On the verge with the FCC's Dean Burch Program marketplace moves to L.A. with NATPE

m TheBroadcasting newsweekly of broadcasting and allied arts e Our 43d Year 1974 i

In September, local stations irings Éthis great network se ríoSs uccessfully preso t wor series , ever. MCA nL eT. p ff$-4fl

C z Join us in Suite 1902 -4, Century Plaza Hotel, NATPE Conference. + Features

Prime I Prime II Prime III ten 90- minute features sixteen 90- minute features sixteen 90- minute features

Three of television's highest rated movie packages. First run, off network movies made especially for television direct from ABC-TV's highly successful "Movie of theWeek'and "Movie of the Weekend "series. The Prime Feature packages are a combination of action, drama, comedy, western, suspense and super- natural plots. Stars include: Helen Hayes, Fred Astaire, Burt Reynolds, Edward G. Robinson, Ryan O'Neal, Hal Holbrook, Sammy Davis, Jr., Ernest Borgnine,Van Heflin, Jack Albertson, Patty Duke, Shelley Winters, Jill St. John, Angie Dickenson, and Darren McGavin to name only a few. Capturing large family audiences in over 100 local markets, in all time periods.

Primetime 7:30- 9:OOPM (Fri) KCPX -TV -Salt Lake City No.1 Rating & Share ARB: Nov 72

Fringetime 4:30- 6:OOPM (Sun) WSIX -TV- Nashville No.1 Rating & Share ARB May 73

Daytime (Afternoon) 3:30- 5:OOPM (Sun) WLS -TV- Chicago No.1 Rating & Share ARB July 72

Late Evening 10:30- Midnight KSD- TV -St. Louis No.1 Rating & Share ARB: Oct 73

Weekend 6:30- 8:OOPM (Sun) WCVB-TV- No.1 Total Women & Young Women ARB: May 72

WORLDVISION ENTERPRISES INC. The Worlds Leading Distributor for Independent Television Producers 660 Madison Avenue, New York. N.Y. 1002112121832 -3838

New York. Los Angeles, San Francisco. Chicago. , London. Paris, Tokyo, Sydney,Toronto. Caracas, Sao Paulo. Munich, Rome NATPE MEMBERS: Visit us in suite 1924 Century Plaza Hotel At the time of our founding on March 18, 1949, we made a firm pledge to actively support the concept of public service. Since then, we have devoted an increasing amount of our time and talents to expand the scope and sharpen the

MIST MOM VOSS focus of that commitment. Upon reaching our 25th anniversary, we pledge again our very best READING efforts to present innovative programs designed

CI to inform, to stimulate and to entertain . . . HARRISBURG AMAMI programs that are responsive to the public interests and concerns of our diverse and constantly growing LANCASTER~ audience. CO 44444 mt.

COLOR 571 WGAL -TV 44444 ICE Channel 8 Lancaster, Pa. Representative: The MEEKER Company, Inc. New York Chicago Los Angeles San Francisco

STEINMAN TELEVISION STATIONS Clair McCollough, Pres. WGAL -TV Lancaster- Harrisburg- York -Lebanon, Pa. WTEV Providence, R. I. /New Bedford -Fall River, Mass. Broadcasting iiFeb18

sales where consideration must be mined from value of iClosed Circuit' stock transfer, or where it is part of over -all price paid for number of properties. Hit show: news. There's still more evidence of potency of Commission staff did statistical analysis and found high news as TV audience attraction. Study of Arbitron com- correlation between price paid for stations and their gross pilations shows newscasts, local or network (often both), revenues. Percentage to be charged against gross revenues ranking among 25 highest rated programs in 4I of top 50 as fee will vary according to kind of station and price being U.S. markets. In 34 of those markets, two or more evening paid for it. To maintain confidentiality of station revenues, newscasts rated among top 25 programs, and in 22 mar- commission will not announce fees. New fee schedule is ex- kets, five or more newscasts made it. Dayton, Ohio, might pected to be tailored to return to treasury amount spent qualify as most news -minded market of the lot: 13 local on commission activities in fiscal 1974 - $41.9 million - and network newscasts were in that market's top 25. Hart- plus $2.5 million to be paid General Services Administra- ford metro area of Hartford -New Haven, Conn., had 12 in tion in rent this year (Broadcasting, Feb. 11). its top 25; Charlotte, N. C., 11; Nashville, Phoenix and Tampa -St. Petersburg, Fla., 10 each. In all, newscasts ac- Showdown. Core of administration's conflict with public counted for 224 top -25 positions - as against 135 repre- broadcasting over stalemated long -range funding bill (see sented by syndicated shows in same top 50 markets (story page 46) is that White House is demanding that medium en- page 30). dorse proposed matching funds formula with no strings at- tached. Curiously, parties have "agreed to disagree" on More talk. FCC, under pressure from Justice Department to bill's proposed ceiling - $100 million a year after five resolve three -and -half -year-old rulemaking aimed at break- years: Broadcasters would endorse spirit of legislation, then ing up newspaper- broadcasting crossownership, began mov- fight for more money in Congress through amendment. ing in that direction last week, but not very fast. It decided But administration won't buy same deal on matching; it's to hold oral argument on issue in mid -June, and in mean- insisting on formula of $2.50 in private money to $1 in time to get comments and reply comments from parties in- federal funds or no bill at all. volved to update information already in bulging file. Oral Public broadcasting also has qualms over provision in argument suggestion was put forward by staff, backed by bill mandating that no more than 10% of its budget come Chairman Dean Burch, who had discussed that possibility from any single source (other than federal government). It's last month (Broadcasting, Jan. 7). Commission will also feared measure would preclude emergence of new Ford hold oral argument on equally long -pending proposal to Foundation-type angel. ban crossownership of cable and newspapers; that argument probably to follow by several days one on newspaper - Travel by phone. FCC is slamming brakes on all except es- broadcast crossownership and to be preceded by develop- sential travel to effect maximum savings in energy. It will ment of fresh empirical data on questions involved. eliminate commissioners' travel where phone, mail or other In another matter bearing on issue of concentration of means may suffice. Moreover, trips will be consolidated control of media, commission decided to initiate rulemak- where same person may handle several missions such as in- ing aimed at tightening up AM -FM nonduplication rule. vestigations, inspections, operator examinations, interfer- This now bars such combinations in cities of 100,000 from ence complaints, field hearings, conferences and the like. duplicating each other's programing more than 50% of One effect will be reduction in FCC delegation at Na- time. Commission will consider various modifications - tional Association of Broadcasters convention in Houston among them, decreasing further amount of programing that March 17 -20. Couple of dozen attended last year's event. can be duplicated or setting size of city in which rule ap- There'll be maybe half dozen staffers from Broadcast Bur- plies at smaller population figure, or both. eau to man information booth this year, plus few commis- sioners. Current year's travel budget is $720,000. Hope is Advancing Disney. Change in FCC's access-time rules to turn much of it back. means time change for one of NBC -TV's most consistent Sunday -night fixtures. Wonderful World of Disney, which Mobility. Who are most active lobbyists in FCC affairs has occupied 7:30 -8:30 p.m. NYT slot since 1961, will these days? Current informal poll gives leadership to Moto- move to 7 -8 p.m. next season. That will oust Mutual of rola, in forefront of manufacturing for land -mobile com- Omaha's Wild Kingdom barter-syndication series from munication (with estimated 85% of field) and now on prowl 7 o'clock Sunday spot on many affiliates, including all for as much UHF spectrum as it can shake loose. Vice pres- five NBC-owned stations. NBC strategists hope to build on ident and director of government relations is C. Travis Mar- Disney's 40 -share base to extend Sunday - already NBC's shall, who heads staff of about half dozep. most successful night - into four -hour (7 -11) powerhouse. Although FCC has rejected efforts to acquire substantial additional spectrum pending study of most efficient use of Track record. New fee schedule that FCC hopes to adopt bands, Motorola lobby reportedly is pressing for 115 mhz before it goes before congressional committees in March to of UHF, embracing 14 TV channels (86 mhz), plus 25 mhz defend 1975 budget request will contain at least one new released last year by Office of Telecommunications Policy. wrinkle. Instead of using consideration paid for station as Lobby, according to FCC insiders, is making periodic visits basis to calculate grant fee, commission will use average of not only at commissioners' offices but also in technical station's gross revenues over previous three years. This will areas where ultimate recommendations will be made. Top simplify matters for staff; often it is faced with station Motorola brass, on trips, usually stops at FCC.

Broadcasting is published 51 Mondays a year (combined issue at yearend) by Broadcasting Publications Inc., 1735 DeSales Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036. Second-class postage paid at Washington. Single Issues $1. Subscriptions: one year $25, two years $45, three years $60. Add $52 yearly for special de- livery, $65 for air mail, $4 for Canada, $6 for all other countries. Subscriber's occupation required. Annually: Broadcasting Yearbook $17.50, Cable Sourcebook $10.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 5 FCC departures approach exodus Top of the Week as Burch is called to Nixon staff The software sell. Contemporary problems notwithstanding, Dismemberment of FCC continued program purveyors heading for this week's NATPE conven- last week with announcement by don in Los Angeles find plenty to be bullish about. Page President Nixon that he has ap- 38. Recently modified FCC prime- time -access rule isn't con- pointed FCC Chairman Dean tributing to optimism, with independent producers feeling Burch counselor to President with was particularly burned. They ask New York for relief. Page 24. cabinet rank. Announcement Syndicated product, nevertheless, is continuing to gain made on Friday by presidential prominence. Future depends importantly on network O &O news secretary, Ronald Ziegler, at program chiefs, who explain their pace -making strategies. Key Biscayne, Fla., where Mr. Page 27. For now, syndicated fare is riding high in most Burch, 46, one -time chairman of major markets, as evidenced by Arbitron figures. Page 30. Republican National Committee, And you don't need a ratings book to tell that movies are had been summoned to meeting here to stay. Page 33. with President on Thursday. Mr. Ziegler had nothing on successor to Mr. Burch, other than that replacement as Cost conscious. Soaring production expenses cause ABC's member of commission would be made in about week. He Walter Schwartz to yearn for those thrilling days of yester- said Mr. Burch would be leaving commission to join White year. Page 40. House staff in three or four weeks. Thus, conjecture as to when Mr. Burch would leave Blipped. Producers continue to brood over ABC's refusal commission and what he would do was finally ended. He to air controversial. Dick Cavett offering. They claim deci- has been chairman since Oct. 31, 1969, and speculation sion was arbitrary: network calls it question of fairness. about his future has been rife for at least two years. One Page 43. report nine months ago indicated that top White House job was likely ( "Closed Circuit," May 14, 1973). Trimmed. Emmy has gotten to be a prolific lady indeed - Mr. Ziegler's announcement left open question as to Mr. Burch's successor as chairman. But so much so that NATAS elects to eliminate more than two - Commissioner Richard thirds of coveted awards. It also adds third presentation E. Wiley remained far and away most likely candidate, in ceremony, this one for daytime detergent crowd. Page 44. view of most observers. White House announcement on Wiley designation is expected shortly. Chance for challengers. WMAL precedent becomes less President's appointment of Mr. Burch leaves seven -mem- onerous for citizen groups as appeals court directs FCC to ber agency with prospect of operating with four commis- develop mechanism that could strengthen case for employ- sioners. James H. Quello, named to succeed Democrat ment- discrimination attacks. Action conies as court affirms Nicholas Johnson, is yet to be confirmed by Senate. Nom- WOAI -TV renewal. Page 46. inee to fill vacancy created by resignation of Democrat H. Rex Lee last Dec. 31 has yet to be picked although two or Sidelined. DTP's here- again, gone -again long -range funding three names are said to be receiving serious consideration bill for public broadcasting stays under wraps as industry, at White House. There is not even list of possible candi- administration dispute basics. Differences could kill legisla- dates for Burch vacancy. However, growing number of Re- tion. Page 46. publican members of Senate and House announcing inten- tions not to seek re- election could constitute pool of pros- Contested. Radio's "last contest" craze may have seen its pects for FCC job. last days, as FCC chides two participating stations for mis- Major gaps in FCC staff are also appearing. General leading public. Page 54. Counsel John W. Pettit is leaving commission March 11 to return to private law practice (Broadcasting, Feb. 4). And Effective. Their informational benefits may be limited, but it is unlikely that successor will be named until new chair- according to Citizens Research Foundation, political spots man is in office. As result, Deputy General Counsel Daniel do the job for which they are intended. Page 56. Ohlbaum, 51, who has been with FCC since 1949 and who is regarded as liberal and highly respected as legal scholar beef. FCC rulemaking sleeper which could deprive and trial lawyer, will probably serve for period as acting cable systems of much imported sports programing attains general counsel. top priority on NCTA's enemies list. Page 60. Some of these matters as well as Mr. Burch's future may have been discussed in chairman's meeting with President Pole peril. Cable industry's little guys join the biggest - and White House aides. Commission officials, at least, as- Teleprompter - in condemning pole attachment negotia- sume White House wanted to sound out Mr. Burch on tions. Page 62. H. Rex Lee vacancy. Two leading contenders are still be- lieved to be Professor Glen Robinson of University of Messing with Ma. Does government have right to subpoena Minnesota and Luther Holcomb, of , vice chairman of newsmen's phone records without their knowledge? Wash- United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. ington reporters think not, and they're suing AT &T to Indeed, disarray of commission, which is in midst of prove it. Page 65. trying to dispose of number of major items, is factor in un- certainty of date on which Mr. Burch will join White House Wanderers. With radio management wielding heavy ax and staff. President Nixon would have liked him to begin courting competition with equal fervor, you almost need a working for him immediately, but chairman said he would Baedeker to keep track of whereabouts of nation's leading need time to close out his affairs at FCC. Mr. Burch, who program directors. Page 68. is spending this week in Arizona, was traveling last Friday and could not be reached. Then and now. Harry Trigg has been on Chicago's TV Mr. Burch, who will earn S42,500 in his new post, scene for so long he's almost an institution. Now, as $2,500 more than he makes as FCC chairman, will serve as NATPE president, he presides over one. Page 91. general advisor with responsibilities cutting across variety

Broadcasting Feb 18 1971 8 of fields. Duties will be comparable to those of two other Surging. ABC -TV has turned itself around from presidential aides, Anne Armstrong, and Bryce Harlow. weak third to fairly solid second behind CBS in Mr. Ziegler in news briefing said Mr. Burch will not be first four weeks of second season (Jan. 14 replacement for anyone on staff; question had been asked through Feb. 10). Over this four -week period, about Mr. Burch filling vacancy created when Melvin Laird ABC has 20.0 Nielsen rating and 31.9 share, be- left post as domestic affairs adviser to President. However, hind CBS's 22.1 rating and 34.1 share but ahead Mr. Harlow has been reported as preparing to leave White of NBC's 18.1 rating and 28.1 share. ABC has House. fashioned its improvement out of good audience Mr. Burch, resident of Arizona, first came to promi- sampling for three of its new shows (The Six Mil- nence as aide to Senator Barry Goldwater (R- Ariz.), whose lion Dollar Man, Happy Days and The Cowboys), staff he joined in 1955. He was campaign manager for recent resurgence of its Tuesday Movie of the Senator Goldwater in 1964 presidential campaign. He is Week and Marcus Welby M.D., and such strong close to another prominent Arizona Republican, Richard theatrical -movie titles as "From Russia with Kleindienst, who served as attorney general in Nixon Love," "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," "The administration. Boston Strangler" and "The Big Bounce." ABC Chairman Burch probably will not be only person is still third in over -all season -to -date (Sept. 10- Feb. 10), moving from FCC headquarters to White House. His however, with 17.7 rating, to CBS's special assistant, Charles Lichenstein, who planned to leave 21.3 and NBC's 18.8. commission on March 21, is expected to accompany him. House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Torbert Macdonald (D- Mass.) praised Mr. Burch as "outstanding In Brief FCC chairman. I know the FCC will miss his strong guiding hand. I'm sure his presence on the Hill will be wel- Bell concession. AT &T is moving to strengthen privacy of comed by me and my colleagues." But Mr. Macdonald, customers' long- distance telephone records. Beginning March unable to let records stand after such unbridled enthusiasm, 1, no Bell system telephone company will turn over toll rec- added, "The White House made a great choice, but I'm not ords to government or law -enforcement or legislative com- sure Dean Burch made a great decision in accepting it." mittees except under subpoena or administrative summons. when Chairman Burch may elaborate on plans, and on feelings And they comply with such requests, Bell system com- as his departure from commission approaches, in speech panies will notify customers, except in cases when agency re- Thursday to Arizona Broadcasters Association, in Phoenix. questing records certifies that notification could impede its investigation. Viewer disbelief no excuse for White protest. Fairness in Broadcasting Committee of Citi- ad distortion, NARB panel holds zen's Council, St. Louis, thinks CBS -TV's Jan. 31 broad- Five- member panel of National Advertising Review Board cast of The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman was "one moved last week to squelch "the notion that [in adver- hour of undiluted antiwhite racism." It has so informed tising] it is permissible to overstate a claim, in literal terms, network, asking for equal time and enclosing script of pro- on the grounds that there is an almost inevitable dilution of posed reply program that would show blacks abusing whites. its credibility due to viewer cynicism." If allowed to prevail, panel said, that notion would encourage techniques of ex- CBS, ABC buys. Two more CBS -owned TV's, WCBS -TV aggeration and puffery that are potentially misleading and New York and KNXT(TV) Los Angeles, have signed for Al- "diminish the credibility of all advertising." len Funt's new Candid Camera half-hour series for next Panel's ruling was in case involving TV commercials for fall. Group's WCAU -TV Philadelphia signed earlier (story Fram oil filters, in which it is said car owner might have page 27). And ABC-owned TV stations have bought Salty, avoided $200 repair job by spending $4 for new filter when- the Sea Lion from 20th Century -Fox TV for 1974 -75 sea- ever he changed oil. Panel said commercials "are not literally son. Series, 39 half- hours, is to be filmed in Bahamas with true" and "to some degree [misled] at least some viewers, Ricou Browning (of Flipper) as producer. perhaps as many as 15%" based on audience studies Fram Toe in water. Enterprises is sounding out stations viewers were submitted to prove not really misled at all. in leading markets on syndication possibilities for My What viewers really remember, Fram said, was point NARB Three Sons, which had long runs on ABC-TV (1960 -65) didn't challenge - that it's important to change filters fre- and CBS -TV (1965 -72). Key sales could trigger release of quently. half -hour series for start this fall. More than 200 episodes were produced. Another go in 'Pensions' dispute NBC will have day in court in fairness doctrine dispute New program plan for PTV. Public Broadcasting Service has with FCC over Pensions: The Broken Promise. U.S. Court taken wraps off ambitious programing concept that it be- of Appeals in Washington has stayed commission order di- lieves would revolutionize existing system of PTV in U.S. recting network to make time available for contrasting It's called National Program Market, cooperative through views, but ordered hurry -up hearing on merits of case. It which stations (aided by funds from PBS -administered will be held Thursday (Feb. 21), and no briefs are to be trust) would purchase nationally produced programs. filed in advance. Date makes it possible for court to decide System, first proposed two years ago by PBS President case before Congress completes action on pension- system Hartford Gunn, would replace existing PBS program dis- reform legislation. Senate has already acted, and House tribution process (technically similar to commercial net- vote on companion bill is due Feb. 26. House -Senate con- works). ference committee would be required to reconcile differ- PBS will issue catalogue giving stations outline of ences. FCC General Counsel John Pettit, who represented programs available for purchase. Stations will indicate commission, said it denied stay pending appeal because it preliminary preferences, and PBS would then tell stations felt contrasting views should be aired before Congress how much their choices would cost. If process goes with- acted. He said "hard-hitting program" could climate out severe hitch, cooperative could be functional by sum- in which Congress might act differently than it would if all mer. Large part of money for national trust will come views had been expressed. from Ford Foundation, which is currently studying alterna-

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 7 What's My Line?"is about the show a station manage And keep it there for years of new, untried program:

Goodson -Todman's Currently, "What's My Line ?" has a "What's My Line ?" wins record of strong, long'runs more women than lead -in in syndication: programs in 33 markets 4 or more years in (24 in prime- access time). 34 markets, 5 or more Average increase is 31 %. years in 19 markets, and In 24 markets (18 in 6 years in 12 markets. prime- access time) "What's My Line ?" wins more total viewers than lead -in programs. With a 35% average increase. wrest audience-building an put in a choice time slot. end avoid agonizing appraisals vith each coming season.

For years, this most "What's My Line?", with famous of all game shows Tony Award -winning Larry has proven its appeal to Blyden as its personable women, in particular, and host, is available for to all audience segments. September1974 in some Its strength as effective markets. Get it now, counterprogramming against and rest easy for a long early network and local time to come. news has been documented time and again. Viacom Source: NSI, Nov. 1973. Audience estimates are subject to qualifications available on request. tive funding plans. It has $40 million to spend on public Going it alone. John Rich, producer -director of top ranking broadcasting as it withdraws support to medium. Ford's All in the Family, announces formation of his own indepen- board of directors got staff proposals Friday (Feb. 15) and dent production company, John Rich Productions. is expected to act soon. Late Fates. Charles T. Bates elected secretary, CBS Inc., Nowhere. With Chairman Dean Burch suddenly called to succeeding late Julius F. Brauner. Lowell L. Barton, VP -en- see President in Florida (see page 6), FCC made little prog- gineering and planning for Continental Telephone Co.'s ress at last Thursday's meeting on pay -cable antisiphoning Central region, named VP in charge of turnkey systems di- rules. Under discussion were several options advanced by vision, Jerrold Electronics Corp., Horsham, Pa. Bill Weaver, staff to get around problem of defining "substantial" in former executive with McLendon and Capital Cities broad- modification of present rule denying pay cable use of casting groups, named VP-general manager of KONO (AM)- sports if "substantial" number of games have been on free KITY (FM) San Antonio. FCC Commissioner Robert E. TV in previous years. One suggestion: let pay cable bid on Lee named 1974 Patron by Washington section of Institute half of all games free television isn't currently carrying. An- of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - organization's other: let broadcasters keep lock on what they have, let highest award - for contributions to electronic- communica- pay cable bid on everything else. tions field. Robert F. Hurleigh, one -time president of Mu- Enough. Group station owner Kaiser Broadcasting says its tual Broadcasting System, is rejoining that network as news one -year experiment with lower ceilings on commercial analyst. Julian Barber, veteran broadcast newsman most re- time in certain day -parts is over, and it has increased load cently with WBBM -TV Chicago, will join Mutual as news- up to National Association of Broadcasters code standards, caster. W. Thomas Davis, 65, radio and CATV group effective immediately. Company says it will also "continue owner, died Feb. 11 in Los Angeles. He was joint owner to support reduction in current levels through industry or- of KUUU(AM) Seattle and of KWIZ -AM -FM Santa Ana and ganizations and on its own, as well as urging station man- KLOK(AM) San Jose, both California, and of Davis Com- agement to continue present reduced levels whenever mar- munications Inc., Atlanta -based multiple cable TV firm ket conditions permit." that has CATV systems in California, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Leonard Weinles, 51, FCC public informa- Fast deadline. Parties opposing request that FCC stay tion officer, died of heart attack Feb. 14 in Bethesda, Md. prime- time -access rule have until Thursday (Feb. 21) to say He joined commission in 1967, before that was executive so. Petition, filed by National Association of Independent producer of public affairs for WNBC -TV New York, direc- Television Producers and Distributors, seeks stay of one tor of news and public affairs at WCBS (AM) New York. year, or until September 1975, pending judicial review of Dan Golenpaul, 73, creator and producer of Information its appeal (see story page 24). Please quiz program in radio's heyday, died Feb. 13 in New York after long illness. (For earlier reports, see "Fates & Pulling out. Teleprompter Corp., New York, said last week Fortunes," page 78.) that it will write down investment of some $2.1 million next month as result of its termination of cable franchise in Newark, N.J. Company departed city after local officials pressed for new franchise, expedited construction activity. Headliners Teleprompter also said it was hopeful - but not certain - that it will be able to continue constructing Oakland, Calif., system, which now has 2,000 subscribers. Failure of Focus Cable (Teleprompter controlled subsidiary) to satisfy Oakland franchise requirements has caused city to impose $750 -a-day penalty clause (Broadcasting, Feb. 4). Tele- prompter said it will continue to build in Oakland if terms of new franchise amendments now being discussed are "sat- isfactory." Second look. Combined Communications Corp. and Pacific and will plans Southern Broadcasting Co. resubmit merger Quaal Pecaro Astrin to stockholders. In joint statement, companies noted stock- holders first approved merger "just as the nation was being Ward L. Quaal, president of WGN Continental Broadcasting apprised of the present 'energy crisis.' " To permit assess- Co., has begun indefinite leave of absence due to illness. ment of that situation and other developments, they said, Announcement was made by J. Howard Wood, board chair- shareholders will meet, probably in May, to take another man of Tribune Co. subsidiary, who said duration of leave vote. CCC spokesman said company's outdoor advertising would depend on future events and Mr. Quaal's health. business could be adversely affected by energy crunch. Daniel T. Pecaro, executive VP- general manager of WGN - Companies gave assurance that sale of P&S stations KIMN- TV Chicago, has been named acting general manager of (AM) , WQXI (AM) Atlanta and WQXI -FM Smyrna, company, and Marvin H. Astrin, executive VP- general man- Ga., to Jefferson -Pilot Broadcasting Co. for $15 million ager of WGN (AM), has been named acting assistant gener- will go ahead as planned. FCC has already approved CCC- al manager. WGN Continental also owns KWGN -TV Denver P&S merger and sale of P &S radio properties (Broadcasting, and KDAL -AM -TV Duluth, Minn., and through subsidiary Jan. 14). operates CATV systems in Michigan and California.

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Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 to Ozzie's 3,G42,000 girls.

They're all 18 to 49 years old. They live in 77 cities and see Ozzie every week. In48 of the markets,Ozzie's girls outnumber the young women (18 -49) watching all lead -in programs. By an average 67 %. And in 38 markets,with 3 to 7 stations, Ozzie's girls make up the largest crowd of young women watching any program in the time period. Could a man ask for more?

`OZZieSGirl.i A Filmways production distributed by Viacom

Source: NSI. No 1973. Audience estimates are subject to qualifications available on request. Datebook®

Indicates new or revised listing. Feb. 20-21-Joint Committee on Congressional March 1- American Bar Association Gavel Awards Operations hearings on Congressional access to entry deadline. Competition is open to broadcast national media. Place to be assigned, Capitol Hill. and print entries that contribute to public under- American legal and judicial systems. Press Institute seminar standing of Feb. 20-23- International Contact: ABA, Committee on Gavel Awards, 1155 This week economic and political problems, on U.S.-Canadian East 60th Street, Chicago 60637. sponsored jointly by American and Canadian IPI Feb. 17- 20-Nationel Association of Television Pro- committees. Toronto. March 1- Deadline for comments on FCC's proposed gram Executives 1974 conference. Century Plaza revised rules to permit use of Vertical Internal hotel, Los Angeles (see stories and agenda, begin- Feb. 21- Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers monthly meeting, with presen- Reference signal for monitoring Color quality of ning on page 23). TV programs. tation on FCC's FM /TV and microwave monitoring Feb. 18- 20- Broadcast Industry Communications trucks. Key Bridge Marriott hotel, Rosslyn, Va. March 1- Extended data for filing reply comments Systems (BIAS) annual seminar. Featured speaker: in FCC proceeding on ascertainment of community Rivermont Feb. 21- 23- Wyoming Association of Broadcasters and Benjamin L. Hooks, FCC commissioner. winter convention. Ramada inn, Casper. problems by educational broadcast applicants hotel. Memphis. formulation of policies relating to renewal of educa- Feb. 23- 25- Mutue/ Advertising Agency Network tional broadcast licenses. Feb. 18- Armstrong Memorial Research Founda- national meeting. Newporter Inn, Newport Beach, National Academy tion /Columbia University Engineering School Arm- Calif. March 2-Washington chapter, strong Awards deadline. Awards offered for FM pro- of Television Arts and Sciences seminar on television grams in news, community service, education and film editing. WRC -TV Studios, Washington. director, music. Contact: executive Armstrong in March 5- Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Awards, 510 Mudd Building, Columbia University, Also February 1974 congressional reception and dinner. Washington New York 10027. Feb. 25- Federal Communications Bar Association Hilton hotel, Washington. Feb. 18 -22 -Texas Tech University, Department of luncheon meeting. Speaker Bruce Wilson, deputy March 7-Joint Committee on Congressional Opera- Mass Communications, Mass Communications Week. assistant attorney general, antitrust division, Depart- tions hearings on Congressional access to national TTU, Lubbock, Tex. mein of Justice, on media crossownership. Army - media. Place to be assigned. Capitol Hill. Navy club, Washington. Feb. 19- National Press Club luncheon. Featured March 7- Consumer Subcommittee of Senate Com- speaker: Lewis A. Engman, chairman. Federal Trade Feb. 27 -Doyle Dane Bernbach Inc. annual stock- merce Committee oversight hearings on Federal Commission. NPC, Washington. holders meeting. 15 Columbus Circle, New York. Trade Commission. Room 5110, Senate Office build- Feb. 28 -March 1- Georgia Asso- ing, Washington. Feb. 19 -April 9- International Radio and Television ciation annual convention. Speaker: FCC Commis- Society weekly seminars on broadcasting and the law. March 7- Deadline for submission of interim re- sioner Richard E. Wiley. Marriott Motor hotel, Atlanta. Bankers Trust building, New York. ports to FCC on tasting of proposed systems of auto- matic audio identification of programing material on Feb. 20- Consumer Subcommittee of Senate Com- radio and television. merce Committee oversight hearings on Federal Trade March Commission. Room 5110, New Senate Office building, March 11 -12 -Ohio Cable Television Association Washington. March 1- Consumer Subcommittee of Senate Com- annual convention. Scot's inn, Columbus. merce Committee oversight hearings on Federal Feb. American Society of Composers, Authors March 11 -12- National Cable Television Association 20- Trade Commission. Room 5110, New Senate Office legislative conference. Duality inn, Washington. and Publishers West Coast membership meeting. building. Washington. Century Plaza hotel, Los Angeles. March 12 -New York State Broadcasters Associa- March 1 -Radio Television News Directors Asso- Feb. Deadline for comments FCC's tion 20th annual membership meeting and legislative 20- on proposed ciation deadline for entries, 1974 news awards com- dinner. Albany Hyatt house, Albany. rulemaking providing one -hour earlier sign -on time petition. Awards will be offered for radio and TV for daytime AM stations in response to adoption of reporting on significant problem, spot news, investiga- March 12 -Joint Committee on Congressional Opera - year -round daylight saving time. tive reporting and editorializing. lions hearings on Congressional access to national


MIFED, the International Film, TVfilm and Documentary Market for film buyers and film sellers, is held in Milan twice a year: April and October. If you have films to sell - Cine -films or TVfilms - do not miss this chance to meet buyers and distributors from the many countries represented at MIFED.

MIFED is a market which for fourteen years has traded Cinema and TVfilms on a world -wide scale. Transac- tions are made in the privacy of its quiet and Comfortable surroundings. At MIFED you can find producers interested in co- production and financial agreements for new films. Import- export licences and similar permits are obtainable from the appropriate authorities who have offices on the premises.

MIFED is a club reserved for the exclusive use of persons engaged in the production, buying and renting of films. It has 18 projection studios for the presentation of film, TVfilm, VTR and VCR programs. For further information and bookings concerning the 29th MIFED, 18 to 25 April 1974, write to: MIFED, Largo Domodossola 1, 20145 Milano (Italy) V 495.495, Cables MIFED -Milano. Telex 33660 Fieramil. Requests for bookings should be made before 15 March 1974 together with the registration fee of U.S. $ 20.

MIFED Delegation In Los Angeles: Dr. Vittorio Sanguineti, 1900 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067, Telex 67 -3394 Italtrade LSA

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 12 Laughter. Love in abundance. And a lifestyle with sound social and moral values as its bedrock. It's a program perfectly right for our time. And more... It's the kind of family every woman wants to join.

FamilvAffair" fromViacórn,naturall y . Viacom builds sitcom




You know the strength of back-to-back sitcoms in fringe time. They can build bigger, better audiences at each successive half-hour break. And set you up with the right audience going into prime time. One example:19 stations with 3 consecutive fringe -time sitcoms increased their number of 18 -49 women by an average 77% and their total viewers by 71% over the 90- minute span. And another:16 stations with 4 or more sitcoms in a row boosted 18 -49 women 227% and total viewers 62 %, on the average, in their120- minute -or-longer laugh span. There's one sure way to get the best results. Make sure you get the best sitcoms. From Viacorn Source: NSI, Nov. 1973. Audience estimates are subject to qualifications available on request. media. Place to be assigned, Capitol Hill. March 15- 16- Canedlen Broadcasting League annual March 19 -Dun & Bradstreet Companies Inc. conference. Skyline hotel. Ottawa. annual stockholders meeting. 100 West 10th Street, March 12- Special one -day program on "Electronics Wilmington, Del, Communications: Industry Trends and Economic Di- March 15-17- American Women in Radio and Tele- rections," held in conjunction with EIA spring con- vision board of directors meeting. Doubletree inn. March 20-Cox Broadcasting Corp. annual stock- ference. Shoreham hotel, Washington. Scottsdale, Ariz. holders meeting. CBC headquarters, Atlanta. March 13- Electronic Industries Association annual March 16- Directors Guild of America annual March 21- Delaware Valley chapter, International spring conference. Shoreham hotel. Washington. awards dinner. Beverly Hilton hotel, Los Angeles, Industrial Television Association industrial television workshop. Shelburne hotel, Atlantic City, N.J. March 14- Consumer Subcommittee of Senate and Hotel Pierre, New York. Commerce Committee oversight hearings on Federal March 16- Washington chapter. National Academy March 22- Deadline for reply comments on FCC's Trade Commission. Room 5110. New Senate Office of Television Arts and Sciences seminar on television proposed rulemaking providing one -hour earlier sign - building, Washington. producing and directing. WTTG(TV) studios, Wash- on time for daytime AM stations In response to ington. adoption of year -round daylight saving time. March 14- Tennessee Association of Broadcasters 1974 sales clinic. Speaker: Richard C. Block, Kaiser March 16- Association of Maximum Service Tele- March 26-28- National Cable Television Association Broadcasting president. Holiday Inn -Vanderbilt, casters special board of directors meeting; March board meeting. Pebble Beach, Calif. Nashville. 17 -AMST annual board of directors meeting and March 26 -28- National Cable Television Association Association/ annual membership meeting. All at Hyatt Regency regional legislative conference. Quality Inn, Wash- March 15- Broadcasters Promotion hotel Houston. Michigan State University deadline for submis- ington. sion of promotion entries. Categories include audi- March 17-20--National Association of Broadcasters March 26-29-Institute of Electrical and Electronics ence promotion, sales promotion and community 52d annual convention. Albert Thomas Convention Engineers annual International convention and ex- involvement. Contact: Robert Schlater, TV and Radio and Exhibit Center, Houston. position. Steller Hilton and Coliseum, New York. Department, MSU, East Lansing 48823. March 18 -19- National Cable Television Association March 27.26- National Cable Television Association March 15-16-American Forces Radio and Television legislative conference. Quality inn, Washington. legislative conference. Quality inn, Washington. workshop. Houston. March 19- Hollywood Radio and Television Society March 27- 28-Association of National Advertisers- March 15-18-Fifth annual Country Radio Seminar. International broadcasting awards presentation din- Premium Advertising Association of America coopera- Hilton Inn, Nashville. ner: Century Plaza hotel, Los Angeles. tive workshop, "Management of Incentive Promo- tions in Today's Economy." Plaza hotel. New York. March 28- Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers monthly meeting. Place to be announced. March 30- Washington chapter, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences seminar on television make -up. WETA-TV studios, Washington. March 31 April 2- Action for Children's Television Festival of Children's Television featuring interna- tional children's programs and programs designed for children with special needs. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington. Registration information: ACT, 46 Austin Street, Newtonvilie, Mass. 02160,

April April 1- Deadline for reply comments on FCC'S proposed revised rules to permit use of Vertical Interval Reference signal for monitoring color quality SOUND SOLUTION TO PROFITS of TV programs. April 3- Association of Independent Television Stations Inc. board meeting. 1 Rockefeller Plaza. "Live" automation from SMC puts your best sound New York. April 5.6 -New Mexico Broadcasters Association forward ... retains your own distinctive air per- annual convention. Airport Marina hotel, Albuquer- sonality and enables you to vary your salary que. ... April 5-6- Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma as Delta Chi region five conference for members In overhead required. Good sound solution to Wisconsin, central and northern Illinois, Indiana improve your profit line is this SMC and Kentucky. Bloomington. Ind. April 5- 7- Society of Professional Journalists, SEQUENTIAL automated Sigma Delta Chi region eight conference for mem- bers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. system that automatically Tulsa, Okla. April 6- Georgia Associated Press Broadcasters handles your "On -Air" Association annual meeting. Marriott Motor hotel, Atlanta. functions. Now's the time April 10-New England Cable Television Associa- tion spring meeting. Hlghpolnt Motor Inn, Chicopee, to take a closer look at Mass. April 13- Washington chapter, National Academy of the economies of Television Arts and Sciences seminar on television videotape editing. WTTG(TV) studios, Washington. automation by SMC. April 16- International Radio and Television Society full -day conference on "The Now and Future Role of Computers in Broadcasting and Advertising." Biltmore hotel, New York. Phone or write April 18-19- Institute of Broadcasting Financial

for Major meeting dates In 1974 Feb. 17-20- National Association of Tele- full facts today! vision Program Executives 1974 conference Century Plaza hotel, Los Angeles (see page -and visit our Booth 111 23). East Hall NAB Convention March 17.20- National Association of Broad- casters 52d annual convention. Albert Thomas ' 11 in Houston, Mar. 17-20. Convention and Exhibit Center, Houston. April 21-24-National Cable Television As- sociation 23d annuel convention. Conrad Hilton hotel, Chicago. II°THE COMPUTER CASTERS FROM Please send complete information May 8.12-American Women in Radio and and prices on SMC SEQUENTIAL. Television annual convention. New York Hil- ton, New York. June 2.5-American Advertising Federation annual convention. Statler Hilton hotel, NAME Washington, I I June 64- Broadcasters Promotion Associa- Systems Marketing Corporation tion 1974 seminar. Hyatt -Regency, Atlanta. STATION Oct. 10-13- National Association of FM Broad- 1011 W. Washington St. casters annual convention. Fairmont hotel, Bloomington, III. 61701 New Orleans. ADDRESS Nov. 13-16--Society of Professional Journal- (309) 829 -6373 ists, Sigma Delta Chi annual national con- vention. TowneHouse hotel, Phoenix. ZIP for a good sound reason Nov. 17 -19-- Television Bureau of Advertising 20th annual meeting. Century Plaza hotel, Los Angeles.

Broadcasting Feb 181974 16 PSSSST !


DR. TOE 6ANNON M6M PE'NTMOUSá nitre caNruRr PLAZA A Les Wallwork and Associates is proud to represent the following Television Series & Specials at the N.A.T.P.E. convention at the Century Plaza Hotel, February 17 thru 20,1974. We cordially invite you to drop by and meet the members of our staff and their special hosts Bill Burrud and Dale Robertson

BILL BURRUD PRODUCTIONS "ANIMAL WORLD" -70 markets '/2 hour once a week "SAFARI TO ADVENTURE" -50 markets 1/2 hour once a week, strip or library

FISHMAN /FREER PRODUCTIONS "DEALER'S CHOICE" 260 EPISODES -30 markets 1/2 hour once a week or strip



LASATER PRODUCTIONS "THE AMERICAN HORSE & HORSEMAN" with Dale Robertson -26 one hour episodes


IIP We look forward to seeing you LES WALLWORK & ASSOCIATES at the N.A.T.P.E. Convention: 1541 N. Vine Hollywood, California 90028 Les Wallwork, Jim Isaacs & Dick Hasbrook (213) 466 -3381 TWX: 910 -321 -2875 Management /Broadcast Credit Association quarterly Sigma Delta Chi region three conference for mem- board of directors meetings. Chase -Park Plaza hotel, bers in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, St. Louis. South Carolina and Florida. Tuscaloosa, Ala. BROADCASTING PUBLICATIONS INC. April 1B- 23- MIP -TV, the International Television April 19-20- Society of Professional Journalists, Sol Market. France. Sigma Delta Chi region Taishoff, chairman. Program Cannes, four conference for members Lawrence B. Taishoff, president. in Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania and West vice April 18- 25- IFED, international film, TV film and Virginia. Cleveland. Maury Long, president. documentary market. Contact: MIFED, Largo Domo- Edwin H. James, vice president. dossola 1, 20145 Milano, Italy. April 19.20- Society of Professional Journalists, Joanne T. Cowan, secretary. Sigma Delta Chi region nine conference for members Irving C. Miller, treasurer. April 19.20- Society of Processional Journalists, in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Lee Taishoff, assistant treasurer. Sigma Delta Chi region one conference for members Denver. in New York, central and eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New England. Fordham Uni- April 19.20- Society of Professional Journalists, versity. midtown Manhattan campus, New York. Sigma Delta Chi region eleven conference for mem- bers in California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii. April 19-20-Society of Professional Journalists, Fresno, Calif. Broadcastingm The newsweekly of broadcasting and allied arts TELEVISION, Executive and publication headquarters BROADCASTING -TELECASTING building, Open Mike® 1735 DeSales Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036. Phone: 202 -638 -1022. Sol Taishoff, editor. Lawrence B. Taishoff, publisher. EDITORIAL Edwin H. James, executive editor. Donald West, managing editor. Sunburned non, and reintroduced by him in reference Rufus Crater (New York), chief correspondent. to television. Leonard Zeidenberg, senior correspondent. EDITOR: I must reply to your editorial J. Daniel It might be noted that two of the net- Rudy, assistant to the managing editor. ( "Seasons in the sun," Jan. 28) in regard Frederick M. Fitzgerald, senior editor. works' did vote in Alan Steele Jarvis, Don Richard, Michael Shafn, to the National Association representatives not of Broad- favor of the reaffirmation of the resolu- assistant editors. casters board meeting at Mullett Bay. Carol Dana, Thomas Hundley, staff writers. ion. They were CBS and NBC. One voted Jonathan Tourtellot, editorial research. Your reference to the meeting as being against it and one voted to abstain. Nancy Dahl, Monica Dignam, Patricia Thach, the start of fratricidal conflict between - editorial assistants. Dan McKinnon, president, KSON (AM) Lucille DiMauro, secretary to the editor. radio and television membership is the San Diego. second such editorial comment in the past BUSINESS couple of months, and one must wonder Maury Long, vice president. David N. Whitcombe, director of marketing. if you in fact are promoting such a con- Unimpeachable Doris Kelly, secretary. frontation. EDITOR: Your Jan. 21 report on Mike SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS This recent editorial comment stems Art King. director; Joseph A. Esser, associate from the radio board's discussion of sex Wallace's 60 Minutes feature criticizing editor; Howard Moss, Donna Wyckoff. and nudity in television, and you ques- press junkets repeated the same false implication as that segment -that ABC, ADVERTISING tion radio's right to pass judgment on Winfield R. Levi, general sales manager (New York). television programing. I would suggest CBS and NBC pay all expenses for all John Andre, sales manager -equipment and participating TV editors. engineering. that just as your publication concerns David Berlyn. Eastern sales manager (New York). both radio and television, every radio There is a small but growing number Bill Merritt, Western sales manager (Hollywood). of newspapers, perhaps 10 including my Stan Soifer. sales manager-programing (New York). and is concerned with Lynda Dorman, classified advertising. broadcasting per se- particularly in the own, that pay the air fare and hotel bills eyes of the public. Ask most any radio of their reporters. I personally don't feel CIRCULATION that my columns are therefore more can- Bill Criger, circulation manager. station manager about his mail or his Kwentin Keenan, subscription manager. phone calls, and he'll tell you he gets "in- did than those of a reporter who lets the Patricia Johnson, Jean Powers, Odell Jackson, quiries" about some of the things he sees networks pick up the bills, but it does at Esther Kronstadt, Stephen Brown. on television, and perhaps vice versa. least avoid the appearance of compro- PRODUCTION We're all broadcasters, and rightly so be- mise.-Barbara H. Ryan, TV -radio edi- Harry Stevens, production manager. Post. Roh Sandor, production assistant. cause our goals are similar. I hope our tor, The Denver Laurie Endter. radio board (of which I am a member) ADMINISTRATION and our television continue to board talk Any takers? Irving C. Miller, business manager. about each other and, yes, work together Lynda Dorman, secretary to the publisher. as we are now, for the benefit of all EDITOR: Last October, we conducted the Philippe E. Boucher, Brenda Otey. broadcasting. -Kay Melia, general man- first all -talk (no records) marathon ever BUREAUS ager, KLOE(AM) Goodland, Kan. held by a radio station: Program director NEW YORK: '7 West 51st Street, 10019. Phone: 212-757 -3260. Wynn Moore was on the air continuously Rufus Crater, chief correspondent. EDITOR: The stories you've had in the last for 30 hours, 111/2 minutes. Before the Rocco Famighetti, senior editor. "Guinness Book of World Records" peo- John M. Dempsey, assistant editor. couple of issues concerning the National Leslie Fuller, staff writer. Association ple will publish this listing, they ask that of Broadcasters TV board's Winfield R. Levi, general sales manager. interest in sex programs on radio puzzle all radio stations be advised of this record David Berlyn, Eastern sales manager. me. were a group of us on the joint in case someone dares to challenge it.- Stan Soifer, sales manager-programing. There Susan Yang, Harriette Weinberg, advertising board whö' took an avid interest in elimi- Erny Tannen, president, WEEZ(AM) assistants. nating topless radio. It seems to me to Chester, Pa. HOLLYWOOD: 1680 North Vine give credit to the TV board for that in- Street, 90028. Phone: 213 -463 -3148. Earl B. Abrams, senior editor. terest is misplacing proper credit for the report Bill Merritt, Western sales manager. part NAB played in eliminating topless Consultants Sandra Klausner, assistant. radio. EDITOR: I wish to note one correction I do agree with your editorial sugges- in your Feb. 4 article on CATV fran- BROADCASTING magazine was founded in 1931 by Broadcasting Publications Inc., using the title tion that winter board meetings should chising. The article includes a reference BROACCASTING -The News Magazine of the Fifth be held in the real world. Also, it doesn't to a study by Mitre on behalf of the city Estate. Broadcast Advertising was acquired in 1932, Broadcast Reporter in 1933, Telecast. in seem you place much emphasis on the of Roanoke, Va. In fact, the Roanoke 1953 and Television in 1961. Broadcasting- passing of the reaffirmation of the resolu- study (on behalf of the city, Roanoke Telecasting', was introduced in 1946. tion passed in March concerning morals county and the town of Vinton) was com- and standards in broadcasting. The affir- pleted by Foster Associates Inc. and At- mation was aimed directly at television lantic Research Corp. These two firms this time, whereas, the first time it was continue to serve as consultants to the aimed at radio. It initially was introduced three communities.-Edward Shafer, vice Reg. U.S. Patent Office. by a radio board member, Dan McKin- president, Foster Associates, Washington. © 1974 by Broadcasting Publications Inc.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 19 Monday Memo®

A broadcast advertising commentary from Robert C. Hood, vice president and media director, Campbell -Mithun, Minneapolis

Campbell -Mithun's computer earliest effort in this area was a system called "broadcast advertising reach turns out to be not such and frequency estimator," affectionately a bad kid after all known by the unlikely acronym BARFE. It's essentially a computerized sorting and Most of us seem to have survived the counting routine that determines reach impact of the computer sciences on ad- and frequency for radio and TV based on vertising and marketing. It hasn't been tabulating real or simulated schedules easy, but the rewards are here to be from diaries. The American Research plucked and the future seems warm and Bureau bought the rights to BARFE, and bright. today it is just one of several analytical There never has been anything wrong tools offered by this organization to help with the computer sciences. It's just that broadcast advertisers measure the impact through the early years passed some of of their schedules. the most persuasive spellbinders our busi- We've got programs called MARFE ness had seen for a long, long time. They and MARFO and MULMAG and a were prophets who annointed computers string of other media planning models with powers they never really had, who we regularly use which principally meas- made a lot of people promises they ure reach and frequency of different never really could keep. One terribly sad schedules and combinations of media. consequence some of us experienced We're about to move into the next through those years was the drain of generation of planning models which we client dollars into unrealistic computer feel will improve our accuracy consider- systems. Dollars that otherwise could have Robert C. Hood is a 23 -year veteran of ably. Most of these new models will im- gone to more communications with cus- Campbell- Mithun's Minneapolis office. His prove our ability to deal with mixes of tomers -which is, after all, the name of career has been devoted entirely to media media -TV, radio, newspapers, maga- this business. work. He has held positions of buyer and zines and soon, outdoor. And one of the But those early years are behind us. associate media director. He was elected a main features of most of these new And it remains that the computer sci- vice president of the agency in 1970 and models is their ability to zero in on the ences have taken their major step toward named media director of the Minneapolis exact target audiences our clients con- the promise of the early days. And that is office in 1973. He was one of an original sider to be the heart of their best cus- simply to reduce data to meaningful in- C -M group formed to investigate the use of tomer groups. formation that helps people improve the computers in marketing and media analysis. The third and final area of our com- communications planning process. Most of the systems currently used by the puter applications is media buying. Pre- At Campbell -Mithun, we had our early agency had their initial beginnings in this and post -evaluation of spot TV sched- and heated love affair with the prophets study group. ules is a key tool for our buyers to help of computer sciences. Through it all we them maintain top -quality standards and learned an orderly and systematic ap- tions is marketing and media planning. maximum dollar efficiency in spot place- proach which we are certain helps us do Our work for Northwest Orient Airlines ments. a better job of planning for our clients. illustrates how computers have helped We also will be coming up shortly with And in the process we have improved the us approach problems. This airlines client a separate computerized information re- effectiveness of our people by giving them is really a giant retail conglomerate of- trieval system that will give us an almost an even greater opportunity to do what fering over 200 daily flights serving nearly instantaneous track records of all cur- our people are supposed to do best - 40 different local markets and with corn - rent spot buys placed by each of our four think, plan and be creative. petition all over the place. offices. It will help assure optimum buy- At C -M our computer systems operate Our Northwest Orient computer sys- ing performance based on the combined in three general areas -administration, tem studies almost every conceivable lo- experience and volume of all recent and marketing and media planning, and media cal market fact -from population demog- currently negotiated schedules in each buying. raphy to sales potential, from departure market. It isn't that this work wasn't be- Our administrative systems revolve times to boardings, from revenues to mar- ing done before. It's just that the com- around two programs. The first we call ket shares, and, of course, competitive puter does this job so fast that we've our "client profitability reporting system," activity in all areas. been able to cut out much of the drudg- which really is a sophisticated cost control What results is an allocation of adver- ery and free our bueyers to do more procedure with major benefits to our tising weight by media to each local mar- of the things they are supposed to do clients as well as ourselves. ket, which helps us meet Northwest best -think, plan and negotiate. The second is a huge system we call Orient's specific needs and opportunities Maybe it might sound as if we're guilty Dataflow, which handles all phases of on a week -to -week basis or even daily, of weaving the same old web of mystery budgeting, ordering, paying and billing. if necessary. This system is just one of around our computer systems. We've tried It's automated from beginning to end, and several tools we use in our work with hard not to do this. We know from ex- it has worked for us. In fact, we recently Northwest Orient which has helped con- perience that the only real payoff in com- spun off the system into a separate com- tribute to the strong sales and profit puters is the improvements they make in pany called Adfomation. In addition to position our client has enjoyed in recent advertising effectiveness for our clients, our agency, Adfomation has several years. And with the full impact of the not in any short -run heroics we as an prominent Midwest companies as clients. energy crunch just around the next cor- agency can generate. As a separate company, Adfomation, of ner, we're confident this system can be It took a long time and a lot of hard course, maintains absolute security con- expanded and modified to fit our client's work to get where we now are with com- cerning all information entering into the rapidly changing needs. puters. But everyone seems to have bene - system. We have a variety of other programs fitted -our clients, our agency and our Our second area of computer applica- we regularly use in media planning. Our people.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 20 Next September Yongestreet will launch HEE HAW into its fourth successful season in syndication. So, we're celebrating at the NATPE with hospitality suite and some real down home vittle Come join us, please. We promise not to mention that

is now delivering 11,000,000 homes a week, or that the show is SRO on 216 stations. We figure you know that. Everybody does.

But it certainly is a fine occasion to celebrate the imminent start of our fourth successful year. Stop in and celebrate with us.

s p p.p ',5J7r' LIBRARY 3 _ SIOUX FALLS, S. DAK. gongestreet i, program services, inc.


357 N. CANON DRIVE BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210 (213) 273 -8290 FOUR STAR PROGRAMMING... Entertainment From Any Angle!

Four Star Entertainment -long a producer- distributor of quality programs -now offers you FIVE exciting opportunities to telecast something new and fresh during your important non -network time periods. SEE all five programs at Four Star's PENTHOUSE SUITE at the Century Plaza during NAIPE!

"THE X FACTOR" A penetrating search for the answers to those questions for which there appear to be no answers! A weekly half-hour series created, produced and hosted by JOHN NEWLAND, the talented maestro of the overwhelmingly successful "One Step Beyond!" Gripping dramatization of the psychic happenings experienced by famous personalities from all walks of life!

