Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) in Counselor Education: Training and Supervision to Meet Registered Play Therapist Requirements Available 100% Online

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI Overview Admissions The University of Mississippi is pleased to offer a post-master’s specialist Requirements degree in education for those interested in play therapy and becoming a Registered Play Therapist or School Based (RPT). Our program is provided License/Certification online for national and international students. • Must hold current and active individual state license (or Curriculum certification) to engage in either Students will complete 25 credit hours, record at least 350 hours of play independent or supervised clinical therapy sessions, and receive 35 hours of supervision by the course mental health practice. instructor who will be a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor. An onsite • Licenses accepted include LPC, residency is required for three days in the summer semester. The residency is LCSW, LMFT, LSC, LLP, as well as held at The University of Mississippi at the COPE Clinic. licensed Psychiatrist and psychiatric/ mental health nursing. Admission • Licensed school counselors must You must apply online with the Graduate School in the Educational Specialist’s submit their state certificates from Degree in Counselor Education with an emphasis in play therapy. Please their State Department of Education. submit your application and transcripts by April 1 to begin coursework in the fall semester. You are encouraged to apply and complete your application Educational Degrees process as soon as possible for a prompt review and admission decision. Please see admission requirements. • Must have earned a master’s or higher mental health degree from an accredited institution of . • Must have also completed Play Therapy Curriculum designated core graduate coursework, i.e. ethics, child Fall 1 Courses Fall 2 Courses development, theories of personality, principles of , and • Introduction to Play Therapy (3) • Play Therapy in the Courtroom: child/adolescent psychopathology Legal and Ethical Issues (2) • Current Theories in Play Therapy (3) • Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (2) Clinical Experience • Practicum in Play Therapy (2) Spring 1 Courses • Must have completed at least 1 year • Expressive Arts with Children and 1,000 hours of supervised post- and Adolescents (2) Spring 2 Courses master’s clinical experience • Play Diagnosis and Assessment (2) • Psychopharmacology in Play Therapy (2) • Practicum in Play therapy (2) Proof of current professional • Play Therapy Supervision(2) liability insurance • Practicum in Play Therapy (2) Summer Courses Criminal Background Check • Practicum in Play Therapy (1) A formal phone interview Access to at least 10 hours of play therapy experiences per week

Amanda Winburn, Ph.D., SB-RPT, P-LPC, NCC, NCSC [email protected] (662) 915-8823 counselor.education.olemiss.edu/programs THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI Program of Study – 25 credits* Fall 2020 Cohort Counselor Education-Play Therapy Ed.S. Program Department of Leadership and Counselor Education

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City State Zip Code Email Address Required Courses Credits Planned Completed COUN 701 Introduction to Play Therapy 3 FALL 20 COUN 702 Expressive Arts with Children and Adolescents 2 SPR 21

COUN 703 Current Theories in Play Therapy 3 FALL 20 COUN 706 Psychopharmacology in Play Therapy 2 SPR 22 COUN 707 Play Therapy Supervision 2 SPR 22 COUN 708 Play Therapy in the Courtroom 2 FALL 21 COUN 710 Child Parent Relationship Therapy 2 FALL 21 COUN 712 Play Diagnosis and Assessment 2 SPR 21

Practicum COUN 711 Play Therapy Practicum 2 SPR 21 COUN 711 Play Therapy Practicum 2 FALL 21 COUN 711 Play Therapy Practicum 2 SPR 22 COUN 711 Play Therapy Practicum 1 SUM 21

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Student Signature Advisor’s Signature Program Coordinator Signature *This tentative POS for the Fall 2020 cohort is for planning purposes; however, sometimes course sequencing is changed.