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GMC History

GMC History

GMC – A Brief History

“Rapid Motor Company” (RMVC) established, which developed the earliest commercial 1901 ever designed

RMVC purchased by to form basis for the General Motors Company 1909

1911 GM purchased Reliance Motor Company and merged it with RMVC

The Marque name “GMC Truck” (GMC) was first shown at the New York International Auto Show: GMC produced 372 trucks that year 1912

GM purchases Yellow Coach, and begins transit and inter-urban 1925 under theBrief GMC nameplate history until the of 1980’s the

GMC introduced its first SUV, Suburban (later changed to Yukon); Jimmy follows in 1969 1937

1940s During the Second World War, GMC produced 600,000 trucks for use by the US military

Beginning a transition from commercial to personal use , GMC introduced Sierra, the brand’s first full size personal use pick up truck 1960

New “rounded line” truck series introduced, broadening GMC’s portfolio and creating product similarity 1973 with : GMCs have different trim levels, larger engine options and generally higher prices

GMC was number three in American truck production, and compact pick up sales soared; GMC introduced its compact pick up entry the S-15 1980s GMC - Brief History of the Brand Cont’d

The word “truck” dropped from the GMC brand name to reflect the division’s emerging image as 1996 GM’s premium producer of trucks, , and sport-utility vehicles

GMC introduced its “Professional Grade” positioning to communicate the brand’s engineering excellence and innovation heritage; it’s the longest running tagline currently at GM 1998

2007 GMC introduced the Acadia, a SUV, which is the company’s first unibody vehicle

GMC introduces the all-new Terrain, a small crossover SUV, to be the brand’s smallest vehicle to date 2009