"THE WORLD OF MEDICINE" At last! An answer to the growing public demand for more medical knowledge! "The World of Medicine" is a 10 -12 minute series of filmed programs featuring outstanding animation and designed to communicate to viewers In plain language the most intriguing aspects of physical and mental health. A unique series where Four Star offers you a complete half-hour program or the option to provide your own wraparound with studio discussions by medical experts from your community using suggested script outlines furnished by Four Star.

"SECRETS OF THE DEEP" Astronaut /aquanaut SCOTT CARPENTER stars as the on- camera host- narra- tor of these fascinating 13 half-hour color specials which probe the oceans and the seas of Planet Earth! Exciting and timeless subject matter in the highly rated tradition of the National Geographic and Jacques Cousteau specials! "THRILLSEEKERS" Unlike any other adventure show on television! This one-of -a -kind series roams the globe in search of those daredevils who risk their lives to defy death! CHUCK CONNORS stars as the host of this series which en- tertains and delights the whole family as it brings the world of high adventure and fast action into America's homes! 52 episodes available!

"THE MOVIE SCENE" CBS -TV's distinguished and incisive Hollywood television journalist DAVID SHEEHAN stars in a weekly half -hour series of reviews, pre- views and behind -the- scenes interviews encompassing the whole spectrum of the fascinating world of entertainment! Provocative dialogues with the biggest stars in all phases of Show Business! Plus 1974 Pre -Oscar Awards Special.

Plus "THE WESTERN CLASSICS" (Available for stripping!) THE BIG VALLEY" (Color) 112 Episodes! "THE RIFLEMAN" 168 Episodes! "WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE" 94 Episodes! "ZANE GREY THEATER" 145 Episodes! "THE WESTERNERS" 125 Episodes! "STAGECOACH WEST" 38 Episodes!

Visit Four Star's 400 S. Beverly Dr., PENTHOUSE SUITE . Beverly Hills, at the Century Plaza Ca 90212 and meet (213) 277-7444 JOHN NEWLAND 240 E. 55th St., and New York, New York SCOTT CARPENTER 10022 In person! (212) 421-4444 Cable: FOURSTARINC [email protected] IR°ngN, Vol. 86 No. 7

There's an energy crisis. There's grow- show that domestic sales in 1972 (not Prngrnning ing unemployment. There's the prospect including $54.6 million assigned as the of advertising leveling off. And, worst of value of time given for barter shows all, there are the new rules for prime -time and trade -outs) rose to almost $205 mil- access. But many of the television syndi- lion, up from about $180 million in 1971. Few sad songs cators flocking this week to the annual There are as yet no official figures for conference of the National Association of 1973, but one authoritative source placed for NATPE Television Program Executives in Los the U.S. sales gross last year at an esti- Angeles are seemingly undaunted. Says mated $217 million (plus an escalating one: "This year could be an excellent one, barter market). as '74 sales but it may only be good." Those syndicators with substantial in- There are dissenters. The National As- ternational business fared exceptionally sociation of Independent Television Pro- well in 1973. The overseas sales total drive gets ducers and Distributors is officially look- last year jumped to about $125 million, ing on the gloomy side. In filing an up from about $98 million in 1972. under way appeal from the FCC's prime -time modi- Factors leading to this upsurge were a fications, the association predicted severe general increase in prices for U.S. pro- 'lt Never Rains in Southern California' crimps in the syndication market (see graming, a growing volume of feature might be theme song for biggest -yet next page). film sales and, to a minor extent, dollar convention of program executives, The growing investment in television devaluation. targets of a swarm of syndicators advertising in 1972 and 1973 helped This year's NATPE convention shapes who in the main foresee strong sales boost syndicated programing sales in up as the largest yet, with more than a though some hate prime -time changes those years. Figures released by the FCC thousand delegates expected to attend,

news Saturday, Feb. 18 Agenda Hugh & Hoffman Inc.; Pat Polillo, 5:00 p.m. -9:00 p.m. Registration. Private director, WAGA -TV Atlanta; Robert Rier- meetings of station groups, distributor son, Rierson Broadcasting Consultants. sales staffs and smaller industry organiza- 12:30 p.m. Scholarship award luncheon 11:15 a.m. Address: Governor Ronald tions to be held throughout day. Speaker: Senator Frank E. Moss (D -Utah) Reagan of California. 8:00 p.m. -11:00 p.m. Most hospitality suites Chairman: Julius P. Efflandt, KTVH(TV) 12:30 p.m. Program excellence awards will open. Wichita, Kan. Entertainment news by John luncheon. Chairman: Jim Major, WITI -TV Barbour, critic -at- large, KNBC -TV Los ; entertainment news by Rona Sunday, Feb. 17 Angeles. Barrett. 2:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m. Screenings and pro- p.m. NATPE executive com- 2:00 p.m. "Broadcast Standards and Chang- 10:00 a.m. -2:00 gram open house. mittee and board of directors meetings. ing Moral Values." Chairman: Joe Sands, KNXT(TV) Los Angeles. Tom 6:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. Associate members re- 10:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Registration. Guests: Snyder, host, The Tomorrow Show: ception. Chairman: William L. Clark, 20th 12 noon -10:00 p.m. Screenings and pro- Swafford, vice president, pro- Century-Fox TV. gram open house in hospitality suites, plus Thomas J. gram practices, CBS -TV; John P. 8:15 p.m. Private screening of "The Exor- some equipment displays. Twaddle, program manager, WCVB -TV Boston. cist." Shubert Theater. 10:00 p.m. -11:30 p.m. Press briefing: The business side of acting" with Scott 3:15 p.m. "New Uses For Ratings and Re- Wednesday, Feb. 20 Buddy Ebsen, Dale Robertson, search." Chairman: Phil Boyer, KNBC -TV Carpenter, 9:30 a.m. "Programing By Pressure." Los Angeles. Guests: James Landon, vice Lisa Todd and Buck Owens. Phil Corvo, KGTV(TV) San president, planning research, Cox Broad- Chairman: Diego. Guests: Robert Gill, director of casting; William Shafer, vice president, Monday, Feb. 18 minority affairs, Bonneville Broadcasting; American Research Bureau; James Shoe- 9:00 a.m. Group W breakfast for wives, Ray Hubbard, vice president -programs, maker, vice president, A. C. Nielsen Co. hosted by Mike Douglas. Post -Newsweek Stations; Robert O'Con- 9:00 a.m. President's call to order and wel- 10:00 p.m. Press conference on advertis- nor, program director, KTTV(TV) Los come by Mayor Thomas Bradley of Los ing: "Who's Doing What To Whom ?" Angeles; Frank Orme, executive vice presi- Angeles. Moderator: Dennis James. Panel: Charles dent, National Association for Better 9:30 a.m. "Prime Time Access Revisited." Bachrach, Ogilvy & Mather Inc.; Jim Broadcasting; Kevin O'Sullivan, president, Chairman: Lew Klein, Gateway Communi- Levey, Grey Advertising; Auram Butensky, Worldvision; William Osterhaus, vice presi- Ed Papazian. cations. Panel: Douglas J. Elleson, vice Dancer -Fitzgerald -Sample; dent, KOED(TV) San Francisco; William B. president -general manager, WVUE(TV) BBDO. Ray, chief of complaints and compliance New Orleans; Lou Friedland, president, division, FCC. A debate Tuesday, Feb. 19 on censorship, MCA -TV; Henry A. Gillespie, vice presi- blacklisting, CAN, minority programing, dent, Viacom Enterprises; Roger D. Rice, 9:00 a.m. Worldvision breakfast for wives, ethnic characterizations. Straw vote poll. vice president -general manager, KTVU- hosted by Monty Hall. 12:45 p.m. "Man of the year" luncheon. (TV) Oakland, and president, Association 9:00 a.m. "How To Mount News." Chair- Chairman: Harry Francis, vice president, of Independent Television Stations. Com- man: Herb Victor, KABC -TV Los Angeles. operations, Meredith Broadcasting. Enter- ments by Dr. Alan Pearce and John Bass Guests: Frank N. Magid, executive direc- tainment news by syndicated columnist Jr. of FCC. tor, Magid Associates; Robert J. McBride, Joyce Haber and Dave Sheehan, entertain- 11:30 a.m. Address by FCC Commissioner communications director, WJBK -TV De- ment editor, KNXT(TV) Los Angeles. Charlotte T. Reid. troit; Philip L. McHugh, president, Mc- 3:00 p.m. Elections and business meeting.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 23 including representatives of advertising recent years with costlier shows including produce local programing that meets local agencies, station representatives, merchan- Stand Up and Cheer and the Wacky needs). dising- promotion firms and international World of Jonathan Winters, is probably NAITPD acknowledged that the esti- broadcasters. More than 70 program syn- not returning with new programs, al- mate "may prove in some minor respects dicators (see page 33) will exhibit their though a C -E spokesman emphasized inaccurate." But program sellers, it add- wares (both old and new). Advance that plans were not firm. ed, are "affected by what the buyers registration shows that in addition to pro- Among the less- than -sanguine syndica- think to be true." Accordingly, it said, gram managers, a larger representation tion salesmen are those who say that prospective purchasers are refusing to of station general managers than ever be- broadcasters have suddenly become tight buy any product, leaving independent fore -more than a hundred-will attend. with programing finances. Sales may well producers committed to the production The agenda (see page 23) zeroes in on be sluggish this year, they say reluctantly, of unsalable programs. It notes that "ir- such bread -and -butter subjects as mount- although two types may do well: barter revocable" commitments for next season ing a news program, broadcast standards, shows and feature film packages. Barter, had already been made by the time the new uses for ratings and research and it seems to them, is the way to go when commission issued its notice on Nov. 29 the prime -access rule. But the meeting times are tight. It requires no outlay from forecasting the dimensions of the modi- also will tackle the provocative issue of the station, and it gives broadcasters add- fi:ation it would make. "programing by pressure." ed income. "Barter is a dirty word," said NAITPD, which intends to ask the Syndicators have scheduled screenings one syndicator, "but not when times are court to stay the commission's action if of their programing in hospitality suites tough." the commission does not, said that inde- beginning Sunday (Feb. 17) from 10 a.m. pendent syndicators will suffer "irrepara- to 5 p.m. On view were numerous first - ble injury" as a result of delay in staying run syndicated series, new product of the rule's effectiveness, regardless of how popular programing of years gone by and New access rule the case is decided. "The resulting delays, a limited number of off -network produc- disruptions and deficiencies in amount tions. In that last category: cuts their market and /or quality of available new 1974 -75 Medical Center from MGM Television programing (from whatever source it (release date in 1976), Family Affair by two -thirds, ultimately comes) cannot but damage from Viacom, Room 222 from 20th Cen- both stations and their public viewers," tury -Fox Television, Partridge Family independents say NAITPD said. Love, its for a from Screen Gems, American stay, The association, in request Style from , and Producers -distributors seek stay, listed four major arguments it will in quality Hawaii Five -O, also from Viacom with predict decline program make in seeking to have the court over- release date unspecified. turn the commission's action: is a prob- The prime-time access rule still the Among the new properties to be ex- lem for the FCC despite the conclusion Since the designated purpose of are Allied Artists' rulemaking proceeding was to evaluate posed during NATPE of a rulemaking that modified it last The Family Robinson; Independent Tele- the rule's performance, the commission's month (BROADCASTING, Jan. 28). The vision Corp.'s My Partner, The Ghost; National Association of Independent Tele- "entirely proper and necessary conclu- Worldvision Enterprises' Stan 'N 011ie which sion" that the rule had not had a suffici- New vision Producers and Distributors, disposed the and The Irish Rovers; Fox's Strike will reduce its ent test should have of issue Producers contends the modification rule have been retained It Rich; Metromedia Corp.'s members' chances to sell programing to and the should The force "pending development of a fuller Jeopardy; Group W Productions' stations, has appealed the commission's in Hilarious House of Frightenstein and to the Court of Appeals for operational record." Family Counselor; Gottlieb Pro- action U.S. /Taffner the Second Circuit, in New York. The conclusion that evaluation was grams' Special Branch; Showcorporation's NAITPD has also asked the commis- premature and the rejection of the argu- We, The People; Syndicast Services' Vir- to effectiveness of the rule ments of the rule's opponents "mandated Wallwork Asso- sion stay the - ginia Graham Show; Les now scheduled for the start of the 1974- retention of the rule" in light of what the ciates' Dealer's Choice; Fremantle Corp.'s was 75 season -"for one television season." commission said the "clear and con- Swiss Family Robinson; Time -Life Films' The association said the requested stay siderable burden of the opponents [of the Wild, Wild World of Animals and Music, would make sure that "the otherwise in- rule] to demonstrate that, in actual opera- Music Music; Four Star Entertainment's evitable and necessarily irreversible di- tion, the rule will not serve the public Secret of the Deep and X Factor; Ted rection of industry affairs" during the interest." Bates' Today's Health and Program Syn- months does not render "The report and order is deficient on Space. next several dication Services' Inner meaningless, "even before it is reached," its face" as justifying any change in the Back in contention for prime -time- the final resolution of the court case. The rule because it lacks "any findings of fact, access slots are such hardy perennials as commission did not act on the request at conclusions of law or any analysis of Worldvision's Let's Make A Deal; Yonge- its meeting on Wednesday. record or other matters" on which the street Productions' Hee Haw; Don Fed - The rule, as adopted, bars top-50- commission, or the court on appeal, derson's Lawrence Welk Show; Rhodes market stations from carrying network could base a decision. Productions' Hollywood Squares and programing at 7:30 -8 p.m. NYT, Mon- The changes convert "an antimonop- Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. day through Saturday. There is no limit olistic economic regulation into a statu- A sampling of program buyers indi- on network programing on Sunday, and torily and constitutionally impermissible cates there are no immediate plans to re- one of the half hours now denied net- foray into government regulation of pay duce expenditures for syndicated product works could be made available to them cable." NAITPD based that on the cited this year; they explained they must com- for children's specials or public affairs justifications for the rule change in gen- mit for the future for such pre -release programing. In its present form, the rule eral and some changes in particular- series as MCA -TV's Ironside, Marcus limits top -50- market affiliates to three the exemptions for various specials. Welby, Adam -12; Warner Bros.'s The FBI hours of network or off- network pro- NAITPD and the Association of In- and MGM's Medical Center. And new graming between 7 and 11 p.m. NYT. dependent Television Stations petitioned programing must be bought, they said, NAITPD said in its request for a stay the commission on Dec. 16 to set the ef- although there may be some belt-tighten- that stations see the rule as reducing the fective date of the new rule no earlier ing if the advertising economy falters. 42 half-hour availabilities in each top -50 than the start of the 1975-76 season to One buying representative said he has market (14 half hours weekly multiplied leave time for a final determination of the noted a trend away from the more ex- by three network affiliates) to 12 (21 rule's validity before its effectiveness. The pensive first-run show. He pointed out eliminated by daily loss of 7 -7:30 p.m., commission two weeks ago, in the text that Metromedia Producers Corp. is not three more by loss of the other half hour of its order modifying the rule, rejected producing a new cycle of Dusty's Trail, on Sunday, another three by network the arguments for the year's delay. an action -adventure series. And Camp- specials, and a final three by compliance bell- Ewald, which was represented in with the FCC's exhortation to stations to NATPE coverage continues on page 27

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 24 Actually, they never really left!

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For Details Conn TELEVISION 15 Columbus Circlë-New or with special local programing -as many Three men with the muscle in prime -time access O &O outlets are already doing (mostly on weekends). ABC's Bushnell, CBS's Hough, NBC's syndicated programing and syndication For the access periods, then, the O &O Harris have the say over buying habits plans at their command than any other programers, like other affiliates, have of the network O &O's -and with it station executives except, conceivably, in fewer access holes to fill this year than the key to success of most syndicated one or two of the largest nonnetwork- last. An exception is ABC's Mr. Rush- offerings; what they buy today is what owned groups. They not only get this in- nell. ABC's KABC-TV Los Angeles and others will find on shelves tomorrow formation quicker, but from the top ex- xco-TV San Francisco, which on most ecutive levels of the companies they deal weeknights have been running feature Three men for program buyers and sell- with. They also have the advantage of films that extend to 8 o'clock, are flip - ers to keep an eye on over the next sev- being in positions to influence the spend- flopping news and movies as of April 1 eral weeks are Squire Rushnell,' Hal ing of more dollars in syndication, pro- to bring the network's Smith-Reasoner Hough and Wes Harris, the programing gram for program, than any station -level news report on at 7. That opens up 7:30- vice presidents for the owned- and -oper- executive -which no doubt helps account 8 p.m. -until next fall, when network ated TV stations of ABC, CBS and NBC, for some of their other advantages. Be- football presumably will again block out respectively. Decisions they make will go yond that, they have resources for pro- early evening on both stations on Mon- a long way toward determining what gram research and analysis to depths be- days. syndicated programs their O &O stations yond the means of most. Partially because of network football will buy. And if conventional wisdom is Yet for all their advantages, Messrs. in the fall, but mostly because its wts -Tv correct, the O &O selections will help de- Rushnell, Hough and Harris will be go- Chicago schedules news through the 7:30- termine much of what syndicated pro- ing to the NATPE convention this week 8 p.m. NYT period, ABC doesn't have graming viewers around the country will -rather, Messrs. Rushnell and Harris any five- station program buys in the see = particularly in prime access time - will be going; Mr. Hough is staying in Monday-Friday access periods and isn't in the 1974-75 season. New York for a combination of reasons in a position to make any. But it could To syndicators, certainly, the network -sharing one disadvantage with all other make one, maybe two, four -station buys O&O's are far and away the most sought - programers there: All in addition to any cooperative effort the after showcases. The speed with which a three insist they have no surer knowledge stations might make in children's pro- syndicator starts letting the trade know than anyone else about how their re- graming in access periods, according to when he has made a sale to an O&O spective networks will program under the Mr. Rushnell -who, incidentally, will be group is exceeded only by his alacrity in revised prime time access rules. Conse- at NATPE as a sort of lame -duck O &O

Rushnell Hough Harris programer. He was named last week to early access to more information about fill one or more of the 7:30-8 periods notifying other affiliates directly. A buy quently, like everyone else, they aren't the ABC Entertainment vice presidency by a network O &O group, it is said, will sure how many half -hours they will need in charge of children's programing (story virtually assure enough other sales to to fill. page 79) but expects to be doing duty make any series a success, while failure All three are going on the assumption in both jobs for the next several weeks. to get onto an O &O may be considered a that the networks will program 7 -11 p.m. His successor in the O &O post had not shortcut to failure elsewhere. NYT on Sundays and 8 -11 p.m. all other been named last week. The men in charge of programing for nights. That means local access program- Messrs. Rushnell, Hough and Harris the network O &O's buy this reasoning ing at 7:30 -8 no more than six nights a would speak only in guarded terms about only up to a point, however. They agree week-one less half-hour than this year. what they might recommend for their it is undoubtedly easier to sell program- But the networks also have a "wild groups for the new season. It was clear, ing that has the endorsement implicit in card" under the new rules: one night of however, that they were familiar with all an O &O buy, and therefore harder to sell their choosing in which they may present the properties being offered, and some product that lacks it. But they can also documentaries or other programs of a hinted they might begin to make com- cite series that made it onto O &O's but specified character in the 7:30 -8 period. mitments before the convention opened. didn't endure, such as Golddiggers and In the first formal disclosure of prime It seemed apparent that they were not David Frost Revue of recent memory, access plans, NBC announced last week greatly impressed with the general run of and, perhaps more spectacularly, series it would play its wild card on Saturdays, programing currently on the market -an like Hee Haw and Lawrence Welk Show offering documentaries from 7 to 8. That attitude not unusual among buyers in any that have saturated the country without cuts to five the 7:30 -8 positions to be product line. They avoided down -grading getting onto an O &O. filled by NBC stations. Other affiliates the offerings directly, but CBS's Mr. Messrs. Rushnell, Hough and Harris will experience a similar reduction if Hough, for example, felt there was an have advantages over other station pro- CBS and ABC schedule wild -card nights absence of successful new development gramers. Because their stations are among of their own. And the syndication market projects and that, for the most part, "the the leaders in top markets, they have will be shrunk further if stations elect to only things that are working are game

Broadcasting Feb 181974 27 Source: NTI Raungs Report. Average Audience. Adults 18 -49. two weeks ending Jan. 27.1974. r. he ABC Television Network reached more adult 18 -49 prime -time viewers in the first two weeks of the new 1974 season than any network ever reached in any Nielsen report period in the history of television. During this period ABC launched five new weekly series that generated remarkable viewer enthusiasm among young adults, and ABC's total prime -time schedule achieved significantly higher ratings to place the network 28% ahead of one competitor and 37% ahead of the other in the audience area most sought after by marketers. ABC Television Network ¡- shows and animal shows "-a criticism rectors, which in the Sunday 10:30 spot filling four of its five 7:30 weeknight that seemed directed as much to the ac- has been one of the group's best ratings periods with wildlife adventure series: cess rule as to the programing itself. performers, are not being offered by World of Survival, Wild Wild World of Mr. Rushnell also seemed to imply a Faberge next season: new episodes of Animals, Animal World and Strange need for better programing by sug- Dusty's Trail are not planned and there Places (titled Other People, Other Places gesting the ultimate answer may lie in a are recurring reports that Chevrolet may in most markets). All four are perform- willingness to invest in "network- quality discontinue production of Stand Up and ing "respectably," Mr. Rushnell says, but programing" for access periods. And Cheer. adds that "whether they will continue in NBC's Mr. Harris felt that most of the Three CBS stations are carrying Wacky the same ratio is subject to some ques- new properties introduced for access this World of Jonathan Winters, two have tion." The widely sold Let's Make a Deal past season "have not performed at levels Dating Game and other access periods is WABC -TV's other weeknight access pro- where you can reasonably expect re- are occupied by a miscellany that in- gram. newals." He suggested that "access has cludes Treasure Hunt, Wild Kingdom, Other series in. ABC access slots in- matured to the point where it is now Let's Make a Deal, Wild Wild World of clude Dating Game, Evil Touch, Price Is pretty clear what the heavy hitters are - Animals and Hollywood Squares, plus Right, Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, and there aren't many." Among the special local news /public- affairs reports. Treasure Hunt and Wild Kingdom. "heavy hitters" in his book are Holly- As of last week, CBS had made two While the O &O programers are con- wood Squares, Let's Make a Deal and commitments for 1974 -75, both one - centrating their access -time attention on Wild Kingdom. station deals: Renewal of Wild Wild 7:30 -8 p.m. periods, there's a subsidiary On a more positive note, Messrs. World of Animals for xNxT(TV) Los An- access -rule change that could affect a lot Hough, Harris and Rushnell agree that geles and purchase of the new Candid of stations. The 7 -7:30 NYT period will a large volume of material is available Camera for WCAU -TV Philadelphia. be free of restrictions, meaning the net- this year, and Mr. Harris, for one, feels Although ABC has no five- market pro- works could program that half -hour if there are several prospects that will create grams in the 7:30 -8 weeknight slot, it they wished. They're not really expected more interest at this year's NATPE con- does have two that are now or soon will to, at least not on a regular basis, but vention than was the case last year. be on all five stations: Let's Make a Deal since the O &O's are programing network "For one thing," he says, "more pilots and Ozzie's Girls, both scheduled in a or local news on that period anyway, they are available for display. Having a pilot mixture of weekend and weeknight ac- don't have to worry about even the re- tends to give a syndicator a leg up- cess periods. mote possibility of having to find addi- buyers want to see the cloth." When their programing "flip- flops" on tional syndicated material to fill it. That's Although the O &O programers wouldn't April Ito open up 7:30-8 p.m. on week- another advantage on their side. say what cloth they're thinking of buying, nights for KGO -Tv and KAaC -TV, those sta- But the advantages are not all one -way. some clues to the past preferences of tions will offer a mixture of access selec- Though no one likes to talk about it for their respective O &O groups may be tions. KGo-ry will have what Mr. Rush- quotation, sources within all three O &O found in current access schedules. nell considers a "very healthy" line-up groups insist that syndicators charge them The five NBC -owned stations, which that includes two weekly episodes of disproportionately high rates -anywhere as a group are generally conceded to have Hollywood Squares and one each of Let's from 40% to 60% of a program's pro- turned in a better rating performance in Make a Deal, Ozzie's Girls and Secrets duction costs. Which could help explain access time than either of the other O &O of the Deep. KABC -TV will have the last syndicators' eagerness to get to O &O's groups, are most heavily involved in five - of these plus Wild Refuge and "some first, to keep them on top of new de- market buys. They have -or had -five with marginal expectations of success." velopments, to get them signed as soon series on all five stations: two weekly KGO -Tv's deal for Hollywood Squares as possible. Or, as somebody put it, "the editions of Hollywood Squares, and Wild runs through next season. price is a disadvantage that helps pay for Kingdom, Price Is Right, Police Surgeon In New York, WABC -TV is currently some of the advantages." and Starlost. They're all still in place ex- cept Starlost, a one -hour science -fiction series scheduled on Saturdays, which fell victim to the numbers -"it didn't meet Syndicators' product making horse race of it our expectations," in Mr. Harris's words -and was replaced variously in different Analysis of Arbitron data indicates or near access periods, though some ob- markets in January. 'Wild Kingdom,"Hollywood Squares' viously were in other day-parts. Other access periods on the NBC among those amassing strong ratings Counting those that scored more than O &O's are filled by a variety of series in the top -50 U.S. markets once in their markets, the 23 series ac- including Wait Till Your Father Gets counted for 135 or approximately 10% Home, Safari to Adventure, Dusty's Trail Syndicated series ranked among the top- of all the top -25 positions in the 50 mar- and Police Story, plus locally produced 25 programs in 42 of the top -50 U.S. kets. news and public affairs. markets in Arbitron measurements last Wild Kingdom and Hollywood Squares CBS's Harold Hough, who recently re- fall, the latest of their kind currently were in the top 25 in more markets than turned to the O &O programing vice presi- available, a BROADCASTING analysis show- any other series-16 each. But Squares, dency-and additionally was put in ed last week. Some of the multi- episode which offers two editions a week, scored charge of broadcast services for the O &O series enjoyed ratings that put them into with both episodes in three of those mar- group, which accounts in part for his the top 25 as many as five times in the kets to lift its total positions to 19. failure to be at NATPE this week -sees same market. Several scored two, three To Tell the Truth had the most top-25 several advantages in five- station program and four times. positions: 24 in 10 markets. Truth or buys. One, the foremost, is that the buyer In all, 23 series made it into the top 25 Consequences had 19 in six markets, is more apt to get an attentive hearing at least once in one or more of the 50 Price Is Right 11 in 10 markets. Among if he sees flaws that he thinks should be largest markets -the ones directly affect- other leaders, Hee Haw scored in eight corrected or has ideas for other improve- ed by FCC's prime -time access rule. (Ac- markets, Let's Make a Deal in seven, ments. tually, the Arbitron compilation covers Lawrence Welk Show in six and 15 others Yet the CBS group, which used to have 51 markets, reporting on Hartford -New in a total of 20 markets. several five -market buys, has none this Haven, Conn., in two ways: Once for the Five episodes of Truth or Consequences year and isn't likely to have any in the Hartford metro area, oncc for the Ncw scored in the top 25 in Charleston -Hunt- coming season, because WBBM -TV Chi- Haven metro area. On that basis, syndi- ington, W. Va., and Harrisburg -York- cago presents news in the Monday- Friday cated programing was in the top 25 in 43 Lancaster-Lebanon, Pa., while three made access periods. of 51 markets.) the lists in Hartford -New Haven (New The CBS stations do have four four- The Arbitron report does not specify Haven metro) and Norfolk- Newport market buys this year: Dusty's Trail, broadcast times in most cases. However, News -Portsmouth -Hampton, Va., and Great Mysteries, Stand Up and Cheer it appeared probable that a majority of two in New Orleans. and Protectors. But new episodes of Pro- the syndicated programs involved were in To Tell the Truth was represented five

Broadcasting Feb 181974 30 Single- system sound for less than $430... the new KODAK SUP TIC 200 Sound Camera.

Inexpensive's the key word behind the new SUPERMATIC Find out what's happening with reliable, economical 200. Because now, for the first time, you can get single- super 8. Send for more information. system, automatic sound motion pictures with lip syn- The KODAK SUPERMATIC 200 Sound Camera. chronization for less than $430. Now you can really sound out the news. That means location shooting for news coverage, commercials and features at a fraction of the cost Please send me more information on all of your of electronic equipment. And the SUPERMATIC 200 professional super 8 equipment. frees you from hampering cables and bulky power Eastman Kodak Company supplies. And even better, you can shoot in existing Dept. 640 -PR light with no external illumination. Rochester, New York 14650 141 This new camera comes with a built -in sound re- corder and omnidirectional mike for high -quality Name reception. It loads with either 50- or 200-foot car- Address tridges of economical super 8 film. All this, together with any of our specially designed broadcast City equipment, provides you with a low -cost option for local color programming. State Zip Three Special Advertising Opportunities NAB

Pre-Convention Issue, Convention Issue, Post-Convention Issue, March 11. March 18. March 25. Advertising Deadline: Advertising Deadline: Advertising Deadline: March 4. March 11. March 18.

Everyone selling a So don't miss these For full information on Washington 20036 service, concept or unique advertising op- positions available -or Maury Long, John Andre product to the billion - portunities ... begin- to reserve space -con- 1735 DeSales Street NW dollar radio /TV market ning with the March 11 tact your nearest 202 -638 -1022 must be represented in Broadcasting repre- Pre -Convention Issue New York 10019 one or more of Broad- sentative: ... followed by the Win Levi, Dave Berlyn, casting's NAB Conven- special March 18 Con- Stan Soifer tion specials. vention Issue with its 7 West 51st Street bonus distribution -at 212- 757 -3260 the Convention ... and the March 25 Post - Hollywood, California 90028 Convention Issue, Bill Merritt where all that happened 1680 North Vine Street is wrapped into one 213 -463 -3148 package.

You Wong in Broadcastingm times in the top 25's of Birmingham, Ala., and Nashville; three times in Prov- idence, R.I., and twice in Memphis, Going to the movies more than ever Phoenix, Albany- Schenectady -Troy, N.Y., Feature -film packagers head particularly brisk to independent stations. and Tampa -St. Petersburg, Fla. for NAiPE in bullish mood Several distributors from major studios Andy Griffith Show made the top 25 as their product becomes more made the point that some of the features four times in Orlando -Daytona Beach, of a fixture in the programing world they would have directed to stations end- Fla., where Hogan's Heroes made it three ed up on the networks. Since stations times. Beat the Clock scored twice in Al- Television distributors intend to maintain cannot pre -empt easily in prime periods, bany- Schenectady -Troy. What's My Line? a steady flow of feature films to stations they said, some of the newer features made it twice in Greenville- Spartanburg, in 1974, as movies continue to flourish were sold to the networks. One company S.C. -Asheville, N.C., Gilligan's Island as a staple programing form popular with pointed out that in 1973 it signed almost twice in Grand Rapids -Kalamazoo, Mich. advertisers and viewers. $30 million in network contracts, calling Others placing in top 25's were Ozzié s Many of the major motion picture for delivery of motion pictures over a Girls and Police Surgeon in three markets syndicators will introduce new packages period of several years. "Some of these each, and Doctor in the House, Untamed at the NATPE convention, and smaller - might have gone to stations if we could World, Bobby Goldsboro, World of Ani- sized distributors will be offering special- have sold them for prime exposure," he mals, Dragnet, Strikes-Spares- Misses, You ized product- science -fiction, wildlife - said. Asked for It and Treasure Hunt in one adventure and children's productions. Last year proved to be particularly each. But a number of companies plan to de- active in the overseas market. One inter- Markets in which no syndicated pro- lay release of new packages until later national specialist said some stations graming appeared in the top 25 were Bal- this spring. overseas stocked up on their feature film timore, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Though there were fewer syndicated supply for several years to come. Esti- Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York, St. Lou- features in prime time last year because mates are that sales of movies abroad is and San Antonio, Tex. of the restrictions of the FCC prime - almost doubled in 1973, rising from $35 The top -50 market study was the latest access rule, syndicators regarded 1973 million in 1972 to more than $65 million four-week Arbitron report for which re- generally as a bullish year. Movies, old (though collections, of course, will pro- sults were available last week. It was con- and new, filled numerous time slots in ceed over the next two to four years). ducted last Oct. 24-Nov. 20. daytime and fringe periods and sales were United Artists Television is weighing

Who is selling what packages. Personnel: Alex Horowitz, Chad Lahr, Buster Keaton, Edgar Kennedy, Leon Mason, Gerry Corwin, Milt Strasser. Errol. Personnel: George Nuccio, Bob Cur- at the NAiPE tiss, Ed Tashjian, Nat Schorr, Bob Kennedy. Avco Embassy Pictures Following are capsule listings of the pro- 1301 Avenue of the Americas, New York Borden Productions gram producers and distributors exhibit- 10019. Great Meadows Road, Concord, Mass. ing their product at this week's conven- American Sketch Book (5), "Years of Light- Various documentary programs. Personnel: tion of the National Association of Tele- ning, Days of Drums" (1), feature -film pack- William H. Sweney. vision Program Executives at the Century ages, Including Plus Twelve (12), 28 for '68 Plaza hotel in Los Angeles. Each capsule (28), Top Time Features (46), Kickoff Cata- Capital Cities Broadcasting lists the firm, its headquarters, the pro- logue (19), VIP Group (18, test releases in- 4100 City Line Avenue, Philadelphia 19131. grams available and the firm's personnel cluding "The Graduate "). Personnel: Joseph Living World of Jim Fowler (24), Doodletown attending the convention. E. Levine, E. Jonny Graff, Charles Britt, Sy Pipers Specials (6), Countdown Rodeo (26), Indian Alan Enterprises Inc. Shapiro, Walter Keenan, Bob Anastasia. America (1), Fire In the Cool World (1), and five 17366 Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades, Calif. sports specials. Personnel: Avco Program Sales Charlie Keller, William Mulvey. 90272. 140 West Ninth Street, Cincinnati 45302. Movie Jamboree (39), Mystery Shelf, Janus I Phil Donahue Show (260), On the Money George Carlson & Associates (41 feature films), Janus II (39 feature films), (52), Young People's Specials (10), Hanna - Arcade Building, Seattle 98101. Walter Reade first run features (150 titles), Barbera Specials (3), Orson Welles (2), Holi- The Traveler /Northwest Traveler (184). Per- Walter Reade reissues (202 titles), "War day Specials (2). Personnel: Donald L. Dahl- sonnel: George Carlson. and Peace," Laurel and Hardy comedies (10, man, Gene Graham, William Wurch, Lee 27 or 52), Abbott and Costello (52). Person- Jackoway. Ciaster Television Productions nel: Alan L. Gleitsman, Janet DiSorbo. 660 Kenilworth Drive, Towson, Md. 21204. Baron Enterprises Bowling for Dollars (local -live), Romper All American Network 9201 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills 90201. Room (65), Pinbusters (local -live). Person- Box 119 Topeka, Kan. 66601. Nature's Window (130). Personnel: Barry nel: John Closter, Kenneth Gelbard, Sally Rainbow Futurity, Kansas Futurity, All Ameri- Bergsman. Gelbard. can Futurity (live telecasts of horse races). Personnel: Jerry Holley, Bill Duckworth. Ted Bates -A.M.A. Coe Film Associates Inc. 1515 Broadway, New York 10036 70 East 96th Street, New York 10020. Allied Artists Television Today's Health (13, produced in association Children's package (800 shorts). Personnel: 15 Columbus Circle, New York 10023. with American Medical Association). Person- Bernice Coe. The Family Robinson (26), The Evil Touch nel: Frank Campion, Isabel Ziegler, Bill (26), The Unknown (39), Choppy and the Groome, Roy Fischman. Firestone Film Syndication Princess (52), various feature films and doc- 540 Madison Avenue, New York 10022. umentaries. Personnel: Andrew P. Jaeger, Ted Bates -Co'gate Program Unit To Tell the Truth (260), The New Beat the Dean McCarthy, Joseph Zaleski, Brian 1515 Broadway, New York 10036. Clock (260), The New Candid Camera (52), O'Daly, Hank Profenius, William Rhodes, Leo Police Surgeon (26). Personnel: Joe Op- I've Got a Secret (52), The Addams Family M. Brody, Ralene Levy, Virginia Garrison. romolla, Joel Segal, Bob Rosenheim, Gordon (64), Branded (48). Personnel: Len Fire- Allison. stone, Alton Whitehouse, Philip Besser, Brian American International Television Firestone, Leo A. Gutman. 165 West 46th Street, New York 10036. BBDO Syndication Division You Asked For it (52), The Avengers (57), 385 Madison Avenue, New York 10017. Four Star Entertainment Corp. Adventures of Ozzie and Harriett (200), Here Comes the Future (26), Wild Refuge 400 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif. Johnny Sokko & His Flying Robot (26), (13), Tenderfoot (26), The Interview (26), 90212. Prince Planet (52), and various feature -film comedy shorts featuring such stars as Bert Big Valley (112), Burke's Law (81), The De-

Broadcasting Feb 181974 33 in with UA Showcase V/ /l, consisting of Portfolio 5 last year (35 films) and has 30 films, including "The Defiant Ones," racked up sales in 70 markets. Titles in- `Animal World' waivered, "The Great Escape," "Hallelujah Trail," clude: "Funeral in Berlin," "One -Eyed 'Hogan's Heroes' refused "Sam Whiskey," "Cotton Comes to Har- Jacks," "Hurry Sundown," "The Spy lem" and "The World of Henry Orient." Who Came in from the Cold" and "Sta- The FCC last week granted Bill Burrud UA TV also handles distribution for the lag 17." Productions a waiver of the off-network MGM library of movies, and is in the Twentieth Century-Fox Television also restrictions of the prime -time access rule process now of assembling groups of films is putting together a new group of fea- to permit presentation of 22 episodes in to be made available later this year. tures for release later this year. It will be the Animal World series. The waiver is MCA TV will be issuing its first pack- titled Century VII/ (about 25 movies) effective until the start of the new tele- age in two years: Universal 49. The and will include "The French Connec- vision season next September, when new group of 49 features for syndication tion," "Hello Dolly" (both after net- rules would have spared it anyway. The includes "Airport," "The Andromeda work showings) and two films in the Animal World waiver was granted, the Strain," "Diary of a Mad Housewife," "Planet of the Apes" series. FCC said, because virtually identical re- "Slaughterhouse Five," "Sweet Charity" quests for Wild Kingdom had been rou- and "Midnight Man." Screen Gems is placing a group of 30 tinely granted in the past. Warner Bros. is reported to be assem- features into syndication. Titled Screen Another waiver request, for Hogan's bling a package to be called Volume X/X Gems Volume 7, the package includes Heroes, was turned down by the commis- but it will not be released in time for "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," "The sion. The request for the waiver was NATPE. A spokesman would not say Anderson Tapes," "In Cold Blood," "The sought by WERE -TV Pittsburgh, which when it will be issued. Warner's placed Swimmer," "The Collector" and "Mc- wanted to present the program five nights Volume XVII/ on the market last year Kenna's Gold." a week between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. and will continue to accent sales for this Other packages of feature films come Although this type of off -network pro- package. Titles include "Bonnie and from Avco Embassy with its VIP Group gram scheduling will be permissible under Clyde," "The Green Berets," "Bullitt," of 18 films including "The Graduate," the new rules starting in September, the "Giant" and "Cool Hand Luke." "People Next Door" and "Arruza"; commission said it was holding off grant- Paramount Television is in the process Worldvision Enterprises with its 16 fea- ing waivers in advance of that date in of putting together a package of motion tures for children, and Gold Key Enter- order to provide for orderly implementa- pictures (30 to 35) for release, probably tainment's Rainbow Outdoor Adventure tion of schedules, in September, under the in late spring. The distributor offered grouping of 10 wildlife- action movies. new rules.

tective (30), Theatre One (59), The Rogues Jerome Kurtz, Bob Muller, Jay Williams, holiday specials (12). Personnel: Richard (29), Secrets of the Deep (13), Thrill Seekers James Ricks. Dinsmore, Donald Colapinto. (52), Can You Top This? (195), Juvenile Jury (26), various specials, and four new series Gould Entertainment Corp. Hughes Television Network to be previewed: X- Factor, World of Medi- 1564 Broadway, New York 10036. 1133 Avenue of the Americas, New York 10036. cine, Movie Scene, Pre -award specials The American Documents (13), Wicked (Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Tonys). Person- Women (6), Witness to Yesterday (36), This ABA Basketball (6 to 9), PGA Golf (8), Limits nel: Richard Colbert, Alvin Sussman, Joseph Program Is About Sex (65), various specials. of Man (14), Outdoors with Liberty Mutual, Doyle, John Newland, Carl Miller, John Personnel: Michael J. Gould. other sports events. Personnel: Thomas Cal- Louis, Buzz Hassett. houn, Martin McAndrew, Robert Martin, John Enterprises Inc. (Teleflix Gray -Schwartz Moran, J. Gordon Bridge, Ralph MacFarland, Sandy Frank Film Syndication division) Roy Sharp. 635 Madison Avenue, New York 10022. 425 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, Cali!. 90212. The New Treasure Hunt (32), The New Name Independent Television Corp. That Tune (32). Personnel: Sandy Frank, Lassie (186), Jeff's Collie (103), Timmy and 555 Madison Avenue, New York 10022. Maury Shields, Al Godwin, Ellen Fuhrmann. Lassie (232), Lone Ranger (182), Sergeant The Protectors (52), The Adventurer (26), My Preston of the Yukon (78), Wally's Workshop Partner the Ghost (26), Department S (28), Fremantle Corp. (continuing), plus 15 Lassie hours, nine UFO (26), The Persuaders (24), This Is Tom 555 Madison Avenue, New York 10022. Lassie feature films, 15 Lone Ranger feature Jones (27), The Saint (114), The Champions Swiss Family Robinson (52), Adventures of films, and various other feature film pack- (30), The Baron (26), Man in a Suitcase (28), Black Beauty (52), Galloping Gourmet (585), ages. Personnel: Mary Gray, Enid A. The Prisoner (17), Secret Agent (45), and Paul Bernard, Psychiatrist (154), Woobinda, Schwartz, Dorothy C. Grant. various features and specials. Personnel: Animal Doctor (39). Personnel: Paul Talbot, Abe Mandell, James C. Stern, Cy Kaplan, Wilbur Freifeld, Colgan Schlank. Group W Productions Inc. Charlie Keys, Al Lanken, S. Allen Ash, 90 Park Avenue, New York 10016. George Gilbert, Joseph Fusco Jr. Funco Corp. The Mike Douglas Show (230), Family Coun- 9046 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 90069. selor (175), The Hilarious House of Fright - International Television Network New Zoo Revue (260), Word Machine (52), enstein (130), Doctor in the House (90), 2775 Mount Ephraim, Camden, N.J. 08104. Golden Globes awards, HI Ho Steverino. Norman Corwin Presents (26), Earth Lab Coverage of National Hot Rod Association Personnel: Stephen W. Jahn, Kjell F. Kas- (52), and some Urban America specials. events of year: NHRA Gaternationals from ten, Paul Hunter, Maurie Gresham, Dennis Personnel: Chet Collier, Jack Reilly, Richard Gainesville, Fla.; NHRA Summernationals Gresham. M. O'Shea, George Back, Ralph Cunning- from Englishtown, N.J.; NHRA World Finals ham, Owen Simon, Dick Perin, Joe Goldfarb, from Amarillo, Tex. (all one -hour specials); Golden West Video Productions /KTLA(TV) Jack Swindell, Jack Foley, Margaret Bats - Washington International (one hour live each 5800 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles 90028. ford, Karla Brooks. November); Columbia Cup $100,000 steeple- Help Thy Neighbor (format to be syndi- chase (one -half hour live each November); cated); two specials: "Journey to a Dream: Heritage Enterprises New York Race of Week (live from Aqueduct, San Simeon" and "Pearl Bailey." Personnel: 445 Park Avenue, New York 10022. Belmont and Saratoga (weekly on regular John T. Reynolds, Jerry Birdwell, Rich Frank, Feature film package (25). Personnel: Arthur basis); Aloha Cup (two half -hours of inter- Don Searle, Don Patton. SteToff, Hal Golden. national bowling from Hawaii). Personnel: Tommy Roberts, George L. Walsh. Gold Key Entertainment Home International Television Inc. 485 Madison Avenue, New York 10022. 6290 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood 90028. Janus Films Rainbow Outdoor Adventure (10), Premiere Jabberwocky (5), House Call (26), Verdict 745 Fifth Avenue, New York 10022. Feature Package (13), Awards Theater (40), (26), When Movies Were Young (26), The Movie Jamboree (39 children's features), The Abbott & Costello cartoons (156). Personnel: War to End All Wars (13), The King Family Mystery Shelf (61 features), The Star Pack-

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 34 "Bewitched" works like magic.

During its original prime -time network run, "Bewitched" averaged a 22.6 rating and a 35 share of audience for eight incredibly successful seasons. Now in syndication, "Bewitched" is still making magic-

LOS ANGELES KTTV #1 INDEPENDENT IN TIME PERIOD, delivering 46% more women 18 -49 than nearest competitor.

CHICAGO WGN -TV #1 IN TIME PERIOD, delivering 53% more women 18 -49 than nearest competitor.

DETROIT CKLW -TV #1 INDEPENDENT IN TIME PERIOD, delivering more women 18 -49 than other two independents combined.

ATLANTA WAGA -TV #1 IN TIME PERIOD among women 18 -49.

ROCHESTER WHEC -TV #1 IN TIME PERIOD among women 18 -49.

ROCKFORD WREX -TV #1 IN TIME PERIOD, delivering 63% more women 18 -49 than combined competition.

SCRANTON WNEP -TV #1 IN TIME PERIOD, delivering 15% more women 18 -49 than its nearest competitor.

JACKSONVILLE WJXT #1 IN TIME PERIOD, delivering móre women 18 -49 than all other stations combined.

LANSING WJIM -TV #1 IN TIME PERIOD, delivering 73% more women 18 -49 than all other stations com- bined.

BRISTOL WCVB -TV #1 IN TIME PERIOD, delivering 11% more women 18 -49 than all other stations com- bined.

AMARILLO KFDA -TV #1 IN TIME PERIOD among women 18 -49.

WICHITA FALLS KAUZ -TV #1 IN TIME PERIOD, delivering 17% more women 18 -49 than closest competitor.



And we're just beginning in many other markets. So, put a little magic in your program schedule ... with "Bewitched." 252 episodes distributed exclusively by Screen Gems A uv6gNOFCOLUMBAPICTURES PDISTRESINC. ..

SOURCE: Network data: NTI /NAC for full run. Local markets: ARB November, 1973. Based on estimates by ratings services indicated and subject to qualifications available on request. age (29), Classic Package (42). Personnel: National Telefilm Associates Inc. specials. Personnel: Jack E. Rhodes, Roger Alan L. Gleitsman. 12636 Beatrice Street, Marina del Rey, Calit. B. Read, Willis R. Tomlinson, Bill Seiler, Dick 90066. Deitsch, David Sifford. JWT (J. Walter Thompson) Syndication Best of NTA feature film package (179), NTA 420 Lexington Avenue, New York 10017. Screen Gems (division of Columbia Pic- Film Marketing Plan (1,939), Arthur of World of Survival (21), Newsweek Broad- tures industries Inc.) Britons (26), Theatre Macabre (26), NHL casting Service (13 segments per week), I Colgems Square, Burbank, Calif. 91505. Action (16), Bonanza (260), High Chapparral am Joe's (various), Other People, Other (96), Get Smart (138), Real McCoys (224), Partridge Family (96), Bewitched (252), I Places (25),- SpeakEasy (1). Personnel: Victory at Sea (26), plus Verdi Requiem, 97- Dream of Jeannie (139), Flintstones (166), Robert Buchanan, William Cameron, John minute color special with Leonard Bernstein; Hazel (154), Dennis the Menace (146), Fly- Sisk, Norman Varney, Marie Luisi, Thornton Golden Tee, 90- minute color instructional ing Nun (82), Farmer's Daughter (101), B. Wierum, Diane Rose, Leni Salz, Sara golf special; Best of NTA (179 titles) and Father Knows Best (191), Donna Reed Show Wind. NTA Film Marketing Plan (1,939 titles). Per- (175), Here Come the Brides (52) are among 52 series available. Personnel: Wil- King Features Television & Motion Pictures sonnel: G. C. Hatch, Bernard Tabakian, W. liam Hart, Joe Abruscato, David Friedman, 253 East 45th Street, New York 10017. Robert Rich, John N. Heim, Arden D. Moser, Rex Waggoner, Burton Rosenburgh, S. L. Gerald Gogol, Don Bryan, Jack Ellison, Beatles (39), Flash Gordon (40), Blondie Brooks, Charles Whipple, Barry Bernard. Paul Weiss, Roger Adams, Ken Kinderman, Features (28), Blondie (26), Popeye (220), Dick Campbell, Sid Weiner. Beatle Bailey (50), Barney Google & Snuffy Newsweek Broadcasting Service (50), Semit Corp. Smith Krazy Kat (50), Cool McCool 444 Madison Avenue, New York 10022 (20). Personnel: Jerome Berger, Sherman 490 First Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Fla. Sager, Joe Dowling. Broadcasting TV News Feature Service 33701. (weekly series of 13 90- second human inter- Looking Ahead (52). Personnel: Rich Steck, est filmed segments). Personnel: Bernard J. Jewell Lain Productions Bob Gilbert. 405 North Bedford Street, Beverly Hills, Calif. Shusman, S. Arthur Dembner. 90210. Show Biz Inc. NFL Films 110 21st Avenue South, Nashville 37203. That Game Dame (pilot). Personnel: Jewell 410 Park Avenue, New York 10023. Lain. Del Reeves Show (78), Music Place (39), This Week in Pro Football (16), NFL Game Bobby Goldsboro Show (26), Porter Wagoner of the Week (18), NFL Action (13 to 16). Lutheran Television Show (260), Wilburn Brothers Show (26), Personnel: Kenneth Flower, Inez Aimee, 500 North Broadway, SL Louis 63102. Gospel Singing Jubilee (52). Personnel: Yvonne Spellman. Easter Is (1), This Is The Life (20), Person- Jane Dowden, Gary Jones. nel: Martin J. Neeb Jr., J. Michael Vincent, Paramount Television Sales Norma Shroeder. Showcorporation Gulf & Western Plaza, New York 10023. 10 East 49th Street, New York 10017. Star Trek (79), Mission: Impossible (171), MCA TV American Life Style (13), Performing arts The Lucy Show (156), The Untouchables 445 Park Avenue, New York 10022. specials (undetermined), We, The People (114), add various Portfolio feature -film Adam -12 (175), Ironside (177), Rod Serling's (52). Personnel: Robert Manby, Larry Webb. Night Gallery (97), The Bold Ones (98), The packages. Personnel: Frank Yablans, Dick Name of the Game (76), Alfred Hitchcock Lawrence, Joseph Ceslik, Mike Policare, Syndicast Israel, Presents (268), Dragnet (98), It Takes a Jerry Kaufer, Leonard Sherman, Lou 919 Third Avenue, New York 10022. Bob Peyton, Con Hartsock, Bob Horen, Law- Thief (65), The Virginian (225), Run for Your Not For Women Only (26), Pro football from rence Hutchings, Bob Neece, Othur V. Life (85), Universal World Premiere (35), Canada (12), Sports Legends (26), Celebrity Oliver Universal Select List (260), Universal 40 (40), Bowling (26), Norman Vincent Peale (26), Universal 53 (53), Universal Uni- 50 (50), Richard Price Associates Virginia Graham (26), Celebrity Tennis (26), versal 123 (123), Universal 102 (102). Per- Flipside (13), Consumer Reports (26), plus 17 Bolton Street, London WIY7PA. Person- sonnel: Lou Friedland, Keith Godfrey, Hal few specials. Personnel: Mitchell Johnson, ne!: Richard Price. Cranton, Bob Davis, Bert Herbert, Layton Leonard V. Koch, Sheldon Boden, Wayne Bailey, Dick Cignarelli, Phil Conway, Dick Baruch, Daniel Prime TV Films Cieri. Cool, Bob Greenberg, Jack Robertson, Carl 527 Madison Avenue, New York 10022. Runge, Carl Russell, De Ary Barton. Teleworld Inc. Charlie Chaplin Comedy Theatre (26), The 10 Columbus Circle, New York 10019. Nutrition: Metromedia Producers Corp. Goldbergs (39), Drugs: A to Z (30), Tele 20 Feature Package (20), Teleworld 485 Lexington Avenue, New York 10017. A to Z (30); feature films (27). Personnel: Chiller Package (27), Bergman Festival (20), Jeopardy (36), The Merv Griffin Show (260), Frank Stone, Jerry Parton, Jerry Weisfeldt, Adventure Classics (78). Personnel: Bob Truth or Consequences (260), Elephant Boy Art Greenfield. Seidelman, Dalton Danon, Karen Jamison. (26), That Girl (136), National Geographic specials (24), Mayberry R.F.D. (78), My Productions Unlimited Theme Presentations 40 West 57th Street, New York 10019 Favorite Martian (107), Rona Barrett (260), 8585 S. W. Canyon Lane, Portland, Ore. Crusader Rabbit (260), and various specials. The Night Before Christmas (1), Silent Night 97225. Personnel: A. Frank Reel, Kenneth Joseph, (1), Feature films (21). Personnel: Phil Leo- Human Document (13). Personnel: Sam Pierre Weis, Jim Weathers, Jack Garrison, pold, Milton Salzburg. Lerro, Bruce Erickson. Noah Jacobs, Tony Brown, Harvey Reinstein, John Davidson, Murray Horowitz, Lynne Program Syndication Services Time -Life Films Dowling, Marian Baldy. 347 Madison Avenue, New York 10017. Time/ Life Building, New York 10020. Inner Space (13), Engish comedies (159), Music Music Music! (26), Wild, Wild World MGM -TV and various specials, including rock -'n' -roll of Animals (52), Vision On (42), War and 10202 West Washington Boulevard, Culver concerts and tributes to Charlie Chaplin and Peace (19), Dad's Army (26), Dr. Who (72), City, Calif. 90230. Louis Armstrong. Personnel: Patrick J. Mc- Civilisation (14), The Story Behind the Story Medical Center (122), Courtship of Eddie's Namara, Andy Spitzer, Avram Butensky. (6), Nana (5), Life Around Us (26), plus Father (73), Please Don't Eat the Daisies various specials. Personnel: Wynn Nathan, (58), Flipper (88), Daktari (89), Then Came Rhodes Productions Inc. Eugene Moss, Jack Donahue, Bob Green- Bronson (26), U.N.C.L.E. (128), Dr. Kildare 6535 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90048. stein, Don Menchel, Frank Miller, Bob Lloyd. (132), Northwest Passage (26), plus some Hollywood Squares (32), Everything Goes family movies. Personnel: Harris Kalleman, (200), Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (24), Trans America Film Corp. Ed Montanus, George Hankoff, Gail Mueller, Dating Game (260), Green Acres (170), 1680 North Vine Street, Los Angeles 90028. Benjamin Wickham, Paul Hoffman, Virge Banana Splits and Friends (125), High and That Show (260), Adventures of POW WOW Wolff, Jack Thayer, Joe D. Indelli, Al New- Wild (52), Worldwide Sportsman (67), Lucky (52), and following feature film packages: man, Lester Frends. Jim (67), and Lloyd Bridges Sea World Color Cavalcade I (30), Color Cavalcade II

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 36 For those stations who fondly remember "I Dream of Jeannie;' "Bewitched; "Hazel,' "Dennis the Menace" and "The Flintstones:'. . and who asked, "Are there any more at home like you ?"

we bring you "THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY." 96 half -hours of great family entertainment from Screen Gems.


