Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope.Like Swift and Dryden, Pope stands as one of the most important writers of the era, and so we will examine two of his most famous works, The Rape of the Lock, and The Dunciad . Pope s mastery of poetic language and form is witty and musical

Katie Purcelll

Katie Purcelll.Poetry lesson.Assemble short clips (one minute each works for me) of music. Try to incorporate modern, instrumental or any variety.Set the mood by closing shades, dowsing lights and having them clear their desks except for pen and paper

Objectives: (By the End of This Assignment, You Will Have )

Poetry Pages - Pinsky on Poetry, Computers, and Dante. Interview by Wen Stephenson. The Atlantic Monthly Online: News and Analysis on Politics, Business, Culture, Technology, National, International, and Life %u2013 . 19 Apr. 1995. Web. 14 Sept. 2011. <

How to Unwrap a Poem

Name: Jane Nitschke Age/Grade Level : Grade 10.Subject Area(s): Language Arts Unit Title : Unwrapping Poetry.Lesson Title: How do we unwrap a poem? Estimated Time: 55 minutes.Purpose/Rationale for lesson: Even before they begin the lesson, many students

History of Cinema s4

American Poetry, 1871-1900.Filmed from the holdings of the Harris Collection of.American Poetry and Plays, Brown University.Microfilmed on behalf of Brown University by Northeast Document Conservation Center, as part of the Cooperative Preservation

Poetry Web Quest

Poetry Web Quest.This poetry web quest will allow you to explore the following elements of poetry: mood, tone, imagery, metaphor, personification, simile, alliteration, onomatopoeia and refrain. By looking at a variety of poems, you will learn about and be able to identify these poetic elements

II. Commentary/ Explication (The How )

Basic Pattern of Outline for Critical Analysis of Poem (Essay 6) This conveys the logical content for the body paragraphs, but this does not necessarily mean one paragraph per Roman numeral.I. Background (The Why ).II. Commentary/ Explication (The How ).A. Comments on the poem as a whole

How Does Robert Frost Show the Importance of Man S Relationship with the Countryside In

How does Robert Frost show the importance of man s relationship with the countryside in Mending Wall and one other poem?.In Mending Wall Frost shows the importance of man s relationship with the countryside through the attitudes and values that he expresses

Poetry: Finding the Main Idea of the Poem

Poetry: Finding the main idea of the poem.WIND AND SILVER.Greatly shining.The Autumn moon floats in the.And the fish-ponds shake their.backs and flash their dragon.As she passes over them.Title of Poem: Wind and Silver

Achieving the Dream Deferred: Poetry and Drama in the 20Th Century

ELA Unit-at-a-Glance.Grade 11, Quarter 2, 3-5 Weeks.Achieving the Dream Deferred: Poetry and Drama in the 20th Century.ELA, Office of Curriculum Development Page 1 of 11.These modules are not an exhaustive list of resources and may be used by teachers

Poetry Activities for Multi-Learners

Poetry Activities for Multi-Learners.In this Third Thursday Assembly we explored the sensitivities and preparation required when using poetry in your work with groups. Many groups have mixed literacy and language capacities so it s important to use poetry

No Country for Old Men - Seminar Questions

No Country for Old Men - Seminar Questions.1. The title of the novel comes from William Butler Yeats's poem Sailing to Byzantium : That isno country for old men, the young / In one another's arms, birds in the trees, / Those dying generations at their

ELA 30A Outcome CC a 30.2 Create and Present Visual and Multimedia Representations Including

ELA 30A Outcome CC A 30.2 Create and present visual and multimedia representations including using photographs to explain a range of contemporary course-related perspectives or landscapes.Poetry Analysis

Studies in the English Renaissance

STUDIES IN THE ENGLISH RENAISSANCE.PARADISE LOST.Satan Watching the Endearments of Adam and Eve.William Blake (1808).TuTh 2:35-3:50 pm, Williams 224.Course Instructor: Dan Breen.Office: Muller 302.Office Hours: TuTh 11-12; Fri. 3-5.The following texts are REQUIRED for this class

Mcnair S AP Lit: Poetry Packet of Fun! J

McNair s AP Lit: Poetry Packet of Fun! J.POETRY TERMS TO KNOW (these are terms you could encounter on the AP exam in May).Connotation / Denotation.Scanning / Scansion.Heroic Couplet.Quatrain/ Sestet / Octet.Imagist Lyric.Slant Rhyme vs. True Rhyme.Narrative Poetry

Response to Poetry Assignment

Response to Poetry Assignment.Your response should include.Paragraph 1: The title of the poem, the name of the poet, why you chose this poem, and what it makes you think about.Paragraph 2: What do you notice about the poem? Use your TP-CASTT graphic organizer