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From the Pastor’s Desk Mass Intentions An easy conversation to have today is to talk about an end and a beginning. The end because of SACRED HEART SUNDAY MASSES the current administration in Washington, and the We continue to have Mass in English and Spanish on beginning concerns the new administration ready to Sunday starting at 10 am on YouTube. begin in January. With many opportunities for this Go to the Parish website: easy conversation I generally avoid it as it becomes www.sh-roslindale.org and click negative, time consuming and exhausting. What I Watch Services Online which will bring up the chan- find more positive and more valuable during these nel. days is to talk about our end of the liturgical year and Mass Intentions

the beginning of our new year starting with Advent SATURDAY, November 21 next Sunday. 4:00 pm Edna & Wallace Jakielaszek Memorial Today is the last Sunday of the liturgical SUNDAY, November 22 year, the Feast of Christ the King. This ending gives 10:00 am Annual Memorial Mass for Parish Deceased us a prayerful opportunity to reflect on the impact Mary L. & Mark C McCormack Memorial the life of Jesus had on our lives during the year, and to plan for a new beginning in the year ahead. To- 12:00 pm Odelis Pena Memorial

day’s Gospel will help pour prayerful reflection as we see Jesus sharing a vision of the final judgement de- TUESDAY, November 24 scribing himself as a king sitting on a throne separat- 8:30 am Federico & Rafaella Petrilli Memorial ing the sheep from the goats. We should see our- Mass of Thanksgiving for the selves as one of the sheep with Christ the King pre- Ngobidi Family sent and helping the least ones. Can we see ourselves FRIDAY, November 27 at the end of this year as giving more into this person 8:30 am Cora Walsh Anniversary of Christ through our Baptism that we act as he acts, Mary Moriarty & Marie Murphy Memorial forgives as he forgives, feed the hungry as he does and reach out as he reaches out? Can we become SATURDAY, November 28 more grateful and more aware of God’s love and 4:00 pm The Boggio & Ryan Families Memorial

care for us and grow in our responsibility to care for th Silveria Tagliamonte 10 Anniversary

one another especially those most vulnerable. While we wait for this vision to become a reality, the King SUNDAY, November 29 wants a committed “yes” from each one of us. 10:00 am Patricia Tremblay 5th Anniversary

On this Thanksgiving Day as we end this Thanksgiving to Seraphim & Cherubim

difficult year and prepare to begin a new liturgical 12:00 pm Sacred Heart Parish cycle, let us give thanks to God for his loving care and many blessings allowing us to live our today’s Gospel challenge to love and serve others. Happy Thanksgiving Father Sullivan

SCHEDULE OF MEMORIAL MASSES Those we know and love who share in Christ’s suffering through Memorial Masses and anniversary Masses have illness: been offered for family and friends at each of the masses Martina Aguguo - Lucy Algere Knox - Yaritza Baerga - - on weekend and weekdays. However now, since we have Danielle Broderick - Francisca Cruz - Tara Daniels - Chris- fewer masses and fewer people joining for Mass, we will tine Carroll - Kathleen Durepo - Gabriela Gonzalez - James have more than one name at each mass. This allows fami- Gordon - Kathy Hardiman - Chet Havey - Richard Fraser - lies to gather for the times which are best for remembrance Ed Girvan - Andres Hernandez - Ileana Thompson - Anthony of those who have died and for memorials Masses. Iarrobino - Christopher Keegan - Mary Kearns - Carmine Lavoi Please let the secretary know of your wishes for - Robert Lynch - Barbara McAveeney - Jennifer McGoldrick - the memorial mass or anniversary Mass for your family Helen Kearns Moffie - Bridget Mulkerrin - Robert Newman - member or friend. Call to the rectory to schedule the mass Rhonda Owens - Jahaidy Nova - Marie Poledo - Monica San- on the time you want. Thank you for understanding this tiago - Evelyn Shanahan - Ernst & Yvrose Toussaint - Midge adjustment in our Mass schedule. Whelan - Janice Williams. May Christ heal all their ills. 2 Sacred Heart Parish Roslindale, MA