Group 1 (120), TAFC Group 2 (40), Films of (104), East Side /West Side (26), The Outer 45 East 45th Street, New York 10017. Thirties (25). Personnel: David Bloom. Limits (49). Personnel: Erwin H. Ezzes, Concentration (260). Personnel: James T. Martin J. Robinson, Stephen Elsky, Selwyn Victory, Robert J. Kolb. Trans -American Video Inc. Ginsler, Paul Kelvin, Lloyd Krause, Murray 1541 North Vine Street, Hollywood 90028. Oken, Fred A. Watkins. Vidistrib Inc. Horse Country (39). Roller Game of the 6380 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90048. UPA Productions of America Week (52). Personnel: Ron Bongard, Brad Buzz Martin Show (26), Showdown (26), 4440 Lakeside Dr. Burbank, Calif. 91505. Kemp, Jack Mauck, Ken Stevens, Harvey Teenage Trials (26), Kiddie Kourt (26), Plotnick, Bob Stone. Ron Mason. Package of Sudden Ratings feature films, in- Weekend Parents (26), Pop Goes the Coun- cluding Retreat from Kiska, War of the Gar - try (26), Keystone Kops (26), Winner's Circle TV Cinema Sales Corp. gantuas, Monster Zero, Godzilla, Dick Tracy (26), various specials. Personnel: John 9255 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles 90069. Detective (21); package of Family Holiday Ballinger, Jim Logsdon, Rita Cross, Gregory Bill Cosby Show (52), Buck Owens TV Ranch specials, including Mr. Magoo, Gerald Mc- Ballinger. Show (52), Jerry Vale's World (26), Master- Boing Boing, Dick Tracy cartoons, Sammy Les Waliwork and Associates piece Features (25 titles). Philip Yordan (25 Davis Jr., Winter Olympics (10); package of 1541 North Vine Street, Los Angeles 90028. titles), TV Cinema (16 titles), plus four film Project Action features (black and white) in- specials and two tape specials, including cluding Concrete Jungle, Danger by My Animal World (52), Safari to Adventure (104), Side (8), and Kukla & 011ie (195 five- minute From Bull Run to Appomatox, and other half - American Horse and Horseman (26), Dealer's hour series, and feature film packages. See episodes). Personnel: Henry G. Saperstein, Choice (260 or 52), Happy Ever After (26), also Alec Campbell Productions. Personnel: Lee Cannon. and Touch of Gold, Journey to a Dream, Rip - Off, all one -hour specials. Personnel: Les Jerry Weisfeldt, Art Greenfield. With This Ring Waliwork, Jim Isaacs, Dick Hasbrook. 210 West Main Street. Manchester. Mich. 20th Century-Fox Television 48158. Box 900, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90213. Warner Bros. Television With This Ring (52). Personnel: The Rev- 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, Calif. New Strike It Rich, Masquerade Party, erend Raymond R. Schlinkert. (104), Funny Side of Sports, Adventure West, Tarzan (57), Journey! (26), Superman F -Batman -Aquaman Point of View: Woman, Beauty and the Viacom Enterprises Troop (65), Superman Porky Pig and Friends (156), Bugs Beast, On Stage are new items that will be 345 Park Avenue, New York 10022. (69), Bunny and Friends (100), feature film pack- screened. Personnel: William Self, Alan Sil - Family Affair (138), Andy (249), Griffith Show ages, including Volumes 10 to 18 (28 -39 verbach, Robert Kline, William Clark, Dort Beverly Hillbillies (216), Don Kirshner's Rock films each), Volume 1 -A (24), Volume 2 -A Joannes, Stan DeCovnick, Gerry Feifer, Len Concert (once -a- week), Gentle Ben (56), Friedlander, Frank Neill, Fifi Booth. (22), Tarzan features (32), Starlite 1 -5 (29 Hogan's Heroes (168), I Love Lucy (79), to 46 films each). Personnel: Charles Mc- Kreskin (26), Ozzie's Girls (24), Perry Mason Artists Television Gregor, Alvin Unger, Peter Affe, Edgar United (245), What's My Line? (260) and feature 729 Seventh Avenue, New York 10019. Donaldson, Sid Cohen, James Delaney. films and cartoon series. Personnel: Law- 3,000 or so feature films, including various rence B. Hilford, Henry A. Gillespie, Iry Adrian Weiss Productions UA Showcases and the MGM library, Gilli- Wilson, Elliott Abrams, Todd Gaulocher, Mort 186 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, Calil. gan's The Island (98), The Rat Patrol (58), Slakoff, Fred Baum, Bob Bernstein. Custer's Last Stand (15), Black Coin (15), Clutching Hand (15), Craig Kennedy, Crimi- nologist (26), Thrill of Your Life (13), plus feature film packages Select First Runs (21), Parade Pictures (14), Impact Group (120), English Classics (63), Westerns (60), Vintage SOUND LI Flicks (24), three one -hour documentaries, and comedy shorts, and cartoons. Person- Gates digital program automation systems provide a real nel: Adrian Weiss, Steven A. Weiss, Tom J. "live sound" capability. Because we take the time to custom Corradine, Abraham R. Nunes. particular needs. And add the design each system to your WGN Continental Productions flexibility to change easily if your needs should change. 2501 Bradley Place, Chicago 60618. A Gates system can also help you maintain tighter control An Evening With ... (26), An Evening With over your programming. Maximize the efforts of your staff. Pearl Bailey (90- minute special). Personnel: And give you significant operating economy. Bradley A. Eidmann. Write for additional Worldvision Enterprises Inc. information. 660 Madison Avenue, New York 10021. HARRIS Stan 'n' 011ie (52), Mod Squad (124), Let's GATES DIVISION Make a Deal (104), The Great Adventure Quincy, Illinois 62301, U.S.A. (39), It Pays to be Ignorant (39), The Irish ,J Rovers (39), The Jackson Five (23), Dis- covery (103), Ben Casey (153), The Fugitive (120), The Invaders (43), Combat (152), and various movies and specials. Personnel: Kevin O'Sullivan, Neil Delman, Jerry Smith, Colin Campbell, Scott Moger, Bert Cohen, Al Hartigan, Chuck Atkins, Scott Towle, John Ryan, Monty Lounsbury, Jim Thomson, Howard Lloyd, Bob Okulski. Yongestreet Productions 357 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif. Hee Haw (26). Personnel: Sam Lovullo, Alan Courtney, Nick Vanoff, John Aylesworth. Young & Rubicam 285 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017. The Galloping Gourmet (260). Personnel: John White.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 38 (No. 2 in a series) Good Morning - This is Sandy Frank on the HOTLINE

The hot word on the hotline isn't a word at all ...it's music -the return to nighttime television of an all -time, smash -hit musical entertainment series: NAME THAT TUNE Right! The show that averaged a whopping 42 share in its five -year CBS -TV prime -time run...the show that went off the air as strong -as -ever, with a 22.5 rating and 42 share in its final season ...is coming to prime access. With the unmatched production savvy of the Ralph Edwards organization, and the experienced hand of Tom Kennedy as master of ceremonies, NAME THAT TUNE is your best new program series bet to ring the bell with your audiences next season! It's a musical winner. We're ready to sing you its factual praises at the drop of a note! So long ...

Station Syndication, Inc. (a Sandy Frank Company) 635 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022 (212) 628 -2770 J that the difficulty is a matter of differences Cost spiral of opinion and a natural dispute between the creative side of TV programing and jeopardizing TV, the management's view of its responsibili- ties under the fairness doctrine. A Cavett says Schwartz show that had four of the Chicago Seven as guests was canceled on the grounds it Development budgets at all -time high, should be balanced with other viewpoints Hollywood gathering is told; (see page 43). writers' increases, actors' demands In his discussion of the 1950's, Mr. cited as major contributing factors Schwartz conceded that not everything on TV in those years was golden. TV today, A not -so- veiled warning to Hollywood he stressed, provides programs with bet- studios against higher prices was voiced ter quality, stronger themes, better and last week by Walter A. Schwartz, presi- longer news coverage, and better and dent of ABC Television, more sports coverage. "Television," he "The economics of TV are such," he said, "has become the showplace -for told members of the Hollywood Radio the vast majority of our people almost the and Television Society, "that its creative Schwartz only place-where they can witness the gains could be lost if costs become too very finest in film and drama." He also prohibitive." nomic balances in TV that have to be announced that beginning in April, the Development budgets, he noted, have maintained if the medium is to continue network's owned stations in Los Angeles risen to all -time highs. "It is question- to be as healthy and strong as it pres- (icABc -Tv) and in San Francisco (Imo- able," he said, "that they can be stretched ently is." Tv) will broadcast local news from 5 to any further without harming both the The cost of making a half -hour series 7 p.m. daily, to be followed by the net- quality of our work and television's re- today is estimated to run $115,000-$120,- work's Smith- Reasoner Report ( "Closed sponsiveness to the public need." 000 per episode; a 90- minute movie for Circuit," Jan. 7). At present the Smith - Relating today's TV to its "golden TV is estimated to cost about $250,000- Reasoner Report is broadcast between age" in the 1950's, Mr. Schwartz noted $300,000. Much of this increase is at- 5:30 and 6 p.m. on both stations. that the two -run price of a half-hour tributed to the increases won by TV writ- Mr. Schwartz also said that sponsors series today is 300% higher than it was ers last year; looming are the avowed already have purchased full coverage of in the late 1950's, as is, he said, the cost demands of screen actors for larger re- both the Summer and Winter 1976 Olym- for making a 90- minute movie compared siduals, coupled with threat of a strike. pics (Montreal and Innsbruck, Austria) to an original drama in the 1950's. The ABC -TV president declined to dis- two years before the events (BROADCAST- There are, Mr. Schwartz added, "eco- cuss the Cavett situation beyond saying ING, Jan. 28).

than enough to beat NBC's Chase (which to and ingratiating. Their interaction is natural, not Second season starters strained, and with time they could become a winning got a 24 share). combination. If they do, it will be because the make a strong showing Although the 1974 fall schedules won't comedy is sharper and someone has the good sense to tone down the laugh track and allow the tele- be by the networks 'Apple's Way' and 'Good Times' issued until sometime vision audience time to get to know the people. . in April, the early betting among in- As for the show's humor, it's earthy, sometimes beat out the seasoned competition risque, and rarely funny." Kay Gardella, New York in the rating game; 'The Cowboys' formed industry sources was that the fol- Daily News. lowing shows would be pinkslipped be- "The Good Times premiere benefits from the strong gets respectable Neilsens even costarring presence of Esther Rolle, hitherto maid though the critics aren't raving cause of unsatisfactory ratings: Florida of the Maude show, and John Amos, also ABC: Chopper One, Firehouse, The from Maude. The half -hour opener abounds with Lear -Bud Yorkin -type wisecracks, Brady Bunch, The Partridge The Norman some okay, The three new second -season shows that Family, some fair, some strained, and almost all in the cate- ABC Suspense Movie, Owen Marshall gory of black jokes." Anthony La Camera, Boston premiered earlier this month have all Herald American. chalked up solid Nielsen samplings their and The FBI. "The premiere is a brutal disappointment, a missed CBS: The Dick Van Dyke Show, the opportunity of the first magnitude.. . It takes more first time out, than an audience carefully packed with 'laughing rotating Hawkins and Shalt, and Mannix. Apple's Way (CBS, Sunday, 7:30 -8:30 boys,' paid flunkies and producers' relatives to make NBC: The Magician; the rotating Bana- a funny show. But what's very good about Good p.m.), the situation -comedy spin -off of Times cannot be totally wiped out ... Esther Rolle cek, Snoop Sisters, Tenafly and Faraday by winning its time period against NBC's and John Amos, its principal stars, are likewise the and Co. series: Chase, The Flip Wilson principal assets." Gary Deeb, . The Wonderful World of Disney (which "Good Times, fully living up to its title in the Show (previously announced), Ironside, premiere, looks like the right show at the right fell 11 points from its customary 40 The Girl With Something Extia, The moment despite its reliance for laughs on shopworn share) and against a Eastwood stereotypes. It will be one of the great mysteries of Clint Brian Keith Show and The Dean Martin western on ABC called "The Good, American television if this program Isn't the hit of the Comedy Hour. the 'second season' ... funnier by far than Yorkin's Bad and the Ugly." Sanford and Son . . and featuring characters Reviewers generally supported the rat- slightly more human than those of All In the Family Good Times (CBS, Friday, 8:30 -9 ings indications giving strong support to and Maude." Tom Shales, Washington Post. p.m.), the situation-comedy spin -off of Apple's Way and Good Times, a less Apple's Way (CBS, Sunday, 7:30-8:30 p.m.) Maude, also won its time period on the hearty vote for The Cowboys. A BROAD- "Everything is right about Apple's Way -the cast- first (Feb. a 23.1 rating and try 8), with CASTING canvass follows: ing, the atmosphere, the story, the slice of Ameri- 35 share. It put a slight dent in ABC's cana It represents.. . Certainly, it's the best show of the new season." Percy Shain, Boston Globe. Good Times (CBS, Friday, 8:30 -9 p.m.) high -rated new melodrama The Six Mil- "Like The Waltons, it's a nice show, a 'heart' lion Dollar Man (which still managed ' . ironic but fairly amusing in its flip views of show. . , . Actually, It strives more for the warm the family's lot." The opening episode was "slightly comedy of the old Frank Capra movies, and Ronnie a 24 rating and 36 share for the hour, thin. . . . If the initial situation lacks real belly Cox, well cast in the title role of George Apple, is good for 15th in the national Nielsens laughs, it makes up for it in genuine warmth and the old James Stewart-type bent on doing good in an decency." A. H. Weiler, The New York Times. often offbeat manner. Lea McCain is just fine as for the week) and a big dent in NBC's "It's too early to tell, but Good Times, bolstered by Apple's wife Barbara." Anthony La Camera, Boston Lotsa Luck sitcom (which dropped 21 charismatic characters and spiced by sexy and 'soul'. Herald American. slanted quips, looks like another Norman Lear win- "It's possible that George Apple, as played by share points from the Sanford and Son ner." Harry Harris, Philadelphia Inquirer. Ronnie Cox, and his Middle America family may "Good Times has some flaws. Its humor is some- stake a claim on the TV scene. . We'll take this lead -in) . times forced. Its kids are devices for wisecracks before we take the avalanche of bodies from the net- The Cowboys (ABC, Wednesday, 8- instead of real, emerging human beings. But it has work crime shows." Bob Williams, The New York Rolle and John Amos as Post. 8:30 p.m.) hit a 19.7 rating and 30 share two great assets in Esther the sensible, likeable parents with such an abundance an unqualified winner . . . so moving and on Feb. 6, not enough to overtake the of good cheer in adversity that they have to be indicative of what made America great, one actually CBS competition (The Sonny and Cher winners in your heart, even though they are losers gets a lump In the throat. And no matter what has everywhere else." Percy Shain, Boston Globe. happened in this country, there are a lot of Americans Comedy Hour, with a 37 share) but more "All characters .. . are very real, easy to relate left who feel pride when the flag goes by. It will be


ALS... i @ UMENTARIES.:: ' ...SPEC .NEWS...SPECIALS...D000 !a RIES.. RIES...NEWS...SPECIALS.II i MEN MENTARIESU..NEWS.. .SPECIALS..DOCU DOCUMENTARIES... NEWS... SPECIALS.. people like this who will say a great big 'yes' to Apple's Way and welcome George Apple and his family into their living rooms every Sunday night." Kay Gardella, New York Daily News. Apple's Way, 'heart warming. family drama.' ought really to be called 'Waltonsauce,' because Apple's Way is less apple than it is artificial preservative - added to retard spoilage -in this case, the spoilage of an exploitable television theme...." Ron Powers, Chicago Sun Times. "Only a nattering nabob of negativism -or a hard- hearted TV critic -could possibly poke fun at a nice man who has lour cute kids, three cuddly dogs, a cute 'n' cuddly wife. a sincere yet vulnerable smile, lotsa money that somehow hasn't transformed him into an insensitive lout and the kind of simple patriotism that gets him all kinda choked up when the flag goes by in the parade. . But mark my wnrds. good friends. this Apple clan is going to take America by storm as no family has since the Waltons made Thursday nights with Flip Wilson a thing of the past.' Gary Deeb, Chicago Tribune.

The Cowboys (ABC, Wednesday, 8 -8:30 p.m.)

. low adventure.. . The opening episode is pulp fiction that goes well beyond straining credi- bility, and there is every indication that it establishes the style and level of the whole series. . The half -hour form affords no time for character develop- ment or any dramatic nicety extraneous to moving the plot along and getting to the action scenes." Les Brown, The New York Times.

. the script falls apart.. . One would think it was written by lobbyists against gun control." Kay Gardella, New York Daily News. "The opening episode was all very serious, painfully simple and yet terribly farfetched. . . The cowboys, the youngsters who were taught to kill in the John Wayne movie of the same name, had their guns taken p,- away from them in this week's half -hour premiere." Anthony La Camera, The Boston Herald American. "The whole thing Is stilted, formalized and ridicu- lous. If the show Is to make It, it must be on the teness of the children. aged 9 to 17 :' Percy Shatn. The Boston Globe. "A notch or two less believable than the Flying Nun. a shade less provocative than Rin Tin Tin Your and Stting Point a definite insult to anybody with an 10 in double figures." Gary Deeb, Chicago Tribune. "'Kids flay the darndest slings.' With apologies to Art Llnkletter, that could be the subtitle of ABC's newest and most ingenious achievement in the creat- For Insurance Stories ive violence pubescent division: a series called The Cowboys.. . The opening episode features a sling shot attack. Another TV first, fans." Ron Powers, When you're digging into an unfamiliar subject, the problem is knowing Chicago Sun Times. where to start. How do you go about getting a thorough backgrounding? State Farm is offering a new service designed to solve that problem when you write about an insurance -related topic -a publication called Dropped Cavett Insurance Backgrounder. show sparks Each Backgrounder fills you in on a newsworthy topic related to the insurance field. The first three cover "Highway Boobytraps," controversy "Federal Flood Insurance," and "Your Car's Deadly Gas Tank." New ABC and show's producers quarrel Backgrounder subjects will be offered on a regular basis. over 'balance' in interview Backgrounder will be sent automatically to holders of State Farms with four of Chicago Seven No -Fault Press Reference Manual. If you don't have the manual, but would like to see any or all of the first three Backgrounders, write to: ABC -TV invoked the "fairness in pro- graming" clause in Dick Cavett's con- tract for the first time Feb. 7 when the Robert Sasser network refused to air his hour and a Public Relations Department quarter with interview former political State Farm Insurance activists Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden, Companies Jerry Rubin and Rennie Davis (BROAD- INSURANCE One State Farm Plaza CASTING, Feb. II). Bloomington, III. 61701 The two -year -old clause states that any Cavett program deemed controversial by ABC must contain a balance of view- points, explained a representative of Daphne Productions, independent pro- ducers of the now biweekly Cavett show. WJFMThe power to persuade Daphne received warning from ABC a week before the show's taping that it With 500,000 watts. WJFM covers Who are these listeners? Men and would insist opposing viewpoints be in- 720,000 households and 2,400,000 women from 18 to 49 who appre- cluded. It was agreed, the Daphne pro- people. And they are listening. ciate "music just for the two of us," ducer said, that Mr. Cavett would provide Calls have come in from 100 miles who enjoy the very best - and the opposing viewpoint through his ques- away and mail from 41 counties. often buy the very best. tioning of the guests. The nation's most powerful FM station. Taped Feb. 6 before a live audience, the interview featured opinions from each .i

11111110 .A.4.100 1.1111 C.I11 of the four guests uncomplimentary to MOM 411.0 11.0,05 1MAZOO the government and the executive branch. WRIMI WtIFM Mr. Cavett appeared flustered during the *CIO TY LOA. 11.103 INA/C10 CBS snto IDS GRAND RAPIDS AND KENT (0W«? ir rNS ly/Xi,cIXxx taping, but continually cut short the o..rr guests' responses when they turned into

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 43 far-reaching critiques of American so- roy observed. "But the minute we had honorees and the Emmy winner will be ciety. four semi- retired activists come on stage, chosen by blue -ribbon panels of their Shortly before the program was to be the network blew up." peers. For nighttime entertainment, aired at 11:30 p.m. (NYT), Al Schneid- Although Mr. Hoffman mentioned his NATAS officials estimated there may be er, ABC -TV vice president, issued a upcoming trial for possession of drugs, 20 -25 Emmys; for daytime programs, statement declaring the network felt the Mr. Gilroy said ABC did not mention 15 -20. No change is being made in the program "dealt with only one side on the that subject as one requiring opposing news and documentaries awards; last year following issues: change through revolu- viewpoints. 69 individual Emmys were handed out in tion, bombing for social protest, the al- The Los Angeles chapter of the Ameri- 27 awards categories. leged breakdown of the American ju- can Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), in a The new structure, said Thomas W. dicial system, the alleged failure of Amer- letter to ABC Network President James Sarnoff of NBC, who is chairman of ican society and its system of government, Duffy, claimed that the Feb. 7 guests were NATAS, is designed to "upgrade the and American financial support of South denied their First Amendment rights, image of the Emmy awards and to reduce Vietnam and Cambodia." The network Mr. Gilroy said. In the meantime, Daph- what has become an unmanageable pro- substituted an October 1972 Cavett show ne and Mr. Cavett are not giving up, he liferation of Emmys." featuring appearances by Sally Struthers, added. Meetings between Daphne and Intimations that the academy move Anthony Quinn and Ike and Tina Turner. ABC continued last week, with the pos- was being forced by the networks, which ABC requested that Daphne cut the in- sibility that the entire hour and a half have been carrying the awards on a rotat- terview to one hour, and insert a half show would be aired at 11:30 p.m.-1 ing basis since 1948, was denied by hour of commentary on the activists' re- a.m., provided the following half hour Robert F. Lewine, paid NATAS presi- marks from conservatives, such as Na- could be cleared by ABC stations ex- dent. The academy, he said, is cutting tional Review editor William Rusher, the pressly for the presentation of opposing back on awards to increase the luster of Cavett producers revealed. views. the honors. And, he added, the academy ABC has not paid for the show in ques- is not making these moves to increase tion, said Daphne's John Gilroy, producer, revenues. The new awards structure, he and Daphne has refused to cut the show. Emmy gets put explained, means that more staff and "They said that the program itself was more paperwork will be required, thus a fostering of revolution in this country," on a crash diet adding to expenses. Last year, Mr. Lewine Mr. Gilroy said. "There's nothing on that said, the two Emmy award ceremonies show that is that controversial." He noted NATAS wants to trim 'unmanageable' cost NATAS $250,000; revenues from that ABC had not mentioned giving op- number of awards categories as the sale of rights to the networks totaled posing viewpoints to previous Cavett it adds daytime honors ceremony $300,000. shows featuring Vice President Gerald There will be three Emmy award cere- Ford, Senator Barry Goldwater, former The National Academy of Television Arts monies broadcast this year. Those for Attorney General John Mitchell, nor the and Sciences announced last week that it nighttime entertainment will be carried three -hour interview of Alabama Gover- was streamlining its annual Emmy award May 28 on NBC 9 -l1 p.m. Those for nor George Wallace last year. ceremonies to reduce drastically the num- daytime programs will be carried on the "There was not one peep out of ABC ber of Emmy winners. Last year, in two same day by the same network from noon about balance for these shows," Mr. Gil- ceremonies (entertainment and news and to 1:30 p.m. The date and network for documentaries), 215 individual Emmy the news and documentaries awards has statues were presented to 86 category not yet been set. winners-59 in entertainment, and 27 in (MADISON news and documentaries. NATAS hopes to reduce the number of individual Em- mys given out this year to 75, which will Program Briefs include a new, third Emmy award cere- mony, this one for daytime programs. Verdi' buyers. National Telefilm Asso- Emmys now will go only to winners of ciates, Los Angeles, announced that The "best- there -is" categories, it was an- Verdi Requiem, 97- minute color TV spe- nounced by Joseph B. Bluth of Image cial featuring London Symphony Orches- Corner Transform Inc., Los Angeles, chairman tra with Leonard Bernstein conducting, of NATAS's national awards committee. has been sold in 13 U.S. markets and five He said the awards this year will go only foreign countries. Included are Boston, New Yor to actor of the year, actress of the year, Washington, Denver, St. Louis, and Bir- director of the year, writer of the year, mingham, Ala. Special was placed in A great name at a great location. The Roosevelt, in the heart of the New York musician of the year, cinematographer of syndication late last year. It was pro- corporate community. Offering the the year, film editor of the year and art duced by Amberson Productions. busy businessman comfortable rooms director -scenic designer of the year. In Radio nostalgia. Hayden Huddleston ready on your arrival, an efficient staff, addition, Emmys will be awarded for Advertising Agency and Productions Inc. friendly no-nonsense service from choreography, costume design, make -up, is offering "five -hour comedy spectacu- check -in to departure. Fine dining. Plus film -sound editing, film or tape mixing, convenience to New York's shopping lar," Reminiscing in Old-Time Radio. entertainment video -tape editing, technical direction Package of hour-long tapes, which can and centers. and /or electronic camerawork and light- Next time, make time count. Corner be aired together or separately on radio, ing direction. is narrated by Mr. Huddleston and in- New York at the Roosevelt. For reserva- It was noted that in the directing field tions, see your travel agent or call free. cludes over 48 radio comedians, such as there are now five categories: drama, for Edgar Bergen, Bob and Ray, Jack Benny, FOR RESERVATIONS CALL TOLLFREE a single episode of a series, and for a W. C. Fields, Henny Youngman and single program; comedy, for a single epi- Wally Cox. 800-221 -2690 In the continental U.S.A. sode of a series; variety or musical, single 800.522.6449 In New York State episode of a series; and in comedy, variety Hither and yon. Entertainment Corp. of America, Los Angeles, announces 212-683-6620 In New York City or musical, for a special feature program. Winners in each of these categories will availability of Passport to Travel, 52 be chosen as before, with the winners, half -hour tape series, produced and nar- who will receive some sort of distinguish- rated by Hal Sawyer. Roösevelt ed award, announced perhaps 10 days in Charity. During broadcast of 23rd An- MADISON AVENUE AT 45TH STREE advance of the awards ceremony. nual Cerebral Palsy Telethon viewers of NEW YORK. N.Y. 10017 The best-director Emmy winner, how- WEAL -Tv Baltimore pledged over $200,- (The Heart of New York) ever, will be announced only at the awards 000. Program was aired by 12- station ceremony. Both the distinguished awards network Feb. 2 -3.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 44 WGN Television? It's my family's station. There are so many different kinds of programs ... but they always seem to have something that someone in the family wants to watch.

A WGN Continental Groip Station conscious policy of exclusion," and member of the panel, agreed with the Media added: "This insistence is understandable commission's decision in renewing the but unrealistic." station's license. The only question the The court held that discrimination court should consider, he said, is whether Court softens "may be a subtle process which leaves the citizen group made a case before the little evidence in its wake," and that commission. He thought it did not. "It WMAL precedent challenging groups have limited re- is not for us to give the commission an sources in developing it, since the means advisory opinion on methods for dealing in deciding of requiring the disclosure of information with allegations of discrimination," he are available only when a petition to added. "Furthermore, I am not willing to WOAI -TV case deny is set for hearing. express any view as to the circumstances Accordingly, Judge Bazelon wrote, that may require a hearing in some future Court had said statistics cannot "new approaches are clearly necessary." case." by themselves prove discrimination He said the decision on how to proceed in minority hiring, but now it tells is up to the commission -but he sug- FCC to develop means by which gested providing challengers with the challengers can determine causes power to take depositions or having the New hitch develops for disparity in employment figures commission itself scrutinize a station's employment practices when a disparity in PTV funding For many months, the FCC has been between minority -group employment and under increasing pressure from citizen minority -group population comes to light. OTP talks of no bill at all groups to tighten up its rules and pro- The commission's policies for dealing if broadcasters refuse cedures designed to promote the hiring with alleged or ostensible discrimination to scale down their demands by broadcasters of minority -group mem- on the part of broadcast licensees in their bers.'Now the U.S. Court of Appeals in employment has been criticized by several The long -range public broadcasting fund- Washington is calling on the commission citizen groups in meetings with the com- ing bill that the Office of Telecommunica- to act, at least to the extent of providing mission in November and again in Jan- tions Policy has been promising for citizen groups with the tools they need uary (BROADCASTING, Nov. 19, 1973; Jan. months was put off again last week, with to challenge license-renewal applicants on 21). And on both occasions, Chairman the possibility emerging that the legisla- grounds of discrimination in employment. Dean Burch said the commission's new tion might not be offered at all. The court expressed its views in an Equal Employment Office is preparing The bill, which was scheduled to be opinion (Case number 72- 2205), adopted policy suggestions for the commission's sent to the Office of Management and in a 2 -to -1 vote, that upheld the commis- consideration. And Judge Bazelon noted Budget last week (BROADCASTING, Feb. a sion's decision to deny the protest of the creation of the office as an indication 1 l ), wasn't. The problem arose when the local Mexican- American group and re- of commission movement in the selec- Corporation for Public Broadcasting new the license of Avco Broadcasting tion of means to deal with discrimination. board of directors, which was scheduled Corp.'s woAl -TV San Antonio, Tex. The But, he added, "if minorities are not to meet in New York last Wednesday challenge was based principally on the given some means for developing the (Feb. 13), didn't. ground that the station discriminated reasons for statistical disparities, hearings According to an OTP source, the ad- against Mexican -Americans in its hiring may have to be based on such disparities ministration has resolved to defer the and promotion practices. alone, in order to provide tools of dis- processing of the legislation until CPB The court held that the citizen group, covery." and the Public Broadcasting Service agree the Bilingual Bicultural Coalition of Mass Judge Bazelon was joined in the opin- on the provisions contained in the bill - Media Inc., did not support its allega- ion by Judge Robert Van Pelt, U.S. senior which in its present form calls for a ceil- tions. It noted that the station had an district judge for the District of Ne- ing in federal funding to CPB of $100 "extensive recruitment and placement braska. million after five years and mandates that program", and that the citizen group re- Judge Roger Robb, the dissenting the medium match each federal dollar lied on statistical evidence. In a city 48% Mexican American, 12% of the station employes are Mexican American. The court two years ago, in upholding the commission's renewal of WMAL -TV Wash- ington against a challenge by a local group, had held that statistics enough were insufficient to demonstrate discrimi- nation. But the court, in an opinion written by Chief Judge David Bazelon, said it was not necessary to remand the case to the commission for further proceedings since, as a practical matter, a remand would serve little purpose- woAt -Tv's license expires on Aug. 1, 1974. In the interven- ing months, Judge Bazelon added, the protesting group will have an opportunity to use any new procedures the commis- sion may develop for establishing evi- dence of discrimination and to exhaust their own efforts to obtain that infor- mation. The court did not reject the WMAL -TV precedent, but neither did it accept it as Honored. Winners of the Southern Baptist Radio and Television Commission's Abe all- controlling. The WMAL -TV decision, Lincoln Awards for broadcasting are (I to r): Charles K. Murdock, WLW(AM) Cin- Judge Bazelon said, "represented an in- cinnati, recipient of the radio award; Lee Rich, president of Lorimar Productions, itial effort, not a final codifi:ation." He who received a distinguished communications recognition award for The Waltons; also noted that since that decision, the Frank Stanton, former CBS president and now president of the American Red commission has insisted that citizen Cross, awarded a distinguished communications medal for service to broadcasting, groups alleging discrimination "show and Leslie G. Arries Jr., WBEN- AM -FM -TV Buffalo, N.Y., recipient of the television specific instances of discrimination or a award. The ceremony was held Feb. 7 in Fort Worth (Broadcasting, Feb. 11).

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 44 Look at those Ratings! Kal Kane Animal World with Bill Burrud-in Barter Syndication

Choice clearances in 9 out of the top 11 markets! Seen on over 70 stations. New production. 8th consecutive year on the air.

(NSI 10/25- Top 9 out of 11 11/21/73) markets cleared Typical Ratings: RATING SHARE New York (ABC 7:30 Thurs.) Kansas City (NBC 6:30 Fri.) 15 29 Portland, Ore. (ABC 7:30 Tues.) 18 31 Los Angeles (NBC 6:30 Sun.) San Diego (CBS 7:00 Fri.) 14 26 Chicago (NBC 6:30 Sat.) Albany (NBC 7:30 Sat.) 17 32 Spokane (CBS 7:30 Thurs.) 19 30 Philadelphia (NBC 7:30 Wed.) Honolulu (ABC 5:30 Sun.) 15 29 Boston (NBC 5:30 Sat.) Tucson (CBS 6:00 Sat.) 11 21 Columbus, Ga. (NBC 5:30 Sun.) 20 52 San Francisco (NBC 7:00 Mon.) Binghamton (NBC 6:00 Sun.) 9 21 Cleveland (ABC 7:00 Sat.) Corpus Christi (ABC 6:30 Fri.) 17 34 Columbia, Mo. (NBC 5:00 Sun.) 17 39 Wash., D.C. (CBS 7:30 Thurs.) Yakima (ABC 7:30 Tues.) 11 19 Dallas -Ft. Worth (CBS 5:00 Sat.) Lubbock (NBC 4:30 Sat.) 10 41

CONTACT: Leslie Wallwork, Jim Isaacs or Dick Hasbrook Century Plaza Hotel Los Angeles- during NATPE or CALL COLLECT: LES WALLWORK 8 ASSOCIATES 1541 N. Vine Hollywood, California 90028 (213) 466 -3381 TWX:910- 321 -2875

Blinn MUM ii "After the fine experience we've had with BCS, we shudder to think of starting our station day without it" says Les Lindvig, Vice President KOOL Radio /Television, Inc., Phoenix.

"We at KOOL are extremely pleased with Kaman's Minicomputer System," continues Mr. Lindvig. "The ease of operation -the ease of training people who have never been near a computer is a tremendous accomplishment." "Plus the access capability opened up to our national representatives makes this the most sophisticated computer system yet devised for broadcast operation." BCS is the only traffic and accounting system developed by broad- casters for broadcasters. BCS, first in the business, has been proven in radio and television stations since 1969. BCS pioneered the mini- master computer concept. BCS costs less, long term, than any other. Find out for yourself why our customers say "Kaman's BCS System more than pays for itself."

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Don't start another day without us. a Kaman broadcast computing service'` //n{// KAMAN SCIENCES CORPORATION A KAMANCOMPANY U\ ao eoz 7aò3 caor+nm s'PPGS. caoanno 8O J with $2.50 collected from other sources. facilities (or existing stations not yet While the OTP spokesman emphasized qualified for regular CPB assistance) to Whitehead continues that the public broadcasting interests are expand operation to the point where not being asked to support all the pro- they can become eligible for the regular to build his visions, he said that the administration community service grant program. Re- bridges behind him expects mutual agreement on the con- cipients of the awards will be given $25,- duct to be followed by all sides in con- 000 this year and $18,000 next year. Of He maintains the conciliatory mood gressional hearings on the funding. He the total, only 10% can be spent on the first expressed in OTP cable report added that if that agreement cannot be acquisition of new equipment, however. as he talks to security analysts reached, there is a strong possibility that This limitation, according to Don Trapp, the OTP bill will not be introduced in CPB's radio project manager, is in recog- Clay T. Whitehead said last week that the Congress. Last week in a New York nition of the fact that grants available to Office of Telecommunications Policy "is appearance, Clay T. Whitehead, OTP public radio stations from the Department now accepted as an integral part of the director, said he hoped to submit a fund- of Health, Education and Welfare are communications apparatus in this coun- ing bill in a month (see this page). intended specifically for the improvement try. Congress will continue to look to it OTP and the public broadcasting in- of facilities. for legislative proposals long after I'm terests disagree on both major features The program is designed to help elimi- gone as director." in the bill. The broadcasters want twice nate a substantial void in public radio. In a question- and -answer session at a the $100 million as a funding ceiling and Although there are presently about 650 Feb. 12 meeting of the New York So- a matching formula of only $2 to $1. noncommercial radio stations (more than ciety of Security Analysts, Mr. White- OTP is unwilling to retreat any further. half of them low -power facilities lo- head said that the three present legisla- "We've already made somewhere between cated at schools and other institutions), tive priorities of the OTP are: (1) a eight and 10 compromises," a spokesman only 149 are eligible for regular CPB long- range, five -year funding bill for said. "The President is not going to sign community service grants. This, accord- public broadcasting that "will be ready a $200 -million bill. It's going to be hard ing to Mr. Trapp, is due to the fact that in about a month "; (2) new legislative enough to get everybody to agree on a the remaining stations fail to meet the proposals dealing with "the reality of $100- million bill." six criteria required by CPB for partici- international communications," and (3) The spokesman also said that OTP has pation in the CSG program. recommendations in line with President no intention of backing down on the The criteria, Mr. Trapp said, include Nixon's "new initiative" on the right of matching funds proposal. Noting that the a prerequisite that the station be licensed privacy and the safeguarding of informa- $2.50 -to-$1 plan was itself a concession by the FCC as noncommercial; that it tion stored in computers. (OTP had originally proposed $3- to-$1), have a minimum power of 250 w at an Other points touched on by Mr. White- he said the industry's request for a $2 -to- antenna height of 500 feet above average head: $1 arrangement "would be a joke." terrain; that it have an adequately equip- Referring to OTP's cable -television Hartford Gunn, PBS president, takes ped studio and separate control room; proposals issued early last month, Mr. it more seriously. "It would be the height that it have at least three full -time pro - Whitehead said that he has concluded of folly," he said, "for the system to ac- fessional staff members; that it broad- from his studies that "$300 to $500 per cept a matching formula that would keep cast a minimum of 14 hours a day, 365 home is the reasonable range of capital it beyond striking distance of the ceiling." days a year, and that its programing be investment for a cable -TV system. Of He said PBS and CPB statisticians are geared primarily for general audiences. course, that figure would go up if a sys- checking to see how the industry would According to CPB, there are 33 major tem is trying to reach virtually impenetra- fare under a $2.50 -to -$1 match, but he population areas in the U.S. that are not ble areas of the country." He added that expressed fear that it might be "less better currently served by a "full service" (or cable TV's main problem today is "the off than it was before." CPB -qualified) public radio station. Ac- confusion and overlapping of regulation cordingly, interests contemplating the es- among federal, state and local govern- tablishment of facilities in those areas will ment." CPB remembers be given first priority in awarding the Another "vexing" problem for cable grants. TV, he said, is "the emotional argument public radio For the current fiscal year, CPB has that pay TV will bring about the end of reserved $519,000 for the program - free television. The question we must ask With a more federal money bit $375,000 to go to the 15 interests re- is not: Should the viewer be forced to coming in, it decides to encourage ceiving the initial $25,000 grants and pay for what he now gets free? The development of aural medium real $144,000 to the eight stations that have question is: Shouldn't the viewer be al- already received the first -year award and lowed to pay for programing over and With President Nixon's signing late last are now eligible for the subsequent $18,- beyond what's available on free televi- year of a federal appropriation that is 000 allocations. But if the federal CPB sion?" nearly $15 million more than public appropriation does not increase in fiscal He also said that "the Department broadcasting had previously been receiv- of 1975, Mr. Trapp speculated, no new en- Justice temper its ing, the Corporation for Public Broad- should antitrust en- tities will be able to be admitted to the forcement of cable TV on the 'infant - casting has begun a campaign to chan- program. industry' theory . . . provided that the nel some of those funds into what some ownership of the cable in the industry have termed "the for- -TV system is separated from the gotten medium " -public radio. programing end of the business." CPB announced last week that it will Another cloud over Eaton He admitted that the Nixon admin- make available this year a total of 15 The FCC's Broadcast Bureau has recom- istration "has not pushed its proposal grants of up to $25,000 each to any se- mended that United Broadcasting Co. of to increase the number of VHF stations rious institution interested in establishing Florida be denied renewal of license for to give the viewer a greater choice" be- a public radio station in areas where no wFAe(xm) . The bureau said that cause "the political debate had become "CPB qualified" facility currently exists. the licensee did not exercise sufficient colored" by the charges and counter- The program, funded by money re- control over its employes to prevent a charges swirling around Watergate. "The served for community service grants (the fraudulent billing scheme. United, in its VHF proposal would have been viewed funds CPB passes on to directly stations), response, denied the fraudulent billing as a slap at the networks," he said. Mr. actually, began two years ago. But with charge and claimed that it had exercised Whitehead later added, "We'd come to the previous scarcity of available federal reasonable diligence in the management the recognition by that time that the dollars, only eight $25,000 grants have of the station. United also noted that the rhetoric of the past was not serving its been made. usual sanction against a fraudulent billing purpose." Continuing in this vein, he The beefed -up campaign envisions a violation is a fine. United is owned by complained that the press didn't dis- two -year funding program to enable new Richard Eaton. tinguish between "the memo writers,"

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 50 "OK LASSIE, COME ON HOME!" FCC APPROVES...




SUITE VISIT OUR HOSPITALITY SEPTEMBER AT THE NATPE, CENTURY PLAZA, 1974 START LOS ANGELES, FEB. 17 -20 ióó Half -Hours 15 Hours 9 Features 90 -min. to 2's-hour programmers The show that made 3 DIFFERENT SOLID GOLD LASSIE PACK- AGES: NO OVERLAPS. THE LONGER 7 o'clock Sunday night a tradition, LENGTH PRODUCTIONS ARE NOT COM- these LASSIES include all of POSITES OF ANY OF THE 186 HALF -HOURS. '64 -71 seasons on CBS.

BILLION -PLUS VIEWERS in single seasons that didn't for the facts, figures, and good even run the full 52 weeks! Beating competing net- deal YOU can make ... write or call works with season -long Share Averages like 41.9! Full gray -schwartz enterprises, inc. season Rating Averages of 20.3! As many as 14 MIL- 425 SOUTH BEVERLY DRIVE LION HOMES -and that was in early evening fringe! BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90212 Competing networks kept changing, twisting, turning, TEL. 213 / 556 -1628 throwing a variety of different things against LASSIE exclusive U.S. representative for LASSIE TELEVISION, INC., subsidiary of Wrather Corp. -but the 17 -year CBS veteran kept on leading! who were advising the President to do cast facility in New Jersey, according to Ws/qv/1240 Inc. to Ksrr Inc. for esti- "illegal" things, and the people at OTP, the prospective buyers. mated $400,000. Henry Valentino is who "were working consistently to re- Dorothy Bremmer is selling the station principal owner of WsNY/ 1240. Frederick duce government control over the media to Atlantic Business and Community De- Epstein is president of KSTT Inc. which in all of our policy recommendations and velopment Corp., whose principals are owns KsTT(AM) Davenport, Iowa. WSNv our legislative recommendations. I had Lawrence McCall, president; Willie B. operates full time on 1240 khz with 1 kw nothing to do with the memo writers, and Clayton Jr., vice president; John Hick- day and 250 w night. Broker: Larson/ I never saw any of their memos." He man, secretary and proposed general Walker & Co., Washington. added, "I've always been emphatic in manager; Albert L. Burks, treasurer; Ed- WLDB(AM) my belief the federal government ward L. Darden, David Wilcox and Atlantic City: Sold by Mrs. that Dorothy Bremer to Atlantic Business and should not use its legal power to coerce James E. King, all directors, and legal broadcasting industry." counsel Nathan W. Davis. Community Development Corp. for esti- the mated $250,000 (see this page). WLDB He said that some of the ways the WLDB is full time on 1490 khz with operates full time on 1490 khz with 1 kw 1 and w federal government is "tampering with kw day 250 night. day and 250 w night. the marketplace" are: the fairness doc- trine, the prime -time- access rule and FCC license -renewal applications, which re- Approved quire stations to specify what they've Changing Hands done "in specific categories of program- The following transfers of station owner- ing, like public service, religion and edu- Announced ship have been approved by the FCC cation." Following broadcast station sales were (for other FCC activities see page 80): reported week, On the upcoming long -range fund- last subject to FCC ap- WLTA -FM Atlanta: Sold by Atlanta ing bill for public TV, he said, "Congress proval: FM Broadcasters to Susquehanna Broad- mustn't abdicate its responsibility to give WHVW -AM -FM Hyde Park, N.Y.: Sold casting Co. for $2.55 million. Eathel Hol- general oversight to the programing on by Ubiquitous Corp. to Oroco Communi- ley, president of Atlanta FM, also owns PBS, but it shouldn't get involved in cations Inc. for $430,00 and other consid- WNEA(AM) Newman, Ga. Susquehanna manipulating PBS's content on a fall - erations. Thomas C. Durfey is president of is group owner which operates WQBA(AM) fall schedule-by- -schedule basis." Ubiquitous. James F. O'Grady Jr. is pres- Miami and WKIS(AM) Orlando, both WFMS(FM) WOBB- ident of Oroco, which also owns WALL - Florida; Indianapolis; AM-FM Middletown, N.Y. WHVw is day - (AM) Freeport, N.Y.; WHLO(AM) Akron, 1 kw of black power timer on 950 khz with 500 w. WHVw -FM WHLQ(FM) Canton, WLQA(FM) Cincin- operates on 97.7 mhz with 3 kw and an- nati and WLQR(FM) Toledo, all Ohio; A group of black businessmen has signed WARM(AM) WSBA- AM -FM- WLDB(AM) tenna 300 feet above average terrain. Scranton and an agreement to purchase At- Tv York, both Pennsylvania. WLTA -FM lantic City for $250,000. If the applica- Broker: Keith W. Horton Co., Elmira, N.Y. is on 99.7 mhz with 100 kw and antenna tion is approved by the FCC the station 1,000 feet above average terrain. will become the.first black -owned broad- WsNY(AM) Schenectady, N.Y.: Sold by KSAY(AM) San Francisco: Sold by KSAY Broadcasting Co. to San Francisco Wireless Talking Machine Co. for $1.18 - million (see page 53). KSAY is daytimer FEATURED BY on 1010 khz with 10 kw. AMERICA'S WRSJ -AM -FM Bayamon, Puerto Rico: OUTSTANDING Sold by Radio San Juan Inc. to P. H. MEDIA BROKER Broadcasting Corp. for $950,000. O. Roy GC Chalk is president of Radio San Juan. Mr. Chalk also has interest in wrsJ(Tv) Mayaguez and wrsj(Tv) Ponce, both Puerto Rico. Miriam and Paul Hernan- dez, owners of P. H. Broadcasting, also own carpet firm in Puerto Rico. WRSJ MID -ATLANTIC operates full time on 1560 khz with 5 kw day and 250 w night. WRSJ -FM is on 100.7 mhz with 50 kw and antenna 155 FULL TIME AM feet above average terrain. KNUI(AM) Kahului, Hawaii: Sold by Qualitron Aero Inc. to Broadcasting $350,000 Consulting Services Inc. for $315,525. E. G. Panissidi is president of Qualitron Aero, division of subsidiary of Tenneco One of only three full time AM's in market of nearly 300,000. Real Inc., large conglomerate with no other broadcasting interests. Harwell V. Shep- estate included. At a price a little over twice gross, this can be a fine ard owns Broadcasting Consulting Serv- opportunity for owner -operator. Terms available to qualified buyer. ices. Mr. Shepard is consulting engineer. KNUI operates full time on 1310 khz with 5 kw. KFSD -FM San Diego: Sold by Time - Life Broadcast Inc. to Lotus Communi- cations Corp. for $275,000. Time -Life BIACKBURN&COMPANY,INC. Broadcast also owns woTv(Tv) Grand Rapids, Mich., and is subsidiary of RADIO N CAN NEWSPAPER BROKERS / NEGOTIATIONS FINANCING APPRAISALS Time Inc. Lotus president is Howard A. Kalmenson. Lotus also operates KENO - WASHINGTON, D.C. CHICAGO 60601 ATLANTA 30309 BEVERLY HILLS 90212 (AM) Las Vegas; KoNE(AM) Reno; KOXR- 20006 333 N. Michigan Ave. 1655 Peachtree 9465 Wilshire Blvd. (AM) Kaux(AM) 1725 K Street, N.W. (312) 346-6460 Road, N.E. (213) 274 -8151 Oxnard, Calif.; and (202) 331-9270 (404) 873 -5828 74-5) Glendale and KTKT(AM) Tucson, both Arizona.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 52 objections were not supported. Commissioner Hooks, in a dissenting KSAY sale OK'd The coalition also asked that it be statement issued last week, expressed compensated by Wireless for consulting concern that the decision would constitute No strings attached to Wireless buy services and legal fees totaling $10,000. a barrier to future action by members of as FCC fails to find employment, But the commission said any sort of re- the public as "quasi- attorneys general." programing abuses charged by imbursement must be worked out by the He noted that those in the Sandersville Community Coalition in petition parties involved. case -the Black Youth Club and the Wireless is owned by James J. Gab- Southern Christian Leadership Confer- The FCC last week approved the sale of ber, Gary M. Gielow and John S. Wick - ence -had spent time and money pre- KSAY(AM) San Francisco by KSAY Broad- ett. Grant Wrathall is president of KSAY paring the pleadings that led the com- casting Co. to San Francisco Wireless Broadcasting. mission to designate the station's renewal Talking Machine Co. for $1.18 million. for hearing. The hearing order was later A petition to block the sale by the Com- revoked and the station's renewal granted munity Coalition of the Bay Area was de- after the station reached an agreement nied by the commission. Hooks says challengers with the group. The coalition charged that the minority are owed expenses Commissioner Hooks said he did not employment records of both the seller and agree that existing law and court prec- the buyer (the owners of Wireless also Win or lose, petitioners to deny edent clearly bar the commission from operate MOI -FM San Francisco) were de- ought to be reimbursed, he says compelling reimbursement. And, he said, ficient and that no effort had been made to facilitate public participation in the at either station to recruit minority em- FCC Commissioner Benjamin L. Hooks renewal process, the commission "should ployes other than in clerical positions. says the commission's refusal to compel at least take the initiative, assert [its] The commission, however, found that WSNT(AM) Sandersville, Ga., to reim- authority, and let the courts settle the good faith efforts had been made by Wire- burse a citizen group for expenses in op- issue if that is necessary." less to hire minorities. The commission posing the station's license renewal sounds He said that the commission in other also noted that a specific incident of dis- "ominous" for public -interest groups wish- areas where its authority was in dispute crimination raised by the coalition was re- ing to participate in the commission's "has had little difficulty in inflating [its] futed in an affidavit by the person alleged licensing process. general rulemaking authority to the ex- to have been discriminated against. The commission two weeks ago, with treme perimeters." And the courts, he The commission also rejected the coa- Commissioner Hooks the lone dissenter, added, have generally sustained the com- lition's complaint that Wireless and KSAY said it lacked the authority to require an mission. had neglected public affairs programing unwilling broadcaster to pay such reim- The commissioner also said that even dealing with social problems in the Bay bursement. It also said that, as a matter if the courts did rule against the FCC Area. The commission said that a licen- of policy, it did not favor compulsory on the issue of compulsory reimburse- see's good faith judgments in program- reimbursement (BROADCASTING, Feb. 11). ment, the commission could follow the ing matters would be questioned only The commission is considering a rulemak- lead of the Interstate Commerce Com- where there was an apparent abuse of ing to set criteria governing voluntary mission and the Federal Trade Commis- that discretion and that the coalition's reimbursements. sion. He said those agencies are aiding


AN" ed IT a Sis of 77 INC. America's most dynamich and experienced media brokers.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: 1730 K STreet, N.W., 20006 (202) 393-3456 CHICAGO: 1429 Tribune Tower 60611 (312) 337 2754 DALLAS: 1511 Bryan Street, 75201 (214) 748 -0345 SAN FRANCISCO: 111 Sutter Street, 94104 (415) 3925671

Brokers of Newspaper, Radio, CATV & TV Properties


Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 53 public interest groups to participate in their proceedings. But the FCC, he said, "does not even suggest this course as an immediate alternative." The commission's procedure review committee, set up several years ago at Chairman Dean Burch's suggestion in an effort to streamline commission proce- dures, did suggest the creation of a small office within the Broadcast Bureau to provide counsel to the public. The sug- gestion was one of several on which the committee sought comments in May 1970. However, nothing came of the proposal.

