Beryllium: The Miracle


One-third lighter than aluminum and six times stiffer than steel, has been an essential material in ushering in major advances in technology, ensuring national security and improving the quality of life for literally millions of Americans for more than 50 years.

Often called the “miracle metal” because of its unrivaled combination of physical and mechanical properties, beryllium and beryllium-containing materials such as alloys and ceramics are widely utilized to make increasingly sophisticated products function more effectively. Beryllium materials deliver higher levels of performance and reliability and have enabled major advances in technology in markets as diverse and critical as , defense, energy, medical, automotive, telecommunications and .

1 For example: • Its use on fighter jets saves weight and improves • Beryllium has enabled the development of high guidance system performance while beryllium resolution x-rays key in the fight against breast infrared enemy detectors allow pilots to identify cancer. Because it is transparent to x-rays, and pinpoint enemy . beryllium is the perfect “window” to focus and • Beryllium is also toiling in the deepest places control the x-ray beam of energy generated by on earth, with the goal of keeping us connected medical and scientific equipment. and entire populations safer. beryllium • Beryllium is playing an increasing role in housings protect transoceanic cable equipment America’s search for energy independence. The and undersea earthquake monitoring systems ability of beryllium-based ceramics to withstand more than six miles below sea level. large temperature swings led to the first • From the beginnings of U.S. spaceflight through automotive electronic ignition system, which today’s advanced orbiting telescopes and resulted in huge reductions in tailpipe emissions , beryllium has been integral to NASA’s and the savings of tens of billions of gallons of greatest discoveries. A beryllium gasoline. These unique properties are now being protected astronaut Alan Shepard, Jr. during applied to the generation of solar power. the United States’ first manned space journey and more than five decades later, the 18 large beryllium on the James Webb Space Telescope will give new eyes to NASA in 2014 when it is scheduled to replace the Hubble Space Telescope.

Most users of beryllium, and all consumers, come in contact with the metal in a finished, form that presents no health risks. However, like many other vital and versatile elements of nature, beryllium must be handled with care. The risks of beryllium are largely confined to the workplace where workers must follow well-established procedures to protect against the material in a respirable form. Since these risks were first identified in the 1940s, the beryllium industry, along with the medical and scientific community and government regulators, have worked to advance the understanding

2 of how beryllium in the form of dust, fume or contractors would have no choice but to turn vapors can impact the health of workers, and to to less reliable offshore sources or concede to build safeguards to minimize or prevent this risk. providing less effective defense and security Major advances in workplace practices, personal systems. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), in protective gear, and equipment and process its December 2008 “Analysis of National Security changes have demonstrated that beryllium can Issues Associated with Specialty ” stated be manufactured and handled safely throughout that of all the metals used by the DoD, only high its lifecycle. By investing in and following the purity beryllium was deemed to be critical to appropriate precautions, the beryllium-using national defense. The DoD acknowledged beryllium community ensures that this critical material for being “essential for important defense systems continues to benefit society. and unique in the function it performs”. The report noted that the Department “should continue to The metal remains irreplaceable in many of its take special actions necessary to maintain a long- uses, so if beryllium were no longer available term domestic supply of high purity beryllium.” domestically, defense and homeland security

3 Background and Properties

A naturally occurring element present in the earth’s Beyond its light weight and stiffness, key crust, beryllium can be found in , wood, water, properties of beryllium include an extremely high many and all . In fact, beryllium can , relatively low and atomic be found in many fruits and vegetables that absorb structure that give it remarkable sound and it from the . Beryllium-bearing minerals such , and high heat absorbing as , aquamarine and are prized as capacity and dimensional stability over a wide . range of temperatures. Its properties make possible

