. Bengali

26000+ Tracks

Trivia Bengali as the first language is spoken by 97M Indians, 161M Bangladeshis, 1.3M Saudi Arabians, 500k UK Citizens & 225k Americans The Biggest Singers

Hemanta 1000+ 680+ 630+ 470+ 340+

The Biggest Music Composers

Hemanta Mukherjee R.D. Burman Sudhin Dasgupta 800+ 490+ 230+ 410+ 400+

The Biggest Lyricists

Gauriprasanna Mazumder Pulak Banerjee Shyamal Gupta Pranab Roy Shibdas Banerjee 1400+ 1400+ 520+ 440+ 330+ Number of their total released tracks with Saregama THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION OF

7900+ Tracks

Tagore composed the National Anthems of both India and These songs are regarded as cultural treasures of in both and Bangladesh

27 Songs and recitation in the voice of Noble Laureate Adaptations of Rabindra Sangeet by Legends , , Debabrata Visawas, and many more (NAZRUL SONG) 1597+ Tracks

Adaptations by Legends Feroza Begum/ Manabendra Mukherjee/ Anjali Mukherjee/ Anup Ghosal/

4 Tracks by Rebel Poet , rendition of song and verse Saregama’s Library H. Punjabi 8000+ Tracks

Trivia Punjabi as the first language is spoken by 33M Indians, 80M Pakistanis, 700k UK citizens The Biggest Punjabi Singers

Surinder Kaur Narinder Biba Amar Singh Chamkila 390+ 330+ 290+ 210+ Gurdaas Maan Mohd. Saddiq Surinder Shinda Didar Sandhu Kaur Mohd Rafi 100+ 350+ 270+ 200+ 190+ 200+ 120+ Number of tracks with Saregama The Biggest Punjabi Music Composers

K.S. Narula Charanjit Ahuja 2200+ 1500+

The Biggest Punjabi Lyricists

Babu Singh Hardev Dilgir Didar Sandhu Maan 500+ 400+ 200+

Number of their total released tracks with Saregama Saregama’s Library I. Marathi

6000+ Tracks

Trivia Marathi as the first language is spoken by 83M Indians The Biggest Singers Asha Bhosle Lata Mangeshkar Phadke 780+ 450+ 380+ 270+ 190+

The Biggest Ram Kadam Pt. Vasant Shrinivas Khale Music 350+ 360+ 260+ 220+ 190+ Composers

The Biggest

Lyricists Jagdish Khebudkar G.D. Madgulkar Shanta Shelke P. Savlaram 520+ 570+ 210+ 110+ 90+

Number of their total released tracks with Saregama Biggest Marathi Collection


Non-Film Saregama’s Library J. Telugu 8100+ Tracks

Trivia Telugu as the first language is spoken by 81M Indians, 415k Americans Saregama owns the lion’s share of the music of NTR & ANR films The Biggest Singers

P. Susheela Ghantasala S.P. Balasubrahmanyam S. Janaki 2600+ 1800+ 1600+ 545+

The Biggest Music Composers

K.V. Mahadevan K. Chakravarthy S. Rajeswara Rao S. P. Kodandapani 880+ 470+ 650+ 180+

The Biggest Lyricists Dr. C. Narayana Reddy Aatreya Sundararama Murthy Aarudhra 800+ 710+ 630+ 543+ Number of their total released tracks with Saregama The Best of Evergreen Telugu Film Music Saregama’s Library K. Kannada 3100+ Tracks

Trivia Kannada as the first language is spoken by 43M Indians Music of the debut films of and Dr. are with Saregama The Biggest Singers

P.B. Sreenivas S. Janaki S.P. Balasubrahmanyam P. Susheela 580+ 620+ 420+ 320+

The Biggest Music Composers

Vijaya Bhaskar G.K. Venkatesh Rajan - Nagendra Sathyam 420+ 300+ 270+ 200+

The Biggest Lyricists Chi. Udayashankar Vijaya Narasimha R. N. Jayagopal Hunsur Krishnamurthy 630+ 190+ 430+ 115+

Number of their total released tracks with Saregama The Best of Evergreen Kannada Film Music Saregama’s Library L. Malayalam 7000+ Tracks

Trivia Malayalam as the first language is spoken by 34M Indians, 3M Asians Music of debut films of , and Yesudas is owned by Saregama The Biggest Singers

K. J. Yesudas S. Janaki P. Jayachandran P. Leela 2400+ 850+ 530+ 460+

The Biggest Music Composers

G. Devarajan V. Dakshinamoorthy M. S. Baburaj M. K. Arjunan 1300+ 650+ 565+ 400+

The Biggest Lyricists

Vayalar Ramavarma P. Bhaskaran O.N.V. Kurup 1100+ 970+ 870+ 280+

Number of their total released tracks with Saregama The Best of Evergreen Malayalam Film Music Iconic Jodis of South Cinema

M.G. Ramachandran & & M.S. Viswanathan & Jayalalithaa 160+ 190+ 580+

Prem Nazir & G. Devarajan & Akkineni Nageswara Vayalar Rao & 280+ 720+ 140+

S. Rajeswara Rao & Dr. Rajkumar & Vijaya Bhaskar & Ghantasala Bharathi P.B. Sreenivas 190+ 120+ 130+

Number of tracks with Saregama Saregama’s Library

M. Other Regional Content Total Catalogue: 1400+ Assamese Odia Total Catalogue: 1400+ Film: 380+ Non-Film: 1100+ Film: 410+ Non-Film: 1000+

Total Catalogue: 920+ Gujarati Total Catalogue: 2900+ Bhojpuri Film: 1800+ Non-Film: 1100+ Film: 270+ Non-Film: 650+ THE PATRON OF New Bhojpuri GHAZALS IN Content INDIA Saregama’s Library N. Folk Music

4700+ Tracks

Trivia From the peppy Bhangra of to Garba of to Lavani of Maharstara to Baul of Bengal , the tradition of folk music in India is indeed great. Folk

BENGALI MARATHI 1600+ Tracks 1050+ Tracks

Folk Type: Baul/ Lalan/ Jumur/ Bhatiyali/Bhavaiya Folk Type: Lavani/ Sugam Sangeet/ Natya Sangeet/Koli Geet Artists: Purna Das Baul ( Internationally acclaimed Baul Singer ) Amar Pal/ / Nirmalendu Key Artiste: Shahir Sable, Prahlad Shinde, Krishna Shinde, Chowdhury/ Swapna Chakravorty/ / Tapan Roy Shahir Nivruti Pawar, Vitthal Umap

GUJARATI PUNJABI 400+ Tracks 1700+ Tracks

Folk Type: Garba, Raas Folk Type: Boliyan, Giddha, Bhangra & Lok Geet Key Artiste: Praful Dave, Hemu Gadhvi, Damyanti Bardai, Key Artiste: Kuldeep Manak, Mohd.Saddiq, , Diwaliben Bhil, Usha Mangeshkar Chamkila, Asa Singh Mastana Custodian of Indian Musical Legacy