Deer Valley 8Th Grade Writing Assessment

Deer Valley 8Th Grade Writing Assessment

DeerValley 8th Grade Writing Assessment

Writing Requirement: Personal Narrative Essay

Fall Quarter 2013

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Directions: You must write a 5 paragraph essay with at least 5 sentences in each paragraph for your personal narrative portfolio piece. Your paper will be graded according to the 6 traits writing rubric and will be scored in the composition category (40%) in Language Arts. This is an AIMS simulation test. There is no talking during the test. You are required to complete a brainstorm, rough draft, and final draft of this essay. Any work turned in that shows less than the above requirements will result in a failing grade.

You will be required to address one of the following prompts:

1.Think about a friend who has been an important part of your life. How did you become friends with this person? Think about when you met, what you did, and how your friendship grew. Write a story about this friendship. Give enough details to tell the reader about this friendship.

2.Think about people you know or have met. Choose ONE person who has made a big difference in your life. Write about that person AND describe his or her positive effect on your life.

3.Choose a time when you did something that took a lot of nerve, a time when you didn't follow the crowd or a time when you stood up for your beliefs. Think about the details of the event and write a story that tells about what happened. Your narrative should show your readers why you decided to make a stand or try something that took nerve, give specifics on the events, and share how you felt after the event.

4. Choose a vivid time from your childhood -- You might think of the first time that you rode a school bus, of a time when you went to the principal's office, the first A you earned on a test or paper, earning money to buy something that you really wanted, and so on. Narrate the events related to the childhood memory that you've chosen so that your readers will understand why the event was important and memorable.

5. Describe a personal ritual that you, your friends, or your family have. Think about the personal steps that you always go through when you prepare for an exam. Do you sit at a desk, spread books and notes across your bed, or use the kitchen table? Do you have to have something to drink...soda, water, jolt? There are numerous things that we do for which we create our own personal rituals. Choose one event -- studying for a test, writing a paper, dressing and warming up before a game, or preparing and having a special family meal. Narrate the events that take place when you complete your ritual so that your readers understand the steps that the ritual includes and why you complete them.

6. Think about one time that you were caught in a rainstorm. Tell a story about your adventure in the storm.

Brainstorm Page

Directions: Use the space provided below to brainstorm ideas for your personal narrative essay. You may use Thinking Maps, outline writing, or other graphic organizers to gather your information and ideas.

Rough Draft


Final Draft Essay