4 A “Young” Metal the miniaturization of products and beryllium- containing alloys make it possible to shield While other metals, including and electromagnetic radiation in electronic devices, copper, have been known to early civilizations, thereby protecting users from the potential effects beryllium is a relative newcomer. In 1798, the of electromagnetic energy and the device from element beryllium was discovered by the possible circuit failure. French analytical chemist Louis-Nicholas Vauquelin as the in beryl. He named it There are three types of commercial forms of glucinium, because of its sweet taste, similar to beryllium. By far the most common is as an glucose. In 1828, the chemists Antoine Bussy alloying element with copper or , containing and Friedrich Wöhler, working independently 0.3 to 2% beryllium by weight. Beryllium alloys in France and Germany, respectively, isolated offer high electrical conductivity, long-lasting metallic beryllium. spring properties (metal memory) and resistance. Metallic, or pure beryllium is prized for The commercial value of beryllium was first its light weight, stiffness, stability throughout huge recognized in 1926 when the Siemens Company swings in temperature, high heat dissipation and patented copper beryllium alloys for use in the nuclear energy management. , also fast growing telephone relay applications. The known as beryllia ceramics, provides temperature use of copper beryllium alloys, beryllia ceramics stability, high heat dissipation and high electrical and metallic beryllium grew at a dramatic rate properties. during World War II. In the economic boom that followed the war, beryllium and beryllium- The extraction of beryllium begins with the raw containing materials began emerging in other materials, and/or beryl ore. The civilian markets, such as telecommunications, extraction process involves a series of processes appliances, automotive, and plastic injection including leaching with to produce molds and tooling. During the , water soluble , formation of a with American pride, scientific endeavor and beryllium concentrate by solvent extraction and national security at issue, the demand and uses hydrolysis to ultimately produce an extremely for beryllium soared. pure . The hydroxide is the universal input material for beryllium-containing Beryllium is commercially mined and processed alloys, beryllia ceramics, and pure beryllium metal in only three areas of the world—the U.S., China manufacturing. and Kazakhstan. The world’s leading producer of beryllium and its alloys is Materion Brush Inc., based in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

5 The Many Important Uses of Beryllium

Health Care Energy Conservation and The same technology that makes x-ray screening Alternative Energy at airports so effective is saving lives in other Beryllium is helping America conserve fuel, which ways. In fact, beryllium is an integral material drives down costs and reduces the nation’s in much of the equipment physicians rely on to dependence on foreign energy sources – a accurately diagnose and treat patients. The metal cornerstone of economic security in the United is used in CT (computer tomography) scanners States. Beryllium materials also play a role in and x-ray machines. Specifically, beryllium is a key lowering the cost of directional drilling for oil and component of the next generation x-ray machines gas, as well as making the searches more fruitful created for mammography, enabling lower through the use of directional tools and x-ray radiation dose CT scans, with significantly finer sensors. The more cost effective and successful tumor resolution, thus making breast cancer easier an exploration, the lower the ultimate cost for to detect at its early, most treatable stages. consumers.

Medical lasers made with beryllia ceramics are In a particularly remarkable advance, the use providing the gift of restored or improved sight of beryllia ceramic in early electronic ignition to millions around the world. Doctors rely on the systems led to a 20 percent increase in automotive performance of surgical instruments constructed fuel efficiency and reduced pollution. That with copper beryllium connectors to ensure the breakthrough, in other words, amounted to a reliable transmission of electrical and electronic savings equivalent to taking one of every five signals. Copper beryllium wire is used for the cars off the road. More recently, alloys containing flexible leads of pacemakers to provide a long, beryllium are enabling all-electric and hybrid -resistant life for these devices, and electric vehicles to operate reliably at high beryllium is used in the analytical equipment used voltages. to analyze blood for HIV and other diseases.

6 7 Beyond traditional energy sources, copper Public Safety beryllium alloys and beryllia ceramics are Beryllium also makes life safer in many everyday increasingly favor throughout the ways. It helps save lives in a fraction of a second. two dominant technologies for solar energy’s Beryllium alloyed with nickel provided the photovoltaic cells. Alloys with beryllium provide technological breakthrough that allowed air bags superior thermal management, conductivity and to reliably activate on impact, and ultimately to strength in connecting conductive terminals that be installed as standard equipment on today’s join solar panels together in the thin film solar cars and trucks. Anti-lock brakes rely on beryllium arena. In the alternative concentrator photovoltaic alloys to transmit electrical signals. Electrical relays (CPV) technology, the superior thermal management made with beryllium alloys make it possible for properties of beryllia ceramics allow cells to automotive directional signals and emergency operate at very high solar concentrations, already flashers to operate for years of service. achieving 1,000 times the intensity of the sun, while still keeping the delicate electronics of the CPV cell Fire control equipment and sprinkler systems cool, a critical factor for adding solar power to the use nickel beryllium alloys. In hospital operating electric grids in areas with abundant sunshine. rooms, chemical plants and other environments where combustible gases may be present, non- Metallic beryllium has a front seat in the race to sparking tools and equipment depend on copper harness the power of fusion, the same energy beryllium alloys. Reliable control of the breathing source that lights the , and generates an air equipment for , too, is enhanced by unlimited source of clean energy with virtually no the use of alloys containing beryllium. Weather green house gas emissions and very little nuclear forecasting satellites designed with beryllium waste. Beryllium has already been qualified for use optical components predict and track weather in several critical components of the International patterns. Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project, a partnership of the European Union, the Handheld x-ray systems, made possible through United States and five other nations to design, the use of beryllium, check imported clothing and construct and operate the world’s largest and most children’s toys, as well as consumer electronics, for complex prototype reactor. ITER is the presence of lead, , cadmium and other currently under construction in France. In England, restricted materials. beryllium is already at work in the experimental reactor ().

