Caribbean Meteorological Organization s2

CARIBBEAN METEOROLOGICAL COUNCIL Doc. 6.FIFTY-SIXTH SESSION.St. George's, GRENADA, 10-11 NOVEMBER 2016.SPECIAL CMO AND WMO ISSUES.Submitted by the Coordinating Director.1. This document is designed to keep the Council informed on significant regional

Summary of Meeting on January 10, 2008 and Progress

Summary of meetings.and progress during March.Materials are posted at.Joint OSSE meeting January 10, 2008.Hans Huang, Lars Peter, Riishojgaard, Eric Bayler, Oreste Reale, Jack Woollen, Haibing Sun, Gary Wick, Yuchang Song, Tong Zhu, Chaojiao Sun, Juan

Ingos Integrated Non-CO2 Observing System

+InGOS Integrated non-CO2 Observing System.1. Project name (acronym), name and contact information of the researcher(s), duration of the project (dates, number of working days), type and name of the infrastructure requested

Characterizing Clay Mineralogy in Lake Towuti, Indonesia, with Reflectance Spectroscopy

Supplementary Information for.Characterizing clay mineralogy in Lake Towuti, Indonesia, with reflectance spectroscopy.Andrea K. Weber a, *, 1, James M. Russell a, Timothy A. Goudge a, Mark R. Salvatore a, 2, John F. Mustard a, Satria Bijaksanab

6. Regional Basic Observing Network (Rbon) Concept

6. REGIONAL BASIC OBSERVING NETWORK (RBON) CONCEPT.Submitted by the Secretariat and Dr J. Dibbern, Co-chair, CBS/OPAG-IOS.ACTION PROPOSED.The session will be invited to consider and finalize the draft Concept.The Regional Basic Observing Network Concept Paper

Individuell Studieplan För Forskarutbildning I Atmosfärvetenskap Och Oceanografi

Individual study plan 9(12).Atmospheric sciences and Oceanography.Name : Personal number.Individual study plan.Atmospheric sciences and Oceanography.Pages 1-3 are filled out as soon as possible after acceptance into the graduate program at the first meeting

Geol 112: Earth History Laboratory Fall 1997 Dr. Pedone

GEOL 112: Earth and Life through Time Laboratory.Instructor: Lexine Black.Grading: Each lab report is worth 25 points and each exam is worth 50 points. The lowest score earned on ONE lab will be dropped. Take note that this covers both low grades or a

Report from the Oopc

REPORT FROM THE OOPC.Submitted by D. E. Harrison, OOPC chair, and A. Fischer, OOPC Tech. Secretariat.ACTION PROPOSED.The Ship Observations Team is invited to review the information contained in this report and comment as necessary. Specific invitations

Instructions: Use the Climate Change Prediction Maps Provided to Fill Columns 4 and 5

Instructions: Use the climate change prediction maps provided to fill columns 4 and 5. Add the amount of change (keep track of +/- signs) to the present-day values given in columns 1 and 2 to determine the climate in 2100 AD (columns 6 and 7). Finally

The NOAA IOOS Data Integration Framework

The NOAA IOOS Data Integration Framework

The NOAA IOOS Data Integration Framework.Initial Implementation Report.National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS).Silver Spring MD 20910 USA

Oceans and Climate Debate

Oceans and Climate Debate.This activity will consist of a series of debates related to pertinent issues of the role of the oceans in climate variability (see example topics below). A choice of topics can be provided to the students, or the students can

International Development, Community, and Environment

EES 717: Earth System Science II.Take Home Evaluation Due Friday, May 18, 2012.Ocean Circulation.This is a take home evaluation. You can use all available materials that we discussed in class, and discuss your answers with others if you wish. We do however

Vocabulary for Standard 5 ( Matter Cycles)

Vocabulary for Standard 5 (Matter Cycles).Biosphere life.Lithosphere land or crust.Hydrosphere water.Atmosphere air.Matter atoms. In general, new atoms are not created or destroyed on the earth. The same atoms that are on the earth today are the same

Oceanographic Engineering Technician III, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department

Oceanographic Engineering Technician III, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department.Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA 02543-1549.Research Interests.Uncrewed underwater systems; biological surveys with underwater vehicles; bathymetric

Lab: Dissolved Oxygen (DO) (40 Points)

Lab: Dissolved Oxygen (DO) (40 points).In the aquatic environment, oxygen must be in solution in a free state (O2) before it is available for use by organisms. Its concentration and distribution in the aquatic environment are directly dependent on chemical

Upper-Air Observations and Analysis

Upper-air observations and analysis.Become familiar with web sites that show upper-air observations.Interpret upper-air observations (decode the station plot, e.g.).Hand analyze temperature and height at different levels