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The Media and Reserve Library, located on the lower level west wing, has over 9,000 videotapes, DVDs and audiobooks covering a multitude of subjects. For more information on these titles, consult the Libraries' online catalog.

1950s TV's Greatest Shows DVD-6687 American Horror Story Season 1 DVD-7048

24 Season 1 (Discs 1-3) DVD-2780 Discs American Horror Story Season 2: Asylum DVD-7367

24 Season 1 (Discs 1-3) c.2 DVD-2780 Discs And Then There Were None DVD-0401

24 Season 1 (Discs 4-6) DVD-2780 Discs Angel Heart DVD-4711

24 Season 1 (Discs 4-6) c.2 DVD-2780 Discs Angels with Dirty Faces DVD-3189

24 Season 2 (Discs 1-4) DVD-2282 Discs DVD-3006

24 Season 2 (Discs 5-7) DVD-2282 Discs Asphalt Jungle DVD-3004

3 Women DVD-4850 Aurora DVD-6703

39 Steps DVD-0337 Avengers: Saving the World in Style DVD-3913

39 Steps c.2 DVD-0337 c.2 Badlands DVD-1143

Ace Ventura Collection DVD-8163 Band of Outsiders DVD-0396

Act of Violence/Mystery Street DVD-3065 Bates Motel Season 1 DVD-7381

Adventures of DVD-1416 Beloved Rogue/Robin Hood DVD-3232

Advocate DVD-5187 Big Combo DVD-4550

After DVD-3021 Big Sleep DVD-0292

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 1 DVD-7782 Big Sleep c.2 DVD-0292 c.2

Alias Season 2 (Discs 1-3) DVD-6171 Discs Big Sleep c.3 DVD-0292 c.3

Alias Season 4 (Discs 1-3) DVD-6177 Discs Black Dahlia DVD-9162

All Around the Town AUD-0755 Blackmail/Easy Virtue DVD-2206

All Through the Night DVD-9049 Blackmail/Easy Virtue c.2 DVD-2206 c.2

Along Came a Spider DVD-8207 Blade Runner DVD-1337

Alphaville c.2 DVD-0369 c.2 Blood Simple DVD-4765

American Gangster DVD-3140 Blow Out DVD-8389

9/6/2018 Blown Away DVD-4014 in DVD-5137

Blow-Up DVD-0865 Charlie Chan in Paris DVD-5138

Blow-Up c.2 DVD-0865 c.2 Charlie Chan in Shanghai DVD-5140

Blue Velvet DVD-1967 Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle DVD-8199