8 National Defense Beryllium is found in many major elements of our national defense from aircraft to technology. In aerial combat, America’s military jets are known to “own the night,” in large part because jets with equipment containing beryllium are lighter and more maneuverable, as well as razor- sharp in targeting, striking and eluding the enemy in nighttime or other limited visibility conditions. The nation’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) rely on beryllium for real-time imagery and targeting on surveillance and reconnaissance flights. In military helicopters, beryllium optical systems provide enhanced surveillance by detecting weapons at greater “stand off” range, keeping pilots and crews from harm’s way.

Beryllium is also integral to the U.S. military services’ latest weaponry, which is used to detect and destroy improvised explosive devices (IED) and tactical minefields. In emerging guided missile defense systems, beryllium is widely used to assure a first line of defense in directing, targeting and ultimately destroying missile threats. For battle tanks on the move across rugged surfaces, extremely stiff beryllium mirrors dampen vibration to provide a jitter-free optical path for sighting and firing controls.

9 Beryllium Production and Contributions to Equipment containing beryllium can be found in Economic Growth a wide range of military equipment, including the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, F-15 Strike Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcons, F-18 Superhornet and As a matter of maintaining peace, experts on the F-22 Raptor, as well as the AH-74 Apache and international relations say, the world is a safer OH58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters. It is used in the place with the U.S. as the leading processor of M60 and M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks. beryllium. But economists insist that prosperity is at stake, too. Beryllium has no replacement in America’s nuclear defense arsenal and the nation’s overall strategic The processing of beryllium provides many well- deterrent capabilities. In its pure metallic form, paying jobs in the U.S., both directly and indirectly. beryllium is integral as a moderator of Materion Brush Inc., the only domestic producer of required for a controlled reaction. beryllium, employs approximately 1,000 workers. The company extracts beryllium in , and Because no other ingredient can substitute operates plants in Arizona, California, Ohio and for beryllium, the use of the metal in war can Pennsylvania. determine whether battles are won or lost and lives are saved. Any disruption in the availability A major exporter of U.S.-produced materials to of beryllium would risk compromising the Europe and Asia, the company has distribution effectiveness of the nation’s defense forces. centers globally and serves thousands of customers. These buyers of beryllium and beryllium-containing materials include both Homeland Security commercial businesses and government agencies. Beryllium plays an important part in defending They make a wide variety of consumer goods, the nation at home as well, where the threat such as cell phones, and national security of terrorism challenges our military and law equipment, including jets, which, in turn, employ enforcement authorities to devise new means an exponential number of workers. These are and methods to protect against cyber warfare, or jobs that stimulate many industries, including chemical, biological or nuclear attack. The material electronics, communication, defense and serves a vital role in behind-the-scene technology transportation. and countermeasures at airports and borders along with other high value targets, such as bridges, power systems, dams and other public facilities.

10 Beryllium is a crucial component of the technology Strong and highly conductive, copper beryllium responsible for making air travel safe. This includes alloys allow for the electrical/mechanical contacts Global Positioning System (GPS) technology used that enable the reliable transfer of power and for air-traffic control and air route surveillance. signals within and between computers and Beryllium is a component in the x-ray machines computer peripherals. used to inspect baggage and in the high speed lasers used for luggage bar code scanners. High strength, corrosion-resistant copper beryllium materials house and protect delicate signal At our nation’s ports, beryllium is at work in amplification equipment installed in 60-kilometer analytical devices that inspectors use to inspect intervals along undersea fiber optic lines that cargo for harmful or banned materials. connect the world’s continents.

