Discover How an Electro/Permanent Magnet Works

Lesson Plan Seven

Discover how an electro/permanent magnet works

Name: Erica Paproski Date:

Subject: Science Grade: 4

Content: Students will learn about electromagnets.
Teaching Strategy: Experimental
Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to:
-  Experiment with electromagnets.
-  Compare electromagnets to permanent magnets. / Assessment for student learning:
-  Exit slip.
Common Essential Learnings:
-  Communication
-  Critical and Creative Thinking
-  Personal and Social Values and Skills
-  Numeracy
Prerequisite Learning:
-  Students will need to be familiar with magnets; how they attract and repel each other.
-  Electromagnets
-  Know how to use a graphic organizer
Lesson Preparation

-  Hide a bunch of paperclips in sand. Begin by asking the students what they think is going to happen without showing the magnet.
-  Bring out the magnet and use the magnet to bring out the paper clips from below.
-  Had out magnets to a group of students. Have the groups go around the room to see how many and what things stick to the magnet.
-  Discuss some of the things that was attracted to the magnet. Tell the students, “Did you know that a doorbell and a compass uses a magnet called, an electromagnet.”
-  Discuss what an electromagnet is and where is can be found.
-  Have student try making their own compasses.
-  Have students create magnets of their own and see how strong their magnet is by having a competition.
-  Talk about magnets / Classroom Management:
-  Use a music triangle. I will hit the triangle three times softy to gather students’ attention.
-  State expectations at the beginning of class so students understand what I am expecting (ex: use inside voices, raise hand, respect others).
-  Have students create their own motor.
Adaptive Dimension:
-  Field trip
-  Working as a whole group