University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener Training Schedule 2017 DATE TOPIC SPEAKER LOCATION February 2 Orientation, IL MG Jennifer Fishburn, Horticulture Educator Luncheon Program (A) Rhonda Ferree, Horticulture Educator Springfield Botany (B) February 9 Fruit (M,N) Elizabeth Wahle, Horticulture Educator Springfield February 16 Woody Ornamentals Jennifer Fishburn, Horticulture Educator Springfield (S) *February 21 Herbaceous Webinar taught by Martha Smith and Candice Hart, Decatur/ Ornamentals (R) Horticulture Educators Sfld/ Lincoln *February 28 Turfgrass /Lawns (P) Webinar taught by Chris Enroth, horticulture educator, Decatur/ and David Robson, Ext. Specialist Pesticide Safety Sfld/ Lincoln March 9 Vegetables (K) Jennifer Fishburn, Horticulture Educator Springfield March 16 Insects (G) Kelly Allsup, Horticulture Educator Decatur March 23 Plant Pathology (E,F) Diane Plewa, Plant Outreach Diagnostic Specialist Decatur March 30 Integrated Pest Doug Gucker, Local Food Systems and Small Farm Management Decatur Management (IPM) Dave Shiley , Local Food Systems and Small Farm Management (I) Living With Wildlife (J) April 6 Soils (C) Doug Gucker, Local Food Systems and Small Farm Management Decatur *April 13 Putting Knowledge Jennifer Fishburn, Horticulture Educator Potluck To Work Springfield Graduation *April 13 Putting Knowledge Brittani Garner, Horticulture Program Coordinator Potluck To Work Decatur Graduation Thursdays 9:00-4:00; except for webinars on Tuesdays, Feb 21 and 28 Locations: University of Illinois Extension, Macon County, 3351 N. President Howard Brown Blvd., Decatur, IL Ph 217.877.6042 University of Illinois Extension, Sangamon County, 700 S. Airport Drive, Springfield, IL Ph 217.782.4617 *Please note that classes on this date meet in separate locations (Letters denote the Master Gardener Manual chapters to be used during each class)

University of Illinois * U.S. Department of Agriculture * Local Extension Councils Cooperating University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. If you need reasonable accommodation to participate, call 217.877.6042.