`Last Contest' may live up Signed, sealed and delivered. With their purchase of WOIC(AM) Columbia S.C., to its name four businessmen became the first all -black group to own a broadcast property FCC reprimands two stations in that state. On hand for the Jan. 31 news conference announcing closing of the for misleading audiences transaction were (I to r): Columbia Mayor John C. Campbell; Dr. Harry B. Ruther- with telephone promotion ford, treasurer of WOIC licensee Nuance Corp.; Elliott E. Franks Ill, secretary and station manager; South Carolina Governor John C. West; I. S. Leevy John- Broadcasts Last son, president, and J. Wade Degraffenreidt, vice president. WOIC was purchased of "The Contest," with from Joe for its promises of vast riches to the listener Speidel $550,000. lucky enough to be listening when the "secret telephone number" is aired and to demonstrate the responsibility expected sold by TM Productions, Dallas, a di- quick enough to call the station have won of licensees. The commission also said the vision of the Starr Broadcasting Group. two radio outlets admonitions from the letters would be made part of the per- TM obtained the sales rights from Jack FCC. manent file of the stations for considera- McCoy and Douglass Merman, program- The commission last week told Weis tion in their future operations. ing executives with Bartell Media, in the Broadcasting Co., licensee of WZAT(FM) Commission officials expressed con- fall of 1972. The stations reprimanded by Savannah, Ga., and Radio Chesapeake cern over "The Last Contest" because it the commission broadcast the contest last Inc., licensee of WYRE(AM) Annapolis, is being syndicated to stations around spring. Md., that they appeared to have failed the country. The contest is now being Officials of TM say the contest has been sold in 38 markets-and add they have no control over the manner in which the contest is conducted. Jim West, TM senior vice president, said that semi- nars are held for personnel of stations ESTATE that buy the contest, and that they are urged to follow the suggested procedures THREE RADIO STATIONS "ethically." We have been requested, on an exclusive basis, by the The commission, in its letter to WZAT, executor of an estate, to secure sealed bids on two highly said its field investigation showed that al- desirable radio stations and to negotiate a third. A complete though the station broadcast promotional announcements information packet is available to qualified parties. The between April 3 and April 11, 1973, that the decision of the executor will be final. stating "secret telephone number" would be given out -FM Norwalk, Connecticut "maybe today, maybe tomorrow or in five WNLK /WDRN - days or maybe in five minutes," the num- Terms -Cash- Bids must be in excess of $850,000 ber was actually inoperative until 15 minutes before it was announced on the WBUX- Doylestown, Pennsylvania air, at 4 p.m. on April 11. Thus, the Terms - Cash -Offer must be in excess of $250,000 letter said, "it appears that the licensee knew that the information contained in As there is a time limitation, if interested, immediately contact: the promotional announcement was MILTON Q. FORD, WASHINGTON, D. C. OFFICE false." L Nor was that all. The commission said said that the station also announced: "Building up right now in hidden vaults . Yazot4 S4eireezk and secluded warehouses all over the INC world, a treasure so vast it would take millions of dollars to even begin to as- America's most dynamic and experienced media brokers. semble it." Yet, the commission said, the highest amount budgeted for any prize WASHINGTON, D.C.: 1730 K Street, N.W., 20006 (202) 3933456 package was $3,000. WYRE broadcast the contest in three CHICAGO: 1429 Tribune Tower (312) -2754 60611 337 phases, according to the commission. And DALLAS: 1511 Bryan Street, 75201 (214) 748 0345 in Phases II and III, it allegedly was guilty of the same kind of misrepresentation SAN FRANCISCO: 11 1 Sutter Street, 94104 (415) 392 -5671 regarding the possibility of a telephone number being available as the commis- Brokers of Newspaper, Radio, CATV & TV Properties sion said was present in the WZAT case. The commission also said WYRE apparent-

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 54 i'9K' . `. I 1/ ly "misled the public to believe that $2.3- has another problem-a rival application cratic candidate George McGovern's posi- million could be won, whereas the maxi- for its channel 8 Dallas frequency that tion on military spending, another accus- mum amount possible to win in any of has been filed by a group of Dallas busi- ing him of changing his positions on cam- the three contests was $5,000." nessmen under the name of Wadeco Inc. paign issues and a third contending that There was another aspect of the con- The commission has designated the com- Mr. McGovern would put "half the coun- test as aired by WYRE that concerned the peting applications of WFAA -TV and Wade - try" on welfare rolls. The welfare spot, commission. It said that when the secret co for hearing. the study says, was "totally ineffective" telephone number was broadcast at the Meanwhile, the FCC staff last week because most viewers indicated they end of Phase III, telephone service for sought to get its license -renewal process- thought the message "unbelievable." some 37,000 telephone customers in the ing machinery in motion on all the chal- On the other hand, 44% of the sur- Annapolis area was disrupted for about lenged stations in Dallas and Fort Worth. veyed voters changed their beliefs about five minutes. It wondered whether the li- It wrote to James T. Maxwell, as presi- Mr. McGovern's stand in accordance with censee "was trying to exploit such disrup- dent of Civic Telecasting Corp., request- the intent of the military- spending ad. tion for publicity purposes." ing Civic to complete its final pleading in The changing- stands ad proved somewhat the case in 15 days. Wallace Johnson, less effective, but was successful in "re- chief of the Broadcast Bureau, noted that versing the normal [voter attitude] pat- Multi -media owners the court had lifted a protective order tern." Research has shown that as a cam- in Dallas guarding the confidentiality of material paign progresses, voter evaluations of -Fort Worth that Civic had obtained from Times a candidate's leadership qualities usually settle antitrust suit Herald. This removed the last barrier to strengthen. The changing- stands ads Civic's use of material it had obtained Now FCC changed few voters' beliefs about Mr. asks defunct UHF from the three licensees. McGovern's to complete its pleadings leadership qualities, but they Mr. Johnson, noting the "protracted severely disrupted the in petitions it has filed pattern of credi- against broadcast properties nature" of the proceeding, said that no bility he would otherwise have had. additional time would be granted for From these findings, the study con- completion of the pleading -a response cludes that the most effective type of A civil antitrust suit that the former own- to the licensees' opposition to the Max- ers of a now bankrupt 'UHF station in political advertising is that which is di- wells' petition to deny the renewals. rected at changing Dallas brought against three newspaper - or reinforcing a voter's broadcast owners in that area has been beliefs about candidates' stands on the settled out of court. But whether the Broadcast Advertising. issues. It is somewhat less likely that ads will a voter's settlement may affect petitions to deny li- change own attitude about cense renewals and the proposed sale of an issue or candidate's image. some of the properties remains to be Study says The study wrapped up its findings with seen. two points -first, that the main effect of on The suit -seeking in excess of $3 mil- political spots political advertising TV was "primarily to reduce voter-to lion -was filed in U.S. District Court in -voter differences in be- Dallas by James T. Maxwell and Car- make their points liefs about candidates" and, second, roll H. Maxwell Jr., former owners of that if political ads have such a great KMEC -TV (ch. 33), against A. H. Belo and inform voters effect in a presidential election-when media attention on the campaign is high Corp., owner of WFAA- AM -FM -Tv Dallas, Short forms to be effective said and voter defenses are in gear -then the KFDM -Tv Beaumont, Tex., and the Dallas in transmission of intelligence Morning News; the Times Herald Print- effect should be even more pronounced about the issues in campaigns closer to the local level. ing Co., owner of KDFW -TV Dallas and the Dallas Times Herald; and Carter Pub- Those shotgun, 60- second political cam- lications Inc., owner of WBAP(AM), KSCS- paign commercials- criticized in recent (FM) and WBAP -TV, all Fort Worth, and years as "degrading the electorial process Bristol -Myers the Fort Worth Star Telegram. by selling candidates as if they were The Maxwells settled for $487,500, soap" -are an effective tool in changing says FTC ruling plus $25,000 for the fees of a master in voter beliefs, a study by the Citizens' Re- chancery. search Foundation contends. The study, on Dry Ban spots The Maxwells, whose station went on released last week and claiming to be the the air in 1967 and went dark a year first of its kind, focused on the effect of bordered on libel later when the company went into re- Democrats for Nixon commercials on ceivership, accused the three multimedia some 700 Syracuse, N.Y., voters in 1972. It wants law judge's decision owners of attempting to prevent the en- Among the study's conclusions were: to be renounced by commissioners, trance of CATV into the market and to Political ads appear to be more ef- but FTC staff wants it enlarged eliminate UHF competition by excluding fective "when they communicate issue, UHF listings from the station logs pub- rather than image, information." The Federal Trade Commission was lished in their newspapers. Political ads are "an important source asked last week to reverse an administra- The license renewals of the stations of information" for low- interest and non - tive law judge's ruling that would impose owned by the defendants in the suit have presidential election voters. broad restrictions on product demonstra- been deferred at the FCC since June Political ads usually work to move tions in television commercials. The rul- 1971, as a result of petitions to deny undecided voters and vote switchers in ing, against Dry Ban commercials filed by the Maxwells (BROADCASTING, the direction of their basic predispositions. (BROADCASTING, Dec. 10, 1973), was July 5, 1971). In addition, Carter's sale Political spots have as great an im- attacked by Bristol -Myers as sweeping of all of its holdings -for $115 million - pact on voters of moderate interest as on enough to encompass all 283 of the firm's has been opposed by another petition to low- interest voters. products. deny. Carter last year reached agreements The most exceptional finding of the At the same time, the FTC's com- to sell its AM and FM stations, the Fort study (conducted by two political science plaints staff urged the commission to up- Worth newspaper and two suburban pa- professors from Syracuse University for hold the judge's ruling and extend it. pers to Capital Cities Communications the Princeton, N.J. -based research group) Administrative Law Judge Daniel H. Corp. for $80 million ($10 million for the was that voters are less likely to be af- Hanscom found in his decision that radio stations), and its television station fected by ads pushing a candidate's image Bristol -Myers and its agency, Ogilvy & to LIN Broadcasting Corp. for $35 mil- than those communicating his stand on Mather, used a comparative demonstra- lion (BROADCASTING, Jan. 8, 1973). The a specific issue. tion technique that falsely implied that sales contracts carry a March 31 termina- The Syracuse group studied three con- Dry Ban went on dry and left no dis- tion date. troversial spots sponsored by Democrats cernible or visible residue on application, Besides the Maxwells' petition, Belo for Nixon -one that criticized Demo- that an actual demonstration was taking

Broadcasting Feb 19 1974 56 NTA Continues to build


BONANZA' ADI MARKET TIME PERIOD Rating Share Tallahassee, Fla. Thur. 7-8:00 p.m. 39 66 Binghamton, N.Y. M-F 7.8:00 p.m. 26 44 Johnstown -Altoona, Pa. M-F 7-8:00 p.m. 26 44 Raleigh- Durham, N.C. M-F 7-8:00 p.m. 21 37 Omaha, Neb. M-F 6-7:00 p.m. 20 35 Jacksonville, Fla. M-Thur. 7-8:00 p.m. 20 34 Tampa, Fla. M-F 4-5:00 p.m. 12 34 Baltimore, Md. M-F 4:30-5:30 p.m. 10 30 Detroit, Mich. M-F 4-5:00 p.m. 7 20 Atlanta, Ga. M-F 5.6:00 p.m. 8 19 Indianapolis, Ind. M-F 4:30.5:30 p.m. 6 17 Los Angeles, Calif. M-F 6-7:00 p.m. 6 11

GET SMART` ADI Rating Share Omaha, Neb. M-F 4-4:30 p.m. 12 45 Honolulu, Hawaii M-F 3-3:30 p.m. 7 31 San Diego, Calif. M-F 4.4:30 p.m. 4 15 New Orleans, La. M-F 5.5:30 p.m. 6 12 Washington, D.C. M-F 6:30-7:00 p.m. 5 10

HIGH CHAPARRAL' ADI Rating Shore Tallahassee, Fla. Wed. 7 -8:00 p.m. 44 72 Beaumont -Port Arthur, Tex. M -F 4:30 -5:30 p.m. 16 37 El Paso, Texas M -F 4:30 -5:30 p.m. 12 32 Odessa, Midland, Texas M-F 4:30 -5:30 p.m. 11 30 Montgomery, Ala. Sun. 9:30 -10:30 p.m. 10 26 Denver, Colo. Sat. 4.5:00 p.m. 6 22 Sacramento -Stockton, Cal. Sun. 5 -6:00 p.m. 8 21 San Francisco, Calif. Sat. 4:30 -5:30 p.m. 4 15


LOS ANGELES NEW YORK 12636 Beatrice Street CHICAGO 50 East 42nd Street, Suite 301 Los Angeles, California 90066 New York, New York 10017 Phone (213) 390-3663 Phone (312) 693 -3880 Phone (212) 972 -0056

TORONTO, CANADA 175 Bloor St. East (416) 962 -4061

LONDON, PARIS, TOKYO, ATHENS, SYDNEY, r MEXICO CITY, BUENOS AIRES, RIO DE JANEIRO 'According to ARB, Nov. 1973 place and that the superiority of Dry Ban and liquid cold remedy contain other in- was proved. He called for a broad order, gredients to relieve other symptoms of a forbidding B -M to use demonstration cold." techniques unless they actually proved This was one of three instances in the claim being made and prohibiting which advertisers were shown in the Jan- misrepresentation of physical characteris- uary report as having agreed to make tics of any product applied to the body. changes in their advertising. The others B -M said in its appeal that the decision involved print claims by AT &T and the was so harsh as to "verge upon libel." Airborne Freight Corp. (The judge had written in his order that Nine other advertising claims that had the whole question of "responsibility and been questioned, eight involving TV, integrity in advertising" was at issue.) were held by NAD to have been ade- B -M argued that the judge's decision quately substantiated. The commercials was based on a hearing room demonstra- were for Colgate-Palmolive's Dynamo de- tion in which the FTC counsel applied tergent, Nabisco's Team cereal, Philco- the spray product to his arm for a period Ford's Cold -Guard refrigerator -freezer, of time that far exceeded normal use. Procter & Gamble's Era detergent, Reed - B -M said in its brief that the demonstra- Union Corp.'s Perma -Mark identification tion used in the commercials, where Dry kit, S. C. Johnson & Son's Glory rug Ban is applied to acetate, glass and the cleaner, Congoleum's Shiny' Vinyl floor back of a hand, was for "advertising Vicarious violence. The Lesney covering, and Sterling Drug's Body All purposes" only and not meant to meet deodorant. "legal requirements ... for adjudicative Corp. is the latest in a long line of evidence." Thus, the demonstration of- firms using the talents of child - fered by the FTC counsel, similar to that pitchman Mason Reese to sell a Business Briefs used in the commercial, was not in order, product. In this case, he will be appearing as a $750,000 B -M claimed. part of network TV push by Lesney to in- Rep appointments. Krvi -ry St. Louis: B -M objected strongly to the scope of MMT Sales Inc., New York. KONO- the proposed order. The judge's conten- troduce its new line of "Fighting Furies" action figures. The commer- (AM) and Klry(FM) San Antonio, Tex.; tion that the broad ruling was justified be- WAME(AM) cause -Myers involved cials were prepared by Levine, Charlotte, N.C.; WWOK(AM) Bristol has been in and WIGL(FM) both Miami, and KEaE- a number of other litigations at the FTC Huntley, Schmidt of New York and will begin running in the fall in (AM) Denver: Buckley Radio Sales, New was unwarranted, B -M said. Consent various children's in York. KLKS -FM Atlanta and WQAL -FM agreements, which were reached in the series and pro- on -20 Cleveland: CBS Sales, New York. majority of its cases are for settlement grams top market stations. /FM purposes only and do not constitute an Radio's customers. CBS Radio Spot Sales admission of guilt, B -M said. has compiled 200 -page report, "Crucial The FTC staff, in its appeal brief, Contac spots to be revamped; Customers: Men," for marketing depart- argued for a broad interpretation of the eight other TV commercials ments of advertisers and agencies. Re- law judge's ruling. It called for an FTC get clean bill from NAD port lists groups of male- oriented prod- order extending the requirements of ucts (shaving, drugs and sundries, bever- proof that the judge would apply to dem- Menley & James Laboratories has agreed ages, financial, etc.), and shows male onstrations. The staff wanted the require- to modify references to competitive prod- "users" and "heavy users" based on ments applied also to all forms of evi- ucts in one of its television commercials Simmons studies. Report stresses im- dence, including such nonvisual tech- for Contac cold capsules, the National portance of men 35-49 and of those with niques as the quotation of survey results, Advertising Review Board said last week higher income and educational levels testimonials or opinions "or any other in a report on January activities of the in purchases of numerous male- oriented device which invites the audience to rely National Advertising Division of the products and services. on some extrinsic proof of the product Council of Better Business Bureaus. claim, rather than just the seller's word." The NAD felt the references to In- Interpreting the order in the broad gredients of competitive cold tablets and Take it all off sense to encompass all kinds of evidence a liquid cold treatment left the impres- The American Cancer Society will "in- presented in any fashion is necessary sion that the ingredients were unneces- tensify and expand" its campaign against since the initial decision found that a sary or might be harmful. Menley & smoking, and urges greater restrictions on broad "fencing in" of B -M, "a repeated James revised the commercial, according cigarette advertising, to wit: elimination violator of the Federal Trade Commis- to NARB, "to more clearly state that of cigarette advertising in newspapers, sion Act," was called for, the staff Contac is for sneezing, runny noses and magazines and billboards. Citing national asserted. nasal congestion and that the cold tablets increases in per capita smoking (particu- larly among women and teen -aged girls), a society spokesman declared that ag- grandized cigarette print campaigns over Announcing .. . past two years "go against the very spirit" of the 1971 ban on cigarette ad- vertising on TV and radio. "The society A Confidential Service to Owners sees no reason why the major cause of lung cancer should be advertised," and and Qualified Buyers proposes elimination of cigarette ads "in all media." Negotiations - Appraisals During a New York news conference, the society leaders also urged that TV RADIO - TV - NEWSPAPERS personalities and entertainers "refrain from smoking during their broadcasts, because of their influence on the smoking CECIL L. RICHARDS, INC. habits of the young "; an expansion of Media Brokers the society's "antismoking information program" through increased Call "Lud" Richards (202) 296-2310 TV and radio (and print) ads, and prevention of or write: Suite 817, 1825 Eye St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006 cigarette companies' sponsorship of tele- vision sports events.

B,oadcesting Feb 18 1974 58 Electro Sound Stud Performance ES -505 A -80


Turing Accuracy 20.1% '0.1%

Wow entl Flutter _0.08 rms rms 7K li -0.07


Frequency Response 30 -18K Hz 30.18K Hz 15 ips ±2dB !2tl8

Signal -to -Noise 15 Os- 83 d8 82 dB Two Unwe ghted 0.4 %2HD -1.0% Distort ion 500 Hz. 1 K Hz. Peak Operating Record Level

Price $3.395 $6.670 tracting co-op dollars, building midweek Local ads on upswing traffic and reaching a selective audience. Cableulsting John Lucas, advertising manager for J.C. Retailers at Chicago meeting hear Penney Co., offered the "donut principle" broadcast ad tips and Nader talk as the key to effective television commer- NCTA fears cial format. Establish pertinent store Broadcast advertising will get a boost characteristics in a professionally pro- sports blackout from local retailers in 1974, according to duced "dough," he said. The dough pro- experts at the Retail Advertising Confer- vides continuity from commercial to com- blow from FCC ence in Chicago, Feb. 8 -10. Along with mercial, while the retailer can plug spe- some how -to advice on effectively using cific showcase merchandise in the "hole" Association sees possible ruling radio and television in retail ad cam- for individual commercials. by commission to protect major paigns, retail executives heard from Ralph Mr. Nader, speaking Friday night and minor league teams in areas Nader on the use of consumer clout to (Feb. 8), urged retailers to band together served by cable operators improve product quality. with consumers to fight deteriorating In a Saturday morning session on product quality and high prices passed on The cable industry is being primed for a television advertising, Tom McGoldrick, from powerful manufacturers. "If retail- battle against an FCC proposal that al- director of retail sales for the Television ers saw themselves as representatives of legedly would virtually preclude systems' Bureau of Advertising, predicted that consumers, then you would see people authority to import sports events shown "with the shortages and high costs of stand up and fight, and stop the transfer on distant television stations. print, more and more local advertisers of burdens to the consumer," he said. Leading the campaign is the National such as specialty stores will be turning to Cable Television Association, which television in 1974." The forecast was claims that the ramifications of the pend- based on significant spending increases Kansas kickback probe ing FCC rulemaking proposal (Docket by a number of retailers. Local TV bud- 19417) would be "disastrous" to the in- gets of furniture dealers were up 42% in State attorney general wants all media dustry. The association, which fears that 1973 from 1972, appliance store spend- to tell who bought what commission consideration of the proposal ing was up 60% and hobby, sport and in 1972 gubernatorial campaign is imminent, is now devoting about 40% toy sellers up 100 % -increases that for of its professional staff to an extensive the first time bumped local TV sales over The Kansas attorney general has sub- lobbying effort against it. Although, ac- the $1 billion mark, he said. poenaed gubernatorial campaign- advertis- cording to FCC sources, the plan has yet Radio expenditures will not fall short ing information from all TV and radio to be submitted to the commissioners, either, according to radio session panelists stations, newspapers, billboard firms and NCTA officials are vowing to fight it at Frances Smith, director of retail services printing companies in the state. Action is the commission and, if necessary, in the for ABC -owned AM stations, and Wil- an attempt to find out if certain monies courts. liam Bond, vice president and sales pro- alleged to be kickbacks from architectural The commission's proposal -which has motion director for the May Co., Cleve- firms in return for state contracts, were been pending for some two years but land. Despite an uncertain outlook for pumped into the 1972 election campaign only recently attracted serious attention business in general, radio will become a for the governorship. as the agency began to delve into its back- "more attractive, more useful and more Kansas Attorney General Vern Miller log of major cable issues-would prohibit effective" ad medium for retailers in said 375 subpoenas were issued in con- cable systems from importing any profes- 1974, Mr. Bond said. nection with the Topeka grand jury's in- sional game when a local professional The radio and TV sessions didn't stop vestigation of advertising and campaign team in the same sport (either major or at painting a bright picture for broadcast practices of the election. minor league) is playing at home. The use, but offered, as well, some hard ad- Attorney General Miller would not be rule, which would not come into play if vice on how to exploit the potential of more specific, but several Kansas broad- the affected imported game is already both media. Using eight case studies of casters filled in some of the details. They scheduled to be telecast on the local TV retail ad campaigns, Miss Smith demon- said several of those charged in the grand station, would be applicable to all cable strated how to use radio to achieve such jury's indictments were allegedly close to systems located within the grade B con- objectives as changing store image, at- Kansas Governor Robert B. Docking and tour of a television station. allegedly received some $30,000 in kick- Hypothetically, according to NCTA backs from architectural firms. They said General Counsel Stuart Feldstein, the Let's get together. An effort to orga- the grand jury is trying to find out what proposed rule could work as follows: In nize the country's regional radio -TV happened to the $30,000 by comparing Scranton, Pa., which with no local inde- sales reps Into one big cooperative what the governor claims he spent on pendent TV stations is regarded as one of selling venture has been started by the 1972 election and what the campaign - the nation's most desirable cable markets, President Leonard F. Auerbach of advertising records of the media show. the local cable system is permitted by Regional Reps Corp., which he says The subpoenas seek information on FCC rules to import distant independent represents some 200 radio and TV gubernatorial campaign ads that ran be- TV signals from both New York and stations In Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, tween June 1, 1972 and Nov. 30, 1972. Philadelphia. Currently, that system can West Virginia and upstate New York, Several Kansas broadcasters surveyed carry such desirable sports telecasts as with $1.5 million in billings last year. last week said they would comply. the New York Mets (from woe -Tv) and Mr. Auerbach, operating from his New York Yankees (from WPtx[TV]). company's corporate headquarters In Scranton, however, has nine minor league St. Petersburg, Fla., has outlined a BIAS comes to radio baseball teams in the vicinity. Under the proposal in lengthy letters to some proposed rule, the distant sports telecasts 60 regional reps. He reasons that Data Communications Corp. this week would have to be blacked out by the cable even 10 or 20 strong ones working will unveil a radio version of its Broad- system if any of those area teams plays at together, either in a single company cast Industry Automation System at a home on the same day. NCTA is reflect- or under a co -op umbrella, would be three -day "Future 74 -75" seminar at its ing the concern of the cable industry that, in a position to take on bigger sta- Memphis headquarters. in many major markets, the promise of tions as well as to boost sales, in The BIAS system for television is a sports events brought in from another effect offering "national" representa- computerized method of handling traffic, city is one of the few selling points an tion, and perhaps at the same time accounting and billing functions. It cur- operator has in his efforts to obtain new reap fringe benefits in terms of bet- rently has 50 subscribers, all of whom subscribers or hold onto the ones he has. ter rates for group Insurance, retire- will attend the Memphis seminar, Feb. Accordingly, NCTA is presently lobby- ment programs, etc., and perhaps in 18 -20. Featured speaker during the meet- ing against the proposal, both in Con- such areas as acquisition of syndi- ing will be FCC Commissioner Benjamin gress and at the commission. It is com- cated programing for stations. Hooks. mitting between six and 10 of its profes-

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 60 New for Television


SHOWCToountry Music Has Come The City

39 (26-13) AVAILABLE FOR AUGUST START. The combi- nation of earthy, warm C 8 W sounds with the cosmopol- itan excitement and so- Starring phistication of the city. Its "Class Western" starring 37- million record seller HANK THOMPSON, fea- turing (in 14 shows and 13 ,., Featuring reruns) everybody's "Enter- tainer of the Year' and star of ROY CLARK Hee Haw, ROY CLARK, plus the truly great names in C 8 W today.

Karon Blackwell The Compton Brothers Sound Generation Jody Miller Molly Bee

Don White Rod Stegall Ray Sanders produced by ROY CLARK PRODUCTIONS, INC. ln association with SEE DAVE HUNT, GEORGE MITCHELL, AND 11E JIM HALSEY a. INC. FRANK VICARI AT THE NATPE CONVENTION. Sude 1600. 1 Union National Rua Little Rock. Arkansas 72201 ,501 6646325 sional personnel (out of a professional "wipes out virtually all of these TV staff of 22) to the campaign. It has also games." urged the association membership to NCTA concludes: "The proposed rule Small cables are make a large -scale grass roots effort gives the sports leagues [which the as- against the measure. The campaign so far sociation claims would be the primary jumping NCTA's has attracted the formal concern of at beneficiaries of the rule] more than they least four legislators -Senators Richard need, goes contrary to existing TV prac- pole -rate ship -Pa.) tices, disrupts viewing patterns Schweicker (R and Clifford Case established CATA, claiming $1 fee hike would (R -N.J.) and Representatives Joseph Mc- and cuts another vital hunk out of major financially cripple its members, Dade (R -Pa.) and Fred Rooney (D -Pa.). market distant signal importation which sets off on independent course All four have written FCC Chairman is already marginal." Dean Burch about the matter. NCTA officials last week emphasized The controversy over the National Cable And the association is making it clear that the concerted lobbying effort is es- Television Association's current pole -at- that it will not stop at the commission if sential because, based on contacts the tachment negotiations continued to grow the agency elects to implement the pro- association has made with the commis- last week with a new force -representing posal. "I don't think there's any ques- sion, action on the proposed rule could nearly 300 independent cable operators BROADCASTING'S - tion," said NCTA President David Fos- come at any time. check lining up against the association's stance there a with commission failed ter, "that would be court fight on sources to confirm on the issue. this matter. The consequences are just that, however. One high level staffer In a statement critical of NCTA's cur- too drastic to accept." maintained that the proposal in question rent posture in its pole negotiations with NCTA has been doing some homework is but one of several alternatives open to AT &T and General Telephone, Commu- in order to back A the agency, and that no action would be up such statements. nity Antenna Television Association Pres- study prepared by the association and dis- taken on any of them for several weeks. ident Kyle Moore tributed in Washington last week painted He noted that last week's cable delibera- announced that his group was dissociating itself from the several gloomy pictures of how the tions by the commission were limited to NCTA He pole - commission proposals would work in the antisiphoning issue, and that the ab- position. said that the $1 rental increase that NCTA's of di- various markets. In all cases, the study sence of Chairman Burch this week (to be board rectors has tentatively endorsed (BROAD- asserted, the result would be the same vacationing in Arizona) will preclude im- for the cable They would "lose mediate consideration of the matter. CASTING, Jan. 29, et seq.) is too high for operators: members (which include cable a substantial portion of their imported According to the staff source, four CATA's systems of 3,500 subscribers or less not sports programing." operations are now in the offing -none In Scranton, for example, the study of which has been formally presented to affiliated with a major multiple- system claims that, with the proposed rule, the the commissioners. They are the FCC operator). Mr. Moore stated that "there system would be denied up to 80% of rulemaking proposal: an NCTA proposal has got to be an end to this enforced cost the imported programing available to it- whereby systems would be prohibited spiral which the small CATV system op- not limited to sports presentations. Be- only from carrying home games of the erator is facing." tween 35% and 60% of the imported local team (if the local TV station doesn't Mr. Moore's action followed by sev- programs are already precluded, the study have access to them); a provision of the eral weeks a strongly worded statement claims, due the existing commission rules initial cable copyright bill (S -1361) in- by Teleprompter Corp. President Bill regarding syndication exclusivity. Those troduced by Senator John McClellan (D- Bresnan that his firm does not recognize requirements prohibit the local cable Ark.) (which would deny cable systems the NCTA negotiating team and will not operator from importing programs for access to any professional sports program abide by any settlement it may make with which local television licensees hold ex- which the local television station does the phone interests. Although it was not possible to specify the number of cable clusive rights in the market. Another 15% not have the right to carry) ; and a pro- would have to be blacked out because of posed amendment to the copyright bill operators that have expressed support of the sports rule, the study claims. advanced by Senator Hugh Scott (R -Pa.). Mr. Bresnan's position, some sources esti- In the Boston market, the study con- The last would prevent systems within 75 mate that the number encompasses some tinues, more than 60% of the programing miles of a major league team from im- 30% of the entire industry. that could be imported from New York porting games of the same sport whether The extent of the opposition has ap- independent TV's is currently denied the team is at home or not; it would also parently caused NCTA to evaluate its local cable systems by the exclusivity prohibit systems within 25 miles of a posture on this issue with utmost caution. rules. The sports blackout rule would add minor league team from importing same - "It may very well be," NCTA President another 20 %, the study maintains. sport games on days when the team is David Foster told BROADCASTING last The NCTA study asserts that the rami- at home (BROADCASTING, Feb. 4). week, "that the upshot of this is that we fications would be equally severe for small For the moment, the commission ap- will have to advise the FCC that we can- market cable operators. For example, the pears to have an open mind on the not carry on the negotiations." For the Hornell, N.Y., system now carries 181 subject. One commissioner, identified by time being, however, NCTA remains Yankee and Mets games from New York cable sources as being in favor of the committed to the negotiations with the stations on 119 dates. Since there are six sports blackout provision, claimed: "I phone companies, which were implement- minor league baseball teams in the area, am not committed on any of this stuff. ed last August at the commission's re- the study notes, the proposed sports rule Nobody is. We haven't discussed it." quest. Mr. Foster said he expects further meetings with the phone interests within a month. He maintained that NCTA is continuing to act in accordance with the FCC's mandate that the pole controversy 101N THE 1974t WAGON be resolved internally, and that the asso- ciations' conduct is geared toward what ur!''11'IItÍl1, it considers to be the best interests of the WO haue startetl a "LAFF-IDEMIC !! entire industry. Regarding Mr. Moore's statement, Mr. ZAPF- NEW YORK ZAPF- SAGINAW 52 IMF- KANSAS CITY ZAPF- MOLINE ILL. Foster declined extensive comment. "I ZAFF- OMAHA nur- DALLAS txcJusíve hut rti don't think that I want to comment on a IMF- SYRACUSE ZAFF - CANADA of hysteritt release which obviously has the intention IMF- PHOENIX ZAFF- to upset the negotiations and the intent Exclusive Sales of the commission," he said. BBDO Contact, me 0516s (212) Another NCTA source was more vo- JOIN THE 1974 Mir COMEDY WAGON 3555800 383 Madison Ave. cal. Repeating the association's position New York. N.Y. 10017 WERE SELLING ONE'LAFF'. AFTER ANOTHER,,,, that a rate increase is inevitable, he claimed that small operators would be particularly harmed in the absence of a nonexclusive franchise to Berks TV Cable negotiated settlement. "They don't have Beating bushes. The National Asso- Co. Dover, N.J., council voted to award a legal leg to stand on," he maintained. ciation of Theater Owners' push franchise to Clear Television Cable Corp., "If they think for one minute that the against pay cable is now covering all Berkely township, N.J. West Orange, commission won't approve a rate rise, levels of government with the argu- N.J., approved ordinance awarding fran- they're kidding themselves." Systems ment that the FCC has proved in- chise to Suburban Cablevision. Whitehall, would be in an even more precarious sensitive to the theaters' position Ohio, authorized Coaxial Communica- position were they to refuse to pay any and that other jurisdictions must move tions Inc. to construct cable system there. rate increase that could arise from the in. NATO Is lobbying Congress to Hamlin, Tex., city council permitted current proceeding, the source asserted. take over the setting of cable policy. Cable Electronics Inc. to raise subscriber "They (the phone companies) could at- All state NATO chapters are working rates from $5.95 to $6.50 per month. tach the operator's trucks, his tower, his for state cable regulation, and local Sidney, N.Y., subscribers on Sidney Video headend and his mother -in -law," he ven- representatives are testifying at num- Co. system were notified of $1 rate hike, tured. erous city cable proceedings, urging to $5.50. Pulaski, Va., town council Mr. Moore, contacted by BROADCAST- local regulation of pay -cable rates authorized Pulaski Cable TV Co. to in- ING last week, professed a different opin- and services. Before FCC it has been crease fees from $4.95 to $6. Cobb ion. "I think somebody has to take a pushing antisiphoning issue. county, Ga., county commission granted stand on this issue," he said. "My feeling franchise to Cobb -Cherokee Communi- is the commission should stay out of the 25 largest cable firms as introduction to cations Inc. Mount Morris, N.J., town- negotiations. Perhaps we would be better bid for franchise. Ordinance still needs ship board awarded franchise to Mount off if we negotiated on a local level." city council and voter approval. Morris Cable Co. Berne, Ind., Triad Mr. Mooré s formal statement hinged New SOP. FCC dispensed with cable Cablevision, subsidiary of Triad Sta- extensively on that belief. Expressing the television regulation that required peti- tions Inc., Marshall, Mich., has requested fear that smaller telephone companies tions, applications and related pleadings franchise from city council. Sausalito, (with which most CATA members deal) be accompanied by affidavits. Instead, Calif., Martin's Community Antenna would adopt the rate increase expected certificate of service (statement to effect System was granted $1.50 monthly rate to be implemented by General and AT &T, that document to which it is affixed has increase, bringing subscriber fee to $6.50. Mr. Moore claimed that the present rates been mailed or delivered to listed per- Ames, Iowa, city council set March 12 commanded by those smaller firms "truly sons on given day) will be substituted. for public referendum on its award of reflect the local economic conditions of Commission said adoption of new regu- franchise to Ames Cablevision Inc. pole attachments." lation will remove "unnecessary and use- State aid. New York State Commission Mr. Moore referred to a study CATA less burden" on parties to cable pro- on Cable Television announced experi- conducted several months earlier which ceedings. mental project designed to aid munici- concluded that an average CATA -mem- Grassroots activity. Wayne township, palities in choosing cable services appro- ber system (with about 850 subscribers) Ohio, trustees awarded 15 -year franchise priate for individual needs. Program, has a yearly gross income of $6,239. The to Continental Cablevision Inc. Lower made possible by grant from U.S. De- proposed $1 pole -rental increase -which Heidelberg, Ohio, supervisors granted partment of Housing and Urban Devel- would be implemented gradually over a period of four years -would decrease that system's earnings by 15.48 %, he as- serted. Among other detriments, Mr. Moore claimed, the resulting monetary setback would hinder small operators in their efforts to comply with FCC tech- nical performance requirements. "Sooner or later," Mr. Moore said, "the FCC and everyone else concerned has got to recognize that a man with 250 -850, or even 1,850 CATV subscribers just is not in the same league financially as the big, new, public money market systems which NCTA represents. "Unless this comes to a halt, and soon, the small rural CATV systems are going to face drastic cutbacks in service and perhaps even financial disaster," he said.

Cable Briefs 1 Going up. UA- Columbia Cablevision Westport, Conn., is increasing rates for 44,000 of firm's total 165,000 subscribers, SYNC 14.1LI OV.K10120 MO $500,- bringing in additional revenues of The new CLD-1100 Sync Pulse Generator from CBS Laboratories 000 yearly. Increases affect UA- Colum- features digital- circuit design. Unique design enables maximum adapt- bia systems serving Brookhaven, N.Y., and San Angelo, Laredo and Mt. Pleas- ability in pulse systems and achieves virtually perfect timing between ant, all Texas. dissimilar studios. Unit stability is derived from a timing circuit employing a single servoloop where the 3.58 MHz color frequency is Trying again. Over year ago Colum- bia, Mo., voters turned down referendum generated from a 14 MHz crystal reference source. Contact us for to establish municipally owned cable sys- quotes on your new sync systems. From CBS Laboratories, of course. tem, which was victory for National Cable Television Association. Now city is moving again toward cable decision, this time to establish operation con- CBS LABORATORIES by entrepreneur. trolled private Nonprofit A Division of Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. Mitre Corp., McLean, Va., has drafted 227 High Ridge Road, Stamford, Connecticut 06905 cable ordinance for city and mailed to

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 es opment, will be conducted in New York at the Rivergate convention center; Dal- sumers "to express a choice in what they towns of Lysander, Van Buren and Bald- las gatherings will be at the Dallas con- see." winsville, which have proposed a joint vention center. The booklet asserts that the broadcast cable franchise. Gone from the schedule is Washington, industry (which says it netted $100 mil- which traditionally has been an NCTA lion more in 1972 than the cable industry meeting place every four years. The 1975 grossed) "continues its dire predictions of meeting was moved from there due to financial ruin" at the hands of pay cable. Recycling is the word inadequate facilities. Las Vegas had been "These cries of ruin," it claims, "are in NCTA long -range tentatively chosen as the 1976 site, but reminiscent of the prophecy of doom the NCTA board of directors voted to which has always accompanied techno- convention planning abandon that plan at its meeting last logical innovation." The TV networks, it Meetings for next 10 years will month, largely due to the California cable claims, have "succeeded splendidly" in be confined to Chicago, New Orleans association's dissatisfaction with that city presenting mass -appeal programing. But and Dallas convention centers at its convention last November. in the process, it says, "the consumer has been viewed as a number, not as an in- The National Cable Television Associa- dividual with specific interests, tastes and tion will be keeping its annual conven- NCTA counterattacks programing desires." Pay cable, on the choice," tion simple over the next decade. Accord- in other hand, "is a medium of the ing to information released by the asso- pay cable dispute booklet proclaims. ciation last week, only three cities will It sends government officials The publication also takes a crack at host the yearly gathering through 1983. booklet arguing against stand theater owners who have been fighting Also gone -after this year's April meet- attributed to TV, theaters the development of pay cable at both the ing in Chicago -is the concept of holding state and federal level. It asserts that the convention in a large hotel. The National Cable Television Associa- more than 60 million Americans do not According to the NCTA list, the con- tion has issued a 16 -page booklet en- go to the movies and that more than vention schedule over the next 10 years titled "Pay Cablecasting and Consumer 70% of the current theater-goers are breaks down as follows: 1974, Chicago's Choice" as its first printed answer to the under the age of 30. "Yet," it says, Conrad Hilton, April 13 -17; 1975, New National Association of Broadcasters' "many millions of Americans would like Orleans, April 4-7; 1976, Dallas, April recent newspaper ads opposing the siph- to view good films uninterrupted by com- 17 -22; 1978, New Orleans, dates to be oning of programs from broadcast to mercials in the safety and convenience announced; 1979, Chicago, April 22-25 cable. of their home. Pay cablecasting is pro- or April 29 -May 1; 1980, Dallas, dates to "Pay cable should be encouraged," as- viding just that service." be announced; 1981, Chicago, April 26- serts the booklet, which was prepared by NCTA is directing the publication 29; 1982, New Orleans, to be announced; NCTA Public Affairs Director Robert specifically at legislators and other gov- 1983, Chicago, April 17 -21. After this Stengel. Its benefits, which, according to ernment officials in its initial offing - year, the Chicago conventions will be the document, include an increase in which included a press run of 3,000 held in the McCormick Place convention programing options and a shot in the arm copies. Sources said, however, that a center. All New Orleans meetings will be for the film industry, will permit con- substantially larger press run is planned.

PROGRAM SYNDICATION SERVICES, INC. 347 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10017 (212) 532 -1560

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Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 64 year. Mr. Fuld, 70, retired in December Broadcast Journalism.,, Journalism Briefs as chief judge after record 27 -year serv- ice on New York Court of Appeals. He In for Traynor. joined New York law firm of Kaye, Headed for test: Scholer, Fierman, Hays and Handler as Stanley H. Fuld, special counsel. former New York confidentiality State chief judge, New issues show. In its first venture into will succeed Roger television, Times Publishing Co., St. Pe- of journalists' J. Traynor as chair- tersburg, plans to offer weekly, half -hour man of National series, Looking Ahead, discussion of vital telephone records News Council. Mr. national issues based on material in Con- Traynor, former Cal- gressional Quarterly. Times Co. owns Question is whether government, Quarterly and St. Petersburg Times, and of leaks, ifornia chief jus- in search of sources tice, resigned chair- has formed Semit Corp. to produce and AT &T files can secretly get manship of six- Fuld distribute new TV series. First two epi- visiting sodes will be on problems of postal serv- about leaks of month -old organization to accept Federal officials concerned professorship legal science at Cam- ice and on obscenity in America. to newsmen have been trying of information bridge University for 1974 -75 academic Back again. New edition of The Open to track leaks to their sources through the telephone records of reporters and news organizations. Over the last several years, federal law- enforcement officials have subpoenaed the records of at least four news organizations and four re- IT sears THE BUNNY! porters. Now a Washington -based re- porters' group is preparing to sue AT &T to prevent the government from obtain- ing reporters' telephone records without EASTER IS: their knowledge. The Reporters Committee for Freedom The biggest, of the Press two weeks ago obtained from brightest Easter special ever! AT &T copies of reporters' and news agencies' telephone records that were From those spectacular made available over the past five years to folks who gave you "Christmas Is!" law- enforcement officials. The committee Original score by Jimmy Haskell sung by had specifically asked about the records Leslie Uggams guarantees you'll love it. of some two dozen newspapers, networks and editorial reporters. Four years running, now, "Christmas Is!" However, AT &T refused a second re- has drawn record ratings and response. quest, made at the same time, to notify NO PROGRAM CHARGE... Half a million loving, laughing, three saleable or PSA minutes. journalists and news organizations when- personal letters from viewers 6 to 86. ever such records are demanded by gov- Confirm or audition now for your ernment agencies so that those whose And they're just waiting for the 1974 fringe or prime Easter block. records are involved could seek to oppose new adventures of Benji and Waldo. J. Michael Vincent the government's effort to obtain them. Lutheran Television, 500 N. Broadway AT &T said it felt compelled by law to Top national and local sponsors are glad St. Louis, Missouri 63102 turn over the records without delay. But they bought the time. (314) 231-6969 it also indicated it would welcome a judicial determination of the question. And that is what the reporters' com- mittee suit will seek. The suit will be based on the First and Fourth Amend- ments-those guaranteeing freedom of speech and press and guarding against unlawful search and seizure. A second suit appeared to be shaping up as a result of the Internal Revenue Service's subpoenaing 2,500 long- distance calls made from the New York Times's Washington bureau. IRS obtained the records in an investigation of reports one of its employes leaked tax informa- tion to a Times reporter. Times lawyers tiiii;iiiiii ;::;:;`;::` wired IRS Commissioner Donald C. \ Alexander requesting return of the rec- Ì ords and warning that a suit will be started if the request is not honored. The Times Washington bureau was one of the organizations previously listed as among those whose telephone records had been turned over to federal officials. Others are the Washington bureaus of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Knight Newspapers and the office of columnist Jack Anderson. The four reporters named are David Rosenbaum of the Times, Rich- ard Dudman of the Post- Dispatch, Jack Anderson and Les Whitten, of Mr. Ander- son's staff. Mind discussion series will appear monthly on wpnc(TV) New York and will be rebroadcast by Public Broadcast- ing Service. It will feature Richard D. Heffner, communications consultant and educator, in moderator /producer role he had when series was on WNBC -TV New York in late 1950's. Consumer reporting. National Press Club, Washington, announces first an- nual awards for excellence in consumer - affairs reporting. Competition, sponsored by Montgomery Ward retail chain, is open to both print and broadcast jour- nalists. Prizes of $1,000 will be awarded in four broadcast categories, one for continuing series and one for one -time tele- only programs in both radio and Go-between. In the "Front Page" era It was newspapers that kidnappers contacted vision. Entries, which are to required to publicize their demands. In recent years it has been radio and /or TV stations have been prepared for general dissemi- culminating in the last few weeks with the Patricia Hearst abduction. Her captors, nation and not internal use, must be post- of the radical Symbionese Liberation Army, have been communicating with her marked by March 31. National Press parents and the public through KPFA(FM) Berkeley, Calif., one of the Pacifica Foun- Club, National Press building, Washing- dation stations. The SLA contacted the Berkeley station twice last week with ton 20004. written messages and a recording of Miss Hearst's voice and a demand that her father, publisher Randolph Hearst, feed the California poor. Above, KPFA News Director Paul Fischer reads on the air and to newsmen in the studio the first of More monitors two letters received from the Symbionese group. Pacifica stations generally are liberal and at least non -, if not anti -, establishment A new organization, The Connecticut in their news and public -affairs programing. All are listener supported. Committee for Fairness to the Presidency, is mobilizing volunteers to monitor news- said he is not concerned about criticism some members of the organization will papers and the broadcast media for what of the President per se -only that which begin by monitoring the TV and radio it calls blatant "negative" news about "hammers" away at the point. networks, Connecticut stations and na- the nation's highest office. Mr. Raines, who said he formerly tional and local newspapers for "negative Joseph Raines, the founder of the worked in the marketing and acquisition reports of issues relating to the presi- committee, based in Cheshire, Conn., field for a number of companies, said dency." He indicated media in other

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Broadcasting Feb 19 1974 66 states may eventually be monitored. Broadcasters and publishers found en- Equipment R Engineering gaging in such reporting, he said, will be requested by the committee to present Console products. Broadcast Electronics issues fairly. "I would hope it would Inc. has come out with line of nine new never be necessary to contact the FCC," Spotmaster audio consoles. It consists of he added. one four -channel and two five -channel monophonic consoles, two five- channel stereo units, two eight- channel head- They did it phone driver amplifiers and cue ampli- The loser in a special congressional elec- fiers with internal cue speaker. 8810 tion in Pennsylvania blames the media Brookville Road, Silver Spring, Md. for his defeat. "I certainly feel the na- 20910. (301) 588 -4983. tional news media interfered with this election," said Republican Harry M. Fox Translator series. There's new line of at a post -election news conference. He VHF and UHF translators in ten models referred to news accounts which pointed -from 1 w to 1 kw -from Acrodyne to the election as a barometer of post- Industries Inc. T -200 series employs Watergate voter backlash against the single intermediate frequency conver- Republicans. "They kept bringing it up sion scheme for both single and multi - all the time, that Watergate was going to hop translator installations. 21 Com- be involved here ... perhaps some voters merce Drive, Montgomeryville, Pa. were influenced," he said. Mr. Fox lost 18936. (215) 368 -2600. the election 60,550 to 60,329 and has called for a recount. Korean contract. Continental Electron- Third of a mile, straight up. The ics Manufacturing Co., Dallas, has re- telecommunications division of EMI ceived $2,281,315 contract from Repub- Limited, Hayes, Middlesex, England, NLRB denies NABET attempt lic of Korea, to provide three Conti- has been awarded a $2.8 million to represent KNXT writers nental transmitters for Korean Broad- contract to equip the new Canadian casting System, Seoul. Order calls for National observation and communi- The National Labor Relations Board has two 250 -kw MF transmitters, combined cations tower in Toronto with TV and dismissed a petition by the National As- for 500 kw operation, and one 250 -kw FM transmitters. The transmitters will & sociation of Broadcast Employes Tech- short-wave transmitter. Continental will be mounted above the main concrete election to nicians seeking to hold an also provide associated antenna system, tower, over 1,500 feet up, in the 300- admit to the union newswriters and con- combiner, studio-transmitter program foot needle section of the structure. KNxT- tinuity writers employed at CBS's and communications links and installa- The 1,805-foot Canadian National (TV) Los Angeles. tion. tower, when completed, will be the CBS had argued that the proposed world's tallest self- supporting struc- NABET unit would be inappropriate be- Lower -cost camera. New models of its ture, according to its builders. The cause those KNXT employes have been IVC -500A color TV camera, priced for transmitters will have to be.encased as as broad- included in a broader collective bargain- closed- circuit and cable well in a plastic enclosure to protect ing unit represented by Writers Guild of cast applications, are available from In- them from high winds and low Ca- America. That unit includes news and ternational Video Corp. Prices range nadian temperatures. continuity writers at CBS's TV and radio from under $22,000. Previous models be- stations in New York, Chicago, Phila- gan at $32,000. As options, IVC has delphia and Los Angeles. added encoders, tubes, lenses, cable and In announcing its decision, the NLRB enhancement. 990 Almanor Avenue, Sun- said it was "reluctant to disturb such an nyvale, Calif. 94086. established multistation bargaining unit." Electronic components. New products from Amperex Electronic Corp.: two A way to get opinion high -voltage, variable vacuum capacitors from public for news (CVC10 /1K and CVC08/2C) priced at $398 each; line of VHF amplifier The University of Missouri's noncom- modules containing internal matching mercial KBIA -FM Columbia is using what networks for broadband applications it considers a method superior to man - priced public (BGY22, BGY23 and BGY24), on- the -street interviews in gauging from $22 to $28 each, and RF power opinion on local, state, and national issues. transistor (BLW 60) for VHF mobile The station uses a "public affairs jury" transmitter applications, priced from $26 -citizen volunteers culled from voter to $40, depending on volume. 230 Duffy registration lists. Demographic data (in- Avenue, Hicksville, N.Y. 11802. (516) that button. Phila- cluding ward and precinct, sex, year reg- 931 -6200. Yes, Mr. Mayor, istered, age, occupation and voting fre- delphia Mayor Frank L. Rizzo (cen- quency) was compiled on each citizen in FM transmitter. LPB Inc.'s FM 10 is ter) reaches for the switch that made the sample and stored in the university's 10 -w transmitter designed for educational Taft Broadcasting's WTAF-TV Phila- computer. An initial questionnaire asked broadcasters. Price, including separate delphia the most powerful broad- questions on national and local issues and power supply module for bottom -of- casting station in the country, ac- also sought additional demographic data rack mounting, is $1,095. Unit is ready cording to the company. Currently, it (education, party affiliation, race) and for stereo, requiring only addition of is broadcasting with 5,000 kilowatts other information. About 60% (284) of matching SG ID stereo generator of power, with the first FCC authori- those contacted agreed to participate on ($1,295). 520 Lincoln Highway, Frazer, zation to utilize an omnidirectional the jury. Using that data base, it was pos- Pa. 19355. pattern (Broadcasting, Feb. 11). The sible for KBTA-FM to quickly determine turn -on ceremony took place Feb. 8 how all Republicans or Democrats, men Recorder care. Nortronics Co. has two with Mayor Rizzo, Neil Vander Dus- or women or those in different age groups new recording accessories: QM -202 pro- sen (I), division vice president, RCA and occupations felt on any given issue. fessional head demagnetizer ($15.90) Broadcast Systems which supplied KBIA -FM has used the jury concept to and QM -211 professional bulk eraser the new transmitter, and Robert C. help build news and public -affairs pro- ($25.90). 8101 Tenth Avenue North, Wiegand (r), general manager of graming. Minneapolis 55427. (612) 545 -0401. WTAF -TV, in attendance.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 67 the emergence of a new top -40 station in Music Pittsburgh which presented KQV with its Tracking the 'Playlist.' There is still, first head -on competition, WKTQ(AM), as there was last week, much stand- promotionally known as 13Q (BROAD- ing pat on this week's chart. You're Can't tell CASTING, April 23, 1973). Sixteen by Ringo, The Way We Were An NBC -owned talk operation this by Barbra Streisand and Love's the PD's time last year, "13Q," now owned by Theme by the Love Unlimited Or- Heftel Broadcasting, has risen from the chestra repeat their one -two -three without depths of Pittsburgh's radio rankings to performances of last week. Rock On become the number -two station there, (eight) by David Essex and former a scorecard behind KDKA(AM). Mr. Phillips's greatest Temptation Eddie Kendricks's Boo- hopes for KQV must lie in the knowledge gie Down (10) break top 10 this On the heels of disappointing ratings that this year Heftel will not be spending week. Elton John continues to string at the end of '73, program directors anything near the $250,000 it used ini- out his run of hits with Bennie and at ARC and RKO's top -40 stations tially to promote 13Q. Without the big the Jets (33) ( "Breaking In," Feb. 11) take the heat in widespread job shifts cash giveaways (and programers from breaking top 40. Also entering the many other markets were complaining top 40 for the first time are Moce- dades' Touch Since the first of the year, top -40 pro- about "buying an audience" with cash in the Wind (35 and bolted), Dickie Goodman's gram directors have been shuffled among 1973), KQV may have a chance to regain Energy some of the nation's largest contemporary its footing. Crisis '74 (37) and B.B. King's I Like groups like so many linebackers the week (But even if mega -money contests are to Live the Love (40). Charlie Rich now has three before the trad- beginning to go out of vogue, the war of songs on the "Play - list" -Most Beautiful Girl ing deadline. And because there is usual- call letters is on. KQV is now calling it- drops to number ly one reason for replacing a programer self "14K. ") 22 as A Very Special Love - Song ratings trouble -these wholesale changes Mel Phillips had left the RKO group (59) on Epic Records and There Won't Be Anymore (62) say much about rock radio. What they last summer in a shuffle which saw, in on RCA come on this week with bolts. say is that the mighty, too, can fall. less than two weeks, the exit of three out Hooked . on a Feeling (44) Both the ABC contemporary stations of five of the group's contemporary pro- by Blue Suede, a remake of the four and RKO General's five rock stations, as gram dire tors and the group's program- -year -old B.J. Thomas number, the rocking groups, took some of their first lumps in ing vice president, Bill Drake (BROAD- Lord's Prayer (49) by Sister Janet the ratings last year. For several of the CASTING, June 25, July 2, 1973). Al Brady Mead and Gladys Knight's The Best stations ABC's KQV(AM) Pitts- then replaced Mr. Phillips at wxto but -especially Things That Ever Happened to Me burgh and RKO's wxLo(FM) New York last month he also left "1 RKO. don't (54) are all bolted in their first week. blows have debilitating, if not if i I was Mr. -the been quite know quit or fired," Also new are Glenn Campbell's And so, at as well But mortal. those stations, Brady said sheepishly. administrative Houston (70), Elvis Presley's I've as at several others, new programers have differences between himself and Paul Got a Thing About My Baby (71), yodeler been installed. It is this new who replaced Mr. at hoped that Drew, Drake RKO, Lou Christie's Beyond the Blue Ho- line will front be able to regain some of were the crux of the problem, he said. rizon (73) and Bill Amesbury's Vir- the lost ground by the time April -May Mr. Brady has now moved to WNBC(AM) ginia (75) on ex- Buddah President rating sweeps begin. "All major [groups] New York to assist program director Pat Neil Bogart's new label, Casablanca. are trying to reach some measure of sta- Whitley. Mr. Brady saw the changes as bility," as newly transplanted pro- major for on one groups reforming an assault WRKO since Mr. Drew was named na- gramer put it. the April -May rating books. "There is an tional programer, to KHJ(AM) Los An- Bob left KQV last fall to assume intense get numbers up, Harper pressure to and geles. While at WRKO, Mr. Peterson the program directorship of WKBW(AM) now," he said. upped the total with station's audience by Buffalo, N.Y. Two weeks ago, after a Then Paul Drew killed two birds about 6% and the share of audience three -month search, ABC replaced him one stone by replacing Al Brady at WXLO from 9.2 to 10.8. He has also do- with Mel Phillips, former for with been programer Jerry Clifton, program director of ing work at other RKO stations. Al Brady RKO's wRKo(AM) Boston and wxLO. Mr. Bartell's WDRQ(FM) Detroit. Mr. Drew said that Mr. Peterson had "implemented Phillips takes a that has lost went to the competition for his WXLO re- over station a change of format" at wxto several almost 60% its total audience (Mon- placement. Mr. Drew, aside from his po- of weeks ago, which may have played a day- Sunday, 6 a.m.-midnight, total sur- sition as national program director for part in Mr. Brady's departure, though he vey area, 12 years and over- according RKO, consults cxtw(AM) Windsor, Ont., would not confirm that. During the same to Arbitron Radio) between October - a factor in the Detroit market. large period Mr. Peterson was at WRKO, KHJ'S November in 1972 and But the big news at two rating books RKO came ratings slipped 6 %, a 17% drop in teens 1973. Its teen -age audience had dropped weeks ago when Mr. Drew moved Jerry alone through 1973. (Sean Conrad is the by 85 %. Most of this attrition was due to Peterson, who had been programing immediate past programer of KHJ and is expected to announce a program con- sultancy agreement with station -owner HANG IN THERE, MR. PRESIDENT Gene Chenault shortly.) Paul Kirby, program director of WCFL- b/w (AM) Chicago, has been named to re- place Mr. Peterson in Boston. In its own BICYCLE SONG way, WCFL played more than a small role in another Sung by Bernie Knee of this month's major changes, John Gehron going to wts(AM) Chicago. with Frank Yankovic & Orch. During the last year, wi-s has lost 6% of on its audience, while WCFL has hiked its audience by 24% (although not all at Telemark T -1101 the expense of WLs). Since Mike Mc- at your record dealers or by mail from Cormick left WLS's program directorship last year, the station has been without Telemark Dance Records someone whom ABC considered perma- P.O. Box 55, McLean, Va. 22101 nent. John Gehron, formerly programing $1.50 Postpaid oldies station WCBS -FM New York, has now been brought in on a permanent (703) 356-9113 basis. continues on page 70