The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, SACRED HEART PARISH King of the Universe Roslindale, MA Today’s parable is one of the most viv- PARISH STEWARDSHIP id parables Jesus spoke. We will not be judged on the Dear Friends: knowledge we have accumulated, or the fame that we Thank you for your continued Stewardship of Sa- have acquired, or the fortune we have gained. We will cred Heart Parish. The weekly income is contributed through be judged on the way we have listened and been pre- two sources, envelope giving and online contribution through sent to others—in the way we have served Christ in WeShare. Thank you. the other. The lesson is crystal clear—God will judge Fr. Kelley us according to our reaction to those in need. This June June June means giving simple help to the people we meet every day—to the hungry, the thirsty, the sick, the prison- Week 2018 2019 2020 er—to Christ himself! 1 11532 8241 12333 2 7096 6450 6824 Saint Vincent de Paul 3 8691 8199 7391 This year due to Covid-19 concerns, the Saint Vincent de 4 7395 7000 6521 Paul District office, will not be providing reduced cost din- 5 7342 ners as they have in the past. Therefore, we at Sacred Heart Parish will not be able to distribute dinners at (includes Mass offertory and electronic giving Thanksgiving and Christmas to our friends in the commu- via WeShare.com) nity. Also, this fall due to corona virus restrictions, we will not be having one of our major sources of income “the Parish Tithes for June 2020 (5% of monthly offertory) Walk for the Poor.” As you all know the need to help the poor is continuous. “The Poor you will always have with you” (John 12:8) Promoting the Gospel $413 We, the members of St Vincent de Paul of Sacred Heart wish to be of help to the needy of our parish, especially dur- ing these unprecedented times. As the uncertainty of COVID continues many families, in our diverse communi- Total $413 ty, are facing situations where the bread winner is still out of work, will be struggling to pay for heat and food, all this with the threat of eviction possibly on the horizon. Now STEWARDSHIP more than ever we really could use your help. If you, in your charity, can help us help the poor, we will be grateful. In a life committed to stewardship we are Please send your tax-deductible donations made payable to called to “possess lightly.” Jesus taught about the St. Vincent de Paul to: dangers of clutching to material possessions and St Vincent de Paul Society Sacred Heart Parish pointed to the real treasures available to us in life. 169 Cummins Highway Roslindale, MA 02131

“Beloved you are faithful in all you do for the brothers especially strangers” (3 John:5) OUR PARISH TITHE Our project for generosity needs some help. Would WeShare SIGN UP TO GIVE ONLINE you be able to help? We need some parish members to help find opportunities for Sacred Heart community to help oth- HOW TO CREATE YOUR ers. Also, do you have a charity to recommend to us? ONLINE GIVING ACCOUNT Please let me know what or to whom we can be of help in It’s as easy as 1 2 3 to create your account online the weeks to come. Fr. Kelley right on our parish website 10/04/20 Little Sisters of the Poor Visit www.sh-roslindale.org and click WeShare on the 10/11/20 Holy Father & Missionary Efforts home page 10/18/20 World Mission Sunday 10/25/20 St. Mary’s Center for Women & Children Click on Regular Offertory Make a Donation

Click Recurring Donation, enter your donation amount 11/01/20 All Saints Day and frequency. 11/08/20 Roslindale Food Pantry 11/15/20 St. Vincent de Paul It’s that easy. Your account will be created and you can 11/22/20 Collection for Retired Sisters start giving online. You can make changes at any time. 11/29/20 Julie’s Family Learning Program

