Dance Information Packet


“Let them praise his name with dancing
and make music to him with timbrel and harp.

For theLordtakes delightin his people;
he crowns the humble with victory.”

Psalm 149:3-4

CAPA is a Ministry of the Cornerstone Church
4905 East La Palma Avenue Anaheim, CA 92807



To bring glory to the Lord and minister
to others through the use of pure-hearted, God- inspired dancers who are well rounded in technique and artistry. We are dedicated to discovery, training and releasing gifts and talents to bring glory to God in and through worship.

A letter from Carol Danna,

Worship Director at the Cornerstone Church

Thank you for your interest in CAPA Dance Program. We believe God has opened up the doors for this ministry. As a community of followers of Christ at The Cornerstone, we believe that we are created to bring God glory with our gifts and talents. This ministry dream for all of our teachers began to take shape several years ago. Over a period of two to three weeks, one by one, the dancers and dance instructors in our church began connecting with me to begin praying and discussing these dreams. What I have discovered while getting to know these wonderful young people is that they are skilled and trained instructors who are passionate about dance and about worshiping God. What a great combination!

My heart for worshipping God has been a life-long passion. As a songwriter, musician, worship leader and pastor’s wife, I revel at the opportunity to see the arts released. I look forward to what God has in store for this ministry and those who are involved.

Worshiping Together,

Carol Danna


Registration Forms are available online at


1) Go to and go to”Online Giving”. Set up an account and select the Automated Giving Form OR you can set it up with your own bank.

(If using Online Giving, make sure you select the category “Non Tax-Deductible” and CAPA will appear as an option for payment.

2) Place your check (made out to Cornerstone Church with CAPA in the memo) in the Offering Box at the La Palma entrance.

Tuition is a monthly rate and is not billed per class. There are no

refunds for missed classes. We recommend that students take another class as a makeup if regular class is missed. Tuition takes into account all holidays and extra weeks and is divided up by month.


Our goal is to be professional and to teach students discipline and respect of others and self. These rules help us achieve this and are important to our organization being good stewards of the rooms and buildings God has blessed us with.

1. All dancers must comply with the dress code for their class.

2. Dancers must be on time to all classes.
3. No food, gum or drink (except water) allowed in the classroom.

4. No talking during class.

5. Respect instructors, other students and parents in the studio with your words & actions.

6. Please respect all church property. Treat it with care and clean up after yourself.

7. Do not sit or hang on the barrés.
8. Parents are not permitted to sit in the classroom unless instructor has approved. Parents may watch from outside the studio.

9. While in class students must stay standing & attentive between exercises, watching their fellow dancers.

10. While not in class, all students must be modestly dressed. Please put pants or a skirt, & a top over your class attire.


In all areas of life, when we dress the part, it puts us in the right mindset. This is why we enforce the dress code below.


Girls: Leotard (black preferred), pink tights (convertible tights are recommended for levels 2 and up) & pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirt ok.
Boys: White or black shirt, black leggings or pants, & ballet shoes.

Hair: Must be pulled back in a bun.


Dress: Comfortable dark colored top & bottoms. Clothes can be loose-fitting but must still be able to see the body. Tennis shoes or jazz shoes.
Hair: Secured back off the face (bun, pony tail or half-pony recommended)


Dress: Leotard (black preferred) or fitted shirt, & capris or long bottoms. No shorts please. Proper shoes for the style.
Hair: Secured back off the face (bun or pony tail)


Thursday November 27th - Thanksgiving

Wednesday December 24th - Thursday January 1

Christmas Break

Monday February 16th - President’s Day

(We do not close Memorial Day as it is often so close to our show)


CAPA offers several performance opportunities throughout the season, but our big annual recital is at the end of our season, usually in June or July. Our recital has grown in popularity so much that this year we will be expanding to 3 performances in order to accommodate those who attend! It is one of those events that is fun, tiring and so rewarding all at the same time.

The dates for the show will be finalized in November and you will receive advance notice in November/December. If you’d like to participate, we ask that you plan your summer events so that your dancer does not miss classes around that time. All those enrolled in CAPA will receive an email with the show details. Attendance to a show meeting (there will be several days to choose from), regular attendance to classes, and a mandatory rehearsal will be required for dancers to participate.