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 68 The Broadcasting PlaylistmFeb18

These are the top songs in air -play popularity on U.S. radio, as reported to owr..e rent ewe by 6r prre Last This ha. (length ) e- I0e- 3- 7- Broadcasting by a nationwide sample of stations that program contemporary, week week Art /st -15N /00 30 70 72g "top -40" formats. Each song has been "weighted" in terms of Arbitron Radio audience ratings for the reporting station on which it is played and for the part 41 41 I Love (2:06) 38 40 40 43 of the day in which it appears. (p) indicates an upward movement of 10 or Tom T. Hall- Mercury more chart positions over the previous Playllst week. 35 42 Rockln' Roll Baby (3:15) 42 39 43 39 Stylistics -Avco 48 43 Mighty Love (3:14) 44 42 41 42 Ont -.11 teak ee.4 as Mr ports Spinners -Atlantic I .et This Title fronton) a- 10.- 3. 7- -U44 Hooked on a Feeling (2:54) 43 46 44 44 week week Altlel -teat? roe )p 70 120 Blue Swede -EMI 46 45 Americans (3:48) 41 43 45 50 Byron MacGregor-Westbound 1 1 You're Sixteen (2:50) 1 3 1 1 46 L D (3:56) 46 45 Ringo Star -Apple 51 W O 49 45 Harry Chapin- Elektra 2 2 The Way We Were (3:29) 2 2 3 2 47 Baby Come Close 49 47 Barbra Streisand- Columbia 59 r (3:20) 50 46 Smokey Robinson -Tamla 3 3 Love's Theme (3:30) 3 1 2 4 (2:58) 48 Love Unlimited Orchestra-20th Century 57 48 Star 50 48 47 Stealers Wheel &M 6 4 Seasons in the Sun (3:24) 4 4 4 3 -A Terry Jacks -Bell -d 49 The Lord's Prayer (2:59) 50 48 52 48 Sister Janet Mead &M 7 5 Let Me Be There (3:00) 5 7 6 10 -A Me (3:30) 51 51 Olivia Newton- John -MCA 28 50 and Baby Brother 57 47 United Artists 4 6 The Joker (3:36) 6 5 5 7 War- Steve Miller Band -Capitol 49 51 Top of the World (2:56) 45 66 46 66 Carpenters &M 5 7 Smokin' in the Boys Room (2:57) 7 6 5 -A Brownsville Station -Big Tree 55 52 Last Kiss (2:31) 54 53 53 52 Wednesday -Sussex 18 8 Rock On (3:13) 11 8 6 David Essex- Columbia 54 53 Jessica (4:00) 53 51 55 56 Allman Brothers 12 9 I've Got to Use My Imagination (3:29) 9 10 -Capricorn 54 The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me 61 49 56 49 Gladys Knight & the Pips -Buddah - Gladys Knight & the Pips -Buddah 14 10 Boogie Down (3:30) 15 9 Eddie Kendricks Tamla 33 55 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (3:13) 52 58 51 54 - Elton John 8 11 Show and Tell (3:28) 8 12 -MCA Al Wilson -Rocky Road 72 a 56 Tell Me a Lie 60 52 54 57 Sammi Jo South 15 12 Spiders & Snakes (3:03) 10 11 -MGM This Be Real Jim Stafford -MGM 50 57 Can (3:17) 59 54 58 53 Dark Lady (3:26) 12 14 Natural Four -Curtom 13 13 You're Unique Cher-MCA 53 58 So (3:18) 56 55 57 55 Billy Preston &M 10 14 Never Never Gonna Give You Up (3:58) 13 16 -A Barry White -20th Century 59 A Very Special Love Song (2:44) 63 56 62 58 - Charlie Rich -Epic 16 15 Until You Come Back to Me (3:25) 17 15 Aretha Franklin -Atlantic 66 60 Daddy What If (2:39) 62 59 60 65 Bobby Bare -RCA 17 16 Last Time I Saw Him (2:45) 16 13 Diana Ross -Motown 63 61 In the Mood (2:35) 57 62 59 60 Bette Midler -Atlantic 11 17 Time ln a Bottle (2:24) 14 18 Jim Croce- ABC /Dunhill 62 Thera Won't Be Anymore (2:22) 55 61 64 74 - Charlie Rich -RCA 21 18 Jungle Boogie (3:08) 18 17 65 Kool and the Gang-Delite 63 Let Me Get to Know You (2:52) 64 60 67 61 Paul Anka 22 19 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (3:25) 24 22 -Fame Rolling Stones -Rolling Stones 58 64 Joy (4:35) 58 72 63 71 24 20 Come and Get Your Love (3:30) 20 20 Issac Hayes- Enterprise Redbone -Epic 67 65 She's Gone (3:24) 67 68 65 59 Daryl Hall 26 21 Jet (2:48) 23 25 & John Oates - Atlantic Paul McCartney & Wings -Apple 69 66 This Is Your Song (3:12) 70 64 69 63 9 22 The Most Beautiful Girl (2:42) 19 19 Don Goodwin -Silver Blue Charlie Rich -Epic 38 67 Hello It's Me (3:27) 65 72 61 73 25 23 Mockingbird (3:45) 21 23 Todd Rundgren- Bearsville Carly Simon & James Taylor -Elektra - 68 Photograph (3:59) 66 74 66 76 20 24 Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) (3:26) 22 21 Ringo Starr -Apple Helen Reddy -Capitol 71 69 I Just Can't Get You Out of My Mind (3:42) 72 67 72 69 27 25 Put Your Hands Together (3:05) 25 24 Four Tops- ABC /Dunhill O'Jays- Phila. Int'I. - 70 Houston (3:20) 71 63 73 23 26 Abra -Ca -Dabra (2:56) 27 26 Glen Campbell -Capitol DeFranco Family -20th Century - 71 I've Got a Thing About You Baby (2:20) 68 70 70 37 1 27 Rock & Roll Hootchie Koo (2:55) 31 31 Elvis Presley -RCA 69 Rick Derringer -Blue Sky 75 72 Try (Try to Fall In Love) (2:59) 34 28 Love Song (2:50) 26 28 Cooker -Scepter Anne Murray -Capitol - 73 Beyond the Blue Horizon (3:30) 75 65 75 19 29 Living for the City (3:12) 29 29 Lou Christie -Three Brothers Stevie Wonder -Tamla 73 74 Last Kiss (2:25) 69 39 30 Sunshine (3:18) 33 27 J. Frank Wilson & the Caveliers -Virgo John Denver -RCA - 75 Virginia (2:30) 64 31 31 Midnight Rider (3:22) 32 30 Bill Amesbury- Casablanca Gregg Allman- Capricorn 36 32 My Sweet Lady (2:40) 28 35 Alphabetical list (with this week's over -all rank): Abra- Ca -Dabra (26), Americans (45), Cliff De Young -MCA Baby Come Close (47), Bennie and the Jets (33), The Best Thing That Ever Happened 42 33 Bennie and the Jets (5:00) 30 33 to Me (54), Beyond the Blue Horizon (73), Boogie Down (10), Can This Be Real (57), Elton John-MCA Come and Get Your Love (20), Daddy What If (60), Dark Lady (13), Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (19), Energy Crisis '74 (37), Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (55), 29 34 Jim Dandy (2:38) 37 34 Hello Its Me (67), Hooked on a Feeling (44), Houston (70), Just Can't Get You Out of Black Oak Arkansas-Alto My Mind (69), I Like to Live the Love (40), I Love (41), I Shall Sing (39), I've Got a 45 W 35 Touch the Wind (3:12) 34 32 Thing About You Baby (71), I've Got to Use My Imagination (9), In the Mood (61), Jessica Mocedades -Tara (53), Jet (21), Jim Dandy (34), The Joker (6), Joy (84), Jungle Boogie (18), Last Kiss 32 36 One Tin Soldier (3:14) 35 37 (52), Last Kiss (74), Last Time I Saw Him (16), Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) (24), Coven -MGM Let Me Be There (5), Let Me Get to Know You (63), Living for the City (29), The Lord's Prayer (49), Love Song (28), Love's Theme (3), Me and Baby Brother (50), Midnight 37 Energy 44 Crisis '74 (2:00) 39 38 Rider (31), Mighty Love (43), Mockingbird (23), The Most Beautiful Girl (22), My Sweet Dickie Goodman -Rainy Wednesday Lady (32), Never Never Gonna Give You Up (14), One Tin Soldier (36), Photograph (68). 40 38 Teenage Lament '74 (3:20) 47 41 Put Your Hands Together (25), Rock On (8), Rock & Roll Hootchie Koo (27). Rockin' Alice Cooper -Warner Brothers Roll Baby (42). Seasons in the Sun (4), She's Gone (65), Show and Tell (11), Smokin' in the Boys Room (7). Spiders & Snakes (48), 30 39 I Shall Sing (3:26) 36 44 (12), Star Sunshine (30), Teenage Lament' 74 Art Garfunkel-Columbia (38), Tell Me a Lie (56), There Won't Be Anymore (62), This Is Your Song (66), Time in a Bottle (17), Top of the World (51), Touch the Wind (35), Try (Try to Fall in Love) (72), 47 40 I Like to Live Love (3:15) the 40 36 Until You Come Back to Me (15), A Very Special Love Song (59). Virginia (75). WO L D B. B. King -ABC /Dunhill (46), The Way We Were (2), You're Sixteen (1), You're So Unique (58).

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 89 continued from page 68 back ct nmercial loan from eight to four the LP provides other numbers more ob- One of the interesting sidelights to the commercial minutes per hour "to facili- viously attractive -primarily Appala- Gehron appointment is that ABC, a com- tate taping for those who want a com- chianesque folk ballads. pany with years worth of AM contempo- plete Beatles diskography," according to Currently it is on KJR(AM) and KOL- rary radio expertise, has chosen FM tal- Tom Donahue, general manager. Pro- (AM), both Seattle, wcoL(AM) Colum- ent for top-40 WLS. And WCFL appointed gram was called Beatles A to Z (records bus, Ohio, Wits(AM) Atlanta, WDRC(AM) Gary Price, program director of progres- were aired in alphabetical order) and ran Hartford and KDKA(AM) Pittsburgh. sive rocker WDAI(FM) Chicago, to re- Feb. 3, date 10 years ago that Capitol place Paul Kirby. And Sean Conrad, Records released I Want to Hold Your whom Jerry Peterson replaces at KILL Hand. was a programer at WDAI before going to Music purchiase. WNA Music, Seattle, Los Angeles last summer. has purchased music-syndication busi- For WLS, KHJ, WRKO and WXLO (KQv ness of International Good Music, Bel - is the exception), the ratings problem linghani'I Wash., for about $450,000. they have faced is not one of head-to- WNA Music, also in music syndication, head competition. Rather it has been the is owned by Wally Nelskog, Mr. Nelskog headache of what Jerry Peterson calls OWn's KIXI -AM -FM Seattle and KORD -AM- "seepage, losing audience to five or six FM Pasèo, both Washington, and KYXY- other stations. And those kinds of losses FM Sari Diego, as well as WNA Video, are a bitch to get back," he says. John Seattle, 4ideo-cassette duplicating facility. Gehron, who began at wLs last month, Sale excludes IGM's automation-equip- says that the one thing all the stations ment minufahturing business, which may involved there have in common is that be sold;to another party. "they were losing ground or could not Watch out, Americans. Not-so- sincere be turned around and rating positions reply t¢ Gordon Sinclair's Americans is improved." getting tome air play in its first weeks For the most part, all the replacements of relee. Spoof is called A European BeeGees of the last month have been quite young. (Speaks Up for the U.S.) by Guido Sar- All are under 30 and programing sta- ducci oh A &M Records. ( "The stock Mr. Natural -BeeGees (RSO Records) tions in the top -10 markets. `It's hard to market has been going down more and This single is not about cartoonist find program directors who can operate more and not one European country has R. Crumb's legendary, hip philosopher. as individuals," Mr. Peterson said- sent even a get -well card.... ") Progres- Instead, it is about being in tune with a "someone who'll go out on a limb. Most sive rock stations are prominent among natural order -being in touch with one- groups have some kind of consultant those ' stations airing single. A&M re- self-a credo Mr. Crumb's Mr. Natural looking over them and the program di- ports sdles order of 26,000 in Buffalo, might agree with, but only in his per- rectors are just figureheads. I'm no figure- N.Y., market alone last week. versely round -about manner. head," he said. "A love that is lost can never be found again," the BeeGees contend. And Extras. The following new releases, listed Breaking In though the singer "tries [to be] Mr. Natu- alphabetically by title, are making a ral" and accept that fact, it still hurts. mark in BROADCASTING'S "Playlist" re- The BeeGees have in the past been porting below the first 75: successful in melding out -of-context or APPLE OF MY EYE, Badfinger (Apple). overly specific subjects with a lush musi- BICYCLE MORNING, Billy Sans (Atco). cal product. The material is dense and ESCTASY, Raspberries (Capitol). at times surrealistic, and from past ex- GET THAT GASOLINE BLUES, NRBQ perience, will take a while to settle in (Kama Sutra). on listeners. BeeGees records are tradi- I MISS YOU, Dells (Cadet). tionally slow going onto playlists, but LET IT RIDE, Bachman -Turner Over- just as slow coming off. Mr. Natural, if drive (Mercury). it realizes its potential, could be around LIFE IS A SONO WORTH SINGING, Johnny for weeks to come. Mathis (Columbia). Those playing it last week include LOOKIN' FOR A LOVE, Womack Bobby WLCY(AM) St. Petersburg, Fla.; wsAV- (United Artists). (AM) Savannah, Ga.; WAEB(AM) Allen- MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS, Maria Mul- town, Pa., and WMAL -FM Washington. daur (Reprise). MUSIC EYES, Heartsfield (Mercury). Let It Ride- Bachman- Turner Overdrive Mulda it MUST BE LOVE, James Gang (Atco). (Mercury) Though the name of the oN A NIGHT LIKE Tins, Bob Dylan Midnight 'at the Oasis-Maria Muldaur band is a new one, the personnel of (Asylum). (Reprise) The 70's now have their own Bachman -Turner Overdrive have been ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND, Think (Laurie). version a The Sheik of Araby, but this known musically to top-40 listeners for RAISED ON ROBBERY, Joni Mitchell time with a female in the lead: a young, some time. They are former members (Asylum). former' jligband singer from Greenwich of the Guess Who, a Canadian group SHE'S MY LADY, Charlie Ross (Big Tree). Village named Maria Rosa Domenica with a string of hits from American STAR BABY, Guess Who (RCA). D'Amato, Muldaur. The difference ex- Woman to Share the Land. BTO made TAKE GOOD CARE OF HER, Elvis Presley tends to the lyrics, too: "Midnight at the its first dent in the radio marketplace (RCA). oasis; sink your camel to bed" begins last year with Blue Collar, a mid -chart TUBULAR BELLS, Mike Oldfield (Virgin). the number, and "You won't need no record that hung around for quite a while. YOU WON'T FIND ANOTHER FOOL LIKE camel, honey, when I take you for a From the group's second LP, Let It Ride ME, New Seekers (MGM /South). ride" closes it. seems to promise wider exposure and David Nichtern's jerky melody taxes acceptance. Ms. Multiaur's vocal chords, but her The record borrows heavily on the Music Briefs generaL élan compensates for the irrita- Guess Who formula: tight vocal har- tion of 'hearing her strain for power and mony, acoustic guitar snatches and a Be my guest KsAN(FM) San Francisco volume. The only puzzle, if there is one, weighty electric guitar lead. All in all, celebrated 10th anniversary of Beatles' is why Reprise chose Midnight as the it makes for an unobtrusive sound with music with 12 hours of it. Station cut single from this first solo album when little work for the listener. It's the stuff

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 70 all -demographic hits are made of. sons for the action pending issuance of Those stations playing Let It Ride last Finance the formal tender offer, which will be week included: wcot.(AM) Columbus, made after 1973 operating results are Ohio; weBQ(AM) Augusta, Ga.; KJR- announced, probably this week. (AM) Seattle; cimw(AM) Windsor, Ont.; CBS shows record year David McCall, president of the agency, WBSR(AM) Pensacola, Fla.; WFRC(AM) CBS Inc. posted record net sales, in- said earnings will be substantially higher Athens, Ga., and KAAY(AM) Little Rock, come and earnings per share in 1973, ac- than in 1972 and in the range of $2,20 to Ark. cording to a joint announcement last week $2.30 per share, with book value at $9.20 by William S. Paley, chairman, and Ar- to $9.30 per share. He added that the Help Me -Joni Mitchell (Asylum Rec- thur R. Taylor, president. They reported offering price will be at or about the ords) Raised on Robbery was only that income from continuing operations in book value of the shares. the iceberg tip of Joni Mitchell's Court 1973 climbed 14% to $94,564,000 on net The agency issued 185,000 shares to and Spark album, which, according to sales of $1,555,200,000, an 11% in- the public in 1969, leaving Mr. McCall Asylum, is selling one -and -a -half times crease over 1972. Operating earnings per and James McCaffrey, former chairman as fast as Bob Dylan's new release, Planet share in 1973 rose to $3.32 from $2.88 in who retired last year, 87,587 shares each. Waves. Help Me, sliding onto the air- 1972. The stock has been quoted recently in the waves in the current generated by Raised The figures for income from continuing $5 -per-share range on the over -the- on Robbery, is still "new" Joni Mitchell, operations included neither a gain on the counter market. but softer and less reliant on her newly sale of the New York Yankees nor a loss acquired back -up group than its predeces- related to writing off CBS's minority in- sor. terest in the Klingbeil Co., a condo- Help Me -and the whole of the album minium construction company. The com- FCC lifts ceiling on Court and Spark, for that matter-are bined effect of these actions was a non- Comsat investments one more extension of a body of Mitchell recurring loss of $1,601,000 or five cents songs about the tension between the de- per share, thus reducing net earnings per in satellite subsidiary sire for independence and the desire share to $3.27. for love. With this record, that dichot- The 1973 fourth -quarter operating re- Communications Satellite Corp. has been sults also marked record highs for CBS, authorized by the FCC to invest up to with income growing by 4% to $30,- $200 million in Comsat General, its do- 422,000 on net sales of $466,613,000, a mestic satellite subsidiary, without seek- 12% gain over 1972. ing further commission approval. Mr. Paley and Mr. Taylor said "1973 On Jan. 9 the commission had author- was the finest year in CBS history," and ized Comsat General to be substituted for observed that the company "now has Comsat as the operating interest in appli- enjoyed 11 consecutive quarters of im- cations to build and operate four com- provement in sales and operating earn- munications satellites (to be used as part ings over comparable year -earlier pe- of AT &T's domestic satellite system) and riods." two telemetry tracking and control sta- They said the CBS /Broadcast Group tions. The FCC conditioned the author- showed substantial growth in sales and net ization on Comsat General operating as income, with both figures setting records. a separate, financially qualified entity. They also cited improvements in sales And, it authorized Comsat to invest up to and earnings from the CBS /Columbia $100 million in Comsat General. But Comsat told the commission it Mitchell Group and the CBS /Publishing Group. For the period ended Dec. 31: would need $200 million by the end of omy seems more straining and taxing 1973 1972 1975 to carry out the satellite programs. than ever before. "We love our lovin'," Earned per share' E 3.27 S 2.88 It said it would transfer $50 million in the new song says, "but not like we Net sales 1,555,200,000 1,403,184,000 non -cash assets to Comsat General-in Net Income' 92,983,000 82,866,000 addition to $100 million in cash -but love our freedom." 'includes gain In 1973 on sale of New York Yankees Currently, Raised on Robbery, which and loss related to writeoff of minority interest in said another $50 million would be nec- has done little better than mid- chart, is the Klingbell Co. essary over the next two years. still the Joni Mitchell most stations are The commission authorized the addi- playing. It will take several more weeks tional funds, provided the investment is for Help Me to be heard nationally. So made by July 1, 1976. But it said before far, w1xY(AM) Cleveland; wit, (Am) Phil- Going private any investment over $150 million was adelphia; WBz(AM) Boston; WORC(AM) McCaffrey & McCall Inc., New York, made in Comsat General, Comsat would Worcester and WEIM(AM) Fitchburg, which went public in 1969, has announced have to satisfy the Common Carrier Bu- both Massachusetts; WMC -FM Memphis plans to make a tender offer to its share- reau that the increase would not impinge and wNBc(AM) New York are currently holders for all or substantially all of its on its ability to meet its obligations to programing the record. shares. The agency declined to give rea- the satellite system. Broadcasting's index of 140 stocks allied with electronic media Appror. Total market Closing Closing shares capitali- Stock Wed. Wed. Net change change 1973 -1974 P/E out zation symbol Exch. Feb. 13 Feb. 6 In week In week High Low ratio (000) (000)

Broadcasting ABC ABC 22 7/8 22 7/8 .00 34 1/4 20 9 16,584 379,359 CAPITAL CITIES COMM. CCB 30 1/4 30 1/2 1/4 - .81 62 1/2 29 12 7,074 213,988 CBS CBS 28 7/8 28 1/8 3/4 + 2.66 52 24 7/8 9 28,315 817,595 CONCERT NETWORK** 5/8 .00 5/8 1/4 2,200 1,375 Cox Cox 15 5/8 16 5/8 6.01 40 1/4 13 3/8 8 5,831 91,109 FEDERATED MEDIA* 5 1/2 5 1/4 1/4 + 4.76 5 1/2 2 18 820 4,510 GROSS TELECASTING GGG 13 1/8 12 5/R 1/2 + 3.96 18 3/8 10 8 800 10,500 LIN LINB 4 4 1/4 1/4 - 5.88 14 3/4 3 1/4 4 2.296 9,184 MOONEY MOON 3 5/8 3 3/8 1/4 * 7.40 10 1/4 2 1/4 10 385 1,395 PACIFIC C SOUTHERN PSOU 4 1/2 4 3/4 1/4 - 5.26 13 3/4 4 1/2 64 1.751 7.879 RAHALL RAHL 5 5 1/2 1/2 - 9.09 12 1/4 2 3/4 8 1,297 6,485 SCRIPPS -HOWARD SCRP 15 3/4 15 1/4 1/2 * 3.27 21 1/4 14 3/8 7 2,589 40,776 STARR SBG 7 1/2 8 5/8 1/8 - 13.04 24 1/2 7 6 1,069 8,017

Broadcasting Feb 181974 71 Approx. Total market Closing Closing shares capitall- Stock Wed. Wed. Net change % change 1973 -1974 P/E out nation symbol Exch. Feb. 13 Feb. 6 In week in week High Low ratio (000) (000)

STORER SBK N 13 7/8 13 + 7/8 + 6.73 44 12 7 4,751 65,920

TAFT TF8 N 17 7/8 19 - 1 1/8 - 5.92 58 5/8 15 1/2 7 4,219 75,414

WOODS COMM. 0 3/8 3/8 .00 1 5/8 1/4 3 292 109 Broadcasting with other major interests TOTAL 80,273 1,733.615

ADAMS- RUSSELL AAR A 2 2 1/4 - 1/4 - 11.11 5 3/8 2 5 1,259 2,518

AVCO AV N 6 5/8 7 5/8 - 1 - 13.11 16 6 3/8 3 11,482 76,068 BARTELL MEDIA BMC A 1 3/4 2 1/8 - 3/8 - 17.64 3 1/2 1 5 2,257 3,949 JOHN BLAIR BJ N 6 3/8 5 3/4 + 5/8 + 10.86 13 4 7/8 5 2.403 15.319 CAMPTOWN INDUSTRIES 0 3/8 3/8 .00 2 1/4 5 1,138 426 CHRIS -CRAFT CCN N 3 1/4 3 1/8 + 1/8 4.00 6 5/8 2 12 4,162 13,526 COMBINED COMM. CCA A 10 3/8 10 1/8 + 1/4 + 2.46 44 10 1/8 7 3,274 33,967 COWLES CWL N 5 3/4 5 7/8 - 1/8 - 2.12 9 5/8 4 3/4 12 3,969 22,821 DUN I BRADSTREET DNB N 30 1/8 30 1/2 - 3/8 - 1.22 42 30 21 26,305 792,438 FAIRCHILD INDUSTRIES FEN N 5 1/4 5 1/2 - 1/4 - 4.54 13 3/8 4 48 4,550 23.887 FUQUA FOA N 7 1/4 7 3/4 - 1/2 - 6.45 20 3/8 6 3/4 3 8.560 62.060 GENERAL TIRE GY N 14 3/8 15 7/8 - 1 1/2 - 9.44 28 3/4 12 4 20,679 297,260 GLOBETROTTER GLBTA 0 4 1/B 4 3/8 - 1/4 - 5.71 8 1/8 1 7/8 5 2,759 11,380 GRAY COMMUNICATIONS 0 .00 12 7/8 9 7 475 4,512 HARTE -HANKS HHN N 8 3/8 9 1/4 - 7/8 - 9.45 29 1/4 7 7 4.337 36,322 JEFFERSON -PILOT JP N 29 3/4 32 1/2 - 2 3/4 - 8.46 40 7/8 27 13 24,082 716.439 KAISER INDUSTRIES KI A 7 1/2 7 3/4 - 1/4 - 3.22 9 3/8 4 6 27,487 206,152 KANSAS STATE NETWORK KSN 0 3 1/4 3 3/8 - 1/8 - 3.70 6 1/8 3 1/4 6 1.741 5,658 KINGSTIP KTP A 4 5/8 6 1/8 - 1 1/2 - 24.48 14 1/4 4 1/4 4 1,154 5.337 LAMB COMMUNICATIONS P 1 1/2 .00 2 5/8 1 1/2 30 475 712 LEE ENTERPRISES LNT A 12 1/4 12 3/4 - 1/2 - 3.92 25 9 7/8 9 3.352 41,062 LIBERTY LC N 14 1/8 13 3/4 + 3/8 + 2.72 23 7/8 13 3/8 7 6,631 93,662 MCGRAW -HILL MHP N 6 7/8 7 1/4 - 3/8 - 5.17 16 7/8 6 3/8 7 23,525 161,734 MEDIA GENERAL MEG A 21 1/8 22 1/2 - 1 3/8 - 6.11 43 1/2 20 3/4 8 3,546 74.909 MEREDITH MDP N 11 10 1/4 + 3/4 + 7.31 20 1/2 8 3/8 6 2,887 31.757 METROMEDIA MET N 8 1/4 B 1/4 .00 32 1/4 7 5 6,493 53,567 MULTIMEDIA MMED 0 11 1/2 11 1/2 .00 30 1/4 11 1/2 8 4.388 50,462 OUTLET CO. OTU N 8 7/8 9 1/8 - 1/4 - 2.73 17 5/8 8 5 1,379 12.238 POST CORP. POST 0 9 1/4 9 1/2 - 1/4 - 2.63 17 8 4 893 8,260 PSA PSA N 8 8 .00 21 '/b 6 1/8 12 3,768 30,144 REEVES TELECOM RBT A 1 1/2 1 1/2 .00 3 1/4 l 1/4 9 2.376 3.564 RIDDER PUBLICATIONS RPI N 12 12 .00 29 7/8 11 3/8 8 8,312 99.744 ROLLINS ROL N 16 1/8 16 5/8 - 1/2 - 3.00 36 1/2 14 1/4 14 13,305 214,543 RUST CRAFT RUS A 8 1/8 8 + 1/8 + 1.56 33 3/4 7 1/2 5 2.366 19,223 SAN JUAN RACING SJR N 12 12 1/4 - 1/4 - 2.04 23 3/4 12 10 2.367 28.404 SCHERING -PLOUGH SGP N 63 3/4 66 1/4 - 2 1/2 - 3.77 87 5/8 62 1/2 33 52,590 3,352.612 SONDERLING SDB A 8 1/2 8 7/8 - 3/8 4.22 16 3/8 6 3/8 5 816 6,936 TECHNICAL OPERATIONS TO A 5 1/4 5 3/8 - 1/8 - 2.32 13 1/2 4 6 1,376 7,224 TIMES MIRROR CO. TMC N 14 3/8 13 7/8 + 1/2 + 3.60 25 7/8 13 7/8 9 31,145 447.709 TURNER COMM. 0 3 3 .00 6 3 7 1,486 4,458 WASHINGTON POST CO. WPC/ A 16 1/2 16 1/4 + 1/4 + 1.53 37 15 3/4 6 4,749 78.358 WOMETCO WOM N 8 7/8 9 1/4 - 3/8 - 4.05 19 3/8 7 7/8 7 6,295 55,868 Cablecasting TOTAL 336,593 7.207.189

AMECO** ACO 0 1/4 1/4 .00 3 1/8 1,200 300

AMER. ELECT. LABS.. AELBA 0 1 3/4 1 1/2 + 1/4 + 16.66 3 5/8 1 1,672 2,926 AMERICAN TV L COMM. AMTV 0 L4 14 3/4 - 3/4 - 5.08 39 7 1/4 48 3,056 42,784 ATHENA COMM.** 0 3/4 5/8 + 1/8 + 20.00 5 1/2 3/8 2.126 1.594 BURNUP L SIMS BSIM 0 15 1/8 17 1/2 - 2 3/8 - 13.57 34 3/4 15 1/8 19 7,692 116,341 CABLECOM- GENERAL.. CCG A 3 1/4 3 1/4 .00 8 7/8 1 3/4 1,121 31643 CABLE FUNDING CORP.+ CFUN 0 5 5/B 5 7/8 - 1/4 - 4.25 9 3/4 4 1/2 1,233 61935 CABLE INFORMATION.. 0 3/4 3/4 .00 2 1/2 3/4 663 497 CITIZENS FINANCIAL CPN A 3 7/8 3 7/8 .00 9 1/2 2 3/8 12 2,390 9,261 COMCAST 0 1 3/4 2 - 1/4 - 12.50 5 3/8 1 1/2 7 1.705 21983 COMMUNICATIONS PROP. COMU 0 2 1/2 2 7/8 - 3/8 - 13.04 9 3/4 2 1/8 13 4.435 11.087 COX CABLE CXC A 9 7/8 9 3/4 + 1/8 + 1.28 31 3/4 7 3/4 19 3,560 35,155 ENTRON ENT 0 5/8 5/8 .00 9 1/4 1/4 4 1,358 848 GENERAL INSTRUMENT GRL N 13 3/4 14 5/8 - 7/8 - 5.98 29 1/2 12 1/4 8 6,792 93,390 GENERAL TELEVISION. 0 1 1/2 11/2 .00 4 1/2 1 1/4 75 1,000 1.500 HERITAGE COMM.** 0 6 6 .00 17 1/2 4 3/4 345 2,070 LVO CABLE LVOC 0 3 5/8 3 7/8 - 1/4 - 6.45 11 1/4 2 3/4 16 1,879 6,811 SCIENTIFIC -ATLANTA SF4 A 8 1/2 7 7/8 + 5/8 + 7.93 15 3/8 6 1/4 10 917 7,794 TELE- COMMUNICATIONS TCOM 0 3 7/8 4 1/8 - 1/4 - 6.06 21 2 5/8 16 4,619 17,898 TELEPROMPTER TP N 5 1/8 5 1/4 - 1/8 - 2.38 34 1/2 3 3/4 30 16,482 84,470 TIME INC. TL N 34 1/4 34 7/8 - 5/8 - 1.79 63 1/4 25 3/4 8 10,380 355.515 TOCOM TOCM 0 3 1/8 3 1/2 - 3/8 - 10.71 12 1/8 2 3/4 7 634 1.981 UA- COLUMBIA CABLE UACC 0 4 1/2 4 3/4 - 1/4 - 5.26 15 3 3/4 9 1,794 8,073 VIACOM VIA N 5 7/8 6 1/B - 1/4 - 4.08 20 4 5/8 10 3.851 22.624 VIKOA VIK A 3 3 1/8 - 1/8 - 4.00 9 1/8 1 3/4 100 2,591 7.773 Programing TOTAL 83,495 844,253

COLUMBIA PICTURES.* CPS N 3 3/4 4 1/8 - 3/8 - 9.09 9 7/8 2 1/4 6,335 23,756 DISNEY DIS N 39 3/4 42 1/8 - 2 3/8 - 5.63 123 7/8 37 24 29.174 1,159,666 FILMWAYS FWY A 5 3/8 5 3/4 - 3/8 - 6.52 5 3/4 2 1/8 9 1.801 9,680 GULF + WESTERN GM N 24 24 7/8 - 7/8 - 3.51 35 3/4 21 3/8 5 13,945 334,680 MCA MCA N 20 7/8 21 7/8 - 1 - 4.57 34 1/4 18 1/2 7 8,380 174,932 MGM MGM N 12 5/8 12 1/4 + 3/8 + 3.06 24 7 5/8 36 5,918 741714 TELE- TAPE.. 0 1/4 1/2 - 1/4 - 50.00 1 3/4 1/4 2,190 547 TELETRONICS INTL. 0 4 1/4 4 1/8 + 1/e 3.03 10 1/2 2 1/2 9 943 4,007 TRANSAMERICA TA N 9 5/8 6 1/8 + 3 1/2 + 57.14 17 5/8 6 1/8 8 661561 640,649 20TH CENTURY -FOX TF N 5 7/8 5 7/8 .00 12 3/8 5 6 8,557 50,272 WALTER READE.. WALT 0 1/2 1/2 .00 1 3/8 1/8 2,203 1.101 WARNER WCI N 14 3/4 15 1/8 - 3/8 - 2.47 39 1/8 9 6 17.064 251.694 WRATHER WCO A 6 1/4 6 1/2 - 1/4 - 3.84 16 5/8 3 7/8 48 2,229 13,931

TOTAL 165.300 2,739.629

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 72 Approx. Total market Closing Closing shares capltall- Stock Wed, Wed. Net change % change 1973-1974 P/E out ration symbol Exch. Feb. 13 Feb. 6 In week In week High Low ratio (000) (000)


BBDO INC. 0 13 1/8 11 7/8 1 1/4 + 10.52 17 7/8 10 6 2,513 32,983 COMSAT CO N 32 1/2 34 3/8 - 1 7/8 - 5.45 64 1/2 32 1/2 10 10,000 325,000 CREATIVE MANAGEMENT CMA A 6 5 5/8 + 3/8 + 6.66 9 1/2 3 7 1.016 6,096 DOYLE DANE BERNBACH DOYL 0 10 1/4 11 1/4 - 1 - 8.88 23 1/2 8 1/2 5 1,834 18,798 ELKINS INSTITUTE ** ELKN 0 .00 1 1/4 1/2 1,897 1,14 85 FOOTE CONE C BELDING FCB N 9 1/8 9 1/4 - 1/8 - 1.35 13 3/8 8 1/8 7 2,129 19,27 GREY ADVERTISING GREY 0 7 1/2 7 5/8 - 1/8 - 1.63 17 1/4 7 1/2 4 1,263 9.472 INTERPUBLIC GROUP IPG N 10 3/4 11 - 1/4 - 2.27 25 3/8 9 3/4 3 2,464 26,488 MARVIN JOSEPHSON MRVN 0 7 3/4 7 3/4 .00 18 1/2 6 3/4 6 957 7.416 MCCAFFREY E MCCALL 0 8 5/8 5 1/4 + 3 3/8 + 64.28 10 3/4 5 4 585 5,045 MCI COMMUNICATIONS+ MCIC 0 4 3/8 4 3/4 - 3/8 - 7.89 8 7/8 3 3/4 127825 56,109 MOVIELAB ** NOV A 3/4 3/4 .00 1 7/8 1/2 1,407 1.055 MPO VIOEOTRONICS ** MPO A 2 3/8 2 3/4 - 3/8 - 13.63 4 7/8 2 540 1,282 NEEDHAM, HARPER NOMMA 0 5 1/2 6 - 1/2 - 8.33 26 1/4 5 3 917 5.043 A. C. NIELSEN NIELB 0 20 1/2 19 3/4 + 3/4 + 3.79 40 1/2 19 3/4 18 10.598 217.259 OGILVY E MATHER OGIL 0 12 3/4 15 1/2 - 2 3/4 - 17.74 32 1/2 12 3/4 5 1,777 22,656 PKL CO. PKL 0 1 1/4 1 1/8 + 1/8 + 11.11 3 1/4 2 818 1.022 J. WALTER THOMPSON JWT N 11 11 .00 24 3/4 8 1/4 5 2,625 28.875 UNIVERSAL COMM.* O 3/4 .00 12 1/2 1/2 1 715 536 WELLS, RICH. GREENE WRG N 8 3/4 8 3/4 .00 21 1/8 7 1/2 4 17623 14,201

Electronics TOTAL 58,503 799,948 ADMIRAL ADL N 12 1/4 12 + 1/4 + 2.08 18 7 1/4 6 5,863 71.821 AMPEX APX N 4 3 7/8 + 1/8 + 3.22 6 7/8 3 1/8 10 10,878 43,512 CCA ELECTRONICS CCAE 0 .00 3 7/8 1 881 770 COHU, INC. COH A 3 3/8 3 1/2 - 1/8 - 3.57 7 7/8 2 5/8 6 1,542 5,204 COLLINS RADIO CRI N 24 3/4 24 3/4 .00 25 7/8 15 1/4 17 2,968 73.458

COMPUTER EQUIPMENT CEC A 1 5/8 1 5/8 .00 2 7/8 1 3/8 10 2,372 3,854 CONRAC CAX N 14 1/2 14 + 1/2 + 3.57 31 7/8 13 1/4 7 1,261 187284 GENERAL ELECTRIC GE N 53 7/8 56 1/2 - 2 5/8 - 4.64 75 7/8 53 7/8 17 182.348 9,823.998 GRASS VALLEY GROUP GVG A 10 3/8 10 1/2 - 1/8 - 1.19 16 5 1/2 13 1,501 15,572 HARRIS -INTERTYPE HI N 28 1/4 28 1/4 .00 49 1/4 24 1/2 10 6,223 175,799 INTERNATIONAL VIDEO CVO'. 0 6 7 1/2 - 1 1/2 - 20.00 14 3/4 3 3/4 15 2,741 16,446 MAGNAVOX MAG N 8 8 3/8 - 3/8 - 4.47 29 5/8 6 1/4 17 17,806 142,448 3M MMM N 71 1/4 74 1/8 - 2 7/8 - 3.87 91 5/8 71 1/4 28 113.054 87055,097 MOTOROLA MOT N 42 5/8 42 + 5/8 + 1.48 68 3/4 41 1/4 15 27.740 17182,417 OAK INDUSTRIES OEN N 9 3/4 9 3/4 .00 20 1/2 9 1/2 4 1.639 15,980 RCA RCA N 18 5/8 '19 1/4 - 5/8 - 3.24 39 1/8 16 1/2 8 74,515 1,387,841 RSC INDUSTRIES RSC A 1 1/2 1 1/2 .00 2 1/2 1 1/8 9 3.458 5,187 SONY CORP SNE N 25 1/4 25 3/8 - 1/8 - .49 57 1/4 71 1/4 19 66.250 1,672.812 TEKTRONIX TEK N 34 5/8 35 - 3/8 - 1.07 56 5/8 29 7/8 15 8,179 283,197

TFLEMATION ** TIMT O 2 3/4 2 3/4 .00 4 3/4 1 1/2 17050 2,887 TELEPRO INDUSTRIES 0 .00 6 1/4 38 475 2,850 VARIAN ASSOCIATES VAR N 10 3/8 10 7/8 - 1/2 - 4.59 19 1/2 9 5/8 11 6,920 71.795 WESTINGHOUSE WX N 21 1/8 22 7/8 - 1 3/4 - 7.65 47 3/8 21 1/8 10 88,595 1,871,569 ZENITH 2E N 28 27 5/8 + 3/8 + 1.35 56 25 9 18,888 528,864 TOTAL 647,147 25,471,662

GRAND TOTAL 1.3717311 38,796.296

Standard & Poor's Industrial Average 101.23 103.98 -2.79

A- American Stock Exchange Over -the- counter bid prices supplied by P/E ratios are based on earnings -per-share P/E ratio computed with M- Midwest Stock Exchange Hornblower 6 Weeks, Hemphill -Noyes Inc., figures for the last 12 months as published earnings figures of company's N -New York Stock Exchange Washington. by Standard 6 Poor's Corp. or as obtained last published fiscal year. 0 -Over the counter (bid price shown) A blank in closing -price columns through Broadcasting's own research. Earn- t No annual earnings figures P- Pacilic Coast Stock Exchange indicates no trading In stock. ing figures are exclusive of extraordinary are available. gains or losses. No P/E ratio le computed; company registered net losses.

Week's worth of earnings reports from stocks on Broadcasting's index

CURRENT AND CHANGE YEAR EARLIER Net Per Net Per Company Period /Ended Revenues Change Income Change Share Revenues Income Share Avco Corp. year 11/30 670.461,000 + 10.4% 29,652.0001 - 31.3% 1A3 607,009,000 43,188,000 2.30 Capital Cities Communications Inc. year 12/31 127.498,000 + 7.6% 20,146,000 + 18.4% 2.61 118,488,000 17,015,000 2.21 Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. 6 mo. 12/29 126.309,000 + 10.4% 535,0006 .07 114,418,000 (10,607,000) # Cowles Communications Inc. year 12/31 8,745,000 + 12.0% 2.036,000 + 26.8% 51 7,807,000 1,605,000 AO Harts -Hanks Newspapers Inc. year 12/31 83,212,149 + 19.6% 13,709.696 +287.5% 3.16 69,547,212 4,768,882 1.20 Jefferson -Pilot Corp.3 year 12/31 74,606,716 + 15.0% 52,340.316 + 17.1% 2.17 64,843,540 44,698,261 1.86 Kingstip Inc. 3 mo. 12/31 6,134,708 + 19.0% 147,763 - 58.8% .13 5,152,545 359,330 .31 Times Mirror Co. year 12/31 706,100,000 + 15.5% 54,900,000 + 30.7% 1.63 611,100,000 42,000,000 1.25 Viacom International Inc .4 year 12/29 31,295,000 + 33.5% 2,390,000 + 14.7% .62 23,433,000 2,083,000 .54 Washington Post Co.5 year 12/30 246,949,000 + 13.4% 13,334,000 + 37.0% 2.80 217,844,000 9,732,0006 2.02

' Percent change is too great to provide a meaningful figure. 3 Radio, television and publishing had revenues of $30,640,069 and net income of $2,467,451 in 1973; revenues of $27,091,815 and net income of $1,647,204 # Per -share figure not given. in 1972. 4 Cable television revenues were $16,811,000 in 1973; $10,807,000 in 1972. 1 Before write-oil of $48 million in investment and costs associated with 5 Broadcasting revenues were $27,335,000 in 1973; $24,258,000 in 1972. Broad- Cartridge Television Inc. casting operating income was $5,996,000 in 1973; $5,924.000 In 1972. 2 Before provision for estimated $3.6- million loss on disposition of company's 6 After extraordinary loss of $283,000, or six cents per share, from sales of Art hotel closed- circuit programing division. News magazine.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 73 Telestatus-

Coming Latest snapshot of the ARB tabulates new highs tration was up from 54% of TV house- in number of TV homes equipped holds the year before to 65% last year; in with cable, color, UHF, multi -set CATV was up from 10% to 12 %; multi - set homes, up from 43% to 44 %, and Every year, the American Research Bu- UHF, up from 84% to 86 %. Broadcasting reau takes a look at television "house- Comparison with year -ago figures holds" and breaks out market -by-market shows a total increase in U.S. TV house- figures on how many of those households holds of 1.3 million for a new high of have color sets, how many have cable, 66,575,000. how many have more than one set and Color penetration, according to the how many have UHF. And each year, the ARB figures, is greatest in Fort Myers, penetration figures for each of these cate- Fla., Las Vegas and the Sacramento- The gories increases. For 1973: color pene- Stockton, Calif., markets with 76% each.

