Template for Written Component

Template for Written Component.You should use this template to complete all the necessary information required as part of this project. You will need TWO SEPARATE completed templates that explain each of the TWO DRUGS you have researched as part of your

Fiction Book Talk English 9 & 9B

Fiction Book Talk English 9 & 9B.9.7.17 Deliver oral responses to literature that: advance a judgment demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the significant ideas of works or passages demonstrate awareness of the author s writing style and an appreciation of the effects created

Checklist for Magazine Project

Directions: You will be producing a magazine that you create which showcases information from the novel ______. The magazine should be digitally produced using color, black and white, assorted fonts, graphics, photographs, and creative illustrations

The Portfolio Project

The Portfolio Project.Reflective Essay.Look back at what happened!.The reflective essay is built on a series of paragraphs which are.framed by answering the questions and providing the DETAILED.information asked for below. This will allow you to put together

Essay Format: Cause and Effect

Essay Format: Cause and Effect.In the introduction, provide the necessary background to introduce your reader to your topic, and then write a thesis statement that clearly indicates whether your essay will discuss causes or effects

Ve Ahavta S 16Th Annual Creative Writing Contest

Ve Ahavta S 16Th Annual Creative Writing Contest

Ve ahavta s 16th Annual Creative Writing Contest.WORDS FROM THE STREET.In association with the Toronto Writers Collective.Submission Form Instructions.ALL SUBMISSION FORMS ARE DUE ON APRIL 14, 2017 (No late submissions will be accepted.)

LIT 4183: Geopolitics of Knowledge, Writing, and Resistance

ENC 3312: ADVANCED ARGUMENTATIVE WRITING Spring 2015.Section 06ED, Periods T 5-6, R 6 Tuesdays: 11:45 - 1:40, Thursdays: 12:50 - 1:40 Professor Laurie Gries.Office/Hours: Turlington 2332: Tuesdays, 2:30 4:30, and by appointment.Course Description

Year 6: Links to NLS Objectives

Year 6: Links to NLS objectives

Instructor: Sara Blake s1


Elements of Literature and Short Stories

Elements of Literature and Short Stories.Narrator: The person telling the story.Characters: People or animals who take part in a story s action . Characters are directed by motivation

Writing Your Paper Using Microsoft Word Styles

GUIDELINES FOR WORKING PAPERS.Writing your paper using Microsoft Word Styles.1. First steps: Setup.From the menu bar, choose Page Setup.1. Under Margins, enter the following: 1 on four sides.2. Under Size, make sure that the setting is on Letter (8 x 11)

A Separate Peace Essay Reflection

A Separate Peace Essay Reflection.For this assignment, you will write a four paragraph essay using proper MLA format based on one of the themes from A Separate Peace. Your paper must include an introduction paragraph, two body paragraphs each supporting

A20 Prewriting Skills

A20 PREWRITING SKILLS.Mark making is a meaningful form of communication, in imitation of another person s marks, and helps the child to learn to use eye-hand coordination skills.Developing the ability to use visual skills with graded action of the upper

Parenthetical Or in Text Citations

PARENTHETICAL OR IN TEXT CITATIONS.(in parentheses) done directly in writing.PURPOSE: To give proper credit to a source of information.To allow a reader access to the works that you discuss in a paper.To avoid plagiarism!.METHOD for CITATIONS

Close Reading Metacognitive Writing Prompts

Close Reading Metacognitive Writing Prompts.Rationale for Narrative Prompt: The purpose of using the introductory texts is to teach students to closely read. In order to assess whether students have learned the transferrable skill(s), this writing prompt

AP Persuasive Timed Writings & Self-Assessment How to LINE Your Essay; It S Not Fun, But

AP Persuasive Timed Writings & Self-Assessment How to LINE your essay; It s not fun, but it works!.1. LINING In order to see what you have written, one of the best techniques is to LINE your essay. This means that you rewrite your essay (or type) in the