3 Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe November 22, 2020

Flu season is upon us Today’s Liturgy “Getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever during 2020-2021 season to protect yourself and the “The Least of These” people around you from flu, and to help reduce the It is very easy when reading this passage to strain on healthcare systems responding to the look at the list of things Jesus says and think to, COVID-19 pandemic.” “OK, ‘visit prisoners’, check; ‘visit those in hospi- tal’, check, ‘feed the hungry’ check.” This is not The best way to prevent the spread of the flu is to what Jesus means, or rather, this is not only what stay home if you are not feeling well, frequent hand- Jesus means. Yes, these things are important, but washing and to get a flu shot. The flu vaccine is rec- when applying them to living as a Christian there ommended for people 6 months and older. It is par- is more to it than meets the eye. We are called to ticularly important to receive the vaccine if you are be more. How we behave needs to come from 65 and older or have a pre-existing condition such as more than what we do that others can see. It is a diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary dis- ease (COPD), heart disease, stroke, cancer, HIV/ call to act from within with “The lease of these”. AIDS, cancer, chronic kidney disease, or are preg- Who are the least of these? Our family member: nant. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recom- Yes. Our neighbor? Yes. Immigrants? Yes. But we mends getting a vaccine by the end of October. There have to go beyond the obvious. For decades the is a high dose vaccine for 65 years and older. Be sure Church has asked its faithful to open their hearts to ask about this when getting your vaccine. to those who make us uncomfortable. It’s easy to We recommend trying to obtain the shot from your say, “We are for the immigrant!” because that’s primary care office first. If they are unable to accom- something that will receive a nod of approval. It’s modate you, here are some local places where you fashionable. It is much more difficult to say, “We can receive a flu shot. Given the current pandemic, are for the most vulnerable among us, the unborn, we recommend calling or making an appointment on preborn, those in the womb” or however you wish their website, when possible, to make sure that they to define the tiny person who depends on those of can accommodate you. us who have been given the gift of life to protect Wallgreens them. Yes, we will have to answer to what we do with the hungry, the imprisoned, the hospitalized, 1919 Centre St. 617-469-2658 etc. But we will also have to answer to those who Sullivan’s Pharmacy could not speak for themselves –the innocent in the mother’s womb who are at risk to be killed be- 1 Corinth St. Roslindale 617-323-6544 cause they are an inconvenience wo do not fit into anyone’s plans. CVS Maggie Laboy 4600 Washington St. Roslindale 617-469-6302 1921 Centre St. West Roxbury 617-469-2222 Let Your Voice Be Heard – Again “Say No to ROE” The state legislature has extended the session until January 5th, 942 Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park 617-364-5141 2021. Please remind the members of the Joint Committee on Judiciary that you oppose the expansion of abortion in Massa- chusetts. Please call the Committee at 617-722-2396 and let them know you are opposed to H3320 and S1209 – the ROE legislation. Every telephone call helps! PROJECT COOKIE DOUGH UPDATE: Remember these bills would remove: x The requirement that young girls obtain consent before an Although the past several months have been on hold, abortion your patience throughout this unusual ordeal has been x The requirement that efforts be made to save a living baby very much appreciated. While we are not yet in a posi- who survives abortion tion to revive Project Cookie Dough, we have not for- x The requirement that late term abortions be performed in hospitals gotten your commitment to those less fortunate. We x And the bills would allow abortion on demand for all nine will let you know when we are able to once again safe- months of pregnancy ly accept and deliver your homemade cookies. If you For more information about how the ROE legislation would have any questions, please contact Donna O’Connor at expand abortion in visit www.macatholic.org 617-524-4396. Thank you! Thank you!

4 Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe November 22, 2020

SIGNUP for Flocknote Parish Finances Keeping in touch with each other is straining our par- Thank you for your generous support of Sacred ish. Flocknote helps us to communicate with text Heart Parish. You can sign up for online giving on messages and email messages. Help us by signing up our parish website at: for FLOCKNOTE. Go to our website: https://www.sh-roslindale.org/ https://www.sh-roslindale.org

SIGNUP FOR FLOCKNOTE. Offertory 9/26 10/04 10/11 10/18 10//25

1. On your cell phone, text message SHP169 to phone number 84576. SHP169 is all one word, no spaces. Mass Make sure your auto-spelling-corrector on your Offertory $2043 $2166 $1838 $2,159 $1732 phone doesn't mistakenly change the text. To join in Spanish (Mensajes de texto a unir en Espa-ñ ol), We Share use this number: 202-765-3441. $832 $1807 $5849 $1,034 $1325 donations 2. Go online to: One Time

Sacredheartchurch39.locknote.com/ and sign in donation with your name, email, and phone number. MAIL Thank you for helping to improve communications in DONATIONS $3020 $2391 $1045 $1,042 $514 our parish.

TOTAL Volunteers Needed $5895 $6364 $8732 $4,235 $3,571

In order to worship in a safe way, we need everyone’s help. You may have noticed that it takes many of us Ventilation these days to gather as a community. We have ushers, State regulations on COVOD 19 require every ef- lectors, Eucharistic ministers, parking lot attendants, screeners at the door etc. As our numbers increase, we fort to be made to ensure the maximum ventila- will likely need to add on another mass. This means that tion in our church even through the winter. we need more help from volunteers. If you are willing to If it is possible, windows and doors should remain assist, please go to the parish website at https://www.sh- open during the time the church is occupied. The roslindale.org/ and select the tab for Volunteers Needed for heat will be on in it’s fullest at Sacred Heart Mass. This will bring you to a google form where you can Church for services, but all should be dressed tell us your availability and preference on the ways you warmly to ensure comfort. are comfortable participating. Please reach out to Caitlin Erwin at [email protected] with any questions.


The Sacrament of Confession will be available at different times during the week in the lower church. We are beginning to hear confessions in the lower church with ap- propriate distance and masks. We begin this week with three different times for confessions BAPTISMS

x Tuesday afternoon in Spanish from 5 pm until 7 pm x Thursday afternoon in English from 5pm until 6 pm JUNE 2020

x Friday morning in English after the 8:30 Mass Kailey June Pietrzak Please let us know if you think there would be a better time for confessions. As ever we can do confession JULY 2020 by appointment in the rectory, Just call one of the priests at the rectory. We are testing different ways to do the sacra- Eliana Arya Ferreira; Brian Jose Pena Cuesta; ment. Please let us know your thoughts. Amy Herrera Mateo; Josiah Manuel Tavera.