Body Double DVD-8392 Cheap Detective DVD-3927

DVD-2199 Chinatown DVD-1169

Bones Season 1 DVD-6249 Chungking Express DVD-1139

Bonnie and Clyde DVD-2422 Clash by Night DVD-2942

Border Incident DVD-2867 Clue DVD-3993

Bored to Death Season 1 DVD-7936 Season 1 (Discs 1-3) DVD-3918 Discs

Bound DVD-3245 Columbo Season 1 (Discs 4-5) DVD-3918 Discs

Breathless DVD-1353 Columbo Season 2 DVD-3940

Brick DVD-4831 Columbo Season 3 c.2 DVD-3957 c.2

DVD-6066 Columbo Season 4 DVD-3974

Bridge Season 1 DVD-7874 Columbo Season 5 DVD-3988

Brother (Brat) DVD-1002 Columbo Season 6 and 7 DVD-4010

Brother 2 (Brat 2) DVD-6908 Complete Mr. Arkadin DVD-1044

Bullitt DVD-4083 Complete Mr., Arkadin c.2 DVD-1044 c.2

C.I.D. DVD-5023 Conspiracy Theory DVD-4028

Captive DVD-9042 Constant Gardener DVD-7740

Capturing the Friedmans DVD-1149 Conversation DVD-1887

Castle Season 1 DVD-7899 Conversation c.2 DVD-1887 c.2

Chan is Missing DVD-4211 Copper Season 1 DVD-7573

Chan is Missing c.2 DVD-4211 c.2 Copper Season 2 DVD-7574

Changeling (Scott) DVD-4810 Copycat DVD-3386

Charade DVD-2560 Cotton Comes to Harlem DVD-8423

Charlie Chan in Egypt DVD-5139 Crime Wave/Decoy DVD-3067

Page 2 9/6/2018 Criss Cross DVD-1179 Devil in a Blue Dress DVD-3225

Crossfire DVD-2919 Dexter Season 1 DVD-6051

Crossfire c.2 DVD-2919 c.2 Diabolique DVD-1402

CSI Season 1 (Discs 1-3) DVD-1680 Discs DVD-3611

CSI Season 1 (Discs 4-6) DVD-1680 Discs Dial M for Murder c.2 DVD-3611 c.2

CSI: Miami Season 1 (Discs 1-4) DVD-1783 Discs Diamonds are Forever DVD-3758

CSI: Miami Season 1 (Discs 5-7) DVD-1783 Discs Dillinger (1945) DVD-2908

CSI: NY Season 1 (Discs 1-4) DVD-1740 Discs Diva DVD-3527

CSI: NY Season 1 (Discs 1-4) c.2 DVD-1740 Discs Dogville DVD-4325

CSI: NY Season 1 (Discs 5-7) DVD-1740 Discs Donnie Darko DVD-2491

CSI: NY Season 1 (Discs 5-7) c.2 DVD-1740 Discs Double Indemnity DVD-8438

Curse of the Were Rabbit DVD-2216 DVD-1174

D.O.A. DVD-1177 Double Jeopardy DVD-3970

D.O.A. c.2 DVD-1177 c.2 Down the Shore DVD-7461

Da Vinci Code DVD-3327 Dreamcatcher DVD-8707

Damned Don't Cry DVD-2673 Dreaming Lhasa DVD-6078

Dark City (Director's Cut) DVD-3350 Drowning Mona DVD-3871

Dark City (Platinum Series) DVD-4024 Eastern Promises DVD-9227

Day of the Jackal DVD-2669 AUD-0751

Dead Again DVD-8430 Exotica DVD-5216

Dead Man's Bluff DVD-1199 Exterminating Angel DVD-4727

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid DVD-3798 Eyes Wide Shut DVD-5360

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid c.2 DVD-3798 c.2 F/X DVD-3883

Desperate Housewives Season 1 (Discs 1-3) DVD-5511 Discs Fall of the House of Usher DVD-0104

Desperate Housewives Season 1 (Discs 4-6) DVD-5511 Discs Family Plot (Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection) DVD-0956

Detour DVD-8434 DVD-4761

DVD-0986 Fargo Season 1 DVD-8079

Page 3 9/6/2018 Fatal Instinct DVD-3897 Hackers DVD-9077

Fearless Fourteen AUD-0754 Hannibal Season 1 c.2 DVD-7875 c.2

Film Noir: Bringing Darkness to Light DVD-2794 AUD-0748

Flowers in the Attic DVD-4170 Hateful Eight DVD-9019

Following Season 1 DVD-7860 Helpless DVD-9096

Foreign Correspondent DVD-8448 High Anxiety DVD-1367

Foul Play DVD-2586 AUD-0745

Four to Score AUD-0744 His Kind of Woman DVD-3064

Foyle's War Set 1 DVD-8957 Homicide: Life on the Street Season 1 DVD-5452 (Seaso

Frantic DVD-8234 Homicide: Life on the Street Season 3 (Discs 1-3) DVD-5452 (Seaso

French Connection DVD-8035 Honeymoon Killers DVD-4851

French Connection II DVD-1517 AUD-0746

Frenzy (Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection) DVD-0957 Hound of the Baskervilles DVD-2257

Fritz Lang: Spies/M/Felix the Cat All Puzzled DVD-0098 House on 92nd Street DVD-4924

Funny Games DVD-2196 Hunted and Haunted: Classics of DVD-0688

Fury DVD-1521 I Know What You Did Last Summer DVD-4848

Game DVD-1961 I'll Be Seeing You AUD-0757

Ghost in the Shell DVD-0333 Illegal/Big Steal DVD-3040

Ghost Ship DVD-4699 In the Heat of the Night DVD-1388

Ghost Writer c.2 DVD-7457 c.2 Inside Men DVD-7580

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo DVD-5234 Ivan's Childhood DVD-2213

Glengarry GlenRoss (Widescreen) DVD-4049 Jackie Brown DVD-3104

Good Wife Season 1 (Discs 1-3) DVD-6159 Discs Juno and Paycock/Rich and Strange DVD-3224

