Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine s5

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Trader Notice: MH 10/2014

To: Operators of all meat establishments approved to produce pig meat and pig meat products.

Subject: African Swine Fever

Please see attached letter from the European Commission and their request to competent authorities and the industry to be extra vigilant in the following areas, particularly points ii and iii:

i) strengthening of biosecurity at farm level and on trade in live pigs;

ii) enhancing active and passive ASF surveillance in pig holdings and in the wild boar population;

iii) enhancing official controls in slaughterhouses and cutting plants;

iv)preventing any possible fraud in the pork and pork products chain.

DAFM staff performing ante-mortem and other checks on pigs entering slaughter plants have been instructed to be additionally attentive and to ensure all movements and associated documentation are fully in line with expected norms.

The potential threat is currently limited given our location in relation to the affected area and that ASF has, as yet, not been identified in pigs. However, changes to either the affected location or the presence of ASF in domestic pigs will significantly alter the threat level.

DAFM staff supervising premises that handle imported pig meat have been requested to carry out some additional intake physical and documentary checks to ensure imported pig meat comes from legitimate sources and is in line with the FBO’s supplier list.

The Department also suggests that sanitation facilities and truck washing facilities are bolstered (provision of suitable sanitiser).

No vehicle should be allowed exit the premises unless it has been cleaned and sanitised in a satisfactory manner and has been verified and documented as such by plant management.

Additional spot checks will also be carried out on these procedures (ante mortem, documentation and transport checks) to ensure that matters are in hand.

Attached please also find the latest update from the National Disease Control Centre for your information.

Thanking you for your cooperation.

Danielle Coll,

Meat Hygiene Section

27th February 2014.