ADl ESTIMATES CATV Color Multiset UHF Story Torsi TV Market name households TV HH % TV HH % TV HH % TV HH % A of Abilene- Sweetwater, Tex. 95,90 45,400 47 63,700 66 27,600 29 74,200 77 Albany, Ga. 90,100 17,900 20 53,000 59 30,100 33 63,700 70 Albany- Schenectady- CATV Troy, N.Y. 405,300 51,100 13 242,200 60 185,000 46 343,300 84 Albuquerque, H.M. 204,100 17,500 9 111,800 55 61,100 30 161,400 79 Alexandria, La. 61,400 17,300 28 36,700 60 24,000 39 44,600 72 Alexandria, Minn. 82,500 22,900 28 43,000 52 17,400 21 58,400 70 Amarillo, Tex. 142,100 49,500 35 102,900 72 50,900 36 113,600 80 Anniston, Ala. 31,200 11,300 36 20,100 64 11,100 36 29,700 95 Ardmore -Ada, Okla. 48,600 11,600 24 26,600 55 12,400 26 36,600 75 Atlanta 751,100 66,800 9 480,000 64 325,100 43 671,700 89 as it stands in 1974 -two Augusta, Ga. 153,700 14,200 9 93,700 61 62,700 41 116,400 75 Austin, Tex. 145,800 25,400 17 91,600 63 54,600 37 137,900 94 years after issuance of the B FCC rules that are its Bakersfield, Calif. 90,000 47,900 53 66,100 73 32,400 36 86,700 96 Baltimore 717,800 7,100 1 415,700 58 431,000 60 639,100 89 present charter-will be Bangor, Me. 97,300 7,600 8 53,800 55 28,500 29 71,700 73 Baton Rouge 160,500 4,500 3 108,400 68 68,500 43 146,200 91 Beaumont -Port told in the three issues re- Arthur, Tex. 134,600 19,400 14 92,900 69 56,000 42 106,700 79 Bellingham, Wash. 28,100 10,700 38 17,700 63 6,500 23 20,000 71 volving around the annual Billings, Mont. 63,400 21,500 34 39,700 63 17,700 28 49,700 78 B iloxi -G allport- convention of the National Pas..ayou,a, Miss. 42,200 14,700 35 28,500 68 16,400 39 35,300 83 Binghamton, N.Y. 139,000 71,700 52 93,300 67 42,500 31 130,100 93 Birmingham, Ala. 371,300 25,700 7 213,400 57 148,400 40 331,600 89 Cable Television Associa- Bluefield- Beckley- Oak Hill, W.Va. 117,700 51,100 43 64,600 55 34,400 29 83,500 70 tion. The first, on April 15, Boise, Idaho 99,300 5,600 6 60,100 61 24,700 25 75,700 76 Boston (Manchester, will spotlight exhibits in Worcester) 1,632,400 106,400 7 1,015,400 62 792,300 49 1,456,000 89 Bristol, Va.- Kings- port- Johnson City, the NCTA marketplace. Tenn. (Hazard, Ky) 205,000 48,300 24 102,900 50 60,400 29 167,900 81 Buffalo, N.Y. 565,900 67,800 12 368,600 65 270,100 46 496,600 87 The second, on April 22, Burlington, Vt.- Plattsburgh, N.Y. 163,800 55,600 34 83,000 51 55,000 34 138,800 84 will concentrate on CATV's most demanding C Casper- Riverton, Wyo. 35,800 14,900 42 23,000 64 11,900 33 24,700 68 Cedar Rapids - issues. The third, on April Waterloo (Dubuque), Iowa 271,900 20,300 7 181,200 67 103,800 38 220,300 81 29, will report the indus- Charleston, S.C. 135,800 2,300 2 79,500 59 63,300 47 105,200 77 Charleston - Huntington, W.Va. 393,200 114,200 29 217,100 55 115,500 29 321,900 81 try's own view of itself, as Charlotte (Hickory), N.C. 472,500 37,500 8 285,800 60 191,600 41 423,000 89 it unfolds during the Chi- Chattanooga 245,800 17,500 7 160,200 65 88,600 36 197,100 80 Cheyenne, Wyo. 53,000 18,700 35 37,600 71 17,400 33 43,600 82 cago convention. Chicago 2,736,800 55.900 2 1,742,400 64 1,483,700 54 2,556,500 93 Chico- Redding, Calif. 84,100 33,500 40 50,300 60 19,300 23 69,100 82 Cincinnati 606,400 14,700 2 406,200 67 308,800 51 546,400 90 Clarksburg- Weston, W.Va. 65,700 32,600 60 32,200 49 20,300 31 49,800 75 Cleveland (Akron, Canton), Ohlo 1,294,800 129,200 10 895,300 69 665,800 51 1,204,600 93 April 15 Colorado Springs - Pueblo, Colo. 155,100 34,800 22 110,800 71 62,500 40 125,300 80

Columbia, S.C. 163,400 5,400 3 100,600 62 71,700 44 - 149,300 91 Columbia -Jefferson April 22 City, Mo. 125300 23,400 19 65,500 52 38,000 30 101,100 80 Columbus, Ga. 157,300 27,600 18 89,000 57 60,500 38 137,800 87 Columbus, Miss. 62,900 16.000 25 32,700 52 13,100 21 41,500 66 Columbus, Ohio 493,500 43,100 9 363,300 74 190,900 39 435,400 88 April 29 Corpus Christi, Tex. 137,700 17,800 13 89,000 65 44,400 32 118,800 86 D Dallas -Fort Worth 1,024,300 86,000 6 715,100 70 472,200 46 917,100 89 Davenport, Iowa Rock Island -Moline, III. /Quad City 281,100 28,100 9 195,200 69 128,100 46 239,000 85

b'[ 19/4 74 television marketplace Coming Fort Wayne, Ind., and Odessa-Midland, tro, Calif.-Yuma, Ariz., leading the list Tex. are close behind with 75 %. Thirty - with 76 %. Following are Flagstaff, in two other markets fall into the 70 -74% Ariz. ,(73 %), Palm Springs, Calif. penetration range. (67 %), and Elmira, N.Y. and Santa Bar- The figures show that 51 markets have bara -Santa Maria, Calif. (66% each). UHF penetration of 90% or more, with Las Vegas, a leader in color and multi - Broadcasting Fresno, Calif., leading the list at 99 %. set penetration, is the only market without Madison, Wis., and Rockford, III. follow cable. with 98% figures, while Fort Myers, Fla., There are 13 markets in which half or Springfield-Decatur -Champaign, Ill., and more of the homes are multi -set equipped. Wilkes- Barre -Scranton, Pa. show 97 %. Baltimore and Las Vegas are first with Nineteen markets have cable penetra- 60% figures; Philadelphia is next with tion rates of 50% or more, with EI Cen- 57 %. The

ADI ESTIMATES CAN Color MuHket UHF Total TV Story Market name households TV HH % N HH % TV HH % TV NH %

Dayton, Ohio 414,300 37,100 9 272,900 88 184,200 44 380,100 91 Denver 562,700 24,500 4 383,400 68 230,400 41 461,000 81 of Des Moines (Fort Dodge), Iowa 304,300 13,500 4 195,700 64 89,600 29 235,400 77 Detroit 1,525,500 12,300 1 1,035,300 68 827,400 54 1,422,100 93 Dothan, Ale. 84,000 17,400 21 48,700 58 29,600 35 69,100 82 Duluth, Minn.- UHF Superior, WI.. 149,700 21,300 14 93,300 62 48,500 32 120,000 80

E EI Centro, Calif: Yuma, Ariz. 40,100 30,600 76 25,600 64 13,900 35 30,300 75 Elmira, N.Y. 71,700 47,300 66 43,200 60 23,700 33 67,300 93 EI Paso 146,700 23,500 16 97,000 66 70,900 48 113,200 77 as it stands in 1974 -ten Erle, Pa. 120,100 23,900 20 79,900 67 43,700 36 115,000 95 Eugene, Ore. 116,500 44,700 38 75,000 64 40,500 35 92,900 79 Eureka, Calif. 41,100 8,300 20 25,600 62 12,100 29 31,600 76 years after the Congress of Evansville, Ind. 194,500 13,800 7 116,400 60 185,000 95 75,600 39 the United States passed F a law insisting that all tele- Fargo, N.D. 167,700 16,500 10 99,700 59 48,100 29 116,100 69 Farminoton, N.M. 14,000 6,500 46 10,100 72 3,400 24 10,400 74 vision sets be equipped Flagstaff, Ariz. 12,900 9,400 73 8,800 68 4,300 34 9,700 75 Flint-Saginaw- to Bay City 363,000 42,300 12 259,100 71 161,900 45 338,300 93 receive the ultra high Florence, S.C. 71,600 16,500 23 38,900 54 22,500 31 52,500 73 Fort Myers, Fla. 64,400 34,200 53 48,800 76 28,300 44 82,900 97 frequencies. Our object: Fort Smith (Fayette- ville), Ark. 87,700 33,700 38 48,400 55 24,100 27 73,900 84 to cram the story of one Fort Wayne 196,600 5,900 3 147,100 75 79,800 41 190,200 96 Fresno (Tulare), Calif. 256,700 21,500 8 175,800 68 84,100 33 254,100 99 medium's lifetime into one G issue's special report. It Gainesville, Fla. 32,900 19,100 58 18,300 55 11,600 35 30,400 92 Grand Junction, Colo. 31,900 11,500 36 19,100 60 8,600 27 23,300 73 will be a story of success Grand Rapids - Kalamazoo (Battle and of failure, of hopes Creek), Mich. 429,300 35,700 8 267,900 62 170,900 40 355,700 82 Great Falls, Mont. 49,200 14,900 30 35,500 72 14,500 30 39,400 80 Green Bay, Wis. 286,100 18,800 7 211,300 74 109,300 38 235,000 82 high and hopes dashed, Greensboro-Winston - Salem -High and - most of all - of Point, N.C. 357,700 20,000 6 210,700 59 132,400 37 279,000 78 Greenville -New Bern - those hardy survivors who Washington, N.C. 231,500 8,400 4 128,100 55 82,000 35 169,000 73 Greenville- Spartan- burg, S.C: damned the odds to make Asheville, N.C. 426,400 26,800 6 241,000 57 156,300 37 324,100 76 Greenwood- Green- a medium. ville, Miss. 37,300 13,000 35 20,900 56 8,800 24 27,200 72

H Harrisburg-York-Lan- caster-Lebanon, Pa. 385,900 149,200 39 272,600 71 180,300 47 368,100 95 Harrisonburg, Va. 35,200 7,500 21 16,400 47 9,200 26 26,300 74 Hartlo rd.New Haven, Conn. 620,000 3,500 1 394,400 64 287,500 46 574,700 92 OelFna Mont. 11,100 4,600 41 7,600 68 1,900 17 9,400 85 Honolulu 215,800 19,600 9 158,100 73 83,900 39 185,400 85 Houston 812,300 25,200 3 579,400 71 362,800 45 764,600 94 Huntsville- Docatue. Florence, Ala. 163,600 60300 42 96,600 59 56,200 34 157,100 96

Idaho Falls- Pocatello, Idaho 59,100 15,700 27 39,400 67 16,200 27 45,600 77 Indianapolis May 20 (Lafayette, Ind.) 737,200 83,200 11 518,000 70 276,100 37 627,500 85

J Jackson, Miss. 215,500 25,300 12 119,500 55 74,100 34 180,100 83 Jackson, Tenn. 42,000 12,000 29 21,100 50 9,000 21 24,600 58 Jacksonville, Fla. 278,500 30,100 11 172,300 62 122,900 44 255,600 91

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 75 ADI ESTIMATES CATV Color Mu/1i5e1 UHF Total TV Market name households TV HH % TV HH % TV HH % TV HH %

DICK SHAHEEN Johnstown - Altoona, Pa. 268,300 147,100 55 169,000 63 82,200 31 218,100 81 Jonesboro, Ark. 36,500 8,100 22 19,900 54 7,400 20 24,800 68 at your service Joplin, Mo.. Pittsburg, Kan. 141,300 28,100 20 81,700 58 37,700 27 114,900 81 K Kansas City, Mo. -Kan. 616,700 29,200 5 402,600 65 299,400 49 546,200 88 Knoxville, Tenn. 299,000 29,600 10 156,900 52 114,300 38 248,100 83 L La Crosse -Eau Claire, Wis. 129,100 38,500 30 77,400 60 37,900 29 105,800 82 Lafayette, La. 133,600 13,700 10 77,100 58 50,900 38 110,600 B2 Lake Charles, La. 46,600 5,500 12 32,200 69 14,600 31 36,000 77 Lansing, Mich. 177,400 18,800 11 117,600 66 83,300 47 155,000 87 Laredo, Tex. 19,900 13,000 65 9,400 47 5,900 30 13,300 66 Las Vegas 102,900 - - 78,600 76 61,500 60 92,700 90 Laurel -Hattiesburg, Miss. 63,600 13,100 21 36,000 57 18,600 29 42,600 66 Lexington, Ky. 169,500 24,900 15 88,400 52 63,300 37 155,100 91 Lima, Ohio 34,200 19,600 57 24,600 72 13,100 38 33,100 96 Lincoln- Hastings- ntan) 218,500 26,100 12 140,200 64 68,700 31 167,600 76 Little Rock, Ark. 331,600 15,000 5 200,000 60 102,900 31 252,200 76 Los Angeles 3,428,800 267,900 8 2,547,400 74 1,647,000 48 3,057,600 89 Louisville, Ky. 441,200 28,400 6 253,000 57 170,800 39 408,500 92 NEW Lubbock, Tex. 107,900 19,900 18 75,800 70 33,200 31 99,200 92 ASSOCIATION M Macon, Ga. 112,600 36,900 33 69,200 61 44,500 40 99,700 88 20 years of experience in Madison, Wis. 149,100 3,400 2 98,800 66 52,500 35 146,500 98 Mankato, Minn. 38,800 17,700 46 23,800 61 11,500 30 30,900 79 the media brokerage field. Marquette, Mich. 42,600 20,300 48 23,700 56 12,900 30 32,000 75 McAllen- Brownsville, Tex. 86,000 25,700 30 50,300 59 27,500 32 60,800 70 RICHARD A. Medford, Ore. 77,200 25,800 33 47,200 61 22,000 29 58,800 76 Memphis 491,800 34,000 7 279,900 57 194,000 39 368,200 75 Meridian, Miss. 66,600 13,700 21 33,600 51 12,600 19 51,900 78 INC. Miami SHAHEEN, (Ft. Lauderdale) 767,200 18,800 2 567,900 74 415,900 54 677,100 88 Miles City - Media Brokers Glendive, Mont. 7,300 4,000 55 4,500 61 1,100 16 5,400 74 Tribune Tower, Suite 2219 Milwaukee 597,900 13,400 2 406,900 68 312,200 52 557,100 93 Minneapolis - 435 N. Michigan Avenue St. Paul 861,000 25,200 3 529,200 61 342,000 40 649,500 75 Minor -eisma ck- Chicago, Illinois 60611 Dickinson, N.D. 114.100 7,800 7 59,500 52 26,500 23 76,800 67 312 467.0040 Missoma -mite, Mcnt 82,700 32,400 39 54,100 65 22,400 27 65,100 78 Mobile, Ala: Pensacola, Fla. 288,500 35,900 12 188,200 65 106,700 37 213,400 74 Monroe, La: El Dorado, Ark. 155,700 25,000 16 85,700 55 41,000 26 104,600 67 The Project Montgomery, Ala. 142,100 12,900 9 77,900 55 42,300 30 120,000 84 N Nashville (Bowling with a heart Green, Tenn.) 509,300 33,000 6 290,100 57 202,000 40 381,600 74 New Orleans One of the world's most valued (Houma, La.) 450,000 10.200 2 276,300 61 217,900 48 410,200 91 medical knowledge New York 6,184,000 311,700 5 3,492,500 56 3,360,900 54 4,942,000 79 assets - -is Norfolk-Portsmouth- urgently needed today by people Newport News - in developing areas at home Hampton, Va. 378,400 5,400 1 226,600 60 196,800 52 335,000 88 North Platte, Neb. 16,900 3,600 21 12,400 73 5,400 32 13,900 82 and abroad. Help relay this precious gift o of HOPE. Odessa -Midland, Tex. 101,600 42,900 42 75,900 75 37,100 36 81,800 80 Oklahoma City 428,300 39,600 9 284,900 67 156,200 36 339,600 70 Omaha 296,800 6,000 2 207,400 70 116,100 39 236,500 79 Give to: Orlando -Daytona Beach, Fla. 373,200 79,000 21 253,900 68 166,100 45 319,800 85 PROJECT Ottumwa, Iowa - pump Kirksville, Mo. 28,900 5,500 19 15,600 54 7,000 24 19,700 68 Dept. A P Paducah, Ky. -Cape Washington, D.C. Girardeau, Mo.- 20007 .I Harrisburg, Ill. 262,600 26,600 10 135,800 52 79,800 30 196,200 74 Palm Springs, Calif 33,000 22,200 67 23,900 72 10,000 30 29,800 90 Panama City, Fla. 36,600 9,200 25 22,500 61 10,800 30 27,800 76 Parkersburg, W.Va. 29,600 17,100 58 16,900 57 6,400 22 27,100 91 Pembina, N.D. 6,600 700 11 3,200 48 1,500 22 4,300 65 Peoria, Ill. 184,300 8,500 5 134,100 73 74,300 40 174,800 94 Philadelphia (Wild - wood, N.J.) 2,226,300 333,900 15 1,469,100 66 1,279,800 57 2,111,500 94 Phoenix 434,200 19,700 5 310,400 71 208,700 48 379,400 87 Pittsburgh 1,082,600 249,500 23 673,800 62 526,700 49 891,600 82 Portland (Salem, Ore.) 581,400 70,400 12 394,300 68 207,100 36 475,800 81 Pp-land- Pol and Spring, Me. 250,400 37,800 15 147,200 59 103,000 41 201,800 80 Presque Isle, Me. 26,200 10,100 39 14,700 56 9,400 36 19,400 74 Providence, R.I. 570,100 2,600 - 371,600 65 279,500 49 502,700 88

Quincy, III. - Hannibal, Mo. 130,000 29,300 23 74,000 57 35,300 27 102,400 78 R Raleigh- Durham, N.C. 299,500 32,600 11 184,100 61 129,200 43 251,700 84 Space contributed by Rapid City, S.D. 58,000 18,000 31 38,200 66 15,800 27 45,300 78 Reno 77.300 25,200 33 54,500 71 26,000 34 65,900 85 A,care Commun. canons PO. Box 72 Richmond (Charlottes- Ph,ladelphia, Pa. 19105 ville), Va. 336,100 35,700 11 181,700 54 146,100 43 272,700 81

Feb 18 1974 76 AOl ESTIMATES CATV Color Multlset UHF discover Total TV Market name households TV HH % TV HH % TV HH % TV HH %

Roanoke- Lynch- burg, Va. 287900 31,200 11 155,200 64 89,400 31 224,700 78 a color Rochester, N.Y. 310,300 9,400 3 204,600 66 171,700 55 273,700 88 Rochester -Austin, Minn. -Mason City, Iowa 123,900 17,600 14 79,100 64 40.300 33 96,300 77 film camera Rockford, III. 158,800 21,600 14 117,200 74 70,200 44 155,700 98 Roswell, N.M. 30,000 13,400 45 18,900 63 10,800 36 22,400 74 s that "fits" Sacramento- Stockton (Modesto), Calif. 587,000 106,400 18 444,700 76 219,600 37 520,900 88 St. Joseph, Mo. 49,700 14,100 28 27,000 54 15,800 32 36,400 73 St. Louis 927,000 14,800 2 554,800 60 406,400 44 798,700 86 anywhere... Sal inias-Monte rey/ San Jose, Calif. 164,000 82,500 50 105,900 65 61,100 37 143,600 87 Salisbury, Md. 59,900 27,500 46 33,300 58 20,600 34 56,200 93 Salt Lake City 367,700 21,500 6 247,300 67 131,300 36 285,300 77 San Angelo, Tex. 24,100 15,000 62 15,500 64 6,000 25 18,000 74 San Antonio, Tex. 366,600 24,200 7 225,200 61 124.000 34 313,300 85 San Diego 474,200 129,700 27 346,000 73 217,900 46 433,900 91 San Francisco 1,558,400 311,800 20 1,041,200 67 677,800 43 1,369,800 87 Santa Barbara - Santa Maria, Calif. 86,700 56,800 66 62,300 72 30,900 36 68,300 78 Savannah, Ga. 109,100 14,900 14 64,500 59 46,500 43 98,300 90 Seattle -Tacoma 748,800 148,500 20 518,400 69 266,200 36 585,500 78 Shreveport, La: Texarkana, Ark. 317,100 20,000 6 188,900 60 119,800 38 240,600 75 Sioux City, Iowa 144,800 6,700 5 92,000 64 40,800 28 127,300 87 Sioux Falls - Mitchell, S.D. 182,500 13,200 7 103,100 56 46,900 26 126,000 69 South Bend - Elkhart, Ind. 197,000 7,200 4 138,300 69 88,800 45 188,600 95 Spokane, Wash. 234,100 46,400 20 155,900 67 67,300 29 177,200 75 Springfield, Mass. 208,500 21,200 10 138,000 66 101,100 48 201,200 96 Springfield, Mo. 193,300 18,500 10 104,400 54 49,900 26 158,600 82 Springfield- Decatur- Champaign, Ill. 258,100 48,500 19 174,200 67 87,400 34 252,500 97 Syracuse, N.Y. 304,400 43,400 14 200,500 66 146,700 48 268,700 88 T Tallahassee, Fla. 103,600 27,700 27 56,600 55 33,200 32 71,800 69 Tampa -St. Petersburg (Sarasota), Fla. 702,100 68,300 10 486,000 69 337,500 48 644,000 91 Terre Haute, Ind. 146,000 29,800 20 92,500 63 57,500 39 119,300 81 Toledo, Ohio 344,200 59,300 17 221,500 64 150,400 44 319,000 92 Topeka, Kan. 125,300 28,400 23 75,600 60 43,000 34 107,500 85 Traverse City - interfaces Cadillac, Mich. 115,900 34,400 30 68,700 59 37,000 32 93,800 80 ... the TeleMation TCF -3000. It Tucson, Ariz. 167,300 17,400 10 106,100 63 66,600 40 132,800 79 easily with any existing film island - at last, Tulsa, Okla. 329,500 18,200 6 211,200 64 107,100 32 254,100 77 Tupelo, Miss. 25,700 8,300 32 14,000 54 6,200 24 19,500 76 real film chain versatility. Plus these compet- Tuscaloosa, Ala. 33,900 10,500 31 20,800 61 9,300 28 30,800 90 features: Twin Falls, Idaho 37,000 21,200 57 21,800 59 8,000 18 29,300 79 itive Tyler, Tex. 80,300 33,400 42 42,300 53 27,600 34 62,600 78 V Dual input with internal diplexer Utica, N.Y. 95,600 48,700 49 57,600 60 38,800 41 81,300 85 4 positions of input port Fast -attack ND light control IN Auto black - auto white Waco-Temple, Tex. 149,300 54,200 36 69,900 60 38,200 28 118,200 79 Washington, D.C. Highest -quality prism optics (Hagerstown, Md.) 1,223,800 90,400 7 783,800 84 625,200 51 1,128,700 92 Watertown - Perfect color tracking Carthage, N.Y. 66,600 25,200 38 43,300 65 16,800 25 54,300 81 Wausau -Rhineiander, 2 -Line aperture corrector Wis. 116,600 12,100 10 72,400 62 36,300 31 87,000 74 West Palm Beach (Ft. 6- Vector color corrector Pierce -Vero with presets Beach), Fla. 188,600 42,200 22 138,500 73 87,600 46 160,300 85 Wheeling, W.Va.- Steubenville, Ohio 159,000 63,200 40 102,400 64 55,600 35 131,700 82 Wichita - There's one other Hutchinson, Kan. 354,600 47,700 13 234,500 66 115,800 33 267,900 75 Wichita Falls, Tex- very interesting Lawton, Okla. 148,000 39,700 27 98,400 66 57,500 39 119,100 80 Wilkes- Barre- TCF -3000 fea- Scranton, Pa. 391,800 175,800 45 279,600 71 142,200 36 381,300 97 ture to discover Wilmington, Del. 103,500 16,100 16 51,300 50 34,700 34 65,900 63 - ask us what Y it costs. Yakima, Wash. 121,000 42,700 35 87,200 72 29,600 24 116,500 96 Youngstown, Ohio 206,900 6,000 3 152,000 73 99.300 48 199,600 96 z discovery Zanesville, Ohlo 24,900 13,500 54 17,700 71 10,000 40 23,900 95 U.S. Totals 98,575,000 7,668,100 12 42,610,200 64 29,310,700 44 57,134,800 86

Viewing estimates for the home stations of the following non -ADI markets are reported in the television market reports for the ADI markets, noted In parentheses, In which each of these is located. Therefore, no '74 CATV, color, multiset or UHF estimates are shown here for these non -ADI markets: see us atNAB Akron, Ohio (Cleveland) Hagerstown (Washington, D.C.) Anderson, S.C. (Greenville- Hazard (Bristol-Kingsport- booth 414 Spartanburg-Asheville) Johnson City) Battle Creek (Grand Rapids- Kalamazoo) Hickory (Charlotte) Bowling Green (Nashville) Houma (New Orleans) Canton (Cleveland) Lafayette, Ind. (Indianapolis) Charlottesville (Richmond) Manchester (Boston) Dubuque (Cedar Rapids-Waterloo) Modesto (Sacramento -Stockton) Fayetteville (Fort Smith) Salem (Portland, Oro.) Fort Dodge (Des Moines) Sarasota (Tampa -St. Petersburg) Fort Lauderdale (Miami) Tulare (Fresno) Fort Pierce -Vero Beach Wildwood (Philadelphia) TeleMation, Inc. (West Palm Beach) Worcester (Boston) the discovery people Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 77 P 0 Box 15068, Salt Lake Gtv, Utah 84115 -18011 487 5399 Fates & Fortunes5

Media James C. Hagerty, ABC Inc. VP, re- Ron Beckey, station manager, wsru(AM) ported recuperating from stroke suffered Stuart, Fla., named VP and general man- in late January. Mr. Hagerty, 64, who as ager. news secretary to President Eisenhower S. Donald Urban, director of government with was credited opening presidential services, Hanna -Barbera Productions, news conferences to TV coverage, is pa- Hollywood, named director of personnel tient at Lawrence hospital, Bronxville, of parent, Taft Broadcasting Corp., Cin- N.Y. cinnati. Steven Feldman, computer - systems analyst, NBC, New York, appointed man- Alan F. Timpson, administrator -financial ager, information services, replacing E. analysis, WNBC -TV New York, named Theodore Nygreen, who earlier was ap- business manager, NBC -owned WKYC -TV pointed director of NBC's owned station Cleveland. computer systems. Gladys Christman, promotion and pub- Rice Jacobsen E. Grey Hodges, managing director, Jef- licity coordinator, KFI(AM) Los Angeles, Crawford P. Rice, VP and general man- ferson Productions, Charlotte, N.C., named promotion manager. ager, KHTV(TV) Houston, named VP and named VP. Larry M. Harding, editorial A. Davis, VP, Gene creative director, WNEW- general manager, KTNT -TV Seattle-Ta- board chairman, named corporate (AM) New York, named advertising and -Pilot Broadcasting. coma, Wash. ("Closed Circuit," Feb. 4). Jefferson promotion manager, WTOP -AM -TV Wash- Gene R. Jacoben, assistant general man- Richard P. McCau- ington. ager and operations manager, KtrrV, ley, director of sta- in de- named general manager. He is succeeded tion relations, ABC Gordon Sclar, assistant promotion by Harry M. Apel, formerly general sales Radio, named direc- partment, WOKR -TV Rochester, N.Y., ap- manager. All appointments effective tor of affiliate affairs. pointed promotion manager. March 1. WKY Television System, owner He fills position va- Ulysses W. Boykin, assistant to the presi- of KHTV, acquired KTNT -TV three weeks cant since last Oc- dent, WGPR -FM -TV Detroit, named VP for ago (BROADCASTING, Feb. 4). tober when Robert public relations and public affairs. was Daniel E. Gold, se- O. Mahlman Keith D. Coughey, news and public af- nior VP for staff and named VP and gen- wuDo(AM) Lewisburg, Pa., eral manager of ABC fairs director, administration, Post - named promotion manager, wLYH(Tv) Newsweek Stations, Radio (BROADCAST- Lebanon -Lancaster, Pa. Washington, ap- ING, Nov. 5, 1973). pointed senior VP McCauley George Dorrington, and general man- with sales staff, wttT -TV Cedar Rapids, ager, WTIC -TV Hart- Iowa, joins National Association of ford, Conn. ( "Closed Broadcasters as code subscription man- Broadcast Advertising ager in station relations department in Circuit," Feb. 4). Peterson, letters will be Washington, effective March 1. Dick supervisor of TV syndi- Call cation, Campbell -Ewald, Detroit, named changed to WFSB -TV Jeff Davidson, general manager, WLKY -TV Gold when Post-News- Louisville, Ky., elected president. William manager of sales, NBC Radio Network week completes acquisition of station, A. Campbell, general sales manager, John there. March 8 (BROADCASTING, Feb. 4.) Dorkin, program director, Paul Kelly, William Breen, director of new sales, Mark Cohen, VP- associate director, busi- chief engineer, and Delores Roehm, con- ABC -TV, and Charles C. Allen, director ness analysis and planning, ABC Televi- troller, elected VP's. of sales administration, named VP's. sion, appointed VP in charge of planning Sid Pike, station Richard M. Gary, local sales manager, and development. Albert Rubin, director - manager of WTCG- KFAC -AM -FM Los Angeles, named general business analysis and planning, named (Tv) Atlanta, named sales manager. VP. Seymour Amlen, VP and director. VP of television program and primary research, ABC operations of licen- Michael Trager, western sales manager, KNBC(TV) Los Angeles, Television, appointed VP- audience re- see Turner Com- and Stan Levy, search munications Corp. with sales staff WNBC -TV New York, ap- services, and Marvin Mord, direc- pointed tor of audience measurements, named there. In addition to national sales manager and local sales manager, respectively, of wxac -Tv. VP- audience analysis and primary re- WTCG, Turner owns search. woow(AM) Chatta- Carl J. Haterius, sales manager, WAQY -FM Tom Johnson, former executive vice nooga, Tenn., WMBR East Longmeadow, Mass., joins WMAS- (AM) Jacksonville, (AM)-WHVY(FM) Springfield, Mass., as president of Texas Broadcasting Corp. Plke (Lyndon Johnson family stations), Aus- Fla., and WTMA -AM- sales manager. FM, Charleston, S.C. tin, and now executive editor of Dallas Jerry Marcus, local sales manager, KTTv- Times Herald, named among "America's Jeffrey Poll, general sales manager, (rv) Los Angeles, named VP. 10 Outstanding Young Men for 1974" WIFI(FM) Philadelphia, named general by U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce. manager, succeeding Dan Lerner who AI Tanksley, news director, wxoo(AM) resigns. Orlando, Fla., named local -regional sales Arnold Labaton, director of operations, manager, WSPA -TV Spartanburg, S.C. Public Broadcasting Service, Washington, Jerry A. Hughes, general manager, appointed director, New York City's Mu- wNNo(AM) Wisconsin Dells, Wis., named Paul Mofloy Jr., sales director, WLTD- nicipal Broadcasting System, which op- general manager, wAGo(AM) Oshkosh, (AM) Evanston, Ill., named sales man- erates WNYC- AM -FM -TV, He succeeds Wis. ager, WEAW(AM) there. Sheldon Hoffman, named manager of Richard Lynn Farr, manager, KHIG -FM John Hokom, with sales staff, KABC -TV news, WNBC -TV New York (BROADCAST- Paragould, Ark., named general man- Los Angeles, named sales manager, KH.- ING, Dec. 3, 1973). ager, KFIN(FM) Jonesboro, Ark. (AM) there.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 78 Programing Samuel Topp, wciY(AM) Cincinnati, George St. Andre, chief engineer, now joins wroP(AM) Washington, as news- defunct WHDH -TV Boston, joins WJAR -TV Squire D. Rushnell, VP, program services, caster. Both are Post -Newsweek stations. Providence, R.I., in same position. ABC Owned Television Stations, named VP, children's programs, ABC Entertain- Ty Flint, with news staff, xvI(AM) Seattle, Charles F. Mulvey, formerly with Varian ment, succeeding Brandon Stoddard, who joins news staff, KBx(AM) Portland, Ore. Instrument Division of Varian Associ- was appointed VP for movies for tele- Both are Golden West stations. ates, named chief engineer, WNYS -TV vision, ABC Entertainment (BROADCAST- Wayne Bennett, formerly with wcAY(AM) Syracuse, N.Y. ING, Feb. J 1). Michael Brockman, director Cayce, S.C., named news director of of daytime programs, ABC Entertain- WHOO- AM -FM, Orlando, Fla. Cable ment, East Coast, named director of day- Tom Beaver, assistant to vice chancellor R. Anthony Smith, formerly executive time programs. of student affairs, University of Kansas, VP and general manager, FCB Cable - Jayne E. Boyd, program director, wvrv- Lawrence, joins wcco -Tv Minneapolis - vision, named VP- finance, Cable Media (Tv) Milwaukee, named program man- S.. Paul as reporter. Corp., Los Angeles. Cable Media owns ager, wKYC -TV Cleveland. Linda Shen, reporter, Krix(Tv) San Rochester, N.Y., CATV system; is build- Dick Berris, supervisor of technical mu- Francisco, named consumer action line ing second in Alton, Ill., area, and holds franchise Seattle. sic requirements for Screen Gems, named reporter. Rita Trevino, from KLRN -TV for downtown to direct newly created combined music Austin, Tex., named KPIx reporter. department for Screen Gems and Colum- Deaths bia Pictures in Burbank, Calif. He will Allied Fields George A. Whitney, handle music for TV and motion picture 66, VP- radio, PSA production. Roger D. Rice, VP and general manager, Inc., San Diego, xTvu(Tv) Oakland, Calif., appointed to died Feb. 4 Tony Raven, formerly with KFMB(AM) of heart State Department Joint Committee on attack at his La Jol- San Diego, joins KLOL -FM Houston as United States -Japan Cultural and Educa- program director. la, Calif., home, Na- tional Cooperation. tive of San Francis- Tim McDonald, director of advertising Mal Johnson, direc- co, Mr. Whitney in and promotion, WCVB -TV Boston, named tor of community af- his youth was band assistant program director, wrro(Tv) fairs, Cox Broadcast- leader, in 1932 be- Washington. ing, Atlanta, begins coming music direc- Lloyd Bethune, partner in commercial two -month trip to six tor of KFRC(AM) in production firm, Eggers- Bethune /Peter- African nations under Whitney that city where he sen, New York, joins The Petersen Co. auspices of State De- worked with Meredith Willson on shows there as VP. Eggers -Bethune /Petersen, partment's Short originating there, and later in Los An- now defunct, was East Coast associate of Term Assistance geles, for NBC radio network. In 1937 The Petersen Co. IGrant. Mrs. Johnson he joined sales staff of KFI(AM) Los An- Frank Bannister, sportscaster, Mutual will lecture on com- geles, later becoming general manager munications and com- of KFI -AM -TV and of KHJ -TV there. He Black Network, joins National Black Net- Johnson work, New York, as sports director. munity relations and was general manager of KFMB -AM -TV conduct workshops in radio and TV. In San Diego from 1953 until 1969 when Keith P. James, operations manager, Le Sotho, South Africa, she will help he took over management of PSA's four ctiED(AM) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, officials plan school of communications FM radio stations. Survivors include his named program director of CKXL(AM) at country's university. wife, Georgia, one daughter and two Calgary, Alberta. Lois Siegel Schwartz, formerly partner sons. James L. Sorensen, formerly with WMIR- in communications law firm, Haley, Bader Susanne F. liana (AM) Lake Geneva, Wis., named pro- and Potts, Washington, opens her own ton, 68, wife of Ray gram director, WRJN(AM) Racine, Wis. office there. She will specialize in com- V. Hamilton, and co- Jamie McWilliams, sports reporter, WBNS- munications law. owner with him of (AM) Columbus, Ohio, named sports di- Hamilton- Landis & rector, WSPA -TV Spartanburg, S.C. Equipment & Engineering Associates, Washing- ton - headquartered Broadcast Journalism Edward L. Shiley, regional manager of media brokerage broadcast sales, Telemation Corp., Wash- firm, died Feb. 8 at Frank Gorin, reporter, KPIX(TV) San ington, joins Collins Radio broadcast Doctors hospital, Francisco; Ann Taylor, reporter, WTOP- division, Rosslyn, Va., as district man- there, following heart Tv Washington, and Don Alexander, an- ager. attack. Survivors also chorman wcus(AM) New York, named Gary Schmidt, chief engineer, WGPR -FM- Hamilton include one sister correspondents, NBC News, New York. TV Detroit, named VP for engineering. and two brothers. Larry Miller, news director, KCSR(AM) Chadron, Neb., named news director, KLRN -TV San Antonio, Tex. Pamela Mason Bush, director of public affairs, Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare, named editorial director, °1 WNAC -TV Boston.

Rod Fritz, news director, wsuN(AM) St. NUMBER ONE. IT'S THE ONLY PLACE TO BE IN YOUR MARKET! Petersburg, Fla., joins wcvR(AM) Wash - ington- WFMv(FM) Blairston, both New Rierson Broadcast's staff of specialists can provide valuable input to keep or put you there. Jersey, in same position. Whether your problem is in news, programing, production, research, promotion, personnel Maralee Jane Beck, weathercaster, wrrG- searching, station organization, or governmental affairs, we have people with successful (Tv) Washington, joins WMAL -TV there Number One experience in those areas. as anchorperson for noon news. Steve Jacobs, with the news staff, wowo- R1ERSON BROADCAST CONSULTANTS, INC. (AM) Fort Wayne, Ind., named news director, WQTY(AM) -WFMI -FM Mont- 156 EAST 52ND STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10022 gomery, Ala. He replaces Steve Michaels, (212) 688 -7275 who joins sales staff of WQTY -WFMI -FM.

Broadcasting Feb 1e 1974 79 For the Record.

by BROADCASTING 4 Administrative Law Judge Chester F. Naumo- As compiled Feb. Existing TV stations wicz Jr. in Las Vegas (Western Communications through Feb. 8 and based on filings, Inc. (KORK -TV) and Las Vegas Valley Broadcast- authorizations and other FCC actions. Final actions ing Co.), TV proceeding, granted petition by West- WCOV -TV Montgomery, Ala. -Broadcast Bureau ern to amend its application to show certain granted license covering changes; ERP 550 kw changes in corporate officials and acquisition of Abbreviations: Alt.- alternate. ann.-announced. 19519, 19581). antenna. aural. auxiliary CARS (vis.); 110 kw (aur.) (BLCT-2256). Action Jan. 30. additional business interests (Dots. ant.- aur.- aux.- - Action Jan. 30. community antenna relay station. CH- critical KCET(TV) Los Angeles-FCC, in response to hours. CP- construction permit. D -day. DA -di- request by Community Television of Southern Cali- Administrative Law Judge James F. Tierney in rectional antenna. ERP -effective radiated power. fornia, licensee of KCET(TV), waived cable tele- New York (WPIX Inc. [WPIX) and Forum Com- HAAT- height of antenna above average terrain. vision cross -ownership rules to permit Community munications Inc.), TV proceeding, granted motion khz- kilohertz. kw- kilowatts. LS -local sunset. board member Berle Adams to remain on Com- by WPIX Inc. to amend its application to reflect mhz- megahertz. mod.- modifications. N- night. munity's board of direcotrs. Mr. Adams was current ownership information and date concerned PSA- presunrise service authority. SCA- subsidiary recently elected to board of directors of Tele- with parent organizations (Dots. 18711 -2). Action communications authorization. SH- specified hours. prompter Corp. Action Feb. 6. Jan. 25. SSA -special service authorization. STA-special KUDO(TV) San Francisco--Broadcast Bureau Chief, Office of Opinions and Review, in Los temporary authorization. trans.-transmitter. TPO granted mod of license covering change in studio Angeles and Norwalk, both California (RKO Gen- -transmitter power output. U-unlimited hours. location to Radio Road, Mt, San Bruno, approxi eral Inc. [KHJ -TV) and Fidelity Television Inc.), vis.- visual. w- watts. -educational. mately 2 miles south of San Francisco (BMLCT- TV proceeding, granted petitions filed Dec. 6 and 771). Action Jan. 30. Dec. 13 by RKO General to amend application to WSB -TV Atlanta- Broadcast Bureau granted CP report recent developments in certain civil trade New TV to change type of trans. at old trans.-ant. location regulation litigation and media interests of applicant, stations (BPC1'-4678); granted CP to change type trans. at and accepted amendments (Does. 16679-80). Action Application old main trans.-ant. location (BPCT-4679). Action Feb. 6. Jan. 30. Craighead, Ark. -Arkansas Educational Televi- Fine sion Commission. KSTP -TV St. Paul-FCC denied application by Seeks UHF ch. 19 (500-506 mhz); John L. Scherer Jr. ERP 890 kw vis., 178 kw 1220 for review of ruling by com- WCJB -TV Gainesville, Fla. -FCC denied appli- aur. HAAT ft.; ant. plaints and compliance division that no height above ground 1145 ft. (proposed satellite of further cation by Minshall Broadcasting Co., licensee, for action was warranted on his complaint that KSTP - remission or mitigation of $1,000 forfeiture. In ac- KETS(TV) Little Rock, Ark.. P.O. address 350 TV had violated fairness doctrine by to South Donaghey, Conway, Ark. 72032. Estimated refusing tion released Nov. 5, 1973, commission found provide reasonable opportunity for anti-Vietnam Minshall liable for repeated failure construction cost $1 million; first year operating wo' viewpoints. for forfeiture cost revenue none. Mr. Scherer had complained that to comply with sponsorship identification require- $55,600; Geographic coordinates had spot 35° 54' 14" north lat.; 90° 46' 39" west long. KSTP -TV broadcast announcements by ments. Action Feb. 6. Type Vietnam Veterans for a Just Peace as public serv- trans. RCA TTU -60B. Type ant. RCA TFU- ice announcements, but failed to honor request for 36J(L). Legal counsel Pierson, Ball & Dowd, Wash- equal time presentation views. Call letter actions ington; consulting engineer Jansky & Bailey, Wash- for of contrasting Action Feb. 6. ington. Principals: Evelyn Pierce Hammons is KCOO -TV Aberdeen, S.D. -Granted KABY-TV. chairman and Lee Reaves is director of Arkansas WVIZ -TV Cleveland- Broadcast Bureau granted KSOO -TV Sioux Falls, S.D.-Granted KSFY -TV. Educational Television Commission. Ann. Feb. 1. requested authority to operate trans. by remote control from 4300 Brookpark Road, Cleveland Actions on motions (BRCETV -58). Action Jan. 30. New AM stations Law WPVI -TV Philadelphia- Broadcast Bureau grant- Administrative Judge Lenore G. Ehrig in ed CP to change type trans. (BPCT-4680). Action Applications Jackson, Miss. (Lamar Life Broadcasting Co., et al.), Jan. 30. TV proceeding, set procedural dates; scheduled Bayou Vista, La. -Teche Broadcasting Corp. further prehearing conference for Feb. 22 (Does. WHWC -TV Colfax, Wis.- Broadcast Bureau Seeks 1170 khz, 250 w -D. P.O. address 205 Freret 18845-9). Action Jan. 30. granted requested authority to operate trans. by re- Street, Morgan City, La. 70380. Estimated con- mote control from South Broadway, Menomonie, struction cost first -year operating cost Law Judge Thomas B. Fitzpatrick $27,206; Administrative Wis. (BRCETV -57). Action Jan, 30. $40,584; revenue S60,000. Principal: Paul J. Cook in Corpus Christi, Tex. (U- Anchor Broadcasting and (100%). Mr. Cook was news director of KMRC- Telecorpus Inc.), TV proceeding, denied petition by AM-FM Morgan City, La. Ann. Jan. 31. Telecorpus seeking to amend its application to Actions on motions Wabasha, Minn. S. Borgen. Seeks 1190 permit withdrawal of two of its stockholder officers, Chief Administrative Law Judge Arthur A. Glad- -Obed in view of petitioner's failure to meet requirement stone in Lansing, Mich. (Gross Telecasting khz, I kw -D. P.O. address 1710 11th Avenue, Inc.), Rochester. Minn. 55901. Estimated construction cost that it would not gain comparatively from grant of inquiry into affairs of WJIM- AM- FM -TV, desig- amendment filed after hearing designation (Does. $35,850; first -year operating cost $72,000; revenue nated Administrative Law Judge Thomas H. Fitz- Principal: Borgen (100%) owns 19915 -6). Action Feb. 6. patrick to serve as presiding judge who is authorized $75,000. Mr. KFIL- to require witnesses to testify and evidence AM-FM Preston, Minn. He also has interest in produce Maplewood, WAGO(AM) Osh- Other action according to hearing order of Jan. 30. Action Feb. 6. WMIN(AM) Minn.; kosh, Wis. and pending application for new FM Review board in Corpus Christi, Tex., TV pro- Chief Administrative Law Judge Arthur A. Glad- in Hampton, Iowa. Ann. Jan. 31. ceeding, granted motion by Telecorpus Inc. for ex- stone in Eau Claire, Wis. (WEAU Inc.), TV pro- tension of time through March 15 to file opposi- ceeding, designated Administrative Law Judge Her- Atlantic City, N.J.-Better Broadcasting of At- tions to petition to add issues by U- Anchor Broad- bert Sharfman to serve as presiding judge; scheduled lantic City. Seeks 1490 khz, 1 kw -D. P.O. address casting in proceeding involving their competing prehearing conference for March 5 in Washington; 4106 Port Rae Lane, Fairfax, Va. 22030. Estimated applications for new UHF on ch. 28 at Corpus scheduled hearing for April 15 in Eau Claire (Doc. construction cost $77,688; first -year operating cost Christi (Does. 19915-16). Action Feb. 6. 19927). Action Jan. 28. $136,000; revenue $150,000. Principals: Abraham Hofferman and Sheldon C. Hofferman (each 50%). Abraham Hofferman practices law in Philadelphia and Sheldon C. Hofferman is attorney in Washing- ton. Ann. Jan. 31. NOTE Initial decision EDWIN TORNBERG Centreville, Va.- Administration Law Judge Ernest Nash, in initial decision, proposed denial of NEW application of Centreville Broadcasting Co. for new class II AM on 1000 khz at Centreville (Doc. & COMPANY, INC. 18888). Judge Nash concluded that applicant had ADDRESS failed to establish that Centreville is community within meaning of commission's rules. Action Feb. 6. Negotiators For The Purchase And Sale Of Actions on motions Administration Law Judge John H. Conlin in Radio And TV Stations CATV Banning and Yucaipa, both California (Bud's Broadcasting Co. et al.), AM proceeding, on motion Appraisers Financial Advisors of Broadcast Bureau, extended to Feb. 15 time to file proposed findings and conclusions and March 1 Washington -5530 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D.C. 20015 for reply findings (Does. 19778, 19780 -81). Action I. 301. 652.3766 Feb. Administrative Law Valley, Calif. 93924 Judge Chester F. Naumowicz West Coast -P.O. Box 218, Carmel Jr. in San Juan, Rio Grande, Isabel Segunda and 408. 375.3164 Vieques, all Puerto Rico (Cavallaro Broadcasting Corp., et al.), AM proceeding, scheduled hearing for June 4 and further conference for May 22 with

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 80 hearing to be governed by procedures on record other procedural dates; hearing dates on compara- WSSO Starkville, Miss. -FCC ordered Starkville (Docs. 19897-19901). Action Feb. 6. tive and on additional issues, if any, will be set at Broadcasting Co.. licensee, to forfeit $1,000 for re- Administrative Law Judge Herbert in conclusion of this phase of proceeding (Does. 19872- peated violation of rules by failing to properly Sharfman 73). In separate order. reasons and with identify sponsors paid political mesages broadcast Milton, Fla. (Jimmie H. Howell, et al.), AM pro- for limita- of tions indicated, granted in part and denied in all during period 4 to April 20, 1973. Action ceeding, granted petition by H. Byrd Mapoles, tr /as April Mapoles Broadcasting Co., to amend his applica- respects Radio Stamford's motions for production Jan. 30. of documents and directed parties to reach agree- WLYC New York -Chief, Broadcast Bureau, tion to increase valuation of assets and liabilities to of Mr. Mapoles, and accepted amendment (Dots. ment on time and place produce requested ordered Alpha Broadcasting Co., licensee, to pay 19872 -3). 5. 19882-85). Action Feb. 4. material (Dots. Action Feb. $500 for failure to observe terms of license and rules by operating with its daytime power beginning Law Judge Herbert Sharfman Administrative Law Judge Reuben Lozner in Administrative in Moundsville. W. Va. (Miracle Valley Broadcasting at 7 a.m. EST instead of from 7:30 a.m. EST as Milton, Fla. (Jimmie H. Howell, et al.), AM pro- specified in license. Action Feb. 7. ceeding, granted petition by Radio Santa Rosa Inc. Co. [WEIFI), AM proceeding, in accordance with to amend application by furnishing agreement of counsel and ruling of presiding judge W LW L Rockingham, N.C.-Chief, Broadcast Bu- its current in- at hearing conference, ordered that formation on business experience its stockhold- affidavit of reau. ordered Sandhills Broadcasting Co., licensee, of Betty sworn to Jan. 24, is received ers, and accepted amendment; Santa Rosa will not M. Paolucci, on to pay $1,500 for violation of rules and license by in evidence and reopened is be allowed to use amendment to its advantage in record heretofore operating station during time of CH operation with closed (Doc. 19794). Action Jan. 28. comparison (Doc. 19882 -84). Action Feb. 6. daytime power and during time of daytime opera- Administrative Law Judge Forest L. McClenning tion with CH power. Action Feb. 7. Call letter action in Goldsboro, N.C. (Southern Radio and Television WKCW Warrepton, Va.- Chief, Broadcast Bu- Corp.). renewal of licenses for WFMC(AM) and reau, ordered WKTF Inc., licensee of WKCW, to J. Lee and Dinah L. Dittert, Bellville, Tex. - WOKN(FM). On own motion with agreement of pay $2,000 for violation of rules by operating dur- Granted KACO. all parties, postponed hearing from Feb. 20 to April ing daytime hours with power more than 5% 17 (Docs. 19857 -8). Action Feb. 5. above authorized kw and operating during pre- sunrise periods with power in excess authorized Administrative Law Judge Ernest Nash in Raleigh, of 500 w in violation terms license and PSA. Existing AM stations N.C. (WLLE Inc. [WLLEI), AM proceeding, set of of Action Feb. 7. Applications certain procedural dates; scheduled hearing for July 23 (Doc. 19908). Action Jan. 30. KCVL Colville, Wash. -FCC ordered Colville KQXI Arvada, Colo. -Seeks CP to change trans. Broadcasting Co., licensee, to forfeit $1,000 for re- site, Administrative Law Judge Chester F. Naumowicz peated violation of rules and terms of station au- main studio and remote control point to in Beaufort, (Sea Island Broadcasting Corp. of 2700 South Platte River Drive, Englewood, Colo. S.C. thorization by operating with power in excess of South Carolina IWSIBj), granted motion by Sea that authorized during presunrise hours on four Ann. Feb. 7. extended Island and certain procedural dates (Doc. days in October 1971. Action Feb. 6. KGMB Honolulu -Seeks CP for an aux. site at 19886). Action Jan. 30. 1701 Ala Wai Boulevard, Honolulu. Ann. Feb. 7. Chief, Office of Opinions and Review, in Indi- Call letter actions WFPR Hammond, La.-Seeks CP to change anapolis. Omaha and Vancouver. Wash. (Star Sta- trans., main studio and remote control site to tions of Indiana Inc.. et al.), AM -FM proceeding, r:ERG Eugene, Ore.- Granted KBDF. Ward Line Road, 3.7 miles northwest of center of granted petition to amend application filed by Star KMCO Conroe, Tex.- Granted KIKR. Hammond; increase ant. height to 320 ft. and in- Stations of Indiana, Central States Broadcasting stall series limiting resistor. Ann. Feb. 7. Inc. and Star Broadcasting Inc. on Dec. 3, and Lapeer, Mich. petition to amend application filed by Indianapolis New FM stations WMPC -Seeks CP to move trans. Broadcasting Inc. on Jan. 21, and accepted amend- site to approximately 1790 North Lapeer Street, ments (DOGS. 19122 -25). Action Feb. 6. Applications Lapeer. Ann. Feb. 7. Bishop, Calif. -Inyo -Mono Broadcasting Co. Seeks WVMI Biloxi, Miss. -Seeks CP to change trans. Other actions site northeast 100.7 mhz, 5 kw. HAAT 842 ft. P.O. address 157 to 5.7 miles of Biloxi City Hall, near Short Street, Bishop 93514. Estimated construction Biloxi; change hours of operation to U, with 1 kw, Review board in Mobile, Ala., AM proceeding, cost first -year operating cost $18,000; reve- 5 kw -LS, DA -2. Ann. Feb. 7. granted petition by WGOK Inc., licensee of $6,000; WGOK Mobile, to dismiss application for modifi- nue $24,000. Principals: Roy William Mayhugh KLFJ Springfield, Mo. -Seeks mod. of CP (BP- cation of facilities, and dismissed application with (100 %). Mr. Mayhugh is manager of resort motel 18,321) to change trans. site to Wabash Avenue, prejudice (Dots. 17555 -58). Action Feb. 1. and record -sound equipment store in Bishop. Ann. just south of Grand Avenue, Springfield, and Jan. 24. Review board in Stamford Conn., AM proceed- change studio and remote control site to Landers Sullivan, III. -Spencer & Freeland Broadcasting. Building, 149 Park Central Square, Springfield. Ann. ing, granted motion by Radio Stamford Inc. for 4 Seeks 106.3 mhz, 3 kw. HAAT 300 ft. P.O. ad- Feb. 8. extension of time through March to file opposi- tions to motion to add issues by Western Connecti- dress R.R. 2, Rockville, Ind. 57872. Estimated con - WWRL New York-Seeks CP to make changes cut Broadcasting Co. (Dots. 19872 -73). Proceeding structibn cost $50,462; first -year operating cost in daytime MEOV's. Ann. Feb. 7. involves mutually exclusive applications of Western $38,160; revenue $120,000. Principals: R. Keith Spencer and Michael R. Freeland (each 50 Mr. to Connecticut for renewal of license for WSTC Stam- %). KFDR Grand Coulee, Wash. -Seeks CP Spencer is engineer with WLWI -TV Indianapolis. change frequency to 1600 khz, change hours of ford. and Radio Stamford for new station on same facilities in Stamford. Action Feb. 6. Mr. Freeland owns WFWL(AM) Camden. Tenn., operation to U and increase power to 5 kw, 5 kw- and WNOI -FM Flora, Ill. He also has interest in LS, DA -N. Ann. Feb. 7. Review board in Stamford, Conn., AM proceed- WKTA -FM McKenzie, Tenn., and WBAR(AM) ing. in separate actions, granted motion by Radio Bartow, Fla. Ann. Jan. 25. Final actions Stamford Inc. for extension of time through Feb. 8 in which to file oppositions to motion to add Salina, Kan. -Salina Broadcasting Inc. Seeks 93.7 KEZY Anaheim, Calif.-Broadcast Bureau grant- issues filed by Western Connecticut Broadcasting mhz, 10 kw. HAAT 510 ft. P.O. address 625 Stuart ed CP to change ant. trans. site to 500 feet south- Co., and granted motion by Western for extension Building, Lincoln, Neb. 68508. Estimated construc- east of intersection of Orangethorpe and Lakeview of time through March 4 in which to file opposi- tion cost $140.500 first -year operating cost $44,600; Avenue, Anaheim; conditions (BP- 19568). Action tions to petition to add issues filed by Radio Stam- revenue $50,000. Principals: James Stuart (83.47 %) Jan. 30. ford. Proceeding involves applications of Western et al. Mr. Stuart also owns KFOR(AM)- KHKS(FM) Daytona Beach, Broadcast Bureau for renewal of license of WSTC Stamford and Lincoln, KRGI(AM) Grand Island, both Nebraska; WROD Fla.- and Sioux City, granted CP to increase tower height to 294 feet Radio Stamford for new AM at Stamford (Does. KSAL(AM) Salina KMNS(AM) and utilize top section of guy wire for top loading 19872 -3). Action Jan. 31. Iowa. Ann. Jan. 25. (BP- 19569). Action Jan. 30. FCC modified daylight saving time order of Dec. Fairmont, W.Va.-Broadcast Enterprises Inc. Seeks 97.9 mhz, 50 kw. HAAT 421 ft. P.O. ad- Jacksonville, Broadcast Bureau 18, 1973, which permitted certain daytime stations WQIK Fla.- ineligible for presunrise service authorizations to dress Fairmont Motor Hotel, Fairmont 26554. Es- granted CP to delete pattern and use daytime pat- sunrise with of timated construction cost $75,000; first -year op- tern during CH; condition (BP- 19567). Action Jan. operate one hour before power St) w, to stations holding, eligible for, erating cost $36,000; revenue unknown. Principals: 30. include or PSA's of less than 50 w. Action Feb. 6. John P. Carr (100%). Mr. Carr also owns WMMN- WSNT Sandersville, Ga. -FCC denied request by (AM) Fairmont and WDNE(AM) Elkins, both West citizens group for order directing licensee of WSNT Fines Virginia. Ann. Jan. 25. to reimburse group for legal expenses incurred in action opposing WSNT license renewal (Doc. 19167). WDXR Paducah. Ky.- Chief, Broadcast Bureau, Final actions - In denying request of Richard Turner, individually notified WDXR Inc., licensee, that it has incurred and as agent for Black Youth Club of Sandersville apparent liability of $2,000 for failure to observe Goulds, Fla. -FCC denied application by Resort and Southern Christian Leadership Coneerence, for provisions of rules prohibiting broadcast of lottery Broadcasting Co. for review of review board de- order directing WSNT to reimburse group for legal information. Action Feb. 5. cision released June 26, 1973, granting application expenses, commission said that Communications Act contained no authorization for FCC to order licensee to pay expenses of petitioner to deny. Action Jan. 30. Please send SUBSCRIBER WKIK Leonardtown, Md. -FCC denied petition SERVICE by Key Broadcasting Corp., licensee of WPTX 3 years Lexington Park, Md., for reconsideration of grant $60 of application by Sound Media Inc., for full time 2 years $45 operation by daytime-only WKIK. Sound Media and roadcastingri and arts Key Broadcasting are presently involved in com- The newsweekly of broadcasting allied 1 year $25 parative hearing (Doc. 19410) for new FM to Canada Add $4 Per Year operate on ch. 249A in their respective communities. Foreign Add $6 Per Year Action Feb. 6. Name Position 1974 Cable WLRC Whitehall, Mich. -Broadcast Bureau Sourcebook $10.00 granted CP to increase tower height to 430 ft. and (If payment with make changes in ant. system; trans. and studio site Company redescribed as Blank Road and White Lake Drive, order: $8.50) Whitehall (BP- 19565). Action Jan. 30. Business Address 1974 Yearbook $17.50 WLIB New York-FCC granted request by Inner Home Address (If payment with City Broadcasting Corp., licensee, to increase in- order: $15.00) terim pre- sunrise operating power from 50 w to 100 w. Action Feb. 6. city State zip Payment enclosed Bill me Actions on motions Administrative Law Judge Lenore G. Ehrig in BROADCASTING, 1735 DeSales Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036 Stamford, Conn. (Western Connecticut Broadcasting Co. [WSTCj and Radio Stamford Inc.), AM pro- ADDRESS CHANGE: Print new address above and attach label from a retest issue, or print old address ceeding, scheduled hearing for April 23, and certain including zip code. Please allow two weeks for processing; mailing labels are addressed one or two issues in advance.