Good Wife Season 1 (Discs 4-6) DVD-6159 Discs Keaton Plus DVD-0644

Gorky Park DVD-3492 Killers (1946/1964) DVD-1203

Gun Crazy DVD-3051 Killer's Kiss DVD-1698

Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag DVD-2904 Killing Emmett Young DVD-3774

Page 4 9/6/2018 King Creole DVD-3087 Little Caesar DVD-3190

King is Alive DVD-1877 Long Goodbye DVD-8045

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang DVD-3766 Season 1 (Discs 1-4) DVD-2802 Discs

Kiss Me Deadly DVD-4207 Lost Season 1 (Discs 5-7) DVD-2802 Discs

Kiss the Girls DVD-3878 Luther Season 1 DVD-7553

Klute DVD-5798 Luther Season 2 DVD-7554

Knife in the Water DVD-3415 Made DVD-1249

Kojak Season 1 DVD-7052 Maltese Falcon DVD-0197

Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter DVD-8749 Man in the Glass Booth DVD-0556

L.A. Confidential DVD-1173 Man Vanishes DVD-7791

Lady from Shanghai DVD-1172 Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) DVD-2190

Lady in the Lake DVD-2957 Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) DVD-0946

Lady Vanishes DVD-2687 Man Who Knew Too Much/Sabotage DVD-3220

Lady Vanishes (Criterion) DVD-2191 Man Who Never Was c.2 DVD-2839 c.2

Last Seduction DVD-1380 Man Who Wasn't There DVD-1162

Last Year at Marienbad DVD-4782 Man with the Golden Gun DVD-3714

Laura DVD-1165 Manchurian Candidate (1962) DVD-0428

Law and Order Criminal Intent Season 1 (Discs 1-3) DVD-3928 Discs Manchurian Candidate (2004) DVD-2078

Law and Order Criminal Intent Season 1 (Discs 4-6) DVD-3928 Discs Marnie (Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection) DVD-0951

Law and Order Criminal Intent Season 2 (Discs 1-3) DVD-4015 Discs Mean Streets DVD-2899

Law and Order Criminal Intent Season 2 (Discs 4-5) DVD-4015 Discs Medallion DVD-1192

Law and Order Season 1 (Discs 1-3) DVD-2464 Discs Memento DVD-0767

Law and Order Season 1 (Discs 4-6) DVD-2464 Discs Miami Vice Season 1 DVD-2455

Lean Mean Thirteen AUD-0753 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil DVD-2520

Life on Mars DVD-7861 Mildred Pierce (Crawford) DVD-2663

Limey DVD-1704 Minority Report DVD-1347

Line of Duty Season 1 DVD-7578 Miss Marple Set 1 DVD-5686

Page 5 9/6/2018 Miss Marple Set 2 DVD-5688 Murder, She Wrote Season 6 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7942 Discs

Mission Impossible DVD-1305 Murder, She Wrote Season 6 (Discs 4-5) DVD-7942 Discs

Moonlighting Seasons 1 & 2 (Discs 1-3) DVD-1208 Discs Murder, She Wrote Season 7 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7943 Discs

Moonlighting Seasons 1 & 2 (Discs 4-6) DVD-1208 Discs Murder, She Wrote Season 7 (Discs 4-5) DVD-7943 Discs

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941) DVD-2203 Murder, She Wrote Season 8 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7944 Discs

Mr. Wong Detective Collection DVD-1296 Murder, She Wrote Season 8 (Discs 4-5) DVD-7944 Discs

Murder DVD-2700 Murder, She Wrote Season 9 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7945 Discs

Murder by Death DVD-3489 Murder, She Wrote Season 9 (Discs 4-5) DVD-7945 Discs

Murder My Sweet DVD-3008 Mysteries of Lisbon DVD-6739

Murder on the Orient Express DVD-0971 Naked City DVD-4185

Murder on the Orient Express (2018) DVD-9320 Naked Gun DVD-2601

Murder, She Wrote Season 1 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7937 Discs Naked Kiss DVD-4846

Murder, She Wrote Season 1 (Discs 4-6) DVD-7937 Discs Name of the Rose DVD-2639

Murder, She Wrote Season 10 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7946 Discs Narrow Margin (1952) DVD-2856

Murder, She Wrote Season 10 (Discs 4-5) DVD-7946 Discs New Jack City DVD-1896

Murder, She Wrote Season 11 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7947 Discs Next of Kin DVD-3954

