Dear Ladies Club Members

Dear Ladies Club Members

Dear Ladies Club Members,

Your Travel Committee presents to you the trips for 2011. The listing is not complete by any means.

We are always adding trips, as we discover new destinations. Please look at the individual trips

listed above, and “click” on an underlined trip for a trip brochure! Reduce the size on your toolbar

to 100% so that it doesn’t look so huge that it knocks you off your feet!

If the trip is “sold out,” place your name on the waiting list. We often utilize our wait lists to replace

travelers who need to cancel for various reasons. You may be pleasantly surprised when you receive

the call to go…….!

“Thanksgiving in New York” is now open to the public. What this means is that you can invite a traveler,

who is not a member of the Ladies Club, to come along with us. Give your brother and sister-in law,

neighbors, and friends a call to go to New York for Thanksgiving. Invite a daughter and granddaughter

to go. You will create a memory that comes alive each year when your granddaughter watches the

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on television. She will even tell her children and grandchildren in years

to come about going to the Parade with Grandma. This memory will last for at least three generations.

You can’t do better than that! Inquire about our “fly option”, for family members who reside out of state.

Check out KaLightoscope Christmas in Louisville. It is so unique! We all love our Christmas Holiday

trips. The Holiday Pops Concert is the perfect trip to introduce the Holidays. Our members love this

trip so much that we always fill up two motorcoaches, delivering 100 members and guests to Knoxville

for this Holiday favorite. Watch for our November Christmas shopping trip. It has a new and exciting

destination this year!

Call me if you have any questions or special needs regarding any of our trips.

Your friend in Travel,

Rosemary Stuckmann