Maybe they were anxious to get to their destination. Maybe Name the looming war between England and Spain make them decide not to make a stop.

The Lost Colony The three ships arrived at , in the large area of North American land that Queen Elizabeth had named By Sharon Fabian . They found the fort and the houses built by the first expedition, but the fifteen men left behind had either Roanoke Island is a small left Roanoke or died. The new settlers repaired the houses island off the coast of North and the fort, and they built new houses. John White, the Carolina. There are two leader of the expedition, became the governor. He called interesting stories about the his colony the Cittie of Raleigh. island that date back to the 1500's. One story is English; it American Indians helped provide the settlers with food. has been handed down in The Indians of Roanoke grew corn, squash, and other American History books. The vegetables. They hunted deer and turkeys. They set traps other story is ; it has for fish. These provisions helped the settlers survive. been handed down through the Nevertheless, the settlers did not always respect the Indians' generations of Croatan oral way of life, and relations between the settlers and the history. Indians were not always on friendly terms.

The first story begins in England, where in 1585, Sir Soon after their arrival, on , the colonists had a outfitted a ship and sent explorers to the reason to celebrate. John White's daughter, Eleanor, and her to scout out the best place for a settlement. husband, Ananias, became the proud parents of a baby girl. They returned with promising reports of a land rich in Their baby, named , was the first English natural resources. They left behind only 15 men to guard child born in the New World. the fort that they had built on Roanoke Island. Meanwhile, the settlers still needed more supplies, and Their reports were enough to stir up more interest in Governor White returned with his ships to England to settling a colony in America. Queen Elizabeth even gave resupply. Eleanor and Ananias with their baby Virginia, Raleigh the charter to all of the land he could occupy there. and all of the other colonists, would be on their own, out of Soon he was ready to send out a second expedition. This touch with their home country. expedition of three sailing ships carried 107 settlers, including men, women, and children. They planned to Before leaving, Governor White and the colonists planned settle permanently in the New World and build the first that, if the colonists had to leave the Cittie of Raleigh for British colony there. On May 8, 1587, they sailed from some reason, they would leave a message by carving a sign Plymouth, England. As they approached North America, into a tree trunk. They would carve the name of the place they sailed past Haiti, where ships had stopped in the past that they were moving to. If they were being forced to for supplies, but they sailed on past without stocking up. move, or if they had been captured, they would also carve a Name Questions cross on the tree. 1. The Roanoke colonists were ______. A. the first people in America Upon Governor White's return to England, his ships B. the first Europeans in America became involved in the war with Spain, and he could not C. the first permanent British settlers in America return for several years. When he was finally able to return, D. all of the above in 1590, the colonists were gone, every one of them. He found the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree trunk. There 2. After John White returned to England, the colonists was no cross carved into the trunk, so he had hopes that ______. they had just moved to the nearby island occupied by the Croatan Indians. However, the settlers were never found. A. were never heard from again by the British Later colonists at Jamestown searched for the missing B. returned to England too settlers but never found them either. C. were killed D. made a temporary move to the island of the For many years, the English story stopped there.

The second story, the one from the Croatan oral tradition, 3. The events described in this article occurred during tells of English settlers from the doomed the ______century. who were taken in by the Croatans. The English settlers A. 14th became part of the Croatan tribe, which still exists today. B. 15th C. 16th Evidence seems to support the story. Croatans have spoken D. 21st and written English since early times. Their appearance includes European features like light eyes and light hair. 4. The ships carrying the settlers from Europe to the Some Croatans have the same English surnames that the East Coast of North America would have sailed original Roanoke colonists had. across the ______Ocean. A. Atlantic Do these two stories fit together? The Croatan story seems B. Pacific to pick up right where the English story left off. Some C. Indian people are sure that the combined story is true; others are D. Arctic not so sure. Archaeologists are still checking it out. Name

5. The Roanoke settlement happened ______the Jamestown settlement. A. concurrently with B. at the same time as C. after D. before 6. By combining the English story and the Croatan story, someone might infer that ______. A. the settlers died of diseases B. the settlers were murdered C. the settlers returned to England on another ship D. the settlers joined the Croatans 7. According to the article, John White was not able to return to the Roanoke colony for many years because of ______. A. problems with his ships B. lack of money C. war between England and Spain D. war with the Indians 8. Virginia Dare was ______. A. one of the Roanoke colonists B. one of the lost colonists C. a baby D. all of the above