Alert:All Willoughby Farms Residents

Alert:All Willoughby Farms Residents


Earlier this week SIX homeowner report to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department that their vehicles had been entered search and anything of value was stolen. Three resident reported to CRA the same incidents happened to their vehicles.(they had not reported to the Sheriff's Department). The Association Asks that these type incidents be reported to the Sheriff's Department anytime they occur.


  • It was determined that young men, possibly teens, probably climbed over the fencevery earlyin the morning andthey went through the community checking car doors. Foundmany owners that had lefttheir cars unlocked and took a number of items. But a couple these owners were positive they had locked the can doors.
  • The incidents were discussed with the Sheriffs Department and we learned many of the Associations in several communities close by, including Lake Charleston and Winston Trails have experience this same activityin just the past two weeks.
  • It’s best to put your car in the garage but if you leave your car in the driveway, be sure no valuables are in the car. Even locking the car doesn’t insure they won’t get in, if anything of value is seen in the car they may damage the vehicle to get to the item and a simple tool referred to as a 'slim jim' will open many vehicles is a matter of seconds,but if your garage lights are on, they are likely to move on to a home in the dark.

The Association recommends All Residentsconsiderleaving their outside garage lights on allnight. This will greatly increase your safety and improve overall security for your personal property. The additional Security that the Extra Light will bring to your home and any vehicles parked in the driveway will be well worth the estimated $2.00 to $4.00 a month that your electric bill may increase. Long life bulbs and automatic On-Off photo cell equipment is said to reduce this small cost even more. Above all please be sure your vehicles are locked if parked in the driveway.

Please immediately report to the Sheriff's Departmentany groups of individual walking throughyour neighborhood real early in the morning if you notice this type of activity. The Sheriff's Department will be happy to check it out, they want to catch these guys. Also report if your vehicle get's gone through, Sheriff's Department patrol areasarescheduled more frequently in areas that report the most activity of this nature.


Telephone: 561.624.5888
Facsimile: 561.624.5827