Broadcasting G: I n1 81 Existing FM Summary of broadcasting stations Final actions According to the FCC, as of Dec. 31, 1973 KRFM(FM) Phoenix -Broadcast Bureau granted Not CP to install new trans, and new ant.; ERP 96 On eft Total kw; on air Total ant. height 1570 ft. (BPH- 8755). Action Jan. 30. Licensed STA CP's on air CP's authorized WINZ -FM Miami Beach, Fla.-Broadcast Bureau Commercial AM 4,374 4 17 4,395 53 4,448 granted mod. of license covering change in studio and remote control locations to 100 Biscayne Commercial FM 2,438 Build- o 64 2,502 131 2,633 ing; 100 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami (BMLH -482). Commercial TV-VHF 506 1 6 513 7 520 Action Jan. 30. Commercial TV-UHF 189 o 3 192 38 243 KRSW -FM Pipestone, Minn. -Broadcast Bureau granted request Total commercial TV 695 1 9 705 45 763 for SCA on sub -carrier frequency of 67 Educational khz for noncommercial FM station (BSCA- FM 611 o 22 633 94 727 1313), Action Jan. 30. Educational TV -VHF 88 o 3 91 4 98 WOSM(FM) Ocean Springs, Miss. -Broadcast Educational TV -UHF 128 0 14 142 0 143 Bureau granted CP to install new trans. and new Total educational TV 216 o 17 233 4 239 ant.; add circular polarization; ant. height 300 ft.; ERP 3 kw (BPH -8751). Action Jan. 30. Special temporary authorization. WFMR(FM) Newark, N.J.-Broadcast Bureau granted CP to install new aux. trans. and ant. at main trans. location to be operated on 94.7 mhz of Fine Arts Broadcasting Co. for new FM on from Feb. 11 to date to be set after proposed (ch. 234); ERP 20 kw; ant. height 540 ft.; remote ch. 252 (98.3 mhz) at Goulds, Fla., and denying findings have been filed for filing reply findings control permitted (BPH- 8756). Action Jan. 30. Resort's competing application for channel at (Doc. 19657). Action Jan. 25. WMMS(FM) Cleveland- Broadcast Bureau grant- Leisure (Does. 18956, 18958). City, Fla. Action Administrative Law Judge James F. ed CP to install new ant. and change transmission Feb. 6. Tierney in Elgin and Glen Ellyn, both Illinois (Board of Edu- line; condition (BPH- 8754). Action Jan. 30. Lake Providence, La-Lake Providence Broad- cation, Union School District #46, et al.), educa- KPFT(FM) Houston -Broadcast Bureau granted casting Service Inc. Broadcast Bureau granted 92.7 tional FM proceeding. on request of all applicants CP to redescribe trans. location to 2905 Frink Road, mhz, 3 kw. HAAT 143 ft. (BPH- 8491). P.O. ad- cancelled all procedural dates to permit parties to Houston; install new trans.; ERP 97 kw (BPED- dress Box 170, Lexington, Tenn. 38351. Estimated pursue on -going efforts to resolve designated issues 1747). Action Jan. 30. construction cost $8,450; first -year operating cost without necessity of hearing; set March 4 as date $3,600; revenue $15,000. Principal: Bendel) L. for reporting results of efforts (Dots. 19820-2). Ac- Call letter applications Enochs president (100 %). Mr. Enochs is owner of tion Jan. 31. KPOI -FM Honolulu -Seeks KHSS(FM). KLPL(AM) Lake Providence. He has interest in WDXL -AM -FM Lexington. Tenn. (14.6 %); WBOL- Other actions WGNR(FM) Oneonta, N.Y.-Seeks WSRK- (AM) Bolivar, Tenn. (25 %), and WACY(AM) Kis- (FM). simme, Fla. (15.5 %). He also has 331/2% interest Review board in Glenwood Springs, Colo., FM WBHT -FM Brownsville, Tenn. -Seeks WTBG- in pending application for assignment of license of proceeding. dismissed request by Glenwood Broad- FM. WDAX(AM) McRae, Ga. Action Feb. 1. casting Inc., for extension of time in which to file exceptions to initial decision by Administrative Law Winona, Miss -Southern Electronics Co. FCC Judge Byron E. Harrison (released Jan. 8) propos- Call letter actions granted 96.7 mhz, 1 kw. HAAT 164 ft. (BPH-8378). ing grant of application of Colorado West Broad- KCFM(FM) Chico, Calif.-Granted KFMF(FM). P.O. address Radio Station WONA, Winona 38967. casting Inc. for new FM on ch. 224 (92.7 mhz) at KMH1(FM) Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii-Granted Estimated construction cost $20,860; first -year op- Glenwood Springs and denial of competing appli- KAOI(FM). erating cost $9,620; revenue $18,000. Southern cation by Glenwood Broadcasting (Dots. 19588- WDBQ -FM - Electronics is licensee of WONA(AM) Winona. 89). Action Feb. 1. Dubuque. Iowa-Granted KIWI Robert E. Evans, president, et al. Ac- (FM). Principals: Review tion Feb. 6. board in West Palm Beach, Fla., FM WNRG -FM Grundy, Va.- Granted WMJD(FM). proceeding, granted request by Broadcast Bureau to ',Marietta, Ohio -Marietta College. Broadcast Bu- withdraw its petition to add misrepresentation issues reau granted 88.3 mhz, 9.2 kw. HAAT 207 ft. against Marshall W. Rowland, and dismissed peti- (BPED -1617). P.O. address Andrews Hall, 211 Fifth tion to add issues in proceeding involving compet- Street. Marrietta 45750. Estimated construction cost ing applications of Guy S. Erway, Sandpiper Broad- Renewal of licenses, $28,463; first -year operating cost $6,460; revenue casting Co. and Mr. Rowland for new FM at West none. Principals: Frank E. Duddy Jr., president of Palm Beach (Docs. 19601 -2, 19604). Action Jan. 31. all stations Jan. 31. college, et al. Action Broadcast Bureau granted renewal of licenses, Stillwater, Okla.- Stillwater Educational Broad- Rulemaking petitions co- pending auxs. and SCA's when appropriate for casting Organization. Broadcast Bureau granted 90.9 following stations: KSUI(FM) Iowa City; KTSR- (BPED -1653). Hus- Lebanon, Mo.- Dalton C. Wright seeks amend- (FM) Kansas City and KUMR(FM) Rolla, mhz P.O. address 1224 North ment of both band, Stillwater 74074. Estimated construction cost FM table of assignments to assign ch. 224A Missouri; KHKE(FM) Cedar Falls, KWAR(FM) to Eldon, Mo. (RM- 2309). Ann. Feb. 4. 597.00; first -year operating cost $130.00; revenue Waverly and KWMR(FM) Cedar Rapids, all none. Principals: Anthony Bradley, sponsor. Mr. Crete, Neb.- Airways Broadcast Services Inc. Iowa; KWMU(FM) St. Louis, KXCV(6-64) Bradley is Stillwater teacher and former production seeks amendment of FM table of assignments to Maryville, Mo.; WOI -FM, Ames, Iowa; KYOK- and operations manager, KOSU -FM Stillwater. assign ch. 280A to Crete (RM- 2310). Ann. Feb. 4. (AM) Houston; WAIK(AM) Galesburg, Ill.; WCSV(AM) Crossville, Action Jan. 29. Mayville, N.D. Tenn.; WGFA -AM -FM -KMAV Inc. seeks amendment Watseka, III.; WGIG -FM Brunswick. Ga.; WIRO- Centralia, Wash. -Centralia Community College. of FM table of assignments by assigning ch. 269A (AM) Ironton, Ohio; to Mayville WSEK(FM) Somerset, Ky.; Broadcast Bureau granted 91.3 mhz, 10 w. HAAT (RM -2301) Ann. Feb. 4. WMOA(AM) Marietta. Ohio; WWSD(AM) Monti- 62 ft. (BPED-1652 P.O. address Locust and Oak, Albany, Ore. -Linn -Benton Broadcasters Inc. cello, Fla.; WUGN(FM) Auburn, Mich.; KSLQ- Centralia 98531. Estimated construction cost $2,405; seeks amendment of (FM) St. Louis. KSOA(AM) Ava. none. FM table of assignments by KSWM -AM -FM first -year operating cost not given; revenue assigning ch. 296A to Albany and deleting ch. 296A Aurora, KSYN(FM) Joplin and KTCB(AM) Mal- is dean Principals Kellis A. Hamilton of instruc- from Toledo, both Oregon (RM- 2308). Ann. Feb. 4. den, all Missouri; KTFC(FM) Sioux City and tion, Centralia Community College. Action Jan. 29. KTOF(FM) Cedar Rapids, both Iowa; KTUI(AM) Hurricane, W. Va.- Putnam Broadcasting Co. Sullivan, KTXR(FM) Springfield seeks amendment of FM table and KUKU(AM) Actions on motions of assignments to Willow Springs. all Missouri; KWMT -FM Fort assign ch. 292A to Hurricane (RM- 2311). Ann. Dodge. Iowa; Feb. 4. KWOC(AM) Poplar Bluff, KWPM- Administrative Law Judge John H. Conlin in AM-FM West Plains, KWRE(AM) Warrenton and Santa Paula and Fillmore, both California (Jerry KWTO-FM Springfield, all Missouri; KXEL -AM- Lawrence, et al.), FM proceeding, granted in part Rulemaking action FM Waterloo, Iowa: KYRO(AM) Potosi and motion by Broadcast Bureau and postponed pre - WDAF -FM Kansas City, both Missouri; WDBQ- hearing conference presently scheduled for Jan, 29 Weatherford, Okla. -Chief, Broadcast Bureau, nroposed amendment of FM table of assignments AM-FM Dubuque. Iowa WHB(AM) Kansas City, until March 5 (Dos. 19865 -8). Action Jan. 28. Mo.; WIIO(AM) Des Moines, Iowa; WMBH(AM) by assigning class C ch. 247 to Weatherford in Joplin. Administrative Law Judge John H. Conlin in notice of proposed rulemaking (Doc. 19930). Mo.; WOI(AM) Ames and WSUI(AM) Winchester, Ky. (WWKY Inc. and Clark Commu- KWEY Inc., licensee of KWEY(AM) Weather- Iowa City, both Iowa; KDMO(AM) Carthage and nications Co.), FM proceeding, scheduled additional ford, requested assignment. Action Jan. 31. KDRO(AM) Sedalia, both Mo.; KDSN -AM -FM proposed findings and conclusions due by Feb. 28 Denison, Iowa: KESM -AM -FM El Dorado Springs, and replies by March II, closed record (Dots. Call letter applications KFAI(AM) Fulton, KFBD -AM -FM Waynesville, 19748 -9). Action Feb. 6. KFEQ(AM) St. Joseph, KFMO(AM) Flat River, Connecticut College Broadcast Association, New KFRU(AM) Columbia and KFVS(AM) Cape Gi- Administrative Law Judge John H. Conlin in London, Conn. -Seeks WCNI(FM). rardeau. all Missouri: KGLO(AM) Mason City, Winchester, Ky. (WWKY Inc. and Clark Communi- Iowa; KHAD(AM) Desoto, Mo.: KICD -AM -FM cations Co.), FM proceeding, granted petition by Seashore Broadcasting Co., Orleans, Mass. Spencer, KILR -FM Seeks WVLC - Estherville. KIMI(FM) Keokuk, Clark to amend application (Does. 19748-9). Action -FM. K!OA(AM) Des Moines. KIWA -AM -FM Sheldon Jan. 28. KCAP Broadcasters Inc., Helena, Mont.-Seeks and KJAN -AM-FM Atlantic. all Iowa; KJCF(AM) Festus, Administrative Law Judge Lenore G. Ehrig on KCA P-FM. Mo.; KLEM(AM) Lerners. Iowa; KLEX- (AM) Lexington, Mo.: dates shown: in Bloomington, Ind. (Henderson Clinton County Broadcasting Corp., Wilmington, KLFM(FM) Ames and Broadcasting Co., et al.), proceeding, KLGA -FM Algona. both Iowa; KLID(AM) Pop- FM granted Ohio -Seeks WDHK(FM). lar motion by Bloomington and extended dates for ex- Bluff and KALM(AM) Thayer, both Missouri; change of exhibits, notification of witnesses for Mullins .8 Marion Broadcasting Co., Mullins, KASI(AM1 Ames and KBAB(AM) Indianola, hoth cross -examination and commencement of hearing S.C. -Seeks WCIG(FM). Iowa; KBEK(FM) Lexington, KBEO(FM) Kansas City and KBIJ(AM) for Feb. II, 18 and 27, respectively (Dots. 19813- Perkins Broadcasting Co., Union City, Tenn.-- Liberty, all Missouri; KBIZ- 4-5). Action Jan. 25. Seeks WALK -FM. (AM) Ottumwa, Iowa; KBLR(AM) Bolivar, Miss.; KBOE(AM) Oskaloosa, Iowa; KBTN(AM) Administrative Law Judge Jay A. Kyle in Cabo Neosho, Mo.; KBUR-AM -FM Burlington and Rojo and Hormigueros, both Puerto Rico (David Call letter actions KCFI(AM) Cedar Falls. both Iowa; KCFM(FM) Ortiz Radio Corp. and Southwestern Broadcasting Connor Broadcasting Co., Bethany Beach, Del. St. Louis; KCII(AM) Washington and KCIM -FM Corp.), FM proceeding, rescheduled prehearing con- Granted WWTR -FM. - Carroll, both Iowa; KCMO(AM) Kansas City, ference from Feb. 20 to March 6 (Docs. 19920 -1). KLPW -AM -FM Union and KLWT(AM) Lebanon, Action Jan. 31. Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Fla. all Missouri; KLYF(FM) Des Moines, KMA(AM) -Granted WFIT(FM). Shenandoah Administrative Law Judge Ernest Nash in New- and KMAQ -AM -FM Maquoketa, all ark. N.J. (Cosmopolitan Booneville Broadcasting Co., Booneville, Iowa; KMAM(AM) Butler and KMIS(AM) Portage - Broadcasting Corp.), FM Miss. - ville. proceeding, granted petition by Broadcast Bureau Granted WBIP -FM. both Missouri; KMNS(AM) Sioux City, Iowa; and extended from Jan. KMPL -FM Sikeston, Mo.; KNEI -AM -FM Waukon, 28 to March 29 date for Watkins investment Co., Greenfield, Mo.-. Iowa; KNEM(AM) filing proposed findings of fact and conclusions and Granted KRFG(FM). Nevada, Mo.; KNWS -AM -FM Waterloo and KCRG(AM) Cedar Rapids, both

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 82 Professional Cards

EDWARD F. LORENTZ JANSKY & BAILEY -Established 1926- COHEN and DIPPELL, P.C. PAUL CO. & ASSOCIATES Atlantic Research Corporation GODLEY Consulting Engineers CONSULTING ENGINEERS 5390 Cherokee Ave. CONSULTING ENGINEERS (formerly Commercial Radio) 527 Munsey Bldg. Alexandria, Va. 22314 Box 798. Upper Montclair, N.). 07043 1334 G Sr., N.W., Suite 500 (202) 783-0111 (703) 354-2400 347-1319 Washington, D.C. 20004 Phone: 12011 746 -3000 Washington, D. C. 20005 Member AFCCE. Member AFCCE 11,mh,r ;1F(Y'F: Member AFCCE

A. D. Ring & Associate, GAUTNEY & JONES LOHNES & CULVER Kear & Kennedy CONSULTING RADIO ENGINEERS CONSULTING RADIO ENGINEERS Consulting Engineers Associates 1156 1302 18th St., N.W 1771 N St., N.W. 296 -2315 2922 Telestar Ct. (7031 560 -6800 15th St., N.W., Suite 606 Washington, D.C. 20005 WASHINGTON, D.C. 20036 WASHINGTON, D. C. 20036 Falls Church, Va. 22042 (202) 296 -2722 (202) 785 -2200 Member AFCCE Member AFCCE Member AFCCE Member AFCCE

A. EARL CULLUM, JR. SILLIMAN, MOFFET STEEL, ANDRUS & ADAIR HAMMETT & EDISON CONSULTING ENGINEERS & KOWALSKI 2029 K Street, N.W. CONSULTING ENGINEERS INWOOD POST OFFICE Washington, D.C. 20006 711 14th St., H.W. Radio 4 Television BOX 7004 (301) 827 -8725 Republic 7-6646 Box 68, International Airport DALLAS, TEXAS 75209 (301) 770 -7470 Washington, D. C. 20005 San Francisco, California 94128 (214) 631 -8360 (202) 223.4664 Member AFCCE 14151 342 -5208 Member AFCCE Member AFCCE Member AFCCE

JULES COHEN CARL E. SMITH VIR N. JAMES JOHN B. HEFFELFINGER CONSULTING RADIO ENGINEERS & ASSOCIATES CONSULTING RADIO ENGINEERS Applications and Field Engineering Computerized Frequency Surveys Suite 716, Associations Bldg. 8200 Snowville Road 9208 Wyoming PI. Hiland 4 -7010 345 Colorado Blvd. -80206 1145 19th St., N.W., 659 -3707 Cleveland, Ohio 44141 (303) 333-5562 Washington, D. C. 20036 Phone: 216.526-4386 KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 64114 DENVER, COLORADO Member AFCCE Member AFCCE Member AFCCE

E. Harold Munn, Jr., ROSNER TELEVISION JOHN H. MULLANEY TERRELL W. KIRKSEY & Associates, Inc. SYSTEMS CONSULTING RADIO ENGINEERS Consulting Engineer CONSULTING 8 ENGINEERING 9616 Pinkney Court Broadcast Engineering Consultants 5210 Avenue F. Box 220 250 West 57th Street Potomac, Maryland 20854 Austin, Texas 78751 Coldwater, Michigan 49036 New York, New York 10019 301 - 299 -3900 Phone: 517- 278 -7339 (212) 246 -3967 Member AFCCE 1512) 454 -7014

DAWKINS ESPY Consulting Radio Engineers Applications /Field Engineering P.O. Bar 3127 -Olympic Station 90212 Service Directory BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. (213) 272-3344

COMMERCIAL RADIO CAMBRIDGE CRYSTALS SPOT YOUR FIRM'S NAME HERE Oscar Leon Cuellar MONITORING CO. PRECISION FREQUENCY ro Be Seen by 120,000' Readers - Consulting Engineer PRECISION FREQUENCY MEASURING SERVICE among them, the decision making sta- MEASUREMENTS, AM -FM -TV tion owners and managers, chief engi- 1563 South Hudson SPECIALISTS FOR AM -FM -TV Monitors Repaired 8 Certified neers and technicians-applicants for em fm tv and facsimile facilities. (303) 756-8456 103 S. Market St. 445 Concord Ave. Lee's Summit, Mo. 64063 Cambridge, Mass. 02138 1970 Readership Survey showing 3.2 DENVER, Colorado 80222 Phone 1617) -2810 Phone (816) 524 -3777 876 readers per coDy- Member AFCCE Iowa; KDEX -AM-FM Dexter and KDFN(AM) WQVA(AM) Quantico, Va.- Broadcast Bureau Doniphan, both Missouri; KOAK(AM) Red Oak, Ownership changes granted assignmentgof license from WQVA Inc. to Iowa; KODE(AM) Joplin, Mo.; KOEL -AM-FM Oetwain, Iowa; KOKO(AM) Warrensburg, WPBM- App'ications Sellerrs: Harold H. Hersch, poresident,et al. (00 %). FM Poplar Bluff, KPCR(AM) Bowling Green, WKMK(AM) Blountstown, Fla-Seeks assign- Mr. Hersch has interest in WPRW(AM) Manassas, KPRS(AM) Kansas City and KQYX(AM) Joplin, ment of license from Bailey Broadcasting Co. to Va. and WISZ -AM -FM Glen Burnie, Md. Buyers: all Missouri; KRIB(AM) Mason City, Iowa; Calhoun Broadcasting Corp. for $60,000. Seller: Raymond Woolfenden, Jesse G. Whitfield, et al. KRMS -AM -FM Osage Beach, Mo.; KROS -AM -Fla W. L. Bailey (100 %). Buyers: Richard H. Tate (100 %). Group is applicant for assignment of Clinton, KRVR(FM) Davenport, and WMT -AM -FM (40 %), Marcus O. and Robert R. Pender (each WSRA(AM) Milton, Fla. pending before commis- Cedar Rapids, all Iowa; KMBC-TV Kansas City, 30 %). Mr. Tate is announcer with WTYS(AM) sion. Action Jan. 31. KMTC(TV) Springfield. KOLR(TV) Springfield, Marianna, Fla. Messrs. Pender own peanut process- KPLR -TV St. Louis and KBFL(FM) Buffalo all ing in Greenwood, Ann. Jan. Missouri; KCUI(FM) Pella, Iowa; KNOS(FM) plant Fla. 24, Marshall and KOPN(FM) Columbia, both Mis- KLIZ -AM -FM Brainerd, Minn.-Seeks transfer of Cable souri; KDIN -TV Des Moines, and KCAU -TV control of Brainerd Broadcasting Co. from E. Applications Sioux City, both Iowa; KCMO -TV Kansas City, Thomas O'Brien, et al. (100% before, none after) Mo.; KCRG -TV Cedar Rapids, Iowa; KFVS -TV to Earl R. Johnsen (none before, 100% after). Following operators of cable television systems Cape Girardeau Mo.; KGLO -TV Mason Cityy Consideration: $238,354. Principal: Mr. Johnsen have requested certificates of compliance, FCC Iowa; KHQA -TV Hannibal, Mo.; KMEG(TV) (100 %) is general manager of KLIZ- AM -FM. announced Feb. 4 (stations listed are TV signals Sioux City, owa; KMOS -TV Sedalia, KODE -TV Ann. Jan. 24. proposed for carriage): Joplin, KÓMU -TV Columbia, KPOB -TV Poplar KVOX(AM)- KIDA(FM) Moorhead, Minn- Birmingham Cable Communications Inc., 360 Bluff, KQTV(TV) St. Joseph and KUHI-TV Jop- Seeks assignment of license from Central Minne- South Monroe Street, Denver 80209 proposes for lin, all Missouri; KWWL -TV Waterloo Iowa; sota Television Co. to Valley Communications Birmingham, Ala. (CAC -3516), WBRC-TV, WBIQ, WDAF -TV Kansas City, Mo.; WHO-TV Des Corp. for $325,000. Sellers: Thomas K. Barnstuble, WAPI-TV and WBMG, all Birmingham Ala.; Moines, WMT -TV Cedar Rapids, WOC-TV Daven- chairman, et al. (100 %). Central Minnesota also WTCG and WHAE -TV, both Atlanta, WRIP -Tl) port, WOI -TV Ames and KALA(FM) Daven- owns KCMT -AM -FM Alexandria and KMNT(AM) Chattanooga; WAIQ Montgomery, Ala. WISP -TV port, all Iowa; IZBIA(FM) Columbia. Mo.; Walker. both Minnesota. Buyers: Richard K., Columbus, Ga.; and -TV KCCK -FM Cedar Rapids, Iowa; KCFV(FM) WFSU Tallahassee, Fla. Robert B., and Michael B. Herbst (each 3'3.33%). Saginaw Ferguson, KCLC(FM) St. Charles and KCMW- Herbst brothers own department store in Fargo, Cable TV Co., 720 North Bates Street, FM Warrensburg all Missouri; KCOE -FM Cedar N.D., and several other business interests in that Saginaw, Mich. 48602 proposes for Buena Vista Rapids Iowa; K.CUR-FM Kansas City,City Mo.; area. Ann. Jan. 31. Charter (CAC -3522), and Spaulding (CAC -3523), KDCR(FM)Souux Center, KDIC(FM) both Michigan. WEYJ -TV Saggisnaw, WNEM -TV and KDPS(FM) Des Moines, all Iowa; KGSP- WBHN(AM) Bryson City, N.0 -Seeks assign- Bay City, WJRT -TV Flint, WUCM -TV University ment of license from Swain County Broadcasting Center and WKBD -TV Detroit, all Michigan, and Iowa; KLJG(FM) Kansas Ctyy and KOBC(FM) to Ron Broadcasting Inc. for $60,000. Seller: Betty CKLW -TV Windsor, Ont. Joplin, both Missouri; KPGY(FM) Ames, Iowa; Hill Montgomery conservator (100 %). Buyers: Robert Red Springs Cablevision Co., St. Pauls Cable - KCHI(AM) Chillicothe, Mo.; KDEC(AM) De- O. Noel (78.57 %), J. Ardell Sink (20.47 %), vision Co. add Raeford Cable TV corah. KDMI(FM) Des Moines, KFGQ -AM -FM et al. Mr. Noel is broker with Chapman Co., At- Co., all 2120 lanta. Sink has interest South Ash Street, Denver 80207 proposes for Red Boone, KFMW(FM) Waterloo and KIGA -FM Des Mr. in WKYK(AM) Burns- Springs. St. Pauls and Raeford Moines, all Iowa; KIRX(AM) Kirksville, KKSS- ville, WCLS(AM) Cherryville and WIOZ -FM (CAC-3342-44), all Southern Pines, all North Carolina and WKKR- North Carolina to delete WUNJ -TV Wilmington, (FM) St. Louis and KLBS(AM) Mountain Grove, N.C. and add NUNC -TV Chapel Hill, all Missouri; KMCD(AM) Fairfield and KOUR- (AM) Pickens, S.C. Ann. Jan. 31. N.C. AM-FM Independence both Iowa; KPWB(AM) Ultra Com of Blanchester Inc., 333 West Clin- Piedmont, Mo.; KOWC-AM -FM Webster City and Actions ton Street, Wilmington, Ohio 45177 proposes for KRCB(AM) Council Buff, both Iowa. KRXL(FM) Blanchester, Ohio (CAC-2694), to delete WSWO- Kirksville and KSIS(AM) Sedalia, both Missouri; a KFSD -FM San Diego -Broadcast Bureau granted TV Springfield, Ohlo and add WCVN Covington, KWME(AM) Fort Dodge Iowa and KYMO(AM) assignment of license from Time -Life Broadcast Inc. Ky. East Prarie, Mo. Actions San. 31. to Lotus Communications Corp. for $275,000 (BALH -1889), Sellers: Barry Zorthian, president, Barnesville Cable TV Corp., 40 North Park Ave- et al. (100 %). Time -Life Broadcasting also has nue, Lisbon, Ohio 44432 proposes for Bethesda interest in WOTV(TV) Grand Rapids. Mich. Buy- (CAC -3524) and Belmont (CAC -3525) both Ohio, Modification of CP's, ers: Howard A. Kalmenson, president, et al. WTRF -TV 'Wheeling, W. Va.; WSTV-ACV Steuben- (100%). Lotus Communications also owns KENO- ville, Ohio; KDKA -TV, WTAE -TV. WQED and all stations (AM)) Las Vegas, KONE(AM) Reno, both Nevada; WPGH -TV, all Pittsburgh: WOUC -TV Cambridge and WJAN Canton, both Ohio. KZIQ(AM) Ridgecrest, Calif.-Broadcast Bureau KOXR(AM) Oxnard, Calif.; KRUX(AM) Glen- granted mod. of CP to decrease ant. height to 183 dale and KTKT(AM) Tucson, both Arizona. Action Clear View Cable TV Inc., 29 North State Street, (t and change to ahunt excited (BMP -13733); Feb. 1. Sutherlin, Ore. 97479 proposes for Oakland. Ore. granted mod. of CP to extend completion date to WCOF -AM-FM Jmmokalee, Fla.- Broadcast Bu- (CAC-3519), KPIC Roseburg, KOBI, KMED -TV June 5 (BMP- 13734). Action Jan. 30. reau granted assignments of license from Carl Rich- and KSYS, all Medford, KEZI -TV and KVAL -TV both Eugene, KOIN -TV and KPTV, both Portland KKEA(FM) Hilo, Hawaii- Broadcast Bureau ard Buckner to Jerome Broadcasting Corp. for $117,000 (BAL- 8022). Seller: Mr. Buckner (100 %). and KOAC -TV Corvallis, all Oregon. granted mod. of CP to change trans. location to Buyers: north slope of Mauna Loa, 25 miles southwest of Conrad Jerome Jones Jr. (60 %), Charles TV Cable of Seagraves, Box 1346, Seminole Tex. Hilo; install new and new ant.; Weissinger and Christopher S. Sapp (each 20 %). 79359 proposes for Seagraves, Tex. (CAC -3518), trans. make changes Mr. Jones owns lumber in ant. system; ER :P 100 kw; ant. height 630 ft.; and hardware business in to add KXTX-TV Dallas and KTVT Fort Worth. Immokalee. Mr. Sapp is attorney at Immokalee and remote control permitted (BMPH -13979). Action Baum Cable Associates, 9 Campbell Street, Luray, Jan. 30. Mr. Weissinger is salesman for agricultural packing firm. Action Jan. 31. Va. 22835 proposes for New Market, Va. (CAC - 3521), WSVA -TV Harrisonburg and WVIR -TV WFIA -FM Louisville, Ky.- Broadcast Bureau WLTA granted mod. of CP to extend time to June 21 -FM Atlanta -Broadcast Bureau granted Charlottesville, both Virginia; WTOP-TV and (BMPH- 13971). Action Jan. 30. assignment of license from Atlanta FM Broadcast- WTTG, both Washington and WVT Staunton, Va. ers to Susquehanna Broadcasting Co. for $2.55 WGRG -FM Pittsfield, Mass.- Broadcast Bureau million (BALH -1905). Sellers: Eathel Holley, presi- Warner Cable of Williamsburg, 75 Rockefeller granted mod. of CP to change trans. and ant.; dent, et al. (100 %). Mr, Holley also owns WNEA- Plaza, New York 10019 proposes for York county, change transmission line (BMPH -13980). Action (AM) Newman, Ga. Buyers: Louis J. Appell Jr., Virginia (CAC -3263), to delete WXEX -TV Peters- Jan. 30. Helen P. Appell, George N. Appell burg, WTVR -TV and WWBT -TV, both Richmond, and Helen A. both Virginia. KTIS -FM Minneapolis- Broadcast Bureau granted Norton (together 100% as trustees of Louis J. Appell residuary trust). Susquehanna Total Television, 1014 Franklin Street, Vancouver, mod. of CP to extend completion date to July 1 Broadcasting (BMPH -13,970). Action Jan. 31. also owns WQBA(AM) Miami and WKIS(AM) Wash. 98660, Vancouver (CAC-3520), requests cer- Orlando, both Florida; WFMS(FM) Indianapolis; tification of existing operations. WJBI(FM) Clarksdale, Miss.-Broadcast Bureau WGBB(AM) Freeport, N.Y.; WHLO(AM) Akron, granted mod. of CP to operate studio location from WHLQ(FM) Canton, WHLA(FM) Cincinnati and Final actions trans. site at Mognolia Street, Clarksdale; change WLQR(FM) Toledo, all Ohio; WARM(AM) Scran- trans. and ant.; change transmission line; ant. height ton and WSBA- AM -FM -TV York, both Pennsyl- Effingham, 111. -FCC authorized Cable TV Serv- 200 ft. (BMPH -13981). Action Jan. 30. vania; and WICE(AM) Providence, R.I. Action ice Co. to add the following signals to its cable KBMS(FM) Billings, Mont.- Broadcast Bureau Jan. 31. system at Effingham: WGN -TV, and WFLD -TV, granted mod. of CP to extend completion both Chicago (CAC -218). Objection by Midwest date to KNUI(AM) Kahului, Hawaii -Broadcast Bureau Television Inc., licensee Ill., June 1 (BMPH- 13,918). Action Jan. 31. granted of WCIA Champaign, assignment of license from Qualitron Aero was denied. Action Feb. 6. WSPS(FM) Concord. N.H. -Broadcast Bureau Inc. to Broadcasting Consulting Services Inc. for granted mod, of CP to extend completion date to $315,525 (BAL 7967). Sellers: E. G. Panissidi, Springfield, Leland Grove, Southern View, Jerome July 5 (BMPED- 1,062). Action Jan. 31. president. et al. (100 %). Qualitron Aero is division and Grandview all Illinois -FCC authorized First Illinois Cable TV Inc. to add KPLR -TV St. Louis KENW(TV) Portales, N. Mex.-Broadcast Bu- of subsidiary of Tenneco Inc. large conglomerate with no other broadcasting interests. Buyers: and WGN -TV Chicago to its existing systems, all of reau granted 30. date Har- which are within to Juy BMPE7 -81Ì)o Action Jan. well V. Shepard (100 %). Mr. Shepard is consult- Springfield- Champaign-Decatur- ing engineer (semi- retired) for Broadcasting Con- Jacksonville television market (CAC -167 -17I). WCAD -FM San Juan, Puerto Rico -Broadcast sulting Services. Action Feb. 6. Bureau granted mod. Action Jan. 31. of CP to extend completion WDLR(AM) Delaware, Bangor, Me. -FCC waived cross-ownership sec- date to Aug. 1 (BMPH -13,975)- Action Jan. 31. Ohio-Broadcast Bureau granted assignment of license from Delaware -Marys- tion of rules to permit Diversified Communications WIPR -FM San Juan, Puerto Rico- Broadcast ville Broadcasting Service Inc. to Radio Delaware Inc., parent corporation of Community Broadcasting Bureau granted mod, of CP to change trans. and inc. for (BAL- Service, licensee of WABI -TV Bangor, to acquire ant.; change $245,000 7999). Sellers: Robert V. transmission line; (BMPED -1064). Doll, William C. Clay, Robert Spradlin, et al. cable television systems at Jay, Livermore Falls, Action Jan. 30. (100 %). Group also has interest in WMST -AM- Dixfield and Peru, all Maine. Action Feb. 6. WOTB(FM) Middletown, R.I. -Broadcast Bu- FM Mt. Sterling and WFKY(AM)- WKYW(FM) Seward, Neb. -FCC authorized T -V Transmission reau granted mod. of CP to extend completion Frankfort, both Kentucky, and WIRE -AM -FM Inc. to add KMBA-TV Kansas City, Mo., and date to July 25 (BMPH -13,974). Action Jan. 31. Greensburg, Ind. Buyers: James N. and Sylvia N. KWGN -TV Denver to its existing cable system, Shaheen (together 60 %), et al. Mr. Shaheen is located within Lincoln -Hastings -Kearney, Neb., vice president and general manager of WNBF(AM)- major television market (CAC WUIT(FM) Binghamton, -2589). Opposition by Other action, all services N.Y. Action Jan. 31. City of Seward was denied. Action Feb. 6. WRSJ -AM -FM San Juan, Puerto Rico -FCC North Kingsville, FCC, in response to request by Maryland's State Ohio -FCC authorized Tele- Lottery granted assignment of license from Radio San Juan Media Co. of Lake Erie to carry following signals Commission for exception to regulation Inc. to P.H. Broadcasting Corp. Consideration: on against broadcast of certain lottery information, Its proposed cable TV system at North Kings- $950.000. Sellers: Radio San Juan. through subsidi- ville, located within the Erie, Pa.. smaller television ruled that announcements relating solely to in- ary TeleSanJuan, owns WTSJ(TV) San Juan, and forming Maryland residents of unclaimed prize market: WICU -TV WJET-TV WSEE and WQLN, is permittee of WMGZ(TV) Mayaguez and all Erie, Pa.; WKYC -TV, WEWS, WJW -TV money which will revert to state if not claimed WPSJ(TV) Ponce, all Puerto and by winners within Rico. Buyers: Miriam WKBF -TV, all Cleveland; WUAB Lorain, WFMJ- one year from drawing, would and Paul Hernandez Jr. (together 100 %). Mr. TV and WKBN -TV, not constitute direct promotion of lottery and so Hernandez owns both Youngstown, both would and Mrs. Hernandez is officer in Ohio; CFPL-TV London, CHCH -IV Hamilton and not be rohibited broadcast program ma- Paul's Alfombras Inc., carpet firm, in Puerto Rico. terial. Action Feb. 6. CKCO -TV Kitchener, all Ontario (CAC -1656). Action Feb. 6. Action Feb. 6.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 84 Since January 1, 1974, BROADCASTING no longer See last page of Classified Sec- forwards audio tapes, transcriptions, Alms or VTR's. tion for rates, closing dates, BROADCASTING cannot accept copy requesting audio Advertising box numbers and other details. tapes, transcriptions, Alms or tapes to be sent to Classified box number.

RADIO Help Wanted Sales Help Wanted Announcers Continued Salesperson to sell radio time. Small Market, Cali- Experienced announcers for interesting professional Help Wanted Management fornia. Box 8 -101, BROADCASTING. small market station. Applicants from area preferred. 00E. WINI, Murphysboro, IL, 618.684 -2128. Assistant to the president of broadcasting group. California daytimer seeks experienced salesperson, Sales, research and promotion minded person needed preferably RAB trained- Good account list, salary, Immediate Opening for personality announcer for to fill vacancy caused by movement of former as- bonuses, incentives, Box A -246, BROADCASTING. good small market AM station soon to go fulltime. sistant to station manager. If you have received your All applicants considered totally without regard to degree in the last five years and have some sales Good guarantee plus commission and sales training sex, race, color, creed or national origin. Send tape experience, you may be the one we are looking for. for salesperson or programmer wanting sales. Inter- and resume to WKIK, Box 346. Leonardtown, MD $20,000 income plus incentive. Send resume to Box view required. Midwest background only. Box B-33, 20650. B -71, BROADCASTING. BROADCASTING. If you can handle top -rated, adult MOR format, have Pi Yourself in Southern California. Picture your- Vies president /general manager. Profitable Michigan several years experience, are interested in moving self with KEZY, Orange County, California's No. 1 AM /FM station in competitive market. Billing approxi. up to a fine midwest major station, I'm looking for station -No. 1 in ARB, Pulse, Hooper, NRR -No. 1 you. Send tape and resume to William J. Struyk, Pro- mately $600,000 per year. Salespeople with manage- results to advertisers. Picture yourself with all considered. pos- in gram Director, WOOD AM /FM, 120 College, S.E., ment potential will be Ownership the selling help you can get. Complete creative sibilities. salary, excellent bonus arrangement, Grand Rapids, MI 49502. $24,000 department, including a sales promotion director, a life and health insurance and country automobile, a director, sales marketing director, sound creative 5 kw Top 40 Rocker needs evening personality. club membership. Submit confidential resume to secretaries. All to help you sell more. Plus, printed Owner. Box B -72, BROADCASTING. Some experience required. Rush resume, tape to: material, client mailings, slide presentations. Picture Don Alexander, WOTT. Box 29A, Watertown, NY. yourself in an all new lifestyle with lucrative com- Top 10 market local sales manager. Solid opportunity structure, profit sharing, expenses, insur- mission Jock who wants to for both at for experienced account executive to grow with ex- ance, hospitalization. If you like what you see, call sell, needed profita- ble, contemporary FM in midwest market of 150,000. panding four station group. Applicants from medium now 714- 776.1191, Barry B. Shainman, Sales Manager. markets invited. $30,000 to $35,000. Send resume State Capital -Good Company. Box 3166, Springfield, to Executive Vice President- Confidential. Box B-73, Opportunity- established station. Salary, commission. IL 62708. BROADCASTING. Send resume, sales record. KFRO, Longview, TX 75601 Help Wanted Technical Management trainee to replace individual who joined New Mexico. Good opportunity for solid salesperson in one of the state's best radio markets. Great sta- us right out of college and has moved to sales West Coast phreque progressive FM rock and roll manager's position with one of our stations. If you tion, great staff. Call Ray Stephens, KGAK, Gallup. radio needs you. Immediate opening for first phone are willing to work hard and learn, we have the 505 -863 -4444. assistant engineer. Heavy studio and transmitter program to move you into management at a young maintenance, production, pay. Equal Central Florida FM station needs experienced sales- light excellent age. Degree is necessary. Masters Degree and /or opportunity employer. Reply Box 8 -128, BROAD- some sales experience helpful. Starting salary is person to develop into management. We offer the CASTING. in the $15,000 to $18,000. Send resume to Box B -74, BROAD- best commission- draw -bonus arrangement CASTING. industry, 25% Comm. Enjoy Disney World and all of Central Florida. Do you qualify? WDGM, Box 799, Chief Engineer, Midwest. AM-FM Stereo with automa- Leesburg, FL 32748. 904-787 -2790. tion. Immediate opening for experienced person. Op- Group owned Chicago radio station has immediate portunity for growth. FOE. Send resume to Box B -167, opening for ambitious, young account executive ready Experienced salesperson needed for Evansville, Indi- BROADCASTING. to move up to a large market- Internal promotion ana market. Draw, Commission and Car Allowance. made available. Income range to position $30 $35K Excellent Fringe Benefits. Contact WROZ Radio, Broadcast Equipment Sales-CCA Electronics Corpora- on performance. Send resume to Box B- depending Evansville, IN, 812 -422 -4171. tion has an opening for an aggressive young engineer 75, BROADCASTING. with AM & FM experience preferably at the chief Negotiable Five -Figure guarantee for experienced engineer or technical director levels. The successful Assistant corporate director of marketing. Major group. salesperson ready to become sales manager. Send applicant should be prepared to assume a responsible College graduate who desires management. Must full particulars to General Manager, WTWA, Box position in administrative home office sales. Salary have local sales experience. $30,000 plus profit shar- 591, Thomson, GA 30824. commensurate with experience. Send resume to ing. Submit resume to Box B -76, BROADCASTING Clarence Beverage, CCA Electronics Corp., 716 Jersey Small Market Radio Chain needs time salesperson Avenue, Gloucester City, NJ 08030, 609- 456 -1716. 25% ownership available to ambitious, young radio with capabilities of advancing to General Manager executive seeking equity participation. Best FM in immediate future. Write Bill Vogel, Vogel Com- Move up to beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. Ex- facility in fast growing Midwest city of approxi- munications, P.O. Box 1439, Murfreesboro, TN 37130. perienced Chief Engineer needed to handle AM, FM, mately 400,000 population. If you have sales ex- SCA and do general maintenance at studio and perience and are ready to run your own show, send Sales Manager, top resort area, Long Island. Excellent transmitters. Call: Ed Allen, Jr., 414- 743 -4411. resume to Box B-77, BROADCASTING. growth opportunity with young, rising FM- Stereo group. Please and send resume current earnings to Nashville FM needs engineer. Air experience Radio sales manager. Rare opportunity for ambitious Box 322, long Island, NY 11960. helpful. 615- 824 -7177. No collect calls- Equal oppor- account executive ready for sales management. Well - tunity employer, known top 50 market station with excellent demo- Help Wanted Announcers graphics. Attractive location with top school system and recreational facilities. Emphasis on ability to Help Wanted News Morning Personality a real communicator- Top rated prepare marketing strategy and motivate 4 man sales Eastern MOR. TV work available. Send resume to Box department. $32,000 base salary and negotiable in- A.231, BROADCASTING. California daytimer has immediate opening for ex- centive. College graduates with 2 to 5 years com- perienced news reporter who can really dig, write petitive selling experience please send complete news on dm air. Box A -247, BROAD- Pennsylvania small market has new owner, new resume to replies B CASTING.present President. All answered. Box -78, Need three BROADCASTING. image. announcers who can double in news or production. Send resume, Box B -34, BROAD- CASTING. Need person to work news and sales. Small market Midwest AM and FM top IDO market is looking for Maryland station. Prefer individual with first ticket. an experienced program manager. Background in Jocks, Top 40, production, news and resume. New Box A -250, BROADCASTING. rock format is desired. Excellent opportunity for English language AM. Sunny Sen Juan, Puerto Rico. "rock" DJ who is ready to move up to program Write Box 8-52, BROADCASTING. Three of California League Baseball PBP. manager position. Equal Opportunity Employer. Box Want to make jump to higher classification. Box 8 -154, BROADCASTING. Contemporary station looking for jock with strong B -141, BROADCASTING. production and first. No screamers . send resume Sales- oriented re- GM with management experience and production samples to Box B -64, BROADCASTING. Medium market station needs full timer as newsperson quired. Superb salary, fringe benefits, Write: Com- and for airshift. Send resume. Equal Opportunity Em- munity Service Broadcasting, Inc., Box 1209, Mt. New ployer. Box B -163, BROADCASTING. Vernon, IL 62864. England rocker wants you! Join a stable organi- zation and be a top jock In this medium market. Minimum two years experience necessary. If you're Major Market Sports/Talk. We wanted Howard Cosell Computer System Consultants. Interesting job for per- looking for a place to grow, send your resume now. but he's not available. Therefore, if you are astute and sons with 3 to 5 years broadcast operations experi- An E.O.E. Box B -103, BROADCASTING. can handle 3 hours of daily drive -time sports calls ence. Ability to interface with station personnel at and commentary send resume and salary require- all levels. College background essential. Degree Broad- Midwest market geld station looking for adult per- ments to Box B -179, BROADCASTING. casting or Education preferred, must be assertive, sonality with big voice. For afternoon drive. Slot self- motivated, and a shirtsleeve professional. Will opening soon. No beginners. Send resume, photo, Aggressive Area operation be responsible for system implementation and train- news needs good writing requirements to Box B -106, BROADCASTING. delivery. Send ing at home office and at station location; approxi- and tape and complete resume. KLSS mately sixty percent travel. Send resume or call & KSMN, Box 1446, Mason City, IA 50401. 5KW Bruce Massie, Compunet, Inc., 747 East Green Street, Contemporary New England Station wants ex Pasadena, CA 91101. perienced, imaginative, creative PD. Box B -137, Wish te work hard for an exceptional radio com- BROADCASTING. pany? Aggressive, able to dig and love news? Send Wanted -Sales Manager: Are you ready to make a tape and resume to Al Kahn, WAGR, P.O. Box 1056, move as sales manager with potential for resident Staff Announcer needed by leading adult music sta- Lumberton, NC. manager into the Washington, D.C. market? Must be tion. Continuous music format. Good wages, stability, well trained and oriented in local, regional and new facilities & equipment. Equal Opportunity Em- WFUN in Miami has an immediate opening for an national radio sales with tested ability to build ployer. Box B -162, BROADCASTING. experienced, aggressive newsperson. Writing ability aggressive sales force. Must have proven track and news sense just as important as delivery- Send record and reside in South -East. Send complete WEEP, Pittsburgh, is accepting audition tapes of pro tape and resume to: News Director, WFUN, 6101 resume to Thorns Radio -TV Enterprises, 75 Scenic voiced talent for future openings. 107 6th St., Pitts- Sunset Drive, Miami, 33143. An equal opportunity Highway, Asheville, NC 28804. burgh, PA 15222. employer.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 85 Help Wanted News Situations Wanted Sales Situations Wanted Continued Announcers Continued Someone is looking for a dependable, money-making salesman with a proven track record. Let's get to- To Write, Gather, Edit and deliver major afternoon - Beautiful music EZ. Washington, D.C. announcer gether! Box B -116, BROADCASTING. evening newscast. Good voice and delivery required. desires permanent move to New England AM-FM. have years recent on -air Salary secondary to right offer. Third endorsed. Top Applicant must several of Cry no more. Experienced G.M. /S.M. wants So. news experience. Third phone not necessary now references. Resume, news, commercial tape. Phone Florida. Box B -152, BROADCASTING. but will be required later. Salary open, an equal 301 320 -4664. opportunity employer. Contact Les Smith, WVCG Radio, P.O. Box 1516N, Coral Gables, FL 33134. Situations Wanted Announcers Six years experience. Looking for production position with some air time. Top 40 or MOR. Not opposed to Newsperson with opportunity to advance to News DJ, Tight Board, good news and commercial delivery, all night shift at right station. Just received Asso- Director. Permanent position in Beautiful upper mid - can follow directions, willing to go anywhere . . ciate Engineering Degree. First phone, 26, married. west city of 30,000 AM and FM Network Affiliate. NOW. Box A -134, BROADCASTING. Dick Houser, 1210 St. Ann Street, Owensboro, KY Strong on local news. Must have good delivery. 42301. Experienced Newspeople only! Mr. Charles, 507- 7 years small to medium markets. 4 months no work. 452.2867. Non deep voice, 30, just married, 1st, desire just Cookin' Top 40 PD -DJ, 51/2 years experience, seeking pay, instructional criticism, station or chain advance- DJ gig with large or medium market rocker. All -nice ment. No swinging doors please. Box B-83, BROAD- alright. Prefer south. Call 717-762-9191 between 3.5 Help Wanted Programing CASTING. p.m. Ask for Ken. Production, Others Minnesota or surrounding areas. Young man experi- Sports minded, year's experience all phases broad-