5 Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe November 22, 2020

The Parish of Sacred Heart 169 Cummins Highway Roslindale, MA 02131 Tel: 617-325-3322 Fax: 617-325-2145 www.sh-roslindale.org E-mail: [email protected]

MISSION STATEMENT Rooted in the universal call to discipleship, the mission of Sacred Heart and St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Roslindale and Forest Hills is to preach Jesus Christ. Proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ takes many forms: preaching, wor- ship, education, service, works of mercy, and evangelization. The staff and the congregation are guided by the overall mission to proclaim the victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death in this time and place. By this mission we are to be judged.

Parish Resources Prayer of Spiritual Communion No particular prayer or formulary is required, though there are acts of spiritual communion in Catholic prayer books to help focus a proper intention. One of the most Rev. Succes Jeanty, Parochial Vicar popular is that composed by St. Alphonsus Liguori: Deacon Jesus Quiles Deacon Antonio Perez “My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the . Blessed Sacrament. Parish Secretaries: Mary Dillow & Margaret Laboy I love you above all things and I desire you with all Rev. Eugene P. Sullivan, Sr. Priest, In Residence my heart. Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally, Sunday Masses: I ask you to come spiritually into my heart. Saturday Eve: 4:00 PM I embrace you as if you were already in my heart Sunday: 10:00 AM 12:00 PM in Spanish and unite me to you completely. Please do not let me ever be separated from you.” Weekday Masses: Tuesday & Friday: 8:30 AM

Penance: Tuesday Spanish 5 pm to 7pm Thursday English 5 pm to 6 pm Friday English after 8:30 am morning Mass Baptism: Please pray for those who have died, that they may Call Rectory for arrangements. know the peace of God’s kingdom: Marriage: Call Rectory to speak with one of the priests at least 6 months be- We remember Katherine ‘Kay’ Paul, Ariminda fore the marriage. Quiles, Patrick J. Connolly, Josephine Lancione, Dio- Rectory Office 617-325-3322 FAX 617-325-2145 medes Martinez, Karen Lynch, Richard Callahan, Jo- Sacred Heart School: seph Tamajong, Gerald McCarthy, Helen Lynch, Dan- Mrs. Monica Haldiman, Principal iel Roman, Thomas McCarrick, Paul Quinn, Eleanor 1035 Canterbury St, Roslindale 02131 McCabe, Martha Byrne, William O’Brien, John Con- Office: 617-323-2500 Fax: 617-325-7151 nelly, Mary Jo Carrigan, Santa Tunoda and Jeanine Tuition: 617-325-0229 Similien who have recently passed. After School Program: 617-325-3656 www.SacredHeart-.org

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“The pathway to better hearing.” Family Owned, Over 130 years of Experience In Home Visits & Late Office Appointments Available Rosaries from Flowers 3841 Washington St., Roslindale “Handmade from the Flowers (AT FOREST HILLS STATION) of your Loved One” www.wellsmere.com • [email protected] ZZZURVDULHVIURPÀRZHUVFRP 617-524-6648 TBROS FREE 30 DAY TRIAL TRETHEWEY BROTHERS INC. 617-327-0881 • www.parkwayhearing.com For all your cooling needs. 4280 Washington St. Roslindale MA 540 VFW Parkway, Suite 1 • West Roxbury, MA 617-325-3283 tbros.com lic# 11207 .POVNFOUT Fatima Now Peace Now W. C. Canniff & Sons, Inc. -FUUFSJOH Please recite the rosary for the $VNNJOT)XZt3PTMJOEBMF COMPLETE consecration of Russia and your intentions. 617-323-3690 PAVING & MASONRY To please the Christ Child observe Since 1896 VJGƂTUV5CVWTFC[FGXQVKQP XXX$BOOJò.POVNFOUTDPN 6617-286-961417-Find2 us8 on6 Facebook-9614 “Be a Servant” • Steps • Natural Stone Matthew 20:26 SHOP LOCALLY. • Pavers • Concrete HELP KEEP THE LOCAL ECONOMY VIBRANT. • Driveways • Retaining Walls 20% AD SPACE • Brick Patios • Free Quotes Discount • Walkways • Basement AVAILABLE Waterproofing 617-779-3771 ADVERTISING SALES All work guaranteed Licensed and Insured WWW.COMPLETE-MA.COM PART TIME. WORK FROM HOME. [email protected] Sell Ads for this Bulletin and more. Contact us or send your resume to [email protected]

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