Murder, She Wrote Season 11 (Discs 4-5) DVD-7947 Discs Nice Guys DVD-9020

Murder, She Wrote Season 12 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7948 Discs Night Moves DVD-1170

Murder, She Wrote Season 12 (Discs 4-5) DVD-7948 Discs Night of the Hunter DVD-2095

Murder, She Wrote Season 2 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7938 Discs No Country for Old Men DVD-3748

Murder, She Wrote Season 2 (Discs 4-6) DVD-7938 Discs No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Season 1 DVD-4952

Murder, She Wrote Season 3 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7839 Discs Notorious DVD-7779

Murder, She Wrote Season 3 (Discs 4-6) DVD-7939 Discs Numbers Season 1 DVD-0979

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7940 Discs NYPD Blue Season 1 (Discs 1-3) DVD-2827 Discs

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 (Discs 4-5) DVD-7940 Discs NYPD Blue Season 1 (Discs 4-6) DVD-2827 Discs

Murder, She Wrote Season 5 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7941 Discs Oldboy DVD-8618

Murder, She Wrote Season 5 (Discs 4-5) DVD-7941 Discs On Dangerous Ground DVD-2866

Page 6 9/6/2018 On the Waterfront DVD-0783 Poirot: Lord Edgware Dies DVD-5685

DVD-4085 Poirot: Murder in Mesopotamia DVD-5683

Once Upon a Time in America DVD-1525 Poirot: Murder of Roger Ackroyd DVD-5684

One for the Money AUD-0741 Poirot: The Mysterious Affair at Styles DVD-5734

Original Nancy Drew Movie Mystery Collection DVD-8231 Possessed DVD-2660

Origins of Film (Disc 3) DVD-0077 (Disc Postman Always Rings Twice DVD-1422

Origins of Film (Disc 3) c.2 DVD-0077 (Disc Prestige DVD-5384

Osmosis Jones DVD-2305 Private Life of Sherlock Holmes DVD-3073

Our Hospitality/Sherlock Jr. (Keaton) DVD-0634 Prizzi's Honor DVD-2318

Out of the Past (Mitchum) DVD-1261 c.2 Profiler Season 1 (Discs 1-4) DVD-1753 Discs

Panic in the Streets DVD-3630 Profiler Season 1 (Discs 5-6) DVD-1753 Discs

Panic Room DVD-1963 Proof DVD-4498

Paperboy DVD-8889 Public Enemy DVD-3139

Paranoid Park DVD-3414 Pulp Fiction DVD-1163

Parinda DVD-5111 Quincy, M.E. Seasons 1 & 2 DVD-7096

Pelican Brief DVD-4029 Racket DVD-2860

Perception Season 1 DVD-7306 Rage DVD-5420

Person of Interest Season 1 (Discs 1-3) DVD-7987 Discs Rear Window DVD-0630

Person of Interest Season 1 (Discs 4-6) DVD-7987 Discs DVD-8588

Petrified Forest DVD-3188 Rear Window (Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection) DVD-0952

Phone Booth DVD-2717 Rebecca DVD-7780

Phone Booth c. 2 DVD-2717 c. 2 DVD-8589

Picnic at Hanging Rock DVD-4633 Red Circle DVD-3722

Pink Panther (Martin) DVD-2039 Reservation Road DVD-5375

Pink Panther (Sellers) DVD-2231 Reservoir Dogs (Widescreen) DVD-1302

Poirot: Dumb Witness DVD-8297 Reservoir Dogs (Widescreen) c.3 DVD-1302 c.3

Poirot: Evil Under the Sun DVD-5682 Reservoir Dogs (15th Anniversary) DVD-1523

Page 7 9/6/2018 Resident Evil DVD-4798 Shadow of a Doubt DVD-8604

Restitution DVD-6958 Shadow of Doubt DVD-8604

Return of the Pink Panther DVD-2167 DVD-2980

Returned, Season 1 DVD-9206 Shaft DVD-5136

Rich and Strange DVD-2676 Shallow Grave DVD-4566

Rififi DVD-4717 Sherlock Holmes DVD-7602

Ring/Lodger DVD-3222 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows DVD-8703

Ripper Street Season 1 c.2 DVD-7565 c.2 Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Series DVD-4855

Ripper Street Season 2 DVD-7570 Sherlock Season 1 DVD-7536

Road to Bali/My Favorite Brunette DVD-0835 Sherlock Season 2 DVD-7447

Roaring Twenties DVD-3192 Sherlock Season 3 DVD-7537

Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD-8592 Silence of the Lambs c. 3 DVD-5191 c. 3