The material is also key to our ability to prepare for Owing also to its superior strength, formability, natural disaster. Subsea seismic monitoring systems electrical conductivity and spring “memory,” utilize sensitive electronic equipment, protected designers turn to copper beryllium alloys for by copper beryllium housings, to warn coastal the electrical terminal contacts in connectors communities and entire nations of an approaching critical to the functioning of today’s cell phones undersea earthquake or tsunami. and other mobile devices. These same alloys enable consumer electronics products to further Further, homeland security and military personnel miniaturize and converge multiple functions – monitor and evaluate various threats to citizens phone, camera, MP3 player – into a single more with advanced communications, including reliable device with a longer working life, which satellites, wireless and technologies, also reduces the volume of . and computers and routers, that all function with the use of beryllium. Beryllia ceramics’ properties of high thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation, Communications resistance to chemical corrosion and a high melting point provide an ideal materials solution for various Beryllium materials help keep people and applications in the telecommunications sector. populations connected all over the planet. The In electronic semiconductor chip packaging for metal, especially in its and ceramic forms, wireless and Internet infrastructures, for example, is at work every day throughout a vast range of ceramic materials protect the components and communications infrastructure and consumer entire systems from the crippling effects of the end-use applications that bring people and data intense levels of heat generated. together faster, more reliably and more affordably than ever before.

11 Beryllium-containing alloys in GPS equipment free that rely on the measurement of changes in individuals and businesses to function and move atmospheric and barometric pressure. about effectively and safely. Mobile and compact GPS devices allow owners to monitor the location On the highway, beryllium materials make driving of all vehicles in a fleet of trucks, ships or railroad more comfortable, convenient and reliable. cars. Farmers can effectively manage fertilizer and Beryllium-containing alloy connectors are essential pesticide application for crops, and closely control to the electronics of today’s cars and trucks. large irrigation systems by real-time temperature Copper beryllium is used in traction control and water pressure monitoring. In addition to the systems and transmissions, in electric motors and impact on the workplace, GPS systems utilizing for the connections in steering columns, anti-lock beryllium materials are regularly used to guide brake systems and fuel injection systems. The alloy people to their travel destinations, find lost children has made it possible for engineering advances to and assist law enforcement in tracking down replace hydraulic and mechanical components, criminals. which are bulky and less versatile, with lighter weight electro-mechanical devices. Transportation Beryllium has important applications for Science and Exploration commercial transportation, as well. Here, copper Beryllium is crucial to the country’s scientific beryllium is helping travel farther, faster, prowess, and the realization of science’s future and more fuel efficiently while producing reduced promise. With its stiffness, strength and light levels of green house gases. Copper beryllium weight, together with its powers of thermal alloys, used in the bearings and bushings of aircraft management and reflectivity, beryllium has played landing gear, wing flaps and emergency exit doors, a significant role in since the ensure long life and reliability. Aviation engineers early days of NASA. As the quest for exploration rely on these alloyed materials because of their continues, beryllium remains imperative. very low coefficient of friction and ability to withstand enormous compression and the forces of Pure beryllium mirrors are a vital element in the wear, regardless of temperature extremes. Virtually renowned Hubble telescope, for example, as well all aircraft electrical and electronic connections are as the next generation of space age marvels, made using copper beryllium alloy terminals in the NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope which will connectors to provide vibration-resistant contact. reveal even greater astronomical discoveries. The Diaphragms made of copper beryllium alloys are Webb telescope features a 6.5-meter (20 feet) essential to aircraft instruments such as altimeters aperture primary comprised of 18 beryllium

12 Beryllium Processing Does segments and will be the largest deployable not Harm the Environment telescope ever launched. Beryllium was selected as the mirror technology for its demonstrated track The processing of beryllium is subject to policies, record of operating at cryogenic temperatures programs, regulations and laws adopted by (around minus 370 degrees Fahrenheit or minus international, national and state bodies devoted to 223 Celsius) on space-based telescopes, where ensuring environmental health and safety. These weight savings and stiffness are obviously primary include Federal rules requiring clean air and water concerns. governed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA restricts the amount of NASA’s , the largest beryllium that industries may release into the air, infrared telescope ever launched into space, water and wastes. relies on beryllium’s lightness, its ability to endure the bitterest cold and its optical properties to In terms of sustainability, these metals have the penetrate vast dense clouds of gas and dust in advantage of being infinitely recyclable. Clean space, allowing us to peer into regions of can be sold back to the industry for direct formation, the centers of galaxies, and into newly recycling into new products that contain beryllium. forming planetary systems. Moreover, products containing beryllium simply last longer. This longevity forestalls the need for Beryllium can also be found at the center of a new replacement products that require additional host of other scientific breakthroughs: the Mars inputs of energy and raw materials to produce Rover, the Gravity Probe B Satellite and the them. Cassini Orbiter. It is beryllium that is used in the space shuttle window frames, door and guidance In keeping with the way people live – especially systems. Metal matrix composites of aluminum and young people – beryllium is adept at multi-tasking. beryllium have been used in the primary structure The cell phone, perhaps the best example, now of Orbital Sciences Corporation’s communication serves as a timepiece, computer, alarm, video satellites (ORBCOMM). screen, navigation device, and, of course, a telephone. In devices containing beryllium, this Back on earth, beryllium is widely used in particle convergence of functions means the need for accelerators, including the European Organization fewer products to do many more functions – and for Nuclear Research’s CERN LHC laboratory in less raw material needed for manufacture, as well Switzerland and Brookhaven National Laboratory as less disposal at the end of the product life. All of in New , where it is helping to advance high that, naturally, means the use of less energy. energy physics research.

