NOTE to SPECIFIER Delete Items Below Not Required for Project s3

THERMAL INSULATION.NOTE TO SPECIFIER Demilec; spray foam thermal insulation. . This section is based on the products of Demilec, which is located at: 3315 E. Division St. Arlington, TX 76011 Toll Free Tel: 888-261-7705 Tel: 817-640-4900 Fax: 817-633-2000

North Hero Select Board Meeting

North Hero Select Board Meeting.North Hero Town Office Meeting Room.In Attendance: Select Board: Robert Rousseau, Jim Martin, Andre Quintin, Eileen Mitchell.Town Clerk/ Treasurer: Pete Johnson.Public Works: Jim Martin.Board Clerk: Kathie Dustira.CALL MEETING TO ORDER

Model KSCH Super Compact Ceiling Hanger

Kinetics Model IsoLayment BR Noise Control Floor Underlayment.1.01 Work Included.A. Furnish all labor, materials, tools and equipment, and perform all operations necessary for the installation of a resilient floor system.1.02 System Description

Headline: Robbins Pioneers Tbms in Mines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.Headline: Robbins pioneers TBMs in Mines.Sub-Headline:Dual Mode TBM Technology digs for Australian Coal.In August 2014, major progress was made at a coal mine in Queensland, Australia, when a Robbins Dual Mode EPB/Rock TBM was

Are You Suprised ? s85

Kingdom of Bahrain.Ministry of Works.Road Projects and Maintenance Directorate.Strategic Road Master Plan Projects.Upgrading of Sh. Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah Highway (Alba and Nuwaidrat interchanges) Project.APPLICATION FOR PREQUALIFICATION FOR CONTRACTORS.TABLE OF CONTENTS

Section I - Instructions to Proposers

SCO I.D. #070720901 Tyler Residence Hall Renovation - East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.I. SECTION 1 INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS.1. Construction Manager means an entity properly licensed as a general contractor under the law of the State of North

Delhi Development Authority s14

DELHI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY.FINANCE & ACCOUNTS WING.REVISED ESTIMATES FOR 2014-2015 & BUDGET ESTIMATES FOR 2015-2016.The Delhi Development Authority, the leading Urban Development Authority in the country was formed in 1957 as per the Delhi Development

Initial Document Template s9

PLANNING COMMITTEE.REPORT OF CORPORATE DIRECTOR.Tall Trees Hotel Worsall Road, Kirklevington.Construction of a Housing Development comprising approximately 330 dwellings and associated roads, landscaping and public open space (Demolition of the existing hotel facilities)

Advertisement for Bids s6

ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS.West Main Street Realignment Project.Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received at the office of the COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT ENGINEERING DIVISION City of Kelso, 203 South Pacific Ave. Suite 205, up to 10:00

Bridge Owners Forum /Bridge Consultants Forum

BRIDGE OWNERS FORUM /BRIDGE CONSULTANTS FORUM.JOINT MEETING OF BOF AND BCF.MINUTES OF MEETING.On Monday 24 June 2002 at King s College, Cambridge.Campbell Middleton (CRM) welcomed those present to this first joint meeting of the Bridge Owners Forum (BOF)

Comparing and Evaluating the Contractual Provisions of Two Analogous Construction Contracts

COMPARING AND EVALUATING THE CONTRACTUAL PROVISIONS OF TWO ANALOGOUS CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF COST.Tim McLernon1 and Sharon McClements1.1 School of the Built Environment, University of Ulster, Jordanstown Campus, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim, BT37 0QB, UK

Bidding Requirements, Contract Forms &Conditions of Contract

Division 1 General Requirements.Grades, Lines and Levels.This section must be edited by the Project Manager to meet specific project needs.1. CONTRACTOR shall perform all layout work to transfer all controls for grades, lines, levels and measurements

Section 077616 - Porcelain Roof Pavers

Section 077616 - Porcelain Roof Pavers

HandyDeck Porcelain Pavers Guide Specification.HandyDeck Porcelain Pavers incorporate the style and benefits of regular exterior porcelain tiles exceptional stain resistance, scratch resistance, frost resistance and low maintenance plus their extra thickness

Section 235216 - Condensing Boilers s1

MASTERSPEC Full Length 11/28/2012.SECTION 223436.23 HIGH EFFICIENCY GAS DOMESTIC WATER HEATERS.1.1 RELATED DOCUMENTS.A. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract apply to this Section, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division01 Specification Sections

Seismic Wall and Ceiling Expansion Control Systems

Wabo SeismicCover Interior Series.Model(s) WFI , WFT.Seismic Wall and Ceiling Expansion Control Systems.1.01 Work Included.A. The work shall consist of furnishing and installing expansion joints in accordance with the details shown on the plans and the

Task Order for General Construction Services

Specific Task Award Agreement.STATE OF GEORGIA.TASK ORDER FOR GENERAL CONSTRUCTION SERVICES.THIS AGREEMENT is made the _____ day of ______, 20__, between the Board of Regents of.the University System of Georgia, by and on behalf of Georgia Institute of