Rope (Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection) DVD-0953 Sisters c. 2 DVD-6581 c. 2

Sabotage DVD-2650 Sisters (De Palma) DVD-6581

Saboteur DVD-8598 Skinwalkers DVD-5130

Saboteur (Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection) c.2 DVD-0955 c.2 Soldier's Story DVD-8239

Salton Sea DVD-3995 Song of the Thin Man DVD-2792

Satya DVD-4720 Sorry, Wrong Number DVD-1178

Scarface (1932) DVD-0719 DVD-1178 c. 2

Scarface (Pacino) c.2 DVD-0738 c.2 Spellbound (Hitchcock) DVD-1151

Scooby Doo Where are You? Seasons 1 and 2 DVD-2843 Spellbound c. 2 DVD-1151 c. 2

Scooby-Doo DVD-8235 Spy Who Came in From the Cold DVD-2984

Scoop DVD-4866 Stalag 17 DVD-1728

Scotland, PA DVD-1902 State of Play DVD-7571

Secret Agent/Lady Vanishes DVD-3218 Sting DVD-1314

Seven c.2 DVD-1113 c.2 Story of a Love Affair DVD-2900

Seven Up AUD-0747 Straight Time DVD-5846

Page 8 9/6/2018 Strange Illusion DVD-0910 Touch of Evil DVD-0860

Strangers on a Train DVD-2193 Transcendence DVD-7895

Strangers on a Train c. 2 DVD-2193 c. 2 Triplets of Belleville DVD-5839

Straw Dogs DVD-8628 Trouble with Harry (Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection) DVD-0947

Street King DVD-1907 Turkish Gambit DVD-7817

Suddenly DVD-1515 Turn of the Screw DVD-0765

Suddenly Last Summer DVD-4870 Twelve Sharp AUD-0752

Suspicion DVD-8640 (Discs 1-4) DVD-6591 Discs

Swoon DVD-4422 Twin Peaks (Discs 5-8) DVD-6591 Discs

Talk of the Town DVD-5868 Twin Peaks (Discs 9-10) DVD-6591 Discs

Ten Big Ones AUD-0750 Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series (Discs 1-4) DVD-9187 Discs

Testament of Dr. Mabuse DVD-2200 Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series (Discs 5-8) DVD-9187 Discs

They Live by Night/Side Street DVD-3050 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me DVD-6556

Thin Man DVD-9114 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me c. 2 DVD6556 c. 2

DVD-2801 Two for the Dough AUD-0742

Thin Man Goes Home DVD-2991 Tycoon: A New Russian DVD-0973

Third Man DVD-1097 Unfaithful Wife DVD-8667

DVD-8659 Usual Suspects DVD-5622

Three to Get Deadly AUD-0743 V for Vendetta c. 2 DVD-1409 c. 2

Thunderheart DVD-0172 Vanilla Sky DVD-1632

Time Code DVD-4579 Velvet Goldmine DVD-1634

To Catch a Thief DVD-2197 Vertigo DVD-8670

To Catch a Thief c. 2 DVD-2197 c. 2 Vertigo (Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection) DVD-0945

To the Nines AUD-0749 Villain DVD-5034

Topaz (Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection) DVD-0949 Virgin Suicides DVD-4374

Torn Curtain DVD-8663 Virgin Suicides c. 2 DVD-4374 c. 2

Torn Curtain (Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection) DVD-0950 Where are the Children? AUD-0756

Page 9 9/6/2018 /Tension DVD-3056

Where the Truth Lies DVD-3259

White Heat c. 2 DVD-3118 c. 2

Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns DVD-7567

Wife Versus Secretary DVD-3091

Wind River DVD-9195

Without a Clue DVD-3923

Witness DVD-1800

Witness for the Prosecution DVD-2906

Wreck of the Mary Deare DVD-2863

Wrong Game DVD-6372

Wrong Man DVD-8687

Wuthering Heights (1988) DVD-5494

X-Files Season 1 (Discs 1-4) DVD-1817 Discs

X-Files Season 1 (Discs 5-7) DVD-1817 Discs

Young Sherlock Holmes DVD-3735

Young Soul Rebels DVD-2979

Zou Zou DVD-4723

Total Titles: 496

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