13 Beryllium Can Be Safely Handled and Processed with Proper Precautions

As a naturally occurring element, everyone condition known as chronic beryllium disease, encounters beryllium – it’s in rocks and soil and as or CBD. a result, it commonly occurs in air, water and foods. Human activities such as the burning of coal and CBD is a condition in which the immune system home heating oil or the processing of earth-based in the of susceptible individuals reacts to materials into products such as fertilizers can also the presence of beryllium-containing particles release beryllium into the air and water. Exposures and the lung tissue becomes inflamed. CBD is not to beryllium in its natural state are not known to cancer. CBD can be treated, but is not curable. Its cause adverse health effects. symptoms can include cough, shortness of breath and general fatigue. Using products containing beryllium does not pose a health risk to consumers in the form they CBD can develop only when the three following encounter it. In almost all end-use applications, factors are present: 1) a person must be sensitive beryllium materials are enclosed within products to beryllium; 2) a person must be exposed to and are not readily apparent or accessible during airborne beryllium; and, 3) the beryllium particles normal product use. must be small enough to reach deep into the lungs. Sensitivity to beryllium is believed to require a The potential for exposure exists in workplaces genetic predisposition, and therefore, not everyone where the material is being processed in a manner who is exposed to small airborne dusts, fumes or that creates airborne particulate. Like many mists will develop CBD. industrial materials, beryllium may present a health risk if handled improperly. A small number With proper precautions, CBD can largely of workers who are physiologically susceptible be avoided, which means education plays an and are exposed to airborne particles containing important role in the safety of those working with beryllium (generally in the form of a dust, fume or beryllium. Materion Brush has won praise for the mist) may develop a serious and sometimes fatal safety practices and procedures it has adopted

14 and the training that it provides customers and Sub-clinical CBD is diagnosed when lung tissue, others on the subject, including the development examined during surgery, shows evidence of and use of an award-winning interactive guide microscopic biological formulations called that educates workers and employers about granulomas. These are not cancers. People with ways to work safely with beryllium and beryllium- sub-clinical CBD might never go on to develop the containing materials. symptoms associated with clinical CBD. People with sub-clinical CBD do not require medical There is no test that can determine in advance treatment. which workers will develop CBD. The Beryllium Blood Lymphocyte Proliferation Test, or BeBLPT Because of the risk of CBD, manufacturing for short, is often used to try to determine if a operations that generate airborne beryllium dust, person has a “sensitization to beryllium” and fume or mist require special controls to minimize therefore may be at risk for contracting CBD. worker exposures. Such safeguards, according to However, scientific experts warn that the BeBLPT research by the National Institute for Occupational is prone to error, creating the potential for false Safety and Health (NIOSH), can dramatically positives and false negatives, as well as a low rate reduce the risk of CBD. of agreement between laboratories. Such errors can create unwarranted anxieties and fears among Governments around the world have set mandatory those tested and their families. Moreover, the use limits on worker exposure to airborne beryllium. In of such a test has the potential for discrimination the U.S., these standards are currently under review against employees who may be classified as by the federal government’s Occupational Safety sensitized, but who may never actually have the and Health Administration (OSHA). As a matter of disease. safe practice, the industry-recommended beryllium exposure guideline during processing is set at Another concern about use of the BeBLPT is that a level 10 times lower than OSHA’s regulations it has resulted in unnecessary medical treatment. governing occupational exposure to airborne People in good health who have tested positive beryllium particles. on the BeBLPT have been provided medication by some treating physicians. Such medication, While some regulatory agencies around the world which would commonly only be used for treating have classified beryllium as a , there is symptoms of clinical CBD, has very serious side considerable scientific disagreement over whether effects. beryllium poses a cancer risk.