- mature. have Top 40- Play Rocket City of America -Full time CW station has enced, Currently top ratings. casting. -by -play; tight board, any format. Prefer immediate opening for experienced production MOR. Good news, first phone, single, no hangups. west of Mississippi. College grad, 3rd endorsed. Dick references. Box B -97, BROADCASTING. Genet, Box 433, Clifton, AZ 602 864 -9982. manager -air personality that is willing to relocate Excellent and become a part of our growing community. MO, 23, en- Excellent earnings for person with exceptional quali- Experienced jock, college grad, 3rd First phone cooker looking for stable organization. dorsed. Good news, production. Breeds excitement. Go Three years fications. Contact Carl Swofford, PD, WBHP, P.O. Box Available immediately. anywhere. Relocation no problem to stable, no nonsense sta- experience. Call Dan 607 797 -1398. 547, Huntsville, AL 35804, 205.534-3521. tion. 314 783 -6125 or Box B -107, BROADCASTING. Creative DJ-talker. Employed, top. forty, middle mar- WIEL, Elisabethtown, KY, a successful medium - First phone, 23, single, good references. Prefer coun- ket. Good voice, smooth, fast board; 3rd endorsed. market, contemporary MOR station, needs a take - try or easy listening in southeast. Good news de- Background includes sales, music, production. In- charge Program Director now. Experienced, good livery. Box B -117, BROADCASTING. telligent, co- operative self- starter. Aircheck available. references. Able to pull board shift. Send tape, Steve Darwin, 133.07 231 St., Laurelton, NY; 212- resume, references to Bill Walters, GM, WIEL, P.O. Just about to get out of Army. Looking for medium 527 -0378 or 212-740.2278. Box L, Elizabethtown, KY 42701. market rock, M -O -R or country that's not afraid of personality. Have third endorsed, college degree, ex- 1974 MOR Morning man. A real beauty, this one, Situations Wanted perience, both radio and TV. Available mid -March. with power in the AM drive time and big numbers Box B-119, BROADCASTING. up front. All the extras: phones, voices, sincerity. Management So if you're in the major market for a bright, crea- Contemporary MOR Personality with Topical Wit, tive 29. year -old, he's got what you're looking for. Need more sales. Professional broadcaster with radio - imagination, tight board. Want stable organization. Call this number: 202- 783 -8492. tv- direct sales experience. Heavy local sales. Wel- Good pay, excellent potential. Box B -155, BROAD- comes challenges /responsibility. Box B-65, BROAD- CASTING. Experienced announcer, creative, humorous, hard CASTING. working, dedicated, will relocate. Bob Berry, 140 Experienced sports announcer, excellent play -by-play. Danube-Apt. C, Fairfield, OH 513-874 -2372. High- powered sales executive -problem -solving pro. Box 8.158, BROADCASTING. fessional with proven success formula that works. 20 years experience in all phases seeks news director- Highly successful in sales and management. Box All around, imaginative announcer. Good voice. Three ship at medium station. Good digger, presenter, experience, some B-67, BROADCASTING. years college, third phone, speech, -researcher, writer, commentary, editorials, talk shows. acting background. Box B -165, BROADCASTING. Call after one, CDT. 1 -512- 937-2087. I can make you number one. 28 years sales and management. Nineteen selling Southern Market, Black, 1st Phone, Top 40, M.O.R., manager. Small and medium markets. Box B-93, News . 5 years. Exempt, married, call Penny 1 -5. Mature Radio V desires 5 -day variety, adult BROADCASTING. 609- 921.8550 (Ext. 282). music, night show. 1st phone, light maintenance. Responsible. Smith, 305- 886 -4869. Orlando. In three years I have taken the number four station Personality Jock -of -all- Trades: Creative copy, sharp in this market of 200 thousand and made it number production (to match wit), perceptive MD vast musi- Three Years Top -40. All times. Past year PD in one and almost doubled billing. However, the owners cal savvy. Dedicated, dependable) Relocate. 3rd medium market. Production. First Phone. Versatile. don't believe in monetary rewards for success. If you endorsed. 516- 665 -1024. Gary Damon, 22 West Lane, Seeking announcing in medium or major. Eddie 316- need an eleven year broadcast veteran who manages, Bayshore, NY 11706. 227 -2868. programs, sells and does an air show, I'm ready to talk. Prefer southwest but will consider any offer. Experienced young announcer, third endorsed, three Looking for good Medium Contemporary or Rock Box B -120, BROADCASTING. years in play -by-play, news and board work. Hard Station. Dedicated, hard -working, 2 years experience worker. Available Feb. 26. Pat Chambers, 816- 429-4010 at 5,000 watt. Small market. Neil Hatch, 602 -524-3994, General Manager with 13 years experience, pro- before 5 p.m. 524-6490 or Box 430 Holbrook, AZ 86025. gramming, sales and management. Self- starter, proven record. Can inspire and motivate people. Looking for 3rd endorsed. Experienced. Tight board, good pro- Talented Top 40 Cooker. 2 years experience, college duction. Any format, any reader, challenge. Box B -132, BROADCASTING. shift. Good col- grad, 3rd. Seeks smell -medium rocker or contemporary lege grad. Currently employed but want change. 301 -653-1716. Call Ken Bator, 313 -293.4172, or write 31292 I want to manage your small market station. South, Schoenherr, Warren, MI 48093. Southwest, West. Strong sales background. Creative Aggressive Jock, 24 years old, three years experi- thinker. Dependable. Soft sell approach that creates ence, five years college. Progressive format only. Announcer: 23 yrs. exp. Will accept any station that in trust and wears well with clients. Looking for a Live Detroit area, willing to relocate. Call collect plays half-way decent music. Diorio, 207 Elliot, Brat- Bryan James, 1- 313-851 -4765. future! Reply to Box 8.140, BROADCASTING. tleboro, VT. Licensed Top 40 Personality Experienced broadcaster, successful management back- First phone: married, conscientious. Prefer East Coast seeking afternoon drive slot in a large medium ground, has $25,000 to invest for part ownership, or Midwest. Experienced Top 40, MOR, production. or medium size market with real pro's. Call 502- 684 -5993 or write 702 Shelborn or partnership in acquisition of radio station. Cur- Write Mark Chanoweth, 8 Russell Road, Hampton rently in New England. Prefer East. Box B -148, Bays, NY 11946 or 516-728 -2110. Dr., Owensboro, KY, 42301. BROADCASTING. Give me lifel I've been at this automated station Situations Wanted Technical Relax! I'll help you in management and sales in seven months too long) Tight board. Clean produc- So. Florida. Will answer all replies. Box B -151, tion. Lower Michigan, Ohio, Indiana. I'm readyl First phone, AM- FM -TV. 28 years experience. Well BROADCASTING. Tim Gwozdz, 206 N. Center, Gaylord, MI 49735. versed on solid state, desires maintenance. Box B -131, 517- 732 -9729. BROADCASTING. Experienced, responsible broadcaster- Desires chal- First, with lenging position. Sales or General Management, News, experience. Desires Top 40 /Rock position. Engineer, seeking position as chief or assistant Prefer Western chief Administration. Willing to relocate anywhere. Have U.S. Willing to learn. Dave Claspill, in radio or television. Fifteen years experience in credentials, track record. Community involved and 1014 High St., Fredericktown, MO 63645. 314- all phases of communications. Currently available. knowledgeable F.C.C. Rules. Good voice. Call: 618- 783 -3103. After 5 p.m. CDT. Box 8-144, BROADCASTING. 548 -4641, or Write Box B -171, BROADCASTING. Tight production, contemporary in small to medium Chief Engineer. Proofs, maintenance, directionals. market, third endorsed, excellent references, resume, hoard. Sales Manager at well known major market FM'er tape Daytimer preferred, no Call Walt MacTom- upon request. Jim Worsley, 44 Walter Avenue, many. 305.390-3161. wants GM position. All markets considered. With Hicksville, LI., NY 11717. current station five years. Nine years experience B.S. Degree R -TV All phases. Knowledge of FCC Summer swing. Ivy grad, law student. Five years Situations Wanted News Rules. Box B -175, BROADCASTING. pro experience. Fill daytimer's, vacation holes. AM, FM announcing, news. Low salary acceptable. Any- Medium market news director wants to be back on Experienced Manager with good track record looking where. 207 -772.0813. the street. Former statehouse reporter, wire service for small market management. Stable, family and experience, MA in communication. Box B -82, BROAD- home owner. Prefer small resort community in New Available: Black, first phone, experience. Tech, d.¡., CASTING. Mexico or Colorado, but will consider all offers and production man. Contact 314- 726 -0914. including part ownership. Let's talk. 806. 665 -4842. Young, energetic. Working D.C. Journalist with Disc jockey, experienced. dependable, versatile, crea. broadcast experience, seeks reporting spot in Hen is an experienced young pro seeking a station tive. MC experience. Wesley Morgan, 408-A Hancock Washington -Baltimore area. M.S. Columbia Journal- to (re)vitalize. Experienced in rural, medium and St., Brooklyn, NY 11216. 212 -574 -9315 or 443-1367. ism. Box B -153, BROADCASTING. major markets. Ready to increase your sales, econo- mize your operation and build your ratings thru DJ, Announcer, 3rd endorsed. CSB grad. Creative, Experienced Personality/Sportscaster. Major Market, superior salesmanship and programming. Good track mature, willing to work hard. Full, part time. N.J., MOR announcer and major university, play by play record. Strong on community relations. M.L., Box Pa. area preferred. Call Mike collect after 6 p.m., man with TV experience, Married. Looking for stable 1278, Colton, CA 92324. 201 -545.9770. position in either or both. Box 8.166, BROADCASTING.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 88 Situations Wanted News Continued Help Wanted Announcer Help Wanted Programing, Production, Others Continued Experienced medium market news director. Reputa- Sportscaster. Ten years major market radio. Want tion for establishing operation that's the one to beat. TV anchor or No. 2. Available now. Box B -142, Promotion Advertising Mgr. Top 40 network medium market post or i affili- Wants writer -reporter, majors. BROADCASTING. ate. Seeking knowledgeable and experienced Pro- West, southwest preferred. Box B -180, BROAD motion and Advertising Manager. Must be able to CASTING. Help Wanted Technical product the best on -air promotion campaigns. Should also be knowledgeable in print and sales service. Energetic Newsman, May 1974 Broadcasting graduate. New England area- require one TV transmitter tech- Equal opportunity employer. Send letter and resume Voice, delivery, and writing ability excellent. Col- nician, comfortable mountain -top duty. Also one immediately to Box B -149, BROADCASTING. lege and commercial station news experience. Would studio technician. Full color plant, latest equipment. prefer New England area. Keep me in mind) John Experience preferred, others considered. Excellent Art Director for public television station. Must be Hadley, 1.717- 374.9308. fringe benefits. Send complete resume and salary well qualified experienced and strong in graphic de- requirements. Equal opportunity affirmative action Send resume and to Imagination; altruism tempered with constructive real- sign. portfolio WNED -TV, 184 employer. Box B-114, BROADCASTING. Barton St., Buffalo, NY 14213. ism, fresh concepts, new ideas. Young, Box 1642, Studio City, CA 91604. 1-213-766-7421. Tired of snow? We need a good, management ori- Art director for Northeast State Public Television Net- ented Chief Engineer in Gulf Coast resort city where work. Responsible for station visual image, produc- Sportscaster /Newsman, 25 years B.A., M.A., old, weather and fishing is good year round. Excellent tion of television graphics, set design and design commercial experience for both high school and col- station and equipment. Send complete resume to of related print materials. Commercial art background lege play-by -play and color. Nationally-published to TV. Box B -135, BROADCASTING. needed. Experience in photography valuable. Salary writer. Looking relocate and travel. Radio or open. Send resume and salary requirements to Resume, tape available. Contact Jack Connors, 816- New V ile chief engineer for small market network Hampshire Box Z, 747 -2576. Network, Durham, NH 03824, c/o UHF station. Excellent pay for hard worker. Rural David H. Paige. New England area. Box B -143, BROADCASTING. Love of the media, intended dedication to, and will- ingness to do a job has this 1973 Notre Dame grad Chief Engineer for Network affiliated UHF in South- Situations Wanted Management news job. Assistant news director stu- seeking first east -with heavy production schedule. RCA equipped. 716 634- dent station, responsible. Mark Derringer, Must be strong on maintenance. Equal opportunity Currently news director, midwest top 20 market, net 4817. 75 Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221. Morningside employer. Send resume and salary requirement to affiliate. Corporate budget cuts cause desire to move Box B -170, BROADCASTING. elsewhere. Seven years previous experience-all fa- Professionally trained beginner seeks position in news cets TV news with major New York TV (network) public affairs. M.A. in former English or English- Wanted: Production -minded engineer with strong base news departments. Looking for news director, execu. teacher. school en- Broadcasting grad with third in maintenance. Must have education in computer tive producer, producer slot in top 15 Jnarkets. Salary Will relocate. Roger Moyer, 349 Franklin dorsed. logic, and be prepared to travel. to 15,000 not important, but a challenge and firm station Street, PA, 215.536.6089. $12,000 Quakertown, salary plus profit sharing in new mobile business. commitment to news is. Write Box B -61, BROAD- CASTING. Situations Wanted Programing, Send photo. Write Box B -173, BROADCASTING. Production, Others WDEF AM- FM-TV, Chattanooga, TN. Has immediate TV production m /executive producer ready to opening for chief engineer. Need person capable of roll again. Been vacationing in Florida. Experienced with all agency and broadcast operations in active "modern country" programer presently em- taking full responsibility for quality operations of Creative VHF medium market. Box B -110, BROADCASTING. in large, competitive market seeks new chal- number 1 radio and TV stations in market. Good op- track and top references. portunity and benefits with group broadcaster. If in- lployedenge. Proven record All Desire relocation. Twenty years experience in tele- offers considered! Write Box B -57, BROADCASTING. terested send resume and salary requirements to Wm. M. Dunaway, WDEF -TV, 3300 Broad St., Chat- vision. Worked with station, group, nat'l rep., pro- market air personality with successful program- tanooga, TN 37408. An equal opportunity employer. gram sales, et al. Consider any position and location. Major Box ing experience and excellent references. Seeks major B -129, BROADCASTING. or medium market rock programing gig. Take charge Engineer for university instructional studios. Main. PD with working knowledge of budgets, FCC rules, tain monochrome TV, small FM. Salary to $13,000. Situations Wanted Announcers and administration. Heavy in research and strong Affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. 517 community image. Reply Box B-90, BROADCASTING. 774 -3852. Weather-caster, announcer Washington, D.C. fifteen years. Desires permanent move to medium small After six years as broadcast meteorologist and sales Experienced first phone transmitter and studio tech- eastern market. Salary secondary to right offer. Top representative for middle market E Station, nicians for 2 new Idaho (hunt, fish, ski) VHF's. Send industry references, resume, VTR. Phone 301 320-4664. want to return as air personality but would like to resume to Dir. of Engineering, Box 87, Nampa, ID program the music. Ability to forecast weather on 83651. Situations Wanted Technical independent basis an asset but management back- ground best qualification. Award winning football Combo- strong technical (24 stronger pro- news talk show and sales years), play -by -play, director, Help Wanted News duction (7 years, + on -air), strongest communicating past 15 years. Want Northern climate, background with people (27 years), VN vet (AFRTS) BSBr, AS. Pleins, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Upper New Eng- Upper News and public affairs producer for Northeastern BL.(EL) Tech. Qualified, stable. Willing to travel; want land and will consider Southern Canada. Ad -lib com- state Public Television Network. To produce nightly to move. 813 9713969. Box B -111, BROADCASTING. mercial, excellent. Currently paid talent for each live news and public affairs half -hour, and supervise spot done daily. Salary commensurate with area. team of reporters. 3/4 years experience, plus 3/4 Three years experienced studio engineer, switcher/ you are looking for a mature, experienced, If years journalism experience (either print or media) director, first phone. Box B -125, BROADCASTING. management-type person I am your man. Box B -126, required. Salary open. Box 8-6, BROADCASTING. BROADCASTING. Engineer First Class. William J. Whitecavage, 87.26 Woodhaven, di- Strong Weekend Anchor Person also capable of 92nd Street, NY 11421. All -round radio-TV pro available. Solid program resume, rector, administrator. Excellent interviewer, talk show handling general assignment. Send salary requirements, picture, to: Box B -161, BROADCASTING. First phone, experienced studio engineer, switching, host, communicator. Creative copy, production. Back- loading tapes, loading films, tapes and management. Presently highly edit films. ground includes station Seeking permanence. Call Mike, 213 -386-2278. successful in sales, but want back in broadcasting. News Editor /Assignment Editor. Supervise over all Ed Spiegel, 501 Bensel, Landing, NJ 07850. newscast. Look, develop story ideas, assign reporters. Call Ms. Purcell at 714 -232 -2114 so that news director Situations Wanted News Experienced PD available medium market preferred. Ray Wilson can call you back from KFMB -TV, Active small acceptable. Top 40 -MOR -Cross Country San Diego. Young, aggressive newsman desires top -notch station can relocate easily, all areas considered. Some TV. Top he can grow with. If you want youth, dedication, and references. 505 -873.1328. PD, 2329 Foothill Dr. SW, Action reparler. Journalism background. Someone who professionalism rolled Into one, I'm your man. Can Albuquerque, NM 87105. can solve community problems. Some action related shoot own 16mm photography, write, edit, and do media experience desired but not mandatory. Must standup -professionally. Box B -29, BROADCASTING. Creative Modern Country Programer presently em- be able to step in and take over. Send all informa- ployed at Number One Country Station in 17 station tion to Robert McMullen, WFRV -TV, Box 1128, Green Meteorologist: BS degree in Meteorology, 7 years market of over 500,000 seeks New Challenge. Let's Bay WI 54305. forecasting experience, severe weather radar qualified. talk about getting together) Call Ed Metoyer, 602- Other weather experience includes tropical storm recon 6 weather modification. Have worked with 887 -6182. Reporter /Photographer. Send pic, resume, and VTR two TV Meteorologists. Age 30, available Apr 1, Box 470, to News Director, Rockford, IL 61105. resume and references. Box B-81, BROADCASTING.

TELEVISION Texas TV station looking for weathercaster /news- Feature reporter /photographer, air experience. Four person. Meteorology degree not necessary, just great years television, newspaper. BS journalism, 23, mar- air appearance and a lot of common sense. Excellent ried. References, resume, tape. Box B-87, BROAD- Help Wanted Management climate and security. Call News Director, 512- 968 -3131. CASTING. Sales manager: Chicago Television Station seeks ex- Help Wanted Newsman, sportscaster available now. PBP all sports. perienced Sales Manager who can sell, close, and Great knowledge. Resume, audio, VTR available. Box run a sales force. Send full particulars, including Programing, Production, Others B -94, BROADCASTING. salary requirements. Replies will be kept confidential. Our employees know of this ad. Box B -139, BROAD- South Fla. station now accepting applications for Meteorological Personality: A good solid weather- CASTING. cast doesn't have to be boring . . . mine isn't. photographers. Journalistic background and 1 yr. minimum of 16mm TV newsfilm experience required. 33 years old and ready to move up. Box B -133, general Fast growing group owner seeking two man- Equal Opportunity Employer. Send resume to Box BROADCASTING. agers. One experienced in small or medium market, B-37, BROADCASTING. and one seasoned assistant general manager or station What I write and commit to film reflects a multi- manager ready to move to general manager. Both media mind. Trace my progression from frustrated should submit documented proof of successful past Promotion manager for PBS station in southeast. Crea- comic to student of tive, social sciences, advocate of experience on the job plus evidence that you have energetic, experienced in publications, adver. reasoned rhetoric and conscientious objector to that thing, copywriting, on -air, PR, development, and a trained replacement on your staff. Please send pic- which makes me too safe, too stifled and self - ture with application. An equal opportunity em- supervision. Send resume, references, and salary satisfied to evoke response requirements. Box the appropriate to the ployer. Box B -164, BROADCASTING. B -121, BROADCASTING. challenge you have waiting for me. Currently anchoring. Box B -134, BROADCASTING. Business M "Group" needs television business Director for Midwest Color Production Studio, Indus manager. Accounting degree plus managerial experi- trial and Commercial. Must have commercial and Dependable, versatile PRO. News /Sports. 11 years ence and expertise on basic requirements. Reply Box switching experience. Good salary, benefits. Box B -136, experience. Top references. Box B -150, BROAD- B -174, BROADCASTING. BROADCASTING. CASTING.

Broadcasting Feb 181974 87 Situations Wanted News Continued For Sale Equipment Continued Instruction Continued

Versatile, fully qualified and experienced. Radio/TV G.R. 916 AL R.F. Bridge, like new, $625.00. Box First Class FCC License in 6 weeks. Veterans ap- news reporter, anchor man, TV talk show host seeks B -156, BROADCASTING. proved. Day and Evening Classes. Ervin Institute challenging position. Small medium market. Relocate (formerly Elkins Institute) 8010 Blue Ash Road, anywhere. Responsible and mature. Excellent voice RCA BFA8 antenna for 101.5; used 31/8' & 7/e " -50 Cincinnati, OH 45236. Telephone 513- 791 -1770. and health. Call 618 -548 -4641 or Write: Box B -172, ohm rigid coax; Crouse-Hinds 300 m/m beacons; coax BROADCASTING. elbows, etc., some new; three Ideco-Dresser 200' No: tuition, rent) Memorize, study -Command's "Tests - towers (two never used); tower base insulator; new Answers" for FCC first class license.- plus- "Self- Anchorman- Experienced in reporting, writing, per- & used guying hardware. R. Rudman, KGB Radio, Study Ability Test." Provenl $9.95. Moneyback guar- forming. Preparing and delivering editorials. Inter- 4141 Pacific Highway, San Diego. CA 92110. 714. antee. Command Productions, Box 26348, San Fran. views, talkshow moderator. Box 8-177, BROAD- 297.2201. No reasonable offers refused. cisco 94126. (Since 1967). CASTING. Shain /Young 8 Channel Solid State Console. New REI teaches electronics for the FCC First Class Radio Young woman, broadcast -journalism graduate ready May 1973. Gotta Sell. KCCR, 605 -224 -7381. Telephone license. Over 90% of our students pass for first break as reporter -producer. Have newspaper, their exams. Classes begin March 25th, April 29th. radio and some TV experience. 513- 434 -2493. TK 41 Camera with zoom lens. 300 ft. cable reason- REI, 52 South Palm Ave., Sarasota, Fla. 33577; phone: able offer . WATU -TV, Seventh & Reynolds 813- 955 -6922. REI, 2402 Tidewater Trail, Fredericks- Young Newsman - Photographer, wants to learn. Streets, Augusta, GA 30902. burg, VA 22401; phone 703 -373 -1441. Aggressive and hard working. Mass communications degree. Capitol Experience. Call 904-878 -3489 after Gates BC -1F Transmitter, operational -removed from Bryan Institute in St. Louis. Ist class FCC license, ap- 6 p.m. service Jan. 7, 1974. Many new components, solid proved for Veterans. 314-752 -4371. (Formerly Elkins state power supplies. Tuned 980 kc-2 xtals 50 ohm Inst.) Challenge me, to anchor /report for you. Persistent, output. WITY Radio, Danville, IL 217 446 -1312. aggressive, six years anchor, investigative reporter, First Class FCC License theory and laboratory twining news director, talk host in radio -TV. Good looks, Complete Mosley remote control system, type WRC in six weeks. Be prepared ... let the masters in the personable delivery, relocate anywhere. M.W., 1209 IOT, Complete with all sampling units. Excellent nation's largest network of 1st class FCC licensing Mulford, Evanston, IL 60201. condition. WKOK, Sunbury, PA 717 286 -5838. schools train you. Approved for veterans and ac- credited member National Association of Trade and Situations Wanted Marti -Used. Remote pickups /studio transmitter links Technical Schools.** Write or phone the location most in stock. New equipment. Terms available. BESCO, convenient to you. Elkins Institute in Dallas, 2727 Programing, Production, Others 8585 Stemmons, Dallas, TX 75247. 214. 630.3600. Inwood Rd. 214. 357.4101.

CATV Station Engineer wants broadcast studio posi- Used transmission line, 4 years old, 500' of 61/4" Elkins in Atlanta, 51 Tenth St. at Spring, N.W. tion with promise. Color experience. 3rd endorsed, Universal line, 50 ohm; excellent condition together working on 1st phone. Resumes. Box B -49, BROAD- with elbows and hangers. Call or write: Tower Erec- Elkins in Denver, 420 S. Broadway. CASTING. tion, Inc., P.O. Box 188, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051. 414-353 -9300. Elkins in East Hartford, 800 Silver Lana. Attention Station Managers: Highly creative and dedi- cated producer -director wants exec. producer/PD slot. Marti & Sparta new and used equipment. Remote Elkins in Houston, 3518 Travis. Excellent background with top nationally syndicated pickup /STL /Remote Control. Consoles, Revox, Com- programs. Strong on VTR and film production. Time plete station packages. Financing. Holzberg Associates, Elkins in Memphis, 1362 Union Ave. to settle down. Prefer southwest. Box B -124, BROAD- P.O. Box 322, Totowa, NJ 07511, 201 -256-0455. CASTING. Elkins in Minneapolis, 4103 E. Lake St. FM Di- Plexer. Two FM transmiters (up to 25kw each) Money Back Guarantee. If I can't increase your into one line, to one antenna through this used Elkins in Nashville, 2106 -A 8th Ave. S. ratings within one year, I will return half my salary. special Jampro t FM diplexer at about 1/4 of original My record in program and film buying for both com- cost. $5,000. Schafer International, 1355 Harbor Dr. Elkins in New Orleans***, 2940 Canal. mercial and public television stations will tell you San Diego, CA 92101. Tel 714 -236 -1200. why I am confident I can deliver. Box B -178, BROAD- Elkins in Oklahoma City, 5620 N. Western. CASTING. 10M a automation complete with Carousels, Scully decks, etc., excellent condition, $15,000. Elkins in San Antonio**, 503 5. Main. TV News Producer -Writer seeks position with major MAZE 205 591 -4800. market network affiliate. Experience: 5 years in First Class FCC-6 weeks -$370. Money back guaran- Top 5 market. Will relocate. 617 -744 -0466. Homer G.E PE -250 Color Studio Camera for sale, complete tee. Vet approved. National Institute of Communica- Cilley, 2 River St., Salem, MA 01970. with 9" Conrac, 529 scope, 100 ft. of camera cable, tions, 11516 Oxnard St., N. Hollywood, CA 91606. in excellent working condition. Call Al Petzke, G.E. 213-980-5212. Professional artist, 29, seeks production or graphics 1- 815 -963 -5413. position with educational or commercial TV station. FCC First Class License in six weeks. Theory and Photographer, cinematographer, MFA in printmaking, laboratory training. Day or evening classes. State Doctoral candidate in Television Directing at U.C.L.A. COMEDY Technical Institute (formerly Elkins Institute), 3443 N. Family man, will relocate. Salary open. Please write Central Ave., Chicago, IL 60634. 312 -286-0210. or call: Anthony Miller, 4037 Sunset Drive, L.A., CA 90027. 213 -664.3565. Deejays: New, sure -fire comedy) 11,000 classified San Francisco. FCC license, 6 weeks, March 4. one-timers, $10. Catalog free) Edmund Orrin, 27868 Results guaranteed. Veterans approved. School of All -round radio-TV pro available. Solid program di- West Roberts, Fresno, CA 93705. Communication Electronics, 150 Powell, 94102. 415- rector, administrator. Excellent interviewer, talk show 392 -0194. host, communicator. Creative copy, production. Back- ground includes station management. Presently highly MISCELLANEOUS Need a 1st phone and practical training? The DMS successful in sales, but want back in broadcasting. intensive theory course will provide you with both. Ed Spiegel, 501 Bensel, Landing, NJ 07850. Add to your income potential with your 1st phone Airchacks, auditions duplicated. Recorder, 862 Eas and the capability to maintain station equipment. 51st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11203. 212 -451 -2786. Don't settle for Q8A or second best courses. Our next class starts on Feb. 25, 1974. For information call CABLE Prizes Prises! Prizes! National brands for promotions, or write Don Martin School of Communications, 7080 Los contests, programing. No barter or trade . . better! Hollywood Boulevard, Angeles, CA 90028, 213- Situations Wanted Management For fantastic deal, write or phone: Television & Radio 462-3281. Features, Inc., 166 E. Superior St., Chicago, IL 60611, call collect 312-944 -3700. Broadcasting Engineering. F.C.C. License. Home study. Young Lawyer / Executive seeking opportunity. Pos- Free brochure. GTI, 5540 Hollywood 8v, 10A, Holly- sesses expertise in all phases of cable regulation. wood, CA 90028. Extensive research background and administrative "Free" Catalog everything for the deelayl Cus- experience, Box B -157, BROADCASTING. tom 1.D.'s, Promos, Airchecks, Wild Tracks, Books, FCC tests, Comedy, and more; Write: Command, Box RADIO 26348, San Francisco 94126. Help Wanted Management WANTED TO BUY EQUIPMENT Boost local time sales with compelling mail promo- tions. Baughan, postbox 1426, Plainfield, NJ 07061. color camera, PE -350 or updated PE -250 Wanted G.E. SALES MANAGER WANTED KXON -TV, Mitchell, SD 57301. Contemporary Religious Broadcast Service Free. AM- FM, small markets, educational. Station Letterhead. TenWatt Exciter. Prefer Collins. Alex Bowab, WKXI, Starlight, Box 465, Warwick, NY 10990. Buying Another Station! Sales Man- Jackson, MS. ager moving up! Creates an opening Any tape duplication $1.50 ea.l Lubin, 228 E. 75th Wanted: Used Rust RC 1000 T remote unit. Call Street, N.Y.C., NY 10021. 212 -535 -7664. for an aggressive, creative, coopera- Dennis Ciapura -WEAK Radio, Chicago 312- 787 -4511. tive sales manager for 6- person de- Biographies on 625 Rock Groups. Free sample: Write Good used TV camera boom capable of supporting Rock Bio's Unitd. Box 978, Beloit, WI 53511. partment. $25,000 range. TK.44 color camera. Contact Bob Martins, Dir. of Engr., WSWB-TV, 305 -273 -2300. Send resume and other pertinent informa- tion to George Lipper, GM, KDTH /KFMD, INSTRUCTION Dubuque, IA 52001. FOR SALE EQUIPMENT Broadcast Technicians: Learn advanced electronics and Transmi : RCA TT6-AL, GE TF3B amplifier, RCA earn your degree by correspondence. Free brochure. TT5, good condition. Box B -38, BROADCASTING. Grantham, 2002 Stoner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025. You belong in Rust Remote Control. Hullette Packard Mod 8 Freq Monitor, Model No. 335B, Bogan Pre Amp, Model In Chicago, OMEGA Services has the best price for MXM -A, McMartin Modulation Mon., Model TBM 3500, First Class License. Day or evening. Guaranteed re- Sparta remote studio including two turn tables and sults! OMEGA Services, 333 East Ontario. 312 -649- Broadcastingri the newsweekly of broadcasting and allied arts 5 channel mixer, 4 bay and Andrew Antenna tuned 0927. to 93.3, 150 coax, Sparta record play cartridge tape unit, Model No. 800C R -P. 5 gray tone arms, 1 Gates Job opportunities and announcer- d.j. -lst class F.C.C. 1735 DeSales St., N.W. studioette console, 2 QRK 5 channel stereo console. license training at Announcer Training Studios, 25W Washington, D.C. 20036 Box B -145, BROADCASTING. 43rd St., N.Y.C., Licensed and V.A. benefits.

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 88 Help Wanted Sales Situations Wanted Help Wanted Management Continued Management Continued National trade publication head- quartered in Washington, D.C. look- General Sales Manager ASSISTANT COMPTROLLER OR ing for a sales manager who knows BUSINESS MANAGER 40, on P.R. Under strong and promotion If you want to move ahead, know T.V. or how to sell advertising space. We looking for a radio or TV station on or near radio billing and accounting, and can travel, are not interested in a desk jockey. the West Coast. 18 years exp. in every size market. Super track record. Now employed In we have a position for you. Kaman Sci- We want a front line performer. We another media earning 30K plus. ences Corporation needs a customer service representative to help Install the BCS corn - are broadcast oriented (29 years): Box 8 -146, BROADCASTING puterized billing system in broadcast sta- stations, services, cable tv, consum- tions throughout the country. No computer er electronics. Some travel involved. experience Is necessary. Salary commensu- Situations Wanted Announcers rate with experience with excellent company Substantial base pay with commis- benefits and all expenses while traveling. sion incentive at the start. Call or write Jack Finlayson, Manager, -AVAILABLE SOON - Broadcast Computing Services, Kaman Sci- Send and photo. ences Corporation, P.O. Box 7463, Colorado resume recent Progressive Rock DJ now at 50 KW giant Springs, Colorado 80933, Area Code 303/ Box B -100, BROADCASTING changing format. I know music and radio. 598 -5880. Send for tape, resume, etc. Hope you're An Equal Opportunity Employer Male /Female Help Wanted Announcer E.O.E., as I'm a woman. Box B -130, BROADCASTING Morning Personality Situations Wanted Help Wanted Technical Young, mature voice. Quick witted and Programing, Production, Others versatile for Major East Coast soft MOR Station. Wanted -Traffic or operations person to In- Top 10 Market: P.D., Sales- Programing Co- Need audition tape later. ordinator, Account Executive-all at WPGC stall BCS Computerized Traffic System In Box B -123, BROADCASTING Wash., D.C. 5 years. major stations throughout the country. No Available March 1st. Strong track record at data processing experience is necessary but WPGC; Chicago 8 Kansas City. All formats. Help Wishes to return to programing in top 25 would be advantageous. Must have experi- Wanted Programing, markets, will consider chain P.D. in smaller ence in sales service, traffic or operations Production, markets. Others "big" Wilson and be able to travel. Salary commensurate (Thomas G. Anderson) with experience with excellent company 7306 Landover Road, Apt. C benefits and ail expenses while traveling. PROGRAM DIRECTOR Landover, Maryland 20785 Las Vegas contemporary MOR station seeks 301- 772 -2286 Call or write Jack Finlayson, Manager, top level experienced program director and J Broadcast Computing Services, Kaman Sci- personality. Must possess administrative ences Corporation, Post Office Box 7463, ability, knowledge and professional approach. Send resume to Colorado Springs, CO 80933. Area Code Box B -127, BROADCASTING TELEVISION 303/598 -5880. An Equal Opportunity Employer An Equal Opportunity Employer Male /Female i Help Wanted Management Situations Wanted Management RADIO EXPERIENCE GM of one of country's power- house radio stations. GSM of Corinthian Broadcasting Corporation one of country's top billing radio stations. Bottom line oriented. Sales Management Opportunities Professional. Thoroughly con- versant all phases of operation. Expanding sales functions and sales department realignments have created important Sales Management opportunities at the Corinthian Available immediately. Looking Television Stations. for rewarding challenging job. We're looking for three of the best sales managers in the broadcast- Reply in confidence to ing industry. If your personal and professional profile matches the guidelines we've established for these key positions, we'd like to Box B -18, BROADCASTING hear from you. ( Strong local and national sales experience. Highly motivated. Your career history should show continuous RADIO IS IN MY BLOOD growth and increasing responsibility. Achievement oriented. You must be able to document a Somehow I wound up as VP of record of success In meeting significant sales challenges. major NYC ad agency. I want High management calibre. You should be an aggressive com- hack into radio as your general municator and leader, able to establish and meet meaningful goals, able to work smoothly as part of a skilled management manager. Recently with top na- team. tional radio rep firm. Former Please send a comprehensive resume, including compensation his- pres. radio syndication co. Former tory, to: studio and xmtr engineer. First Mr. Joseph J. Sullivan, Jr. Director of Sales phone. Tops with FCC R & R. Corinthian Broadcasting Corporation Majored in management and engi- 280 Park Avenue New York, New York 10017 neering. I've done it all and I love it. I am a bottom line man who All contacts will be held in strict confidence. can make yours grow. 12 years The Corinthian Television Stations are KHOU -TV Houston, KOTV Tulsa, KXTV Sacramento, WANE -TV Ft. Wayne, and WISH -TV Indianapolis. All are CBS affili- experience. ates. Corinthian also owns and operates the TVS Television Network. Corinthian Broadcasting Corporation is a member of the Dun & Bradstreet Group. Box B -176, BROADCASTING

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 119 Help Wanted Sales Miscellaneous For Sale Stations Continued ( ATTENTION MAJOR NATIONAL TV REPRESENTATIVE -RADIO STATIONS Southern Calif. Metro Area interested in young, ambitious account ex- -TV STATIONS WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED ecutives experienced in local market selling 5 KW N.D. Fulltimer IN A P.I. DEAL THAT PAYS for additions to New York and Chicago sales YOU 100% ON LEADS ...777 51,500,000.00 No Brokers teams. Send detailed resume. Confidential to: FOR INFORMATION Box B -113, BROADCASTING CALL COLLECT Box B -138, BROADCASTING 317/257 -1359 Help Wanted News An NRR radio audience survey can help you: MINORITY INTEREST GRADUATE METEOROLOGIST INCREASE SALES REVENUE ACHIEVE GREATER RESPECT ST THE AGENCY LEVEL GAIN KNOWLEDGE OF PROGRAMMING ACCOMPLISHMENTS in For medium midwest markets salary INCREASE STATION PRESTIGE AMONG EMPLOYEES. competitive with the United States Chicago Area FM weather bureau. Will present daily JVatio ea!I adioJeesearch radio weather casts. and TV 8585 N STEMMONS FREEWAY - SUITE 922 Box B -169, BROADCASTING DALLAS, TEXAS 75247 (2141 630-2521 Box B -160, BROADCASTING (Collect) ( Help Wanted STAR John Grandy Programing, Production, Others SPANGLED JOT! Western Business Brokers ART DIRECTOR FOR TV STATION Halt Hour Weekly Live 773 Foothill Boulevard Here is a great opportunity for an Art Direc- Family Radio. tor to take over the graphics and slides and Vignettes, too, San Luis Obispo, California on -air look for a TV station in one of the lop For Exclusivity Call or Write: 10 markets. Salary open. Please send re- INTER -VIEW COMMUNICATIONS 805 -544 -1310 sume and samples of original artwork. An 30 E. 60th St., New York, NY 10022 212-758-4851 Equal Opportunity Employer. / Box B -88, BROADCASTING r LARSON /WALKER & COMPANY Wanted To Buy Stations Brokers, Consultants & Appraisers PROGRAM MANAGER /PRODUCTION A with Los Angeles Washington SPECIALIST professional broadcaster ten TV station In one of the top ten markets is years experience seeks part owner- Contact: William L. Walker Suite 506, 1725 DeSales St., N.W. a Program Manager with looking for heavy ship with cash investment. Will Washington, O.C. 20036 emphasis on Production capabilities. Great manage any size station. 202/223 -1553 opportunity. Salary open. Please send re- sume. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Box B -168. BROADCASTING 1 Box B -89, BROADCASTING BUYERS Sorry, we can't put you on our mailing list. Situations Wanted News For Sale Stations We don't have one. We don't sell properties with mailing lists, so you are not "Just another name" when you are served by the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA nation's fastest -growing media brokerage SPORTS DIRECTOR firm. For the personal attention your interest GLAMOUR MARKET! deserves, contact us to review your In- Topflight, experienced pro, currently dividual needs. (This is where the action isl) Profitable. $400,000. Terms. employed metro market UHF, seeks Principals only -no brokers. Brokers 8 Consultants to the sports -active TV or Radio /TV combo. Box B -70, BROADCASTING Communications Industry PBP all sports, Talk show, Daily sports reports, etc. Major Midwest market. 10 kw -AM & THE KEITH W. HORTON COMPANY, INC. 200 William Street Elmira, New York 14902 FM. Includes 10 acres, attractive of- Top references, audio tape, 2" color P.O. Box 940 (607) 733-7138 fices and facilities, & FAA approval VTR available. for sufficient tower hgt.... $650,000 ( Box B -92, BROADCASTING all assets. Box B -104, BROADCASTING SOVR/W J ASSOCIATES, INC. CLASSIFIED RATES BROKERS & CONSULTANTS SPORTS DIRECTOR SUITE 217 Payable in advance. Check or money order only. 11300 NORTH CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY Strong air -a flair for the different- When placing an eel indicate the EXACT category DALLAS, TEXAS 75211 (214) 369 -9545 proven multi -network and major market desired. Television or Radio, Help Wanted or Situations experience. I can produce -available Wanted, Management, Sales, etc. If this information Is omitted we will determine, according to the copy en- Rates, classified listings ads: immediately. closed, where the ad should be placed. No make goods Wanted, 408 per word -95.00 weekly minimum. will be run if all information is not included. -Help Box B-147, BROADCASTING (Billing charge to stations and firma: $1.00). The Publisher is not responsible for errors in printing -Situations Wanted, 309 per word -$5.00 weekly Employment Service due to illegible copy. Type or print clearly all copyl minimum. Copy: Deadline is MONDAY for the following Monday's -All other classifications, 500 per word -$5.00 weekly ATTENTION STATIONS ... issue. Copy must be submitted in writing. minimum. No telephoned copy accepted. --Add $1.00 for Box Number per Issue. LIST YOUR EMPLOYMENT NEEDS WITH US (there's no charge fo you) ( WEEKLY PUBLICATION SENT TO N.C. daytime 100M terms JOB HUNTERS S.E. small AM/FM 213M terms small

A Fla. medium fulltime 250M 29% Tenn. small FM 130M 25% LINLOLNA 10 West metro AM/FM 1,200M terms East suburban profitable 825M cash

527 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y. 10022 CHAPMAN ASSOCIATES" business brokerage service Atlanta- Chicago- Detroit -Dallas BROADCAST PERSONNEL AGENCY 30341 Shari Barieh, Director Please Write: 5 Dunwoody Park, Atlanta, Georgia

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 90 Profile

Chicago- centered: As a network -owned outlet the station has a limited amount of time for locally a way of life (and work) produced efforts, and accordingly con- for Harry Trigg centrates on entertainment, public affairs series and specials slanted toward the Chi- Harry D. Trigg is a pioneer of Chicago cago area. These productions have accu- television, with a career stretching back to mulated a string of awards, including nu- was 1950 at NBC when the network orig- merous local Emmys and five NATPE inating such popular programs as Haw- awards. kins Falls, Ding Dong School, Quiz Kids One particular community service proj- and Garroway At Large from the Middle ect Mr. Trigg instituted at wìAQ -Tv in- America metropolis. tertwined his personal and professional After 24 years, Mr. Trigg is still in Chi- life. "Six years ago we adopted a boy, cago and still associated with NBC-for Christopher," he recounts. "It led my the past 13 years as program manager of wife and me to think there were other its owned station, WMAQ -TV. Though the people in the area who wanted children." city no longer is a primary origination A year and a half ago, the station began center for network programing, Mr. a segment on its weekly Sunday in Chi- Trigg oversees a domain that has pro- cago series to spotlight children available duced many prize- winning series and for adoption. That project was responsi- specials accentuating community issues ble for placing more than 50 children, ac- and problems. cording to Mr. Trigg. In a business where mobility is the rule, Mr. Trigg also works at his craft Mr. Trigg is the exception. Explaining his through outside organizations such as the 24 -year association with one network, he Chicago chapter of the National Acad- says he prefers to be anchored in Chicago emy of Television Arts and Sciences and and with NBC. He talks of the numerous NATPE. He has been an officer in both professional and personal associations he groups. has built up over the years and the lee- Even his hobbies are integrally related way to produce programs attuned to the to the communications business. Mr. Harry Davis Trigg -program manager, needs of his station's area. "I like Chi- is a theater movie buff. He and president, National Trigg still and cago; it's a big small town," he says WMAO -TV Chicago, has a large collection of motion picture matter -of-factly. Association of Television Program Execu- books, those deal- Ottumwa, Iowa; B.F.A. and theater particularly Mr. Trigg is a medium -sized, solidly tives; b. July 11, 1927, ing with history and biography. And he in arts, Art Institute of Chicago, 1950; built man of 46 with an understated man- theater moonlights as a writer, occasionally pub- ner that borders on the distant. He will be freelance stage director, 1950; has worked for its lishing articles on movie trivia the thrust into the limelight this week when, continuously with NBC in Chicago and Chicago Daily News and specialized mag- owned station, WMAO -TV, since 1950 as as president of the National Association azines. His other main interest is photog- coordinator, associate producer, pro- of Television Program Executives, he will studio to his love of city life, ducer; present post, 1961; member, Chicago raphy, and true serve as the pivotal figure at the organiza- favorite photo subjects deal with life Chapter, National Academy of Television Arts his tion's 11th annual conference in Los An- in Chicago and its environs. and Sciences; m. Yolanda Fischers of geles. He'll be no show -stopper, col- But leisure time activities will be left Chicago, July 5, 1952; son -Christopher leagues say, but once he sheds a charac- behind as NATPE convenes in Los An- Stuart, 6. teristic reserve, he will display a natural geles this week. Mr. Trigg is pleased but warmth, graciousness and penchant for not surprised that the NATPE conven- dry humor. gressed to associate director on the Col- tion has grown to become a primary pro- "Sometimes Harry makes a remark gate Comedy Hour and to program su- graming forum for all segments of the that goes over your head for a few sec- pervisor in Chicago for NBC -TV's To- television industry. He observes that in onds," an associate said, "but when you day, Home, Tonight and Wide Wide recent years advertising agencies, station get it, it's invariably clever." He's partic- World. representatives and group station opera- ularly effective during business meetings His brisk, efficient manner and his in- tions have attended the conferences in and is known for the dry quip that light- novative suggestions on programing did increasing numbers to maintain closer ens the tone of tense sessions. not escape the gaze of NBC executives. liaison with TV stations and program Mr. Trigg's affinity for the communi- "I consider him one of the best -schooled syndicators. cations- entertainment world dates back to persons in all aspects of broadcasting, Understandably enough, as the pro- his childhood years in Ottumwa, Iowa. particularly in programing," says Robert gram chieftain of an NBC -owned station, He used to haunt the local movie houses Lemon, once general manager of WMAQ- Mr. Trigg is not favorably disposed to- to see the films of the 1930's and 1940's, Tv and now president of the NBC Radio ward the FCC's prime- time -access rule - and he attended stage presentations when- Division. Mr. Lemon, who supervised a subject certain to be aired at the ever they were scheduled there. It's un- Mr. Trigg during his move up the pro- NATPE convention. derstandable that he would major in thea- graming ladder to the WMAQ -TV program However, Mr. Trigg is quick to add, ter arts at the Art Institute of Chicago, manager post in 1961, adds: "He seems "We realize the rule is there, and we have allied with the prestigious Goodman quiet and aloof until you get to know him to live with it." There are divergent views Theater. and then you find him warm and friendly. on that question within NATPE itself, he Armed with a bachelor of fine arts He has a good rapport with all workers at notes, commenting "It is stimulating to degree, Mr. Trigg worked briefly in 1950 the station and they tend to lean on him. have within one organization different as a freelance stage director in the Chi- He is not only a dedicated broadcast pro- factions with different points of view. I cago area. Later that year he began his fessional, but a human being who has be- think they have mutual respect for one tenure with NBC. His initial assignment come involved with various community another and that's why the chemistry is was as a studio coordinator and he pro- service projects in the Chicago area." good."

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 91 Editorials

Taking the first My, how the money rolls in The American Bar Association's House of Delegates may The President has asked the Congress to boost the FCC's have done journalism a service by voting to endorse no budget by $4.9 million in fiscal 1975. If recent history is form of newsmen's -privilege legislation (Broadcasting, Feb. a guide, Congress will hand out the money and then some. 11). This gives everybody involved in the issue a chance to The FCC, as licensees are painfully aware, pays its own rethink the consequences of any of the bills that are still way by charging fees for the services it performs, usually under serious consideration. sluggishly. When the budget goes up, so can fee scales, as This publication originally believed that a bill conferring they are doing now to meet expenditures under last year's immunity against enforced disclosure of sources or infor- budget. By this device, fiscal irresponsibility is not only mation was the appropriate legislative response to the Su- perpetuated; it is encouraged. preme Court's Caldwell decision, which limited newsmen's The FCC charged the Washington Post Co. $683,500 to rights. That, it seemed, would be no more than a contem- approve its acquisition of WTIC -TV Hartford, Conn. porary affirmation of the First Amendment. (Broadcasting, Feb. 11), and the Post had to wait almost a It became apparent, however, that no bill could be had year for the FCC to act, despite total absence of opposi- without exceptions that would alter confidentiality to suit tion. this or that legal requirement or presumed higher good. But then it's hard to get service anywhere. With reluctance, Broadcasting endorsed a bill reported out by Chairman Robert W. Kastenmeier (D -Wis.) and his The great American novel House Judiciary Subcommittee No. 3 in June 1973. That Is there anything wrong with requiring noncommercial bill contained only limited exceptions to immunity. broadcasting stations to ascertain the needs of their com- Since then, the discussions in both Senate and House munities as do their commercial counterparts? have concentrated on the definition of exceptions to im- By their very nature these outlets were intended to serve munity. The Congress is merely groping toward a codifica- local audiences with programing that supplemented the of- tion of law that the First Amendment explicitly proscribes. ferings of the competitively licensed stations. It is their rea- On the present course, any legislative action would probab- son for being, the reason they were handed licenses on ly be unconstitutional under review by a court with a de- channels reserved for their use. cent understanding of the freedom of the press. Nowadays, these stations, for the most part, are neither This publication is now persuaded that the wisest course public nor noncommercial. Instead of supplementing com- is to abandon the effort to forge a legislative shield. Let mercial stations, they compete. There isn't anything wrong the First Amendment stand as the primary word, and take with competition when it is fair and free. That isn't always the chance courts will reaffirm its primacy. the case when programs are "underwritten" by advertisers who get their trademarks displayed in air credits. Real reform But that is not to say that we disagree with the public Broadcasters may take some comfort in noting that the Sen- broadcasters' complaints that the FCC requirements on im- ate Rules Committee has voted out a campaign- reform bill plementation of the ascertainment primers go too far. We that imposes no special burdens on broadcasters. The cus- think they go too far for commercial broadcasters too. tom of recent years has been to write some kind of televi- No station, public, private, commercial or noncommer- sion or radio gbuge into any legislation that pretends to cial, can survive if it fails to provide genuine service. clean up the business of running for office. For the conventional, commercial stations, the ratings was in reported here a week It that tradition that, as tell the story along with sale of product. For the noncom- ago, Senator Robert P. Griffin (R- Mich.) tried to get a mercial outlets, the response is reflected in the support the form of "voters' time" inserted in the Rules Committee stations get through subscriptions to logs, contributions and was rebuffed. the same week, however, Repre- bill. He In by "feel" of jobs well done. Commercial or public, the mar- sentative Lionel Van Deerlin (D- Calif.) predicted the that ketplace, not the tonnage local surveys, if of ascertainment legislative pressure for free air time would be revived tax provides the answers. check -offs such as those proposed in the Senate bill fail to produce enough contributions. At this point nobody on Capitol Hill is talking about a legislative move that would free more broadcast time for

intelligent presentation of political candidates than any r,a form of federally regulated access is likely to produce. No- t, body is talking about repeal of Section 315, the equal -time ?its I law, which eliminates editorial judgment from allocations of time and thus makes every candidate, no matter how futureless, eligible for anything the serious contenders get. Section 315, of course, favors incumbents who are in the limelight throughout their terms of office and usually better financed than their less -known challengers in elec- tion campaigns. It is that condition that explains why the equal -time provision has endured since it was written into Drawn for Broadcasting by Sid Nix the first Radio Act in 1927. If the Congress is at last seri- ous about true reform, it could make a mark on history "No wonder there's never a cop around when you need now by scrapping that repressive section. one. ..you're all on TV."

Broadcasting Feb 18 1974 92 JAYCEES HONOR PITTSBURGH


Mr. Leonard A. Swanson Vice President & General Manager WIIC -TV 341 Rising Main Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15214

Dear Mr. Swanson: been is my pleasure and honor to inform you that you have It annually chosen to receive the David L. Lawrence Award which is the city and given to the person or organization who best promotes keeps alive the image of Pittsburgh as the Renaissance City.

You might be interested in knowing that you are the only individual broadcaster ever to receive this award. be of Your efforts to ignite a second renaissance could not more critical significance to our community than at the present first time when many are quick to write the obituary of that successful effort fostered by David L. Lawrence and Richard K. Mellon. and The Pittsburgh Jaycees, share the pride that WIIC -TV the Cox Broadcasting Corporation must certainly hold for you.


Mark Bibro President Pittsburgh Jaycees

service to humanity is the best work of life ... ,The 2°M*nuaI POLICE SURGEON Report:

Producers A team of seasoned professionals produces "Police Surgeon " -headed by Wilton Schiller (producer of "Ben Casey," "Mannix," "The Fugitive ") as Executive Producer. And Chester Krumholz (writer for " Mannix," "Run For Your Life," "The Virginian," "The Fugitive" and co- creator of "The Bold Ones" and "McMillan and Wife ") as producer. .01t- The doctor is going great guns again this year. "Police Surgeon" has Quality Network quality production is a "Police Surgeon" been a prime -time success story for the last two years, and now were hallmark. Filmed in Eastman Color, the show is distributed in high -band moving into the third successful year! videotape. Facts The Colgate-Palmolive 86% coverage of U. S. TV homes Colgate backing will to heavy promotional such as: Seen on 135 stations and in prime time on 118 of these Company continue provide backing Paid local newspaper advertising. Personalized slides. Videotape Carried on NBC's five O & O stations station promos for episode. Magazine and newspaper promotion kits. In 49 of the first 50 markets each a national promotion In 80 of the first 100 markets Merchandising support such as consumer of "Police Surgeon" Home & Auto Emergency First Aid Kits. Outranks 63% of all nighttime network shows in women 18 -49 comp" Reaches 7,546,000 homes, up 21% from last year' Reaches 3,444,000 women 18 -49, up 15% from last year' North, south, east and west, "Police Surgeon" Averages .46 per household among women 18 -49' Ratings ratings are no only strong but in the coverage area, there was an average Beats big game -show competition in two out of three cases INCREASE of 15% over last year. among women 18 -49' And in some areas, the numbers all but went through the roof. 'Source: Nov. 1973 NTI NSI Nov. 1973 NSI "Source: and For example:

Stars Sam Groom brings proven appeal with previous City Household Rating Share "Police Surgeon" success. Plus motion pictures, other nighttime TV and daytime TV. Pittsburgh 25 44 Co -star Larry Mann appears in "The Sting," "Oklahoma Crude," Minneapolis 20 35 "Heat of the Night" and other favorite motion pictures and Atlanta 17 47 television programs. Cincinnati 19 44 Birmingham 19 39 Charleston- Huntington 29 55 Wilkes- Barre- Scranton 19 44 Orlando 23 37 Flint- Saginaw 28 49 Spokane 20 37

Source: Nov. 1973 NSI

Next year Police Surgeon" could be a money -maker in your prime -time schedule. Come visit us at the NATPE Convention, February 17 through 20, in the Colgate- Palmolive Winners Circle Suite at the Hotel Century Plaza, Los Angeles. Guest Stars Episodes feature such guests as: Martin Sheen, Michael Ansara, Susan Strasberg, Keenan Wynn, Frank For further information, write or phone: Gorshin, Anjanette Comer, Ralph Meeker, Skye Aubrey, William Shatner, Mr. Joel Segal, Senior VP, Network & Syndicated TV Nina Foch, Leslie Nielsen, Michael Callan, Paul Burke, Edward Nelson, Ted Bates & Company Nehemiah Persoff, George Chakiris, William Windom, William Mulligan, 1515 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 10036 Donald Pleasence, Dean Stockwell, Edward Binns, and Mitch Vogel. (212) 869-3131