1. Shoes should lace up and uppers should be constructed of leather. Name shoes that use leather and man-made materials are usually OK. 2. The front of the (toe box) should allow adequate space for the toes and forefoot. Shoes should have adequate width and depth. Avoid pointy-toed dress shoes. 3. Shoes should be a ½ inch longer than the longest toe. 4. Shoes should not feel tight across (vamp) the ball of the foot. 5. Ensure the shoe has a good heel counter. Squeeze back of the shoe together, it should be rigid. 6. Soles should be constructed of shock absorbing material. 7. Heels should be ½ - 1 inch high. A higher heel increases stress the forefoot. 8. Look for adequate instep support and a removable insole so custom orthoses or other modifications may be added. 9. The sole should bend where the foot bends, behind the toes and not in the mid-foot. 10. Try and twist the shoe, it should be firm.

Here are some additional thoughts when buying new :

 The purpose of good quality footwear is to provide support and protection to the foot.  Buy shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are the largest.  Your feet may be different sizes, measure both and buy to fit the largest.  If you have a pair of custom orthotics, take them with you when buying new shoes.  Shoes should be comfortable from the time you first try them on, if they are not, do not buy them.  Try wearing a pair of shoes you are thinking of buying for 10-15 minutes in the store prior to making your final decision.  The average life expectancy of a pair of shoes is 1 year. Plan ahead for buying a new pair and budget for it.  These guidelines apply to both adult and children’s footwear.  Inform the sales person of what you are looking for and ask what footwear they suggest.  Running shoe manufacturer’s make three main categories of running shoes: 1) Cushioned 2) Stability 3) Motion Control - Do not purchase motion control shoes if you are using custom foot orthoses! The orthoses are doing the correction so a neutral runner is best.

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Examples of quality running shoe include: , Asics, Brooks, , Nike, and .

Examples of quality casual shoes include: Birkenstock, BioWalk, Clarks, Dr. Marten’s, ECCO, Easy Spirit, Knappe, Mephisto, Merrel, Propet, Rockport, Romika, SAS, Soft Spot Supremes, and Volkswalker.

Examples of comfortable dress shoes include: Rockport, ECCO, Clark’s, and Easy Spirit.

Where to find good quality footwear:

STORE NAME PHONE NUMBER ADDRESS CITY Sole Experience 780-437-7604 10805 82 Avenue NW Edmonton The Tech Shop 780-488-0854 11611 - 104 Avenue Edmonton TomKat Shoes 780-422-2718 10336 Jasper Avenue Edmonton The Running Room (West) 780-483-1516 6655 - 178 Street Edmonton The Running Room (South) 780-450-0129 10012 - 21 Avenue Edmonton The Running Room (South) 780-450-0129 8537 - 109 Street Edmonton The Running Room (North) 780-460-1102 17 St. Ann Street St. Albert The Running Room (East) 780-449-2440 104, 2000 Premier Way Sherwood Park Ped-Orthopedic Solutions 780-437-7604 10805 - 82 Avenue Edmonton Kunitz Shoes (South) 780-438-4259 837 Saddleback Road Edmonton Kunitz Shoes (Downtown) 780-428-0200 10846 Jasper Avenue Edmonton Paush Shoes 780-466-1437 136 Bonnie Doon Mall Edmonton Westgate Shopping Centre - Shoe Comfort 780-444-1409 Edmonton 17010 90 Ave NW Red Wing Shoes 780-478-1453 13712 113A Street Edmonton Superior Foot Comfort Shoes 780-435-2612 348 Southgate Mall Edmonton Running Edge 780-702-0286 12306 - 63 Avenue Edmonton Mountain Equipment Co-op 780-488-6614 12328 - 102 Avenue Edmonton Appara Shoes 780-594-3222 5123 - 50 Avenue Cold Lake A OK Family Shoe Center 780-826-2039 5115 - 50 Avenue Bonnyville Magnet Shoes 780-645-3604 4510 - 50 Street St. Paul Sole City Shoes 780-672-8371 4851 50 Street Camrose

This information is designed as a guideline. It is in no way fully comprehensive or intended to solicit only the businesses or products named. Good footwear can be found in most shoe stores. By using common sense and the guidelines provided, you should end up with a comfortable, quality pair of shoes.

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