15 Recent scientific studies provide new evidence which consider beryllium a carcinogen state that that exposure to beryllium does not represent a any association which may exist between beryllium significant risk of cancer to humans. The studies, and cancer is only at the higher levels of airborne conducted on large worker populations, found no beryllium particulate exposure that existed at excess cancer risk in modern day beryllium facilities facilities operating before the 1950s. operated after the 1950s. Even those organizations

Materion Brush: The World Leader in Beryllium Processing

Materion Brush Inc. is the world’s leading producer post World War II years and the second half of the of beryllium, beryllium alloys and beryllia ceramics. last century as both government and commercial It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Materion markets expanded. Beryllium became regarded Corporation, which is traded on the New York as the perfect Space Age metal for its remarkable Stock Exchange under the symbol MTRN. strength and light weight. Beryllium contributed to the development of atomic energy and the Founded in 1931 as the Brush Beryllium Company, computer age, and, in fact, was used to form its original mission was to develop commercial the space capsule heat shield which protected forms and applications for beryllium materials. astronauts during re-entry in the Mercury Mission The venture built on the technical pioneering space flights. work which had begun in the 1920s at the Brush Laboratories under Charles F. Brush Jr., son of the Today, beryllium processed by Materion Brush famed Cleveland inventor who greatly advanced plays a vital role in virtually every important the practical use of electricity. After his death, his sphere, in economic development and national business partner, Dr. Charles Baldwin Sawyer, a Yale security. It is used to diagnose and treat disease, graduate, went on to incorporate the company. protect the nation’s defense, explore ways to find affordable energy sources, connect the Sawyer, with fellow scientist Bengt Kjellgren, world through cell phones, and even keep people developed a practice of extracting beryllium from entertained through products such as MP3 players. beryl ore by thermal shock techniques. Through The company has been accorded honors for its job times of war and peace the company’s sales grew creation, investment, technical advances and safety steadily and climbed following the prosperous communications.

16 Materion Brush Sets the Standard for Worker Safety

For more than 50 years, Materion Brush has These practices adhere to recognized industrial implemented special handling procedures in the hygiene practices, including an extensive processing of beryllium and instituted a number of recordkeeping system to monitor the exposure of protective measures for its workers, based on the its employees to beryllium. best information available at the time. In 2003, the company completed work on an In every step of the processing of beryllium, the innovative new beryllium Worker Protection Model safeguarding of workers and communities stands (WPM) premised on addressing all potential as a central and overriding mission. Workers occupational exposure routes and pathways. The are extensively educated and trained in safety company’s program is considered a best practice practices and procedures to be followed. State-of- throughout the beryllium-using industry. The new the-art equipment and controls are used to ensure WPM succeeds because it integrates up to eight the prevention of particles being released during levels of containment/protection measures, including: the processing of beryllium.

1 5 Keeping beryllium out of the lungs Keeping beryllium at the source

2 6 Keeping beryllium work areas clean Keeping beryllium in the work area

3 7 Keeping beryllium off of the skin Keeping beryllium on the plant site

4 8 Keeping beryllium workers prepared to Keeping beryllium off of clothing work safely


CD-ROM • Why this interactive guide • How to use the interactive guide • Worker Protection Model • Worker Protection Model and You • About beryllium-containing materials • Glossary

18 Materion Brush provides safety and hazard “The Interactive Guide to Working Safely with communication tools for training to its workers, as Beryllium and Beryllium-containing Materials.” The well as for downstream users of the material. The Guide, accessible on line at www.berylliumsafety. company has been lauded by NIOSH for its 10- com incorporates high definition digital video, year partnership to research, develop and test its navigation tools, text references, hyperlinks, WPM, as well as communicate its progress about and printable information to present the latest the model’s efforts to minimize the risks to those information on safe handling of beryllium in a brief, handling beryllium. Materion Brush has acted as a easy-to-understand and customized manner, giving partner with NIOSH on the collaboration of medical the user control over timing, pace and content and scientific research to better understand the selection. causes and prevention of health effects associated with exposure to beryllium. Materion Brush’s commitment to worker safety has significantly reduced the possibility that its workers Most recently, Materion Brush has advanced the will contract CBD. It is a profound commitment, safe use of beryllium in the workplace with the and one without option, because our world development and wide-scale distribution of an needs beryllium, while beryllium workers must be innovative new training and educational tool, protected.

19 Beryllium and the Future

To keep the nation safe, connected and prosperous, there is no substitute for the metal that really matters, beryllium. As innovations progress, engineers and scientists know that new developments, from national defense systems to health care, will require harnessing the phenomenal powers of this miraculous metal.

20 www.materion.com