SAT-ACT-COMPASS-ASVAB Confused about which test to take? Look at this chart to help you decide!

SAT* ACT COMPASS ASVAB Type Aptitude Test--attempts to predict Achievement Test--measures Achievement Test--measures Vocational Aptitude--measures future success in college knowledge obtained through academic ability vocational skills the student has education

Purpose Gives colleges and universities a Gives colleges and universities an Gives technical colleges an idea Gives the military (or individual) "measuring stick" to compare idea of how well the student has of the student's mastery of basic an idea about the types of careers prospective students mastered secondary curriculum skills for which a person is naturally suited

Format Three sections: Math, Critical Exam is comprised of four Exam consists of three sections: There are eight sections: Verbal Reading (formerly Verbal) and sections: English, Math, Reading writing skills, numerical skills Skills, Math Skills, Science and Writing. Math is three sections and Scientific Reasoning. Math and reading skills. Technical Skills, General of multiple choice questions evaluates through trigonometry. Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, lasting 70 minutes testing skills Reading sections consist of four Word Knowledge, Paragraph through Algebra II. Critical passages: prose fiction, Social Comprehension, Mathmatics Reading is three sections of Science, Humanities and Natural Knowledge, Electronic multiple choice questions lasting Science. English emphasizes Informations, Auto and Shop 70 minutes testing reading grammar. Information and Mechanical comprehension. Writing is one Comprehension 35-minute section of multiple choice and one 25-minute essay.

Scoring Each section receives a score of Each section receives a score of Each section is scored by The student receives eleven 200-800. Students are penalized 1-36. The sections are averaged institution administering the percentile scores 1-100. for wrong answers. for a composite score. A 36 is exam. Scores are used to Together, these scores provide a the highest possible score. There determine eligibility to technical snapshot of current knowledge is no penalty for wrong answers. college programs. and skills.

Cost and Standard registration fee is Standard registration with writing First time is free. It is given at Test is free. It is given once per location $54.50. Additional services are is $56.50. Additional services West Georgia Technical College. year at Chapel Hill during the available for additional fees. Test are available for additional fees. school day. It is administered by See your counselor for more is given at a variety of locations Test is given at a variety of reservation almost daily at local information. around metro Atlanta and west locations around metro Atlanta Military Evaluation Stations. Georgia. and west Georgia. See your counselor to register. To register: To register:

Who A student who plans to enter a A student who plans to enter a A student who plans to enter a A student who plans to enter the should four-year college or university four-year college or technical college should take this military must take this test. It is take this who possesses a strong university. This test is similar to test. It is best to take it at CHHS also a good test for students who test? vocabulary and also excels in the kinds of tests students take or at the technical college the are unsure about their career mathematics. No student should every day. If a student is not student plans to attend. options. A student may take the attempt this test prior to well-read or math is not a test without plans to enter the completing Algebra II. Students strength, this test is military. who have failed an English recommended. Furthermore, EOCT should not take the SAT. students who enjoy science and social studies also have an opportunity to use those skills on this test.

*SAT will have new format beginning with March 2016 test. See website for details.